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A mere 9 days to go until Arsenal touch down to strong stop and searches in Baku.


That’s a lot of time to kill with previews. I was going to do ratings, but what’s the point, might as well wait until after the season. A win moves it from bland to good. Emery basically has the opportunity to force the pessimists like me underground with a win against Chelsea. Lose, well, run for cover people… because I’ll be blasting out (LONG READS) left, right and centre.

One thing that’s kicked into gear is the transfer rumour mill. I love it, especially post Wenger, we actually get linked to names that are semi-exciting. The latest one to pique my interest is Alexis over at Lorient. The left-sided attacker looks like he fits the profile of what we’ve been missing… namely, a person who can score goals from a wide position.

After some extensive analysis, I would say that the Ligue 2 players looks quite the prospect. He’s a little in shape of Freddie Ljungberg. A lot of goals come from late surges into the box. Many of last season’s 14 goals came from outside 12 yards, quite a few of them with low drives (Overmars like). He can also sniff out moments inside the box like Auba.

He’s not much of a specimen, clocking in a 5ft7, but nor is Griezman. At 20 years old, he looks like a very smart gamble. He might not even need a loan move to land game time next season. Watching him play, he seems to have a lot of the ingredients Lacazette has, so a move more central if 2 strikers ever becomes a thing again could very well be on the cards.

If we do sell one of our HERO strikers this summer, I really would like for us to hunt down a replacement that’s tall and powerful. Laca and Auba lack the useful physical presence Olivier Giroud, Adebayor and Robin Van Persie would offer us in tough games. It’d be great to have someone ready to bully defenders in big games.

I’m guessing that’s why we’re tracking Zaha, but at £70m, I find that story hard to stomach. We’re low-balling Palace because they’re mugging us off with their asking price (I actually don’t believe we’re dealing with them like the papers are suggesting).

For me, there’s more value to be had elsewhere… paying a British premium for 10 goals and 10 assists from a 26-year-old seems a little excessive. Ryan Fraser, though not as cool to look at, has a year left on his deal, he has 14 assists and 7 goals to his name. Also, climb down from those nonsense clouds… we’d be able to land Nicolas Pepe from Lille for the Zaha numbers be knocked around, the guy is 3 years younger, scored 22 goals and has 12 assists… and I’ve said it before, but Ismail Sarr had a good season and is only 21 years old.

I was asking around in the comments who the best young keeper was in France, seeing as we’ve finally moved David Ospina to Napoli. Mike Maignan was just named the best keeper in France by his peers. His deal runs out next summer with Lille, he’s a French under 21, he’s 6ft3, has a great build and his ability goes beyond shot stopping… he’s a good all-rounder, good with crosses and on the ground.

Might be a little out of our range and obvs, without Champions League, we don’t have much to offer him. I think we’re going to need a spare keeper, losing Cech with the likelihood of Emi Martinez not cutting the mustard. Young or old? That is the question.

The final player I’m going to talk about is French under 20, William Saliba. The kid was born in 2001 ffs… he’s 18 years old, rocking 16 starts for St. Etienne. He looks an outrageous prospect, 6ft4, built like a 24-year-old and a bit of a flat track bully. He looks very calm on the ball as well.

Those are the sort of signings Monaco and Dortmund make. I haven’t seen enough of him to be able to make any sort of real judgement, but generally, teenagers that make a big impact go on to have good careers. I think he might be too young to rock a Premier League defence, but for £25m, it looks like it’d be a smart investment… and the sort of player that’d not go to City, Chelsea or United because they wouldn’t be able to offer them pitch time. If we’re truly going Project Youth again, the prize is that the kids will be given a platform to shine, which would put us ahead of most of the other clubs in Europe that rock this sort of strategy… we’d be the best of the youth offerings, you get me?

I mean, I don’t know why I’m buying into this… #WelcomeBanega is weighing on my nightmares. Unai Emery is out there scouting players as we speak. He was at the Atleti game, the papers are speculating that he’s looking at Thomas Partey, who has a £43m release clause… but who knows. He might just be out there looking to get a bro date with Simeone.

So I leave you on a question.

Can a gilet be deemed saucy?

I’m caught in two minds. I used to hate them, but under the right circumstances, they can work (shooting pheasant that the weekend type gig).

What are we saying here? Unai looks like he’s taken a lighter approach to hair product, the shirt looks crisp and am I losing my mind here… but does it look like he’s taken a different approach to his skincare regime?

Let me know in the comments you beautiful fashion bitches. x


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  1. Un na naai


    He’s more like iniesta for me. Nowhere near as good. Not the same thrust as Ramsey and better on the ball

  2. Dissenter

    “Arteta’s increasing important > looking good to replace PepThank you, thank you”

    Sorry to burst your bubble but it’s also being reported that City are trying to get Pep to extend his contract

  3. Just Another Customer

    It’s the pairing of Denilsong that gets to me. He fucked off soon after feeding RvP his lofted through balls.

    van de Beek meanwhile will be out of our price range.

  4. Pedro

    Dissenter, no bubble being burst here my friend… of course they want Pep to extend, he’s the best in the biz.

  5. englandsbest

    You are wrong, Pedro. Stan could make a Rights Issue, no rule against that in Company Law. And if the buyers knew that the money would be invested in transfer fees, they would pay more for the shares.

    He won’t do that (or if he does, it will be for devious reasons.)

    Back then, with the Emirates move, it would have been the right move, but the shareholders were too greedy (apart from DD.)

    But you are right, Pedro, in saying that if the Club had been properly run, it would not have needed a handout. Which was the reason he bought the shares in the first place.

    IMO he is a bad owner because of his narrow-minded bottom-line policy,, To implement that, he allowed Wenger to keep full control of football matters, with the results we saw.)

    And even worse, he fails to meet the obligation of the owner of a club like Arsenal which is to seriously compete in major competitions.

  6. Guns of SF

    Guen should not be give that much… he has a lot of work to do on his game. His vision and holding the ball needs much work. He runs around like a battering ram, and while his energy is what we need , he needs to get more refined.

    give him a small increase like 10k-

    This is the same mess with Wenger- overpaying

    Also, Laca and Auba should get extension if we win the EL. Not now. just wait

  7. salpardisenyc

    Good stuff Pedro, great research.

    Interesting time as nobody has a clue to where this crew will do its business or how. Project youth makes most sense but I suspect Emery and Raul will toss in a couple into later stages.

    A gilet can be saucy but it best be neon with owner on a bike headed for the maglia rosa.

  8. Words on a Blog


    It’s not just the gilet, it’s the healthier skin tone and the glossier L’Oréal hair.

    All Emery has to do is with the Europa, and Pedro will be a convert!

  9. Jamie

    Out of interest, from where is everyone getting Guendouzi’s market value?

    No chance he’d cost a buying club more than Jadon Sancho, De Ligt, de Jong, Vinicius Junior.. Is he even more valuable than Havertz? Think all those players and teenagers.

  10. Jamie

    Receding –

    I’d sell for anything upwards of 25m.. No idea how he’d be worth a 70m outlay to any club in Europe. He’s had an average ‘breakout’ season in my opinion.

  11. Up 4 grabs now

    It’s funny when you look back at the comments from some during August to October, and after.
    People saying guendouzi was awful, shouldn’t be near the first team and Xhaka and torriera should be first choice.
    Now after seeing how he progressed over the season, opinions Change.

    He signed a long term deal, there’s no need to improve it now.
    You don’t want to fall into the Wenger trap where players have a few good games then bang its triple your salary time!

    I Think he’s great but not worth an increase just yet.
    And not worth 70million. Although if someone offered that you would be tempted.

    He had 59% success rate in tackles.
    Xhaka had 55%

    He had duels 56%
    Xhaka had 53%

    And 87% pass success rate.
    And 67% long pass success.

    Xhaka had 85% &62%

    Xhaka and mustafi conceded half our penalties between them. and God knows how many cock ups led to goals.
    Bin off Xhaka and mustafi for 25 plus million and 170k a week wages Are saved as well.

  12. Dissenter

    Que- What’s Guendouzi going to do if h’s pay remains the same?
    Answer- Nothing

    Unless there’s another club bidding for his services and offering him more wages, you don’t change it. He still has three years on his contract. Why triple his wages.

    We make this same error over and over again. We did the same with Bellerin.

  13. Up 4 grabs now


    And bendtner, and Wilshire, and Ramsay, etc etc.
    The list goes on and on.
    It was wengers folly

  14. Nw9 gooner

    If these reports are true then nothing has changed at the club – either in the playing field or back room

  15. Dissenter

    In essence we are offering to pay Guendouzi higher than Spurs pay Danny Rose, Serge Aurier, Trippier, Eric Dier and Erickssen.
    They’ve been a CL club for the past two years while we’ve languished in the EL. Why dont we just benchmark our wags to theirs quietly.

    We are not well run at all. We just shelling most of our money on inflated wages.

  16. Receding Hairline

    De Ligt is on 12,000 euros a week and we all know what he is worth because someone is willing to pay it.

    Now we want to bump up Guendouzi to 70k a week with literally no interest in him, we are not keeping him hungry to succeed, no incentive for him to improve, nada

    Off the back of one article valuing him at 70m……and we have people who have been admiring the Ajax and Spurs model encouraging this

    He has a four year deal with an option of an extra year..leave it as it is and concentrate on trimming the fat

  17. Guns of SF

    Spurs are a top 6 side with the lowest wage bill

    I hate them but they are getting maximum effort for what they pay and they are in in CL final

    It can be done…. our wage bill has been our killer over the years.
    The fat rat ozil eating up all the cheese!

  18. Dissenter

    I used to ask the wage question a lot, once upon a time.
    When I asked why Arsenal pain more that the likes of Liverpool, the answer was …because of the Londoin factor
    Then I asked why do we pay considerably more than Spuds another club that is being run on a self-funding model … the answer was we have the CL and they don’t.
    Two years out of the CL and with Spurs becoming a CL staple, why are we still paying so much wages more than Spuds?
    I don’t think anyone would call this season a break-out season for Guendouzi

    He played a lot of games…like Valentin rightfully pointed out to cover for other players alike Torriera and because the likes of Elneny are just so bad.

  19. Just Another Customer

    Giving them too much too soon is the demise of the previous project. Let us learn from that as what Wenger planned was great but his execution is really poor.

  20. Ishola70

    Young players valuation will always go up if they see enough playing time in the first time.

    As has been said Guendouzi was seeing more first team matches due to injuries to others as well as being played in shall we say less taxing matches as well.

    That the majority on here do not want him as first team starter next season should say everything about his true value/valuation.

    And no Arsenal shouldn’t have hiked his wages so early. He has potential sure but he is being over-rated by some.

    Always happens with youngsters who see enough first team playing time this over-rating.

  21. Guns of SF

    I think most of us thought Guen as a revelation as he started the campaign so strong – played well and composed.
    As time went on, his mistakes became more predicable and yes he played much more than I think he should have. This does not make him worth 70k
    Yes an increase but a small and manageable one is fine.
    We have to send a message to our youngsters that the old days of getting fat are over. Earn your wages with play

  22. Dissenter

    It would be the height of madness for Arsenal to offer Calum Chambers and Reiss Nelson plus cash in a deal to sign Crystal Palace star Wilfried Zaha.
    That would be a case of putting all of one’s eggs in one basket.

  23. Ishola70

    You mean the winger playing in China?

    As said to Bamford earlier Arsenal don’t need wingers.

    The club have one of the best pair of strikers in the league and any formation should see these two plating upfront together.

    If anything the club should be signing this summer a striker that is capable of filling in when Laca and Auba are not available for seection rather than looking at a first team winger.

    And the new LB needed as well.

    CB and CM is in obvious need of improvement as well.

  24. Champagne Charlie

    Arsenal don’t need wingers?

    Iwobi, Mkhi, Auba, Reiss Nelson, Welbz,

    You need glasses mate.

  25. Ishola70

    Auba did just fine at Dortmund and they didn’t have out and out wingers as essential to their offensive play. Their fullbacks bombing forward was their main offensive threat out wide.

    Also Lacazette in particular will feed Auba if they play together upfront more frequently.

    Arsenal need a new LB to go along with Bellerin and a back up striker of a certain standard as cover for the two.

    And Auba hasn’t been too shabby so far at Arsenal in terms of goals despite this reasoning that the team struggle for goals.

    A midfielder that can chip in with goals is also more important over any winger.

  26. Ishola70

    Liverpool’s main threat out wide offensively is also their fullbacks.

    Why is there this fixation that wingers are absolutely paramount?

  27. gambon

    One thing in that Raul Sanllehi interview that I liked was that he said we have to outsmart the market in terms of Signings, Sales and Coaching.

    It’s the first time in years I’ve heard anyone at Arsenal acknowledge the need for innovation.

    One thing I didn’t like was him saying Emery is fixated on the EL. I think he even used the words comfort blanket.

    I think Emery himself doesn’t even feel he belongs in the CL. Hence why he can’t sleep for a week before easy home games and sets us up to avoid losing against teams like Huddersfield rather than to win.

  28. gambon

    “As said to Bamford earlier Arsenal don’t need wingers”

    Check how many goals Man City, Liverpool and Spurs score from their wide players.

  29. Ishola70


    Liverpool’s main offensive threat out wide are their fullbacks.

    Are you denying that?

    If so you are not paying attention to how Liverpool play.

    Goof for Spurs and Man City that they have inside forwards not wingers btw.

  30. Ishola70

    Arsenal scored more goals than Spurs this season in EPL.

    Yeah these wingers are so badly missed aren’t they.

  31. gambon

    “Que- What’s Guendouzi going to do if h’s pay remains the same?
    Answer- Nothing”

    Seems a great way to make sure we’re the club of choice for younger players.

    Get them on 5 year contracts then tell them to go fuck themselves when they want to extend.

    What could go wrong.

  32. gambon

    “Arsenal scored more goals than Spurs this season in EPL”

    Funny you only mentioned Spurs.

    Who won the PL again?

  33. Receding Hairline

    Ishola we definitely need wingers and goal scoring ones at that.

    I know you area of expertise/fixation is more in midfield and defense but we are really not that great going forward creative no matter what the goals for column says.

  34. Bamford10


    Right, but that doesn’t change the fact that Liverpool play with three up front and that many of their goals come from their wide forwards (Sane and Salah). Yes, Klopp uses the overlapping fullback a lot, but that doesn’t mean his wide attacking players are not absolutely essential to everything they do. They are.

    You think we should play two up top, not 4-3-3. I get it. However, the arguments you’re now making to support your POV are a bit much.

  35. Ishola70

    Oh so you want to put up Man City as the barometer do you Gambon?

    The club that has spent so heavily and has a country backing them.

    I mentioned Liverpool and Spurs because you brought them up.

    Arsenal outscored Spurs, Liverpool have their fullbacks as their main offensive threat out wide.

    Wingers are not essential to compete.

  36. Guns of SF

    We need goal scoring mids
    we did not get anything this year.

    Rambo was hurt, he did score some
    Mikki lame
    Ozil Lame
    Xhaka Lame
    Torr- tries but not productive either

    a true CAM that can shoot would be nice… add 2 wingers who can score as well.
    our attack will have the defense all over the place instead of focusing in on Auba and Laca

  37. Bamford10

    Oh please. Guendouzi is already on generous wages. He doesn’t need a fucking raise already. He has done nothing. He can negotiate a new contract & new salary next summer, as his current contract ends in 2022. No reason to give him a raise now, IMO.

  38. Nw9 gooner

    Then watch MC again – at any given time one of their wingers is always way up forward so that the transition from defence to attack is so fast . And like Gambon said see the goals from them probably more than our forwards combined. Alsoour defence has been leaking goals as the wing backs are forward with no wingers in the team

  39. Nw9 gooner

    Then watch MC again – at any given time one of their wingers is always way up forward so that the transition from defence to attack is so fast . And like Gambon said see the goals from them probably more than our forwards combined. Alsoour defence has been leaking goals as the wing backs are forward with no wingers in the team.

  40. Ishola70

    This is so Wengerish again though isn’t it this calling for wingers.

    We want to score hundreds of goals.

    Arsenal were the third highest scorers in the league.

    A striker that was joint winner of the golden boot.

    Goals or this imaginary lack of is not the most pressing aspect for this side.

    The conceding of goals and how to put a stop to that is the most pressing.

    I’d like to see a back-up striker come in and a midfielder that has an eye for goal.

    No need for wingers. No need for inside forwards. Wingers hardly exist any more.

  41. gambon

    Guendouzi came in as a 19 year old rookie with everything to prove.

    Clearly the club feel he has proven himself.

    Check how much Liverpool are paying The likes of Milner, Chelsea are paying Barkley and Spurs are paying Wanyama.

    Any young player that comes in and makes an impression will immediately be extended.

    If Saliba comes in and does well he will be extended quickly.

    Makes sense

  42. Ishola70

    If you want to do this properly with wingers as you call them but really they are inside forwards then you would have to sell Lacazette.

    Then you would have to buy two quality inside forwards to play either side of Auba because the ones at the club that play wide as Charlie pointed out are not good enough.

    The club has two very good strikers at the club in Laca and Auba. Use them to their full effect instead of dreaming of wingers sorry inside forwards and dribbling over Man City.

  43. Receding Hairline

    Yea makes sense for a 20 year old to be on 70k a week

    Proved himself in what sense exactly? Proved he has a lot to learn sure, but that doesn’t warrant a pay rise.
    His contemporaries at other clubs don’t earn 70k a week I can assure you.

    Your position on this is weird Gambon,how much to you think Trent Alexander Arnold or Gomez is on at Liverpool?

  44. gambon

    “Arsenal were the third highest scorers in the league”

    And we conceded 51 goals

    Do you think we may have conceded Less is we didn’t have to play a centre forward out wide?

    Do you think we may have been more solid defensively if we weren’t relying on our left wing back to be our only wide creative outlet?

    Do you think we would have finished higher than 5th if we had a wide player capable of scoring more than Iwobis 3 goals?

    Do you think we will be anything other than fucked if Auba picks up any kind of injury?

  45. gambon


    Liverpool have the second highest wage bill in the entire PL

    I’m pretty sure TAA earns more than Guendouzi currently does.

    Has literally anyone in here ever worked in any kind of business before?

  46. Bamford10


    ‘I’m pretty sure TAA earns more than Guendouzi currently does.”

    As he should. TAA is a fantastic fucking player. Guendouzi isn’t even close to his level. TAA can start in a CL final. Guendouzi might not start in a u-23 CL final.

  47. Ishola70


    The main weakness for Arsenal defensively is through the middle because the team has a CM that can’t run and defend.

    If Arsenal can get Bellerin up to scratch which is possible and get in a new LB of a good standard then this is not the most damaging defensively.

    Also the midfielders in a 4-4-2 should be expected to cover wide with any threats.

  48. Receding Hairline

    You don’t need to work in business Gambon to understand that you don’t double someone salary after one okay season.

    I mean I can understand this if it’s coming after the finals and we are officially a champions league club, I can stomach it although I will still disagree, but now it just looks like repeating the mistakes of the past

    This kid can end up a nobody by the end of the season, we could move Emery on and the next gaffer won’t fancy him,his only real attribute is fearlessnesses. Besides that every other aspect of his game needs work. Guendouzi is not a special talent

  49. Nw9 gooner

    Then UE has always talked of wide players – the failed transfer if Suarez also is a pointer to his thinking

  50. gambon

    “His contemporaries at other clubs don’t earn 70k a week I can assure you.”

    So how much do you think the following earn:


  51. Jamie

    TAA is twice the player Guendouzi is, and probably deserves to be paid twice as much as Guendouzi.

    Are we really talking up the merits of effectively doubling his wages after the season he’s had? Is it because we’re concerned his head will be turned by PSG or some other club next season? Then sell him! We’ll triple our investment inside 2 years. Seems like smart business to me.

  52. Valentin


    Winger or Inside forward are primordial to Liverpool. They play 4-3-3 with Firmino as main striker. Yet out the front three Sadio Mane and Mo Salah are the scoring ones.
    Liverpool can play and win without Firmino, they can’t without both Mane and Salah.

    Their fullback are just an extra threat via shots, crosses and set pieces. Most of the crosses are headed in by the inside forward on the opposite side.

    The problem with Arsenal is that our goal are not homogeneously distributed. Basically if the opposition does not play an open game, we struggle to break them down. Either we overwhelm team and score lots of goals or we struggle against compact defense, become desperate, pile forward and concede on the first counter-attack.

    An example of that lack of distribution, we only have two players in double digit. We do not score enough from outside the penalty box.

    Winger or Inside forward will remediate that imbalance. Also we want inside forward who can run and help the defensive side of our game away from home. Mhikitarian, Özil don’t have that in their locker.

  53. Jamie

    “Liverpool can play and win without Firmino, they can’t without both Mane and Salah.”

    Liverpool 4, Barca 0.

    No FIrmino, no Salah, only Mane. They did ok.

  54. Nw9 gooner

    We need to improve the midfield no doubt – it is too porous . Two three passes and our defenders are facing the opposition forwards with no time for reacting also – however bad our defenders are it’s the midfield that’s responsible for our atrocious goal conceded record

  55. Bamford10

    Harry Winks makes £40k a week and has shown more on the football pitch than Guendouzi ever has. He’s also 23. None of those other players are comparable to the 19-year-old Guendouzi.

    How much Arsenal did you actually watch this season, gambon?

  56. gambon


    You’re right.

    Guendouzi played more than almost all of them players.

    Also finished above the likes of Fred, Herrera, Pogba, Matic who earn £100k-£300k per week.

  57. Bamford10


    Right, but that’s because Origi was fantastic as the CF and Shaqiri is a great back-up to Salah. Yes, Liverpool have outstanding, world-class fullbacks and they create a great deal through them, but the notion that their forwards or wide forwards aren’t essential to what they do is absurd.

  58. gambon

    I’m sure our attempts to sign Saliba and Maurice will go really smoothly when they find out we told Guendouzi to go fuck himself when he wanted a new contract.

  59. Ishola70


    Watch Liverpool play and tell me how many times Arnold and Robertson go forward.

    They are continually bombing forward throughout the match up and down the flanks.

    Please don’t try to tell me they are not essential to Liverpool’s attacking threat out wide.

    They are essential to it.

  60. Bamford10

    Who fucking cares that he played more minutes? He isn’t as good. He isn’t NEARLY as good. He played more because our midfield options suck. What a bizarre argument. And you continue to compare him to players that are older than him and who have accomplished a great deal more and shown a great deal more as footballers.

  61. Ishola70


    A goal scoring midfielder would also alleviate that balance.

    Inside forwards not essential.

    Not when you have two very good strikers that can play upfront together.

  62. Jamie

    Bamford –

    I’m not presenting any argument other than to disprove the absolute statement made by valentin that Liverpool cannot win without both Salah and Mane in the side. That’s all.

  63. Bamford10


    “[Liverpool’s fullbacks] are essential to [Liverpool’s attack] .”

    So are their wide forwards.

  64. Receding Hairline


    So in your eyes we aren’t even the ones offering a double your money deal, its the 20 year old demanding it after one season and that’s okay with you.

    I’m sure Maurice and Saliba will do just fine on 35k a week.

  65. gambon

    So we’ve established your vision to get Arsenal competing is to pay everyone £20-35k per week.

    Fulham, Watford and Bournemouth have been trying that for years.

    Hasn’t worked very well.

  66. Dissenter

    Vinai kept saying that “everyone at Arsenal is excited about the possibility of winning the EL”

    He hasn’t met or read the likes of CG

  67. Receding Hairline

    So we are now a club who panic when an okay teenager demands a pay rise, So much for the pride of playing for Arsenal.

    Gambon you included Milner and Wanyama in your list above, also Fred… There is no law that says the more you play the more you should earn, you were paid to play in the first place.

  68. Nw9 gooner

    It’s true Liverpool’s full backs have been fantastic and have contributed massively to their success but their recovery speed to get back is also great – how many players have that. Klopp has bought players to suit his style- that’s the reason UE must be given this window to get players he wants

  69. Receding Hairline

    Gambon nor did overpaying our own players work for us.

    Spurs have done quite well on a low wage bill.

    So you think paying Guendouzi more money than he imagined possible a year ago achieves what exactly? Loyalty?

  70. Ishola70


    Liverpool’s forwards are not comparable with wide play in comparison to Man City or Spurs.

    Manchester City have a great pair of inside forwards even if one eats the bench Sterling and Mane.

    Spurs have got the Korean who is also an excellent inside forward.

    Liverpool’s don’t match up to it.

    But Liverpool compensate for not having the best inside forwards by having the two best attacking fullbacks in the league. Both are very good going forward as well as being all round in their play.

  71. Nw9 gooner

    We are just shooting at stars regarding the reported pay rises – no one knows what is happening, what sort of rise is being discussed if any at all

  72. Guns of SF


    I wonder just wonder if this is being put out by the club in order to attract other young players to the team…

    “well Guen is now on 70k” we pay really well!

    Very Wengerish IMO

    Who knows if this is even true to begin with

  73. Dissenter

    Arsenal is in safe hands with Vinai Venkatesham.
    He somes across as very thoughtful and knows the business. I love it when the CEO can reel of names of youth players.
    Pedro must really like him but the proof has to be in the pudding

  74. Dissenter

    The club is listening to the fans.
    That interview looked like someone summarized a lot of typical questions that come up here

  75. Un na naai


    Get woke go broke
    Fuck Hollywood
    Nothing in common with black panther, feminist Disney
    The world is mid gullet of the Middle Eastern take over

  76. Ishola70

    Salah would be comparable because he does do the job of inside forward running at defenders from wide positions.

    But Salah is all over the shop. Everywhere not just wide.

  77. Bamford10


    I think you are overrating how good Aubameyang and Lacazette are when paired together up top. I think a lot of people are, actually.

    The funny thing is that I was one of the few people who called for this from the outset this season — as I thought it was the most effective way to play to their strengths and our strengths — but I actually don’t think they’re as dynamic together as we will need to be going forward.

    I would rather see two new dynamic wide players next season with one of Aubameyang or Lacazette through the center than see Auba and Laca together through the center again.

    I realize people are going to point to their goal tallies and say, “it’s obvious they’re a great striking partnership and we’d be silly to switch to 4-3-3,” but I think this is misguided.

  78. Zimmie2652

    TAA and Guen are reportedly on the same wage scale at the moment and that’s after TAA unlocking some his bonuses for appearances and such. I mentioned ACM a few months back and am truthfully glad for him to being made a target, he had a solid season and is silky on the ball. Hopefully they get serious because for 9 mil he’d be a steal and in a few years if he doesn’t pan out fully, someone we could still flip for a decent profit to the likes of Bournemouth or one of those squads.

  79. london gunner

    This Arteta stuff is pretty pathetic.

    It’s pep and the billion dollar squad who won it, not Arteta you simpletons.

    Arteta hasn’t proven anything yet until he actually manages a team.

  80. london gunner


    You speak a lot good stuff on here.

    But you are wrong about Auba and Laca they are dynamite together just remember the Valencia game.

    Add to those two an actual decent pacey winger on the left and we are gonna have a potent attacking force.

  81. Ishola70


    I think if they continue to pair up together upfront they will both improve and considering their goal tallies when they are considered to be not at their best or not fulfilling expectations then it can only be a good thing.

    Arsenal have two very good strikers. Use them. Make the best of them. To get the best out of them need to play together upfront.

  82. Bamford10


    “But Liverpool compensate for not having the best inside forwards …”

    What the fuck are you talking about, mate? Salah and Mane are weaknesses for Liverpool? What team have you been watching these past two years?

    As I said above, I get that you think we should play with two up top, and I agree that Liverpool’s fullbacks are fantastic and absolutely essential to what they do, but this bizarre attempt to minimize the importance of Salah and Mane is absurd.

  83. Dissenter

    We shouldn’t be over-paying players based on the fear of losing them.
    Every player has his price and if a buying club can met out crazy transfer assessment…then off they go.
    Maurice and Saliba will come because of the opportunity to play on a bigger stage.
    How have Spurs been signing good players on half of the Arsenal wages?

  84. Jamie

    We should be seen as chance-givers, not wealth creators. If a kid wants to prove himself at the top level, he’ll come to us.

    If he wants big money after an abject season, he should be forced out. Keeping wages low initially means selling becomes much easier.

    Imagine trying to shift Chambers on 70k a week and expect any sort of transfer fee too. If Guendouzi improves next season, he’ll get his pay bump. No need to rush with a kid who still has 3 years left on his deal.

  85. gambon

    “How have Spurs been signing good players on half of the Arsenal wages?”

    Good players like Eriksen and Alderweireld who are both leaving?

  86. Bamford10


    “But you are wrong about Auba and Laca they are dynamite together just remember the Valencia game.”

    Yeah, I remember the Valencia game. But I remember the Brighton game as well. When they did very, very little. As was the case in many other games, btw.

    Here’s the thing, guys: I was the person here who said from the very beginning that Auba and Laca should be played together through the center.

    And on one level, if both of these guys are in our squad next season, it may continue to make sense to play them together through the center.

    However, if I had to choose between playing in a 4-4-2 next season with those two up top or playing in a 4-3-3 with a Ziyech wide right, a Trossard wide left and Aubameyang through the center, I would choose the latter over the former in a heartbeat. Way more dynamic, way harder to defend, IMO.

  87. Ishola70


    Just because Mane plays in a front three it doesn’t make him a great inside forward. He isn’t great coming in from wide.

    Salah yes he does cause problems coming in from wide.

    Firminho of course is not even in the equation because he is a central CF.

    The main point here is that Liverpool fullbacks are essential to that Liverpool attack and this has not been disputed.

    Man City’s fullbacks are less influential than Liverpool’s as as well as Spurs. This tells it’s own story.

    I’m disappointed Bamford that you would throw Lacazette away so easily because of this quest for more goals. A goal scoring midfielder would see to that add some more from different areas.

  88. Dissenter

    This is pretty simple.
    We need to draw the line somewhere. There needs to be a watershed.
    Benchmark our wage structure to Spuds. We don’t need to name the actual club, just tell the agent the wage is comparable to what another premier league ion the same geographical area would offer.
    You haver a situation where the combined salaries Mesut Ozil and Mykhi is about
    the same as those of Salah, Mane, Firminho and either of TAA or Robertson.

  89. Ishola70

    Lacazette was probably player of the season and some fans want rid to have a front three with Auba central of them.

    And then we have the question of where these two new inside forwards will come from and how much they will cost. They will cost a pretty penny if it wants to be done properly rather than a half-arsed fudge at it.

  90. Dissenter

    “Good players like Eriksen and Alderweireld who are both leaving?”
    You have a rather primitive view of player transfers, really Wengeresque

    Players aren’t in the club to stay forever. They are commodities that hold or lose value and have to be moved for the club to be successful.
    They are leaving on Spuds terms because they refuse to pay 28 and 30 years old players OTT wages. Ericsken was bought for 10 million and Alderweireld for 13.5 million. Spuds will make a significant profit as it ought to be.
    So long as the club manages their contracts and makes a profit there nothing wrong with selling players. Unit will make a hefty profit on Pogba this summer.

    Overpaying players to make them stay is a ridiculous approach. It’s the mark of a club with low self esteem.
    Pay them market rate wages, benchmark it to a similar stature club i.e Spurs since they are also in N.London. Set above market release clauses and if any club if foolish enough to meet the valuation- sell them and reinvest.

  91. gambon

    Eriksen and Toby are leaving because they aren’t tied down.

    We lost £40-50m because Ramsey isn’t tied down.

    We lost £20m because Welbeck isn’t tied down.

    We lost £60m and gained a shit Mykhitaryan because Alexis wasn’t tied down.

    We lost £20m on Gnabry because he wasn’t tied down.

    We got backed into a corner and were forced to pay Ozil £350k per week because we failed to tie him down.

    Failure to get our players on long term contracts has cost is £200m in the last few years and were worried about Guendouzi getting an extension after a good first year.

  92. Dissenter

    From the Arsenal web page:
    “Our first match will see us take on Bayern Munich on Wednesday, July 17, in Los Angeles. The match will be played in the 27,000 capacity Dignity Health Sports Park.

    We will then travel on to Charlotte, North Carolina the following weekend, where we will play AS Roma in the 75,000 capacity Bank of America Stadium on Saturday, July 20.

    Our pre-season tour will conclude with a trip to Washington DC, where we will play Real Madrid in the 82,000 capacity FedExField on Tuesday, July 23”.

  93. gambon


    “Pay them market rate wages”

    We have a lower wage bill than Chelsea, UTD, Liverpool and City.

  94. Bamford10


    You’re being a little dramatic, mate. I’m not “throwing away” anyone. If you like Lacazette so much, you’re welcome to start him through the center in this theoretical 4-3-3 we’d be deploying next season. That doesn’t bother me in the least, although I would probably select Auba a little ahead of him.

    I get that you think Lacazette and Aubameyang will form the basis of a great two-CF striking partnership next season. And Emery might agree with you. We will see. I personally think they are not as good together as some people imagine, and I think they would disappoint (and we would disappoint) in a 4-4-2 next season.

    Not a big deal. Will be interesting to see how things play out.

  95. Dissenter

    “Failure to get our players on long term contracts has cost is £200m in the last few years and were worried about Guendouzi getting an extension after a good first year.”
    You’re trying to move the goal posts. The argument was not about tying down players. The crux was about over-playing them. These points are not mutuality exclusive.
    It’s possible to play them market rate wages and still tie them to long term contracts like Spuds have shown.
    Guendouzi has 3 years left on his contract. Why double his wages when the likes of Holding earns only 25k weekly and AMN earns 35k weekly.

  96. Dissenter

    “We have a lower wage bill than Chelsea, UTD, Liverpool and City.”

    …and a lot higher wage bill than Spuds who are a CL team
    Chelsea and Liverpool have sell-able assets to use as a base for improving their squads
    City have the money from an oil-state
    We are not in the same boat.

  97. Bamford10


    Guendouzi’s current contract runs through 2022. We don’t need to negotiate a new contract with him this summer.

  98. Bamford10

    It raises the question, though: if we are in fact looking at wide players, doesn’t that suggest that Emery wants to play either 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1 next season? It would seem so.

  99. Dissenter

    Guns of SF
    I have already purchased tickets for the July 23rd game against Real.
    I hate that Fedex stadium, its’ hard to get to and is a miserable dump. The DC united stadium would have been perfect.

  100. Dissenter

    I think our problem is that we din’t strike when the iron is hot.
    Had it been Guendouzi was offered a deal to extend his contract from 40k to 50-55k weekly for another 2 years with the club having the sole right to extend for another year should there be need…then no problem.
    That’s what Daniel Levi would do.

  101. Guns of SF

    Dissenter nice
    I might fly down to LA for the Bayern game.
    Too bad its only a preseason- but would be nice for my son… he would be in 7th heaven

  102. Receding Hairline

    Might as well physically tie him to a post at the Emirates.

    If you are so worried about tying him down why not a six year deal at first? Why panic and over compensate him finally because he has a measly three years left on his contract. Poor Arsenal fans, we have made so many bad decisions as a club lately we are over thinking practically every simple situation.

    Guendouzi isn’t going anywhere next season and if he is it will be on our terms.

  103. Dissenter

    This too is for my son. I hate these pre-season games man. It’s crazy hot and humid that time of the year in DC- heat index is usually about 95-100 degree F

  104. salpardisenyc

    Good Ebening

    Its all a calculated risk, putting Guendouzi on longer contract with pay raise is smart. He builds on good work done this season next and it will cost more. Nip it now.

    Also sends signal to those we’ll be trying to sign, that good work is rewarded.

  105. gambon

    “Why double his wages when the likes of Holding earns only 25k weekly and AMN earns 35k weekly.”

    Firstly there is no way Holding is on £25k per week

    Secondly Guendouzi has already played more PL games than Holidng, and Maitland Niles is a championship level player.

    AMN is 2.5 years older than Guendouzi, and has played about 3 games in midfield for the club.

    He went into this season as 3rd choice RB, Guendouzi as 3rd choice CM. There is a notable difference.

  106. gambon


    “Guendouzi’s current contract runs through 2022. We don’t need to negotiate a new contract with him this summer.”

    Yeah, maybe we should wait until he has 6 months left and pay him £350k per week.

  107. Dissenter

    “Firstly there is no way Holding is on £25k per week”
    This is my source. This website has been proven to be largely accurate for football.

    Guendouzi’s higher-than-normal numbers of games is s statistical anomaly that does not prove that he is integral to the way we play. He got games because the competition was new to the league [Torriera] or just plain shit [Elneny]. That scenario is unlikely to repeat itself when we bring in 1-2 better players.
    He had an okay season, nothing special. He was a quantity “body” who just plugged holes in the hull of the ship.

  108. gambon

    Lol, Sportrac is now the bible of football.

    It literally says our wage total is £127m, when in reality its £223m,

    what more do you need to accept its bollocks.

  109. Dissenter

    Do people understand thatn we have been living off EL income for two years.
    There is no way we should STILL be paying more that a club in the same locale that plays in the more lucrative league.
    Benchmark the wages to Spuds.
    Tell the agent “this is what a comparable club in north London would offer your client”

  110. gambon

    When you consider that wages correlate to league position more than any other financial indicator, why would we benchmark against Spurs?

    We want to finish ahead of them, we should pay more than them.

  111. Jamie

    Sportrac doesn’t include all the other salaries being drawn at the club, which is why the total wage figure is low.

    Is it only Holding’s listed wage under scrutiny?

  112. Dissenter

    “Lol, Sportrac is now the bible of football.It literally says our wage total is £127m, when in reality its £223m, what more do you need to accept its bollocks.”

    I have to say that I am disappointed in that response and find it underwhelming coming from you of all people.
    You certainly haven’t given it more thought.
    What we call “wage bill” goes beyond that annual salaries of the senior squad. It also includes;
    -Bonuses and other emoluments to players which is considerable and includes images rights.
    Did you know that Aubameyang gets a £15.15m loyalty bonus payable over the three years. He will earn £300,000 for getting a combined 25 goals and assists in a season and £50,000 for each match he starts that Arsenal win.
    Then consider other key players in the team have bonuses too.
    -Salaries of non-playing staff
    ******That’s what swells it to the 223 million range

  113. gambon


    Well, it has Mykhitaryan on £180k per week, which isnt true, becuase his package was revealed via Football Leaks & Der Spiegel.

    It has half of the contract lengths completely wrong as well, so hardly a trustworthy site.

    And again, it has our wage bill at £127m.

    Explain why its £96m short?

    All the admin staff in the world doesnt add up to £96m

  114. Dissenter

    gambon forgot that the dinner lady and ball boys emoluments are classified as wage bill too. It all adds up.

  115. Dissenter

    “Explain why its £96m short?All the admin staff in the world doesnt add up to £96m
    I explained that in my post
    The considerable part is player bonuses. I used the curious case of Aubameyang to underline how these quickly adds up.
    Auba annual salary doesn’t capture fully what he earns

  116. Jamie

    gambon –

    I think the wages are fairly accurate, give or take.

    If the wages on spotrac are so wildly out, and there’s a £100m black hole, which specific wages do you think are under-reported, and by how much?

    How much do you think Mkhi is acutally on as a basic wage if it’s more than £180k a week. £200k? There’s £1m. We need to find £95m more from the list.

    Did you see the next link I posted? Bonuses, taxes, coaching, board.. it all adds up.

  117. Dissenter

    The club hides lots of wages away from the annual salaries listed to attain some semblance of ‘parity”. A lot of wages are hidden under bonuses which annual salaries don’t reflect.

  118. gambon

    Sorry, bonuses dont count.

    The club routinely state that any sign on and loyalty bonuses are amortised with the transfer fee.

    Only CL bonuses and goal/win bonuses count as salary.