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The HEAT is finally here, and football is over… so a straight swap out. Football for summer. I’ll take it. But only if the Champions League final goes the way of Liverpool… otherwise, I’m bringing the white walkers back and we’re going to destroy the world and plunge it into darkness.

Transfer rumours are hotting up, most of the rumours around the centre backs are kind of bland. We seem to be chasing down a lot of short folk. We had many back in the day when we struggled from set-pieces because we loved to hire Tommy V like players, who had a tremendous leap… or a Willy G, who loved to sit on the halfway line and tell everyone he was good at saving money. Wenger really only addressed height when he landed Per Mertesacker.

Umtiti is the really worrying link. He’s a fabulous player, a sublime talent on his day, but we are really playing with the red flames of Abou Diaby’s memory here. There is a reason that Barca is shifting an £80m player for £40m. He has a massive DON’T GO HERE sign attached to his knee. He’s missed 31 league games in the last 12 months.

‘But the medical team would call the shots’, very doubtful. Firstly, we signed Kimmy K with a broken back (spotted > overruled). Secondly, we’d sign him in the knowledge that he’s a massive risk. For me, it’d be like taking a punt on Ledley King back in the day (United thought about it). When fit, he’s going to win you the league, but you’d be cursing his issues every year with ‘what ifs.’

Fitness has to be a priority for Arsenal. We need strong hamstrings, a record of sustained on pitch play and nothing chronic in the closet. We do not have the money to be taking Kanu like risks of yesteryear.

… and be real, we already gave Barca free money for a player everyone knew would tank. Going back to make another very weird deal would offer incredibly poor optics for Raul. I don’t want our football guy keeping Barca sweet because of his DNA. You get me?

I’m hoping that Arsenal seek value in players that have buyout clauses or a couple of years to go on their deals. Julian Brandt is rumoured to be going for as little as £25m. Ziyeck is going to leave with a release clause of £25m, a fabulous player with outrageous pace and work ethic.

Players that have deals expiring next year:

  • Ryan Sessegnon
  • Thomas Meunier
  • Eric Bailly (steer clear, like Umtiti)
  • Nacho
  • Dries Mertens
  • El Shaarway
  • Allain Sain-Maximin
  • Raph Guerreiro
  • Ryan Fraser
  • Mario Gotze
  • Moise Keane
  • Rafinha
  • Kurzawa
  • Keylor Navas (#2 anyone?)
  • Adam Johnson

Just kidding on the last one. DIRTY NONCE. You just KNOW some Premier League chairman that is a nonce sympathiser is going to pull the ‘society must forgive’ card and roll with him. North of Manchester, no doubt.

The two-year deal players are also interesting, mainly because they’ll all be negotiating new contracts. Good clubs will be exiting them if it looks like they won’t sign. There’s some tasty names in this category.

  • Lio Messi (get on it Raul, we’ll let this one go)
  • Mauro Icardi
  • Thiago
  • Casemiro
  • Florian Thauvin
  • Memphis Depay
  • Seb Haller
  • Zielinski
  • Hummels
  • Carlos Soler
  • Ginter
  • Alex Telles
  • Grimaldo
  • Sarr
  • Vazquez
  • Julien Weigl

As you can see, lots of options if we want to play this summer. I don’t even have the list of players with buyout clauses.

Point being, we don’t have to take massive risks on mates rates names that come with health concerns. This league will not absorb any weakness. It’s faster, more competitive and more relentless than any other. The only way you compete is having more of your first team players fit than others.

It looked to me like Emery tanked his fitness plan this season, blowing up the front end of the season with OTT training regimes that hit him hard during the mid part of the season. December 2018 was a flashback to the dark days of Wenger, who famously bemoaned the science of fatigue a few weeks ago. If you don’t remember, we had an annual injury pileup because Wenger trained his players too intensely and didn’t rotate. He blamed luck, hair pills, witches, the vision of a Trump presidency… until we hired Shad, who took care of the nonsense.

Someone accused me of being hipster in the way I think about the game, for me, that’s a bit like telling a doctor he’s a hipster for reading medical journals. If you believe thinking about the future to gain an advantage is hipster, you really should keep those thoughts to yourself. The future is here, you can’t unfuture what has already arrived. Calling it hipster just makes you look dim.

Anyway, Ralph Rangnick spoke to Coaches Voice (great site), casually sipping on a cream atomised, fluggenhoffled, Germacano coffee that I believe was brewed from a rare strain of Russian coffee bean that garners its taste from the musical notes of Mikhail Glinka…. and gave his thoughts on respecting the ‘athletics’ guys (Shad and Burgess).

Five years ago, I would have thought it impossible that an athletics coach would tell me how many metres my team should run today, and how fast, in training. But that’s what’s happening. In the past, you’d have to trust your eyes and gut feeling as a manager to find the right dosage in training. Now, it’s a bit like picking up a rental car: they will tell you how much is in the tank and what your mileage is.

The athletics coaches are in charge of planning the whole week of training in terms of the intensity on any given day. We take our cues from them.

“Musical tastes aside, I have a strong connection with my players”

If you want to increase the speed of your game, though, you have to develop quicker minds rather than quicker feet.

Improvement translates as taking things in more quickly, analysing them more quickly, deciding more quickly, acting more quickly. At RB, we work on increasing the memory space and the processing pace. We put players into the Soccerbot, for example – a machine that simulates previous games and allows players to relive key moments of matches.

It’s PlayStation football, but with your feet. The players enjoy it so much we have a hard time getting some of them to stop.

YES RALPH. Love it. Again, the above shows you how the powershift is happening in elite football. The days of an assistant putting out cones are long gone. Each role is essential to building an elite sporting machine. Football follows the path of American sports, they lead the way on many things.

Anyway, my prediction is that clubs will start to move more towards specialist roles, versus the current broad strokes approach to coaching. We’ve already seen clubs take performance super seriously. I would imagine that more and more outfits are looking at people with more specialists offerings in defence, attack, and pressing. Ralph mentions in his piece that his team are trained to take risks in certain areas that present great counterpress opps, there must be a group of people working together to work out where the sweet spots are. Do we have that? RB is strategic about where they lose the ball. It’s a different level of thinking and it’s working for them.

Pep G just won the league with the least tackles of any team. Off the ball movement is now an absolute art in the Premier League. There is so much information that has to be absorbed by the modern player, that it’s no wonder major clubs are trying to pioneer ways of fast-tracking information into players brains so they can make better decisions.

Point being… when Barry down the Black Swan tells you football is about FIRST AND SECOND, tell him to fuck off, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Lyon didn’t sign Arteta, as I suspected, the Spaniard is being earmarked for City when Pep leaves. However, Aulas has infuriated some in the French press because he allowed Juninho to pick Sylvinho (left back for us that had to be booted for having a fake passport) as their new coach. His coaching experience extends to the Brazilian under 23s. It is a BOLD move, but again, it’s low risk for Aulas and the future of football clubs isn’t about that ONE GUY who will cost £15m a season and bring 50 of his mates, it’s going to have a more evenly spread system of responsibility and accountability. Football is basically replicating the organisational structures of corporate America.

GFFN bemoaned the hire because… JOSE AND WENGER WERE AVAILABLE. Rationalising that Aulas wanted to win the Champions League. I love that site, but whoever was manning the twitter lost their minds there. Jose just spent £360m at United and tanked them. He’s a nasty man with spiteful tendencies. He also doesn’t care about success anymore, he’s done. Then you have Arsene Wenger, who tried 20+ times to win the Champions League and failed… not to mention his HORRIBLE record with spending money, his grim Barry like views of the modern game and science combined with his terrible approach to tactics would chalk him off any right-thinking owner.

Wenger still not in a major job… shocker, right? Where is that PSG rumour when you need it?

Anyway, see you in the comments x

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  1. Freddie Ljungberg


    The Spanish are notoriously bad at english, same as the Italians, most of their TV is dubbed to their native language, I think that’s one of the main reasons.

    Maybe it’s changing now for the younger generation with better access to the outside world but for the older generation they are generally very bad at english.

    I lived in one of the larger tourist cities about 20 years ago and very few people could string a sentence together.

    You wouldn’t know or care about any of this since all you do is go on and on about completely irrelevant things all the time and never let facts get in the way of a good, moronic ramble. Carry on

  2. Jamie

    Nice. Pedro delivering CG a right slap in the face by dismissing Mourinho and Wenger as viable options for taking us forward. And I, of course, thank him for it.

  3. Elmo

    Good post, Pedro (ignoring the Arteta part!), and I thank you for it (in the words of CG).

    Interesting from Rangnick. I wonder to what degree we’ll see coaching specialisation take over in football (I know throw-in coaches are now a thing). Re American sports, the ex-Giants player Osi Umenyiora is one of the studio pundits on the BBC’s NFL coverage and he has a running ‘joke’ with England captain Gareth Southgate (who has been a guest a couple of times at Superbowls) that he doesn’t understand what he does as a manager, when you compare it to the hyper-specialisation of US sports.

    On the flip-side, Tim Vickery always says that the same degree of scheming isn’t possible in football, because few other sports offer the number of options that any player on the field has when they get the ball: you can only train football intelligence to a degree. Could Pep indoctrinate his system of manipulating space to a squad with poor football intelligence? Bielsa (bless his bottle-job soul) has changed the way ‘average’ players at Leeds play, but I don’t know if he took the job because he thought the players were up to it, and seeing as they were a perennial play-off team anyway, there’s an argument they haven’t improved.

  4. The Legend That Is Dennis Bergkamp

    you have to develop quicker minds rather than quicker feet.

    Santi had both. The majority of our current squad have none and cannot be improved with training.

    How many times this season have we seen a fast paced high press game from these players in the format of say Liverpool ?

    But is has to come from the setup and training methods of the club, staff and manager which I don’t think will be put in place until Emery goes. If there is a plan to mimick what RB or Dortmund do. Big if. Not sure we have this vision internally or at the top within the club IMHO.

  5. Pedro

    Marc… quite a few. They have trouble brewing! Wage bill or the squad about to take a massive hit.

  6. azed

    Not having a DOF would likely ruin our summer. We should be taking the long-term approach and sign players 26 and below.


    Pavard is going to Bayern (signed for 30M)

  7. Jamie

    Cheers, Sidd. I’m here all week!

    Pedro –

    We’re in total agreement; everything about those two is dated, and neither would respond well to the structural changes [or having big decisions delegated out] necessary to take a modern club forward.

    Where do you think Allegri will end up? My guess is he’ll go to Utd when OGS gets canned before the winter transfer window. Spurs won’t give him the financial backing he will demand, ZZ will no doubt be at Real for a year at least (barring a complete implosion in the league). PSG maybe? Could start a manager merry-go-round. Poch to Juve? Interesting to see how he would manage Ramsey’s fitness and handle Ronaldo’s ego and declining output.

  8. Up 4 grabs now

    Cheers Pedro for mentioning me in the title of the post today I appreciate it. Lolz.

    Just saw the route city took to get to the fa cup final. Jesus and I thought we had a few easy runs!
    Rotherham, Burnley, Newport, Swansea and Brighton.

  9. Up 4 grabs now

    Allegri to take a six month sabbatical until utd sack ole.
    Unless Chelsea go all out, if there transfer ban stays would be interesting to see if he could coach a team instead of just buying.

  10. Marc


    It’s not only the players who’s contracts are running down they’ve let it be known that they’ll listen to offers for players including Trippier.

    I think the cost of the stadium would have hurt a bit but with the cost over runs they’re in trouble.

    So so need Liverpool to win the CL.

  11. Marc


    Thing with Chelsea is that Abramovich is no longer throwing money at the club. I’m not sure it’s quite the job it was.

  12. Up 4 grabs now

    Marc, city lose and troy deeney gets carried off after being kicked in the cajones!
    That will do it!

  13. Valentin


    Azed is right, Pavard had already signed for Bayern.
    Bayern are returning to the day of French International fullback. They have also bought Hernandez from Athletico Madrid at left back.

    The specialisation has already started, but the problem is that old school head-coach tend to overrule some head of department.

    In Ligue 1, “preparateur physique” or conditioning specialist used to be former athletes (athleticism, long distance runner, rugby), but now there are valued member of the coaching staff. University offer courses and degree on the subject.

    However a lot of them have complained that quite often when the team is in the red zone they are sacked by the very same person who ignored their advice and therefore should not held responsible of the situation.

  14. Up 4 grabs now

    Concerning Chelsea, I know what you mean I think there will be some money to spend though. Especially as there back in the champions league.
    Roman might not throw the wedge around as much as he used to, but I don’t think he’ll want the club’s value to drop.

    I think it’s a Moot point though, that transfer ban looks like it will stick.

  15. azed

    If I were to handle Arsenal’s summer, this would be what I’ll do..

    Mustafi and Chambers sold. English premium on Chambers should fetch us at least 40M for the both.

    Use that 40M to get a commanding defender.
    That leaves us with New CD, Sokratis, Holding, Koscielny, Monreal and Mavropanos.

    Monreal can double as cover for LB and CB so I’ll let Koscielny go for like 2M. Depending on the readiness of Defenders in the youth team, I’ll either loan or sell Mavropanos.

  16. Guns of Brixton

    I really dont see Arsenal doing anything spectacular this summer.

    I mean whats even the plan?

    With Sven at least we saw some kinda pattern when he got Tor and guen. Buy the unknown cheap but talented.

    Whats the mandate this summer?

  17. azed

    For midfield, Xhaka and Elneny should be able to get us 40M (25 + 15). This 40M should be spent on an athletic B2B. Willock takes the place of Elneny.

    So we are left with replacing Ramsey. Here I would go into the list of players with one year left or affordable release clause.

    So for midfielders we have Xhaka’s replacement, Torriera, Guendozi, Willock, Ramsey’s replacement.

  18. Leftsidesanch

    Everything hinges on Baku, hopefully we have the button ready to be pushed as soon as the final is finished.

    Get the squad we want for next season in for pre-season.

  19. Up 4 grabs now

    Bournemouth just signed a left sided centreback/left Back called Kelly from Bristol city for 13 million I’d offer 40 million for ake and Fraser.
    Both played in the league so don’t need time to adapt, and both better than what we have.
    Sell mustafi and chambers for 40 million and its not cost anything to upgrade the first eleven in two positions.
    Won’t be huge wages either.

  20. azed

    For attack, I’ll use the whole 40M and get a speedy winger that can take on players.

    I’ll look to get Mkhitaryan off the wage bill for any amount we can get and replace Mkhitaryan with Nelson.
    Nkethia replaces Welbeck.

    If we can get Ozil off for free, then Julian Brandt or Ziyeck would be ideal.

    I’ll also be willing to take a punt on Marcus Thuram.

  21. Samesong

    The Watford keeper is terrible. Got to be one of the worse keepers in the league.

    He’s rubbish Gomez

  22. Leftsidesanch

    I’d take him too Serge.

    £25m release clause apparently. So Arsenal to miss out on such talents though.

  23. Alexanderhenry


    .’ If you don’t remember, we had an annual injury pileup because Wenger trained his players too intensely and didn’t rotate.’

    I think it had a lot more to do with a lack of strength in depth at Arsenal.
    We were fighting on two very intense fronts (PL and CL) for years with an extremely thin and relatively cheap squad.

    Mourinho and fergie were able to rotate far more effectively and therefore avoid injuries, but they had far more talent and depth at their disposal.

    In the end in comes down to players.
    It always does.

  24. Up 4 grabs now


    Not the tallest but good in the air and can play out from the back.
    And better than what we have.
    Also top for clearances and passing at Bournemouth.
    Considering he was playing in an average Bournemouth defence they kept more clean sheets than we did.

  25. CG

    A Cup Final Corker from our Boffin- like PedRo C.B.E.- and I off course thank him for it….

    I am very glad he has put Raul under The Spotlight.

    If we do follow up our interest-with the Barcelonas Paul McGrath with a substantial bid. We are once again witnessing more sickening cronyism from Raul.

    Fresh from the £5 million fee that was paid out on agents fees, Barca and Suarez – to give over more Arsenal FC funds to his previous financially troubled club –
    proves my point- that this man- is protecting his own ‘contacts’ over the clubs best interests .

    I will say to all Arsenal fans.
    Watch Raul like a hawk this summer.
    Scrutinise everything- this man does.

    No more Spanish dross required.
    And if Emery wants more Spanish players-Great.
    Go and manage In Spain.
    Arsenal play in England.

    We now have a Spanish head Coach and his 5 cronies.
    We have a Spanish DoF
    We have a Latin Tech Director arriving.

    We need some Anglo -French Power.

  26. Marc

    Get rid of the burgers and hot dogs and replace with Tapa’s. Bin the Bovil and replace with Gazpacho.

    Sell Holding, Chambers, AMN and the English kids.

    Replace them all with decent Spanish players.

  27. Batistuta

    If we were a serious club, we’d already be all over Ziyech but alas we’re pleading poverty for some reason, Bournemouth en route to spending more than us already

  28. MGooner

    If we had carried on without toxic atmosphere/change of personel, we would have aced a CL finish and possibly been enjoying a Wembley outing.

  29. Radio Raheem

    Ziyeck has got a pick of any of the big clubs. Apart from City and, perhaps, Juve, all of the other big sides could do with Ziyeck.

    Do you think we can outcompete these clubs in wages offered (as well as allure)?

  30. Graham62

    “If we were a serious club”

    We haven’t been a serious club for many many years.

    It’s going to be a long road back.

  31. Pedro

    Alex, it came down to Wenger’s incompetence. Which I wrote about extensively, then finally, the club took action and the injuries stopped happening.

  32. MGooner

    I have fond memories of the days when we used to have a red card every month and yet win.

    The media cabal against us forced our team to start ‘behaving’.

    We are quire a nice team these days.

  33. terraloon

    Not quite sure RA has curbed the spending at Chelsea.
    Net spend tells a story but here’s the figures shown as being paid since he shipped up atChelsea
    In 18/19 £ 185 million ( second highest spend in a season )
    17/18 £. 240 million (biggest ever annual spend)
    16/17 £ 119 million (fourth highest annual spend)
    Indeed in the 16 years he has owned Chelsea they have spent over £100 million in 7 of those years 5 of those are post 2013/14.
    Ok the net figures distort matters but that could be because they have managed to squeeze stupid sums from clubs buying their players.

  34. Leftsidesanch

    You can fast forward to next year this time and City will have probably mopped up most of the honours on offer again.

  35. loyika

    @ Samesong

    Don’t think Pep will stay that long (especially if they can’t crack the UCL), only worry is that Citeh have the money to get whatever player or Manager they want

  36. Graham62

    This isn’t fair, in more ways than one.

    How has it got to this?

    Oh yeh, that’s right…….. MONEY!!

  37. loyika

    5 nil (and probably counting) Couldn’t have happened to a nicer team.

    Hope Troy Deeney and Gomes have a great night…Plonkers

  38. Just Another Customer


    Just describe them as pace merchant la then all is well because doublespeak won’t immediately trigger people and they won’t jump onto you straight away.

    Too many virtue signallers here really.

  39. Samesong

    Dad: son you should support Arsenal as they are a London club

    Son: But they don’t win anything apart from fa cup

    Dad: But

    Son: Dad can you get me a Man City kit.

    Dad: sighs and walks off.

  40. Leftsidesanch

    City have won as many games as Man United and Wolves combined this year. Team will take some stopping.

  41. Just Another Customer

    Should’ve gone comfy and support the local non-Premier League clubs instead if you’re in England.

    For the foreign fans they have no right to be disappointed with their sons bandwagoning other clubs anyway. At least you can still talk about football with them.

  42. Majesticgooner

    We have to sign Ziyech for 25 mill, no brainier, about time we start signing players who are also fans and an excellent player to boot. Imagine him on one flank and Zaha or Sarr on the other and Laca and Auba in the middle. They all have the work rate and pace, I just hope the hierarchy pull their finger out and get it done.

  43. bennydevito

    Up 4 grabs nowMay 18, 2019    17:27:19

    Bournemouth just signed a left sided centreback/left Back called Kelly from Bristol city for 13 million I’d offer 40 million for ake and Fraser.
    Both played in the league so don’t need time to adapt, and both better than what we have.
    Sell mustafi and chambers for 40 million and its not cost anything to upgrade the first eleven in two positions.
    Won’t be huge wages either.


    Awww that’s disappointing. We were linked with him and the City fans down my way think he’s destined for the top.

    We need to be beating the lower clubs to these players before they become £50m players ffs.

  44. Danish Gooner

    One name,James milner old as fuck but a running and passing machine and always scoring a penalty,second name vicent kompany oldas fuck but would steady Arsenal like noone Else .

  45. Samesong

    One name,James milner old as fuck but a running and passing machine and always scoring a penalty,second name vicent kompany oldas fuck but would steady Arsenal like noone Else .

    When they arrive at Arsenal they are already retired lol.

  46. Bueleydave

    Money plays a part. But it is by no means the be all and end all. To pretend it is deflects from the major mismanagement and unaddressed weaknesses that were the hallmark of the second Wenger decade.

  47. HighburyLegend

    “Imagine, Spurs stopped this side from a CL potentially this season.”
    Only because it was in 2 legs.

  48. Un na naai

    I’d walk over hot coals to have Kompany join arsenal
    Best defender since john Terry. Nobody comes close. Not even VVD

  49. Danish Gooner

    Incomings: Milner,Kompany,zaha,pepe combined 90 mil.

    Out: Ozil,miki,mustafi,xhaha combined 50 mil

  50. bennydevito

    JamieMay 18, 2019    16:19:46

    Nice. Pedro delivering CG a right slap in the face by dismissing Mourinho and Wenger as viable options for taking us forward. And I, of course, thank him for it.


    Loooll! Jamie giving CG an additional slap in the face by highlighting Pedro’s slap in the face which he then thanks him for.

    And I, of course, thank him for it.

  51. Savage

    The Kallstrom argument can’t be used against the medical team. They’re the ones who found his issue and reported it, but we still signed him because Wenger had left his transfer so late that he had no other options.

  52. Graham62

    A level playing field?

    “A situation where each team has a fair and equal chance of success”

    Then along came Chelski and MC.

    Do we applaud or do we cry?

  53. Just Another Customer

    Ah can’t wait to be the nursery and retirement home for the geriatrics again. I love those Squillaci, Silvestre and the likes.

  54. CG


    We note what Leicester City did.
    We imitate what Spurs are doing
    And we learn from what Liverpool are doing.

    Those clubs certainly dont employ the likes of Raul and Emery to run their clubs – that’s for sure.
    And if they do make bad managerial appointments.
    Rectify sharpish.

    We will be a mid table outfit within 6 months. If these two are still in harmony.

    Totally clueless.

  55. Pierre

    Have to say Graham that I can’t recall you being so vocal about “level playing field”
    And about ” it not being fair ” during our previous manager’s reign……maybe it’s actually sinking in how difficult it is to compete against teams with a bottomless pit of money..

  56. Alexanderhenry


    During that period, – roughly 2006 to 14, arsenal had nowhere near the squad depth needed to play PL and CL football.

    It was that lack of personnel that lead to the injury crises – every November to january usually.

    If you’ve got to play fabregas every single game, the kid’s going to get injured.

  57. Just Another Customer

    Like some already suggested most of these over-the-hill players won’t take us to the next level even with their so called (((experiences))). With big wage and the need to replace them one or two seasons later it’s not a viable way to build the squad. Might as well take Banega too.

    If we can’t get special sauce manager better get some special sauce vibrant early 20-something prospects. I’m just salivating at the thoughts of some of these youngsters (no homo).

  58. Marc


    How long have you been watching football?

    Have you not seen the list of idiot appointments the Spud’s have made under Levy?

    Liverpool haven’t won a title in almost 30 years.

    You destroy any genuine point you have by making the most ridiculous statements – just makes you look like a complete clown to anyone who has been following football for more than 8 1/2 minutes.

  59. CG


    The problem with the likes of you and your kind….
    Is you can’t face reality….
    We have the worst manager in the Prem-managing us. And What compounds this angst- is our rivals have Heavyweight managers.

    Poch/Emery /Klopp

    The more learned posters from the assiduous PedRo to :/The G/CC/Un /Pierre etc have noted this from day one.

    No shame – admitting you were wrong.
    Emery is a Clown .
    Dont you be A clown too- continually backing him*

    * with the greatest respect.

  60. Danny M.O

    The way the modern game is set you would think they would follow the american way of havin “set plays”.

    Pep i believe is the pioneer of this. Think about it, there have been goals for every scenario possible in the field of play. Man city players know what they have to do and when to do it. Arsenal on the other hand have that 1 set play with that kolasinac move.

  61. Just Another Customer

    Yeah but football is more fluid rather than stop-start nature of American Football thus requiring more football intelligence with a few sprinkles of coaching. In the end the cohesiveness of the squad as a whole must be met first before going fancy with all these possible scenarios that need to be executed instantaneously between players.

    Solve the inadequacies and balance of our squad first then we talk about the next level is the next level.

  62. Danny M.O

    @Just another customer

    I get where you are coming from but is football really that fluid when teams palace have 1 players behind the ball?

    We should be breaking down teams like Brighton the same way other teams have. That is what video analysis should be. I see none of that in our performances to be honest. We hardly ever target the weak links of an opponent.

    Instead we fall for the same tricks of over committing players and getting fd up because our right backs always leave us exposed.

  63. Just Another Customer

    Do we even have the suitable personnel to exploit that weakness? That’s down to Emery where even he was fiddling around with his tactics until the final day of the season. The so called video analysis done by Emery is just some hot air anyway with the way we self-implode against those teams.

    Just want the team to win the Evropa to restore some confidence of all involved.

  64. Danny S

    What makes me laugh, is CG is a blatant troll and you guys feed him like he’s Jabba da hut. Haha

    Seriously, he pulls you all in every time and you suck it up.

  65. Negation

    “Lyon didn’t sign Arteta, as I suspected, the Spaniard is being earmarked for City when Pep leaves.”


    How many teams have passed on him now?

    Pedro at it again.

  66. Graham62


    Actually I’ve always highlighted the moneybags scenario.

    Wengers failings had nothing to do with MC and Chelski stumbling on a couple of multi billionaires, it all boiled down to the fact that he completely lost the plot and failed to adapt.

    Whatever way you look at things, it is still obscene that these two clubs have been able to bankroll their success in recent years.

  67. Pedro

    Danny, last time I banned him everyone begged for him to come back.

    You don’t like CG, ignore it.