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Gooood ebening.

I love saying that. I say it in the office 7 times a day, in a Spanish accent, which some people think is racist, but then I say my Dad has a house in Spain so I’m technically Spanish, then people ‘get it.’


Nerazzurri looking at many profiles in the Premier League , even in midfield. The ‘Corriere dello Sport’ confirms the interest in Granit Xhaka , a player who can leave Arsenal . The Swiss is a profile that appeals, even if it is not considered a priority at the moment.

I will make myself available for references, I know at least 30,000 others that’ll do the same. This would be an EPIC move for him because, jokes aside, I think he’d be a machine in Italy. Less intensity, slow build from the back, the only person pressing in the entire country of Italy is going to be Rambo next season. He’ll be golden. They’ll love that leadership story about the spare key as well.

I also think we could look at landing £50m for him. Maybe more? But, what I truly hope, is we don’t fuck around like we did with Chambers. Move Granit off the wage bill, accept it didn’t work, open a Samaritans hotline for the apologists, who, once again have proved that it is they who ‘might not really get the game,’ and rehire someone that can do the passing bits, but offer up power, pace and real aggression in the middle.


Oh man, is it weird to say that the rumour is making me feel frisky? That is weird, I retract (but come on, finding that rumour on Newsnow was a little like opening your first ever saucy link circa 1996 on copper dial-up (kids, you’d wait 4 hours for 1 still of Pamela Anderson to load)).

The Baku nightmare seems to be deepening. Arsenal are struggling to sell their weak allotment of 6000 tickets because, well, I guess people aren’t comfortable dropping £2000 for a final that is far from a sure bet. I love all the UEFA wokeness about putting the big matches in countries that have bad football teams, but if you’re real, it denigrates the competition and it’s awful for fans.

A bit like extending out the World Cup to 700 teams. It becomes like those school sports days where everyone is a winner, which, to be fair, I fucking loved as a kid. I was literally shit at every single sport, but I’d still get a trophy for faking a hamstring injury 10m into the egg and spoon race. Thank the lord for the overwoke Brighton parents helping to make sure the chubbers felt like sporting heroes, you made me the soft trophy-laden failure I am today.

Baku to it (<deserved a trophy)… it’s a bit embarrassing. Apparently, the one England based Arsenal fan of Armenian heritage that had £2k spare for the flight can’t gain entry to the country. How fucking bad is that? Literally banning a nation they don’t like. Imagine if the English just decided they hated Europe and wanted to extricate themselves from the European Union. We’d all be up in arms.

Just kidding @BrexitJonny, I’m not drawing FALSE parallels. It’s awful. Poor Mikhi. Like when your pals have a banger of a party organised and invite an ex that destroyed your life, confidence and self-esteem. I feel you Mikhi, and fuck you Dave, I’ll never forgive you.


Well my friends, it seems they have… Lyon, one of the most decorated teams in France, has put the feelers out for my main man of ELITE hair notoriety. They are a Champions League club. They are a powerful entity in France. Aulas is one of the shrewdest operators in world football.

No, no… please… a visionary? Me? Gosh, this is embarrassing. No… I won’t put my hat in the ring for TD.

NOW, just to cover my bases like the pro flip-flopper I am, who knows if he’ll succeed if he takes the job (I think he’ll stay on for City unless he’s really hungry to have a crack), all I said is the move is a clever one. Aulas is looking at what City are doing and he wants a piece of the action. Very smart. He’s buying the IP of the best footballing mind in the world. Uber did a similar thing when they stole trade secrets for driverless cars from Waymo by hiring their guy and making him bring his USB sticks. The Lyon owner sees an opp to hire in a guy with a great rep in the game, that is hungry, who could deliver unreal off the ball movement, beautiful free-flowing attacking football and maybe success. Worth a punt.

I could look silly for the above, but wh0 cares, glory is in the moment, internetting like a powerhouse is all about the hunting down of the win of the day… I just caught a 50 pounder and it has an overpowering smell of SMUG. If I lose later on, I’ll just delete this post and change my story.

Let’s end on some sympathetic lolz… Chelsea played a friendly and lost Loftus-Cheek to an injury. My Chelsea pal says he’s been their second best player over the past 6 months, coming up with goals and assists. What a terrible blow to their chances… never fuck with Unai in the Europa would be my learning, bad juju… but really, what a wildly shit decision by Chelsea to play a friendly at this time of the season. Mad, mad, mad.

Right, that’s me done. Meet me in the comments to kiss the ring and apologise for your insolence on Arteta last summer.


P.S. Sad NYC Gooner news. Barleycorn closed down because the floor collapsed next door to it… and the Bling Pig also closed. O’Hanolons, Smithfield Hall and Roebling is where it’s at now. Where are people watching Europa? Let me know!


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  1. Valentin

    What people are calling a transitional manager is a manager they know will fail or can only reach low expectations and who will be replaced shortly.
    What is the point of waiting for a manager to fail or to reach low expectations? Why hire a manager if you do not believe in him? Hire a manager most people believe in. That does not guarantee success, but that does not guarantee a ceiling success.

    Never heard of the expression.
    Aim For The Stars, If You Fail, You’ll Land On The Moon.

    If you hire as manager a EL Cup specialist, then that’s all you will get. You may get into the Champion’s league by virtue of winning the EL, but next season your team fail at the group stage and end up in the EL again.
    Let’s aim for a manager with Champion’s league pedigree or let’s take a genuine gamble on a newcomer.

  2. Marko

    Why did we target a transitional manager? Wow I wonder why how about the fact that we were sitting in 6th place, that we haven’t competed for a league title in 15 years, are a total irrelevance in Europe and on top of that we have unambitious owners with meagre transfer budgets. I really wonder why we didn’t attract better candidates. A total mystery

  3. Ishola70

    “Hands tied or no he must insist on certain players being sold or the next manager will.”

    Well Emery in this job looks like a yes man doesn’t he.

    Just like he was at PSG for the most part.

    So I’m not sure if he will rock the boat that much.

    But if that is the case then again as has been said before then this is not just about the manager/coach but those above supposedly running the club.

    Do they only want to appoint yes man or do they want someone in who will throw some plates around? Most probably the former isn’t it with these lot.

    We have to remember as well that we can all crave and want players out but a split in the squad due to player sales with those that are left over and still at the club can be very divisive and can make a job that was difficult in the first place become even harder.

  4. Luteo Guenreira


    Again there’s no need to jump to that kind of hyperbole so quickly. What you said is basically a fancy version of “If you’re not living you’re dying”. It’s either success or failure and that’s it? Such exacting requirements and they have to be met after one season?

    Well okay then.

  5. Ishola70

    But a certain few must be pinpointed for the cull this coming summer.

    And we all know who they are.

  6. Valentin


    I’m not sure the Wenger pups still at the club are ready to be purged. The little kittens will mutiny if too many of them are culled en masse.

    That statement is beyond ridiculous.

    From the first team the only Wenger players who regularly starts and who will still be at the club next seasons are: Mustafi, AMN, Iwobi, Özil, Xhaka, Kolasinac. The rest Mhikitarian, Lacazette, Aubameyang are really Gazidis players.
    From that list.
    The entire squad know that Mustafi is an accident waiting to happen. Do you honestly believe that players will revolt if Mustafi is sold?

    Xhaka gave an interview in which it is clear he see himself as an elite player using Arsenal as a stepping stone. I doubt that anybody will kick a fuss if he is sold to Inter.

    Monreal already know that next season will be his last at Arsenal. If Barcelona come calling, I can’t see him revolting against such move.

    Kolasinac is Emery’s favoured wingback. Due to the lack of resources, the earliest he would be shipped out is the following season.

    AMN, Iwobi, Bellerin, Holding will be at the club next season. Everybody know that. Emery like them and they are needed because they fill our quota of home grown players.

  7. Goonah


    “What people are calling a transitional manager is a manager they know will fail”

    ………………… is this?

  8. Ishola70

    Yeah Valentin and those you listed give the team the real problems.

    The Wenger pups. Plural. Four in total.

    And aren’t they a headache.

    How do you know that Wenger had no say with Mhiki? He looks a prime Wenger purchase. Flaky.

  9. Valentin

    Mhikitarian is a Gazidis purchase. At that time Wenger was sidelined with regard to player purchase and contract renegotiation.

    Wenger wanted Martial. Gazidis refused to sanction the extra outlet. Gazidis accepted Mhikitarian in exchange for Sanchez.

    Wenger did not want Mhikitarian. He was even more furious when he learned that Mhikitarian was being paid more at Arsenal than he was at ManUtd.

    On that Wenger is just guilty of being a good corporate man and not kick a fuss.

  10. Valentin


    Which four are you referring to?
    Mustafi, Xhaka, Monreal, Kolasinac. The first two will be gone in the summer. The last two gone the following seasons.
    The 4 home grown players Bellerin, AMN, Iwobi and Holding are not the problem. Bar Bellerin, they are squad players. We need them. Even if you were to sell them, you could not replace them by better home grown players without breaking the bank. Arsenal is not going to pay £40 millions for a full back.

  11. Ishola70

    ok fair enough.

    Gazidis a twat as we all know.

    So we are left with the four musketeers who have left their blades at home = The Wenger Pups.

    Which is the worst purchase Mhiki or Xhaka?

  12. Ishola70

    Ozil of course as well as the Balkan trio.

    I like your certainty that Mustafi and Xhaka will be sold.

    Let’s see if your certainty proves correct.

  13. Champagne Charlie

    “Tell that to Charlie Champagne who doesn’t think Wenger has any role to play in our identity confusion“

    Jesus Christ you’re such a bitch at times. Wenger had a vision and identity he wanted us to achieve, he couldn’t manage it into existence.

    Emery has no philosophy, he’s bumbling along changing tactics every 45 mins. They’re not comparable.

  14. Nelson

    I guess the board knows that there is no money and the team needs major renewal to compete. A transition manager will provide a gentle renewal of the team. If he can get us the champion league money, then it would speed up the renewal. After the transition manager, the team should be in a better position to establish an identity and compete with MC or the Pool.
    If we have a lot of money, then there is no need for a transition manager. Just get rid of most players and build a new team.

  15. Valentin

    Financially Mhikitarian has been the worst. 200k for two years of doing nothing.
    At least Xhaka has had some good games. I also think that we may be able to recoup £25~30 millions for him.
    Mhikitarian at those wage is sellable at 15 millions but we purchased him two years ago at 40 millions.

  16. Goonah

    Wengers vision and identity was “express yourself and don’t worry about your paycheck. I’ll maximize it.”

    Had Gazidis in his poket the whole time.

  17. Ishola70


    Why do you want to be tied to a philosophy for?

    You do know for that philosophy to fully work there can be no half measures. Have to be fully committed to it. Sounds a bit constricting to me. I thought we got rid of Wenger to try to get away from constricting philosophies.

  18. Champagne Charlie


    There’s no being tied to a philosophy, there’s having a fundamental approach to the game that you want to impose.

    Every top class manager has a philosophy they adhere to, it’s not a constraint, it’s a vision of how to play the game. Something we lack.

    But by all means go tell the games very best managers they’re doing it wrong.

  19. Ishola70

    Wenger’s philosophy constricted him though in the end didn’t it.

    Plenty of managers Charlie have been flexible in their approach.

    Wenger wasn’t flexible.

    The philosophy should be to win not how pleasing to the eye the football is on the pitch.

  20. bennydevito

    ValentinMay 18, 2019    00:46:19

    What people are calling a transitional manager is a manager they know will fail or can only reach low expectations and who will be replaced shortly.
    What is the point of waiting for a manager to fail or to reach low expectations? Why hire a manager if you do not believe in him? Hire a manager most people believe in. That does not guarantee success, but that does not guarantee a ceiling success.



    Why don’t you email the Arsenal board and ask them? Considering they only gave Emery a 2 yr contract with a possible 3rd is pretty obvious that the board themselves only see Emery as a transitional manager.

    Maybe because of the absolute shit state Wenger left our finances in and the fact no ite manager wouldn’t touch us with a barge pole, they decided to go for Emery for his proven track record of winning the EL being a more realistic route back to the top 4 and with it more money.

    Then in 2 or 3 years time if we are indeed back in the CL a much more maverick and fancied manager that the expert Arsenal fans approve of might become available to build a title challenging team.

    It’s a pretty simple concept one which the club are alluding to by only giving Emery 2 years.

  21. Champagne Charlie


    Winning isn’t a philosophy, it’s the byproduct of having an approach to the game that dominates the opponent time after time after time.

    Nobody is talking about being rigid or restricted, you’re inventing that concept entirely. Pep is the best in the business at it

  22. Ishola70

    Did Wenger fail too many times than he really should have because of constricting philosophy?

    I think many would say yes.

    Philosophies therefore can be constricting. We saw it first hand with Arsene Wenger.

    Philosophies can be easier to undertake and implemented to great effect when you are funded by a country for finance to push that philosophy along. Or that philosophy has been inbred for a very long time previous.

  23. bennydevito

    CGMay 17, 2019    21:24:59


    ““What’s Emery’s ‘philosophy’ then?”

    To remain at Arsenal for as long as he can- on his excessive salary- before he gets exposed ……by fans and media alike.


    Umm, no, that was Lord Wenger and his little self indulgent project of turning football into an art which was less Van Gogh and more a blind kid having an epileptic fit with a paintbrush in his hand that he got away with for over 10 years.

    Rafa Benitez. Lol!

  24. Dissenter

    So many word and yet you said nothing
    Does Wenger have a part tp play in our lack of identity? YES…. or …NO?
    He defined Arsenal for the first 10-12 years and then bounced around like a spinning top until everything ground to a halt.
    At the end, the next level was just the next level.
    I don’t understand why you are ready to point at everyone else but the elephant that owned the room for two decades.

  25. Champagne Charlie


    Idk what you’re trying to argue, nobody is holding Wenger up (at least late in his tenure) as an example to follow. You’re literally arguing inside an empty room.

    Philosophies aren’t restrictive, you’re conflating a philosophy with an inability to apply a philosophy to numerous differing opponents.

    Peps football destroys shit sides, great sides, physical sides, technical sides. Klopps football the same. Elite managers with elite an elite philosophy they adhere to in principle.

  26. Dissenter

    You would think that there wouldn’t be any iota of confusion about Arsenal’s philosophy since we had the same manager for 22 years.
    You look at Ajax or Barca and there is an unmistakenly clear philosophy.
    Poch has spent 5 years at Spuds and you can glean his philosophy.

    What grates me is the CC and is ilk are willing to overlook at the mangled identity that was left behind by Wenger and then be so ultra critical of Raul and Emery even though they’ve been here for about one season.

    Philosophies aren’t just woven by the playing style but is a lot more complicated. The type of players we bring in will dictate what we are trying to do.
    Do we keep signing weak minded babies like Ozil or do we start buying some piano carriers like Milner? We need local players who understand what it means to play for Arsenal. Ramsey was one os such players.
    The wages owe pay them also matter. Do we satiate their drive after one season of average performances. Why bump up Guendouzi’s salary to the reported 75k weekly so quickly?

  27. bennydevito

    CGMay 17, 2019    22:05:16


    “””Arsenal’s first major trophy for 15 years.”””

    The Loosers Cup in Baku with less than 5000 AFC fans present. (And one of our better players absent for geo political reasons.)
    Hardly a major trophy. More like the European version of The 1970s Watney Trophy

    Defeats by Bate and Rennes on the way too.

    Winning The Loosers Cup is an indictment not an accolade.

    I for one- hope we do not prevail in it.
    I do not want it etched our honours board list.

    I want this Emery nonsense over sooner rather than later…

    Ill have Short term pain over long term Gain every day of the week.


    What an utterly demented comment.

    Winning the EL and getting back into the CL is longterm gain.

    Fuck me, what a comment, what a fucking comment!

    You actually want us to lose so it fits with your egotistical opinion of Emery based on your Lord Wenger and his art disaster finally getting the boot.

    Every time you post something beyond demented I think I’ve seen it all, that is physically impossible to write something more demented than is dementedly possible then you go and say that.

    Jesus fucking Christ.

  28. Ishola70

    That’s exactly why philosophies can be restrictive in that they don’t always allow for differing circumstances and are not flexible.

    We saw it with Arsene Wenger.

    Who cares what Pep is doing with his philosophy with all that money. He keeps failing in one of the biggest comps with it.

    Klopp’s philosophy is not about aesthetics. Many on here go on about aesthetics. Straight from the Wenger handbook.

  29. bennydevito

    CGMay 17, 2019    23:01:43


    If the club want to generate more funds.

    How about get Raul to sell our players rather than give them away for nothing.?

    How about get Raul to appoint a head coach- that will get the ground packed- rather than half empty.( extra revenue would follow)

    How about get Raul not to waste £5 million on the nonsensical Suarez signing?

    How about get Raul not to sign off on Ozils and Mikkis excessive contract deals.?

    How about get Raul not to sign Lich on £90000?

    Just a thought


    And there it is; an even more demented comment from demented George.

    The ground has already been emptying for the last 3 years of Wenger’s tenure.

    It was fucking Gazidas and Wenger who signed Ozil’s and Mkhitaryan’s contract not Raul! Raul wasn’t even at the club!!!!!

    Fuck me.

  30. Champagne Charlie

    Yea ok mate, let’s talk Wenger who couldn’t implement his philosophy but ignore the guys that do and are the most successful on the planet.

    You don’t need several seasons to define a pattern and identity if you’re competent. Wenger wasn’t in the end and his teams reflected that, Emery hasn’t an identity and all his teams reflect that. So spare me the “what grates” bollocks, you’re a miserable prick half the time spoiling for a contrarian remark.

  31. Marko

    Elite managers with elite an elite philosophy they adhere to in principle.

    All this talk of philosophy this and elite that. Almost makes you wonder why the two names you’ve thrown up are Arteta and Benitez. Neither elite and neither has a particular philosophy. Speaking of philosophy that’s really just a buzz word at the end of the day. There’s literally like a handful of manager’s in the world with a singular way of working and the rest just get on with it and can adapt if given enough time or not.

  32. Marko

    You don’t need several seasons to define a pattern and identity if you’re competent.

    Very true. You also don’t see it inside one. Change can happen inside a season but it’s not that likely if we’re honest

  33. Champagne Charlie

    Yea everyone’s familiar with your ‘give him time’ approach Marko. Another fact I’m sure

  34. bennydevito

    Man utd have approached Fulham for Sessegnon.

    We should be in for him and throw in Chambers as a make makeweight.

  35. Dissenter

    You;’re the greatest contrarian of all
    You often contradict yourself in the same statement.
    You expect to see an identity even when the manager does not have the tools tom play the way he likes to.
    You to wonder why Pep spend 200 million on fullbacks. Why didn’t he just state his philosophy with Sagna, Kolarov, Clichy and Zabaleta?
    He wanted a ball-playing keeper, why didn’t he persist with Claudio Bravo?

    I mean ..”You don’t need several seasons to define a pattern and identity if you’re competent”
    Why didn’t he just show us his philosophy without the right tools?

    The truth is that Pep limped to the finish line in May 2017 because his squad was made up of immobile error prone midfielders like Fernando and 30-34 year old fullbacks.

    It takes more than ONE season. Stop fooling around

  36. Dissenter

    There’s no point getting into a bidding war with United..or even Spuds
    We need to be smart. The fish pond is big enough.

  37. Marko

    We’re familiar with your new found approach too Charlie. It’s just funny how all of a sudden philosophy and being elite is so important to you and you’re so vocal about it these days when we haven’t had a philosophy to speak of for many years there and lacked any sort of elite in management. Weird how all that is an issue to you now. Ah it’s probably just a coincidence

  38. Champagne Charlie


    Peps influence on City was clear after about 10 games who are you kidding? After his first season it was obvious to anyone that they were going to be mustard when he got hold of guys he could trust in certain positions.

    That particular reference isn’t applicable to a guy (Emery) that has never in his career been associated with a particular philosophy or team identity. This call for time and patience as if he’s going to be our Klopp/Pep/Poch is laughable, they’ve not created what they have with time alone. You give average 5 seasons and they’ll be average in the 5th still. That’s where we are.

    We have the Spanish fiddler at the helm, you couldn’t name one player he needs to bring his project to life, because there’s no project. So do me a favour and skip it.

  39. Champagne Charlie


    Yea, I’ve not mentioned a managerial philosophy and lack of identity before Marko. Another fact of yours, you’re good at these.

  40. Marko

    Oh no we all remember you arguing about Wenger not having a philosophy and how he should be replaced. It happened all the time. Every single summer in fact. You’ve always had these lofty expectations

  41. Champagne Charlie


    Wenger did have a philosophy, but he wasn’t competent enough in the end to realise it.

    But I’m just going to skip it at this point with you, you’ve had a pasting all day from various directions. You know you don’t have an actual argument to make when you defer to some garbage like ‘oh you didn’t say that about wenger’.

    I could just as easy flip it on its head and say how you’re giving Emery a pass lager and right where Wenger would’ve been crucified. Oh my bad, forgot, time and patience. Just need to give Emery them and we’ll be flying. Have a good night

  42. bennydevito

    “You give average 5 seasons and they’ll be average in the 5th still. That’s where we are”


    Very true. Look at Pochettino; midtable finishes at Espanyol, 8th at Southampton and 5th, 3rd, 2nd, 3rd, 4th at Spurs.

    If they don’t win the CL I expect Spurs will be looking for a new manager at the end of next season when looking at his current trajectory they will more than likely finish 5th next season.

    Looking at Pochettino’s league trajectories in his managerial career and factoring in him never winning a trophy and at the same age as 3mery too who has won 9 trophies and is quite rightly considered average, the Spurs board and fans can’t have much confidence that Pochettino is the right man to take them in an upwards trajectory.

  43. Marko

    Sure a pasting Charlie. Wenger wasn’t elite and didn’t have a philosophy to speak of for years. YEARS. And you were silent. His replacement inside one year? And you’re incessant about it.

    I could just as easy flip it on its head and say how you’re giving Emery a pass lager and right where Wenger would’ve been crucified

    If you can’t tell the difference between a guy in a job one season and a guy fucking up year after year after year then I can’t help you.

    Anyone run along to bed and dream about how insightful and objective you are. Night night

  44. TR7

    ‘If they don’t win the CL I expect Spurs will be looking for a new manager at the end of next season when looking at his current trajectory they will more than likely finish 5th next season.’

    What ? Spurs are lucky to have Poch as their manager and I don’t know how did you deduce they would finish 5th next season.

  45. bennydevito

    Interesting: Allegri is favourite to be in the Premier league next season after announcing his departure from Juventus, not sacked as CG incorrectly stated earlier.

    Man utd are not going to sack Ole G, so where will he go?

    Spurs? If they lose the CL will Spurs sack him or will he walk?

    Chelsea? I could see Chelsea sacking Sarri regardless of them winning the EL or not.

    Or, how about us? Allegri was my favourite to take over from Wenger and apparently he’s been learning English in secret for the last 5 years.

    Could we be so bold to move Emery on now and go for Allegri? I’m not so sure considering he turned us down last season.

    I’m tipping him now to be the new Chelsea manager.

  46. TR7

    A league campaign is a marathon in which you must have a big squad to keep performing well throughout the season. Spurs’ squad is very thin that is why they failed to perform at a high level on a continuous basis and lost 13 games. But they have a very good starting 11 and on their day they can beat any team in the world. That’s why they have been successful in the CL. They beat a wonderful City over 2 legs scoring 3 goals at Etihad and nobody can say their win was undeserved. They beat Ajax and Dortmund over two legs, again deserved wins. So I don’t understand why people say they have been lucky to reach the CL final. If they beat Pool in the final, they will be beating a team which has lost just one game in entire EPL campaign. If they go on the thing, they will have fully deserved it. Unlike Chelsea in 2012, they have beaten teams on their way to final playing attacking and smart football.

  47. bennydevito


    Trajectories. Apparently it’s really important and is the true gauge of a manager’s quality.

    He went from 5th, 3rd, 2nd, 3rd, 4th. So his last 3 seasons Spurs have dropped a league position with less points than the last for 3 years running.

    This season they finished 4th on 71pts, before was 3rd on 77pts and before 2nd on 86pts.

    So the last 3 seasons they have dropped from 2nd to 3rd by 9 points, 3rd to 4th by 6 points, so trajectory and sequence would have them drop a place to 5th with a 3pt loss on 68 pts.

    We went up to 5th with a 7 pt gain furnishing on 70pts. So even if we get 70 pts again next season Spurs are on target to finish 5th on 68 pts based on the last 3 seasons downwards trajectory and subsequent point decrease 3 years running.

  48. Dissenter

    Spuds have a 50-50 chance of winning that final.
    There’s no denying that. Their starting 11 and three subs are as good as any team in the world.
    I have to say Poch has impressed me with the way he’s using his leverage to make the club spend money on transfers.
    That’s what Wenger should have done when we first moved to the Emirates.

  49. TR7


    Chelsea win the league one season , finish 10th the next then go on to win the league again. They are 3rd in the league this season. There’s is no pattern or trajectory in their league position. There’s no pattern to United’s league or point totals in last 4-5 seasons. There are too many factors which play a role in where in the league does a team.finish – signings, transfer spend, injuries, transfer spend and performance of rival teams, referring decisions etc.

  50. MidwestGun

    What people are calling a transitional manager is a manager they know will fail
    Valentin –

    No actually the exact opposite of this.. Transition manager is brought in to not fail and stabilize. with the possibility of winning something.

    Arsenal had narrowed the field of candidates to 3.
    Arteta – high risk… never managed before.

    Naglesmann – Med risk… never managed a top Club with big expectations.

    Emery- Low risk.. Usually gets his Clubs CL qualification and had managed a top Club recently.

    They chose option 3. Teams do this all the time.. even though you keep saying they don’t . Of course they don’t say they are transition managers. You could say Jose Mourinho is definition of this type of manager.. He is never brought in to be the long term plan..(the thing he was always so jealous of Wenger over), he is brought in to stop the slide and get teams results..for a limited period. it lasts usually about 2 years…
    Problem is dude has become so toxic he leaves the changing room in shambles. So now he has basically lost the ability to do the thing teams hire him to do and therefore is unemployed but I’m sure some team will take a punt.. guarantee they aren’t hiring him to be there long though..

  51. MidwestGun

    As I said earlier I understand completely why the Club made this decision .. it doesn’t mean I think they made the right one necessarily but given the fact we are already behind the other top 6 Clubs,,,,(well maybe not Man U.) It is reasonable to assume they didn’t want to slip farther behind and thought it was best decision. If we make CL it will have been better decision then if we don’t.

  52. China1

    I wouldn’t quite call the cl final a 50/50. It’s a 60/40 in liverpool’s favour for me at least

    Liverpool have the history, prestige and magic in Europe that has found a way to get them results again and again in Europe over the years. They are better in Europe than in England typically and they’ve been monstrous in England this year

    As well their first 11 and squad are both better than spurs’

    Lastly they don’t have the feeling especially this year, of being spursy even tho they rarely win anything

    Spurs are totally capable of winning this final but honestly it would surprise me. I wouldn’t even be surprised if Liverpool win by a 2 or even 3 goal margin

    My prediction is 0-0 or 1-0 to Liverpool at half time in an evenly fought contest and then in the last 30 minutes Liverpool really turn the screw

    Spurs have a good manager and team but there is frankly a big gulf between these two teams as reflected in the league. But hey it’s football and it’s one game, and spurs are good so it’s certaibky possible they win…

  53. MidwestGun

    I just saw the route people would have to travel to get to Baku… I think a final on the moon via rocket ship might be easier and take less time, probably safer too..

  54. China1

    Yeah emery might have turned out a bit disappointing but on paper at the time when the decision was made he was a pretty good looking option, certainly of those we were supposedly in for

    I am the first to say I won’t shed a tear when the guy leaves, but his hiring was at that time a perfectly reasonable option

  55. Freddie Ljungberg


    Apparently both us and Chelsea has returned half our ticket allocations, couldn’t get them sold.

    Real success story from UEFA this Baku nonsense

  56. MidwestGun

    Freddie –
    Yeah the BBC article I read on it…the spin UEfA was trying to put on why the decision was ok… was crazy..

    “Hey, we cant predict the future, who knew 2 English teams would make the finals?”

    Were they expecting a final of Galatasaray and Istanbul? Another black eye on Uefa, for sure.

  57. bennydevito


    It was CC who first brought up trajectory last week when asking what evidence there was based on Emery’s previous trajectories at Valencia, Sevilla and PSG that gives Arsenal fans confidence that Emery will get us on an upwards trajectory here?

    I merely pointed out that using that logic on special sauce jesus Pochettino should see him sacked, and that Emery’s previous trajectory at PSG was 2nd, 1st and at Arsenal he has got us from 6th to 5th in his first season and there is plenty of evidence for Arsenal fans that Emery is capable of taking us back up the league.

    Maybe not first, but that wasn’t the question.

  58. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal are supposed to be after Kannemann an Argentinian Centre Back who
    is 28 and plays in Brazil.

    This would concern me on two counts. First he has never played in Europe and second the probability is that he does not speak English. Lack of communication was a problem for Gabriel when he played in defence.

    I have to say that Arsenal’s transfer window is beginning to look underwhelming.

  59. Leedsgunner

    So much for football being a force for peace, non partisan and apolitical. When the Azerbaijani authorities banned Mkhitariyan during group stages the venue became unsuitable.

    UEFA should have sought out an alternative venue then.

    UEFA have made their bed and surprise surprise it’s the fans who suffer and pay the price for their so called inclusive agenda.

  60. China1

    The irony of the world we live in when tolerance of distant countries and cultures is expected of us and yet said countries and cultures don’t need to be tolerant themselves.

    Whoever picked Baku should get sacked, straight after handing back the brown envelope they received tk make that decision in the first place

  61. Ishola70

    “Arsenal are supposed to be after Kannemann an Argentinian Centre Back who
    is 28 and plays in Brazil.This would concern me on two counts”

    Third count and probably most importantly the guy has a tendency to pick up injuries all the time. Latest being a spine injury reported on here.

    Club should and will not touch him.

  62. Receding Hairline

    You have to give Charles credit for his shamelessness

    Only realized Wenger had to leave after he was sacked and now wants to convince us he had a philosophy beyond hanging on to his job and relevance.

    He keeps asking for a philosophy to be shown by a coach who has to keep changing formation anytime he plays certain fullbacks, without a playmaker you can trust. And with zero natural wingers in the squad. The first true DM was signed this summer from a slower league.

    We all just repeat the same thing on here daily, while Gambon has fallen in love with xG, probably delighted he understands what it is.

    Let the cup final come and go,let’s see what will be done to improve this squad. If Emery show’s he is only in this for a paycheck then he is on his own, no one here will defend him.

  63. Graham62


    The reason Arsenal will not even consider sacking Emery is quite simple.

    Your master fudged things up so badly, that any incoming manager was always going to be given a fair crack of the whip.

    Anyway, keep your pathetic agenda going.

  64. Gonsterous

    I don’t think a manager needs to have a set philosophy. Emerys strength is that he is flexible and tries different formations and tactics. What is mourinhos philosophy? Or benitez’s philosophy ? Also, peps philosophy requires a couple hundred millions to pull it off. So does klopps.
    Net spend shouldn’t hide the fact that he’s out spent emery by a county mile.

  65. Un na naai


    Oh come on?? Flexible? That’s his strength? Have you watched us play? The man has one tactic. Hit the full backs. Cut it back.
    He wasn’t very flexible against palace or Brighton and hove fucking Albion though was he? Or West Ham, Huddersfield, wolves, Leicester.

    If that’s flexible to you I’d get your arse down to your nearest yoga class sharpish

  66. Graham62


    UEFA and FIFA should be disbanded and an all encompassing governing body established.

    Gross negligence of duties aside, they are clueless.

    Whoever the head of Marketing and PR is should be sacked. Proving an image of Denis Suarez on the EL Final poster just typifies what a joke UEFA are.

    A complete and utter shambles.

  67. Freddie Ljungberg

    Un na

    Has it occurred to you that we’re going the fullback route because we don’t have any wingers and our Cams are shite? I mean Ozil has 2 assists in the league, do you think Emery told him to not play throughballs or is it because he can’t be bothered/ isn’t good enough anymore?

    Hard to have a philosophy with a mish mash of players that you have to switch formations every time someone is missing.

    no wingers, shite Cams, our fullbacks can’t play as fullbacks, our CBs are too old/shite. Not sure what some people expect honestly.

  68. Un na naai

    Bellerin has been rattling on about the abortion law in Alabama. He doesn’t strike me as the sharpest knife in the drawer. It’s certainly a grey area for me but as a liberal the counter to this is that abortion is the biggest killer of black people in the western world. Fact.

    Personally I’d like to see a strike option. Once or at a push twice is a mistake. After that you’re on your own. It gives carte Blanche to irresponsibility. Taking a human life should never be taken as lightly as it is by some of these girls. If this so called “equality” gives free reign to irresponsible slappers to continually kill babies then I’m not sure it’s very equal at all for the unborn child.

  69. Un na naai


    It do occur yes but then I saw us play through the middle against Valencia and we destroyed them.

    We have better AMF than 15 other teams in the league and most of them play with more variety than us too.
    So that’s that argument neutralised

  70. Gonsterous


    If that’s flexible to you I’d get your arse down to your nearest yoga class sharpish

    Fk off. I like peeping in from the Window.

    But seriously, looking at the squad we have, it’s pretty clear why we went down the full backs route. COULD he have done better ? Of course. Has he been a failure like you all are alluding too? No.
    Will he win us our first EL? I’m quite confident he will.

  71. Bob N16

    Un, Bellerin is more intelligent than your average footballer.

    I think your example of the reason why women seek an abortion is horribly slanted. This is a subject where a woman’s voice is more important than a man’s. Personally I think Christian fundamentalism is some scary shit, as well as being a significant area of support for Trump.

    Sorry not football but felt it needed some balance!

  72. Freddie Ljungberg

    Un na

    Yes, it was nice to see, not everyday we play an opposition that leaves us that much space though. It’s the only time our slow fuckers like Xhaka, Ozil, Mikhi etc has the time to pick a pass.

    You might want to check out those 15 other teams and you will find more than a few whose Cams has more than 2 assists…

  73. Un na naai


    It’s not actually. I’m pro choice, within reason. It’s a grey area though and a human life should be considered more important than a woman’s right to continually have unsafe sex and expecting the tax payer to shell out every time she fucks up. It’s a green light for irresponsibility.

    Not sure why you felt the need to mention Christianity as i do not adhere to any religious doctrine not subscribe to their beliefs but if we while we are on topic then there is one particular fundamentalist sect of worry about globally more than Christianity. 😉

  74. Un na naai


    I’m not going to sit and defend ozil, Mkhitaryan and ozil. However Ramsey, Torreira and Xakha can all pick a pass as can Lacazette and even Aubameyang when we play though them. We hit those two early and deploy them off the shoulder more often, utilising their pace and movement to full effect then we are for more dangerous and offer far more variety
    Using the run of wing backs to create space in the middle for our strikers rather than the cut back every single time.

    Let’s see next season.

    Back on yesterday’s debate though. You defended the decision to let Cazorla leave while slating our current options, rightly, surely it would have made sense to keep hold of such a classy and capable playmaker for one more season rather than waste £5m on Denis Suarez?

  75. Freddie Ljungberg

    No it wouldn’t make sense to keep someone that was injured for 2 years and was already slowing down and not able to keep up with the pace of the PL before that. We have a history of keeping over the hill, injury prone players too long. Was absolutely the right decision to let him go.

    Suarez clearly didn’t work out, but let’s not pretend he was our first choice or that we had many other options with no money to spend.
    Did you pull that 5m number out of your ass like all your other “facts”?

  76. Un na naai


    Well clearly it would because the fella has played 37 games, scored 7 and was a roaring success in an inferior mid table (14th) side. If he could perform to that level for Villarreal then I refuse to believe he could not for us for 15-20 games of the season. Whatever the argument, he’s clearly more productive than ozil Mkhitaryan, Suarez and iwobi.

  77. Dissenter

    Un na
    You’re really a dim witted prick around here
    You just said ‘abortion is the biggest killer of black people in the western world’? WTF is wrong with you man?
    That’s exactly the same thing these neo-fascist white supremacists have been chanting at their rallies in the states.
    I was recently binned for merely saying ‘good bye’, yet here you are shamelessly repeating racist gibberish openly.

  78. Freddie Ljungberg

    In a slower league. Did you not watch him before his injury? He was becoming totally ineffective, just spinning round in circles.
    I’m happy for him that he can still play some football, that doesn’t mean we should have given him a new contract.

    pointless arguing with someone that wanted us to keep permacrock Wilshere anyway. Hows it going for him at West Ham btw?

  79. CG


    “”What is mourinhos philosophy? Or benitez’s philosophy “”””

    Winning the big trophies.( Champions League ,especially)
    Managing the elite clubs.

    (Ironically both have won The Loosers Cup too.) So why we are sticking with the floundering Emery is even more bizarre.

    Both are available Raul…..

    Emery has no philosophy.
    That is the whole point!

    The only thing has ever alluded to with regards to his footballing philosophy is “protagonist ”

    His pursuit of the unfit, unsuitable and lightweight Suarez for £5milion shows he is an imposter .

    How was Suarez going to help with his protagonism in the rough and tumble of The Prem?

    Farcical, comical and tragic that Gazidas fell for his BS.

    But Raul knew all along- that he had his ‘yes man’ in place.

    If Raul does not make amends – and appoint a better candidate than his stooge for next season.

    He is not working in the best interests of Arsenal But for his own political manoeuvres.

    If Juve can sack Allegri ( 1st)
    Surely we can sack Emery.(5th)

  80. Un na naai


    Erm, yes as a negative. Calm yourself. You want to end a baby’s life go right ahead. My point is that there is a different side to the argument that liberals tend to ignore.
    Dot get your knickers in a twist trying to make out I’m running round with a burning cross for putting an anti abortion argument forward in favour of saving babies of colour

  81. Emiratesstroller

    Cazorla was a fantastic player, but unfortunately he developed a serious injury
    problem, which was not only debilitating, but effectively ended his career at

    I am happy that he has resurrected his career at Villarreal, but the decision to
    offload him last season was the correct one.

    Arsenal accumulated on their books in recent seasons too many players who
    ‘did not play’ through injury e.g. Rosicky, Diaby, Cazorla and Wilshire. You can
    add also Ramsey who has spent much of his career injured and on the sidelines.

    That is a huge chunk of our midfield in recent years who spent their time in the treatment room.

    NONE of those players left the club and earned us a bean in the transfer market, which tells you a lot about how the club has been run in recent years.

    The real tragedy is that the club has failed to replace these “talented” players
    with others of a similar calibre and potential.

  82. Dissenter

    Un na
    Why are you even discussing stuff like abortion rates amongst black people in the western world in a football site?
    Shouldn’t you be on stormfront because that unproven racist babble you wrote belongs there.
    It doesn’t surprise me to be honest because you’ve posted worse things.
    Pedro allows you to do it so…so just carry on.

  83. englandsbest

    I hope Man City win, they play beautiful football. But it goes deeper than that.

    Truth is I’d prefer to see Man City win forever, rather than see Man U, Liverpool, Chelsea or Spurs win anything.

  84. CG


    “””It was fucking Gazidas and Wenger who signed Ozil’s and Mkhitaryan’s contract not Raul! Raul wasn’t even at the club!!!!!”””

    As The G- has stated – Wenger wanted Martial not Mikki

    Raul signed off Ozil and Mikki excessive contracts and then wanted Emery to coach the mercurial pair.

    Emery and Ozil and Mikki was never a good fit.
    And yet Raul pooled them together- and thought it was a perfect fit,

    Raul was against the bold Arteta appointment
    Raul was against Dortmund Eye- getting the tech Dir job- so let him leave
    Raul let Ramsey go on a free.
    Raul paid £5 million for Suarez
    Raul still thinks Emery is the best candidate to coach Arsenal- even though much better qualified candidates are around

    this is the typical of the decision making -Post Wenger.

    Expect much more similar nonsense and shenanigans – to come in the following months,

    The Raul and Emery show will turn us into a mid table outfit.
    Truth Hurts

  85. Un na naai


    Take up up with hector. Responding to an arsenal player making his views public. This is an arsenal blog
    There is nothing racist about the hypothetical opposition to terminating the lives of black children before they are born.

    Complete straw man. Stop trying to paint this as anything other than what it is. Crying racist at a bloke defending the lives of black children is ridiculously absurd.

    Jog on

  86. Un na naai


    The manomayed more games than any of our AMF and produced better football for an inferior side. I’m sorry but I’d have had him here for this season. Bergkamp was still producing magic for us at 37 and he had some lengthy injury issues. Cazorla is still a game changer at any level

    The fact he’s been called up to Spain squad proves as much.

  87. Emiratesstroller

    As usual most of the posts on Le Grove are “negatives”.

    It would be interesting if for once there was a sensible discussion on a “positive”.

    My previous post highlighted the talent, which Arsenal produced in midfield, but which to a large extent was unfulfilled primarily through injury.

    This is a topic, which is seldom discussed. My question would be had Fabregas
    remained at the club and both Cazorla and Diaby been injury free would Arsenal have been more successful in the latter years of Wenger’s tenure?

    One needs to ask the question why so many of Arsenal’s best talents landed up
    in the treatment room?

    Sadly whilst many of our current crop of midfielders appear to be more physically robust they lack the talent of their predecessors.

  88. CG

    “””One needs to ask the question why so many of Arsenal’s best talents landed up
    in the treatment room?””

    Normally they were kicked off the park


  89. Graham62

    Numerous reasons ES.

    The lack of protective cover/ enforcers meant that our skillful players were open to attack.

    Wenger should have stuck to his original philosophies rather than try and copy the Barca way in such a combative league.

    Teams knew how to hurt Arsenal.

  90. CG


    “””As usual most of the posts on Le Grove are “negatives”.””

    I am guessing -When We get an exciting head coach who knows what he is doing- and has some style about him.

    And a DOF who has a technical footballing background not a ‘spivvy agents’ one- we will ALL be happy.

    But some – on here- defend the current status Quo!

  91. Un na naai


    I’ve heard a quite a few ex players and coaches say the training pitches were too hard which over time puts strain on ligaments

    Yes I believe had diaby and jack remained injury free with rvp and cesc staying we would have won the league by now. Maybe even the champions League. Who knows

  92. Graham62


    I know it is pointless me pointing this out BUT didn’t you accept the status quo for about ten years?

  93. Graham62

    Apparently physical contact was frowned upon in coaching sessions,

    Another “reason” to add to the list

  94. CG


    Wenger has left.
    Post Wenger- the club had a huge opportunity to kick on.

    They failed and will continue to fail with Emery and Raul at the helm.

    I know it.
    You know it.

    Because Emery always Fails.

  95. CG

    Under Wenger we had a conveyor belt of pure footballing talent to enjoy.
    Granted – Wenger failed in his tactical deliberations.
    Or to harness the best out of the team.
    And he was too soft.

    But to compare Emery to Wenger is laughable,

    Wenger is a footballing legend
    Emery is a laughing stock.

  96. Graham62

    Le- grove should rebrand itself.

    A blog for those people who claim to be Arsenal supporters but have suffered from amnesia over the past decade.

    No offence intended.

  97. Bamford10

    I want to return to gambon and Pedro’s claim that all of the “metrics” show that we were worse this season and that Emery is out of his depth.

    It’s an obvious point, but with respect to the most important “metrics” — total points and final position in the table — Emery clearly improved us: we finished seven points better, one place higher and eleven points closer to fourth. These are the metrics that matter.

  98. Un na naai


    You never heard the story on Kolo Toure’s trial? Took Henry out. Took bergkamp out. Took wenger out and fucked his ankle.

    Wenger signed him up on the spot. I remember his first goal for us in a 1-1 draw vs Chelsea. Header. Loved kolo

  99. Marc

    It’s actually embarrassing that some posters are now trying to rewrite history and dismiss the downward spiral Wenger had got himself into.

    I’ve got no problem with giving him credit for getting us through the stadium move and the period of austerity we had to endure but there were problems everyone could identify except the manager. The most damning part of it is that once we started to spend money things got worse.

  100. Marc


    I can’t remember what match it was but one of the stadium mikes picked up Pat Rice screaming at Kolo “fucking slow down” during a match.


  101. Un na naai



    We have rvp up front we win that title

    Had we kept diaby Wilshere and cesc fit and firing for arsenal we’d have certainly added another title.

    Remember coaching is overrated? It’s the player’s quality right?

  102. Marc


    I think you made a comment earlier about the hardness of the training pitches? They were a new type of pitch that was part synthetic and part real – same as the Emirates pitch. Wenger wanted the players to train on an identical surface to that they played on – good idea in principle but it does seem to have caused us more problems than it solved.

  103. Graham62


    Yes, I have heard that story.

    That was in 2002 though.

    A time when Wenger stuck to his principles and was blessed with players who could lead the fight.

  104. Ishola70

    “Wenger should have stuck to his original philosophies rather than try and copy the Barca way in such a combative league.”

    But it was a two edged sword.

    The arrival of Fabregas saw the emergence of Barca Lite and the team then showing this soft underbelly as a consequence.

    But then folks will say it was a privilege to have Fabregas as an Arsenal player and the football that was played.

    Barca Lite was built around Fabregas. He was the catalyst for it.

  105. Champagne Charlie

    “It’s an obvious point, but with respect to the most important “metrics” — total points and final position in the table — Emery clearly improved us: we finished seven points better, one place higher and eleven points closer to fourth. These are the metrics that matter.“

    You can achieve a number of those by virtue of your rivals performance, so they’re not a reliable indicator on any one season.

    But when underlying performance indicators that account for the metrics you’re talking about are comparable to last season – and worse – then there’s a real cause for concern. Fixation on results and ignoring the “process” (to quote Emery) is bury your head type stuff.

    Also you’re providing a really basic ‘he did better than Wenger last season’ type argument. Which is embarrassingly low-bar to talk up the focus point: improvement.

    It’s like getting battered over 90 mins and scoring a jammy goal to win 1-0, everyone’s happy with the result, but you’re a fool to analyse the performance as one that is either impressive, or going to provide success longer term.

  106. Alexanderhenry


    I think they are skipping Wenger’s last, rather chaotic season.

    A fairer comparison is to compare Emery’s season with the vast majority of Wenger’s seasons post stadium move.
    So, really it’s a case of:
    ‘we want our 4th place trophy back’.

    I actually think it’s unfair and ridiculous to write Emery off this quickly.
    He’s done pretty well for a first season–better than I thought he would–and if we win the EL it will convert a solid season into an excellent one.

    Pedro has an axe to gring on here regarding arteta, which has helped create an odd, anti Emery cult. I wasn’t against the idea of arteta at the time but people should get over it.

  107. Nelson

    I think that our physical training department needs improving. I am sure that if there is a statistics how many times a player got knock down with the ball, Guen will be by far the #1. He needs to gain at least 10 lbs upper body strength to become an adequate EPL midfielder.

  108. Graham62


    To a degree, I agree with you. Nevertheless, Wenger made no provisions to protect and adapt.

    We became open to the physicalities of the game.

  109. Ishola70

    “I think they are skipping Wenger’s last, rather chaotic season.”

    Very convenient for them isn’t it.

    Wenger’s worst last season was what Emery took over from.

    He inherited the Wenger team at it’s lowest ebb.

    Who cares about previous seasons to Wenger’s last one? Emery didn’t take over from Wenger three or two seasons ago.

    All that matters is what Emery came into and he came into Arsenal as in a worst state in had been in for many, many years.

  110. Ishola70

    “To a degree, I agree with you. Nevertheless, Wenger made no provisions to protect and adapt.”

    Yeah he wanted pure Barca…………..Lite.

  111. Marc


    Guendozi joined us as a 19 year old from the French 2nd division. He was signed as a prospect not the finished article. The biggest problem with him is he’s been overplayed this season before he was ready.

    Let’s judge him on next season.

  112. Bamford10

    Yes, the Emery-out crowd love saying that Emery only finished seven points better than Wenger’s worst-ever season; they fail to mention that he was working with Wenger’s worst-ever squad.

  113. Marc


    Yeah problem is this place is beginning to sound like a fucking Kebab shop on a bad Friday night.

    What sauce do you want with that – Mayo, Chilli or Special?

  114. Un na naai


    I’d say it’s more a case of certain arsenal fans seeing emery swim sideways, if we are being kind, rather than actually improve us as a team.

    Many of us were underwhelmed when his name was announced. I’ve given him a full season as many here claimed is when we’d see his Labour bear fruit but it actually went backwards with £70m net spend and five new defensive recruits.

    It’s hard not to doubt him on his Arsenal record alone let alone his previous.

    And cult?? Yeah right. We all meet Pedro once a month to smear pigs blood on a virgin. Secret is out now. Woooooo

  115. Bamford10


    The real problem for Guendouzi long term is that he lacks athleticism. Yes, he can stand to get a little stronger, and with time he will grow into his body a little better, but I think a lack of athleticism is going to hold him back. Indeed, I think this is why he wasn’t as highly rated as his technical abilities would merit. He is clearly very good technically and he has good vision and intelligence for his age; his weaknesses, though, are agility, quickness, pace, power, leap, etc. It will be interesting to see how he develops, but I think these deficiencies could hold him back, especially in today’s game.

  116. Un na naai


    Yes plus five new additions with a apparently tactical and coaching genius at the helm

    Fancy being the cult’s next virgin?

  117. Pierre

    The football we played during the fabregas,rvp, hleb , nasri era was a joy to behold…

    Sadly that team never received the protection it deserved from the match officials and hence 3 broken legs occurred during that period along with many other injuries through the brutality of Arsenal’s opponents, hence we never achieved the success that the football merited.

    It was a common theme that was repeated many times , that the best way to beat the Arsenal was not by playing football but by intimidation and physicality which I’m afraid went unpunished.

    Wenger , wrongly I believe, decided to bring in more physical players in Giroud and Xhaka but we soon learnt there are different rules for Arsenal players as xhaka received 2 soft red cards soon after arriving and opponents were allowed to elbow, push ,kick giroud with impunity without punishment.

  118. Ishola70

    And let’s not pretend that Wenger’s worst ever season was a huge shock.

    The presence of Alexis Sanchez was the only reason Arsenal got more points the previous season to that.

    His departure then we see nosedive and the inadequacies of the team as whole shown up.

  119. Marc


    Unfortunately the Emery out clan won’t accept what we know but it’s something that can never be proved. Wenger was on a downward spiral if he’d have stayed we would certainly have finished behind ManU and possibly Wolves or Everton.

    Stopping the downward spiral was an achievement, what we now need to see is hopefully a EL win followed by a successful transfer window so we can start to judge Emery on next season.

  120. Champagne Charlie


    There’s not an agenda against Arsenal from officials, that’s a really weak stance. Wenger didn’t get the blend right, we didn’t have our good work ruined by the ref.

    Sure, there was a narrative around us that to beat us you had to “get at” us, which I’m sure led to some harder challenges that could’ve been officiated better, but that’s not an overriding reason for our failures.

  121. Marc


    Being physical and getting red cards never stopped the teams with Vieira in them?

    You do realise that you’re not on Untold?

  122. Champagne Charlie

    Mystic Marc with tellings of the future and ‘knowing’ what can never be proven. Absolute wizard

  123. Receding Hairline

    Don’t even know why we bother

    No one at the club has shown even a slight indication that Emery’s job is under threat. They understand perfectly the task at hand and patience needed. I also hope the urgent need for a squad overhaul is appreciated.

    The problem we have is this new fascination with the “untested” has now been christened “bold” and “exciting” …most of the get him out now crew are clamoring for that. They want a young dapper dude that’s says all the right stuff with a bit of swagger thrown in.

  124. Ishola70


    Don’t be ridiculous in trying to portray Xhaka as “physical”

    It’s a slander on past Arsenal players in midfield who were just that.

  125. Bamford10


    “Wenger , wrongly I believe, decided to bring in more physical players in Giroud and Xhaka but we soon learnt there are different rules for Arsenal players as”

    Actually, what he got wrong is that quickness, pace and athleticism matter as much if not more than “strength” or “physicality”. Players without quickness, pace and athleticism are a liability in today’s game, and both of the players you’ve just named lack these things.

    And no, there is no conspiracy among referees against Arsenal or Arsenal players. This is complete nonsense.

  126. Alexanderhenry


    ‘Stopping the downward spiral was an achievement, what we now need to see is hopefully a EL win followed by a successful transfer window so we can start to judge Emery on next season.’


    All eyes on the transfer window.
    Arsenal now have a more modern structure with responsibility delegated to newly appointed peoe.
    The budget will be small so they’ve got their work cut out.
    Also, we have limited assets to sell.

    As I’ve said before, at the very least I’d like to see a big clearout- around ten players.

  127. Receding Hairline

    Amen Alexander

    A big clear out

    That’s what I consider exciting. New players who I do not know what they will do next, there is no next level for 70% of our present squad. We need to cut our looses and bring in players with hunger who want to do well for themselves.

  128. Un na naai

    The presence of Aubameyang was the only thing that stopped emery’sred andwhite army from finishing inthe bottom half
    Wenger didn’t have either Sanchez or Aubameyang to count onuntil the final 10 games of the season last year

  129. Marc


    Tell me how come you claim to have a season ticket and yet were posting on here during the last home game of the season?

    What couldn’t make that match? No one goes to a match and then spends time posting on a blog.

  130. Un na naai

    New players who I do not know what they will do next, there is no next level for 70% of our present squad.


    This from a “man” who when pressed by champagne Charlie for details on upgrades replied “I can’t give any, I’m not a scout”

    Hahaha comical. Chequebook fan. One who doesn’t know who to sign but wanted the whole team replaced

    Just sign anyone eh hairline? Just spend money. As long as they aren’t English.

  131. HillWood

    Emery has a two year contract I believe with an option of three
    If he doesn’t meet the clubs expectations next season they won’t renew

  132. Marc


    I actually agree with Receding. Anyone can spout names that are either not available or not suitable. I very rarely name players we should sign, that doesn’t mean I can’t say we need to get a pacey winger.

  133. Graham62


    We needed players who would create fear in the opposition.

    There is no doubt we had the technical assets in the team but where were those players who could physically and mentally handle the opposition.

    I remember watching Christopher Samba week in week out for Blackburn and thinking, that’s the sort of player we need. He always played well against us. A frigging colossus who could terrorise the opposition. Of course he wasn’t good enough for Arsenal.

    Sometimes you’ve got to throw a few other ingredients into the mix to make the perfect cake.

    Wenger was never prepared to do that.

    The rest is history.