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Gooood ebening.

I love saying that. I say it in the office 7 times a day, in a Spanish accent, which some people think is racist, but then I say my Dad has a house in Spain so I’m technically Spanish, then people ‘get it.’


Nerazzurri looking at many profiles in the Premier League , even in midfield. The ‘Corriere dello Sport’ confirms the interest in Granit Xhaka , a player who can leave Arsenal . The Swiss is a profile that appeals, even if it is not considered a priority at the moment.

I will make myself available for references, I know at least 30,000 others that’ll do the same. This would be an EPIC move for him because, jokes aside, I think he’d be a machine in Italy. Less intensity, slow build from the back, the only person pressing in the entire country of Italy is going to be Rambo next season. He’ll be golden. They’ll love that leadership story about the spare key as well.

I also think we could look at landing £50m for him. Maybe more? But, what I truly hope, is we don’t fuck around like we did with Chambers. Move Granit off the wage bill, accept it didn’t work, open a Samaritans hotline for the apologists, who, once again have proved that it is they who ‘might not really get the game,’ and rehire someone that can do the passing bits, but offer up power, pace and real aggression in the middle.


Oh man, is it weird to say that the rumour is making me feel frisky? That is weird, I retract (but come on, finding that rumour on Newsnow was a little like opening your first ever saucy link circa 1996 on copper dial-up (kids, you’d wait 4 hours for 1 still of Pamela Anderson to load)).

The Baku nightmare seems to be deepening. Arsenal are struggling to sell their weak allotment of 6000 tickets because, well, I guess people aren’t comfortable dropping £2000 for a final that is far from a sure bet. I love all the UEFA wokeness about putting the big matches in countries that have bad football teams, but if you’re real, it denigrates the competition and it’s awful for fans.

A bit like extending out the World Cup to 700 teams. It becomes like those school sports days where everyone is a winner, which, to be fair, I fucking loved as a kid. I was literally shit at every single sport, but I’d still get a trophy for faking a hamstring injury 10m into the egg and spoon race. Thank the lord for the overwoke Brighton parents helping to make sure the chubbers felt like sporting heroes, you made me the soft trophy-laden failure I am today.

Baku to it (<deserved a trophy)… it’s a bit embarrassing. Apparently, the one England based Arsenal fan of Armenian heritage that had £2k spare for the flight can’t gain entry to the country. How fucking bad is that? Literally banning a nation they don’t like. Imagine if the English just decided they hated Europe and wanted to extricate themselves from the European Union. We’d all be up in arms.

Just kidding @BrexitJonny, I’m not drawing FALSE parallels. It’s awful. Poor Mikhi. Like when your pals have a banger of a party organised and invite an ex that destroyed your life, confidence and self-esteem. I feel you Mikhi, and fuck you Dave, I’ll never forgive you.


Well my friends, it seems they have… Lyon, one of the most decorated teams in France, has put the feelers out for my main man of ELITE hair notoriety. They are a Champions League club. They are a powerful entity in France. Aulas is one of the shrewdest operators in world football.

No, no… please… a visionary? Me? Gosh, this is embarrassing. No… I won’t put my hat in the ring for TD.

NOW, just to cover my bases like the pro flip-flopper I am, who knows if he’ll succeed if he takes the job (I think he’ll stay on for City unless he’s really hungry to have a crack), all I said is the move is a clever one. Aulas is looking at what City are doing and he wants a piece of the action. Very smart. He’s buying the IP of the best footballing mind in the world. Uber did a similar thing when they stole trade secrets for driverless cars from Waymo by hiring their guy and making him bring his USB sticks. The Lyon owner sees an opp to hire in a guy with a great rep in the game, that is hungry, who could deliver unreal off the ball movement, beautiful free-flowing attacking football and maybe success. Worth a punt.

I could look silly for the above, but wh0 cares, glory is in the moment, internetting like a powerhouse is all about the hunting down of the win of the day… I just caught a 50 pounder and it has an overpowering smell of SMUG. If I lose later on, I’ll just delete this post and change my story.

Let’s end on some sympathetic lolz… Chelsea played a friendly and lost Loftus-Cheek to an injury. My Chelsea pal says he’s been their second best player over the past 6 months, coming up with goals and assists. What a terrible blow to their chances… never fuck with Unai in the Europa would be my learning, bad juju… but really, what a wildly shit decision by Chelsea to play a friendly at this time of the season. Mad, mad, mad.

Right, that’s me done. Meet me in the comments to kiss the ring and apologise for your insolence on Arteta last summer.


P.S. Sad NYC Gooner news. Barleycorn closed down because the floor collapsed next door to it… and the Bling Pig also closed. O’Hanolons, Smithfield Hall and Roebling is where it’s at now. Where are people watching Europa? Let me know!


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  1. gambon

    ” Who knows, but when it’s the shit players it’s Emery?”

    I think most fans like Leno, Torreira and Guendouzi

  2. WengerEagle

    That’s another issue I have with the stances on here that we were ‘unlucky’ to miss out on top 4 and that it was the likes of Auba’s fault with misses in recent weeks.

    Conveniently ignoring the outrageous and unsustainable conversion rate in our run of matches scoring goals off of virtually the number of shots that we were taking during the winning run pre-Christmas that had us up there in the first place.

  3. RodneyKing

    Last season, which some people never fail to bring up as Wenger’s worst ever season, Arsenal finished 37 points behind the Champions. This season – arguably the most competitive in recent times, where 97 points wasn’t good enough for the title – Arsenal were 28 points behind.

    Yes, the football wasn’t pretty and the defense was relatively poorer but on the whole, that’s progression right there. For too long, the club’s aim was top 4, not topping the league. Wenger was fully aware that, given the quality of the league at the time, 4th place was always going to be an achievable low hanging fruit no matter how bad the personnel was or how badly the team played.

    But alas, with TV money coming in, things didn’t stay the same. All of a sudden, even mid-table teams began to break their transfer records.

    Arsenal’s target should be winning the league over the next 3 – 5 years. We need to bridge the gap between us and the current top 2. And to do that, we need to be more efficient than the likes of Liverpool and Man City at attracting the best players (established and promising) while bringing players through the academy; since there is no way we’re ever going to be able to outspend them, at least for the foreseeable future.

    That Klopp, who is a brilliant manger, hasn’t won the league after 4 seasons of trying just goes to show how much work Raul and co need to do over the next couple of years beginning with this TW.

  4. Receding Hairline

    If you want to ask questions Charles you join the police or become a teacher,

    I am not under any obligation to go scouring the net for articles supporting Emery, that’s your hobby not mine.

    You have been told countless times here by the people you call Emery defenders that they couldn’t give less of a fcuk about the manager, we have our eyes on what we believe are more pressing aspects of our team.

    You on the other hand gets an erection whenever it’s slam Emery time on Le grove so enjoy yourself with your stats based bla bla bla

  5. Gbat

    Emery will have an input on transfers. But signings won’t be down to any one person. There will be a handful of people involved who will all have to agree to it. Same thing happens at Liverpool and many other clubs. I read that Klopp wanted to sign a striker for £40m but it was knocked back because the others thought the player to be too old. I believe they ended up signing Salah instead.

  6. TR7


    Poor Receding has no other option but to term CL knockouts a lottery now that Klopp and Poch are in the finals, managers who in his view are inferior to Emery.

  7. azed

    “Conveniently ignoring the outrageous and unsustainable conversion rate in our run of matches scoring goals off of virtually the number of shots that we were taking during the winning run pre-Christmas that had us up there in the first place.”


    What if our conversion rate is higher because the quality of chances we are creating are way higher?

  8. Champagne charlie


    Good to see you in your true light. To think you have the temerity to call anyone else on here argumentative or abusive when confronted by an alternative view 😂

    You’re the one dismissing articles are drafting in to support their view, I merely asked if you had anything to support yours and there you are empty handed and full of insults dismissing the need.

    You say I’m flip-flopping but can’t offer up on what, another expert inclusion only serving to strengthen the view you’re not to be taken seriously at all on here.

  9. WengerEagle

    It means that even an elite player like Ibra can go his entire career playing for some of the best clubs around Europe and fail to win the CL even once or even come close [Never played in a Final even].

    Speaks to the incredibly difficulty of the competition.

    The winners of the CL these past 10 years past Real Madrid [4 times], Barcelona [3 times] and Bayern Munich [Once] read:

    Inter Milan [Once]
    Chelsea [Once]

    And the most recent of those two were Chelsea 7 years ago, Inter Milan won it 9 years ago. Even Bayern who are an elite club haven’t won it for half a dozen years.

    But yeah, it’s a ‘lottery’.

  10. Receding Hairline

    TR7 i have no problem with Klopp and Pochettino as managers

    Klopp is a world class manager, probably only bettered by Pep and arguably Conte who i have a lot of time for.

    Pochettino is a good manager, very very good even but not great yet, He is not top three in the world though that’s for sure

  11. Receding Hairline

    Yes Eagle so difficult that a team that struggles to win their domestic league won it thrice in a row with a manager whose philosophy no one knows.

    Very tough competition that

  12. WengerEagle

    Jaysus that team sounds like a bunch of scrubs alright, what team was it that won their shitty league then?

    Same idiot gaffer that did actually take home the league in 2017 IIRC?

    1 title out of 3 attempts is embarrassing, I agree.

  13. Champagne charlie


    I don’t rate the CL over the PL personally, I think the league is always a truer reflection of a teams ability over the course of a season. There’s an obvious trend, but element of luck, in the latter portion of the CL tournament.

    Look at Pep who IMO is best manager by a mile, he’s won 9/11 titles (I think, not looking it up) and not come close to repeating the same dominance in the CL.

    That said, shits on the ‘Emery is a EL goat’ line of response when offering why he’s a good hire. His league returns tell a more accurate story.

  14. Receding Hairline

    “What are you suggesting, that the creative players that we have are better than they’re being touted?”

    Or maybe the cut backs everyone is so tired of leads to more clear cut chances that you care to admit

    We have no creativity so the creative player argument holds no water

  15. Marko

    Telling me to google your view on something is a bit dim.

    I didn’t actually say that. I mean Google head coach to help you understand what a head coach is. But again we’re getting off track. Manager/head coach at Arsenal not responsible for signings anymore. Can’t be clearer than that

  16. TR7

    Germany, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Argentina, France invariably win the world cup held every 4 years.

    Real, Barca, Bayern, Juventus, Milan, Inter, Liverpool etc. invariably lift the CL trophy year after year.

    Very rarely do we see a Greece win the Euro or a Chelsea win the Champions League. So historical data go against the argument that knock out tournaments are a lottery.

  17. Champagne charlie

    “I didn’t actually say that. I mean Google head coach to help you understand what a head coach is. But again we’re getting off track. Manager/head coach at Arsenal not responsible for signings anymore. Can’t be clearer than that”

    Googling what a head coach does doesn’t tell me YOUR view on what Emery’s role entails, and what he’s responsible for.

    So for the third time, care to offer up your view of his role?

    Save us all the google references and just maybe offer your thoughts on the subject being talked about.

  18. WengerEagle

    And 1 title in 2 full seasons of football.

    Rafa made sure that the title was already gone by the time he was hired in 2016 [RM won their last 12 La Liga matches in a row and they finished 1 point off of Barcelona] and same goes for the glut of horrific managerial appointments before he returned this season.

    But yeah. let’s run with the narrative that ZZ was a complete incompetent fool in the league.

  19. Marko

    Unlikely that this will change who negotiates transfers (Jean-Michel Aulas) – has been inferred to us that Juninho’s role will be about having close proximity with the dressing room/playing squad & ensuring the best possible atmosphere (not always the case this season).

    You mean Sylvinho won’t be responsible for the transfers? My god

  20. Champagne charlie

    “You call him ZZ like you know him personally or something Weird place sometimes le grove”

    Or because it’s shorthand when on a blog…….absolute state of that comment.

  21. Luteo Guenreira

    Englishman: “That your dog?”

    Welshman: “Aye”

    Englishman: “Mind if I speak to him?’

    Welshman: “Dog don’t talk.”

    Englishman: Hey dog, how’s it going?”

    Dog: “Doing all right.”

    Welshman: (look of shock)

    Englishman: Is this your owner?” (Pointing at the Welshman)

    Dog: “Yep.”

    Englishman: How’s he treating you?”

    Dog: “Real good. He walks me twice a day, feeds me great food and takes me to the park once a week to play.”

    Welshman: (Look of total disbelief!)

    Englishman: “Mind if I talk to your horse?”

    Welshman: “Horse don’t talk.”

    Englishman: “Hey horse how’s it going?”

    Horse: “Cool.”

    Welshman: (Extreme look of shock!)

    Englishman: “Is this your owner?” (Pointing to the Welshman)

    Horse: “Yep.”

    Englishman: “How’s he treating you?”

    Horse: “Pretty good, thanks for asking, he rides me, brushes me down often and keeps me in a nice stable to protect me from the weather.”

    Welshman: (Look of total amazement!)

    Englishman: “Mind if I talk to your sheep?”

    Welshman: “That sheep’s a f*cking liar!!”

  22. TR7

    Ryan Sessegnon is being linked to Man U, now here is a player I will love to see play for Arsenal. I rate him higher than Zaha.

  23. azed

    “What are you suggesting, that the creative players that we have are better than they’re being touted?”

    Analytics can be misleading.

    In the NBA, analytics says 3 is better than 2’s and Houston Rockets built a team based on analytics but they still haven’t gotten to the finals.

    Kolasinacs cut backs might be unsexy but a cut back in the six yard box is more deadly than trying to thread a pass through the middle.

  24. Marko

    Googling what a head coach does doesn’t tell me YOUR view on what Emery’s role entails, and what he’s responsible for.

    Charlie you’ve completely taken over what was a conversation that you weren’t apart of and made it into something else. He can be responsible for plenty but my original point was that he’s not responsible for the signings and that’s it. Other things he’s not responsible for Xhaka being a bad midfielder, Mustafi and Kolasinac being braindead defenders, Ozil and Mhikitaryan deteriorating to the point of being non-existent contributors. Things he is responsible for: poor first half performances for the first half of the season, in game management, playing Iwobi and Guendouzi too much. Not insisting on more being done to the squad last summer. That’s where the lack of excuses run out for someone in a second or third season for example. I have a feeling none of this really matters to you.

  25. WengerEagle

    Still not sure what you’re trying to say azed.

    It not fair to say that if you’re going to look the other way on how clinical/unsustainably prolific we were in front of goal that went a long way to having us up in the CL’s spots in the first place then you should factor that in when citing an Auba miss or two for keeping us out of the top 4?

    What about his freak goal against Watford via GK mistake where we were subsequently outplayed for 80 mins with an extra man? We going to mention that too?

  26. Champagne charlie


    You’re so melodramatic, you dismissed Emery’s culpability with regards to transfers and I asked a benign question to understand where you draw the line around his responsibilities.

    Talk of taking anything over or navigating their or that is your own doing, it was a bloody simple question.

    Dead easy, I think Emery is responsible for X, Y, Z, but no, you’ve managed to fall over yourself numerous times. I wasn’t asking for particularly examples, I asked for his remit as manager on a basic level as you see it. Good god

  27. Pedro

    ‘Sylvinho to Lyon looks close. Was a big fan of Sylvinho the player, and he’s gained plenty of coaching experience working with Mancini & Tite among others. Lyon taking a leap of faith somewhat with him and Juninho. But it’s fresh, exciting and it might just work’

    Could have been us.

  28. Marko

    Charlie what part of he’s not responsible for signings aren’t people understanding? There’s so many things you can criticize him for and so much you can blame him for but us potentially signing Kannemann for example isn’t one of them. It’s just nonsense. And yet that’s just another thing that people say that isn’t true. He’s turning us into a midtable club with these signings I swear

  29. Marko

    Some spin that Pedro. We could have what Lyon are about to get (not knowing how it’s going to turn out next season) but we’ll just forget that Lyon also overlooked the same person that we overlooked.

  30. azed

    “It not fair to say that if you’re going to look the other way on how clinical/unsustainably prolific we were in front of goal that went a long way to having us up in the CL’s spots in the first place then you should factor that in when citing an Auba miss or two for keeping us out of the top 4?”

    I have never blamed Auba for us missing top 4.

  31. Champagne charlie


    I can’t speak for others, but I find that particular commentary a bit disingenuous because you know fine well Emery has an influence in transfers on some level. How much of a say is open to debate, but dismissing him as ‘not responsible’ is a very selective argument on your part. He is responsible to some degree.

    It was this exact reason I asked for your view on what he’s responsible for, because to me you’re being pretty insidious with your arguments about Emery and I want a broader view just for clarity’s sake.

  32. azed


    Stats doesn’t take into account the quality of players you have. Our xGa would drop massively if we switched VVD with Mustafi or any of our defenders.

  33. gambon

    “What’s Emery’s ‘philosophy’ then?”

    The old KCB manouvre. Trademarked by the Benidorm Pulis.

    Kolasinac Cut Back.

  34. azed


    Raheem Sterling leads the league in goals from cut backs…..

    Seems Emery is learning from Pep.

  35. Danny M.O

    People saying the league is a true reflection of who the best team is b o l l ocks.

    Yes City are class but their financial doping makes them able to handle the rigours of a full season. Think about it, city have enough able bodies to field their second string and challenge for the title. Its not because they are the best but because they have tje resources to play on all four fronts.

    Other teams like Arsenal and the likes only have enough quality to challenge on 1 to 2 fronts max.

  36. Champagne Charlie


    He’s looking menacing though, Fleetwood and Spieth finding some form too, Rosey warming up. Could be a good weekend ahead, need a triple from Brooks to open it right up

  37. Danny M.O

    The champions league for me is the true metric for great teams.

    CL glory is more important than the league. I would swap that invincibles title for the CL win against Barca. Why? because we would join the 1% of clubs to have won it.

    This is why we will never live it down if the lot down the road win it. It vetoes any argument you will ever have against the scum.

    I would also argue that since it is a knock out competition it carries more weight than a bog standard league game. You are more likely to get luckier over 38 games than in two games. How many times did the spuds pull out a winner out the bag in the league when they were destined for a draw. In the champions league better teams are able to finish game in comparison to the league.

    I know i used the lucky scum as an example but for me that whistle should have been blown 5 seconds before lucas moura scored that goal.

  38. Henry Root

    Xhaka is nowhere near our best midfield pairing . He can’t defend, makes more serious errors leading to goals than anyone in the PL over the last three years and had two assists last season, The only goal he got from open play was a massive deflection. He is slow, can’t tackle and is a yellow card in waiting.
    The most overrated player we have had for years.

  39. Dissenter

    Are you trying to Burnish Gazidis image for a come-back to Arsenal
    I mean, since when did Gazidis become trustworthy enough to hang unto every single word he uttered.

  40. Valentin

    Bielik on loan from Arsenal just scored for Charlton after less than 3 minutes in the League 1 playoff semi-final.

  41. Marko

    because you know fine well Emery has an influence in transfers on some level. How much of a say is open to debate, but dismissing him as ‘not responsible’ is a very selective argument on your part. He is responsible to some degree.

    I would say his level of responsibility goes as far as saying I need a person for this position and then that’s it. He needs a CB for example but he wouldn’t be responsible for Kannemann for example. This isn’t up for debate it’s common sense it’s obvious.

  42. Dissenter

    Wenger Eagle
    A cup competition is still what it is
    We almost won the champion’s league in 2006 with a rag tag defense.
    We had Eboue and Flamini as wingbacks in a season where were shite in the league.
    That’s the same season that the chef who made Spurs lasagna won the league for us.

  43. Dissenter

    Lyon looked at Arteta for like 2 minutes and then looked away.
    Good dodge that one for us.

    I mean who wouldn’t want Pep’s assistant for two seasons
    Dominick Torrent says hi from NYC FC where he is stinking out the place.

  44. Dissenter

    ***That’s the same season that the chef who made Spurs lasagna won the fourth place in the league for us.

    see, I corrected it before the arrows come flying 🙂

  45. Receding Hairline

    Nah we had a world beating team in 2006 when we were rubbish in the league… Champions league is so hard to win you see…not like it involves 14 games most of which is in group with teams you should be beating.

    This Spurs team of the 13 league looses are better than City

  46. Dissenter

    The CL is not the true metric of “great teams. It is a cup competition that does not even need the participating team to win the domestic league to qualify. It is not a “champion’s league” in the truest sense.
    Shabby teams win the CL all the time. The Madrid teams ZZ managed weren’t that great and had a great deal of luck, once, especially against Atletico.
    The league is, and always will be the true metric of great teams.
    The best team does not always win the CL. We were by far the best team in Europe in the 2003-2004 season but Wayne Bridge found the form of his life to knock us out in the quarters against Chelsea. He never repeated that form again.

  47. Marko

    Dissenter, because City have offered him the job after Pep you donut

    One of those truths we’ve come to expect around here. Can confirm?

  48. Dissenter

    Lets put it this way;
    If Arteta is declining good jobs because he is promised the city job after Pep in 2021, then he doesn’t deserve to manage the U-13s. He should be the foreman on a bridge building project from London to Timbuktu.
    Surely Arteta cannot be that thick, you think?

  49. Dissenter

    Arteta is the best ever assistant manager on the planet.
    What else is left to learn from Pep.

    Guardiola is probably hoping he leaves, won’t kick him out but won’t beg him to stay either.
    …just hoping he grows some balls

  50. Valentin


    The issue is not the cut back per se, it’s the fact that it is our only attack plan. It is not even an effective ploy when you consider the number of goal scored from our only attacking movement.

    In fact when you analyse how we score our goals, most of them comes from Set-pieces and individual brilliance by our strikers. Very few come from a long sequence of team passes. Even goals that come from open play come from off the cuff passes by brilliant players rather than planned/coached move. Ramsey’s Fulham goal being a case in point.

  51. Elmo


    The sticking point is Arteta’s salary demands: he wants £15m per season, matching Pep, and Lyon and the other jobs below him can’t afford to pay up.

  52. Cork City Gooner

    Just sell Xhaka for Christ sake the guy is useless ,,talking of christ,i hear mustafi is available ,,,,il drive him anywhere he wants

  53. Ishola70


    “Reported AFC target W. Kannemann is out for 6 weeks with a spine injury.”


    This guy’s injury record and absence from Gremio team is bad.

    But this is the most serious I have heard that he has suffered.

    He has gone missing from the team for stomach upsets, flu, muscle strains.

    Gremio have their very own Ozil.

    It would have been entertaining to see him in an Arsenal shirt because the guy is a bit of a nutter on the pitch but the only conclusion is do not touch with a barge pole.

  54. WengerEagle

    Hahaha CL easy to win, we must be a joke of a club so as we’ve never won it. Can’t believe a few muppets on here are actually trivialising the CL while bigging up the Europa in recent weeks, the jokes on here write themselves.

    PL so impossible to win that Leicester City and Blackburn Rovers have managed it, funny that.

  55. azed

    “The issue is not the cut back per se, it’s the fact that it is our only attack plan. It is not even an effective ploy when you consider the number of goal scored from our only attacking movement.”


    It goes back to what some of us have been saying, we have no wingers or players that can take on their man to create space, we don’t have players that can play through the press, we don’t have players that can play have metal football.

    Rather than sack Emery and use part of the transfer funds to pay him off, start building for the future(get a back room in place) and next year when Emery’s contract is up, you have the spine to build up from and can hire the greatest assistant manager that ever liveth…..

  56. Marc

    We really need to give Arteta the job just so when he fucks up we can stop this stupid conversation that a guy who’s a good number 2 is ready to become one of the greatest managers on the planet without taking on a smaller club first.

    Pedro – mate if City don’t give him the job – and wasn’t Vieira the golden boy being lined up for it a couple of years ago?- then you are going to look a major tit!

  57. Marc


    It bewilders me that people are criticising Emery for the LWB cut back – early in the season Bellerin was giving us a load of assists but then got injured. I dont’ have an issue with criticising Emery but what do they think another managers going to do with the present squad?

  58. TR7

    Juventus have won 8 Seria A titles in last 8 years and ZERO champions league victory in the same period. City have won EPL 4 times in last 8 years but have been an absolute failure in CL. PSG yet to win the Champions League despite spending billions. Much revered Fergie managed to win only 2 CL trophies in his long illustrious career whereas Wenger couldn’t manage even one. Winning the CL is the ultimate thing in football and undoubtedly the most challenging trophy to win.

  59. Valentin


    what do they think another managers going to do with the present squad?

    What about devising another plan to create opportunities via the middle? It’s not like we don’t have a No10 who can pass the ball. We have two in Özil and Mhikitarian.
    When was the last time we scored a goal after a midfielder exchanged passes with the striker and then run beyond the striker?

  60. Marc


    Ozil = poor

    Miki = poor

    This squad needs a major overhaul, if you don’t see that I wonder what you’ve been watching for the last nine months.

  61. CG


    ““What’s Emery’s ‘philosophy’ then?”

    To remain at Arsenal for as long as he can- on his excessive salary- before he gets exposed ……by fans and media alike.

    And well done the likes of Gambon, PedRo C.B.E, CC, The G, Un et al highlighting his continued averageness.

    And that’ day will soon be on the horizon.

    When Benitez leaves Newcastle next week Him, Jose and now Allegri will be out of work.

    Throw in the mix – the likes of the very impressive Arteta , the mighty Patrick Vieira and our excting Freddie L..

    Arsenal will not be short of exciting candidates to choose from.

    If we lose in Baku. Surely with the ever exciting list of candidates available- his position becomes untenable.

    Will he even be sacked before Edus’ arrival?

  62. WengerEagle

    Shhhh, no it’s not TR7 it’s a lucky Cup competition that just screwed Wenger over his illustrious spell in charge where he won 3 PL titles one of which unbeaten.

    Zidane is a hack that only won 1 league title out of 2 full seasons.

    Europa on the other hand, my oh my Emery has displayed his managerial genius in that on numerous occasions.

    Incredibly difficult trophy to win.

  63. Valentin


    Is Özil worse than Kolasinac?
    If the excuse is that the senior players are that bad, then why not even try the youth team players?
    Is the squad is so terrible, how come were we one penalty away from 4th place?
    What is the role of a coach if not to devise a plan to score using the players at his disposal?

  64. Ishola70

    Do so many on here actually want to move on from Arsene Wenger?

    Because since Emery has been hired all we have heard from so many on here is flair, pretty football, entertaining. Total football bollocks.

    It seems many of you just want a Wenger MK II, an improved Wenger.

    Everyone likes to see flair in a side but Arsenal under Wenger want too far on the side of attack and technique over other important aspects of a side.

    How about having a side that has a solid spine and the flair coming off that rather than the total football stuff and to hell with other aspects. A balanced side.

    All this talk on here stinks of Wenger it really does and even from those that were calling for his head previously.

    If you don’t want to move on from Arsene Wenger then so be it but expect the team to still be seen as soft as was the case with Wenger teams in his second period. At least it will be pretty to watch for you.

  65. Graham62

    Ah yes, but what if we win in Baku?

    What will you and your merry gang do then CG?

    Celebrate or cry?

    Omg, just imagine, Arsenal’s first major trophy for 15 years.

    What a conundrum.

  66. Ishola70

    And these calls for a philosophy for the team.

    We all know what people mean when they say this.

    They want a philosophy along Wenger lines.

    I thought the fanbase might want to move on from Arsene but going by the posts on here sadly not.

    There was talk that Arsenal could have a side in the future that could adapt to different games, teams after the departure of Wenger by posters on here. All hot air as as was the talk of transition. All we hear now is inflexible philosophy for the side and instantly. So Wengerish.

  67. Valentin

    As far as I know neither Guardiola, Klopp, Pochettino are considered Wenger Mark II. Yet their teams play a brand of football both pleasing on the eye and effective.
    By contrast, Arsenal style of play has been alternating between dull and abject.

  68. Alexanderhenry


    ‘Is Özil worse than Kolasinac?’

    That’s not the right question to ask.

    ‘is Özil worth £350,000 a week?’

    That is the right question to ask.

  69. Ishola70


    Spurs are not wonderful to watch.

    Guardiola has the Arab bank to let him do his stuff.

    Liverpool are high octane.

    This was meant to be transition to see if the team could add elements to the side and it is still very early days in transition considering the previous coach was in post for over friggin two decades.

    But no posters won’t have it.

    Instant improvement, instant philosophy.

  70. WengerEagle


    We haven’t played pretty football since 2011. For the last half dozen years under AW we were largely haphazard and reliant on spurts of individual quality from the likes of RVP, Cazorla, Ramsey, Sanchez, Ozil briefly and last season in Auba and Laca.

    We have had no identity post Fabregas.

    The problem is that Emery has come in and after a season he hasn’t even come close to moving us away from this. Nor has he made us more solid defensively, noticeably better away from home or in the matches vs the top 6 which were all things that were symptomatic under AW before.

    We’re in fact creating even less chance and taking less shots and are even more reliant on individual quality in our strikers than ever before besides the 2011/12 season where RVP literally carried us on his back for the season into the CL spots.

    I doubt that anyone on here is yearning for AW again, even the former diehards like Wallace lost faith in him last season it was that bad.

  71. Marko

    We have had no identity post Fabregas.

    Absolutely true

    The problem is that Emery has come in and after a season he hasn’t even come close to moving us away from this

    Do you think it’s possible that that takes longer than a single season? Genuine question

  72. CG


    “””Arsenal’s first major trophy for 15 years.”””

    The Loosers Cup in Baku with less than 5000 AFC fans present. (And one of our better players absent for geo political reasons.)
    Hardly a major trophy. More like the European version of The 1970s Watney Trophy

    Defeats by Bate and Rennes on the way too.

    Winning The Loosers Cup is an indictment not an accolade.

    I for one- hope we do not prevail in it.
    I do not want it etched our honours board list.

    I want this Emery nonsense over sooner rather than later…

    Ill have Short term pain over long term Gain every day of the week.

  73. Dissenter

    Wenger eagle
    Do you deny that a rag-tag injury ravaged Arsenal team almost won the CL in 2006
    The CL is not the not the pinnacle.
    It’s the same as Chelsea. They didn’t win the CL when they had imperious teams but only did it with considerable luck with a manager that was out of his depth.
    I’ve never seen Barca miss so much chances like they did against Chelsea at the Bernabeu in the semis or Bayern waste so many chances in the final.
    It’s the best club competition, no more than that.

  74. Dissenter

    “We have had no identity post Fabregas.”

    Tell that to Charlie Champagne who doesn’t think Wenger has any role to play in our identity confusion

  75. CG


    “””Spurs are not wonderful to watch””

    They have not bought a player for 2 years.

    Might have something to do with it perhaps???

    They are in the CL final
    I think – you will find- their fans are enjoying it.

    They wont be playing with half the ground empty next season. We will – if Emery continues to hang around like a bad smell.

  76. MidwestGun

    CG praising Gambon … the original card carrying member of the WOB. The irony is pretty hilarious. Almost as funny as advocating for Mourinho .. the dude who coined the phrase “specialist in failure” for AW.
    What did Emery do to you CG… Where you would be cheerleading the exact people who were championing getting rid of Wenger?
    Oh that’s right he displaced your hero…. my bad. I get it now.

    Emery is an above average to average manager. Arsenal need an elite manager.. to compete for top honors but the lengths you go to discredit Emery are trolling at it’s finest. Where were you about 5 years ago when we needed to get the manager out.. because he wouldn’t fricken leave…?

    Probably sitting next to Pierre at some Pub singing “One Arsene Wenger” no doubt.

    I doubt that anyone on here is yearning for AW again, even the former diehards like Wallace lost faith in him last season it was that bad.
    Hmmm Sorry but..
    Nope you still got people championing the return of Wenger. Or saying things like careful what you wish for… or why didn’t we keep Wenger if this was all we gonna get.

  77. Ishola70

    But there is still this ingrained snobbishness with many Arsenal fans WE and it stems from Arsene Wenger even if as you say really his sides from 2011 were pretend Wenger teams.

    Wenger was in charge for over 20 years WE. Over 20 years.

    Why do you expect and demand instant improvement from a new coach instantly and yes it is instantly if we are talking about taking over from a manager that was in place for so long?

    It’s the football innit lol. You want to see the nice pretty footy.

  78. Bob N16

    CG…I have a real problem with an Arsenal fan wanting us to lose any game but a final which would allow us generate more money and attract better players, as well as winning a trophy……mental!

  79. WengerEagle


    Of course, as I said though I don’t see next to any improvement at all.

    I don’t like the type of players that we’ve been signing and heavily linked to either, you can exempt Emery blame on this front if you like but it’s irrelevant enough because these are the players we are signing with him in charge regardless.

    Emery hasn’t performed a club overhaul before so I’m sceptical that he’s the man for the job, as i was last summer but even more so because I’ve seen a full season of him in charge.

  80. MidwestGun

    Well Eagle I guess this is the thing… I will try to put it into words.

    I think it’s very ironic that all the AKB’s have championed Pedro’s cause now.. because it lines up with their agenda. Problem for Pedro is he runs the risk of alienating all the people who helped build this blog up by going overboard.

    At least that’s the way I see it… And I’m usually right about these things..

    In a way it makes me sad.. Because I respect Pedro and what he has done for the Aesenal blogging community .. making it ok to question what is going on.. But also.. I don’t think everything is black and white.. cut and dry.. there is a lot of grey area. What was absolutely clear was AW needed to go before his time.. so we could take advantage of what is going on now with Chelsea and Man U much like Liverpool and Spurs have..we waited too long. But the same fans who could not see that then are some of the same ones having a fit about Emery and praising Pool and Spurs. well guess what.. we are behind the curve big time and it isn’t because of Emery.

    So sure call for change that’s what we do here..and I get that Emery might not be the dude to get us to the promised land of winning the League or the CL at least in my opinion but keep it in perspective too .. I think that’s what is missing from some. It’s leading to a lot of circular arguments.

  81. WengerEagle


    Except they didn’t, we lost to Barcelona in the Final.

    And that ‘rag-tag’ side had by far the best striker on the planet and the 2nd best player in the world only to Ronaldinho on our side in his prime in Henry.

    Also had Fabregas, Hleb, Reyes, Ljungberg, Pires, Lehmann who was a giant for us and Sol Campbell at CB.

    The Chelsea win was the only fluky one I have seen in 20 years of watching football, everything went right for them as you say and it was a freak win given Barcelona should have scored 3-4 at Stamford Bridge and Bayern dominated them in the Final.

    It’s the hardest club competition to win hence so few sides have managed it in its entire history. Cheapening it because Spurs or Liverpool are about to win it just makes you look petty.

    If the CL isn’t the pinnacle then what does that make the Europa League? A competition that only became remotely interesting to the best sides because of the potential to qualify for the CL through winning it.

    A competition that Emery built his rep on.

  82. Valentin

    I don’t see where is the snobbery in expecting to see entertaining football. Winning (at the club level) playing a functional style will only get you so far with fan today. Even Stoke supporters got fed up with Tony Pulis brand of football. Apart masochist nobody is going to pay good money to see unsuccessful and attritional football.

    I didn’t expect us to win the league but to finish 3rd or 4th at the beginning of the season. In view things turn out, again not unreasonable despite what some try to pretend.

    I didn’t expect massive improvement and challenging for the title, but I expected improvement at least in defense and the style of play. We got more points, but for every other metrics we have done worse. And any analysis reveals that the extra 7 PTS are entirely due to our strikers being lethal to a level unlikely to be sustainable on the long run. On top of that the level of entertainment has also been worse. We are mediocre and boring.

  83. MidwestGun

    I would say no… because they didn’t win the league.. unfinished business. And is it really going to get much better anywhere else? Maybe better salary though … that would be the only reason. Club loyalty doesn’t mean much anymore.

  84. CG


    If the club want to generate more funds.

    How about get Raul to sell our players rather than give them away for nothing.?

    How about get Raul to appoint a head coach- that will get the ground packed- rather than half empty.( extra revenue would follow)

    How about get Raul not to waste £5 million on the nonsensical Suarez signing?

    How about get Raul not to sign off on Ozils and Mikkis excessive contract deals.?

    How about get Raul not to sign Lich on £90000?

    Just a thought

  85. Marko

    WE I would say that sometimes it happens quickly and sometimes it takes longer than a season to install a philosophy or a plan or an identity to a club that has been severely lacking any kind of one for many years. Like you said we’ve lacked style or substance or whatever you want to call it since Cesc left. That’s a long time ago. I would be saying the same thing whoever the manager was. Truth is we’ve been a bit of a loser club for a number of years now and that’s unfortunately going to take a while to fix. It would actually go quicker if you get rid of weak minded loser players

  86. MidwestGun

    Yeah if it was me.. and I was Mane I would stay.. But I hate moving..I guess it would depend on how much more I was going to make after taxes too.

    But as far as career move .. seems like it would be more satisfying to win with the dudes who got me my first CL rather then go to Spain and chase the same thing.

  87. WengerEagle

    Because he’s supposed to be a better manager Ishola, I don’t know why that’s so hard to grasp for you.

    AW lacked a clue for most of his career re tactics, man-management [senior members of the Graham era squad in Keown, Adams, Dixon, Bergkamp, Seaman, etc practically ran the dressing room if you give credence to the soundbites we’ve heard from most of the Invincibles], in-game improvisation i.e making subs, timing of subs and got by mostly on his eye for talent which was exceptional in his earlier days hence the litany of top class talent that he brought into the club.

    He also built his players up well/transitioned them into the first team and was loyal to a fault as we saw with the obscene contracts that he had many of them on given we paid our top players peanuts for years.

    Well he lost his eye for spotting and developing talent pretty drastically circa 2009-ish with Koscielny being an exception rather than the rule after that. Cazorla was a good pick-up too but was opportunist rather than innovative as he was well established and a Spain international already.

    He then gradually moulded the team into a worse and worse side as the quality dried up with Nasri, Cesc, RVP being sold, Arshavin and Cazorla declining and thus becoming more and more reliant on star individuals to bail us out like Sanchez a big money purchase, or Ozil earlier on another big money purchase.

    He actually built a worse and worse side as he was given more and more money which was the death knell for him as the fans finally said a fucking nough. Spent 50 million on Lacazette and another 60 on Aubameyang and finished in 6th miles off the pace.

    The big money purchases in Auba and Laca screamed the board’s efforts to appease the masses of enraged fans over Wenger’s choices, neither were trademark AW signings.

    So he clearly had to go, why you keep bringing him up is beyond me.

    It’s the lack of progress under Emery i.e players at his disposal which he would have known plenty about walking into the job if he’s the football nutter that everyone would have you believe, tactics and in-game decisions have been baffling at times over the season, ability to motivate the players in the business end stretch of PL football where we were being pushed about by lower table and midtable sides and the signings which he is somewhat responsible for whether people like to admit it or not.

    I suppose you”ll ignore all of this again and just harp on about pretty football though so wasting my time.

  88. CG


    “”It would actually go quicker if you get rid of weak minded loser players””

    And perhaps a weak minded mediocre ‘loser’coach?

  89. Dissenter

    Liverpool absolutely deserves to win the CL. Losing finalists last season and 96 points domestically
    Spuds …no way, not after 13 losses in the league. They’ve only just being slightly less shit than is

  90. WengerEagle


    It’s black and white in its nature though isn’t it? Is Emery the right man for the gig or not.

    What’s the cut-off point for people, 2 summer windows? 2 full PL seasons? Or 3?

    If we have a poor summer of recruitment I can see Emery escaping blame yet again and the DOF or whoever comes in Edu or someone else copping the blame. And then yet again Emery won’t be accountable for the results and the football because they aren’t his players.

  91. WengerEagle


    They have beaten Borussia Dortmund, Man City and Ajax over the course of 2 legs and have to go through Liverpool if they’re to win it.

    Go ahead and call them lucky if it makes you feel better.

  92. MidwestGun

    I’m not sure.. it is black and white. You could say Emery was the right choice if the goal was to get us back into the CL. Which knowing our management/owner it probably was a big factor. And based on results if we win EL.. it probably was.. if the goal was to get us competing for League titles and CL titles.. then to me clearly know he isn’t the right choice.. But Like I said it depends on your perspective.

  93. WengerEagle


    Point the to the precedent for Emery to built a title or CL competing side, there isn’t one.

    He built sides that we attuned to playing Europa League football and challenging for a top 6 spot rather than the league. Is this where we perpetually want to be?

    Guys like Conte, Mourinho, Allegri, Pep and Klopp built title winning sides abroad before they came to the PL [Allegri aside obviously].

  94. CG


    So if that’s the case. And everyone acknowledges that he is Bang Average ..

    Why has he not been sacked yet?
    What is Raul doing?

    If he was working for Barca he would have sacked Emery and upgraded.

    Juve sacked Allegri today.
    Brighton sacked Hughton.

    Both clubs at different ends of the footbaling spectrum acting ruthlessly!!!

    There are quality candidates all available…

    Jose,Allegri and presumably Benitez were not available last year…

    No compensation.

    Just get a manager in ABOVE AVERAGE.

    Surely that is Rauls Job????

  95. Bob N16

    True Marko, but how much should we expect? I want to feel that we’ve got a top class coach in charge and I feel the Kroenkes have settled for a 7/10 appointment .

  96. Bob N16

    CG, don’t think Kroenkes have enough knowledge or confidence in their appointed management to get an inspirational choice. They settled for a ‘safe’ option who won’t rock the ‘financial’ boat who might just be a reasonable, ‘interim’ manager. ‘Safeish’ but uninspiring….

  97. MidwestGun

    Why has he not been sacked yet?
    Ummm probably because we have a EL final to play and he is on a 2 year contract..

    But yeah let’s go ahead and sack him now before the final.. makes sense I’m sure in cloud cuckoo land.

  98. China1

    Lol Pedro where is the evidence that arteta has already been offered the city job?

    And if pep collapses somehow and ends up fired, they more than likely want a change of direction rather than pep lite

    And if he sees out his contract and goes, what if other elite managers are on the market at the same time, like zidane?

    Even if they did offer him it (all conjecture from you) a ruthless employer with billions at stake will be more than happy to go back on promises on a whim if they aren’t convinced when it matters

    The absolute best case imaginable for arteta with man city is a ‘we’ll see when the time comes’

    Not a hope in hell hes already been offered anything concrete and even less likely that they won’t change their mind when the time comes

  99. Marko

    Point the to the precedent for Emery to built a title or CL competing side, there isn’t one.

    Is that what we’re talking about now? I’m just trying to make the point that we’ve lacked a philosophy and been a bit shit and all that stuff since Fabregas left us and sometimes it takes longer than one season to fix that. You’re changing it to something else entirely now which actually happens alot around here. If you’re asking me will he be leading any title charges anytime soon for us I’d say no. If you’re asking me did I expect anyone to/show signs of inside one season after Wenger left I’d say very unlikely

  100. CG


    The Kreonkes relied on Gazidas.

    They don’t want a Wally in charge as much as we do..

    Soccer Is a billion pound industry.

    It is not sustainable to have better candidates( even though they maybe not our personal favourites) to be out of work and available than your less qualified incumbent..

    Market forces will come to the fore..

    An available Jose/Benitez/Allegri or Emery is not a sustainable proposition..

    Too much money at stake.

    Emery will always be one game away from a crisis
    His position is untenable.

  101. MidwestGun

    Yeah after I read … the article about how Gazidis, Raul and Sven picked Emery .. I definitely think he was brought in to stabilize the ship and get us back into CL.. They went with the safest option.. I cant 100% for sure say that was the wrong thing to do like Pedro does. Because the alternative could have been disastrous. It was a tough job and a tough decision.. and then I think Gazidis thought about it and bailed out so he wouldn’t be held accountable for anything. We are in essence kicking the can down the road.. So Im hoping we win EL have a good transfer market this summer and then if we finish 4th through 6th again next season.. make a bold move and lets go for it.

  102. CG


    “””They went with the safest option.. “””

    What someone who does not speak English or has no experience in British Soccer?

    That’s not safe . Thats first class stupidity!

  103. Marko

    Mid that’s basically what I think. People so sure of failure/making lofty expectations inside a season for the guy replacing Arsene Wenger is just not how I see things at all. And I’m pretty sure that the guys who hired him know this. His average period in charge is like 2/3 years max and they put in the option to cancel after two that suggests to me that he’s transitional and that’s it

  104. RodneyKing

    “It’s the lack of progress under Emery i.e players at his disposal which he would have known plenty about walking into the job if he’s the football nutter that everyone would have you believe, tactics and in-game decisions have been baffling at times over the season, ability to motivate the players in the business end stretch of PL football where we were being pushed about by lower table and midtable sides and the signings which he is somewhat responsible for whether people like to admit it or not.”

    A rather long sentence that aptly describes Emery first season in a nutshell. However, the players at Emery’s disposal are just not better than their final league position. Emery and the lads blew their load early and ran out of steam. The injuries to Bellerin and Holding (who was settling in nicely) didn’t help.

    If they had traded some of those wins in that mini unbeaten run for a more powerful finish, they may have still ended up finishing 5th. That run was what gave them any chance of finishing 3rd/4th. However, had Chelsea and Spurs done what they were expected to do, Arsenal wouldn’t be a mere 1-2 points off them.

    People keep asking the same questions and getting the same answers. It’s the players stupid! Pep, Klopp or Allegri may have gotten this team revving but they won’t be winning the league any time soon without getting the right calibre of players in. That much should be obvious.

    When the club have done the needful and the results and performances don’t improve, I’m sure no fan would be hesitant to see the back of Emery.

  105. Thorough

    Ziyech: 21 goals, 24 assists in one season.
    Release clause: 25 million pounds

    As a poverty-stricken billionaire owned piece of sham we’ve become we should be all over these kind of deals. That’s not even a punt. If he gets half of that productivity in Arsenal jersey he’ll be worth 70 million in a season’s time.

  106. Ishola70

    Wenger is brought up WE because his players and still too many of them are still at the club. And dud ones. You can’t clear out all the shit in one transfer window and one season and with how Arsenal are run on conservative self-sufficiency.

    It will be a case again that these players that many would like to see leave will still be around next season again with the way the club is run.

    You ask for a cut off point in regards Emery? You are wrong to think that as you put it excuses will be put up for him again next season. They won’t. All people are doing now that don’t want his head cut off after one season is realising that he is a transitional manager and he has had a short period after taking over from a man that was in place for eons. If no improvement is made next season plenty on here will be less forgiving although even then it might not be the case that the fault is all on the coach but other factors as well such as the way as said before how the club is run and still problems with offloading certain players that are a hindrance to progression. Even so there will be many more then calling for his exit.

    Entitled to own opinion of course WE but you are batting with some right loons and huge Wengerites in wanting Emery out after one season but then you must realise that.

  107. Luteo Guenreira


    It’s as I’ve said a few times before, I don’t know why people are so afraid of Emery. I can’t really phrase it differently than that, it’s like they’re scared he’s going to ruin the club in some way. You can disapprove of the man’s performance as a manager for whatever reason, but that other hyperbole is ridiculous.

    It’s the hangover effect from having one man in charge for two decades, likely.
    But it’s not the same situation at all, if Emery doesn’t do well the club will let him go. There’s no need for sentimentality this time. I will be the first to admit he has lost some luster in my eyes with the end of season bottle job. But I never thought he was the savior to begin with, so who the f*** really cares then, it’s all part of the calculus anyway.

    Most of the time when people have been forced to defend Emery this season, it wasn’t actually a defense of the manager it was more a plea for some rationality.

  108. Marko

    Can’t argue with any of that Ishola. Though I’d interject that I won’t be waiting until the end of next season before totally turning on him if the likes of Xhaka and Mustafi and Kolasinac are still here next season.

  109. Ishola70

    ” Though I’d interject that I won’t be waiting until the end of next season before totally turning on him if the likes of Xhaka and Mustafi and Kolasinac are still here next season.”

    Well yeah the season can be thrown away again as far as really notable improvement if the players mentioned are still strutting their stuff again next season especially Xhaka.

    But if they are still around next season do we know for sure that Emery’s hands are not tied in regards getting rid? This can be because they just can’t be got rid of because of price and wage coupled with a possibility that Emery’s main remit when he joined up was to improve the existing squad.

    Emery is not a silly man. He has worked with quality players. He had all round midfielders at PSG he worked with and utilised. He knows the benefit of having more all round midfielders in the team.

    I’m not sure the Wenger pups still at the club are ready to be purged. The little kittens will mutiny if too many of them are culled en masse.