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Gooood ebening.

I love saying that. I say it in the office 7 times a day, in a Spanish accent, which some people think is racist, but then I say my Dad has a house in Spain so I’m technically Spanish, then people ‘get it.’


Nerazzurri looking at many profiles in the Premier League , even in midfield. The ‘Corriere dello Sport’ confirms the interest in Granit Xhaka , a player who can leave Arsenal . The Swiss is a profile that appeals, even if it is not considered a priority at the moment.

I will make myself available for references, I know at least 30,000 others that’ll do the same. This would be an EPIC move for him because, jokes aside, I think he’d be a machine in Italy. Less intensity, slow build from the back, the only person pressing in the entire country of Italy is going to be Rambo next season. He’ll be golden. They’ll love that leadership story about the spare key as well.

I also think we could look at landing £50m for him. Maybe more? But, what I truly hope, is we don’t fuck around like we did with Chambers. Move Granit off the wage bill, accept it didn’t work, open a Samaritans hotline for the apologists, who, once again have proved that it is they who ‘might not really get the game,’ and rehire someone that can do the passing bits, but offer up power, pace and real aggression in the middle.


Oh man, is it weird to say that the rumour is making me feel frisky? That is weird, I retract (but come on, finding that rumour on Newsnow was a little like opening your first ever saucy link circa 1996 on copper dial-up (kids, you’d wait 4 hours for 1 still of Pamela Anderson to load)).

The Baku nightmare seems to be deepening. Arsenal are struggling to sell their weak allotment of 6000 tickets because, well, I guess people aren’t comfortable dropping £2000 for a final that is far from a sure bet. I love all the UEFA wokeness about putting the big matches in countries that have bad football teams, but if you’re real, it denigrates the competition and it’s awful for fans.

A bit like extending out the World Cup to 700 teams. It becomes like those school sports days where everyone is a winner, which, to be fair, I fucking loved as a kid. I was literally shit at every single sport, but I’d still get a trophy for faking a hamstring injury 10m into the egg and spoon race. Thank the lord for the overwoke Brighton parents helping to make sure the chubbers felt like sporting heroes, you made me the soft trophy-laden failure I am today.

Baku to it (<deserved a trophy)… it’s a bit embarrassing. Apparently, the one England based Arsenal fan of Armenian heritage that had £2k spare for the flight can’t gain entry to the country. How fucking bad is that? Literally banning a nation they don’t like. Imagine if the English just decided they hated Europe and wanted to extricate themselves from the European Union. We’d all be up in arms.

Just kidding @BrexitJonny, I’m not drawing FALSE parallels. It’s awful. Poor Mikhi. Like when your pals have a banger of a party organised and invite an ex that destroyed your life, confidence and self-esteem. I feel you Mikhi, and fuck you Dave, I’ll never forgive you.


Well my friends, it seems they have… Lyon, one of the most decorated teams in France, has put the feelers out for my main man of ELITE hair notoriety. They are a Champions League club. They are a powerful entity in France. Aulas is one of the shrewdest operators in world football.

No, no… please… a visionary? Me? Gosh, this is embarrassing. No… I won’t put my hat in the ring for TD.

NOW, just to cover my bases like the pro flip-flopper I am, who knows if he’ll succeed if he takes the job (I think he’ll stay on for City unless he’s really hungry to have a crack), all I said is the move is a clever one. Aulas is looking at what City are doing and he wants a piece of the action. Very smart. He’s buying the IP of the best footballing mind in the world. Uber did a similar thing when they stole trade secrets for driverless cars from Waymo by hiring their guy and making him bring his USB sticks. The Lyon owner sees an opp to hire in a guy with a great rep in the game, that is hungry, who could deliver unreal off the ball movement, beautiful free-flowing attacking football and maybe success. Worth a punt.

I could look silly for the above, but wh0 cares, glory is in the moment, internetting like a powerhouse is all about the hunting down of the win of the day… I just caught a 50 pounder and it has an overpowering smell of SMUG. If I lose later on, I’ll just delete this post and change my story.

Let’s end on some sympathetic lolz… Chelsea played a friendly and lost Loftus-Cheek to an injury. My Chelsea pal says he’s been their second best player over the past 6 months, coming up with goals and assists. What a terrible blow to their chances… never fuck with Unai in the Europa would be my learning, bad juju… but really, what a wildly shit decision by Chelsea to play a friendly at this time of the season. Mad, mad, mad.

Right, that’s me done. Meet me in the comments to kiss the ring and apologise for your insolence on Arteta last summer.


P.S. Sad NYC Gooner news. Barleycorn closed down because the floor collapsed next door to it… and the Bling Pig also closed. O’Hanolons, Smithfield Hall and Roebling is where it’s at now. Where are people watching Europa? Let me know!


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  1. Bamford10

    Most people here believe that both Chelsea and United had better players than we did this season and therefore that Emery was therefore working with the sixth best squad in the PL (at best).

    There are two or three Emery-outers, of course, who challenge this assertion, claiming either that our players were just as good as those two outfits’ players, a claim that’s obviously false, or that our players might have been sixth-best but were still good enough to compete for or finish fourth, a claim that is perfectly reasonable in itself but which they mis-use.

    However, I would like to focus our attention for a moment on our midfield and defense, two areas in which we were especially weak this season.

    Think of our midfield options for a moment. Where would you rank our midfield relative to its PL counterparts? Looking at the midfields of Wolves, Leicester, Everton, West Ham and Watford, I personally think ranking our midfield sixth-best in the PL would be generous. Remove Ramsey from our midfield options and I think ninth place might be generous.

    The same could be done with our defense, with similar results.

  2. Receding Hairline

    Marc stop replying to a guy who would have been banned on here long ago if he wasn’t smart enough to type Emery out once in a while. I will never respond to him again, he isn’t worth the time or effort.

  3. Graham62

    Just to reiterate, imo, Samba would have made a huge difference.

    Same could be said of Gary Cahill and, dare I say, in more recent times, VVD.

  4. Champagne Charlie


    That’s nothing more than a waffle of your opinion that you’re trying to pass as factual information. It fits lovely with your “poor Emery” narrative, and that’s about as far as it goes.

  5. Marc


    “The budget will be small so they’ve got their work cut out.”

    This summer who we sell will be as important as who we buy. If the rumours about Xhaka and Mustafi are true and we’re talking about £60 million for the pair, add the other players on the way out like Chambers and Elneny plus the rumoured £40 – £50 million budget and we’re at £120 – £140 million. If we win the EL we could have another £20 – £30 million in CL money.

    I’m not suggesting it will be easy but there might be a bit more money than we think.

  6. Bamford10


    Any chance you are going to answer Marc’s question about how and why you — an alleged season ticket holder — were commenting at length here during the final home match?

  7. Champagne Charlie


    Ask Mystic Marc, he knows the future, and the behaviours of everyone on the internet.

    Curious why you’re concerned however, are you looking to make a game?

  8. Graham62

    Those folk employed in the recruitment department by Arsenal FC, between 2006 and 2018, failed us all.

    Weak, submissive and completely out of touch.

  9. CG

    Alexander H

    “”””Arsenal now have a more modern structure with responsibility delegated to newly appointed people””

    that modern structure consists of Raul. And now- there is no Gazidas or Dortmund Eye- Raul alone. There is zero delegation.

    An ex Barcelona ‘Del Boy’ chancer- who signs the likes of Lich and Suarez.
    And frivolously gives our best player away for nothing.

    Where is his past track – record of running a successful British football club?
    His claim to fame- is spending lots of Barcelona’s money badly.

    Barcelona’s finances according to The Telegraph- in horrific shape.

    If we did have a modern structure at the club.

    Raul would admit his mistake of choosing Emery and rectify it. And surround himself with experts,

    External options

    ex Arsenal options
    Freddie L
    Pat V

    High quality proven or exciting progressive candidates available.

    If Raul is not looking to upgrade in all areas of the club- we do not have a modern structure. We have a man- solely interested in personal financial gain.

    (Juventus sacked Allegri yesterday
    he wins the league and gets to CL semi finals every year,)

    Surely we can not have Emery lingering around- when there are better candidates available?

    An unsustainable position in a million pound industry!

  10. Marc


    You really talk the most bollocks I’ve ever heard and even manage to contradict yourself at the same time.

    You dismiss the modern structure because we’ve lost Gazidis and Sven and then blame Sanllehi for the signings that both of them were involved in.

    You mention the experts he should bring in – Allegri turned us down. As for Benetiz – past it and Mourinho – leaves club’s after two and a half seasons after falling out with the players who down tools on him.

    Jesus everyone knows we need to improve the structure round the club but you’d bring in dial up in a broadband age.

  11. Bamford10

    Emery was spotted at the Atletico v. Levante match and some are claiming that we might be interested in Atletico midfielder Thomas Partey.

    This brings us back to yesterday’s discussion about the role the manager now plays in recruitment, a discussion in which some people were disingenuously implying that the manager still plays the same role in this process as he did when Arsene Wenger was at the helm. This is false, and some of these people know this is false.

    So to review the new process: the manager identifies (i) the kinds of players he needs, (ii) the positions where he has needs, and (iii) a list of players he likes at those positions.

    The men who do the actual recruitment then take this information, make a study of all of their various lists of players and player assessments, and formulate a master list of players to be targeted at each position of need. One or two of these players might be players the manager himself highlighted, but many more of these players will be players that the men in charge of recruitment have highlighted.

    The men in charge of recruitment then prioritize certain players and begin the recruitment process, i.e., phone calls, contacts, etc.

    At the end of this process — although one can assume they keep the manager apprised of what is going on throughout — the recruitment men tell the manager something along the lines of, “regarding our first-XI right-back need, we like so-and-so at such-and-such a valuation and his club says this is possible; are you OK with this?” The manager then has veto say over this final decision. If he really dislikes a player for this or that role, he can say, “sorry, guys, I really disagree with that. Can we talk about this further?” On the other hand, if he thinks the recruitment guys have found a good player for the role, he will say, “sounds good. Do your thing.”

    That’s the process. (Yes, I’ve had to simplify a little, but that is the basic process as I understand it, as it has been outlined.)

  12. CG


    Gazidas had nothing to do with Suarez. Don’t fib, young man.
    That was the Raul and Emery Comedy Show!

    Allegri may or may not have turned us down previously. But he was contracted to Juventus. He is not contracted to anyone now. He is available.

    We only chose this clown Emery- because he was AVAILABLE.
    (Perish the thought anyone would pay compensation for his wretched services.)

    Mourinhio does seem to fall out with his players.
    And yet So does Emery,

    Benitez has years ahead of him.
    A universally popular man who has won League titles with Valencia and Cl with an average Liverpool team

    Huynecks won the treble at 70 with Bayern
    Ranieri won the league at Leicester in his mid 60’s
    Fergie was still the master in his late 60’s

    Age is an irrelevance, Young or Old.
    Quality is the Criteria,

  13. Samesong

    Can anyone see past a comfortable City win this afternoon?

    Don’t think it will be comfortable. But a win.

  14. Mr Serge

    Alegri is available we should get him in now if he wants to come.
    Even though I advocate keeping emery for another season you have to take the opportunity if it arrives. We did not with Klopp and Pep we can’t make that same mistake again

  15. Marc


    “Gazidas had nothing to do with Suarez”

    And precisely where did I mentioned Suarez? You’re picking and choosing Suarez was a loan deal and a poor one at that. Lich was part of the previous set up so you can either blame them all for it or no one. If you’re going to say it was all of them what about the signings of Leno and Torreira?

    You just want to slag off everyone currently at the club but it doesn’t matter Wenger’s never coming back.

  16. Un na naai


    Well a pacy winger is vague at best
    Walcott was a pacy winger
    Ox was pacy winger
    You all deemed them “dross” or “deadwood”

    Hairline seems to make vast sweeping statements on our squad but his little pooper goes when pressed on solutions whilst claiming others talk rubbish.

  17. Un na naai

    Mr Segre

    Absolutely. Cut losses now. Sell Aubameyang, xakha, Mustafi, Ozil, Mkhitaryan and Elneny and hand allegri a massive transfer fund to begin the revolution.

    Or Arteta

    And bring back super jack and Santi

  18. bennydevito

    Champagne CharlieMay 18, 2019    12:07:30

    Mystic Marc with tellings of the future and ‘knowing’ what can never be proven. Absolute wizard


    Like your claims that Emery will never have us challenging for the league?


  19. Marc


    Er who do you plan to sell Auba and Ozil to?

    As for bringing back Wilshere – good grief the guy only managed 8 starts for West Ham this season. I wish he’d worked out but the guy is just broken.

  20. bennydevito


    Allegri was not sacked. He’s decided he’s done all he can in Italian football and wants a new challenge.

    Rafa Benitez. Lol! 🤣🤣

    Jose Mourinho. Facepalm.

    Allegri. Yes please.

  21. bennydevito


    I happen to agree with you regarding our unfair treatment compared to other teams and happen to think Untold were on the money with this.

  22. HighburyLegend

    Can’t help laughing at this photograph of wenger and arteta…
    “You will be my successor, my Son. You are the chosen One.”

  23. Champagne Charlie


    Yea, that’s a view based on his managerial career to date, it’s called foreshadowing. It will also be proven or not. Not even close to arguing that Arteta wouldn’t do well, or Wenger would’ve taken us outside the top 6.

    Good comparison mate, your form continues.

  24. CG


    Leno – has been an exceptional signing, Well played Dortmund Eye!

    As for Torreira. I have serious reservations.
    Posters castigate Xhaka. But I prefer Xhaka to Torriera.

    he will be surplus to requirements when the next manager comes along,
    he Lacks endurance and stamina- the basic ingredients for the prem.
    (Basically when you watch him in action- the player can’t run.)

    With his continued Uruguayan commitments- expect him to fizzle and fade out of Arsenal by the end of next season.

    I am hoping we will swap him with Juve and some cash in return of Ramsey*** this time next year.

    *** who has endurance and stamina and can run effortlessly.

  25. Nelson

    According to Daily Express: “Juventus have targeted Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino as one of their chief candidates to replace Massimiliano Allegri.”
    Obviously, Poch is now regarded as one of the top manager in the football world.

  26. CG


    “””Allegri was not sacked. He’s decided he’s done all he can in Italian football and wants a new challenge.”””

    Regardless sacked or not.

    Lets see If Raul is fit to be Arsenals 2019 DOF and go and appoint a Proven and respected Coach for us.

  27. þorkell einarsson

    I want to suggest to try and suggest Arsenal offer D. Sturridge a 2 year deal
    as replacement for Welbeck and a precussor for Nkethia ..

  28. englandsbest

    I am one of the few (apparently) who wish that Arteta had been picked as manager of Arsenal. It’s not because I think Emery has done badly. In truth I believe he has done well under the circumstances. And even better if he wins the Europa Cup.

    Most people will regard me as nostalgic, or even romantic, but my belief is that the manager ought to be an ex-Arsenal player. The right one of course, but that perhaps is more a matter of luck than judgement.

    Managers who are not ex-Arsenal players do not suit the Club – Billy Wright, Bruce Rioch, even Don Howe played a season or two at the Club. Yes, I know about Wenger, but my misgivings turned out to be right at the end.

    For me Arteta ticked all the boxes, bar one: experience. But a smart guy like him learns quickly. And he would have come knowing the score, well aware of the bottom-line policy, and behaved accordingly.

    Let’s face it, Emery has fumbled his way through the season. Whereas Arteta would have gone in all guns blazing.

    I guess Emery knows the score now. Let’s see what he does between now and the start of next season. If he is not allowed to do what should be done, let’s hope he does what Wenger should have done: resign.

  29. China1

    ‘Let’s face it arteta would’ve gone in all guns blazing’

    What does this sentence actually mean, specifically and on what evidence is it based on?

  30. bennydevito


    Maybe Allegri will replace Pochettino at Spurs, how funny.

    The longer he is kept away from the Man utd job the better as far as I’m concerned.

    I think he is completely suited to Manchester United’s identity and the way they develop youth but can back that up with huge money purchases like Veron, Ferdinand, Rooney and Pogba.

    Ultimately that’s where he will fail at Tottenham because they simply do not have the financial clout or gravitas to sign the true WC players needed to turn a top 4 side into genuine title challengers and winners.

  31. China1

    Arteta might just as likely have come in and tried not to rock the boat

    As a young manager with zero experience and no legendary status to fall back on (gerrard, lampard, zidane etc), it’s very easy to lose a dressing room sharpish. We honestly have no idea at all how he would’ve done things because he’s never been in a position to show us

  32. Marc


    We need to judge Torreira on next season – his first half of this season was good the second half he faded but that’s not something I’m surprised about – I was suggesting giving him a week off in Jan. He’s come from a less intensive league and got to the qtr finals of the World Cup. His ability is there it’s how he adapts physically now.

    As for bringing Ramsey back – oh dear. Yes the guy’s got a good engine on him but he misses 3 months every season with injuries. He cannot manage starting week in week out without something pulling, twanging or breaking.

  33. Marc


    If Allegri turned us down because we couldn’t offer the budget he wanted why would he join the Spud’s when the best manager they’ve had in decades is looking for a way out because he knows what’s on the horizon financially?

  34. Tobs

    How is someone allowed to say ‘abortion is the leading cause of black deaths’ on a football blog? I still can’t believe I read that.

  35. bennydevito


    If Emery is sacked the day after we win the EL to make way for Allegri I for one would be ecstatic.

    I like Emery, and contrary to you and many others I happen to think he has done a good job under incredibly difficult circumstances of replacing a legend of the football world, who was with us for over 2 decades.

    But Allegri was my no 1 choice after Wenger and as an Arsenal fan I want the very best for Arsenal above my own personal feelings.

    We made a catastrophic mistake in not forcing Wenger out when Pep very publicly wanted the job – look at City; that could have been us! 😭

    So as an Arsenal fan I implore the board to learn from our mistakes and not leave a proven title winner like Allegri on the shelf whilst we persist with someone who ultimately I don’t think quite has enough of what it takes to make us league winners, and isn’t that what we all want at the end of the say?

    I want Maximo Allegri because I want Maximum Arsenal.

    Let’s get the EL final out of the way and get it done.

  36. TR7

    Estadio Deportivo: Emery is shopping in Spain to strengthen AFC backline with Djene, Umtiti and Hermoso featuring on his list. Manolas is another name the club is considering.

  37. bennydevito

    MarcMay 18, 2019    14:28:14


    If Allegri turned us down because we couldn’t offer the budget he wanted why would he join the Spud’s when the best manager they’ve had in decades is looking for a way out because he knows what’s on the horizon financially?


    Very true Marc, I’m just speculating.

  38. bennydevito

    Pep Guardiola has said he is staying at City for 2 more years amid speculation that he might take the Juve job.

    City are definitely training Arteta up to take over 100% in my opinion.

    So, is that the real reason why we only gave Emery a 2 yr +1 contract?

    Could we finally land Pep and reunite him with the club where he did his coaching badges and learnt his attacking philosophy from Wenger?

    That would be even better than Allegri and I’m sure we would all persist with Emery if we knew Pep was the man coming in after he’s done with City.

  39. Un na naai

    TobsMay 18, 2019 14:30:11
    How is someone allowed to say ‘abortion is the leading cause of black deaths’ on a football blog? I still can’t believe I read that.

    How is it not? Look up the beginnings of planned Parenthood and the Democratic party’s involvement. Bury your head in the sand all you want.

  40. Marko

    I like Alexander. Don’t care who knows it.

    Anyway manolas… I’m not so sure but Thomas Partey would be a great signing.

  41. Pierre

    Pep Guardiola…if only .

    Guardiola not coming to Arsenal 5 years or so ago is my biggest regret as an Arsenal supporter .

    The man is total quality and we would be in the top 3 in Europe by now …

    If only we had an owner with vision like the man city owner, instead we have are run by a man who is clueless when it comes to running a football club .

    Kronke should have said to Wenger back then , thank you for your work but we will not be renewing your contract and then pulled out all the stops to bring pep to the club.

    And because of that one error of judgement, we are where we are.


  42. CG

    TR 7
    Good points

    But have you noticed- Torreira cant actually run.
    Seriously he cant run.
    Watch him.

    Technically proficient granted.

    He will not be a first teamer next season.

    You need pace, power and penetration to be a success in the Prem
    He has neither. Nor endurance nor stamina.

    He cant take a corner too.
    14 year olds can kick the ball further.

    A neat and tidy player in Spain or Italy.
    Not in the UK.

  43. bennydevito

    Arsenal’s head coach Unai Emery is today in Spain to scout highly rated Atletico Madrid midfielder Thomas Partey. He has a release clause of €50million.

    A source on Twitter.

    Is he any good? Should we be having a Partey if we sign him?

  44. englandsbest


    What I mean, primarily, is that Arteta would behave like an Arsenal fan. And ‘not rocking the boat’ is not part of an Arsenal fan’s vocabulary. It’s more in the nature of a newcomer, an outsider, like, say, Emery.

    To borrow a Pedro phrase, Arteta has ‘the sauce’.

    Imagine yourself as Arsenal manager. Would you be fearful of rocking the boat?
    By definition, anybody who is fearful is not an Arsenal fan.

  45. Marc


    You have no evidence beyond he’s a decent no 2 to make any assumptions about Arteta being ready or even good enough to be Arsenal manager.

    I really don’t know why this persists. I reckon Pedro’s put £100 at 10,000 – 1 on Arteta being Arsenal manager in the next 3 years hence his constant pushing of the subject. Why so many others have bought into it fuck knows.

  46. Redtruth

    Arsenal’s main problem are it’s sick supporters who for years facilitated in the clubs demise with moronic slogans such as ‘In Arsene We Trust’

  47. CG

    Arteta knows more about British football ( he played for Rangers )and Arsenal than Raul and Emery will ever know.

    Raul didn’t want Arteta .
    He wanted his stooge- Emery.

    An Arsenal Arteta would have been a fitting replacement for AW.

    Both class.
    Both Arsenal.

  48. TR7

    Emery personally scouting our transfer targets. That’s how it should be- manager of a club should have the last word on transfers. Hopefully, we won’t see people making baseless claim that he has no to little role in transfer ins and outs.

  49. Pierre

    “But have you noticed- Torreira cant actually run.
    Seriously he cant run.
    Watch him.”

    I wouldn’t go as far as to say that though it does raise the question as to why our manager would even consider using him as a box to box midfielder….it was a decision that was doomed to fail and sadly that was proved correct as Torreira obviously didn’t have legs for such a role..
    Sitting in front of the defence is his position.

  50. Danny M.O


    Everyone knows that torreira is not a pure cm. He is a dm in a 3 man midfield first. He was switched with xhaka in order to prevent xhaka from getting too many cards and because he is too slow to press.

    By switching tor and xhaka it allowed xhaka to attempt to get the 2nd ball after tor pressed the first ball. Needles to say even xhaka was too shit to collect the 2nd ball.

    We need an Ndombele in front of torreira 2bh.

  51. Pierre

    But TR7 , don’t you know that our manager has no responsibility for any transfer dealings .

    It must be true because Marko and Receding have told us so again and again and again ……

  52. Marc


    According to your view Tony Pulis knows more about British football – do you want to hire him as well?

    OGS knows ManU – how’s that getting on? What about Sherwood at the Spud’s?

    Was Wenger a bad hire as he’d never played or managed over here before Arsenal?

  53. Champagne Charlie

    “Allegri was not sacked. He’s decided he’s done all he can in Italian football and wants a new challenge.“

    Allegri: We talked, expressed our ideas on what was best for Juventus and the future of Juventus. After that, the club evaluated it and decided it was best that I wouldn’t be the coach next season


  54. Redtruth

    I blame fans not the board for the mess.
    Where were the howls of derision and cries for change 10 years ago when everyone could see Wenger was a walking zombie with no gas or vision.

  55. Receding Hairline

    I understand where juve are coming from

    Some of the football they have played under Allegro hasn’t been great even in Serie A where they should be blowing teams away. They need to a new set of ideas. Allegri himself needs a new challenge.

    I don’t see PSG going for him though as some expect.

  56. CG


    Why does he allow Torreira to take corners?

    1) he cant kick the ball very far.
    2) naturally he is out of position – when the ball is cleared.

    Then again- we have a clueless coach

  57. Ishola70

    Arteta wasn’t class for Arsenal.

    He was part of a defensively dodgy midfield.

    Yet another defensively suspect midfield Wenger came up with.

  58. CG


    Pullis v Emery
    I’ll have the street -wise Pullis.

    To compare Emery v Wenger is absurd.
    Wenger in his first season brought us Patrick Vieira… Emery foistered upon us Suarez.

    Wenger is a hugely intelligent man – who speaks many languages.
    Emery is the only Spaniard- I have met- that does not speak English. He seems a complete buffoon- to me.

    “”””” Good Ebening””””!

  59. siddharth14

    I must say that clubs like Juventus envy me. This is what i call a proper football club with strong leadership and vision. Think for a second whether Arsenal would even contemplate cutting ties with a manager who has won 5 league titles on trot.

    Juve want the Champions League now and taken a step accordingly.

    Brilliant stuff !!

  60. Freddie Ljungberg


    “Emery is the only Spaniard- I have met- that does not speak English. ”

    You have clearly never been to Spain, not surprising though, must be hard getting on a plane with a straightjacket on, fuck knows how you manage typing. Siri?

  61. CG


    I’ll put it this way.

    The likes of Pep,Klopp,Wenger, Jose, Rafa ,Poch, Fergie would be successful in whatever profession they chose.

    They have it!
    You cant bottle it!

    Emery ain’t got It.
    Never will have.

    For a middle aged Spaniard – who has aims of managing In England -but doesn’t know the language – tells me – he is not one of life’s brightest sparks.

    Seville is his level.

    How many Spaniards have you met- that speak English as poorly as Emery?

  62. Marc

    “How many Spaniards have you met- that speak English as poorly as Emery?”

    Well there’s several million of them in Spain.

  63. siddharth14

    For all the silly things CG says, i must say that Torreira is a genuine cause of concern for second season. Something is very wrong with him. Yes, he had a demanding world cup but his performances have been in a free fall in the second part. Even after coming back from an injury he has not even looked 35% of his earlier self.

    If we do receive an offer for him from Spain or Italy, serious consideration needs to be given. This of course implies that we make a profit on the sale.

  64. Marc


    You’ve got a load of people on here who only started supporting the club after Wenger joined goggling that in stunned disbelief.

  65. siddharth14


    Like you correctly pointed out, they might not win anything with new manager but still went ahead. But Juventus are clearly trying to push the club further and that is why i commend them for such a ballsy decision. I don’t think it would happen at any other club except Madrid, Barcelona and Bayern.

  66. azed

    “Emery personally scouting our transfer targets. That’s how it should be- manager of a club should have the last word on transfers. ”

    This is not how it should be unless you work for a club with limitless funds.

    The manager should specify characteristics of players he wants while the backroom decides on who to buy based on certain factors including funds, age et al.

    Emery is scouting Thomas Partley but what happens if the club can’t afford him or the transfer breaks down for some other reason? Do we now wait for the manager to scout another player?

    Klopp wanted Brandt but his backroom got him Salah and we know the rest.

  67. Valentin

    Manolas was a great prospect a few years ago, but he has not really kicked on since. From what I have seen, he is more aggressive than usual Italian defenders. However that aggression is not associated with great anticipation nor great passing of the ball.
    Holding seems to be a younger better version with more potential.

    Maybe it’s me because it’s the same with Koulibali the Senegalese defender. People rave about him, but all I see is a huge raw block of athleticism lacking fitness.

  68. Valentin


    A coach should coach. A recruiter should recruit. A DoF should direct the club toward his vision in term of style of play, organisation and other.

    That does not mean that they should not interact, but they should stay in their lane. The moment you let one person overrule another head of a department you lose accountability. Why would a head of recruitment stay in place if the manager can decide over his head in coordination with the DoF to hire a player he does not believe in? Why would a manager stay if the DoF chose the team composition.