Arsenal looking to go unspectacular this summer (shocker)

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You know when people are like, ‘Christmas has started because the Pret Christmas Latte just dropped’ or something nauseatingly basic like that? The football equivalent is, ‘you know summer has started when Ornstein drops a bombshell that Arsenal will be shite in the transfer window.’

He’s only gone and done it AGAIN.

Top level: ‘It’s going to be a bit bland’

If we lose against Chelsea, £40m is our starting point.

We’re going project youth with a bit of experience (same as last summer).

We want a centre back, an Aaron replacement, and a winger type entity.

Additionally, if there is an extra special deal, we’ll chase a left back, right back and a striker.


Thank fuck for the last snippet, I know there’s been a lot of grumblings in the community of late about making sure we don’t EVER break a single rule, right now, I’m just letting off a massive sigh of THANK FUCK that we’re going to play it safe.

So what to make of this goss fest?

Well, don’t wet those panties you absolute man child. Also, why are you wearing panties? Grow up and step away from your mum’s lingerie drawer you 35-year-old freak. Get your 2001 Beano branded specials on and let’s dive into the mixer like peak Bobby P against Pompey.

If we are a Europa League club, blasting money away isn’t sensible. The MIGHTY Swiss Ramble has some analysis on how badly we’ve been rocked by the step-down.

We have a lot of expensive dross in the squad and I’d imagine Stan is asking Raul to realign the wage bill and move on the shite before we start going nuts again. £235m a year in wages is outrageous for the return.

Secondly, there’s some heated debate over whether the Ornstein budget figure is right. Some say we’re hiding our improved financial success, some say the number is what it is.

This is Gambon from the comments on where the new cash is coming from.

💰New club level seats £5m

💰Adidas £30m

💰Emirates 12m

💰Visit Rwanda £10m

💰New TV deal £10m

I’ve heard the lower number since November, and I’d say if we were looking at a £100m starting point, we’d have loosened the purse strings in January. Telling that we didn’t do that, isn’t it?

It’ll be interesting to see how hard we go at freeing up cash this summer. Mustafi and Xhaka should surely be heading for the exit door, there should be £70m incoming for those two alone. Auba is being linked to Madrid for £85m. Love him to bits, he’s helped shape our season, but he’s 29 so don’t be sentimental about this. The biggest travesty of the latter years of Arsene is his hoarding of players. We need to learn how to sell at peak, he’s hit peak, so we should absolutely take that cash if it’s on offer and invest like Liverpool did when they earned a big windfall. I’d take losing a 29-year-old versus having to lose a kid to find the next step.

Also, don’t moan at me and starting bleating on that he’s our best player… who did you vote for in the Arsenal Player of the Season Award?


Speak up?

Thought so.

You hypocritical disgrace.

Drop transfer exits like I’ve laid out and you’re at £190m for spending power. You can buy many nice toys with cash like that. Then think of all the other players we could shift on… Elneny, Chambers, Mikhi, Jenks… there’s £30m in that mix.

Basically, don’t read into the £40m like that’s as far as the summer goes. It simply says to me that selling players is key to a hype summer execution.

Cut away all of the speculation, which could be spot on, or it could be really badly wrong (Ornstein had us with a £100m budget in January), the real story for me is that Edu only has an offer on the table, he hasn’t said yes.

Emery and Raul are at the wheel. We know they like sniffing around that bargain section. They’re the footballing equivalent of yellow sticker sandwich eaters. They don’t even like medium rare beef and Stilton… but if that sticker says 26p, it’s in the basket, no questions asked. Denis Suarez was a brown banana that was found under the fridge, the yellow sticker was just bants… but someone bought it, you know who? Yep. Yep.

So our summer is going to happen without the future architect of the club sailing the ship. Sven, love him or hate him, helped navigate us away from players like Banega, Nzonzi, Malcolm, and Denis Suarez. What is going to happen now? I like Cagigao, he sourced Santi, Bellerin and Cesc… but how much power will he be given?

Emery isn’t good at spending money if you look at some of the players he’s been responsible for in the past, he likes old and slow… or just utterly Suarezy. Raul wouldn’t be hiring a TD if he knew how to build a squad. Seems like a recipe for expensive mistakes. It looks like we’re going to head into next season without a vision or direction again. It’s spend and hope. I hate that. It is never going to work when those above us are driving towards an exciting vision mapped to a plan (Not Chelsea, lolololol).

Hopefully, I’m wrong. Nkunku looks a player when I’ve watched him. Djené has a lot of hype around him and £13.5m seems a bargain. However, there’s a bad stench of Rabiot-to-Arsenal everywhere you read, the guy has a piss poor attitude and didn’t like Emery last time around. Then I worry we’ll rekindle bland dreams of the past, Perisic or Carrasco are weighing heavily on my mind. Players past their prime, or with Ozil like attitudes to the game.

I don’t want to fuck about with talent that has temperament issues. Just give me young prime meat that wants to explode onto the scene. £75k a week or less. No mega contracts that make them fat and lazy. Let’s operate on a lean model and make sure hunger is central to their MO… just like it is at Spurs. I read a Poch article the other week that said he loved the players who want to leave because they care about success, be wary of those who thrive in comfort. Who is begging to leave Arsenal? Says a lot… right? A few too many just in it for the cashed paycheque.

Anyway, a real mixed back. Needless to say, summer will be busy. x

P.S. Souness and Keane FURIOUS that once again, they are proved wrong by a foreigner with better ideas of how the game should be played (tackles number). Arteta helping to architect one of the smartest off the ball sides the Premier League has ever seen, I’m welling up everyone, someone pass me a tissue, so emosh.

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  1. Dissenter

    Palace have to share the proceeds of the Zaha transfer with United, as much as half.
    That’s why they are throwing out these numbers.

    Palace may very well go down without Zaha

  2. CG


    “”””Mourinho is a parasite as far as ALL Arsenal fans are concerned””””

    What an absurd thing to say.

    He is undoubtedly a spiky character.
    And his dealings with certain agents are questionable.

    But he is an absolutely brilliant football coach
    The nearest thing to Brian Clough.

    Champions League winner with Porto
    Champions League winner Inter Milan.
    Two time Chelsea League Champion
    Real Madrid and Man Utd manager.

    His CV can not be ignored- when the Arsenal Coach becomes available.

    Most fans would want Jose over Emery.

  3. Bob N16

    CG, Mourinho has been an amazing manager but now I’m not sure if he hasn’t lost it. Apart from that he’s a detestable character, so that’s a ‘no’ from me!

  4. mysticleaves

    I would buy Dembele with 100m. I would even buy Pepe, Fekir, Depay, Brandt as wing options before Zaha. He’s a good player but not enough star dust about him.

  5. Graham62


    You are not reading or understanding what I am saying.

    Not disputing his CV.

    “Most fans would want Jose over Emery”

    Really? I don’t think so.

    And you call yourself an Arsenal supporter.

    Obviously his constant undermining and ridiculing of your master and our club, never bothered you.

    You are an absolute joke.

  6. Jamie

    Brandt for £25m is the type of business we should be conducting. Zaha would cost at least twice that amount and would probably want higher wages than Brandt too.

    If he has a release clause, we should be definitely activating it and see what happens. He’ll probably go to Bayern/Dortmund though.

  7. Doom & gloom

    Ha ha ha palace.F***ng hilarious price.wherever he ends up.Gambon totally correct.These mid average prem clubs need to get a reality wonder the top clubs go foreign ffs.of course what will happen is said player will either down tools ,threaten to buy out their contract or wind it down to a bosman as big f** k u to their respective in reality it wont work.still nice try.

  8. Graham62

    I’m no frigging Einstein but isn’t CG just on here for a specific reason.

    Ludicrous and embarrassing to have someone constantly dishing up so much rubbish.

  9. MGooner

    Maureen cannot work with a budget of 40M – Or 100M, so forget it.

    OGS is being given transfer funds to make MU great again!

    BArca bought the french guy for 120M Euros – That’s 1 player for more than our whole transfer budget.

    The Ajax defender sold for 75M. Again just one player.

    And we Arsenal, will rebuild our team with between 40 to 100 M. Not happening, give Emery a break, and embrace mediocrity!

    To put a brave dace on it lets say, football is a sport where you give your all on the pitch, there can only be one winner. 🙂

  10. CG

    Graham and Diss…

    When we are mid table next season.

    Who do you think Arsenal will appoint as our next manager …

    Benitez or Mourinho….?

  11. Graham62


    How do you see the EL final going?

    Looking forward to it?

    The possibility of CL football next season.

    Our first major trophy for 15 years.

    Our first European trophy for 25 years.

    How do you feel about all of that?

    Just curious.

  12. Pedro


    Lyon looking. Highly decorated French team that’s in the CL.

    Interesting, that.

    Aulas quite shrewd.

  13. Marko

    Charlie it’s cause I don’t think he’s that great. Inconsistent and question marks over his ability to perform at a bigger club and 10 goals at Crystal Palace doesn’t ring out to me.

    It’s all kicking off now Jovic for 52 million on day one. Auba isn’t going to Madrid now

  14. Bamford10


    With sales of players, we really should have more like 70m to spend. And that is if we don’t win the EL title. If we win that, we’ll probably have like 100m. That’s not 200m, but it’s not nothing, & I don’t know that Klopp spent a ton more than that in his first summer window. (Yes, I realize this will be Emery’s second window, but I think it should be compared to Klopp’s first window for a number of reasons, one of which is that I don’t think they thought of last summer’s window as a window for rebuilding and reconstruction).

    I think it’s going to take a few years for us to be good again, but I don’t think we will be wallowing in a permanent state of “mediocrity” going forward.

  15. Graham62


    I like to read all the comments, no matter how ludicrous, and respond accordingly.

    Thanks for the advise though.

  16. Un na naai

    If zaha goes for £100m then we should be getting £400m for laca and Aubameyang
    No justifying that price tag. United are fucking disgusting agreeing to pay that amount.

  17. Champagne charlie


    I think we need more industry and better ‘fits’ throughout the side before desiring the star dust.

    Zaha is prom proven, athletic, dogged, and can be relentless. Fekir is a gorgeous technician, but he’s not putting a shift in and covering the ground time after time.

    We would do a lot worse than to take a leaf out of Tottenham’s book in building the fundamentals of a side with athletic, and capable players.

  18. Marko

    Lyon is the first club that I’ve seen him linked to Pedro besides us. I think he should take it. Him and Tiago Diego’s assistant at Atletico are apparently being linked. Lyon going the assistant route it seems

  19. Bamford10


    I just realized that I read your comment too quickly. I guess you’re of the view that 100m will not be enough. I agree with this if you’re thinking of this as a project that can be carried out in one good window. I think this will take two or three summer windows, and I don’t think we’re doomed to mediocrity.

  20. Pedro

    Marko, I think you should just say it:

    ‘Pedro, you’re a fucking visionary, why aren’t you the new TD at Arsenal?’

  21. MGooner

    CG, I do not share your view that we will be a mid table team next season.

    In my view that will not happen until 2014 at least 😉

    What makes you feel it will be next year?

  22. Champagne charlie

    There you go, Jovic setting the tone for prices this summer.

    £52 million for a mustard 21 year-old.

    Arsenal should be making some shrewd moves in the 20-30 mil range. We offload come dross and maybe flip a baller and we can add a solid 4/5 faces.

  23. mysticleaves

    “I think we need more industry and better ‘fits’ throughout the side before desiring the star dust.”

    CC, I can go with that model for now. But that would be Fraser on 25m and not Zaha on 60-100m. That’s star dust money right there.

  24. Marko

    Pedro nice try. Lyon being linked with Arteta and Tiago but likely going with someone else doesn’t really prove a thing about Mikel. I’ve never heard you mention Tiago’s potential before. Weird that

  25. MGooner


    Check out the prices players were going for 3 years ago compared to now.

    Then think of what prices we will have in three years.

    It’s impossible for us to compete financially. Just impossible. At some point the EU should step in and regulate this thing, its going crazy

  26. Champagne charlie


    Zaha brings both to the table imo, I rate him highly and have long cited him as the best outside the top 6. However, on a rebuild, I’d sooner see us buy 3 quality players for 25 mil than a flashy one – no matter who.

  27. Marko

    To be fair if United are contemplating Darren Fletcher for the TD role at United sure fuck it why not give the Arsenal job to a blogger

  28. gambon

    Allan St Maximin, Marcus Thuram, Ismaila Sarr and Samuel Chukwueze could all be bought for the £100m that Zaha would cost.

    They would be £20m-£30m each.

    Would rather buy any of these than the South London Gervinho.

  29. Valentin


    Obviously you didn’t get the nuance. The operative word is LEGALLY.
    You are offered the choice between leaving with your dignity intact and staying at the club but humiliated in the doghouse for the remainder of your contract.
    Legally it is still your decision to leave the club, but in reality the club is kicking you out.

    To make the point clearer, are you now arguing that Chelsea did not try to kick Winston Bogarde?

  30. MGooner

    @ Gambon

    All of them are Black!!!

    What have you got against Arsenal hiring any White players 😉

  31. Pedro

    I love watching United consistently make the bad choices.

    They’d be frightening with a proper football person at the helm.

  32. gambon

    “It’s impossible for us to compete financially. Just impossible.”

    That’s not really true though.

    If the market increases it increases for all players.

    It’s like the housing market.

    The problem is we invested so badly for 3-4 years that we have less saleable assets than any team we compete with.

    That’s not a permanent thing. It’s a constant cycle.

  33. Champagne charlie

    Doucoure has to be a consideration this summer you’d think. Such a well-suited played for our needs, the league, the location etc.

    Can see Spurs getting shot of Wanyama and replacing him with Doucoure though, fits their midfield ethos.

  34. Pedro

    Fox Sports Argentina are now reporting that according to exclusive info they obtained, #AFC have intensified their efforts to sign Kannemann and are willing to offer as much as $15m.

  35. MGooner

    I thought Kannemann was an economist, or a nobel winner of behavioral science. Since when did he start playing futball ?

  36. Valentin


    Some people are complaining about our squad, but when you see the ManUtd squad, I don’t see a lot more quality.

    I always thought that their defense was collectively worse than ours. The difference was that we had Mustafi having a regular brain fart to drop us in further mess while they had DeGea bailing them out on a regular basis. That should have bell ringing when your goalkeeper won more MOTD than the strikers and is player and fans Club player of the year for two years in a row. They won and drew numerous games where DeGea singlehandedly save them. Now that he suffer from a drop in form, their lack of quality shows.

    Ashley Young is their right back. Smalling and Jones are the senior CBs. Before Luke Shaw found some form, Valencia was their left back.

  37. Pedro

    Valentin, totally agree.

    It’s utterly dross for me… still looks like a David Moyes nightmare to me. Only player that’s exciting is Pogba, and he doesn’t give a fuck.

  38. Luteo Guenreira

    I would still take Martial.

    For those advocating for keeping both strikers, what kind of midfield do you think we will need to support that realistically? What formation?

  39. MGooner

    On saleable assets, it depends in what pool you fish.

    When we had cash, we bought some good players like Laca, Auba, Sanchez and to a lesser degree Ozil. Sanchez was sold at a good price and all the others are worth more than what we paid for them.

    Even the lesser players like Xhaka, ElNeny, Kola etc are worth more today than what we paid for them.

    But football inflation is geometric. If you start high, you end higher. The divide between rich and poor clubs increases.

    That was what FFP was supposed to address and the hopes we had when moving stadium. But FFP never materialised.

  40. Champagne charlie

    Yea won’t be too thrilled if this lad is the only signing in defence, screams ‘replacing old with OK’.

    That Hermoso fella linked again and again.

  41. Freddie Ljungberg

    Can’t see us signing 2 CBs with Sokratis and Holding already here. Bit sceptical about getting in a 28 year old that has never played in Europe though. Hope they know what they’re doing.


    I’ve been banging the Doucoure drum since last summer, would be perfect to replace Ramsey and Xhaka in one, the sales of Elneny and Xhaka should cover his fee.

    Torreira – Doucoure as the base in midfield would be pretty tasty.
    Get an AM that can mix it up as well as ball and we’d look good in there.

  42. Pierre

    “As for your Eriksen jibes, I’ve never rated him massively, but he is a good player, he was signed for one-quarter of what Ozil was signed for, he has been just as productive if not more productive than Ozil, and he is rumored to be off to Madrid for a handsome fee. Ozil? We can’t give him away.”

    Not jibes..facts.
    Eriksen has won nothing under the great pochettino, playing with far superior players whilst Ozil has reached 5 cup finals playing under a tactically inept manager and rubbish team mates .

    Looking at it logically ,if Ozil was only earning what Eriksen is earning (80,000 a week or thereabouts)and Eriksen was earning what Ozil is earning ( 350,000 a week) , how many clubs would sign Eriksen on those wages ( none) and how many would sign Ozil on 80,000 a week ( many) .

    Eriksen is a very good player who has similar impressive stats as Ozil but is not a winner ( unlike Ozil) despite playing under ( according to le Grove) a far superior manager than Ozil and with far superior players.

    For Ozil’s record to be so superior to Eriksens( 5 cup finals to none ) , there has to be a logical explanation.
    Could it be

    1) wenger is a far superior manager than pochettino
    2) Arsenal players are far superior to Tottenham’s players.
    3) Ozil’s influence on a football pitch is far superior to Eriksens.
    4) or all 3 of the above.

    I will find it difficult to believe that Le Grove will admit to any of the above , maybe le grovellers can come up with a logical explanation as to why Arsenal football club have been so successful with Ozil in the side and Tottenham Hotspurs football club have achieved nothing with Eriksen in the side.

  43. Leftsidesanch

    Surprised that Doucoure isn’t linked with more clubs, thats one of the players we should be looking at.

  44. Pedro

    Bloody hell Pierre, you have to leave this Ozil thing… it’s all you talk about. You’re like Alex and Stan K.

  45. MGooner

    @ Pierre

    I read your interesting comments about Ozil.

    Frankly I do not know what to say as he wears the shirt.

    But he does piss me off sometimes 😉

    And who is that Erikssen fellow? Never noticed him.

  46. Marko

    Freddie no way we’re just signing him. Expect Mustafi, Chambers and possibly Monreal and Koscielny to leave. Mavropanos not yet ready we’re basically down to Sokratis and a returning Holding as our CB’s. We could actually be in the market for 2 possibly 3. My hope is to see at least one young potential signing. I really want to see a Konate type

  47. Champagne charlie


    He’s a really good fit for us imo, not sexy, but would be incredibly valuable to us. I genuinely think that’s the way forward for Arsenal in the short-term, recalibrate the side to have players capable of performing to a certain physical level.

    Ozil, Mkhi, Iwobi, Elneny, Chambers are players we could replace comfortably with guys offering something more to the side. It’s a good place to start for me.

    Mkhi and Ozil are criminally poor for the wages they use up. I’d kick both to the curb and recirculate the finances into good players. Fraser is a good player, Ayoze Perez is a good player, these sort aren’t going to set the world alight, but they’d provide a better platform for us to establish ourselves than blowing smoke up the arse of a few guys that no longer cut it.

  48. Freddie Ljungberg


    I would hope so, but that would mean we’re buying in backups as well as starters, not sure we are in a position to do that.

    wouldn’t mind Sok and Kannemann as the experience and Holding, Konate and Mavro as the youngling though. A lot better balance than we have now, and most importantly no Mustafi. Would Kannemann accept a backup role after just breaking into the Argentine national team though? Not so sure.

    If the numbers bandied about are true we could get both Kannemann and Konate for roughly what we can get for Mustafi and Chambers.
    So important we sell well this summer.

  49. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Feel we’re in for a dig every game they win every goal they score every pass they make…..

    Arteta this arteta that….

    Pedro put all eggs in one basket then like a spoilt brat on Xmas eve who demands to know his presents an parents won’t tell…. he sulks n bitches

  50. Dissenter

    Why are we wasting time on a 28 year old Argentinian [Kannemann] when we can sign 20 year old Jolues Kounde from Bordeaux for roughly the same price.

  51. MidwestGun

    Writing it down… May 16, 2019.. the day Pierre officially lost his damn.. mind..

    Guess his Wenger/ Ozil lovefest knows no bounds..

    Let it go bro…. let it go.. your observations are stuck in a time warp. By the way … way to fuckin jinx it… You know Spurs are in a CL final right?

  52. gambon

    Have to say Kannemann feels like yet again the club is trying to be clever and it will go wrong.

    Like when Hazard was the best player in France and Wenger thought he could be super clever and sign Gervinho

    We’ll see though.

    If we sign him I hope we are after 2 CBs

  53. MidwestGun


    Vote for Pedro… 😀

    Let’s face it… Ozil is our stardust player until we either move him out or he leaves we will be looking for players in the under 40 mill range. He is the ultimate cock blocker. But he does have impressive shirt sales.. so there is that.

  54. R.S.P.C.Arsenal



    He too old 28…

    We neec proven 25 year old…

    Not a journey man after last big pay day

  55. MGooner

    Our season was OK until Holding suffered his injury.

    We were just unlucky.

    Need to train Chambers to play in that role next season, We have Mavropanos + Koz + The greek chap, so nothing more required this year as CB.

    Bellerin has AMN as back up. Monreal has Kola.

    So no defensive addition required really.

  56. Marko

    I would hope so, but that would mean we’re buying in backups as well as starters, not sure we are in a position to do that.

    We might have to be though. Almost certain to see the back of at least two possibly 4 CB’s we could be left with Sokratis and Holding. I personally would love it it’s the kind of purge the defence actually needs.

  57. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Blood the yoot and be done with it

    Later in season esr
    And the lad we signed from Sunderland whose banging

    All or nothing as the great atevieused to sing.

  58. WengerEagle

    Auba was never going to RM, if they weren’t interested in him at age 28 why would they suddenly want him at age 30?

    Benzema has cracked 30 goals this season too so would make even less sense as he couldn’t buy a goal in 2018 with Auba available.

  59. gambon

    I’ve been saying for ages that Emery has no interest in talented players….just wants old journeymen cloggers.

    Probably be for Ryan Shawcross soon.

    This is the guy that signs Krychowiak everywhere he goes.

  60. Freddie Ljungberg

    Plenty of top talent in the 20-30m bracket, Brandt, Thuram, Fornals, Konate, Tierny, grimaldo, Maximin etc etc, no reason we can’t strengthen significantly with a bunch of these type of players if we sell well.

  61. MGooner

    Then we need a player in the Viera role type.

    So we need to go to France and buy one – maybe from the Black list of Gambon.

    Xhaka should go but he will be unwilling to leave, Elnenu is a nice player when he has a run of games, He has a good engine, can dribble, he’s good, can be the next Ramsey without the injury.

  62. Marko

    Would Kannemann accept a backup role after just breaking into the Argentine national team though? Not so sure

    28 year old has never played in Europe before and arsenal comes calling? He’ll play the fuck we tell him to.

    Charlie my guess is Edu or Cagigao. I’m guessing Edu though cause the lad has been at gremio for a while

  63. Valentin


    I would say that ManUtd is on the pitch in a worse place than us, but they have the finance to fix it. However I am not sure that they have the management know-how to solve their problem.
    ManUtd have not finish in the top 4 in 4 of the last 6 seasons.

  64. Dissenter

    “If we sign him I hope we are after 2 CBs”

    We don’t have the resources for two CBs, that is is if they want to plug all the holes.

  65. WengerEagle

    I’m always surprised to see Fornals in these wish lists, he’s been pretty average whenever I’ve watched Villarreal.

    Much prefer the look of his teammate Chukweze.

  66. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Ain’t kos retiring this summer .

    So we deffo need one

    I like holding
    , chambers ,mavanoupous .

    To be involved.

  67. gambon

    Edu would certainly know all about him.

    If he didn’t recommend him he would’ve given him a reference.

  68. Freddie Ljungberg


    I’m not disagreeing with you on that in the slightest, can’t see it happening at the Arsenal though.

    Maybe I’m too numb after all these years of underwhelming , trolley dash transfer windows and we’ll actually have a plan this window (to be fair last summer was already an improvement).
    This summer needs to be another leap in the right direction.

  69. Champagne charlie

    I agree, I don’t think we should be entertaining the 50+ mil transfers this summer unless it’s a no-brainer (but can’t think of one such instance).

    Could comfortably replace 4 faces with talent in that bracket you mention. Needs someone with a steady pulse to pull if off though as lots of guys need a few home truths this summer.

    Be curious if Edu is coming in and pulling strings right away, what’s his track record like?

  70. gambon


    If we sign Kannemann we will sell someone.

    I think Mavropanos may go.

    Emery clearly doesn’t trust him. There were rumours about £10m from Seville.

  71. MGooner

    Who are our wingers?

    We have Ozil and Miki who can play in the No 10 role. But we do not really have wingers who are physically strong and can impose our play.

    Iwobi is not a player to take us to the next level. We need 2 warrios on each wing.

    I suggest we go to France and picj up 2 wingers from the black list of Gambon 😉

  72. Dissenter

    Edu has not signed on yet so how can he be dictating who gets signed?

    That’s the same reason why lumping he Ozil scandalous contract on Sanllehi didn’t make any sense too.

    This one is on the chief scout, Francis Cagigao, who’s well regarded too

  73. Freddie Ljungberg

    According to Edu he only has talks scheduled with Arsenal after the Copa, no agreement, that could be because he doesn’t want to announce anything to disturb Brazils preparations, wouldn’t go down well I presume, worrying if it’s not and we don’t have a plan. We can’t wait that long if it’s not a sure thing to then start the search again.

  74. Dissenter

    Iwobi is the perfect player to use as lightweight to facilitate a transfer.
    That said, his 30k weekly wage is good for the squad player that he is.

  75. Champagne charlie


    Oh come off it, you act like it’s impossible to chew the fat without a signature on a contract. Behave, nothing stopping Edu giving his 2 cents on all things Latin America.

  76. Marko

    Be curious if Edu is coming in and pulling strings right away, what’s his track record like?

    Won’t know until we give him the chance to have a go. Honestly most of these appointments have a trial and error wait and see type of feel to them. I mean I wanted Mochi originally but his track record isn’t perfect. Sven too as well regarded as he was he still signed Lichtsteiner and Mhiki for us.

    If it makes people feel a little better he’s been linked with Atletico Madrid as far back as February

  77. Valentin


    700 millions might just do it. 🙂

    Like some my more intellectually challenged ManUtd supporter colleagues would say, all ManUtd would need to win the league is a new DoF, a new structure behind the scene, a new head coach, a new team at a cost of 700 millions.

  78. MGooner

    Then we have the forward position.

    Laca and Auba. Nothing to change there.

    So in all, we need to follow what Gambon says and buy 3 Black players from France for 60M. We have 40 Plus if we sell Xhaka another 35. Therfore we can end with a profit.

    Then we should compete for top 4. Easy peasy for Stan 😉

  79. WengerEagle

    Iwobi is dross and at best squad- filler, anyone with a football head on them can see that.

    Would be amazed if anyone remotely similar sized club to us would be interested in signing him.

  80. Dissenter

    I wonder why we aren’t already talking to Ismaila Sarr yet?
    The best scouting possible is when a player excels against your own team.
    That’s how Fergie signed Ronaldo; He dribbled the entire United team when they player Lisobon , so much that the senior players persuaded Fergie to get the deal done.

  81. Marko

    Edu has not signed on yet so how can he be dictating who gets signed?That’s the same reason why lumping he Ozil scandalous contract on Sanllehi didn’t make any sense too.

    There’s a difference between a new TD delegating our transfer business one month before he actually takes on the position and Raul Sanllehi not yet being in a position being able to overrule Ivan and Arsene on the Ozil contract.

  82. gambon

    My gut feeling is we will sell Mustafi and Chambers to fund a top CB.

    Then sell either Kos or Mavropanos to fund a Kannemann type.

    2 CBs in with £0 spent.

    That’s what we have to do unfortunately

  83. WengerEagle

    Yeah Monchi has Roma in a bit of a state really, the likes of Kluivert, Schick and N’Zonzi (all clamoured for on here IIRC) haven’t worked out at all.

    Zaniola looks decent (spelling prob wrong) but he’s an academy lad isn’t he?

  84. gambon


    He convinced Inter to throw Zaniolo in for the Naingollan deal.

    Problem with Monchi is he buys about 12 players every year.

    Most don’t work out.

    We need to be smarter than that.

    Also a big difference between building a team that can come 6th in La Liga vs a team to cone 3rd in the PL

  85. WengerEagle

    Ha, how the fuck is Denilson 3 years younger than Ronaldo?

    He literally hasn’t been relevant for close to a decade. About as average a player as AW ever maddeningly persisted with and that’s saying something.

  86. Marko

    That’s what we have to do unfortunately

    Unfortunately? You make it sound like replacing bad defenders with hopefully good ones is a bad thing. This is good

  87. azed

    Signing Kannemann is stupidity beyond CG’s level.

    The dude is 28 and has never played in Europe and would probably have no resale value. We should be raiding France, Germany and Eastern Europe for players rather than 28 year old’s in South America.

  88. Dissenter

    “There’s a difference between a new TD delegating our transfer business one month before he actually takes on the position and Raul Sanllehi not yet being in a position being able to overrule Ivan and Arsene on the Ozil contract.”

    Edu has not signed yet. That’s what he told the media anyway.
    Caution ought to be the buzz word after the repeated public rejections from Monchi and Edu

  89. Marko

    Kluivert hasn’t worked out yet but he will. Fantastic talent. I tend not to judge players who go to clubs like Roma too much in all honesty they’re so bipolar.

  90. gambon


    I mean we will have to sell players that people will want to keep.

    Everyone was excited by Mavropanos after the UTD game but if Emery doesn’t trust him we should cash in.

  91. Dissenter

    **Edu has not signed yet. That’s what he told the media anyway.
    Caution ought to be the buzz word after the repeated public rejections from Monchi and Overmars [not Edu]

  92. WengerEagle

    Shrewd deal that gambon but yeah, we can’t play the every one signing that works out three don’t game here if we want to be remotely competitive.

    We have to get virtually every new addition to work out ala Liverpool, they weren’t signing 70m players in Klopp’s early days there but they made plenty of clever deals and built their team and squad up to just needing VVD and Allison to take them to the next level.

    A model that we can realistically follow.

  93. Dissenter

    I think Monchi is the guy you get if you have 5 years to spare.
    He didn’t address Roma’s needs at all
    Same way Mislintat wasn’t great for Arsenal.

  94. MGooner

    We should have an open and transparent transfer market. It should be like a stockmarket with asking price and bid price plus other requests of the player.

    Then owners would not be able to hide anything 😉

  95. Marko

    Gambon I don’t think there’s any players in our squad that we should be emotionally attached to. We’re that poor.

  96. Dissenter

    I’m glad that we are planning like Mavros does not exist.

    The Mavros love-in is proof that Arsenal fans are unique breed and just goes to show how Wenger found it so easy to fool so many, for so long.
    A player does well in one meaningless dead-rubber game at OT, same game AMN dominated the midfield against Pogba. Yet they made Mavros a saint and kept AMN a pauper.

  97. WengerEagle

    Who was Monaco’s head of recruitment during the period they brought in B Silva, Fabinho, Lemar, Carassco, Martial, Bakayoko, Sidibe, Mendy?

    That’s a pretty insane list of players that they picked up young and for peanuts.

  98. Dissenter

    Wenger eagle
    The scouting was very good but that was also the era of unlimited spending by the Monaco Russian owner until his wife took him to the cleaners.

  99. MidwestGun

    Think you have to wait and see what a Kannemann signing would mean in the whole context of the end of the transfer window… if he is one of two cb’s signings and we get rid of Mustafi it would look a whole lot better. And to be fair he might be better then Mustafi by a long ways right now.. for not a big transfer fee. I haven’t seen him play enough to know.

  100. Marc


    “My gut feeling is we will sell Mustafi and Chambers to fund a top CB.

    Then sell either Kos or Mavropanos to fund a Kannemann type.

    2 CBs in with £0 spent.

    That’s what we have to do unfortunately”

    Why unfortunately? Kos is close to the end of his career, Mav looked decent in a couple of games but there’s not any real connection. Chambers has never settled in and getting rid of Mustafi will cheer every Arsenal fan up in the world.

    If strengthening the defence can be done on a neutral revenue basis – fucking fantastic. We can then use the limited funds we have elsewhere.

  101. bennydevito

    So Madrid signing Jovic rules out them wanting Lacazette and Barcelona signing Griezmann for £108m – ridiculous, rules out Aubameyang, so are we safe to assume they’re both staying for next season?

    Brandt has a £21.5m release clause and is expected to go to Dortmund. Considering we’re an elite club surely we should be going for him at that price? And a cheaper option to Zaha or different position?

    Zaha has told Palace he wants out. No way they’re getting £100m for him.

  102. Dissenter

    Rybolovlev has made $205 million profit from AC Monaco in 8 years
    There are many hedge funds that don’t do that well

  103. Marko

    Don’t agree with that WE. Considering Benzema is their number one striker Auba could play for Real. And I honestly think Barca are making a mistake with Griezmann. Lacazette would actually do brilliantly well for them. Be the Benzema to Messi’s Ronaldo

  104. bennydevito


    There is absolutely no way that either Mourinho or Benitez (lol) will be the Arsenal manager after Emery.

    And if you surveyed a million Arsenal fans the only one who would want Mourinho instead of Emery is you.

    It seems you are really detached from the feeling of real Arsenal fans to me.

  105. WengerEagle

    Benzema’s put up the same numbers as Auba this season Marko and he’s always been criticised for lacking goals for a big time CF.

    Much more to his game than Auba’s. Reason that one has played at Real Madrid for a decade winning 4 CL’s and the other recently got his big money move to… Wenger’s Arsenal.

  106. Marc


    “Zaha has told Palace he wants out. No way they’re getting £100m for him.”

    He signed a new contract last summer. The English premium will kick in so Palace will get a good fee, it won’t be £100 million but Palace don’t expect that. It’s simple sales psychology – players worth £30 million English premium kicks it up to £50 so no overseas teams will go near him – you get £60 – £70 million from a desperate ManU (purely an example) or similar.

  107. Marc


    CG lives in South Africa if I’m not mistaken. I’ve had more Arsenal fans in my living room than he’s met in his entire life.

  108. Dissenter

    Wenger eagle
    Funny enough the Monaco director of football was Vadim Vasilyev who had very little background in football until his appointment.. He was a former Russian diplomat that had ex-KGB written all over him. The same type that dominate the Russian business class these days.
    They hired Claude Makalele in 2016 to help out Vasilyev.

    Monaco, as you know makes recruiting easy because of the tax-fee benefits and general allure. Who wouldn’t want to live in Monaco?

  109. Redtruth


    Why not scrap league places altogether and lets have a one off play off between Man City and the 6th best team to decide who is the best team…….you banana lol

  110. bennydevito

    Who is this Kannemann? Why are we going after 28 yr old defenders when we need established WC defenders of 25 down, not 28 who will need bloody replacing again in 2 years time ffs!

    This better not be true. Throw in Benega and N’Zonzi and I’ll be supporting one of the Bristol clubs next season.

  111. Marc


    Hence my bracketed “purely an example” – with Chelsea losing Hazard I would have used them if they didn’t have the transfer ban coming up. Not sure Zaha’s City’s level, Klopp was daft enough to spend £40 million of Ox so you never know. I can’t see the Spud’s having the money unless they unload all of the players they’ve put up for sale and I’d hate to see us buy him.