Arsenal looking to go unspectacular this summer (shocker)

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You know when people are like, ‘Christmas has started because the Pret Christmas Latte just dropped’ or something nauseatingly basic like that? The football equivalent is, ‘you know summer has started when Ornstein drops a bombshell that Arsenal will be shite in the transfer window.’

He’s only gone and done it AGAIN.

Top level: ‘It’s going to be a bit bland’

If we lose against Chelsea, £40m is our starting point.

We’re going project youth with a bit of experience (same as last summer).

We want a centre back, an Aaron replacement, and a winger type entity.

Additionally, if there is an extra special deal, we’ll chase a left back, right back and a striker.


Thank fuck for the last snippet, I know there’s been a lot of grumblings in the community of late about making sure we don’t EVER break a single rule, right now, I’m just letting off a massive sigh of THANK FUCK that we’re going to play it safe.

So what to make of this goss fest?

Well, don’t wet those panties you absolute man child. Also, why are you wearing panties? Grow up and step away from your mum’s lingerie drawer you 35-year-old freak. Get your 2001 Beano branded specials on and let’s dive into the mixer like peak Bobby P against Pompey.

If we are a Europa League club, blasting money away isn’t sensible. The MIGHTY Swiss Ramble has some analysis on how badly we’ve been rocked by the step-down.

We have a lot of expensive dross in the squad and I’d imagine Stan is asking Raul to realign the wage bill and move on the shite before we start going nuts again. £235m a year in wages is outrageous for the return.

Secondly, there’s some heated debate over whether the Ornstein budget figure is right. Some say we’re hiding our improved financial success, some say the number is what it is.

This is Gambon from the comments on where the new cash is coming from.

💰New club level seats £5m

💰Adidas £30m

💰Emirates 12m

💰Visit Rwanda £10m

💰New TV deal £10m

I’ve heard the lower number since November, and I’d say if we were looking at a £100m starting point, we’d have loosened the purse strings in January. Telling that we didn’t do that, isn’t it?

It’ll be interesting to see how hard we go at freeing up cash this summer. Mustafi and Xhaka should surely be heading for the exit door, there should be £70m incoming for those two alone. Auba is being linked to Madrid for £85m. Love him to bits, he’s helped shape our season, but he’s 29 so don’t be sentimental about this. The biggest travesty of the latter years of Arsene is his hoarding of players. We need to learn how to sell at peak, he’s hit peak, so we should absolutely take that cash if it’s on offer and invest like Liverpool did when they earned a big windfall. I’d take losing a 29-year-old versus having to lose a kid to find the next step.

Also, don’t moan at me and starting bleating on that he’s our best player… who did you vote for in the Arsenal Player of the Season Award?


Speak up?

Thought so.

You hypocritical disgrace.

Drop transfer exits like I’ve laid out and you’re at £190m for spending power. You can buy many nice toys with cash like that. Then think of all the other players we could shift on… Elneny, Chambers, Mikhi, Jenks… there’s £30m in that mix.

Basically, don’t read into the £40m like that’s as far as the summer goes. It simply says to me that selling players is key to a hype summer execution.

Cut away all of the speculation, which could be spot on, or it could be really badly wrong (Ornstein had us with a £100m budget in January), the real story for me is that Edu only has an offer on the table, he hasn’t said yes.

Emery and Raul are at the wheel. We know they like sniffing around that bargain section. They’re the footballing equivalent of yellow sticker sandwich eaters. They don’t even like medium rare beef and Stilton… but if that sticker says 26p, it’s in the basket, no questions asked. Denis Suarez was a brown banana that was found under the fridge, the yellow sticker was just bants… but someone bought it, you know who? Yep. Yep.

So our summer is going to happen without the future architect of the club sailing the ship. Sven, love him or hate him, helped navigate us away from players like Banega, Nzonzi, Malcolm, and Denis Suarez. What is going to happen now? I like Cagigao, he sourced Santi, Bellerin and Cesc… but how much power will he be given?

Emery isn’t good at spending money if you look at some of the players he’s been responsible for in the past, he likes old and slow… or just utterly Suarezy. Raul wouldn’t be hiring a TD if he knew how to build a squad. Seems like a recipe for expensive mistakes. It looks like we’re going to head into next season without a vision or direction again. It’s spend and hope. I hate that. It is never going to work when those above us are driving towards an exciting vision mapped to a plan (Not Chelsea, lolololol).

Hopefully, I’m wrong. Nkunku looks a player when I’ve watched him. Djené has a lot of hype around him and £13.5m seems a bargain. However, there’s a bad stench of Rabiot-to-Arsenal everywhere you read, the guy has a piss poor attitude and didn’t like Emery last time around. Then I worry we’ll rekindle bland dreams of the past, Perisic or Carrasco are weighing heavily on my mind. Players past their prime, or with Ozil like attitudes to the game.

I don’t want to fuck about with talent that has temperament issues. Just give me young prime meat that wants to explode onto the scene. £75k a week or less. No mega contracts that make them fat and lazy. Let’s operate on a lean model and make sure hunger is central to their MO… just like it is at Spurs. I read a Poch article the other week that said he loved the players who want to leave because they care about success, be wary of those who thrive in comfort. Who is begging to leave Arsenal? Says a lot… right? A few too many just in it for the cashed paycheque.

Anyway, a real mixed back. Needless to say, summer will be busy. x

P.S. Souness and Keane FURIOUS that once again, they are proved wrong by a foreigner with better ideas of how the game should be played (tackles number). Arteta helping to architect one of the smartest off the ball sides the Premier League has ever seen, I’m welling up everyone, someone pass me a tissue, so emosh.

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  1. Pierre

    Dark Hei
    “I would move Ozil. Frees up 200k a week (lets face it, we will need to fork out the other 150k). Mik is another option as well. Free him and we get back 100k (again, we will need to pay 1/2 his salary)”

    anyone who believes this to be a good option is not thinking logically because those 2 players will need to be replaced and any replacements will be paid in the region of £100,000 a week so any savings will be minimal( if any) .
    Plus there will be no guarantee that any new players coming in would improve the team.
    Look at the one player that Emery signed in january… Saurez was a massive error of judgement in so many says that raises doubts about his ability to bring in the players we need.

  2. Freddie Ljungberg

    Yes Pierre, it’s going to be very difficult to replace Ozils massive input of 2 assists.

    Again, Emery doesn’t identify or sign the players although I’m sure he has some input.

    Suarez was a loan, after we failed to loan other players because we didn’t even have enough money for that. Stop being so disingenuous .

    Don’t think we have to subsidize Mikhis salary, it’s not that crazy and with a low fee there should be takers.

    Ozil is another story, going to be very hard to get rid of. Hopefully we buy a starter in his position regardless and he can sit on the bench and sulk and maybe he wants to leave in the january window if he has any pride left at all.

  3. Pierre

    unless you were walking around with your eyes closed last season , you would have noticed that Emery’s already tried marginalizing Ozil and guess what , it didn’t work.

    We lost 7 out of 14 games during the period when Emery marginalised Ozil and Ozil did not start a single one of those defeats… didn’t work

    In the end Emery had to eat humble pie and reinstate Ozil in the side to get our season back on track…
    Strange that you are advocating that Emery repeats this action , personally I would have thought the better option would be for Emery to learn from his mistakes last season..

  4. Freddie Ljungberg

    He wasn’t marginalised, he just pulled sickies, didn’t put any effort in and was generally very Ozilesque in his behaviour. The bad run had more to do with our other injuries than to Ozil staying home playing fortnite.

    We do lack creativity in the side though so sadly Ozil has to play sometimes, that won’t be the case if we sign someone like Brandt and a creative winger. Maybe he can still play at home against the bottom 5 if he stays, the only games he’s still moderately effective in.

  5. Un na naai

    Mate, the ship has sailed. You must be the last arsenal fan alive who thinks that ozil shouldn’t be replaced. He’s been an absolute failure of a signing. Up there with santos and stepanovs as wenger’s worst

    Lovely anecdote on Eboue. I remember the time when he was subbed on for about 12 mins and booed mercilessly by our “fans”. I’d never felt so sorry for a professional footballer like that. An absolutely shameful act for a young fella who tried his best and was clearly very short on confidence at the time. When he first burst on to the scene he was like Cafu for a year or two.

  6. Dark Hei


    I think we can do better with spending that 200k of savings, that’s all.

    With this kind of money, it is either Emery or Ozil. I think Ozil doesn’t suit Emery’s style, but I don’t think Emery is this insidious puppet master as you allude to.

    Even with the bad season behind him, I think Ozil can still command a sizable salary at some glamour club.

    But another season like this and it will be even more difficult to shift him.

  7. Dark Hei

    Un naa

    Yup, I remembered the Eboue of old.

    I think the Sagna signing really hit his confidence. He was doing very well in his debut season prior to that.

    No regrets though. Sagna was an excellent defender.

  8. Un na naai

    Dark hei

    Of course but booing the lad they way they did, there’s no justification for that. Was heartbreaking to watch.

  9. Bob N16

    Pierre, at his best Ozil is a wonderful player to watch but everybody should be able to recognise that he is not performing at his best often enough. You can blame the coach, the players around him or whatever but the reality is he’s not producing enough for us. This insufficient contribution is coupled with his being paid by far the highest wages in the club, wages commensurate with one of the top players in the world.

    I would love to keep a pair of rose-tinted glasses on and just purr at the memories of Ozil’s finest touches and exquisite passes but it’s not a realistic view.

    Unfortunately he also represents a side of our squad that needs addressing, namely our openness and our propensity to be overrun by teams, some of whom have clearly weaker squads than ours. Now I appreciate a defensive contributions is not Ozil’s main brief but if he isn’t contributing offensively then he becomes redundant.

    Through the fault of Gazidis et al, his wages are surely negatively affecting negotiations with other players and their agents. Again this is symptomatic of a malaise in our squad, of players not appearing to earn the money that they are being paid. We have a competitive wage bill but not a competitive team.

    Much as I have loved watching Ozil at his best, some of his touches put him pretty close to Bergkamp and Brady (I can’t give higher praise than that) but I strongly believe we need to move him on, to send out a clear statement of intent.

    If we had a competitive team, where we were mostly dominating teams, then I’d say keep him. We aren’t so him being ‘the cherry on top’ is not appropriate.

  10. mysticleaves

    Unai, yea. I loved Eboue too. For 2 seasons he was a delight to watch. And from all accounts he was a lovely character to be around. Shame it ended the way it did for him

  11. Davey

    I was there when Eboue was subbed and lets not beat about the bush he was bloody awful and in a 20min cameo performance he gave the ball away at every touch. Let us not forget how shite he was.

  12. Bob N16

    It was a disgrace when Eboue got booed. I remember being disgusted in the stadium when it happened.

    I once went to one of those pre-season open training sessions at the stadium. The main memory of a fairly uninspiring session was the way Eboue interacted with the fans. Nothing was too much for him and was incredibly friendly and outgoing. He came across as a genuine bloke.

    Really sorry to read about how his life appears to have hit the rails.

  13. Bob N16

    Davey, you’re right he was terrible but applaud the substitute/substitution was surely the way to go.

  14. Ishola70

    It was painful to see Eboue trying to play as a winger which Wenger was doing to him at times.

    That’s on the manager.

  15. Tony

    Arteta who?

    To be honest I’ve been following Gerrard and Lampard to see if they can improve on the many ex player failures.

    Both appear to be enjoying what they do and doing it well.

    Both were top players, leaders on the pitch and mostly level headed.

    I would imagine if they continue their growth with an upward trophy trajectory both Liverpool and Chelsea will no doubt be seriously looking at them.

    Now all we need is Arteta to do the same, but don’t hold your breath.

  16. China1

    Arteta is single handedly responsible for city’s success imo. I don’t even know why they bother with the billions in transfer outlays and world class managers around the guy. He’s the fundamental piece of the puzzle. Take him out of the club and they’d probably be in like league 2… or France… or something

  17. China1

    I wonder how long it will be until arteta is willing to actual get a job where he. Can sit in the big boy chair and be accountable

    I will wholeheartedly applaud him when he finally is brave enough. The sooner the better

  18. Un na naai


    Nobody is pretending anything. To abuse your own player like that is nothing short of wanker behaviour and deserves a back hander to the chops. Wallop 👋

  19. Bob N16

    Agree China, the time is coming when he will have to step out of Guardiola’s shadow. I’m sure it will be with Guardiola’s blessing and he’ll be able to accept an attractive offer to start his managerial career.

    When that happen his progress will be forensically assessed on Legrove, that’s for sure!

  20. Tony

    I’m not calling for Emery’s head, just don’t rate him on his 1st season’s offerings.

    My concerns are with management and owners, which I don’t need to repost about.

    Emery’s here for next season or certainly the first part if he doesn’t decide to jump ship during the summer.

    Who knows with this comedic soap opera club?

    At least we have the final to look forward to where the result of which will dictate our summer and what Emery has to work with.

    I have always maintained that next season will be Transition MK II.

    Whether that is an improvement on Transition MK I remains to be seen.

    Strange we haven’t seen Edu’s picture plastered everywhere in the media as a PR club managed boost in time for ST renewals.

    Anyone have an update?

  21. China1

    Ozil is one of the world’s most underwhelming footballers Pierre. All the talent in the world but an absolute petal of a player

    Why is it so hard to just admit you like his playing style even though he’s a horribly flawed player?

    I liked senderos a lot in the old days as a player and a footballer. But I didn’t pretend he didn’t shit the bed against imposing CFs because…he did.

    Some people here have way too much pride to call a spade a spade.

    Ozil is literally a sporting genius imo. His brain is simply better than 99.9% of other players and his technique is too. But it doesn’t add up to much special on the football field because he’s either sick, faking sickness or can’t be arsed at all for 50% of each season

    He’s been an extremely expensive failure for arsenal FC

  22. Davey

    Un na naai
    May 16, 2019 09:39:04


    Nobody is pretending anything. To abuse your own player like that is nothing short of wanker behaviour and deserves a back hander to the chops. Wallop 👋

    Read my posts I never said it was ok to boo him, just stated how crap he was and I was not part of the Eboue cult club. Please read before you insult.

  23. Jamie

    The booing of Eboue was reprehensible, but that shouldn’t obfuscate the fact that Eboue was absolute garbage for 90% of his career. His signature move was to gallop past opposition players with the ball, get tackled, and fall over with his legs flailing like a fawn on ice and pleading with the ref for a foul.

    My fondest memory of Eboue was during a national team game vs N.Korea when he pretended he could understand the tactics the N.Korean coach was giving one of his players.

  24. Dark Hei


    “It was painful to see Eboue trying to play as a winger which Wenger was doing to him at times.”

    Yah, his confidence was so badly damaged, he couldn’t even play RB properly when Sagna was out injured.

    He is like the opposite of Bendter.

  25. Valentin

    Since the Bosman verdict, the final decision to leave or stay is always the player. Ultimately short of sacking a player for professional misconduct, from a legal perspective a club cannot unilaterally kick a player out anymore. A club can only offer a choice: do you accept to join the other club or do you intend to stay. They may have a preference for the player to leave but the player is the one making the decision.

    Arsenal may reach a deal with another club, but Özil has already made clear via his agent that he intends to see his contract out.

    Chelsea tried to kick Winston Bogarde out, but they failed. He stayed 4 years at Chelsea, the last two without being assigned a number, without ever playing senior nor reserve football. In today’s climate, Chelsea’s behaviour could be construed as constructive dismissal. If Arsenal were to try the same approach, in all likelihood Arsenal would lose at an employment tribunal and would have to pay the reminder of his contract plus potentially punitive damage.

    So if Özil is here to stay, we better make full use of him. No point in ostracising him, when clearly he is still our best attacking midfield player. That does not mean to play him week-in week-out or for every away game.

  26. Graham62

    This Arteta nonsense is driving me mad. As for Ozil, we all know the solution to that problem( sorry Pierre).

    Find both subjects tedious and irrelevant.

    Let’s all look forward to the EL Final and focus on a huge moment in the clubs recent history.

    We need this.

    When was the last time we had to play such an important match?

  27. HighburyLegend

    “Let’s all look forward to the EL Final and focus on a huge moment in the clubs recent history.”

    In fact, almost (?) the only huge moment in our recent history.

  28. Globalgunner

    Eboue was a comedy act. He must have been taught somewhere that the objective of a football match is to see how many free kicks you can con the ref into awarding. Arsenal fans hate divers including their own. He, instead of rising to the challenge of Sagna descended into fakery. Poor excuse of a player. Still feel sorry for him in his present misery though.

  29. Jamie

    Don’t stress, Graham. Arteta will get his shot, and we’ll soon see if he can deliver the goods without pissing all over FFP regulations like his mentor.

    My guess is that he’ll tank no matter where he takes his first job as head coach, and the excuses will start rolling in (poor players, not enough financial backing from the board, inept board, bad weather, …).

  30. Tony

    It was wrong to boo Eboue or boo any sub coming off.

    Everyone has a bad day at the office from time to time except Xhaka & Mustafi’s gaffs-a-game predictability.

    Our fans must be much more tolerant these days or just kind of anesthetized to a lower expectancy.

    Thus far Emery has not been able to sustain any fans’ higher level of expectancy – just the occasional injection of ‘what could be’ and then onward with peaks and troughs.

    Mostly troughs for away games.

  31. Bamford10

    Loftus-Cheek was injured in Chelsea’s friendly in Boston yesterday and he had to be helped off of the field. If both he and Kante are unable to play in the EL final, that will help us a great deal.

  32. Un na naai


    Erm, insult? When I did I indicate I thought you were booing? I didn’t. I agree with you. I’m merely saying that those who did were tossers and deserved a slap.

    Please read next time before insinuating someone is insulting you

  33. Un na naai


    If they’d used their energy to actually cheer the team on from time to time maybe our crowd might cease to be the laughing stock of the premier league. Too busy booing players, taking selfies, slating the team and eating prawn sandwiches. The spurs bowl atmosphere puts ours to shame.

  34. Receding Hairline

    I mean if Ozil was such a creative force of nature we will not be finding it hard to move him on nor should he be working overtime to stay.

    Ozil is not a winner nor a fighter. His creativity amounted to 3-4 assists over the course of a season. One of his supporters is already threatening us with employment tribunals, all this is unnecessary if the player is actually productive, he isn’t.

  35. Bamford10

    ESPN says United are looking to replace Lukaku with Moussa Dembele. The latter is 22 years old, had 14 goals in Ligue 1 for Lyon and would cost £40 million. Ole at the wheel. 😉

  36. Pierre

    I have never said Ozil shouldn’t be really doesn’t bother me either way.

    The common theme on Le Grove is that he has been a failure, I’m not so sure.

    In his 5 years at the club we have reached 5 cup finals ( winning 3 ,losing 1), the 5 years previous to Ozil arriving , nothing …

    Eriksen,who is so lauded on le grove has been at Tottenham about the same amount of time and has won nothing and has just reached his first cup final .

    Taking into account that according to many on Le grove, Ozil has been playing under a clueless ,tactically inept manager and with a group of players that are rubbish whilst Eriksen has played under the great pochettino and with a far superior group of players than Arsenal’s, it makes one wonder how Eriksen is regarded as a success and Ozil a failure .

    P!us Ozil holds the record for reaching 50 assists the fastest in the premier league whilst at Arsenal……and he’s regarded as a failure…

    As for Ozil leaving , it’s either he goes or the manager goes as we both know, , in football if the manager doesn’t rate you then he will only see the negatives and never the positives and that’s how it is with Emery/ozil.

  37. HighburyLegend

    @Bamford, you were on the pitch last night, as Leeds has lost vs Derby County.
    In exclusivity for Le Grove, what is your first reaction ??

  38. Emiratesstroller


    I have spoken to a sports journalist on a number occasions who follows Arsenal probably more closely than most of his colleagues and football pundits. He attends most of the club’s games and follows also training sessions and the youth section as well.

    Interestingly he followed closely also Emery’s career in Spain as well. His view
    about the Head Coach is completely different to that of people who post on Le
    Grove. He rates him highly.

    Emery is clearly not articulate in the English language and as I suggested previously he is not “glamorous”.

    The reality is that he has probably outperformed what seemed likely at the
    start of this season when you consider our record in the last season of Wenger
    and more importantly the resources which were made available.

    Apart from Suarez he has inherited a squad which has been recruited by others at the club so you cannot criticise him for our recruitment policy or
    contract negotiations.

    He has made in my view a couple of controversial decisions. The first is to
    offload Ramsey rather than give him a new contract. That was in my view an
    expensive mistake.

    The second, which is probably less controversial and that is how he has handled Ozil. It remains to be seen what is the outcome, but I am doubtful that
    the player will leave the club this summer, because there are already a lot of
    other players on the way out without generating much transfer revenue.

    I will judge Emery once I see how the club handles our transfer business this
    summer and in particular the weaknesses in the backline. As far as I am concerned this is a total rebuild job over next two seasons.

    The midfield also needs some work. Ideally both Ozil and Mkhitaryan will also
    need to be replaced within the same time frame as well, but somehow I cannot
    see that happening this summer.

    If the club does decide to “buy” a winger I would not be surprised that we go after Zaha who would certainly be a better option than Fraser. He is a “powerful and fractious” player. That is certainly the sort of player Arsenal need to be looking at when they recruit.

    Interestingly according to Sky Sport the current odds posted are evens that
    Arsenal will buy him and we are supposedly favourites to do so. That will need
    a major shift in the club’s alleged transfer budget.

  39. Un na naai


    Sanogo won a cup final too, doesn’t make him better than Harry Kane
    I’d say it has more to do with how Eriksen influences his team and the matches in which they play. Ozil rarely steps up. Rarely scores. Goes missing completely for big games and away days. The evedince against him far outweighs the positives for me. Yes there are stats but for £43m I’d want a player who is a protagonist. He doesn’t dribble, constantly looks for an easy pass. Sometimes he’s up for it and it’s so noticeable beacuse it’s so rare. The fella just doesn’t apply his talent. He’s mentally weak. Plays the victim. I can’t stand him and can’t wait for him to be gone. His time highlights the worst period I’ve had an as arsenal fan and is indicative of the problem with the modern brat footballer. How he gets £350k per week I’ll never know

  40. Bamford10

    United are also apparently looking to sign both Aaron Wan-Bissaka and Patrick van Aanholt from Palace. Solskjaer clearly interested in having a lot of pace in his side next season, which is smart.

  41. Pierre


    “Ozil is not a winner”….

    Many players in world football would love to have had the success that Ozil has had in his career.

    You do not achieve what Ozil has achieved in his career unless you are a winner.

  42. CG

    Pierre is totally correct with his Ozil post.

    Ozil is not the problem- Emery is the problem.
    Ozil has footballing Pedigree-Emery probably eats it.

    Ozil has won The World Cup.
    Emery lives only for The Loosers Cup.

    Ozil is a younger version of David Silva.
    The Pep and Arteta Tag Team seem to get the best out of him
    Likewise- Klopp with the mercurial Shaqiri.

    Raul The Spiv- signed off Ozils very lucrative contract.
    Raul the Spiv – green lights Emery appointment.

    Did – it not occur to him the two might not be compatible??

    Raul the Spiv – is supposedly chasing Edu- as Tech Director.!!!

    How is the cultured Edu compatible with the uncultured Emery?

    We have no structure or strategy at the club. We are set up to fail.

    We will be a mid table entity within a year- with Raul still at the helm.

    He is a con artist.

  43. Words on a Blog


    Bamford’s reaction to the Leeds loss: “Well Highbury, it was a game of two halves….”

  44. CG

    Well said Pierre

    Ozil with the right coach.
    (And espcially without the drain of international football)- can still be a top player.

    I for one hope he stays- and outlasts Emery

  45. Pierre

    sorry Un, you are talking like the KNOBS ( know nothing only bullshit) crowd.

    Marko or receding hairline would come out with the sonago comment…you’re better than that.

    Ozil has won honours at every level….voted best German (world champjons) player 5 years on the bounce so to compare Ozil with sanogo is futile.

  46. Bamford10


    Painfully disappointing. Beyond words. We thought we would be playing in the Premiership next season. Now ….

  47. Bamford10

    Has it always been the case that there is a playoff for the third promotion place out of the Championship? Why would the third place team not simply get it? I guess I have never paid attention to this.

  48. CG

    Marco Reus recently stated – Ozil is the best player – he has ever played with.

    No more Ozil debate required.

    In our current state- he should be the first name on the team sheet.

    A coaches job- is to get the best out of all his players.

    If he cant do that basic requirement. Get another Bloody coach.

    Plenty about this summer.


  49. Dissenter

    The playoffs for the third place qualifier has been a popular staple in England for about three decades. It generates lots of revenues and excitement. They even give a trophy afterwards.

  50. Words on a Blog


    In the past Ozil was an ultra talented and visionary player with a tendency to disappear in the really big matches, and in matches against physically imposing opponents, or teams that press effectively.

    For the last couple of seasons his productivity and his output in terms of assists and chances created has been on the decline. This decline predates Emery’s arrival.

    He is paid shedloads and doesn’t want to leave, so Emery will have to find a way to use him effectively.

  51. Valentin


    Where in my previous comment did I argue in favour of Özil suing us at a employment tribunal?
    Again specialist in misrepresenting what people are saying.
    I stated that whatever you think of Özil, he is not leaving. His agent has made clear that he intend to see his contract out. We can’t even try to make his life miserable, because that would backfire against us.
    The only he will leave is either at the end of his contract or if we pay him to leave. Clearly to pay his reminding wage so he can play somewhere else is ridiculous.
    Instead of concentrating on trying to kick him out this summer, Arsenal should then accept the situation and make use of him for next season.

    Arsenal can always revisit the situation when he has only 1 year left and very limited option in Europe. He may then agree a deal to finish his career with a highly paid contract in China or Qatar.

  52. HighburyLegend

    “Marco Reus recently stated – Ozil is the best player – he has ever played with.
    No more Ozil debate required.”


  53. Dissenter

    Wenger started last season that an Ozil that has withdrawn for the German national team set-up is one without motivation
    Ozil is now semi-retired and will finish out his contract whichever way It comes
    It has nothing to do with the manager.

  54. Bamford10


    Ozil was once a great player, however he has not been that player for a long time now, and this has nothing to do with any manager. Ozil was a mercurial talent, one with enormous abilities in certain respects (intelligence, touch, polish) but real limitations in others (mental toughness, physical strength, attitude).

    His career is over for all intents and purposes, however, and I think it is time for you to move on. Same goes for your defense of Wenger. Find a new cause. It’s mid-2019, not 2016. Look forwards, not backwards. This endless attempt to win arguments long ago decided is pointless.

    As for your Eriksen jibes, I’ve never rated him massively, but he is a good player, he was signed for one-quarter of what Ozil was signed for, he has been just as productive if not more productive than Ozil, and he is rumored to be off to Madrid for a handsome fee. Ozil? We can’t give him away.

    As I say, though, I think it is time for you to move on to new causes. Who is the next Ozil, in your opinion? What creative attacking midfielders would you like us to look at or sign? Alternately, if we were to replace Emery in one year’s time, who would you like our next manager to be? All of these would make for more interesting and more fruitful topics, IMO.

  55. Words on a Blog


    On other thing re Ozil.

    In the past, Ozil had a great intuitive, almost telepathic, understanding with Sánchez, which created lots of chances and goals. Since Alexis has gone, he doesn’t have a similar level of understanding with any other player.

    At the moment the only two similar understandings we have are

    Laca/Auba, and

  56. Receding Hairline

    This is a byproduct of lacking the cojones to make tough decisions

    If the club had simply let his deal run out and he walked on a free we would not now have a 350k/week problem on our hands.

    Sure we would have been criticized in the press and social media but that would have been better than having a problem no one seems to know how to solve.

  57. CG

    The G
    “”””Instead of concentrating on trying to kick him out this summer, Arsenal should then accept the situation and make use of him for next season””””#

    Off course we should.
    Any other normal club- does this.

    Why does Emery Go Out of his way- and continually look for strife?
    He is the worst coach -I have ever come across

  58. Bamford10

    “Why does Emery Go Out of his way- and continually look for strife?”

    He doesn’t. You’ve invented this fiction out of whole cloth.

  59. CG


    “”””If the club had simply let his deal run out and he walked on a free we would not now have a 350k/week problem on our hands.”””

    Raul signed it off. And then appointed a coach in Emery – and didn’t think – there would be a personality clash?

    Raul is now in total charge of footballing policy.
    He has never done this job before
    He has no experience of English football.
    he has never given an interview- in what his vision is?

    he thinks a Brazilian – arriving late in mid summer- as tech Dir- is sensible.

    his neck is on the line- when he has to sack the ridiculous Emery

  60. shaun

    glad to see things have changed at UEFA now Blatter has gone lol………………… Baku is just dumb no matter how you slice it, maybe they should get wenger in to sort it out lol………………………… they can’t be any worse really

  61. Valentin

    Personally FIFA should create a new Central European and Eastern Asia section.
    I can’t see the point in having clubs closer to India in an European competition. Nor do I understand why Qatar and Saudi Arabia are in the same continental competitions than Japan and China.

    That would also limit this ridiculous travel journey for clubs competition and country qualifiers.

  62. Valentin

    Arteta could be a good fit at Lyon.
    They have a good squad, expectation are high but not unreasonable.
    He could concentrate on coaching rather having to straight build a new team and buy players.
    They are likely bro be in the Champion’s league next season, so that would also give him some exposure.

  63. Receding Hairline

    Lyon is actually a perfect place for him if as we are told he is Pep lite.

    Lyon recruit very well. Have always liked them as a football club dating back to when they always bullied Real Madrid

  64. China1

    Wenger only a year or two ago compared wilshere to Messi and I seem to recall did the same with sanogo and wenger was FUCKING INVINCIBLE

    So no further debate required

  65. China1

    Lyon is a fantastic place to cut your teeth as a manager

    If arteta gets offere dthat he’d be mad not to take it if he is serious about becoming a manager

    If it’s true I’ll applaud him openly if he takes it, even more if he does a great job and I will welcome him back with open arms in a couple of years if he looks like the bees knees and we recruit him

    I just wanna see him prove himself and step out of this comfort zone

  66. Words on a Blog

    Really hope the Arteta to Lyon thing is real.

    Sounds like it would be the ideal place for him to establish himself – a much better environment than dysfunctional Arsenal, and with less unrealistic expectations.

  67. China1

    Arteta will have learned mountains from his time under Leo I don’t doubt, but it’s the law of diminishing returns. The benefit you get from following his lead is awesome but he will likely be learning less and less in real terms with each passing season, especially because it’s kinda more of the same

    Like even if he didn’t take a manager’s job, he’d probably actually learn more as an assistant manager to anyone else next year rather than staying with pep – in part because you can only learn so much from always working with the same people and also because you learn more from failure and challenges than you do clean, consistent success.

    Arteta May now be well equipped to do a Pep at a club similar to man city, but how many clubs are like man city and how many want him? If he’s lucky and lands a role like that he could do a pep/zidane if he’s really that capable and then he’ll be set early as an elite coach.

    But if one of those dominant teams with endless resources or a one sided league doesn’t want him as a manager, and he finds himself working for the Evertons, Benficas, Lyons or Arsenals of this world, half of what he’ll have learned will go out of the window.

    Pep can’t teach you how to win as an underdog because in his *entire* managerial career he’s never even been in that situation.

    Pep can’t he’ll you to coach average, ageing journeymen into world beaters because pep never needed to depend much on such players.

    Pep can’t teach you how to play defensively without possession against a team with several times as much as your own, because he’s never had to do that

    You see my point. Arteta would benefit more from assisting a bang average manager next season than assisting pep again. Though I really hope he justs sticks his neck out and goes for a manager role

  68. Valentin

    The only caveat to Arteta to Lyon being a good opportunity is that Lyon is also changing the structure behind the scene. It look like they are going to appoint their former player Juninho as Director of Football.
    Anyway Arteta has also competition for the role in Tiago, the current Athletico Madrid’s assistant. He has the advantage of being a former clubmate of Juninho.

  69. HighburyLegend

    “Arteta could be a good fit at Lyon.”

    lol imagine for one second Pedro’s reaction if that happens.

  70. Jamie

    Wow, Arteta to Lyon would be fantastic. Just the other day, I think there were comparisons made with the stature of Lyon and Arsenal in European football.

    Really hope this happens. Let’s see what he’s made of. Unless he’s still a puss happy to keep hiding in Pep’s shadow. What more can he learn from Pep? Maybe he’s a really slow learner.

  71. Valentin


    Pep can’t help you to coach average, ageing journeymen into world beaters because pep never needed to depend much on such players.

    That has been one of the force of Guardiola. He improves players whatever their initial level. Forget about the world class players, he has always been able to transform average players via coaching into dependable professional. He successfully transformed Fabian Delph the typical journeyman into a competent left back.
    Anyway, Lyon don’t have a lot of journeymen, they have mostly upcoming talented youngsters.

    Yes Guardiola never had any experience in dealing with relegation fight, but I am not sure those are the situation Arteta wants to experience either.

  72. KAY Boss

    Any Brazilian here who can help with any info on Walter Kanneman being linked to us.?
    Djene going for £13.5m is a bargain in today’s market.
    Ain’t u guys tired of constantly slugging each other out just to prove a point. Anyway it helps, it makes the blog interesting and boring at the same time. Also exposes ignorance of some posters. Cheerio!!

  73. Un na naai

    I’ve never fancied ozil. Di Maria was on offer at the time and he’d have been fantastic for us. United destroyed him. Could you imagine him on one wing and Sanchez on the other? We’d have won the 2016 title I’m sure.

  74. Un na naai


    You don’t really think he’s there due to being afraid to take a job when he was desperate for the arsenal job?

    I’ve now doubt he wants to manage himself and isn’t afraid. We shall all watch with baited breath I’m sure.

  75. Chitom

    I’m sure Arteta could get the best out of Ozil.

    Actually……come to think of it ., I could get the best out of Ozil by simply asking him when and against what opponents he would like to play.
    No away games to physical teams ( 90% of PL matches), no games in sub 50 degrees conditions or rain, no defensive assignments , have him take all set piece plays to get his assists up.
    Easy peasy lemon squeezy I’m a coachin genius.

    Marco Reus was probably right when he said Ozil is the best player he’s ever played with.

    Eden Hazard said Gervinho was the best player he’s ever played with ………….but then he left France and went to Chelsea.
    How Chelsea failed to sign Gervinho despite Hazard’s endorsement I will never know..

  76. Marko

    Chitom I’m not sure you cater to such an obvious declining player. Just bin.

    Must say how truly pathetic it was earlier to see Pierre in a panic at the thought of losing Ozil and Mhiki. Irreplaceable they are

  77. Marko

    I would hope that if Wan Bissaka is available that we would at least try to sign him. That’s two seasons now that he’s finished in the top three for tackles and interceptions in the league. He’d be perfect at RB for us

  78. China1

    It hasn’t really been one of the forces of guardiola thoigh if were being serious

    Pep has been managing for more than 10 years and in that time, how many average players have been coached by him into being top end players? As well it’s an awful lot easier when the entire squad around you (and bench) is world class.

    Back in the old days you could put any kid from our youth academy into our first team and they’d look the part give or take. But when you are playing in rampant teams surrounded by workdies (and in 2/3 of the countries pep has coached in there has only been limited competition (only real back in Spain and no one in Germany if we’re honest). Ofc one or two average/old players will be solid under him

    But put pep in charge at arsenal tomorrow and let’s see him tested at handling average players and journeymen for real. Could pep make iwobi, xhaka, ozil, mustafi, mikki and chums look top quality? Maybe but he’s literally never been out in that kind of position before and until he’s done it the jury is out

    Pep is brilliant but he’s always had absolutely everything on his terms. He doesn’t know what adversity as a coach looks like. And when you have unbelievable players it’s that much easier to instill your genius way of thinking on them because they will get it. Try it at arsenal and see how easy t is there.

    Emery asked cech to play some 10 yard passes to feet at the start of the season and it was like watching a donkey on ice skates. A player who hasn’t played a short pass to feet in 15 fucking years lol

    as much as it sucks to admit, this is why old red nose achieved more than pep imo. Some of his squads were fucking bang average and he still pulled it out regardless of who was on the pitch.

  79. China1

    Pep’s entire management is on fine margins to separate his team from the other dominant, elite ones

    He’s the guitar player who will agonize over the advantages of the nuances of the new strings he’s just bought as he’s trying to get that *perfect* tone – but he’s never played guitar through a shitty little amp. Can he make that work too?

    He’s the guy in waitrose trying to pick out the cut of beef with the perfect marbling, but could he cook well if he only had a microwave?

    I don’t say this to shit on pep. I think he’s amazing. But he’s qualities have exclusively been demonstrated in a small corner of the game. That corner is what he deserves credit for, not the rest

  80. Graham62

    Now I get it.

    CG stands for “Complete Garbage”.

    The wind-up-merchant of le-grove.

    “Ozil is a younger version of David Silva” proves my point.

    I know you don’t give a toss what you post CG but please, stop acting the fool.

  81. Graham62

    Interesting discussion today on TalkSport in regards to Football Agents.

    Simon Jordan once again making perfect sense.

    Players, not the clubs, should pay the agents.

    100% in agreement.

  82. China1

    Ozil is just like David Silva if you close both your eyes and shoot high grade crystal meth up straight into your temples

    Trust me

  83. Marko

    Ozil’s nothing like David Silva. Even a declining Silva who’s slowly getting used less at 33 takes an absolute shit on the numbers Ozil produces

  84. Valentin


    I disagree with your assessment of Guardiola strength. In my view his main strength is his coaching of players and squad management over a season. That is why he continually win the league while beating records.

    A lot of players who were decent turns out world class talent under his tutelage. Take Sterling for example, when he joined ManCity, everybody agreed that it was a mistake and a bad move for both club and player. Now everybody agree he is a world class talent.

    Look at what he did to Joe Hart, Guardiola would have binned Cech straight away. He would not have been afraid to pick a youth team player ahead of him. Martinez has been receiving rave review at Reading. If Leno had not already been at the Club, I am pretty sure that Guardiola would have played Martinez or Ospina ahead of Cech.

    As a coach/manager Guardiola main quality are:
    * His relentless drive to improve his players
    * Persistent need to reach high standard and then beat them.

    However he is not the best tactically as the fact that he had been bested too many time in the Champion’s league by inferior teams.

    Like you said, he is stubborn and very rarely will he compromise his philosophy. That is admirable, but sometimes that can be counterproductive. That’s why people were surprised when he changed tactic against Liverpool in the league. Abandoning a possession based game in favour of a more counter-attacking game plan.

    He is more than a mere chequebook manager. He is a proper coach manager.

  85. Graham62

    Didn’t Tom Cruise once say David Beckham would make a great James Bond?

    Just a comparison with David Silva and Mesut Ozil?

    Any other hilarious comparisons you can think of?

  86. Jamie

    Yesterday, Un compared Jack Nicholson with Dwayne ‘the rock’ Johnson.. That was fairly hilarious, although he did later say it was a joke. I guess it landed.

  87. Globalgunner

    David Beckham would make a great James Bond. But someone would have to overdub his voice and there would have to be a clause in the contract that Victoria cannot be a Bond girl or feature in any way. Heck she shouldn’t be allowed on set.

  88. CG


    “Ozil is a younger version of David Silva” proves my point.

    Ozil 30 years of age. 92 caps for Germany- 23 goals.
    Silva 33 years of age. 125 caps for Spain- 35 goals.
    Both left footed . Both creative. Both have won World Cups.

    I would say there are a lot of similarities.

    If Pep was coaching Ozil- we would be witnessing a different Ozil
    If Emery was coaching Silva- we would be witnessing a lethargic and disinterested Silva.

    the impression- I get- Is our creative players (ozil and mikki_ do not respect Emery- one jot.)
    And I don’t blame them.

    And If we had Klopp- mikki would be playing out of his skin too.

    Posters- cant face the truth. Emery /Raul are and always will be The Problem.

    because truth hurts.

  89. Nelson

    Good news keeps coming. 😀

    With Loftus-Cheek a guarantee to start in the Europa League final, it was a massive blow to see him limp off in the post-season friendly against New England Revolution.

    With the Blues returning home, Loftus-Cheek is set to have a scan but the early fears are that he has ruptured his Achilles tendon

  90. Leftsidesanch

    ‘Because truth hurts’

    …of course, not your idiocy, not your consistency stupidity… just the truth

  91. Graham62


    Sorry, you can’t get out of it that easily.

    How about a few more comparisons?

    Go on, give us a laugh.

  92. Graham62

    Chalk and cheese.
    Black and white.
    Night and day.
    Wet and dry.
    Sanogo and Mane.
    Ali and Bugner.
    Theresa May and Madonna.
    Mother Teresa and Bonnie Parker.

    Go with the flow CG.

  93. Jamie

    Emery bashing carries a significant amount of cred on this blog. Despite CG’s blatant half-wittedness, he’ll get a reprieve from Pedro.

    He’s a straight-up clown though. Imagine genuinely wanting Wenger back or Mourinho on board. I’m starting to think he’s a troll like Pierre, just here to stir up some shit.

  94. Marko

    I can deal with idiots when I have to but my god it’s incessant shite with that moron. And he literally adds nothing to a conversation

  95. Graham62


    Most definitely.

    When he highlighted his desire to get Mourinho on board, he lost all credibility- did he have any in the first place?- as far I’m concerned.

    Just a troll.

  96. Leedsgunner

    With the press widely reporting that we have £40m to spend… this despite not spending very much in the winter transfer window — it begs the question, what was the point of the Emirates Stadium?

    All the more reason to sell our deadwood expeditiously. Isn’t the transfer window open officially from today?

  97. Marc

    When CG made a list of potential Emery replacements earlier including Howe for a minute I actually wondered whether he meant Don or Eddie. Anything’s possible with CG.

  98. azed

    “If Emery was coaching Silva- we would be witnessing a lethargic and disinterested Silva.”

    Emery coached Silva so well, Man City bought him.

    I know you have no clue about Emery coaching Silva though.

  99. Marko

    He mentioned Jens Lehmann as a candidate for the Arsenal job. He who lasted mere months as an assistant at Augsburg and that’s literally it.

  100. mysticleaves

    “from a legal perspective a club cannot unilaterally kick a player out anymore. A club can only offer a choice: do you accept to join the other club or do you intend to stay. They may have a preference for the player to leave but the player is the one making the decision.”

    Sorry Val I thought Arsenal forced Viera out? Which is it now?

  101. CG


    “””When he highlighted his desire to get Mourinho on board”””

    Mourinho would not be my ideal choice.
    But Is he a better choice – than Emery …undoubtedly….Without question or hesitation.

    Anyone doubting Mourinhos’ footballing intellect- should read his overnight interview. (

    Can you imagine- Emery ever talking about football like that??

    Does he even speak our language yet?
    Mourinho like Wenger speaks 5.
    (It’s called intelligence..)

    If you were to poll all the Arsenal fans in the world.

    Jose v Emery
    Mourinho wins hands down.

  102. mysticleaves

    Yeah, If CG had a clue, he would have known that Emery gave Silva and Mata their big breaks. Both flair players.

    Meanwhile Jose literally had problems with all the flair players he worked with. Binned Mata, KDB, Salah and Even had to sub Ozil after every 60mins.

    But hell, let’s sign Jose

  103. CG

    Emery is clearly a decent enough coach in his environs of Spain.

    And that’s where he should operate.

    But He has not the personality, charisma,kudos or ability to manage a club of Arsenals stature .

    The Stats – prove it this season.

  104. salpardisenyc

    Baku turning into farce.

    Sounds like nobody w/ Armenian descent or carrying dual British – Armenia passports is being granted the visa to enter.

    Club not comfortable with safety protocols in place now looking like Mkhitaryan will be left out of squad, make of that what you will on the playing front but its really poor judgement from UEFA.

  105. Jacko

    Does anyone know if we can add another body to our Europa squad if Miki is not allowed to travel? Especially as this is a UEFA fuck up, and completely out of our hands.

    Nelson perhaps?

  106. Graham62

    Arsenal should be given the green light to add an additional player to the squad.

    A total and utter cock up by UEFA.

  107. Dissenter

    The UEFA executives have proven themselves to be morons
    How do you award a final of such significance without getting guarantees about entry for the participating athletes?

  108. Graham62

    Mourinho is a parasite as far as ALL Arsenal fans are concerned.

    Wouldn’t want him anywhere near my club.

    Detest the bloke.

    What does that say about you CG?


  109. Leftsidesanch

    CG is another detestable prick, if there was an ignore button hes the first on there and then to be done with it.

  110. China1

    Sterling is a good example you make but let’s also remember he had had one or two brilliant seasons before joining city

    He was a tough cut diamond who he has polished extremely well – but he was a tough cut diamond, not an average player

    Pep is amazing at getting the maximum out of his players like you say, though there’s a reason why he never holds back in the transfer market – talk is that they wanna burn a couple of hundred million this summer if rumors are to be believed

    Let’s see him turn an iwobi into a sterling

    Honestly if he was arsenal manager next season I think our squad of wenger babies and average mercenaries would really struggle to implement the kind of vision he would bring to the table, the club wouldn’t be able to back him with a couple of hundred mil a year on transfers and he’d be left trying to work his magic on the mustafis and xhakas of this world

    He’d have done a bit better than emery but I still would bet he’d have been very flat and less than awe inspiring in our setup

  111. Marko

    Julian Brandt is expected to join Borussia Dortmund if he decides to leave Bayer Leverkusen this summer, Sky Sports News understands.

  112. gambon

    I said a few days ago that some players would be stick at mud table clubs for years due to silly valuations.

    Last season Maguire had to stay at Leicester because UTD wouldn’t pay £60m

    This season Palace want £100m for Zaha

    Players at middling clubs need to be very careful about which contracts they sign.

    Zaha signed an extension 12 months ago and now he’s being held hostage.

  113. Champagne charlie

    Why no more than 25mil? That’s incredibly modest in this market.

    Yea I spoke of that a couple of weeks ago too, Mahrez was the first obvious modern example and the rest have duly taken note.

    They have money, they don’t “need” to sell, it’s not wise for a player to blindly sign as they seem to. Especially with verbal agreements, fuck that.

  114. gambon

    Zaha (8.5 goals average last 3 seasons) has the same valuation as Griezmann (world cup winner, 25.3 goals average per season).

  115. mysticleaves

    Sterling was always a top talent. He needed a stage to shine and city gave it to him.

    Pep is an awesome coach, not an excellent manager though but he never works with players that aren’t top talent.

    re Joe Hart, he came and binned him immediately and went for Bravo. Bravo failed what did he do? Went for top talent Ederson. Are you telling me there was no keeper in City reserves he could have moulded to what he wants?

    Pep would never go to a club that doesn’t already have top talent or doesn’t have enough money to buy top talent.