Arsenal looking to go unspectacular this summer (shocker)

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You know when people are like, ‘Christmas has started because the Pret Christmas Latte just dropped’ or something nauseatingly basic like that? The football equivalent is, ‘you know summer has started when Ornstein drops a bombshell that Arsenal will be shite in the transfer window.’

He’s only gone and done it AGAIN.

Top level: ‘It’s going to be a bit bland’

If we lose against Chelsea, £40m is our starting point.

We’re going project youth with a bit of experience (same as last summer).

We want a centre back, an Aaron replacement, and a winger type entity.

Additionally, if there is an extra special deal, we’ll chase a left back, right back and a striker.


Thank fuck for the last snippet, I know there’s been a lot of grumblings in the community of late about making sure we don’t EVER break a single rule, right now, I’m just letting off a massive sigh of THANK FUCK that we’re going to play it safe.

So what to make of this goss fest?

Well, don’t wet those panties you absolute man child. Also, why are you wearing panties? Grow up and step away from your mum’s lingerie drawer you 35-year-old freak. Get your 2001 Beano branded specials on and let’s dive into the mixer like peak Bobby P against Pompey.

If we are a Europa League club, blasting money away isn’t sensible. The MIGHTY Swiss Ramble has some analysis on how badly we’ve been rocked by the step-down.

We have a lot of expensive dross in the squad and I’d imagine Stan is asking Raul to realign the wage bill and move on the shite before we start going nuts again. £235m a year in wages is outrageous for the return.

Secondly, there’s some heated debate over whether the Ornstein budget figure is right. Some say we’re hiding our improved financial success, some say the number is what it is.

This is Gambon from the comments on where the new cash is coming from.

💰New club level seats £5m

💰Adidas £30m

💰Emirates 12m

💰Visit Rwanda £10m

💰New TV deal £10m

I’ve heard the lower number since November, and I’d say if we were looking at a £100m starting point, we’d have loosened the purse strings in January. Telling that we didn’t do that, isn’t it?

It’ll be interesting to see how hard we go at freeing up cash this summer. Mustafi and Xhaka should surely be heading for the exit door, there should be £70m incoming for those two alone. Auba is being linked to Madrid for £85m. Love him to bits, he’s helped shape our season, but he’s 29 so don’t be sentimental about this. The biggest travesty of the latter years of Arsene is his hoarding of players. We need to learn how to sell at peak, he’s hit peak, so we should absolutely take that cash if it’s on offer and invest like Liverpool did when they earned a big windfall. I’d take losing a 29-year-old versus having to lose a kid to find the next step.

Also, don’t moan at me and starting bleating on that he’s our best player… who did you vote for in the Arsenal Player of the Season Award?


Speak up?

Thought so.

You hypocritical disgrace.

Drop transfer exits like I’ve laid out and you’re at £190m for spending power. You can buy many nice toys with cash like that. Then think of all the other players we could shift on… Elneny, Chambers, Mikhi, Jenks… there’s £30m in that mix.

Basically, don’t read into the £40m like that’s as far as the summer goes. It simply says to me that selling players is key to a hype summer execution.

Cut away all of the speculation, which could be spot on, or it could be really badly wrong (Ornstein had us with a £100m budget in January), the real story for me is that Edu only has an offer on the table, he hasn’t said yes.

Emery and Raul are at the wheel. We know they like sniffing around that bargain section. They’re the footballing equivalent of yellow sticker sandwich eaters. They don’t even like medium rare beef and Stilton… but if that sticker says 26p, it’s in the basket, no questions asked. Denis Suarez was a brown banana that was found under the fridge, the yellow sticker was just bants… but someone bought it, you know who? Yep. Yep.

So our summer is going to happen without the future architect of the club sailing the ship. Sven, love him or hate him, helped navigate us away from players like Banega, Nzonzi, Malcolm, and Denis Suarez. What is going to happen now? I like Cagigao, he sourced Santi, Bellerin and Cesc… but how much power will he be given?

Emery isn’t good at spending money if you look at some of the players he’s been responsible for in the past, he likes old and slow… or just utterly Suarezy. Raul wouldn’t be hiring a TD if he knew how to build a squad. Seems like a recipe for expensive mistakes. It looks like we’re going to head into next season without a vision or direction again. It’s spend and hope. I hate that. It is never going to work when those above us are driving towards an exciting vision mapped to a plan (Not Chelsea, lolololol).

Hopefully, I’m wrong. Nkunku looks a player when I’ve watched him. Djené has a lot of hype around him and £13.5m seems a bargain. However, there’s a bad stench of Rabiot-to-Arsenal everywhere you read, the guy has a piss poor attitude and didn’t like Emery last time around. Then I worry we’ll rekindle bland dreams of the past, Perisic or Carrasco are weighing heavily on my mind. Players past their prime, or with Ozil like attitudes to the game.

I don’t want to fuck about with talent that has temperament issues. Just give me young prime meat that wants to explode onto the scene. £75k a week or less. No mega contracts that make them fat and lazy. Let’s operate on a lean model and make sure hunger is central to their MO… just like it is at Spurs. I read a Poch article the other week that said he loved the players who want to leave because they care about success, be wary of those who thrive in comfort. Who is begging to leave Arsenal? Says a lot… right? A few too many just in it for the cashed paycheque.

Anyway, a real mixed back. Needless to say, summer will be busy. x

P.S. Souness and Keane FURIOUS that once again, they are proved wrong by a foreigner with better ideas of how the game should be played (tackles number). Arteta helping to architect one of the smartest off the ball sides the Premier League has ever seen, I’m welling up everyone, someone pass me a tissue, so emosh.

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  1. Un na naai


    Hahaha. Every day all day. But watch the scene. Witches of eastwick. Jack Nicholson. They don’t make em like that any more. All we get now is captain marvel as a feminist equivalent. Don’t get my wrong I’m no bra burner but if you’re going to make a movie on female empowerment then this is the way forward.

  2. azed

    The 2018-19 season was far from a vintage Arsenal season, having to rely on lots of positive variance in attack along with an excellent Leno season. It brings into question the coaching job that Emery did, even though some have pointed to an increase point total as proof of a successful debut year. The cumulative damage from years of squad mismanagement has left them with a roster that is short on prospects that are worthy building blocks, and having limited transfer funds to cover up the holes in place (especially if they don’t win the Europa League).

  3. DaleDaGooner

    “Would I rather have another season like this one”

    I’d have this season without Xhaka and Mustafi….yeah…things would be different with even Doucoure and a defender from one of the teams just below us not named Manhcester United…

  4. Marc


    It’s different with Chelsea – they’re about to go into a two window transfer ban, a paltry fee and it’s might as well keep him a year. Hazard is also several levels of good above Eriksen.

    My point is don’t sell players who are producing on the cheap. It’s bad enough to have to look at taking a possible hit of Mustafi, Ozil, Xhaka etc but let’s not do it on the guys who aren’t on the list of “just get rid of”.

  5. Marko

    Viera was kicked out of the club, ironically after spending two years trying to leave.
    Those are the facts.
    I know that they don’t agree with your opinion.

    Man was kicked out of the club he was trying to leave. Yep sounds like being kicked out alright. What’s next man forced to divorce woman he no longer loves or lives with. Man sacked from job he hasn’t turned up to in months. Oh my the humiliation

  6. Graham62


    You may be right but the way I look at it is Emery must UNLEASH LACAZETTE AND AUBA.

    Chelski will be scared shitless of these two.

    Scared shitless!

  7. Un na naai

    I’ve had two showers in half an hour and I still smell like a Dubliner

    (No offended eagle if you’re reading)

  8. MidwestGun

    Hahaha Un na na .. Well I’m going to my little 17 year old niece’s football tournament tonight .. She plays the cam … #10. so that’s all the female empowerment I will need for today.

  9. azed

    “As the shot maps show, this season’s goal return is mostly a mirage. They came in over expectation for the second season in a row.”

  10. azed

    “The problem is, just like last season, this defensive approach simply isn’t working. Arsenal’s defensive and midfield personnel aren’t good enough to make the system work. The left side in particular is a major problem. Granit Xhaka is not nearly rangy enough in midfield, and his poor defensive instincts amplify his lack of mobility. Nacho Monreal has aged past the ability where he can comfortably defend in space. The motley crew of Arsenal center backs don’t do enough to pick up the slack when faced with that much swiss cheese in front of them. And while Lucas Torreira may yet become a good defensive midfield linchpin, there’s only so much any mortal not named N’Golo Kante can do.

    Faced with those defensive deficiencies, Arsenal would need to be an intergalactic level attacking juggernaut for the team to compete at a high level. They aren’t. They’re good, but not good enough given the handicap they’ve been saddled with. They’re averaging 1.41 expected goals per match, which is sixth in the league, just a shade behind Bournemouth for fifth. They don’t actually take a ton of shots, only 13 per match, but they do take efficient ones.”

  11. Marko

    Words I know I should but he honestly gets away with so much bullshit around here. If people overlook enough lies pretty soon this place will be nothing but lies. The Breitbart of Arsenal blogs if you will

  12. azed

    How can Arsenal fix themselves? The obvious answer is by upgrading their personnel at the back, but that can’t happen until January at the earliest, and more realistically next summer. Until then, the team needs to figure out how to change their game to give the back half of the field some help. One obvious possibility is simply dumping Granit Xhaka in favor of a more defensive option. But, it’s unclear if Arsenal have such an option available. Matteo Guendouzi is the obvious choice but at 19, his defending is very active, but not positionally sound. It’s not immediately clear he’d make the defense better.

    Another option is playing more conservatively in attack. This is probably the path that can pay the most immediate dividends. When Arsenal attack they are extremely aggressive. Not only are they functionally playing with two strikers now that Pierre Emerick-Aubameyang and Lacazette are both starting, but they are also using the very aggressive movement of Aaron Ramsey and choosing to get both fullbacks involved to provide width. All of that thrust is then conducted by Mesut Ozil.

    A slightly more conservative approach, making sure Monreal doesn’t overextend his ability to recover, and playing an actual winger on the left to protect him might help stabilize things. Or, rather than play Ramsey at the 10, play a truer stay at home midfielder, to be part of a central three, adding an extra body to clog the field, and trusting the top notch attacking talent to get it done anyway (and since Ramsey’s contract is running down, preparing for life without him makes even more sense).

    Right now, Arsenal’s possession is predicated on scoring. They want to have the ball to use it to score goals. Then, if and when they’re ahead, they are happy to try and defend without the ball. It doesn’t go well. Instead, this team should be looking to be more conservative in possession. Keep the ball, maintain a more conservative shape in possession, use all those passers to kill off games by running teams ragged. Be boring.

  13. Un na naai


    I’ve two daughters
    Trust me mate. I’m all for female empowerment but in the right way.
    1) Don’t ever make excuses beacuse you’re a girl. There’s nothing you cannot achieve.
    2) don’t ever make excuses because you’re not a boy, there’s nothing you cannot achieve.
    So on and son on

    366)don’t ever wear anything above the thigh or daddy beat up your boyfriend.

  14. Words on a Blog


    I’ve been wondering for some time how to describe Emery’s Arsenal style/vision/ethos.

    One word in the post you put up is all that’s needed: “efficient.”

  15. Un na naai

    Watch the scene though. Very funny. There is no modern Jack Nicholson equivalent. The Rock? Jack black?

  16. Words on a Blog

    I think that’s probably all we can expect from Emery – efficiency.

    If he stays next season, the defence will probably be somewhat better, maybe the midfield will create a few more chances, but the football ethos will remain fundamentally reactive and “efficient”.

    Ultimately that will probably prove not to be enough for Arsenal fans – it certainly already isn’t for Pedro and quite a few posters on here.

    Trouble ahead…

  17. azed

    ““Pressing” was something of a buzzword when Emery was appointed in the summer. Perhaps this was because of the success that fellow Premier League managers Pep Guardiola, Jürgen Klopp and Mauricio Pochettino have had with variations on the approach, or then Arsenal chief executive Ivan Gazidis’ description of Emery’s “progressive style of football”. A proactive, high pressing approach was what became expected, but it is not what has manifested. Arsenal are actually allowing opposition sides to complete slightly more passes on average (9.61) before making a defensive action than they did last season (8.96). When looking at their defensive distance, it has continued to largely fluctuate, and Arsenal are in fact doing their defending from slightly deeper positions than last year.

    What we are seeing more of, though, is aggression. This has been felt in Arsenal’s performances this season, with many bringing out the usual cliches of “desire” and commitment” after the win against Manchester United, but it can also be seen in the data. The team have seen a 24% increase in aggressive actions (tackles, pressure events and fouls a team makes within 2 seconds of an opposition ball receipt). Similarly, there has been a 12% increase on the percentage of opponent passes that are “aggressively” pressed by Arsenal. Emery might not necessarily be having his side press more or higher up the pitch, but when they do it, they apply an aggression that wasn’t previously seen.

    On the flip side, some of the nice passing everyone associated with the Wenger era seems to be falling away under the Spaniard. Passes inside the opposition box has traditionally been an “Arsenal stat”, seeing the side generally lead the league for some time (though this was before the arrival of Pep Guardiola). There has been a 12% decrease in Arsenal’s volume of passes in the box, with Manchester City putting them well in the shade. This is the essential transition to Emery in a nutshell: harder, more aggressive, uglier.

    We can see this in the players who are and are not thriving this season. Ainsley Maitland-Niles, for example, has filled in for Héctor Bellerín at right back and taken to the role like a duck to water. His very active form of defending seems ideal for this side, perhaps even more so than Bellerín, who still seems to be more comfortable with the Wenger style of play.

  18. azed

    Emery is trying to introduce some new ideas to a squad accustomed to doing things a certain way. There are signs that his ideas are taking hold, even if it has not led to a substantial performance improvement, but it still feels too early to judge whether this is the correct course. Emery is turning a cruise ship around, and it will take time, but we can at least see that things are changing at Arsenal.

  19. Un na naai


    Dirty enough for two showers
    Ask every unlucky lady who’s ever fallen for my misdirection

  20. Dissenter

    I think the sequence is …
    …new manager introduces new concepts and then sees who can implement them
    then manager gets rid of players who struggle to implement his ideas

    I do think we will still struggle to move out players who aren’t capable or willing to play like the manager wants.
    United will pay off Sanchez to Internext season [ as much as 60% of his wages] while Emery will still have to deal with two league assist/season Mesut Ozil.

  21. Guns of SF


    nice post
    I think that we need to have more creators on the wings- true wingers and one in the center… this makes our fullbacks stay back to help on Defense

    Arsenal always push forward- even wenger days. We are always susceptible to the counter attack

    If we had true wingers that would help… Wing backs leave us exposed too much

    Whomever we get need to contribute to goals… we need them right left and center from our mids

  22. Samesong

    No Dale you are the joker!

    So by your understanding a winger that dribbles and can score goal and assist will not improve us?

    So you will rather see Iwobi and mhkishit on the wings.

    Tell me how many games we had this season where we only managed one shot on goal if that?

    Yes we need defenders but you defend from the front no?

    A front 3 of Zaha laca and Auba will shook up defences. And you know this!

    Bellerin and Holding should be due back next season.

    I would say we need a left back that can do a job don’t even need an excellent one.

  23. azed

    “Spurs under Pochettino are the rare side that can claim to regularly beat their xG numbers. ”

    Emery beats xG
    Pedro: Emery lacks sauce

    Pochettino beats xG
    Pedro: Pochettino is awesome.

  24. Luteo Guenreira

    Who is the modern Jack Nicholson equivalence?

    I don’t know but the Rock and Jack Black are a couple very, very bad guesses.

  25. Un na naai

    Bearing in mind I’m probably a similar age to you. I’m no old fogie. One flew over the cuckoos nest, terms of endearment, about smhidt, as good as it gets, batman (burton), witches of eastwick. Guy is a legend. He shagged jolie when she was about 25 and he was in his 60’s, rotten but commendable depending on what isle you’re standing in. No. No. It’s foul actually

  26. englandsbest

    Surely Ozil must be first and foremost on the ‘get-rid-of’ list. Simply giving him away will save the Club £17 million per annum.

    But it’s about morale as well a money. I make Ozil responsible for the departure of Ramsay. His wage demand would have been a whole lot less if Ozil had been on a sensible wage. How must it feel seeing a guy earn two or three times as much for doing half as much?

    But it doesn’t stop there, his wages have an impact on everyone in the squad. \it’s not envy, it’s the unfairness. No way do you get team spirit if the players have a sense of injustice.

    Let’s be honest, it’s going to be difficult to find anyone to take him even on a free. Galatasary might. And then again, Ozil might say, ‘I love Arsenal, I want to stay’. Even leaving him out of the pick won’t work, he’s happy to stay at home playing games on telly.

    Yup, that is my single greatest wish for the summer, the departure of Ozil.

  27. Bob N16

    Graham, emotion will get you so far. I was simply suggesting pragmatism. If the right offer came along for any of our players, there would be a strong argument for cashing in, to bolster the transfer fund.

  28. Marko

    Don there is none he’s one of a kind. It was more the thought that the Rock or Jack Black were comparable in any way. They’re not fit to hold one of the many condoms he never used

  29. Un na naai


    My point exactly
    Bloke is a legend. One of a kind. Unique. He’s so inherently humouring and tragic it’s effortless.

  30. Marko

    Valentin you have moved the goal posts re Vieira which is not surprising. Again player wanted to leave the club for years finally got to leave the club and you’re saying kicked out. Bravo sir. So what about the other lies?

  31. Un na naai

    If you haven’t seen it, watch witches of eastwick, one of his lesser known films. Brilliant. As good as it gets, terms if endearment and last but not least one flew over the cuckoos nest also among my favoured films of all time. He oozes charisma. Nailed Michelle pffiepher as an OAP. Kudos.

  32. azed


    We have a fundamentally broken squad and that’s something the data cannot tell you.
    There’s literally no modern formation you can play with our squad without having a square peg in a round hole.

    Emery’s preferred formation is the 4-2-3-1 and sometimes the 4-3-3 but at Arsenal, you can’t play a back 4 with Kolasinac and AMN
    You can’t play a 4-3-3 because we have no wide attackers and putting Ozil or Mkhitaryan in a midfield 3 is suicidal.

    You can’t even press with Ozil, Mkhitaryan, Xhaka and co in the side so Emery has had to improvise as the season went.

    In the NBA, the Houston Rockets are all about analytics which says taking 3 points shots is better than taking 2 but one of the most efficient players the season was Giannis and that’s because he dunks the ball most times

  33. Un na naai

    I’ll say it loud and proud too, another great chick flick, meet joe black. Gonna her murdered for this I’m sure but it’s my anniversary tomo and I’m felling melancholy

  34. Un na naai


    Never seen it but I’ve always fancied it. Seen it on best lists a few times but never got round to it. You know there are so any hidden gems among the older movies conspired to the dross they release these days

  35. Un na naai


    Theses gonna be one last great performance from him yet. The man is a walking ball of charisma. Shit he’d walk in and get us in top four on charisma alone

  36. Marko

    The Departed was great too. “Dump the body in the marsh not where Jon Handcock goes every Thursday to get a fucking blowjob”

  37. Words on a Blog


    Yeah I don’t disagree with you about the deficiencies of our squad, however nice Emery may or may not have been about the players at his job interview.

    One nerdy point about Arsenal’s outperformance relative to Expected Goals, which was set out by The Telegraph with another Footbal Analytics outfit (I linked to it a couple of months ago) is that the Expected Goals metric doesn’t quite capture a lot of the opportunities that Arsenal get. They were very often “high tariff” rapid cutbacks from Kola and Bellerin/AMN which flash across the face of the goal.

    If the striker/attacking player gets his foot to it, it’s 90% a goal; but if he doesn’t, it doesn’t get counted as an opportunity in the ratios.

  38. Un na naai


    Shit, forgot the departed!!!

    My fave was “ like a stinking knawing ducking rat”

    Or “one whiff of my ass and he crawls right in”

  39. azed

    Any know what Marcus Thuram is like aside youtube scouting?

    His club has been relegated and it looks like he’s down to the last year of his contract.

  40. Luteo Guenreira

    Whitey Bulger was brutally beaten to death while in prison, repeatedly struck with a lock stuffed into a sock. Likely retribution for being a rat.

  41. Graham62


    Pragmatism over Emotion.

    Lovely stuff.

    Lacazette is what we need and have needed for a very long time. A passionate and self motivated individual who wears his heart on his sleeve. When was the last time we had someone like that?

    Put your pragmatic ideals aside for one minute and think like a true football supporter.

    Isn’t that what it’s all about?

  42. Dissenter

    “Any know what Marcus Thuram is like aside youtube scouting?

    He’s worth a punt with one year left on his contact and his club relegated. Francis Cagigao needs to be all over these types of players. Sign them for peanuts and loan them out.
    We can hope some he got some of his papa’s genes

  43. Un na naai


    Oh shit what’s he doin?

    I imagine that’s the sort of that his pals often questioned.

    I forgot the shining too although it’s a role a don’t like to remember him for. Horrible, very unlike him. Played it magnificently but not how I fondly remember him

  44. Marko

    Sal it’s actually pretty broad. Frank Lampard took on a tough job not an assistant job like Gianfranco or a relatively easy job in Scotland like Gerrard or some bullshit youth job he took on perennial play off losers Derby County. They’ve had 8 managers since 2013 that takes balls

  45. Dissenter

    Frank Lampard had the last laugh over Leeds
    Good to see these former player get their hands dirty whilst their colleagues are enjoying the cozy confines of TV studios or arranging cones to chief coaches.

  46. Dissenter

    That’s one of the benefits of playing for Chelsea.
    Lampard would have played for a dozen managers at Chelsea over the course of his career. That in itself is the University of football coaching, in itself. He would have seen what makes the better coaches tick and why they couldn’t do better.
    Nothing can replace the school of hard knocks.

  47. Marko

    Mason Mount looks a proper talent as well. He tore up the dutch league the previous season too. Certainly one to keep an eye on

  48. Dissenter

    Lampard took a lot of Chelsea academy players with him on loan. There’s a windfall waiting for Chelsea at some point when they want to make the loans permanent.

  49. Radio Raheem

    Haven’t Derby County got to the playoffs 4 out of the last six seasons? Only way Lampard impresses is if he takes Derby to the PL.

  50. Radio Raheem

    Bielsa has done a decent job at Leeds but the hype around him has been excessive none of it touching the Norwich manager whose top scorer was a freebie.

  51. vickingz

    Barca playing their dirty player tapping game by putting lacazette’s profile on their official website claiming it’s a technical glitch

  52. Radio Raheem

    Laca goes to barca only as a backup to Griezman, Messi and Suarez. Is that what he really wants at 27/28?

  53. Receding Hairline

    We have been told to look at Leeds all season

    Well we are looking and all I can see is a bottle job. They were looking good for automatic promotion ..bottled that

    Won away at Derby in the play offs… Bottled

    I have a lot of time for Frank lampard. He is actually doing it, not building a reputation through friends in the media.

  54. Receding Hairline

    No he isn’t Raheem

    He just made the playoff finals in his first season in management. He has learnt a lot in 12 months and my guess is will only get better.

    As a player he was a winner …now as a manager he is proving same. Still one final hurdle for him but this has been a fantastic first season in management. Any praise he gets in the media is deserved

  55. Marko

    Rumours of Kannemann. Don’t know how I feel about signing up a cheap 28 year old who’s never played in Europe. He seems like a late bloomer. If Cagigao and/or Edu think it’s worth it then you gotta give it a go I suppose

  56. Jamie

    Aren’t Barca going for Griezmann? Why would they want Laca too? If anyone comes in for Laca, I guess it will be AtMadrid with some of the Griezmann money.

    Question is, how much of it would be enough for us to let him go? £70m?

  57. Radio Raheem


    That’s your take. You’re welcome to it. To me sounds like you’re regurgitating what you’ve heard a thousand times over in the media.

    Lampard will move on or remain but we’ll see over time how good he truly is.

  58. Receding Hairline

    Pessimism for the sake of pessimism I guess.

    Or is this a case of a Chelsea legend not getting any love?

    To each his own I guess.

    I am more excited when people do things rather than being told again and again what they will potentially do with nothing to back it up. You can fill in the gaps

  59. CG

    Any fan – that does not want Wilfried ( what a great first name) Zaha at Arsenal next season -really needs their heads examining.

    This Arsenal fan- should be our major summer target .

    A front 3 of Zaha/PEA/Laca and a (new coach next season playing 433)- would certainly get the crowds back at The Emirates.

    I would go as far to say. It they stay fit and Leno has a blinder – we good go close to the title next season…

    PEA- Golden Boot

    Off course – we will need a competent coach who believes in fast attacking premier league soccer…

    Keep it simple.

  60. Nw9 gooner

    Wow -it seems that most arsenal shirts sold are of Ozil’s and he is the best 5 shirt seller in the world

  61. Guns of SF

    IF the club has any guts, it would get a young world class creator- send a message to Ozil that his days are numbered or get used to bench all season.

    In fact, 2 mids would really spell the end of him and Mikki. Those 2 better get used to the bench or ask their agents to shop them fast

    Ozil is so bad that this should not be too hard to do.

    Zaha Tielmans and Lozno- that would add some attack to the team

  62. Elmo


    In this case (unlike most cases of Barca being up to their dirty snake business), the Lacazette profile is a nothing-burger.

    The Barca website automatically creates a profile for every player the club face (I assume Lacazette played Barca in some summer friendly at some point), and some nerd typed in different numbers into the url until he found Laca’s profile, then posted it online as a transfer story.

  63. Zacharse

    premier league is looking set for the next five years, think I’m gonna start following a championship side. i hear man utd are fun to watch sometimes

  64. WengerEagle


    How does it feel to see the great Bielsa that you wank silly over being tactically outclassed by manager newb Fat Frank Lampard?


  65. WengerEagle

    Always had time for Lamps, even when he was the enemy at the Chavs. Was probably the player/character that I admired the most off of our direct rivals back when we were a serious outfit in the early to mid noughties. Hard lad to hate as he just balled and spoke sense for the most part.

    Much more likable than the likes of Terry, Ferdinand, Giggs, Gerrard who has always seemed terribly bland and Scholes, the Manc lads in particular are insufferable to listen to. Very clever and humble bloke and clearly a decent gaffer with the effort that he’s put in at Derby this season.

  66. Ishola70

    “Rumours of Kannemann”

    This guy loves to dive in and hard. That’s why he is noted as having discipline problems. Goes to ground quite a lot.

    But he is also noted for having good concentration levels which is a plus for mentality.

    I’d rather have a CB with a cooler head than this guy but fans would love his all action committed play.

    Him and Sokratis partnered together would be quite fearsome for the opposition. Whether it would result in better defensive record though is another matter.

  67. Marko

    Ishola I’m very sceptical about the potential for the signing but at the same time this is what Edu and Cagigao are there for. We’re not going to agree on every signing that they make. Italian passport as well. I highly doubt that he’d be the only CB signing in all honesty. My guess is two with some outs

  68. Ishola70

    If he signs he will become like a sort of cult hero with his style of play.

    He don’t take no prisoners this boy.

    But as said with his style there are worries about disciplinary matters.

  69. Valentin


    Any reason why Kannemann has played so few games for the last couple of seasons?
    One site indicates him as left footed, but another mark him a CB and right-back. Do you know Which is it?

  70. Ishola70

    He’s a leftie.

    I don’t know why he has played so few games.

    No doubt we will find out soon enough why that is.

  71. Valentin

    Looks like Barcelona can pay Antoine Griezmann €108 millions release fee, but can’t really stomach his wage demand. According to Le10Sport He is currently earning €21 millions per year. Still it’s only half of what Messi is earning!!

    Lacazette is Barcelona fallback option if negotiations breakdown with Griezman. I like Lacazette, but if they are willing to offer €108 millions for him, we should sell him.

  72. Ishola70

    Unless he has changed his contract quite recently then it is hard to see him being signed by Arsenal.

    He joked last year when Boca Juniors were interested in him that it would be easier to purchase Mbappe than him due to what he termed a high release clause.

  73. Valentin

    Thanks Ishola.
    At least they are going after a left footed CB. They should have done that last season.
    We still need 1 CB to replace Mustafi, unless Arsenal think Holding will be ready at the beginning of the season and intend to keep Chambers and Mavrapanos as cover.

  74. Ishola70

    Oh just read he has a release clause of 22m euros.

    That’s not too bad.

    His joke in relation to Mbappe was obviously aimed just at Boca Juniors. That’s big, big money for them to pay out.

  75. Valentin

    €22 millions is cheap for a good left footed CB with experience and character. Of course that suddenly become very expensive if he is as bad as Mustafi and we can’t get rid of him because he has a 5 years cushy contract that nobody in their right mind will match.

  76. Valentin

    I am sceptical as well, as on paper he does not seems to have a lot of upscale potential. 28 years old defender still playing in South America does not scream undiscovered gem.
    The good thing is that he is new international for Argentina, so maybe there is potential after all. He may have been injured a long time (hence the low number of games) and overlooked.

  77. Ishola70

    “€22 millions is cheap for a good left footed CB with experience and character.”

    Conflicting reports though about his price.

    The story of his transfer to Arsenal originates from a local journalist in the Porto Alegre area called Farid Germano and he reports that Arsenal are bidding 15 million euros and Gremio would be happy with that.

    Maybe he got out of his clause recently then.

  78. Valentin

    I suspect it is the usual Arsenal negotiation technique of starting with a low ball offer.
    Unlike ManUtd and their magistral negotiation for Marouanne Fellaini, if there is no time limit to the release fee, the release is really the maximum a club would have to pay to get the player.
    So if his release fee is €22 millions make sense to offer €15 millions. Lower and they may have been offended. We may get him for 15 with added bonus clauses.

  79. Ja_Gunner

    I say…keep the two strikers and go for Mahrez/Pepe… selling Ospina, Mustafi Mihki….etc and possibly even Xhaka…..go for Ndombele and Rabiot for free or Gomez for a small fee(Barca on loan at Everton). We need two central mids in my opinion.

    Play a narrow 4-2-3-1 as the primary formation. Build the team around Auba, Laca, and the right winger. Ozil will play left wing and Laca plays as the withdrawn striker.

    ………???????………………New CB……………………Sokratis…………………………..Bellerin

    That front six will get the best out of each player in opinion. Auba up front to finish, Laca to put his all-round game to work. Mahrez or Pepe creating havoc on the right and Ozil also floating and running in behind on the left occassionally interchanging with Laca who can hit those curlers from the left.

    We may have to get a better left back, but Bellerin can play in a four at the back no problem. So for me……1 CB, 2 CMs, 1 right winger, possibly a LB.

  80. Marko

    No I meant there were articles when we were linked with him a few months back that Simeone was a fan and was looking at him. But nothing to suggest that he’s going to replace Godin.

  81. Ja_Gunner




    ..?………New CB……..Sokratis…….Bellerin

  82. Ishola70


    “Any reason why Kannemann has played so few games for the last couple of seasons?”

    Just had a look and it is a mixture of international call-ups, suspensions and crying off with innocuous injuries.

  83. WengerEagle

    Kannemann is 28 already jaysus, hopefully a proper qualidee late bloomer if rumours are true. Haven’t the first clue about him, he any use?

    I see Griezmann has pulled a sharp U on his ‘decision’ last summer. Prime age, top class proven superstar he’ll fetch big money. Over 100 million for sure. Has had a bit of a below par season in all honesty, just 15 goals in La Liga and 21 overall. Likely has hit a point of stagnation and needs a fresh challenge.

    I just can’t picture him with Barcelona for some reason, much sooner see one of Man United, PSG or even Real Madrid luring him. Courtois pulled a move off even if it was indirect.

  84. Freddie Ljungberg

    I guess Kannemann makes sense if we’re buying 5+ layers without selling any of our strikers.

    Chambers + Mustafi for 40m gets us Kannemann and a quality left back, possibly with change left.

    Xhaka+ Elneny for 30-35m gets us a Doucoure or similar

    then we have our budget left for Cam and wingers, depending on what that is we can get pretty decent players.

    Brandt/ Tielemanns 20-25m for Cam

    Brandt/ Troussard/ Markus Thuram 20-25 for left wing

    Increase those numbers slightly if we can get rid of Ozil and/or Mikhi

    Maybe even chuck in a right winger then too, or maybe they’re thinking Martinelli and Nelson is going to be ready to play there from the start of next season? Unlikely imo.

  85. Elmo

    Never heard of this Kannemann before, but I wouldn’t pay more than EUR 10m for any 28 year old CB still playing in Brazil.

    As Tim Vickery points out, the Brazilian league is the opposite of what most outsiders would imagine: it’s slow, there are huge distances between the lines, with the defensive line sitting very deep, and long ball being one of the primary tactics used by many teams.

    Now imagine transplanting a defender who is used to that into a high pressing system, playing against opponents who are several levels better than you’ve ever faced before. For EUR 7m, why not take a punt if someone believes in him. For EUR 22m, when we are skint, it seems a poor risk-reward proposition to me.

  86. Nelson

    It seems that Sarri will be leaving Chelsea this Summer. Daily express reports Javi Gracia as a replacement. Sun quotes report in Italy that Frank Lampard will replace Sarri.
    Hope all these rumors will unsettle Sarri so that he can’t focus on the final.

  87. WengerEagle

    Chavs just played a friendly with an MLS team today and had the likes of Hazard playing, pretty bizarre.

    I get keeping sharp but surely risk of injury overrides that?

  88. Gonsterous

    Good ebening,
    I don’t understand why we are giving gwen an improved contract and at the same time going to bump both lacas and aubas salary to a combined tune of 500k. Wtf is wrong with the club ? And no, it’s not emery who’s in charge of salary and fees.
    We should be looking to decrease the wage bill, not increase it. I hope these are just rumours floating around cause we will be a mess if it is true.

    We are looking for more laca and auba quality players, if we do get one, of course they will demand a higher salary. Arsenal FC does my head in sometimes.

  89. Tony

    This according to the DM speculation this morning:


    Targets: Goalkeeper, left back, midfielder, winger

    Who could go: Danny Welbeck, Aaron Ramsey (agreed to Juventus), Mohamed Elneny, Shkodran Mustafi,

    Budget: £50m plus player sales

    Plan: Unai Emery wants a centre back who can combine toughness with an ability to bring the ball out of defence and wants greater goal threat from his midfield and wing.

    Incoming technical director Edu is a fan of Wilfried Zaha at Crystal Palace and wants to inject that kind of pace and directness into Arsenal’s attack but Zaha’s £80m price tag means that option will be difficult hence discussions over Ryan Fraser of Bournemouth and David Neres at Ajax.

    Arsenal have held talks over a deal for Manchester United’s Eric Bailly and like Getafe’s Djene Dakonam, Espanyol’s Mario Hermoso and Samuel Umtiti at Barcelona, who will be pushed out if they sign Ajax defender Matthis de Ligt.

    They have been offered the likes of Real Madrid’s Marcos Llorente and Adrien Rabiot who is available from Paris St Germain while his teammate Christopher Nkunku is another option. Scouts have also watched Chelsea target Nicola Barella at Cagliari and Sampdoria’s Dennis Praet.

  90. Tony

    DM end of season review:

    Player of the season: Bernardo Silva

    Crucial inside the dressing room and conjures splendour on the pitch. He has been the club’s most consistent player and works harder than anyone else. Add a few more goals to his game and he’s right up there as the best in the world.

    Fcuk me we’ll never hear the last of this from Pedro!!!!!!!!

    Or did Pedro ghost write the article? It’s got Pedro’s mucky paws all over it!

    Pedro’s next Arteta love-in post will be insufferable!!!!!!!!!!!

    Best signing: Mikel Arteta

    Described as ‘like a signing,’ by someone at City last summer so he qualifies after moving up to assistant manager after Domenec Torrent left for New York City. Arteta’s had no trouble fitting in as Pep Guardiola’s No 2. Tactically astute, lively in training sessions and well-liked.

    The success of Arsenal’s season will rest on the outcome of their Europa League final against Chelsea in Baku. The goal was to qualify for the Champions League – they’ve failed to meet that aim domestically. Beating Chelsea in Azerbaijan would see the Gunners back at English football’s top table. Lose – then the campaign can only go down as a failure.
    Player of the season: Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

    Consistently on the scoresheet for Arsenal. The 20-plus goals a season man they’ve craved for years. Special mention, too, to Alexandre Lacazette.

    Best signing: Sokratis

    Just pips Lucas Torreira, whose influence has waned during the final months of the season. Sokratis is limited – but exactly the sort of central defender Arsenal required.

    The Good: Their 22-game unbeaten run at the start of the season had fans asking Arsene who?

    The Bad: The long-term injury to Rob Holding, Danny Welbeck and Hector Bellerin cost Unai Emery’s side dear.

    The Ugly: The home loss to Crystal Palace in April which, for all intents and purposes, cost them a top-four slot.

  91. Tony

    What’s your thoughts on Lampard – you know a manager cutting his teeth in a tough league actually managing and so far getting results in his 1st management job?

    Your take on Arteta vs Lampard Dissenter? Would have thought you’d have a view on this.

  92. WengerEagle

    Absolute revisionist bollocks that Welbeck has become a key player just when he’s conveniently out crocked.

    He’s never so much as cracked double figure PL goals in his entire career coming up to 29 and he’s an out and out forward. His best haul for us is 5 PL goals in a season.

    And as to Sokratis being our signing of the season? Lol, well that just sums up how poor our recruitment has been because he’s been the one constant in a defence that conceded EXACTLY the same amount of PL goals as last season [a record high 51].

    Massively overrated because he shouts, points a lot and is an old-fashioned hardy shithouse of a CB that our fanbase has been tumescent for ever since the post Keown days.

  93. Dark Hei

    If we are looking for freebies, I would rather integrate those on loan.

    Chambers, Bieliek, Nelson, Smith Rowe; talented young guys.

    If we are going to play the pauper and plead poverty, then coach Emery will have to step up and earn his contract extension. What’s that about proper coach and all that snazzy language.

    I would move Ozil. Frees up 200k a week (lets face it, we will need to fork out the other 150k).

    Mik is another option as well. Free him and we get back 100k (again, we will need to pay 1/2 his salary)

    Blow all the transfer budget on the next big thing (Zaha) and hope Kos and Monreal still have legs for 1 season.

    The team would have a young identity.

    Plus side is we have dynamism and even if we go on a dry run, fans can kind of buy the Project Youth thing.

    That is what I hope.

    The opposite will likely happen. We sign 5 journey men veterans on expensive salaries and low transfer fee types.

  94. Ja_Gunner



    .??…New CB…..Sokratis….Bellerin

  95. Tony

    Guns of SF
    I did deliberate but with Pedro being blinded by Arteta he probably has an algoriythmn written to pick up any words/sentences with Arteta in from the Internet.

    No way he’s not seeing that.

    Best to get it over with now and treat it with the contempt/bantz it deserves.

  96. Emiratesstroller


    There is no possibility of Emery leaving Arsenal in the foreseeable future. He
    may not be a “glamorous coach” but he serves a purpose as far as the owner is
    concerned because his demands are low.

    Moreover the club achieved just about what was expected of them particularly
    if we win Europa Cup. Our squad is a long way short in quality of most of our

    Arteta is not going to join us in the foreseeable future if at all. He is part of the
    Guardiola team.

    The focus for next season should be on offloading the dross in the squad. I have highlighted in last few weeks the eight or nine players that need to go.
    Most are unsaleable, which tells you everything you need to know about their
    contracts and current market value.

    Our budget is clearly more limited than most of our competitors in EPL, which
    tells you a lot about the club and how it has been run in recent years.

    However, it will allow Emery to focus on priorities in defence and midfield rather than vanity purchases and also assess at higher level some of the younger talent in our U23 squad. Bringing in a couple of youngsters in a
    squad of 23-25 players is not a bad thing.

  97. Graham62


    Lampard is proving himself as a top coach/manager.

    Arteta is a very good coach, apparently, with zilch managerial experience.

    One is creating a massive impression on his own.

    The other is hiding behind Pep.

    Why the fudge are we even talking about Arteta?

    Give it a rest Pedro.

  98. mysticleaves

    It’s also worth revisiting this anecdote about visiting Buckingham Palace, which Eboue told the Daily Telegraph in 2016: “We went there and Thierry Henry said to me, ‘Please, Emmanuel, this is Buckingham Palace, it’s the Queen’s house, don’t do anything.’

    “‘No problem,’ I said. ‘Don’t worry.’ So the Queen came in and went along shaking each player’s hand. After she’d finished I saw all her corgis so I said, ‘Ma’am, Ma’am.’

    “She turned back and asked, ‘How are you?’ and I said, ‘Ma’am, I am OK thank you but please, I don’t want to be a footballer any more, I want to look after your dogs. I want to take them for walks, wash them, feed them. I want to be a dog carer.’

    “The Queen, honestly, she was laughing. Prince Philip was laughing too. All the team were laughing.”

  99. mysticleaves

    Although Valentin I have to say, your Linked in post shows that Dein didn’t accept any offers behind Viera’s back. He still made the decision to go. It was left to him.

    Viera had wanted to leave for 2 seasons and after fighting to keep him, signing players cos he demanded and him ridiculing the club’s businesses, you could understand why Dein felt ‘neutral’ when a good offer actually came in right?

    But the key take away is the post that you linked in to prove viera was pushed out says viera made the decision to go.