Arsenal looking to go unspectacular this summer (shocker)

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You know when people are like, ‘Christmas has started because the Pret Christmas Latte just dropped’ or something nauseatingly basic like that? The football equivalent is, ‘you know summer has started when Ornstein drops a bombshell that Arsenal will be shite in the transfer window.’

He’s only gone and done it AGAIN.

Top level: ‘It’s going to be a bit bland’

If we lose against Chelsea, £40m is our starting point.

We’re going project youth with a bit of experience (same as last summer).

We want a centre back, an Aaron replacement, and a winger type entity.

Additionally, if there is an extra special deal, we’ll chase a left back, right back and a striker.


Thank fuck for the last snippet, I know there’s been a lot of grumblings in the community of late about making sure we don’t EVER break a single rule, right now, I’m just letting off a massive sigh of THANK FUCK that we’re going to play it safe.

So what to make of this goss fest?

Well, don’t wet those panties you absolute man child. Also, why are you wearing panties? Grow up and step away from your mum’s lingerie drawer you 35-year-old freak. Get your 2001 Beano branded specials on and let’s dive into the mixer like peak Bobby P against Pompey.

If we are a Europa League club, blasting money away isn’t sensible. The MIGHTY Swiss Ramble has some analysis on how badly we’ve been rocked by the step-down.

We have a lot of expensive dross in the squad and I’d imagine Stan is asking Raul to realign the wage bill and move on the shite before we start going nuts again. £235m a year in wages is outrageous for the return.

Secondly, there’s some heated debate over whether the Ornstein budget figure is right. Some say we’re hiding our improved financial success, some say the number is what it is.

This is Gambon from the comments on where the new cash is coming from.

💰New club level seats £5m

💰Adidas £30m

💰Emirates 12m

💰Visit Rwanda £10m

💰New TV deal £10m

I’ve heard the lower number since November, and I’d say if we were looking at a £100m starting point, we’d have loosened the purse strings in January. Telling that we didn’t do that, isn’t it?

It’ll be interesting to see how hard we go at freeing up cash this summer. Mustafi and Xhaka should surely be heading for the exit door, there should be £70m incoming for those two alone. Auba is being linked to Madrid for £85m. Love him to bits, he’s helped shape our season, but he’s 29 so don’t be sentimental about this. The biggest travesty of the latter years of Arsene is his hoarding of players. We need to learn how to sell at peak, he’s hit peak, so we should absolutely take that cash if it’s on offer and invest like Liverpool did when they earned a big windfall. I’d take losing a 29-year-old versus having to lose a kid to find the next step.

Also, don’t moan at me and starting bleating on that he’s our best player… who did you vote for in the Arsenal Player of the Season Award?


Speak up?

Thought so.

You hypocritical disgrace.

Drop transfer exits like I’ve laid out and you’re at £190m for spending power. You can buy many nice toys with cash like that. Then think of all the other players we could shift on… Elneny, Chambers, Mikhi, Jenks… there’s £30m in that mix.

Basically, don’t read into the £40m like that’s as far as the summer goes. It simply says to me that selling players is key to a hype summer execution.

Cut away all of the speculation, which could be spot on, or it could be really badly wrong (Ornstein had us with a £100m budget in January), the real story for me is that Edu only has an offer on the table, he hasn’t said yes.

Emery and Raul are at the wheel. We know they like sniffing around that bargain section. They’re the footballing equivalent of yellow sticker sandwich eaters. They don’t even like medium rare beef and Stilton… but if that sticker says 26p, it’s in the basket, no questions asked. Denis Suarez was a brown banana that was found under the fridge, the yellow sticker was just bants… but someone bought it, you know who? Yep. Yep.

So our summer is going to happen without the future architect of the club sailing the ship. Sven, love him or hate him, helped navigate us away from players like Banega, Nzonzi, Malcolm, and Denis Suarez. What is going to happen now? I like Cagigao, he sourced Santi, Bellerin and Cesc… but how much power will he be given?

Emery isn’t good at spending money if you look at some of the players he’s been responsible for in the past, he likes old and slow… or just utterly Suarezy. Raul wouldn’t be hiring a TD if he knew how to build a squad. Seems like a recipe for expensive mistakes. It looks like we’re going to head into next season without a vision or direction again. It’s spend and hope. I hate that. It is never going to work when those above us are driving towards an exciting vision mapped to a plan (Not Chelsea, lolololol).

Hopefully, I’m wrong. Nkunku looks a player when I’ve watched him. Djené has a lot of hype around him and £13.5m seems a bargain. However, there’s a bad stench of Rabiot-to-Arsenal everywhere you read, the guy has a piss poor attitude and didn’t like Emery last time around. Then I worry we’ll rekindle bland dreams of the past, Perisic or Carrasco are weighing heavily on my mind. Players past their prime, or with Ozil like attitudes to the game.

I don’t want to fuck about with talent that has temperament issues. Just give me young prime meat that wants to explode onto the scene. £75k a week or less. No mega contracts that make them fat and lazy. Let’s operate on a lean model and make sure hunger is central to their MO… just like it is at Spurs. I read a Poch article the other week that said he loved the players who want to leave because they care about success, be wary of those who thrive in comfort. Who is begging to leave Arsenal? Says a lot… right? A few too many just in it for the cashed paycheque.

Anyway, a real mixed back. Needless to say, summer will be busy. x

P.S. Souness and Keane FURIOUS that once again, they are proved wrong by a foreigner with better ideas of how the game should be played (tackles number). Arteta helping to architect one of the smartest off the ball sides the Premier League has ever seen, I’m welling up everyone, someone pass me a tissue, so emosh.

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  1. DaleDaGooner

    And I won’t sell Laca or Auba, we can build a house and a garage without selling the Porsche…if we intend to stay elite…. There are gems out there….Robertson, Alexander Arnold weren’t so elite were they?

  2. mysticleaves

    if we buy a Brandt and a winger, having Laca and Auba becomes stupid anyways. Which is why we really have to hear what Atm wants to say.

    Griezman is off, Costa is banned and of TL, Morata is on loan. They absolutely need a striker.

  3. mysticleaves

    RH, see Liverpool, see man City. See Wolves, see Leicester. They have fantastic and working set ups.

    We need one at Arsenal. A working one

  4. TR7

    Experts at Le Grove prefer a Man United reject plying his trade at Crystal Palace to our player of the year sought by big clubs such as Barca and Atletico.

  5. Valentin


    Can’t make the difference between Kolo Toure and his larger younger brother Yaya Touré. lol
    Yaya was the one working for SkySports.

  6. Valentin

    If Arsenal is not elite because they are not in the Champion’s league, what does that make Manchester United?
    Next season, they would not been in the Champion’s league 4 seasons of the last six.

  7. Trask


    There is no need to be deliberately misleading
    If we could sell Auba instead yea I would consider it, but truth is that we need to cash In on one of the strikers so we can build the whole squad.l, seeing as our setup and most only makes use of one striker

  8. Valentin

    The ban only applies to Chelsea purchase, thy can still sell players. Athletico could still buy Morata.
    Costa’s ban was for 8 games, I think that means that he is only banned for the first two games of next seasons. They should be able to cope without him for two games.

    BTW, can we not call Athletico ATM, the auto-correct and some sensitive work site police interpret that as NSFW.

  9. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Surely selling auba only gives us 25m profit.

    Also slows down goals next season by 30 …..

    Sell one or sell both as the other will sulk.

    They got a bromamce going on the field.

  10. Dissenter

    “Can’t make the difference between Kolo Toure and his larger younger brother Yaya Touré. lol
    Yaya was the one working for SkySports.”

    Thanks for the correction of my typo
    Kolo works with Brendan Roddgers and Yaya was on the sidelines for Sky
    You deserve a medal for the correction.

  11. mysticleaves

    Exactly why Chelsea would want Morata back cos they have no one left. Giroud and Higuain contracts are up.

    The hierarchy at Atleti have decided to put Costa on transfer window. I read so in a paper and going by that, it’s possible he’s played his last game.

    By the way since he’s came back he has caused more trouble than give them joy. He’s also 30+

  12. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Possibly get
    130 for both…

    Zaha through the mid 50m

    Decent mid 40 m
    Decent winger 40m.

    Still warchest 40m in bank

  13. HighburyLegend

    “F**** their bromance. They are paid footballers not Hollywood actors/models”

    Giroud is still the best!!

  14. TR7


    Nah mate, Cazorla and Rosicky were the last two Arsenal players I felt an emotional touch with. As for Lacazzete, I defend him only because he is the best Arsenal player we have right now in our team. Remember the debate on selling Laca last summer ? I had said Laca would prove himself to be a quality player and so he did.

    Zaha is not a polished player. Sure he is better than Iwobi and Mikhi but we are talking about replacing our player of the season with Zaha…not a good deal.

  15. Valentin

    Aubameyang is 29, in 3 years time he will have no resale value, so I would say now is absolutely the right moment to sell him. It may be only £25 millions profit, but in three years Auba will be a £0 millions asset.
    His sale would raise enough fund to increase the overall squad and especially thebmidfield. Despite being crucial to Arsenal goal scoring record this season, with a better midfield the goal load could be better shared. £80 millions for him would allow us to replace him with Pepe and a quarter of NDembele.

    When Ferguson sold Van Nistelrooy, everybody thought they would collapse. They just changed the way they played. They lost a 40 goal a season striker, but suddenly they had players in midfield who compensated his departure.

  16. Valentin


    If I were Marko, I would accuse you of lying.
    It was not a typo, you made a mistake and now refuse to own it.

  17. Marko

    I can definitely see Atletico coming in for Lacazette. Pay out the ass for him and sign up Lozano and Pepe/Brandt and we improve.

    Dissenter as for earlier I stand by my sarcastic comment about City being classy with that song. It was uncalled for and when you think about the lack of history between both clubs it makes little sense.

  18. Receding Hairline

    I’m pretty sure everyone who has watched more than 15 football matches can tell Kolo and Yaya apart

    Must hurt though the number of times you have been called out for spreading falsehood and half truths Valentin , hence your determination to accuse Dissenter of “lying”

  19. Bob N16

    Valentin, See the sense of selling PEA for large money if we reinvest wisely, it will be considered shrewd business.

  20. Valentin

    Chelsea will be fine.
    I’ve read that as long as they do it before the end of contract they can still renew Giroud’s contract and any other players as technically he is already at the club.
    If they can’t, they still have Morata. And if they sell him, Tammy Abraham will lead the line.

    In defense and midfield they have numerous decent players on loan away. Zouma was one of the most impressive Everton player, he could still feature at Chelsea next season.

  21. Guns of SF

    IF we sell one of Laca or Auba we need an equivalent replacement. As it stands, we have been lucky that one of them did not pick up a major injury this year with all the mins they have logged.

    We need 2 strikers then… the replacement and a third striker as back up since Welbz is leaving

    we need 2 wingers…. one central creator

    CB and LB

    I love Auba but I heard somewhere he promised his grandfather he would play for Madrid someday. So maybe its time to cash in

  22. Marko

    What’s going on? Valentin trying to pass off lies as typos? Dissenter can’t tell the difference between Yaya and Kolo? Worst fanbase ever

  23. MidwestGun

    I wouldn’t be adverse to selling any player … really, for the right price. We have so many needs.. Obviously selling Leno would be stupid since it took us a long time to find a Keeper that didn’t cause undo cringing. Plus, he can still get better he is young. And probably not wise to sell both strikers. And if we do sell one or the other we would need to replace their goal scoring with midfielders or wingers with goals in them. As some mentioned if we can improve midfield and defense without selling them would be easier rebuild probably. To me Auba makes more sense to sell then Lacazette if we are choosing.

  24. Guns of SF

    Golden Boot winner just jacket up his market value

    I think Laca would be fine- he is a professional. The broship extends past being teammates

    We got the Brazil market nailed on with Edu… im sure we can pick up a gem or 3 from there.

    I really feel the central attacker is vital for us….
    I like Lozano, he is a fighter

  25. Graham62

    So some posters on here feel it is necessary to sell one of our prized assets(Lacazette)to move the club forward.

    Only at Arsenal FC.

    Frigging amazing!!

  26. Guns of SF

    I have a soft spot for Mexican players. most get overlooked too easy I feel.
    Most have grown up in some pretty tough conditions… has made them resilient and grateful for their chances in life. We passed on Vela, which I always liked but for some reason Wenger did not like. He is now ripping MLS a new one. He could still play in Europe easily but I guess living in LA has it plusses too.

  27. Marc

    Bearing in mind we’ve had Laca for 2 seasons and Auba for 1 and a half, if there are all of these great young forwards who can score 15 or 20 plus league goals for low fees why didn’t we buy them in the first place?

  28. Valentin


    I’m pretty sure everyone who has watched more than 15 football matches can tell Kolo and Yaya apart.

    As anyone who has watched football should know what a 9 1/2 is.

    Besides both Toure brothers are indeed ex city players.
    And how is that relevant to not be able to make the distinction between two person?

  29. salpardisenyc

    Klopp sold Coutinho to build a spine, two season on he’s created a side that pulled back 22 points in the league from previous season and is into his second Champions league final in a row.

    Every player should be expendable, if needed to generate funds in order to balance the outfit in right direction. Emotion aside.

  30. Bob N16

    Graham, it’s called a self-sustaining model. If you can drop Kroenke a line and convince him to weasel an extra £100million into our transfer budget, go right ahead. Otherwise we’re stuck with a limited net spend, with plenty to fix. Selling a 29 year old for a substantial could allow us to bring 2 starters who have not reached their peak.

    Depreciation of players has been one of the biggest failings of the last few years. This is why we might have to contemplate selling a good player but one who’s value will diminish considerably over the next year or so.

  31. Valentin


    We did not pass on Carlos Vela, he sabotaged his own career by being unprofessional.

    As far as I know he is still the only player in the world to be expelled from his national team for inviting prostitutes at 02:00AM in his hotel room for a party before a world cup qualifier. At least, Santos had the good grace to apologise, he double down on it.

    If it was not so stupid, I would applaud that eagerness to party.

  32. Marc


    “We got the Brazil market nailed on with Edu… im sure we can pick up a gem or 3 from there.”

    I thought clubs were limited to how many non EU players who can have in the squad. I’ve tried to google it but all you get is loads on the home grown rule. Of course any of these players would have to qualify for a work permit.

  33. Marko

    As anyone who has watched football should know what a 9 1/2 is.

    I’d say that if you did a general consensus on here and people were honest pretty much everyone would say that they never heard of a 9.5 as well.

    If you did another poll on whether people thought you were a lying little shit that too would score pretty high I think.

    Gotta love democracy

  34. MidwestGun

    have a soft spot for Mexican players. most get overlooked too easy I feel.
    Nooooooo!!!! say it isn’t so…. hahahaa International rivalry too strong I guess. There are some good Liga MX players though. I agree Central and South Americans have some innate toughness. Said we need more of that down and dirty.. That’s why I always liked Vidal. Vela himself admits he didn’t like Europe. and didn’t put in the effort. Think he is at a more mature time in his life close to home now.

  35. Receding Hairline

    Well seeing you spent a whole day searching the net and could only come up with one article where Djorkaeff called himself a 9 and a half i daresay it’s not such a commonly known term in football and it still sounds silly between.

    And yes one can call one brother the other’s name without the world coming to an end

  36. Valentin


    You can’t help yourself. Misrepresenting again what I said.

    I did not pass a lie as a typo, I just called out a small mistake that Dissenter made and instead of owning it he tried to pass that as a typo.

  37. Dissenter

    sod off, you’ve been caught lying here so many times
    I called it a type because I mistakenly wrote “Kolo” instead of “Yaya”. How else do I “own the mistake”? send you a bouquet of flowers?
    You don’t think any Arsenal fan or even casual observer of the premier league over the past 10-15 years would know the difference between the two brothers?
    I thanked you for the correction still yet you’re gloating.

    Like I said, sod of . It won’t take you 5 minutes to get caught in another lie or gross overstatement.

  38. Guns of SF

    Vela was a kid at the time…. needed stronger guidance.
    His talent over comes his stupidness. He was young and immature.

    I think he is married now anyhow… you telling me he could not help our team now even? he would

    Look at the French team scandal with Benzema… another hooker fucking player. Even underage ones

    Players make dumb mistakes- doesn’t make them bad players. Benz had a great season just finished.

  39. Dissenter

    I still cannot believe you went basic on me like that.
    That was a cheap shot from the cheap suit that you really are.

    There are innumerable times on this blog when you read things as they were supposed to be because you know what the author of the post was trying to say
    Kolo…in the place of Yaya?,
    I mean who starts to chest-pound and gloat like the fool that you are

  40. Luteo Guenreira

    Valentin having a b*tch moment by trying to start an argument over Kolo/Yaya. Seriously sophomoric.

  41. Marko

    Misrepresentation Valentin you’re wasted around here you should be a politician. May I suggest republican in a nice red state

  42. Dissenter

    “So some posters on here feel it is necessary to sell one of our prized assets(Lacazette)to move the club forward.Only at Arsenal FC.Frigging amazing!!”

    Would you rather have another season like this one?
    No time to get sentimental now mate.

  43. Luteo Guenreira

    Whether it’s Auba or PEA if it’s done with a plan, not against selling one for the benefit of the team. Just don’t sell one of our two best players and bring in the next Mustafi and Xhaka with that money.

  44. Luteo Guenreira

    Selling prized assets while they are prized is pretty standard in business. Don’t see why football should be any different, it’s a business as well.

  45. Dissenter

    ““Zaha is not a polished player. ”I share this view.

    I think Zaha would have to raise his game to do well in any big club…but you can make that same argument for anyone moving up the ladder.
    I’ll take a bet on any player who wants to challenge himself away from his comfort zone…provided the price is right.
    At the very least he will give us another outlet and create lots of dead-ball situations for us. He’s a very intelligent player too because of the way he pulls defenders out of position.

  46. TR7

    Presence of Mane, Salah and Firmino had obviated the need to keep Coutinho. That’s why selling off Coutinho for a big money was a smart move. Laca and PEA are the reason we are in top 6. If we sell Laca, we will fall further behind as it will weaken our team.

  47. Dissenter

    “Presence of Mane, Salah and Firmino had obviated the need to keep Coutinho. That’s why selling off Coutinho for a big money was a smart move. Laca and PEA are the reason we are in top 6. If we sell Laca, we will fall further behind as it will weaken our team.”

    What if we sell Auba?
    I can see you agreeing to that though 🙂

  48. Luteo Guenreira


    So assuming we had to choose, you would rather enter next season with Auba + PEA and no real winger again, as opposed to one of those two + a proper wide forward + whatever else we can get with the leftover funds (maybe a CB or LB)?

  49. Marc

    Big no to Zaha – he’s OK but nothing more than your usual over hyped English player.

    Can we also please stop talking about selling Auba in the same context as Coutinho. Auba has just won the golden boot against strikers including Aguero, Salah, Kane etc, Coutinho got double figures once and used to average 5 odd goals a season (in the PL). Compare that to the likes of Stirling or even Pires / Overmars. Coutinho was a decent player but no more and Barca were bonkers to pay so much for him. He was easy to replace and still have £100 million plus left over – Auba will not be so easy.

  50. Guns of SF

    Zaha is one nasty fucker. Need that nastiness in the team….
    Rid of wenger’s choir boys one by one…. see ya rambo

    Zaha and Lozano?

  51. salpardisenyc


    I’m not saying sell both, one if we have to. Which will certainly be debated to the end of time on here.

    Clearly much riding on next game financially and that will dictate terms for the ins and outs.

    A front three of Zaha, Laca, PEA would be deadly.

  52. Dissenter

    Ideally we could have kept both Laca and Auba, had we sold Rambo and Welbeck for 60-70 million.
    We can’t trim around the edges of the squad for another summer transfer window.
    At some point we have to do a DIY gut job.
    It won’t happen though, just wishful thinking since we are still in he business of doling out big wages to everyone.

  53. Luteo Guenreira

    Does Emery have a daughter? Is she a looker at all? Maybe that would entice Zaha to come.

  54. Dissenter

    Guns of SF
    ‘Zaha is one nasty fucker. Need that nastiness in the team….
    Rid of wenger’s choir boys one by one…. see ya rambo”

    He’s a cuddly soft whinny li’l bith*h. He’s always moaning to the referees. I hate that part of his game.

  55. Marc


    “Zaha is one nasty fucker. Need that nastiness in the team….”

    Are you fucking serious? Zaha is the biggest girls blouse in the PL, spent half of last season sitting on his arse crying and asking the ref for a free kick.

  56. Dissenter

    Klopp too used to have nasty dentition when he first showed up in Merseyside.
    There is supposed to be this dentist in Liverpool that ‘s doing miracles for the likes of Firminho and Klopp.
    Maybe the fans can raise some money and put this to bed once and for all.

  57. TR7


    I admit I was wrong in advocating we sell Auba. He is not my type of player and he has his limitations too but not many players in the world can consistently score 20 plus goals in a season. Laca too has been rendered ineffective in many a games this season, PEA’s pace and movement helped us in those games. So, essential we keep both our strikers. Not going to trade any of them for Zaha who is really not all that good.

  58. Guns of SF

    Well he does get fouled quite a bit… usually that might be the only way to stop him.
    Yes I agree if he can keep his head- it would be better

    he does looks a nasty fucker tho- you all cant argue with that

  59. Receding Hairline

    Either way we will have to make some tough decisions

    Liverpool sold Suarez and he is twice the player any of our strikers are

    Its one thing admiring what they have built but then saying no thanks when faced with how to do it.

  60. Bob N16

    Marc, surely the context is receiving a sufficiently large transfer offer to justify selling a good player.

    Liverpool received excellent money for Coutinho and it was worth their while doing the deal. They invested that money wisely. There can’t be too many Liverpool fans who think that Coutinho leaving was a mistake. The same would apply to PEA if a club made a by definition, an offer that was ‘too good to refuse’.

    If we’re sticking with the self sustaining model, it’s going to take a few years to rise again unless we come up with some inspirational buys. Over to you Edu, get those Brazilians some EU passports.

  61. Dissenter

    I too have been advocating that we sell one of the two [Auba or Laca]

    It would be one of the biggest throws of the dice if it ever happened because goals are hard to replace.
    Maybe we keep them and spend some of next season’s transfer funds this year to make up for both.
    It’s rare for clubs to have two truly elite strikers. I like the way fans voted for Laca to let him know that he is appreciated.

  62. alexanderhenry


    ‘Winning the league is just one part of elite.

    Elite is prestige.
    Look at our revenues, look at the size of our fanbase, look at the quality of everything we offer as a brand and club… we are elite.
    Just need better leadership to unlock the potential.’

    I absolutely agree. Arsenal have it all, but as you say, we need better leadership.
    The thing is, potential is meaningless in itself if it is not realised.

    Take Leeds Utd. They are not ‘elite’ by European standards but by English standards they are still a ‘big club’.
    The problem is that the club has been run with about as much efficiency as Woolworths just before it went bust.

    I believe effective leadership at any club comes from the very top, from its ownership, both financially and psychologically.
    Compare the Fenway group with KSE for example.

  63. gambon

    Lacazette has average 13.5 goals in his first 2 PL seasons.

    The question is, can we find a wide attacker that can deliver the same without us having to play a weird formation in order to find these goals?

    Salah (27 per season)
    Sterling (17.5 per season)
    Hazard (14 per season)
    Mane (16 per season)

    Have all contributed more goals, and can properly play alongside a striker.

    Its great having 2 good strikers, but lets be honest, the 3-4-1-2 formation we play to accomodate them is fucking dogshit.

    When we used to play 4-2-3-1 with Auba as a wide midfielder it was fucking dogshit.

    If we’re going to play 2 strikers, we need to either play a 4-3-3 which would involve bringing in a great wide player and some top midfielders, or we need to replace one of our strikers with someone that is more natural out wide.

    Its great having Lacazette as a back up option, but Liverpool have just scored 97 points and are going to win the CL with Origi as a backup striker.

  64. Marc


    Lich not only looks a nasty fucker but is a genuine nasty fucker – tried to start a fight with half the Spud team after they scored the pen at the Emirates and Lich wasn’t even a starter he was warming up.

    So according to your criteria we should extend his contract?

  65. gambon


    “So, essential we keep both our strikers. ”

    What formation would you like us to pay next season?

  66. TR7


    Given our limited funds we are not going to solve our squad issues in one window anyway. It will take us at least 2 windows to plug the gaps in our team. But selling one of our well settled and performing strikers to get a new winger who may or may not come good doesn’t really sit well with me. It would be ‘one step forward and one step backward’ at best and a really poor decision if things go awry. I am cool with selling anyone to raise fund except Leno, PEA and Laca.

  67. Dissenter

    Listen to John Henry talk extemporaneously about the Liverpool mission and you know why they are doing well. They guy gets it….he understands the business of sports.
    Kroenke, Josh and Stan are the opposite. All they utter are platitudes and cliches about values. They aren’t even running the business of Arsenal well.

  68. Marc


    Liverpool didn’t get excellent money for Coutinho they got fucking silly money times a million.

    If someone offers £150 million for Auba then fine – £100 million for a new striker and £50 million for a wide player. £120 million for Laca same sort of thing but the numbers don’t work.

    When half the posters on here are convinced that the Spud’s will get £120 million for Eriksen, a player who has only ever got into double figures twice in 5 seasons, has never managed 11 goals and oh yeah only has a year left on his contract then the fees being talked about don’t do what we need.

  69. Dissenter

    It’s just that players have their restricted windows of success. You miss out and you’re looking at a different picture.
    I remember when we had a chance to get 15 million for Joel Campbell in 2014 after the WC and Wenger dithered.
    Those are the types of transfers that Liverpool have made a killing on.

  70. Guns of SF

    no logic there my friend
    Licht sucks shit- the anger part is just bravado covering up his uselessness on the field

    Zaha looks like someone who would punch you in the face but can also play ball

    big diff

  71. Marc


    Zaha would run a mile from my niece in a fight and she’s not even 2 yet.

    He can play ball when he’s in the mood but you have to bear in mind the difference between playing at Palace and a big club with a big fee.

    If Zaha comes across as intimidating to you I would suggest you get a cat because you’re going to get beaten up by a mouse with a bit of swagger but of course this would just mean you’ll get beaten up by the cat. Maybe man up and stuff.

  72. TR7



    Two midfielders who can sit deep and win the ball. Ozil behind the trio of a new left winger , Laca through the middle and PEA on the right. Torreira is perfect for one of the holding mid roles. Need to find a new CM and a LW – should be our top two priorities this summer.

  73. Dissenter

    ‘When half the posters on here are convinced that the Spud’s will get £120 million for Eriksen, a player who has only ever got into double figures twice in 5 seasons, has never managed 11 goals and oh yeah only has a year left on his contract then the fees being talked about don’t do what we need.”

    It’s the law of demand and supply baby.
    Barca were butt hurt from the Neymar transfer considering the sweat and blood it took to get him…so they were ready for the great swindle. They didn’t even need Coutinho, it was all pride. They had to make a signature transfer.
    This time it’s Real Madrid who can raise the entire sum for transfers by moving out players. Their player sales can fund an extravagant summer transfer drive. It’s not always rationale so long as there is a sucker ready to swallow the bait.

    I mean you wonder why Real didn’t play hardball with Chelsea. They could have had Hazard for zero next summer. He wants to play for Madrid.

  74. MidwestGun

    I remember when we had a chance to get 15 million for Joel Campbell in 2014 after the WC and Wenger dithered.
    Those are the types of transfers that Liverpool have made a killing on.
    True dat… Although Joel Campbell is still a better player then Iwobi … 😀

  75. Dissenter

    Did you honestly think Coutinho would go for 142 million GBP?
    For real, sometimes it’s not rational.

  76. Samesong

    I never ever said sell anyone
    But to say Zaha is not that good is a load of old tosh.

    You only have to be on le grove the day we play them and know Zaha is a problem.
    He’s always a problem against us.


    Zaha one of the most fouled players in the premier league I also would be bitching if I was getting kicked every time I dribbled past someone.

    Zaha is not English either.

    Next season he will rip us again on that wing. The guys got sauce

    How many players don’t make the grade at United?

  77. Valentin


    I agree that young players can be immature and make mistakes. However as alluded by MidWest, the main reason Carlos Vela failed in Europe was himself, not Wenger’s lack of trust.

    Benzema sabotaged his own international career when he helped his friends in their attempt at blackmailing an international teammate with home made x rated videos.

  78. gambon

    “Ozil behind the trio of a new left winger , Laca through the middle and PEA on the right”

    The problem with this

    1- Auba is a better striker than Lacazette
    2- Auba is no good on the right of a 4-2-3-1
    3- Ozil is still in the team

    Honestly if the plan is to play one of our strikers as a wide midfielder, we’re better of selling and buying…….a wide midfielder.

  79. Dissenter

    One player I think we should keep hungry is Guendouzi
    Honestly I wouldn’t increase his salary by one penny. I would tell him to prove himself again this season. If he has a blow-out season I would sell him.
    Raising his wages to 75k weekly as reported is just repeating the mistakes of the past. That’s the same shite we did with Bellerin.

  80. mysticleaves

    Dissnter, 142? Maybe not but above 100 obviously. The context also mattered. Liverpool were in no position to sell and Liverpool had to buy to save face and appease fans.

    Here, Spuds have to sell and nobody needs to buy. Complete difference.

  81. TR7

    No club will pay £120 M for Eriksen. He is a good efficient player but there’s nothing special about him. Dele Alli is another one touted as a big player primed to play for Real Madrid but he is a mediocre player. Sissokho , Kane and Son are top class.

  82. MidwestGun

    should be our top two priorities this summer.
    mmmm no.. If replacing Mustafi isn’t a top priority and getting a fullback so we don’t have to play 3 cb’s isn’t our priority then I don’t know what Raul and Emery have been watching. Having a better cm and winger is good and all.. but we still scored a lot of goals we just gave up a shedload.

  83. mysticleaves

    “Honestly if the plan is to play one of our strikers as a wide midfielder, we’re better of selling and buying…….a wide midfielder.”


  84. gambon

    I think the only way you can really get the best out of Auba & Laca is to play a 4-3-3 with Auba playing a similar role to David Villa at Barca, MBappe at PSG last year.

    Sell Mykhitaryan and Iwobi, bring in a quality wide forward.

    Then you need to completely change the midfield.

    Ditch Ozil and Xhaka. Bring in mobile athletes that can tackle, pass, create and score.

  85. Valentin


    You keep taking cheap shots at people all day long and when after months of repeated abuse by you and Marko I make one snarky comment, you suddenly cry like a virgin who has seen a penis for the first time.
    Talk about snowflake and double standard.

    My apologies if my sense of humour has greatly offended you.

  86. Dissenter

    In the crazy world we are in where Ander Herrera can command a 300k weekly wages on a free transfer… I can see a sucker-club paying between 80-100 million for Ericksen.
    It defies logic but so are all these transfers we have recently seen.

  87. bennydevito

    Un na naaiMay 15, 2019    09:58:05

    And low the bitchy comments commence once more


    Yep, this being the first of them ⬆️

    And this one the 2nd… 😉😂

  88. Dissenter

    You were too busy chest-pounding to notice that I actually thanked you for the correction.
    No one has called you nothing that you’re not.
    You’re fond of ITK gross overstatements and blatant lies
    All types of lies; soft, hard, grey, yellow…every type under the sun.
    Like I said to ya, sod off.

  89. TR7


    We will need to spend £200M to build a team which can play 4-3-3. None of our midfielders are good at possession and cycling of the ball. 4-2-1-3 is the most logical formation given our resources. I don’t like Ozil but with two defensive mids behind him he can be handy. Not like he is going anywhere. So we need to play a formation which suits him and does not require huge investment. Auba is not that shoddy playing right wing.

  90. Dissenter

    I think the fear is that if we lose sell off either of Laca or Auba we would be stuck with Nkettiah as back-up
    That’s not going to scare any defender in the league.

  91. Luteo Guenreira

    suddenly cry like a virgin who has seen a penis for the first time.

    Valentin keep your stories of how you lost your asscherry to yourself

  92. Valentin


    Whatever formation we play, the problem is that nobody in this squad is a pacy winger with dribbling skills.
    When faced with compact defense, we have nobody to unlock them via dribbling, nobody would do an intelligent run behind the defense. Out of desperation we then all pile forward and leave ourselves open to counter-attack. That was the same under Wenger.

    We need to buy somebody like Pepe. If he is out of reach financially, I would go for George Ntep on a season loan with an option to buy. Batshit crazy and currently in a standoff with his employer, but extremely talented.

  93. Samesong

    Zaha definetly improves us. People just have a dislike for him which I understand.

    Last two seasons he’s been top of the list for the most dribbles past players even eclipsing Hazard this season.

    Is that not we need? He’s scored some class goals this season also. Knows the Prem


  94. Luteo Guenreira


    lol I caught that too from Un. It really was the first one of its kind. No sense of irony in some of these folk.

  95. Marko

    Honestly if the plan is to play one of our strikers as a wide midfielder, we’re better of selling and buying…….a wide midfielder.

    It makes sense

  96. Dissenter

    I think it’s the “big club ” mentality that may be lacking in Zaha.
    It may be that he has stayed in Palace too long and is more attuned to trying to avoid relegation than fight for bigger stuff.
    The skepticism is justifiable and I do think he has to make a step up in any big club he goes to. No one is going to pass the ball to him as much as he gets at Palace who relies on him to create almost everything.

  97. TR7


    70M (assuming we win Europa) plus proceeds from sale of Mustafi and Xhaka can help us get a new winger, a new CM and a new CB. I guess one of the three can be a marquee signing and the other two good to decent players in the range of 20-25M.

  98. Marko

    Valentin you call someone a snowflake and complain about me abusing you. First off I’ve never abused you I’ve called you a liar after a series of lies you’ve said. And that’s literally it

  99. gambon

    ” No one is going to pass the ball to him as much as he gets at Palace who relies on him to create almost everything.”

    He passes the ball 29 times per game.

    At Arsenal, he would easily get more of the ball.

    I think people dont realise how much Palace rely on him from an attacking point of view.

    He would have much better players alongside him at Arsenal.

  100. Samesong


    Zaha has lived in london most his life I know people that know him. It’s a big culture shock to move to Manchester and get settled in.

    He would be a big fish at Arsenal at United he had no chance.

  101. Luteo Guenreira

    Both our strikers are pretty good. If either can fetch something close to £80m pretty sure you have to do it. Arsenal were overly reliant on them two this season but that’s because the quality in the other positions was not there.

    Whether Zaha or Pepe arrives here and comes good or not is not the issue, you need to have a fucking plan before moving forward. Doubtful it’s a good idea to try and sign someone regardless of how skilled they are if the club don’t have a vision for where to put them on the pitch. If the plan is another year of an out of balance squad that relies too much on the two strikers, I am not a fan.

  102. Valentin

    Zaha at Crystal Palace is trying to be the main man. Until the Belgium Batman arrived, they did not have anybody to finish all the chances he created. Benteke was their main striker and he scored ONE goal in the premiership this season. Of course it was against Arsenal.

    In contrast if he were to join Arsenal, Zaha would have Lacazette/Aubameyang at the end of the movements. He would be just one cog in the Arsenal attack rather than cog, shaft and motor.

  103. Marko

    suddenly cry like a virgin who has seen a penis for the first time.

    Does anyone see what he’s implying here? I saw a vagina when I lost my virginity. Still cried

  104. Dissenter

    Zaha cannot afford to hug the ball as much as does with Palace
    Most of the times he gets the ball for Palace, it’s to draw an infraction on the opposition so Palace can use the dead-ball.

    He looked untouchable that last game because we played a muppet midfield and Mustafi was gifting goals.
    I too want Zaha but he has to bring more to his game.

  105. MidwestGun

    Well I guess I think the
    Priorities should be..
    1.) Replace Mustafi
    2.) Starting LB .. Monreal is ok for backup. Bellerin injury depending might need a RB too. This also allows us to sell Kola.
    3.) CM to replace Xhaka. or Ramsey if you prefer. I would like to move on from Xhaka.
    4.) Winger to replace Mhki and Iwobi from starting lineup. Auba in theory could play a floating role. or we start Laca some matches and Auba some to keep them fresh.
    5.) Another winger. sell Mhki.

    6.) Another CM

    If we get 1 through 4 done this summer I would be happy. If we got 1-6 .. I d probably throw a party.

  106. Valentin


    When I quoted Viera own autobiography, you called me a liar.
    Your definition of lying is any fact presented that you disagree is a lie. Everybody knows that you are a flat Earther. Don’t matter with fact.

    Your technique is to misrepresent what people says or focus on a detail irrelevant to the point made.

  107. Words on a Blog

    A statistical report card on Emery’s Arsenal which gives him a somewhat less than stellar review…..also suggests that there’s a risk Arsenal slides into mid table next year (depending on what happens in transfer market) and gets caught up by the likes of Wolves and Leicester.

    I don’t necessarily agree with the conclusions but share it anyway for discussion/debate

  108. Dissenter

    Valentin doesn’t know clue about the process of dis-flowering.
    His ears are to close to the PSG boardroom seeking the latest Emery rumor to know you never show you stuff too early.

  109. Samesong

    He looked untouchable that last game because we played a muppet midfield and Mustafi was gifting goals.
    I too want Zaha but he has to bring more to his game.

    Not any more than Iwobi.

    Last thing I’m gonna say about it but when palace beat city he was a beast earlier this season.

  110. TR7



    In line with what many have been saying here for sometime now.

  111. Emiratesstroller

    I don’t get this obsession with selling our best assets specifically Lacazette.

    Aubameyang [32] and Lacazette [19] scored the bulk of our goals this season.
    That is going to be very difficult to replicate whoever you bring in.

    Arsenal need to hold onto both these players and improve within the squad our goalscoring options. At the moment we are not scoring enough goals elsewhere in the team.

    The club needs either a winger or midfielder to be recruited to replace Ramsey who can score at least double digit goals.

    What I do know is that Messrs Ozil Mkhitaryan and Iwobi are not going to
    score enough goals and we need someone to start in the lineup who can improve on their performances when they play.

    Arsenal’s major problem is that on current form Ozil and Mkhitaryan don’t warrant a starting place in the team based on their performances this season and are too expensive [wages] to sit on bench. Iwobi is no better than a bench
    player when you see how he plays.

    That is why we need to replace Ramsey in the team and somehow shift out of
    the club one of the three players listed above.

    Very difficult to see a solution to this problem.

  112. Marko

    Your technique is to misrepresent what people says or focus on a detail irrelevant to the point made.

    Right back at you mate. Easy enough to prove some of the things you’ve said so have at it. Prove Steve Rowley is back at Arsenal. That Eboue has AIDS. That there was in fact double training sessions. Widely reported that Arteta turned down many jobs that one should be easy. Have at it. The Vieira autobiography stuff doesn’t prove that Wenger kicked him out of the club

  113. bennydevito

    AlexanderhenryMay 15, 2019    12:37:30


    It’s as I predicted.

    Despite the new management structure, Kroenke is looking to replicate what wenger delivered for most of his reign:
    CL football on a budget.

    Most arsenal fans must be starting to accept that a genuine title challenge is a very long way off and are now desperate for top four which, you’ve got to admit, is deeply ironic.

    Can arsenal bring the 4th place trophy back home with a combination of project 2.0 and shrewd, cheap buys?

    Maybe, but we’ve been here before haven’t we?
    In won’t be easy anyway. English football has become a lot more competitive in the last few years.

    That EL final is now truly massive for arsenal.
    It’s less important for chelsea I think which will give us the edge hopefully



    It’s not deeply ironic because we’re in completely different circumstances.

    We spent 20 years winning the top 4 trophy only ever coming 1st 3 times with only 1 CL final before slipping out of the top 4 finishing 5th then 6th under Wenger.

    Now although we have gone back up to 5th we are now 3 seasons a EL level team so of course now we all aspire to be a top 4 team once more.

    Once we are established again as a top 4 team I’m sure none of us will accept 20 years of only finishing in the top 4 winning 3 titles in the first 5 years but then going the next 15 without winning a title and never winning the CL.

    It’s all relative.

  114. Marko

    It is certainly possible that Arsenal could win the EL, and execute a very good summer window where they bring in ample amounts of young talent on a tighter budget. However, if that doesn’t happen, then there’s the real potential of Arsenal slipping out of the big 6 and descending further into chaos.

    So without a good transfer window we could slip further behind. Pretty much a given

  115. Valentin


    Again you are doing it. You can’t help yourself in mis representing what I’ve said.

    I did not say that Wenger kicked Viera out of the club. I said that Viera wanted to stay to finish his career at Arsenal but the club kicked him out. This is exactly what he stated and he blamed David Dein for shopping him around and accepting Juventus offer.
    This is exactly what Viera wrote verbatim in his autobiography, but of course because that contradicts your opinion, it’s a lie.

  116. Marko

    You did in fact say Wenger kicked him out though. That’s why I parked up. A known Wengerite looking at rewriting history in his favor. He spent the previous two summers trying to engineer a move out of Arsenal and away from Wenger and then you’d have people believe he was kicked out of the club. He wanted out

  117. Dissenter

    Receding made a very good suggestion about adding Iwobi as a sweetener for any transfer bid for Zaha.
    Will Palace see Iwobi as good-enough for them?

  118. Dissenter

    I really want Leeds back in the premier league with the added bonus of Bielsa as their manager.
    The broadcasters are hoping the gain promotion. That will make fantastic TV.

  119. Graham62


    So because Wenger and co fudged up, we have to be ruthless and sell the one player than has given us genuine hope and delight this season.


    “Would I rather have another season like this one”

    Actually I’d rather have another season of slight progress than ten seasons of slow and stagnant regression.

    Shite, here we are on the verge of making CL qualification, by winning a European trophy, and you want to grab the money and then wait and see.

    Dump all the deadwood first(I include Ozil in that) Keep those that put the club first and reward them accordingly.

    Lacazette and Auba are our poster boys. Give them the credit for actually giving us a chance of CL football next season.

    Fudge me,we’ve been sliding into the abyss for years and yet some on here want an immediate return to the glory days.

    Be patient and focus on Baku.

  120. Un na naai

    Was it a mistake or did god do it to us on purpose? I really wanna know. If it was a mistake then maybe there’s something we can do about it. Create a vaccine, invent a cure. When we make a mistake it’s called sin
    When god makes a mistake they call nature!!!!

    Legendary quote
    Jack Nicholson

  121. Valentin


    Go and check my comments.
    I did not say that. I said that Viera got kicked out of the club, which to this day you still refute despite being written black on white in Viera’s autobiography.

    Like any good Arsenal fans know two years in a row Viera tried to engineer move away from the club. Arsenal relented and accepted Real Madrid offer, only for him rejecting the offer because Real Madrid’s salary offer was less than what he was on at Arsenal. That infuriated the Arsenal management team.
    The following season when he was being replaced by Cesc, he suddenly rediscovered his love for Arsenal and wanted to finish his career at the club. Too bad, David Dein had other ideas. He had shopped him around behind his back and had accepted an offer from Juventus.
    Viera was kicked out of the club, ironically after spending two years trying to leave.
    Those are the facts.
    I know that they don’t agree with your opinion.

  122. Dissenter

    Actually i think it is Mykhi that wins us that game.
    He will want to prove a point for reasons other than football. What better place to shine than in a country that doesn’t want you there.

  123. Chris


    No, Dirty Leeds can stay where they are thanks.

    I’d rather see Villa come back up, as leary as they are.

  124. DaleDaGooner

    Some of you are jokers….we barely replaced Van Persie and Henry…after persisting with Giroud, and to some extent a one dimensional Podolski who wasn’t bad, but not “elite” and we want to cut off the nose to spite the face? Why can’t we build on our defense and midfield by selling Xhaka, Mustafi, Chambers and a few others. What makes you think Zaha will make us more improved?? Or Pepe ?