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The Premier League is over.

Now we gear up mentally for a huge game in Europa world.

Arsenal vs Chelsea. It’s going to be a great match. Sarri has never won a trophy before, Emery has to win this to make his gamble in the league look a smart one. It’s a total toss of a coin.

There’s been a lot of debate about the host city. I think some of the outrage has been misplaced. I reckon Baku will be a memorable away day, I think the upset from most fans is coming from 1) The unreal expense of traveling there 2) The fact UEFA picked a final destination where there are questions over a players participation because of safety. Very grim.

I mean, I’m not going to fall on my sword for Mikhi, because be real, who fucking cares if he plays, however, because I love bitching… this all of a sudden becomes an outrage I want to be part of.

That said, how critical can western Europe be? In Spain, we can’t guarantee black players won’t get abuse, for, you know, being black. A Spurs fan threw a banana at one of our players a few months ago. A fan ran on the pitch in the Birmingham Derby and punched a player (terrible punch). Someone threw a bottle at me in The Tollington because I’m a great blogger. I HAVE SEEN FLARES AT GAMES. We had a left-back that took a knuckle duster to Shite Hart Lane. I mean, here’s my point, at the end of the day, we’re all awful in our own way. Amirite?

Contract news is interesting.

Arsenal want to offer Auba and Lacazette £250k a week extensions to their deals.

We’re apparently gearing up a £75k a week offer for the second most valuable teenager in Europe (MATTEEEOOOO!)

I mean, money doesn’t seem short, does it? Also reads like the story about KSE having budget communication issues were a little off.

All this lends credence to my accurate reporting on Aaron Ramsey… they pulled the deal because Emery didn’t fancy him. It seems silly now, but if we sign an exceptional talent to replace him, we’ll be rolling in LOLz.

In other news, Emery seems to be talking up the idea that we’re going to go young next season.

‘We need to use young players like Ramsey who played here when he was young. Every player can take chances and use these chances to improve with us,’

‘Willock and Nketiah played the 90 minutes, they used this time to help us with a good match. It’s our responsibility to give them chances but find the best performance as a team. ‘Young players need opportunities to be with us in training.’

There are a lot of people bitching about us moving into another Project Youth era, but to those people, I slap you with the wet side of a leather glove and dare you step up from the floor. If the youth is where we’re heading, I am all for that. Arsenal needs to be really fucking real about who they are this summer. We need a strategy. We can’t continue down the path of overpaying for ‘ok’ players in the hope they might come good. Our risks shouldn’t be Mikhi on £170k a week, they should be Djene Dakonam, Nicolas Pepe, Ibrahima Konaté, Ndombele, Aouar or Sarr… on £12 a week. Amirite?

Yeah I am.

Bollocks to the kids and their dreams of a 4 bedroom house at 16 on a minimum wage. WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD SNOWFLAKES. Fuck me Corbyn, £10 an hour for a teenager? I worked in Maccy Ds for £3.12 an hour. I knew what the secret recipe for the Big Mac sauce was because it stained my skin indelibly like a 10 euro Ayia Napa henna tattoo. I wore that scent like it was CK1. Remember when that was the fragrance in 1998? Was I fired from McDonald’s? Yes. Did Barry who was certainly a sex offender have more stars than me? Yes again. Fuck him though, he’s still rocking the bookshop in a Kindle world while I’m out here writing for men I occasionally meet on the internet.

Anyway, we should be tracking the best young talent in Europe that has 1-2 years left on their deals, give them a London pay bump, bonus the fuck out of them so they are motivated, house them outdoors so they get nature wild, and see where we land.

If we can buy in players with one or two good seasons under their belts and give them a proper platform to thrive, we’ll be in a really great place.

See, I’d love to sign someone like Zaha. People laughed when we wrote about him years ago, but the guy has grown into quite the player since he tanked at United after he was allegedly busted for dealing with the daughter of his ex-manager (who didn’t hear that rumour, right?). However, is he going to offer us the sort of value we’re looking for if he’s a £70m player? Tough to see that. If we could get him for £50m, maybe it’s a different story.

Arsenal has to focus this summer on power and pace. We’re going to have to move on Elneny and Xhaka. Our squad can’t deal with that sort of weakness in the middle of the park. We need to have players in our midfield that explode over 10 yards, players that are nasty, players that have engines in the mould of Aaron Ramsey. They also have to be able to maintain fitness for longer than 2 months (sorry Aaron).

I tell you what I WILL NOT tolerate this summer.

Banega. Nzonzi. Anyone that smells like Sevilla or journeyman. OR BARRY NEAR THE PARK. I see you book boy.

Let’s see what lands, what we’ve done so far has been really fucking bland because no thought went into it. We’ve racked up a collection of ‘ok’ over 5 years and somehow managed to land at a £235m wage bill.

Our decisions have to get better. The only way to get to better decisions is to have a sharp strategy in place. We need a sexy vision. We need a better footballing philosophy. We need to start shaping the club properly.

Let’s hope we win that Champions League spot. Looks more and more important as each day passes.

OH MY BEFORE WE GO. NYT reporting City could be landing the only sort of fine they can’t afford, a big whack at their prestige. UEFA are considering whipping their cajones on the table and banning City from the Champions League for being BAD PEOPLE.

As football fans, we tend to ignore how money arrived at these clubs, providing it’s being spent on elite talent. City are the first side that are so good, it looks almost robotic. The money in the hands of their execs is being spent so well, it’s going to make it very tough for anyone to break in… I mean, a bit dramatic, I doubt they can maintain a stranglehold as tight as United or Liverpool did back in the day, but regardless, they are breaking the rules to dope their team. It has to stop. Fines won’t work, but taking them out of the big trophy might.

then they can give that Champions League place to Unai Emery. No Europa necessary. Well, that’s how I think it should work.


See you in the comments. x

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  1. useroz

    Whoever signed Guendouzi should be fired.

    He should be on 15 to 20kpw coming from Ligue 2 for God sake.

    Did we learn?

    Manure paid Rashford 15 or 20kpw in his first couple of seasons in the PL.

    Did SS become a oil baron overnight and pumping slick into the club?

    75k pw? Guendouzi can leave for 50m if someone wanted him!

    Everyone should have a price., Auba and Laca included.

    If we don’t buy enough qualities, it’d be same old same old next season anyway, including Auba and Laca who could fetch 120m+…

    Might as well spend what we sold on key positions in defence and MFN and try to find a couple of up and coming strikers at 20+ yo, and take it from there.

  2. Receding Hairline

    Pedro that doesn’t explain why no one else is going all out for him…I mean it will do his reputation no harm to conquer elsewhere before taking the City job.

    You have been painting this picture we missed out on the next coaching marvel based on very little. The arguments you have put up for arteta hasn’t been in anyway convincing because you have hidden behind dismissive comments and outright comment.

  3. Champagne Charlie


    Are you both seriously going to dismiss the idea of Arteta as a managerial prospect? He was considered for the Arsenal job, does that not indicate those in the game are aware of his capabilities?

    I’m not stating absolutely because I don’t know, but denying his apparent potential seems very flat-earthy as Pedders would say. Inconvenient fact is it? He’s highly thought of whether you agree or not, don’t shoot the messenger.

  4. Receding Hairline

    Flat earthers? Are we still running with that?

    No one is dismissing Arteta as a manager, what is being dismissed is this notion he would have played more exciting football, used more youth, done more coaching (more than a man who has been on it for a decade) etc

    These are comments you have nothing to support with.

    Why did we end up not appointing him by the way? Has any of you bothered to find out?

  5. Marko

    No, that’s not what I’m saying. I have huge doubts Emery is capable of delivering that sort of growth. This season has acted as fuel to the idea he’s not going to move us along

    But you seem confident in Arteta.

    They saw a guy that just overachieved at Espanyol

    He did not over achieve at Espanyol. 8th to 14th place isn’t overachieving

  6. Samesong


    I like Grealish don’t care what others may say.

    He draws a lot of fouls in dangerous areas
    He can dribble
    He’s skilfull
    He can score
    He holds up the ball quite well
    He can pass


    In the premier league he’ll get roughed up
    Will he get afforded time on the ball?
    Would I take him over Mikhi right now I think you would know the answer to that question.

  7. Marko

    Are you both seriously going to dismiss the idea of Arteta as a managerial prospect? He was considered for the Arsenal job, does that not indicate those in the game are aware of his capabilities?

    I’m not dismissing him as a prospect I’m dismissing him as being a worthy candidate for the position of Arsenal manager. Being considered for the position by Ivan isn’t a guarantee of quality don’t you know. This is the same guy who sat by our recent decline.

    Also how can I be a flat earther when I’m trying to have a discussion and I’m being met with hypotheticals and potential talk. There’s nothing concrete about Arteta except the opinions of some people. That sounds very much like some flat Earth shit to

  8. MidwestGun

    If Man City gets expelled from UCL, does it mean we qualify as 5th?
    Thorough I don’t believe so .. no.. according to what I read with appeals and decision making time any ban on City wouldn’t be for 2 seasons from now.

  9. Champagne Charlie


    He (Pochettino) overachieved at a Espanyol, he was given a go at a sunken ship and kept them up.

    Give that a glance if you want a refresher of his time there. That, plus great promise at Southampton prompted Spurs to say ‘let’s give this young guy a run’.

    Not the same landscape as Emery, who as I stated, is 3 big jobs into his career and yet to offer the probability of taking a club up a couple of notches.

  10. Ishola70

    Grealish is a decent little baller but he is strictly AM.

    He could do well in a side that has strong midfielders behind him so he doesn’t have to worry about CM defensive duties.

    He’s linked to Spurs which would make sense as they have the midfielders that can let him play without affecting the rest of the team.

    Is he suitable for Arsenal and the midfield currently in place? No.

  11. Champagne Charlie


    He looked a prick when he first broke into football, drunk pics and the like. Seems to have grown up a touch, and looks to have something about him. Probably laughably expensive though.

  12. Pedro


    ‘JUST WORDS’… yes, of course. Is what I’m stating any different to your ‘JUST WORDS’?

    Or are your visions of a higher order?

  13. Ishola70

    Not much use on the flanks.

    With his little legs he ain’t going to get behind too many defenders wide. It will all be inside stuff. Predictable on the flanks.

  14. Guns of SF


    Wonder why EPL has not implemented a US style salary cap system?
    I think FFP has some good points but it seems that teams get creative with their accounting to skirt these rules.

    My Golden state warriors are above their salary cap and have been docked a fine ( large one) for that….

    I wonder if a similar system would work

  15. Words on a Blog


    With Arteta firmly ensconced in Man C as assistant manager and trusted confidante of Pep, the debate on how well Arteta would have done had he been appointed as Supremo at Arsenal has all the relevance of a theological debate about transubstanciation between Jesuits and Dominicans

  16. MidwestGun

    Well from what I have read.. FFP isn’t really about fairness. Uefa wants the big Clubs to still be able to act like big clubs basically.. They don’t really want a fully level playing field. More likely maybe they could do something like in baseball with no salary cap. But if the club wants to spend over the limit they have to give all the other clubs a fee.. based on percentage over the limit.. so called luxury tax. If for example City wanted to spend 100 mill extra they have to pay everyone 10 mill or whatever. I don’t know. But counting on Uefa to police FFP. is kind of like putting me in charge of guarding the bottle of whiskey.. probably not the best choice.

  17. englandsbest

    No question that Arteta is management material, he showed it while playing at Everton and Arsenal, and he is being groomed by the best there is. If he takes over from Emery it will be to cut his teeth before taking over at Man C.

    Kompany seems to be too gentle a soul to make a top manager.

    Apart from Arteta It’s hard to think of an ex-Arsenal player who would make a top manager. Vieira comes to mind, but he might be too like Roy Keane. Early days, but Ramsay maybe?

  18. Marko

    he was given a go at a sunken ship and kept them up.

    Charlie they were 12th the season before he took over. He took them to 10th then 11th then 8th then 14th in his 4 seasons. Hardly overachieving

  19. Alex Cutter

    “Wonder why EPL has not implemented a US style salary cap system?”

    Other than the obvious reason that all leagues would have to adopt the system, or players would flee to other leagues that could pay more?

  20. Marko

    Pedro you’re the one making a case for something or in this case someone and therefore the onus is on you to produce or argue better. You say that he’d have us playing better football? Prove it. You say he’d excite the fans? How. You say he’d use young players more? What makes you say that.

  21. Marko

    No question that Arteta is management material, he showed it while playing at Everton and Arsenal…Apart from Arteta It’s hard to think of an ex-Arsenal player who would make a top manager. Vieira comes to mind, but he might be too like Roy Keane.

    This is what you’re dealing with. Arteta showed he’s up to being a manager while playing for Everton and Arsenal while the dury is out on actual manager Patrick Vieira

  22. Champagne Charlie


    He took over when every had all but assigned themselves to relegation, they beat Peps Barca and turned it around. This when he had less coaching merit than current Arteta

  23. MidwestGun

    Lol.. You snarky bastard.. how you been? what brings you back to Le Grove I thought you had retired ?

    I think that’s what Guns meant all the leagues have agreed to abide by FFP rules so yeah any salary caps would have to be for all the leagues in Uefa. Probably not too likely in the Brexit era.

  24. Marko

    Charlie I wouldn’t class him as overachieving.

    This when he had less coaching merit than current Arteta

    This point is irrelevant. Because Poch was proving himself while Mikel is not. Coaching merit… what merit exactly does Mikel have. Some nice words? If that’s all it takes you might as well just give Bould the job. Plenty of people say nice things about him

  25. Alex Cutter

    Hey MG.

    Been popping by lately.

    It’s like the last days of Rome around here with all of the different factions tugging away like hyenas at the carcass of a club which was not too long ago the class of all european football.

    It’s also fun to watch Petey devolve into an early middle-aged cynic/reactionary/corporate dickhead who allows his blog to host some of the most toxic gunners online.

    Hope all is well with you!

  26. englandsbest

    If I could pick anyone, and I could persuade him, it would be Ian Wright. I love the guy, as a player and as a person.

    I don’t rate tactics highly. It’s the ABC of football, and pretty much everyone in the game can read and write. Most important is man-management, and I fancy Ian to have oodles of that.

    How would he play? I imagine two wingers and a striker, move the ball at pace, and stick to thsame style 95% of games (as most top manager do. )

  27. Valentin

    It was widely reported that a lot of clubs offered managerial jobs to Arteta but he dismissed them all. The only one who genuinely interested him was Arsenal for two reasons.

    One. he felt a connection with Arsenal having played for us and having a good relationship with most of the staff.

    Two. For his own career. He knew that at Arsenal he had the tool to be successful. Arsenal had the personnel to be in the top 4. Brighton is now offering him the job. Will he go there? Hell no. He has no chance to make any headway there.

  28. bennydevito

    Regarding FFP:

    “Clubs need to balance football-related expenditure – transfers and wages – with television and ticket income, plus revenues raised by their commercial departments. Money spent on stadiums, training facilities, youth development or community projects is exempt.”

    And thus is where the rich clubs like City are exploiting their wealth and the lax legislation of FFP.

    There are no restrictions on youth development.

    I watched a BT Sport documentary about the British football academy system and how it is getting ruined by the rich clubs, especially City.

    They have more scouts in some cities than the clubs from those cities, especially the lower leagues and are now snapping up the youngsters from cities all over the country forcing some clubs to close their academies as they’re not getting the players.

    There is a catchment area rule for football academies but City are getting around that by taking kids as young as 10 and their entire families and paying to move them to Manchester, thus cheating the catchment area rules and exploitating the lack of FFP restrictions on youth development.

    That and offering older academy players at 16 huge sums of money upwards of 10 grand to poach the very best prospects from academies all across the country too.

    It was filmed when Wenger was still in charge and he expressed huge concerns that this type of activity if unchecked will eventually destroy the British academy system and ultimately destroy English football.

  29. bennydevito

    ValentinMay 14, 2019    09:53:27

    Emery has had media training and he is now saying all the right things about project youth and the engagement of fans.
    Don’t listen what he says, look at what he does.



    Seeing as you were the most adament that Emery doesn’t develop young players or bring them into the first team it is no surprise that now Emery has come out and said they will be bringing through more of their youth next season, you come out with this to try and save face.

    Do you have any proof of Emery’s media training and that he has been told to say this and won’t actually play some of our youngsters next season? Considering he’s played Iwobi, AMN and Guendouzi a lot this season who are all young, and used some of our youngsters in the cups earlier this season there is already enough evidence that what you’re saying is nothing but agenda driven bias.

    I know you really dislike Emery and that is fine but I think this comment by you is reaching a bit to be honest.

  30. bennydevito

    I’ve just read a report that Madrid are ready to offer £85m for Aubameyang.

    We’d be insane to turn this down for a 30 yr old if true.

    Add that £85m to the reported £45m we have and we could buy De Ligt for £75m or even Maguire for £60m and go for Neres or Jovic for £50m

    We could probably raise £30 40m in selling off some of our other players and have enough to go for Chilwell or Tierney.

    If we win the EL the chances of signing these players go up and we get another £50 to go for Tielemans or Sarr.

    That would be a great summer’s business for me.


  31. Marko

    It was widely reported that a lot of clubs offered managerial jobs to Arteta

    Wildly reported. Seems easy enough to prove. Go ahead then

  32. Sid

    Congratulations lads a much much better comments section today, nice to see people getting along, mostly.

    It’s so much more enjoyable to read, until Un and CG pop up and pollute the place.

  33. Sid


    I think you will find it hard to find many reports for Arteta to be widely reported for anything

  34. Sid

    4 players coming in this summer

    CB, CM, LB and someone on the wings.

    UE himself alluded to wings and cb reinforcements during Jan, so I’m guessing they will go and get those 2. Ramsey obviously needs replacing.

    Considering transfer fees are not (generally) paid all upfront 50-60 million budget should get us these 4, from a 20-25 million category.

  35. Elmo

    “Brighton is now offering him the job. Will he go there? Hell no. He has no chance to make any headway there.”

    He’s never managed before. Is he going to sit around like Ryan Giggs did, expecting that a superclub would appoint him out of the blue? Where has this idea come from that total rookies should turn down good openings and wait for the very top jobs?

    Look at a guy like Jaap Stam. A far more successful career than Arteta, and regarded as being a tactically smart player, with a strong mentality. He was an assistant coach at Ajax, then Ajax reserves, then got his first managerial opportunity at Reading in the Championship (play-offs first season; sacked second season), took a smaller job in Holland, and has now been given the Feyenoord job, which might be a platform to get noticed.

    What makes Arteta so special that he should be able to by-pass all the hurdles that 99% of successful managers have always had to?

    Had he not been friendly with Guardiola since he was a teenager, and was just another ex-player trying to establish himself in coaching /management, would people be calling him a unique talent and linking him to the most prestigious jobs in the game? Iniesta has been tipped to be Guardiola’s next assistant when he retires, presumably because he was tactically intelligent but mostly because he’s another old mate who he can trust. Does he automatically become an elite managerial prospect after a year of assistant coaching?

    Why has no other club, let alone an elite one, gone for Buvac? He was put on leave by Liverpool after falling out with Klopp for not telling him that he had been approached by Arsenal about replacing Wenger; Mislintat had proposed Buvac, having worked with the pair at Dortmund. If he was ‘the brain’ behind Klopp, in Klopp’s own words, why has his departure made absolutely no difference to Liverpool (in fact they are better), and why are ambitious, upwardly-mobile clubs around Europe not swarming to appoint him?

    Go and earn your own stripes like everyone else!

  36. bennydevito

    I’m not so sure that in this day and age the old fashioned notion of having to earn your stripes in the lower leagues is always true.

    You’ve either got it or you haven’t.

    Guardiola only managed the Barcelona B team he didn’t go anywhere else first then come back to Barcelona then he walked straight into Rijkaard’s shoes.

    Who’s to say he won’t do the same at City in a few years time when Pep fucks off like he always does after a few years or so?

    I’ve seen enough this season of Arteta and Pep to come to the conclusion that he does more than put the cones out and us being trained up to take over.

  37. rollen

    To argue that Arteta is anything but great prospect is plain stupid. Let the guy try being numero uno first. Very small chances that he will be successful.

  38. Pedro

    Benny, good conclusion.

    Anyone that thinks an assistant at any elite club just picks up cones is deeply, deeply ignorant about the modern game.

    Plenty of them about though.

  39. Guns of SF

    Benny very concerning about how city is usurping the rules
    They are shady
    Always wondered why there are no rules about mega clubs moving families into their catchment areas

  40. China1

    Ah that classic period when arteta was our captain and our squad was devoid of leadership and presence on the pitch…

    Great memories

  41. Receding Hairline

    China just nailed it.

    As captain he was meh…

    Pedro himself alluded to him being difficult to deal with behind the scenes then gave him a pass that it was probably due to injuries, I wonder how someone like that will react to bad results as a manager

  42. China1

    Arteta was captain during peak banter years, at a time when the management provided effectively no leadership or management so there was a total vacuum of leadership, presence, organization, fire and so on

    Did arteta take it upon himself to drag the team on or did he just quietly go about his thing being a solid 7/10 player…?

    He was an average captain and he has never managed a football match so who knows if he will really be a good manager

    He strikes me as a good student of the game and probably quite smart. Unfortunately in an industry where the average person has an IQ only slightly higher than a rock, people tend of conflate being reasonably clever with intellectual genius (look at arsenal…)

    Arteta can manage some football games and show how great he is and then lap up all the credit he will duly deserve

    Until then he can keep putting cones out for pep

  43. Siddharth14

    This Arteta fascination is over the top. If we go by rationale then Arteta should not even be a point of discussion.

    The only reason Pedro and the others seem to be worshipping him is due to the fact that he would have been a radical appointment. Ex player, unproven and someone with apparent coaching potential.

    My basic opposition to this is such an appointment would require the club to have a robust structure already in place. i.e. having a defined vision, the quality of players in the squad and youth team, recruitment policy etc.

    Guardiola and Zidane have benefited immensely from this. This is not in any way belittling the coaching prowess of these two. It is fanciful to think that any person would be able to take an average squad of players and make then compete at highest level.

  44. Graham62

    Arteta is a follower.

    Six years under Wenger and no real personal identity.

    Three years under Pep and still he hides.

  45. Bob N16

    Graham, I think pretty much any young coach would be delighted to learn under arguably the greatest coach that is around at the moment.

    I would agree with your ‘hiding’ dig if he’s there for more than one more season though. Unless he’s given the hope of following Guardiola of course.

    I think as a captain of our previous manager has probably poisoned your views.

  46. Un na naai

    It’s like the last days of Rome around here with all of the different factions tugging away like hyenas at the carcass of a club which was not too long ago the class of all european football.

    It’s also fun to watch Petey devolve into an early middle-aged cynic/reactionary/corporate dickhead who allows his blog to host some of the most toxic gunners online.

    Alex cutter
    Bitter little tart aren’t you? Life obsviously meandered away from this disenchanted little fellow. Keep plugging away cutter. Meet a nice girl, have some kids, find some purpose.

  47. Un na naai

    I don’t understand why everyone is so harsh on arteta as an arsenal player. He was never going to be cesc, that’s not his fault. He was also never going to be the defensive midfielder we desperately needed but he tried admirably. I always liked him as a player. He had some great games for us and kept the team moving forward.
    We haven’t had a leader in the middle since he left, that’s for sure.

  48. Valentin

    The attraction with Arteta is that he would bring both continuity and disruption. The same applies to any ex-players mentioned for a managerial job.

    Part of the attraction is that he seems to be well respected and liked. Both at Arsenal and within the game overall.
    The final part is the fact that when Arsène left, it was clear that we needed somebody who could make thing happen via coaching. Somebody who he could devise a plan to fight tactically the opposition.

    When it became clear, that none of the big name manager were coming, we needed a fresh new option. For a lot of people he would have been a gamble but he ticked the right boxes.

    The same way Barcelona took a gamble when they named Guardiola and Real Madrid named Zidane. Both were highly controversial selection.

    Even if Raul had a fallout with Emery, I can’t see that happening. Same with Viera, he may have a great reputation at ManCity, but within Arsenal I don’t think that he will find a lot of allies.

  49. Valentin


    The article is factually correct even if the chance of that happening are remote.

    1) ManCity is unlikely to be ban next season. Between the final decision taking place days before the qualifications and the lengthy legal appeal forcing a suspension of the ban, any ban is more likely to be for the season 2020-2021.

    2) Arsenal need to win their Europa League final against Chelsea. If we lose ManUtd cannot make it.

  50. Globalgunner

    Sorry Arteta was never great for us. He never replicated his form at Rangers or Everton. He came to us late stage and was too slow to play AM, to slow even for DM, would give fouls away constantly as he was easy to beat. Had no personality to dictate play or gee-up his team mates. He was constantly injured……..He did score a few pens
    Great CV for a future manager

  51. Globalgunner

    People make up untruths and hope it will pass.
    Zidane was a legend not a journeyman like Arteta. He had been an assistant at Madrid since retiring so knew more than Arteta about how Madrid runs….Do you think City will replace Pep with Arteta when Pep moves on?. I hear he is not even Peps no2. Thats somne other dude.

    Pep was managing the Barca B team for years, he was also a club legend.

    Arteta has not even managed a 5 a side team and is a legend where?

  52. Globalgunner

    Hiring Arteta would be like Cambridge University appointing Professor Stephen Hawking’s PA or Nurse as the head of the Physics department

  53. Champagne Charlie


    For a guy that states people like to ‘make up untruths and hope they’ll pass’, you’ve included quite a number yourself. Kudos