Guest Post: Unai Emery, par for the course.

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This is a guest post from the excellent @Jblauphoto enjoy!

Have Arsenal executed a peak-late-Wenger-level collapse in the Premier League, viciously choking away any chance at the Top 4?

Yes. Yes, they have.

They’ve Arsenal-ed it up in the most Arsenal way possible.

Oof. Ouch. Oi. Yikes!

Sorry, lads, but that’s what happened.

And yet. And yet?

If you’ve been reading my column since August, you’ll know that I firmly predicted that it was near impossible for Arsenal to make the Top 4, and win the Europa League.

Never thought it would happen. And now it won’t. But why?

Why did I never believe?

Because I don’t think Unai Emery is a coaching genius, and our squad was clearly too thin to make it until the end in two major competitions.

That’s what I thought, and it’s what’s transpired.

How might this scenario have been avoided? Well, if none of the long-term injuries had popped up, and we had a full squad of first teamers.

If you add back Welbeck, Holding, Hector, and Ramsey, I think that team might have done it.

But when has Arsenal had a full season with no major injuries?


And when has Ramsey made it through a season without twanging one (or both) of his hamstrings?


It’s the reason Arsenal didn’t re-sign him, for sure. I actually said that to my son, the week before he did his hamstrings again. I broke it down thusly:

“Sure. We love Aaron. He brought us 3 FA Cups. And he’s probably our best player right now. But he always, always does his hamstrings. Every season. You can’t count on him, and we can’t afford to pay that much to a part-time player going on 30.”

Now, I’ve got a witness to that conversation, and you guys (if you’ve been reading,) have seen me promote the Liverpool ownership group as a model of how to win it all, and I high-lit the Brooklyn Nets rebuild, which is now the darling of the global sports universe. (Yes, I said it here 6 months early.)

I’ve also tried to be the voice of reason, most of the time.

Time and again, I’ve said, let’s see what Emery delivers.

The man is a Europa League specialist if ever there was one, and we might just win it yet. If we do, and he makes the Champions League, he’ll have succeeded in his mission, even though it will have been a decidedly ugly march to get there.

It’s a big if, but still, we have to wait and see.

(The other side of that if, if we don’t win the Europa League, is too ugly to contemplate right now.)

If you want some good news, it’s that Stan and Josh built the Rams and the Nuggets, and right now, that’s looking good. These teams are winning, and are set up for sustained success.

What if they hired Emery BECAUSE he’s a Europa League specialist? I mean, this one has Ivan’s fingerprints all over it, and he’s been gone for so long we don’t talk about him anymore.

Arsenal are about to finish up an ORGANIZATIONAL rebuild, with a new technical director aligned with Josh and Raul. (At least we finally know who’s running the club.)

And I’m telling you, if you look at their American mega-properties over the last few years, I’m beginning to suspect that Josh might know what he’s doing.

This club needs a vision from above, and it needs a full defensive rebuild. I’ve said all along we’ll need to sell some people we won’t want to, for money, the way Liverpool have, and I just read on ESPN that Barcelona might be coming for Alex Lacazette.

That’s the way it works. They don’t come for the shit players, unless it was Wenger Voodoo. (Song, Vermaelen.)

So that’s where we’re at.

Mourinho (God I still hate him) went Europa League or bust with ManU, and it worked out for him.

Now our man Unai is in the same boat. And even if he succeeds, I think the bosses above are already looking for the next big coaching thing to battle Pep and Klopp.

Good luck, Unai Emery.

I think you’ll need it.

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  1. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Your arteta slag putting on a city shirt for pics.
    His management now .. .
    Ego to big tho eh … Muthucker

  2. Valentin

    Talking about Gazidis when I initially heard the rumours that he wanted to buy Mustafi, I dismissed it as newspaper clickbait nonsense.

    When I now hear that he may also buy Xhaka to replace Bakayoko, I am thinking he must be still working for Stan undercover.
    £25 millions for each and Everything is forgiven Ivan. We may even throw Elneny for free.

    You just need to Google Bakayoko Milan Insult Gattuso to see the friendly exchange between player and head-coach to understand why the option to buy Bakayoko is unlikely to be exercised.

  3. Atid

    Need to group this up

    Keepers – Cech, ospina, Martinez and macey could bring us in around £10m for a keeper prepared to challenge Leno. If not simply keep Ospina.

    Wing backs – lichsteiner and Jenkinson, should be released/sold, we might get a small fee for jenkinson towards a new left back that will rival kolasinac.

    Centre backs – I personally would sell mustafi (Milan rumours) and the ageing Kos and Monreal, both are just to injury prone to keep carrying) then use what ever money we raise for the 3 to buy 2 new centre backs.

    Central midfield – sell xhaka and elneny this will raise us enough money for a decent partner for torreira. Chambers could be his back up whilst Guendozi and willock will also provide cover.

    Attacking midfield – sell ozil and mkhitaryan, release ramsey and we might just have enough for a new no. 10 whilst smith-rowe and iwobi could be back up

    Forwards – release Welbeck and grab a small amount for asano. Then try and find a forward to be a true rotational option for our two main men. With nelson and nketiah as decent back up.

  4. Samir

    I’d also take Bakayoko. Terrible at Chelsea but proved himself at Milan. Would rather him to Xhaka.

  5. Leftsidesanch

    Exhausted from footy this year, can’t wait to get this game out of the way so we know where we stand for the summer.

  6. Valentin


    Why lose 20 millions in the deal?
    We overpaid for those players, even talking inflation into account nobody is going to pay what we paid for them.
    25 millions each it’s 50 millions. We may get £60 millions in total, Let’s be serious, nobody is going to pay £35 millions for Mustafi. Surely even Gazidis is not that deluded or that bad of a negotiator!

  7. Valentin

    One of the question with Bakayoko is his professionalism and enormous ego.
    He had previous in prior clubs. Repeatedly turning up late at training. Insult publicly his manager. Disparage his teammates.
    I am not so sure that he would establish a good relationship with Emery and then Watch out for the fireworks.
    I would not be against a loan with option to early terminate the loan if things do not turn up Ok but also with an option to buy at a pre-agreed price.

  8. Valentin

    By the way, I have not seen any messages by the usual suspects complaining about the performance of Willock and Nkethia.

    Taking into account that Burnley was actually playing the game and not already in sleepers, their performances have been quite good.

    It’s a shame that it took that long to discover that they could have been used. Imagine what could have been if Willock had been used to give Ramsey a breather and Nkethia to replace a transparent Mhikitarian during our doom end of season run!

  9. Mr Serge

    Valentin if he wants to buy three big players next season to replace Miki Mustafi and Ramsey he will have to play those 2 and Nelson and Smith rowe. Not sure when bellerin and holding are back but that will allow Amn to play in cm as well

  10. Valentin

    Willock and Nkethia should definitely be involved in the first team. However if it is to just sit on the bench, they may be better off going on loan.

    ESR will be sent on loan to RB Leipzig. He is not ready physically to play 90 minutes in the premiership. He also has some lapses of concentration regarding his defensive duties. He often Bomb forward and leave a huge hole behind him.

    AMN should go back to his original role a rampaging right winger. Sell Mhikitarian and use AMN and Nelson in alternance for the right winger role.

  11. bennydevito

    ValentinMay 13, 2019    00:01:24

    By the way, I have not seen any messages by the usual suspects complaining about the performance of Willock and Nkethia.



    Who are the usual suspects and what have they said?

  12. bennydevito

    Evening Grovers,

    All’s well that ends well. City saving the internet from insufferable scousers and Aubameyang sneaking up on the outside for a share of the golden boot, lovely stuff.

    So when’s the EL final?

  13. Redtruth

    Ask yourself why Guardiola can win FA Cups and Premier leagues but no Champions league.

    The league could have carried on for another 10 games and Man City would still have won it, such is the predictability of the league

  14. bennydevito

    Right, what I was trying to say was:

    Valentin, if you’re right about Xhaka and Mustafi I will never question you again and refer to you by CG’s title of the gooroo.

  15. Valentin


    You know the ones who keep arguing that Willock and Nkethia are at best championship players.
    That they should not be involved in the first team.
    All that while they have never seen them play in the U21 game.

  16. bennydevito

    I know we’ve talked about Zaha for us but I just think Woy won’t let him go any lower than at least £60m, so what about Batshuayi?

    He’s on loan from Chelsea yes? Could we get him off Chelsea for around £25m? He’s had a pretty good spell at Palace and is younger than Zaha, surely won’t want to go back to Chelsea after his last spell there and could be tempted with CL football if we get it?

  17. Valentin


    The Mustafi rumour had been widely reported before. However the Xhaka was a new one to me. It is also possible that some Italian journalist has just added Bakayoko fight, Xhaka is for sale and Gazidis is still in contact with Arsenal and wrote a completely non sensical piece for clickbait.
    However if it is true, £50 millions for both of them would be a spectacular piece of business. If true Gazidis is really a mug.

  18. bennydevito


    Ahhh yes, I get you.

    I’m really pleased they got a run out today especially if we are limited for transfer funds, they could save us a packet and bring a bit of what we need to the squad that we’re missing.

    What about Nelson, ESR, Amaechi, Saka and Tutu?

    Obviously AMN and Iwobi will stay so we could have quite a core of proper Arsenal homegrown players that we haven’t seen since the Adams, Rocastle, Merson, Davis, Thomas era of the Anfield 89 glory team.

    Exciting stuff.

  19. Sid

    Came across this beautiful nuggetKlopp 1 season – 30 games – 40 conceded – 1.33 goals pm
    Emery 1st season -38 games – 52 conceded – 1.36 goals pmPoint being, improvements can be made given time. Regardless of the unjustified uproar emery is going to be here for another season, and no one can really do anything about it. The whole emery back and forth here is getting tiresome.Next season emery has to get 80 points+ if he does that, he would have shown he can take the next step with the club, if not we find someone who will.

  20. bennydevito


    There’s also the stat of gauging a manager by league positions over a number of years to gauge the potential trajectory of future progress based on past positions.

    Tottenham’s last 4 season finishes:

    3rd – 70pts
    2nd – 86pts
    3rd – 77pts
    4th – 71pts

    So since finishing 2nd, Spurs have dropped a place each season with lesser points each season too., a 9pt drop then a 6 pt drop.

    As trajectories go this could indicate that next season Spurs will finish 5th with less points than this season, 3pts less based on the last 2 season dropping 9 then 6, finishing 5th on 68pts.

    Based on this, what confidence do the Spurs board and fans have in Pochettino taking them on an upwards trajectory in the Premier league, not the CL?

    Also regarding our future progression, Emery has stopped a rot of Arsenal dropping down the league from 5th to 6th, now back up to 5th, 7pts more than last season and only 2pts from 3rd.

    If you base Spurs’ trajectory against ours it has every indication that we will finish above Spurs next season.

    If we win the EL that should give us the extra attraction to get better players in over the summer.

    I’m really optimistic for next season, not that we’re going to challenge for the top 2, but getting 4th should be the absolute minimum and as long as we sort our defence with the dross shipped out and a few quality replacements brought in I think 3rd is a realistic expectation, especially with Man utd being in disarray and Chelsea having a transfer ban and more than likely will no longer be a Hazard to our prospects with the garden of Eden flowering in Madrid.

    Emery’s trajectories weren’t great in Spain but he was up against Barcelona and Madrid.

    His last trajectory in the league before coming to us was in France where it was excellent so I can see the argument that Emery does the potential to take us up a level post Wenger.

    I think he’s good enough to get us to 3rd best in the league for a 2 or 3 seasons then we don’t renew his contract and get someone young and brilliant to take on Pep and Klopp.

    No idea who that is yet though! Who knows, it could be Emery but I’m not so sure.

  21. Charlie Nick

    Question: What would be preferable; We lose Europa final and sp*rs lose to Liverpool or both win. Obviously worst case scenario is Chelsea and sp*rs win.

  22. bennydevito

    Liverpool will win the league next season I reckon.

    I don’t think City will have it in them to do it 3 years in a row and I think their priority will be the CL.

    Kompany may not be there but he, Silva and Aguero will be another year younger and in decline.

    I think Liverpool will buy upgrades for Milner, Henderson and Sturridge and will have the Ox back, and if they win the CL this season I can see them prioritising the PL over the CL.

    Liverpool the champs next season.

  23. Leedsgunner

    Typical I’ve asking for Nketiah to be given a chance in the EPL… and he scores his first EPL goal… and I miss it because I was travelling.

    Well done Eddie.

    Well done Joe!

    Hopefully we’ll see more of both of you next season; you’re both too good for U23s and you guys need to play first team football — perhaps a loan to a team like Leeds might be in order if they’re promoted back into the top flight. Bielsa would be a top manager to learn from.

    As it happens Leeds’ two best consistent players this season have been a rightback, Luke Ayling (27) and a centre back Stuart Cooper (28). If we’re as short on funds as it is being reported both players are seasoned pros… and easily affordable both on the transfer funds and wages. (Ayling was a former Gunner.)

    Perhaps worth thinking about if we want to add more mental toughness into the team. Not an easy thing being promoted from the Championship…

  24. rollen

    Arsenal and Pool wins is a must. Otherwise nex season will be total crap. Football is finished if spuds win CL.

  25. Leedsgunner

    As a whole Leeds defence has been good except they did have a slight wobble at the end… which made them slip into third place. Hope they come up! Last time they were in the EPL Arsenal won the title. 😉

  26. Gonsterous

    Great post mate.

    For all the people sucking off poch, he had third nailed down (something like 12 points ahead) and managed to fk it all up. Was lucky to finish in the top 4.

    And if klopp loses the final, he has to be a bottler. Losing to RM can be forgiven but losing to spuds will keep the pool fans up at night.

    We had better win the EL now or else it will all be for naught. We need the funds and the stepping stone for next season.

  27. China1

    Benny if spurs do the unthinkable and win the CL then no league slide will stop him being their all time most legendary manager.

    If he wins it he could take a dump in a spud’s mouth at half time on the center circle and they would cheer it

  28. China1

    The invincibles literally bought arsene TEN YEARS of good will from most of the fan base here and we were a bigger team with a better squad than spurs are now

  29. Graham62

    “Par for the course”…………I don’t think so.

    Using a golfing analogy to describe Emery’s season doesn’t really cut if for me.

    Ok, maybe if you were handed a warped and totally neglected/dysfunctional set of golf clubs and then you achieved par, I would sort of get it.

    A well written post by @jblaustein but he doesn’t look at the bigger picture.

  30. Thank you and goodnight.

    In peps first season at City, a team that had the previous season won the league, he got 76 points and finished 3rd. Since then he’s spent 600 million to get them where they are today, yet he’s hailed as some sort of genius. Emery in his first season with a shit team got 5th on 70 points and a europa league final. When you mention peps first year at City there’s always an excuse for him “yes but he didn’t have the right players to play his way, not his fault, blah blah blah”. These people then slate emery this season, conveniently ignoring the fact that he hadn’t had players to play the system and style he wants to play, and unlike pep he hasn’t got 600 million to rectify the problem. People say he improves players, like who? Sterling aside who else has really improved under pep from JUST Coaching? I’m not saying emery will better pep,but ffs he hardly took over a shit team and totally transformed them. He only ever won CL when he had probably one of the greatest group of players to come through the ranks since fergie’s class of 92. So while I think he’s a very good manager I hardly think he’s the god, the special sauce everyone jizz’s about.

  31. Graham62

    Although the 2003-04 season remains an incredible achievement, losing to Chelski in the CL put a dampner on it for me.

  32. Leedsgunner


    Good post buddy.

    I agree. Pep isn’t all that. He’s never managed at a club where money was limited. That’s why to me consequently Pep’s endorsement of Arteta wasn’t that comforting to me.

    Julian Nagelsmann is about the same age with vastly more hard won experience at normal clubs.

  33. Leedsgunner


    Good post buddy. Pep isn’t all that. He’s never managed at a club where money was limited. That’s why to me consequently Pep’s endorsement of Arteta wasn’t that comforting to me.

    Julian Nagelsmann is about the same age with vastly more hard won experience at normal clubs.

  34. Leedsgunner

    Barcelona doing what they are good at and sniffing around our best players… and trying to unsettle them. I’m hoping that Raul has more cojones than that clown Gazidas and tells Barça where to go.

  35. Thank you and goodnight.


    I know mate, just irratates me that people make him out to be the second coming of the Lord. Sorry he’s a good manager but he’s also a bit of a cheque book manager. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying energy hasn’t made mistakes, of course he has. My main gripe is defensively he hasn’t improved us at all. Maybe that’s him or maybe it’s the fact our defenders are just shit and will never improve under anyone.

  36. Champagne Charlie

    “Emery’s trajectories weren’t great in Spain but he was up against Barcelona and Madrid.“

    Atletico were up against the big two and managed to get closer than Emery’s best attempt of 16 points whilst at Sevilla. Also, he managed to win the Europa 3 times in a row at Sevilla but couldn’t drive them up the table to ‘best of the rest’ once. They finished 5th at best.

    “His last trajectory in the league before coming to us was in France where it was excellent so I can see the argument that Emery does the potential to take us up a level post Wenger.”

    How do you figure? PSG have won the title every season since 2012 and the one season they didn’t Emery was in charge.

    Your bias is clear. How is his time in Spain “not great” but in France “excellent”?

  37. Thank you and goodnight.

    Champagne charlie

    OK so what exactly do you expect from a man who inherited a shockingly shit squad and given fuck all to rectify our HUGE deficiencies in our team? Name me one manager who could of come in this season, spent as much as he’s had to spend and bettered what Emery has achieved? Where Emery is now or where the team is, is solely on wenger and the board.

  38. Thank you and goodnight.

    And please don’t think I’m an Emery love boy, I’m not. I just think some fans expect too much,yet conveniently the same fans are the ones who made excuse after excuse for wenger in his last 8 years.

  39. Un na naai

    We could have made £40-£50m on Ramey last year. There was a bid on the table from China for ozil
    Just insane

  40. Champagne Charlie


    If you think Emery was the best there is that’s on you, but you’re being naive to think that.

    We’re not shockingly shit, that’s irrational lashing out at Wenger, and 70 mil net isn’t fuck all. Those two premises immediately set up a picture of despair which is rubbish given we just finished level on points with 4th place.

    By your assertion Emery has overachieved and it’s been a marvel to behold given the squad and lack of investment. Only, even those who have been blowing smoke up his arse all season won’t say as much.

    So real simple, the situation wasn’t as bad as was made out, or Emery had a stunning season. Pick your truth.

  41. Thank you and goodnight.

    I didn’t say Emery was the best there is. Never have never will. But he’s hardly Avram Grant.

  42. Valentin


    Here are My views on the young players:

    * Willock is ready to be part of the first team. In fact he is the closest to a Ramsey replacement that we have inside the club.

    * Nkethia is ready to be the third striker, but if never use, we may be better sending him on loan and get an older striker on loan for a year. But we also have to take into account our quota of home grown players.

    * Osei-tutu the U21 right back is ready, but Emery may decide to send him on loan and use AMN instead. In my view that would be a mistake as AMN is a better right winger than fullback. In the short term until Bellerin is back, use both alternatively as right back/right wing back.

    * Saka. Best prospect for his age group. However we need to be sensible with him as he still only 17. I would say that we should involve him more in the League Cup next season. Maybe give him a 15 minutes run at the end of already won game.

    * ESR great technically and good vision, but not ready for the premiership both physically and in term of defensive concentration lapses. Also need to be more tactically aware of when going forward. Should spend a full year on loan in Germany.

    * Amaechi not ready. Should spend a full year in a championship club, before going to a German top division team the following season. Likely to spend the first six month with us to get exposure via the League Cup.

    * Balogun. Not ready, but could be involved in domestic qcip before being send on loan at Championship club. Has a very similar style to Lacazette. Work hard for the team both indefense and in making run into the channel, good link-up my and calm in front of goal.

  43. Thank you and goodnight.

    @Champagne Charlie

    Sorry but the squad is shockingly shit. Kos has always been over rated. Montreal was good too old now, mustafi hahahaha says it all. Iwobi, whatever, mikhi, whatever. Cech, way way way past his best. Ramsey good but not WC.. Ozil, sometimes wonder if he’s actually alive, xhaka, El neny hahahahaha. Aside from Ramsey most of the other players would struggle to make another top 10 team. Sorry but that’s a shite squad.

  44. Champagne Charlie

    “I didn’t say Emery was the best there is. Never have never will. But he’s hardly Avram Grant.“

    You said name someone that could’ve bettered what he’s delivered, that sounds like you’re offering him as best we could’ve got.

    I, on the other hand, never claimed him anything near Avram Grant.

  45. Champagne Charlie


    How do we have the same number of points as 4th place? Offer me up some reasoning there, not some “I’m sorry” type argument.

  46. Valentin


    One of my colleague, a Leeds supporter told me that the problem with Leeds are not so much the defense but the attack. Bar Kemar Roof, They don’t have a consistent top striker to finish all the opportunities they create. They dominate games, batter the opposition but don’t score and then concede a goal on the opposition first attempt.

    His view is that with a proper lethal finisher, they would have been automatically promoted. What’s your opinion?

  47. useroz

    Arsenal love charities apparently and donated the 3rd and 4th to two London rivals.

    Until the utterly complete PL meltdown last month, we shouldn’t be too unhappy with Emery ,considering. The blame lies with those who played, as much as Emery.

    As it is, though, still shouldn’t be too harsh on the guy whether he’s hired as a short or longer term option.

    Frankly, how many ailing corporates turnaround in one financial year with new CEOs? Typically given 3 years with progressive milestones, they also invariably bring in their own guys/ teams (not just direct reports). Unless Emery banks on voodoo…

    Corporate culture is key to performance, so is the mentality at Arsenal in determining how good (or goof?) we are.

    Would be unrealistic to expect Emery and his half dozen assistants (ok, add Raul) could reverse the decade old layback, defeatist, and simply weak, mindset built into the squad (and U21, 19 etc unfortunately) overnight.

    Adding players is ‘easy’ but building a winning culture is very difficult… and became harder with essentially no new leaders added to the team last TWs.

    Thus, imperative to clear out the dross/losers asap and have a ‘fresh’ start. At least that must be the plan. Tough luck if no takers and we all know who to blame, starting with the snake oil salesman and his ex-boss.

    I think most would exonerate Emery from :
    * Mustafi being shit
    * Kolac not really a LB
    * Monreal ageing and lacks pace
    * Kos getting old
    * Bellerin turning vegan
    * Ramsey’s fragile hammy
    * AMN not a specialist RB nor winger
    * Iwobi lacking a bit of everything
    * Ozil (+agent) bleeding Arsenal red
    * Mikhi not far behind Ozil

    Oh… was Emery told Arsenal could only loan players in the winter TW?? Sustainable model my arse.

    Btw, the 70m top up of *5 players* was pathetic and nothing in today’s PL market and club net spend! …a Pool CB or Chelsea goalie costed as much.

    The acquisition probably would move the needle, and it did.

    Other than Leno, Papa and Torr, haven’t we been cursing the stop-gap RB and wannabe since 2H of the season!

    Emery needed to put his best foot forward in the interview. Everyone would. It’s up to the snake oil guy who bought the proposal. Ivan could have said no ‘cos we expected the new coach/manager to add 10 new, WC players….

    Emery may well have thought he’d lift certain players. Well, it didn’t work out and so he knows who to move on.

    For now, let’s count on Emery’s ‘Europa special sauce’ for another 90 minutes!

    However, even with CL football, we aren’t going to have much hope without the almighty £, ¥,€, $ etc available. That’s purely down to the owner (and Board to an extent).

    What will Arsenal stand for? Europa King? Is that what SS meant in his ‘ambition’ BS’? Without the vision (statement), the execution (eg buying, timeline) is all BS too. That naturally creates expectation mismatch and rumblings thru out the season (and TWs), and importantly, on Le G.

    Imagine the reckoning if SS (or Josh) come out and say that we aim to win Europa (and FAC) for the next 3 years before targeting PL titles etc. In which case, would be pointless to talk about buying Pepe, 50m level CM, CB etc ‘cos you don’t need those to win Europa. You need Emery!

    And TW would be open then too.

  48. Thank you and goodnight.

    Dr Emil

    Hahahahahaha unfortunately most of the ‘winning’ teams in each of the top leagues in Europe are ‘spending’ teams. Not one of them are self sustainable. At least not the ones who actually want to win something. As I said before, pep inherited a title winning team in his first year, and with limited spending came 3rd…..and yet he’s special sauce apparently. Yet Emery got 70 points, with very limited funds and an average squad to come 5th plus a europa league final. As Useroz said, 70 million spending in today’s market to try to improve an average squad is peanuts. Hell even Newcastle, Brighton and wolves spent more just to try to remain in the Premier league. Yet People on here are expecting Emery to win the title with 70 million.

  49. Thank you and goodnight.

    Sorry Champagne Charlie but it seems to me whoever we get in youll never be happy with because he’s not Arsene Wenger. For years when we were moaning about our deficiencies not being rectified under wenger, you would always vigorously defend Wenger. Yet now your expecting some manager to come in and win us titles with a shite squad (inherited from Wengers). I have also never said emery is the best we could have got. Never.
    Now I’m asking you again, what other manager would/could come in and win us the title with this team and limited funds.

  50. Thank you and goodnight.

    I know that and you know that. But according to some people on here there is a Harry Potter esque manager out their who could turn shit into diamonds for very little money

  51. Graham62

    It was a “shite squad” because it was moulded under Wenger, who ended up being a shite manager.

    Those that don’t realise this are just plain dumb.

  52. Champagne Charlie

    “Sorry Champagne Charlie but it seems to me whoever we get in youll never be happy with because he’s not Arsene Wenger. “

    Yes, that must be it. It couldn’t possibly be the fact I don’t rate Emery for the task at hand, defer to old faithful in some insipid attempt to dismiss a POV.

    There were numerous complaints I head under Wenger, but I pushed back against the over-the-top abuse he received on here. But of course that’s rewritten and defined by the embarrassing lot as pining for Wenger, or Lord Wenger is it you often coin?

    I said at the time of appointment the numerous directions and options I’d sooner see than Emery. Nothing in his maiden season has given me any inspiration that he’s the guy to take us forward, I don’t truly understand his purpose as coach outside of aiming for EL glory.

    “Yet now your expecting some manager to come in and win us titles with a shite squad”

    Another straw man, not once have I said I expect titles. Not even close.

    “I have also never said emery is the best we could have got. Never.”

    It’s funny, because you argue against claims I’ve never made yet are defiant over something you clearly suggested earlier with the following:

    “Name me one manager who could of come in this season, spent as much as he’s had to spend and bettered what Emery has achieved?”

  53. Vintage Gun

    “I know that and you know that. But according to some people on here there is a Harry Potter esque manager out their who could turn shit into diamonds for very little money”

    Mikel Arteta apparently…

  54. Leedsgunner


    For obvious reasons I have a soft spot for Leeds, and I agree with your friend’s assessment. Good defence decent midfield but average attackers. They need someone like Nketiah to finish off all their chances. Eddie is a natural finisher, and he would get exposure to decent football up here, on a loan.

  55. Un na naai

    Who else has taken this beautiful London afternoon to lienon the sun drinking beer? With a little bit of afternoon delight if you catch my drift

  56. Catalyst

    First season in England, shit squad, hopelessness. Emery takes up the challenge but comes up closely short of the top 4. However, takes us to the first European final in 13 yrs. Some criticize him correctly others based on hate.
    Hate to imagine the level of abuse Emery will get next season.