Great coaching outshines talent as Klopp destroys Barca

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The folk bizarrely pushing the idea that coaching isn’t an effective tool for progress had to cancel all future opinions going live in public.

Liverpool crushed the MIGHTY Barcelona in a 4-0 drubbing for the ages.

Yes, Shaqiri, Wijnaldum, Origi, and Henderson all featured and starred in an absolute masterclass at Anfield, showing that a strong vision, a defined footballing philosophy, and good old fashioned coaching can trump individual talent… even when that talent is Lionel Messi.

As Tr7 said perfectly the comments, ‘It was heavy metal football that rattled Barca, not the quality of players Liverpool has.’ They still delivered without their best players. An incredible achievement, even if it does make me pig sick… our biggest mistake of the last ten years was passing on Klopp and Pep.





… really doesn’t rub when you see Jordan Henderson as a regular in their side. Origi proving pivotal at the highest level. Low budget signings like Robertson game changing all season. Trent Arnold breaking through from the youth team and playing like a superstar. They lost Salah and still manage to compete. Arsenal lose Ramsey and the whole thing falls apart. Unai picked up a squad in better shape than Klopp, spent more money in his first transfer window than the German did in 2 years and managed to make things worse.

There’s no real way to compare the two managers. As I pointed out yesterday, Klopp finished a lowly 8th in his first season, but he also picked up a dreck squad that was deflated and 10th. He had no preseason to work with, and in his final 13 games, his team scored 31 goals. His coaching had him finish stronger than he started, you could see what he was doing on the pitch, not in hopeful translated text on Marca.

Their stadium was absolutely rocking. You know why? Because the football courses through the veins. It’s electric. The energy on the pitch translates to the stands. If you think that has been standard at Liverpool over the last ten years, you have never met a season ticket holder there.

I am jealous of what they have, Klopp has been a sensation. He was my original managerial crush way back when, I had my doubts about his rebirth at Liverpool, oh how wrong I was. Elite of the elite. Can you believe we let him sit without a job while Wenger paraded deal after new deal?

Just read these words Klopp had after the game.

“It was overwhelming … I actually … I said to the boys before the game that it’s impossible, but because it’s you we have a chance. I have watched in my life so many football games, but to play the best team in the world … look, winning is already difficult, but to win with a clean sheet … It’s 10.10pm and the children are probably in bed so I’m sorry about the language but can I say these boys are fucking talented giants. It’s all about the players.”

Employing an inspiring coach that knows how to develop players is so important. If you don’t have that, why persist? Charisma, passion, energy… that’s what makes a club rock. But again, I can’t hammer home how utterly bat shit it is to excuse this season because our players aren’t coachable. Think about that statement and how weak it is.

Pep Guardiola, the chequebook manager everyone slates, took a journeyman central midfielder called Fabian Delph and turned him into a regular left-back in a team that will go down as one of the all times greats in Premier League history. World class managers make average players great. They make collections of them work as a unit. They organise, inspire and equip them with the tools they need to succeed.

How about we talk about a really shite team, like, say, Southampton? They were in a mess before they played us at Christmas. Ralph Hassenhutl, an interest of Le Grove a few years ago came in and reshaped them. Ryan Bertrand had this to say on what he’s done.

“The manager has came in and has given us an identity,”

“He has given us a clear style of play and leaves no stone unturned.

“It is a real pleasure to go on the field like that and not have people questioning each other.”

“If you asked 100 people what Southampton’s style of play was, you would get similar answers,” he added.

“It would be that we are a high pressing team, very competitive and play good football.

“That may have been adrift before.”

If you asked 100 people about Arsenal’s identity, what would you get?

“Catch Kola on the overlap’

We are still there a year on.

Better players give you better results, no doubt, but whether it’s the highest level or the lowest, the clearer the vision, the better the outcome. Look at Mourinho over the years, his Champions League win with Inter Milan was genius. That squad was a ragtag bunch of pros that he turned into a formidable unit. Look at how Jardim toppled the mighty PSG. Look at what Ajax are doing, win or lose tonight.

Arsenal has conceded 52 goals so far this season. Some flag that Holding and Bellerin would have made things better… reality is, we were on for conceding 50+ goals with them in the side. Poor organisation is always going to leave you exposed regardless of who is playing. The game is far too competitive now to be able to get away with good players simply bailing you out. Everyone is of a high technical standard now, you will be destroyed if you aren’t organised and that’s exactly what’s been going on.

Sam Allardyce has always known this. He goes into clubs on fire, organises them and makes them competitive. He takes shite defences, with shite defenders and he makes them better. That’s good coaching even if the football causes an eye infection.

Anyway, time to move on. I think we all know where I stand on our bland on toast manager.

Tonight, we are ALL Ajax fans. Finally, something we can agree on.

However, I do fear that Spurs power will be a big problem for them and we’ll have to suffer a Champions League final where we want neither side to win.

I’m just going to be thinking about Vermaelen, Bergkamp, Kanu and Overmars all day today… then I’m going to pray to the footballing gods.

Spurs making a final would be too much.

If they lose this evening… that’ll be the 20th game of the season. They’ll have limped into top 4. They won’t have won a trophy, AGAIN.

How funny would that be?


See you in the comments. x


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  1. Marko

    The thing is. Spurs and pool getting there exposes so many of you mugs and your chequebook philosophy. It proves that coaching is the way forward

    Klopp 440 million euros spent. Poch 330 odd million spent. Certainly no chequebooks used in the making of these teams

  2. Un na naai

    I don’t even get how anything achieved by Pochettino (fifth year on the job) and Klopp (fourth year on the job) can be used as a stick to beat Emery (first year on the job). Its silly and completely lacking in logic

    Oh reign it in Receding. Emery is failing before your eyes while one of these two will be a champions league winner in a couple of weeks. You know Pedro is gonna come out swinging on you lot tomo over this. How can you not admire what these two coaches are achieving with less to work with than emery and Wenger have had at arsenal? Foolhardy. Just drop the act and admit what you know to be true. Emery was a poor hire by a munch of corporate toss pots who couldn’t give two fucks about arsenal as a sporting enterprise. You’re backing the problem.

  3. Redtruth

    What a fuckin stupid competition.
    Spurs last league title was 58 years ago, now they are on the verge of winning the biggest club trophy in footbsll….

  4. Receding Hairline

    Yes Un na nai one of these two, one finished 8th in his first season, the other 6th and hasn’t won a bar of soup in his life are showing up a manager who just arrived the country to undertake a major rebuilding job. No wonder you weren’t accepted at Uni.

  5. Champagne Charlie

    Yea man don’t dare use Poch or Klopp as a barometer of what our success should look like, we’re there in 4 years just like them.

    Right on track. Emery at the wheel baby.

  6. Marko

    Also worth noting back when he was barely playing with PSG and available Lucas Moura like so many was dismissed out of hand by people around here. In fact so many of the better Spurs players could have and really should have been signed by us. Unfortunately we were managed by a dithering ballbag

  7. Un na naai


    Klopp net spend £90m over 4 years
    Was £18m net spend until the summer (first 3 years)
    Title challengers
    Champions league winners

    Poch net spend £50m
    Not spent a penny for 3 transfer windows
    Title challengers
    Champions league winners?

    Emery net spend £70m in one summer.
    Taken his team backwards. In one season.

  8. Receding Hairline

    Less to work with than Emery? Lord you are a thick fellow.

    Have you looked through that spurs team? Have you even bothered to look at the Liverpool team?

    The 65m net spend argument as flawed as it is only applied for klopps first , he spent 167 million this summer alone.

  9. ddkingz

    That moment when arsenal fans realized Lucas moura scored all 3goals against ajax on the biggest night of his career with his weak foot… And aubameyang cannot even score with his head much more scoring with his weak foot…😯

    aubameyang couldn’t even score a volley against Brighton to take the hope for champions league football into the final day of the season… pathetic

  10. Un na naai


    Was? Are managed by a dithering ball bag and owned by a saggy wrinkly ball bag.
    I mean kroenke’s chops couldn’t look any more testicular

  11. Receding Hairline

    Charlie you are officially the thickest poster on here. So which manager will have us in the champions league final (forget the fact we didn’t even compete in it this year, Emery’s fault too) or competing for a league title with our present squad.

    It your answer is none but linear progression shut up and go to bed, take Un na nai with you.

  12. Un na naai


    They made those teams into what they are. Fool. They installed pride and passion
    Spurs and pool were on the up the moment those two arrived and both were in a worse state than our side when emery got it. They sold shite and turned what they had into gold while signing low league nobodies and turning them into monsters.
    Players who fight.

    You’re arguing after witnessing it for yourself. No damp, insipid shite shows
    We can’t even beat bright and fucking hove Albion. A sea side team

  13. Un na naai

    Charlie you are officially the thickest poster on here. So which manager will have us in the champions league final (forget the fact we didn’t even compete in it this year, Emery’s fault too) or competing for a league title with our present squad.


    Everyone is thick and yet you continue to support and defend emery and the club suits? Does going bald affect your abilty to reason?

  14. WengerEagle


    It would be unbearable.

    Especially as we can all see how many years away we are from even remotely competing for it ourselves so you’re talking a minimum of half a decade of banter at the hands of those orcs absolute 100pc dream pie in the sky scenario.

    And even then as you say, them cunts did it first. It just can’t happen.

  15. ddkingz

    the way everyone is talking about the net spend is getting confused… I really don’t understand anymore…

    where did Liverpool got the money from to buy Allison, VVD, nabby k, fabinho

    kloop have sold many players in his four years at Liverpool and still the board has invested more cash + funds from player sales into the club, has emery generated money from player sales to spend on the club? no

    if this stupid argument about net spend is what I’m thinking it is…. then all those talking about the net spend should bring their brain over here for me to piss on it.

  16. Un na naai

    Their fans must have had the same sense of dread we have now, the weeks leading up to May 17th 2006. Let’s hope we can breathe the biggest sigh of relief as they must have done when the game finishes in Madrid


    We didnthe invincibles at white heart lane
    They will never top that. They’ve always been our inferior too so they’re well used to it by now. They deserve some time in the sun after tonight

  17. bennydevito

    This song came out the last time The Arsenal won a European trophy, the Cup Winners Cup in 1994.

    Great British band and their best album in my opinion. I loved it, was at college doing Art & Design Graphics. 18 and having the time of my life.

  18. Un na naai

    We also did it with sol fucking Campbell. It must have been the worst for them. Can still rub all that shit in their faces when they lose to pool
    Even if they win, I’d rather do what we did than be on the receiving end

  19. Champagne Charlie


    Village idiot telling folk they’re the thickest of anything. You’re the sort to wear a blazer, shirt and tie to go work in a call centre. Spare me

  20. englandsbest

    The Europeans may screw us with Brexit, but not at football. It should be four EPL Clubs in the two Finals.

  21. Paulinho

    WE – I genuinely don’t think I would ever recover from a football perspective.

    How unbelievably small time would we look busting a gut for the Europa?

    All to scrape into a comp they’ve just fucking won.

    Since they scrapped that goal away at Barca in the group stage something spooked me about them.

  22. Marko

    while signing low league nobodies and turning them into monsters.

    I have a feeling that you’re literally talking about Alli and that’s it. Everyone else on that team that was signed cost money some decent money. That great British side that you’re lauding was bought and paid for dum dum. Nothing wrong with that by the way it’s just you seem to have a problem understanding the Spurs squad

  23. ddkingz

    paulinho… how would it feel spurs winning the UCL and playing well next season in the UCL competition while arsenal continue to battle it out the Rennes and Lazio and the Europa league?

  24. Paulinho

    ddkingz -I think I would be too numb from all the substance abuse to notice.

    Seriousy though, doesn’t bear thinking about it.

    “To Dare is to Do” everywhere.

  25. salpardisenyc

    Place having a meltdown with the reality’s of Spurs being miles ahead of us, while they’re a fair bit behind City and Liverpool. Thats how far back this club is.

    Throw in the real stinger with knowing Emery’s not the future and we’ve found the bottom.

    All that with a Europa semi final to play, if thats not banter what is.

  26. Paulinho

    Fair point Un,

    They still haven’t won the league at our gaff.

    If Spurs do win it would be yet another side that’s come nowhere near winning their domestic league.

  27. Champagne Charlie

    “If Spurs do win it would be yet another side that’s come nowhere near winning their domestic league.“

    Strengthening the argument I always make, which is that the domestic league is the marker, the bread and butter.

    Sort that race out and then worry about cup successes

  28. WengerEagle


    Never mind the fact that:

    -We used to mock them for Thursday night EL (Spursday nights).

    -We held an annual St Totteringham’s day celebration when we officially placed above them in the PL. This will be the 3rd consecutive season that they finished above us in the PL unless we smash Burnley and they get blitzed by Everton.

    A CL win for them on top of that would subject us to their mercy for years to come. And winning the EL would be completely tainted and as you say will feel borderline embarrassing.

    Cesc Appeal if you’re out there mate sit tight. Remember you saying that you’re the one Gooner in a Spud family, tonight must be brutal on your end.

  29. Un na naai

    Ok then. Let’s do this.

    Dier-lisbon on the cheap
    Rose- Leeds for free
    Kane- was about to get binned but soldado go injured
    Sissoko- Newcastle
    Trippier from Barnsley
    Alderwield- Southampton £11m
    Wanayama soton £11m
    Dembele-Fulham on the cheap
    Son Leverkusen £20m
    Ali- mk dons

    Yeah I’d say they were all very cheap buys from lesser clubs or promoted youth players.

    Shall we do the Liverpool team?

  30. Champagne Charlie


    Hear, hear. Our last good times appear on Sky gold, let’s not be those guys..

  31. WengerEagle

    Bit silly to say that Poch is a cheque-book gaffer. Our current side cost hundreds of millions to assemble and far more than Spurs’ one did, as did Man United’s.

    Shows how money can be spent horribly if you have muppets that don’t know what they’re doing in charge.

  32. Un na naai

    One champions league final
    Isn’t putting sours above us
    Compare our trophy cabinet
    How many titles do they have? How many fa cups?
    How many titles won at our ground?
    Shit, we’d dont the Europe final 13 years ago with fucking flamini and Senderos in defence.
    Still London’s no1 club
    Yids are no3 behind chavs

    Easy to wind em up back.

  33. Un na naai


    I agree but one champions league final doesn’t compare to that if you want to start having a wind up at work.
    Half the lads on here need to be on fucking suicide watch. Just trying to add some perspective
    It doesn’t detract from the wider issues at the club currently. Just something to fire back at cocky yids tomo morning

  34. Paulinho

    WE – Yep, and as the weeks go on you could probably think of plenty more.

    It would effectively wipe out a good 30/40 years of good work of us putting them in our shadow with league titles and cups.

  35. Ishola70

    All Poch did was put a big target man on at HT for a midfielder which was a basic move as they had to chase the game and Ajax because of that absolutely shat themselves.

    That’s not special sauce that’s basic prawn cocktail.

    Ajax were found out tonight and have let everybody down.

  36. WengerEagle


    They’re not going to overtake us but the banter at our expense will be brutal.

    United have daddy-dicked everyone in the PL over the years and were untouchable in the bantersphere for decades you simply had to duck and take cover when a slope-headed Manc went for us in that department.

    Just 6 years have passed since they won their record-breaking 20th league title under Fergie and now they’re the laughing stock of the PL.

  37. ddkingz

    One thought though, if it’s the way those on le-grove engage in endless discuss, endless trolling, endless lies amongst themselves and also endless lies to themselves without coming to any real conclusion/solution that’s the same way those on the arsenal board discuss, troll, lie amongst themselves and lie to themselves… then I see no light at the end of the tunnel for arsenal..

    if one could wait 2yrs for the GOT season finale… then someone as young as me can wait another half a decade for arsenal to get back to it’s glory days…

    well if you are ready as I am, then tighten your sit belt…. because it’s going to be a long winter at arsenal

  38. Joe

    Wenger has set this club so fucking far

    Fuck wenger and every fucking wenger supporter who are to blame for where arsenal is right now

    Hope your happy with yourselves

    Careful what you wish for. Arsene knows. Akbs

    Because of you and wenger Arsenal is fucked and are an embarrassment and now have to deal with spurs being in the CL final

  39. Joe


    I’m sorry but if spurs win the CL they will have massive bragging rights for years until we do the same m

    You can thank Arsene fucking wenger and akbs.

  40. WengerEagle

    Probably the wildest ever CL with these past two nights and then United’s comeback win over PSG earlier on and Juventus’ one over Atleti with the CR7 hat-rick.

  41. Marko

    What bright spark sold Lucas Moira to Tottenham.?

    They replaced him in the team with one Kylian Mbappe. Which is bright

  42. Joe

    He deserves to leave when he wants they said.

    Show him respect they said.

    He deserves the chance to leave on his terms they said.

    He built the stadium they said

    Fuck off is what I say

  43. David Smith

    Fortunately, Spurs won’t be winning that final.
    But agree, Wenger has rather a lot to answer for, depriving us of this years soon to be Champions League winning manager for starters, assuming Kroenke would ever have gone near someone like Klopp

  44. Joe


    He stayed on when we could have had Klopp. Or pep.

    The egotistical cunt wouldn’t leave

    His legacy is the mess arsenal
    Are in now.

    Be fucking hilarious to see spurs win it just to piss off all the akb wankers who kept wenger in a job.

  45. ddkingz

    twitter already going ablaze…

    this is going to be one of the most epic final in recent memory…

    come June 1st 2019…/in Spain its going to be…

    Liverpool+ arsenal fans vs Tottenham + man utd fans..
    what a day to be alive… any arsenal and man utd fan who died before this season are bloody lucky… totally unbearable if spurs win the UCL.

    and an arsenal fan just asked if there was any way the ref can literally win the UCL.. This cracked my ribs.

  46. CG

    Herculean efforts by Spurs and Liverpool- deservedly in the CL final- once again showing the utter folly of appointing the dregs of football management( Emery)and not appointing a big hitter.

    The cream always rises to the top and in Klopp and Poch – Spurs and Liverpool have world class managers..

    The game against Valencia tomorrow in The Losers cup look even more embarrassing- with our domestic rivals in the proper Grade A Euro competition.

    As GOH stated – it might actually take Spurs winning the CL before- we finally get our act in gear.

    The totally ostentatious signing of a Brazilian-as Tech Director- illustrates the club continues to be not fit for purpose..

  47. Joe

    This is the worst possible final

    Hate both teams

    Already have scousers beaking off. It’ll be unbearable if they win it.

  48. ddkingz

    Joe Wenger ditched sissoko and bought xhaka for 35m.

    this alone sums up Wenger 22yrs of failure at arsenal..

    and there no way in hell arsenal can win the CL… except that season, somehow barca and Bayern managed not to make it out of the CL group stage.

  49. Joe

    Wouldn’t that just top the week off tomorrow night. Us blowing it in Spain

    Could also see us finally winning a European cup only for the spurs to win the fucking CL.

  50. ddkingz

    Joe…Wenger ditched sissoko and bought xhaka for £35m

    this alone sums up Wenger’s 22yrs of failure at arsenal..

    and there no way in hell arsenal can win the CL… except that season, somehow barca and Bayern managed not to make it out of the CL group stage

  51. CG

    Wenger has left.

    Its Emery and Raul who have purchased 6 players ( average age 28) all having never previously played in the Prem this season.

    And they will do the same again this window..

    They let go of Ramsey,Chambers,Welbeck and put our youngsters out on loan.

    Emery mismanaged Holding and Bellerin.
    Both might not return as good as before.

    Blame Wenger – til the cows come home.
    It’s easy.

    But he has gone….

  52. salparadisenyc

    Feeling for Cesc Appeal, the loan Gooner in a Spurs supporting family.

    Sending strength and courage brother.

  53. Joe

    Blame Wenger – til the cows come home.
    It’s easy.But he has gone

    And left us in the shit we have now.

    That will years to fix because of his idiotic mismanagement of funds and players.

    Oh I’ll blame wenger alright. More than a decade of buffoonery has ruined this club.

    The legacy of wenger….

  54. ddkingz

    CG… can you please go hide your head somewhere??? please.

    grown ups are try to have some conversations.

    was it Emery that brought us to the Europa league? no, it was your lord wenger..

    if emery doesn’t make the champions league this season… that’s Emery’s fault for blowing his league position to fight in the Europa league

  55. David Smith

    CG, do you think Kroenke cares about who wins the CL, that won’t be sufficient to get this clubs collective arse in gear.
    The fact is Liverpool will win it, Stan will call his countrymen at Fenway congratulate them, but remind them investing fuck all can also be very lucrative thank you very much.

  56. David Smith

    Blame Stan more than the AKBs Joe, but you are certainly correct.
    Given the choice, Wenger would be renewing his contract this June.
    But he was not alone, Stan+Wenger+Gazidis would eventually ruin any club.
    Not one iota of sporting ambition , just a desire for power, personal gain and survival between those three
    Could only happen at a club neglected by its owner though

  57. CG


    You can kid yourself.
    But the truth is…

    Emery inherited:
    2 X 50million CF
    SEAD K

    all internationals
    Not perfect by all means – but he didn’t inherit Huddersfield Town squad.
    And then added his own 6 more players..

    He is exacerbating Wengers failings not solving them.

    We need a top manager – pronto – to get a grip and get us moving forward.

    Quite simple..

    We have the worst manager in the Prem.
    He will never get a job in England again when the inevitable axe falls…

  58. bennydevito


    You really don’t get it do you with your deflecting game you’re playing.

    Who left us in 6th place last season forcing us into the EL?

    Who refused to sign players available that would have improved us but instead paid over the odds for the shite we’re left with?

    Who refused to step down when we could have had Pep as manager but was
    untouchable, in full control and trusted completely by Kronke?

    Who signed Xhaka when we could have signed Moura?

    Who signed Gervinho when we could have signed Hazard?

    Who signed Elneny when we could have signed Kante?

    Who sold Fabregas outrageously under market value then refused to take up the first refusal because we had Ozil?

    Who sold RVP to Man utd?

    Who refused to sell Sanchez for £60m only to then swap him for Mkhitaryan?

    Who sanctioned putting Ozil on £350K pw making him unsaleable and then prompting Ramsey to refuse signing his contract for 2 years because he wanted the same money and now he’s leaving for free?

    Who signed Mustafi for £35m when we could have signed Alderweireld or Van Dyk?

    Who let Harry Kane go from our academy letting him join our biggest rivals?

    Arsene Wenger.

    I could go on and on.

    Your Emery hating won’t make amends for the fact that you and people like you singing one Arsene Wenger for far too long is the reason we are in the mess we’re in now, not Unai Emery.

    Unai Emery may well not be the answer, but he certainly isn’t the fucking problem or the reason for why we’re in the mess we’re in now and you know it.

  59. Joe


    How could Stan sack him with 1000s Of the idiots singing one Arsene Wenger????

    The ones that cared more for wenger than they did arsenal

    Well they will get what they deserve if spurs win the CL.

  60. CG

    Excellent post Bd

    In 20 seasons- Wenger finished in the top 4
    In the 21st he finished 6th – it’s hardly leaving a poisoned chalice for the new manager..

    Emery had the oxygen and impetus of being the new manager after 20 plus years and he has so chronically failed to enthuse the fanbase and players.

    This is nothing to do with Wenger.
    It’s all to do with the new regime.

    Were we not the second best team at home last season?

    He is comically inept.
    His press conference tonight- excruciating as ever.

    I would rather Valentin and you in charge of team affairs..
    ( and I am not jesting)

  61. Joe

    Emery inherited:
    2 X 50million CF
    OZIL. Been bang average with us
    RAMBO. Been hit and miss his whole career
    Wellbeck. Shit.
    MIKI. Shit
    KOS. Shit
    SEAD K. Shit
    XHAKA shit
    MUSTAFI. Shit

    Are you really this daft ?

  62. Joe

    This is nothing to do with Wenger.
    It’s all to do with the new regime.

    Oh fuck off.

    Go support whoever wenger manages next. You have absolutely no clue.

  63. gnarleygeorge9

    Manchester Utd has spent £686,700,000 on players since old fergie departed. They could have also poached Poch as manager but chose Olé Gunner Get the Sack.

  64. bennydevito


    Ahh but what about net spend? We all know that on here it doesn’t matter what you spend as long as you sell an equivalent amount of players you effectively get to upgrade your team for free.

    Klopp got Van Dyk, Alison, Salah, Mane, Wijnaldum, Robertson, Fabinho, Keita and others all for free.

    Not a penny was spent and he managed to coach Benteke into Salah for free.

  65. bennydevito


    You’re right about Edu in my opinion.

    When that post went up I wasn’t able to comment but I really don’t think Edu is the right man for the job especially with Brexit and the complicated issues with work permits etc.

    What does Edu know of the British and European transfer market? What use is signing a load of unknown Brazilian youngsters kids when you can only have so many non British and non EU players in your squad? Whilst in the EU we could sign south Americans and park them at European partner feeder clubs u till they had resided in that EU nation for 3 years and qualified for an EU passport. With Brexit looming we won’t be able to do that.

    We also have to have 8 homegrown players in our squad or 17 non homegrown players registered.

    Is Edu going to be able to find us the next Robertsons, Chilwells, Maguires & Ronneys of this world before the Manchester clubs, Liverpool and Chelsea do? Or before the Leicesters and Bournemouths do then commanding huge fees?

    I know Edu is ex Arsenal but he was mainly a bench warmer and wasn’t in England all that long. I just don’t see it working out.

    Good to see Pires on board as one of Emery’s coaches though so that’s something he’s done right.

    We’ve clashed a lot over Emery this season but that’s because I think you’re being hugely disrespectful and trying to absolve our great Arsene from any blame.

    But he has left us right down the swanny without a paddle.

    You are right though insofar as Emery has not improved us one bit, especially our defence which I am very disappointed about, and I saw enough first hand at Wolves to realise he’s not the man to take on Klopp or Pep, no way.

    I think this summer’s signings and how many of our youngsters make next season’s squad will confirm without doubt which direction we are headed under Emery.

    But for now I need to get my hands on a Liverpool shirt.

    I feel dirty abused just at the thought of it!

  66. Joe

    Emery may not be the answer BUT let me tell you this

    Klopp pep Jose allegri Diego or any other manager you can think of would Not have done much better than emery has with the sack of shit the cunt wenger left the club in.

    You can all say Klopp did this Klopp did that in his first year. He took them to 8th from 10th. Who gives a fuck? Is that a massive improvement? No. He had 30 matches and all he did was improve them 2 places.

    Emery has fought for 4th place and still may get the European cup.

    Like I said. May not be the answer but no one would have done better with the crap wenger left behind

    Liverpool were 10th with 13 points tied with 8th and 9th place and only 3 points out of 5th placed Leicester and still finished behind west ham and Southampton.

    Klopp did nothing until he got to spend 100s of millions and completely transform
    The team.

    Leicester went from 3 points up on pool when Klopp took over to 21 points by the end of the season.

    Did west ham and Southampton have better squads than Liverpool too?

    Liverpool were only 6 points out of 1st when Klopp took over. Wound up 21 points back.

    Hmmmmmmm Agendas and all that….

    500 m spent 4 years later and look at Klopp now

    Facts suck…

  67. bennydevito

    Another thing is I’m so grateful that Utd gave Ole G the job and didn’t land Poch because I think Ppch would elevate Utd right back to the top especially with their ethos of bringing through academy players and Poch’s proven ability to nurture and develop young talent on a shoestring budget.

    Poch and Utds clout and budget would soon get them back up to City’s level imo and I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see Poch lift his first ever trophy next month against Liverpool.

  68. Gonsterous

    Spuds in the final. What a heartbreak. Sadly Wenger for all his talk of achieving 4th could never do what poch has done.

    ALL this klopp has a net spend bs is hiding the fact that he spent loads of money to get to where he was. Credit should actually go to the manager who bought in coutinho.

    EMERY has until the January to convince us that he’s the man to take us forward. We saw glimpses of progress but he seems to be losing the dressing room, and seems to be running out of ideas.

    Summer will be a disaster (what else is new?)
    We will be looking for bargain buys whilst trying to offload players no other club will want. No money, no resale values, no targets, no plan.
    Of course it will all be blamed on emery like he has the same powers of Wenger.

  69. Ja_Gunner

    The away goal rule is totally outdated and a fucking disaster…..

    Spurs fluking their way through on this idiot rule.

  70. Thank you and goodnight.

    Fucking gutted. Seriously pissed off. Everyone’s arguing about bloody emery when the real fact is it doesn’t matter who we bring in as while kroenke remains we are fucked as a club. We need to find our voices we need to do something.

  71. Graham62


    100% correct.

    We are where we are because of Wenger.

    Even an eight year old would know that.

  72. Thank you and goodnight.

    The spuds are a club run right from top to bottom. Sickens me. Fuck off kroenke

  73. Thank you and goodnight.

    We’re moving to the Emirates to compete with bayern and the big boys etc.
    2019 so much for competing with Bayern. We can’t even compete with Brighton in the PL when it comes to spending ffs.

  74. Thank you and goodnight.

    We all know wenger has a lot to answer for, but in my opinion just one man is responsible for our demise as a club and that man is kroenke. He should of got rid of wenger after our fa Cup victory against Hull. Every mug could see we were sliding backwards but the idiots chanting Wengers name allowed the farce of wenger and kroenke to go unchecked for years. We’ve got what we deserved.

  75. Joe

    The akbs , any wenger supporters deserve for the spurs to win the CL. For making arsenal stick with wenger for a decade to long. Singing that’s stupid one wanker wenger song. In wenger we trust banners at the stadium

    Careful what you wish for isn’t akbs.

    Well this is all for you lot now. I for one hope poch wins it for Tottenham. Stick it to wenger and his bollocks about you can’t do it without money or moving stadium held us back blah blah blah

    Imagine if spurs win the CL in their first season at their new stadium and compare that to what wenger did to arsenal in our fist decade at the new stadium.

    He’s made us a laughing stock

  76. Jeff

    It’s a bit like shouting – what do we want? SUCCESS. When do we want it? NOW. But it doesn’t work like that in football. Arsenal’s day will come now that Wenger’s gone but it would have taken no less than a miracle to overturn 15 years of misery and mismanagement in one season. The most sensible thing to do is give the new manager at least 3 seasons (including this one) and if he doesn’t step up to the plate, get rid. What we can’t have is changing managers for every season that doesn’t go well – that is just stupid.

    The other thing that we can be sure of is that Kroenke has to invest. But he probably looks at the wage bill and concludes that it’s already too high for the amount of “success” we’re getting so he’s naturally reluctant to spend much more. I don’t think we can do anything other than be patient at this juncture.

  77. Thank you and goodnight.

    Im not disagreeing with you at all on that. But Wengers gone and the culprit who is just as culpable as wenger for becoming a mid table team, still remains. While kroenke is at the helm no manager or technical director will ever be able to take us back to the top. We need 300 million plus just to break back into the top 4. If it wasn’t for our forwards this year we would of been fighting relegation.

  78. Thank you and goodnight.


    I don’t agree about being patient. Liverpool under Gillette and hicks were more of a laughing stock than us. The Liverpool fans got rid of them. Yes it took a few years and a lot of cash injection but look were liverpool are now. By being patient nothing will change. Not now, not in 10 years time under kroenke will we be dining at the top table.

  79. Un na naai


    That’s very gracious. Shame we aren’t all like you. Rivalries will always run deep but what they’ve done is extraordinary. They deserve full credit for their project as do Liverpool. Two clubs being run the right way and reaping the rewards

    We could do a lot worse than emulating those two

  80. Guernsey gun

    Good posts joe, wengers legacy is that we are utterly irrelevant in football terms. You have laid out all his bullshit excuses for what they were…bullshit. Emery is probably not the man, but expecting a new team to turn around a decade of gross mismanagement is naive and ignorant. Club has utterly squandered the advantage of being first into a bigger modern stadium.

    An analogy I would use is RBS bank went bust in 2008, in 2019 a few CEOs later and about 50000 staff binned it’s back making profit. Turning this shit show round is a massive task, and watching those cunts making a CL final last bought that sharply into focus for me.

  81. Jeff


    But in both Liverpool and Tottenham’s case, it took quite a few years for them to get to this point and they both stuck to their managers. Kroenke is a tight git and isn’t interested in football or Arsenal but there’s really not a great deal we can do about him. He now owns the club outright and no one is going to offer him double what Arsenal is worth just to tempt him into selling. But I still strongly contend that with the right manager and the right players Arsenal can win big trophies but it will take time. There are many players that we need to get rid of and buy better and more wisely. That takes time. It may take quite a few more seasons before we’re back in the fold.

  82. Thank you and goodnight.

    15 years of being patient has got us nowhere. We were told to be patient when we moved grounds, where has that left us today. What hope has Emery got in replacing at least 10 players with 45 million? He’s set up to fail just like the next manager will be while Teflon kroenke gets away with a bigger crime than the matt brinks robbery.

  83. Graham62

    Blaming Kroenke is a cop out in my honest opinion.

    Was it him who made us into a laughing stock?

    Did he instigate our on pitch frailties?.

    Did he create an environment geared to making do?

    Did he accept second best?

    Did he fail on the tactical front time and time again?

    Did he………………… get the gist.

  84. Gonsterous

    May 9, 2019

    Although it pains me to say it.
    Congratulations Spuds

    Don’t you dare, not on this blog Graham.

  85. luke

    Thank you and goodnight.May 9, 2019 06:57:49
    15 years of being patient has got us nowhere. We were told to be patient when we moved grounds, where has that left us today. What hope has Emery got in replacing at least 10 players with 45 million? He’s set up to fail just like the next manager will be while Teflon kroenke gets away with a bigger crime than the matt brinks robbery.
    Makes losing Sven Mislintat all the more bizarre.

  86. Thank you and goodnight.


    Yes it took a few years and a few managers, but bottom line is both spurs and Liverpool are better run club than ours. We could stick with emery 10 years, but with no plan from the club or investment from kroenke it won’t make a blind bit of difference who the manager is. And do you trust kroenke and his cronies to get it right? Look at their signings over last 5 to 8 seasons, apart From Leno and sanchez, most of the signings have been shit. Our youth set up is shit, our reserves are shit and our first team are shit. That’s a lot of money needed to be invested if only to make us a top 4 team again.

  87. Gonsterous

    Sad that we grew up with utd and liverpool being our rival. the new generation will have spuds as their main rival. THIS is how far we have sunk…

  88. Guns of Hackney

    Wow. Spurs are now one good 90mins away from doing what Arsenal will never do. Either way it exposes Arsenal for what we are: small time.

    Liverpool either win their sixth.
    Spurs win their first.

    Both feats (especially the Liverpool one) we will never ever do.

    Perhaps for the sake of Arsenal’s future…we absolutely need Spurs to win. Surely the most docile of fans would have to revolt and pave the way for either new owners, or put incredible pressure on the current one to change this club.

    Sure, 99.9% of Arsenal will now be cheering Liverpool but they will be misguided. I’ll be in that .1% hoping that Spurs show us what is possible.

  89. Joe

    He fucking sold RVP to united and said I knew they’d win the title when I sold RVP to united.

    What kind of loser does that and the. Admits to it?

    What kind of loser says I’ll take 2nd place for the next 20 years.

    What kind of loser says top 4 is a trophy

    What kind of loser signs sanago and says he will be a 50.m pound striker

    What kind of loser buys kallstorm

    The list is endless.

    What kind of loser breaks up the invincibles for no reason whatsoever other than to prove he could win with

    And what kind of losers blindly follow this loser to the complete detriment to the club they supposedly love.

    Wenger and akbs.

    The death of arsenal

  90. Thank you and goodnight.

    @Guns of Hackney

    I’m with you 100 percent. That’s why I hope we get stuffed tonight as well as a win in the final will only paper over the cracks and allow this farce from kroenke to continue. We get knocked out tonight and spuds win CL, then hopefully even the dopiest Arsenal fan will finally find a voice and turn vociferously on the owner rather than Emery. I’m not sticking up for Emery, just saying he’s not the problem here. OK, let’s fuck off Emery now. Who are we going to get in that will come in and turn a very very very average squad with very little money into a team competing for the title? Any answers? Didn’t think so. We are well and truly fucked while kroenke remains and the fans try to blame anyone else but him.

  91. Un na naai


    Are your muffins on fire pal?


    I fail to see how Kroenke and Gazidis aren’t in some way also culpabale
    This just looks remarkably like a lynching otherwise.

    The decline begun with his arrival along with the of Ivan.

  92. Thank you and goodnight.


    100 percent agreed on all of that. But who kept wenger in a job only to get rid of him when attendances fell and hit their pockets…. That’s right Kroenke. Wenger was a joke, a fucking laughing stock, but only one man allowed him to get away with it and that man is Kroenke.

  93. Thank you and goodnight.

    In our remaining games I want to see every fan with a FUCK OFF Kroenke sign just to let the wig wearing porn tache loving cunt know his time is up and he’s not wanted at our club.

  94. Guernsey gun

    13 years after leaving highbury to compete with the Bayern’s and barcas of the world……..what have we got, a soulless corporate dump with some of the blandest football dished up for mugs and tourists. Spurs have over taken us in terms of stadium, off field setup, manager and players, and we had a 13 year head start. People can slate emery and he deserves a bit, but he is in no way to blame for the utter failure outlined above. Careful what you wish for.

  95. Thank you and goodnight.

    @Guernsey gun

    Spot on. While Emery may not have the special sauce, even the Lord almighty would struggle with this club.

  96. Un na naai


    Wouldnt disagree. The entire club from top down is a vapid soulless corporate crevice. They detached the the club from the fans.

  97. TitsMcGee

    Liverpool v Spurs UCL final. What a nightmare.

    However, it’s quite sadly ironic that while we were languishing with Wenger, Spurs and Liverpool were tinkering here and there mixing and matching managers until they each found the right fit.

    Arsenal deserve to be where they are.

  98. TitsMcGee

    The akbs , any wenger supporters deserve for the spurs to win the CL. For making arsenal stick with wenger for a decade to long. Singing that’s stupid one wanker wenger song. In wenger we trust banners at the stadium”

    Sadly I agree.

    It’ll be the ultimate “cringe” moment if Spurs win a UCL before us but it’ll be completely what Arsenal fans deserve for being idiotic for so many years.

    Spurs and Liverpool were building while we were treading water, if only we started to build 5-8 years ago when it was obvious we needed a change.

  99. Tony

    I’ll reserve comment until after tonight’s result.


    You just got married so you can be forgiven for thinking through your dick last night and we’ll will look forward to when you’re using your brain again….


    Dissenter you have no such excuse; you’re just being contrarian for the sake of it, which we Brits tend to prefer the word Dickhead instead of contrarian.

    Perhaps a better choice of moniker for you nes pas? Contrarian or dickhead your choice!

  100. Un na naai

    Could be worse
    Could get beat by Chelsea in the final and finish 6th
    Plenty to still be hopeful of
    And if you all believe in emery so much then surely there’s nothing to worry about right?
    Emery is as good as Pochettino and Klopp isn’t he? What’s all the fuss about? We’ve got our guy, we’re going up aren’t we?
    Dissenter? Marko? Bamford? Joe? Hairline?

  101. Receding Hairline

    Should we be in the champions league final alongside spurs too Tony?

    Or should we be competing for the league with that 65m net spend?

    We missed top four by slim margins, yes that’s on Emery but some of us believe he learns from it first season and all. The men you are celebrating none made top four in their first season

  102. TR7

    TR7. May 7, 2019 23:01:59

    Spurs struggled only as long as they played 3 at the back. From the moment they switched to 4 at the back and Sissokho in the middle, they dominated Ajax. If not for the absence of Son and Kane, they would have scored too. Ajax has some good technical players but like Barca, they will face difficulty in dealing with the intensity and physicality of Spurs.

    TR7 May 7, 2019 22:42:50


    I still think Spurs will go past Ajax tomorrow to reach the finals.
    Ajax were being unnecessarily over hyped. I was surprised that so many posters here were totally writing off Spurs during their on game commentary. I hope people here finally realize ‘Potless’ Poch is the real deal.

  103. Thank you and goodnight.

    You think any of the cunts in charge of our club are waking up today with the same amount of despair that us fans are feeling in seeing spuds reach CL Final, are they fuck.

  104. Tony

    I understand where you’re coming from, but Emery is not the man to get us to the CL final.

    Emery does not learn by his mistakes, that is blatantly obvious from this season’s tinkering and over complicating things.

    I really wanted Emery to do well but next season will be a rehash of this season.

    Unless Emery has unlimited resources (PSG) He does not win leagues so why do you think Emery can win the PL: the toughest league in the world?

    You’re a smart guy RH I’m sure deep down you have reservations, and when you add Raul, a geriatric board and the Kroenkes into the equation as well as not forgetting the continued Gazidis/Wenger fall out – we need a manager with far greater footballing nous and man management skills than Emery.

    Right now I’d look at Lampard or Gerrard before giving Emery a 2nd season with a view to Vieira in the foreseeable future.

    Maybe those guys with Edu could work. However, I feel Edu is Raul’s scapegoat where whatever good Edu can do will be wasted by Raul.

    There’s a much bigger picture to look at than just giving Emery more time.

  105. Thank you and goodnight.

    It’s like this Raul guy, if he was so good why did Barcelona let him go? Seems to me we buy everyone’s dross or leftovers. Honestly I think Arsenal are the home of has beens from top to bottom.

  106. Thank you and goodnight.


    There’s a much bigger picture to look at than just giving Emery more time.

    Agree with you 100%.

    As I said earlier, whoever comes in is set to fail while Teflon kroenke gets away with it again and again

  107. Batistuta

    Ah yes it’s morning and our bunch of overpaid heroes are gonna put the final nail in a disaster of a season tonight in Spain……I’m going back to drinking guys

  108. Ishola70


    As well as lauding Poch shouldn’t we also look at how Ajax crumbled defensively.

    All Poch did was bring on an extra forward with a bit of physicality in Llorente which any manager would do as they had to chase the game and Ajax pissed their pants.

    De Ligt at this stage is over-rated as a pure defender and Blind isn’t any great shakes. Ajax got found out just as much as people want to praise Poch.

  109. Receding Hairline

    Lampard and Gerrard are not winning this league Tony sorry..nor is Vieira.

    Nor are they getting us to the champions league final.

    Look everyone is entitled to their reservations and their thinking of how we get back to the top, I’m not the hypocrite looking to lay the blame for our ongoing predicament at the feet of the man who has been here months and whose remit isn’t even league titles or champions league finals.

    And if you really believe Lampard or Gerrard can win us the league or champions league then I kind of feel sorry for you.

  110. Freddie Ljungberg


    Seriously? Lampard, Gerrard? Why would we want any of those cunts anywhere near our club? Would be even worse than Arteta.

    As long as we invest in the squad properly and have a massive squad turnover in the next couple of windows I don’t really care who the manager is, they won’t be responsible for recruitment anyway. There are limits to how stupid we can be in a manager choice though.

    Would be nice to have an overarching philosophy at the club but even without that we still don’t have to have rocket scientists in charge to understand what our needs are. Better defenders, replace Xhaka, Ozil, Mikhi. Get fast, dribbling, goalscoring wingers.
    Do that in we’re in much better shape, don’t do that and it doesn’t matter if Gandalf is head coach and Harry potter is assistant with a bag full of bearnaise on the sideline.

  111. Receding Hairline

    Yes De ligt is so overrated its painful. I have seen many instances of shocking defending from him on 1v1 situations I think its a case of a defender looking good on the ball masking the fact he isn’t that good a defender yet.

    Ajax have had a lot of shockers this season , Feyenord thrashed them 6-2 this season on their own patch. Nothing that happened last season required special sauce. When Emery was winning games from the bench earlier in the season it was said here he was lucking out and got the starting eleven wrong to begin with, now with Poch it shows he is top notch.

  112. OleGunner

    My god at the Spurs cheering and jubilation going on last night on this place.
    WTF has happened to this place?

  113. Alex James

    Ajax have just joined the list of clubs I hate. Had a troubled night thinking of the disaster of last night. Liverpool fans must be worried, as it would seem our neighbour’s name is on the cup, as was Chelsea’s when they won it. Football has passed us by. Some great comments today about why. Financial management and player recruitment defy belief. And the move to appoint Edu is another puzzlement. Lacazette is the only player outside of Ramsay that other clubs want. PEA is no Wrighty, as some were saying when he signed. Tonight is likely to be another 90 minutes of agony, whilst our cracking defence conspires to see how many gaols it can give away. Our manager is saying that the EL is gaining in respect but the fact is that only the CL is worth anything, and we are light years away from winning it. My son is young enough perhaps to see the dream realised, whereas I am not. I blame Wenger absolutely for this. Careful what you wish for. Yeh right,

  114. Receding Hairline

    Olegunner they are cheering Spurs in the belief it somehow makes the present coach of AFC look bad.

    Totally ignoring the fact we have had one manager for 22 years, who was in charge of every single aspect of the club and who is a hero to some of them. CG even have him in his shortlist of managers who can take us back to the top.

  115. TR7


    ‘All Poch did was bring on an extra forward with a bit of physicality in Llorente which any manager would do as they had to chase the game and Ajax pissed their pants.’

    Yes, Llorente is not a good striker but he played an important role against City in QF and against Ajax in SF. I think we should also be looking for a striker in the mold of Giroud/Llorente to partner Laca. PEA and Laca don’t play well as a pair.

  116. Tony

    Freddie & RH
    Was just throwing out out there as they’re young and have more management experience than Arteta.

    They’re not pulling up trees or tanking, but I’d welcome you to name your choice of manager to replace Emery.

    Don’t make the mistake of thinking we are getting rid of our dross until their contracts expire. They couldn’t be sold last season why do you think this season will be any different.

    We have to turn a pigs ear into a silk blouse and clearly Emery cannot do that.

    You guys think Edu is the answer with Emery & Raul?

    Dream on or change whatever you smoke. Reality awaits you in huge doses.

    In business (sport is no different) desperate times need desperate measures not stupidity in keeping a manager who, win the EL cup or not, has proven he is best suited in the lower leagues, such as Spain, France and Italy. You could also add China and the MLS to those of course.

    Put some managerial names up guys who would actually come to us and are available.


  117. Receding Hairline

    Tony my choice of Manager is Antonio Conte or Diego Simeone but you won’t catch me crying about it daily because even they will get rid of 70% of this gutless assembly we call a squad

  118. Receding Hairline

    “We have to turn a pigs ear into a silk blouse and clearly Emery cannot do that.”

    I doubt you have actually watched us play this season Tony. This pigs ear isn’t turning into a silk blouse anytime soon if it was you can’t be talking about how we struggle to sell them,
    We have full backs that aren’t really fullbacks but wingbacks and as wingbacks pretty average ones. We have a midfield that do not have the physicality nor guile to dominate matches consistently, we have a pair of strikers that need everything laud out on a plate most times and even then sometimes struggle to finish, they do not dominate defenses (laca does at times to be honest but his small stature counts against him).

    And let’s assume we can turn this pigs ear, what makes you think the two names you reeled out can do that?

  119. Thank you and goodnight.


    Billy Smart might be the man to take us forward. After all he knows how to run a fucking circus 😊

  120. Un na naai

    Receding hairline knows exactly what simeone and conte will do before they do it. Who’s winning the 12:30 at Chepstow receding? I’ll have a flutter. Seeing as you’re predicting the future now

  121. TR7

    Poch is on the verge of winning the CL without having signed a player in 18 months. Sissokho and Wanyama were plying their trade in small PL clubs. Nobody knew who Kane, Dier, Alli, Rose were until they made their name under Poch’s tutelage. Moura was a PSG reject while Son was hardly a household name. The less said about Llorente, the better. Just goes to show how important it is to get a quality manager. Unless we hire a great manager, we will continue drifting away from the top clubs.

  122. Samesong

    Spurs haven’t won anything yet so stop hyping them up. It’s almost like posters deep down want spurs to win the thing!

  123. Zoran

    I feel that Pedro is forming another EAB, to be the pendent of WAB. That is not the way we will bring our AFC further.
    I will be more for giving Emery 4, 5 ttransfer periods to consolidate the ranks and have more time to developp his philosophy, because Emery is all but certainly not a bad Manager.
    Right, Klopp was 8 in his first year at Charge, but, Klopp had 440million to spend on Players. And now Emery is a bad Coach because he has 45 millions Budget???
    Stick with the same Manager, and give him the full Support, like the Pool owners gave Klopp, he will know how to developp some Young lads from the Hall End and make maybe another Ajax on british soil. because he has the Vision and ability to do that

  124. UK bubbler

    Don’t worry about a thing… cause everything going to be alright, Sing along.

    That Ajax PA/DJ got fired last night surely.

  125. SpainishDave

    Yep about right I am not inspired by Edu.
    He was a one paced laid back baller .
    We are the only historically big club never to have won the European Cup.
    Even with the Invincibles Wenger couldn’t get to grips with European football.
    Tonight we will struggle if they score first it’s over.
    We are stagnant.

  126. Graham62

    Of course Kroenke and Gazidis are culpable but every Arsenal fan knows the real reason why we have fallen so far behind.

    Some of us though refuse to admit it.

  127. Zoran

    Emery had 70 m the first window? yes, but out of this 70 m he personally took only Torreira and Guendouzzi. And he made already Players out of them, who trippled their value in 6 months.
    All the rest from this 70 m. you can ask Ivan to explain the spending, but no Emery.
    Klopp has owners who ask him whom he needs, money is no Problem. For us the Money is problem, even we had more budget than Pool 3-4 years ago. Klopp wants V.Duyk, he get him for 70 m. What should Emery say? That Yankee cunt, or his son, whoever, says probably take Lichtensteiner, we can get him for nothing. If he was that good, why would Juventus get reed of him?
    And back to Klopp. First question: What did he win in his career? German Bundesliga and the Cup. And went to the final of CL with Dortmund. Apart that??? He bottled 9 Points leed in this term, and wont be Champion, pool copunting already 30 years, and still counting.
    Or, the second question: all your good Managers, Pochettino, Guardiola? What did they do in their first year at Charge?? Be a bit realistic. whoever critisize Emery after only 1 year in Charge. Tomorrow if he wins EL he will be the best Manager in the world. See you then and then we can discuss the matter.