Great coaching outshines talent as Klopp destroys Barca

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The folk bizarrely pushing the idea that coaching isn’t an effective tool for progress had to cancel all future opinions going live in public.

Liverpool crushed the MIGHTY Barcelona in a 4-0 drubbing for the ages.

Yes, Shaqiri, Wijnaldum, Origi, and Henderson all featured and starred in an absolute masterclass at Anfield, showing that a strong vision, a defined footballing philosophy, and good old fashioned coaching can trump individual talent… even when that talent is Lionel Messi.

As Tr7 said perfectly the comments, ‘It was heavy metal football that rattled Barca, not the quality of players Liverpool has.’ They still delivered without their best players. An incredible achievement, even if it does make me pig sick… our biggest mistake of the last ten years was passing on Klopp and Pep.





… really doesn’t rub when you see Jordan Henderson as a regular in their side. Origi proving pivotal at the highest level. Low budget signings like Robertson game changing all season. Trent Arnold breaking through from the youth team and playing like a superstar. They lost Salah and still manage to compete. Arsenal lose Ramsey and the whole thing falls apart. Unai picked up a squad in better shape than Klopp, spent more money in his first transfer window than the German did in 2 years and managed to make things worse.

There’s no real way to compare the two managers. As I pointed out yesterday, Klopp finished a lowly 8th in his first season, but he also picked up a dreck squad that was deflated and 10th. He had no preseason to work with, and in his final 13 games, his team scored 31 goals. His coaching had him finish stronger than he started, you could see what he was doing on the pitch, not in hopeful translated text on Marca.

Their stadium was absolutely rocking. You know why? Because the football courses through the veins. It’s electric. The energy on the pitch translates to the stands. If you think that has been standard at Liverpool over the last ten years, you have never met a season ticket holder there.

I am jealous of what they have, Klopp has been a sensation. He was my original managerial crush way back when, I had my doubts about his rebirth at Liverpool, oh how wrong I was. Elite of the elite. Can you believe we let him sit without a job while Wenger paraded deal after new deal?

Just read these words Klopp had after the game.

“It was overwhelming … I actually … I said to the boys before the game that it’s impossible, but because it’s you we have a chance. I have watched in my life so many football games, but to play the best team in the world … look, winning is already difficult, but to win with a clean sheet … It’s 10.10pm and the children are probably in bed so I’m sorry about the language but can I say these boys are fucking talented giants. It’s all about the players.”

Employing an inspiring coach that knows how to develop players is so important. If you don’t have that, why persist? Charisma, passion, energy… that’s what makes a club rock. But again, I can’t hammer home how utterly bat shit it is to excuse this season because our players aren’t coachable. Think about that statement and how weak it is.

Pep Guardiola, the chequebook manager everyone slates, took a journeyman central midfielder called Fabian Delph and turned him into a regular left-back in a team that will go down as one of the all times greats in Premier League history. World class managers make average players great. They make collections of them work as a unit. They organise, inspire and equip them with the tools they need to succeed.

How about we talk about a really shite team, like, say, Southampton? They were in a mess before they played us at Christmas. Ralph Hassenhutl, an interest of Le Grove a few years ago came in and reshaped them. Ryan Bertrand had this to say on what he’s done.

“The manager has came in and has given us an identity,”

“He has given us a clear style of play and leaves no stone unturned.

“It is a real pleasure to go on the field like that and not have people questioning each other.”

“If you asked 100 people what Southampton’s style of play was, you would get similar answers,” he added.

“It would be that we are a high pressing team, very competitive and play good football.

“That may have been adrift before.”

If you asked 100 people about Arsenal’s identity, what would you get?

“Catch Kola on the overlap’

We are still there a year on.

Better players give you better results, no doubt, but whether it’s the highest level or the lowest, the clearer the vision, the better the outcome. Look at Mourinho over the years, his Champions League win with Inter Milan was genius. That squad was a ragtag bunch of pros that he turned into a formidable unit. Look at how Jardim toppled the mighty PSG. Look at what Ajax are doing, win or lose tonight.

Arsenal has conceded 52 goals so far this season. Some flag that Holding and Bellerin would have made things better… reality is, we were on for conceding 50+ goals with them in the side. Poor organisation is always going to leave you exposed regardless of who is playing. The game is far too competitive now to be able to get away with good players simply bailing you out. Everyone is of a high technical standard now, you will be destroyed if you aren’t organised and that’s exactly what’s been going on.

Sam Allardyce has always known this. He goes into clubs on fire, organises them and makes them competitive. He takes shite defences, with shite defenders and he makes them better. That’s good coaching even if the football causes an eye infection.

Anyway, time to move on. I think we all know where I stand on our bland on toast manager.

Tonight, we are ALL Ajax fans. Finally, something we can agree on.

However, I do fear that Spurs power will be a big problem for them and we’ll have to suffer a Champions League final where we want neither side to win.

I’m just going to be thinking about Vermaelen, Bergkamp, Kanu and Overmars all day today… then I’m going to pray to the footballing gods.

Spurs making a final would be too much.

If they lose this evening… that’ll be the 20th game of the season. They’ll have limped into top 4. They won’t have won a trophy, AGAIN.

How funny would that be?


See you in the comments. x


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  1. Receding Hairline

    “What a moronic comment Receding. How about you ask nearly every Newcastle fan whether they should keep Rafa. He’s adored by the fanbase.”

    Are we at insults already Bacary??

    What has Newcastle fans adoring Benitez got to do with anything??

    Benitez brief this season is avoid relegation while playing anyway you like, he has done that and i am pretty sure Emery can comfortably avoid relegation too seeing as he fought for a top four finish in his first year in the country.

    Emery’s brief is try to get this club back in the champions league, he is on it.

    What exactly is the insult for??

  2. Dissenter

    Arsenal is not Newcastle United
    All it will take for a manager to be adored at Newcastle is to just keep them up in the premier league
    Different priorities for different clubs
    Ask yourself why is Rafa so comfortable at Newcastle?
    Has is not occurred to you that he’s lost the bottle for bigger teams with bigger headaches?

  3. Champagne Charlie


    Arteta is tomorrow’s manager, substitute him for any of the new age managers and you’re still against it. You’re firmly nailed to Emery and happy to make excuse after excuse along the way.

    Rafa is “yesterday’s manager” according to you, a term that makes no fucking sense in the football manager landscape other than to serve as a pathetic slight against him in his consideration for the job.

    Rafa is a better manager that Emery by any sensible metric offered, his CV speaks for itself in that regard.

  4. Alexanderhenry

    Spanish dave

    ‘, typical Latino, making it up and telling you what you want to hear. I worked long enough in Spain to witness what a load of lying, corrupt people they are’.

    Nice bigoted generalisation there.
    Maybe we should hire an English coach. Any idea who?

  5. Dissenter

    Stop defending the indefensible
    The Kroenkes are one of the most passive, reactionary and distant owners in world football
    Go ask Stan who we play on Sunday or how many goals Auba has- he would have no clue.
    I too have defended the Kroenkes as not being the sole problem but stop mitigating the problem they constitute to Arsenal

    We aren’t even spending money that we already have in the bank
    What is going on?
    Don’t pretend you know much about them please.

  6. Champagne Charlie


    That’s your party line on some managers, trying to underpin reasons why they’re currently where they are. Rafa loves England, and saw Newcastle as a project to work with. He’s smashed it since being there.

    You offer up the same thing for Pochettino, always stating he’s comfortable at Spurs with no pressure. Absolute delusion.

  7. Pedro

    Oof… Spanish Dave, last warning on comments like that. The Spanish are good people and generalisations like that are grim.

  8. Pedro

    CC, to be more specific, Rafa’s family staying in Liverpool and he has a young daughter he wanted to be near… hence why he puts up with it.

    He really wanted a move back to his fave club.

  9. Dissenter

    Had Stan being a dutiful owner he would have overruled Wenger when he blocked Wenger from botching the transfer of Sanchez to city.
    Yes he gives us our space…but that’s because his sporting inclinations are skewed.
    He ought to have not trusted Wenger so much to let the 350k Ozil deal happen.

    Failure of oversight is a failure of leadership.

  10. Goonah

    out of contract


    return from loan


    So we will have a squad of 21 before we even start shifting


    Özil and Mikhi unmovable due to extreme wages

    Sack Emery and give the next guy 30M£ to sort this out

    Good luck to whom ever manage Arsenal next season

  11. Pedro

    Left, I know it makes you angry that I delete your pointless comments you make aimed at riling people up against me, but that’s just the deal here.

    You can blog elsewhere, which you don’t seem to want to?

    Additionally, read the fucking comments my friend… does it look like everyone is agreeing with me?

  12. Pedro

    Dissenter, the Ozil deal was with Raul, Sven and Ivan.

    Wenger was on the way out. You can’t reimagine that I’m afraid.

  13. Dissenter

    Everyone wants to stay where they’re adored. Rafa is the best thing that has happened to Newcastle since Kevin Keegan
    Fans of big clubs don’t typically adore managers and turn in them on a dime. That’s the difference with being at taking over at Inter and Real Madrid after better managers just left.

    You really think Rafa is ‘smashing’ it at Newcastle?

  14. Leftsidesanch

    Pedro easy fella, Why would I be angry? – that is the maiden comment you’ve deleted of mine and I made it because there was a post the other day not dissimilar to the drivel to that Spanish Dave said that was left unchallenged.

  15. Pedro

    Also dissenter, it really depends what you want from an owner.

    A present owner that is not an expert micromanaging?

    Sounds like a recipe for disaster.

    We just need to hire in good people.

    Maybe Edu is the start of something special.

    Maybe not.

    We’ll see.

    But the club are trying something new and I don’t really see what Stan is doing wrong here.

  16. Un na naai

    Great post today pedro. I’d say the last week has seen your peak thus far in terms of blog quality.
    If only the suits at the club were as inspiring moving forward.

    Hats off to Liverpool
    They’ve got most of the country behind them now after that. Even Chelsea fans I know are full of praise and admiration.

  17. Dissenter

    ‘Dissenter, the Ozil deal was with Raul, Sven and Ivan’

    Actually my comment was that Kroenke approved it.

    …and I don’t recall seeing Raul in Dortmund…because he wasn’t an Arsenal employee at the time.
    You have your theories of course, you’re entitled to them my friend.
    You’ve earned the right to any opinion…and I mean that sincerely .

  18. Pedro

    Left, you just slagged off everyone off as moaners, and insinuated the comments section all agrees with.

    Not cool. Not the first time either.

  19. Champagne Charlie


    I wasn’t even going to go there, thought most people were aware Rafa is basically a scouser and his family love that neck of the woods.

    Newcastle was an obvious draw over wherever else next. Point is, at least my end, is that he’s a bloody good coach with oodles of positive experience in the remits we had last summer – hence my affinity.

    I wouldn’t necessarily go with him at this point a year on, but gimme a choice of Rafa and Emery and I’m picking Spanish every time 😉

  20. Leftsidesanch

    I’ve just noticed that you deleted another one of my comments which was perfectly reasonable? So I’ll say it again, I wouldn’t want a young promising manager (Viera)or a manager with potential promise (Arteta) to come into this club when there are the same 4-5 players who will just let them down as well.

  21. Pedro

    Dissenter, I don’t agree with the Ozil deal, but at its core, is that not just good leadership?

    Stan hires in experts. He is supposed to let them do the job. Otherwise, what’s the point?

  22. Pierre

    “You mean he won’t artificially put his own money into the club, which isn’t allowed these days anyway?”

    we have only spent 45 million net the last 2 seasons (22.5 a season) , Is that the limit of our spending ?

  23. Marc

    I don’t think we can honestly say how Edu will perform in the new role at the moment. What we can say is it doesn’t look like a “one of the boys” appointment so it should all things being equal be on merit.

    Let’s at least get behind this appointment and hope it pays off.

  24. Dissenter

    We need to hire good people yes
    However the owners instincts and intentions also matter.
    That’s the difference between John Henry and Kroenke.
    John Henry has operational knowledge or Liverpool a d has sporting ambitions to take Liverpool back to the top.
    Kroenke just sees an asset that is good so long as it is not in the red.
    What’s the deal with us not spending money we already have?

  25. Leftsidesanch

    I didn’t insinuate everyone agrees with you either, I mentioned that whoever is the manager there will be someone moaning but fair dos Pedro.

  26. Marc


    It is when we’ve spent what we did before. The net spend by clubs info is out there or are you saying it’s wrong?

  27. Champagne Charlie

    “You really think Rafa is ‘smashing’ it at Newcastle?”

    Yea I tend to think so. Their ambition was promotion back to the prem his first full season and he got that as Championship winners. Then it’s been to stay in the league, to which he’s answered by getting a 10th place finish and 15th-13th this season.

    Newcastle are shite mate, great stadium, good group of fans, but a fucking mile off their Laurent Robert, Ginola, Shearer days. That’s smashing his targets imo. Net spend is shoe string too.

  28. Un na naai

    The one thing that I dont get with absolving kroenke of any responsibility is that he could have had klopp or pep years ago and decided to pass over both in favour of another contract with wenger. Then he passes over allegri to hire emery. If that’s hands off then I’d rather have an passionate owner who does care for the footballing culture and traditions of the club.

  29. Marc


    Only one moaning on here?

    We could appoint Jesus Christ (no more injury problems!) and the Prophet Mohammed as joint managers and you’d still have half of those on here moaning.

  30. Pedro

    Pierre, we spend £67m net last summer. We’ve moved our wage bill to £235m. We lost Sanchez, Chezzer, Gnabry for basically zero, we’ve just lost Ramsey, WELBZ and Cech for nothing.

    We haven’t had CL for two seasons.

    Not sure what you expect him to do here?

    The club should clear the dross this summer. Reduce the wage bill drastically. Start rebuilding sensibly like Liverpool did.

  31. Un na naai

    We were told that emery was a safe pair of hands to guide us back into the top four. Now they are saying it was to prevent us from dropping down the table. Whichever way the wind blows eh??

  32. Pedro

    Marc, it’s the comments section of a blog. It’s not moaning, it’s thrashing out ideas about football over and over again. If we weren’t doing that, there’d be no comments.

  33. Leftsidesanch

    Marc lol, I made a comment that likens to yours in terms of satire and Peds took it that I said everyone was agreeing with him which was nowhere in my speech.

  34. Un na naai


    Too right. Can’t see medieval fairy tale characters steering the club to glory…..

    What an odd comment

  35. Marc


    Allegri (my personal preference) turned us down as he wanted a transfer budget way beyond what we could afford.

    Maybe he’d looked at the state of the squad.

  36. gunnershabz


    the ozil deal from the three stoges must been looked at with his image in hand and also approved by KSE

    we moan about ozil but unfortunelty he is our big “superstar”

    i am sure the KSE will want there investment ready for the America tour this summer

    i am with you all that ozil needs to go but KSE will want shirt sales

  37. Dissenter

    Why don’t we appoint the white walker as manager.
    He can’t just cast a spell and chant ‘talita kumi’
    …VOILA Ozil arises, Xhaka is transformed, Mustafi brain batteries are recharged.

    O what a happy day it will be.

  38. Marc


    Mate all I’m saying is there is more than your fair share of miserable buggers on here. It was a joke and not a criticism.

  39. Leftsidesanch

    Even the mutterings coming out that the club will only look for a CB if a buyer is found for Mustafi is concerning.

  40. Champagne Charlie

    Yea what’s this moaning garb about?

    We’ve not won the league in 15 years, there’s more to scrutinise than applaud at Arsenal. The discourse merely reflects that.

    Get someone in that fire up the supporters and makes strides year on year and the tone will be more optimistic

  41. Emiratesstroller


    Sorry I don’t follow the argument that Kroenke has taken risk.

    Ozil was paid £350K pw because of the catastrophic situation where our two
    major players had been allowed to wind their contracts to final six months.

    Kroenke renewed Wenger’s contract a further 2 years and that resulted in
    Arsenal being in the ridiculous situation we found ourselves last year. We
    landed up paying him compensation of £10 million for the privilege of leaving
    one year early!!

    Gazidis should also have been sacked some years ago. Recruiting Sven, Raul, Emery and Hus was hardly risk taking. Arsenal needed to replace personnel.
    All these people were experienced in football management.

    Whether they are any good is a matter for discussion at the end of this season.
    and following transfer window

    As far as I am concerned the only risk that Kroenke has taken is buying shares
    in the club. As I wrote earlier the owner invests in real estate and shares, but
    not in players so he is hardly taking a risk particularly when the club has a
    bank balance of £200 million and revenue streams in excess of £400 million.

  42. Pierre

    “Pierre, we spend £67m net last summer. ”

    We made a net 22 m profit the year before ..that’s 45 million over 2 years.

  43. gunnershabz


    another question is liverpool was buying premier league proven players i.e. mane, salah, robertson, van dijk, lovren, winaldjm, milner, the ox, henderson

    most of the core of the team have been playing in PL

    i think we should move forward at least the next two years because clearly emery is struggle with the PL
    purchasing the likes or ryan fraser, doucoure, chilwell, mcguire, lascelles, zaha

    i am sure we can start with that first and then add those european based class players

  44. Kamp

    We’ve been linked to Lozano in the guardian today. He probably comes around 35-40. He might prove a little lightweight (if indeed scrappy) but goals and assists are almost guaranteed, along with ball retention via dribbling and technic and passing ability.

    A must for me. He’s more comfortable on the left so he’s up against Zaha and Fraser…Pepe remains the only name we are liked with that is most comfortable on the right…

  45. Jamie

    Players I think we should stick with (youth, squad or starting 11):


    Players we need to jettison at any cost/release:

    Cech – free
    Jenko – 2m
    Kos – 3m
    Mustafi – 5m
    Chambers – 5m
    Kola – 5m
    Monreal – free
    Ramsey – free
    Elneny – 5m
    Ozil – free to 5m
    Mkhi free to 5m
    Welbeck – free

    We’d be lucky to recoup £30m from a £150m+ outlay.

    Big difference between the way we handle player contracts and the way Liverpool handles theirs. That’s why Klopp’s net spend is so low, and why ours is growing year on year. We’ve been bleeding money on substandard players for too long. So many depreciating assets on the books for years and a failure to cash-in shows how inept the Arsenal finance people really are.

    No one genuinely gives a fuck about Emery, but we have massive structural issues that won’t be resolved simply by replacing the head coach.

  46. Marko

    Kenny Lala from Strasbourg is being linked with a move. 5 goals and 9 assists for a RB is not bad

  47. gunnershabz

    apparently the right back of NICE

    forgot his name but he is algerian is worth looking at

    he has been catching the eye of big clubs

  48. Dissenter

    ‘The club should clear the dross this summer. Reduce the wage bill drastically. Start rebuilding sensibly like Liverpool did’

    I know it’s unfair to,pick apart every thing you say because you’re as fallible as anyone else.

    …but for record purposes
    We are not going to be able to rebuild like Liverpool because a major part of their rebuild was funded from players sales and they got some help from Barcelona for that.
    It was hearty watching Barca get beaten by the club that sold Coutinho to them for £142 million when he worth no more than the £53 million Liverpool were ready to pay for Nabil Fekir.
    We have to find a slightly different way, one that will,probably take more time. We won’t have the luxury of funding a rebuild with selling.

  49. Champagne Charlie


    Be sensible mate Jesus Christ, you might not like the players but their value isn’t as you make out.

    We rejected 20 mil for Chambers not long ago.

    Mustafi is 20+ mil
    Mkhi 15+ mil
    Ozil 15+ mil
    Chambers 15+ mil
    Elneny 10+ mil

  50. Dissenter

    Arsenlogbus reporting that we are telling agents that we aren’t ready to discuss transfers yet.
    If that story is remotely true, then take all the tabloid rumors for what it is.

  51. Marc


    Jenko’s contract is up this summer so no fee. Middlesbrough offered us £20 million for him summer before last so we can definitely get more than £5 million for him. There were links for Elneny for £15 million earlier in the season so £5 million should be low balling it as well. There are quite a number on your list who we should be able to get more than a token fee – it might not be £30 million fees but we can do better. That’s Sanllehi’s job in the summer.

  52. gunnershabz


    i really think we should buy Zaha instead of Pepe

    Pepe looks good but then again could turn out to be a gervinho

    Arsenal, dont usually buy from other premier league teams due to “price”

    but if we went for Zaha, he can be our mkhi replacement as a wide player who can also play behind the striker

  53. vickingz

    Speaking after the victory, Lovren, who was an unused substitute, paid tribute to the German.
    “Congratulations to Klopp,” the defender told the club’s official website . “Before the game he did an amazing speech.
    “It was something brilliant and I think he lifted us so high. It was just ‘Believe! Put it in your mind that we can do it’. It was something that we’ve never heard before.
    “He said ‘Boys, believe. One or two goals, even if we don’t score in the first 15, 20 minutes, believe in the 65th, 66th, 67th minute that we can score, and then with Anfield behind us, trust me guys, we can do it. We did it once against Dortmund, we can do it tonight. Just show f*cking balls tonight’. And we did it!”

    I’m scratching my head thinking of who could have spoken like this in arsenal as a whole. Emery?

  54. gambon

    “We made a net 22 m profit the year before ..that’s 45 million over 2 years.”

    This isnt true.

    We basically broke even the year before.

    £140m out, £140m in.

  55. Graham62

    Last nights sensational events at Anfield represented the best comeback I have ever witnessed in my fifty years of watching the game.

    It was a privilege to see it all unfold.

    Thanks Liverpool.

  56. Dissenter

    Who’s going to pay 15 million for a 350k weekly player with two assists in the league
    Who will pay that much for Myhhimwhen he’s in so much wages.

    We will,have to subsidize wages to make these two happen which will bring the net to near zero.
    That’s the reality I’m afraid

  57. Leftsidesanch

    Whats the going rste for Pepe this summer £60m?

    I can see Palace asking for roughly the same for Zaha

  58. gunnershabz


    we should offer some players i.e. elneny

    but i know the price will be £60m plus but this is where teams like liverpool purchased from southampton and everyone raised their eyebrows i.e sadio mane

  59. CG


    “”””Great post today pedro. I’d say the last week has seen your peak thus far in terms of blog quality.
    If only the suits at the club were as inspiring moving forward”””

    Klopp-esque posting from PedRo.


    out of contract


    Why did he not get the Ramsey/cech /welbeck treatment then Sunday???

  60. Marko

    apparently the right back of NICEforgot his name but he is algerian is worth looking at

    Atal. He’s supposed to be red hot 6 goals this season. They insist he’s not for sale cause they just brought him in but we should try. He looks top drawer

  61. gunnershabz


    that is it Atal, he looks like a great player very attacking and i am sure in a few seasons the big clubs will want him

    i can see PSG snapping him up before his value triples

  62. Graham62


    Klopp is a one off.

    No one else could have spoken like that before the game.

    Shite, even his after match speech on BT Sport was legendary.

  63. gambon


    Your fee’s there are nonsense.

    I remember hearing we wouldnt get any fee for Walcott, Chamberlain, Coquelin, Giroud.

    We got £83m for the 4.

  64. Receding Hairline

    And we should also look to see if Lazio are still interested in Iwobi..he isn’t getting any better than this i am afraid

    We should strike some sort of deal to get Mkhi off our books, carrying both him and Ozil is suicide

  65. Jamie

    CC –

    I would like nothing more than for my valuations to be laughable. Almost all the players I listed whose contracts aren’t up this summer would most likely need to take pay cuts. That’s why I think their resale value is so low.

    No one is paying Xhaka (who I forgot to include), Mustafi, Kola, Mkhi, Ozil what they’re earning at Arsenal, and those are the ones who we need shot of first.

  66. vickingz

    The Premier League outfit had been written off ahead of Tuesday’s second leg, and Klopp was in awe of his players’ achievement after the game: “What the boys did – this mix, again, of big heart and football skills – is unbelievable.
    “But then, how we know – and we didn’t learn it in the first game, we knew it before already – if you have chances you have to score because otherwise you get punished. Tonight we scored in different ways.
    “It’s unbelievable after the season we played, the games we had, the injuries we have now in this moment. If you go out there and ask who bet a penny on us, I don’t think you’ll find a lot of people.
    “And then going out there and putting a performance like this on the pitch is unbelievable. I’m really proud to be the manager of this team. What they did tonight is so special and I will remember it forever. I don’t know if it happened before and I don’t know if it can happen again. The boys did it and it was brilliant.
    “How can you be sure before a game? I said to the boys, ‘I think it’s impossible but because it’s you we have a chance.’ And we believed in this chance. We didn’t compare it with Istanbul or whatever. We said from the beginning, we want to create our own history – not because we are not happy about having the history of the club, no, because we need new chapters obviously. And the boys did it already – that’s unbelievable.”

    Imagine emery saying this?

  67. Receding Hairline

    Jamie someone will pay for them

    As for your valuations being laughable they are not as laughable as Guendouzi being worth 70m pounds that was plastered all over the internet two days ago, valuation is one thing, getting someone to actually pay up is another.

  68. Goonah


    If Monreal isn’t hellbent on going back to spain we still might extend his contract for a year

  69. Guns of Hackney

    Our player’s values I would suggest is almost certainly no more than £20m and that would be for Leno, Laca or Auba. The rest are £3-£5m at best.

    Our squad is probably worth £100m at the most.

  70. BacaryisGod

    Like I said before, Rafa is not ideal but considering I went into this season with an open mind on Emery, I’m surprised at how quickly he’s started to annoy me. The one that gets me the most is the chin rub but his general facial expressions get under my skin and I don’t even play for the man.

    On top of that, he handled the Ramsey situation appallingly. He arrived saying he wants to build the team around him and then proceeds to freeze him out for the beginning part of the season as the contract talks dragged on. I truly don’t mind if Arsenal felt that they were being held over an Ozil-sized barrel with Ramsey but don’t send such mixed signals.

    I like Raul’s statement that we won’t let players enter the last two years of their contract without renewing or selling them but that means we’re in for a really rough ride over the next couple of summers.

    This summer we’ll be losing free agents Cech (retired), Welbeck and Ramsey.

    Monreal will presumaby be back for another season but his deal his up this summer too. Jenkinson and Lichsteiner surely have to be let go?!!

    Kozzer is expected to retire at the end of his deal in June 2020.

    Based on Raul’s statement we’ll either have to renew or sell the following players this summer:

    Sokratis (contract ends June 2021)
    Ozil (contract ends June 2021)
    Mkhitaryan (contact ends June 2021)
    Aubameyang (contract ends June 2021)
    Mustafi (contract ends June 2021)

    Here’s where the 2 year plan falls short. Let’s say we give Sokratis and Aubameyang more money to extend their deals by another two years. This will tie up an already slowing Sokratis until he’s 34 and Aubameyang until he’s 33. But what choice do you have?

    The other three players (Ozil, Mustafi and Mkhitaryan) are probably the ones the fans would love to sell the most. But they also have all the leverage over us. I truly don’t know of a team who Ozil would agree to go to who would buy him for a decent amount and take on his wages. Same with Mkhitaryan.

    What a mess.

  71. gambon

    Keep Monreal, sell Kolasinac

    We have to sell these players that keep forcing us to change formation.


  72. vickingz

    My fear isn’t selling the dross but in emery as a coach. A coach playing 2 WC strikers for 90 minutes sometimes without a short at goal. Hmmmm. We’ll all be alive and in good health to see what next season has in stock

  73. gambon

    “Ozil isn’t going anywhere Gambon”

    I think we may get rid.

    Offer a free transfer and I can see it happening.

  74. Guns of Hackney

    Gued for £50m lolz. Lira maybe…he’s not so good and has gone backwards faster than the Italian army.

  75. Champagne Charlie


    Ozil is probably touch and go depending on where he’d potentially head off to. His wages would drive any fee down, but that’s where these suits should earn their coin.

    Only reality is Sola me going for 20 mil after 2 seasons watching Liverpool play from the bench.

    We will get money for these guys in this market, perisic was quoted at circa 35 mil. That’s a Mkhi player in terms of calibre. Mkhi is on high wages coming in as part of a deal, but 15 mil is peasant money for him outside of the prem. He’d bring value in Italy, Germany, France.

  76. Guns of Hackney


    No chance. The guy is earning £350kpw. He’s totally cool with that. He stays.

    He’s our Bogarde.

  77. Jamie

    Let them be laughable, please! I would love to have a belly roar at my own expense this summer when we bank £100 in player sales getting rid of the dross and invest it all in young talent.

    Can’t see it happening, but happy to take flak if it does, and concede that I utterly undervalued our players. I’m wrong all the time, I can deal with it.

  78. Kamp


    Sensible comment on Zaha. Totally agree on the PL proven element. Pepe is an unknown…
    Zaha will also bring a ruggedness we desperately need.
    Maybe him on the left and Neres on the right?

    One thing I’m certain on is Rabiot is available on a free, (+£10 for agent moms) signing him will be a statement of intent and be cost effective. An absolute must win contest.

  79. Marko

    Ozil is definitely going. There’s no way he’s kept on. His Adidas deal finishes in 2020 if he’s not playing regular football they’ll tell him to go fuck himself. It wouldn’t make sense for a 30/31 year old with years left to sit on his hole and take the wage it’s not smart and him and his agents know that

  80. Guns of Hackney

    Shabz you beautiful crazy SOB

    Not one of them is worth that or even close to that.

    Auba is 30 and not great.
    Laca is 28 and extremely limited.
    Bellerin is shit. And now has a duff knee.

    Leno might be worth the most. He’s done himself a lot of favours this season. I can see him going to a good club. Man yoo maybe after they sell theirs.

  81. gunnershabz


    Adrian Rabiot on a free is a great replacement for Ramsey

    i know the whole package will be expensive but he is 23, maybe we have snapped him up as we getting rid of cech, ramsey and welbeck wages. i am sure thats like £400k pw off the wage bill

  82. Kamp

    I’ve heard we might loan Ozil out to anyone who will pay 50% of the salary.
    Makes a certain sense as we cut the bill and get the him out of the team.
    Donny Van De Beek can replace him if we win the Europa.

  83. Receding Hairline

    Signing Rabiot to replace Xhaka?? Please don’t say he is replacing Ramsey, he is not that sort of player.

    Rabiot is too high maintenance anyway, how can signing a player who has been available for free for quite sometime with no takers be a statement of intent. We can get a similar player for lesser.

  84. gunnershabz


    i am sure we can get some good money on lacazette

    the reason about goundouzi is psg were sniffing around the £50m early on the season maybe it has changed

    i am sure torriera value has gone up too

    bellerin will have some value as Barca always want him back but again his form post injury will make a difference

  85. gunnershabz


    i understand what you saying but Rabiot is a player we might get, but i am surprised nothing has been annouced with him officially

    maybe they are struggling with a buyer due to agent demands

  86. vickingz

    Is Chamberlain gonna celebrate champions league cup victory over his arsenal folks?? Who would have thought??

  87. Kamp

    Love the idea of De Beek and Rabiot as our midfield two. With Guendouzi and Torreira as backups/available if we want to play three.

    Selling xhaka and Elneny should fund De Beek.

    People often say it’s footy manager talk, but that’s how you stay arsenal instead of becoming Liverpool . Fucking do something for your salary I tell the board!

  88. Marko

    One things for certain we’ll almost certainly have to win the Europa League to stand any chance of sorting out this mess in the summer. No way we’ll be able to afford or attract the right kind of players if we’re in the Europa again. And it seems Stan isn’t likely to pony up a dime either so if we want to spend anything remotely near what we’ll need to spend we’ll have to earn it ourselves. It’s truly extraordinary how fucked we are as a club and how quickly it could be remedied if the owner or his son gave as much as a shit. Any hopes that seeing the Rams and the Nuggets improve in recent years might see them want their whole portfolio doing well is wishful thinking until otherwise

  89. gunnershabz

    De Beek is a brillant player and ideal replacement for Ramsey

    but his value has gone straight towards the £60m and Real Madrid are looking at him and we aint competing with them

    those ajax players like de ligt, de beek, neres are welcome at arsenal but we wont be able to afford them at all

  90. Pierre

    ” I’ve heard we might loan Ozil out to anyone who will pay 50% of the salary.
    Makes a certain sense as we cut the bill and get the him out of the team. ”

    So we throw 7/8 million a season down the drain …really makes sense?

    What would have made sense is that whoever awarded the ludicrous contract to Ozil should have then hired a manager who rates our most expensive player instead of marginalizing him after he was an integral part of our early season unbeaten run .

    Now THAT does make sense.

  91. Guns of Hackney

    We should start looking and raiding Ajax while their players are still relatively cheap. Or, hire their development guy.

    I still maintain the most important signing we make is the manager. Either go big and give Pep anything he wants or go for Arteta.

  92. vickingz

    Emery won’t be able to handle rabbiot o, well maybe he’ll have to be sending his assistants to talk to him.

  93. Marko

    Rabiot is too high maintenance anyway, how can signing a player who has been available for free for quite sometime with no takers be a statement of intent. We can get a similar player for lesser.

    Nah I don’t agree with that. And maybe we need a moody high maintenance prick of a player maybe he’ll actually demand more out of his teammates. Cause right now we have some meek ass pussies in the squad who when the going gets tough they stay silent. Don’t think I’ve ever seen such a lack of leaders or fight in such a group of players

  94. gunnershabz


    if we brave enough, we should be scouting heavily in the dutch league for those hidden gems

    usually ajax sign them up first and develop them i.e. de jong and de beek

    am sure there some talent in the belgium league if we going into that market

  95. Marc

    “whoever awarded the ludicrous contract to Ozil should have then hired a manager who rates our most expensive player instead of marginalizing him ”

    Technically if that manager is out there somewhere why can’t we sell Ozil to him?

  96. jwl

    TR7 – “It was heavy metal football that rattled Barca, not the quality of players Liverpool has.”

    This is backwards, the quality of players Klopp has allows him to play heavy metal football. Liverpool have many athletic players while I would be amazed if any of our offensive players would physically be able to handle Klopp philosophy, other than Torr.

    Obviously coaches matter but players are more important. Wenger stopped buying large, athletic players with will to win and I don’t believe Klopp would be doing any better than Emery with our squad.

  97. Alex James

    Don’t give a monkey’s about Liverpool and Spurs. The only good thing about last night is that the former should prove to good for the latter, should the final turn out that way. I only care about The Arsenal, and we currently have the worst squad at the club, since the 1980s. After 90 plus minutes tonight and on Thursday, my heart may finally give out. Benitez is the man we should have gone all out for. He would have made something of this sack of rubbish we currently have.

  98. Goonah

    I read that Ospina has played 24 times for Napoli. The option to buy is activated at 25 so hes was benched last game. Lol

    Happy days Red, the man might be back.

  99. Pierre

    “I still maintain the most important signing is the manager”

    Agreed… The manager is everything at a football club , the direction a club takes is down to the manager ….Ferguson,jose( early Chelsea days ), klopp , pep and pochettino are confirmation of this.

    You can have the best director of football , scouting system , youth academy in the world but if the manager is sub standard then the club will not progress.

    Alternatively , you can have poor scouting , academy dof but if you have a top manager with a vision for the future then the club will progress..

  100. Receding Hairline

    “Technically if that manager is out there somewhere why can’t we sell Ozil to him?”

    Or Pierre could buy him and pay him with his life savings and watch his touches in a nearby playground

  101. Pierre

    You are forgetting one thing…..350 grand a week …He is unsellable as is Alexis Sanchez.

  102. Emiratesstroller


    Yes the club made significant changes in 2017, but that was to be expected considering that the club had more or less the same Board, Staff and Coaching for almost 20 years. That is not for me a commercial risk

    All businesses change their staff. However, Arsenal by any standard does not do so with the same regularity as most other football clubs.

    Yesterday I made the point that it was highly unlikely that Emery would be sacked after one year, because that is not the way the club operates. History
    shows that our managers are given usually 2-3 years to prove themselves and
    I suspect that Emery will be given that opportunity.

  103. Redtruth

    Pochettino has no faith in Spurs.
    He says he may leave if Spurs win the Champions league.
    This is a once in a lifetime moment for Spurs and he knows it.

  104. Graham62

    “Alternatively , you can have poor scouting, academy DoF but if you have a top manager with a vision for the the future then the club will progress”

    Now I know where it all went wrong.

    We haven’t had a top manager, with a vision, for over a decade.

  105. Marc


    Glad I’m not the only one who found those comments strange.

    The day before the biggest match in living memory and all the manager can do is talk about leaving.

  106. Alexanderhenry


    ‘Emirates, reengineering the whole club looks like risk to me.’

    Not a financial risk .
    The reengineering hasn’t cost Stan anything personally.

    He hasn’t risked a penny at arsenal.
    All that’s happened is that arsenal have made him even richer than he was before. The share prices have tripled since he bought his first tranche.

  107. Emiratesstroller

    Interesting Chelsea have lost their appeal against 2 year transfer ban.

    They will not be able to buy or borrow players this summer.

  108. Emiratesstroller

    It will be interesting what will happen now with Hazard. Will Chelsea sell him
    to Real Madrid or hang onto him for the remainder of his contract and lose him
    on a Bosman.

    This raises also questions about whether Abramovich might now sell the club.

  109. Leftsidesanch

    Didn’t realise that since Ozil signed the deal ‘the heist of the decade’ that he has only made 4 assists.

  110. Dissenter

    That Chelsea ban is very good news for us
    That will make somethings easier for us in the summer.

  111. Pedro

    Alex, what do you mean he hasn’t risked anything?

    We’re worse off than we were a year ago. No Champions League. Fans not showing for games and booing.

    How much financial risk are the Liverpool owners taking?

    Aren’t they just getting good and spending well?

    Stan stood by Wenger for 10 years, and you loved that. For me, that was his single biggest failing.

  112. jwl

    English football was always better than European leagues because it focused on athleticism, power, fight to death philosophy.

    Liverpool has committee to decide who to buy/sell and they have bought players who buy into English way of playing and combined it with a few flair players. Klopp is top quality manager but it’s the players who allow him to shine.

  113. Dissenter

    “How much financial risk are the Liverpool owners taking?”

    The Liverpool owners injected 112 million to build a new stand in their stadium, mainly corporate boxes. That was a capital investment in the club. It now earns them 12 million more yearly.

  114. gambon

    Wouldnt say Ozil is unsellable.

    If he was on £120k per week, would he have interest?

    Assuming a buying club can pay him £120k pw, we would need to pay him off to the tune of £23m in order to get rid.

    This is assuming he isnt willing to take any pay cut at all.

    Tell him he isnt part of the future of the club, tell him he wont even train with the first team, let alone play, and he will soon start looking at his options.

  115. Gbat


    Have you considered that maybe Ozil just isn’t that good anymore? He hasn’t played consistently well for years. Every player declines eventually so maybe this is his level now.

  116. gambon

    In Emerys first window, he was given a £65m budget
    In Klopps first window, he was given a £0 budget

    I dont think Stans the problem.

    A terrible manager, bad purchasing, inept contract management is the problem….compounded by making a big mistake replacing Wenger.

  117. bennydevito

    Rafa Benitez is not a better manager than Emery otherwise their respective clubs would be in the opposite position in the league.

    As Pedro quite rightly says; it’s not about the players it’s about the coaching, so two things are now indisputable:

    Emery has coached us better than Benitez has Newcastle because the league table doesn’t lie.

    If we replace Emery with a better coach next season we won’t need to spend a single penny because a lot on here insist we already have easily a top 4 side, and with better coaching ala Klopp and Pep the standard of player doesn’t matter as long as we have a heavy metal coach.

    So let’s bin Emery off and get in Arteta or whoever and next season we are guaranteed top 4.

  118. gambon

    “Rafa Benitez is not a better manager than Emery otherwise their respective clubs would be in the opposite position in the league.”

    Absolutely ridiculous thing to say.

    So Ranieri was a better manager than Klopp in 2016, then suddenly got worse overnight.

  119. Emiratesstroller


    The only risk that Kroenke is taking is that the club performs so badly that
    season tickets are not renewed and our sponsors pull out.

    Both scenarios are highly unlikely.

    Yes he has made changes to the management of the club, but as I have pointed
    out that is quite normal in most businesses and in particular the football industry. If the staff recruited turn out to be damp squibs Kroenke will recruit
    new staff just like many other clubs do or have done.

    Sacking them will be small change by comparison with what was spent on

    Kroenke’s only interest in Arsenal is as an investment. If he wants to sell the
    business there will be no shortage of takers.

    I would not be surprised if both Man Utd and Chelsea are not sold in the next
    12 months.

  120. Dissenter

    I think Abrahmovich will sell Chelsea
    He wasn’t well treated in mu opinion, not after spending as much as 1.5 billion in the UK economy.
    He will sell and move on. Word is that he is asking for $2.5 billion which is a big ask.

  121. Hoksilato


    A terrible manager, bad purchasing, inept contract management is the problem….compounded by making a big mistake replacing Wenger.

    An “owner” making bad decisions consistently when selecting/hiring his key executives/leaders may be a big part of the problem too. When/if he sacks Emery (which i doubt) he may well make the wrong hire …again….

  122. RGG

    Bang on…..Stan is paying for his blind, stupid, irrepressible faith in Wenger!

    I just don’t see the decisions getting any better…..on or off the pitch. Looks to me Kroenke will be ‘paying’ for his biggest mistake for many years to come…..

    Maybe it’ll fuck him off and he’ll eventually sell. Till then well be nothing more than Everton+

  123. Champagne Charlie

    “Rafa Benitez is not a better manager than Emery otherwise their respective clubs would be in the opposite position in the league.“

    Top logic that lad.

    So if Pep took over at Burnley, and Dyche landed at City, Pep would have Burnley above City end of season because he’s a better manager?

    There’s insight for you, cheers Benny.

  124. Marko

    In Klopps first window, he was given a £0 budget

    You talking the January window or his first summer window? About 5 million in January and 63 million in the summer. When you say it the way you do you make it sound like Jurgen Klopp has transformed Liverpool with little or in certain instances no investment. Which isn’t true. I think the point that people like yourself should be making is even as bad as things are for us right now that it is possible to do what Liverpool has done as in inside 3 and a half 4 seasons and 440 million euros investment we too can turn into a team capable of challenging.

  125. gambon


    In Klopps first 12 months he spent £70m, and sold just over £70m.

    Therefore his budget for transfers was £0

    He didnt just sell £70m of players for the fun of it.

  126. Micheal

    “Kroenke’s only interest in Arsenal is as an investment. If he wants to sell the
    business there will be no shortage of takers. ”

    I agree. In strictly financial terms, Kroenke’s approach is not clear. He has never milked AFC for large sums by taking hefty dividends or saddling the balance sheet with huge debts – so far, at least. His policy appears is to sit on his asset and watch it grow in value – like someone buying a desireable house and not living in it or renting out.

    If I am correct, Kroenke will only make real money out of Arsenal when he sells it – unless he has plans to start taking dividends or loading debt on the balance sheet.