Great coaching outshines talent as Klopp destroys Barca

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The folk bizarrely pushing the idea that coaching isn’t an effective tool for progress had to cancel all future opinions going live in public.

Liverpool crushed the MIGHTY Barcelona in a 4-0 drubbing for the ages.

Yes, Shaqiri, Wijnaldum, Origi, and Henderson all featured and starred in an absolute masterclass at Anfield, showing that a strong vision, a defined footballing philosophy, and good old fashioned coaching can trump individual talent… even when that talent is Lionel Messi.

As Tr7 said perfectly the comments, ‘It was heavy metal football that rattled Barca, not the quality of players Liverpool has.’ They still delivered without their best players. An incredible achievement, even if it does make me pig sick… our biggest mistake of the last ten years was passing on Klopp and Pep.





… really doesn’t rub when you see Jordan Henderson as a regular in their side. Origi proving pivotal at the highest level. Low budget signings like Robertson game changing all season. Trent Arnold breaking through from the youth team and playing like a superstar. They lost Salah and still manage to compete. Arsenal lose Ramsey and the whole thing falls apart. Unai picked up a squad in better shape than Klopp, spent more money in his first transfer window than the German did in 2 years and managed to make things worse.

There’s no real way to compare the two managers. As I pointed out yesterday, Klopp finished a lowly 8th in his first season, but he also picked up a dreck squad that was deflated and 10th. He had no preseason to work with, and in his final 13 games, his team scored 31 goals. His coaching had him finish stronger than he started, you could see what he was doing on the pitch, not in hopeful translated text on Marca.

Their stadium was absolutely rocking. You know why? Because the football courses through the veins. It’s electric. The energy on the pitch translates to the stands. If you think that has been standard at Liverpool over the last ten years, you have never met a season ticket holder there.

I am jealous of what they have, Klopp has been a sensation. He was my original managerial crush way back when, I had my doubts about his rebirth at Liverpool, oh how wrong I was. Elite of the elite. Can you believe we let him sit without a job while Wenger paraded deal after new deal?

Just read these words Klopp had after the game.

“It was overwhelming … I actually … I said to the boys before the game that it’s impossible, but because it’s you we have a chance. I have watched in my life so many football games, but to play the best team in the world … look, winning is already difficult, but to win with a clean sheet … It’s 10.10pm and the children are probably in bed so I’m sorry about the language but can I say these boys are fucking talented giants. It’s all about the players.”

Employing an inspiring coach that knows how to develop players is so important. If you don’t have that, why persist? Charisma, passion, energy… that’s what makes a club rock. But again, I can’t hammer home how utterly bat shit it is to excuse this season because our players aren’t coachable. Think about that statement and how weak it is.

Pep Guardiola, the chequebook manager everyone slates, took a journeyman central midfielder called Fabian Delph and turned him into a regular left-back in a team that will go down as one of the all times greats in Premier League history. World class managers make average players great. They make collections of them work as a unit. They organise, inspire and equip them with the tools they need to succeed.

How about we talk about a really shite team, like, say, Southampton? They were in a mess before they played us at Christmas. Ralph Hassenhutl, an interest of Le Grove a few years ago came in and reshaped them. Ryan Bertrand had this to say on what he’s done.

“The manager has came in and has given us an identity,”

“He has given us a clear style of play and leaves no stone unturned.

“It is a real pleasure to go on the field like that and not have people questioning each other.”

“If you asked 100 people what Southampton’s style of play was, you would get similar answers,” he added.

“It would be that we are a high pressing team, very competitive and play good football.

“That may have been adrift before.”

If you asked 100 people about Arsenal’s identity, what would you get?

“Catch Kola on the overlap’

We are still there a year on.

Better players give you better results, no doubt, but whether it’s the highest level or the lowest, the clearer the vision, the better the outcome. Look at Mourinho over the years, his Champions League win with Inter Milan was genius. That squad was a ragtag bunch of pros that he turned into a formidable unit. Look at how Jardim toppled the mighty PSG. Look at what Ajax are doing, win or lose tonight.

Arsenal has conceded 52 goals so far this season. Some flag that Holding and Bellerin would have made things better… reality is, we were on for conceding 50+ goals with them in the side. Poor organisation is always going to leave you exposed regardless of who is playing. The game is far too competitive now to be able to get away with good players simply bailing you out. Everyone is of a high technical standard now, you will be destroyed if you aren’t organised and that’s exactly what’s been going on.

Sam Allardyce has always known this. He goes into clubs on fire, organises them and makes them competitive. He takes shite defences, with shite defenders and he makes them better. That’s good coaching even if the football causes an eye infection.

Anyway, time to move on. I think we all know where I stand on our bland on toast manager.

Tonight, we are ALL Ajax fans. Finally, something we can agree on.

However, I do fear that Spurs power will be a big problem for them and we’ll have to suffer a Champions League final where we want neither side to win.

I’m just going to be thinking about Vermaelen, Bergkamp, Kanu and Overmars all day today… then I’m going to pray to the footballing gods.

Spurs making a final would be too much.

If they lose this evening… that’ll be the 20th game of the season. They’ll have limped into top 4. They won’t have won a trophy, AGAIN.

How funny would that be?


See you in the comments. x


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  1. DM

    Unbelievable stuff from Liverpool yesterday. Well deserved.

    That Alexander Arnold corner reminded me of something Henry, Pires et al would’ve done in their peak

  2. TitsMcGee

    Liverpool will win the UCL now, with an outside chance to win the league if City trip up.

    Goes to show how far ambition can go.

  3. DM

    “Unai picked up a squad in better shape than Klopp, spent more money in his first transfer window than the German did in 2 years and managed to make things worse.”

    Are you having a laugh, Pedro?

    How exactly are we worse now than last season? Strong chance of going to the Europa league final, and (barring a miracle) narrowly missing out on top 4 right at the death of the season.. instead of being out of the race since February.

    Perspective, please.

    You talk about Anfield rocking. You said the same about the Emirates against Napoli. You spoke of an Emery masterclass. You do remember that was only a few weeks ago, right?

    You’re letting the trolls and idiots on this site get to you. I expect better.

  4. JDavey

    All those people over the years that said ‘be careful what you wish for’. We could have taken Klopp ffs and be playing exciting football lik Liverpool are now, or dominating football under Guardiola.

    Proper melts.

  5. Freddie Ljungberg

    On a more serious note, would love to hear from Pierre what kind of footballing philosophy would fit this ragtag bunch of misfits? Outside of our 2 strikers we have no pace, power, athleticism and very little technical skill. We have 2 defenders that are too old to more than 1 game a week and does so in a distinctly reduced fashion. We have Mustafi and Xhaka that drops clangers all over the place and creative players that doesn’t create anymore and aren’t fit for the PL.

    Please enlighten us which style of play would fit this squad?

  6. Freddie Ljungberg

    Oh, and no wingers and fullbacks that are only suited as wingbacks. Nearly forgot that amidst all the other problems we have.

  7. TitsMcGee

    “Unai picked up a squad in better shape than Klopp, spent more money in his first transfer window than the German did in 2 years and managed to make things worse.”

    You are nuts Pedro. No way are we worse than we were last season. Yes we shat the bed to end the season but no way are we worse off than we were.

    The fluctuations in emotions vary from week to week with you.

  8. Receding Hairline

    The Spurs game never happened

    The Chelsea coaching masterclass never happened

    The Napoli tie never happened (against Carlo who would have made us better )

    We did not compete for a top four place up until the penultimate game of the season

    In fact nothing good happened this season

    We are presently the worst team in the EPL and Emery the laughing stock of world football

  9. gambon

    Sorry DM, but there hasnt been any improvement at all.

    We are going to finish 6th again,

    We are going to finish 4 or 5 points better off, and that is down to complete luck, as we have scored goals at an unsustainable rate all season. We have the biggest gap between xG and goals scored in the entire PL (we have scored 10 more goals than we should have).

    Lets also not forget that Emery had an integrated Aubameyang for the entire season, he only played about 15 games last season.

    There is absolutely no doubt that Emery has taken last years team, and spent £65m, and delivered no improvement, no structure, no process.

    We are currently a far worse team than the team that started the season.

    That is worrying.

  10. Receding Hairline

    “If they lose this evening… that’ll be the 20th game of the season. They’ll have limped into top 4. They won’t have won a trophy, AGAIN.”

    Since it’s quote TR7 day, he does think they have one of the top three managers in the game. Why are they “limping”?

  11. gunnershabz

    liverpool team has heart and desire it all comes down from the manager

    klopp passion has filtered to the players and they believed

  12. Globalgunner

    Emery is no Klopp or Pep, but we all knew that from the start. We only hoped that he would be insightful enough to iron out obvious defects from the Wenger duds he inherited. Instead”
    Mustafi……just as bad
    Xhaka…… difference
    Iwobi….absolutely no progress.
    AMN…clueless as ever about what hes doing on the pitch
    The only improvements have been in 2 main personnel additions. Leno and Sokratis. without those 2 and the loss of Holding…we would have been limping behind Everton and West Ham. We have no defined style of play. Our defending is shambolic and more importantly. We have no heart as a team. No determination in our make up. The tiniest pressure and the whole team falls apart. Emery out for me. No to Arteta too btw. How is that even an idea?

  13. gambon

    Tits McGee

    – We are on course to concede the same, or more than last season

    – We are on course to score roughly the same, possibly less if we dont score 2 at Burnley on Sunday

    – We have had less shots on goal than last season

    – We have conceded more shots on goal than last season

    – Our xG is down on last season

    – Our xGA is up on last season

    – What’s worse is that all of these stats are worse at the end of the season than the start of the season.

    We havent improved, not at all.

    Despite £65m spent, despite a full pre-season, despite 4000 hours of USB video analysis, Emery has made us worse.

  14. Ishola70

    Klopp and Liverpool are a match made in heaven.

    Liverpool’s standing as a top club originated from them being a team that would leave their sweat on the pitch back in the day.

    Then they added flair elements to that. But they still had that essence of hard work on the pitch.

    And this is what Klopp is about. Heavy metal, high octane call it what you want but it all equals to hard work and graft on the pitch.

    A current player that epitomises this hard work and graft is Robertson the LB and there are plenty of others in that team as well.

    When was the last time Arsenal were seen as a hard-working graft side? Periods under George Graham? The first period of Wenger when he still had Graham players around?

    This is why it is silly to beat Emery with a stick in regards to this current Liverpool team.

    As well as having to be a good manager that manager needs the ingredients and characteristics of that club to suit.

    Arsenal would not suit Klopp or at least it would take him plenty of time to reach the real heights. Longer than what it has taken at Liverpool.

  15. gambon


    We will need to win 5-0 on Sunday, away to Burnley, to have scored more and conceded less than last season.

    In other words, our attack will certainly be worse, and our defence roughly the same.

  16. ddkingz

    I’m about going into a full blown all red Liverpool celebration mood…

    I smell citeh capitulating come Sunday, and pool winning a double this season..

    have UEFA written Liverpool on the champions league trophy…

    just like they did coming back from 3nil down to win the trophy against Milan back in the day.

    UEFA should cancel the final and just award the trophy to pool…

  17. Receding Hairline

    “In other words, our attack will certainly be worse, and our defence roughly the same.”


    Will you be open to a managerial change but no squad overhaul. I mean you have identified the problem obviously to be the coach, so why don’t we just change him and save ourselves a lot of money buying in an already competitive market. You know “coach” what we have.

  18. gunnershabz

    i think liverpool have done well selling there star players i.e. luis saurez and coutinho made them £200m

    but they bought smartly with joel matip free from schalke, robertson from hull for £7m. winaldum cost £25m from newcastle, sadio mane from southampton for £35m
    salah from roma for £36m

    again majority of those players are premier league proven players

    we need to invest into premier league players, most of our buys from european teams

    hence why i think we should get the chilwells, mcquire, neves, doucoure

    i know if we bought doucoure we would be a better side straight away

    i know leicester will sell chillwell for something crazy like £50m and mcquire for £60m

    we can poach newcastle jason lacelles he be around £20m

  19. CG

    Another morning .
    Another cracking read.
    Another Thank you.

    Interesting that the workaholic author PedRo alludes to Klopp and coaching.

    Didn’t Klopp lose his long time assistant coach at the end of the last season?

    Strangely he was linked to us- to replace AW
    Klopp certainly has not missed him….

    We can only close our eyes and wonder -what would have happened – had we taken Klopp -a few seasons back.

    The man is a footballing colossus.

    1 defeat in 37 league games
    Another CL final
    Taking on the mighty Pep- toe to toe.( again)

    Milner and Henderson and Wynjaldm.???
    All relegated at Villa/Leeds and Sunderland and Newcastle.

    433 – never changes

    Posters who ever mention Klopp and Emery in the same context or sentence – clearly do not understand the game.

    Arsenal have the worst manager in The Prem.
    Liverpool have the best manger in The Prem.

    Truth Hurts.

  20. Receding Hairline

    This is one of those cases where you fixate on the manager and not some of the underlying issues if you read that article .

    Arsenal as a football club have even more problems than PSG, so believing all we need is coaching and not a complete overhaul of certain players who have always let us down is what amuses me

  21. Nelson

    One thing I fully agree. The Pool team has an identity. Every player knows his job. There is no confusion. They lost Salah and replaced him with Shaqri. They still played the same way. They replaced Fimino with Origi, Keita with Henderson. They still played the same way. For us, we played 3 games with three different formations. And we gave up three goals for each game and lost them all. What is our team’s identity???

    On the other hand, the Pool players have much more heart and dedication. They are also smart footballer. They don’t need a coach keep yelling on the sideline to remind them what to do. We also have players who are born slow or born with brain deficiency. You can’t coach someone to become faster runner. I still think that our team needs major surgery. If you compare yesterday’s team with the team when Klopp took over, only Henderson and Milner were still there starting.

  22. Un na naai

    Rodney K

    Er, how about comparing this season to this season?? These players are beating the best teams we’ve played, city and pool aside, so to claim these players can’t best Brighton and palace is just fucking ludicrous!! This team have proved themselves to be more than capable of the manager sets them out properly. He’s setting us up as underdogs against teams we should be swarming. We destroyed Man U Chelsea Napoli Valenica and spurs and liverpoolwere lucky to get away with a draw
    80% of those teams are semi finalists in Europe this season so let’s not pretend this squad isn’t capable of Brighton.

  23. Emiratesstroller


    Of course success is founded on good Management and Character. Liverpool
    demonstrated both yesterday and one should congratulate them on their unexpected achievement albeit through gritted teeth.

    However, Arsenal’s current situation is far more complicated than getting rid
    of the current Manager, because in your view he is not good enough.

    Let’s be clear Emery inherited a very poor and overpaid squad of players and the idea that we would get a better outcome with Messrs Guardiola, Klopp and Pochettino is frankly moonshine.

    For a start none of these Managers would touch Arsenal with a barge pole in the current situation, because they would be stuck with the current crop of players most of whom are unsaleable and a very limited transfer budget.

    Let’s be honest for a change Kroenke is not going to spend a dime of his own money to resolve the problem. He is not even willing to spend our current
    sponsorship revenues, which now are in excess of £110 million.

    So what do you expect the Manager to do with £40 million. For that sort of money you will be able to buy one moderate priced player.

    The only option I see is available is that we start using Academy players and
    hope that one or two will become super stars. Building a successful team in that fashion is problematic, but in any event is a long term process.

    Personally I don’t think that Emery is a great manager. However, I suspect that
    the club have recruited someone who they consider is a “safe pair of hands” and that suits the current owner as long as our squad continues to include
    overpaid dross.

    My guess is that supporters will be stuck with the current situation for at least
    three years until we have offloaded the bulk of these players.

  24. TitsMcGee

    – We are on course to concede the same, or more than last season– We are on course to score roughly the same, possibly less if we dont score 2 at Burnley on Sunday– We have had less shots on goal than last season– We have conceded more shots on goal than last season– Our xG is down on last season– Our xGA is up on last season– What’s worse is that all of these stats are worse at the end of the season than the start of the season. We havent improved, not at all. Despite £65m spent, despite a full pre-season, despite 4000 hours of USB video analysis, Emery has made us worse.”

    “Worse” is a bit harsh for me. We are certainly no better in a lot of areas but we were much more competitive up until the last month where they seemed to revert to last season’s form.

    I’m not sold on Emery and I do agree there are worrying signs but “worse” than last season on a whole is a bit of a stretch(even though we are certainly worse in some areas).

    If Emery bombs next season then off with his head(figuratively of course).

  25. CG

    So Es

    Would Leicester City have won the league had the Foxes chose Unai Emery as their manager instead of the charismatic Ranieri???

  26. gunnershabz

    apparently tuchel is losing some of the PSG players

    all sorts of stuff happening over there

    neymar is the king over there, he had a bust up with draxler

    mbappe is being big headed

    maybe emery couldnt control them last season too

  27. Bergkamp63

    I tell you what would be funny,

    Liverpool win the CL
    Spurs fail to better Chelsea’s result at the weekend
    Arsenal win the EL
    Spurs finish 4th but don’t qualify for next years CL !

  28. gambon


    Have you ever heard of a false dichotomy?

    Go look it up.

    You think its possible to have a combination of good coaching and good new players?

    Or in your weird little world, do we have to choose between the 2?

  29. Un na naai

    Last night was just so infectious.
    The atmosphere
    The fans
    The ground
    The occasion
    The players
    The manager
    The performance
    The emotion
    The absolute vision of the club

    It was just so arresting. The true romance of football. Go to the emirates, silly middle class herberts, mockneys waving handkerchiefs and eating prawn sandwiches.

    Anfield is a working class hub of passionate Liverpudlians. Liverpool deserve every accolade and trophy that comes their way. To think, all these emery arse lickers were gloating over klopp and Liverpool last week. Not so cocky now are you? Emery isn’t fit to be mentioned alongside klopp.
    Took lower league cast offs and turned them into fucking monsters. That’s what a top class coach can do.
    We could have had him. Wengers star had faded and we passed him by. And people say kroenke isn’t the problem? Pedro himslef Claims it yet makes comments about the club turning him down!?! For this?? For Unai emery’s red embarrassment?? For more wenger decline??

  30. David Smith

    Managers and players may have their faults, but this clubs problems stem right from the top.
    A lazy trust of people in place in another continent which we now know is neglect.
    I get that the Kroenkes don’t have the knowledge, time or desire to properly run this club. Many owners are in the same boat. Then , FFS get in people who can, they have consistently been found wanting on that.
    The Highbury years, the new stadium, some top players, wengers achievements from an age ago have been squandered at the altar of greed, neglect and just don’t sufficiently give a fuck.
    If they don’t get this summer right, the team will fall to true mid table, at best.
    Emery needs to really prove himself and soon, and really hope they have got it right with Raul, Edu, because of they haven’t, you just know they won’t be arsed changing things until way too late.

  31. Champagne Charlie

    “Will you be open to a managerial change but no squad overhaul. I mean you have identified the problem obviously to be the coach, so why don’t we just change him and save ourselves a lot of money buying in an already competitive market. You know “coach” what we have.“

    Typically snide comment, but as usual conjuring a different take to what’s being stated.

    Nobody is saying the squad is mint, it’s all Emery. Not one person preaching just a matter of coaching.

    The argument is dead simple: the manager (incredibly important figure at the club) isn’t up to scratch. You tend to get a manager in place and then supplement HIM with the players to thrive in HIM system.

    We’d have a vastly superior chance of success with a competent manager in charge than we would a competent left back. More-so both.

  32. ddkingz

    gambon…. redtruth asked a question and I’m looking forward to you (Gambon) answering it…

    would you accept just arteta as the only change at arsenal come summer with no incoming and outgoing of players…

    just imagine xhaka, iwobi, mkhi, monreal and mustafi in the arsenal starting XI till 2021… it was be total chaos

  33. Ishola70


    “Anfield is a working class hub of passionate Liverpudlians”

    Dortmund is a working class area as well and their fans are seen in Germany as one of the best and most passionate.

    Is it any wonder Klopp seems so at home at Liverpool and is so suited to them?

    His football management and philosophy suited Dortmund and now he has found another in Liverpool that is tailor made for him.

  34. gunnershabz

    i guess this summer we need players to play in “emery’s system” we dont need those inflated world class fee players

    just good players who know their role in the system

    i think emery has been fire fighting this season and has got it wrong

    using the kolasnaic cut backs have become so predicatable, smaller teams just fill there box

    iwobi can drive into the box but his decision making is so poor

    mkhi had like 4 good games this season but thats it, he gets picked because he tracks back

    xhaka gets picked because he can spray the ball around through deep positioning but his focus levels are not great

    torriera role keeps changing he plays deep or high up it does work sometimes but only against the better teams

  35. gambon


    I was massively against Arteta in the summer, im still against it.

    Why would I want Arteta in?

  36. Champagne Charlie

    “Worse” is a bit harsh for me. We are certainly no better in a lot of areas but we were much more competitive up until the last month where they seemed to revert to last season’s form.”

    You can fact check, but is it right to claim our end of season form is comparable to last seasons? I don’t think it is at all.

    Did we go 4 points from 18 (or whatever it was) at any stage then? Because if not you’re being incredibly lazy with what you deem “harsh“ with such a comparison.

    Emery has brought a new low bar with this end of season collapse, make no mistake.

  37. Alexanderhenry

    It’s revealing that Liverpool’s heroics are making such big waves on here.


    Because Liverpool are no man city or Chelsea.
    They’ve got where they are legitimately,
    This the begs the question, why are arsenal so average in comparison?

    We have a bigger stadium are London based and have the pedigree.

    The reason is ownership, plain and simple.
    Take a look at the effect the Fenway group has had on Liverpool since they took over and compare that to the effect KSE has had.
    Also, look at how well the Boston red sox have done in recent years and compare that to Kroenke’s other franchises.

    Arsenal football club will ever fulfill its potential with an owner who is not committed to success. Stan isn’t.

  38. CG


    Leicester City title winners defenders
    All 30 years plus
    All journeyman.

    Win league by 9 points.

    As Gambon states- we are on the verge of conceding more goals than we did than under AW( last hopeless season) ….and . what with an alleged crack defensive midfielder ( Torreira) defensive additions and video analysis expertise etc, etc..

    How anyone can excuse or back our totally inept manager( especially after Klopps Masterpiece) last night – is bewildering in the extreme….

  39. gambon

    Yeah lets get players in to play in Emerys system.

    Would that be the 4-2-3-1, the 4-3-3, the 3-4-3, or the 4-3-2-1

    Would that be high pressing players, like when we played UTD, CHelsea and Spurs at home – or lazy lethargic players like the other games this season?

    Would that be “protagonists” like Emery said last June, or the non-protagonists we’ve seen all season?

    Emery doesnt have a system, thats the big problem.

  40. Un na naai


    You give emery that Liverpool team last night. Do we beat Barcelona 4-0 at the emirates?

    Not a chance in hell.

  41. CG


    Thought of The Day:

    “”Took lower league cast offs and turned them into fucking monsters. That’s what a top class coach can do.””

    100000000000000000000000000000% correct.

  42. Words on a Blog

    Arseblog News reporting that Sanllehi travelled to the US last week and has comeback without getting guidance on how much money he has available to spend, either in the scenario where Arsenal qualify for CL, or the one where they don’t.

    My sense is the Kroenke “vision” at the moment is all about cost-cutting and getting rid of some of our overpaid players, replacing them with U23 players and young, cheap players from Europe and (if we can find them) the EPL. This will take a couple of years – as we all know, it ain’t easy moving comfortable players on sky high wages…..they’ll sit pretty until their contracts are up.

    Given their inherent inertia and cost aversion, I can’t see them shelling out to pay off Emery and getting a younger more dynamic manager this summer to head up Project Youth 2.0. Presumably Edu will want to have an input into this, and he’s not here till late July.

    EmiratesStroller is right it’s likely to be more of of the same with a few younger faces for at least 2 more years, perhaps with Emery leaving next year once there is no financial penalty to getting rid of him.

  43. Pierre

    If Arsenal qualify for the final , will we see the same warmth between Arsenal players and manager as we saw last night between Liverpool’s players and manager.

  44. gunnershabz

    when is the last time arsenal even beat any team 4-0 at the emirates

    i cant remember, i know we smashed fulham 5-1 away

  45. Graham62


    Good morning.

    Comparing Liverpool with ourselves is mindblowingly silly.

    You do know that the reason we didn’t get Klopp when he finished at Dortmund was down to your masters stubborn refusal to put the club first.

    Blame Emery all you like but Wenger is the main reason we have fallen so far behind the footballing elite.

    “Truth hurts”

  46. Graham62


    Every player in world football would love to play for Klopp.

    His general demeanour and personality are infectious and inspirational.

  47. Pierre

    “when is the last time arsenal even beat any team 4-0 at the emirates”

    Our last 5 league games at home last season


  48. Dissenter

    Waking up to Pedro banter-fest again
    The idea that there’s a manager out there to revive the likes of Ozil and Mustafi is just laughable.
    I really hope you, Pedro and your ilk get that special manager with a philosophy that will ignite the likes of Ozil and Mustafi.
    Let me put it this way; no team with Ozil or Mustafi in it is capable of a night like last nights. Mustafi would have made one individual error to burst the bubble and Ozil would have been outpaced and bullied too many times to result in anything.
    Until we get our books clean of all the mess that the Monsieur left behind , there’s no coming back.

    ‘Heavy rock’ football?
    Nope, this was Klopp team.
    Pedro really doesn’t understand some concepts.
    Klopp has gathered or kept several foot soldiers or piano carriers that can execute his plan. This is in addition to the piano carriers they’ve spent big money on.
    We, on the other hand have been spending money on spectators. We neither have piano players nor piano carriers…just dross.

    All the best, keep writing.
    Thanks for creating a great place to discuss Arsenal and t]for taking one on the chin without banning this dissenting poster.

  49. CG


    thanks for that

    staggering stats those:

    Wenger teams always finished the seasons like a train.

    Amazing difference to what we have witnessed in the last few weeks,

  50. englandsbest

    Who are these bizarre folk who dismiss coaching? I could just as sensibly ask, who are these bizarre people who treat tactics as if it were the most important part of coaching?

    There are two keys factors in Klopp’s success story at Liverpool – and neither of them is the tactics used, they are known and familiar to every half-decent football coach.

    The first is man-management. Anybody who doubts that should check Henderson’s praise for Klopp’s pre-match team-talk.

    The second is team/squad personnel, many of whom must have been acquired on his say-so.

    Throw in an ownership committed to success on the pitch plus players who could be sold for big money, and you get the Klopp success story.

    No chance of a similar success story from Emery, not with Stan as owner, not with the players Wenger left behind. I doubt that even Klopp could do it at Arsenal.

  51. Pierre

    Of course we missed out on pep and klopp because wenger hung around too long.

    However, it is the owners job to sack the manager or not keep renewing his contract..

  52. Jamie

    “Wenger teams always finished seasons like a train.”

    Wenger teams finished higher than 3rd in the table only once in 10 years. Some train that.

  53. Dissenter

    Liverpool were always miles above us regarding European glory. We aren’t even on the same planet of romanticism. This is part of Liverpool’s DNA and lore.
    As crazy as last night is, it’s no where near the crazy night where they came back from 3-0 to beat a very good AC Milan team.
    I don’t get the comparison. Liverpool is a European giant….Arsenal,is not…c’est fini

    Then you have clowns in our midst that look down on the Europa league when the only two European competitions we’ve won are a measly fairs cup and cup winners.

  54. Champagne Charlie


    You’re full of bitchiness lately, do you have an actual point or are you just here to refutes others?

    What are you saying beat Barcelona last night? Wizardry from Origi the gem? Or Wijnaldum? Give over. It was manic press, high energy vs lethargy and over confidence.

    They didn’t have Mane and Salah, but their two replacements came in knowing the role to perform. That’s the benefit of a system. Then on our side of the coin you have some claiming we didn’t beat any of Wolves, Leicester, Brighton, Everton on account of us not having Ramsey and Rob Holding 😂 have a word.

  55. Dissenter

    lso dismissing Henderson is wrong.
    He’s a dutiful professional who applies himself , the perfect foot soldier. That’s why he’s club captain.
    You can say the same of James Milner
    Who did Wenger’s sign in his last decade who fits this mold?

    No one

    Let’s forget the ‘special players for once.

    Do we have piano carriers or basic foot soldiers like James Milner or Henderson at Arsenal?

    That’s why a new manager comes in and struggles to find anyone with leadership potential so badly he had to name 5 players.
    We’ve been signing dross for one decade then people wake up one day and start yapping.

  56. Hitman

    The problem was that AFC clung on to AW whilst all the best mangers in our era were being distributed out.
    We were left will Emery type left overs.
    Whose to blame? Greedy Wenger for hanging on? AKBs? Careful what u wish for crowd? Yes yes yes. But ultimately it is because we had a piss poor CEO and an owner who knows nothing about football and cares even less.
    Poor decisions after decisions. No vision or direction. No leadership. Sanhelli is just a mercenary. As are the passionless players. A mess of a club with no accountability to the fans.
    That’s the differences between AFC and LFC.
    We might get lucky with a new dynamic manger one day but I wouldnt bet on SK or CeO being talented enough to find one. They have got every decision wrong in the last 10 years.

  57. Receding Hairline

    “Monreal fits that bill quite comfortably..”

    Until age and injuries caught up with him and he now struggles against virtually any half speedy winger he plays against

  58. Thank you and goodnight.

    I don’t hate, nor love Emery. I feel sorry for him because I believe he was sold a crock of bullshit just like we were all those years ago about moving stadiums so we could compete with the best. But I honestly believe even klopp and gaurdiola combined would struggle with the squad he inherited. Sure they might have 5 more better games a season than we have this year, but let’s be real, even God would struggle with the state of the club off the pitch. Under kroenke we have become a laughing stock, and even with the appointment of edu, that won’t change.

  59. Dissenter

    ‘What are you saying beat Barcelona last night? Wizardry from Origi the gem? Or Wijnaldum? Give over. It was manic press, high energy vs lethargy and over confidence’

    Excuse me if I refuse to join the merriband conventional thinking that’s missing the big picture.
    You lot are dismissing players that Klopp brought in or CHOSE to keep.
    Not everyone is a masterful genius or Beethoven level pianist.
    Klopp has a;so aggregated foot soldiers that are adapted to play the way he plays.
    That’s the difference between the recent Klopp teams and the one that meekly lost to Sevilla in the Europe league final of 2016.

    So when you try to score a point about ‘Origi’s gem’, remember that Klopp kept them for a reason.

    We have been buying players that aren’t good enough to play the piano or too lazy to carry it for someone else.
    That’s my point….and I dislike the drab conventional thinking that’s taking hold of here.

  60. TheBoyCornelius

    Emery does have a preferred system/philosophy – which we have seen on some occasions this season. However, there seems to be a certain amount of over thinking on his part when it comes to nullifying the opposition. Especially with regards to our away games. I think he has overloaded the players with too many systems to contend with and this along with our mental block in away games has muddied the waters with regards what he wants from the players and what they produce. Some of this is his fault certainly but i also think some of our players are simply too limited to adapt their games in multiple ways.
    To this end, i reckon we will see specialists in certain positions being recruited.
    Such as, full backs that can actually pass the ball – Kola is a terrible passer. Hector is fine. A similar player Benega to complement Torreira. A player comfortable as a 4, 6 or 8 – like Torreira who will alternate their on pitch positions. 2 ‘wide’ players – players that start wide, mostly overloading the wings but can drift to central spaces when needed – not the other way around like Ozil and Mikhi prefer.

  61. Receding Hairline

    Don’t even know where this notion Klopp would have chosen us instead of Liverpool or Pep us instead of City came from.

    If you are really interested in the big name managers i don’t see how your final two choices could have been Arteta(not a manager) and Emery (a manager coming off a tough time at PSG).

    Conte was available

    And for those talking about disaster hires should check out Frank de Boer at Palace, AVB at Chelsea etc

    Disaster hires do not compete for Champions league places or European semi-finals in their first seasons

  62. Marc

    Think Barca will be looking for a new manager in the summer after last night and will spend some serious cash as well. I wonder if they’re interested in Mustafi or Xhaka?

  63. Champagne Charlie

    Someone will have to do well to explain how Wenger was to blame for anything bar the imbalanced squad.

    We had every opportunity this past summer to:

    – pick a new direction
    – outline our identity
    – learn from the mistakes of the last decade
    – select someone fit to the task of realising it
    – cull players who had previously been saved by Wenger
    – buy players to fit the new managers ethos

    Having an imbalanced squad, or only 70 mil instead of 150 mil we “could’ve” had, is dire excuse making for the shower of shit offered up this season, particularly come crunch time.

  64. Guns of Hackney

    From a Wenger cult to an Emery one.

    What a shambles this club’s supporters are.

    We got the manager and the players we deserve. I’ll tell you why, arrogance. What because we play in a vacuous stadia and have an N1 postcode it entitles is to something? Balls. We’re second rate and dropping fast. Shit club. Shitter fans.

  65. Micheal

    The overwhelming feature of ‘Pool last night was the passion – both on and off the field. It’s a feature which is sadly missing at AFC today.

    In the hands of Kroenke, with a poor set-up and penny-pinching budgets, I cannot see it returning soon. We live in an age of mediocrity and have settled for second best.

  66. Thank you and goodnight.


    Spot on. My sentiments exactly. The fans need to boycott games. Don’t moan and yet keep turning up to games because nothing will change. Hit them in the wallet where it hurts, and watch change take place.
    Look at last season, do people honestly think if the fans hadn’t stopped going to games that wenger would of been sacked? The moment they sure dwindling attendances, they woke up. Stop going games, stop buying merchandise, that will in turn hit our sponsorships, as who wants to sponsor a team with disgruntled fans and a team doing nothing on the pitch.

  67. Marc

    I’m not sure I’ve seen anyone dismiss coaching on here. They has been a view put forward that we have a handful of players who are “uncoachable”.

    Ultimately I think our squad needs a major revamp. We have a few positions that don’t need emergency surgery but a good few that do.

  68. Champagne Charlie

    Oh Christ, didn’t realise you were so unconventional Dissenter. What a lad you are

  69. Dissenter

    Remember that refusing to bow down to the majority continent conventional thinking isn’t bitchiness.
    It’s dissent…and I won’t stop till Pedro decides I’m too annoying.

    I mean who dismissed foot soldiers that were carefully selected or kept by the manager.
    I asked if we have any at Arsenal…only one player was cited.
    Milner is older than Monreal. How come Milner can still run and Monreal’s legs are gone?
    Do you think Klopp will still Milner around when his legs are gone?

  70. Marc

    “The fans need to boycott games. Don’t moan and yet keep turning up to games because nothing will change.”

    This is one of my major issues with the comments section on here. How many fans on here attend matches regularly? By that I mean even half a dozen a season. This place is full of people telling other fans what to do when they won’t do anything themselves. How about cancelling all of your TV sport subscriptions?

  71. Dissenter

    I’m not afraid to be the lone voice of dissent here.
    I’ll be here yapping when you and your type keep t]using everything against a cudgel against the manager who’s been here for one season while trying hard to excuse the previous long serving manager who created the mess

  72. Champagne Charlie


    You’re awfully full of your foot soldier analogy. We don’t have a commanding officer you melt, let’s get one of them first ehh 😂

  73. Arsnil

    Bottom line about last night was that a cobbled together Liverpool team outmuscled, outfought and outran the much vaunted Barcelona team and they didn’t want to know. That collective spirit where you would die for the team is what Klpp has instilled in all his teams. Could you imagine the likes of Ozil putting in that type of unselfish work constantly closing down the ball carrier? The likes of Mustafi and Xakha showing the type of 100 % commitment to avoid doing something lazy and stupid?
    We’re light years away from that at the moment and have been foro a very long time. To live at that type of level it is all in and we just have too many powder puff players with very quwstionable attitudes. Coming down the home straight at the business end of the season we couldn’t buy a win. Fairy football.

  74. Gbat

    “Great coaching outshines talent as Klopp destroys Barca”

    Really? Is it great coaching when there’s a giant killing in the cup? Where was this great coaching last week when they lost 3-0? You can twist it any way you like.

    Liverpool played really well. Looked like they wanted it more. But Barca didn’t turn up. It happens to even the best teams and players. I really like Klopp. But to make out he’s worked some miracle is nonsense.

  75. Receding Hairline

    Anyways i really see no point in all this back and forth

    Emery will be here next season ..100% so what exactly is the point of all the hysterics?? The exaggerations, the 0% improvement lines, shower of shit bla bla bla

    The most pressing issue now for actual fans is Valencia on Thursday and the need to become a champions league club again. It attracts better players, increases revenue and saves us from the depressing Thursday night games.

    Bring on Thursday

  76. Champagne Charlie


    Yea here’s the thing though mate, I’ve been saying this since he was appointed and it certainly wasn’t a conventional POV then now was it?

    I had doubts, I expressed those doubts, was told to shhh. So spare me the lone voice nonsense Rosa Parks and go take your seat lol

  77. Dissenter

    I mean who even compares our European nights to Liverpool’s
    We have always been eons behind Liverpool on the European hierarchy .
    They did deny our best teams opportunity to win something meaningful due to the ban they caused for everyone else.

  78. Guns of Hackney

    I want spurs to win it. To see the absolute crushing disappointment and heartbreak on the Gooners little faces might just snap this club into the modern world.

  79. Graham62


    I guarantee no other top manager would have done what Wenger did. By that, I mean stay on beyond his sell by date.

    He looked bored and drained years back but his ego got the best of him.

    Kroenke was never going to sack him. It was upto the fans to twist his arm, which they eventually managed to do but, by that time, it was far too late.

    I don’t blame Kroenke, I blame our deluded fans.

    For me it was the core of our fanbase who are to blame.

    Not our owner.

  80. gambon

    Ian Wright doesnt seem to happy with Emery.

    Said he abandoned his pressing game, said the mentality hasnt been addressed, and everything seems to have stagnated.

  81. Dissenter

    No commanding officer can make a soldier out of the likes of Ozil and Mustafi. There were brought in by a manager who selected players carefully based on their urbaneness, not for their desire to win.
    Wenger liked nice boy. We have nice boys. Now you’re expecting them to lead a bayonet charge?

    Until we clear out all the mess that was signed, no hope
    It doesn’t matter who the manager is. No amount or risk mitigation will help

    Have a good day. I hope to have a melting blast.

  82. Receding Hairline

    At least be honest enough to quote Wright in full

    “I think that it’s still a massive transitional period,” he told BBC Radio 5 Live’s Football Daily podcast.

    “I think that when they started with Unai Emery and he wanted to do this high-pressing game and the players he got, I genuinely feel it’s the same.

    “I feel he hasn’t got the players to do what he wants to do, to kind of execute the game he wants, because it totally seems like it’s been abandoned.

    “I watched them against Leicester the other day and there’s no creativity in the midfield. He played a 4-4-2, it seemed like it was just a case of letting [Pierre-Emerick] Aubameyang and [Alexandre] Lacazette do something and it nearly happened one time against Leicester.”

    He still thinks the manger hasn’t got the players to do what he really wants, Gambon should tell him about “coaching”

  83. TheBoyCornelius

    Gambon – the pressing game was mostly abandoned for a more passive defensive game. A player issue i reckon. To my mind Auba, Lacca, Toreira, Guen get it – but the likes of Ozil, Mikhi, Xhaka and Iwobi seem confused by it.

  84. Guns of Hackney

    I would take what Wright says with a pinch of salt. This was the same man who backed Arsene for nearly a decade when sane people could see Rome was burning.

    Emery is a clone.

  85. Words on a Blog


    Yeah, pretty grim. I’m increasingly coming round to your view that it’s the Kroenkes who matter.

    Forget Wenger, forget Emery and all the individuals at senior management.

    Unless Stan and Josh act as anything other than absentee landlords, content to be free riders and increasing asset price (Arsenal’s value) resulting from the success of the PL, unprepared to put time, money and effort into Arsenal, nothing much will change for the foreseeable.

    The gulf between Fenway at Liverpool and KSE at Arsenal is massive.
    As football squads and teams, the gulf between the two clubs is equally massive.

    No money
    No vision
    No people to effect change.

    Drift, drift, drifting towards mid table mediocrity.

  86. Receding Hairline

    He continued: “You would have thought that he was coming in, it was gonna be progressive. At the moment it feels like there’s a stagnation going on.

    “There’s a lot of players that need to be moved on and when you watch how they played yesterday [in 1-1 draw at home to Brighton], you watch how they played in a run of games where Arsenal were expected to do a lot better and they took like one point out of the four games, I think it shows the mentality as well, which is something I thought the manager would have addressed.

    “But you don’t know what money he’s gonna be given in the summer, so you’re gonna have the same manager who’s been appointed as a head coach. Is he gonna be able to make these players or the players he’s gonna get better?

    “That’s what it comes down to for me.”

    So he Wright is willing to see what happens next season, what the club does in terms of squad overhaul. Arsenal FC issues is not about who the manager is, its about the psych of the club, we assembled a rubbish squad over the years and we have to rectify that. Get some hungry players with talent to go with it.

  87. Champagne Charlie


    Have you been binge watching the history channel? Pedro nodded to how the players you mention have had performances or competency drilled into them under other coaches.

    This talk of uncoachable players is so very close to embarrassing I do cringe a bit reading you of all people go to town with it. They’re not mint, but there’s a huge difference between not being of the level to comeback and spank Barca (which they aren’t) and being good enough to execute a plan to beat any one of the average sides we played end of season.

    That half a dozen game period is the lowest point of two shambolic seasons at Arsenal fc. It’s our worst performing run, and it comes 30 premier league games into the new tenure of a supposed better manager. Alarm bells are right to be ringing far and wide.

  88. Champagne Charlie

    “the pressing game was mostly abandoned for a more passive defensive game. A player issue i reckon. To my mind Auba, Lacca, Toreira, Guen get it – but the likes of Ozil, Mikhi, Xhaka and Iwobi seem confused by it.“

    When was it abandoned? We went 22 unbeaten earlier on in the season.

  89. Receding Hairline

    When asked how he would rate Emery’s debut season in north London, Wright replied: “I think it will probably be a B+, simply because they got into top four and people were saying maybe by default.

    “It would have been a better season had they been able to take advantage of that.

    “But at the same time, they’re still in the Europa semi-finals, they can still probably get into the Champions League if they win those games.

    “But then coming back in the summer, what is he gonna have if they do win that final to go and challenge in the Champions League? What are you looking forward to?”

    B+ Wright rates, even before the Europa conclusion. I guess it goes higher if he wins it.

    Some disaster

    Gambon brought up Ian Wright not me, just making sure everyone sees exactly what Wright actually said

  90. BacaryisGod

    Pedro is right. If you look at the season as a whole you can make the argument that there was a slight improvement but we also spent a fair amount of money on a new keeper, centre back, defensive midfielder etc.

    However, anyone with half a brain can see that Emery has lost much of the team. We’re not fighting for or believing in each other and it all started with his baffling team selection against Crystal Palace. This will only end one way. We’ll start next season as we ended this one, and Raul will have no choice but to replace Emery midway through next season.

    I honestly wouldn’t wait until then. For me, it’s a simple solution. Fire Emery and hire free agent Rafa Benitez. I was willing to give Emery the benefit of the doubt but I’ve seen this type of late season collapse bleeding terribly into the following season too often to support him any longer.

  91. Receding Hairline

    “For me, it’s a simple solution. Fire Emery and hire free agent Rafa Benitez.”


  92. Words on a Blog

    Guns of H,

    “from a Wenger cult to an Emery one”

    The concept of, ahem, an “Emery cult” is Tolkienesque high fantasy.

    Never heard anyone chant “there’s only one Unai Emery” at the stadium.

    Haven’t heard anyone sing his praises on here either. All I’ve heard here is “give him time / better players, etc”

    That view may well be wrong or even misguided. But cultishness, it ain’t.

  93. gambon

    “This will only end one way. We’ll start next season as we ended this one, and Raul will have no choice but to replace Emery midway through next season.”

    Yep, that is absolutely nailed on.

  94. Receding Hairline

    All any sensible person wants to see is where we go from here.

    Emery has been here months now, forget the rumored dossier, he has managed these players now first hand, he knows who he can rely on and who will let him down. he knows who can switch systems within a game and who will struggle, now we want to see where he goes from there.

    Who leaves and who stays, what type of players does he recommend to be brought in, age and profile, how well does he promote within the ranks from players who have done well for the U21’s, how well do we do away from home next season.

    Answers to this question will then determine our next course of action and i sure as hope Raul isn’t thinking of Benitez.

  95. Marc

    OK assuming we fire Emery, whether that’s this summer or half way through the season how many of the current squad does anyone expect to survive a summer or 2 under the new guy whomever that may be?

  96. TheBoyCornelius

    @ Champagne Charlie – are you saying it wasn’t abandoned at all?
    In some of the high profile games we certainly pressed from the front and indeed all over the pitch. But in most away games we dropped off and became far less aggressive.

  97. Emiratesstroller

    Alexander Henry

    You ask a question why Arsenal are so mediocre? It is a valid question, which
    has not in my view been properly analysed either on Le Grove or elsewhere.

    So let me kick off with some reasons:

    1. We have an owner [previously major shareholder] with absolutely no background in football or more importantly passion for the sport. That is
    evident, because he visits the club perhaps twice a year. It is just a business/

    2. Arsenal’s senior management structure has been for a long time not fit for purpose. The only director who worked at the club until recently was Gazidis
    and he has turned out to be a poor appointment.

    3. Wenger was Manager for over 20 years and outstayed his welcome. Realistically he should have moved on at least 12 years ago. Tactically he was
    one dimensional and our development programme ended with Fabregas.

    4. Arsenal’s transfer and employment policies were shocking. We bought too
    many substandard players paying inflated transfer fees and on wages which
    rendered them unsaleable and difficult to shift out of club.

    5. There is minimal ambition at the club. The Board is easily satisfied so long
    as the revenues pay the bills. Arsenal is unwilling to take “commercial” risk
    as most other top clubs in EPL and on Continent are willing to do.

    6. The club seldom learns from its mistakes. That is blindingly obvious from
    our recruitment policy.

    7. Arsenal had the opportunity to replicate Manchester United as a football heavyweight, but they have allowed clubs like Man City, Chelsea, Liverpool
    and possibly Spurs to overtake them in the pecking order. That is down to
    unambitious ownership and poor management.

  98. Dissenter

    Thanks for laying out the full context of the Ian Wright;s comments.
    “I feel he hasn’t got the players to do what he wants to do, to kind of execute the game he wants, because it totally seems like it’s been abandoned’

    The same point some are making.
    Klopp has the players that fit his style. This manager doesn’t.
    Klopp would have realized that when they lost meekly to Sevilla in 2016.

  99. CG

    The difference between Emery and Klopp in a nutshell.


    the tears of joy from Milner
    and tears of sadness and despair Aaron Ramsey.

  100. Leftsidesanch

    ‘I want spurs to win it.’

    Sure you do, it’s just the role you’ve slotted into to play the ultimate contrarian on here Guns.

  101. Receding Hairline

    The league table tells us Chelsea have won 21 games, Spurs 23, Arsenal 20, United 19

    Chelsea have drawn 8. Spurs 1, Arsenal 7 , United 9

    Chelsea have lost 8, Spurs 13, Arsenal 10, United 9

    Not much between four teams

    Chelsea have taken advantage of a horrible end to the season for the four to take third thanks to the presence of a special talent in Hazard

    Spurs have tanked and will retain fourth thanks to us failing to beat Palace and Brighton at home

    Look i get the failure to beat this two nothing teams must hurt but that’s no excuse for common sense to go out the window.

    I was annoyed too, at Emery for letting all the work he put in disappear like that but i wasn’t annoyed at the players because i have come to expect it from them. That’s where i draw the line , i want them players who have let me down year on year out before i turn on the manager who just got here

  102. Champagne Charlie


    No I’m asking when you think we abandoned those tactics, because we were doing well until midway through the season, then we’ve wobbled, then we’ve collapsed.

  103. SpainishDave

    I think after 50 games we can see what’s in front of us.
    Another season will not change anything. He’s not the manager we need , he started with pressing and then stopped why? Did poor Ozil get a bit tired?
    Emery has no plan, he’s our second Mr McCowber.

  104. Dissenter

    You and Alexanderhenry have been beating the same drum for a while.
    It’s one that’s talks of systemic decay across the board and doesn’t try to score cheap points.

  105. Graham62

    The core problems remain Ozil/ Mustafi / Mkhitaryan/ Xhaka.

    Get rid of these players and things would improve immediately.


  106. Leftsidesanch

    “from a Wenger cult to an Emery one”

    another stupid comment, I do not know of any fan that posts on here, or anyone I meet in the stadium that is an Emery fan per say. The most you’ll hear is to give him time, or to allow him to bring in his own players.

  107. Leftsidesanch

    Exactly Graham, if those 4 players you mentioned are still here next year then what is the point?

    If Emery persists with them he will be out of a job before he knows it.

  108. Receding Hairline

    Dissenter gambon tried to be clever by half with the “look even wrighty agrees with me” line forgetting what wright has to say is available to all.

    He rates the disaster hire at a B+ even before the season ends. Any sensible person is sick to the back of their teeth watching these Arsenal players make the same mistakes again and again


    Apparently Benitez can organize a defense, that’s why some posters on here want a yesterday man to manage us. You can also see the ode to Sam Allardayce in today’s offering from Pedro, at this stage all gloves are off with regards to the Emery bashing agenda, literally everyone is a better manager than he is.

  109. Dissenter

    ‘OK assuming we fire Emery, whether that’s this summer or half way through the season how many of the current squad does anyone expect to survive a summer or 2 under the new guy whomever that may be?’

    How can the new guy get rid of players that on massive wages that no other club is queueing up to sign.

    I mean who wants to,sign a 350k weekly wages player with 2 assist in the league all season.

    That’s new manager is damned from the outset as well.

    There’s no hard rock football with the likes of Ozil in the team. The likes of Mustafi would have made one individual error when the game was on a knife’e edge at 3-3.

  110. BacaryisGod

    Rafa is far from the perfect manager but until the next Klopp comes along, he would be a great transitional manager. Plus there would be no payoff as he’s out of contract.

    Can you imagine for a second that he would have allowed us get just one point from our last 12?

  111. Paulinho

    “How can the new guy get rid of players that on massive wages that no other club is queueing up to sign”

    Yeah, the club apparently had a huge opportunity to sell fifteen players last summer. Doesn’t matter than no one was actually interested, or willing to pay anything above peanuts for them, the opportunity was there.

    There is another opportunity this summer. I’m sure clubs will be knocking our door down.

  112. Dissenter

    I can comfortably say that 100% of gooners are skeptical about Unai Emery.
    There no such thing as an Emery cult or Emery ultra. No one will miss him when he’s gone.
    Let us know if you know anyone who’s heard people chant ‘one-Unai-Emery’

  113. Receding Hairline

    “Can you imagine for a second that he would have allowed us get just one point from our last 12?”

    He did allow his present team lose 17 league matches

    He did allow his present team concede 48 league goals despite only scoring 38 in his obsession to be seen as a defensively astute manager

    So don’t think what Rafa will allow is the main issue here as he has allowed a lot in the past ten years including sackings from The Madrid , Inter and Napoli jobs where they too thought he would make a great “transitional manger”.

    I mean why a great manager needs someone else to “transition” for him is another matter entirely

  114. Marc


    That was sort of my point. I’m pissed off with Emery, I’m pissed off with Arsenal and I’m pissed off that there’s no easy solution to this.

  115. BacaryisGod

    It’s got nothing to do with him organizing a defence but it wouldn’t hurt.

    He’s not even 60 yet but has successfully managed at Liverpool, Chelsea and Newcastle. He did well at Napoli, had a tough job succeeding Mourinho’s historic achievement with Inter Milan and was simply given no time at Real Madrid.

    I think he’s signing a new deal with Newcastle anyway and besides we know ownership won’t have the balls to replace Emery at the end of this season.

    By the way, I would say that winning the Europa League would be justification for keeping Emery at least another season as you would assume CL qualification would mean a higher net spend in the summer.

  116. Marc

    ““Can you imagine for a second that he would have allowed us get just one point from our last 12?”

    Well just to point out the frequent lack of balance / hypocrisy on here The Poch who is generally considered to be amazing on here managed to pick up 1 point from 15 not so long ago and was lucky to get that point.

    This morning Klopp is flavour of the day.

  117. Dissenter

    ‘If Arsenal qualify for the final , will we see the same warmth between Arsenal players and manager as we saw last night between Liverpool’s players and manager.’

    Does it matter whether you see ‘warmth’?
    Is the manager their father?
    Klopp has had time to get rid of all the dissenting voices like Mamadou Sakho, who was ditched because he sniggered during a team huddle whilst Klopp was addressing the team.
    He was sent back to the hotel and didn’t travel with the team to the US preseason tour p his Liverpool career was over. . That’s how managers establish their authority.
    Essentially, Klopp has had enough time to surround himself with like-minded individuals

    Nice attempt to turn a good moment of football against Emery. Your bitterness has made you so delusionaly blind to the obvious.

  118. Emiratesstroller


    Yes it is about decay. We have an unambitious owner and impotent board unwilling to take any “risk”.

    That is now reflected in the Head Coach, Transfer Policy and our lack of
    spending power.

    My only surprise is that Adidas, Emirates and Rwanda are willing to spend £110 million for such poor return on their investment.

  119. RodneyK

    Un /Don

    Re: from the previous post. Crystal Palace have beaten Man City and Arsenal rather spectaculary away from home. Wolves have taken points from the top teams. By your reasoning, both of these teams should have no business being where they are on the log.

    I’m not saying we shouldn’t be beating the likes of Brighton especially at home. But it’s a league that’s a whole season long. A lot of thjngs can happen along the way – injuries, fatigue, loss of form, etc.. We’ve even played way more games than these so-called smaller teams.

  120. Dissenter

    Can you imagine how last night would have gone with Karius the clown in between the sticks?
    It like Mustafi marking Messi or Xhaka man-marking Luis Suarez.
    You just know that mistake is coming.

    That’s why Liverpool’s upgrade is serving them well.

  121. BacaryisGod

    What a moronic comment Receding. How about you ask nearly every Newcastle fan whether they should keep Rafa. He’s adored by the fanbase.

  122. Champagne Charlie

    Oh so now Rafa is getting barns aimed his way for not producing top 4 numbers….at Newcastle.

    Priceless bunch there are here. “Yesterday’s man” is the go to line, but tomorrow’s man Arteta is also derided. So maybe it’s nothing to do with what’s said and simply a ‘i back this guy so will bitch at the rest offered’ sort of dialogue.

    Thankful we have today’s man Emery to lead us to glory.

  123. Receding Hairline

    “He’s not even 60 yet but has successfully managed at Liverpool, Chelsea and Newcastle. He did well at Napoli, had a tough job succeeding Mourinho’s historic achievement with Inter Milan and was simply given no time at Real Madrid.”

    You actually left out his most successful spell at Valencia

    Look Rafael Benitez was a great manager, operative word being was, i do not want him anywhere near Arsenal football club. He is the past not the future, You want a so called transitional manager Bacary you already have one, enjoy the transition. Transitional periods in football do come with spells of bad form.

  124. Pedro

    Rodney, it’s the manager’s job to manage fatigue, form and stem the flow of losses.

    Why were playing Aaron Ramsey away in Europe in group stages of the Europa League? Why did we play Rob Holding 3 games in a week when he was back from injury? Why did we train so intensely during the season when there was a medical team in place that knew not to?

    You cannot absolve the manager from things he should be in control of… anyone can lose a game, no one doubts that, but 4 points from 18? Inexcusable.

  125. Dissenter

    I’m pretty sure that Liverpool have identified their targets and are in deep negotiations already.
    Arsenal FC doesn’t even seem to be talking to agents yet because nothing is concretized in May. There’s no DoF. as we speak.
    If I were Emery, there would be a part of me that wants to be fired with compensation to walk away from the mess that Arsenal FC has become.

  126. Pedro

    Emirates, risk?

    Ozil £350k a week
    Fired Wenger
    Hired Sven
    Hired Raul
    Hired Emery
    Hired Huss
    3rd highest net spenders in the league
    £235m wage bill

    You mean he won’t artificially put his own money into the club, which isn’t allowed these days anyway?