Technical Director role offered to Edu, here’s what we know

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Well good morning, I’m suffering from WAKE UP EARLY issues at the minute, so I thought I’d bang out ANOTHER post for you because I am on a streak.

Arsenal has offered the role of technical director to Invincible, Eduardo César Daude Gaspar. I’d heard rumblings we were doing a deal, but my info was that the offer hadn’t been accepted yet, though the club were confident he’d do so.

So what to make of this hire… at the second attempt?

In short, it’s a real, ‘who the fuck knows’ moment.

His experience sits outside of the Premier League and outside of Europe. He’s currently the technical director of Brazil, and I’m not really sure what that entails. Their national team hasn’t exactly been a box of dreams over the past 5 years, and even if it had been, how do you affect a nation of players?

I’ll bang through some topline thoughts.

What experience does he have?

He’s 40 years old. He played up until he was 32 years old. He was then given a Director of Football role at Corinthians. He had a good run there, the club won the South American equivalent of the Champions League.

He had a stint as the Iranian assistant coach, who hasn’t, right?

He then took the role at Brazil in 2016. This is where some of his comments started to get me a little excited. As I pointed out in the post earlier this morning, I want someone to come to Arsenal that looks at the club from a holistic perspective, capturing the true essence of our being. First and foremost, they need to understand the culture, the heritage and the prestige. If you don’t understand the basics, you can never be a good long term fit.

This is what Edu had to say about taking on the role at Brazil.

‘Tite and I worried about the mentality,’

‘People were thinking about Brazil in a way we didn’t like. When people look at Brazil, they should respect us for our present and for our history. We were missing that. The team were not close enough to the people.

‘With all due respect, I don’t want to be the way English guys are. We are Brazilians. So let’s be Brazilians: friendly, laughing, talking. Some people cannot afford tickets for a game. So sometimes we open up training and let 50,000 people in for free.

‘Before, Brazilian players would not go into a hotel through the main doors. Why? Why do you want to go through the back door? People just want to see us. Now we go through the main doors.

‘A kid breaks through and wants to see his hero. Let him do that. As a player, I tried to be nice to people. Say “hello”, it’s not hard. We are bringing this back.’

Yes, yes and yes.

He is entitled. Brazil is an institution of football, that is how they should be respected and thought of. He’s thinking about the people of Brazil, their socio-economic situation and general perception. He is talking about exciting people, because at the core, that is what football is all about, right? He believes they should be at the top. All these folk that call Arsenal fans spoilt because ‘no one deserves to win trophies’ are not the types that drive things forward. Edu sounds like he understands that.

I hear that he’s an incredibly nice guy, I know that sometimes empathy can be seen as weak in football, but again, I think it’s an important trait. Especially if you’re looking at reengineering the focus around young players. Carlo, one of the great, was always accused of being too nice to his players. This is what Edu had to say on his experience of prime Wenger.

‘I was feeling sad. I lost my sister a week before I arrived. I was not in a good way. But I found a club and manager that worried about me as a person, rather than as a footballer.

‘Every day Arsene Wenger pulled me into his office. He wanted to check I was OK and check how my family were. He cared so much and it made me feel so good. He let my dad watch training. I come to London once a year and always go to see him.’

You might call the above snowflake millenial nonsense, but the reality is, the generation of kids coming through have different expectations. They demand more from the workplace and they expect to be treated well. You have to balance those needs, but someone with a human touch is important.

I also like the fact he’s fully aware of the talent in England and that he has ideas about unlocking it. This was 2017.

‘This is a big generation,’

‘But the Premier League is so rich. You have a fantastic young midfielder in Phil Foden at Manchester City but there are two or three fantastic ones in his position.”

‘So, how can you play? How can you develop these guys? You have good players but to get better, they need to play in the first team. Clubs don’t look to the Under 17 guy because they go to the market.’

Edu will have been in prime position to watch the best young kids from around the world. He’ll have met with the best coaches, seen setups from the major clubs, and had hands on experience with the biggest names to grace the yellow and green of Brazil.

Apparently, when he was at Corinthians, he did visiting tours of all the major European clubs to watch and hear how they did things. This is a guy that is hungry to lean into the experience of others, someone that is open enough to know he doesn’t have all the answers, with an Invincible attitude that means he’s a winner.

Are their worries about his hiring? For sure. He played under Unai Emery for a couple of seasons. That was over ten years ago, but he was operating under his management at Valencia. Will that cloud his judgement when he has to pull the trigger on his contract next year? Possibly. But I’d hope that he’s been around enough big decisions to not be influenced by matters like that.

There’s also the experience question. Going for explayers feels good, but is it always right? He’s being asked the run the operational side of the football at Arsenal. That requires a huge amount of skill and vision for someone that is basically only 8 years into working life. Risks are associated with that.

The big worry is that all his experience is based out of Brazil. However, that can also come as a blessing. Firstly, he knows England and Spain intimately because he spent a lot of time there. Also, something I’ve cried out for over the years is finding someone who can root out gems in markets that aren’t already saturated. We have an advantage here. It’ll be very interesting to see what sort of recruitment head he brings  into the club.

Another concern is that the Copa America is in his home country. We literally don’t have a Technical Director until July 7th. That’s a long time to leave Unai and Raul at the wheel. A lot of bad pound notes can be spent in that time.

Everything is a risk, but ultimately, give me Edu over a hack like Monchi. He was yesterday’s man, Edu could be the future. He’s young, he seems of great temprement and hopefully he’s the sort of leader that wants to surround himself with the best people.

Also… how much sauce does the guy have?

Additionally, there can be no doubt whatsover as to the style of football he is going to enforce. He is Brazilian and he played under PEAK Wenger. Arsenal are going to have a clear vision when it comes to style and footballing philosophy.

I was a bit worried when I first heard this rumbling, but in the space of writing an article, I am now absolutely convinced this could be a very, very good move for Arsenal.

Fingers crossed he signs on and we can move on with the second reboot of Arsenal.

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  1. WengerEagle

    Karius was severely concussed in the CL Final if that’s what you’re referring to Dissenter.

    Concussions are no joke, fella shouldn’t have been anywhere near the pitch.

  2. GS88



    Arteta is numero uno.

    Agree with Gambon about Klopp.

    He inherited a poor side that had to be dismantled. He virtually had no money to spend.

    But in that same season, he reached the EL final.

    But even in those early days, it was pretty evident that something positive was happening at Liverpool.

    Klopp implemented a pressing style and a high tempo to their play. All this was a template for what we are seeing with Liverpool now.

  3. WengerEagle


    Physically they had an edge but they were performing like a midtable side when he took over.

    Finished 14/15 with a GD of +4.

    He took over a bang average-poor outfit and rebuilt them into a serious side with linear progression pretty clear to see as well as improved performances.

    While it’s hard to point to where we’ve improved.

  4. Marko

    So that’s Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Juventus, PSG, Man United, Chelsea all also needing multiple players and Citeh and Pool will both continue to strengthen.

    How the fuck are we ever going to be able to compete with them when we’re debating managers after a season and paltry transfer funds

  5. WengerEagle

    That’s 3 seasons on the bounce pretty spectacular CL exits for Barca with 4 defeats by 3-4 goals in there. [Juventus, Roma, Liverpool, PSG too although they pulled that one out the hat just about].

    It’s been said on here for a long while now but they really are so ordinary outside of Messi.

  6. Redtruth

    “PaulinhoPhysically they had an edge but they were performing like a midtable side when he took over.”

    They were challenging for a league title 18 months previously…you fucking clown.

  7. Marko

    Klopp implemented a pressing style and a high tempo to their play. All this was a template for what we are seeing with Liverpool now.

    He was either lucky or smart in taking on the job because whether or not you agree he inherited some players capable of playing in a Klopp team. Irrespective of improvements and all that shite players like Henderson and Milner have enough pace and intelligence to play a Klopp way high pressing and all that. You ask me right now if Klopp took over us last season would he be able to get the likes of Xhaka or whoever to press high up and I’d say fuck no.

  8. ddkingz

    Anyone with the code to migrate from been an arsenal Fan to a Liverpool faithful, please inbox…

    that salah T-shirt (NEVER GIVE UP), AND THE LIVERPOOL fan’s in the stadium were so fucking loud

  9. Marko

    Making 70m worth of signings and failing to solve one problem in the side hasn’t helped us though.

    Nah we address the keeper situation. And the midfield situation in as far as instead of needing 4 or 5 new CM’s that are worth a fuck we only need two or three. Defence wasn’t helped one fucking bit

  10. WengerEagle


    We need at least as many midfielders as we did last summer, what are you on about?

    Toreirra takes Ramsey’s place and the latter is better as of now.

  11. Paulinho

    WE – It’s about a base to build from though. They had a good physical base for Klopp to implement his high-octane style, so there was something to work with long-term.

    Can’t say the same for us with Auba, Mikhi, Ozil, Xhaka either being too old or physically not mobile enough.

    I don’t really care where Klopp finished in his first season, it was clear he had fit mobile group that with some signings could push on and further implement what he wanted to.

    Even then, there was a danger of them stalling until they splashed big on VVD and Allison, they didn’t seem to actually be improving that much once past that initial thrust he gave them in his first full season.

  12. ddkingz

    Emery fuvked himself up, the moment he decided not to sell wither of xhaka and mustafi… with either of them gone that would have made our goal against to be around -45…

    honestly, if emery doesn’t sell both of them (xhaka & mustafi) and promote the youth come next august, even if he Wins the treble next season, we should&would literally call for his head.

  13. Redtruth

    In the last 10 years Liverpool.have had spells of coming close to winning the Premier league while Arsenal have been consistently no hopers.

  14. GS88

    Looking at Barca its very clear they need a big rebuilding job, just like us.

    They still haven’t properly replaced Xavi and Iniesta. Busquets is s shadow of his former self. And Suarez is in the twilight of his career.

    They need around 5-6 young and hungry top tier players.

    De Jong is in the bag. Heard they’re linked with Marcus Rashford and De Ligt from Ajax.

  15. Marko

    We’ve had Ramsey and Toreirra, are they slower than Hendo and Milner now? On what planet.

    Torreira’s was signed. We’re talking inherited no? He’s about the only one able to press. Xhaka? Nope. Elneny? Nope. Even Ramsey respectfully I couldn’t see him play in a Klopp team for example

  16. Paulinho

    WE – Henderson and Milner have always been known as good athletes than can run all day. They’re not slow either. Milner has played at full back not been found wanting for pace

  17. Marko

    Even then, there was a danger of them stalling until they splashed big on VVD and Allison, they didn’t seem to actually be improving that much once past that initial thrust he gave them in his first full season.

    This is very true. It’s only after the 160 million last summer that they’ve truly shown a real class and consistency. And it might not be enough they might have to do more in the summer. I’m thinking Brandt or Fekir and Werner.

  18. ddkingz

    just read from tweeter that PSG and barca are going to be honoured as the biggest bottlers in UEFA history…

  19. Redtruth

    Top 4 mediocrity has blinded fans to believe Arsenal are in bettet shape than Liverpool who have offered their fans the highs and the lows.

  20. ddkingz

    Marko… Ramsey is the only arsenal player that can get into this pool squad, not the starting XI please…

    he would be coached out of glory hunting and excessive holding of the ball

  21. WengerEagle


    I don’t believe that none of our squad can be useful as future pieces of a well-built side, you’ve named the worst offenders in Ozil, Miki, Xhaka that are on big money and aren’t rounded players. Guys like Lacazette, Aubameyang, Ramsey, Bellerin have a decent all-round physical-technical skill-set even if they aren’t world beaters.

    Difference with what you’re saying as well is that they got their signings pretty much perfect, was only in the last year that they splashed out mega-bucks on VVD, Allison, Fabinho, Keita.

    Before that it was Salah for 35m, Mane for 30m, Wijnaldum for 15m, Robertson for 8m, Matip for free.

    We should have kicked on a bit with a summer and 4-5 signings but we didn’t.

  22. Dissenter

    Wenger Eagle
    Karius was shit before he concussion…and Klopp persisted with him despite the mistakes a la Almunia.
    Thankfully he too saw the light.

  23. WengerEagle


    So because they had a few players that can run and press they were a much better side when he took over? They scored 52 PL goals the season before while shipping 48.

    Quality-wise they were bang average.

  24. WengerEagle


    He was nowhere near as shit as Almunia or Migs.

    He was pretty decent young German GK with a mistake in him, sounds pretty familiar that to our Leno?

    The CL Final horror show led everyone to believe that he was a complete turkey in goal when he had been decent that season.

  25. Dissenter

    The most annoying thing about the squad Emery inherited is that we nether have piano players nor the people to carry the damn piano
    Liverpool at least had several dedicated piano players who could match the physicality and athleticism that Klopp demanded for.

    I wish we had players like Milner who can make run and tackle all day long.

  26. Elmo

    Klopp after 30 games in first season (compared to club’s final 30 games previous season):
    Points +3
    GF +16
    GA +4
    GD +12

    Emery after 30 games in first season (compared to club’s first 30 games previous season):
    Points +12
    GF +8
    GA -2
    GD +10

    Obviously the two comparators are different (though both Liverpool and Arsenal were shit the previous season), but Emery was doing well up until that point: there was a clear improvement in the points tally and the goal difference. The problem is he shat the bed in the last few weeks, having done well until mid-to-late April.

    You’re rightly judged on your position at the end of the season, not on 20th April, but what is the primary reason why we’ve gone from good progress at 33 games (first 87% of season), to disaster by 38 games? Is it purely the fault of a terrible manager, that just wasn’t exposed in the first 87% of the season due to ‘luck’ and the order of fixtures, is it due to a critical lack of strength in depth in the squad that meant we buckled once we needed to rotate in the final straight, or is it a combination?

    I don’t think it’s fair to say we all had him down as a crap little Spanish tosser from the start when, objectively, two and a half weeks ago, it would be difficult to argue that he hadn’t improved our lot substantially. Is it a major individual weakness on the part of the manager that made the last 2.5 weeks inevitable? If so, then the club should consider sacking him. If they think it’s mainly about a lack of depth, then they should look to carry out the next stage of squad overhaul this summer, then try again.

  27. Marko

    Alex I think we should move in together and be life partners. That’s how much we agree with each other these days. It’s on another level

  28. Dissenter

    Now you’re swimming the wrong way
    Karius was calamity incorporated. He was the very definition of crap. He made Almunia look okay.
    He was Klopp’s baby, ask any Liverpool fan. They will tell ypou that.
    It;s a good thing that Klopp’s saw that for himself.

  29. Marko

    Elmo I agree. If they want to have a serious look at things and assess that we should be doing better and we’re not because of the manager then they should sack him straight up. If however they look and more or less think yeah that’s about right and we still need to improve then they need to improve

  30. Dissenter

    Klopp is benefiting from working with a sold organization that knows what they re doing. He is surrounded by good people, the vast majority not appointed or connected to him.

    so before you start making cheap shots at Emery, consider that first.

  31. WengerEagle

    Why is this being spun into it’s all Emery’s fault? Literally nobody was saying this.

    Does he deserve to take some criticism for the collapse in recent weeks? Absolutely, business end of the season is what you’re judged on most of the time unless you’ve been absolutely exceptional beforehand which we were not. And we’ve been shocking, performing well below our best even if that isn’t great to start with.

    Fatigue and injuries have never been acceptable excuses before so convenient they’re being rolled out now to defend the managers’s culpability in this.

  32. MidwestGun

    Why is this being spun into it’s all Emery’s fault? Literally nobody was saying this.
    Huh? Eagle people are literally calling for him to be sacked in the morning.. I think you can assume they think its Emery’s fault.

    He deserves to take criticism absolutely but he hasn’t even got a chance to finish out the EL semi final he got us to.

    The reason people are using fatigue and injuries as excuses are because it’s his first year. Not his 15th or 20th year… He has never managed a PL side all the way through a season to know the intensity..

    Listen I’m all for sacking a dude who can’t take us further but have some perspective at least.

  33. Words on a Blog


    Why do you insist on injecting logic, thought and reason into your argument?

    Why do you insist on making a measured and balanced comparison between Klopp and Emery when everybody else is mouthing off extremist arguments for and against?

    Not good enough – you’ll be shot down in flames.

  34. MidwestGun

    This Emery versus the player’s are shit debate is seriously doing my head in… Why can’t it be both ?… as it most likely is.. Let the man finish the season… then have at it. I can’t see Emery being our Klopp …. no. So I think we can do better… but come on… look at our squad it is horrendous. We have 2 great players and 4 or 5 above average and zero superstars. The rest are terrible to average.

    Edu better be ready to rock the boat and make some tough decisions. Pedro is saying he is a nice guy… hmmm well you know what they say about nice guys. We better hope he is a nice guy with a ruthless streak..

  35. Leedsgunner

    “There’s also the experience question. Going for explayers feels good, but is it always right? He’s being asked the run the operational side of the football at Arsenal. That requires a huge amount of skill and vision for someone that is basically only 8 years into working life. Risks are associated with that.“

    Firstly, great balanced write up on Edu, amongst the most informative on him written in English anywhere. Really Pedro, you out did yourself here. For me, this is your best post in a few years. Hats off to you.

    Although it has to be said the above quote made me smile because this risk of relative inexperience is all the more accurate and accentuated with Arteta many times over if he was given the Head Coach posting. Just because you’ve had Pep holding your hands for a few years…

    As for Emery, it’s really simple for me. If he obtains Champions League football via winning the Europa league fair enough let him stay and let’s see what he can do.

    If he can’t, let him go.

  36. Leedsgunner

    If we have to sack Emery who would you look at succeeding him? If people are going to say Emery out, who do they have in mind… in?

    Conte? Remember he took Chelsea to the title after Mourinho left the Chelsea in the proverbial. However though, he was financially supported by his owner with players in.

    Giovanni von Bronkhorst? He’s gone toe to toe with Ajax who are being feted now… and brought through youngsters too.

    Julian Nagelsmann? I know he’s spoken for by RB Leipzig after Hoffenheim but I think given the reputation of the EPL and Arsenal surely he would be interested?

  37. Dissenter

    Lets hire Naggelsmann and pay off Emery.
    Then give him the 40 million [ minus Emery’s pay-off] in the summer.
    The summer without a DoF

    Yipeee, that will work out…and then we wait for the magic to begin.

  38. BacaryisGod

    As good as Klopp is as a manager, the current success of Liverpool can be traced back to their almost zero net spend in 2017 summer and 2018 winter transfer windows.

    Out: Coutinho, Sakho and Leiva
    In: Van Dijk, Salah, Oxlade-Chamberlain and Robertson.

    In addition to that, they got a few million in a loan fee from Wolfsburg for Origi and the experience he got there was no doubt vital in his clutch performance against Barcelona.

    They bought Solanke in on a free transfer before dispatching him the next season for around 18 million. They even picked up a few million for the sales of Kevin Stewart and Andre Wisdom.

    Just brilliant, brilliant transfer business that summer and winter which set them up for the next few years.

  39. TheBayingMob

    I’m GUTTED about the Liverpool result for two reasons.

    1) It’s Liverpool. Scum. Anyone that doesn’t think that is too young to remember them in the 80s

    2) I doubt we will ever see a night like that Arsenal under the current stewardship of the club, and that’s just plain sad.

    The only silver lining is that it was Barcelona, a scum hole of a club.

  40. Graham62

    The Baying Mob

    Sorry mate, but you’re a prat.

    I was born in 1962. For me, Liverpool will always be a special club. What the fudge has living in the eighties got to do with what happened last night?

    Personally, I’m happy for them. It may also be a wake up call for Arsenal for tomorrow night.

  41. Chris

    Well said Graham

    Anyone of any age has the right to enjoy Liverpool’s performance last night. Games like that is why football is the best sport in the world.

  42. Guns of Hackney

    Waking up to the news about Liverpool. Wow.

    Regardless of loyalties, that’s what sport is about.

    It also highlights one very painful thing: Arsenal will never be in that position again.

    Now, I don’t want spurs or Liverpool to win the CL…I’ve always had a soft spot for anything Dutch but if Spurs did it, it would be the ultimate humiliation and hopefully one that would ignite Arsenal FC into action.

    Well done Liverpool.

  43. Thank you and goodnight.


    It will never be a wake up call for this club. This club is finished as a football club. Under kroenke we are now destined for years of irrelevance as a top 15 team. This club to get back anywhere near competing on a level playing field needs 300-500 million invested in it. That’s not going to happen. You look at our youth set up… Shocking, average at best. Look at our first team squad, average at best. 45 million is not going to do shit. So yes while I’m not an Emery love boy, I feel sorry for him because even klopp or gaurdiola would struggle with the set up at Arsenal.

  44. Guernsey gun

    Superb effort from Liverpool, but how depressing is it watching that. We are a million miles from them and city, and mid size clubs will be closing the gap rapidly next season. For all the reasons often stated the club is an utter shambles and this summer is going to be massively underwhelming. Whatever happens with the ropey league its dark times for the foreseeable.

  45. Pierre

    The question is , does Arsenal football club trust Emery enough to give him a possible 100million pounds plus to spend on players .( Including outgoing transfer inccome).

    We can forget about everything else at the moment because if the club are not certain that he is the man for the job then a decision has to be made.

    The club didn’t back Emery in the January transfer window, Emery continually used the line that we had no money to spend which I found difficult to believe as we had only spent n net figure of 45 million over the previous 2 years which equates to 22-5 million a season…not exactly a fortune is it and using Ozil’s 14 million a year wages as a reason is ludicrous .

    What Emery may have meant was , the club doesn’t trust me enough to give me the funds.

    The decision that has to be made at the end of the season regarding the manager and backing him or not is the most important decision the club will make.
    If they choose to keep Emery then they have to back him with hard cash..

    We cannot afford to get this wrong , this is nowhere near as low as we can go …There are some very good teams with very good managers just below Arsenal and these clubs have been willing to put their hands in their pockets to improve their teams ….it’s called ambition, something we have been severely lacking since Kronke arrived at the club.

    Personally, I think we will mess it up again liked we messed it up by giving Wenger another 2 years, and then by Employing Emery who’s football philosophy is completely wrong for the players we have at the club and the club will not give him the funds to bring in the players to implement his philosophy….it was always doomed to fail.

    The time is right to either back him or sack him, it’s as simple as that ….we have very good offensive players at the club that are not what Emery want …the players know that and the manager knows that so there will never be any real commitment to the cause from either side …..the manager wants to offload players and I have no doubt that the players would be more than happy to see the back of Emery .

    Let’s see how it pans out .

  46. Freddie Ljungberg


    As usual your post is full of bs and your weird agenda so I can’t be bothered unpacking it all, it’s been done to death, just 2 things that I can’t let slide.

    “who’s football philosophy is completely wrong for the players we have at the club”

    Football is the wrong sport for some of the players we have at the club, nevermind any philosophy. Either too old, too weak mentally and physically, not good enough yet or was never good enough, pick your poison, we got them all.

    “we have very good offensive players at the club”

    We really don’t, we have Auba and Laca that are good enough, in most teams only one of them would start at the same time but because we have no other goalscorers and no wingers we have had to flog them to death and been super lucky neither broke down. The less said about our other “attacking players” the better. Simply not even close to good enough.

  47. Ishola70


    “Personally, I think we will mess it up again liked we messed it up by giving Wenger another 2 years, and then by Employing Emery who’s football philosophy is completely wrong for the players we have at the club”

    This is obviously alluding to the fact that Emery is not in Wenger’s mould .

    What players are completely hamstrung by Emery then?

    And what is this philosophy that you speak of ? Sexy football but with an obvious soft underbelly?

    Don’t you want to move on from that? It won’t win any big titles.

    Arsenal have needed for a long time to add other elements to this football philosophy you speak of. That’s if they want to progress especially with the financial restrictions at the club in comparison to other spenders in the league and the wage bill that overall doesn’t reflect the quality of the squad.

    Or is it a case of play up, play up and the play game. All good fun and jolly good company.

  48. Ishola70

    I see plenty on here are keen on Umtiti.

    What sort of centre backs do Barca usually buy?

    What attributes does Umtiti have that are seen as noteworthy defensively or mentally?

    Why at the age of 25 does Umtiti not have high profile rating for defensive attributes nor high mental attributes that are noted? Instead he has footballing attributes that are noted.

    I understand the need to replace a player like Mustafi and Umtiti has a good chance of being an improvement on him like so many other defenders but let’s get the right profile defender(s) in that being players that are noted for their defensive qualities coupled with mental attributes i.e, concentration and discipline.

  49. Thank you and goodnight.

    If the fucking spuds make it to the final I will lose my shit. Fucking kroenke. Even Watford are ahead of us now. The only time it will change is when the team are playing to a near empty stadium at the Emirates. Stop going to games or stop moaning as I’m sorry to say your only contributing to the current farce at the club

  50. Leedsgunner

    We should be all over the promoted clubs offering our surplus players. They will be in the market for EPL seasoned players and we have a few.

    Jenkinson should fetch £2m – £3m, and Elneny could be sold for £10m in the present market. Ospina is decent value for £5m. That’s potentially £18m there…

    The difficulty will be shifting Mkhitaryan and Mustafi. I can’t see us getting more than £30m tops for both…

    Every little helps!

  51. Pierre

    “This is obviously alluding to the fact that Emery is not in Wenger’s mould .What players are completely hamstrung by Emery then?”

    My question was nothing to do with wenger ,it was to do with with the ineptitude of the owners and their poor decisions.

    but as you mention it, of course they are not in the same mould , that’s obvious, they have a different football philosophy …
    Didn’t wenger say ” football should be an Art …”
    Emery’s should be “football should be a chore”

    ” which players have become hamstrung by Emery” … Offensively we have become worse as the season has progressed , the link up play is becoming non existent, the constant changing of tactics,systems and personnel is not conducive to good attacking play , and it shows …

    I said from day one that we have employed a .manager who has a certain football philosophy without the players at the club to implement that philosophy and the club’s will not give Emery the necessary funds to bring in the players to implement that philosophy ……doomed to fail.

    And that still stands.

  52. Ishola70

    Let’s not get down about Liverpool and their comeback and that they are obviously streets ahead of Arsenal at this time.

    Liverpool have for so long had the genes in european competitions and like it or not they are a big club steeped in history and their time in the wilderness was always going to come to an end and they would get back to their higher levels in the past.

    As for the disliking of Liverpool they are not proper rivals. For a proper rivalry both sets of fans have to hate each other in equal measure. Liverpool fans don’t dwell on Arsenal too much at all really in comparison to their proper main rivals. It’s all about Manchester United for them followed by the derby rivalry with Everton.

    I can understand the dislike of them though in regards to the media and the romanticising of the club. Sickly sweet. But the same can be said of other big clubs in other leagues around the world as well.

  53. CG


    Great post.

    Liverpools ‘rejects ‘last night proving that AS ALWAYS that with great man management( never ever mentioned on here) ,inspirational leadership and a simplistic approach to football what can be achieved.

    Barca have much superior players than Liverpool on ‘paper’- but they still got thrashed and outplayed ( both legs)

    That’s because Klopp is better than Barcas manager.

    If Arsenal had Klopp we would be 2nd or 1st
    If Liverpool had Emery they would be in The Loosers Cup and 5th

    The Liverpool ‘rejects’ are not better than ours…

    Matip,Loveren,Shaqiri, Origi,Henderson,Milner, Robertson.- all REJECTED elsewhere.

    Do you think Klopp would be letting Ramsey walk out the door- because he didn’t rate him?

    Miki,Mustafi,Sead,Xhaka,Kos,Iwobi would all be playing 100% better amd enjoying their football.

    The current AFC players detest playing for Emery- hence the results.

    They just don’t respect him.
    (The fans don’t respect him,too)

    As Pierre states.

    the players want Emery out
    And Emery wants the players out.

    Expect more Banegas ,Suarezs if Emery stays.

    I guarantee- there will be no talented player arrivals this summer- just uncultured workmanlike plodders.. rather like Unai, himself…

  54. Leedsgunner

    Liverpool v. Spurs final.

    Surely not?!? Come Ajax do it tonight and give us long suffering Gooners some respite!

  55. Ishola70

    Thank you and goodnight.
    “If the fucking spuds make it to the final I will lose my shit. ”

    I highly doubt they beat Liverpool if they reach the final.

    It’s no good just getting to a final. You’ve got to win it.

    If they do get through against Ajax it will only be a case that they can brag and shout about for a short period before the final. After that Liverpool will put them away and the bragging stops. It would be even better if they lost in a final in heart breaking fashion.

  56. CG

    Liverpool thrashed the mighty Barcelona without Firmino and Salah.

    Quite an extraordinary achievement.

    And 24hours after – where they watched Man City squeak past Leicester City- and the title vanish ( presumably) from them

    Magnificent from Klopp and Co.

    ARSENAL have to take note – be Proactive ( just for once under Kroenkes) and dump these clowns in charge of us (Raul/Emery)
    And find someone similar….

  57. Pierre

    “And what is this philosophy that you speak of ? Sexy football but with an obvious soft underbelly?”

    Again , I was talking about Emery’s philosophy not our previous manager.

    I haven’t said Emery’s philosophy is wrong( I’m not saying it is right either) , I am saying we haven’t the right type of players for his football philosophy and the club won’t give him the necessary funds so how can it work …it cant.

    The least the club should have done when wenger left is to to look at what players were at the club and look at which manager would be able to work with those players at the club …

    What was the point of offering Ozil a ludicrous contract and then 6 months later employ a manager who doesn’t rate him , how can that work….it cant.

    If the club were going to properly invest in the team then yes, get in a manager who will wipe the slate clean , give him 300 + million and let him get on with the job .

    That ain’t gonna happen though is it , so we should get in a manager who’s philosophy is similar to the football players we have at the club otherwise all you get is internal factions within the squad.

  58. RodneyK

    Leedsgunner, great comment at 01:23:49 with respect to the experience question.

    I was going to respond to that until I realized you already did. I also am of the opinion that Emery should be given a chance to build his own team whether or not he gets us CL football. Of course, I’d love that but deep down inside, I know this current squad is just not ready to challenge seriously for major honours.

    It’s funny how fans keep comparing this season’s performance to that of the last one or two seasons while conveniently forgetting that Kos, Monreal, Ozil, Mikhi are all getting on and that Mustafi and Xhaka shouldn’t even be in the team in the first place. Guen and Iwobi shouldn’t be starting so many games.

    Here’s hoping that the obvious lack of quality in the squad will be addressed much sooner than later, whether or not it’s Emery who’s here next season.

  59. Ishola70

    But Pierre

    If we are just going to choose a manager that fits this present squad then the club will not move on in any really significant way.

    This was the whole point of Wenger leaving. That the club would move on from Wenger and his past philosophies or at least add other elements to them.

    Besides there will be plenty that will say why tailor to this present squad? They are not rated by so many.

    Of course to try to expand and move on it will take time. Better than standing still though isn’t it? Or just getting back to being in top four and winning the odd cup? Got to want more than that.

  60. Un na naai

    Rodney k

    Er, how about comparing this season to this season?? These players are beating the best teams we’ve played, city and pool aside, so to claim these players can’t best Brighton and palace is just fucking ludicrous!! This team have proved themselves to be more than capable of the manager sets them out properly. He’s setting us up as underdogs against teams we should be swarming. We destroyed Man U Chelsea Napoli Valenica and spurs and liverpoolwere lucky to get away with a draw
    80% of those teams are semi finalists in Europe this season so let’s not pretend this squad isn’t capable of Brighton.

  61. Chris


    “It would be even better if they lost in a final in heart breaking fashion.”

    Like we did.

    How that night still stings.

  62. Dissenter

    Waking up to Pierre’s babbling again
    Ozil has no footballing philosophy right now. He’s a semi-retired dude who loves living in London. The idea that there’s a manager out there to revive him is just laughable.
    I really hope you, Pedro and your ilk get that special manager with a philosophy that will ignite the likes of Ozil and Mustafi.
    Let me put it this way; no team with Ozil or Mustafi in it is capable of a night like last nights. Mustafi would have made one individual error to burst the bubble and Ozil would have been outpaced and bullied too many times to result in anything.

  63. Mr Serge

    We can only bring in one non home grown player as we are losing Ramsey and Welbeck until we sell some non Hg players. Which means we are more likeky to keep iwobi jenkinson and chambers boooo