Only two people can save Arsenal (long read)

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I did a little podcast with Matt yesterday, an Emeryista at the start of the season, struggling now. One of the items he touched on is the chat about our defence being 52 goals worth of bad. There’s a narrative going around that our defenders are uncoachable, and like so many meek takes, it just doesn’t rub.

Monreal is an excellent left back, arguably one of our most underappreciated defenders of the last few years. A warrior and perfectly capable.

Kola is an international and was left back of the year in Germany.

Kos was an international, would have gone to the World Cup had it not been for an injury, he is a very capable individual.

Sokratis has played for Milan and Dortmund. He’s not world class, but he’s been a hit this season and all his ex-teammates speak highly of him.

AMN is a solid reserve right back. Mavrapanos hasn’t had many games, but hardly the second coming of Stepanovs.

Bellerin is one of the best young right backs in Europe. Holding is excellent. A lot of people flag their injuries like that was the turning point for the defence… despite us clearly being on for conceding 50 goals when they were in the starting 11.

Then you have a keeper who has been in the top 3 this year. Much better than Kepa and I think it’s hard to deny he’s been better than De Gea this season.

Mustafi, who has been god awful, is still a World Cup winner. I know, I know, hard to fathom… but look, it’s not me that saw 4000 hours of him playing, wrote a prez about him being good enough, played him the most out of any Arsenal player in the league.

Anyway, my point here… players uncoachable? Really? It just doesn’t rub. Wenger didn’t give a fuck about defending, had a worse keeper who was making errors regularly, no defensive midfielder of note, no Sokratis and managed to do better defensively in a season most of the players gave up in January.

All players at an international level are coachable, in fact, they are the most coachable in the world, that’s why they made it, they listened and acted upon the wisdom. No one makes it to those heights if they can’t be trained. If they are failing, it’s because they aren’t being organised effectively, they don’t understand what they are supposed to be doing, or they don’t know what the vision is.

I found it amusing that many of the folk defending Emery yesterday were asking if we should have signed Brendan Rodgers. You are in a dark place if that’s where your mind is heading.

That said, it is hard to deny that he doesn’t have more pedigree in the Premier League than Emery. That team he set up for Liverpool played explosive football and he was a whisker away from something special. Leicester looked a match against City yesterday, only a moment of magic separated the two sides. Anyway, back to Rodgers, he’s a bit of a wally, isn’t he? How long before that carry-on would get a little boring if you were a player?

‘Guess what’s in my hand, boy?’

‘No Brendan’

‘I said GUESS’

‘Brendan, fuck off mate, I’m trying to leave…’

‘YOUR FUTURE, actually, as you asked, or it might be your past’


‘I messed it up…’

He does have charisma though, and he’s a bit of a boy I hear. However, I do think he’s found a good level. That’s a good hire for Leicester.

When thinking about a replacement hire for Sven Mislintat, we should look at the comings and goings at the Midlands club. They have a production line of unbelievable youth talent, as well as making very shrewd signings from around Europe at bargain basement prices. It all stems from having a longterm vision. Nothing they’ve done has been an accident, it’s all built on a plan, and executed with full accountability. As soon as someone fails to deliver what they need, they take action. Ranieri, gone as soon as things went south. Good decision. Puel, gone because they didn’t like the style of football. Good decision.

My hope is that Arsenal move in that direction. My view is that’ll happen when we bring in a technical director. Hopefully, that person is a visionary that will take time out to understand what we have to offer, map a blueprint based on a footballing philosophy they want to execute, then bend the club around an actionable plan.

That’ll mean one more season of Emery, but make no mistake, the new person will be spending the next 6 months working out how to move us on from this grim transition into a more stable situation we can build from.

Liverpool finished 8th in Klopp’s first season, however, after a rocky start to his career, and spending next to nothing in his first transfer window, Klopp went on a bit of a rampage, in his last 13 games in the league, Liverpool scored 31 goals (half of all their league goals came in those games). They reached two cup finals (one of which he lost to Emery).

Point here is this, though inconsistent, he was playing heavy metal football and it was electric (conceded less than Emery has this season). You could see what he was doing, and that was without a preseason.

His first summer he spent net zero, shipping out £70m and bringing in £70m worth of talent. He was selling absolute dross. Benteke, Ibe, Skrtel and Joe Allen. Don’t tell me our dross is worse than those names. There is cash on the table at Arsenal.

They made the Champions League on net zero transfer spend.

The next season they sold a HUGE name and reinvested that money in another net neutral year.

They made the Champions League final.

Once they hit the big time, they spent £130m net, now they are chasing down the Premier League with one game to go.

They have good owners. They have a vision, a belief system, a plan and they bring in the best people in to execute it. When it goes wrong, they make quick decisions, they don’t fester on talent that isn’t delivering.

Arsenal are struggling for good people, we hired a bland manager and we let him bring his mates with him (something Ivan wasn’t going to do). We have two major vacancies that could make or break our next ten years. The technical director is the architect of our future. The head of recruitment is the person charged with finding the talent to bring the future to life. We need to hope that that top dog is a person of extreme ability because there are a lot of bad actors at the club that need purging. We need to get into gear and really deliver to an elite-performance ethos.

We have two hopes of this happening. 

#1 Raul isn’t a fraud. I can’t help but stare that Denis Suarez deal in the face and wonder what the fuck happened. How could anyone of sound mind greenlight that move when our glaring issues were elsewhere. Who thought hiring in a characterless player that had no power, pace or record of achievement, was a good idea? £2.5m and £100k a week. Disgraceful.

Anyway, let’s pretend that was Emery. Raul has to make the right move with this technical director. It can’t be a hack. I don’t want Monchi. I don’t want someone from Barca. Give us an accountable leader that is here to make magic happen. Someone that is entitled, intelligent and truly believes we WILL become the best. A person that doesn’t believe in excuses and exits those that lean on them. A winner that looks under all the rocks and eeks out value from every penny, person and technology they have available.

A move can negate the bullshit… because it doesn’t matter how many people tell you STAN STAN STAN… if you hire a person who is a self-starter that has some fucking pride, you don’t need an owner to micromanage. People that blame the owner are the sorts that think religion stops you from murdering the drummer next door that fucks really loudly and keeps you up with his droning laughter then doubles down with his girlfriend that cackles like some sort of Wizard of Oz BITCH at youtube videos when stoned.

You think Beppe Marotta needs a to-do list to run a club well? No. Because he’s driven to succeed. Find the right person, give them the generous parameters Stan has afforded us, and they’ll make it work. Our wage bill is £235m. That is GIGANTIC. Our net spend is the 3rd highest in the league. We are the biggest opportunity in world football for the right person, they can literally live out their purest footballing fantasies at Arsenal. No one in your ear if you make your numbers. Fans will worship them. Amazing.

The second hope is Josh K comes down from the Super Bowl clouds and starts paying attention to Arsenal.

Get off the fucking yacht Josh, those babes will still be there next year.

KSE has made a lot of effort with The Rams, The Nuggets and whatever that hockey team is called. Huge turnarounds that have pleased the fans immensely.

Are they really going to ignore a billion dollar club like Arsenal forever?

I hope not. Why would you? Who is going to invite you to a super league if you haven’t done anything interesting in 15 years? There is always a chance that we’ll get some owner action at some point, because we are a high-value asset that is not doing very well… and I believe in patterns… our turn HAS to be coming.

So the long and short of it is this: Things aren’t getting better for at least a year. Next year will be another Emery bore fest, but we will absolutely have a Technical Director in place before the summer… so the pain will be temporary IF we get that hire right.

Then it’s all on that person because if we blow the next rebirth, I struggle to see how we make it back inside 10 years.

Over to whoever cares to make the next move.

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  1. gunnershabz

    it looks like EDU is coming but after the copa america

    looks like the summer is already doomed already, unless raul has a back up plan

  2. TheBoyCornelius

    Looks like the TD will be Edu – but not until after Copa America.
    Anyone know his track record at Corinthians ?

  3. Freddie Ljungberg

    Interesting take on our defenders, complete fantasy, but still…

    Kola is alright as a wingback but pretty crap in a back 4. Monreal is past it, Kos is past it but can still perform once a week and was injured half the season, Mustafi international or not is complete garbage.

    Bellerin and Holdings absences have been felt 1) because the backups are much worse (especially Mustafi) and 2) because although we conceded a fair few goals in the beginning that was still the break in period and it was looking better before the injuries the few times we had our first choice back line. That collapsed right quick.

    Comparing with Klopp is a bit disingenuous as well, they could get decent money for their players because they didn’t have Wenger jacking up the salaries for piss average players so they could actually get sold. Going to be a struggle getting our dross sold. Nevermind replacing the 3 players leaving on a free.

  4. CG

    “”He was selling absolute dross. Benteke, Ibe, Skrtel and Joe Allen””””

    Another very entertaining &informative piece ( and excellent audio piece)from our peerless PedRo .Many thanks.

    The problem with Arsenal under the New Regime- is that they DO NOT sell players for cash. They give them away for nothing…

    To think -we allowed Fulham to have Callum Chambers for possibly a small loan fee- whilst we kept Lichtensteiner at Right back for the whole season?

    Letting Ramsey go for nothing is just unforgivable. How much will it cost to replace a player of his energy ,goal getting ability and drive?

    Welbeck- although injury prone- needs replacing too….as he is a versatile forward option. Surely an incentivised fitness related contract should have been offered for him??

    I know PedRo is pinning his hope’s on a magical TD to turn us around – but it won’t work if Raul appoints him. Because Raul will not choose someone – who will endanger his own power base. He will choose a stooge- like when he had his say with Emery.

    Our only hope is – ( and I am not joking)
    Is that Josh K – sacks the Spanish Clowns immediately- install Wenger as caretaker coach- hopefully for The Europa Cup final.

    Wenger cup final winning ratio 75%

    Then bounce him upstairs.
    And then appoint Patrick Vieira as head coach for next season.

    We will at least have an Arsenal identity back. Clearly lacking. Hence the empty seats.

    A Wenger/Vieria partnership would mean – we can at least be an exciting destination for the young British and French power players we need – to move forward.

    After all – what exciting young player would want to play under useless Unai..?

  5. Freddie Ljungberg

    That said hopefully we can get something for Mustafi, Xhaka and Chambers, 60mil for the lot seems reasonable. That’s enough for a pretty decent CB and another CM. Konate and Doucoure for example or if the rumours are true and we’re in talks with Rabiot there could even be some change left over.

    50m for Xhaka is pure lala land Pedro, you can’t seriously believe we’ll get anywhere close to that.

  6. Akilan

    Kolasinac is god awful mate. Just because he had a good season at Schalke, doesn’t make him better than he actually is. He kills our attack offensively and is shite defensively. Probably wouldn’t start for any of the midtable teams let alone a top 6 one.

    Nacho, despite being everything he said he is, he’s also 34? The most important quality of a FB is his legs. Unfortunately his legs have gone. He can be a decent back up but he ain’t a starter anymore.

    Kos was out for 1/2 of the season and took another month or so to get back up to the speed(Saints, BHA away, Pool away). He’s also 33 or something.

    Mustafi didn’t even play at CB at the WC. Winning the WC is his best attribute anyway.

    HB & Rob are injured for more than half a season.

    Sokratis is decent and the fact that he’s been our best defender should actually make us sad.

    Even when all of our defenders are fit, none of our back 4 would get into Leicester’s back 4. Honestly our CBs are probably worse than Brighton’s. Dunk & Tarkowski were excellent at the Emirates and have been decent all season.

    We’ve made something like 30 errors that lead to goal in 2 seasons. Our numbers are probably as good as we get with these bunch.

  7. HighburyLegend

    Already a new post from Pedro the specialist in hypocrisy ??
    Well… I guess that’s still better than Untold.

  8. TheBoyCornelius

    Would it be worth cutting our loses if we have to, on the likes of Mustafi, Xhaka, Kola, Mikhi & Ozil and just getting in young raw talent. Take the hit for a season with inconsistency – at least it would be better that the consistency of shoddy performances form these old hands!!

  9. Siddharth14

    Edu is one of us and he will work hard. But does he have the ruthlessness and drive to execute this rebuild. I’m very much apprehensive of this.

    It seems we are again taking a safety first approach. He will be joining in July which means our Summer will be a big yawn.

    When was the last time that we were excited by Executive level appointment.

  10. HighburyLegend

    “The second hope is Josh K comes down from the Super Bowl clouds and starts paying attention to Arsenal. ”

    Erm… in fact this is the ONLY hope, imo.

  11. Ishola70

    Is fantasy about the defenders.

    I agree that overall Monreal has been a good signing but you can see for the past few seasons he has been on the wane.

    Kolasinac is a poor defender who is cluleless regarding defensive positioning and doesn’t make up for it offensively.

    Koscielny is seen now as a bit of a club legend but he is so obviously past it. Even in his prime he had errors defensively in him and wasn’t a defensive rock.

    Sokratis is the right profile CB that Arsenal should be looking at that being more defender first but he has his physical limitations and is past his best.

    Mustafi was brought by Wenger apparently because Wenger liked his more footballing aspects of him rather than defensive ones. That he could put his foot on the ball.

    Bellerin has all the tools to be seen as good but he had plenty of defensive lapses. This is one player that can be coached to improve weakness.

    Overall though if players have certain traits or characteristics then these can be difficult to iron out with coaching.

    Going back to Kolasinac he played as a left midfielder many times so is it any wonder that he’s not up to scratch defensively. And he got into Bundesliga team of the year? Just like Xhaka did? Why do Arsenal buy players from mid-table clubs in europe who have just one season that is seen as a stand-out? It’s fraught with danger. Can work though as Giroud was signed on that basis as well and overall he was seen as a good signing. But it’s like playing russian roulette signing players based on one season of football from mediocre clubs.

  12. Akilan


    Why would you want to sack the best UEL manager in the history, mate. Despite our struggles, he still has us one foot in the final. Wenger never won anything in Europe mate.

    Also I’m pretty sure Unai’s cup final record is better than Wenger’s.

  13. Crusaderrabbit

    Two very good consecutive pieces and the podcast, you are spoling us Pedro.

    Watching the game over the weekend just reinforced the issues with Emery. Forget points, league positions and cups, we are worse in the areas he was brought in to fix. The players he was supposed to help are poorer than ever. And, as is pointed out in the podcast, we have zero identity or evidence of a plan which is by far the most depressing aspect of his tenure. This to me is so much more curcial than how shit this player or that layer is, I just cannot see where Emery is trying to get this team. The analogies with Guardiola and Klopp are correct, neither of them were first season wonders but at least you could see what was trying to be achieved even if the ingredients were not there.

    I actually think that when it came to the hire all the board were looking for was the best option for taking us back into the Champions League as soon as possible, and screw everything else. On paper that is/was Emery – the only guy available with pedigree in the competition, which they saw as our best chance of getting back there (as Man U had done). If he managed to improve our league position into Top 4 that would be a bonus but I really think they saw him as a quick fix/short cut and jumped at the opportunity. Therefore if we get to the final I think the board will see that he’s met his objectives, I don’t actually believe they give two hoots about what happens on the pitch or ‘sauce’, their only metric for the season will be a CL spot.

  14. Receding Hairline

    Raul Sanhelli and potentially Edu in charge. Add a 40m “war chest” and very few sellable assets and you will agree who your manager is becomes irrelevant.

    This is going to get painful.

  15. Emiratesstroller


    I will listen to your Podcast today, but in the meantime I want to cover some of
    the other points you raise and also refer to my earlier post made on last t.hread.

    Our defence is despite what you write a complete mess. I have watched in the flesh enough games this season to know that the current backline is not only uncoachable, but ill disciplined and unintelligent as well.

    The problems are not just down to Mustafi who let’s be honest plays consistently like a headless chicken. I accept that he is quite good in the air
    when the team takes corners and free kicks, but when you see Arsenal lose
    the ball and are subject to a counter attack you expect the player to track back
    and get back as quickly as possible to defend. His propensity to play upfield
    leaves far to often stranded out of position. Also rather like Xhaka he gets himself into a positional pickle and is forced to tackle from behind the opponent. This results too often in either a dangerous free kick or even a penalty.

    Sokratis may be experienced but he is bluntly very average. He would be
    probably okay playing alongside a “world class centre back and leader” but
    not with the players we have got at moment.

    Koscielny and Monreal were decent players but are no longer good enough to
    play regularly in first team. Koscielny has a debilitating injury and Monreal
    has suffered injury recently but more importantly has lost his pace. In normal
    circumstances I would like to see both leave the club this summer, but that
    now seems unlikely.

    Lichsteiner, Jenkinson and Kolasinac are simply not defensively good enough
    to play at EPL level.

    So that leaves us with Bellerin, Maitland-Niles and Holding who do have potential to improve when not injured. However, only Holding can be described as a solid defender in the making the other two have potential to
    be decent wing backs.

  16. Ishola70

    And we must remember all these defenders mentioned have a big handicap to them at Arsenal.

    They have a certain Granit Xhaka sitting in front of them watching opposing players run past him and descending upon them.

  17. englandsbest

    Gary Neville’s recipe for Man U is ‘cleanse the dressing room, cleanse the club’, the same medicine that Arsenal needs.

    The difference is that OGS has players other clubs want plus a big transfer pot – which Arsenal don’t.

  18. Gbat

    Bigging up the defence now to have a go at the manager. Koscielny even at his best had a mistake in him.

  19. Emiratesstroller

    Moving onto your point about Liverpool shifting out shit players and bringing
    in better players.

    You miss the key difference between them and Arsenal. Liverpool’s wage bill
    when Klopp first arrived was significantly lower than ours. They were not paying these players £100K pw .

    Arsenal’s current problem is that we are paying at least 8 players in the squad
    between £100 and 350K pw in wages. None of these players are remotely worth
    what we are paying them and when you factor in also that most are now in their late 20s to 30s that makes them almost impossible to shift.

    No-one believes seriously that Ozil and Mkhitaryan are saleable when you look at their wages and more importantly current performance levels. We are stuck with them until end of current contracts which expire in June 2021.

  20. Ishola70

    There was one difference though between the Giroud signing and the Xhaka/Kolasinac ones.

    Giroud may have had one season of real stand-out football at Montpellier but in that season he actually won a league title with them. Not so the other two.

  21. Emiratesstroller

    Looking at the ownership and management of the club.

    We have a distant landlord in Kroenke whose primary business interests are
    real estate and sports franchises. He is willing to invest in buildings and shares, but in contrast to most of Arsenal’s competitors is not willing to invest his money in the team.

    That would be fine if we had a Board and Senior Management who were knowledgable and clever negotiators with a “good eye” in transfer market.
    Sadly it has been blindingly obvious for a very long time that is not the case.
    Our transfer business has been exceedingly poor.

    Gazidis was a bullshit and Wenger’s transfer deals in recent years were frankly poor. You cannot blame Emery for our transfer business apart from perhaps the loan of Suarez, which let’s be honest was a “loan” with no long
    term damage since he will be returned at end of season to Barcelona.

  22. Receding Hairline

    Glad to see others bursting this hypocritical view we have “very good” defenders poorly coached.

    Not to mention our so called “creative” hub of ozil, iwobi and Henrik… Two we can’t sell cos they are overpaid and play like shit.

    Edu as technical director is another laughable appointment in my opinion, coordinates the Brazilian national teams doesn’t qualify you for the rebuilding job that’s Arsenal football club

  23. Emiratesstroller

    Moving forward the Owner needs to increase the transfer budget of the club this summer. We do not have the resources out on loan or coming through the U23s
    to replace the experienced players who need to be offloaded.

    You might be able to find perhaps one or two bargains or players on bosmans this summer if you are lucky but not the 5-6 replacements needed.

    As I pointed out Barcelona are reputed to want to recruit Lacazette on an exchange deal with Umtiti. If we were to do a swap deal then I would prefer
    to recruit Dembele as a preference and not swap for a Centre Back who is
    frankly a reject.

    Dembele is a young winger with a lot of potential and a much better replacement.

  24. CG


    “”””Two very good consecutive pieces and the podcast, you are spoiling us Pedro.””””

    He is indeed- compared to the dirge that is forced fed to us in the Telegraph and SportTalk- PedRo’s Forum – is the only enjoyment – I am getting out of supporting Arsenal these days.

    The last few days-exceptional work.
    And all FREE.

    And nothing is free in life- except Arsenal giving players away .

  25. englandsbest


    The idea of Josh riding in on a white horse to save the Club strikes me as wishful thinking. On past performance he is a Walmart clone of his dear old dad.

    Nor does a comparison with Klopp at Liverpool make much sense. He had a side packed with players other clubs wanted (Coutinho for example). Emery doesn’t.

    Klopp had a squad of players on reasonable wages and workable contracts. Emery doesn’t.

    Best of all Klopp had a boss (the owners) who accepted the obligations that a top club brings, commitment to success on the pitch. Emery doesn’t.

    As for the argument that any half-decent player can be coached into top quality, why did Klopp pay £75 million for VVD?

  26. gunnershabz

    the players are all international levels

    i think individual errors leading to goals costs us but then some head drops
    focus and concentration goes out of the window

  27. Guns of Hackney

    I said it yesterday and it’s worth repeating.

    1. Stan, the board and the players are making tonnes of cash for almost zero input. This is a win for them.

    2. Our club is full of mediocre…everything. There IS NO drive to succeed from anyone because of point 1.

    3. When Arsene was stinking the place out a lot of blame had to be attached at the supporters for allowing it to continue for so long…if Emery continues, it will again be on the supporters. When the idiots at the Emirates finally had enough, empty seats were everywhere and it looked horrible. Wenger went. Make it happen.

    4. Ramsay. Not a great but a serviceable player who we let go for nothing. But a replacement for that type of player must be, in today’s market, a £50m one easy. Along with some of the utter catastrophes Arsenal have perpetrated over the past few years, this ranks really high. Especially if you line it up against the Ozil deal and signing Mikki. Just yuck.

    If the support stops, so does revenue which leaves Stan and the board two choices: lose money or act. I doubt that the former will even be considered.

    We are once again sleepwalking into Arsene Wenger 2.0. That’s three seasons without CL football. Not a good look.

    We are an embarrassment.

  28. OleGunner

    Edu has been selected as the next Technical Director Pedro.
    What are your thoughts on that?

  29. Ishola70

    “the players are all international levels”

    There are certain standards though of international players in themselves and the reputation of the countries they represent.

    Club football tells us more about a player than international level overall.

  30. gunnershabz

    i really think if we can afford it is get premier league proven players from Leicester, Wolves

    mcquire, chilwell, tielemens, ryan fraser, ruben neves, diego jota

    i am sure these set off players will improve us

    i rather have ryan fraser instead of mkhi and iwobi

  31. englandsbest


    To be honest a £40 million transfer pot for Emery would surprise me – I expect it to be about half that amount..

    A ‘make good and make do’ policy will doom the Club to years of mid-table mediocrity. A couple of half-decent players won’t cure anything.

    Far better the ‘cleanse the dressing-room’ method, provided of course that the backroom have a long list of the young and vigorous, who maybe CAN be coached into greatness.

  32. OleGunner

    If you had to pick an 11 aside team of the current Arsenal players to save your LITERAL life, how many would you pick?

  33. ddkingz

    but I do think Pedro is Right though…

    is VVD better than mustafi?? hell NO, mustafi is a world champion and VVD has been in a European tournament bar the weak united nationals tournament or whatever it’s called.

    koscielny is a euro tournament finalist and much better than VVD, Gomez and matip..

    ozil is miles better than messi. as he’s the greatest assist maker, chance creator and pre-pre-pre-pre assist maker of all time.

    xhaka is better that than fabinho, most liner and Henderson.

    @CG, u think Wenger replaced Sanchez with mkhi????

  34. Jamie

    I get the feeling Pep absolutely hates fulfilling his post-match media commitments. So many one-word answers. “Yes. No. Fantastic.”

  35. ddkingz

    OleG… non of them would I pick…

    I can’t even trust aubameyang to score a sitter to save his own life…

  36. CG


    “”””@CG, u think Wenger replaced Sanchez with mkhi????””””

    But he did not.
    Raul did, that deal

    Wenger was opposed to this deal.

  37. ddkingz

    After the Leicester match, we should have swapped our full squad present at the king power stadium with those of Leicester city… then promise to transfer kitty to them as balance payment of the swap deal… or just make a direct wasp with all wolves players with those at arsenal.

  38. Paulinho

    “Good post Pedro, just watched Gary Neville talk about United from MNF and it was chillingly familiar to the current state here”

    And yet the main sentiment of Gary Neville is that United have had ‘best of class’ in terms of coaches over the last few years but failed, because the structure wasn’t right above him. Yet apparently Emery is the big problem here.

  39. ddkingz

    CG…. are you for real???¿

    If Wenger was opposed to the swap deal between sanchez and mkhi, how was Wenger planning to deal with the Sanchez debacle?? ¿

    I think you owe everyone an explanation on this topic… because the only option Wenger would have left would be letting Sanchez run down his contract, of which you are against with how the Spanish Dracula let Ramsey go for free to juventus.

  40. gambon

    Would be lovely to see a post from Paulinho, Bamford et al that wasnt a thinly veiled desperate defence of Emery, or thinly veiled dig at anyone that doesnt rate Emery.

  41. Jamie

    CG thinks Wenger was opposed to the Mkhi swap deal when he stated in public press conferences that he likes Mkhi and is trying to complete the deal.

    Either CG is lying, or his hero Wenger did. Which is it?

  42. Dissenter

    Emirates stroller
    ‘There are many who post on here criticising Emery, but you have to ask the
    question how do you expect him to compete with any of the top 5 when we have such a dysfunctional squad with little prospect of generating sufficient
    funds to buy replacements’

    That’s the basis is why I insisted that Emery be allowed to finish his contract. The club doesn’t have the resources to break his contract
    If we fire him this summer, we have to pay him off [as well as his assistants] – that’s about 10 million.
    Then we have to hire an new manager [and his assistants] along with compensation for the current employer . Good managers won’t just be lying around.
    We can’t afford to take £20-25 million out of a tiny transfer pot to fulfill the primitive angry desires of a dimmed mob.

  43. gunnershabz

    according to reports we already out of the deal to sign nicolas pepe of Lille

    i got a feeling he is the new gervinho

    £60m is too much of a risk to spend on him

  44. Paulinho

    Gambon – Charlie said the situation at United was chillingly similar to here – which I agree with btw – yet Neville blames it mostly on the structure above, and the dressing room that he would like to see ‘cleansed’. The manager comes after that, because he’s seen top coaches like Van Gaal and Mourinho come in and the difference in net impact has been negligible.

  45. Champagne Charlie


    I said similar, not same. What resonates with me is the lack of strategy and vision akin to what Neville describes as a “5-year plan” to re-establish United as the powerhouse of English football.

    We don’t have anything in place that you might consider a plan on how to scale Arsenal back up to the heights we were in the early 2000’s.

    You might choose to continually subjugate what’s posted on Emery, but he’s a huge piece of the puzzle as manager. Arguably more-so with the absence of a technical director and greater influence on the direction of the club.

  46. Ryan

    Enough of this nonsense. Emery is a fraud. I expected a title challenge after the unbeaten run but he took us midtable. Wenger was better than this clown. Emery out.

  47. Dissenter

    I started reading but quickly realized it was another one-sided our-players-are-good-enough rant…so I switched off. It was like ‘see you in the comments’.
    I mean you start off with Montreal without saying that he’s past his sell-by date. That’s wearing your bias on a sticker pasted on your forehead.

  48. gambon

    I like the look of Edu as a TD

    Ive seen a few of his interviews in recent years, and he seems to know what he’s doing, very keen to put in place a culture from a top down point of view, and hes an Arsenal man.

    I would certainly rather an up and comer like Edu, that a tired old hire like Monchi.

    Also, too many people parroting the £45m budget bollocks.

    Its not going to be £45m. We arent spending 15% of our budget on a 17 year old Brazilian striker that plays in about the 4th division.

  49. Chitom

    Pedro , just because most Arsenal players are internationals doesn’t mean jack.
    There’s a reason most people can’t stand interlulls and it’s because the level of football in most cases is pure garbage.

    “All players are coachable”, sure, to a certain degree I suppose although Mourinho who knows a thing or two about coaching clearly disagrees with you when he said Ballotelli was uncoachable.

    Listen , you don’t have to try to big up this Arsenal squad to make the case for letting Emery go. His Arsenal stats are quite pitiful first season and all.
    But trying to paint this Arsenal squad as somehow a top quality outfit that’s on the verge, if you just sprinkle it with some managerial special sauce , enters Wenger’s delusion years territory.

  50. Ishola70


    “I expected a title challenge after the unbeaten run but he took us midtable”

    lol why?

    Arsenal beat Spurs and Man United at home drew with Liverpool at home. The away wins were all against fodder teams lower level sides in EPL and europa league sides.

    Why did you think that run would signify a title challenge?

    Who did Arsenal beat away from home in that run which made you think the title could be on?

  51. gambon

    That said, Im not sure why Emery deserves any transfer funds at all.

    He had £65m last year and delivered 0 improvement.

    Why would you give him another £65m, or £80m, or £150m – the evidence suggests he will again deliver 0 improvement.

  52. OleGunner


    yeah me too bar Leno.
    That’s what I was trying to get at with my question, how much faith do posters here put on our players quality in a life saving game for them lol

    I bet most wouldn’t pick more than 2 Arsenal players, but if you asked them to pick from Pool, City or Chelsea, they’d fill out the entire 11!

  53. OleGunner


    Sure in your mind he doesn’t deserve shit but Emery will be given a (paltry) budget so you might need to get over it mate.

  54. Dissenter

    What exactly qualifies Edu as technical director?
    He’s doing a general manager’s job with the Brazilian national team, like running their operations at the moment.
    What’s his track record in Europe?

    This place is amusing when it’s just the sound of cattle hoot beats charging down a steep slope unto a cliff.
    There used to be lots if dessent here, now it’s just back slaps and high fives.

  55. Ishola70


    “the evidence suggests he will again deliver 0 improvement.”

    Could well be minus in regards to improvement if there is no changes in the first team and the right profile players are not brought in.

  56. Elmo

    For all the talk about the imminent need for a technical director, surely if Sanllehi has anything about him at all, then he could successfully conduct our transfer business this summer. He was DoF at Barca for 10 years, and made the final calls in relation to transfer business and contracts. There were times he did well, and the latter years where it seemed to be bust after bust. Why can’t he run that side of things at Arsenal? Does appointing a TD below him just insulate him from accountability (manager responsible for on-field failures; TD responsible for off-field failures; him directly responsible for nothing).

    I thought that’s what a DoF did anyway, and that a TD was in charge of constructing the right training facilities and youth set-up for the club to prosper and forge a strong identity and production line of talent.

  57. Dissenter

    Last summers spending wasn’t a quick-patch on the bicycle tire.

    You think bringing in a 30-year old rash Greek defender, 23 year old Uruguayan, 19 year old French division 2 player, a 34 year old Swiss museum piece and Leno was going to transform the team?

  58. Ryan

    “lol why?Arsenal beat Spurs and Man United at home drew with Liverpool at home. The away wins were all against fodder teams lower level sides in EPL and europa league sides.Why did you think that run would signify a title challenge?Who did Arsenal beat away from home in that run which made you think the title could be on??”

    Ishola, I thought Emery is a world class manager like Klopp and Simeone who could overachieve but he isn’t just a spanish midtable manager.

  59. Receding Hairline

    Of course you like the look of coordinator of the Brazilian national team as the man spear heading our rebuilding. You will like it up until the point where he has teething problems and you will be back on here wanting him out.

    That’s your forte Gambon, negativity, gives you a chance to practice your “wit”

  60. Emiratesstroller


    Arsenal are not going to sack Emery after one season.

    1. We have qualified for the Europa Cup Semi Final and will probably reach the Final.

    2. The team was still competing for a top 4 finish in EPL with two games to go.
    Last season we were miles behind the top 4 teams at this stage of the season.

    3. As you suggest the club is unlikely to break a contract with a new manager
    after 1 season. They have never done so in their history. I have no reason to
    believe that they would do so under current owner.

  61. gambon


    Transform the team? No

    Deliver at least 1% improvement – yes.

    Emery delivered 0% imprvement.

    So lets say we triple his budget from £65m to £195m (net), tell me, what is 3 x 0?

    Or lets say we give him £650m to spend, what is 10 x 0?

  62. Dissenter

    Who’s going to sign Welbeck
    Even the Everton and Wolves have passed his level. Maybe a newly promoted team.
    That’s the type of players we stocked up on. Players no one wants when Liverpool can get £18 million for players they don’t even need.
    We’ll be talking ‘net spend’ soon.

  63. Ryan

    Edu will just waste money on Brazilian shite. Give Morrow the job he will sign good british players. We need more British spine in the team,

    Get Fraser, Tierney etc in before liverpool get them.

  64. Ryan

    “Ryan it’s no ones fault you were silly enough to expect a title challenge. That’s on you and no one else.”

    Looking at his EL success I though he was a overachiever. But he even bottled top 4 never mind title.

  65. Receding Hairline

    Gambon were you competing for a third/fourth place finish up until the penultimate game of last season?

    Did you head off to the second leg of the Europa semi final with a two goal first leg lead?

    1% is such a silly number to keep parroting on here daily..

  66. Champagne Charlie

    “You think bringing in a 30-year old rash Greek defender, 23 year old Uruguayan, 19 year old French division 2 player, a 34 year old Swiss museum piece and Leno was going to transform the team?“

    Christ you don’t half have your insufferable moments.

    Nobody mentioned a transformation. And stripping them back to faceless/nameless pieces doesn’t hide the fact we recruited a better GK, better CB, better CM plus two added squad men to last seasons lot.

    Expecting some improvement on that alone is fair, never mind the added influence of a modern coach thought to bring his highly analytical approach to a raft of players who’ve been without defensive tactics for a couples of seasons, some more.

  67. Ryan

    Lol atleast Wenger got us 3rd in first season and won the double next season unlike Emery here who couldn’t even get us top 4 and probably next year as well.

  68. Biggles

    Emiratesstroller beat me to it. It’s all about the money.

    Benteke was on £140k, Skrtel was on £75k, Allen was on £45k. That’s way less than what Arsenal would have paid them. Skrtel racked up 320 games for Liverpool across a number of years, including seasons when they were second – but was on less than Mustafi. Allen played 50 or so more games in the same time frame as Elneny and got paid £10k a week less for it. Benteke… well he was their top earner, but he was a coveted striker when they signed him and we were a bit jealous. At least they got something back for him because that wasn’t utterly mental wages. We paid Chamakh £93k a week for even less remember.

    All of which points back to the script I’ve stuck to for the last few weeks. We’re directionless more or less until we get Ozil and Mhikitaryan off the wage bill. We might see investment next year as we begin to build again, but this next coming season is a write-off unless we get shot of those two. Our wage bill would be fine if we were winning things, but we’re not, and we’re so far away it isn’t funny. Taking a look at La Liga for instance, Barca and Real both spend more on wages than us. But they’ve won the last five CLs between them and 14 out of the last 15 La Liga seasons. Atletico are kinda close to us, but we know they’re a better team than us because they beat us last year in the Europa League. Getafe? £25m a year. The whole team combined gets paid less than Ozil and Mhiktaryan together. Valencia are about £100m. We’ll find out how we stack up against them in a couple of days… but even if we win I don’t think we’re going to look good value for money.

    Basically, what Arsenal need to happen is to have a long term direction that lowers the wage bill for squad players whilst still having the ability to sign worldies. We’re slowly morphing into Crystal Palace – two places behind us in the PL wage list (and we’re obviously not Spuds who are one place behind us). We need to get back from that place. I’m sure that there will always be people like Sigurdsson (£150k) and Hernandez (£140k) who would rather earn big bucks and play for lesser teams, but if that’s the kind of signings you make, that’s the way you end up mid-table.

    The problem obviously is that whilst it’s easy to say “NEED DIRECTION” it’s a whole lot harder to accomplish. Realistically, it’ll take at least a decade to fully come together, because you need to start with the 8-year olds already at the club to begin to imprint a club DNA the way Barca or Ajax have. We need two years to clear expensive dross out the club and need to keep making incremental improvements year on year. At the same time, we need to start being an attractive destination for players to come to – and I don’t mean London and it’s nightlife. If you were Ryan Sessegnon or Ruben Neves etc, would you rather come to Arsenal, or go to Liverpool or Spurs right now? They’ve won less than us lately, but they look contenders… and we don’t sadly.

  69. Ryan

    And we are not going to win EL. Hazard will destroy us and Chelsea are finally adapated to Sarri.

  70. Ryan

    I actually think Sarri would have been a better hire. His philosophy is similar to Wenger and squad would play good football.

  71. Dissenter

    Yea, let’s leave the likes of Mustafi and Xhaka who are fully moulded articles to keep running amok in the Emirates next season.

    Let’s not solve all the putrid mass of horse shite that was left for the manager; .33-35 year old defenders, £570k weekly wages on two attacking midfielders who are both crap, no central midfielders or wide players.

    That will work for us, after all we spent £65 million last summer in Poundland.
    Better still why don’t we have Emery pay us for the privilege of managing this great club that the world has never seen before.

  72. Ryan

    Emery gonna last probably until December tops, he is just not good manager, that initial winning streak was nothing more then new manager honeymoon, he looked like amateur in last few games. Arsenal made terrible mistake with him.

  73. englandsbest

    It is still too early to pass judgement on Emery. After all, he might yet win the Europa Cup and thereby qualify for CL, which so many on here seem to rate so highly (shades of Wenger?)

    But even if Emery does win the Europa my judgement on him will depend on what he does in the summer.

  74. Receding Hairline

    And we lost a good young CB, our first choice RB, a versatile front player who had a fantastic start to the season ( still has more goals than 48 appearance iwobi). Kos has been in and out, monreal in and out.. Yea let’s just ignore the players we have had to do without for large chunks of the season and concentrate on the fantastic five we added.

  75. Ryan

    Wenger was a genius. We were lucky to get him.

    3 Premier league titles. 7 FA cups

    League Title and French cup with Monaco

    Avoiding relegation with Nancy with the worst squad in the league.

    Emery isn’t fit to clean his shoe lases.

    Arsene Wenger is a god and the greatest manager ever of Arsenal history.

  76. Receding Hairline

    Torriera has been a non entity since December, Sokratis has been okay, Guendouzi has shown he is a ligue 2 player but I have been told its Emery’s fault for playing him, lich is finished, Leno has been great.

    That’s the fantastic signings Sven dropped before joining the power house that is Stuttgart

  77. Pedro

    Paulinho, United no doubt have massive structural issues, but I can’t agree that they’ve been signing best in class coaches.

    Moyes, LVG, OGS and Mourinho have all been terrible signings.

  78. Ryan


    Arteta would have us overachieving and playing pep football. Shame we got Emery instead.

    Mate its time for you to write how to identify a EKB {Emery Knows Best} blog

  79. Ryan

    Its time to sack Emery and get Arteta. We wasted a year already. I hope Arteta takes the job after how we humiliated him. He is the next Pep. Please don’t miss out on him.

  80. Dissenter

    “Expecting some improvement on that alone is fair, never mind the added influence of a modern coach thought to bring his highly analytical approach to a raft of players who’ve been without defensive tactics for a couples of seasons, some more”

    Highly analytical approach?
    Haven’t you read that Xhaka leads the charts for the most individual errors that led to a goal.
    Same as Mustafi and his penchant for the problem solving portions of his cerebrum to go blank at key moments. Emery got the selection of the Palace game wrong but his reset in the second half was walking; Ozil equalized and we were on top….until Mustafi showed up.
    Individual errors, be it Mustafi, Xhaka, Mykhi [that can’t make a 2-yard pass], Iwobi [that cannot shoot from 5 yards] or AMN [that can’t avoid making a stupid clumsy tackle when he’s on a yellow card] are are a major part of what cost us this season.
    Some things go beyond just analytics—individual errors.
    You can add Emery’s unfamiliarity with the English game me to the mix.

  81. Ishola70


    “That’s the fantastic signings Sven dropped before joining the power house that is Stuttgart”

    lol he ended up there?

    Well we should expect them to be a force in world football within five years then.

  82. Receding Hairline

    Ryan it’s always been Sven’s signings hence the hysterics when he left?

    If all the signings were hand picked by Emery what exactly were you lot crying after Sven for?

    @Pedro yes the signings haven’t been up to much bar Leno who has been fantastic

    Matteo needs a loan, Torriera I am afraid may not cut it in this league, too short and doesn’t have Kantes build or athleticism, Sokratis is fine for a stop gap , tad expensive for 18m. Lich has been rubbish.

    Did I miss anyone?

  83. gunnershabz


    would you like us to make premier league signings only

    doucoure of watford
    mcquire, chilwell, kieran tierney of celtic
    ryan fraser, ruben neves, diego tota, willy boly
    mcneil of burnley looks like a hot prospect

    we can easily get docoure and tierney thats two positions filled

    we try to get players from abroad and well they do take time settling in and we know next season we got to hit the ground running

    Liverpool have made a lot of premier league signings i.e. robertson the southampton boys

  84. Dissenter

    Nope all the signings aren’t crap
    We are just offering you the equivalent of the argument you made in your posts Since you go all out to prove they aren’t so bad, we are serving you a dose of your medicine.

  85. Un na naai


    I’d see a therapist about your drummer neighbour before it’s too late, or get down to church….

    Spot on post today though. We are rudderless at the moment with a mid league manager. We aren’t doing any better than we currently are with him at the helm. He had these players purring before Xmas and playing some scintillating football so he’s capable and is are the players. He had them playing like warriors against our rivals so it’s in there. He’s just lost the keys. For me the players look as though they aren’t sure about him and his tactics. He’s got the EL under co trip but he’s lost in the premier league. He’s just not cut out for it

  86. Nelson

    The performance of the team in the last 6 EPL games really got me worry. We were playing more like a bottom 4 team. If it was just one or two bad games, one can still tolerate.
    Now, I am all for a major surgery of the team, whatever it takes. Manure is preparing to pay half of Sanchez’s salary in order to get rid of him. We should do the same thing to renew the squad. No more paper over the crack.

  87. Biggles

    Even if I’m getting increasingly frustrated with Emery, I still don’t think Arteta is the answer.

    I can’t think of any top managers that got their start at top teams. Guardiola and Zidane don’t count, because they’d already managed the B teams and were known quantities within their clubs. It was also possible to see some evidence of their ability based on what they did in the league with those B teams. Maybe somebody can think of a decent counter example, I’m sure there probably is one. But Klopp didn’t start at Dortmund, Pochettino didn’t start at Spuds, ten Hag didn’t start at Ajax. They all start at a low level and then get bigger jobs.

    This is why I think that Lampard or Gerrard would make much better picks than Arteta would have. Making it to the play-offs with Derby, keeping the points gap to Celtic to single digits… these are visible signs of a potentially half-decent coach.

    Arteta on the other hand is still basically an unknown quantity.

  88. Dissenter

    Yes Sven is so world class and blows hot coco chanel eau de toilette out of his arse that he ended up in Stuttgart
    Remember the comeback is the best part of the story

    I hate it when they credit Sven for the Auba transfer.
    It’s almost as if we paid for the transfer with toilet paper. BVB had a striker that they didn’t need and apparently no one else was interested in and yet we paid them £55-60 million along with a 10 million sign-on fee for that privilege.

    The Auba transfer was money talking, not the product of scouting.

  89. Ishola70

    “He had these players purring before Xmas and playing some scintillating football so he’s capable and is are the players”


  90. Receding Hairline

    Yes Nelson, the inability of this group to beat palace and Brighton at home bothers me no end. I still can’t believe it happened hence I can understand all the emotions.

    Pedro isn’t writing from an emotional viewpoint though, he is selling the notion our players are good enough despite years of haphazard recruitment, irrational salaries and repeated let downs by the same group.

  91. Dissenter

    Arteta has neurosurgical training it seems
    He will plant a deep brain stimulating device in the brains of the players and turn them around.
    For Mustafi, the device will keep repeating; think-think=think-think
    For Xhaka, the device will …gawd I don’t know…I think his body will reject the device or the chip will just get fried.

  92. HighburyLegend

    “he is selling the notion our players are good enough”
    …and that it’s only Emery’s fault…

  93. Ryan


    I think Arteta is a young Wenger or Pep in the making. He just needs a chance.


    Arteta with new modern coaching will transform us unlike the relic Emery

  94. Batistuta

    The bit about our defenders up there is the most dishonest and agenda filled thing i have ever read. Bigging up our defenders, one which we’ve been crying for it to be changed for how many years now? Isn’t it telling that Sokratis who himself is nothing spectacular has come in and become our best defender? Plus no one seems to remember that because of our porous midfield, opposition players seem to have a free run at our defenders every single game but yea sure we should be doing better defensively with the most clueless lot I’ve ever watched

  95. Ryan


    They are better than Newcastle defenders. Rafa benitez can organise a defence with relegation level defenders. Emery is a clown who can’t organise a defence.

  96. Ryan

    The Liverpool game was the most shameful game I have a watched. I cried after that. Thats when I started hating Emery.

  97. Ryan

    I hate Emery because he is bringing me pain. I am real Arsenal fan who wants the best for the club unlike you EKBS who want the best for Unai

  98. Dissenter

    Honestly Ryan isn’t so bad
    We’ve endured worse trolls here. So long as they are Emery bashing, they get velvet glove-red carpet treatment.

  99. Receding Hairline

    I won’t be dragged into this Arteta nonsense…not worth the time.

    This belief that all we need is an untested manager or some hidden gem is what bred this agenda towards a man doing the best he can with very limited tools.

    Chelsea had an exceptional player like Hazard to drag them over the line, reason why Madrid might pay 80-100m for him. We had our 350k player hiding, our 55m striker missing sitters, just two home wins and we would have been sitting third right now and our adequate bunch could not muster it, failing when the pressure is on as usual, what else is new with this bunch?

  100. DM

    Supposedly, Edu it is, on a 5 year deal.


    Don’t know enough about his tenure at Corinthians or the Brazil national team to pass comment really. If true, will be interesting to see how he pans out.

  101. Champagne Charlie


    You’re making laughable claims once again, our season isn’t tin pot because of individual errors. In percentage terms Emery takes the cake as far as responsibility goes.

    There’s such a thing as mitigating errors and error prone players, you’re aware of this I know. That’s where the analytical approach comes in, I’m not talking the ability to deconstruct the opposition, I’m talking starting at home.

    But listen, if you want to chalk up our season to some errors then be my guest. We’ve played games against Palace, Wolves, Leicester, and Brighton without dominating any aspect of a match. We had 77 passes against Leicester in the first half, our fewest in 15 years. Give me a break that it’s an error issue and “the plan” was working in some games.

  102. Dissenter

    If it is Edu then the stories about Arsenal signing Gabrielle Martinelli [the 17 year old from Ituano] are true.
    Edu is already planning the summer, it may seem.

  103. RGG

    Hear Hear!

    I’d rather give Wenger the money to spend than Emery…..honestly!

    If we continue to defend the way we are, get lucky in Europa or not, Emery will be gone by Xmas…..or the fans will be rightly calling for his head by then anyway….

  104. HighburyLegend

    “I hate Emery because he is bringing me pain.”
    If he brings you pain, I can only imagine the 10 last years under wenger had been a real torture for you.

  105. Receding Hairline

    Yes RGG let’s give the man who signed Mustafi for 35m, Xhaka for 35m, Perez for 17m, more money to rebuild our squad. I like you as much as I like Ryan.

    Keep em coming

  106. HighburyLegend

    “I’d rather give Wenger the money to spend than Emery”

    He wouldn’t spend a dime of what you could gave him!!

    Some comments are totally out of this world…

  107. Dissenter

    What type of error mitigating analytics will prevent Mustafi from making that mistake that changed the course of the home game against Palace.
    What type of analytics will stop Xhaka from doing the moronic thing he did on Sunday?
    The best evidence or excessive risk is a history of excessive risk. Sometimes you have to cut the player off and that’s what any big club would hav done. We cannot because Wenger’s egalitarian millionaire socialistic wage-structure won’t allow us to move them on.
    Any risk mitigating analysis will arrive at the same conclusion – GET RID OF THE SAID PLAYERS.

  108. CG


    “””Give Morrow the job he will sign good British players. We need more British spine in the team”””

    Well said-If Edu comes aboard- he will be another nonsensical hire,

    What his knowledge of British Players? ( in contrast to Morrow?)

    Has he got the power to terminate Emerys contract?
    Does he tell how the coach how to play?
    His start date is a fudge
    Has he turned us down previously?
    Has his passport problems been resolved?

    Everything Arsenal have done post Wenger- has been a total shambles.

    Raul and Emery have been an unmitigated disaster- and the expected hire of Edu – shows these clowns continue to take us down a path of utter mediocrity.

    GoH is correct- basically fans have to stop going to games – until Kroenkes get their act together.

    Emery+Raul+ Edu!!!

    Not fit for purpose.

  109. Biggles

    @Receding Hairline

    I’m not sure if a five year deal is a good thing or a bad thing, it all depends on the terms in the contract. What I would say though is that a Director of Football/Technical Director/Sporting Director/whatever is probably more important than the head coach and if he’s doing a good job you probably want him tied down more. It’s primarily his vision that would be getting implemented and you want long term continuity, not two years and then being bent over a barrel if he did a good job and is wanted elsewhere. Of course the flipside is that if he’s doing awful you want a cheap way of getting rid of him.

  110. Receding Hairline

    Dissenter I can tell from the number of times you have mentioned it that the error from mustafi where he tried to shield the ball from Zaha without any knowledge of where Zaha actually works still hurts. Well you can console yourself with the fact he is a world cup winner.

  111. Paulinho

    Pedro – They’ve been terrible but why? Neville is arguing that the structure above is is the reason why top coaches, pedigree wise, have floundered or made their mark, and it’s hard to disagree.

    Solsjkaer came in, made a superficial difference – “oh they’re playing with freedom” – and they’ve reverted to the bland mess they were before.

  112. Dissenter

    The good thing about Edu is that we can start tapping into new markets for cheaper players that we can move on for big money.
    That’s the way to rebuild; buy low , sell higher like in retail.

  113. gambon

    Why are people so thick to believe Edu is only capable of signing Brazilian players?

    Sven Mislintat is German, we made 8 signings while he was here:


  114. Receding Hairline

    Biggles yeah I guess so. Just don’t understand what qualifies Edu for the job. We are all jumping on a man who has managed football clubs and has relative success doing so after one season yet I’m supposed to believe we have the patience for a rebuild.

  115. DM

    This site is becoming overrun with people who are, at best, trolling, at worst, total morons.

    To the rest of us, who have the benefit of such luxuries as intelligence and logic, PLEASE do not bother replying to those guys, you’re just feeding them and it’s clogging up the comments with total shite (yes, I realise the irony of the “tr4phy” guy saying this lol). Ignore them and eventually they’ll get bored and move their crap elsewhere.

  116. Champagne Charlie


    You don’t eradicate mistakes, you mitigate them. I’m not absolving players for making errors, it’s part of the game. But to surmise that our downfall for the season is on that reeks of desperation to absolve Emery and the total lack of a coherent plan.

    Sunday was equal parts down to our embarrassing one dimensional ‘attack from wide’ approach. Xhaka was left covering a gaping hole at RB, which ultimately led to him gifting a penalty. At 1-0 up maybe we don’t need Lichtsteiner playing like Arjen Robben? What do you think?

    Maybe, just maybe, we try some combinations with players like Ozil, Mkhi, Iwobi, Laca, Auba, and not remove the defensive stability by having both LB and RB offering no protection to the side.

  117. Ishola70

    Edu should be seen as a positive.

    He comes from one of the best footballing nations in the world and as Dissenter suggested he looks to have links and knowledge of the players over there.

  118. CG

    We will not be able to sign South American players- because most of the players there are owned by third parties/hedge funds and shady finance companies- in contravention of Prem league Rules- post Tevez/mascernaho.

    Since when have young South American players ever flourished playing in the UK?
    Does Raul know he is working for Arsenal not Barcelona?
    Absurd hire. Typical Raul. Bring a patsy in!

  119. Dissenter

    I agree that you try to minimize risks but there are times when you just have to cut your losses.
    Xhaka and Mustafi cannot thrive in the English game. They have to be put out of their misery.
    That’s why Chelsea moved Bagayoko on very quickly.