Top 3 opportunity goes to the last day (if we beat Brighton)

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Hello top 4 my old friend.

I’ve come to try with you again.

Here we are AGAIN people. Spurs shit the bed against Bournemouth losing two players to red cards. Chelsea has a London derby against Watford tomorrow morning. We have to face off against the MIGHTY Brighton at home in a later kick-off.

This goes down to the last day if we can pull off a win. It’ll be a classic top 4 face off where any of 4 teams could sneak it on the last day. Who really needs a title race when you have a battle like this going on?

United are taking 6 points, no doubt.  FIXTURE FRAUD RIFE AS USUAL.

Last game for Spurs is Everton, which won’t be easy.

Last game for Chelsea is apparently one of the most underrated midtable teams in the world… Leicester.

We have to go away to Burnley, which is never easy… because 1) we are Arsenal 2) it is away from home.

All we can do is win both our games and pray for an upset. Incredible that we’ve lost 4 of our last 5 games. A travesty.

Still, worth remembering we have two chances at the promised land. Europa League is looking good for us. Mulling over whether I’d prefer Chelsea or Frankfurt… at least we know we’ll turn up if it’s Chelsea.

Alex Iwobi, had something to say on his record this season.

“I try to dwell on the positive and not dwell on the negative as much as I can. If I make a mistake I try to use it as a lesson and try to improve on it. We have a lot of good fans as well.”

“They are entitled to their own opinion and I am happy with the progress I have made this season. I have been able to get more goals than I had in the previous season and I have”

Not exactly a ringing endorsement of himself here. 4 assists and 5 goals across 48 games is a pitiful record in his third season. That’s the sort of return you’d expect from a decent full back. Not someone who in an attacking role for a team trying to be protaganists. If you’re brutally honest, it’s not good enough and it’s hard to see when it comes good. He lacks physicality, offers up little pace and the decision making hasn’t gotten any sharper.

As we rebuild this summer, the focus really has to be on players that aren’t happy with ‘a few assists’, we need to bring in electric pace, and a brutal winner takes all mentality. We’ve really struggled out wide this year and it’s the excuses are running out because he’s been given a huge amount of game time.

What would Saka have done with that many games? Maybe we should find out… or just pony up the money and bring in Pepe, Sarr, or Zaha?

Alex Lacazette took the player of the season. There’s been some fierce debates in my chat groups. No one really stood out majorly this season. There was a lot of ok or good form in spits and spats. Dare I say if Ramsey hadn’t have been benched for the first half of the year, he’d be taking that? Him or Leno for me. But hey, I love the Frenchman. He works hards, he makes so much out of nothing and he’s popped up with important goals all year. He and Auba have had a far beyond average impact on our conversion rate in front of goal and we are very lucky to have the both of them.

Emery was asked by a paid-up journo whether winning the remaining two games was important. Imagine that being the extent of your questioning when you’re handed the mic?

Good afternoon. We need to win the next match and if we win against Brighton we are going to the last match against Burnley with the possibility to be in the top four. It’s not in our hands, but we need to win our matches and the first is Sunday. It’s not easy to win each match – for us and for other teams – but the focus for us is to win against Brighton for different situations. We are going to play the last match at home. We are going the play the last match with Petr Cech, with Aaron Ramsey and also I think we want to finish at the Emirates with a victory. The first objective is to finish in the top four and it will give us the chance.

The ‘good afternoon’ is a lovely touch. Interesting that we might start Cech. He had a good game against Valenica, but this game isn’t a dead rubber.

The manager was asked if he thought we’d progressed.

Yes I am. Our progress I think – when we started the season we lost against Man City and Chelsea  and we worked for this process, little by little and at the end of the season now we are with this possibility. I think when we started we would have been happy to have today these two opportunities in the Premier League and Europa League to reach our target.

I think he’s trying to say that we are competing for top 4 this season, which hasn’t been the case. He’s right. If we make top 4, it’s hard to argue about his success. It’s like the FA Cup final in 2005, it was grubby, but we did it. However, if you are into reality, he’s not progressed the club like most of us would have hoped. But, he’ll get the next season to stamp his authority… I’m sure there will still be those that can’t tolerate any critique until he’s purged every last binman that was under Wenger’s control, but there we go.

One step at a time… Emery HAS to put on a show tomorrow. Send the fans home with a smile and make sure they’re hanging back for that lap of honour!

Right, see you in the comments x

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  1. Joe

    Hilarious that Joey has his pants all soiled up already at the prospect of us winning a European trophy when this hapless team still as a second leg of a semi-final tie to negotiate I mean this same team that has kept just ONE clean sheet all season A team that got beat by some plumbers from BateA team that got turn over by some nothing team from League UnHow about you hold on the ejaculation for a wee bit qnd see if Emery could hold of his balls and actually win the thing Seriously Joey are you really confident of us clinching the EL having watch that horror show today?

    It’s called supporting The Arsenal and not just supporting the wanker manager in wenger like you did for the 3 years you’ve followed arsenal.

    You should try it.

    It’s called believing in the team.

    You wouldn’t know

  2. Joe

    Want to know what so called arsenal “supporters” like Vicky are downplaying the Europa. An actual Europan trophy.

    The 3 biggest trophy after league and CL yet they jerked off to their shrine of wenger when we won the weakness fa cup?

    Funny agenda’s and all that

  3. Marko

    I hope this season has made people realize truly the state of the club Arsene Wenger has left behind. Massive rebuild needed.

  4. MidwestGun

    Well as I mentioned you have to solve the dilemma of getting rid of Ozil and Miki… and replacing them. Because our payroll in relation to our revenue is out of whack limiting the kinds of players we are signing. And they are our highest paid players. And we have to fix the defense. The question becomes whether you trust Raul and Emery to try and solve it for another season when so far there isn’t much difference between Emery and Wenger on results.

    Still poor on the road still poor defending might finish 6th again. So then it becomes a question of whether a new director of football wants to build a year based on that with Emery or wants to start fresh. That is if we can even get a DOF soonish or are we are just rolling with Raul and Emery?

    And that’s the way I see. it. We need better players and we need a manager we are able to build around. Whether Emery is that dude or not is very debatable. Most likely he wasn’t brought in to be the dude but I think the Club thought the transition would be much smoother then it has turned out as they went with the safer option.

    And I hope they have a plan for the future 2 or 3 years from now beyond let’s just roll with what we got and see what happens next season.. although that’s what it seems like from the outside looking in.

  5. Victorious

    It’s called supporting The Arsenal and not just supporting the wanker manager in wenger like you did for the 3 years you’ve followed arsenal.”

    Yea continue to swing in the dark in vein effort s to ascertain when I started supporting the club

    Reading what’s been written clearly isn’t your forte otherwise you would know by now cos have laid it bare times without number

    You haven’t got a Scooby mate, try harder

    Oh now you’re the superfan preaching the messages of supporting right,what a hero you’re, a proper true fan.. hahahah

    Would be hilarious if it wasn’t so painful, I mean coming from a guy who seriously wished the worse us on over the years and wanted us to lose cup finals? Because of some misplaced hatred of an employee of the club

    Yea save the the messages mate you hypocritical douchebag

  6. Victorious

    What I’ve said tonight is squad overhaul or not, Emery isn’t the guy to take us forward,period

    He shouldn’t even be tasked to over see any squad rebuild,hes got no pedigree of such

    In short if he fails to deliver EL which at this stage is the bare minimum he should be sent packing

    And that has apparently irked Joey so much that he’s bleating been on Wenger and telling folk on how to support the


  7. Joe

    Oh Vicky Vicky

    Guess you really can’t read

    I don’t give a fuck if emery gets sacked. What part of that don’t you understand.

    I don’t get a boner over him like you do wenger

    If he’s not up for the job. Sack him.

    It’s just funny how sore you get when people point out the truth.

  8. Bamford10


    “A team that got beat by some plumbers from Bate.”

    Everyone here knows this team is not very good, mate. You don’t need to remind people of this.

    Yes, people here disagree on the extent to which the manager is responsible for our woes versus the extent to which the squad is responsible, but most people here know this is not a very good team.

    In contrast to you, however, most of us still want to see this team get something out of this season — if only to put the club in a better position for next season.

    In contrast, you seem to be reveling in our not getting a result today, and you seem to be eagerly hoping for us to fail in Europe. What kind of Arsenal fan does this?

    You will probably reply that this is how certain WOBs behaved in the latter years of Wenger’s reign, but what of it? That was after 20 years of the man at the helm and after 10 years of him making bad decision after bad decision after bad decision. Certain people behaved that way because it seemed to them that the only way for him to be replaced was for him to fail.

    What the fuck does any of that have to do with where things stand today? How could an Arsenal fan possibly enjoy seeing Arsenal fail as it tries to transition into a new era? I say this because you seem to be enjoying yourself. You seem to be eagerly hoping for us to fail in the Europa. Why? What possible good could come from this? I guess you might get some bizarre satisfaction from it — I can’t say I understand this — but losing in the Europa won’t help Arsenal Football Club one iota.

    Every genuine Arsenal fan, no matter what he thinks of Unai Emery, will be hoping and rooting for Arsenal to win the Europa League, because this is what would be best for the club. I don’t see how there is any other way to see it.

    You? I don’t know what you’ll be doing, and I doubt I’ll understand it either.

  9. Joe


    I have no allegiance to emery.

    You still have allegiance to wenger even after he’s been sacked and after he has completely destroyed arsenal over the last decade and still now because of the money he wasted

    His legacy is there for everyone to see

  10. Ishola70


    “Both Mkhitaryan and Xhaka should never put on again an Arsenal shirt following their performances today. How the former gave away the ball and
    the latter clattered into the Brighton player resulting in conceding penalty was an absolute scandal.”


    You have finally seen the light regarding Xhaka and good on you.

    We still have posters like Valentin though that make excuses for him. I think his latest one was Chelsea also have a dud midfielder so why shouldn’t Arsenal have one as well. Great thinking that.

  11. gambon

    I hope this season has made people realise how utterly terrible Chorizo Aidy Boothroyd is.

    Took a lost dressing room over from a senile old loser, spent £70m and produced a worse team.

    Absolutely shocking.

  12. Dissenter

    You’re better off ignoring the likes of victorious for your own emotional health
    There are going to be lots of people like that here for a while.

  13. Joe

    RedtruthMay 5, 2019 22:56:08
    gambonGive me the name that can turn Arsenal’s fortune around

    Under the same parameters emery has. And to spend 100s of millions.

  14. Joe

    Emery had to stick with the bulk of wengers squad

    Didn’t have enough funds to wholesale Change it because wenger wasted so much money

    Emery’s hands were tied

  15. Bamford10


    Don’t worry. I’m not going to spend any more energy in that direction. I did think that point needed to be made, though.

  16. Dissenter

    Chelsea can now afford to play their best team against Frankfurt. They don’t have to keep any gunpowder for the last weekend of the season.

  17. Bamford10


    I agree that the conundrum remains: how do we get Ozil off our books? How do we get Mkhitaryan off our books? As strange as it seems, I think we should probably subsidize their wages elsewhere. They do nothing for us and they eat up massive space on the wage bill.

  18. Kronkees wallet

    Wenger inherited a great set of players…Emery inherited Wenger’s shite frankenstein construct.
    Not pep, not Fergie, not Zidane could have done much better with this truly average set of players and some players that aren’t even premier league quality.

  19. MidwestGun


    Yeah I know… short of just taking a big loss for a few seasons I don’t know the answer, either. Miki might go somewhere else.. Is he old enough to go to the MLS? yet… and they wouldn’t pay him as a big name player. maybe China. But Ozil probably not.. then it becomes ok.. we need a manager to get the best out of him.. if that even exists anymore.

  20. Kronkees wallet

    Just seen Cahill retire from Chelsea….I recall Wenger saying he was worth only £6 million…..and Cahill went on to be instrumental in his 7 trophies Chelsea won with him.
    This is the Wenger that indulged himself at our great club and pissed millions up the wall on plenty of duds. For me, what you are seeing in this latest shit-show is the Wenger effect carrying on untill his last few duds are out of this club.

  21. LeMassiveCoq

    Dissenter…Chelsea dont need to play their best team against Frankfurt. Frankfurt are pretty shit.

  22. Kronkees wallet

    Apparently Wenger has it in his future managerial contract to go on holiday for a week (leaving the assistant in charge) should they draw Bayern Munich in any competition. Now that’s what I call self-preservation.

  23. keef66

    Unfortunately, because he is a likeable guy, I don’t think Emery is the man for the job. Yes he got left a shitty hand of cards when Wenger was finally dragged away from the table, but I see no improvement defensively at all, and we are very uncreative in attack. The football is more dire to watch than last two years of Wenger. This turd will not be polished into a diamond by Emery, that is very clear to see, whoever he brings in. I would rather have a Pellegrini type than him, who at least wants to play good football.

  24. Victorious


    You couldn’t be more wrong about my perception or expectations of the club, nice try though

    Truth is I’m just so sick to the teeth of the direction the club seems to be taking,

    I mean it’s a hard one to swallow when you think the Wenger banter years is over and then you expect slight improvement but what you rather get is an exact carry-on of those heartaches and utter embarrassing results under Wenger

    we’re roughly going through same turmoil except this time the new man bought some players and he’s made us worse

    I always want us to win literally every match we play and also want the EL trophy as bad as any arsenal fan even though it’s highly unlikely, but after that what next? Do you see a linear improvement in the league under Emery? I dont

    We’ll continue to be a middling club under his watch.

  25. Pierre

    “Was literally the set up Pierre is always calling for and yet it was still abject.”

    Nice try …but wrong .

    Emery over complicated things …He played Mhkitaryan on the left( sort of) , Ozil on the right ( sort of) and Aubamayang and Lacazette somewhere in the middle.and it was a total mess.

    Should have been Lacazette up top, Ozil behind , Mhkitaryan right, Aubamayang left .

    What Emery was trying to do maybe you can explain because I can’t …someone said before is it a 4-2-2-2: and I think. they may have been right .

  26. Victorious

    I hope there’s substance to the Zaha rumour,much prefer him to Trossard,Pepe,Frayser and the lot we’ve been linked with

    A player like him could have the difference today

    I was literally bleeding from the eyes watching Iwobi and Mikki trying to pretend like they can play football

  27. Dissenter

    “I was literally bleeding from the eyes watching Iwobi and Mikki trying to pretend like they can play football”

    Which makes your Emery-rants look childish
    What’s a manager to do with these two?

  28. Kronkees wallet

    Emery’s spend £50 million…Wenger had that as small change….
    Emery probably isn’t going to elevate this club to world beaters…but he isn’t to blame for this latest shit,-show.

  29. Valentin


    Where do you get the impression that I rate Xhaka? I have been saying for aged that he lacks mobility and that he can’t play as part of a midfield two. The only positive thing he offer is his long diagonal passes. However none of them result in real switch of play.
    I find him barely decent when Arsenal is on the front foot, but wholly ineffective when put under pressure. Hence my suggestion that we go after Tanguy NDombele.
    Despite taking more corners and set pieces than Özil, he has less assists than him on that front. That means that even his set pieces are not effective.
    I have been advocating for Willock to replace him.

  30. Valentin


    It was muddled thinking by Emery.
    We were setup as 4-3-1-2 with Mhikitarian the third midfielder. I suspect the idea was the forward three to interchange.
    As Mhikitarian did not know what to do in that position, we had Özil having to drop much deeper than initially planned.

  31. MidwestGun

    Well the thing about swapping sides… is it isn’t exactly a new tactic is it? Wing players have done it for ages. Ozil and Sanchez would swap… or Sanchez and Ox.. or Santi Cazorla and whomever was playing opposite. They have always had freedom to make adjustments in game. But suddenly this is now a criticism of Emery? did you criticize Wenger when it didn’t work for Ozil under Wenger? Do you not remember the Wenger failed 4-1-4-1. Also known as the “4-1- Messi” on Le Grove. I doubt Emery directed Miki and Auba where to stand minute by minute even though Pierre would have you believe this to be true. Perhaps Miki is just a bit shit and it doesn’t matter where he stands.. That’s what Emery should be criticized for is starting him in the first place.

  32. Valentin


    My point is that because we support Arsenal, we over criticise some of our players. However if you listen to ManUtd fans or Chelsea fans they also complain that half their team is crap.
    I use the example of Kovacic to indicate that their team also include what you would call dross. Clearly his not better than Xhaka.

  33. Redtruth

    “Should have been Lacazette up top, Ozil behind , Mhkitaryan right, Aubamayang left .”

    We were playing Brighton not Barcelona…cretin lol

  34. Ishola70

    Well my apologies then.

    I seemed to remember you saying quite recently that he would walk into the Chelsea midfield to replace a player they have there which looked as if you were advocating him in some way. He would be a hindrance to any EPL side.

    As said before he must be got rid of because he plays in a key position in the team the centre hub of this side and he is not fit for purpose over a season. Must go.

    Going back to Emery if I knew for certain that a new manager coming in would instantly banish Xhaka from the side then I would be opening the door to see the back of Emery but I’m not sure that would definitely be the case.

  35. Valentin


    Mhikitarian has been finished as a top players for two years now. The premiership is too quick, too physical for him.
    Emery is trying to solve two problems and ends up creating a third one.
    Problem 1: Xhaka lacks mobility.
    Problem 2: Our midfield 2 can be overrun.
    So Emery decide to play Mhikitarian in a midfield 3. That results in a confused Mhikitarian who does not know when to attack and when to stay behind. With now Xhaka 10 yards further up on the left because Mhikitarian is supposed to bring that extra blanket security, when Mhikitarian loses the ball he has ten more yards to run, which lead to him rushing into the Brighton player and conceding a penalty.

    The exact same scenario kept happening in the previous games.
    The solution play Özil or Mhikitarian as 10 but not both in the same team.

  36. Leftsidesanch

    Arsenal man for man do not have a talented squad with a high ceiling, we have some decent players that you feel would be revitalised with quality additions but most of our team, if they were sold nobody would miss them. We can’t on top of that then have two key players (Mustafi and Xhaka) who regularly handicap us out there, coupled with two further plays (Ozil and Mikki) who don’t contribute a great deal, My main criticism with Emery is that these players have figured so heavily in his maiden season and I feel they will play a big part next year because I expect all four of them to still be here.

  37. MidwestGun

    Yeah… it was same way under Wenger too though. So I can’t say it was all tactics is why we failed to win. Cuz Wenger barely bothered to do tactics. But it does point to the fact we haven’t improved much if at all under Emery still making the same mistakes.

  38. Words on a Blog

    Lots and lots of comment here along the lines of: “we need to sell players a,b, c and x,y,z and buy Players d, ef, f, s and t from Rennes, Ajax, Valencia, Frankfurt or wherever.”

    The snag is we apparently only have £45m to play with, and we don’t have a Head of Recruitment to source the right players….

    I have a bad feeling that the transfer window is gonna be a Summer of Disappointment.

  39. Valentin


    Let’s say that you work for a boss who has been known to ostracise workers who did not see eye to eye with him. If he tell you to do something, that you know full well is stupid, you reluctantly do it. Footballers are the same. They will follow instructions even if they don’t understand them or disagree with them.

    When the team is so stupidly setup that Özil has to drop between the CBs to fetch the ball and then he has absolutely no movement in front of him to pass forward, you know something is wrong.

    Yes the players should have shown more hunger and more movements, but clearly this is a bunch of players who have given up on Emery.
    Only toward the end, when we were desperate did we show some fight, but even so it was done by individuals not in a team concerted manner.
    They can motivate themselves for a semi-final or final, but expect some fireworks behind the scene and agents to receive ‘Get me out of here, pronto’ call by the end of the season.

  40. MidwestGun


    True… and if we somehow win.. Europa, add say 25mill so about 70 mill this summer. So expect about 4 players. As E-Stroller has been saying. so… yeah it is depressing. The only hope is if the pundits are just talking shit and we have more. Or if we can somehow clear house so our net spend isn’t so bad.

    Oh well, GoT’s about to start here in the States so got to bounce.

  41. Pierre

    Each crappy performance is confirming what myself and goh said after the first couple of games …Emery is not the man for the job .

    le grovellers can put the blame on Wenger , the players and some idiots have even blamed me for suggesting the 4-2-3-1 system which is a little weird, but deep down they know they are defending the indefensible.

    Any manager that can come into Arsenal football club and proceed to make our defence worse than the last couple of seasons( after adding 5 defensively based players to the squad) is surely the wrong man for the job .

    Any manager that signs Suarez in the January window when every man and his dog ( except a few of grovellers) knew that we were short at the back is surely the wrong man for the job.

    Emery is making his supporters look rather silly but reality is starting to sink in .

  42. bennydevito

    Emery may not have made us much better but I’m struggling to see how he’s made us worse.

    We were 1 game aqat from season’s end to getting top 4.

    Last 2 seasons we were out of the top 4 race by around March were we not?

    Anyway let’s forget Rmery now as it’s a pointless argument.

    Who do we bring in to replace him in the summer that is realistic?

    Is Vieira ready or up to the job?

    Sol Campbell?

    Is Arteta brave enough to step away from Pep and take it on?

    Then we have the squad rebuild.

    Cech, Ramsey and Welbeck all leaving.

    Monreal, Koscielny too old and injury prone need replacing.

    Mustafi, Lichsteiner, Elneny, Jenkinson just not good enough need replacing.

    Kolasinac, Xhaka, Iwobi, AMN need upgrading and to be used as squad players.

    Ozil, Mkhitaryan 30 with wages too high and simply not good enough.

    So that’s 11 players that need replacing and a further 4 players that need upgrading.

    15 players out of a squad of 25, 15 players that were brought in by Wenger that Emery has had to work with that I’m pretty sure most of us are agreed need replacing or upgrading.

    Yet some of you think we easily have a top 4 squad even though we haven’t finished top 4 for 3 years running?

    We might have 6 youngsters in Saka, Smith Rowe, Amaechi, Nelson, Nketiah and Osei Tutu that can go towards the 11 that need replacing but that leaves 5 that still need replacing and 4 upgrading.

    Like I’ve been saying all season it’s going to take a good few years and a good few hundred million for whoever replaces Emery to bring our squad back up to top 4 title challenging standard.

    It’s very depressing.

  43. Ishola70


    “but expect some fireworks behind the scene and agents to receive ‘Get me out of here, pronto’ call by the end of the season.”

    Lets hope so because there are so few players that fans would be really upset to see leave the club but I seriously doubt what you imply will happen.

    Too many of these players are not top class and are happy to chug along and be part of a club that remains on this level of mediocrity. There is no better place for them to go, They are not good enough to do any better for themselves.

  44. Pedro

    Pierre, you have turned the tables.


    Le Grovellers. Unreal. You have become everything you despised.

  45. Joe

    Any manager that signs Suarez in the January window when every man and his dog ( except a few of grovellers) knew that we were short at the back is surely the wrong man for the job.

    Just like wenger was for over a decade and did you say that once?

    When he bought Kallstrom did you say that?

    When he bought no one bar Cech did you say that?

    When he had his trolley dash after 8-2 did you say that?

    When he bought sanago and wellbeck instead of Suarez or higuain did you say

    No of course you didn’t. You had wengers cock so far down your throat guess you couldn’t say anything

  46. MidwestGun

    Emery is making his supporters look rather silly but reality is starting to sink in .
    To be fair Pierre you would be the expert on supporting a manager who makes you look silly so I will defer to your expertise.


  47. Ishola70

    Emery has no supporters on here.

    Just people who may wish to see a bigger picture.

    The bigger picture being not just the manager but the players and the set-up of the club as a whole.

    By using the term Emery supporters just shows that you are still sore over Arsene Wenger. You are still upset that a part of the fanbase turned on him to see him leave.

  48. Dissenter

    Our last two weeks form has been shocking. I’ve been saying that I wasn’t sure we would beat Brighton at home.
    We won’t get past Valencia either.

  49. Dissenter

    If Emery was sacked on Monday, no one would shed a tear.
    That’s what some don’t understand.

  50. Joe

    No one here is blindly supporting emery. We are supporting arsenal.

    Everyone here will be happy for him to be sacked if he doesn’t meet expectations or doesn’t improve us.

    Unlike Pierre Vicky etc who supported wenger more than they supported arsenal and rather see arsenal be destroyed than wenger get sacked or talked bad about.

    There is a massive difference

  51. azed


    Pierre has refused to admit that Ozil and Mkhitaryan are past it so it’s Emery’s fault for them playing like sh*t

  52. Pedro

    Left, it doesn’t matter how you find the light… as long as you find it.

    What is baffling is there are a section of highly analytical posters who have gone blind.

    … and a group of blind posters who have seen the light.

  53. Words on a Blog


    Equally, if Emery were sacked on Monday, nothing much would change as far as Arsenal is concerned….our slow drift from elite mediocrity to mid table mediocrity will continue.

  54. Joe

    DissenterMay 6, 2019 00:45:04
    If Emery was sacked on Monday, no one would shed a tear.
    That’s what some don’t understand.

    Exactly dissenter. Everyone would be fine with it

    Unlike Pierre etc who are still
    Butt hurt and are revelling in emery failing not realizing it’s because of wengers mess that we are in the situation we are in

  55. Dissenter

    Your agenda all season was pretty obvious
    I think you lost the plot once Arteta wasn’t picked. Do you really think Arteta would have had gotten more from Xhaka, Ozil, Iwobi or Mykhi

    I suppose they are top-4 qualidee

    Hope we sack Emery on Monday and appoint your special sauce manager.

  56. Words on a Blog


    Forgive me if I don’t buy into your vision of a bright future for Arsenal with a new special sauce manager.

  57. Joe

    MidwestGunMay 6, 2019 00:34:29
    Emery is making his supporters look rather silly but reality is starting to sink in .
    To be fair Pierre you would be the expert on supporting a manager who makes you look silly so I will defer to your expertise. 😀

    Midwest! Behave :-))))

  58. Words on a Blog

    The special sauce manager is never gonna disguise the rancid flavour of the cheap cut of gristly meat that is Arsenal

  59. Dissenter

    s what grates me
    Pedro going on about the big picture and the need for a technical director [excellent]
    Yet,. Pedro cannot see the tree from the forest when he goes on about special sauce manager, not recognizing that these managers will need the backing of the back-from- a backroom we don’t yet have.
    What we have is a failed Barca executive masquerading as Director of footballing operations, besides that NOTHING else.

    Yet all we yap about his manager – manager – manager

    Sack Emery and be done with it. Then lets see your special sauce repair the club without help from the backroom.

  60. Pedro

    Dissenter, we’ve already heard your average theories that support talent doesn’t help and you think that way because you don’t speak to anyone in the game.

    Ajax, Dortmund, Atleti and Spurs showing what good coaching can offer up.

  61. bennydevito


    Your very simplistic and painfully obvious agenda driven view lacks context……………


    Koscielny and Monreal are another year older………. and have spent more time injured and can no longer cope with the physical demands of the league………….


    Bellerin and Holding both got injured……… coupled with Monreal’s and Koscielny’s decline………….. that has contributed to our defence getting worse as you put it………….. if it actually has………….

    Last season we conceded 51 goals……….

    At the moment with 1 game to go we have conceded 50……….

    As long as we don’t concede more than 1 goal next week………… our defence hasn’t got worse……….

    Both Ian Wright and Jermaine Jenas said on motd tonight that we have done exceptionally well to even be anywhere near the top 4…………

    And if it wasn’t for our strikers and having the best conversion statistics……… we would be 11th in the table……….

    11th……. …. ………..

    Yet we easily have a top 4 squad………… according to the many expert Wengerite apologists who said nothing of Wenger’s failings………….. on here……….

    For years…………

    Not 3 to 5 months like they have about Emery …………

    Even though we have now finished outside of the top 4…………..

    3 years running………………

    Top 4 squad………………..


    My arse………..

    Emery needs to go alright ………… but the problems at our club run much deeper than Emery alone…………….

  62. Dissenter

    Like midwest stated, I’m glad we don’t have a club legend like Vierra in charge. It would be sad to hate on him.

    Let Emery the outsider take all the hate for the crap that was left for him
    We will get Vierra or someone like him when we have cleared all the Wenger BS from the squad.

  63. Redtruth

    “Yes the players should have shown more hunger and more movements, but clearly this is a bunch of players who have given up on Emery.”

    The players are losers and are in no postition to give up on Emery.

  64. Pedro

    Azed, if weren’t about coaching, Spurs and Ajax wouldn’t be in the CL semi-final.

    Try again.

  65. Ishola70

    “you can’t talk bigger picture and have emery in it.”

    So be it but there is definitely a case of some focusing almost exclusively on Emery.

    It’s a bigger problem than just Emery.

    There needs to be a player overhaul and the culling of players that have not been up to scratch for several seasons.

    If certain players that are not good enough and have seen too much playing time are still playing week in, week out next season then you won’t have to wait too long for Emery’s departure. These players will kill him off themselves by their own inadequacies let alone these inadequacies the manager is said to have.

  66. Words on a Blog


    Own brand, yeah maybe….still need to convince myself to get with the program and support the campaign to get rid of “Las Ketchup”

  67. Dissenter

    “Ajax, Dortmund, Atleti and Spurs showing what good coaching can offer up.”

    I’m glad you’ve removed OGS from that list.
    You previously used him as the epitome of special sauce to bash Emery.

    All those teams have strong leadership upstairs….we don’t
    Sanlehi was sacked while trying to sack Jean Michel Seri from Nice. He’s the guy now charged with backing Emery which is laughable.

    FFS, what is Emery to do with Lichsteiner and Monreal as wing backs . Our wingbacks had a collective football age of 100 years. That’s what the club gave the manager.

  68. Ishola70

    No-one really ever comments on this individual errors leading to goals table.

    Apparently Arsenal have topped this table for the past two seasons.

    Surely this says something about the players themselves. Do they need shrinks as well as football coaches to sort themselves out. More likely they are just not good enough and are error riddled players that no-one can save.

  69. Dissenter

    That chance Aubemeyang missed was horrendous

    Every player has to be on the chopping block. Which is why we need a technical director to clear out these freaking mess with a machete.

  70. Marko

    Apparently Arsenal have topped this table for the past two seasons.

    Doesn’t matter it’s the managers fault. Bring in someone else and Xhaka never makes a mistake again

  71. azed


    Barca signed one Ajax player for 80M, there are others that would be sold for good money

    Jordan Sancho would start for us, so would Witsel, Akanji and Zagadou.

    For Spurs, the less said, the better.

  72. Dissenter

    How many points did Auba lose for Arsenal
    Against Chelsea away
    At spuds away
    At hime against Brighton

  73. Dissenter

    If Emery defends keeping the core of the team for next season, then he too can fuck off
    His staying has to be contingent on a clear out

    This club cannot just have another summer like the last one. It has to be a clear out.

  74. Pierre

    He careful what you wish for eh Joe ….we’ve got our Arsenal back eh joe…

    Deep down you know he’s not the man for the arsenal ….I feel sorry for the players, they look bewildered by his muddled tactics ..they run and run , and then they run some more and then they are too knackered to do anything when they get the ball.

    Mhkitaryan has had Jose and now Emery , he has forgotten how to enjoy his football , to play with freedom and expression…I dread to think what it will be like next season if we do qualify for.the champions league and Emery is still.the manager.

    Strange how that when we on our 22 game unbeaten run it was Emery who received the credit but now we can’t win a league game, it’s all wenger’s fault.

    The obsessives need to make up.their mind , they can’t have it both ways..if it’s wenger’s fault now for the teams.performance it was wenger who should receive the praise for our unbeaten run .

    Alternatively, if Emery was the mastermind of our 22 game unbeaten run then Emery is to blame for our terrible losses over the last few months.

  75. Pedro

    Dissenter, I never said OGS was hot sauce.

    Merely pointed out he’d rectified a defence inside 25 games.

    Azed, other clubs have good players, not sure what your point is here.

  76. Marko

    There was an instance in the second half where a ball broke towards Monreal near our box and he did this weird hip control thing to try and alleviate danger and keep in mind this has been one of our more consistent performers over the last few years maybe even our best defender and I just thought we’re fucking doomed as a club with players like that doing stupid shit all the time. There’s a reason we sign these players and there’s a reason it’s been a number of years since the likes of Barcelona have come knocking on our door to sign up a player from us. It’s because we accumulate shit that no one wants and that’s that

  77. Pedro

    Pierre, not sure you can play the ‘careful what you wish for card’… in fact, you can’t.

    We moved on from a dictator.

    If Raul is a real football guy, he’ll fire Emery if he fails Europa.

    That’s getting our club back.

  78. bennydevito

    DissenterMay 6, 2019    00:44:04

    Our last two weeks form has been shocking. I’ve been saying that I wasn’t sure we would beat Brighton at home.
    We won’t get past Valencia either.

    DissenterMay 6, 2019    00:45:04

    If Emery was sacked on Monday, no one would shed a tear.
    That’s what some don’t understand.


    I would be overjoyed to see Emery sacked on Monday but with a chance of getting into the final of the EL it won’t happen unless Valencia knock us out.

    I actually said last week I didn’t trust us to beat Brighton let alone Burnley and that we will concede at least 1 against Brighton and they will hold out for a draw.

    I should have put a bloody bet on it!

  79. Ishola70

    I thought it was already explained to you Pierre that the unbeaten run looked good on at a glance but under more scrutiny was not that impressive.

    But there you go refering to it again.

  80. Redtruth

    Emery is not to blame for Aubameyang’s profligacy
    He misses OPEN goals which has definitely impacted on team performance and results.

  81. bennydevito


    Who can we realistically get this summer to replace Emery? Who fancies it and what’s the inside word on Emery from Arsenal and whether he’ll still be here next season?

    What about transfer funds?

    Any inside info on transfers? Lacazette swap deal for umTitties and Gomez?

    I read something earlier that we are going to go for Zaha and that Tielemans wants to come to us and not Leicester although that might change now we fucked top 4 unless we win the EL.

  82. Bamford10


    “It has to be a clear out.”

    Absolutely correct. And I agree that if Emery does not see this, he too will need to go.

  83. Dissenter

    There’s something about Auba that seats uneasily with me.

    There are provisions of the his transfer that haven’t been reported properly. Talk was that we paid a heart 8 figure transfer bonus to him atop there 58 million transfer
    It may be his propensity to miss simple goals. His supporters will; say that at least he gets in the right places which is true.

  84. Bamford10


    If we get past Valencia, there is no chance they will replace Emery this summer. Not going to happen. No chance. Pedro is simply going to have to put up with Emery for at least another seven months.

  85. Dissenter

    One part of me wishes we get knocked out on Thursday just to make the clear out faster.
    I hope certain players feel too big to play in the EL next season and fack off

  86. Words on a Blog


    “We moved on from a dictator…..”

    That’s probably the problem – post revolutionary chaos in terms of senior football management, an absence of structure, no agreement on what the vision should be, the money running low, complacent elites (the players) unable to adjust to a new regime,a pleasant but weak puppet leader (Emery) buffetted by all the above….

  87. Bamford10

    Words, Dissenter

    Ozil has become one of the most pointless footballers in the world. He is completely and totally ineffectual.

  88. Nelson

    Judging from the last 6 PL games, our team is more like a bottom 4 than a top4 team. If we continue to play like that next season and the manager keeps changing the formation to confuse the players (Mikki), we’ll end up in the bottom half of the table.

    Whether we are playing 4 2 2 2 or 4 3 1 2, if we don’t have fast full backs to provide width, we are doomed. How can you break through a team parking the bus in the middle by stacking so many players in the middle.

    As for Xhaka, EPL is too fast for him. For his own good, he should join a slower league.

    Manure is preparing to pay half of Sanchez’s salary to get rid of him. Maybe we should try to do the same thing for those high earners. The team needs a fresh start. That’s our only hope!

  89. Marko

    Did Ozil create a single chance in this game?

    Not his fault he was played somewhere on the left instead of the middle. Or was it the right. Point is the great boggle eyed one always has some kind of an excuse for being utterly useless. Two 20+ a season strikers and he can only muster two assists all season

  90. azed

    Azed, other clubs have good players, not sure what your point is here.

    Spurs, Ajax and Dortmund’s fortune are not just down to coaching.

  91. azed

    “Strange how that when we on our 22 game unbeaten run it was Emery who received the credit but now we can’t win a league game, it’s all wenger’s fault.”

    Oh the 22 game run in which Ozil was a bit part player…

    Funny how our form in the league nose dived the moment Ozil was brought back.

  92. Pedro

    Benny, I don’t have an open roster of talent availability.

    I have no idea who we’d sign this summer but don’t think we aren’t a hot ticket.

    Liverpool landed Klopp on a real downward spiral.

    We can land similar levels. We are a HUGE club. Worthy of 99% of coaches out there.

    Emery is Everton levels I’m afraid.

  93. Dissenter

    “Spurs, Ajax and Dortmund’s fortune are not just down to coaching.

    Spurs have Daniel Levi
    Ajax have Edwin Van De Saar and Overmars
    Dortmund have Michael Zorc, possibly the best CEO in the business

    Arsenal’s problems aren’t on Emery.

  94. Pedro

    Joe, net +£4m spend in his first season. Net +£9m in his second season.

    Remind me what Emery spent in his first summer net?

  95. Dissenter

    In retrospect=, the worst error we made this season is letting Ramsey leave.
    At the time it seemed to be a difficult but right decision but in retrospect it’s a horrifying one.
    We really started sliding without abandon once we lost him. There’s no way we lose the Palace game with Ramsey. No way we failed to beat Brighton at home.

  96. Words on a Blog


    Regardless of whether Emery is in or out our net spend figures are always gonna look high when the bulk of the “players out” column are players leaving on a free……

  97. Dissenter

    “Joe, net +£4m spend in his first season. Net +£9m in his second season.”
    The net spend argument is a lazy one to hoodwinks the simple.

    Klopp spent heavily but Liverpool had a lot of transfer worthy players to move out.
    You cannot consider the summer’s spending without adding in the sales we made in January 2018. Don’t consider the “net” from just the summer.

  98. Dissenter

    “Regardless of whether Emery is in or out our net spend figures are always gonna look high when the bulk of the “players out” column are players leaving on a free……”

    Exactly, the “net” argument is lazy.
    Klopp’s so called “net” added the sale of Sterling to the figures.

  99. Words on a Blog

    I think the problem with Pedro at the moment is that he’s so desperate to move zemery on that he’s ignoring all the other fundamental problems in the club.

    This is pretty strange coming from the person who, through this blog in the not so distant past, practically pioneered research into The Structural Problems with Arsenal.

  100. Words on a Blog

    I think the problem with Pedro at the moment is that he’s so desperate to move Emery on that he’s ignoring all the other fundamental problems in the club.

    This is pretty strange coming from the person who, through this blog in the not so distant past, practically pioneered research into The Structural Problems with Arsenal.

  101. Words on a Blog


    That’s what’s strange.

    If you know the fundamentals better than most, and I’m pretty sure you do, do you really think moving Emery on is gonna make a blind bit of difference if everything else stays the same?

  102. Bamford10

    Let’s be clear about what that 70m got Emery.

    It got him Sokratis, a replacement for the injured Koscielny. Sokratis is a good, no-nonsense CB, but he is very far from world class. And again, he didn’t really add to what we had per se, as he didn’t replace Mustafi. He was a replacement for an injured Koscielny.

    It got him Torreira, a good but not great CM. I like Torreira and there have been games where he has shown real promise, but he has not been as impactful as we thought he might be and he won’t be making any post-season best of the PL lists, not even young player lists. He just hasn’t been impactful enough.

    It got him Guendouzi, a skillful but immature 19-year-old who was anywhere from ineffectual to a liability when deployed in PL matches.

    And it got him Leno, a good shot-stopper who saved our skin in a number of matches but who was also a bit mistake-prone and a bit weak on crosses.

    Then let’s look at what injuries have to Emery.

    An injury to Bellerin meant he had to play AMN, an injury to Holding meant he had to play Mustafi, an injury to Welbeck meant we had little to no wide play — not that W was ideal — and an injury to Ramsey meant we had no real central midfielders, certainly none who could make something happen.

    These were the realities Emery was working with.

  103. WengerEagle

    We were on pace to concede 50 PL goals even with Holding and Bellerin in the side.

    And Welbeck our key wide player? Lol, on what planet? Absolute bollocks being spouted here Bam.

  104. Pedro

    Words, back again.


    Hire in someone who can deliver on their manifesto.

    That’s not Emery.

    ‘But who could do it’ is such a cop out. In every walk of life at the minute, people have to manage with less resource than needed. The best don’t.

    Poch found a way. We need to find someone as good as him. If the only way Emery can compete is with £150m, he’s not the right guy. Fact is, even with that sort of money, he’d fail against those above him.

  105. China1

    Pedro our historical size and prestige means far less than you think

    If being a historically big club with a nice stadium trumps all else, why did pep go to city, a shit club historically rather than a prestigious one?

    If historical prestige, city location and the like are worth so much, why do inter and ac no longer attract the creams of the crop?

    Resources and trajectory matter far far more. Can you pay top players? If yes, you can recruit as city did the moment the money flowed in.

    Is your club on the up? If yes, you can sell a dream to players and managers as Liverpool /spurs managed to do

    What are we? Are we rich? Well we had limited funds last summer. We were literally not allowed to sign anyone in January and we’ll have limited funds again this summer.

    What’s our trajectory? Hard to say, which makes joining us a risk.

    This idea that all you have to do is have a shiny new stadium and be in London with a nice old trophy cabinet and you will remain a top destination is absolutely nonsense.

    With brilliant ownership and management from top to bottom we could become a force again, but emery is one cog of flawed management in an entire setup which is frankly pants for a major club. We are not the invincibles anymore. No one is eyeing us up with envy. With a largely irrelevant to our own league, and besides the second tier competition, we’re irrelevant in Europe too

    So by all means move emery out as I don’t think he’s done enough. But replacing him is still only solving 1/5 of the problem at hand

    The club is a shambles and as long as Stan remains this will likely remain so

  106. Guns of SF

    If we fail to get cl
    We will struggle to get players in

    Wenger paid well as to attract some talent in and the history and legacy helped too

    Emery doesn’t have a legacy and not much history with arsenal

    Means that paying over the odds is a way to attract young players

    I said young not established ones

  107. Thorough

    Thanks. I’m from Ogun but reside in Kaduna. You?

    I’ve said it times without number that Emery is a moron. He tinkers for tinkering sake. His trio of substitution came when we were on the front foot. And I would have gone with Nketiah before any other forward.

    That said, the level of our players is a far bigger concern. I’m of the Harry Redknap school of taught that says your team is as good as your players. That’s why I think the best Managers invariably buy/have the best players and that reduces their margin of error. City’s bench is almost as good as our first 11. When Guardiola decides to tinker he’s likely to get it right. However the gulf between our players is massive. The day we don’t have Torreira, we revert to a clueless Elneny. No Bellerin, we resort to Lichsteiner./Jenkinson. No Kos or Papa, we have Mustafi. I guess that’s why Wenger practically flogs his team to death because he can’t entertain the thought of using his miserable bench. Never mind the idiat didn’t realize that. If Mahrez was in this Arsenal team I’m sure we’ll be 3rd. But he’s not even getting minutes for City.
    Until this imbalance is corrected I’m not sure we can judge any coach fairly. Too sad I think for the kind of cull we need we may need a cold hearted coach like Vieira. We can’t afford that if we remain operating the way we are. Time for the Kroenkes to do something drastic or we’ll continue with this heartache.

  108. Batistuta


    Arsenal fans are too docile and short sighted to blame the ownership of the club….Most feel like just changing the manager would make us better….I mean Pierre seems to think what we need is a manager who will give Mikitaryan more freedom and happiness to play his football never mind he’s a shower of shit

  109. Thorough

    And that’s really sad. Talent is priority 1, 2 and 3 for sports. I imagine I’ll take Guardiola to the cleaners if I have 11 Messis and he has 11 Jenkinsons. Remember what the commentator said when Kane scored the last of his 3 goals against Chelsea? “No coach can coach that.” This team is devoid of magicians and match winners who can make something out of nothing. It takes money to find those.

  110. Un na naai

    Arsenal fans are too docile and short sighted to blame the ownership of the club….Most feel like just changing the manager would make us better….I mean Pierre seems to think what we need is a manager who will give Mikitaryan more freedom and happiness to play his football never mind he’s a shower of shit


    Finally!!! You’ve joined the dark side now, be careful. It’s not a popular thought.

  111. China1

    As long as Stan remains, don’t expect any major brilliant transition in how the club is run.

    We probably need a better manager but we also need better players, better scouts, better negotiators, a proper DoF, better moneymen and the rest

    The only person with the power to shift this entire juggernaut in the right direction is in America and couldn’t give a shit

  112. Leedsgunner

    Before new players we need to start with a new desire from the very top not to accept anything that remotely seems like an excuse.

    That’s why until Kronke goes this crazy charade will be allowed to continue because the truth is he is not interested in winning the biggest trophies with the club because it will hurt his bottom line.

    Arsenal is nothing but a sport themed investment vehicle for him and the Kronkes are happy with it as it is.

  113. Un na naai


    What grown man calls himself that and talks like that.
    Here’s some advice you googly eyes bottom feeding little savage. Pull your jeans up, get a belt, call yourself by your Christian name (probably Geoffrey) and talk properly

    Did you see the fool trying his best to defer blame from emery? Robbie just kept throwing facts at hi then……EEEEER MOOONEY!! He never had no fuckin muuuneeeee
    Look at city Chelsea man uuuuuu!!!

    Yeah, wenger never had any money neither you little council estate skid mark.

    Has emery improved anything at arsenal??

    He was a bad hire