Top 3 opportunity goes to the last day (if we beat Brighton)

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Hello top 4 my old friend.

I’ve come to try with you again.

Here we are AGAIN people. Spurs shit the bed against Bournemouth losing two players to red cards. Chelsea has a London derby against Watford tomorrow morning. We have to face off against the MIGHTY Brighton at home in a later kick-off.

This goes down to the last day if we can pull off a win. It’ll be a classic top 4 face off where any of 4 teams could sneak it on the last day. Who really needs a title race when you have a battle like this going on?

United are taking 6 points, no doubt.  FIXTURE FRAUD RIFE AS USUAL.

Last game for Spurs is Everton, which won’t be easy.

Last game for Chelsea is apparently one of the most underrated midtable teams in the world… Leicester.

We have to go away to Burnley, which is never easy… because 1) we are Arsenal 2) it is away from home.

All we can do is win both our games and pray for an upset. Incredible that we’ve lost 4 of our last 5 games. A travesty.

Still, worth remembering we have two chances at the promised land. Europa League is looking good for us. Mulling over whether I’d prefer Chelsea or Frankfurt… at least we know we’ll turn up if it’s Chelsea.

Alex Iwobi, had something to say on his record this season.

“I try to dwell on the positive and not dwell on the negative as much as I can. If I make a mistake I try to use it as a lesson and try to improve on it. We have a lot of good fans as well.”

“They are entitled to their own opinion and I am happy with the progress I have made this season. I have been able to get more goals than I had in the previous season and I have”

Not exactly a ringing endorsement of himself here. 4 assists and 5 goals across 48 games is a pitiful record in his third season. That’s the sort of return you’d expect from a decent full back. Not someone who in an attacking role for a team trying to be protaganists. If you’re brutally honest, it’s not good enough and it’s hard to see when it comes good. He lacks physicality, offers up little pace and the decision making hasn’t gotten any sharper.

As we rebuild this summer, the focus really has to be on players that aren’t happy with ‘a few assists’, we need to bring in electric pace, and a brutal winner takes all mentality. We’ve really struggled out wide this year and it’s the excuses are running out because he’s been given a huge amount of game time.

What would Saka have done with that many games? Maybe we should find out… or just pony up the money and bring in Pepe, Sarr, or Zaha?

Alex Lacazette took the player of the season. There’s been some fierce debates in my chat groups. No one really stood out majorly this season. There was a lot of ok or good form in spits and spats. Dare I say if Ramsey hadn’t have been benched for the first half of the year, he’d be taking that? Him or Leno for me. But hey, I love the Frenchman. He works hards, he makes so much out of nothing and he’s popped up with important goals all year. He and Auba have had a far beyond average impact on our conversion rate in front of goal and we are very lucky to have the both of them.

Emery was asked by a paid-up journo whether winning the remaining two games was important. Imagine that being the extent of your questioning when you’re handed the mic?

Good afternoon. We need to win the next match and if we win against Brighton we are going to the last match against Burnley with the possibility to be in the top four. It’s not in our hands, but we need to win our matches and the first is Sunday. It’s not easy to win each match – for us and for other teams – but the focus for us is to win against Brighton for different situations. We are going to play the last match at home. We are going the play the last match with Petr Cech, with Aaron Ramsey and also I think we want to finish at the Emirates with a victory. The first objective is to finish in the top four and it will give us the chance.

The ‘good afternoon’ is a lovely touch. Interesting that we might start Cech. He had a good game against Valenica, but this game isn’t a dead rubber.

The manager was asked if he thought we’d progressed.

Yes I am. Our progress I think – when we started the season we lost against Man City and Chelsea  and we worked for this process, little by little and at the end of the season now we are with this possibility. I think when we started we would have been happy to have today these two opportunities in the Premier League and Europa League to reach our target.

I think he’s trying to say that we are competing for top 4 this season, which hasn’t been the case. He’s right. If we make top 4, it’s hard to argue about his success. It’s like the FA Cup final in 2005, it was grubby, but we did it. However, if you are into reality, he’s not progressed the club like most of us would have hoped. But, he’ll get the next season to stamp his authority… I’m sure there will still be those that can’t tolerate any critique until he’s purged every last binman that was under Wenger’s control, but there we go.

One step at a time… Emery HAS to put on a show tomorrow. Send the fans home with a smile and make sure they’re hanging back for that lap of honour!

Right, see you in the comments x

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  1. Champagne charlie


    Why did we draw?

    Because management is a fundamental aspect of the game of football. You really going to be that obtuse?

    If it were a case of picking better players and letting them run out and play then what purpose would a manager serve?

    We lost because Emery can’t create a team to take a game by the scruff and exert his own style and philosophy – because he hasn’t got one. We were mitigated because his opposite number made it so the sum of his players were more than their parts alone.

    There’s no singular thing in this oh so binary analysis being done lately, but when you look at what we had vs what they had the failure is in our management.

  2. Marko

    Arsenal does not need a chequebook manager. We need a good innovative hungry manager, willing to give youth a chance

    Nah this isn’t true. We don’t have good enough youth coming through. And any outside young players that can improve us would need to be signed so yeah chequebook

  3. PhilF

    The problem is the owner and BOD… there is no vision driving the club forward. The club is merely a long term investment for Kronke. As long as we are in the Prem that’s enough. It’s an attitude problem and just creates an atmosphere of mediocrity.

  4. Siddharth14

    I said this before and got ridiculed for it. But it is going to take a lot of money to overhaul this squad. This is imperative !

    With us losing on serious money by not selling Sanchez, Ozil and Ramsey at the right time. We have dug ourselves a massive hole.

    Auba and Laca are looking miserable playing in such a pony setup. If I was in their place, I would be looking for a way out. Who could blame them.

    If Auba and Laca are looking to jump then we need to sell Auba and Laca this summer to initiate a squad overhaul.

  5. MuddyGooner

    7 games ago we reached Wenger’s last season’s total number of points.
    With one game left, we’re only 4 points better off !
    Wenger like capitulation.

  6. Bueleydave

    The ONLY thing this bunch of bottling losers can do consistently well is to make sure their unearned money is paid into their accounts

  7. WengerEagle


    On what evidence is Emery up to a club rebuild?

    His teams haven’t shown linear league improvement in the past besides PSG and content is important there because they added Neymar and stole M’Bappe off of Monaco last season as well as Monaco having all of their best players poached.

    Guys like Pep and Klopp have transformed past clubs before coming to the PL.

  8. Bamford10


    Except that I don’t really even rate Emery, so he’s definitely not “my boy”.

    As for our depth, we’ve lost Holding, Bellerin, Welbeck and Ramsey to injury, and our bench today consisted of Elneny, Nketiah, Guendouzi, Kolasinac, Iwobi and a 33-year-old Koscielny. Are you seriously suggesting that we don’t lack quality and depth?

    Further, given the thinness of our squad, are you suggesting that playing twice as many games as our opposition over the past 4-6 weeks is not a factor in matches like today’s or those of the past few weeks? Especially at the tail end of a season, when legs are bound to be tired anyways? Of course playing twice as many games is a factor.

    Sorry, but you’re another one of these guys who is more interested in “scoring points” and being clever than he is in being reasonable, fair-minded or accurate.

  9. azed

    “If we clearly have the better players which we do, is it not fair to question his ability to motivate/guide them?”

    Have you considered that alot of them are mentally weak and are just here for the pay check?

    If the chance to play in the Champions League cannot motivate a player, I doubt there’s anything any human can do.

  10. TheLegendaryDB10


    Emery’s biggest sin is bring Ozil back into the side.

    Lol. Pierre is not going to like this.


    My word… walking away from Arsenal. Unreal statement.

    I can only agree. With the amount of £££ he is earning, this is his biggest gig ever. So, indeed, why should he leave?

  11. Champagne charlie


    If the guys were motivated purely by money it would be in their best interests to make CL as they’re all financially incentivised to do so. So you’re reaching there.

    We can have players not up to snuff, AND a manager incapable of handling the job at hand. It’s not a pick your fave answer type scenario.

  12. Marko

    If we clearly have the better players which we do, is it not fair to question his ability to motivate/guide them?

    If these players need to be guided and directed every minute through a game like puppets responding to a puppet master then perhaps that should tell you what kind of players that we have at Arsenal. I’m sorry but I’m not about to look at that game today and see Xhaka perform like that and somehow turn it into something about the manager. It’s ridiculous he can’t make Xhaka not be a dumb cunt can he? I’d be saying the same thing if anyone was the manager btw

  13. Chris

    I think we should all take a time out from the blog this evening (sorry Pedro).

    It’s clear there are problems at every level of the club, ownership, coach, players but all we’re going to do is raise our blood pressure debating it further!

    All that remains this season is to hopefully win the EL which would be another trophy in the cabinet, and see if the Kroenke’s are actually willing to invest in the summer to push this club forward.

  14. ddkingz

    someone should go dig up some stats about arsenal this season… I think we might have broken some records despite the poor season that just ended…

    I think no team have made more sideways passing than arsenal in the history of the epl

  15. TR7


    Yes, it’s weird and irritating to see people not making their own arguments and quoting/picking their brains up.from.what Arsenal Truth writes. The guy is just a random blogger like any of us.

  16. Pierre

    Very strange set up today by our manager.

    Difficult to work out what the plan was , it seemed like he over complicated things.

    First half Mhkitaryan on the left with Ozil more on the right ,Aubamayang and Lacazette central ( I think) .
    After half an hour Aubamayang sort of went to the left but Mhkitaryan sort of stayed over there but we created chances at this period of the game .

    2nd half Mhkitaryan on the right and Ozil sort of on the left with Lacazette and Aubamayang sort of central ( didn’t work ) .

    Just before our substitutions we had our best period of the game, chances were coming on a regular basis and it looked like a goa .was coming , so what did the manager do …yes , he makes 3 changes , the headless chicken brigade come on and that was about it ….could have easily lost the game.

    Why he didn’t just play Lacazette up front , Ozil just behind , Aubamayang coming in from the left and Mhkitaryan right , I do not know. …very strange set up , I have to say .

    Back to the golf.

  17. Upstate Gooner

    If Emery is our manager next season and he continues with the same shit we’ve been watching for the last few weeks, we’ll be battling the likes of Everton, Watford, Leicester, and Wolves for top 6-8, never mind top 4.

  18. MGooner

    @ Valentin

    Innovative manager who will not need a checkbook.

    That sounds like Project Youth 3.0 to me. We’ve been there before

    There is only one problem at this club. Our expectations are not aligned with our capacity.

  19. WengerEagle

    So disingenuous Bamford, lol so Welbeck is a key player for us now? Since when? A year ago I’d be willing to bet you wanted him out with the rest of the deadwood.

    For somebody who’s not a fan you sure don’t have bat for the lad on here.

    We’ve no less depth than in previous years, quite the opposite actually. Was never an excuse then.

    We added Toreirra (first team), Leno (first team), Sokratis (first team), Guendouzi and Lichtsteiner and we lost who, Ospina and Perez?

  20. Champagne charlie


    that’s my overriding issue as I was talking to Pat earlier on here. I just don’t see the merit in going further down the Emery path when it’s so so uncertain (putting it mildly) he’s capable of a build.

    We’re not PSG, so that’s a shit comparison, we’re much nearer Valencia/Sevilla in terms of selling to buy and being organic. You’re spot on when you say he didn’t build anything at those clubs. He survived on cup glory and mediocre league returns.

    That isn’t what Arsenal need. Jardim has much more in his locker for me, he’s built a side and won with a side. I’d sooner hire him than watch 60 mil get spunked on the sort of player he “needs” to make us better.

  21. Marko

    On what evidence is Emery up to a club rebuild?

    Well that’s something different now to blaming Emery for abject player performances and decisions. There’s not much evidence but in this regard the onus is on the management more than the coach. The direction of the club the players that we buy and sell the actual rebuilding of the club isn’t in his hands. Whether you think he can then get the best out of a squad then well that’s something else entirely. I would say challenging for a league no getting back into the Champions League probably but only with time and investment. Same goes for Vieira same goes for Nagelsmann same goes for (god forbid) Arteta

  22. jwl

    We have a squad of fanny farts, I agree with azed that most of our players are here for paycheque and have zero mental strength. We played awful football under Wenger, he was relic, but these guys were keen to get overpaid to play half assed football year after year after year. The players who were here prior to Emery are not motivated to win leagues, they like living in London and being overpaid.

  23. Marko

    Was literally the set up Pierre is always calling for and yet it was still abject. Mhiki and Özil my god what a sight.

  24. WengerEagle


    Was Xhaka’s blunder the reason that we played shit for 90 mins and created fuck all yeah?

    If an AW team had produced that today would you honestly be so quick to deflect any sort of criticism off of him from a tactical/motivational/respect POV?

    The players look like they couldn’t give a fuck about playing for him and he’s waving his arms and scratching his Dracula fangs like he lacks a semblance of a clue at what he’s doing.

  25. Alex James

    Dreadful performance, and we are losing Aaron. Whoever is managing our club must be on something weird. I have had some bad days supporting Arsenal over 60 plus years. Right now I feel I have been catapulted back to the 1960s. Difficult to find anything to cheer about. Valencia at their place may well frighten the life out of this bunch of softies. Oh well, time to open a new bottle.

  26. Marko

    I actually wouldn’t mind in the slightest bit if they got rid of Emery in the summer. It still doesn’t change the fact that this team needs a major change in the squad.

  27. azed

    Right azed, so there’s no onus on a gaffer to motivate a group anymore?


    You can force a horse to the river, you can’t force it to drink…

    The lack of effort shown by the players is down to them and Emery’s sin is not being ruthless enough.

  28. Redtruth

    “Guys like Pep and Klopp have transformed past clubs before coming to the PL.”

    Bayern regressed under Guardiola… moron.

  29. BacaryisGod

    You ask Liverpool, Man City or Spurs fans who they would be genuinely sorry to see leave their club next season and they could give you 5-10 names easily.

    For Arsenal, it’s only two: Lacazette and Aubameyang. They work hard and they (mostly) deliver. Tragically, that’s it. The next group down would be Leno (not entirely convincing), Sokratis (tough but lacks pace), Kozzer (end of the line but served us well) Torreira (has faded badly) and Bellerin (not perfect but we’ve missed him). Ramsey is already gone so is not included.

    Here’s a list of players most of us would be delighted to leave next season.

    Xhaka, Mustafi and Mkhitaryan. All brain dead on too many occasions. I’ll give Iwobi a break because at least he can go past players.

    Lichsteiner, Elneny, Jenkinson for obvious reasons.

  30. Champagne charlie


    You’re dead right, the squad does need an overhaul.

    However, who are you confident giving that responsibility to? Because I’m sure we can agree that different doesn’t mean better, so what’s the plan, the vision, the blueprint for making us title challengers ultimately?

    You confident in Emery for that job? More so than an Allegri? Jardim? Vieira even?

    Having a squad that needs work doesn’t absolve the fundamental idea of whether the guy orchestrating it all is the right guy to be doing so. If you’re spending 15 mil on a new left back or on a new manager to bring the whole place around to a vision of the future I know where I’d sooner see the money spent.

  31. HillWood

    Arsenal have become an Amateur Dramatic Society
    That thinks it has a right to be a Broadway Stage Show

  32. Marko

    WE I see Monreal and Mustafi making blunders I see Torreira and Xhaka not controlling in midfield and in Xhaka’s case have an absolutely awful day and I see our attack create fuck all all day long. In my mind I’m not thinking about the manager whoever he is because I’ve come to expect it from this group of players. That you want to keep going back to the manager while I want 70% of the cunts out of the club is where I’m at as a fan. Not making excuses or sticking up for the manager

  33. Upstate Gooner

    “Continuing with Emery will delay the rebuild job for yet another year. Time to look for a new manager.”

    Been saying this for months now. Do you trust the guy who keeps playing the likes of Mustafi and Xhaka week in and week out with more money and time? I don’t.

  34. azed

    “The players look like they couldn’t give a fuck about playing for him and he’s waving his arms and scratching his Dracula fangs like he lacks a semblance of a clue at what he’s doing.”

    This same players didn’t play for Wenger, so maybe it’s because they really don’t care.

  35. azed

    Been saying this for months now. Do you trust the guy who keeps playing the likes of Mustafi and Xhaka week in and week out with more money and time? I don’t.

    Xhaka or Elneny or Guendozi, who would you rather play?

  36. jwl

    Xhaka and Mustafi have to be sold or sidelined this summer, they are by far our two weakest links, they bring down whole team. Buy top quality 24 year old centre back and dribbler who is quick and has stamina.

  37. Marko

    You’re dead right, the squad does need an overhaul.However, who are you confident giving that responsibility to? You confident in Emery for that job? More so than an Allegri? Jardim? Vieira even?

    The signings in and out wouldn’t be up to him or any of them so the question is am I confident in Raul rebuilding the squad? No. Then it becomes about who becomes the technical director. Would I trust Edu? Well we’ll probably have to because it doesn’t look like Luiz Campos or Paul Mitchell are coming here.

  38. azed

    “However, who are you confident giving that responsibility to? ”

    I’ll rather have a DOF buying players than a manager.

  39. WengerEagle


    I’ve never been sold on Emery, said as much last summer, our gripe with AW was never lower Cup performance, was consistently falling way short in the league and CL and Emery isn’t miles apart in that regard.

    If we want to be a EL club (we used to take the absolute piss out of Spurs for this didn’t we?) then by all means we have the right guy at the helm.

    But in recent weeks the conversation has been more focused on the disgrace of losing 4 and picking up just 4 points in 6 matches, all to sides outside of the top 6.

    For which Emery deserves a share of the blame.

  40. azed


    Fair choice but do you remember the outrage on here when Guendozi played at Everton when Xhaka was injured and Torriera suspended?

    Or the outrage when they played against Palace?

  41. Redtruth

    You vould send out a team wearing wrong sized boots and they would still beat Brighton.
    Players are solely responsible for this mess.

  42. Champagne charlie

    DOF needs to be buying the players to fit a managers idea of how to play. You think Liverpool would go out and buy Klopp a 6’5 target man? NO, it’s guys that he needs to bring his shit to life.

    You know fine well the manager has a say on which players get bought, what is it with this stupid idea Emery hasn’t a word on who joins? That’s such fantasy. His needs are 100% considered for the team, the name is inconsequential in reality as it’s the needs that are the most important aspect.

  43. WengerEagle


    The vast majority of even our most culpable players performed better for other managers when at other clubs, it was almost unanimously agreed upon besides the odd rabid Wenger disciple that AW couldn’t motivate Pete Doherty to shoot up in recent years and that virtually anybody else could get a better response out of this group, average as they are.

  44. Valentin


    We had Nkethia who during his last cameo as right winger did more in 20 minutes than Mhikitarian.
    We have Saka who can play an half of football against Brighton.
    We had options, it is just that Emery does not trust youth team players.
    Like I said before the game, the U21 right back cannot be worse than Lichsteiner or Jenkinson. If he is, he should not be at Arsenal.

  45. Marko

    WE that’s fair enough but again I think it’s a cop out to just blame the manager whoever it is for the players letting us down when it’s been happening with the same group of players for years now. I mean we can’t just keep changing managers and expect different performances from someone like Xhaka for example. At some point you have to say these players aren’t good enough and until that changes then nothing changes.

    Can I just say while we’re on the subject that I’m absolutely delighted Sven Mislintat is gone. My fuck he’s responsible for Lichtsteiner, Sokratis, Mhiki and Guendouzi and he doesn’t get a pass for Leno and Auba it’s awful recruitment from him

  46. WengerEagle

    Are Napoli and Valencia worse than Brighton now?

    Oh wait my bad, ‘continental sides’ are tailor-made for us.

    We just couldn’t handle Brighton’s overwhelming athleticism/power and pace.

  47. Gbat

    “Gbat, why don’t you counter with why the thinking wasn’t muddled”

    Valentin and others write things like why pick Litchsteiner when there’s an U21 rb who can do the job. But if he picks him and he has a shocker it’ll be Emery shouldn’t have picked an inexperienced player. You can twist things to how you want.

    I read complaints there’s no width. Where’s this width coming from? We have a squad full of central players. Passers and no dribblers except Iwobi. Tactics aren’t going to change that.

  48. Receding Hairline

    Poch players are letting him down says le Grove

    Emery is destroying our world class players says le Grove

    You don’t need a manager or right set up to beat Brighton at home ffs. It’s the type of games players win without sweating.

    Arsenal players have something wrong with them mentally, this late season collapse with third up for grabs should tell you that.

    We have been a unreliable team for years, Emery wasn’t here then, the common denominator is the players, we buy the wrong type of players end of…you can Continue arguing till you are blue in the face about the manager

  49. loyika

    @ TR7

    I doubt Stan K will want another change in Managers so soon after just getting rid of Wenger…so Emery will be here next season (and might even get another contract as the goal post might ahift to Top 6 is a trophy)

    @ Weagle

    Ignore Bam and his tongue twisting analogies (especially when he is in this mood)….the nerve of him accusing other folks of wanting to score points and be right all the time!? Would be fucking funny if the irony of his statement alludes him.

    Fatigue indeed? Have we played more games than Chelsea? Don’t The Cunts up the road have a thinner squad than we do? Yet we can’t overhaul them following their usual season end cock ups.

    At the end of the day, it is what it is….sorry to see Rambo go, but to be honest he didn’t really fulfil what he was capable off with us (I blame that on his leg break and Arsene not really taking under his wings and coaching him properly).

    Also Danny W. Good lad all round but was never really Arzenal quality. Will always remeber his goal against Leicester in the final minute at the Em and the one against United in the FAC will be my best memory of him in an Arsenal shirt . (His countless misses espcially the shocking one against Watford in the FAC game at home in 2014/15 will sadly be how others remember his time with us)

  50. Marko

    You know fine well the manager has a say on which players get bought, what is it with this stupid idea Emery hasn’t a word on who joins?

    It’s not an idea it’s quite clear that we’ve adopted the same approach most clubs in world football have in that a DOF or technical director is responsible for the signings and offloading of players. Any say he has is minimal. He’d also unsurprisingly have no say in budget too. I’d be saying the exact same thing whoever the manager is by the way. Whether or not you agree with this strategy is something else entirely. I for example would much prefer our recruitment be handled by someone like Campos or Mitchell rather than a manager like Emery or Vieira. Vieira I’ve got no idea the type of players he’d like to sign or sell because there’s no evidence of it. He wasn’t responsible for it at New York and he’s not responsible for it at Nice

  51. loyika

    And before you go there (@ Redtruth)…yeah yeah, I know, Arsene and coaching properly in the same sentence!?

    Let me even add the “Lol!” for you.

  52. azed


    In my opinion, the DOF sets the tone and hires managers based on his vision.

    It’s why a Mourinho kind of manager will never manager Barca.

  53. Marko

    Worth noting the people responsible for hiring the manager and these abject players are all now no longer at the club. Arsene, Ivan and Sven are all gone now. All that’s left to direct the club is Raul. We absolutely must get the technical director appointment spot on. For all our sakes

  54. Champagne charlie


    Actually buying the players is one thing, but who is determining what they fit? You’re not telling me Emery isn’t going to Raul and saying he needs X and Y to function the way he wants?

    Who Raul then gets in as X and Y might differ to someone Emery had in mind but the managerial model sparks the purchase decisions otherwise its a complete clusterfuck of an operation.

    In steps Arsenal, with no actual technical director, and a manager who doesn’t have a vision. Winner and a half we’ve got there.

  55. azed

    “We had options, it is just that Emery does not trust youth team players.”

    May be it because they are not ready..
    ESR was playing until his injury this season.

  56. ddkingz

    the moment I was defeated by a friend who used man city and I choosed arsenal while playing FIFA 19… i was left dumbfounded, who does a novice defeat me in soccer games?

    after the match, I decided to use a different team, and I gave my friend a flawless victory… that moment I realized arsenals problem was a spiritual problem…

    Everyone please light your candles and let’s starting praying from now till the transfer windows closes, come august… if there could be any improvement on our beloved

  57. Champagne charlie


    Yea, i’d concur with that, but it’s much more loosely defined at that level and more representative of an overall club identity such as “attractive football” – something we know to exists in various forms.

    It’s then the manager that communicates his ideas of how to bring his version (mutually agreed if you like) to life. So I don’t think you can underestimate the relevance of the manager in navigating us form where we are now, to being back among the truly relevant sides in this league.

  58. loyika

    @ CC

    Big dilenma because I feel (unlike what pertained with Arsene which can be said to be good or bad depending on how you look at things) Emery doesn’t have any direct contact with Stan and so can be over ridden by Raul anytime as regards transfers.

    Only weapon he might have is using the media (a’la Conte at Chelsea) or threatening to walk if he doesn’t get the kind of players he wants/craves.

  59. bennydevito

    ddkingzMay 5, 2019    18:51:13

    wtf was guendouzi doing on the pitch while Eddie was on the bench…

    emery is a fccking retard…

    if it takes losing the Europa league to sack emery, I would accept it..


    Any Arsenal fan that would rather see us lose a cup final to sack the manager rather than win the cup final and let the manager’s shitness catch up with him and get him sacked in due course is not a real Arsenal fan.

  60. Valentin


    Early in the season I made the point, that Emery would not be young players and that would cost us. And it did. When we were short of body, he was forced to put Mavrapanos who was so eager to impress he kept giving free kick away. Today instead of using the specialist U21 right back, we were forced to play Lichsteiner.

    Even without using a U21 right back, all the tactical decisions still do not make sense.

  61. Champagne charlie


    Yea it’s a club full of questions yet again this summer mate. Get the feeling the power plays behind the scenes will take centre stage instead of the football pitch stuff.

  62. englandsbest

    I rate Welbeck, always have. My belief is that he has everything needed to become an outstanding attacking player but, unlike Sterling, he las lacked proper guidance and encouragement.

    In that sense, I am disappointed that he is leaving on a free (just as I am that Ramsay is.) For me they are the two players in the squad whom I rate most of all.

    At the same time I take this as a good sign, because their high wages are the reason why they are both leaving. I take this an indicator that the main impetus at the Club this summer will not be to bring in players, but to get rid of players.

    Stan will never change his bottom-line policy. So there are only two possibilities left to the Club: increase revenue and/or reduce expenses. In terms of playing personnel, that means buy them cheap and pay them less.

    Wenger’s worst excesses would never have happened under that regime. Ozil would have been sold, not paid £17m pa. Alexis would not have been swapped for Mikhi, he would have been sent to Pep for £60m. Neither would Welbeck or Ramsay be leaving on a free, they would have been moved on a year ago.

  63. Marko

    You’re not telling me Emery isn’t going to Raul and saying he needs X and Y to function the way he wants?

    Yeah but again he’s not responsible for the signings and again it’s usually the DOF or technical director that sees what’s needed and goes from there. All the noise coming out from the club suggests that they know this and that it’s a DOF/TD that’s going to have the say over team affairs which is honestly the way to go. I wouldn’t trust Emery or Vieira with signings in all honesty. Last summer Sven took a look at everything was given 70 million and done the best he could.

  64. TR7

    Details of Emery’s contract are not in public domain but my guess is his severance package should not be more than £5 to £6 M. So if we find a good candidate to take over from Emery, we should do it.

  65. ddkingz

    sorry I missed Emery’s post match speech…

    can I please tell us what he said after the game, it would be interesting to hear the lies he has to spew… I guessed he said the champions league is in our hands via Europa league trophy, just as he lied about how the top 3/4 was in our hands after spurs lost multiple times inside 6wks and emery and his players pressed the self destruct button

  66. Marko

    Today instead of using the specialist U21 right back

    Valentin have you actually ever seen Osei Tutu play? You keep harping on about him like he’s some great obvious option that we keep failing to use. Again he’s 20 and he’s yet to make a single senior appearence for us. Even Saka has made an appearance at 17. Given our lack of options at RB you’d assume that he’d get an opportunity but no.

  67. Gbat


    So what was he supposed to do today then? What is your genius starting line up and tactics?

  68. bennydevito

    Champagne charlieMay 5, 2019    19:27:26


    If the guys were motivated purely by money it would be in their best interests to make CL as they’re all financially incentivised to do so. So you’re reaching there.

    We can have players not up to snuff, AND a manager incapable of handling the job at hand. It’s not a pick 


    Hallelujah CC you finally agree with me and get the point myself and many others have been trying to get through to you:

    As bad as Emery is the squad is equally unfit for purpose.

    Kind of odd you’ve been spinning the yarn that we actually have a top 4 side and our failings are all on Emery only for you to come out and say that to Azed.

    But you got there in the end and all by yourself so that’s the main thing.

    Now we all need to discuss who comes in to replace Emery, what players need replacing and with who.

  69. Marko

    One things for sure serious investment is needed in the squad otherwise we’ll end up trotting out with some of the same players again next season and that is unacceptable. Champions League or not and therefore the onus is on Stan

  70. Valentin

    What was said is that Arsenal would only owe him one year of salary. The question is whether the contract had clauses on results/qualification and they can sack him with minimum compensation if the objectives are not let.
    ManUtd had a clause to qualify for Champion’s league, as soon as it was mathematically impossible to reach that top 4 target they sacked David Moyes.

  71. Nelson

    Until we have fast full backs and fast wingers, Emery should not ask our players to play a flat back 4. The attack is too slow and tedious without fast wingers. Each time they counter us from the wing, they are always two vs one. Our full back is too slow to come back. We rely on our midfielder, Xhaka or Torr for cover. But Xhaka was way too slow. When he arrived, the guy has already run past him.

  72. Redtruth

    “Now we all need to discuss who comes in to replace Emery, what players need replacing and with who.”

    Replace Emery lol….benny from crossroads lol

  73. Guns of SF

    I think our players believed the hype that they would give Brighton a real beating.
    Too much reading the blogs, websites etc.

    Its beat Valencia and Chelsea time
    No easy task
    I do not think we can do it anymore

    sad to think our season ended on a xhaka lunge when it was not necessary

    It is what it is.
    Without Stan helping to invest, and us selling our $$ players we are fucked. Emery for all his faults will be the sitting duck and the scaepgoat when this happens.

  74. Guns of SF

    I dont give a rats ass who we get if they are

    Young ( under 25)
    has upside to be great
    Can dribble like a faucet
    Can beat his man easily
    Can shoot and score
    Can help on defense
    Is durable
    has a high Football IQ

    If they have this. I dont care where they came from, what their name is, or anything else. Sign em up

  75. Guns of SF

    Yes Pedro

    WE need a DOF and we need him now.
    We also need to have Emery come to Jesus moment with his team.
    We win all games now, or time to say bye bye. no one is safe…. fucking threaten them

  76. Guns of SF

    Xhaka must be sold. Having his statue in our center midfeld has caused much problems. Today even Lucas was trying to bomb forward and create something, and taking shots.

    His partner OTOH was a shithead who could not do anything right.
    I dont care if he scores from a set piece again. He has hardly saved us ever and when we need it, falters like his pals Mustafi and Ozil and Iwobi

    He might fetch us 20 25 M… that we need!!!!

  77. Paulinho

    As someone who knew all along how reliant we were on Ramsey to be a half-decent side, I can only have sympathy with Emery losing him at a point in the season we needed him most, and at a time he usually actually stays fit. Horrible luck; we would’ve won today about 4-0 if he was in central midfield.

    Quite fitting Granit Alonso fucked it all up in a way only he knows how. At 1-0 we looked set to record a laborious but regulation-type victory that would’ve a least kept next weekend quite interesting.

    Be amazed if we get through against Valencia now.

  78. Valentin

    Now that top 4 is out of the equation, I would like us play some U21 players in our last league game.
    I know that Emery won’t do it, as it is a success that could lead to some uncomfortable questions.

  79. Victorious

    That’s top four gone thenNext we might fuck up the Europa league”

    Dead right you’re, you still think Emery is the guy to take us forward? Shit players or not

  80. Victorious

    Paulinho-What happened today? didn’t see much of your hero’s protagonist play in full flow

    If anything I saw a team scared shit-less to pass through the lines or progress play,

    like they were out to make a record of the team with the most back passes in history,it was shocking

    My God we were utterly awful today, you know your coach is absolute dohshite when he’s been bitch slapped by a 17th placed relegation fodder at HOME

    Get this fvcker out and let’s start a proper rebuild next season

  81. Champagne Charlie


    I’m sorry but you’re wrong on this one, we have a top 4 quality squad that’s been mismanaged this season. That doesn’t mean the squad is up to snuff, it’s limited but was plenty capable of top 4.

    I could argue the various merits as to why but it all seems rather moot. Loosely, we’re dogshit I’m so many metrics this season yet still had it all in our hands come the final few games. That’s what it’s all about.

    Liverpool have a squad capable of winning the title, despite not having won it for donkeys and likely (hopefully) finishing 2nd this season. Your method of deciding what is or isn’t is incredibly rigid.

  82. Guns of SF

    we can only hope for something drastic if we make the final… like a red card, penalty against them, or something else that gives us any sort of advantage.
    Playing chelsea straight up, i dont think we stand a chance. They are on a roll right now. Frankfurt will be beaten bar some miracle

    A tragic way to end the season.

    Stan Jr needs to come in, have a review again, and ask his daddy for a 50M check this summer

  83. Marko

    we have a top 4 quality squad that’s been mismanaged this season.

    That’s wrong. You’re talking about a team that’s finshed 5th 6th and then 5th or 6th again. That’s not an anomaly or anything that’s the squad isn’t good enough.

  84. Kronkees wallet

    Failing to beat Brighton is really the end of the doubt and discussion about this arsenal team. Emery can only preside over a set of players that are bang average and have no fight or spirit. It’s a mess.
    I saw the Leicester game and it was an appalling display, but Leicester were good on the day, so maybe it was down to a better team on the day. This result today has no excuses…it’s just pathetic.

  85. Victorious


    Are you for real?

    thinking about the EL final when we couldn’t beat lowly Brighton at home today?

    You’re confident of us not going to Valencia and completely shitting our pants?

    Sorry I can’t see us winning the the EL,we will likely fvck it up at Valencia or even if we manage to scale through I can easily see the Chavs/Frankfurt tearing us a new one in The final

    As long as We have these 3 imbeciles in the team, Mustafa, Xhaka and Mikki lead by the clown Emery we aren’t doing anything worthy this season

    We won’t get CL footy and we don’t deserve it

  86. Guns of SF

    What is this bullshit talk that we have a top 4 team.
    We have some pieces but way too many that keep us in the 5/6/7th position.
    Ozil Mustafi, Mikki, Iwobi, Xhaka, Licht, El neny etc
    We have aging players too like Kos and Nacho

    Time for a serious rebuild

  87. Marko

    That the squad is apparently good enough for top 4 but yet needed Emery to be able to beat the likes of Brighton today doesn’t make sense. If it’s good enough it’s good enough and the fact that most of the players couldn’t up their performances when it matters most says it all

  88. Victorious

    Christ! Watching the replay again,after getting pegged back

    how on earth did Auba fail to put us back in front again from like 5 yards?

    That was a shocking miss!!

    That about sealed our fate, It was harder to miss.. Shocking player!!

  89. Guns of SF


    Yes I have doubts about Valencia,
    I think we can do it but only if we get a lucky Laca goal to help
    Can see us losing 2-1

    No way we beat chelsea

    Only if we get some luck in the game as ive said earlier. A red on them, penalty for us, etc. It has to be some additional luck that gets us through

  90. Jamie

    EL Cup or bust. I think bust.

    Next season is all about hitting the reset button and getting rid of all our high earners. We’ll drop down to mid table before the rebuild starts.

  91. Gbat

    Arsenal top the table for errors leading to goals for the last 2 seasons. But apparently it’s the managers fault.

  92. Thorough

    Seriously I think we’ve got a lot of problems. This team isn’t even playing to their capacity, not even close. For 6 matches it’s like we’re scared to express ourselves. Today alone I saw Leno miskicked under little pressure. Monreal one of our most reliable players also had a brain fart at a stage. It’s like “there’s something at stake ad I can dare to do no wrong.” Sadly when players are so pent up and scared of making mistakes is when they mostly do. It’s like the proverbial handbrake all over again. Funny enough the most confident players we had on the pitch today were Lichsteiner and Mustafi. Nearly got into trouble once or twice but at least it wasn’t out of fear. Basic sports law is – never play with fear. And we’ve been doing that all season long especially the last 6 games.
    There has to be a ruthless culling in the summer and if I were in position one of my first criteria would be weeding out players whom have been so dim and fearful that fear is an integral part of their game.
    My list would be:
    1. Xhaka – Mustafi may be calamitous but I can’t ever imagine seeing an Arsenal midfielder 100% certain of giving the opponents a potential assist every single game. For deciding it’s his turn to start taking our free kicks in the penultimate match in itself is a sackable of fence in itself.
    2. Aubameyang – This will earn me some sticks but Aubameyang does my head in. Despite all our problems if he had converted at a reasonable rate in the last 6 matches alone we would be third without a shadow of doubt. Never seen a striker so in a hurry to shoot when you need to control and pick your spot. And of course he’s one of the few we can get decent fee for.
    3. Lichsteiner – old and long past his best.
    4. Jenkinson – of course.
    5. Kolasinac – Funny enough a personal favorite of mine. But he’s fond of channeling his inner Xhaka one time too many. And just isn’t the dribbling, goalscoring wingback/winger we desperately need.
    6. Niles – As dim as dim gets. So much potential but the body language of a clown . English too so we can get decent fee. Mind you I think he has the potential to be a first 11 player in THIS arsenal team at least but God he’s dim.
    7. Iwobi – Worst shooter of the ball I’ve seen in a long while. Mind you I’m Nigerian. If we are going to move forward we should be thinking Zaha, Pepe or their likes.
    8. Mustafi – Neff said.
    9. Monreal – It’s a brutal culling afterall.
    10. Ozil – The only playmaker in the top 6 who won’t strike the ball. Gives us 4 games in a season when Erickson has only 4 bad games. It’s a close one between him and the equally dim Mkhitarian but if I have to give one of them a 6 month chance to stake their claim for the CAM role it would be Mkhitarian simply because he hasn’t had that run.

    I’ll promote Nketiah, Saka, Osei Tutu and bring back Rene Adelaide if he can be gotten for cheap.

    And about time Kroenke knows it’ll take massive investment to get this team working again. I’ll buy a totally new spine: Maguire-Partey-Pepe/Zaha.

    Make some lesser buys/upcoming youths for the striker’s role, playmaker and leftback.

  93. Victorious


    The Frankfurt Lad Jovic is highly rated, 21? I think, guy has about 25 goals already this season and is being touted for a big money move to real madrid..

    Would bin Auba/Laca and build a team around the Lad..

    Get a couple of wingers in as well, we’re a dire watch really,

    though I’d prefer any rebuild under any manager not named Emery,watching him yell some balderdash in the touchline today and I’m convinced he’s utterly clueless

    Hope Jovic and his mates help us sink the Chavs though as I envisage a final against Frankfurt to be less troublesome for our bottle jobs

  94. Joe

    As long as We have these 3 imbeciles in the team, Mustafa, Xhaka and Mikki

    All bought by the loser wenger.

    His stench is still ripe through the team. Not even pep could do better with what shit wenger left behind.

    The damage that wenger caused in the last 14 years will not be undone in 1 unfortunately.

    Not firing the cunt wenger a decade ago will be a heavy heavy price for Arsenal to pay for a couple years yet.

    Hopefully a big clear out of a lot of wenger’s shit signings this summer.

    Keep laca. Maybe aubu? Scores a lot but his misses cost us a shit ton of points of this season. Bellerin.

    Everyone else can fuck off.

  95. Guns of SF

    yes we can only hope for frankfurt
    I think we can get the job in Valencia done

    It we lose the final, its going to be a really hard sell for the team to attract new players…. who would want to come here?

    We also need to rid of steve bould. Just what the fuck he does and stays on and on is amazing.

    Emery needs to pull all nighters to figure out how to beat Valencia
    Now that Chelsea will get top 4, they might not go full force, but then again, Sarri needs a trophy to keep his job

  96. Victorious


    Absolutely spot on..good to also know you’re Nigerian,what part in specific?

    I understand your frustration with our lot but first don’t you think we need a proper clued up manager to oversee the squad turnover

    Emery consented on bringing D. Suarez when there was absolutely no need for such player

    there was more pressing need for defensive cover,shock horror that deal seems to be a bigger cock up to the time we brought broken back K.kalstrom

  97. Guns of SF

    Laca and Auba with 2 proper quick wingers who can score will transform our attack.
    IT will create space across the front line and openings
    Now defenses like Brighton etc just stay compact and in front of goal.
    We cross to players who are not that great at heading so getting a striker than head the ball is necessary

    A central attacker like Hazard would have taken this team to 2/3 place no doubt

    Ozil is slow, takes forever to pass, dribbles in a semi circle most of the time. I cringe when he is pondering with the ball… he rarely creates for us when teams park the bus

    He has to go. As much as Mikki sucks, he is faster and offers as much or better in scoring… so Ozil is my pick
    But both need to be sold if we can

  98. RodneyKing


    “Guys like Pep and Klopp have transformed past clubs before coming to the PL.”

    True, especially in Kloop’s case. Meanwhile, Klopp has since gone on to spend big money on serious quality and that’s the only reason Liverpool are close to City at all. I’m sure you know this already.

    No manager is going to transform a squad overnight like Arsenal’s with a £70m spend. And if the rumors are to be believed, the next TW won’t be much better.

    I must stress that’s it’s not all about spending money though. However, something has to give – if it’s not money, then it’s time or both. Are fans prepared to wait for another 2-5 years before Arsenal can start challenging for the EPL again?

  99. Joe

    Klopp has spent nearly 500m in the last 4 years.

    Not hard to transform a club after spending that much.

  100. MidwestGun

    Mkhitaryan is one of the worst footballers I have ever had the misfortune to see in an Arsenal kit… quickly moving up the list of all time worsts. What I wouldn’t give for a Tomas Rosicky type to rescue our season late in the season like he did many seasons for Wenger. Granted he was injured the rest of the season.

    Anyhow I said if Emery keeps starting Miki he deserves to be sacked, I stick by that. I see people calling for Project youth MKIII with this mythical young hungry special sauce manager..willing to rebuild Arsenal. yep sure ok.. bring it on.. Be prepared to finish 7th through 10th for a few seasons to a half empty stadium.. though.

    Truth is you have to have at least one superstar on your team in the PL if you want to compete for top honors and we don’t have one. Ozil is getting paid to be ours… 10th highest paid player in the world as of last year.. and Miki getting paid a lot too as a make weight Man. U reject. Solve that dilemma and it would go a long ways to making the situation better.

    And our defenders certainly aren’t top 4 quality.. you can’t argue that.. they are somewhere near bottom 6 quality. I would have traded for Brighton’s CB’s Duffy and Dunk or whatever the hell their names were.. lol That’s how bad it has gotten. We do need a manger that understands how to defend properly, I can’t watch it much longer. I don’t want Wenger 2.0 that’s for sure.

  101. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Welbeck off
    Cech gone
    Rambo gone

    We now need to get rid of those who bring nothing to the table.


    Those four will do

  102. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Agree but he is a long way short of 5he worst…

    Why a manager would insist on starting miknii n ozil in same team is sucidal

  103. Victorious


    Thought by now you’d let the obsession go and free yourself of hate so you can objectively engage in a discourse that has got to be abt the here and now

    Draw a line on wenger already

    ,the man is cooling off his ass on some beach why your hero has lost 4 in 5 game,giving up 12 points and completely getting us outplayed at HOME to relegation fodders

    Us not getting CL is all on Emery, I was actually befuddled today,

    we had Brighton on the ropes after they equalised and he utterly killed our flow with the unnecessary triple sub

    Emery is with it

  104. MidwestGun

    Rspc– not yet.. he is moving up my list though… I see Miki in the lineup and it makes me want to not watch before it even starts. Moving ahead of Mustafi even.. bad.. very bad.. Today was embarrassing.. We were making Brighton look like Barca for periods of the match.

  105. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    I agree

    After we lose or win the final if we are there…

    I want all the above including mikshit gone.

    5 out is enough.

    I’m accepting 5hst ozil is gonna have to stay unless we pay him to leave for inter.

    5 out
    3 retire
    Will save a bundle

  106. Ishola70

    We can all talk about trying to sell these dud players but who is going to come in and take them off the Arsenal books? And in the numbers mentioned?

    I remember feeling nauseous when I heard that Xhaka had signed a new contract last season only to look on here the same day and see some fool Xhaka fanboy celebrating it.

    Xhaka is one of the absolute musts to get rid of because the role he plays in the team is so integral. I’ve said it before in describing him as the hub of the side. Well it turns out that this hub of the side is a dud. It’s like having a faulty engine in the motor. Then Mustafi must be got rid of as well.

    This is far more about Unai Emery at this point. If he gets moved on in the summer so be it. Most on here including me wouldn’t give a jot for him. But there is so much more wrong with the club than just Unai Emery.

    The club have to show they have the wherewithal and will to move on from this period. The Xhaka years as I call them. And the only way to show that they want to move on is to have a pretty serious cull of the squad. But is this realistic? Who for example is going to want to sign Granit Xhaka who is like a booby trap for a team and on his wage? And the same can be said of several other players as well.

    We are stuck with these duds just like we are stuck with the mercurial maverick Mesut Ozil.

    The club are not set up to have major overhauls. The whole set-up screams conservatism being tied to self-sufficiency.

  107. Victorious


    Hard to fathom your stance on proceedings these days, I mean today you want your in and the next minute you’re screaming for his head

    Emery back in again?OK then

  108. Paulinho

    “Paulinho-What happened today? didn’t see much of your hero’s protagonist play in full flow”

    Problem is we have too many players that you don’t want playing a starring role or don’t have the mentality to play one. Being protagonists is only a good thing in the long-term if you have the players to take the game to the opposition in some sort of meaningful way.

  109. Paulinho

    Iwobi’s idea of being a protagonist is to turn into Michael Flatley when he reaches the opposition’s box.

  110. ddkingz

    Question of the day…

    If it took arsenal 9yrs to sack Wenger….

    1) How many years would it take to force kreonke to deep his hands into his pocket and make a proper investment in arsenal??

    2) How many years would it take to force kreonke out of the club¿

  111. Joe

    Haven’t once screamed for his head Vicky

    Wanting the shit players wenger wasted Arsenal’s money on gone is one thing

    You seem to be confused Vicky.

    I don’t care if emery gets sacked. Do I think he should? Not yet.
    Should he be sacked in November if we are still playing like this ? Fuck yes

    But he didn’t cause this shit we are in.

    Your lover wenger did.

    Please admit that Vicky. And I’ll let it go.

    Oh by the way, if emery wins Europa he’s bettered wenger last decade and a half in one season

  112. Victorious

    We could overhaul the squad and still continue to play shit football and get beat by midtable teams because we have a dud as manager

    Emery is utterly clueless,

    Anyone waking up from a season long coma to get a quick glance at what’s transpired over the season would be forgiven to think a washed up Wenger was still in charge

  113. Words on a Blog

    What can I add to the debate about today?

    My son and I’s last ever jerk chicken from the place ( Jerk Kitchen) near the steps leading up to the stadium concourse coming up from Arsenal tube station. sadly, they’re closing up shop on match days.

    Memorable chicken.

    Forgettable match.

  114. Joe

    No one but the akbs like you have a weird infatuation with the manager. Like it’s your dad or lover getting the sack when wenger got fired.

    I don’t care if emery gets sacked. As soon as he deserves to get sacked he should. I won’t bat an eye.

    Most important point Vicky and all other wenger lovers

    If Arsenal decide emery should get sacked this summer , then I am 100% ok with it.

    Do I think they should or will? No Not yet

  115. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    D d

    As much as I despise the sceptic cunt …

    He is here to stay…

    He won’t sell not yet anyway.

  116. Emiratesstroller

    Returned from Emirates

    Summary of Game.

    The team should be ashamed of an awful performance lacking intelligence, spirit and ambition. This was a game that offered us the opportunity to qualify
    for Champions League. As usual not taken.

    Football was one paced and full of square passing and meaningless direction.

    The defence was as usual third division standard with no leadership and organisation.

    Both Mkhitaryan and Xhaka should never put on again an Arsenal shirt following their performances today. How the former gave away the ball and
    the latter clattered into the Brighton player resulting in conceding penalty was an absolute scandal.

    Personally I don’t blame the manager, because apart from Lichsteiner this would have been the team I would have selected.

    Let’s be honest our team played garbage football.

  117. Victorious

    Oh by the way, if emery wins Europa he’s bettered wenger last decade and a half in one season”

    You mean winning the losers cup to get back to a competition Wenger locked down for 22 years on a bounce is over-achievement?loool kudos then

    How low can your expectations be for the man

    He couldn’t best wenger’s worse record in years in the league having spent 70M more and you have him doing an OK job

    At least Wengers worst teams used to wipe the floors with teams like Brighton, what’s Emery’s excuse?

  118. Joe


    Wenger was washed up 2006.

    We’ve been living the wenger nightmare for that long. And it’s still not over until we get rid of his shit players he signed.

    RSPC made the list of players that need to go

  119. Ishola70

    Don’t talk daft Vicky.

    The same culprit players have let this club down for far too long now.

    I don’t care if Emery is sacked tomorrow but god help us we so badly need to get rid of some of this dross in the team.

    3 years now with players with Mustafi and Xhaka and sice their arrival nothing but regression. Enough with these players, Enough.

    The real bad thing is we have only added to this shit that we acquired with Mustafi and Xhaka. The club added Mhiki to shit heap, Kolasinac and signings this summer that were mostly europa league level signings.

  120. Joe

    You mean winning the losers cup to get back to a competition Wenger locked down for 22 years on a bounce is over-achievement?loool kudos then

    You haven’t even supported arsenal for 10 years so pipe down about the history lesson Vicky

    It’s a European cup Vicky. How many of those did wenger won?

    I don’t care about the fat kid at school in the sports day participation medal you akbs love throwing around.

    A European trophy betters anything wenger has done since 2005.

    Unless you want to include the money he made for Kronke by getting embarrassed in participating in the CL???

  121. Victorious


    We’ve been utterly outplayed by the likes of Everton,Wolves,Liecester,Brighton..etvs. Conceding goals like a sieve but you’d rather yap about wenger.. By all means have at it

    But what’s clear to folks with half a brain is that Emery is as much a problem for us as the shit players.. Not you though

    It’s all on Wenger right Joey?

  122. Ishola70

    The last thing this club needs is bitter Wengerites muddying the waters.

    If Arsenal need a change of manager then they need a pretty serious cull of this first team just as much.

  123. Joe

    At least Wengers worst teams used to wipe the floors with teams like Brighton, what’s Emery’s excuse?

    You mean like bham? Forest? Blackburn? Bradford?

  124. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Quite right

    But during the 20 years in the competition we reached the final once .

    Apart from that we never got close

    If we win the losers cup
    We go into big cup as winners
    Something that ain’t happened since 2004.

    So yes it’s worth it.

  125. Bamford10

    If we get past Valencia, I think Emery will be staying on for another season regardless of what anyone here thinks about how he has done this season. I think people need to adjust to this reality.

    We could talk about whether he should be given another year until we’re blue in the face, but I think it would be a bit pointless: he will in all likelihood be given another year.

    In my opinion, it would be far more productive to spend our time talking about how he might go about building a team that can finish top four next season. Who should be sold? What kinds of players should be signed? How much can we get for this player? How much will it cost to sign that player? What players could we get on frees? What young players should we look at? What formation should he play and why? Those kinds of questions.

    Arguing about whether he has done enough with what he was given this season is going to go nowhere. Anyone who has been participating in or observing this discussion over the past month can see this.

    That’s my view.

  126. azed

    “At least Wengers worst teams used to wipe the floors with teams like Brighton, ”

    So how did Wenger end up 6th last season?

  127. David Smith

    Valid point Bamford, pretty sure he gets another year. I am sure the club are aware of the issues he has had to face.
    Hopefully he has learned a few things, will have a structure in place to help out and payers more suited to type and a few less injuries

  128. Joe


    We have no money because wenger wasted it on shit like mustafi. Xhaka. Etc

    Emery’s hands were tied. He was stuck with the players wenger left him

    Had 70m to buy players and the ones he did were the only ones no one is mentioning selling

    Funny that

    Only players people want sold are wenger flops

    So yes emery’s hands were tied. First season of cleaning up wengers crap

    And yes emery is to blame for some of the crap this year but it’s a lot more on the shit wenger left him

    Like i said. After this TW if emery doesn’t improve us by nov/Jan. He can fuck off

    I won’t shed a tear like you did when wenger left

    Go on tell us more of Arsenal’s history in the 5 years you been following arsenal

  129. Bamford10

    – Mustafi
    – Xhaka
    – Ozil
    – Mkhitaryan
    – Elneny
    – Aubameyang or Lacazette

    – LB
    – CB
    – two technical, athletic CMs
    – two dribbling wide players

  130. Victorious

    Hilarious that Joey has his pants all soiled up already at the prospect of us winning a European trophy when this hapless team still as a second leg of a semi-final tie to negotiate

    I mean this same team that has kept just ONE clean sheet all season

    A team that got beat by some plumbers from Bate

    A team that got turn over by some nothing team from League Un

    How about you hold on the ejaculation for a wee bit qnd see if Emery could hold of his balls and actually win the thing

    Seriously Joey are you really confident of us clinching the EL having watch that horror show today?