Top 3 opportunity goes to the last day (if we beat Brighton)

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Hello top 4 my old friend.

I’ve come to try with you again.

Here we are AGAIN people. Spurs shit the bed against Bournemouth losing two players to red cards. Chelsea has a London derby against Watford tomorrow morning. We have to face off against the MIGHTY Brighton at home in a later kick-off.

This goes down to the last day if we can pull off a win. It’ll be a classic top 4 face off where any of 4 teams could sneak it on the last day. Who really needs a title race when you have a battle like this going on?

United are taking 6 points, no doubt.  FIXTURE FRAUD RIFE AS USUAL.

Last game for Spurs is Everton, which won’t be easy.

Last game for Chelsea is apparently one of the most underrated midtable teams in the world… Leicester.

We have to go away to Burnley, which is never easy… because 1) we are Arsenal 2) it is away from home.

All we can do is win both our games and pray for an upset. Incredible that we’ve lost 4 of our last 5 games. A travesty.

Still, worth remembering we have two chances at the promised land. Europa League is looking good for us. Mulling over whether I’d prefer Chelsea or Frankfurt… at least we know we’ll turn up if it’s Chelsea.

Alex Iwobi, had something to say on his record this season.

“I try to dwell on the positive and not dwell on the negative as much as I can. If I make a mistake I try to use it as a lesson and try to improve on it. We have a lot of good fans as well.”

“They are entitled to their own opinion and I am happy with the progress I have made this season. I have been able to get more goals than I had in the previous season and I have”

Not exactly a ringing endorsement of himself here. 4 assists and 5 goals across 48 games is a pitiful record in his third season. That’s the sort of return you’d expect from a decent full back. Not someone who in an attacking role for a team trying to be protaganists. If you’re brutally honest, it’s not good enough and it’s hard to see when it comes good. He lacks physicality, offers up little pace and the decision making hasn’t gotten any sharper.

As we rebuild this summer, the focus really has to be on players that aren’t happy with ‘a few assists’, we need to bring in electric pace, and a brutal winner takes all mentality. We’ve really struggled out wide this year and it’s the excuses are running out because he’s been given a huge amount of game time.

What would Saka have done with that many games? Maybe we should find out… or just pony up the money and bring in Pepe, Sarr, or Zaha?

Alex Lacazette took the player of the season. There’s been some fierce debates in my chat groups. No one really stood out majorly this season. There was a lot of ok or good form in spits and spats. Dare I say if Ramsey hadn’t have been benched for the first half of the year, he’d be taking that? Him or Leno for me. But hey, I love the Frenchman. He works hards, he makes so much out of nothing and he’s popped up with important goals all year. He and Auba have had a far beyond average impact on our conversion rate in front of goal and we are very lucky to have the both of them.

Emery was asked by a paid-up journo whether winning the remaining two games was important. Imagine that being the extent of your questioning when you’re handed the mic?

Good afternoon. We need to win the next match and if we win against Brighton we are going to the last match against Burnley with the possibility to be in the top four. It’s not in our hands, but we need to win our matches and the first is Sunday. It’s not easy to win each match – for us and for other teams – but the focus for us is to win against Brighton for different situations. We are going to play the last match at home. We are going the play the last match with Petr Cech, with Aaron Ramsey and also I think we want to finish at the Emirates with a victory. The first objective is to finish in the top four and it will give us the chance.

The ‘good afternoon’ is a lovely touch. Interesting that we might start Cech. He had a good game against Valenica, but this game isn’t a dead rubber.

The manager was asked if he thought we’d progressed.

Yes I am. Our progress I think – when we started the season we lost against Man City and Chelsea  and we worked for this process, little by little and at the end of the season now we are with this possibility. I think when we started we would have been happy to have today these two opportunities in the Premier League and Europa League to reach our target.

I think he’s trying to say that we are competing for top 4 this season, which hasn’t been the case. He’s right. If we make top 4, it’s hard to argue about his success. It’s like the FA Cup final in 2005, it was grubby, but we did it. However, if you are into reality, he’s not progressed the club like most of us would have hoped. But, he’ll get the next season to stamp his authority… I’m sure there will still be those that can’t tolerate any critique until he’s purged every last binman that was under Wenger’s control, but there we go.

One step at a time… Emery HAS to put on a show tomorrow. Send the fans home with a smile and make sure they’re hanging back for that lap of honour!

Right, see you in the comments x

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  1. Thank you and goodnight.

    I’m not an Emery hater by a long shot, but I’m also in agreement with others that he needs to go. We know he won’t be given any funds in the summer, and this season has proven he’s not the right manager to get the best out of ok players. I didn’t expect the quadruple this season, but WAS expecting some kind of improvement. He’s had a season now and I truly can’t see much difference or how we’ve improved under his reign. Defensively we are still shockingly shit, but for laca and auba’s goals, we would of been fighting relegation.

  2. gambon

    The manager needs to be sacked immediately

    Make no mistake, he has made a terrible team worse.

    The least number of shots per game than AFC have ever had.

    It’s absolutely shameful

    We look like the away team in almost every game, even against absolute nothing teams.

    I don’t want us to go through on Thursday. This team deserve nothing, and Emery doesn’t deserve to have his huge cracks papered over.

  3. Mics_

    Fuck Kroenke. Fuck Kroenke Jr. Fuck the rest of the board. We’re sure giving ManU competition to see who can be run worse.

  4. Dissenter

    What’s a manager to do when Myhki meekly gives the ball away when he could have taken. shot…then Xhaka does all the rest.
    Also Auba should have scored there

    So much went wrong at the end of the season
    Emery has to be accountable for several mistakes in the three previous league games.

  5. Danny M.O

    no discipline what so ever. Fullbacks in a back four shouldnt be bombing forward in a 1 nil lead.

    Sure lich f’d up big time but all xhaka needed to do was show him the line. We will win nothing òr progress with xhaka in the middle. He is a complete liability.

  6. bennydevito

    There we go.

    That’s 3 years in a row we’ve finished outside of the top 4.

    That’s the best Arsenal manager of all time and the worst Arsenal manager of all time both failing to get this top 4 quality side into the top 4.

    Why is that?

    Oh yes; because we are NOT a top 4 side!

    How many weeks have we actually spent in the top 4?


    Top 4 side my arse.

  7. DUIFG

    Where do we go from here?

    Assuming we don’t win europa losing our best player and got 45 million to buy 5 new starters.

    I’d have a modicum of hope if we had a diamond in the rough spotter , oh wait we sacked him though so emery and Rahul could bring in Denis Suárez who played the sum total of about 12 minutes competitive football.

  8. Dissenter

    There’s no point talking about “this player shouldn’t play for us again”

    Who’s going to move them out?
    We don’t have a DoF.

  9. Mics_

    “Make no mistake, he has made a terrible team worse.”

    I agree with this. He’s got his defenders here, but he’s done just as shit as Wenger without the occasionally pleasing football.

  10. Thank you and goodnight.

    In all seriousness, to be played off the park at home to a team that had to wait till 2nd to last game to avoid relegation….. That’s bad. Really bad. Well done kroenke, thanks for everything

  11. Leftsidesanch

    And that faux outrage and disappointment on their faces is pantomime acting.

    To pick up a grand total of 4 points from Everton, Watford, Palace, Wolves, Leicester, and Brighton is disgusting.

    These players never have been good enough and never will be.

    “Rotate for the EL” as if this lot will beat Chelsea, Arsenal are an unserious football club and most of their fans are no better.

  12. Ishola70

    Horror result.

    The sad thing is Brighton thoroughly deserved their result.

    Xhaka must be sold. Yet again showing what a liability he is defensively for the Brighton goal.

    Saying all that though it wasn’t good enough overall from all the players and from Emery himself.

    Can’t be struggling to get a result at home to Brighton however much they may be playing with more freedom and handbrakes off after they knew they were safe from relegation.

  13. Dissenter

    It came down ton the same shitty players that were inherited;
    ‘Mykhi, Mustafi, Xhaka, Ozil , Iwobi

  14. Samesong

    Our centre backs took the absolute puss today showed no respect to Brighton, trying to dribble through midfield and run into their box.

    Absolute disgrace.

  15. GuNZ

    I wouldn’t even bother wiping my dag-riddled arse with the team sheet from today.. Get fucking rid of the dross. Fucking disgusting shower of shit. Booed off? They should have benn fed to the June June pigs .Cunts, the fucking lot of ’em.

  16. DUIFG

    The 15 mins after the break was disgraceful, pedestrian.

    Pl these days there are no easy games, if you are not on it you get punished .

  17. ddkingz

    why bother wasting my energy on here posting shite??? when the game of thrones will be out in the next 15hrs????

    the only heartbreak I have this season was the amount of data I wasted watching live stream arsenal matches during the course of the season…

    AFC, may it never be well with you.

  18. Mics_

    Xhaka is a pointless footballer. Can’t run. Can’t tackle. Can’t deliver corners. Doesn’t score. Can’t dribble. Can’t hold the ball under pressure. And bloody stupid as all hell to boot.

  19. MuddyGooner

    Spuds are celebrating St. Woolwich Day or their equivalent to St. Totteringham’s Day

  20. Champagne charlie

    The players again I’m guessing?

    Nevermind that Emery horror show, insipid approach, not a clue how to impose anything on a game, could barely open up the 17th placed side in the league.

    Backing him to bring players in to fit his vision? pfft, do better.

  21. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Yet again
    An xhara error cost ipus points
    Shoot the cunt . You would if he was an horse
    Useless cunt. Worst arsenal midfielder ever…
    An there have been some shit ones.

  22. ddkingz

    the kind of smile I have right now… is that moment when we all see xhaka and mustafi in red and white colours come august.

  23. Dissenter

    At least we have a fall-back for EL

    They have to clear their heads quickly for Valencia because they can easily beat us 2-0
    Our current form is pathetic, 1 point of 16.
    Wer have to dig in to go past Valencia.

  24. RGG


    No much more than that idiot Emery…as bad substitutions as I ever saw Wenger make….besides maybe Ox against ManU!

    We were battering Brighton for a short spell and he makes 3 shit subs….Leich more likely to do something than i-woeful!

    Don’t deserve top4…..

    We are fucked. Have no confidence any good decisions will be made I the summer…..probably end up fucking signing Suarez permently… ..wouldn’t put anything past these idiots running out club like it’s a bank.

  25. Radio Raheem

    I did say playing ‘safe’ sides was of no advantage. Chelsea another one in the EL final IF we can get past Valencia.

    *Chelsea ‘safe’ in the knowledge they’re in next season’s champions league.

  26. Siddharth14

    It’s about time the match going supporters start to strongly display their displeasure towards the club ownership.

    Like Dissenter said, we are having massive issues at the club. The manager and players are just a consequence.

  27. TheLegendaryDB10

    The worst part of this is that Chris Hughton managed to get his team to play vs us even though they are safe. As for UE, well … we have an actual target to achieve but strangely enough we managed zilch (alright I am being harsh: 1 pt) in the past 4 games…. what kind of management is this?

  28. Ishola70

    Let’s not pretend though that another season in second tier europa if that competition is not won this season is a shock to the system.

    The way this club as a whole has been run for far too long now only deserves second tier.

  29. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    The club is dead,

    Blame the new stadium
    Blame wenger
    Blame Stan.

    Burn down the stadium and rebuild it as a ciommunity centre.

    We can move back to woollwich and challenge charlton .

    Clubs dead.


  30. Nelson

    I wonder whether it is Emery’s game plan to attack so slowly. They always let the opponent to have so much time to set up the defense. Our two strikers can’t run the channels and our midfielders and forwards can’t pass through the channels. We have no winger. Our strikers can’t head the ball. The result, our attack sucks.

  31. TR7

    1 point from games against Wolves, Brighton, Leicester and Crystal Palace. You can debate about quality of our squad all day long but one point against these 4 teams is simply unacceptable. Even 10 men Watford dominated us. Sub-standard Emery was never the guy to take us forward.

  32. David Bolo

    5 games into our easy run in of 6 games and we have won 1, drawn 1 and lost 3. We won’t win our last one either. Oh and we won’t win Europa either. Europa is our level and has been for the last 10 years

  33. MuddyGooner

    No wins in the last 4 league games.
    Complete shitfest.

    I thought Leno was supposed to be a good penalty stopper.
    Not having a go at him though but shame on the rest.

  34. Leftsidesanch

    You have to feel for our youth teams, ladies side who have been professional and done their jobs coming out to a half empty stadium because the senior side are such a let down.

  35. Surferosa

    The most important thing this season is who we sell. Id keep leno, socratis, holding, bellerin, AMN, torreira, lacazette (unless there is a £50m+ offer on the table) & auba. Everyone else should be gone.

    The state of the squad is shocking… AW has a lot to answer for.

    Emery gets 1 more year to sort it.

  36. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    We don’t deserve anything more this season.

    Relyin* on players bought in by wenger was always doomed,


    Two good byes ..

    Too much shit in the squad
    U can’t polish turd n xhara is the biggest turd the club has ever seen.

  37. Batistuta


    I never really backed him though, just maintained that we do have a shit shower of a squad but no excuse not to get a result against the lot we’ve dropped points lately

  38. Rambo Ramsey

    Its cute that gambon expects tough decisions from this management.

    Face it, even if Emery fails at Europa, he’ll still be there next season. Armed with 30 million war chest to fix the mess.

    That’s the sort of ambitionless gutter that Arsenal will always be under Satan Stanley.

  39. TR7

    Bamford is the most disingenuous poster on Le Grove. The guy has made like 100s of posts in last 3 days shouting at the top of his lungs how our squad is worse than United and Chelsea without even realizing we dropped 11 points against Leicester, Palace, Wolves and Brighton, not against Chelsea and United.

  40. Marko

    Xhaka let’s Arsenal down yet again? Get rid of the manager. Honestly though if they get rid of him or not post season whoever the manager is has to get rid of that cunt turd of a player. If Xhaka’s here next season I ain’t. Life’s too short to waste watching him in a Arsenal jersey

  41. Batistuta


    That’s the bigger problem though, i want Emery out right now but goodness me it wouldn’t matter if we still have Mustafi, Mikhitaryan, Xhaka and Iwobi strutting out for us next season

  42. Radio Raheem

    In over 20 years of Wenger Arsenal didn’t win a single European trophy. If Emery does it in one he might get more than a year 🙂

  43. ddkingz

    I’m trying to picture the kind of depression it’s going to be for some on here, when Chelsea win the champions league, sorry Europa league…lol

    that Everton loss would surely bite emery in his balls.

    can the fans in London force everyone out of this club???

    people/things we should get rid of come summer..

    kreonke snr
    kreonke Jr
    emery.. he over thinks everyrhing
    all the players…
    the mascot
    members of the arsenal board..
    the cleaners and staffs at the emirates
    sell the emirate stadium and go back to Highbury or share the white heart lane with spurds, until we build Highbury 2.0
    use the money from the stadium sale to buy quality players and tempt pep out of man city.

    these are what I can think of right now, with each passing day I would be presenting different solutions to the arsenal sickness.

  44. Leftsidesanch

    And as someone pointed out, Xhaka was handed a new contract in the Summer. If you think he won’t be here next year your as deluded as the fans who think this unprofessional side will suddenly turn up against a Sarri led side looking for his 1st trophy in football.

    He’ll never have a better opportunity.

  45. Batistuta

    Probably going to have a meltdown in Valencia on Thursday as these players are just dog poop and the manager doesn’t even have a clue how to motivate them

  46. Mics_

    Maybe unai wouldn’t have to stay up all night watching tape of other teams if his own team had any attacking identity beyond fullback cutbacks and useless crosses to players who are largely shit in the air. Why don’t we ever attack through the center? Where are the through balls, quick 1-2s, and one touch passes?

    Protagonists, fucking bullshit. We play conservative, cowardly, reactive football. Which, to his credit, is often enough to win a cup tournament. It’s not good enough for a club like arsenal in the premier league.

  47. DUIFG

    Easy to say now when you see Rambo in tears but you always felt he at least had passion for the club. With him gone who in the starting 11 is the soul of the club? Who actually cares? Monreal maybe, the rest look like mercenaries to me

  48. ddkingz

    radio raheem…. I’d bet my balls we won’t beat Chelsea in a 90mins standoff in Baku..

    the only way arsenal can win the Europa league is if the final is played at the Emirates…

    can we write a petition to uefa to please change the venue of the finals of the Europa league to the emery(rates) stadium?

  49. Batistuta

    It doesn’t freaking matter who the next manager is if we still have to play Granite Xhaka again….. Oh and it’s a week to the ended of the season and we still don’t have anyone in charge of transfers….Arsenal football club is a total dogshit of embarrassment and I’m just about done with them entirely

  50. Bamford10


    What a dumb comment. We didn’t draw with Brighton because their first XI is/was equal to ours today, and no one is saying that; we drew with them because Xhaka is slow and prone to dumb tackles, just as we have been saying for years now.

    And I love Charlie weighing in on this: this is a guy who has been Xhaka’s most vocal defender here for the past two years. The only person he has defended more than Xhaka is Wenger.

    To those who think this is on the manager rather than the players, please make a list of mistakes Emery made today and we’ll compare that list to the list of mistakes certain players made.

    Truth is this manager has been forced to deploy some very inadequate players. That is why we are where we are.

    And let’s remember that this squad was built largely by the previous manager — and with ample spending.

  51. DUIFG

    Welbeck as well! We are making weird economic decisions . Welbeck is a good squad player, to replace him we will have to spend 15 mil, at the very least sign him on and sell him for 15 mil. No shape to our management

  52. Batistuta


    The previous manager was beating palace and Brighton at home though, that’s the difference

  53. Mics_

    “I wonder whether it is Emery’s game plan to attack so slowly. They always let the opponent to have so much time to set up the defense. Our two strikers can’t run the channels and our midfielders and forwards can’t pass through the channels.”

    I wonder the same thing, but these two criticisms, at least, aren’t down to personnel. Few were better at running the channels than Auba in his dortmund days. And I’m bloody sick of Ozil and want him and just about everyone else gone, but through balls into the channels is the one thing he can do.

  54. DUIFG

    Don’t agree Bamford, players can be upgraded but our build up has been dogshite all season. Emery has to cop something for that

  55. Up 4 grabs now

    Sorry Pedro we might have got to the last but one game of the season still in it. But there’s no way that’s a top four squad.

    And we need 200 million to get us competing with city and the bindippers.

    Not good enough. Emery can take some of the fault but he got chump change for new players and has massively over achieved.

    If we get to the europa final and win it, great. We sneaked in the back door but a massive overhaul is needed.

  56. Batistuta

    Welbeck is shit….We have to stop thinking and accommodating stupidly overpaid and crooked players….Wish we could announce we’re letting half the squad go and starting again but the owner of the club is another fucking idiot so we’re stuck

  57. Valentin

    We spend 70 millions for at most 7 more points than the Wenger at his worst. I can only imagine how much Emery would need to make us competitive.

  58. Batistuta


    And that’s why we binned him though 10 yes too late….If the new manager is doing worse off then maybe we should bin him off immediately and not a moment too late

  59. Marko

    Let’s just ignore how dire we were for 90 mins.

    I mean he picks the players you saw the 11 that started what more do you want him to do? Genuinely what could he have done there today? Özil Mhiki Laca and Auba starting in attack and that’s what we got? Like I said you want him gone in the summer fair enough but don’t expect anything better than what we’re getting from this lot under a different manager. Time and Time again it’s the same players letting us down. That doesn’t remarkably change with a new manager. You want to get in Vieira in the summer then fine but you still have to replace half the squad and you still need to sign better players

  60. Batistuta


    And that’s why we binned him though 10 yes too late….If the new manager is doing worse off then maybe we should bin him off immediately and not a moment too late.

  61. ddkingz

    wtf was guendouzi doing on the pitch while Eddie was on the bench…

    emery is a fccking retard…

    if it takes losing the Europa league to sack emery, I would accept it..

  62. Siddharth14

    It is all starting to make sense. First Wenger then Gazidis followed by Sven. Being turned down by Edu, Monchi, Overmars for the Technical Director.

    All these persons realised that the shit accumulated over the years because of shoddy management is about to blow up in the face.

    The club needs a top to down refresh. Short term fixes are not going to help at all. It’s time we accept that Arsenal FC are going to be a Europa league level for at least 5 years. And that does not even take into consideration things going against a structured plan.

    It really is going to be a long wait…….

  63. Guns of sf

    We are toast
    Chelsea will beat us
    Bar a miracle in Baku

    Heck even Valencia might turn this around

    Entire midfield needs selling

  64. MGooner

    If the boatd sack Emery, the pressure will be on them to find someone with a visiting card in line with our aspirations.

    No competitive manager would want the job, so this is a bit of a dllema. They will probably say they need to give him another year until the fans make the atmosphere toxic after which it will be easier to fire him. This would enable them to appoint someone like Arteta or Henry or Viera etc and continue hiding.

  65. Mics_

    Yes we need better players. Absolutely we do. But these players are good enough to beat Brighton and Crystal palace at home. Full stop. That’s on the manager.

  66. Marko

    It’s irrelevant all this talk of managers honestly. Unless there’s investment on turnover on the playing side we’ll continue to be a nothing team for the foreseeable future

  67. Radio Raheem


    Don’t have a problem binning managers. Think he has one more year. If he wins EL then he deserves to fulfill his contract. If he doesn’t then I hope the board have the balls to do what is required.

  68. Bamford10

    Let’s also remember that, as Arsenal Truth has pointed out, our players have played twice as many games as Brighton has over the past 4-6 weeks. And we don’t have much depth at all. We may have more quality than a Brighton, but our players’ are running on tired legs. This matters.

  69. ddkingz

    if emery cannot achieve more than Wenger’s last season, he should be sacked.

    he only has the Europa league to win to out perform Wenger’s worst season in 22yrs…

  70. TR7


    Emery has managed to make Arsenal worse despite spending 70M. We have played 50-60 odd games this season and barring 3-4 games, our performance has been ranging between mediocre to aweful.

  71. bennydevito

    Champagne charlieMay 5, 2019    18:32:17

    The players again I’m guessing?

    Nevermind that Emery horror show, insipid approach, not a clue how to impose anything on a game, could barely open up the 17th placed side in the league.

    Backing him to bring players in to fit his vision? pfft, do better.


    Well done CC, you finally get it.

    It was the players.

    Was it Emery or Mkhitaryan who gave the ball away leading to the Brighton breakaway?

    Was it Emery or Xhaka who gave away the penalty?

    Was it Emery or Aubameyang who missed a load of chances?

    It was the players.

    But you know this CC but you’d rather spend all day spinning things because you have to be right, you simply hate being wrong.

    Unai Emery, Pep Guardiola or bugs fucking bunny, it will make no difference until at least 9 players in our squad are replaced.

    3 years in a row now we have finished outside of the top 4 because guess what?

    That’s right – we’re not a top 4 side.

  72. loyika

    Ya’ll should just tune out until the Ropa final (If we even get there at this rate)

    Good thing Valencia are even worst than us in defence.

    Emery’s rep is all or nothing on winning the Europa now. (I don’t see us beating Burnley at their end, so if we scale over Valencia we might as well play the Youth Team over there and keep the players fresh for the final – If we scale through).

    As for the state of the club? Well guess it has to get worst before it can get better, we just have to buckle up for the long rebuild journey ahead of us.

  73. Leftsidesanch

    I don’t care if Emery stays or goes because of him trying to be too clever for his own good and overcomplicate at times and he’s just as responsible as this untalented group of players for the end of season collapse. He also hasn’t fixed our defence and our style of football is predictable, slow paced and terrible to watch.

    Emery also should have realised that the core of these players are at their ceiling, they let Wenger down and they have also let him down.

    If the same 4/5 players who have no professional or personal pride are still at this club by August, I’m not going to bother.

  74. Valentin

    Baffling decision and muddled thinking’s cost is the game today.
    Knowing that Brighton strength is their two centre backs, why decide to cross the ball to our two smaller bad header of the ball strikers?
    Why play a 4-3-3 without any width against a team well known for being compact and narrow ultra defensive?
    Why play Mhikitarian as part of a midfield 3, when he has already shown in the previous two games, he can’t play in that position?
    Why play Lichsteiner (who by his poor standard has had a decent game) and ask him to run up and down the line when you have a U21 right back well known to do exactly that?
    Why was Torreira our smallest player man marking Glen Murray?

  75. ddkingz

    the problem if this club is the manager… how dare emery take a top four team and finish 5th…
    it’s unacceptable…

  76. Guns of sf

    I see this result demoralizing the players
    I worry for Valencia away

    It’s all on laca now

    Our only hope

  77. Marko

    Funny thing is I can see him walking come the end of the season. No way he takes a hit to his future career prospects by staying on for another year if things don’t improve. And if that were to happen we’d be proper fucked because it’d mean that no matter how bad things got there’s no interest to improve things. This is where it comes into play now that Wenger is gone and things are laid bare that it becomes about what the Kroenke’s want and how far are they willing to go to improve things

  78. MGooner

    Something I am also asking myself as a poster inquired above.

    Chelsea is already in the top 4 and qualify for CL. What if they win the EL?

    Pedro, would appreciate that you try to find out the rules 🙂

  79. loyika

    Lol @ Bamford quoting Arsenal (Un)Truth as some sort of authority on anything Arsenal (Funniest shyte of the day)

    What next? We will be quoting from ANR as well.

  80. Marko

    Why play a 4-3-3 without any width against a team well known for being compact and narrow ultra defensive?

    You do realize that we have no width in attack. Literally zero wingers in our squad

  81. Siddharth14


    Many of us Arsenal Supporters have seen a small part of their life get miserable under Wenger towards the end of his tenure. The desperation, helplessness and sadness slowly starts creeping into your life.

    Just let go of the anger and don’t let this affect you on an emotional level. It is going to take time. Maybe a couple years or probably more than 10. We don’t know.

    All we can do is just hope and wait !!

  82. Upstate Gooner

    “Emery gets 1 more year to sort it.”

    Sorry, but for me Emery gets two more games to sort it out, and that doesn’t include the Burnley game. Valencia and the EL final, if we make it there. Failure is not an option. I want the mofo out just as much as I want to see Mustafi and Xhaka shot and buried somewhere.

  83. Leftsidesanch

    For those wondering about when Chelsea win the Europa…

    If the winners finish outside the top four in the Premier League, it will mean five English teams will be in the Champions League.

    However if they do finish in the top four, then England will not get an extra spot.

  84. MGooner

    Do we qualify for CL if Chelsea win the EL?

    This looks like a possibility but I am bot sure on the rules?

  85. Marko

    No we need to win the Europa League to get champions league. We don’t look like winning an argument at the moment

  86. Champagne Charlie


    Our players are head and shoulders better than the Brighton ones. Suggesting anything else is fucking laughable.

    You nailed it Benny, managers are all the same, doesn’t matter who’s in charge 😂 fully expect Pulis to rock up at Real Madrid when ZZ walks away.

  87. azed

    Why play a 4-3-3 without any width against a team well known for being compact and narrow ultra defensive?

    Who played 4-3-3?

  88. Valentin


    The problem is that some can’t see past their hatred of Wenger. According to some, Emery is not Wenger, so he can only be better, anybody critiquing him has an agenda and is a AKB but not a true Arsenal fan.
    Emery has had one year to know his team and acclimate to the premiership. The problem is that in his one year he has shown that he is not better than Wenger. He is mediocre but in a different way.
    The reality is now sinking for some and it hurts. Wenger may have the source of the problem, but Emery is definitely not the solution.

  89. WengerEagle

    The only ‘dumb’ take is that we shouldn’t be comfortably beating already safe Brighton at home in a must win match Bamford you simpleton.

    The fact that it boils down to one moment to this shower of shit sums up how poor we’ve been in recent weeks aka the most important part of the season.

  90. Upstate Gooner

    “Wenger may have the source of the problem, but Emery is definitely not the solution.”


  91. ddkingz


    thanks for the advice.

    if I could wait for 2yrs to watch the final season of the GOT, I can wait 3 more decades for arsenal to lift their 14 English league trophy, except maybe stingy Stan wants to turn arsenal into the kreonke empire, than i might have to wait for half a century to see arsenal lift a real trophy.

    until then, I can only smile whenever arsenal

  92. Redtruth

    Like i said a top team doesn’t need much instructions, even Wenger with all his dopey signings still had enough quality in the side to win titles when it was a two horse race.

  93. englandsbest

    For those in pain, take comfort. We won’t have to watch Arsenal humiliated by Bayern M again.

    And for those who mention the transfer pot, non-qualification for CL won’t matter a damn to Stan. Unless, of course, the season-ticket holders wise-up, and stop renewing them.

  94. Pedro

    See Emery walking?!


    He will never get an elite job again after this. He was exposed at Paris and he’s been exposed at Arsenal. He’s a super average manager who has one redeeming feature: Europa League.

    My word… walking away from Arsenal. Unreal statement.

  95. Valentin


    Arsenal did.
    Initially it was announced as a 4-2-4, but the reality is that Mhikitarian stayed closer to Xhaka and Torreira than our three attackers.

    Xhaka. Torreira. Mhikitarian played on the same line.
    I think that the idea was to play 4-3-1-2, but as Özil, Aubameyang and Lacazette kept interchanging position, it was closer to a 4-3-3.

    The bottom line is that until the introduction of Iwobi and Kolasinac, we had no width.

  96. useroz

    Raul can fuck off too. Arsenal isn’t a retirement village for the has beens. What have you done??

    Emery kind of halts the rot but the club is still rotten from top to bottom in all departments, bar Pedor’s tea ladies I suppose.

    Wtf has Bould done!?

    Wtf do our players fall so easily?? Don’t we have a Ruby performance and strength coach? Other than Papa we can wrestle to save the points!.

    Why does Auba top the chart in missing BIG chances, despite the goals?

    Why our MF/AM etc can’t shoot to save their life? Iwobi who scores after the whistle : Guendozi, Torreira and Xhara can’t hit the barn door most times.

    Ozil is barred from shooting?

    Must clear house this summer.

  97. WengerEagle

    Bamford literally contorting himself in knots all for the sake of exonerating his boy Emery from any sort criticism, desperate stuff really.

    Fatigue, lack of depth (we lost nobody and he added 5/players, 6 including Suarez), mid table sides having better players.

    Will probably be the grass/wind next week.

  98. MGooner

    Hmm, thanks Marko.

    I think we played well during the season but the past few matches, we felt the heat. The manager tinkered a lot and it worked against us.

    But we must remember that he tinkered in the opening 15 matched too and we liked it because results went our way.

    It’s Emery’s first season in the PL. He’ll learn. We have little options apart from him anyway as managers are not queuing up for the job.

  99. Pedro

    Valentin… for a man who watches 7 million videos per team… I wondered the same thing. After whipping the ball into the box wasn’t working for the first 50 times we tried, you’d think he’d change it up.

  100. salparadisenyc

    Easy to allot blame clearly Wenger, Sven, Bouldei snoring on bench, vendors out front and Vic Akers the former kit man as he’s was in attendance.

    Emery’s hands are clean not his fault this side has regressed in league.

  101. Bob N16

    I agree totally Valentin.

    The table doesn’t lie… too much mediocrity….in the team, the coaching and behind the scenes. So much to improve….

  102. azed

    “Wenger may have the source of the problem, but Emery is definitely not the solution.”

    Not one soul has said Emery is the solution. Rather the opinion of some of us is no matter the manager, you will not go far with players like Xhaka and Mustafi in the squad.

    Emery has one year left on his contract, the focus should be on shifting players and not using limited funds for paying out the manager.

  103. Champagne charlie


    I’m still waiting to see the mashup of todays XI that has Brighton players littered about. They’re 17th place in the league and on holiday (remember the easy games Wenger got end of season?). Embarrassing display from us.

    It’s not black/white, it’s always been grey. Valentin is on the money, Emery aint the answer and is average in a different way is all.

  104. Marko

    Our players are head and shoulders better than the Brighton ones. Suggesting anything else is fucking laughable.

    On paper yes. Then why did we draw? Making it about the manager when we had Xhaka and Torreira in midfield and Auba, Laca, Ozil and Mhiki in attack is beyond laughable. Unless you think he should pick the team and play the football too. You look at the bench and the options available at the club and you think what more can be done. More or less our best midfield and we couldn’t control the game. Our best possible attack and again shite. I mean it’s ludicrous when you see that starting 11 put in that performance and then blame the manager. As for the lack of accountability on the part of Xhaka you’re surprising no one. Granit Xhaka again has another woeful day in what is his third season of being awful in an Arsenal jersey and the response is…the manager. Fair enough

  105. azed

    “The bottom line is that until the introduction of Iwobi and Kolasinac, we had no width.”

    That’s because we have no wingers in our team. I told you the last time that that’s literally no formation you can play, without having players in a wrong position.

  106. Valentin

    To say that good hungry coaches are not willing to take Arsenal job is ridiculous.
    Checkbook managers may not be interested, but anybody who wants to prove himself will take the job in an heartbeat.
    Arsenal does not need a chequebook manager. We need a good innovative hungry manager, willing to give youth a chance. His name may not be as world famous than others, however every managerial legend has to start somewhere. Why not at Arsenal?

  107. ddkingz

    I think I read from somewhere that arsenal season ticket renewal begin on or before June 7th…

    if only those in London can decide not to renew their tickets and let the emery(rates) become a tourist center for tourist who visit London and decide to rake a tour at emery(rates)…

    well, this can’t/won’t happen because someone would come on here and say a particular seat at north bank have been theirs for 5 generations…. but after watching every bad display, they would on le-grove and start whaling and moaning like bitches on a faceless forum..

    fuvking keyboard warriors everywhere around arsenal… lol

  108. Freddie Ljungberg

    Why would spending 70 million have improved us in relation to our rivals when all of the teams above us (bar Spurs who still have a much better team than us) and 2 teams below us spent more than us? I haven’t checked but there are probably a few more teams that were not far behind our spend too.

    70 mil is chump change in todays market. Use something else to get your agendas across people.

    Absolute shitshow today btw, so many upgrades needed in the summer it’s unreal.

  109. azed

    “Gbat, why don’t you counter with why the thinking wasn’t muddled?”


    Against palace, it was why did he start Elneny and Guendozi instead of Xhaka and Torriera..

    In December, I said Emery is damned irrespective of what he does.

    On paper, we played our best midfielders and attackers (bar Ramsey) so you can’t say Emery didn’t make the best selection.

  110. HighburyLegend

    “Are we still an elite club?”

    Nop, not since Sir Wenger has done everything to destroy us during the second part of his overlong reign.

  111. Marko

    It’s a losing battle around here I think. I look at today and I see a group of players letting the club down for many it’s the third season in a row. And yet the fixation seems to be on the manager. So again I say it doesn’t matter who the manager is we get rid of Emery and bring in whoever it still doesn’t change the fact that there’s a massive rebuild job on at Arsenal and squad turnover is a must if we want to improve

  112. Samesong

    No one tell me a Zaha type wouldn’t of opened up
    This defence today but is looked down on.

  113. WengerEagle


    If we clearly have the better players which we do, is it not fair to question his ability to motivate/guide them?

    You can’t just stand back and say he just picks the team and that’s the extent of his job.