Top 3 opportunity goes to the last day (if we beat Brighton)

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Hello top 4 my old friend.

I’ve come to try with you again.

Here we are AGAIN people. Spurs shit the bed against Bournemouth losing two players to red cards. Chelsea has a London derby against Watford tomorrow morning. We have to face off against the MIGHTY Brighton at home in a later kick-off.

This goes down to the last day if we can pull off a win. It’ll be a classic top 4 face off where any of 4 teams could sneak it on the last day. Who really needs a title race when you have a battle like this going on?

United are taking 6 points, no doubt.  FIXTURE FRAUD RIFE AS USUAL.

Last game for Spurs is Everton, which won’t be easy.

Last game for Chelsea is apparently one of the most underrated midtable teams in the world… Leicester.

We have to go away to Burnley, which is never easy… because 1) we are Arsenal 2) it is away from home.

All we can do is win both our games and pray for an upset. Incredible that we’ve lost 4 of our last 5 games. A travesty.

Still, worth remembering we have two chances at the promised land. Europa League is looking good for us. Mulling over whether I’d prefer Chelsea or Frankfurt… at least we know we’ll turn up if it’s Chelsea.

Alex Iwobi, had something to say on his record this season.

“I try to dwell on the positive and not dwell on the negative as much as I can. If I make a mistake I try to use it as a lesson and try to improve on it. We have a lot of good fans as well.”

“They are entitled to their own opinion and I am happy with the progress I have made this season. I have been able to get more goals than I had in the previous season and I have”

Not exactly a ringing endorsement of himself here. 4 assists and 5 goals across 48 games is a pitiful record in his third season. That’s the sort of return you’d expect from a decent full back. Not someone who in an attacking role for a team trying to be protaganists. If you’re brutally honest, it’s not good enough and it’s hard to see when it comes good. He lacks physicality, offers up little pace and the decision making hasn’t gotten any sharper.

As we rebuild this summer, the focus really has to be on players that aren’t happy with ‘a few assists’, we need to bring in electric pace, and a brutal winner takes all mentality. We’ve really struggled out wide this year and it’s the excuses are running out because he’s been given a huge amount of game time.

What would Saka have done with that many games? Maybe we should find out… or just pony up the money and bring in Pepe, Sarr, or Zaha?

Alex Lacazette took the player of the season. There’s been some fierce debates in my chat groups. No one really stood out majorly this season. There was a lot of ok or good form in spits and spats. Dare I say if Ramsey hadn’t have been benched for the first half of the year, he’d be taking that? Him or Leno for me. But hey, I love the Frenchman. He works hards, he makes so much out of nothing and he’s popped up with important goals all year. He and Auba have had a far beyond average impact on our conversion rate in front of goal and we are very lucky to have the both of them.

Emery was asked by a paid-up journo whether winning the remaining two games was important. Imagine that being the extent of your questioning when you’re handed the mic?

Good afternoon. We need to win the next match and if we win against Brighton we are going to the last match against Burnley with the possibility to be in the top four. It’s not in our hands, but we need to win our matches and the first is Sunday. It’s not easy to win each match – for us and for other teams – but the focus for us is to win against Brighton for different situations. We are going to play the last match at home. We are going the play the last match with Petr Cech, with Aaron Ramsey and also I think we want to finish at the Emirates with a victory. The first objective is to finish in the top four and it will give us the chance.

The ‘good afternoon’ is a lovely touch. Interesting that we might start Cech. He had a good game against Valenica, but this game isn’t a dead rubber.

The manager was asked if he thought we’d progressed.

Yes I am. Our progress I think – when we started the season we lost against Man City and Chelsea  and we worked for this process, little by little and at the end of the season now we are with this possibility. I think when we started we would have been happy to have today these two opportunities in the Premier League and Europa League to reach our target.

I think he’s trying to say that we are competing for top 4 this season, which hasn’t been the case. He’s right. If we make top 4, it’s hard to argue about his success. It’s like the FA Cup final in 2005, it was grubby, but we did it. However, if you are into reality, he’s not progressed the club like most of us would have hoped. But, he’ll get the next season to stamp his authority… I’m sure there will still be those that can’t tolerate any critique until he’s purged every last binman that was under Wenger’s control, but there we go.

One step at a time… Emery HAS to put on a show tomorrow. Send the fans home with a smile and make sure they’re hanging back for that lap of honour!

Right, see you in the comments x

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  1. Dissenter

    There are at least 4 players in the United squad that will each fetch at least £60-75 million
    De Gea

    Lukaku will fetch at least £50mmillion

    Yes, United Squad is better than ours
    I remember when you were using OGS as epitome of “special sauce”

  2. Bamford10


    Keep the faith. I agree that those things are unlikely, but one can still hold out hope, no?


    Good point. Alhough Loftus-Cheek has looked pretty good in Kante’s place.

  3. Champagne Charlie


    That’s precisely why, price tag.

    Name a defender they have we’re envious of in our state of defensive hilarity?

  4. Victorious

    Yea,Top4 is absolutely gone now, hard to take because we had it in our grasp a couple of weeks ago and utterly soiled our pants coz Emery is painfully out of his depth

    Chavs have being shits all season but now has CL footie at our expense

    Saw it from a mile off the moment that idiotic ref did a daylight robbery on Cardiff and somehow handed them 3 points.

    Now we have to absolutely win the EL now or Emery has to go,simple as

  5. Dissenter

    The EL final is on many 29th, enough time for Kante to recover from his hamstring strain, depending on the severity.

  6. Pierre


    Xhaka and Torreira holding in midfield.

    Lacazette up top

    Mhkitaryan Ozil and Aubamayang.supporting.

    It won’t happens I know but if it did it would only be the 2nd time the season that those 4 offensive players had started together ( Liverpool home was the only other time).

    Will probably be iwobi, Guendouzi and Elneny.

  7. Marko

    Leicester likely to lose tomorrow at City so they’ll want to go out on their final game at home on a high. That’s the hope anyway but it’s irrelevant if we don’t win our games

  8. Goonah

    Nothing has changed. We will still pip Chelsea if they draw @Leicester and we match their score today.

    Will we beat Burnley away? The big “IF”. On the plus side is we can take it on as a cupfinal. Emery loves those.

  9. Dissenter

    Chelsea are favorites for the EL final too

    They will be playing without pressure….we will, and that will be the difference.

  10. Bamford10

    Well, that’s that. 3-0. Higuain has not been good enough for them, but he showed a little bit of his quality there.

  11. Freddie Ljungberg

    You got your wish Pierre, now stop whining.

    The Licht and Mustafi are starting though so calamity is on the menu tonight

  12. Micheal

    Leno, Lichtsteiner, Mustafi, Sokratis, Monreal, Xhaka, Torreira, Ozil, Mkhitaryan, Lacazette, Aubameyang.

    Subs: Cech, Elneny, Koscielny, Iwobi, Guendouzi, Kolasinac, Nketiah.

  13. Nelson

    Arsenal: Leno, Lichtsteiner, Sokratis, Mustafi, Monreal, Xhaka, Torreira, Mkhitaryan, Ozil, Aubameyang, Lacazette

    Subs: Cech, Koscielny, Kolasinac, Elneny, Guendouzi, Iwobi, Nkeitah

  14. Victorious

    At least we get to laugh out our ass at how bad united are..worse than us

    Can’t even beat an already relegated side

    And we had a self acclaimed student of the game for 30 years here labelling OGS an excellent manager..hahahahaha

  15. Valentin

    Chelsea and ManUtd fans would also tell you that they need 6 new first team starters. In fact even with DeGea having a bad season, I would say that without him they would not have made this far.
    We have Mustafi who is stinking the defense, but take DeGea out of their team and their defense is collectively worse than yours.
    Garry Neville keep repeating that bar Luke Shaw they need a brand new defense. Straight away that is 3 new players.
    Gibon ManUtd board and you will see most arguing that In midfield, Matic, Mata, McTominay need upgrading.

  16. Dissenter

    Have a glance at out bench
    “Cech, Elneny, Koscielny, Iwobi, Guendouzi, Kolasinac, Nketiah.”

    …and our squad is good enough?

  17. Dissenter

    The calamity will be if one our strikers gets hurt playing in these dead-rubber league games.

  18. Pierre

    Yes….at long last …4 quality offensive players on the pitch at the same time …..expecting a nice 4-1 win at least .

  19. Freddie Ljungberg

    Just to be clear, Licht is only starting because we have no other options, and no, Corporal Jenkinson is not a valid option.

    Mustafi is only starting because Kos limped off against Valencia. We don’t have enough functional CBs to play a back 5 so Monreal starts on the left.

    Don’t try to twist it later that it was some strange selection policy from Emery or that he doesn’t care about the league.

    You know who you are…

  20. PessimisticPat

    “The turmoil upstairs is an issue, we’re seemingly unsettled at the club whichever level you analyse us. ”
    Totally agree. Thought we were going full Dortmund model with Sven and I was fine with that, now he’s gone. And now the fact monchi rejected us made me start to worry that we will have fuck all money to spend, an ageing squad, huge wage bill and probably no CL football either. Plus the unconvincing 2nd half of the season. Worrying times ahead. Think if we don’t win Europa league well have 2 more years of this till we can cut the wage bill. Apart from that though everything’s fine lol

  21. Nelson

    Emery still plays a strong team. If we lose any player through injury, the season would be over. Oh well.

  22. Micheal

    The combined ages of our back four today is almost 120 years ! The youngest is Mustafi who plays like a old agedpensioner.

  23. Up 4 grabs now

    Half that team should be gone next season and they can take the bench with them.
    But our squad is good enough to get top four.
    Pedro have you been drinking?

  24. Bamford10


    Yes, that’s probably right. So Lichtsteiner plays todaybecause AMN played Thursday night and will need to play this coming Thursday night? Yes, I think that’s right.

  25. Dissenter

    Emery should have had a text sent to all the season ticker holders before selection

    ‘Pick your poison; Jenkinson berry vs Lichsteiner blast, either way you’re going to choke.’

  26. Victorious


    Don’t do a flip flop now

    Anything short of a EL win now for your erstwhile hero will be utterly unacceptable and he’s got to go

    We should be home and dry already for CL footie if he didn’t lose 3 on the spin to midtable teams conceding 10 goals

  27. bennydevito

    Chelsea 3 now so a better goal difference unless we thrash Brighton. We will then need Spurs to draw at home to Everton whilst we beat Burnley which would see Chelsea take 3rd if they beat Leicester which I think they will, Spurs drop down to 5th with us 4th and utd 6th.

    More than likely though is we lose to Burnley, Spuds beat Everton, Utd beat Cardiff and we end up 6th.

    So if we do end up 6th then that will mean we are the 6th best team by some people’s logic because the table doesn’t lie and we’ve only spent a few weeks out of the whole season in the top 4.

    I maintain we have the 6th best squad and that’s where we’ll end up but I will be over the moon if we get top 4 and I’m wrong.

    Because I’m an Arsenal fan.

    Not an Arsenal manager fan who would rather us fail to prove them right about Emery.

  28. Guns of sf

    If we meet Chelsea it’s one game
    A lot more nerve wracking

    Kanté will be back

    Fuck Chelsea and Watford

  29. Champagne Charlie


    Yea it does seem we need things to very much fall in our favour for a sustained period. That’s unsettling. Really hard to get behind the idea our current lot know what they’re doing as far as being the architects of a new successful Arsenal chapter.

  30. Bamford10


    “Anything short of a EL win now for your erstwhile hero will be utterly unacceptable and he’s got to go.”

    Unless Chelsea are simply a better team than we are, and this is why they finish above us and win the EL.

    In that case, the reasonable conclusion will be that Emery needs better players.

  31. Marko

    Time will tell, gents. Time will tell.

    This in reference to Ole? Man you could let one go you know. Admitting that you got that one at least embarrassingly wrong you won’t go down in people’s estimation

  32. Nelson

    This formation has no width at all unless Auba plays left wing. Didn’t we try that before and failed miserably.

  33. Champagne Charlie

    “Unless Chelsea are simply a better team than we are, and this is why they finish above us and win the EL.“

    Or it could also be spun that, despite teething issues, Sarriball (aka having a vision, style, and principle approach to teach the players) eventually reaps it’s benefits over the course of the season versus having little to no identity as a team.

    Matter of perspective.

  34. Nelson

    “More than likely though is we lose to Burnley, Spuds beat Everton, Utd beat Cardiff and we end up 6th.”

    If we win today, Muaure can’t catch us… We have much better GD.

  35. ddkingz

    Hmmm, am I the only one thinking Chelsea have sealed the top for spot and would also steal the Europa league trophy as well?

    the Europa league final in Baku, is arsenal at home or away?

  36. Dissenter

    Spuds need a point against Everton at home
    Chelsea need a pint against Leicester away

    We have to beat Brighton heavily and then beat Burnley…and HOPE

    Emery has to do the most unappealing thing and start saving the few better players for the season decider in Baku.

  37. Nelson

    It is FT at Hud. Let’s at least win today and get a 5th spot. That’s a step in the right direction.

  38. Marko

    I agree if Emery can’t work miracles on an abject squad then he has to go. Much the same way Wenger had to go when he showed he wasn’t up to the task. Oh he was doing a poor job for a number of years? Ah that doesn’t count mate. It’s only now if you’re seen to be poor that you get the sack

  39. Marko

    I don’t know why people are throwing in the towel. Of the two games Chelsea had left their home game was always the easiest on paper.

  40. ddkingz

    Emery should take the blame if arsenal finally misses champions league football.

    why rest players against everton after beating napoli 2 nil at home, and I’m sure spurds also lost that same week… like I said a few weeks ago, that loss against Everton might come back to bite emery in his ass… though I’m not a prophet.. lol

  41. Victorious

    Unless Chelsea are simply a better team than we are, and this is why they finish above us and win the EL.”

    Nah Bam, this is a lazy take, losing 3 on the spin to mistable plodders has nothing to do with Chas having better players

    The manager has a much larger share of blame there, he was odds on to finish 3rd/4th and somehow managed to bottle it so hard in a matter of 1 week that we’re almost out of reckoning

    Chavs haven’t been mustard either,sarri was touted a failure and his team has played shocking football all season safe for world class Hazard pulling them up

    We have a squad capable enough to get top4,that we miss out is utterly down to the manager and partially the players

  42. bennydevito

    So because we had that great run, beat utd, Chelsea, Tottenham which proves beyond any shadow of a doubt we are a top 4 side, does man utd drawing with relegated Huddersfield mean man utd are a championship side? Because that’s what Pierre and CC have been saying.

  43. Up 4 grabs now

    Should be third and unreachable now. Ifs and buts, but if papa hadn’t of got suspended he would have played against palace and mustafi wouldn’t have been on the pitch for his melt down.

  44. Bamford10


    Yeah, identity, philosophy and vision are important; this is one of the reasons I like Sarri. However, it also helps to have better players, which he does.

    There’s also the argument that some teams have such a mishmash of different kinds of players — some fit for this approach, some fit for that approach, some inadequate regardless — that a manager can’t simply adopt one style or approach, that he must instead adopt different approaches against different teams, get whatever results he can and get through the season as best he can. Then begin building a better squad in the summer. This may be the situation at Arsenal.

  45. bennydevito


    We lost to Palace because of forced changes due to injury, illness and suspension.

    Palace beat Man City who have a vastly better squad than us at the Etihad 3 – 2 also.

    Context and perspective

  46. Pedro

    Benny, because we are in the top 4 race after 36 games, it alludes to us being top 4 quality. We are also likely making the Europa Cup final, not many totally shite teams achieve that.

    Huddersfield were relegated. You can’t use one data point to make a conclusion.

    And yes, United are a championship side. Agree.

  47. PessimisticPat

    Same, trust is earned. Think once we kick off in august one look at our squad list will tell me everything I need to know about Raul.

    Obviously CL football or Europa league football will help adjust my expectations. Praying Emerys got his lucky EL pants on till June.

  48. Up 4 grabs now


    They can’t get rid of him, pay off another long contract, when Sanchez is already costing half a million a week, and still paying Maureen.

  49. Pierre

    Including today …only one Arsenal player has started 30 league games for Arsenal this season……….Mustafi .

  50. Rambo Ramsey

    You just know Spuds will be losing their collective heads and bottling the final game after exiting the CL.

    The real q is whether Arsenal can win both their games. Would anyone be surprised if we fail to beat Brighton today

  51. Dream10

    Not getting one point from Palace, Everton, Wolves, Leicester hurt us.

    Scoring only three goals in two matches against Huddersfield, when Liverpool, City, Spurs and Chelsea all scored at least six. We were outshot by Huddersfield in the away match.

  52. Leftsidesanch

    Nobody thought Bournemouth would be playing against 2 Spurs players and still almost cock up a win. Nobody thought that United would drop points against relegated Huddersfield.

    We play each game as it comes hopefully achieve the best result and then see where we land next Sunday.

    We aren’t good enough to throw games thinking we’re in the EL final, we’re not and even if we get there we still have to get past a superior (if inconsistent) Chelsea side to us.

    Behave man.

  53. Pedro

    Brighton are 17th in the league. We should be able to play our reserves against them and smash then 3-0

  54. Marko

    Can United fire OGS this early?

    They won’t but they should. If he was anyone other than a popular former player you’d have fuck all talking about giving him time.

  55. Champagne Charlie

    “Because that’s what Pierre and CC have been saying.“

    You’ll have to point to where I’ve said anything of the sort.

    We have a top 4 capable squad because of the calibre of player in the squad relative to our direct rivals. We’ve also underperformed by any metric and are still competing for top 4, so there’s another marker that the squad we have is capable. Same way you can argue the Liverpool squad is a title challenger by virtue of challenging for the title.

    You make some odd points sometimes, read what’s said instead of hashing a rubbish half baked version.

  56. Pedro

    I cannot believe they didn’t wait for a bit and hire in Poch… that would have been an electric hire for them.

    Wasted another year. They’ll give him and Gary Neville the cheque book and it’ll be a disaster

  57. bennydevito


    We’re near to the top 4 but that doesn’t make us top 4 quality, we’re not far away I agree on that and had we not had the injuries we’ve had we might well have made it and we may well still do yet. I really hope we do.

    How many game weeks have we actually been in the top 4? 5 or 6? I might look it up.

    But you can’t deny that surely to make us a certain top 4 side for next season we need to upgrade on several players especially at the back?

    I know Emery isn’t good enough but all I’m trying to say is neither is our squad.

    We have to thrash Brighton by at least 4 today, then beat Burnley hoping Spurs draw to Everton.

    If that happens and we finish top 4 then you’ll be right.

    I hope you are right.

  58. gambon

    Marko thinks Ole should be sacked after half a season.

    But worships Emery who had a preseason and spent £70m, and has delivered no improvement.


  59. Dream10


    They won’t fire Solskjaer right now. Seems like the Glazers want Woodward to run the show. Easier to do it that with a manager who has little influence. I think Chelsea will fire Sarri even if he finishes 3rd and wins the Europa

  60. bennydevito


    Oh I see; it’s a top 4 “capable” squad now as opposed to a certain top 4 side now?

    Of course.

    I see.

    Spin, spin sugar.

  61. Pedro

    Benny, as CC pointed out, we’re failing by almost every metric bar points. We are a top 4 side. We should easily have this wrapped up. We still could make it happen. That means we are top 4 quality.

  62. Dissenter

    OGS will be gone by November
    All he has is the sentimental card, always reminding the players of the glory days.
    I knew he was done when he took them to the training ground they haven’t used in 17 years because it wasn’t private enough.

    All the folks who used him as a battering ram to poke at Emery…we know you.

  63. Pedro

    Benny, that’s not spin… no one knows the outcome of the season. You could say Chelsea / Spurs aren’t a top 4 side because they haven’t achieved top 4 yet.

    Top 4 quality / top 4 capable same thing.

  64. Pierre

    “Yeah, identity, philosophy and vision are important; this is one of the reasons I like Sarri. However, it also helps to have better players, which he does.”

    Could you imagine Emery having a team with kosavic, jorginho, hazard ,Pedro , Hudson Odi.

    I would take Sarri over Emery all day long as He appreciates talented players ..He has his faults but he sticks to his principles unlike Emery who started with the pressing game and playing out from the keeper etc etc etc.

    He wouldn’t know who to leave out …Hazard would probably be the first to go , Hudson Odi wouldn’t have been anywhere near the starting line up , kosavic, Jorginho on dear …where would he start.

  65. bennydevito


    “You make some odd points sometimes, read what’s said instead of hashing a rubbish half baked version.”

    Why don’t you read what you’ve said instead of putting your usual backtracking spin on things

  66. Marko

    Brighton are 17th in the league. We should be able to play our reserves against them and smash then 3-0

    This kind of nonsense thinking around here continues to be laughable. There’s no easy games in the premier league and you don’t get teams playing their reserves in must win games. Liverpool played a full strength team early in the season against Brighton no reserves and won 1-0. Man City again earlier in the season at home against Brighton 2-0 and played a full strength team unless you think that Zinchenko and Sane are reserves. But yeah we should play reserves cause we’re just that good

  67. Pedro

    Dissenter, interesting that you are utterly ruthless when it comes to underperforming managers at other clubs as well?

    A pattern emerges…

  68. Dissenter

    I wish we had a proper player like Hazard to carry us through this shitty period.

    We don’t, Chelsea had one of of such game changers.

  69. Valentin

    Does anybody really think that Lichsteiner is better than our U21 right back? At least the U21 players can run.
    I said before that Emery’s squad management will finally cost us and force us to play players who have already shown not to be up to the task. Same thing than Wenger, instead of over relying on a small group of players and putting them in the red zone, we could have distributed some start or substitutions to some U21 players.

    The worse is that as we are skint, next year we will play some of those players. They will then

  70. Champagne Charlie


    What are you taking about?

    Who sets out any season saying a squad is certain of anything? That’s absolute waffle on your part.

    Being “top 4 quality” points to you being capable and nothing more. You’re adding the rest unless you want to go quote where I’ve said we should get top 4 or else.

  71. Marko

    Marko thinks Ole should be sacked after half a season.But worships Emery who had a preseason and spent £70m, and has delivered no improvement. Funny.

    I mean there’s a difference between us and them in terms of expectations. Plus there’s a difference between Emery and Ole as managers. But I get what you’re saying. Also worships? Grow up will ya

  72. Pedro

    Marko, they’ve lost 19 games this season, they’ve lost 4 of their last 6 away from home, conceded 55 goals… there are easy games in the league. Brighton at home should be one of them.

  73. Dissenter

    Weren’t you running with the OGS0-special sauce line in the winter ?
    How many posts did you write with that theme.

    United have 5 players with a collective transfer value of about 400 million
    They can sell players to subsidize their rebuild…we don’t

    You see our bench today…top 4 qualidee indeed

  74. SpainishDave

    Emery has screwed up this year. The recent form of 4 defeats is unacceptable and bad management.
    The Suarez situation sums up our club, too many poor managers at all levels.

  75. Rambo Ramsey

    “I cannot believe they didn’t wait for a bit and hire in Poch… that would have been an electric hire for them.”

    Yes, shocking that all the big clubs are overlooking the great Potlesstino

  76. Marko

    Osei Tutu at 20 has never made a senior appearence for Arsenal. Just assume that he’s not good enough

  77. Pedro

    Rambo, do you mean potless… as in, top 4 in the Premier League, semi final of the Champions League, 140m wage bill, and no spending last summer?

  78. Joe


    Aubu scores that penalty v spurs and we are in the CL

    Should aubu be sacked for that or is that emery’s fault too that he missed.

  79. Dissenter

    You’re not privy to all the goings on in the club about the availability of our U-23 players.
    You. have not way of knowing if they are good enough or ready

    Same as how you blabbered on about Mavros…and when he did get his chance he was crap.

  80. Nelson

    We’ll have to win by 3 goals to have a slightest chance of catching Chelsea. If Chelsea draws and we win the final game, we’ll tie them with the GD but we have scored much more goals.

  81. Champagne Charlie

    Yea was about to comment that, I love Hazard but Chelsea fans would go a year without racist chants to have either Laca or Auba.

    Proper grass is greener stuff there. He’s mustard with all the seeds, but their squad isn’t close to balanced. Not had a striker all season, and their core has Jorginho and Kovacic. Elneny would get games there ffs.

  82. Dissenter

    Nope, they have Hazard who’s a game changer and a cast of midfielders that are scoring goals
    Unlike Arsenal with two good forwards, a decent goalie and pretty much nothing else.

  83. Marko

    Pedro respectfully you are talking out your backside if you think that we can get away with playing our reserves against any team in this league. Especially considering that both Man City and Liverpool played full strength teams against the same team at home this season. It’s laughable

  84. Pedro

    Dissenter, our conversion rate is the best in the league.

    ‘All we have is ruthless strikers’ isn’t really a counter.

  85. Pedro

    Marko, figure of speech… honestly, you don’t need to take everything down a rabbit hole.

    They are a shit side, we should obliterate them at home, where we have been a great side.

  86. gambon

    Well we’re not keeping a clean sheet with that defence are we.

    Will need at least 4 or 5 goals.

  87. Marko

    We should. But the idea that we should do it without a full strength team is silly. You’re trying really hard these days to convince people that we actually have a good squad of players. I mean really fucking hard

  88. ddkingz


    pretty sure sure arsenal wished they had hazard instead either aubameyang or lacaz…

  89. Pedro

    Marko, we have a squad good enough for top 4… hence, we are taking it to the last game of the season. I know that runs counter to the drum you have been banging, but be happy for your man Emery.

  90. Dissenter

    Lost count of how many games Hazard won for Chelsea this season just by his sheer capacity to move players around like subutteo.

    The way CC and Pedro are talking, one might be tempted to forget that the core of the Chelsea squad that won two league titles in the last five years are still there.
    One team with players that have won two championships – Kante, Hazard, William, Alonso, Azpilqueta, David Luiz etc

    Agenda wrights all over the place.


  91. Victorious

    Should aubu be sacked for that or is that emery’s fault too that he missed”

    It happens mare,players misses pen all of the time, even after that we still had loads of chances to nail this this thing but horribly fall short because Emery is seriously not the the guy for us.

    He’s not managed the squad well at all and my hope is that at least he wins the EL,that’s our best hope as of now

  92. Dissenter

    If Barca want Laca…,so be it so long as they can pay top money
    Auba can go find another friend

    Need money to rebuild

  93. Marko

    Pedro we have a squad struggling for top 4 that’s poor in defence lacks control in midfield and lacks balance in attack

  94. Victorious

    Just read lacazette linked to barca. If we sell him we may as well all just pack it in”

    I hope there’s substance to it, honestly need that cash to get a winger in, Zaha? Pepe? or we could get Dembele thrown in for a swap

  95. Champagne Charlie

    “Cast of midfielders scoring goals”:

    Barkley – 6
    Loftus-Cheek – 6
    Kovacic – 0
    Jorginho – 2
    Kante – 4

    Ozil – 1
    Torreira – 2
    Xhaka – 4
    Guendouzi – 0
    Ramsey – 4

    What, 18-11 from players that operate centrally…

    Hardly a point worth emphasising surely, do you consider it a reason for us failing top 4 potentially?

  96. Joe


    We don’t. Emery has done well to keep
    Us up there and that along with Chelsea united and spurs stumbling the last 2 months has helped us along.

    We need a complete over haul. 2 wingers, 2 cbs, a couple MFs , and LB.

    Then we have a top 4 challenging team and a title challenging team

    Right now we don’t. When you have to play elneny, jenkinson etc that’s not a top 4 team

  97. Dissenter

    It was Sven who got us Lichsteiner
    Just had to say that for context [CC, are you listening]