Top 3 opportunity goes to the last day (if we beat Brighton)

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Hello top 4 my old friend.

I’ve come to try with you again.

Here we are AGAIN people. Spurs shit the bed against Bournemouth losing two players to red cards. Chelsea has a London derby against Watford tomorrow morning. We have to face off against the MIGHTY Brighton at home in a later kick-off.

This goes down to the last day if we can pull off a win. It’ll be a classic top 4 face off where any of 4 teams could sneak it on the last day. Who really needs a title race when you have a battle like this going on?

United are taking 6 points, no doubt.  FIXTURE FRAUD RIFE AS USUAL.

Last game for Spurs is Everton, which won’t be easy.

Last game for Chelsea is apparently one of the most underrated midtable teams in the world… Leicester.

We have to go away to Burnley, which is never easy… because 1) we are Arsenal 2) it is away from home.

All we can do is win both our games and pray for an upset. Incredible that we’ve lost 4 of our last 5 games. A travesty.

Still, worth remembering we have two chances at the promised land. Europa League is looking good for us. Mulling over whether I’d prefer Chelsea or Frankfurt… at least we know we’ll turn up if it’s Chelsea.

Alex Iwobi, had something to say on his record this season.

“I try to dwell on the positive and not dwell on the negative as much as I can. If I make a mistake I try to use it as a lesson and try to improve on it. We have a lot of good fans as well.”

“They are entitled to their own opinion and I am happy with the progress I have made this season. I have been able to get more goals than I had in the previous season and I have”

Not exactly a ringing endorsement of himself here. 4 assists and 5 goals across 48 games is a pitiful record in his third season. That’s the sort of return you’d expect from a decent full back. Not someone who in an attacking role for a team trying to be protaganists. If you’re brutally honest, it’s not good enough and it’s hard to see when it comes good. He lacks physicality, offers up little pace and the decision making hasn’t gotten any sharper.

As we rebuild this summer, the focus really has to be on players that aren’t happy with ‘a few assists’, we need to bring in electric pace, and a brutal winner takes all mentality. We’ve really struggled out wide this year and it’s the excuses are running out because he’s been given a huge amount of game time.

What would Saka have done with that many games? Maybe we should find out… or just pony up the money and bring in Pepe, Sarr, or Zaha?

Alex Lacazette took the player of the season. There’s been some fierce debates in my chat groups. No one really stood out majorly this season. There was a lot of ok or good form in spits and spats. Dare I say if Ramsey hadn’t have been benched for the first half of the year, he’d be taking that? Him or Leno for me. But hey, I love the Frenchman. He works hards, he makes so much out of nothing and he’s popped up with important goals all year. He and Auba have had a far beyond average impact on our conversion rate in front of goal and we are very lucky to have the both of them.

Emery was asked by a paid-up journo whether winning the remaining two games was important. Imagine that being the extent of your questioning when you’re handed the mic?

Good afternoon. We need to win the next match and if we win against Brighton we are going to the last match against Burnley with the possibility to be in the top four. It’s not in our hands, but we need to win our matches and the first is Sunday. It’s not easy to win each match – for us and for other teams – but the focus for us is to win against Brighton for different situations. We are going to play the last match at home. We are going the play the last match with Petr Cech, with Aaron Ramsey and also I think we want to finish at the Emirates with a victory. The first objective is to finish in the top four and it will give us the chance.

The ‘good afternoon’ is a lovely touch. Interesting that we might start Cech. He had a good game against Valenica, but this game isn’t a dead rubber.

The manager was asked if he thought we’d progressed.

Yes I am. Our progress I think – when we started the season we lost against Man City and Chelsea  and we worked for this process, little by little and at the end of the season now we are with this possibility. I think when we started we would have been happy to have today these two opportunities in the Premier League and Europa League to reach our target.

I think he’s trying to say that we are competing for top 4 this season, which hasn’t been the case. He’s right. If we make top 4, it’s hard to argue about his success. It’s like the FA Cup final in 2005, it was grubby, but we did it. However, if you are into reality, he’s not progressed the club like most of us would have hoped. But, he’ll get the next season to stamp his authority… I’m sure there will still be those that can’t tolerate any critique until he’s purged every last binman that was under Wenger’s control, but there we go.

One step at a time… Emery HAS to put on a show tomorrow. Send the fans home with a smile and make sure they’re hanging back for that lap of honour!

Right, see you in the comments x

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  1. Un na naai


    Oh. It’s gone from Wenger to Stan now??
    I expect a lot more of you to transition over the next 14 days to this outlook.

    Emery was the wrong decision. Pure and simple. Now you all see. Kroenke was always the biggest problem at arsenal
    Not wenger

    Now you all see.
    Fuck him and his son.

  2. Un na naai


    Deeez man not gud enuff fam

    “Will they win Europa league?”


    This is the level of argument form the emery mongs.

    These players can beat Valencia Napoli spurs and Chelsea

    But they can’t beat Brighton.

  3. Leedsgunner

    Welbz, a key wide player? Remember who he was… a Man Utd reject who Wenger acquired on the cheapish side. If Welbz is a key player what does that say about how our standards have shifted?

    Cazorla was a key player. Welbz was a liked useful player, no more no less.

  4. Un na naai

    If i ever meet troopz I think I’m going to put him in a headlock for about ten minutes and then get him to explain how many times wenger has spent as much as emery in a season and done worse.

  5. Un na naai

    Emery shifted on Wilshere and cazorla to give us Suarez iwobi and Mkhitaryan

    Does the fool not understand what footballing talent is? Does he see skill? Or just someone who can run around a bit?

    We are going backwards next season
    Aubameyang talking about golden boot too!! Hahaha. Fucking donkey

  6. Un na naai

    The arsenal crowd is a third world crowd. How did we attract the dregs to our club?
    Why are there so many in London?

  7. Un na naai

    The arsenal crowd is a third world crowd. How did we attract the dregs to our club?
    Why are there so many in London?

    Oh we need to spend what city are spending now for emery to get top four? Ok. Sound logic

  8. Emiratesstroller

    We can debate about the manager, the tactics and the team selection as much as we like, but my concern yesterday was “the attitude and commitment of the players”.

    Once they got the penalty and led 1-0 they played ‘one paced square passing football as though this game was meaningless and a walk in the park’

    There was total disrespect for the opposition and we paid the price and got our deserts for the performance and the ultimate consequence failure to qualify for top four.

    Even my guest at the match a Brighton Supporter shook his head in disbelief
    at Arsenal’s performance. He did not understand that Arsenal could beat Valencia 3-1 and yet play so appallingly against his side who by his own admission are a very poor side and relegation material since Christmas.

  9. Un na naai

    Are there any indigenous English people at the Emirates any more? It’s just Asians and Africans.

  10. Un na naai


    Oh fuck off

    They went in at half time 1-0 up and creating chances
    Manuel had his team talk and they come out WORSE!!! Worse!! Stroller. He gave them instruction that made the arsenal players worse. Stop making excuses. This is relegation form right now and emery carried the fan

    The dude is an imposter and I swear to god I’d rather we didn’t sack Wenger at this stage

    Emery has to go
    Kroenke has to go

    We got our arsenal back??
    Fucking morons. We’ve give our arsenal to a bunch of foreigners. The owners, the manager, the team, the crowd

    Third world fc

  11. Leftsidesanch

    We’ve barely improved the points total, haven’t improved the defence and our style of play is terrible. If Emery goes this second I won’t lose any sleep over it. Emery has done well in patches but he’s let us down.

    What must be understood is, as long as we have an Arsenal manager who persists with Xhaka, Mustafi, Mikki, Ozil and Iwobi then we will not make progress it will just get worse. These guys have let down their managers and the fans for the last few years.

    They need to have been found new clubs by August.

  12. Leftsidesanch

    Un na,

    Your coming off real judgemental and mightier than you with your comments on the fanbase and Troopz.

    Everybody is different, experience different things and from different walks of life so there’s no need to be critical of him because he doesn’t look, or speak in a manner you find palatable.

    Your no superior, or worse than anybody walking this earth.

  13. Ishola70

    Easier said than done though isn’t it Leftside.

    Some big earners there.

    Not only is it difficult to move them on with the big wages they are on in relation to their standard but also there can be seen to be an obligation to play them in the side due to same inflated wages. The wages are all over the place.

    We know Wenger was responsible for most of these but who in hell was the moron that increased Xhaka’s wage and lengthened his contract? Complete mess.

  14. Leftsidesanch

    That Xhaka contract was an unbelievable decision Ishola, genuinely sums up this football club.

    With such a group of players, you can maybe afford to play with one of them assuming we have better players in other positions but to regularly go into games with 4/5 starting is a problem.

    I would focus on getting Mustafi, Xhaka and Mikki as far away from the side as possible as a priority.

  15. Ishola70

    The problem is the powers that be will not bench those players on the big wages.

    You can bench one player on a big wage to set an example as you saw with Ozil during the season but if it comes to benching multiple big earners at the club then it will be an admission that this club is in disarray to do that. Appearances must be kept up and binning these high earners in one go is a complete admission of failure which the powers will not want to show to the world.

  16. terraloon

    Sorry about the length of this post

    Before the appointment of UE following the sacking / retirement/ resignation ( delete as appropriate) of AW I made the comment that I wondered if any coach would be able to improve the squad .
    Well at the end of his first season ,and despite having got the gig following what was described an impressive presentation as to how he would improve each and every player , we see quite clearly that this group aren’t going to improve to a level that’s going to challenge nor has the £75 million investment done much, if anything to help.
    The EL and possible CL qualification may salvage the season but the worry would be that if that indeed happened the owners,& the manager would probably see the season as being a success and no doubt would see it as being vindication for not pushing the boat out and they probably wouldn’t see the need to do so going forward.
    Some on here argue that net spending isn’t a true indicator as the gross figure is all that matters. The fact is that net is the most relevant because it obviously factors in money received in respect of outgoings which in turn is an indicator of how a club is run, how they develop their players and indeed how the players are valued by likely suitors.
    We all have witnessed the total shambles around the likes of Sánchez, Özil, Ramsey and to a lesser degree Wilshire. Player contract management at Arsenal is a shambles and is key to problems going forward
    Let’s be honest other than the front two I can’t see any clubs higher up the pecking order knocking on Arsenal’s door for players that will generate significant fees if they were indeed sold replacing those two with players of like with would not come cheap.The squad is average at best. Without the front two this would have been even more of a disastrous league campaign

    There is no doubt some players are very talented but that isn’t in itself enough they have to be strong mentally, consistent performers and disciplined and for me time after time and indeed player after player we don’t see that in the current Arsenal squad indeed those bought in either for small fees or elevated from the academy have performed for a few games but the vast majority just aren’t good enough
    Finding a bargain is incredibly difficult and for every player being lauded on here you will be able to point to a dozen or so players who cost the same and have bombed.
    Next season Liverpool and obviously City will again be in the top 4.

    Spurs current squad have peaked and will need big investment which possibly will only come about if players are sold but that as we know is a risk but for me their dilemma is how to keep the manager for its pretty clear he is frustrated and losing what 13 league games in a season and in all likelihood finishing in a CL position is quite staggering the only question is what happens in the CL for , God help us if they win it, their season will have been an incredible success.

    United I have no idea what to say about them going forward. Their squad is by and large made up of high cost players who are comfortable and who will either have to be moved on with huge sweetners or will despite all the negatives still turn up on the first day of the 2019/20 season.

    So to Chelsea. We all scratch our heads when it comes to Chelsea don’t we. If as seems obvious they will lose Hazard that will be a massive negative as would be the transfer ban but other than a clinical finisher they really aren’t a million miles away and if they now fully integrate Loftus Cheek and Hudson-Odoi and Pulisic lives up to his fee and reputation then bringing back the academy players who have received plaudits at the likes of Derby , Wigan and Derby I for one wouldn’t write them off .

    I like the majority on here are far from positive about Arsenal having a better league campaign next season and if teams like Everton , Wolves and possibly Leicester continue with their upward progression even achieving EL position may be a bridge too far.
    Thursday should be a walk in the park but I wonder how you pick the squad up and yes they should be motivated but this is an Arsenal with a soft under belly and heaven knows what wii happen if Arsenal go one down early on.

  17. SUGA3

    Said it before and I will say it again: these players simply play like shit to miss out on the CL and get to stay here. If we get the CL, it is purge time for these feckless fuckers and off to Turkey they go.

    Europa League is their level.

  18. Ishola70

    “That Xhaka contract was an unbelievable decision Ishola, genuinely sums up this football club.”

    It was embarrassing to see such a character lead the team out as captain the other day. And he has been put forward during the season as an absolute must and integral part of the team. A player with so many flaws.

    And not just Xhaka.

    Ozil who cries off when he feels like it also leads the team out given the armband.

    That’s been a disappointing aspect of Emery as well this season. His continuation of Wenger’s shitting on the club captain armband.

  19. Ishola70

    “Said it before and I will say it again: these players simply play like shit to miss out on the CL and get to stay here. If we get the CL, it is purge time for these feckless fuckers and off to Turkey they go. Europa League is their level.”

    That was exactly what Lee from AFTV said.

    It’s in some of these players interests to continue at this standard.

  20. Un na naai


    He’s a mug. Grown man trying to be taken seriously saying words like fam and blood with his trousers round his arse. Robbie’s smirk said it all. He’s a joke.

  21. gonsterous

    lmao, wtf ? That was a piss poor result.
    We are really shit in the league at the moment.
    We have to win the EL now, we are already out of the race for top 4. Good riddance, if this continues next season, we as a club are fked. We need some direction asap.

  22. Leftsidesanch

    Un na

    Would you take him more serious if he was saying words like Geezer, mate etc? You most likely wouldn’t be complaining at that though. Fam is no different to mate.

    Would you say that if he had his collar up to his neck with a tight baseball cap on his head like the ‘chaps’ I see in East London?

    Whats muggy is grown men running around talking about ‘sauce’, that is the shit I hear rappers saying in they’re lyrics and my 12 year old and his annoying year 7 friends.

  23. Leftsidesanch

    I also don’t want to put a dampener on the EL but it is unlikely this unprofessional, mistake ridden side will go over to Valencia and get the result they need.

    Valencia are more than capable of a 2-0 if not more in front of their own fans. Far more talented, professional Arsenal sides have come back from Valencia empty handed.

    The faux outrage/disappointment on the Arsenal players faces at the final whistle after yesterdays capitulation will long live in the memory. This is a side that had been handed several lifelines and threw it away each time it is unacceptable.

  24. Un na naai

    Left side
    In my opinion using words like geezer and bruv and such is every bit as repulsive as fam as is having collar up and tattoos all over the place.

    Odd that you’re so defensive of scummy hoodie lingo though.

  25. Un na naai

    This is a side that had been handed several lifelines and threw it away each time it is unacceptable.


    This is a coach that had been handed several lifelines and threw it away each time it is unacceptable.

  26. Leftsidesanch

    I’m not defensive, it’s not easy to rile me up.

    Your being judgemental thats what I’m pointing out, theres nothing odd about it. You have a history of saying stupid things anyway, and its easy to do so sitting behind your computer Un na.

  27. Leftsidesanch

    Again, another stupid comment. Unai has made several mistakes this season but was he the one who told Xhaka to make that silly challenge yesterday? Or for Mikki to sell Licht short with a silly pass that sparked Brightons counter attack?

    Was he the one who made those errors at home against Palace? Did he tell Xhaka to bring down Zaha earlier in the season with less than 10 minutes to go at Selhurst?

    Unai hasn’t helped himself and putting importance in such players who have and will continue to let him down will see him out of a job.

  28. Leftsidesanch

    Arsenal have made 13 errors leading to goals this year, that is more than any other side in the league.

    The same players letting down Wenger who clearly had a shopping list of faults are doing the same with Emery who quite frankly hasn’t fared much better.

    It’s not coincidental that we have dire away form, a lack of control in games when vital members of our first 11 aren’t fit for purpose. Emery hasn’t given youth much of a chance, his tactics have been questionable and he tries to be too clever.

    If we’re going to change managers but keep the same culprits in the side, we will still have these problems.

  29. Un na naai


    Critiquing a young man for poor image and grammar is a stupid comment now is it? Please explain how you’ve arrived at that conclusion.

    And no, holding the manager to account for the under performance of any organization is not stupid either, in fact it’s rather stupid to suggest anything else.

  30. Emiratesstroller

    Un na nasi

    Stop being abusive.

    You may not agree with what I write, but I see very little which is constructive in your argument.

    1. Emery is the Head Coach and yes selects the team. On Sunday we were missing 5 players through injury and another through suspension.

    2. Apart from Suarez the Head Coach has not been personally responsible for
    recruitment of a single player in our squad. They have been recruited either by Wenger or the senior management led by Gazidis, Sanhelli and Mislintat.

    3. The Head Coach is responsible for selecting the team, but he does not “play”
    The team selected yesterday showed absolutely no spirit or fight for the cause.
    That was down to the players.

    4. In the absence of Koscielny there is zero leadership or organisation in the

    5. When you look at yesterday’s options available we were down to third string
    right back in Lichsteiner who in normal circumstances I would never have recruited. We selected Monreal in preference to Kolasinac to play left back/
    left centre back. Considering the recent criticism of Kolasinac and the number of games played that selection was hardly controversial.

    6. In normal circumstances I would never select Mkhitaryan. Personally I consider him a complete waste of space and to be shifted out of club as quickly
    as possible. However, on paper he is our third most prolific goalscorer.

    7. Apart from Iwobi who has been a “headless chicken” in recent games our
    options to play in offensive positions is zero UNLESS you select Nkietah an
    untested youngster.

    8. The reality is we have a dysfunctional and unbalanced squad of players and
    based on what I have seen throughout the season the only surprise is that we
    are still in the Europa Cup and were as close as we are to the top 4 in EPL.

    If we are going to adopt a blame game please do not blame the crowd as you seem to do. The responsibility for what goes on at the club is down to Owner,Board and Management. They make the decisions.

    I recognise that most posters on Le Grove are frustrated by what is going on at
    the club including myself. Arsenal appear utter rudderless and more importantly unwilling to invest properly in team, but some of the responses
    such as you “telling me to fuck off” is completely without justification.

    Direct your anger elsewhere and be constructive.

  31. Leftsidesanch

    You take a too simplistic view, a manager needs to help his players as much as possible and the players need to carry their end of the bargain.

    To be successful you can’t have one without the other.

    It is a stupid comment, its unnecessary- who cares what he looks like or how he speaks, shouldnt it be about what he is saying?

  32. Un na naai

    Left side

    I care how he looks and speaks. He a representation of arsenal fans that I find embarrassing. What he’s saying doesn’t stand up either. As soon as Robbie starts to question his statement he throws a tantrum and storms off like the petulant street rat that he is because he knows full well that he’s nailed his colours to the mast (like a dummy) and emery has let him down massively.

    Blad…. what a tool.

    Stroller, am I being abusive to you? Sorry I wasn’t aware.

  33. Emiratesstroller

    Un na naii

    Your last post is to the point. As my friend the Brighton supporter said Arsenal should have demolished his team and he was expecting a pasting after the first

    The team took its foot off the peddle and the result is the outcome. That is down to the players and perhaps more importantly our recruitment policy.

  34. Valentin


    Any truth in the rumour of a major fallout between Emery and Steve Bould and that he has now been completely sidelined?
    I read on twitter that happened a few weeks ago. That would explain the from zonal switch to man marking at corners.

    BTW, whoever decided the man marking assignment is an idiot. We had Torreira our smallest player marking Glenn Murray Brighton tall very good header of the ball striker. A complete mismatch.

  35. Un na naai


    The players took their foot off the gas after the half time team talk. These are players who have been criticized for not doing so under wenger so they this is a new set of instructions from the new “pragmatic” regime.

  36. China1

    I have believed and openly said Stan is an enormous problem for years un na

    Wenger was an enormous problem as well and please don’t forget that

    Emery is probably not good enough, but he’s not a cunt, which wenger was. The number one thing that made wenger such a problem was the cult of personality that he had created which meant that no amount of horse shit he could serve up would attract any form of criticism even after the best part of a decade of it

    Emery at least seems to be trying his best and doesn’t treat the fans with disdain. He also gets flak from a large portion of the fan base (fairly) for shit which wenger got away with for almost a decade before same critics would say a word.

  37. China1

    ET if there is a lack of motivation from the players of course players get a huge portion of the blame but the manager can’t escape blame for that. Rightly or wrongly the manager is accountable for that. If they’re not motivated it might be because they’re feckless twats (they are) but it’s his job to motivate them.

    Also if the players aren’t showing leadership on the pitch the manager should be organizing from the touch line. Which tbh he does. So if they’re still disorganized then yeah maybe that one is on the players

  38. Pierre

    Torreira was also assigned to mark the 6f2f 4in Scott Dann v palace and I also noticed last week,( not sure who against) that he was marking the opposition’s tallest and strongest player and he was being swatted off like a child.

  39. Kaycilex

    First post..

    Let me start by saying that we brought this sh*t on ourselves. We wanted a self-sustaining club years ago when football was moving into the richest-takes-all sports. When bastardly rich football fans were getting interested in the play. We chose Kroenke, a rich, stingy & disinterested lad that wouldn’t spend a dime to save his reputation. We chose him instead of a rich football fan looking for a play toy.

    Now we are not in the CL, the income had reduced & we are crying for the stingy lad to spend some money. Didn’t we tell him that we wanted a self sustaining club before he bought into it.

    The solution is to make something out of this self sustainability. It’s a pity we lost our diamond eyes. That’s is what we need now. We need to pick cheap lesser known talents from smaller teams. We could do with that Bissouma lad, Brooks from Bournemouth & other players like that from other leagues.

    But first, we should get rid of our dross. Gosh, we have loads of them. Reduce that astronomical wage bill. The wage bill is the primary thing holding the club down. A lot of players are being paid handsomely for absolutely nothing. Get shot of those dross.

    Get a Manager with a clue about football and its styles. Unfortunately, Emery doesn’t look like the guy to make it click. He seems confused sometimes on what exactly he needs the players to be doing. He confuses the players more often. He doesn’t seem to have any style of play. Our style seems to be cutbacks from the FBs and it doesn’t work most of the time.

    We need our Manager to be able to adapt his team to different tactics and be able to use these tactics in matches. Emery made 3 clueless changes yesterday without considering the trajectory of the match and the abilities of the players coming on to affect the match.

    We have been getting away with sh*t performances even during that unbeaten run. No surprises it has been catching up with us recently. Emery came here knowing fully well he is not getting 150m for any transfer market. He should have had a plan for the players he has. He made us believe he had plans. He has shown that he had non.

    Our youth team is also important. We should look to promote promising young players and give them chances in the first team. Send them out on loan to get first team game time. Assess their abilities and chances of playing with the club. And take decisions on them earlier on. Get talented young guys for the youth teams. It’s quite embarrassing that our youth team haven’t produced any player of note since Jack Wilshere. Maybe their coaching and management should also be assessed.

    That Technical Director figure isn’t coming quick enough. Who is going to oversee the dross clearance and make the signings? I don’t trust Rahul & Unai.

    To make this self-sustaining style work for this club, all hands must be on deck. The commercial people should be up and doing to generate more funds. The Manager should have a clue. The Scouting dept should stop watching Barcelona and Bayern Munich, and observe players from lesser clubs and lesser leagues. Players shouldn’t be allowed to run down their contract past the last 2 years. Sell the useless ones and give new contracts to the useful ones.

    Even ineffective players shouldn’t be allowed to run down their contract and leave on a free. They should be sold early. F*cking Liverpool got 19m pounds for Solanke.

    Alternatively, the fans should find a way to pressure Stan to sell up. It is gonna be difficult. If I were Stan I wouldn’t sell. You got your Self-sustainabilty, isn’t it?

  40. HillWood

    What are your expectations for the summer?
    Do you think they have identified the players they want to bring in?
    If they haven’t done it by now it will be another shambolic transfer window