Emery DESTROYS Valencia

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Another Europa night, another devastating pummelling of a prestige team.

The big man in charge, Sir Unai Emery, inflicted defeat over Valencia in a pretty poor match at The Emirates.

Unai opted for what some thought was an attacking formation, with some thinking it was defensive. I thought it looked like a 3-5-2 at home, with 7 defensive players on the pitch, with a view to keeping a clean sheet for the second leg. Others thought it looked like a wrecking machine with two strikers and Ozil free to create havoc.

Havoc we created. The opening 20 minutes were straight out of the dustbin. Matteo and Xhaka were all over the place, the defence was getting pulled every which way and there was no intensity to our play. We even managed to concede from a setpiece (which is pretty rare), a long ball to the back post was nodded back into the mixer, Xhaka was nowhere and he was beaten to ball by Diakhaby who headed home.

The Swiss really isn’t fit for purpose… it makes me so sad that when he has a few ok games and all the usual suspects revert back to him being peak-Gilberto when it comes to football enigmas. He’s not. He’s bang average. There is nothing smart in the long-form editorial suck up pieces that lambast social media obsessed millennials who just don’t understand the beautiful game because they can’t see the beauty in Xhaka. Football fans are OBSESSED with other fans who celebrate shit players in militant fashion because it’s so bizarre, you worry you truly are missing something. You’re not. You weren’t with Senderos. You weren’t with Denilson. You’re not with Xhaka. Move on.

Up the other end, 7 minutes later, Lacazette played a perfectly weighted ball to Auba, he cut back and gave his buddy the gift of an open goal from ten yards. What a gentleman. I love those two. If they had a child, it’d be one helluva striker… would probs dress nice too.

7 minutes later, Xhaka showed why the usual suspects menace themselves to bedroom posters of his radar maps. He whipped a beautiful first-time diagonal ball into the box, Lacazette made a yard on his centre back and headed into the ground, the keeper claimed the ball didn’t cross the line but the refs watch buzzed… techhhhhhnology wins again. Xhaka… what a cross, I really think if you ignore the OTT critique of Xhaka, there’s a great player in there, I guess some people just don’t get it.

The second half just didn’t feel particularly smart. We were chasing the third goal and leaving Laurent Kos and Sokratis completely exposed on the counter. It was really tough to watch, Cech kept us in the tie when he denied Kevin Gameiro with a great block. Kos nursed an injury for as long as he could before limping off, we really have to pray he’s going to be ok. That block where he threw his head at a foot late on was something else.

Late on, Kola found Auba at the back post on a tight angle, the ball was struck awkwardly but crept in at the near post. A real shame most fans had gone home by that point. A sad indictment of the fans? The drab football? The Europa League? Who knows.

3-1. That’ll do nicely. £100m worth of strikers to the rescue. Another example of how dependent we are on superhuman finishing.

There’s no point in analysing the game too much. The football was awful, we looked a mess, but we did the job. We’ll shithouse ourselves to the final and then it’s a coin toss… and there’s no manager that knows this trophy as well as Unai.

Whatever my thoughts on his long-term future, watching him twitching out on the sidelines shows how much passion he has for the project. When that third goal landed at the end, he lost his damn mind. It’s great to see. He’s a hard worker, a trophy in his first season would be epic, it’d be even better if we didn’t have to play Chelsea.

Also… does a cup final count as an away game? Answers in the comments.

I’m getting ahead of myself, let’s see if we can go away from home and not concede 3 goals… not as easy as one would think.

Right, see you in the comments you total meltbags xx

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  1. Marc


    You have a season ticket – where at the toilet seat?

    You’ve never mentioned going to matches before. Once again incapable of telling the truth – weren’t you embarrassed enough the last time you were caught in a lie?

  2. NW9 gooner

    If Chelsea draw one of their games, we win both of ours and improve our goals difference by 2 we can get top four

  3. Champagne Charlie


    Wasn’t aware it’s you that determines the truth. Yes, the toilet seat. Ha-ha-ha.. what…a…comedian…

  4. Marc


    Well without checking you’re numbers – if Chelsea draw one that we win that’ll improve the goal difference by 1. The other match would come down to a straight shoot out.

  5. CG


    Society can sort itself out…..we have little control over that.

    I just want The Arsenal manager to look like an Arsenal manager and not a demented banshee on the touchlines (every game)….. IT must actually distract the players.

    Privately- all the experienced players in particular – will be thinking-Emery is a clown.

    That is the harsh reality.

    I have a feeling Sundays match against Boring Brighton – could be the dullest game of football ever seen at The Emirates…..
    Typical- I will be attending

    My hip flask will be full but will probably be empty after the hour mark..

  6. Marc


    “Society can sort itself out…..we have little control over that.”

    Not sure if that was a positive statement or a what will happen will happen!

  7. Champagne Charlie


    As if I’m going to share any such thing on here, especially with Sloth of the Arsenal fan base.

  8. Marc


    Ha – “As if I’m going to share any such thing on here”

    You can’t any fan that goes would have replied “Clock End lower tier etc” there’s only a few thousand who sit in each stand after all.

    Let’s try another – how many Cup credits do you get on your ST?

  9. Champagne Charlie


    Let’s skip them all to this one, do you think I’m the least bit interested in pandering to you? Ignore what I said, I’ve never been to a game, it’s Emirates right? I hear it’s in England, maybe one day I can see it for myself… one day…

  10. Words on a Blog


    “Poch has taken Spurs on a journey”

    Made me smile that one.

    Just before Spurs played Ajax I almost burst out laughing when I read an interview with The Great Man about how he wanted to take Spurs, and I quote: “To Infinity and Beyond”

    You and Poch aka Buzz Lighyear can just buzz off

  11. Marc


    Man up you fucking cunt. Where do you sit?

    So insecure you have to lie – it doesn’t make you look big it makes you look like a short arse.

  12. Champagne Charlie


    My rating him and your not rating of him has no correlation, wouldn’t let it bother you mate. I tend to think he’s done quite well consolidating them as the 3rd best side in the league for roughly a score.

  13. Champagne Charlie


    ‘Short arse fucking cunt’

    I’ll let you go for the evening mate, seems you’re having a bit of dialogue with yourself at this point.

  14. Words on a Blog

    I do get it.

    Poch is a damn good manager, and he’s done well, and taken Spurs well beyond expectations with pretty limited resources.

    But I mean, come on. The adulation you and Un and Pedro give the man is pretty sickening when you factor into consideration the inconvenient fact that he’s never won anything.

    Zilch, nada, rien.

    And pretty soon, when Toilet Bowl Cost Overrun Comstraints come into play, he’s even less likely to win anything if he stays, and he’ll be Late Wenger Mark 2, except without the Invincibles and the trophies…

  15. Champagne Charlie

    What adulation exactly? I think he’s excellent, I’m struggling how my view differs much from what you’ve just said there. Pedro coined the “top 3” thing, that’s not my doing.

    Yes, all the lies. But given I’d call the sky blue and you’d call it turquoise, then call me a liar, I think it’s a bit yawn inducing.

  16. Marko

    Arsenal want to rise up the table and compete for the title again, something Emery hasn’t ever shown capable of doing. That’s been my reservation since day one

    So you’d have even more of a reservation with Arteta for example or Benitez. Only you don’t. You’re full of shit

  17. Marko

    he’s done quite well consolidating them as the 3rd best side in the league for roughly a score.

    292 million on buying players Arsene should have been signing but yeah fuck all really.

  18. Marko

    Also technically speaking Emery has challenge for a title and actually won one so when you say “something Emery hasn’t ever shown capable of doing” it’s not true is it

  19. CG

    Guns of H

    “””Leno is just about the best thing about this side. And you know what…I think a big club might fancy him.”””

    The lugubrious but always excellent Gof H
    – on the money again

    My Arsenal antennae tells me – if /when Man Utd sell De Gea.

    Luno will be on their shopping list.

    The German has all the tools to be the best goalkeeper in the league.
    Brave,elastic, lazor like reflexes, footballer.

    Well done Dortmund Eye.

  20. Marc


    ManU will most likely go for Oblak. If they want Leno it’d cost them a fortune , even more than the reported Oblak buy out clause of £90 odd million.

  21. Champagne Charlie


    More measured input from you I see, and so fresh off of claiming I’m an aggressor on here. Pot and kettle.

    Benitez won La Liga with Valencia, he finished 2nd in the Prem with Liverpool, he’s dabbled plenty that end of the scale. Arteta/Nagelsammn and managers of that sort would have different expectations upon them than Emery, so that’s not a hard one.

    Also, last time I checked Arsenal weren’t funded by a nation and operate as the best side in the league by 20 points plus. Emery can manage billionaire super clubs, great, should have loads of carryover at Arsenal.

  22. Marko

    I’m hardly being looking for an argument by pointing out something ridiculous you said. You have reservations about Emery being capable of winning/challenging for a title (me too) even though he’s done both those things in the last two years. You don’t have those reservations with regards to Benitez though you cite his ability to win a title 15 fucking years ago. It makes perfect sense really

    Arteta/Nagelsammn and managers of that sort would have different expectations upon them than Emery, so that’s not a hard one.

    You know nothing of the expectations on him though so don’t even try. If you think a 3 year contract with the option to cancel after 2 with a meagre budget towards a team that finished 6th last season means there’s an expectation of title challenging then I’m afraid you’re very wrong. The last paragraph is just waffle again by you and I quote “hasn’t ever shown capable of doing” in reference to challenging for a title again technically speaking he has challenged and won one. You were wrong changing the subject and not admitting it how very Bamford of you

  23. CG


    “””If they want Leno it’d cost them a fortune”””

    With Raul in charge ?

    Remember he gives our talent away for free….
    Rambo, Cech,Welbeck and no fee for Dortmund Eye

    Nelson, ESR on loan.
    No loan fees either ( received)

    But – we did shell out £5 million on Suarez.

    Rauls track record at Barcelona and Arsenal does not install confidence.

    He Always pays over the odds
    And he always under sells.

    He is inept.
    He has to go- before we get better.

  24. Champagne Charlie


    The fact you’re incapable of appreciating context isn’t my issue. If you want to claim Emery capable of winning a title because he done so a PSG (ignoring the differences between Arsenal and PSG) then be my guest.

    It’s that pedantic bullshit that people like you love to cling to. ‘Oh but technically’, yea, technically you’ve got to be a majorly shit manager not to win the league in France with PSG.

    I don’t get my jollies tickled for prosperous cup runs. The league tells me more, and Emery was average in Spain and average in France, so guess what I think he’ll be in England?

  25. Marko

    Been a while since Rafa’s dabbled at the higher end of a table too mate. Mere months at Inter and Chelsea and only got a 3rd and 5th place finishes at Napoli and binned early at Madrid.

  26. Marko

    The fact you’re incapable of appreciating context isn’t my issue.

    So when you’re wrong you use context as an excuse and when you’re being an unbearable prick to someone it’s just banter. Man it’s great being you just passing off faults as something else

  27. Marko

    technically you’ve got to be a majorly shit manager not to win the league in France with PSG.

    He won the league in France. Jardim too with a 95 points total.

    Emery was average in Spain and average in France, so guess what I think he’ll be in England?

    Ah yes average. And Rafa Benitez has been bounced around clubs for years since 2010 and Liverpool lasting mere months at 3 clubs and having finished 3rd and 5th in Italy with Napoli but him you have no reservations about. At least you’re objective. Smart too. And consistent

  28. Words on a Blog


    Spurs, under Poch, are ahead of us.

    But they’ve been beaten 12 times in the PL this season, by:

    West Ham
    Man U
    Man City (twice)
    Liverpool (twice)

    True, he hasn’t had any new players in this season.

    But he’s experienced, knows his opponents well, and understands the rigours of the PL.

    I am underwhelmed by his excellence.

  29. Marc

    So CC’s caught in a lie – again – and promptly runs away and ignores comments.

    CC as a season ticket holder were you at the match on Thursday night?

  30. Words on a Blog


    But just so you know I do understand that you rate him, and I take the point that unlike Pedro you never claimed that he was “top 3”

  31. Marc

    Next time there’s a home match and CC makes comments I hope someone points out he should be watching the match as he’s at the stadium.

    I would but I’ll actually be there.

  32. Marko

    I mean it’s one thing to have reservations about Emery’s ability to win us a league title that’s fair enough I personally don’t see him winning major honours with us but no way that’s expected of him given his contract length and the job he has at Arsenal. And then you factor in talking up Benitez and Arteta and you just realize it’s all bollox and hot air. Emery just happened to unfortunately take over from Arsene Wenger and not be Mikel Arteta and therefore Charlie doesn’t rate him

  33. Marc


    “It’s that pedantic bullshit that people like you love to cling”

    Is that the same pedantic bullshit that you wouldn’t let go at the weekend when you were struggling with maths?

  34. China1

    I don’t take issue with people being underwhelmed by emery but when said people have waxed lyrically about someone who has never even managed a football club before (mikel) it’s impossible to take seriously

    Proper hipster business

  35. China1

    As another season draws to its close, let’s see if the next greatest manager in the world (arteta) will be brave enough to step out of his comfort zone at city.

    And perhaps even more interesting will be to see all the top tier clubs clambering over each other for his signature…

  36. gonsterous

    I think the fact that the board told emery, he’s safe if he doesn’t land the CL in the first season is one of the reasons why we are not going all out for the top 4. I think if we win the europa, we can have a parade, our first european trophy in like forever.
    And yes Pedders the final is an away game.

    Half the squad need replacing in the summer. Realistically, that’s not going to happen. We don’t have the fund to do it. If we get 3 very good signings and 2 average ones (like guen), the squad will be a whole lot stronger next season.

  37. Moray

    Hang on, if Chelsea or we win the Europa and finish out of TOP 4 in the league does the PL lose a qualifying place in CL? Similarly, if we finish top four and win the cup is there an extra place at stake from the league?

  38. gonsterous

    lol poch has made spurs a force. Lol
    What poch has made spurs is a profit. end of. At the end of the day he’ll be made the scapegoat when it blows up in his face. We all know players are going to get sold this summer, poch himself is looking for an out. Next season spurs will go back to fighting for the top 5. No title challenge, no CL challenge. Same as this season. Only question is, will Poch leave or will he get fired ?
    Trophyless for God knows how long and people pulling their pants and bending over at the mere mention of his name.

    The same people that want arteta or veira in. Love the idea of the people but won’t like the reality if it comes to pass.

  39. gonsterous


    up to 5 teams can make the CL. 2 of the teams will have to go through a qualifier. But if say, utd finish 3rd and chelsea 4th. And spurs win the CL and we win the EL. then chelsea gets pushed to the EL since 6 teams can’t qualify for the CL from one single league.

  40. Rambo Ramsey

    ‘Emery’s EL and other cup triumphs are nothing’…..Say the same cvnts that defend Potless Pochettino who can’t even win the Milk cup managing a team with a WorldClass striker and a solid spine.

  41. Un na naai


    Yeah a man who’s operating by signing lower league and bargain basement players. A man who hasn’t spent a penny in 3 transfer windows and who operate still well below our wage bill but keeps his club above ours every season and is one game away from the champions league final without said world class striker

    A little context changes the flavour of the debate. I enjoy your posts here Rambo but I feel you’re incorrect on poch. Get him to a club with money and pulling power and he will win those trophies

  42. Rambo Ramsey

    Unai Emery

    UEFA Europa League: 2013–14, 2014–15, 2015–16
    Ligue 1: 2017–18
    Coupe de France: 2016–17, 2017–18
    Coupe de la Ligue: 2016–17, 2017–18
    Trophée des Champions: 2016, 2017
    European Coach of the Season: 2013–14

    Potless Pocchettini:


    ERROR 404

  43. Tony

    Assuming you’re not throwing ‘red herrings’ re your profession being linked to an operating theatre (certainly wouldn’t put it past you), I was wondering if your medical branch was gynecology as you have a propensity for using the word ‘cunt’ as opposed to not being one – although Marko and Bamford might think differently about the latter.

    Anyway seems both our offerings here are more than tolerable to each other – keep it up; your jousting is often highly amusing and football posts mostly thought provoking or something to agree with.

    Certainly your views on Emery and the squad being good enough to scrape into top 4; emphasis on the word ‘scrape’.

    Don’t know if anyone can teach Marko the relevance of paragraphs perhaps that part of grammar hasn’t reached Marko’s part of Ireland.

  44. Rambo Ramsey

    “Get him to a club with money and pulling power and he will win those trophies”

    I hear this every season and yet no big club worth their salt ever appoint him. I wonder why.

  45. Rambo Ramsey

    Also, so much bullshit with this ‘pauper’ excuse for Pocchhetini. He already has a super squad that have been together for years now. Lesser teams have won trophies.

    I suppose net $pend is the reason why Mr.Potless and his team continually shit their undies in the big games.

  46. Un na naai

    They will. He will be at one of the super clubs in the next 5 years
    Real Madrid and United both courting him, hardly rushden and diamonds are they?

  47. Un na naai

    Rambo. The reason spurs don’t win titles is because they haven’t flesh out their talented first team with additional talented players
    Beyond the first 13-14 players they have nothing. You give him city/Chelsea/United level funding and he would be up there with Liverpool and city now.
    He’s operating way beyond what United and Chelsea are doing with a comparatively non existent budget. He did great work at Southampton before that and he bloods the youngsters which is great for the National team. It takes an Argentine to show us the light in our own national game.

  48. Rambo Ramsey

    Un na naai,

    No he won’t.

    Mark this down if you want to.

    He won’t let go of the cosy, comfort blanket at Spuds because he’s ultimately a loser.

  49. Un na naai


    My nan would win those honours managing PSG. They are not a metric with which to distinguish talented coaching.

    Why so defensive of emery? He’s bottled the race for top four hard after being in pole position with mid table fodder to beat and the easiest run in of all

  50. Rambo Ramsey

    Un na naai,

    So what you’re saying is Pocchettini’s managerial abilities are on the same level as your nan’s?

    Because he apparently needs these very same super clubs to help him break out of the loser tag.

  51. Un na naai


    Not winning the league doesn’t make you a loser
    Not winning the champions league doesn’t make him a loser.
    Not once a little context is provided. A lofty concept apparently.

    And no, I’m not saying my Nan has the same managerial capabilities as pochettino, I’m saying that Emery’s “achievements” at PSG aren’t really achievements at all. He’s riding a thoroughbred at a two legged horse race in ligue 1. You know it, I know it. Let’s not pretend that emery’s time there was anything other than average.

  52. Un na naai


    Like I said, I wont lose any sleep either way. You don’t like Poch, fine. Not a problem. I’m not going to change your mind and vice versa. Not much more to say then really.

  53. CG

    When ,as I expect Bournemouth beat Spurs today( I will be purchasing Bournemouth goals later) – they will have suffered their 13th defeat of the season .

    They have not bought any players for 3 windows.

    And ,yet They will still be above Arsenal….

    Poch has been the best manager in Europe for the past 3 seasons- although Klopp has been brilliant too.

    I have never seen the classy Poch or Klopp- Carry a clipboard in training.

    And yet- every time I see fotos of our Emery – there he is clipboard in hand- over complicating- over confusing us ( and the players).

    Fans that compare to the two- completely miss the point.

    Poch is a class act and Emery is an Average Joe.
    Poch will go onto better and brighter things.
    Emery has reached his summit- a downward spiral is guaranteed for him.

  54. Un na naai


    No. I’m saying that they both buy whoever they like which gives them an unbelievable advantage over everyone else in their league. Like Chelsea before them.

    The fact that Liverpool are challenging them is an enormous credit to klopp and the fact that poch is out performing big spending United and Chelsea is a credit to him.

    That said. Man U and Chelsea have terribly inadequate squads. Had they spent wisely and hired wisely they both would be nailed on for top four leaving us in 6th.

  55. Un na naai

    Poch still ztruggles with his English and is a fat cunt.

    Even more remarkable that he’s done so well then. He made st totts day a thing of the past. That’s why you hate him

  56. Pierre

    Nice to see you admit that our 22 game unbeaten run was in wenger’s image .

    I would say the team has reflected Emery’s image since December ….12 defeats in 5 months is confirmation of that..

  57. Champagne Charlie


    Ha cheers, seems there is a mutual appreciation there – how odd, must destroy. Not quite on the profession front, aim higher (literally), I’ve just a close affinity to the word lol

  58. CG


    There is no evidence of that in The New Regimes MO so far.

    It’s far too sensible policy to follow….

    Chambers,Ramsey,ESR ,Welbeck ,Eddie
    N and Nelson all deemed surplus to requirements so far.

    (No British coaches headhunted- to fill the void for their palpable lack of Prem experience.and expertise )

    I am expecting more dross being recruited in the summer- lich/Suarez/ types .

    I actually noticed a fan wearing ‘Banega’ on the back of his Arsenal shirt on the television- the other night

    He looked a strange chap-slightly lopsided and definitely one of lifes lost souls – possibly High Leg??. Or Marc?…

    I could be wrong though…
    Thanks for the link – by the way.

  59. Pierre

    “He looked a strange chap-slightly lopsided and definitely one of lifes lost souls – possibly High Leg??. Or Marc?…”

    superb ……Classic …Probably not far from the truth in all honesty..

  60. Guns of Hackney

    Ah the English player debate again. Our last genuine world class operator was Ashley Cole…before that, Sol.

    I like Zaha, he’s a weapon but he did fail at United. True, they are bigger than us and he was younger but for what he would cost £50m easy…and at 27 it would have to work immediately. Two problems though.

    1. We ain’t spending £50m.
    2. Emery likes them cheap, shite and broken.

    I’m afraid we are stuck with these garbage Spanish imports that no one else fancies.

    I’ve said it for ages. Why are we not trawling Africa and Eastern Europe for players? It’s a great resource for hard as nails motherfuckers who play for pride.

  61. Marc

    “Poch has been the best manager in Europe for the past 3 seasons-”

    And still hasn’t won a thing.

    Could someone remind me what Allegri or Pep has won in the last 3 years?

  62. CG

    The ever lugubrious but always superb Gof H

    “”” 2. Emery likes them cheap, shite and broken.:::””””

    So apt..

  63. Batistuta

    So City close to signing Bruno Fernandes and apparently according to both Marca and As, Madrid have agreed a deal to sign Luca Jovic….

    Serious teams already getting their business started while we don’t even know whose in charge of ours at this point because god forbid it’s Raul

  64. Champagne Charlie

    CG, Un

    I think less is the importance of English talent and more the importance of talent that appreciate the “extra” expected of you in this league culturally. Being well drilled is one thing, but leaving it out there, sprinting to stop conceding a throw-in, these things get lost a bit.

    @pierre, ha! No, certainly not.

  65. Pierre

    One would imagine Marc will be lying on his death bed ,his family all standing around him waiting for his famous last words ………and he says..”but but but pochettino never won a thing “..

  66. Rambo Ramsey


    “One would imagine Marc will be lying on his death bed ,his family all standing around him”

    That more than what you’ll have, I guess?
    Sad, lonely old man that trolls a football blog for hobby

  67. Marc


    As I’m 46 I’d hope that my death bed is some decades away. Now when that day does come either the Poch will have gone on and won something or he will have faded into mediocrity and won’t be the topic of anyone’s conversations.

    I don’t know why you can’t understand that I’m not saying he’s a bad coach / manager but he’s not yet a great coach / manager. To do that he needs to go to the next level and compete / win something.

    As long as he does it somewhere other than the Spud’s and it’s not Arsenal on the receiving end I wish him luck in his next job.

  68. Pierre

    Ah Dumbo Ramsey ..doing exactly what he is accusing me of …actually golf is my hobby but weather is a bit dodgy out their today so I thought I would get my entertainment elsewhere…

  69. Pierre

    Don’t take it personally, I’m nearer to it than you are ….actually , my opinion is pretty similar to yours when it comes to pochettino.

    Just out of interest , you appear to regard winning trophies as a judge of how good a manager is .

    You must be pretty impressed with our previous manager impressive haul of trophies or is different when it comes to Wenger .

  70. Marc


    I loved Wenger and what he did for the club but he stayed on too long and did a huge amount of damage to his legacy – which I think is a terrible shame.

    I don’t think he’s given any credit for getting us through the stadium move when money was tight – something that a lot of people seem to think the Spud’s aren’t going to have to go through. If the Spud’s have a really tough time of it over the next few seasons it might just highlight what a good job Wenger did during that period for us.

    I should also add I was at both the Hull and Villa Cup finals (couldn’t get a ticket for the Chelsea one) and you will never have heard me slag off winning the FA Cup.

  71. Chris

    I love Arsenal winning any trophy. I want us to run out of room on that trophy banner at the Emirates.

  72. Samesong

    The one thing when spurs get mouthy is ask them how many trophies you won?

    Conversation usually goes quiet.

  73. Bamford10


    “46 and acts like he does on here”

    He calls you out on your bullshit and he runs circles around you. Nothing more. He isn’t a bully, as you are, and he doesn’t go around insulting everyone else’s intelligence and parading his arrogance, as you do.

    You’re the guy who acts like a dickhead here, not Marc.

  74. Un na naai

    Ah the English player debate again. Our last genuine world class operator was Ashley Cole…before that, Sol.

    Gun of Hackney

    And strangely our fortunes have dipped since both were shipped on…..how odd

  75. Marc

    Fucking ref is useless.

    Stopped a Bournemouth attack because Son was down, indicated a head injury. Son was holding his chest.

  76. Goonah


    The 22 unbeaten is more inspite of Wenger. A purple patch by changing manager more likely.
    OGS had his.
    Look at Leicester, they probably have the best results in the league after Brendan took over

  77. Champagne Charlie

    Oh you do shock me, chiming in on someone you don’t like. You of all people should keep mum about such things.

    Oh I can’t count, and I’m a liar at your reckoning? I think I’ll manage to fall asleep still.

  78. Freddie Ljungberg

    UN na

    Could have something to do with shipping out all our other world class players too and replacing them with inferior quality, just saying.

    If we’re going the cheap and English route how about Lloyd Kelly from Bristol? LB, 20 years old, linked with all the top teams, including us, 10-15 mil price tag.
    Plenty of upside there and if he wants to get as many starts as possible we are the best option considering how shite our backline is, he would sit on the bench for the others.

  79. Marc


    Still won’t answer where you sit?

    Don’t worry I’ll get Bamford or Marko to call you out when you’re commenting on here tomorrow during the match.

    I would but I’ll actually be there.

  80. Marc

    If the Poch has any sense he’ll sub Dier at half time. Guy’s on a tight rope and the Bournemouth fans are baying for blood.

  81. Champagne Charlie

    Dele Ali is off the boil big time, looks out his depth which is odd. Fully expect him to drop a brace or something now, but still. Wtf is Son doing there? Lol.

    Marc, you’re clearly a loon. The fact I’m in the same city as you is enough to take.

  82. Dissenter

    Craig Pawson is having a freaking nightmare
    What appalling officiatingc

    He had no choice but to give Son the RC

  83. Freddie Ljungberg

    Also, RB Leipzig wants ESR on another year long loan since he barely had time to recover from his injury. A couple of players there we should be in for if we’re doing them a favour including their 2 CBS.

  84. Champagne Charlie

    That was comical, but still shoddy refereeing. No wonder the game is mocked when guys are getting red cards for a one armed shove to the torso. Absolute fannies

  85. Dissenter

    I’ve always wondered why the game does not have two referees
    It’s too fast for one person to cover the entire field

  86. Marc


    60,000 stadium and you can’t answer Clock End, North Bank etc. It’s not as if you’re giving out your address for fuck sake. Caught in another lie.

  87. Dissenter

    Son won’t play against Everton next week at home
    If only Bournemouth can find a winner here then Spuds will be in trouble

  88. Champagne Charlie

    You have to wonder the point of linesman half the time, seems awfully limited a role and a more “active” help to the ref wouldn’t go amiss.

    Let me spell it out for you. You came here dick swinging that I’d never been to a game, and I replied that I have a season ticket. If you think I’m then going to bow to your interrogation on here you’re thicker than I thought. I don’t give a fuck what you think mate, sit stroking yourself to your comically incorrect assertions about me.

  89. gambon

    Bournemouth need to make the most of this.

    We could overtake Spurs if they lose this then draw against Everton

    As long as we don’t play like spastic against Burnley, which we will.

  90. Dissenter

    They can have a system that both officials have to blow simultaneously for key events to happen.
    The game is too fast for one official, half the time, hey decisions are thwarted because the official is not sighted or is 50 feet away.

  91. Marc


    Hoping we’ve got our shit together and Burnley have half an eye on their summer holidays.

    Would love Wally to get a winner / equaliser that denies the Spud’s top 4. I think he’d enjoy it as well.

  92. Dissenter

    That last comment was to Marc, not CC

    You guys ought to call off this blood feud. It;’s a feud because it’s carried on beyond one day.

  93. Leftsidesanch

    Really hoping B’Mouth can do the job here because a depleted and tired Spurs have to face a resurgent Everton side next week.

    We have to win our remaining games and just see how the cards fall next Sunday.

  94. Champagne Charlie


    Angry now am I? You couldn’t be more wrong about literally anything you state about me. Keep it going Sherlock, don’t quit your day job however.

  95. Marc


    “You have to wonder the point of linesman half the time, seems awfully limited a role and a more “active” help to the ref wouldn’t go amiss. ”

    Now for once I agree with you 100%. Half the time they wait for the ref to indicate what way a throw in should go.

  96. Chris

    I can see Spurs losing today and against Everton now. Everton have 7th place to play for which is likely to give them a place in Europe. Spurs will now be missing Son again.

  97. gonsterous

    oh my lord, just watched endgame and I think it must be the best MCU movie ever.

    Spuds one man down, how many games will Son miss for that red ?

  98. Champagne Charlie


    There’s no feud, Marc has a crush and can’t help himself. He’s talked height, dick size, job, character, you name it. Bit of an oddball at 46

  99. Dissenter

    This Bournemouth goalkeeper kid has the makings of a great keeper.
    Dino Zoff used to say the biggest game of the goalie is the first day he steps between the posts. You can tell how good the keeper is on the day of the debut.

    Why don’t we get these types at Arsenal?

  100. Marko

    Quick peruse through the comments and apparently Tony who I’ve never commented towards thinks I don’t use paragraphs (like that’s important) he seems to be best buds with a fella now who used to give him dogs abuse. And Don talks about me while I sleep. And Charles given a 46 year old shit for how he acts on a blog is hilarious. Charlie unless you’re about 16 years old and a prick to your mother there’s no excuse for your persona

  101. Thomas

    MarcMay 4, 2019 13:09:49
    Fucking ref is a Spud.


    Yep that’s why he gave Son a red card. Genius.

  102. Bamford10

    If we win our last two PL matches and Spurs draw or lose theirs, we will finish level with or above Spurs and the great Pochettino. After all the shit Emery has taken and all the praise Pochettino has gotten, that would be quite a turn of events.

  103. Bamford10

    “He’s talked height, dick size, job, character, you name it.”

    That was Marko, wasn’t it?

  104. Chris

    Would be good if Palace win later meaning Brighton are safe and not fighting for their lives tomorrow.

    Hope CG is right about Bournemouth getting a couple of goals today. 3rd place is still up for grabs if they do!

  105. Bamford10

    Bournemouth giving Spurs a hard time is yet more proof of what we have been saying: the PL has improved; teams 7-13 are good teams and tricky fixtures.

  106. Dissenter

    That Son challenge wasn’t even a red card, had the ref not bungled the previous Dier’s challenges.

    Son pushed the player on the chest, right in front of the ref.
    It wasn’t the face and the ref buckled because he had been shite for the obvious Dier challenges.
    It should have been a YC, not complaining though.

  107. Marc


    The guy starts throwing out insults to other poster (sometimes racial slurs) and then get’s fucked off when he’s pulled up on the stuff he says.

    We were going round and round last night. This morning he jumps into a conversation between me and Pierre – something he accuses others of. I hadn’t even given him a thought.

    The guy can’t handle being shown up – really bad case of little man syndrome.

  108. Pierre

    “I loved Wenger and what he did for the club but he stayed on too long and did a huge amount of damage to his legacy – which I think is a terrible shame.”

    Same ….but Emery is not the man to replace him ..He is making similar mistakes to Wenger .

    I don’t go to as many games now but it doesn’t make one less of a supporter ..I’ve done my time , first in the schoolboys , then up the North bank , then on to the clock end Highbury( before all seating) .

    If I was still living in the London area I would still go regularly , my brother’s have season tickets , upper tier North bank …have to admit, the atmosphere up there is pretty drab, much prefer lower tier.

  109. Marko

    No to Zaha he only performs in fits and bursts and is better suited to the big fish small pond routine he’s got going on