Emery DESTROYS Valencia

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Another Europa night, another devastating pummelling of a prestige team.

The big man in charge, Sir Unai Emery, inflicted defeat over Valencia in a pretty poor match at The Emirates.

Unai opted for what some thought was an attacking formation, with some thinking it was defensive. I thought it looked like a 3-5-2 at home, with 7 defensive players on the pitch, with a view to keeping a clean sheet for the second leg. Others thought it looked like a wrecking machine with two strikers and Ozil free to create havoc.

Havoc we created. The opening 20 minutes were straight out of the dustbin. Matteo and Xhaka were all over the place, the defence was getting pulled every which way and there was no intensity to our play. We even managed to concede from a setpiece (which is pretty rare), a long ball to the back post was nodded back into the mixer, Xhaka was nowhere and he was beaten to ball by Diakhaby who headed home.

The Swiss really isn’t fit for purpose… it makes me so sad that when he has a few ok games and all the usual suspects revert back to him being peak-Gilberto when it comes to football enigmas. He’s not. He’s bang average. There is nothing smart in the long-form editorial suck up pieces that lambast social media obsessed millennials who just don’t understand the beautiful game because they can’t see the beauty in Xhaka. Football fans are OBSESSED with other fans who celebrate shit players in militant fashion because it’s so bizarre, you worry you truly are missing something. You’re not. You weren’t with Senderos. You weren’t with Denilson. You’re not with Xhaka. Move on.

Up the other end, 7 minutes later, Lacazette played a perfectly weighted ball to Auba, he cut back and gave his buddy the gift of an open goal from ten yards. What a gentleman. I love those two. If they had a child, it’d be one helluva striker… would probs dress nice too.

7 minutes later, Xhaka showed why the usual suspects menace themselves to bedroom posters of his radar maps. He whipped a beautiful first-time diagonal ball into the box, Lacazette made a yard on his centre back and headed into the ground, the keeper claimed the ball didn’t cross the line but the refs watch buzzed… techhhhhhnology wins again. Xhaka… what a cross, I really think if you ignore the OTT critique of Xhaka, there’s a great player in there, I guess some people just don’t get it.

The second half just didn’t feel particularly smart. We were chasing the third goal and leaving Laurent Kos and Sokratis completely exposed on the counter. It was really tough to watch, Cech kept us in the tie when he denied Kevin Gameiro with a great block. Kos nursed an injury for as long as he could before limping off, we really have to pray he’s going to be ok. That block where he threw his head at a foot late on was something else.

Late on, Kola found Auba at the back post on a tight angle, the ball was struck awkwardly but crept in at the near post. A real shame most fans had gone home by that point. A sad indictment of the fans? The drab football? The Europa League? Who knows.

3-1. That’ll do nicely. £100m worth of strikers to the rescue. Another example of how dependent we are on superhuman finishing.

There’s no point in analysing the game too much. The football was awful, we looked a mess, but we did the job. We’ll shithouse ourselves to the final and then it’s a coin toss… and there’s no manager that knows this trophy as well as Unai.

Whatever my thoughts on his long-term future, watching him twitching out on the sidelines shows how much passion he has for the project. When that third goal landed at the end, he lost his damn mind. It’s great to see. He’s a hard worker, a trophy in his first season would be epic, it’d be even better if we didn’t have to play Chelsea.

Also… does a cup final count as an away game? Answers in the comments.

I’m getting ahead of myself, let’s see if we can go away from home and not concede 3 goals… not as easy as one would think.

Right, see you in the comments you total meltbags xx

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  1. Marko

    There are some very gullible people on Le Grove if they truly believe that Ozil holds Emery in such high esteem.

    I mean it kinda doesn’t matter what he thinks honestly the club wants rid of him the manager doesn’t want him Germany are better off without him and he’s declined so much that it doesn’t seem like anyone is interested in signing him. That he’s pissed off is irrelevant he needs to play better. I actually thought he done alright last night he didn’t hide away and look for the ball in his own half and play a pointless sideway pass but in saying that he was and is very ineffective these days. He used to get assists now he doesn’t. I’m not sure what he does well anymore. Still just the 3 assists on the season

  2. Nelson

    @Pierre “A good centre midfielder has the game in front of him”

    I remember we both criticize Emery not playing Torr as DM. But Emery is doing the best he can with the players currently available. Without Ramsey, Torr and Xhaka are the two best midfielders available. Playing Xhaka upfront to do the pressing and to push the ball forward would be a disaster. Not only he is too slow to do the pressing, when he receives the ball, he’ll have problem keeping it. Only a DM has the game in front of him. For the other midfielders, they’ll need to use the body to protect the ball. He’ll need to see his team mate fast. Torr can do that much better than Xhaka.

  3. Champagne Charlie


    You pay any mind to Balague’s idea Emery is wildly overachieving this season, that the board didn’t expect anything near top 4?

  4. Marko

    Target for the season? I dunno I’d say when they gave him a 3 year contract with the option of cancelling it after two seasons that they were thinking get us back into the Champions League inside 2 seasons. I doubt whoever took over from Wenger after 22 years given the last two seasons was told champions league inside a year or else. I’d say that wishful thinking

  5. Champagne Charlie


    Is it Marko? More facts from the thick Irishman, what a time to be alive. Or I take exception to his particular hobby of trying his level best to smear at every juncture.

    Odd you never see two sides to anything, his rant last night seems to have evaded you despite you engaging with him at the time. Funny that. Just more opportunistic quips from you toward folk you dislike, it’s to be expected. Same cloth as Receding in that regard.

    Dissenter rightly stated some on here are invested beyond a certain degree, that’s your ilk.

  6. Receding Hairline

    The target was clearly Europa league, the only reason we have a top four prayer in the league is because three other teams have underperformed. That will not be the case next season and we need to get serious with offloading names, be they world cup winners or bundesliga fullbacks of the season.

  7. jwl

    Joke Friday –

    John O’Reilly hoisted his beer and said, “Here’s to spending the rest of me life, between the legs of me wife!” That won him the top prize at the pub for the best toast of the night.

    He went home and told his wife, Mary, “I won the prize for the best toast of the night.”

    She said, “Aye, did ye now. And what was your toast?”

    John said, “Here’s to spending the rest of me life, sitting in church beside me wife.”

    “Oh, that is very nice indeed, John!” Mary said.

    The next day, Mary ran into one of John’s drinking buddies on the street corner.

    The man chuckled leeringly and said, “John won the prize the other night at the pub with a toast about you, Mary.”

    She said, “Aye, he told me, and I was a bit surprised meself.
    You know, he’s only been there twice in the last four years.
    Once he fell asleep, and the other time I had to pull him by the ears to make him come.”

  8. Marko

    I would say he’s close to overachieving certainly not underachieving given the squad. I don’t buy the 70 million stuff and 5 equates to must need improvement stuff. Guendouzi and Torreira have struggled this season Lichtsteiner is dogshit and Sokratis isn’t great. You’re talking about the keeper being the only proper success signing and even then he’s only got a handful of clean sheets. 5/6th scrapping for 4th seems about right

  9. Pedro

    RH, the top 4 points totals look about average for the last 5 seasons.

    We’re par the course for where we should be. No one is doing us favours.

  10. Marko

    Is it Marko? More facts from the thick Irishman, what a time to be alive. Or I take exception to his particular hobby of trying his level best to smear at every juncture.

    That’s the perfect response to someone saying that you act like a bully boy with a tiny dick around here. It perfectly sums you up. I bet you think you’re decent too. You’re not.

    Just more opportunistic quips from you toward folk you dislike, it’s to be expected

    Right back at ya. I count about half a dozen posters on here that you’ll just butt in on if given the chance and if Joe or Bamford are getting it from a few posters you’ll just hop on in like an absolute giant of a man. And you bring up stuff from the past. How very Bamford of you

  11. Marc


    “The target was clearly Europa league, the only reason we have a top four prayer in the league is because three other teams have underperformed. That will not be the case next season and we need to get serious with offloading names”

    Short memory there mate. It was clear at the start of the season (at least to me) that you had City and Liverpool challenging for the title. After that you had 4 teams who all had issues. Arsenal and Chelsea – new managers, ManU the Mourinho 3rd season meltdown was due and the Spud’s had the new stadium and no money.

    As for next season well we have limited funds to rebuild, Chelsea have an owner who’s not allowed in the country on business and has / is losing interest, their best player wants out and they have a 2 TW ban coming up. ManU have given OGS a contract way to early and it’s looking like a major mistake, they also have major players looking to leave. The Spud’s are advertising a fire sale of players, can’t fill the new stadium, there are rumours some fans are complaining about cost increases and they haven’t even found out yet that they are losing the 2 cup credits they used to get and they have a huge debt.

    I agree that this summer who we can sell will be as important as to who we buy but we’re not the only club with issues.

  12. salpardisenyc


    You have made your opinions on Ozil abundantly clear with there being a 0% chance of his inclusion in squad next season according to you.

    I’ll be interested to see if clubs able to do a deal seeing his exit, its this summer or bust with 2 years left. As it stands our structure for summer is ambiguous at best.

  13. Receding Hairline

    Pedro I dare say you didn’t see Spurs losing 12 league games this season. Many on here saw Ole riding to third when he was first appointed. You also believe Chelsea made a better appointment in Sarri and that gave them an edge. A lot has been said over the course of a season, opinions are bound to change and that’s fine, just don’t feel comfortable when certain people pretend that has been their viewpoint from the start

  14. Marc

    If anyone made a racial slur that was related to colour Pedro would ban them immediately yet there are regular remarks made about Marko being Irish. If you think he’s thick – whatever but what has his nationality got to do with it?

  15. CG

    It is wonderful that Arsenal have USA fans- and indeed fans all over the globe.

    But if these American fans ( with the exception of the always excellent Upstate Gooner) think the same way as The Kroenkes- in terms of British football and Arsenal- we are in deep trouble.

    From The Glazers at Man Utd to:

    they are wrecking balls to the clubs they have taken over.

    I have come to the conclusion – The Arsenal and Americans don’t mix and we need The Kroenkes out of the club ASAP – before we can really go forward and get back to the top.

  16. Elmo

    “The target was clearly Europa league, the only reason we have a top four prayer in the league is because three other teams have underperformed. That will not be the case next season and we need to get serious with offloading names”

    I don’t think that’s true re this season. The standard for 4th in recent seasons has been 2 points from every 3, or 76 points over a season. Until the Everton game, we were very much on or above that pace, as were our competitors. It’s only been in the last few weeks where we’ve seen what was a high standard race for 4th descend into a farce where all challengers have fallen well below the usual pace.

    You’re spot on that we need to vastly improve our depth, because you’re not going to see 3 or 4 big budget teams bottle it at the end of a season on a regular basis.

  17. Danny

    Chelsea have an owner who’s not allowed in the country on business
    Actually he is allowed because he took out Israeli citizenship.

  18. Marc


    I’m pretty sure he’s not allowed in on business – he can visit for recreational purposes but that’s it.

    Chelsea actually had to hold a board meeting overseas a few months ago so Abramovich could attend.

  19. Ishola70

    Sarri isn’t convincing anyone.

    They are so suspect defensively compared to previous teams.

    And tbf Sarri didn’t even mention that he would get defence right only that he would try to play the sexy football and it’s mainly Hazard that has really kept them afloat.

    I can’t see Chelsea improving that much under Sarri and he will be gone sooner rather than later. The only way they could improve under Sarri is to spend big on defenders.

  20. Jamie

    Abramovich is allowed in the UK on his Israeli passport for up to six months at a time, but isn’t allowed to work while he’s here. Not sure how the UK authorities would enforce that, though. It isn’t like he needs to put himself on the Chelsea payroll and immediately fall foul of his tourist visa conditions. He can take meetings in his mansion all day long.

    He’ll get bored of Chelsea soon and offload it. Hope it isn’t so someone more wealthy than him though.

    Maybe he should sell Chelsea and buy Monaco. He’ll have no issues getting residency there.

  21. Pierre

    I would prefer 2 holding midfielders….who rarely , if ever , get ahead of the ball .

    We haven’t looked a compact team for a number of years …4-2-3-1 is my preference as it allows the 4 offensive players freedom to play if you have 2 holding midfielders as cover…

    The wing back system we played last night is ok with 2 up top and a CAM behind with the width coming from the wing backs ..but I would still prefer 2 holding midfielders in there.

    Of course, not everyone prefers that system , some on here like one of the 2 central midfielders (Ramsey) to bomb forward into the box to support the strikers leaving us open to the counter attack.

  22. Ishola70

    It’s all well and good talking about holding midfielders that don’t get ahead of the ball but they will still get caught out on counters if they are not physically up to it.

    If you get beaten often in 5-10 yard foot races then it doesn’t matter how far you are behind the ball.

  23. zimmie2652

    CG- “Scanning the papers from my boutique London hotel this morning- who in their right mind- thought next seasons away kit would be acceptable?”

    Literally, everybody.

  24. Marc


    When we had Vieira and Petit we had players who could do both and were disciplined enough to make sure they both weren’t caught up field at the same time.

  25. TR7

    Latest comments from Poch suggest he will walk out on Tottenham if he is not backed financially in the upcoming transfer window.

  26. Pierre

    Torreira is the most disciplined (unless the manager plays him his to box)but I believe the centre of midfield is about a partnership ..
    Ramsey for a brief spell for the first time in his Arsenal career played with discipline in the role .
    I thought the home game v Napoli with Ramsey and Torreira together was a good match ( Ozil as CAM) …unfortunately the manager decided to bench Ramsey v Everton and then played him CAM away th Napoli so we couldn’t see if that partnership would develop.

    I can’t be certain but I think the Napoli home game was the only time that Torreira and Ramsey have played together in a 2 man midfield.

  27. Marc


    I’ve had a feeling for a while that he’s been looking for an out. I think he was waiting for the Madrid or ManU job to be offered and it hasn’t happened.

    Have you seen the list of players the Spud’s have said they’ll listen to offers for in the summer? Reeks of needing to raise cash.

  28. englandsbest

    My focus has always been beyond this league season. Before a ball was kicked, it seemed pretty evident that winning PL was far beyond the reach of the current squad, and this was confirmed by the inactivity in Jan window. The best that could be hoped for was a top 4 place.

    As for the rest, maybe a cup final, and better still, perhaps even a cup final trophy.

    I believe the vast majority felt the same way. But even if Emery achieves both, even if Arsenal win the Europa Cup, it’s only a prelude, a curtain-raiser. The reason is that nothing has changed, the squad is incapable of competing for PL or CL championship.

    Nobody expects a miracle. But what we ought to expect – indeed, demand — is a sense of direction, visible evidence of commitment by the Club, in the summer window.

  29. Marko

    Listen you cannot insult the Irish it’s impossible our skin is too thick our mothers too unloving.

  30. Danny

    I thought the whole point of Abramovich getting an Israeli passport was to be able to enter the UK and do business, according to what you lot are writing here it seems weird why he bothered then!

  31. azed


    Ramsey aside, who do you partner with Torriera? Xhaka and Elneny aren’t mobile so they can’t play b2b.

    “unfortunately the manager decided to bench Ramsey v Everton and then played him CAM away th Napoli so we couldn’t see if that partnership would develop.”

    With Ramsey’s injury, I can say the manager was probably right not to risk him at Everton since we had Napoli away.

  32. Marko

    Where’s Poch go after Spurs though? Chelsea? Someplace like Inter? Be a crying shame if the best job he could get is Spurs

  33. Valentin

    Board meeting are official work business and are recorded as such in official public record. Anybody attending a board meeting is therefore considered working. Abramovitch could not just chair a board meeting and pretend not be working.

    The UK law authorises the government to permanently ban somebody from entering if they have previously entered the country under false pretences like being on holiday and instead attend a work meeting.

    Home Office are just waiting for such silly mistake from Abramovitch to permanently stop him coming into UK. Hence the latest Chelsea board meeting had to take place in Monaco to circumvent his interdiction to work in UK.

  34. salpardisenyc

    “Listen you cannot insult the Irish it’s impossible our skin is too thick our mothers too unloving.”

    Good stuff, agree.

  35. Valentin


    If Arsenal doesn’t have the personnel in the senior squad to play Emery preferred tactical midfield, he has two options:
    1) use a youth team player who could fit into that model. Willock.

    2) use a different system like switching to 3 in midfield to compensate for the lack of mobility and dynanysm.

    In the return leg, Valencia will be able to play Coquelin. A combination of Coquelin + Diakhabi could really put Xhaka + Torreira under pressure. I am not sure that they would have the technical ability to compensate their physical disadvantage.

  36. Pierre

    It was rare to see petit or Vieira in the opposition box in open play….in the double season they protected the defence and supported the attack mainly from deep positions.

  37. Champagne Charlie


    It’s comical that you think anything you say about me carries weight, you’re an absolute mong. Just one of those so heavily invested on here that you take it all to heart. State of it.

    Loads of people like you in society mind, doesn’t make the stupid any more palatable however. The limited vocabulary, limited perspective, and limited state of awareness puts you right in the convo for dimmest cunt going on here. Bravo

  38. Chris


    Your view is too extreme Emery obviously cares about top four. Just because you don’t agree with his team selection doesn’t mean he isn’t interested.

    It has turned out to be the wrong decision he made but it doesn’t mean he doesn’t care, he was obviously rotating due to squad size/amount of games but the team he put out there in his mind was one capable of gaining something from the league games

    There is a difference between being pragmatic and not caring.

  39. Words on a Blog


    Late to the party, but re your comment that the game last night was “poor”, that’s pretty accurate if we’re looking at how Arsenal played.

    In terms of fluency, I’d give our performance 5 or 6 out of 10.

    But in terms of intensity, the performance picked up quite a lot relative to the matches against Watford, CP, Wolves, and Leicester. Last night it was more like an 8 out of 10.

    If we can maintain this intensity, and even if we don’t play particularly fluent (I.e. easy on the eye) football for the next two matches in the PL, I’d say we’re in with a reasonable chance of picking up 6 points….and then it’s down to whether Chelsea drops points against Watford and Leicester.

  40. Nelson


    I hear you. Right now, our squad is not suitable to play 4 2 3 1. We don’t have proper wingers. Mikki plays better as a #10 and sucks as winger. Iwobi can’t finish, can’t shoot. Our defense is too weak. Wolves destroyed us easily.

  41. azed


    The actual problem is whichever formation you play, there would always be someone playing in an unfamiliar position or one they are not suited to.

    We have no wide forwards so we can’t play a 4-3-3. If we want to play with 3 in midfield, we have to go with a 4-3-1-2 which invariably means conceding the wide area’s to Valencia in defence and using or fullback to provide width in attack.

  42. Valentin

    Because of the frosty relationship with Russia, a lot of European country have put restrictions on the movement of Russian citizens within Europe.
    Those restrictions do not apply to Israeli citizens.

    However following the nationality purchase scandal (basically some countries like Malta, Israel, Ukraine, … give away nationality against cash), the EU is reviewing their policy.
    For example Schengen agreement may be rewritten with more stringent verifications and restrictions for people with multiple nationalities.

  43. Marko

    You definitely lack the ability for self awareness Charles. Self growth? Don’t even think about it you’ll never change man. A prick until the end. Just as well the internet’s full of yanks you can call spastics and feel good about yourself

  44. Champagne Charlie


    You never fail to live up to your dim billing. The hero everyone needs of course

  45. Guns of Hackney

    3-1 against a team made up of part timers, waiters and dodgy builders. You know the ones who are still putting the WC in when you arrive in Magaluf…yes, those builders.

    Valencia aren’t a force. Peter even did a piece saying how shite they were.

    Arsenal beat a pub side again.

  46. Marko

    I’m not a hero Charles I’m just a guy who keeps reminding you of the kind of person you are in case you think otherwise

  47. terraloon


    Ambramovic isn’t even a director of Chelsea FC. Their chairman is a chap called Bruce Buck who along with 3 others no doubt just impose the will of the owner without the need for him to be in attendance.

    Irrespective we aren’t in the dark ages and video conferencing and the like enables people to contribute and hold meetings from the other side of the world in reality it would be a school boy error to get caught working and

  48. Akilan

    Ramsey & Xhaka both got knocks/injured during the international break. The fact that Ramsey got injured explains why he was left out against Everton. So, we’re left with 3 CMs bar Elneny. Since we can’t play both Torreira & Xhaka every game(we are playing every 3 days), at some point both Elneny & Guendouzi had to feature. So, he played them in a home game. Even then it was a close game. Just when we were about to make a come back, we got killed by a Mustafi special. Palace are a strong away team.

    Also Sokratis was suspended for 2 games. With the fitness issues of Kos & Nacho, Mavropanos had to feature at some point.

    Also AMN is our only decent RWB option. So, its fair he gets some rest too. I would rather play Jenks than Licht.

  49. Valentin


    I agree with your assessment. However there is a difference between somebody unfamiliar with the position and somebody unfamiliar and unsuitable for the position.
    Asking somebody who is slow to be dynamic and quick is setting them up for failure.

  50. Champagne Charlie


    Last time, so you can ponder it. You haven’t a clue about me chief, don’t give yourself the pat on the back you’re so keen to. You’re not bright enough to understand half the talk on here about football, so let’s not delve into some pseudo-psychologist persona and call it factual.

  51. Valentin


    Board meeting notes are official public record. Why take the risk of having a meeting in London?
    As Abramovitch is the owner, if he wants the meeting to take place in Monaco, it is taking place in Monaco. Maybe he was already in Monaco for another meeting or for pleasure. After all He has a yacht on the Cote d’Azur.

  52. Marko

    Charlie you’re quite clearly a tiny dicked twat who loves jumping in on the same posters and is too quick with the insults. I got you pegged it’s easy. Also you’re not half the football intellect you like to think you are. How else do you explain the Xhaka fanboy stuff not to mention the head up Arsene Wenger’s arse.

  53. terraloon


    Board meeting s are where directors of companies meet. RA isn’t a director so his meetings, if there any wouldn’t be in a recorded and formal environment
    Now I am not naive enough to think he doesn’t decide what does or doesn’t happen but he wouldn’t as a matter of course attend board meetings nor would there be an expectation that he does.
    As for people travelling to meet with him I have no knowledge either way but it’s common place that employees/ directors travel to meet with owners indeed didn’t Gazidus and Emery ,prior to his appointment , travel to the states to meet and discuss matters with Kronke?
    I was trying to dig out but can’t find an article I read re the issues regarding his entry into the UK and yes irrespective of Nationality any non uk citizen can be refused entry but this article was suggesting that quite powerful lobbying is going on because RA now holds Israel citizenship and at some point will be applying for the relevant visa as an Israeli and refusal would have diplomatic consequences.

  54. Marc

    Does make me laugh that CC keeps calling Marko thick when it was CC who got shown up over the weekend over the fact that he either can’t count or is incapable of telling the truth.

    Really strikes me as someone who has major insecurities.

  55. Marko

    He does like to point out Bamford’s insecurities. I see a grown man go after a “yank spastic” daily and I think he’s got some insecurities himself.

  56. Champagne Charlie

    Marko and Marc

    Glad you guys found each other. Unlike like minded morons to join forces and level up their stupidity. ❤️ Warms the heart

    Keep asserting what you “know” Marko. Sherlock you ain’t

  57. þorkell einarsson

    xaka has inproved his rigth foot and distripution but still switchs off to easily..

  58. Guns of SF

    Need one goal in Spain.
    We can do it…. Valencia have weaknesses just like we do. Hopefully Dracula is spending most nights figuring out who to exploit them

  59. Guns of SF

    Dracula was coach of Valencia- and they have a vampire bat on their badge

    and a big fuck you to the valencia fans who gave nazi salutes and monkey chants to our fans in our Stadium.

    Ive heard that Valencia is looking to see if their was “provocation”
    Like WTF- this is what is wrong with the entire mess.

    Why resort to nazi salutes and monkey chants if your are pissed?
    Plenty of other ways to voice your anger.

    Fucking spineless

  60. Marko

    Tagliafico looks like staying on for another season that leaves Ferland Mendy for me who are apparently after. I think Grimaldo is likely Atletico bound. Maybe Firpo

  61. Champagne Charlie


    You’ve nothing pegged, you’re giving yourself an abundance of credit where it’s not warranted. You and your namesake even having a little tit for tat over my height and such, miles off.

    It’s like watching a couple of retards try and make sense of a noise behind a wall. Then comically fee convinced they know the score 😂

  62. Marko

    I didn’t mention your height I said you had a small dick, were a prick and have a serious hard on for Bamford not too mention a weird infatuation for Arsene Wenger. Pegged. It’s pretty obvious.

  63. Bamford10


    “you’re an absolute mong”

    “Loads of people like you in society mind … the stupid”

    “dimmest cunt going on here”

    Really pleasant guy, this Champagne Charlie.

  64. Frank Mc

    Banford cast your mind back to “Neymargate” you were calling other posters clueless cunts, so I’d wind your neck in…..

  65. Upstate Gooner

    May 3, 2019 15:03:10

    “It is wonderful that Arsenal have USA fans- and indeed fans all over the globe.

    But if these American fans ( with the exception of the always excellent Upstate Gooner) think the same way as The Kroenkes- in terms of British football and Arsenal- we are in deep trouble.”

    I’m touched. Take note, people.

  66. MidwestGun

    Nice you have a fan or a stalker not sure which.

    Don’t know why I have to keep saying this but Americans don’t like Kroenke either. As evidenced by there being no Rams fans at the Superbowl. Because he alienated all them, too. Sound familiar?

    That dude conveniently left off Liverpool off his list. They are owned by Americans seem to be doing pretty well.
    Also, Americans don’t follow the team because of Kroenke.. I don’t give a crap where the owner is from could be Chinese or Australian for all I care as long as they do what’s right for the Club. The fact Kroenke is a D-bag has nothing to do with his birth country … he is just a D-bag.

  67. Un na naai

    Joke Friday

    Anyone here ever seen marko not humiliate himself whenever he embroils himslef in another ill thought out point.

  68. Marko

    Charlie you have the two bigots backing you up now. Go nuts. Yank what is it and Irish how do you do

  69. bennydevito

    PedroMay 3, 2019    12:27:01

    Bamford, the Premier League didn’t get strong just this season. The league goes in waves. Emery totally flunked Watford, Palace and Wolves because of average management, poor team selection and bad organisation. I think it was pretty clear from his Palace line up where he thought the best chance of top 4 was.

    Watford, Leicester and Wolves are no different to the Southampton, Stoke and West Hams of a few years ago. Average teams that smell fear.


    Again Pedro why are you continuously pushing this complete falsehood?

    You know I respect you and love this blog but I will not stay quiet on this point.

    Ramsey, Xhaka injured, Monreal recovering from illness, Torreira nursing a groin strain, Sokratis suspended.

    The only unforced change was AMN and Leno yet you’re trying to make out Emery deliberately made these changes because he’s prioritising the EL. It’s complete and utter fiction.

  70. salpardisenyc

    Agree Mid, EPL a signal of what to come in Europe and its not just ‘the yanks’.

    The Chinese are in deep and have been busy in England’s second tier and, elsewhere, in Europe. I read since 2016, 70% of all foreign acquisitions in the top 15 European league, including all English leagues, Italy, Spain, France and the Netherlands have involved Chinese investors.

    Currently two Chinese owned sides, in Prem, Malay owned Cardiff and Thai owned Leicester.

    A Mesut Ozil #10 kit on every corner.

  71. bennydevito

    Bamford10May 3, 2019    11:49:10


    I think there’s a chance they viewed this entire first season as a kind of trial for the existing squad. When you look at the riches (in terms of quality) Emery enjoyed at PSG, especially at wide attacking positions, it’s hard to believe he would be satisfied with so little quality in this squad. I wonder if he/they did a minimum in the summer and in January in part because of financial realities but in part because the plan was to use this first season to assess where things really stand personnel-wise, who should stay, who should go, what we need, what we don’t need.


    Great post Bamford, makes total sense considering how badly our money’s been spent these last few years and how little money we reportedly have, to evaluate the squad properly over the course of a season to then see who needs to go and what needs bringing in.

  72. MidwestGun

    A Mesut Ozil #10 kit on every corner.
    Unfortunately I think most of the Ozil #10 kits are already made in China. I gave one to my little niece when she was playing to wear around and the numbers fell off after about a month.

  73. bennydevito


    Wtf are you on about? So nobody’s allowed to agree with other posters now? We’ve all got to have different opinions and not agree with anyone?

    How pathetically childish.

  74. Pedro

    Benny, it’s a nice theory… but it doesn’t really map with the narrative.

    Emery came in with a masterplan that apparently blew everyone away
    He said we’d be protagonists
    He said he’d sort the defence
    He said he’d make us mentally stronger

    Hard to see where he’s made an impact anywhere.

    What we needed was a coach… what we got, it appears, is a chequebook manager who is struggling to deliver on his objectives.

  75. Pedro

    Not only that… but your theory is a busted flush anyway… Emery has less money to spend this summer.

    Arsenal had to hire a coach who could make the players better and work with a little.

  76. Champagne Charlie

    Not sure who can argue with Emery’s past, only title he’s landed has come at the wealthiest club in Europe.

    Back at Sevilla/Valencia where it’s ‘more’ comparable to Arsenal, given the organic nature they operate, he never got near the league. In fact he was bang average and his reputation has been exaggerated on the strength of the EL alone.

  77. salpardisenyc

    If anyones got an hour to kill some maestro has edited all of Messi’s 600 barca goals.

  78. azed

    “Not sure who can argue with Emery’s past, only title he’s landed has come at the wealthiest club in Europe.

    Back at Sevilla/Valencia where it’s ‘more’ comparable to Arsenal, given the organic nature they operate, he never got near the league. In fact he was bang average and his reputation has been exaggerated on the strength of the EL alone.”

    At Valencia, Emery finished 3rd for three straight years.

    How come Poch isn’t judged with same metric as Emery?

  79. MidwestGun

    Arsenal had to hire a coach who could make the players better and work with a little.
    Yeah but they didn’t so now what?

    Seems like the Director of Football search has dried up.. not even a clickbait article since early April… and time is a wasting. Season almost over. And we are well into the period where summer plans should already be in place. This worries me much more then anything. Cuz now our transfers this summer are going to be the product of Raul minus the Barca money(450 mill net spend since 2012) he is used to and we don’t exactly have a Messi to build on.

  80. Guns of Hackney

    Emery Ultras out in force after beating that part time side last night…at home…while conceding yet another goal.

    Jesus wept. They are fucking garbage. This IS NOT the Valencia of a few years back. Not at all. Arsenal did a job…but holy shit it was painnnnnnful. Again!

    As Peter said: Emery came in with a lot of bluster and bullshit but as it stands, he looks like a bit of a charlatan who is just about stumbling through some really easy games.

    Arsenal are, in my opinion worse to watch this season than last! And last season was tantamount to having thrush every day for a year. Not great.

    I simply can’t wait to see what happens next season when emery has even less to spend, a Ramsay less Arsenal…an even older and more broken Kos/Monreal and an even lazier and older Ozil stinking up the joint on £350,000pw. Not to mention our flat trackers up front.

    Leno is just about the best thing about this side. And you know what…I think a big club might fancy him.

  81. Henry Root

    If we had a half decent right back we could play Maitland- Niles in central midfield. He is twice the player Xhaka is but showboats too much as in trying to head the ball back to Cech and making a cock-up. But he has pace,passing ability and great control. Torreira has been injured for three months with a groin strain and has to be nursed . He played well last night after Guendouzi went off. Torreira will be better next season after having had no World Cup and will be getting used to the pace of the Premier League .
    I thought it was a better game than Pedro suggested. I was there and it was significantly better than the game at Tottenham on Tuesday which was kick and rush for the last seventy minutes

  82. Champagne Charlie


    La Liga ain’t the prem.

    Look at how close Emery got to the top two there in terms of points, he was miles away.

  83. salparadisenyc

    Emery isn’t the man that’s going to push us up to challenge in league, not remotely consistent enough in a competitive league.

    Not hard to extrapolate that from his history. He suffers away from home, always has.

    Ideally he brings us champions league and the owners smart enough to step up from there… said with a grin.

  84. azed


    Emery should be judged on the same criteria as others.

    Poch is about the same age as Emery but hasn’t even come close to Emery in terms of trophy but Poch is a great manager on Le grove based on what?

  85. Guns of Hackney

    I am not a miserabalist. I was a big Arsenal fan…alas, the internet didn’t even exist the last time Arsenal won the league (were computers even about in 2004?)

    I just hate the way the club is being dragged through the shit year after year. If you knew your Arsenal history, the current shit that is happening now would make the past greats of this club turn in their graves.

    Arsenal were a proud club.

  86. Guns of Hackney


    Poch is judged on his ability to make spurs a force with virtual poverty when compared to the other clubs around them. He also did a very good job with Southampton.

    Emery is basically a cup manager who flunked the champions league while 4-0 up with 20 mins to go with a billionaire team.

    I’m not the judge and I don’t particularly rate either manager.

    Just giving you my view as to why Poch is held higher than Emery.

  87. MidwestGun

    Dude … Home computers have been around since the 80’s and the internet since the 90’s. I think you are thinking of cell phone internet access. but even that started late 90’s.

  88. gambon

    Big weekend of football coming up.

    Need to pray to the god of dropped points.

    Spurs away to Bournemouth and Chelsea at home to Watford are not easy games considering circumstances.

  89. Champagne Charlie


    That’s a weird take. I’d sooner have a manager take us from the grey to knocking on the door of the big titles again than someone who’s peaked at a Europa League.

    Did you go and look up Emery’s point tally behind the top two during his time there? Didn’t get close.

  90. azed


    “Poch is judged on his ability to make spurs a force with virtual poverty when compared to the other clubs around them”

    Poch is 4 points above Emery in Emery’s first season.

    “Emery is basically a cup manager who flunked the champions league while 4-0 up with 20 mins to go with a billionaire team.”

    Special Sauce Pep has basically flunked the champions league with a billionaire team for 3 years.

    Emery should be judged by the same standards as other coaches.

    If you mention Emery not winning an away game in his last season in Servilla, don’t fail to mention Poch leaving Espanyol bottom of the table in La liga…

  91. azed

    “Did you go and look up Emery’s point tally behind the top two during his time there?”

    Did you know Poch left Espanyol in last place?

  92. Leftsidesanch

    At no point are you forced to watch Arsenal GOH you miserable bastard!

    Sounds like you need a break from it

  93. Champagne Charlie


    Idk why you bother, you’re not open to any sort of debate or dialogue it’s pure back and forth.

    Espanyol are shit, they don’t compare to managing a top team. His work at Saints and Spurs more than shows his ability.

  94. Guns of Hackney

    I barely watch Arsenal anymore. They are on the tv in the background.

    Shame. But when a supporter of 35 years gets bored, what chance have Arsenal got of wooing the new wave of fans?

    Arsenal are doing everything wrong. It’s an absolute tragedy.

  95. azed


    You are the one not open to a debate. You dismiss Poch’s Espanyol record but bring up Emery’s Valencia record?

    Like I said, judge Emery and Poch on the same criteria.

  96. DaniAltos

    Ozil playing the game …very sensible .There’s a possible cup final on the horizon and I believe he would like to be a part of it.He managed to restrain himself from showing his displeasure at being substituted last night , gave Emery the high five but inside he was probably seething..There are some very gullible people on Le Grove if they truly believe that Ozil holds Emery in such high esteem.

    If posters like you believe that players like ozil are only doing it for PR then on the flip side I guess we should take it as gospel truth your assumptions that ozil hates Emery and vice versa?Smh

  97. DaniAltos

    Have people actually sat and down and thought that maybe Emery was looking for a reaction from players like ozil,that’s why these days he is at least tackling?…I think the player himself appreciates that’s and thats why he will be here next season and will not be pushing for a move….this nonsense that he hates Emery is just that… nonsense

  98. Champagne Charlie

    “You are the one not open to a debate. You dismiss Poch’s Espanyol record but bring up Emery’s Valencia record?“

    I don’t consider the demands of Espanyol to be similar to Arsenal, I do Valencia, I do Sevilla, I do Spurs. It’s not a hard one to see.

    Pochettino has shown he can work for a club with no budget and make them more than the sum of their parts. Emery hasn’t done that which was why my initial reservations are still relevant.

  99. Marc

    It’s funny how CC thinks Emery has this great squad that can be made to compete and yet we have zero teams interested in any of our players.

  100. Champagne Charlie

    “It’s funny how CC thinks Emery has this great squad that can be made to compete”

    It’s funny how Marc continually pulls things out his arse and casually acts as though they’re factual.

    Point to where anything like that has been said.

  101. Marc


    You are so full of shit it could be a medical condition. You talk about the Poch being able to make a team more than the sum of their parts. This is his 5th season and he still hasn’t won anything. Let’s see how he get’s on having to sell to balance the books for a few years – assuming he sticks around.

    Your entire comment is the ranting’s of an insecure child. I didn’t make any factual claims – I just once again pull you up when you spout shit. You pick and choose statistics that suit your narrative, which has nothing to do with Arsenal being successful.

    The simple fact is you hate Emery no matter what he does. You could at least be a man and admit you just want Wenger back.

  102. NW9 gooner

    CC you are being pedantic and argumentative. UE being zeons behind the top two and Poch being bottom and only his EPL days to be taken into account . UE may not take us where we want to be but even you had agreed a few months back to wait for the end of the season.

  103. azed


    Servilla is the Westham of Laliga… With Valencia, Emery finished 3rd for three straight years while being a selling club.

  104. Champagne Charlie


    Another ramble, you’re getting good at those.

    I’m “spouting shit” according to you, I think I’m ok with that thanks. If you can’t fathom the journey Poch has taken Spurs on then that’s your damage.

    Arsenal want to rise up the table and compete for the title again, something Emery hasn’t ever shown capable of doing. That’s been my reservation since day one, and a year in it’s only been exacerbated. This talk of “hate” and “wanting Wenger back” is the typical put me downs of the clueless – slow clap for being one of those.

  105. NW9 gooner

    The last three PL games have been disappointing, sp. the CP game at home- if we had won that we would have been assured of top 4 finish. Let’s hope Chelsea drop points and we win both of our games

  106. Champagne Charlie


    Kindly do me a favour. If you have a look at the manner my opinion gets treated here by a select few you’ll forgive the dismissive nature of my replies.

    Win the EL or not the season has gone how I feared. Obviously I hope we win it because CL and extra money only expedites the journey back to the relevant. A journey Emery won’t be lasting on this seasons evidence.

  107. NW9 gooner

    The last three PL games have been disappointing, sp. the CP game at home- if we had won that we would have been assured of top 4 finish. Let’s hope Chelsea drop points and we win both of our games . And we have the EL to look forward to.

  108. Marc


    Ah are the big boys picking on you again? Little boy don’t worry one day you’ll be big and strong – you might even be big enough to go to a match. Of course you’ll need to be careful, you’re more likely to end up at the wrong end of the Seven Sisters road – probably somewhere you’ll fit in better.

  109. CG

    Guns Of hackney

    “””Arsenal were a proud club.”””

    And What has happened to Old Country too?

    Theresa May
    Jeremy Corbyn
    Doreen Abbot
    Unai Emery

    all cut from the same piece of miserable cloth..
    Where is the leadership, statesmen, gravitas and natural leaders around here?
    We have gone from Gorgeous George and The Professor to a glorified P.E teacher in Emery.

    The only leadership being shown around here- is our PedRo- leading this great forum and keeping it topical and dynamic on a daily basis.

    And talking of PedRo- Would it not be something if Chelsea’s Pedro scores the winner against Arsenal in the Losers final- and it costs Emery his job?

    I note – he scored yesterday.

  110. englandsbest

    Would we take Alexis on a free and pay him £250K pa? It would make sense for Man U, just as it would make sense for Arsenal to do something similar with Ozil.

  111. Marc


    Whilst I agree about the lack of gravitas etc we have in modern politicians I don’t think that’s exclusive to the UK.

    There’s a saying that goes along the lines of “people get the politicians they deserve” doesn’t really speak volumes about the current generations does it!

  112. NW9 gooner

    CC just ignore both the Ms. Marco would like Van Dyke, Pepe, et al like all of us dream but we will never go for expensive players given our owners and our supposed lack of funds . I still cannot understand how the lower teams are able to spend more than us .

  113. Champagne Charlie

    I’m confused, are you a big boy in this? Because you’re in the running for biggest child on here. I have a season ticket you whopper, try again. Aww, seems you missed with your superfan tactics. Maybe next time.

    Yea there’s big questions to be asked of the board and Stan still, it’ll be interesting how the summer plays out. You sense we need a lot to fall our way, so CL football would be clutch in boosting the coffers and maybe enticing that odd name that might not have fancied it otherwise.

  114. Marc


    They haven’t – 3rd highest net spend between 14 and 18 and out spent Madrid since 2010.

    Pedro’s quoted this several times. They might not be pleasant facts but that doesn’t change what they are.