Emery DESTROYS Valencia

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Another Europa night, another devastating pummelling of a prestige team.

The big man in charge, Sir Unai Emery, inflicted defeat over Valencia in a pretty poor match at The Emirates.

Unai opted for what some thought was an attacking formation, with some thinking it was defensive. I thought it looked like a 3-5-2 at home, with 7 defensive players on the pitch, with a view to keeping a clean sheet for the second leg. Others thought it looked like a wrecking machine with two strikers and Ozil free to create havoc.

Havoc we created. The opening 20 minutes were straight out of the dustbin. Matteo and Xhaka were all over the place, the defence was getting pulled every which way and there was no intensity to our play. We even managed to concede from a setpiece (which is pretty rare), a long ball to the back post was nodded back into the mixer, Xhaka was nowhere and he was beaten to ball by Diakhaby who headed home.

The Swiss really isn’t fit for purpose… it makes me so sad that when he has a few ok games and all the usual suspects revert back to him being peak-Gilberto when it comes to football enigmas. He’s not. He’s bang average. There is nothing smart in the long-form editorial suck up pieces that lambast social media obsessed millennials who just don’t understand the beautiful game because they can’t see the beauty in Xhaka. Football fans are OBSESSED with other fans who celebrate shit players in militant fashion because it’s so bizarre, you worry you truly are missing something. You’re not. You weren’t with Senderos. You weren’t with Denilson. You’re not with Xhaka. Move on.

Up the other end, 7 minutes later, Lacazette played a perfectly weighted ball to Auba, he cut back and gave his buddy the gift of an open goal from ten yards. What a gentleman. I love those two. If they had a child, it’d be one helluva striker… would probs dress nice too.

7 minutes later, Xhaka showed why the usual suspects menace themselves to bedroom posters of his radar maps. He whipped a beautiful first-time diagonal ball into the box, Lacazette made a yard on his centre back and headed into the ground, the keeper claimed the ball didn’t cross the line but the refs watch buzzed… techhhhhhnology wins again. Xhaka… what a cross, I really think if you ignore the OTT critique of Xhaka, there’s a great player in there, I guess some people just don’t get it.

The second half just didn’t feel particularly smart. We were chasing the third goal and leaving Laurent Kos and Sokratis completely exposed on the counter. It was really tough to watch, Cech kept us in the tie when he denied Kevin Gameiro with a great block. Kos nursed an injury for as long as he could before limping off, we really have to pray he’s going to be ok. That block where he threw his head at a foot late on was something else.

Late on, Kola found Auba at the back post on a tight angle, the ball was struck awkwardly but crept in at the near post. A real shame most fans had gone home by that point. A sad indictment of the fans? The drab football? The Europa League? Who knows.

3-1. That’ll do nicely. £100m worth of strikers to the rescue. Another example of how dependent we are on superhuman finishing.

There’s no point in analysing the game too much. The football was awful, we looked a mess, but we did the job. We’ll shithouse ourselves to the final and then it’s a coin toss… and there’s no manager that knows this trophy as well as Unai.

Whatever my thoughts on his long-term future, watching him twitching out on the sidelines shows how much passion he has for the project. When that third goal landed at the end, he lost his damn mind. It’s great to see. He’s a hard worker, a trophy in his first season would be epic, it’d be even better if we didn’t have to play Chelsea.

Also… does a cup final count as an away game? Answers in the comments.

I’m getting ahead of myself, let’s see if we can go away from home and not concede 3 goals… not as easy as one would think.

Right, see you in the comments you total meltbags xx

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  1. Dissenter

    Wolves and EL will be a bad idea

    I remember Westham and Bilic when they qualified for the EL
    Same as Burnley last season.

    They will be battling to stay afloat next season.

  2. Bamford10


    Yep. I used to advocate pelting him with tomatoes. I was actually reading some of those posts the other day, as I was trying to track down an old comment from years sgo. When I saw those old “tomatoes” posts, I was (on one level) like, “wow, you were really frustrated back then; no wonder AKBs hate you”; on another level I was like, “Goddam right”.

  3. Dissenter

    …but Sessegnon was supposed to be a special player and his age didn’t stop him from tearing up the championship.

  4. Marc


    You’re better off promoting using the tomatoes to make Gazpacho. A) it’s great B) it’ll piss a few off on here – more Spanish stuff!

  5. Un na naai

    There are two things that piss me off beyond belief – 1) agenda’s (other than wanting Arsenal to win) 2) criticising how other fans support the club.

    Mark with a C

    That’s fucking hilarious. Just this week you were goosing into other posters for not attending matches or owning season tickets you fucking numpty


    Being Irish means you lack the comprehension skills to understand what stupid is….. don’t worry, my poor old fella suffers the same affliction.

  6. TR7


    Good arguments ? Apart from him not having won a trophy, what argument do you have against him ? My arguments are clear :

    1. Well defined style with good balance between attack and defense
    2. Optimal utilization of resources and funds
    3. Consistency , not a one season wonder
    4. No glaring tactical weakness
    5. Young talents have grown and flourished under him
    6. Doesn’t panic on the sidelines during a game, looks in control

  7. Victorious

    6. Doesn’t panic on the sidelines during a game, looks in control”

    Hahahaha,you clearly missed your hero having full blown meltdown at Burnley a few weeks back

    Keep up you spud sucking plank

  8. gonsterous

    poch defenders move the goal post more than the Akbs. Emery is shit because he lost the league with PSG, but poch doesn’t get blamed for bottling the year Leicester won. Poch in his five years has improved spurs, but emery hasn’t improved arsenal in his first.

    If you compare pochs first season he performed worse than when he took over. Spurs had a points tally of 72, and then in his first season spuds had 69. Fell one position below too.

    Poch is a good manager but to put him up on a podium and praise him as though he’s done more than what moyes accomplished at everton is over reaching.

  9. Marc


    Wrong if I get into someone for not attending matches it’s because they are either mouthing off about being the greatest supporter in the world or telling someone else how they should follow the club.

    If you read back to earlier I made a reply to Pierre talking about the cost of attending etc and not knowing how people with wives, kids etc can afford it. Pierre said he doesn’t go as often now – fair enough.

    I’ve had a go at CC for claiming to have a ST but can’t say what stand he sits in. Again another full of shit poster.

  10. BacaryisGod

    Looking at our squad compared with last year:

    Goalkeeper: Leno/Cech is a much better combo that Cech/Ospina. That’s an upgrade for both the Premier and Europa Leagues

    Defence: The the only uphill battle faced by Emery was losing Bellerin in January and Kozzer was out until December. Money was wasted on Lichsteiner in the summer but at least we had Maitland-Niles available to make Bellerin’s loss less damaging. Holding only played 9 times last season so although he was off to a decent start before his injury, his absence wasn’t a major loss compared with the year before. Mertesacker barely played last season also and we replaced him with a much stronger option in Sokratis who has largely lived up to expectations.

    Midfield: We added Torreira and Guendouzi who have both impressed at times this season, although the young Frenchman is still raw and was relied upon too heavily this season. It definitely hurt us having Ramsey out for the last few games but we also only had him for 21 out of 38 games last season. There was a hope that Mkhitaryan would kick on after his January arrival but he has been a big disappointment except for a 3-4 game purple patch recently that’s quickly faded. Emery and Ozil butted heads for much of the season but I think most of us understood why Emery took a stand there. Ozil has still been frustrating even since his return to starting regularly.

    Forwards. We had a full season of Lacazette and Aubameyang who have both been mostly excellent all season long . Not having Welbeck has definitely hurt us because he did give us a stronger physical presence. Unfortunately, after some early promise, Iwobi has disappointed out wide.

    One thing that hasn’t changed from last season is that the two players most likely to self-destruct have been heavily featured on the team sheet again this season. Mustafi (29 starts from 36 games) has to go and we desperately need an upgrade to Xhaka(28 starts from 36 games) who can be a valuable squad member but in no way resembles a reliable midfield leader.

  11. Marc

    “3. Consistency , not a one season wonder”

    Well he is consistent in not winning anything and he’s certainly not a one season wonder. He hasn’t managed one season of wonder yet – you’d need a trophy and parade for that.

  12. gambon

    Ryan Sessegnon is the same age as Emile Smith Rowe and Xavier Amaechi

    The fact that he’s playing in the PL weekly is a testament to his quality.

  13. Marko

    Dissenter if you can’t understand the difference between stepping up from the championship to the premiership and the progress needed at 18 to become a great player. It’s funny you’re quick to criticize an 18 year old with obvious talent but want us to sign Mitrovic who at 24 has never shown that he’ll be anything more than a bang average striker

  14. MidwestGun

    Well well well… Poch ain’t looking so Top3. It’s what I’ve been trying to communicate all along.. There aren’t that many Top class managers. Top class meaning guaranteed difference makers. You know they will improve the Club within a year or 2. Maybe 4 or 5 of these managers in the World.

    And Arsenal made the best decision they could at the time with who was available and who wanted the job. There seems to be a narrative that there are a lot of fish in the managerial sea surely we could have done better.. well maybe not. The timing has to be right…. the availability has to be right and the support staff at the Executive level has to be not screwed up. For me Poch and Emery are very similar level managers. Above average but not elite. Finding the next hot stuff manager is not that easy or everyone would be doing it and it’s risky.
    Arsenal fans are not very forgiving that is a fact. And half the fanbase is still pining for something that hasn’t existed for awhile now. Calling for patience… yeah right.
    Anyhow… this season is unreal.. seems like no Club wants to win late in the season.. stumbling to the finish line like sailors on shore leave.

  15. Marko

    don’t worry, my poor old fella suffers the same affliction.

    Yeah talking to you. I feel for the poor bastard

  16. Elmo

    Real shame that Wolves have won. It means that Everton can’t catch them next week vs Spurs, Watford can’t catch them (play Chelsea tomorrow), and Leicester need 2 wins just to match their current tally (but they play City away on Monday, so good chance they’ll have nothing to play for on final day vs Chelsea).

  17. gonsterous

    must say, I’m impressed with the hammers this season. Fighting relegation last season and are almost in the top half of the table this season. Great job by pellegrini.

  18. BacaryisGod

    If we’re all being honest, at least 95% of us would take Guardiola, Klopp and Poch over Emery if offered the choice tomorrow.

  19. Marko

    TR7 again respectfully none of that waffle equates to him being one of 3 best managers in world football. This bit in particular “Consistency , not a one season wonder” is ridiculous considering the failure to legitimately sustain a challenge or win anything is the one true consistent with regards to Poch.

  20. Dissenter

    Marko and Gambon
    You can tell a special player when you see them on the ball.
    Only time will tell if Sessegnon will be good enough but that precocity that he demonstrated before wasn’t replicated this season.

  21. Dissenter

    “If we’re all being honest, at least 95% of us would take Guardiola, Klopp and Poch over Emery if offered the choice tomorrow.

    so what?
    That doesn’t make him one of the top-3 managers in the world, does it?
    That’s the argument at stake.

  22. Joe


    Don’t be sorry for the joke. It was funny. I tried to keep it going with the Sunderland reference

  23. salparadisenyc

    ‘Wolves and EL will be a bad idea’

    I think the Chinese funding the project and Mr. Mendes may disagree with you here Dissenter.

  24. gonsterous

    pep is a cheque book manager. You saw how shit he was in his first season when every one was saying he got found out.
    At the end of the day though, you can coach as much as you can but if you have shit players, the team will self destruct.
    Give pep this arsenal team and he’ll lose the little hair he has left.

  25. BacaryisGod

    Midwest Gun,

    I agree with you mostly but don’t forget that Poch had to deal with absolutely nothing being spent on improving his squad this summer and winter and then the loss of Kane and Son at critical points of the season. A probably 3rd place is still a great achievement and it’s partly a testament to his abilities that their important players have nearly all signed contract extensions.

  26. Marko

    If we’re all being honest, at least 95% of us would take Guardiola, Klopp and Poch over Emery if offered the choice tomorrow

    Yeah probably even though I think if given enough time and 292 million Emery could get us back to taking a shit on Spurs every season.

  27. Bob N16

    Very true Bacary. I always want Spurs to lose but I can still recognise that their manager would be a step up from ours.

  28. BacaryisGod


    No, he’s not Top 3 in the world. I have him in my Top 10, though which would be ahead of Emery.

  29. Victorious

    Even at Wengers worst, he was besting Poch..lol

    That season we peeped them to 2nd on the last day having played some horrible stuff all season was epic

    The man is a serial bottler

    Emery has shown to have more about him in his first season here already

    Outclassed him at home and almost did the double on him if Auba wasn’t such a pygmy.

    Yh top3 manager alright..lol

  30. Victorious


    Jardim was getting Monaco relegated this and as such swiftly saw the sack which prompted the arrival of Henry who’s seriously a total novice in management

    Monaco panicked again and brought back Jardim and rightly still flirting with relegation

    He’s nothing special

  31. MidwestGun

    Hmmm thinking about it honestly.. as you say I’m still not sure I would take Poch. Pep…. Klopp yep… a no brainer wouldn’t even think twice. Even though I remember there were still a lot of Klopp doubters back when he left Dortmund. You could tell he was going to make things happen come hell or highwater.. and yet even he could still end up with not much to show for it at Pool.

    Idk.. If Emery can somehow get top 4 and win the Europa .. it would have to be considered a great accomplishment whether you like him or not. And as an Arsenal fan…. I’m rooting hard for that to happen .. I don’t need a manager that I have to worship just one that gets the job done. If he can’t then… bring on next.

  32. TR7

    Victorious is all over the place. Apparently he doesn’t rate Emery at all but he still has him way ahead of Jardim and Poch.

  33. gambon

    Anyone wish we’d taken a risk and brought Vieira in?

    For a start, it would be nice to have a manager that doesn’t talk complete nonsense.

  34. MidwestGun

    Anyone wish we’d taken a risk and brought Vieira in?
    Yes… but if he would have failed miserably .. I would feel pretty horrible right now.

  35. Dissenter

    Wolves have one of the smallest squad in the league
    They will be absolutely devastated by a EL run that may start in the first week of July.
    It’s happened before like I pointed out.

  36. Marko

    On what basis do you rate Jardim higher?

    He’s clearly done a good job his last few clubs. It’s not his fault that his title winning team was gutted to the point where they’re struggling.

  37. gonsterous


    Anyone wish we’d taken a risk and brought Vieira in?

    lol, like arsenal are hot property. We have a shit youth set up and are broke in terms of how much we can spend in the window.
    You see veira improving this bunch ??

  38. Marko

    Anyone wish we’d taken a risk and brought Vieira in?

    Ahhhh I’m not sure he was ready last summer in all honesty. But he’s showing enough progress that in a year or two I’d absolutely consider him. He’s showing something by actually taken a job unlike Mikel

  39. Dissenter

    Jardim is much better manager than Poch

    Until Poch leaves his comfort zone he won’t get the respect of many

  40. Dissenter

    It was better to keep Vierra away from this hot mess
    Lets clear house then bring in the club legend

    We have a bull crap squad, don’t smear Vierra with it.

  41. salparadisenyc


    Point I was making is they will spend big this summer adding numbers and quality.

    Wolves have the resource and contact.

  42. Marko

    That’s actually a good point. I think Vieira off the back of New York FC taking on the Arsenal job given everything if he failed it might have set his career back quite a bit. At least this way he’s showing progress and taking the necessary steps to get a top job in the future. I’m absolutely all for him coming back home to Arsenal in the future he’s a born leader and winner

  43. Victorious

    Victorious is all over the place. Apparently he doesn’t rate Emery at all but he still has him way ahead of Jardim and Poch”

    Not mutually exclusive mate, don’t seriously rate any of them to the calibre of a proper Arsenal manager taking us back to the top

    Guess who else I rate above the lot?


    Get any of those in and watch us get back to business before you say JS

  44. Dissenter

    That’s what the people asking that we take a “risk” don’t get.
    We had a nasent backroom last summer that was on shifting sand because Gazidis had one leg out.
    That was not the time to be bringing in unproven managers.
    Just “hot sauce” or “pizzaz” they clamored for without understanding that such a manger will require the support that we didn’t have at the time.

  45. Rambo Ramsey

    In no way or form is Potlesstino a better manager than Emery.

    This will become very clear next season.

    Heck he may even somehow finish below Emery this season. Lets see.

  46. Victorious

    Are people screaming Viera because he’s having a good game against a PSG team who’s already on Holidays ?
    How did he fare in the first leg? When there was truly something at stake?
    Don’t get me wrong, I love him as a legend of the club but he’s no way ready yet

    It would be so sad to see the fans baying at him after tanking so badly

  47. Bob N16

    I’d take Vieira in a flash, if he’s willing. Sure, our squad needs massively overhauling but we’ve made a modest start already and 6 upgrades with a coach that sprinkles a little stardust on the club then our progress might be pronounced.

    The additional benefit of a new coach might be that Kroenke might release more funds for a project that he has confidence in, with Emery I don’t see that happening.

  48. Marc

    Putting special sauce on rotten meat might hide the taste for a while but you’ll still end up throwing your guts up in the end.

    The special sauce is the finishing touch but the rest of the dish needs good ingredients to make it a winner.

  49. MidwestGun

    We have a bull crap squad, don’t smear Vieira with it.
    Pretty much how I feel about it. Maybe if our Executive suite or Owner were better at communicating what exactly we are doing other then trying to make them money then maybe but chances are he would have struggled. Then like I said I would feel awful about it. Hope he continues to progress .. And we get the ship stabilized and then he is ready after next season.. Best case scenario… win/win.

  50. Globalgunner

    Neil Warnock. Im gonna miss him. Best interview provider since Gordon Strachan and cannae hear a word that man ever said.

  51. Bamford10


    “If we’re all being honest, at least 95% of us would take Guardiola, Klopp and Poch over Emery if offered the choice tomorrow.”

    Right, but this isn’t where the divide lies. The divide is over the question of who or what is responsible for our recent run of poor results (prior to Valencia, that is).

    One camp says it’s down to an inadequate manager (whatever the squad’s weaknesses may be); the other says it’s down to an inadequate squad (whatever the manager’s weaknesses may be). I’m in the latter camp.

    I too would obviously take Pep and Klopp over Emery, and I might take Pochettino over Emery as well. All of that, however, is completely beside the point at the moment.

  52. Pierre

    I have a feeling that the Norwich City manager ( Daniel Farke) has that something special.
    I am interested to see how his team tries to play next season in the prem.

    They sold their best player Maddison, and went on to top the division playing quality football.

  53. Bob N16

    Bamford I agree that there may be a divide but surely our recent results have been a combination of playing games every 3/4 days, an inadequate squad and a manager who appears to be tinkering like a good un.

    Creating a binary narrative is definitely a contemporary way of considering things. Surely it’s shades of grey?

  54. Chris

    It’s very poetic regarding thoughts of Vieira and I would love to see it at some point, when he is ready.

    As others have mentioned though, I would hate to see him receive abuse from ‘fans’ should things go sour and that is always a big concern with club legends coming back to manage us.

    It may happen with Solskjaer and Man Utd at some point next season if he can’t improve things for them.

  55. Victorious

    I honestly think we should start putting the groundworks in for Nuno before chavs or utd nab him
    Guy has taken Wolves from championship to top7 in EPL
    Guy is dripping with sauce and waiting to explode
    If Emery fails to deliver CL he should take a hike and let’s have some Nuno

  56. Bamford10

    As obvious as it seems to many that Bacary is right to say the squad is better this season than it was last — and thus that Emery has had more to work with than Wenger had last season — I think I can actually dispute this claim (or at least temper it a little).

    It will take a bit of time to do, but the underlying point I would make is that if you factor in injuries and aging, and if you look at the first 15 players available to both managers in, say, the first week of September, the first week of December, the first week of January and the first week of April, you might find that Wenger had equal quality available to him last season as Emery has had this.

    I will have to do a bit of research to lay this out, though. Note, btw, that if I do try to make this argument, I will be doing so not to defend Emery per se; I will be doing it because I think most people’s intuition on this point may be wrong and because I think it is an interesting question.

  57. Marko

    The additional benefit of a new coach might be that Kroenke might release more funds for a project that he has confidence in, with Emery I don’t see that happening.

    You’re suggesting that he’d release more funds and believe in Vieira instead of Emery? Interesting piss take that

  58. MidwestGun

    I don’t know Bamford is it really that interesting? Our squad last season wasn’t very good either. We finished 6th. To me it’s comparing rotten apples from one season to rotten apples from the last season. You might want to eat the apple from this season cuz it’s only slightly rotten. But you really don’t want either one.

  59. Up 4 grabs now

    Spurs being spursey, and people still saying poch is the dogs bollocks.

    The only reason why the spuds are where they are is because arsenal have been a mess the last decade and have been falling, Utd the same, even Chelsea appointed the wrong manager this year.which has affected there position.

    The spuds had a clear run at third and are still struggling.
    Take Kane out of there side and there a top eight to ten team.

    Poch still hasn’t won anything, when he does then proclaim him the new special one.

    You can have a balanced team, you can be there or there abouts every year, you can have a better hair style and kiss arse to the press, but at the end of the day it’s about winning things.

    Don’t get me started on klopp either!

  60. Joe


    Hey now. Don’t you start on Klopp

    You know how many hugs and high 5 he gives.

    He’s probably top 1 in the world.

    And you know how many “points” they have?!?!!

  61. Up 4 grabs now


    I’d rather steal wolves chief scout for players.
    And didn’t Burnley finish seventh last season, we wasn’t clambering to sign up Sean dyche!

  62. Radio Raheem

    Leno is certainly an improvement on last season’s squad. Sokratis and the other newbies to a lesser extent. That doesn’t negate the positive impact Emery has had on the squad. Players like Bellerin and Holding, until their injuries, attained a level of consistency in their performance they hadn’t the year before.

    Leno has always had potential to be a great goalie but prone to the odd clanger. That was his reputation before Arsenal. Think we can do away with that perception now.

    AMN and Iwobi have improved and are decent squad players.

    Ramsey has shown greater maturity/discipline in his play.

    Put these together and you find a manager having a positive influence on the squad

    I don’t know where this ‘sauce’ thing has come from but if it’s meaning is only applicable to the new then it should be done away with. Emery has this ‘sauce’ it’s why he was plucked from Almeria. And as much as some weirdos like to belittle his achievement with Sevilla it certainly shows a lot of ‘sauce’ as no one else has been able to replicate it. I don’t think a club Sevilla’s size can do any better.

    My preference before Emery was appointed was Jardim. This was on the basis of Jardim winning a league against all odds and his tactical flexibility. He has successfully played attacking football one season then gone defensive the next.

    People need to do their research on why things have gone sour at Monaco.

  63. Up 4 grabs now


    In some ways I feel a bit sorry for him, record points and city are still in front, any other year apart from last year and this and they romp the league.

    Just can’t stand the bindippers, also how many cup finals has he lost, and like poch still not one anything in four years if city don’t slip up.
    He does like a high five though!

  64. Un na naai


    The squad was better last season no doubt.
    Giroud, ox Theo, Wilshere, cazorla and Sanchez all gone
    Only Wilshere got regular playing time though. The rest were either benched, injured or sold. Had we kept all those players we would be 3rd already and certainly would have many more points than we currently do.

  65. Ishola70


    ” If we make Top 4, it will only because others have choked too.”

    Wenger made the top four because of failures of others as well in his time.

  66. Bamford10


    Right, but there are many here who think Emery has had more quality available to him simply because he added four players in the summer. As sensible as this might seem, I think a closer inspection might prove this assumption wrong. Secondly, this claim is going to be central to the anti-Emerylot’s future arguments against him. “He had a better squad; of course he did better.”

    So, yes, I think it’s an interesting question.

  67. Bob N16

    Not a piss take Marko, I’m giving my opinion – something you do, so very often on a daily basis. You’d know if I was taking the piss.

    My view is that to convince a manager to take on the project that Arsenal obviously is, Kroenke’s team might have to sweeten the deal by being more ‘generous’ with the transfer budget. Vieira, like a lot of prospective coaches would see the deficiencies in the squad and explain how these could be remedied by reasonable funding.

    I feel that Emery, apart from being unemployed, was attractive to Kroenke by not insisting on, what most of us recognised as being needed, a substantial budget. This obviously supposition on my part but ‘piss take’……?

  68. Bamford10

    Uh oh. Don has gone ahead and contradicted one pillar of the anti-Emery camp’s arguments against Emery, i.e., he’s had a better squad than Wenger had.

    Don – So Emery has done better with a weaker squad? Good to know. You make a good argument for Emery.

  69. Up 4 grabs now


    Wenger flukes it the year spurs had a dodgy lasagna.
    Apart from that he never had to really deal with five other teams.
    Spurs were average, city didn’t exist until 5-6 years ago. And the bindippers were all over the show.
    Occasionally Everton threatens but never really close..

  70. Un na naai


    Yes. You know I feel we sold off too many valuable players, players many here said were dross.
    I don’t subscribe to a partisan viewpoint to fit in.
    That said only Wilshere of the players mentioned plagued
    The rest were benched or sold so they were of very little use to us.

  71. Up 4 grabs now

    Un Na,

    The squad was better last season no doubt.
    Giroud, ox Theo, Wilshere, cazorla and Sanchez all gone
    Had we kept all those players we would be 3rd already and certainly would have many more points than we currently do.

    We aren’t third because of Xhaka and mustafi, otherwise third would have been sewn up by now.

    And those players that have left have done virtually nothing last season, and for there new clubs this year nothing as well.

  72. Ishola70

    It’s all failure.

    Whether you don’t get near top four with being a big club like Liverpool or whether you get close but fail.

    These teams are failing if they are “choking”.

    In fact choking is the wrong term Bacary used.

    Choking should only be applied to good teams.

    Chelsea, Man United and Spurs are not good teams at this present time. Spurs over-rated as far as EPL goes.

  73. Marko

    Bob my mistake I thought you were actually taking the piss when you suggested that Stan would be convinced and back Vieira which is to suggest that he’s not convinced by trophy laden Emery

  74. Ishola70

    That Palace game if they carry on like that it will be a cricket score by the end.

    In the last part of the half Palace looked like they could score every time they attacked.

  75. Radio Raheem

    Hate to admit as an Arsenal fan but spuds are a good side. I was one of the few (if not the only one) on here who thought they’d have a good season without signing players last summer. Thankfully, that’s come back to bite them in the arse. Injuries and fatigue I feel has derailed their season lately. That said to be playing CL semis the season they move into their new stadium is something (and worth some of the Poch hype).

  76. Champagne Charlie

    “I’ve had a go at CC for claiming to have a ST but can’t say what stand he sits in. Again another full of shit poster.“

    I can’t? I absolutely can I simply won’t, certainly not to some jumped up knob clicking his fingers and demanding answers over the internet.

    I couldn’t care less if you don’t believe me, that’s your issue though so kindly fuck off with the rest of your pathetic ‘what I say goes’ rhetoric. Might work when you’re battering the wife, but doesn’t wash with anyone else.

  77. Champagne Charlie


    Disagree, I think Zaha is the best player outside the top 6. Surround him with more quality and he’s a nightmare out wide with space.

  78. Un na naai


    I disagree. You keep those guys fit and playing regularly and there’s all sorts of variety there
    This were the guys who kept us between 2nd-4th. You add extra quality defensively (Torreira, Leno, papa and a couple more) and a top goal scorer and that squad competes.

  79. Samesong

    Zaha is excellent in dribbling in tight spaces also. Definitely underrated on here.

    I get it flopped at Manchester but he’s a London lad through and through. Knows the prem also.

    The guys mustard. Always terrorizes us too.

  80. Up 4 grabs now

    Un Na,

    None of them were good enough last year for us, and have gone on to other teams this year and have done nothing, barring Santi.

    Would love to have kept him as we missed him so much for two years but after being bitten so many times with long term perma crocks we had to let him go.

  81. Elmo

    With Vieira being mentioned, credit to Sol, who has kept Macclesfield up, despite taking over when they were in all kinds of trouble.

    If he can do better next season, then get a Championship job and succeed there, then he could enter the Arsenal manager conversation in 4 or 5 years.

  82. Champagne Charlie


    I’m a big fan mate, you can go to a big club too early and get spat out, happens. He’s 26, tall, strong, fast, unbelievably tricky, and decisive. Would be a hell of a signing imo.

    He also knows the league and the city. Can see him staying here and maybe landing at Spurs unfortunately

  83. TR7


    No doubt Zaha if signed will be an upgrade on Iwobi and Mikhi and perhaps for that reason I will take him too but he is prone to overdoing his dribbling a bit and becoming much of a soloist. If we can get a player who has pace and dribbling but also intelligence that will help us more.

  84. Champagne Charlie


    I think that’s him playing to the fact he’s 90% of Palaces attack, he likely feels he needs to do it all himself. If he can integrate what he has with a good side he’d be deadly

  85. G8

    It works both ways imo Brighton might not have anything to play for tomorrow and they play better without fear or stress, other way they might be in panic mode and shit themselves Every time the ball in their box..
    Bottom line Arsenal has to be up for it and win the game at all costs..
    1/3 now ..it’s over for Cardiff and the very likable warnock

  86. Dissenter

    “I’m a big fan mate, you can go to a big club too early and get spat out, happens.”

    You know this applies to young or untested managers too…right?

    cough…cough. ARTETA

  87. Un na naai

    Up 4

    They were woefully mismanaged by wenger in his final two seasons. With defensive reinforcements and a top striker that was a team capable of winning titles

  88. Champagne Charlie


    Yea I’m aware thanks.

    Flawless argument you have there, suppose the idea is to never buy young talent in case it flunks? That seems smart.

  89. Ishola70

    “No doubt Zaha if signed will be an upgrade on Iwobi and Mikhi and perhaps for that reason I will take him too but he is prone to overdoing his dribbling a bit and becoming much of a soloist. If we can get a player who has pace and dribbling but also intelligence that will help us more.”

    I think what you mean is he doesn’t have the real poise and the cuteness of a real top class player.

    Plenty of times he is undisciplined in his play.

    When it all comes together for him of course he looks great.

  90. Marko

    My only issue with Zaha is the price. For the 30-40 million it’d take to get him you could get the likes of Lozano you could get Chuckwese and Fornals from Villarreal. Hell Brandt is going for 25 million. Even given the hoopla around Havertz and Pepe you wouldn’t be paying that much more than 40 million for them

  91. Dissenter

    Palace will want big big money for Zaha
    The penalties he gets them keeps them up. I’ll fear for Palace’s league status next season without Zaha.

  92. Dissenter

    I’m not sure how Zaha will perform when the team isn’t built around his trickery to get penalty kicks awarded.

  93. Dissenter

    Honestly it doesn’t matter whether Brighton are safe enough.
    It’s all on us
    It’s one thing to expect good results in other games [away from our control], another to expect the opposition team we are playing to fold easily.

  94. Ishola70

    If they don’t beat Brighton at home then it will be a horror result.

    Far worse than getting spanked at Wolves and Leicester.

  95. TR7


    ‘I think what you mean is he doesn’t have the real poise and the cuteness of a real top class player.’

    Yeah, that’s my concern. Imagine a front 3 of Auba, Laca and Zaha – zero coordination and link up play. Liverpool play Firmino along with Salah and Mane for better coordination among the three forwards. City attack is on a different level altogether with Bernardo Silva in it – a player who can not only dribble but also has real footballing intelligence and poise.

  96. Receding Hairline

    Not beating palace at Home was a horror result. I thought my kid brother had lost his mind when he told me the scores, watching the highlights later and seeing what we offered as defending explained it.

  97. Valentin

    Brighton being safe could go either way for us. They could just go on holiday and be hammered at the Emirates. Or it could free them and inspire them to play well. I still fancy us to beat them by a few goals.

  98. Alex James

    Dreadful performance, and we are losing Aaron. Whoever is managing our club must be on something weird. I have had some bad days supporting Arsenal over 60 plus years. Right now I feel I have been catapulted back to the 1960s. Difficult to find anything to cheer about. Valencia at their place may well frighten the life out of this bunch of softies. Oh well, time to open a new bottle.