Will top 4 stop the rot?

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Well, the good news is no team in the top 6 really fancies the Champions League next season. United and Chelsea shared a point, leaving the run into Europe in the hands of someone else’s fuck up, but at least it’s not over for us.

Chelsea has to play Watford at home then Leicester away, apparently two VERY tough teams.

However, United has Cardiff and Huddersfield. 6 points even OGS shouldn’t struggle for.

We have to go away to Burnley and we have Brighton at home. Can you see us clocking in two wins? I’m struggling, but hey, crazier things have happened.

The reality is this: Emery always wanted to win the Europa League.

That’s his thing. He doesn’t seem to care much for the top 4 race. Maybe hard trophies mean more to him than faux ones. I honestly find it baffling, his best chance was winning at home to Palace… and by flunking that, he set the wheels in motion for a Premier League car crash.

What is totally amazing to me is that he came into Arsenal with a very aggressive PR push on his legendary video analysis. I’d like to know what’s going on in those sessions. We have played three different formations in three games. None has given us anything remotely interesting. We dominated possession against Wolves and played right into their counter-attacking hype. We gifted Leicester a whole games worth of space just in front of our box when they had Vardy’s pace to release, with Tielemans and Maddison free to pick us apart. He must have noticed that Palace are absolute beasts, so he opted for MG (19) and ME (not good) in the centre of midfield with Jenks and Mustafi in the same side.

We’ve lost 4 of the last 5 games… and we only beat Watford because Deeney took a card and Leno had a worldie.

The only game we’ve reserved any sauce for has been Napoli.

The trophy we’re most interested in is the Europa League where we’ll have to beat Chelsea in a coin toss of a match in Baku. I’m not sure whether I fancy us based on current form, I have to say. The only thing tipping it our way is Emery is a master of this cup and Sarri has never won a trophy. Chelsea have been getting better though, I don’t think it’ll be a cake walk.

This season is on a knife edge. It could go gloriously, and we could sneak into the Champions League and everyone will completely forget about the season we’ve just had. Or it could all go to shite and the narrative that will carry is that there was no way any other manager could have helped those players rise to the occasion.

I can’t have that, no one can say the team isn’t good enough for top 4 now. That is an unacceptable opinion. We are 4 points from 3rd with 2 games to go. We are 2 points from 4th. As I’ve maintained all season, we are more than good enough to make that position ours, and the reason we might not make it has a lot to do with poor judgment.

One clean sheet away from home in an entire season is an abomination. You are doing something wrong to carry a record like that. It’s also not the first time Emery has had an issue like this, he didn’t win a single game away from home in his final season at Sevilla.

I had people writing stories about my identity complaints back in October.

‘It’s too early, give him time’

We’re in April and the football is so drab. We have nice moments in spits and spurts, but there’s so little joy in the way we play, even when we have a good game.

We’re finishing the season in a bigger mess than we started. It is very difficult to explain that away. We should be watching a better brand of football. The defence should be much stronger. We should be pressing in a disciplined fashion. We should be fighting every minute of every game. His early season manifesto of ideas should be bearing fruit.

That’s not happening.

We’re scared. We give teams like Leicester so much respect that they savage us. We are not the protagonists. We’re not even being pragmatic. The Leicester game was just out and out fear. We couldn’t even park the bus. I will repeat this, I have never seen an Arsenal player point to the clock 1 minute before halftime to sooth his teammates… against Leicester! We are defending terribly, on for conceding 50+ goals. Everton, Leicester, Palace, Wolves and Newcastle have conceded less.

Factor in some of our baffling moves with rotation… like playing away at BATE and Rennes with very strong first teams and losing… and then opting for incredibly weak teams against Palace and Everton and losing. We even played Aaron Ramsey at Blackpool in the FA Cup away, and Vorskla, not great preservation for an injury prone player. None of these decisions sit particularly well with me.

The sad thing is I like Emery. I hear he’s incredibly focused on winning behind the scenes. He’s trying to be the fans manager. He’s trying to implement new ideas, flexible formations, and he wants to protect the players. He made us a force in some of the big games, but that underdog spirit he used to eek results out of those games seems to have crept into the mentality when we play midtable teams. Our away form has singled us out as weak and we’ve had no answer for it.

… but it’s all about Europa for the manager, and if he succeeds, we’ll forget the realities of what’s actually going on, but that won’t halt the march to mediocrity I’m afraid. The next level will not be found under this regime. Question is, how long will it take Raul to suss it out?

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  1. Emiratesstroller

    Midwest Gun

    Yes Mkhitaryan is useless and should be offloaded. Sadly his £180 K salary makes that difficult.

    The reality is that Emery was forced to play him because both Ozil and Ramsey were out injured.

    Arsenal’s current shortcomings as I have already stated today are the limited
    resources currently available in our squad due to poor recruitment, injuries
    suspensions and the fixture scheduling.

    Yes Emery has made some poor tactical decisions as well, but that is not the
    problem in last 3 games. We haven’t got good enough players available.

    Let’s be honest we were in a strong position to qualify for a top 4 position. Would any other manager have gambled on playing untested youth players
    in the position we were in post Napoli game?

    Now if I was the manager with little likelihood of qualifying in top 4 I would
    introduce some of the younger players such as Saka and Nkietah for remaining EPL games.

  2. MidwestGun

    Yes Mkhitaryan is useless and should be offloaded. Sadly his £180 K salary makes that difficult.
    I know.. Your supposed to make me feel better E-stroller. I would be very disappointed if he started Thursday though.

  3. Redtruth

    Emery’s last season in charge of PSG 2017-18

    Ligue 1: Winners
    Trophée des Champions: Winners
    Coupe de France: Winners
    Coupe de la Ligue: Winners
    Champions League: Last 16 Round

    Tuchel 2018-19

    Ligue 1: Winners
    Trophee des Champions: Winners
    Coupe de France: Runners-Up
    Coupe de la Ligue: Quarter-Finals
    Champions League: Last 16 Round

    Come back Emery all is forgiven.

  4. Jay

    People say: Emery is a good tactician, he’s different to Wenger and make early subs. So what? Does it help us being any better? Look at Klopp. His team always play the same football. I have few mates who are Liverpool fans and say there is no plan b in their team, maybe there isn’t, maybe they won’t win EPL, maybe they won’t win CL, but my God what a joy Liverpool fans have watching their team since Klopp took over, and this is the difference between good and average manager/coach

  5. salparadisenyc


    Why don’t we do Emery’s first season in charge vs Tuchel’s first season in charge, less convenient I know.

  6. Bamford10


    “[Wenger] certainly left a squad needing work, but this isn’t on him.”

    Huh? What is Emery working with other than the squad Wenger left him? Four players: Sokratis, Torreira, Leno & Guendouzi. The rest, including the most problematic players in the squad — Mustafi, Xhaka, Ozil, Iwobi, Elneny — were all signed by Arsene Wenger. Aside from four players, the squad Emery is working with is Wenger’s work.

    As for the money Emery can spend, this is limited by the woeful wage bill Wenger left him and it is also limited by the fact that Wenger spent a BOATLOAD of money — and spent it on players who are not good enough. Mustafi and Xhaka both cost 35m; neither is good enough. Neither are many of the other players Wenger signed and wasted money on.

    In what world is our current situation not largely on Wenger? Most of what we are dealing with is the direct result of his decisions. This is obvious. The man has left the building, but the consequences of his decisions are very much with us.

  7. Redtruth

    Emery 2016-17 season

    Ligue 1: Runners-Up
    Trophee des Champions: Winners
    Coupe de France: Winners
    Coupe de la Ligue: Winners
    Champions League: Last 16 Round

    Come back Emery all is forgivrn

  8. Dissenter

    Wenger eagle
    Leicester starting 11 vs Arsenal starting 11 on Sunday
    Which club had the better back-4?
    Which club had the better midfield?
    Which club actually has wide players?
    The forward line, maybe we edge it because Laca and Auba are better
    The goalkeepers? … draw

    There’s no whopper there, just hard talking

  9. gambon

    This season is all on Emery.

    Emery chose to give our entire squad a chance, despite most of us fans knowing with certainty that Mustafi, Kolasinac, Maitland-Niles, Elneny, Xhaka, Mykhitaryan and Iwobi were trash.

    Emery chose to go into the season with 2 strikers that can’t play together, rather than cashing in on one to raise funds for a wide player.

    Emery chose to sign the useless Denis Suarez when the superb Youri Tielemans was available on loan.

    Emery chose to repeatedly change formation from game to game, giving the players no chance to get used to any one system.

    Emery has presided over 4 defeats in 5 games, all against weaker teams.

    The Emery fan boys are acting like we have just lost to City, Liverpool and Chelsea.

    We have been beaten, and well beaten by Palace, Wolves and Leicester.

    As well as being beaten, we have comprehensively been outplayed.

    We are on course to concede the same number of goals, with less clean sheets.

    We have conceded more shots on goal than ever under Wenger, had less shots than ever, and created less big chances than ever.

  10. Bamford10


    Given he had never trained this squad, and given he managed in La Liga not the PL, it isn’t unreasonable that he wanted to see what he really had before selling some of these players. I agree that we would have been better off selling a lot of these players in the summer, but to criticize him for not doing so is a little unfair, I think.

  11. Bamford10


    “The Emery fan boys are acting like we have just lost to City, Liverpool and Chelsea.”

    There are no “Emery fan boys,” and some of the teams we’ve lost to fielded better XIs than we did.

    Emery may not be a genius, but he is working with a piss poor squad.

  12. gambon


    If it’s so piss poor, how did we beat Spurs, Chelsea, UTD, Napoli?

    I don’t remember you dismissing the Emery effect after these wins.

    It seems to be Emerys influence when we win, and the squads fault when we lose.

  13. gambon


    USB Curbishley said he knew every Arsenal player inside out, yet clearly didn’t realise how limited Kolasinac, Maitland-Niles, Mustafi, Xhaka, Iwobi and Mykhitaryan were.

    It’s become more and more obvious that he just blagged a presentation in order to get a £6m pa job that he’s nowhere near ready for.

  14. WengerEagle


    You’re getting carried away with a performance and it’s silly.

    If you’re telling me that you’re a gaffer tomorrow and you have the option to take over this Arsenal squad or Leicester’s that you’re really picking Leicester?

    If Leicester have a better side than us then wtf are they doing 15-20 odd points below us?

  15. WengerEagle

    We’re lowering the bar so low and moving the goalposts so far with Emery now that it’s apparently acceptable to be plowed by Leicester because they’ve a better side than us.

    Cringe stuff.

  16. Redtruth

    “If it’s so piss poor, how did we beat Spurs, Chelsea, UTD, Napoli?”

    Teams in which you gave Arsenal not a cat in hell’s chance of beating……

  17. Dissenter

    “It’s become more and more obvious that he just blagged a presentation in order to get a £6m pa job that he’s nowhere near ready for.”

    Are you the dude that showed up for a 6.5 million p.a job interview without proper preparation?
    At that level, EVERY candidate would profess a deep knowledge of the squad.
    Would you have gone in and stated otherwise?

  18. salparadisenyc

    Agree Eagle

    The goals post sink, many blaming Wenger’s squad for Emery’s daft management.
    Gambon summed it up nicely right there.

  19. Bamford10


    One, are you seriously trying to argue that this squad is not piss poor?

    Two, you’re making a lot of apples to oranges comparisons there. We won many of those matches at home, not away, and we had a number of key players available in those matches, such as Ramsey, who were not available to Emery more recently.

    Three, this notion that if you beat a Napoli you should beat a Leicester City or a Watford is laughable. Napoli may be better technically than LC or Watford, but that doesn’t make them the harder match for the current Arsenal team. Given our lack of pace and athleticism, we’re often better off against slower-playing, more technical teams than we are against faster-playing, more athletic teams. In some ways, Leicester City and Watford might be harder matches for us, especially away. The game is a bit more complicated than your simplifications would have it.

  20. Redtruth

    gambon is full of contradictions.
    He says we would shit ourselves against Spurs and Man Utd and now he is using those very same teams to justify his meaningless point.

  21. Bamford10

    “more than happy to sing Emery’s praises then when we were producing results”

    Except no one currently arguing against you lot has spent much time singing Emery’s praises. See the flip-flipping crowd for that.

    I have rarely if ever “sung Emery’s praises” this season, but I also don’t buy these super lazy criticisms of him.

  22. gambon


    If we had beaten Palace at home we would be odds on for 4th.

    So clearly the squad can’t be that bad.

    Why are you trying to imply this week has been anything other than a massive capitulation?

    And I’m not saying if you beat Napoli you should beat Leicester

    I’m saying if you beat Napoli, and find yourself in the driving seat for CL football, you shouldn’t fucking collapse to 3 defeats in a week.

    There’s a huge difference between losing a game and losing 3 games in 7 days to lower level teams.

    And there’s an even bigger gap to being utterly outplayed and spanked 3 times in 7 days by lower level teams.

    We haven’t had a bad day, we haven’t faced a world class team, we have been destroyed 3 times in a row to inferior teams.

  23. gambon


    You want me to go back and find your predictions post, where you said we would win 10 of our last 11 games?

    What was it…easy wins against Everton, Palace, Leicester?


  24. salparadisenyc

    Emery set us up away to Leicester like we were facing the fucking Army of the dead. As if Rodgers is Cruyff.

    Thats unforgivable.

  25. bennydevito

    “If Leicester have a better side than us then wtf are they doing 15-20 odd points below us?”

    Previous bad managers prior to Brenda. If Brenda had been in charge all season I expect Leicester would be a damn sight closer to us.

    Chilwell, Maguire and Pereira are better defenders than what we have.

    Choudary, Tielemans and Maddison are better midfielders than what we have and Vardy is a better striker than what we have.

    That’s 7 players out of our starting 11 better than what we have.

  26. WengerEagle

    We did gambon and suggesting otherwise is asinine.

    People are going so far the other way to exonerate Emery’s inability to produce better than Wenger, you’re in a roundabout way virtually making the argument that even in Wenger’s final season that he overachieved with the league finish and EL SF given that the players are so hopeless in the squad.

  27. WengerEagle

    Sorry Benny but that’s up there with your Iwobi praise in ridiculousness.

    Leicester do not have better players than us, Tielemans stank the gaf out at Monaco all season and is going through a purple patch of form, no way are Choudry or Madison anything other than average PL players.

    People say that Ozil, Xhaka and Mhik are shit and they are well below the calibre of player that we need to compete but fuck me, they’re better than people are giving them credit for.

    You’d swear we are talking about mid table players here, these are seasoned internationals ffs.

    Nobody was making these excuses for AW.

  28. Words on a Blog

    Wenger E,

    Haven’t seen enough of Choudary, but from what I’ve seen of Madison, he is certainly just a wee bit more than an average PL player. I’d be delighted if we was one of ours.

    I think most neutrals and pundits think pretty highly of him too.

  29. WengerEagle

    How so Bamford, based on which metrics?

    Points? We have 3 more points than last season’s tally and 9 points less than 2016/17 with just two games left where we finished 5th with largely the same group of players.

    Spending 70 million on new additions to the side as well as implementing his overall managerial impact on the side, wouldn’t you expect more than a 3-9 [would be amazed if we went to Burnley and won with how we’ve played away from home] point improvement?

    And the same tally as 2 years ago.

  30. Champagne Charlie

    “If Wenger couldn’t execute his own vision how the hell is a complete stranger meant to do it??!!Loooooooooollll!!!! Priceless. 🤣“

    Good grief you managed to miss the point by such a wide margin I debated whether to even respond.

    Wenger got sacked because he couldn’t, he didn’t get the “it’s the players” garbage being spouted that Emery is enjoying – despite producing the same performance level. Get it yet?

    Nah there’s not been any “blank slate” shit, there’s just some pushback from me on this idea of Arsenal being absolute poverty and aids. Emery took over an imbalanced squad, that’s his hand, he’s proceeded to do absolutely nothing of note with it.

    The club themselves also had licence to go firesale on some names and detach from the previous sentimental offerings of Weng, but that didn’t happen. We started the season patting Welbz and Rambo on the back saying it’s all good guys, maybe sign a contract mid season…or you know, leave for nothing.

    The club was at a low ebb, but Arsenal are not a fucking mid table offering like some complete whoppers will have you swallow after 12 months of Emery kicking the can.

  31. Champagne Charlie

    “Except that Emery has done better than Wenger.“

    Hahaha pull the other one. Taking about tragic commentary today with pearlers like that?

    If it was Wengers name on the door you and the rest would be screaming for his head. Arsehole caved in by mid table clubs, away record so bad it’s worth ignoring altogether, defence leaking 50+ goals.

    But no, it’s Emery and instead of facing the realities and saying he’s average, you’re using his failure in an attempt to draw it back to Wenger absolutely. No matter the hand he was dealt, he should’ve shown miles more than he has this season. He’s been tripe.

  32. WengerEagle

    ‘The club was at a low ebb, but Arsenal are not a fucking mid table offering like some complete whoppers will have you swallow after 12 months of Emery kicking the can.’

    Mate I’m in stitches here at the idea that we’re inferior to Leicester City and that what we saw yesterday was the simply result of a better side running rampant against a weaker opponent and that it was out of Emery’s control, no more no less.

    Makes the results/performances against Napoli, Spurs, United and Chelsea look like minor miracles if that’s the case, we’re not worthy of a coach of Emery’s genius orchestrating that many giant-killings.

  33. Champagne Charlie


    Oh don’t mate, never ceases to amaze me the depths people will sink to orchestrate a pov. I also hear Wolves have a better side than us, newly promoted Wolves 😂

    It’s just the pure hysterics from some to make this about Wenger every chapter and verse. Like Wenger can be shite and Emery can be no better, it isn’t an either or. Some folk just unable to swallow this season and resorting to a complete overhaul of the landscape to make it fit.

    The squad is mid table, Emery is desperately unlucky, you can’t name anyone that would’ve done better etc. Give me peace, the guys been duff, we can move on for crying out loud, it’s not end of an era.

  34. MidwestGun

    eople say that Ozil, Xhaka and Mhik are shit and they are well below the calibre of player that we need to compete but fuck me, they’re better than people are giving them credit for.
    Mhik is terrible sorry … You should know better Eagle you are acting as if players stay steady in their performance year on year. You know they don’t.. And Ozil.. well…. He is so sickly now as to be almost useless. Can hardly even count on him as to be part of the squad. Maybe he is trying to break Diaby’s record.

    Xhaka has always been a liability as well. but I will give you he is above average passer below average defender. And he at least is a goal scoring threat.
    Also your talking about 3 of our highest paid players and what exactly do we get out of them? If you ask me they get the credit they deserve.

  35. WengerEagle


    That’s what I don’t get either, any suggestions at new take overs are met with contempt because of Emery’s perceived lack of time and resources, well he’s been given a full season and has spent 70 million on 4 new players which isn’t nothing [also brought in Lichtsteiner who was a complete non-entity, we have to be up there as the worst clubs for picking up freebies, I mean Milner was a fucking freebie for Liverpool] and we are virtually in the exact same place as we were under AW last year who was literally at least 6-7 years past his expiry date.

    Even our 2016/17 season under AW in the PL was better than this one if you’re going by points, GD, away record and were piss poor that season too.

    Last season was historically bad to the point it looked like we were borderline tanking and the players had completely given up on AW, we were literally losing every other week away from home.

    And yet with 70 million of fresh additions, and what Emery brings to the table on a daily basis in terms of tactical ideas, motivation, man-management and implementing his blueprint on the club we are a whopping 3 points better off than last season with 2 matches left.

    How much longer will we have to wait to see if he’s up to the job at hand, the summer/start of the new season, all of next season?

    I mean Liverpool and Citeh are only going to get even stronger with young cores and ample resources to improve while United are going to have a complete squad overhaul, fully expect Chelsea to as well while Spurs have a really solid young core and will benefit from their CL run financially.

    We’re in danger of being left miles behind if we piss away another season.

    It’s harsh but I just haven’t seen enough [if any] improvement from Emery on last season’s efforts to merit placing my faith behind him as the man to take this club the right way forward. Winning the EL is a must at this stage for him otherwise the season’s been a complete write-off and rinse, repeat we’ve pissed another year away.

  36. WengerEagle


    Mate I was talking from the POV that they’re worse players than a PL side finishing midtable, they’re not. They’re not being motivated properly because we’ve all seen them play better than they are. I watched Ozil heavily involved in soundly beating Napoli at home only a couple of weeks back, he’s not some bog standard midtable player.

    AW lost the dressing room and let anarchy fester due to his gross negligence and inability to motivate/extract anything more out of players, well Emery hasn’t exactly succeeded in this department himself.

    We have enough to be beating Leicester/Wolves/Palace/Everton and more than enough to at the very least be giving them all a competitive game, we’ve conceded 10 goals in those 4 defeats alone only racking up 3 goals, that’s inexcusable in my book.

  37. Nelson

    This Sunday, Chelsea will play host to Watford at 14:00 and we play host to Brighton at 16:30 If Chelsea is leading by 2 or more goals in the first half, we may as well field our youngsters for our game and rest up for the return leg in Spain. Unless we have a bad result on Thursday, we might as well put higher priority on the European league. I don’t feel confident to play away to Burnley.

  38. Champagne Charlie


    It’s no harsh imo, it’s modern football. You don’t get the to operate as a slow burn if you’re on 6 mil pa, bringing in your own team of coaches/staff, and spending 70 mil on squad additions (not replacements). Even more so when you’ve not laid out what we’re going to look like, or how we’re going to traverse the coming season/s to reach our goals.

    We’ve done as you say for a gain that frankly can be argued against typical fluctuations in league campaigns season to season. The season before last wasn’t near good enough yet that one trumps this seasons offerings by a healthy amount embarrassingly.

    I was talking to a mate and he’s all concerned with sacking off Emery because of the cost and our budget. I get what he’s saying, but going fresh restart on the manager is more important than one additional outfield player for the circa 15 mil it would take to pay the severance and go again. I’d almost be more inclined to trust the suits if they did that, because reacting to mistakes is one sure sign they’re keeping abreast of our objectives and progress.

    I’m more than a little concerned at this apparent talk of Emery “overachieving” this season in their eyes though. Balague is a wank source, but the very thought is haunting.

  39. WengerEagle


    Yeah that’s kind of the way I meant to phrase it, harsh but necessary given the climate they’re operating in when clubs can’t afford to be as patient if they’re not seeing any progress.

    The alleged ‘overachieving’ soundbite from Ballague sounds like par for the course shite talk for that windbag but if there’s even a whiff of truth to it, the club is in an even bigger hole than most would have thought and we’re going to be listening to cocky Spud, Scouse, etc mongs giving it the large for years to come.

    My counter to people demanding serious coinage be given to Emery in the mould of hundreds of millions would be for the 70 million absolute borderline non-improvement that we’ve seen, what will 200 million get us with this fella?

    I think that plenty on here and further afield envisage us replicating something along the lines with what Liverpool have accomplished in recent years splashing that kind of cash, whereas I’m worried that we would replicate something more similar to what United have done, accumulating a new squad of dross blasting tonnes of money up the wall.

    Liverpool have spent proper dough but every purchase has played a serious part, same with Pep at Citeh they’ve wasted very little with who they’ve splurged on.

  40. MidwestGun

    Eagle -]
    For somebody’s view on players I respect to be honest that take shocks me… Nobody can motivate Ozil properly not even himself. Mourinho couldn’t even do it on the regular. Wenger couldn’t for more then a few games at a time.
    It’s a combination of players and the manager always has been always will be.. but Ozil Miki and Xhaka have pretty much reached their level. long before Emery. However I agree if we played most midlevel teams 10 matches in a row we would win 6 or 7 times out of 10.. but it wouldn’t be huge margin of better.

    To be honest though think you all our contriving a group of fans that don’t exist..on Le Grove. I bet if Emery was sacked in the morning their would be few protests and virtually nobody on here would care.. well except for Marble.

  41. salparadisenyc

    Balague / Kike Marin have become non entities where Emery is concerned, like paid Hollywood publicists.

    The apologists now conveniently stating Leicester City is better man for man than this current crop, same crew who stated our side was superior to Ranieri’s title winners but Wenger bottled it with his ineptitude.

    Site wreaks of agenda.

    Wenger did bottle it that season, but that was a far superior side to this Leicester version.

  42. bennydevito

    I don’t think Emery has what it takes to bring us to City’s or Liverpool’s level but without a good few years and a good few hundred million Klopp or Pep wouldn’t be able to either such is the sorry state of our squad.

    The general consensus amongst the press, pundits and ex players is that Emery has done a good job considering how bad our squad is and that we need a major overhaul of about 10 players to become title challengers again.

    I think their opinion is more valid than any of ours and I agree.

  43. bennydevito

    And £75m on VVD and £55m on Alison and £54m on Keita and £45m on Fabinho and huge amounts on plenty of others in the 4 years he’s had so far winning nothing losing both the EL and CL finals in successive seasons.

  44. salparadisenyc


    My agenda is seeing this club at its peak performance, best Arsenal side i’ve seen live was 2002. Although my old man might argue that with an earlier version.

    Emery doesn’t have that in his locker, and I’m not interested in indulging another manager beyond his time.

  45. MidwestGun

    Charlie George has an agenda to say the most ridiculous contrived hyperbole ever to get people wound up.. and he is top notch at it,. But I don’t see any agenda for Emery .. not sure what that would look like?

    Mostly it’s just people saying reality is managing is hard and even the best managers struggle. When it becomes a problem you sack them. Unless of course your Wenger then you give him a contract extension.

  46. WengerEagle


    Mhik killed the game for Dortmund and was one of United’s better players for spells there, played a decent part in the EL win. He’s not cannon-fodder like he’s being made out to be. And I thought that you liked Ozil haha? As much as he infuriates me and I want him replaced, I’m not going to sit here and say that he’s not good enough to get into Leicester’s team, ain’t having that.

    What about Aubameyang a guy that was putting up multiple 40 goal seasons in Germany, Lacazette who blistered his way through Ligue 1 defences, Ramsey, Toreirra, Leno, Sokratis who are players that Emery himself brought in?

    These aren’t midtable deadwood calibre talent.

    Do you honestly think that Emery deserves little to no personal criticism for what has transpired since we beat Napoli? That was where the crux of the debate was at really.

  47. Champagne Charlie


    That’s my take too. I don’t see any comparisons to us and Liverpool outside of hope, they’re the product of a manager that is clearly excellent, and then one that’s been backed after delivering progression.

    United by contrast have splashed and splashed but they’ve never had a guy in the dugout with half a clue on building a sustainable new post-Fergie United. So this spending money argument is fair in some respects, but offers absolutely no guarantees if we’re backing the wrong horse.

    Not a thing this season gives me cause for optimism truth be told.

    Press, pundits and ex-players have a more valid opinion than fans?

    Absolute rubbish. It’s football, not quantum mechanics. Remind me to ask Merson to reveal all next time I see him, I’m all about being fully enlightened by these intellectual giants.

  48. WengerEagle


    We haven’t so much as sniffed a CL Final barring one year in our history, you talk about it like it’s some cheap non-feat.

    Simeone a CL failure then too?

    Mane and Salah cost Liverpool 70 million, what’s your take on that?

  49. bennydevito

    Salah and Mane were £37m each. A lot of Liverpool’s key players were more than the rumoured £45m we’re going to have available this summer yet the expectation amongst the Emery haters is that the mystical yet unknown manager to replace Emery will bring us up to City and Liverpool’s level in one summer of £45m spent.

    It’s beyond cuckoo la la land.

  50. WengerEagle

    ‘Emery hater’s’, what are you a teenager?

    Oh wow so 74 million then, my bad.

    70 million gets you average talent but 74 million gets you 2 world class talented players, go figure.

    Yeah mate that’s EXACTLY what we’re saying, isn’t it. Lol.

  51. MidwestGun

    If you have games dvr’d watch Miki for the last 5 or 6 games he is done. Not to do with Emery. Why you think Mourinho wanted to bin him off on us.. ?

    As for Ozil .. I do like him… lol when he isn’t being a twat.. but at some point when your being a twat more then when your not… that’s on you..

    I don’t think we are mid table caliber team. except our defense is. Also.. I don’t think people honestly defend Emery that much certainly not to the extent of the over the top stuff said against him.. Anyhow… if we lose on Thursday badly their is vey good chance Emery will be gone by June. Cuz that’s his gig … screw that up and then your useless to the owner and by extension Raul.

  52. WengerEagle

    Salah, Mane, Firmino, Robertson, Wijnaldum, Matip, Milner.

    7 key players that were bought for 35 million or less, significantly less past the front 3.

    So more bollocks being spouted there.

  53. bennydevito

    My take on the cost of Mane and Salah is that £37m each is a fair price for what they’ve returned in an ever inflated transfer market year on year. Bought 2 and 3 seasons ago they would probably easy fetch double if not triple what they cost such is the ludicrous inflation of the transfer market each season.

    That’s where we’re falling short too and without a technical director, director of football or whatever the convoluted title is in place currently I don’t see us competing in the transfer market where £45m won’t get us an equivalent to Salah or Mane in today’s market prices.

    We need to be picking them up from their development clubs first before they have their breakout seasons and cost more than £100m.

  54. RodneyK

    “I was talking to a mate and he’s all concerned with sacking off Emery because of the cost and our budget. I get what he’s saying, but going fresh restart on the manager is more important than one additional outfield player for the circa 15 mil it would take to pay the severance and go again. I’d almost be more inclined to trust the suits if they did that, because reacting to mistakes is one sure sign they’re keeping abreast of our objectives and progress.”

    Emery will see out his contract, regardless of whether Arsenal get into the CL or not. All things considered, it would be most unreasonable to sack him just after one season. I’m inclined to believe that the suits think so too.

  55. bennydevito

    WengerEagleApril 30, 2019    00:22:17

    Salah, Mane, Firmino, Robertson, Wijnaldum, Matip, Milner.

    7 key players that were bought for 35 million or less, significantly less past the front 3.

    So more bollocks being spouted there


    When were they bought cretin? A few years ago when the prices were significantly less than they are now.

    Salah was more than £35m he was £37m and would cost double that today as was Mane and he would fetch double.

    Wijnaldum cost £25m 3 years ago so that would be £50m today, Firminho cost £29m 4 years ago and would probably cost triple that now considering how much Coutinho went for 3 years ago.

    Robertson was cheap but his much would he cost if Liverpool sold him now?

    You have no grasp of transfer market inflation and are living in the past fee wise. £45m won’t get us anywhere near an established world class player, like I said we need to be finding them before they break out.

  56. MidwestGun

    Rodney none too sure about that… If we lose 4 on the bounce with an embarrassing loss at home … in the competition that the manager is supposed to be a specialist in… Good chance they will bin him off. Their is a break cause in his contract meaning we only have to pay him for the 1 year left on his deal. He wouldn’t get additional compensation..

  57. salparadisenyc

    Agree Mid

    Except Emery and Raul are tied to one another, one the hopeful king other king maker.

    Ideally lil Josh K gets more interested and makes some hard decisions. Starting w/ Raul.

  58. WengerEagle

    You’re the one not keeping up lad, the market has been at its worst for a couple of now, Pogba was bought for over 100 million before the Salah transfer even happened and the same window as the Mane one. Juventus paid 80 million for near 30 year old Higuain, the obscene Lukaku and Morata fees also happened then.

    How can you say that their value has doubled if in a vacuum they were at Roma and Southampton this summer? Does that make 2017 Everton Lukaku worth 150 million now?

    Pool are getting in serious talent for mid-market fees which is what we need to be doing, would rather that we spent the 70 million last summer on just 2 quality players rather than 4 average ones, though I hold out hope for Toreirra even if he’s taken stretches of the season off.

  59. Champagne Charlie

    Well there’s a lesson on inflation courtesy of Benny and the back of a fag packet, must’ve had Bobby Boucher as his maths teacher lol

  60. MidwestGun

    Naaa I’m a yankee cunt who doesn’t watch Baseball.. The Cubs some when I was younger.

    Don’t worry bout these guys Benny.. you have been here long enough to know by now they are azzholes.. But at least they are Gooner azzholes.. 😀

  61. WengerEagle

    Yeah Basketball Mid, envy you lads that you got to marvel at prime MJ. You ever watch him in the flesh?

    It hasn’t completely gone to shit though, we have had Dame Lillard, KD, Kawhi and Kyrie putting on a show in theese playoffs already.

    Might get pretty boring if the Warriors blow out Harden and friends though.

  62. MidwestGun

    In 2 season in 96 and 97 the Bulls only lost 23 games (ironic number) out of 141. All down hill from then on.
    And yep I saw Jordan play in the old stadium back before that when they had a giant organ in the rafters and fans would pound on the steel support columns The noise was unbelievable. They had the cool introductions with the spotlights.. was basically the place to be at that time. Tickets were hard to come by though .. so only saw them play 2 or 3 times late 80’s.
    But I really haven’t kept up with players now other then occasional highlights.

  63. bennydevito


    Pogba had just had a sensational world cup whereas Salah flopped at Chelsea. Huge difference.

    Generally speaking with each new transfer fee breaking the record of the last the prices rise across the board and £10m players become £20m players, that’s what’s been happening since we paid £2.5m for Wright, then Blackburn paid £5.5m for Sutton and then Man utd bought Andy Cole for £7m.

    No fag packets over here just history and the fact that each season the transfer market inflates exponentially, it’s irrefutable.

    But like I’ve said a few times now we need to be picking them up first when they’re young and unknown.

    But yes if we do only have £45m then I’d rather use all of that to get a De Ligt rather than average squad fillers but will £45m be enough and will he even want to come to us? No and no are the answers I suspect.

    But then again getting Leno, Torreira, Guendouzi and Sokratis for £70m was pretty good business I reckon and surely over the next 5 years Sokratis aside, that investment will be better for our squad than £70m on 1 WC player? If Leno, Torreira and Guendouzi continue to develop then we could probably double our money in a few years time if we sell them then reinvest that rinse and repeat. Although without Sven on board I’m not confident we can find the hidden gems on the cheap we need.

    Do we still have that stat DNA system? Saying that though wasn’t that responsible for Xhaka and Mustafi?

    Scrap it!

  64. WengerEagle


    Mate Pogba had a great WC last summer [2018], United bought him in 2016?

    And Salah was a young player that didn’t get a sniff under Mourinho like KDB, he was brilliant for 2.5 seasons in Serie A with Fiorentina and then Roma where he was arguably the best wide forward player in the league.

  65. WengerEagle

    And look, we’re not talking about the good ol’ days where Shearer cost 15 million or Buffon 30 million exactly, I’m only speaking about transfers that have happened within the last couple of seasons so it’s pretty relevant.

    Sokratis will be 31 this summer and Guendouzi looks a bust, I get that he’s a kid but I just don’t see what he has to his game that looks in any way special or different. Cesc Fabregas at his age was bossing CL sides and made the transition from Vieira bearable.

    Guen on the other hand has been the weak link in midfield more often than not when given the chance and that’s saying something given how weak our options in there are.

    Toreirra and Leno have been pretty average with the odd top performance in there, jury is out for me on both although I have more hope for LT.

  66. Dark Hei

    In hindsight, Pedro’s prediction came through.

    Emery is indeed an above average manager but in this league, above average is the average.

    I am not sure Emery is suitable for us. I think he would be great for a mid table team though. He would make for a great Cup run manager.

    But the league is too long and too hard.

    Pool and City win the league not by being super tactical. Rather they have a core style which they started working on early.

    Our Arsenal feels the opposite. We are already seeing Emery’s skill in 1-off games. But it feels like a perpetual 1-off, custom made games tailored to each opposition is too hard for the players mentally. It is like having an exam for a different subject every few days.

  67. gonsterous

    I saw splash the cash on a winger, a mid dominating CM and a CB.
    Sell the dross and maybe we can get in a LB too. Promote some of the youth (though they are all shit) and hopefully next season will be a bit better. But I don’t see us challenging for a title for at least another 3 seasons and that is if every thing goes to plan.

  68. China1

    By top 4 PL standards, this squad is wank and the manager hasn’t managed to over achieve with it

    But what worries me more is there are almost no real gems in the entire squad. Which players in this team would you be very sad to see the back of from a footballing perspective? Who is top class?

    I like Leno the others I don’t care about. It’s not even just good or bad, I don’t care about them. Apart from koscielny there are no players in the squad who I would want to stop on the street and ask for an autograph. None of them are or will be legends.

    It’s like we have a squad of squad players without any star quality

    It’s like imagine going back to 2004 and the entire squad being like wiltord, Kanu, pennant, tavlaridis, Cygan, Justin hoyte, David Bentley, graham stack and the sort

    There’s some talent in there and I was always a big fan of Kanu and wiltord, but these were not first choice players for a reason

    This is now a new normal. From our currently squad, zero players would make the first team in the invincibles but most concerningly only maybe 2 of them would even make the bench

  69. Receding Hairline

    No one has asked Gambon why he is only active here when we are losing

    As for the rest of the commentary… Pfft

    Guess you guys have nothing better to do..no one is sacking Emery so what exactly is the point?

  70. Joe

    To be fair most posters on here didn’t think we’d be near top 4 this season and now are disappointed we have fluffed our lines at the end.

    So emery has surpassed expectations because most thought we’d be far away in 6th place

    Emery still has a chance to deliver us CL next season and I said that would have be considered a success for emery this year. No matter how he gets it.

    He deserves the summer TW. And a bit more lee way if he gets us the Europa or top 4.

    If he doesn’t and we start off crap next season, he’ll be hounded out by Xmas.

  71. China1

    I think Emery’s right to stay depends entirely on the CL now yeah

    If he flunks top 4 and the EL I wouldn’t necessarily give him the summer. If he gets one or the other he gets until Christmas for more progress

    If he gets both then that’s kinda encouraging

  72. China1

    If it’s true that we’d just have to pay his salary to sack him in the summer then it would be a 6m sacking cost

    6m I wouldn’t like to spend, but if he fails on getting CL football the cost of retaining him could indirectly end up being a lot higher

  73. Tony

    Is this an example of the summer TW we can look forward to: The Suarez fiasco?

    And….. we are supposed to have financial problems! So we waste £3.5million

    Raul the new Gazidis!

    “No starts, no goals and just 95 minutes on the pitch: Arsenal watch £3.2m dribble down the drain as Denis Suarez reveals he’s out for the rest of the season due to groin injury

    Denis Suarez has revealed he will not play for Arsenal again this season

    The Barcelona loanee has played 95 minutes of football since joining in January

    The £55,000-per-week midfielder failed to make a single start for the Gunners

    He played fewer minutes than Arsenal loan flop Kim Kallstrom in 2014”


  74. Tony

    Good post Pedro

    Hopes for the season end and summer:

    Top 4 or EL cup or both – No it’s not joke Friday and highly unlikely.

    City for the PL title – way more palatable than Liverpool

    Watford for the FA cup – because they deserve something except Deeney of course

    Ajax to win the CL

    Kroenke to sell our club

    New CEO with successful sports background

    TD/DoF brought in- in Overmars or Paul Michel or better mode

    £100million+ TW war chest


    Maybe sold:

    No easy solution to the Emery problem.

    What annoys me most is this was supposed to be a transition season where Emery should have blooded youth and not tinkered so much.

    Emery should have made a statement of intent a the beginning of the season saying CL football was not the priority, but creating a new club and football identity/mindset being the prime focus for the season where anywhere from 6th upwards was ok.

    Now we have transition season MK II next season.

    The Wenger Groundhog Day parody marches on.

  75. Leedsgunner

    I’ve said from the very beginning that Emery should be judged for his results. If he wins the Europa League and manages to drag this squad into the Champions League fair enough… he should be given another season to see if he is able to mix it with the best. If he doesn’t achieve Champions League football let him go.

    However if Emery is to stay this summer is crucial for him. How he handles the transfer window will determine his success next season.

    I’ve said continuously that a transfer window has to be judged on both who we bring in AND who we ship out; there are too many passengers in this squad. We know who they are. Get them out. In fact, our transfers team should have been working now to have found buyers for them so that come the first day of the transfer window they were out the door.

    As for the transfers in, personally I would rather we bought one or two truly exceptional quality players rather than 5 or 6 of average quality. Haps this summer we should focus on buying 2 dominant defenders and then in the winter buy a scoring winger… with Reiss Nelson, Emile Smith Rowe and Burkayo Saka tasked to see if they can fill the gap until then.

    Better to bring in quality rather than bring in quantity. Promote our best youngsters to give our first team a rest when needed.

  76. Leedsgunner

    Denis Suarez was Emery’s own version of Fatty Kallstrom. That’s £2m down the drain then. At least we didn’t waste £18m more making it permanent.

  77. China1

    Whenever you as a player get compared to Kim kallstrom in his arsenal days you know something has gone very very wrong

  78. mysticleaves

    No, Suarez is not KK II. Suarez was fit and passed his medicals when he came. Too bad he picked up the groin injury, unforseen.

    Wenger signed KK fully aware that he had a broken back and won’t recover for the period he needed him as cover.

    Both scenarios are nothing like the same.

  79. mysticleaves

    The other day someone suggested Rashford was better than Auba. Now some people are seriously saying that Leicester’s squad is better than ours. Some really laughable stuffs recently.

    It shouldn’t be hard to agree that Emery is doing his best and at the same time criticise him when he gets it wrong. Of course he can do better if he improves his sqaud and get the kind of players he wants.

    The PL is so strong these days. Top 6 (minus Liverpool and Man city) in 2/3 weeks have only seen 1 or 2 wins and all were against lower teams in the table. This is not only to Emery and Arsenal. There’s a mad rush for everything and top teams only seem capable of winning at home this past few weeks.

  80. mysticleaves

    Anybody asking for Emery to be dismissed this season needs a wake up call. The PL is not an easy competition these days. Managers need all the support they can get from their clubs. What has Emery received so far?

    Under the same conditions, both external and internal, no manager would fare much better.

  81. Ishola70

    If Emery and the club refuse to address or can’t improve this team next season defensively and also show that they can’t improve on overall style of play because let’s be honest it’s been a little dire in that respect then he should be on his way at the end of next season.

    This talk of him being sacked this summer if he fails to win Europa League and doesn’t get into top four is silly talk. The team has obvious flaws and these flaws were evident under Wenger. That Emery has as yet not fully addressed these flaws shouldn’t mean he is thrown under a bus after just one season and one proper transfer window where most of the signings were just europa league level filler signings.

    Fans as usual are over-rating the team but at the same time have a long list of players that they want sold. Which is it? because those two views don’t add up. And anyone that thinks that this club will make wholesale changes in the summer are living in dreamland. The club has been conservative and the decision to be self-sufficient only underlined this conservatism at the club.

    If you want wholesale changes made and these long list of players sold and a manager who is going to come in and wave a magic wand instantly over team affairs then demand a new owner and the scrapping of the self-sufficiency mode.

  82. ddkingz

    Discussing about arsenal is the most boring thing I’ll ever indulge in, till the beginning of next 2 season..

    just read, that no player has dribbled past VVD in his last 36 matches, which stretches back to last season,.in the month of march.. MONSTROUS

    can arsenal just swap all their defenders + cash(£60) for VVD

  83. ddkingz

    let’s go spurs… it would really make me happy if the champions league came to england, it’s been a long time.

  84. Champagne Charlie

    “Wenger signed KK fully aware that he had a broken back and won’t recover for the period he needed him as cover.“

    Except he did recover, played more minutes in the league than Suarez, and scored a penalty in the FA cup semi final win en route to us winning it.

    They’re both embarrassing loan deals.

    “Under the same conditions, both external and internal, no manager would fare much better.”

    Going to have to disagree here, Emery isn’t the pinnacle of managerial talent. We could’ve comfortably made top 4 this season given how the immediate rivals have utterly floundered. Bury your head style logic going on there.

  85. HighburyLegend

    @ddkingz : with your 2 last comments, you’ve just prove that you’re a dickhead of the highest order.

  86. Tony

    The word that came to mind regarding our players state of mind was: concussed.

    They are well past the confused status..

  87. Steve Jones

    Our gutless team of chokers haven’t earned their wages this week imo 9 pts dropped 9 goal conseeded. They should take last week wage from them and give it to to the Arsenal ladies.They unlike the so call men!!! Actually show bottle and play for the
    Badge. In fact the men should go to a couple of the lady’s games to learn a thing or two.

  88. Tony

    Perhaps Emery, Mustafi, Xhaka and Kola should be prescribed Adderall for clarity and slowing Emery’s ADHA and for Mustafi, Xhaka and Kola’s narcolepsy as they switch off so many times.

    Just saying lol

  89. Emiratesstroller

    Worrying article in today’s Daily Telegraph.

    1. They point out that Seville went an entire League Season without winning an away game under Emery. There is a concern and frustration that he worries too much about the opposition when the team play away from Emirates. This was precisely what I have written in many posts. He focusses too much on our weaknesses and not our strengths.

    2. Mislintat’s departure was a direct consequence of Suarez recruitment. He
    had no say in this decision. This recruitment was made by Emery and has cost Arsenal £3 million in loan fee and wages.

    3. Arsenal have still not made an appointment of Football Director and there is
    concern that the club are “sleep walking” in its preparations for this summer’s
    transfer market and are well behind our competitors.

    4. It is increasingly clear that Arsenal’s transfer business is likely to be confined to relatively low budget players i.e. box to box midfielder, winger and
    left back, but dependent on funds available.

    All this smacks of a club not in control of its destiny and on a downward spiral.

  90. Leftsidesanch

    Emery sacked if we don’t get into the top 4? If the midtable squads are superior to ours then how can you demand CL footy of him with this squad?

    Should he turn water into wine also?

    Which one is it? We’ve seen marginal improvements that would have us around 6th. The teams around us are faltering and we’ve had opportunities to capitalise which we’re not doing. Emery and his side have been nothing short of embarrassing this last week, infact the last few weeks Napoli aside.

  91. Champagne Charlie


    It wasn’t a flattering piece at all was it? You have to wonder how much, if any, is true you be word or generated by what sources (whether it’s players or club officials softening a potential exit).

    That first point you make about there being concerns at the amount we spend worrying about other sides and not developing our own game speaks to me. It’s evident in our play that we don’t have a pronounced style and it’s a constant tinker to suit who were playing.

    There’s merit to homework of the opposition, but it should all be with a view to imposing your own game on the tram opposite you. We’re acting a lot like a mid table club in that respect, where proper teams know exactly how they want to play, and are simply aware of the threats the other team possess.

  92. Al

    Would love Doucoure at Arsenal. He is exactly the type of player we have been crying out for.

    Already on of the best midfielders in the league, at the perfect age with massive resale value also as he is/has been on a massive upwards curve.

    Feel like he could be another Kante moment for us (when it was so obvious who we should be getting and we mess about with the player moving elsewhere and proving to be a massive success)

  93. Bob N16

    I fully expect Emery to start next season as our manager, whether he manages to get past Xmas I’m not so sure.

    It’s worrying to hear that the players are confused by his tactics; either the players are dumb or Emery over complicates.

    I know it’s wishful but I would be fully behind a new appointment in the summer, a manager who has a clear vision who Kroenke can get behind with the confidence that any investment, would be money well spent.

    I fear that Raúl et al will be doubting Emery’s ability to succeed and that the investment in the squad will be moderate because of this.

    Far too much appears to be hinging on CL qualification- success or failure of Emery, proper investment in the next TW etc. Will he have been a success if he succeeds and a failure if he doesn’t?

  94. Guns of Brixton

    “let’s go spurs… it would really make me happy if the champions league came to england, it’s been a long time.”

    Errrrm … what?

  95. DaniAltos

    If people were as quick to notice Wenger’s tactical failings as much as they are at noticing Emery’s we would not be in this shit hole in the first place but that’s water under the bridge now.I am sorry to disappoint some guys but newsflash,Emery is still going to be here next season.Lastly,since my question still remains unanswered.If Emery is a europa league manager,why is here?..Answer, because we are a proper Europa league side and some people just haven’t come to terms with it

  96. Un Na naai


    Great logic there pal but did it ever occur to you that we don’t want to remain a Europa side and that we as fans aspire to more than kroneke does as an owner??
    No it didn’t did??
    Well we do, so take your Europa manager and send him back to Spain.

  97. Un Na naai

    Emery sacked if we don’t get into the top 4? If the midtable squads are superior to ours then how can you demand CL footy of him with this squad?

    Left side

    But they aren’t better are they? The table doesn’t lie remember? Or does it now? Or doesn’t it? You lot are tying yourselves in knots with your feeble attempts justify emery’s appointment.
    These mid table sides are not better than our team, we are just making them look it with poorly prepared plans. They are being prepared to deal with our one dimensional “attack” while we are not being prepared to deal with the opposition and what they offer as an attacking threat.

  98. englandsbest

    Will Stan offer an alternative to ‘sell whoever you can and bring in the young and vigorous’? Will Stan say to Emery. ‘here’s £200m, buy whoever you need’?

    No chance.

    I hope Emery gets rid of all the big-earners and replaces them with players earning £10 K/week, max transfer fee 5/10m, oldest 23/24 years.

    If he pi**es around bringing in older players who are past it or only a couple of mid-quality players, we are destined to mid-table mediocrity for years to come.

    He should keep Leno and Holding, Maitland-Niles, Nketiah.

  99. Pierre

    Personally , I think the Suarez loan deal highlights the manager’s lack of judgement.
    Whether he was injured or not is irrelevant, he was the wrong signing at the wrong time and I could well understand Mislintat’s frustration at the deal.

    It has made many posters on here look a little stupid by their defence of the deal .

    Emery’s judgement has been poor in many other aspects in his short period at the club.

    Ramsey’s contract
    Marginalizing Ozil and Ramsey from the team.
    Failing to address the defensive aspect of the team from day one.
    Suarez Loan deal.
    Too many tactical and personnel changes leading to confusion amongst the players .
    And that’s just the tip of the iceberg as we don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes.

    One more year of Emery could be disastrous for Arsenal football club …We are where we are because of our 22 game unbeaten run .
    The question is , was that run due to the players still having Wenger’s DNA in their play and was It when Emery’s tactics and philosophy kicked in in December that we saw his style of play …

    I’ve said previously that I think Emery thought he had it sussed around nov/Dec and instead of allowing the team to grow he started getting involved in personal battles like
    Putting Ramsey on the bench for 7 straight games .
    Marginalizing Ozil.
    Benching and substituting Lacazette after he played 9 league games on the bounce (undefeated).

    He has dug his own grave I’m afraid and it’s my hope that we win the Europa Cup and the club says thank you and sack him .

  100. ddkingz


    I thought my first comment was more logic, than me been a dickhead..

    our whole defence+ cash for VVD… I can’t count the number of times our defense has been dribbled past this season alone… and someone(VVD) hasn’t been dribbled past since last season.

    mustafi alone have been dribbled past a minimum of 20times this season… and his not even a regular in the starting XI.

  101. ddkingz

    emery out, already for me.

    all I can ask for as a departing gift is the Europa league trophy… which I value more than all Wenger’s achievement over 22yrs..

    finally hopes for a European trophy

  102. Guns of Brixton

    “Or my dad asking me to hold the steering wheel on the M25 when I was six because he dropped a Wine Gum under the seat.”

    I had to do this once. It was a bout of violent sneezes tho 😂😂😂

  103. DaniAltos

    It is hypocritical that some of the guys who were saying during the Wenger era that the next coach would have a huge rebuild job have now changed tune.Among the comments I saw regularly in Legrove include ‘the rebuild will be long and painful’…and ‘We will need max 3 transfer windows’..what changed?The 22 game streak?You mean the same one where we had bellerin and holding available?-Two of our starting defenders this season?Also,during this winning streak I remember posters here,week in week out,including Pedro himself saying we were only lucky and it would all come crumbling down…bringing xG stats or whatever…this to me suggests that deep down they knew the squad was shit and was punching above their weight,no?

  104. DaniAltos

    “DaniGreat logic there pal but did it ever occur to you that we don’t want to remain a Europa side and that we as fans aspire to more than kroneke does as an owner??
    No it didn’t did??
    Well we do, so take your Europa manager and send him back to Spain.”

    The same fans who gave Wenger over 100 years to perform his circus?..Give me a break.I remember people here saying we are steadily becoming a europa league side only to be dismissed by the cult of you know who thinking Wenger would get top 4 forever.

  105. Leftsidesanch


    If you read what I’m saying you’ll see that I’m saying these mid table sides aren’t better than us, and that we’ve messed up in the last few weeks.

    These sides have superior options in some positions but to say as whole squads they are better than us is rubbish.

  106. Samesong

    TR7April 1, 2018 12:48:06
    Not many will agree with me but I think Mustafi is worse than even Xhaka. A nothing player really.

    This comment was made over a year ago looking through some of the archives the same comments on player’s in games being woeful. The player’s are not good enough and Key injuries have done us this season.

    Auba Penalty miss is still not forgiven we would be on 68 points now. Even with those loses

    There will not be a 22 undeafeated next season trophy.

    I’m giving Emery a little more time. Because we will end up like a Chelsea with some of the fans on here. Manager every season.

  107. Paulinho

    Why are the teams around us faultering? Why are we faultering?Are they just faultering for no specific reason and we’re faltering just because Emery isn’t up to snuff?