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I don’t know about you, but it just hit me hard that the Premier League season is nearly over.

What an unbelievable race it’s been.
Imagine being Liverpool and not winning the league with a points total as high as they are likely to go.
The greatest ever second placed finish of all time? Not an accolade Klopp or the Liverpool fans will relish. You never know, but it’s not looking good for them.
… but, hand it to Pep G. He’s the greatest. So many people want him to fail, but he, along with the MIGHTY Arteta are creating a brand of football that is once in a generation type stuff.
The issue the rest of the league has is that the football they deliver, at core, is about incredible coaching. They are spectacular on the ball, they are even better off it, then factor in that they are also the richest in the league… it’s simply not fair.
The Premier League can no longer be snarked at. Not only has it been the best league on the planet for years from an entertainment perspective, now it’s climbing up to the top from a technical viewpoint. More and more of the best players are slinking over here, and we’re making the other leagues look seriously weak. All Spain had was Ronaldo vs Messi.
That makes me very happy.
As a carry over from the argument I pitted against Emery yesterday, I do want to double down on some of the things I like about the manager, because those haven’t changed.
#1 He’s a fans manager
I genuinely think that he manages for the fans. I think he’s a acutely aware of the misery that we’ve been through over the past 10 years and I think he’s trying to give us something to smile about. Hard to say that about someone like Mourinho. I think Emery struggles a little bit to deliver what we truly want, but his focus always seems to be on getting the fans onside. I like that. I also like that he’s a fan on the touchline. His resting face is all of us sitting in the stands or at home.
#2 The man will pivot
I honestly thought that we were heading into Wenger MKII when the manager dropped his two best players to the bench. I couldn’t fathom that he might change his mind. To be fair to him, he’s done that a lot this season. The start of the year was marked by halftime changes in every game, which grew to look like indecision, but it was still a breath of fresh air. The latter half of the season saw him suck up a big chunk of his own pride as he reintegrated Ozil and Ramsey to great effect. A lot of people say this was his masterplan, I can assure that this damaging approach is never anyone’s masterplan. He dropped Aaron because he didn’t fancy him. He made a decision on him too early and he wanted rid. I think part of this decision making was down to not understanding the rigour of the league, but whatever, he brought him back. The Ozil fallout was even crazier, the player was literally trolling him online… but he brought him back. Say what you will about the German, he certainly bring flair to this squad. Say what you will about Emery, results come first.
#3 We’re a bit of a mystery
He’s a good tactician. Not a great one. But he’s certainly brought back an air of mystery to proceedings. He’s doing the basics, he’s looking at the opposition, he’s testing ideas, and he’s looking at the tools he has available and mostly using them correctly.
He’s still not perfect. I think his early season use of the squad left a lot to be desired. When I went to see us play Huddersfield at Christmas, we looked utterly one paced. I’d never seen a game so slow. Part of that is just not understanding the league. Pep and Klopp made the same mistake when they arrived here, both realised you can’t play the pressing game in the league because there are too many games and no winter break to speak of.
I also think some of his selections have been baffling. It’s like he sometimes picks his sides based on league position, versus the reality of the side. If you’re at PSG, a team in 10th is shite and you’ll steam them. In the Premier League, every team in the top 14 can beat you if you give them a disrespectful starting 11. Everton was the warning shot, and we could all see that coming. Palace was simply unforgivable considering the power, pace and giant killing power those boys have.
However, you have to say that we’re a force against big teams. We didn’t allow Napoli to score against us over 180 minutes. We’ve taken scalps against top 6 sides. We’ve competed in every one of those games bar the Liverpool one at Christmas. Whatever you think about the man, he has the players believing in the big moments, not something Wenger managed in his last ten years.
We’ve also clocked a lot of points in a dreary transition season. Year two, you’d hope the improvements would really bed in and we see true Emeryball.
I’ll land where I usually land. I think Emery is a transition manager. If he can get us into the Champions League, the selection has been a huge success. I don’t care about points accrued. It’s all about where we finish.
The big challenge we have as a club is what to do with that £45m investment. There is some serious wheeler-dealing to do and I don’t trust Raul and Emery to do it. We could really do with Paul Mitchel or a Luis Campos, otherwise this is going to be the blind leading the blind. Denis Suarez and Malcolm is where the thinking will be.
Right, that’s me done. BIG love to you all, see you in the comments.
P.S. SPURS CHOKED AGAIN. Right back in our hands. I am now convinced tomorrow will be an embarrassing loss to a Vardy Pardy, but let’s enjoy a day of laughing at Spurs.

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  1. Mics_

    Un Na,

    Agree with your analysis re tactics. One dimensional, predictable, no offensive flair, huge disconnect between midfield and attack when Ozil and Ramsey don’t play, and all that would be somewhat excusable if our defense was sorted, but it’s all over the fucking place.

  2. ddkingz

    I wouldn’t say this season has been poor, but I think there definitely been some improvements in some area of the club… we’ve moved on from Wenger’s weekly PR on lack of mental strength to emery weekly narrative of “it’s still in our hands”.

    Guess it ain’t in our hands any longer….
    the maximum points arsenal can take from their remaining 2game is 1point… a draw against Brighton and a loss against Burnley..

    nothing is certain is life, but emery knows a loss at burley on matchday 38 in certain.

  3. Samesong

    Chris Wood is shocking

    But will be world class against us

    Joe – I’ve seen enough of the Emery clown show.

    Can’t perform away.

  4. Guns of Hackney


    Again true but Kronke has backed Arsenal financially and very well. I think his problem was just going along with Ivan and Arsene for so long and now they are both gone, I guess Stan has lost a couple of wingmen. I don’t care that he doesn’t attend games, I care that he doesn’t care. As you said, until the idiots who keep attending stop attending, Emery will be Stan’s man much like Wenger was.

    I’ve said it since the beginning of emery’s tenure. He will get a lot more from Arsenal than arsenal will get from him.

  5. Paulinho

    TR7 – I’ve already mentioned this earlier today. We have a lot of different options that used in short doses (Kola, Iwobi, Welbeck), can be very effective. I also said it was Emery’s clever management which meant he was rotating these options and giving us the full benefit of these options.

    Other managers prefer a first XI or can’t rotate effectively. Emery cleverly realised his first team was average but the squad was underrated.

    So Emery bought us a few extra months when he had these options available.

  6. Un Na naai

    I notice marko and Bamford are particularly quiet today

    Can’t think why. You’d be better to just throw the towel in now lads. After today you know full well that the writing is on the wall for emery. He will be gone in 24 months. If they don’t sack him sooner (they won’t) then they won’t renew his contract because we already knew what we were getting with him. A bland, dull, clueless, supermarket manager.
    He will be back at real Sociedad or somewhere soon enough. Getting them into the Europa. That’s what he does best.
    He’s a Europa league level manager.

  7. azed

    Emery biggest sin is not getting rid of players like Mkhitaryan.

    An absolute waste of space.


    Emery switched to a 3 man midfield at the second half. Torriera and Mkhitaryan either side of Xhaka.

    Anyway you arrange that midfield, you will always have someone in wrong place.
    Torriera and Mkhitaryan are more mobile than Xhaka so they move by default.

    Lots of people have said we have squad issues but your agenda would not let you see the squad deficiency.

  8. Un Na naai


    We used to be the best in the league at opening teams through the middle
    Wether that was over the top to Anelka, Freddy Henry or Rvp or incisive passing and movement.

    There is no movement in this said apart from full backs.
    His tactics don’t work with the players we have. He hasn’t adapted. He’s just carried on with his usual thing and it doesn’t work. Not in this league
    Back to mid level Spain for you Manuel

    I know nothing….

  9. Joe

    Azed. Agreed. Mkhit is shit. Letting Ramsey go and keeping mkhit. What kind of management is that

    I was never the biggest Ramsey fan at all

    But he has shown himself amAzingly this year in a tough situation for him

    A lot better than emery has

  10. Pierre

    Ramsey has played well in the last month or so, if you generally believe that his game hasn’t changed during this period compared to the last 3 years of so then you are watching a different game to me.

    On the rare occasions that he does go forward now his timing of the runs has improved .
    Previously he would be waiting in the box and when the attack broke down he would be out of position .
    I believe you Paulinho can see the difference in his game , that he does now play with the discipline that he has lacked for years and consequently is a much better player for it.

  11. Ishola70

    “Joe has gone up in my estimation. Unlike most ardent Wenger critics, he is not conveniently passing the buck on to the players.”

    What current players would you be happy to keep which will see this club challenge at the top in the next say three seasons?

  12. Un Na naai

    Kroenke could have had klopp, pep, ancelotti or allegri. He could have had paddy, arteta, tuchel or naggelsman. They could have tried for conte. They could have got Rodgers or Redknapp even.

    He has no vision for a club. No interest at all. As long as the banks are balanced that’s all he cares about.

    How many times will I have to say it??
    We will win nothing major with Kroenke at arsenal.

  13. Joe


    There is no excuse for us to lose to palace at home and Leicester. And get embarrassed by wolves

    At the most important part of the season. When 3rd place is there for the taking

    That’s on emery. Not motivating the players well enough and not choosing the right team or tactics.

    He blew it. Bottled it.

    Just like wenger did so many times

  14. azed

    For those excepting Emery to be sacked end of season, I have some bad news for you.

    If you go back to the Guillem Be arseblog podcast, you see that Emery has actually surpassed the hierarchy’s expectation as they didn’t expect to compete for top 4 till next year.

  15. TR7


    Doesn’t bother you that Emery neither insists on keeping possession nor on playing through the lines ? His cut back play from full backs is frighteningly predictable. He is not the one to improve our defense either. Very little upside to his management, isn’t there ?

  16. Guns of Hackney

    Hold the phone. Ramsay has been playing for a transfer. He got that.

    Remember Theo from a few years back? Turned into a goal machine, got his £140,000 pw and returned to being a fast pub fatso who plays on a Saturday.

  17. Ishola70

    Will be interesting to hear TR7 tell us the exciting foundation and current core of players at the club that can be built on to see challenges at the top end in the next few years.

  18. Mics_

    This is just … tiring. This doesn’t feel like an Arsenal side. I’m only in London once a year or so, and I save my money so I can see as many arsenal games as possible. This year I only had enough for one … Crystal Palace at the Emirates. Our tickets are the costliest in the league. And for shit shows like that? It’s just very fucking demoralizing.

  19. Joe

    I don’t expect emery to get sacked.

    I will give him the benefit of the summer TW and see how the team performs until Jan.

    But my hopes for emery have dropped enormously the last few weeks.

  20. Duzie

    Emery is such a bland coach. Even when he will be backed up with funds, he remains inferior to Pep and Klopp.

  21. Chris

    Doomed! We are all doomed!!

    Positives *

    Leno made a seeing of decent saves and looks like he is settled in.

    We still have the EL to try and win. It will be tough but it still offers us the objective at the start of the season and another shiny pot. Strictly top four isn’t over given the recent series of surprising results affecting the top six., but that is looking unlikely at this stage.

    Not much else today though. It is worrying how the last week has gone and Emery has to take much of the blame.

    Season isn’t over just yet though! Don’t reach for the razor blades just yet chaps.

  22. Paulinho

    Pierre – Nope, his game is exactly the same. If the games against Milan, CSKA,Everton at home, were played this season you would’ve said exactly the same thing. He still runs forward just as much, but as I said last season, when he scores people change the narrative from selfish glory hunter to “oh,he’s picking runs”.

    Ramsey made a run against United at the Emirates in the 2nd half that left us exposed on the counter, and if United had scored it would’ve been highlighted over and over again, but they didn’t, and it’s forgotten.

  23. Bob

    what is a shit like Maitland niles doing playing for arsenal. niles has to go down as the worst player to play for arsenal.

  24. Ishola70

    There was possibly one player in that line-up today and that is not even certain where you can yes that player is one I want to stay around for a few years to come to see this team improve and challenge at the top,

    That is a disgusting scenario to be in.

  25. Micheal

    Arsenal’s women’s team wond the league today. They won 4-0 away from home because they played as a team, lots of commitment, high work rate and took their chances.

  26. TR7


    Did you not say that a smart manager would get rid of Xhaka and Mustafi as soon as he took over ? Emery not only kept them but made them regular fixtures in our starting 11. So if our squad is bad, Emery should have got rid of the weakest links. After all we were told he had a dossier on even our academy players, let alone the first team.

  27. Paulinho

    TR7 – Not really. When Ramsey played CM we looked very fluid and well-balanced, and there was no problem with our game style, so with the right personnel next season there is no reason we can’t play good football.

  28. Redtruth

    First season in a new league and foreign Country is no cakewalk.
    Emery will add more silverware in his second season to the Europa league he won in his first.

  29. Bob

    Emery should never manage in the primer league again. mid table Spanish manger at best. he’s negative football and line he’s cost arsenal all season.

  30. Ishola70

    There is no foundation regarding current players that will see this team kick on to better things.


  31. azed

    Doesn’t bother you that Emery neither insists on keeping possession nor on playing through the lines ?

    Maybe because he doesn’t have the players to do so. Our best midfielders are Xhaka and Torriera.

    Xhaka cannot play through the press so keeping possession with him in the side is risky. The alternative to Xhaka is Guendozi and Elneny.

    We also can’t play a 4-3-3 because we have no wide forwards.

  32. Joe

    RedtruthApril 28, 2019 13:46:58
    First season in a new league and foreign Country is no cakewalk.
    Emery will add more silverware in his second season to the Europa league he won in his first.

    Doesn’t excuse losing 3 in a row at the crunch time of the season.

    Let’s see how he does after a summer TW

    Oh and what the fuck has happened with Suarez. He can’t be worse than fucking mkhit.

    Why bring him over ??

  33. Bob

    has emery only got a 2year deal at arsenal?
    has to go as the worst manager in arsenal’s history. the negative football is disgusting to watch.

  34. bennydevito

    Champagne CharlieApril 28, 2019    13:06:32


    Flip, flop, flip, flop, flip, flop.

    I think that’s enough from you on those that have their own views. At least they’re consistent.


    You’re not in charge of me CC you pathetic bullshit merchant spinmaster, you worry about yourself sunshine.

    More spin than a fucking Torie on a roundabout. Can never give a straight answer, master of deflection and moving the goalposts.

    I’m not flip flopping at all. I’m changing my opinion based on the evolving circumstances. To stick to a certain view regardless of the changing landscape is stupid.

    We’ve lost 4 out of the last 5 games when we were in a really strong position to get 3rd.

    We haven’t improved on last season and our defence hasn’t got better in the slightest. Even the basics that don’t need money or Van Dyk class defenders haven’t been addressed. Why wait another 2 years when very little will change? I saw it for myself as Wolves and it seems like the players themselves don’t respect Emery or us as fans otherwise they’d be making a damn sight more effort and show more fight.

    So no, it’s not flip flopping, it’s reevaluating based on present circumstances. If we had won at Wolves and today I wouldn’t be saying this but we need to be realistic and pragmatic.

    Again it’s not up to you what I say on here so jog on fuckwit.

  35. Joe


    Yes I think so. 2 years

    He deserves the TW and until Jan until the real pitchforks come out but he’s really soured me the last 3 weeks.

  36. London gunner

    I think its a mixture of Arsenal players being shit and Emery not doing a great job on recent weeks.

    Id say its an 80/20 split.

  37. Pierre

    “Ramsey made a run against United at the Emirates in the 2nd half that left us exposed on the counter, and if United had scored it would’ve been highlighted over and over again, but they didn’t, and it’s forgotten.”

    Before he would have made 10/20 runs into the box leaving us exposed but if you want to believe that he is not shown more discipline in his game , it makes no difference to me…… I was actually giving him credit for showing more maturity I his game .

  38. Charlie George

    Everton 1 Arsenal 0
    Arsenal 2 Palace 3
    Wolves 3 Arsenal 0
    Leicester 3 Arsenal 0

    No Rambo- No chance.

    Arsenal win 75% of matches with the Welsh Wizard in the team

    Emery our nefarious coach-AFC legacy will be the man who Hounded him out.

    Emery has been exposed by 90% of fans on here.
    10% will soon fall into line….( with maybe 1 or 2 exceptions.)

    Him and Raul are toxic.
    We will only improve – when they depart …

  39. vegas gooner

    am I alone in thinking torriera shouldn’t staring?
    all he did today was fall over and hold his face. his passing was terrible – actually the whole teams was – he offers little to the team. same goes for mkitarian.

  40. Joe


    Winning Europa wins emery goodwill through summer and until next Jan.

    If there isn’t massive improvement by then, pitchforks will be out

    We will see how we progress in the CL by Jan. And the league will tell a lot.

  41. Bob

    be honest, the negative line up and football is disgusting to watch? I have bein a arsenal fan for over 25years and not seen such shit as this befor.

  42. tee

    still searching for the outcome of all these video analysis in our game from day one of the season.

    Emery sweet talked the board with a powerful powerpoint presentation to get the job. nothing on the field indicates all we read about him during the summer.

    Now, he has to qualify for and win the EL final to better Wenger’s last season with us.

  43. Valentin


    Is that not exactly what I said and you lambasted me for it.
    Playing Mhikitarian defensive midfield part around Xhaka is just plain stupid. On top of that Xhaka does not have the mobility to play against dynamic, pacy, hungry midfield 3. I gave you the team I would have played, can you honestly believe that they would not have shown more fight than the one selected by Emery.

    We may be better off promoting the women Arsenal coach instead of keeping Emery.

    There are lot of exciting young innovative managers out there. Arsenal just need the courage to appoint one instead of going for the safe option. ManUtd also went to the safe option and like us they are going nowhere, just treading water.

    Christophe Galthier is doing a great job in the league with Lille in France.
    On Saturday evening, Julien Stephan just won the French FA Cup against PSG with Rennes. I said at the times, that his result since he took over in December have been spectacular.

    In Germany, there is also a sleuth of innovative managers ready to make the step up.

  44. Guns of sf

    How the hell did we go on that streak at the start of season?!!!

    Seems like our players lack belief now sadly

  45. London gunner


    I think you underestimate how gash our players are most of them are lower table quality should be playing for bournemouth brighton kind of level.

  46. Bob

    the players emery has brought have all bein flops beside the keeper. emery is just average Spanish omlet. vampire mofo.

  47. Champagne Charlie


    Yea except you’ve been Emery in, Emery out, shake it all about throughout the season so spare me.

    Don’t get my input twisted with your inability to grasp it. Retweet that you slaphead mong

  48. Paulinho

    Pierre – I applaud you for giving him praise after what you said about him, but he’s still the same player.

    Anyway, if even if he was making runs, he is still making damn sight more than players N’Zonzi would, which suggests you a few others have realised having two holding midfielders is better in theory than reality.

  49. Bob

    maybe this is the reason the owners have not backed emery. he is a top class shit manger. mofo turning arsenal in to Wimbledon fc.

  50. TR7


    Leno, Holding, Bellerin, Torreira, Sokratis, Lacazzete, Mavrapanos, Ozil , Guendouzi , Kosscielney are good to decent players in my opinion.

  51. Valentin

    A good manager makes a team better than the sum of his players.
    A mediocre manager makes a team the sum of of his players.
    A bad manage makes a team worse than the sum of his players.

    Yes the squad is mediocre compared to what it used to be and to what ManCity and Liverpool have. However it is still better than Watford, Wolves, Leicester, Southampton, Crystal Palace.

    Right now Emery is a mediocre manager. Making the team equal to the sum of his players.

  52. Champagne Charlie

    Joe, now Receding..

    Party poppers everywhere. You divorced yet lad? (Not you Joe, I’m not here to upset the boys at the depot)

  53. Batistuta


    That’s the exact problem, many fans underestimate just how bad 99% of the players we have are and this is not said in defence of Emery….We’ve bought horribly for a number of years now and it’s no surprise our best players this season are the ones who came in the summer

  54. Upstate Gooner

    3 (bad) losses in a row. 4 out of 5. Everton, Palace, Wolves, and Foxes. A very unconvincing win against 10 men Watford in between. All teams that we should be comfortably beating. Now let that sink in. Top 4 is surely gone. If Emery fails to win EL, he should be fired because he has not improved the squad one bit. And for those asking who is available and who would do better – Rafa Benitez. He would make sure we’re not leaking goals like crazy and would have us firmly in 3rd by now.

  55. Guns of sf

    A terrible way to start Sunday here by watching this

    I recorded it on the dvr and just fast forwarded throughout the game

  56. China1

    Well arsenal players and emery are doing their best possible attempt at flushing what was looking to be a solid vs season down the toilet

    If after the spurs game we had maintained our form, ground out a couple of lucky wins, won nicely some other times and dropped a couple of results here and there until the end of the season, we would’ve comfortably got 3rd a solid first year points tally and it would’ve been a very positive feeling going into the summer

    But that hasn’t happened. Partly because I don’t think the selection has been good lately and partly because the players are frankly wank, we’ve literally waved all that good bye for no discernible reason

    As someone above me said, how many players in this entire squad do you look at and go yeah we have to keep him at all costs? We have to build the team around this guy? How many?

    I really like Leno. He’s had a couple of poor performances and mistakes but he’s generally been excellent this season and has made the position his own. I’m very glad to have him.

    Beyond him I don’t look anywhere on the pitch and see anyone who can just write off a position.

    Back in the banter years we had some crap squads but we did always have a few great players who you could just write off as nailed on performers for a huge majority of games.

    Players in various different banter era teams, like sagna, cesc, sanchez, rvp you could just put their names on the team sheet without thinking about it because you knew they would show up and deliver top class

    They were largely surrounded by a whole lot of dubious tat. Some of it was high potential/quality but inconsistent (ozil), some of it was just straight up tat (chamakh)

    But now I’m not seeing it. We have a whole squad that is a combination of high potential/quality but inconsistent tat OR straight tat, but without those few world class players writing positions off and delivering alongside them

    It’s very very worrying. And we’re told we also have no money this summer for no apparent reason. The last I heard we still should have plenty in the coffers but seems like Stan doesn’t want to let us use it when we so desperately need to

    And in no way think I exonerate emery from blame in this end of season collapse. I think he shares blame with the squad

  57. Ishola70

    I couldn’t care less if Emery was gotten rid of tomorrow.

    Wasn’t that crazy about his appointment in the first place.

    But people have to realise that this current squad/team is so achingly average and a few home wins against some “big” sides and a few scalps against european teams in the second tier competition that offer a less physical challenge than your average EPL does not hide how painfully average this team is. It’s the overall performances home and away that indicate how good a team is and Arsenal fall so short of that.

    Go ahead and think about what current players at Arsenal you are actually excited to have in the ranks and think can be in a foundation to build onto much bigger things in the next few years. I t won’t take you long because there are none if hardly any that will fit your criteria.

  58. Champagne Charlie

    I think a lot of folk are conflating the idea of having a poor or unbalanced squad, claiming it the “reason” for X or Y.

    We finished 5th, then 6th with a comparable squad the last two seasons.

    The argument being made is that Emery should be able to better Wenger with the same tools – proving his superiority as manager. He’s flat out not done that and is exposed to just criticism.

  59. Batistuta

    El Neny
    Maitland Niles

    That’s literally half the players who have to play regularly who are nothing but absolute turd shit to depend on

  60. Champagne Charlie

    City not given a blatant pen there. Handball all day long.

    Can see this ending as a draw (he says hoping to tempt fate)

  61. Un Na naai


    You know who’s worse than AMN?


  62. Ishola70

    “That’s the exact problem, many fans underestimate just how bad 99% of the players we have are ”

    It’s more palatable and easy to digest to think or portray that the club are one man away from greatness = the appointment of this great manager we all want. It’s understandable and is human nature to think this.

    It’s more difficult to admit and comprehend that the large sum parts are just badly off keel. i.e. plenty of the players.

  63. Batistuta


    I’m not sure anyone is defending Emery, i think we all acknowledge he isn’t the one to take us to the level we want to be at but we also understand that it was always going to take time, a couple of windows to get in better suited players…..

    We can’t just call for a new manager without acknowledging the fact that it doesn’t matter who comes in, the squad needs a major revamp and that’s where people who defend Kroenke for being an absent owner gets on my nerves

  64. Valentin

    Can we stop the narrative that the Arsenal players are absolutely crap. They are not they are mediocre.

    Mediocre players just need to be properly organised and coached. And that is the responsibility of Emery and his staff.

    You don’t need to be world class, brilliant to beat Crystal Palace at home, just good organisation. Here was Benteke who had not scored for donkey years and we gave him chances after chances. Against Leicester, without a very good Leno, the final score could have been as embarrassing than Wenger worst defeats.

  65. Un Na naai

    The argument being made is that Emery should be able to better Wenger with the same tools – proving his superiority as manager. He’s flat out not done that and is exposed to just criticism.


    It’s still not sinking in. Give it another year or two, let them muse on it, watch them all claim they were against emery from the start.

  66. China1

    This squad is the worst we’ve had since before wenger joined. It’s absolutely painfully average

    Is it still better than Leicester and co? I think it’s about the same, no better than theirs.

    It’s still better than some of the dross we’ve lost to in the last few weeks tho and the results have been humiliating rather than close fought defeats

  67. WengerEagle

    In a perfect world, Citeh draw today and Liverpool crow and go on like they’re won the PL title and go and fuck it all up at Newcastle giving more credence to them bottling it rather than just being outdone by a freakish Citeh winning effort these past few months.

    Don’t think that’s going to happen though so hopefully Citeh can nick a winner from somewhere.

  68. Un Na naai


    Ok. So why bring in a mediocre manager and give them time and millions rather than bring in a visionary manager who will see an immediate improvement (let’s face it our rivals have been falling over themselves to hand us an easy route to third) and then back him with big money??

  69. Batistuta

    Mediocre players just need to be properly organised and coached. And that is the responsibility of Emery and his staff.

    This is absolutely unreasonable, a shit player is a shit player and no manager can stop him from being one. There’s a reason Pep binned a lot of those players he met at the club the following season, they just were not good enough, a manager is not a magician

  70. Champagne Charlie

    “I’m not sure anyone is defending Emery, i think we all acknowledge he isn’t the one to take us to the level we want to be at but we also understand that it was always going to take time, a couple of windows to get in better suited players…..“

    I’ll have to disagree there Bati, there’s a good few on here utterly refusing to put any accountability into Emery and writing it off as a player issue “entirely” to quote one of them.

    If anyone thinks there’s one thing wrong here they’re terribly dense, or plain naive as fuck. We’ve issues top to toe.

    However, I personally consider the manager of greater importance than the squad for two reasons:

    1. He sets the vision and tone for what Arsenal are to be about
    2. The squad needs to be a reflection of his vision, parts for purpose etc.

    So getting or having the wrong man at the helm is more than problematic. It’s fundamentally the worst place to start imo.

  71. China1

    My feeling currently is that emery probably won’t make the cut and I already was certain that this squad was nowhere near good enough to be competitive near the top end of the PL and business end of the CL.

    As far as I’m concerned we’re about 5 top quality players and maybe a better manager away from being a serious team.

    That’s a lot.

  72. Bamford10

    “I notice Marko and Bamford are particularly quiet today.”

    I already said everything that needs to be said earlier.

  73. Batistuta

    Un na

    Who’s this visionary manager that’ll be willing to work with the utter tripe players we have to watch weekly and also agree to come to a club that goes begging for loans in the transfer window? The problems at Arsenal are much more complicated than suggesting some manager is going to come and get Mustafi playing like Maldini and teach Iwobi to put his laces through the damn ball

  74. Redtruth

    Fickle fans like Champagne charlie just don’t get it.

    Arsenal parachute a new manager in and expect him to work with players with no experience of understanding tactics.

  75. gonsterous

    the problem with our players is, we have very weak technical players and they are similarly weak when it comes to being physical. Auba is a tap in merchant. He brings nothing else to the team. Never rated mhiki, even at dortmund. We just don’t have a cazorla in that mid, someone to dictate the tempo of the game. Next we don’t have proper wingers who keep defenders on their toes and second guess helping the attack. That’s just what’s missing, get that CM and two proper wingers and see the whole team flourish.

  76. Bamford10

    All of the it’s-on-Emery, it’s-the-tactics-not-our-personnel types have yet to tell us what exactly Emery got wrong today.

    How is any of what occurred today on Emery, as opposed to on the inadequate players he has at his disposal? Please explain.

  77. Samesong

    We weren’t great on our unbeaten run but we got through games.

    Valentin post is correct. Since the Southampton loss we have got worse.

    Since Koscielny inclusion back into side we have looked even poorer at the back.

    All the changing up of tactics is confusing to these player’s.

    Look at Guendouzi positioning for their 3rd goal. The guy was all over the place.

    It’s going to be another painful summer with big names being touted on the blog of lube.

    And City have scored.

  78. Batistuta

    1. He sets the vision and tone for what Arsenal are to be about
    2. The squad needs to be a reflection of his vision, parts for purpose etc


    Fair point but of what use would the managers plans or visions be if the club itself is in an absolute mess and he has to make do? You’re right in saying our problems run way deeper than just the manager and players but the direction a club takes is most times dictated by those who run the club. Listen to Guillam talk the other day that Emery had already exceeded expectations by I’m guessing losing 3 straight games at a critical stage of the season and it tells you that there is absolutely no ambition to be anything other than what we are by those who run the club

  79. Guns of sf

    Some people blame emery and not the players

    Some blame players and not emery

    Truth is somewhere in between

  80. Champagne Charlie

    All of the it’s-on-Emery, it’s-the-tactics-not-our-personnel types have yet to tell us what exactly Emery got wrong today.“

    Nothing mate, I was engrossed by our expert counter attacking football today. We sucked them in, kept it tight, and were devastating on the break. In fact, Leno was a spectator today I’d say, barely saw him….standing.

  81. WengerEagle

    You serious Bamford?

    Losing an agg score of 9-3 to Crystal Palace, Wolves and Leicester in the space of a week and it’s all down to the players?

    Wenger got ripped apart for similar results.

  82. Champagne Charlie


    My hopes and my expectations of the club are not in line, I’m not unaware of this. In many a sense it’s moaning for moaning sake.

    Truth be told I don’t rate Stan, I’m dubious about the guys in suits, and I don’t rate Emery.

    Fantastic mix for a prosperous Arsenal. We’re kicking the can down the road as far as I’m concerned.

  83. Jamie

    Kos has always been an average player, and even worse during big games.

    Epic revisionism when our players are out injured then come back and perform well for 180 minutes. Same goes for Wilshere, Walcott, Welbeck, Bellerin.. The longer they’re out, the more ‘indispensable’ they become to the club achieving its goals, and the more their absolute best performances are used to set the bar for their overall contribution over a season.

    I’m with CC – if Emery can’t better Wenger in our worst season in 20 years with largely the same squad, he’s probably no better than Wenger at getting a team to ‘over-perform’. Europa Cup or bust for Emery this summer.

  84. Batistuta


    Our lack of activity in the winter window showed exactly how poorly run the club is….Spent a while month chasing a player who’s now barely kicked a football and when he did, looks lightweight for the league especially with an already lightweight squad.

    It’s going to be a really long road back and the sooner a vast majority realize where out major problem is which is the ownership of the club, the better for us all of not our journey further down has only just begun

  85. Dissenter

    ***If we had a proper back-room in place then Emery’s contract completion will be contingent on winning the EL.

  86. Globalgunner

    Poor players, weak mentality, Mediocre manager, Shit results. If we dont see at least 5 new players next TW then it will be the same next year if not worse. Iwobi, AMN, Mikhi, Kos, Monreal, Xhaka, Mustafi. They would all be on the bench at Bolton FFS. Absolute dross

  87. Joe


    If you can’t see that emery is just as much the problem as the players the last 4-5 matches , then you are beyond taking the time to explain it

  88. Paulinho

    We are four points off third place this season so far, and we finished 14 points off it last season. All with a squad primarily made of the players that finished 14 points off fourth last season, all choices of the manager.

    Progression pretty clear.

  89. Charlie George

    When Arsenal beat Man Utd only works ago- we were third…..7 games to play…..

    There were stellar performances from star players ,Ozil and Rambo.( detested both by Emery)

    So it cant just be the players…

    When Emery was at PSG- he had some worldies – he still messed up.

    Unai Emery – One of Lifes Losers…
    Made for Spurs or West Ham.

    Not the mighty Arsenal.!

  90. Dissenter

    Do people realize that the Leicester straying 11 was better than the Arsenal starting 11…and this is close to our full strength team.

    They built a better squad with >£100 million less in wages.

    Thus is as much a case of poor personnel as Emery’s mistakes …and Emery has made lots of them.

  91. Bamford10

    Today is down to the inadequate personnel Emery has at his disposal. None of the following — Iwobi, Mhitaryan,Xhaka, Mustafi, AMN — are good enough, and everyone here knows this. Yet Emery has no choice but to play them. In truth, even the better players he fielded today — Lacazette, Aubameyang, Sokratis, Koscielny — are limited or deficient in one way or another.

    I have been skeptical of Emery from early days this season, and I remain skeptical about his ability to see the way forward, but today and other previous bad days are largely down to our inadequate squad options, and the people who are piling on him at present are little more than a lynch mob. They are not reasonable, they don’t have reason on their side, and they are not interested in being reasonable.

  92. Un Na naai

    It’s funny lads because you asked us to clear out our “dross” every season and then the next lot become the new dross.

    Did it ever occur to any of you that the managers just aren’t managing their squads properly?
    This team is more than capable of beating Leicester, palace and wolves
    Our rivals have handed us third place with a nice pink bow and yet here we are.

    The same players that can beat united spurs Napoli Chelsea and so on cannot beat this lot now?
    We gave Leicester a footballing lesson at ashburton grove but we cannot even dig out a draw away??
    So the players are good enough to beat these sides. But for some reason they aren’t doin it away. If both teams are set up right by their managers then arsenal wins the last 3 games. Our players are better man for man than the opposition.
    We shouldn’t be losing these games
    Not when we are walking over them at home, easily

  93. WengerEagle

    Being a bit selective there Paulinho, we’re just 3 points ahead of our tally from last season with our GD 3 worse off, away form is virtually as piss poor and we’re conceding more goals, unless we keep 2 clean sheets in our last 2 matches.

    So the improvement is absolute minute if even there besides a few extra points.

    Sarri is getting sacked at Chelsea and Mourinho got sacked from United, Spurs are in the CL SF.

  94. Kay

    Emery has been underwhelming but people needs to understand that the gap in terms of quality among top 10 sides has reduced over the past few years.

    Wenger finished 2nd when it was us and manu.
    3rd when chelsea came in.
    4th when city came in.
    6th coz of spuds and pool.

    This self sustaining shit is doomed to fail. If we dont upgrade ourselves soon we ll be on level with wolves everton and leicester.

  95. Un Na naai


    Thought you’d said everything that needed to be said earlier?
    Obvious nonsese because
    1. You never shut up
    2. You rarely say anything that needs saying

    How’s your emery and kroenke combo now bam?

  96. WengerEagle

    I don’t care how limited you think the squad options are Bamford, it doesn’t excuse getting soundly beat by fucking Palace at the Emirates and getting dicked on by Wolves and Leicester all within a 7 day period.

    Feeble excuse for 3 horror shows.

  97. Receding Hairline

    Paulinho I’m doing very well thanks.. Will resume normal service on here soon

    Charlie still pitching benitez I see

    TR7 your list of players we can build around makes a mockery of your argument… And enough with the Mavropranos nonsense

  98. Champagne Charlie

    I’m not disagreeing at all, I was one of the only ones spitting feathers in the summer when we didn’t buy more and really thrust ourselves into a new era. There was a potential saving grave with Ousmane Dembele but that fell flat. Stan has been a major issue and until we have the relevant pieces in place we’re going to do exactly as you say.

  99. Un Na naai

    Today is down to the inadequate personnel Emery has at his disposal. None of the following — Iwobi, Mhitaryan,Xhaka, Mustafi, AMN — are good enough, and everyone here knows this. Yet Emery has no choice but to play them. In truth, even the better players he fielded today — Lacazette, Aubameyang, Sokratis, Koscielny — are limited or deficient in one way or another.

    Ok Bamford

    Is this team good enough to beat Leicester?

    Yes or no?

  100. azed

    Is that not exactly what I said and you lambasted me for it.
    Playing Mhikitarian defensive midfield part around Xhaka is just plain stupid. On top of that Xhaka does not have the mobility to play against dynamic, pacy, hungry midfield 3


    Mhikitarian played in a three man midfield because of the red card.

    Nobody has said Emery is the saviour, a lot of us have said there’s no point bringing a new manager and having to play Mustafi or Elneny.

    Use this summer to get rid of the dross then bring in a proper manager.

    I said it in the last post, we have 7 central defenders most other teams have 3/4 and use younger players to fill out. Saying Emery should stop playing them this season and play the youngsters is not practical.

    We have squad issues and dealing with that is far more important than changing managers.

  101. Paulinho

    TR7 – Points total in isolation doesn’t mean much. I’ve read that a few times in the last few weeks.

  102. Receding Hairline

    Wenger didn’t get sacked for finishing on 63 points.. That’s nonsense and a lie to fuel an agenda… Lying is something you are used to though TR7.

    Your Mercelino pitch earlier was laughable..guess you will now be hoping Valencia beat us to justify it

  103. Ishola70

    Arsenal beat Man United at home because their luck ran out with the elf’s tactics of completely giving up the midfield and looking to counter.

    The midfield was given to Arsenal.

    In most other matches especially away from home the opponents will not give up the midfield.

    So many EPL clubs can’t take scalps when playing at home.

    Apart from that the team have shown defensive vulnerability yet again this season and got away with it in many matches but if you have this weakness it can flare up any time and lead to the results we have seen recently.

    Just as in Wenger’s time the table doesn’t lie in regards to how brittle this team is defensively in the goals against column. 11 goals worse off than Chelsea in 4th and double that to the league leaders.

  104. Un Na naai

    Wenger finished 2nd when it was us and manu.
    3rd when chelsea came in.
    4th when city came in.
    6th coz of spuds and poo

    Kay not true.
    We finished first twice with Manchester untied being the financial super power of the National game. Newcastle, chelsea and Liverpool were spending more than us as well as united.

    When Chelsea came in we went undefeated for a season only to finish 2nd in 05 and then we moved stadiums the following year.

    Don’t try and underplay the greates period in arsenal’s history to suit your narrative

    I won’t let you.

  105. Samesong

    Has anyone noticed that Torriera is getting bullied off the ball quite often recently. teams are just outdoing us physically.

  106. Dissenter

    When you see the sheer lack of class in our squad , you have to say we have been one of the most poorly run clubs in the last 5-10 years.
    We don’t have the rudiments to even rebuild on.
    First we have to get another foundation of some good young players along with a manager who’s interested in developing talent.
    Emery has his faults and maybe he’s not the right manager going forward.
    But we don’t have many player that can beat a man, cross the ball or dominate in aerial challenges.
    I would have picked 8-9 of Leicester starting 11 in a combined team. They had the better players

  107. TR7

    Congrats Receding for your marriage. Yeah i know you think everyone in our team.is shit and Emery is infallible, not much change there even post marriage ☺️

    Paulinho , yeah not in to points tally in isolation, picked it up only when you used it to cite improvement.

  108. Champagne Charlie

    “Charlie still pitching benitez I see“

    That was upstate…

    “Do people realize that the Leicester straying 11 was better than the Arsenal starting 11…and this is close to our full strength team.”

    Do you realise Puel was sacked as Leicester boss mid-season because they weren’t happy with what was happening on the pitch? Same players.

    How can that be the case AND they have a better squad than Arsenal, AND the argument about players ring true?

    It’s dead simple, Puel wasn’t getting the right tune, Rodgers is this far, Emery isn’t at Arsenal. Almost like the manager has a significant influence on the output of the players.

  109. Leftsidesanch

    “We started very well. We started controlling the match, good positioning, defensively not a lot of problems.” – Emery before the Red.

    This man sounds like he hasn’t got a clue. Leicester had like 8 attempts at goal while we were having our lowest amount of passes before AMN got sent off.

  110. Paulinho

    West Ham 20 points behind us.

    Surprised Pellegrini hasn’t been getting a bit more stick. Some very good athletic &technical players there that have flat-lined on far too many occasions this season.

  111. Un Na naai


    Oh we’re back to the table doesn’t lie? But it did lie two weeks ago when we were in third and had just beaten Napoli
    Now it doesn’t lie again. Of course.

    You lot are reaching hard. You nailed your colours to this mast in a naive attempt to what? Prove that wenger was mismanaging the squad? That this was the best man for the job? What were you all trying to prove? You can’t surely u e believed in emery when he was appointed
    I don’t believe it. If that’s the case then so many of you just cannot read the game at all.

  112. WengerEagle

    Took Villarreal up from the Segunda and finishing in EL places for 3 years in La Liga in his time there.

    Has taken Valencia from consecutive 12th place finishes to finishing 4th in his first season there and only 3 points off 4th this season with a EL SF and Copa Del Rey Final on the menu.

    But yeah, guy’s a scrub.

  113. Dissenter

    Welcome back.
    Hope you got a good time off. Those Niger weddings can be emotionally and financially draining.