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I don’t know about you, but it just hit me hard that the Premier League season is nearly over.

What an unbelievable race it’s been.
Imagine being Liverpool and not winning the league with a points total as high as they are likely to go.
The greatest ever second placed finish of all time? Not an accolade Klopp or the Liverpool fans will relish. You never know, but it’s not looking good for them.
… but, hand it to Pep G. He’s the greatest. So many people want him to fail, but he, along with the MIGHTY Arteta are creating a brand of football that is once in a generation type stuff.
The issue the rest of the league has is that the football they deliver, at core, is about incredible coaching. They are spectacular on the ball, they are even better off it, then factor in that they are also the richest in the league… it’s simply not fair.
The Premier League can no longer be snarked at. Not only has it been the best league on the planet for years from an entertainment perspective, now it’s climbing up to the top from a technical viewpoint. More and more of the best players are slinking over here, and we’re making the other leagues look seriously weak. All Spain had was Ronaldo vs Messi.
That makes me very happy.
As a carry over from the argument I pitted against Emery yesterday, I do want to double down on some of the things I like about the manager, because those haven’t changed.
#1 He’s a fans manager
I genuinely think that he manages for the fans. I think he’s a acutely aware of the misery that we’ve been through over the past 10 years and I think he’s trying to give us something to smile about. Hard to say that about someone like Mourinho. I think Emery struggles a little bit to deliver what we truly want, but his focus always seems to be on getting the fans onside. I like that. I also like that he’s a fan on the touchline. His resting face is all of us sitting in the stands or at home.
#2 The man will pivot
I honestly thought that we were heading into Wenger MKII when the manager dropped his two best players to the bench. I couldn’t fathom that he might change his mind. To be fair to him, he’s done that a lot this season. The start of the year was marked by halftime changes in every game, which grew to look like indecision, but it was still a breath of fresh air. The latter half of the season saw him suck up a big chunk of his own pride as he reintegrated Ozil and Ramsey to great effect. A lot of people say this was his masterplan, I can assure that this damaging approach is never anyone’s masterplan. He dropped Aaron because he didn’t fancy him. He made a decision on him too early and he wanted rid. I think part of this decision making was down to not understanding the rigour of the league, but whatever, he brought him back. The Ozil fallout was even crazier, the player was literally trolling him online… but he brought him back. Say what you will about the German, he certainly bring flair to this squad. Say what you will about Emery, results come first.
#3 We’re a bit of a mystery
He’s a good tactician. Not a great one. But he’s certainly brought back an air of mystery to proceedings. He’s doing the basics, he’s looking at the opposition, he’s testing ideas, and he’s looking at the tools he has available and mostly using them correctly.
He’s still not perfect. I think his early season use of the squad left a lot to be desired. When I went to see us play Huddersfield at Christmas, we looked utterly one paced. I’d never seen a game so slow. Part of that is just not understanding the league. Pep and Klopp made the same mistake when they arrived here, both realised you can’t play the pressing game in the league because there are too many games and no winter break to speak of.
I also think some of his selections have been baffling. It’s like he sometimes picks his sides based on league position, versus the reality of the side. If you’re at PSG, a team in 10th is shite and you’ll steam them. In the Premier League, every team in the top 14 can beat you if you give them a disrespectful starting 11. Everton was the warning shot, and we could all see that coming. Palace was simply unforgivable considering the power, pace and giant killing power those boys have.
However, you have to say that we’re a force against big teams. We didn’t allow Napoli to score against us over 180 minutes. We’ve taken scalps against top 6 sides. We’ve competed in every one of those games bar the Liverpool one at Christmas. Whatever you think about the man, he has the players believing in the big moments, not something Wenger managed in his last ten years.
We’ve also clocked a lot of points in a dreary transition season. Year two, you’d hope the improvements would really bed in and we see true Emeryball.
I’ll land where I usually land. I think Emery is a transition manager. If he can get us into the Champions League, the selection has been a huge success. I don’t care about points accrued. It’s all about where we finish.
The big challenge we have as a club is what to do with that £45m investment. There is some serious wheeler-dealing to do and I don’t trust Raul and Emery to do it. We could really do with Paul Mitchel or a Luis Campos, otherwise this is going to be the blind leading the blind. Denis Suarez and Malcolm is where the thinking will be.
Right, that’s me done. BIG love to you all, see you in the comments.
P.S. SPURS CHOKED AGAIN. Right back in our hands. I am now convinced tomorrow will be an embarrassing loss to a Vardy Pardy, but let’s enjoy a day of laughing at Spurs.

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  1. Danny M.O

    What exactly has koscielny done…. he stopped running when he could have been second to that ball.

    piss poor. players from the wenger era kos and xhaka.

  2. Bamford10

    As I said, it’s going to take two summer windows to build a proper squad. We are really very inadequate personnel-wise.

  3. WengerEagle


    He’s made Valencia a far better side, they were absolute garbage under their previous gaffers.

    And re the recruitment, are you saying that he has no say on who comes in? Do me a favour lol.

  4. Kamp

    All out For the Europa.
    And then a serious clear out in the summer.
    It’s not about star names it’s about players who want to work hard.
    If Lacazette scored today he’d have done his funny dance. They’re a bunch of show ponies at Arsenal.

    If the board do not have a serious summer and rebuild, the demonstrations need to begin again.
    This has got to stop.

  5. Victorious

    Emery should be shown the door asap. No excuse for these away performances we’ve been dishing”

    Agree, we know the players are dog shite but what we also know is Emery is a plank,average and hasn’t improved the squad by 1% since he joined

    A reasonable club would cut their loses and sack him ASAP but we’re a sinking club and 6th place is where we rightly belong

  6. Shaun Wilson

    3 – 0 Hmm, given our lack of spending power and the emergence of bright, young coaches/squads, next season we may be lucky to make the top 10…

  7. WengerEagle


    Well defensively we don’t look any better so for spending 40 million on two players that should have improved us in that respect, we haven’t done very well.

  8. ddkingz

    now I’m happy…..

    total shambles of a club…

    Even if emery wins the league and Europa league next season, I still want him gone.

    Total clown… such a fuvking bottler, emery seems like he has the DNA of Tottenham Hotspur in him.

    he should also rest players against Valencia, so he can have them fresh for the finals against Chelsea..lol

  9. gonsterous

    hahaha someone predicted a 3-0 loss.
    I think the season is well and truly over. Let’s try to win the EL and end it on a high.

  10. Leftsidesanch

    This squad and manager have been nothing short of disgraceful this week and deserve the abuse they’ll get.

    They don’t deserve to be in the Champions League.

    Pointless watching this unprofessional and embarrassing football team. I think someone called it that we would lose 3-0 today. 9 goals conceded in the space of a week against Palace, Wolves and Leicester. Goal difference has been killed.

    And some people think we have a chance at EL? Your almost as pathetic as this club if you think we do.

  11. Dissenter

    People will moan about Emery…rightly so he’s gotten some things wrong

    However our recruitment has been horrific in the last 5 years

    Leicester starting 11 were far better that Arsenal’s

  12. WengerEagle

    So when everyone was raving about Guen and Toreirra and Sokratis, it was Emery’s recruitment.

    Now that the house is falling down it’s all Sven’s fault, lol couldn’t make this up.

  13. Marc


    We should have sold Ramsey 2 years ago when his value would have been highest. He’s a good player and I like him but the fact is he spends several months injured every season. The only reason he hasn’t been injured as much this season is because he wasn’t playing, once he was back in contention he eventually gets injured at a critical point of the season. You can’t build a midfield round a player that is going to miss a third of every season.

    Outside of that I do think Ramsey has done himself proud with the level of commitment he’s shown when he could have easily switched off once he got the contract with Juve.

  14. MidwestGun

    Pretty clear its a combination of this squad lacking and Emery lacking its not as black and white as some paint it.
    Shocking stuff on both ends.
    Exactly… I said if Emery plays Miki again he deserves to get sacked.. I stand by that.. Done as a professional footballer in the PL. We were already playing a man down with him in the lineup then after red card we are essentially 2 down. But the quality of the squad is bad very bad… Not a manager alive I can think of that could tactic his way to overcome that aspect on a regular basis. Defense is horrible and slow. Beaten by a route 1 kick from the keeper. FFS. So much work to be done to overhaul this mess. Like most I have doubts about Rauls ability to do that as well as Emery. If better management option is out there then it should be explored of course just like it should have been done in the final half of the Wenger era and it wasn’t. Sickening result really.

  15. Mics_

    It’s all bad. Top to bottom. The owner, board, Raul, our non-existent technical director, Emery, the players. Not good enough all.

  16. salparadisenyc

    Pedro’s dream came thru a Vardy party.

    Shocking from this manager and these players whom both need to man up and take blame. Ridiculous to blame one without the other.

    3 losses on trot, 4 of last 5.

    The 3rd spot opened her legs and invited us in instead we called no joy and capitulated in Spursy fashion.

    Those not having a serious look at Emery and putting all on squad are doing themselves a disservice.

  17. Champagne Charlie

    Conceded 3 goals in three consecutive games.

    Palace, Wolves, Leicester.

    Glad we spent circa 20 mil getting rid of Wenger for Emery, he’s come in we’re well on our way to righting our wrongs. Shit defensively last season, huge improvements this season (they’re just really well hidden shhh).

  18. Samesong

    Emery needs to go for playing Gunedouzi so much. The player is clearly not ready to be first team, and Iwobi.

  19. ddkingz

    is the highlight of today’s match already on YouTube… cos, I’m heading there now, to have some fun, while drinking my boooz…

    anyone care to join..

  20. Marc


    Those players were always down to Sven and if you think they have been the major issue this season you need to pay closer attention to our matches.

  21. WengerEagle

    Fucking humiliating getting molested 6-1 by Leicester/Wolves in the space of half a week with a relegation sides’ possession stats.

    And before people use the red card chestnut for today, we barely edged past 10 men Watford with a flukey Auba goal.

  22. Dissenter

    Guendouzi is showing that he came from the French division 2
    He’s proven Mystic right. He was through that initial bluster and called him out to be a mediocre player.

    What was Guendouzi griping about?

  23. Kay

    Maddison scores Iwobi s chance.
    Vardy scores Laca s chance.

    We were riding on the efficiency.

    Pedro is proven right to be fair. Vindicated.

  24. TheLegendaryDB10

    What a disaster. Our away form is still shit. That first yellow on AMN was really not deserved. This really fucked it all up. No excuses on our utterly poor away form.

    It really is a conundrum. We have a shit team with a manager who seems to still not have understood how tough the EPL teams are.

    This summer TW is so important. And that is an understatement.

  25. TR7

    Been asking this from start of the season – what has Emery improved on from what he inherited from Wenger ? Nobody still has an answer.

  26. prvhc

    That Iwobi miss in the first half when he was one on one with the keeper……right before the red card.He’s so painfully inadequate for a club like Arsenal.I know there are other players who’re underperforming as well,but with him it was clear from day one he wasn’t fit to start at a club like Arsenal.The fact that he is makes me sad more than angry.

  27. Victorious

    Hhahahahah not sure we get any more points this season…the players are shite but more worrying now is the lack of effort

    They don’t respect Emery and like majority of the fans want him gone

  28. Gbat

    Pathetic defending again. Half of that squad are just not good enough. When Xhaka is your best midfielder you know you’re in trouble.

  29. Mics_

    “Outside of that I do think Ramsey has done himself proud with the level of commitment he’s shown when he could have easily switched off once he got the contract with Juve.”

    Agree with this for sure. His heart and professionalism have been one of the only bright spots this season.

  30. bennydevito

    I’ve had enough.

    4 league defeats in 5 against teams we really should be beating with maybe the exception of Wolves away considering how good they’ve been against the top 6.

    Emery will not improve this shower of shit left behind by Wenger.

    Bin him off and bring in Vieira or Arteta.

    Let’s start again.

  31. TheLegendaryDB10


    It’s all bad. Top to bottom. The owner, board, Raul, our non-existent technical director, Emery, the players.

    Exactly. There is soooooo much to do to make us competitive again, it is unbelievable.

  32. Un Na naai

    Ah the old cut back didn’t work again? Not the high line?
    Deary dear oh me. You’d think he might try something new but oh no.

    What a fucking clown emery is. Clown manager. Clown owners. Clown club

  33. Danny

    Maybe somebody can explain regarding their 2nd goal: There was an offside, Schmeichel took the free kick and past it to Evans, then the ref blew to retake the free kick, so instead Schmeichel kicked it up field and Vardy scored. My question is – why was the free kick retaken?

  34. Mics_

    “That Iwobi miss in the first half when he was one on one with the keeper……right before the red card.He’s so painfully inadequate for a club like Arsenal.I know there are other players who’re underperforming as well,but with him it was clear from day one he wasn’t fit to start at a club like Arsenal.The fact that he is makes me sad more than angry.”

    From Pires, who scores that 10/10 times, to Iwobi, who scores that 0/100 times. Sad indeed to see how our standard has plummeted.

  35. Dissenter

    If we had a proper back-room in place then Emery’s controversial at will be contingent on winning the EL.
    The technical director or CEO would meet with him and read him the riot act.

    You would have thought the players would close shop at 2-0.

    Now we are really fucked
    Run ragged for Thursday.
    GD advantage truly gone

    Why didn’t AMN show any emotion when he got the second YC, What was that display of friendship about? — the player got you sent off.

  36. WengerEagle

    I never got an answer either TR7 with any more substance than vague improvement of shite players like Iwobi and Holding who forged the reputation of a young Tony Adams after he got injured as so often happens with our players.

  37. Valentin

    I said before Xhaka and Torreira in central midfield against Ndidi, Tielemans and Maddison was a bad selection. Again wrong tactics and wrong personnel selection. Some will come with the excuse that this is his first year, he is learning the league and his players. Sorry, but I don’t want a manager learning on the job, I want one that is ready from day 1, not still making basic mistakes at game 35.

    If we were to lose all our remaining games, would people still talk about progress and better points than Wenger. Better than his worst season, not really a high benchmark.

  38. Ishola70

    Recruitment needs to be done in the summer and players shipped out.

    And this needs to be done on the first XI.

    At least four new faces coming into the first XI and four out of the first XI.

    If this doesn’t happen the club are not serious about competing at the higher levels and this is regardless of manager.

    We don’t want to see any signings that are not definite ones to replace existing first team players.

  39. alexanderhenry

    A predictable result.

    The squad is just not up to it; a worrying combination of inexperience (AMN), players coming to the end of their careers,(Kos) players just not pulling their weight(Ozil) and players who just aren’t good enough (Xhaka).

  40. bennydevito

    I said this would be 3 nil earlier today.

    I won’t be at all surprised if we lose at home to Brighton considering they still need points to stay up.

    We will lose away to Burnley too.

    Emery out.

  41. tee

    it’s kinda funny when we win it’s “Emery is getting the best out of the team” but when we loose it’s “he can’t do anything meaningful with Wenger players”.

    reeks of double standard.

    banfold, after saying torriera is not good enough then says torrreira is a good buy and before you say it you didn’t, just check for yourself Mr. flip flopper

    nothing changes untill kroenke either leaves the club or invest heavily

  42. Marc


    The performances are concerning, both individual and collectively.

    We just look lost at the moment and for all the calls about sacking Emery – fine but give me a credible name who is going to be able to guarantee better without huge funds. This is going to be an even longer rebuild than I thought and I had it down at 2-3 years.

  43. Peckobill

    Emery should be sacked now , we’ve been thrashed for 3 games in a row by bog standard sides . An upset now and again can happen but 3 in a row is telling a common standard . Even when we had 11 men our possession was a feeble 20 odd percent . Yes our squad isn’t great but he’s no better than the dimwit Wenger in his final years . If he was better then it’s common sense that with the same players ( could argue better with the players bought) he should do better . No improvement whatsoever

  44. Leftsidesanch

    Bin him off and bring in Vieira or Arteta

    …because that will improve our fortunes. All that will happen is that you all will turn on them aswell when they can’t improve this absolute shower of shit.

    Done with football this season.

  45. prvhc

    Ferguson had average players in his squad as well,but they used to play out of their skins for him.Emery for me has failed to motivate these type of players to put a shift in when the big guns have misfired.That would be my biggest criticism of him.I think he’s too soft on the players.

  46. Paulinho

    WE – Yeah and that is linked to not being able to hold the ball and put teams on the back foot, and then losing goals to counters as a result.

    Emery is not a defensive coach, and I said pre-season his success will depend on getting the midfield-attack right, and winning 2-1 rather than 1-0.

  47. Benjamin

    Stan needs to show pride of ownership and invest in this team, and the sooner the better. Funny how all of you AKB c*** defended these kind of peformences for the last ten years and never wanted Wenger out! No manager is ever gona be good enough for you.

  48. Jamie

    Missed the game, thank fuck.

    Emery, like Wenger last season, needs to win the EL to keep his job. Nothing he’s done so far this season has remotely convinced he’ll succeed where Wenger failed.

  49. TheLegendaryDB10


    If the board do not have a serious summer and rebuild, the demonstrations need to begin again.
    This has got to stop.

    For me it was always the next stage. Kroenke may look unbudgeable, but if we try and take our stand it may wake the club up.

    As I have been saying: this summer TW will tell us all we want to know about our club’s ambition.

  50. Samesong

    What did it for me and I dont give a fuck what anyone says

    Is seeing Emery on the touchline wasting our time talking to the ref.

    I’ve seen enough.

    I reckon David Moyes would win more away games for us. LOL

    Nkeitiah looked a bright spark when he came on. Leads the question of why he hasnt played more minutes. Valentin was 100% on that.

    Our forwards hardly offer anything. they are shit in the air. they barely hold the ball up. It’s like choosing the lesser of both evils. But I would get rid of both and buy 1 forward.

  51. Marc


    “The squad is just not up to it; a worrying combination of inexperience (AMN), players coming to the end of their careers,(Kos) players just not pulling their weight(Ozil) and players who just aren’t good enough (Xhaka).”

    A pretty fair judgement of things – my only point would be it’s unfair to put too much blame on AMN he’s not a RB.

  52. Pierre

    Couldn’t quite make out what position Torreira was playing 2nd half …was a cross between right wing , right midfield , CA M or up top ….anywhere but his best position which is sitting in front of the back 4 ….was it the manager’s instructions?

  53. Kay

    We wilp get to know the Ambition this summer.

    If there are no wholesale change wrt money or players or coach, we d well and truly become Everton of London.

  54. Champagne Charlie


    Flip, flop, flip, flop, flip, flop.

    I think that’s enough from you on those that have their own views. At least they’re consistent.

  55. Valentin


    That has been one of my gripes with Wenger and now with Emery, they have not appointed a skillset coach. Iwobi should have specific skill training session outside of the main one: shooting, final pass, movement in the penalty box.

    ManCity did that with Sterling, and are now reaping the reward.

  56. WengerEagle

    Looooool ‘the treble’ Marble go play with your crayons you absolute window-licker.

    Calls the FA Cup a shit trophy that was important 30 years ago and goes on to call PSG’s haul last season the treble.

  57. NW9 gooner

    Ozil or no Ozil we are sh’t in midfield- Mikhi should be the first player to be sold. Xhaka also – we need someone who can control the midfield better

  58. Mics_

    9 goals against CP, Wolves, and Leicester. Un fucking believable. I know our players are fucking idiots when it comes to defensing, but Emery’s lineups, organizational skills, and formations shouldn’t be given a free pass, either. Fucking Mike Ashley’s Newcastle look better at the back than we do.

  59. Guns of Hackney

    Take a leaf out of Ajax’s book.
    Have a look at BD.
    Red Bull.
    Look to the USA.

    We can whine all we like about players, managers, technical directors etc but fundamentally the club is bad. All of it. Ultimately we need a rebuild of some description starting from below Stan (he won’t leave). Why not look to hire people from outside of football?

    There are so many youthful go-getters out in the world doing all sorts of interesting things, why does the person/s have to be ‘football’?

    1. The manager was the wrong hire or…
    2. Right hire but wrong timing after Arsene
    3. Poor players
    4. Crippling wages
    5. Weak upper management
    6. Awful fanbase

    Arsenal are a billionaire mid table team who is just about good enough to not be mid table.

  60. alexanderhenry


    Agreed on Ramsay but if we had more depth, we wouldn’t have to play him as often and he’d get injured less.
    The real issue is how arsenal have allowed him to go on a free. And that’s after the Sanchez debacle.
    Add the two together and that’s approx. £100 million quid’s worth of player out the door for ..erm Mhikytarian.

  61. Champagne Charlie

    “Looooool ‘the treble’ Marble go play with your crayons you absolute window-licker.“

    😂😂 just don’t mention his first season in France with “the players”.

  62. WengerEagle


    He didn’t bring in a single offensive midfielder/forward last summer despite the state the squad was in though, Ozil and Mhik haven’t turned to shite overnight exactly. If no improvements were made defensively or very little, he made pretty poor use of 70 million spent.

    Guendouzi was the only one and he looks clueless.

  63. Charlie George

    I am growing to like this Emery chap.
    I am making so much money on opposition goals….. its changing my opinion on him..

    Buy Valencia goals????

  64. Mics_


    Agree about demonstrations. This is not acceptable for Arsenal. This is not an Arsenal standard that can be accepted. We’re quickly falling in stature, and in today’s Prem, there are many hungry teams waiting to take our place.

  65. Kay


    Agree regarding the rebuild.
    We needed somebody smart for the rebuild to happen within 1 season. Emery doesn’t look like the answer.

    With the self sustaining shit and the money we have, its going to be another 3 or 4 seasons.

    We cant sell Ozil or Auba or Mikki or Mustafi or Xhaka that easily unless we are ready to absorb the losses and replace these guys with a 200 mill oulay.

    Worrying times ahead.

  66. Samesong


    I would take someone that score 20 a season at this stage. A forward that can actually hold the ball up and dribble past players.

    Don’t know who but you are seeing Auba on the downwards slide now.

    Laca doesn’t do it for me either, he takes too many touches with the ball at times in my opinion. Missing too many chances. And is always on the ground.

  67. NW9 gooner

    Even with Pierre’s continued obsession with Wenger he has been spot on with his analysis of our play- Torreira playing too forward compared to his early matches- the last three matches have been more physical than our Naples match and he was spot on with his thoughts

  68. Mics_


    Completely agree. Sterling has become absolutely world class, and it’s in large part due to the weaknesses in his game being ironed out and his strengths strengthened by coaching. We just don’t seem to have that, both under Wenger and Emery.

  69. Un Na naai


    If he won’t leave then we should boycott the club
    But you’re right. The club is just bang average at its core. From top down. This was meant to be the start of something new. Clean slate. And they go for a fucking Tesco manager.

  70. Pierre

    “The squad is just not up to it;”

    the squad was up to it when beating Chelsea ,spurs, United and drawing with Lliverpool and unless I’m mistaken , the squad is still the same .

    Maybe there is another reason why we seen so poor….could it be that the team has forgotten how to take care of the football , they play like headless chickens , no composure on the ball , wasteful in possession …they run ,run and then run a bit more ….
    Alexander, football is more than just about running , it is about playing with intelligence, letting the ball do the work but first you need a manager who encourages this style of play …

    In the end the reality will hit you straight between the eyes …..Emery is not good enough and never will be good enough for Arsenal football club.

  71. zaco

    but why was Maitland-Niles hugging Madison when he’s the one that got him sent off?, the problem with arsenal players is not only talent but weak mentality, football is not a game of romance or picnic

  72. WengerEagle

    United win today and they’re finishing ahead of us.

    This is with a squad that has been lamented as complete shit on here with Jose downing tools for multiple weeks and OGS a complete novice.

  73. Batistuta


    Enrique was asking for 150 quid to come here because he saw how absolutely disgusting our squad is….Jardim is back at Monaco and Nagglesman is heading to Leipzig…… Maybe name more realistic names who’d agree to work with the shower of shit squad we have

  74. alexanderhenry


    It’s been a bit of a mess post wenger.

    1. CEO quits after implementing new management structure.
    2. Star appointee mislintat resigns
    3. Unable to sort out the Ramsay contract, resulting in him leaving for nothing.
    3. Unable to appoint a technical director
    4. Not a word from the owner as usual. I don’t think he’s a attended a single game
    5. ‘No money’ in January when we were crying out for a new defender
    4. Reported transfer kitty of just £45 million this summer.

    There is still the EL I suppose.

  75. Guns of Hackney


    Unfortunately Arsenal were so scared of life after Wenger…they went and hired another version of him.

    Maybe the next one will do better but for sure, I wouldn’t give Emery my pocket change if he stays next season.

  76. NW9 gooner

    We are in the same position as last year -in the semis . If we win it we would have done better. For me winning the EL would be the cake with icing as it would give us a European cup after such a long time

  77. Paulinho

    “Been asking this from start of the season – what has Emery improved on from what he inherited from Wenger ? Nobody still has an answer.”

    It’s like stage 4 cancer patient going to another oncologist and blaming the new oncologist for not extending his life significantly.

  78. prvhc

    Mikhytaryan has been shocking for quite a while now.Some of these players are just coasting atm.
    I’d hoped after Wenger we could have a coach who would hold the players’ feet to the fire.Emery has disappointed me in that regard.May be that’s what Pedro means by special sauce.There was a video in which Pep absolutely rips on Ribery in training.I don’t think Emery can do that with Iwobi,let alone with a player of Ribery’s stature.

  79. Batistuta

    Oh and Emery is an idiot by the way for some of our recent results but

    Arsenal football club has over 10 players that shouldn’t be anywhere near London Colney as we’ll be deluding ourselves of we think all it’s going to take is a new manager

  80. WengerEagle

    Joe, been a while mate.

    I take it your almost season long wank over Unai has finally come to a climax?

    And now you’re feeling confused and slightly disgusted…

  81. Mics_

    Un Na

    They absolutely will. All 3 of those clubs are trending upwards. They have defined styles of play. Owners, management, coaching, and players are all on the same page. It shows that you don’t need to spend half a billion every summer to improve. What you do need is a clear vision of what you want to be and where you want to go. And we just don’t have that at any level.

  82. Guns of Hackney


    All true. But why?

    Why can’t the london billionaires make basic business decisions?

    If Arsenal weren’t a football club, they would have been wound up years ago.

  83. Joe

    Emery has just proven he is no better or different to wenger

    Drops points when everyone around us drops points.

    Can’t motivate

    Wrong tactics.

    Wrong team

    Losing 3 in a row at the most crucial time
    Of the season is unforgivable and inexcusable

    Emery is not good enough.

  84. alexanderhenry


    Notice I used the word ‘squad’ not ‘team’.

    Sure, our starting XI when fully fit is useful and with a decent gameplan- employed by Emery- that team has done quite well this season at times.

    However, you need depth to sustain that.

    I don’t think there are many managers out there who could do significantly beter than Emery. Also, managers of that calibre wouldn’t manage arsenal.

  85. Mics_


    I don’t think anyone serious is actually saying that we just need a new manager. Criticism of Emery does NOT imply that our squad is of acceptable quality. It’s absolutely not. But the squad being poor doesn’t excuse Emery’s faults, either.

  86. Paulinho

    “Even with Pierre’s continued obsession with Wenger he has been spot on with his analysis of our play-”

    He’s been a muddled mix of contradictions. He wanted two holding midfielders – preferably N’Zonzi – to stay back and defend and said Ramsey can’t play in a two man midfield. Ramsey comes in and plays in a two man central midfield – makes run after run forward as always – and then he blames Emery for not playing him in central midfield all along.

  87. Mics_


    I remember seeing a video of Pep beating Thomas Muller about the head in training! Our lot need some of that lol. Hell, Emery could do with having his ears boxed a bit too.

  88. Un Na naai

    I’d take Brendan Rodgers all day over this buffoon
    Let him have his money. Let him hang himself with his own rope next season and get rid.

  89. Pierre

    “but why was Maitland-Niles hugging Madison when he’s the one that got him sent off?, the problem with arsenal players is not only talent but weak mentality, football is not a game of romance or picnic”

    Too right …AMN should have had his hands round his throat..

  90. Joe


    He was fine until the last 3 matches.

    He’s shown he’s just as shit
    As wenger and has the exact same

    He had the chance to get us top 4 easily. And a Europa.

    And he’s blown it. If it was wenger I would have lost my shit so same goes for emery.

    People will be saying it’s wengers team still. Same players etc and fair enough.m but he just hasn’t been a huge improvement over wenger. The last 3 matches just cements it.

    I know it’s only 3 matches but it’s the 3 most important when all other teams were flailing as well.

    It’s showed me all I need to know

  91. tee

    something is wrong somewhere between Emery and players cos you don’t come from beating napoli home and away to getting thrashed 3nil by teams who are not even in the top 6.

    if anyone absolve Emery or kroenke or the players of the blames then such a fellow is a nitwit.

    Emery is gradually loosing the dressing room it seems, judging by the action of Maitland after the red card.

    Even if we somehow win the EL, it doesn’t change the fact that the owner is shit, players are shit and the manager doesn’t even know what he is doing. All he does is keep gambling and talking tactics that are nowhere to be seen in our play.

    So much for the PowerPoint representation.

    it’s been visible for all to see that we have been riding our luck from the beginning of the season and now that the luck has dried up, we have been exposed.

    good riddance

  92. TheLegendaryDB10


    Glad to have you back. We need some change and fast, otherwise we really are going to fall into being an irrelevant club (not that we are already heading in this direction).

  93. Leftsidesanch

    Fuck knows why AMN is warmly embracing that mug, do that after the game. I lost faith in this side a long time ago and my faith in Emery is on the wane now.

  94. TR7


    ‘It’s like stage 4 cancer patient going to another oncologist and blaming the new oncologist for not extending his life significantly.’

    Come on Paulinho ! You are one of my favorite posters here but sorry to say you are doing a bit of flip flop here. At one point of the season (during our unbeaten run), you were very upbeat about our prospects. And now you seem to suggest we are in an irredeemable position.

  95. SpainishDave

    We were so hopeful at the start of the season, but slowly we have gone backwards.
    Our passing was poor , off the ball we don’t move, it’s Wenger mark two .
    We are stuck in a rut which the board and owner have been party to.
    Emery oversold himself and the board fell for it because he said he could do it on the cheap.
    I hope we don’t win the Loosers cup because that will just prolong the major shake up the club needs.
    What manager wants this job , with this owner

  96. alexanderhenry


    Because as long as the ground is full, Kroenke is happy. Arsenal remains an outstanding investment for him.
    He is not motivated by success- on the pitch anyway.

    Having an owner who is not focussed on Arsenal and not prepared to do whatever it takes to enable success is a huge issue for the club.

    I’ve been banging on about this for years and driving poor Pedro mad with it.

    It’s the truth though.

  97. ddkingz

    is there still space on the emery out bandwagon @ CG, because this guy emery, is a fucking clown….

    I’m just beginning to hate emery just like I hate Wenger…

    the last 5weeks have nothing to do with players…. it’s been all emery, he’s over thinking things.

    Emery’s a fuxktard, everyone always say one game at a time, but emery always does otherwise… playing jenks, mavri, guen, mustafi, mkhi against crystal

  98. Joe


    Doing great. But last 3 weeks have really soured me on emery.

    No matter how shit our squad is we are still good enough to beat palace and Leicester and should not have been embarrassed by wolves.

    The same issue with wenger. Can’t get the best out of the squad

  99. Un Na naai

    Losing the last 3 games now at this time proves that emery can’t motivate the side or select the right personelle

    His tactics are one dimensional at best.
    He isolates our forwards.
    He dpolys a weak attacking philosophy and he cannot coach defence
    What is this high line all about? We know what Leicester are about
    We know vardy plays off the shoulder
    What does he do? High fucking line
    What a fool

  100. Mics_


    “If it was wenger I would have lost my shit so same goes for emery.”

    Exactly this. I’ve been losing my shit at Wenger for years for runs like this. Emery has had a year, and our weaknesses are as poor as they’ve ever been.

  101. WengerEagle

    This is the thing, everyone was happy to laud Emery during the good spell of the season and the limitations of the group was a mere afterthought.

    Then the excuses started to get flung out as soon as we started slipping.

  102. TR7

    Joe has gone up in my estimation. Unlike most ardent Wenger critics, he is not conveniently passing the buck on to the players.

  103. Joe

    Thanks DB10.

    I think even if we win the Europa emery will get embarrassed in the CL.

    Could you really see emery do what poch did with spurs in the CL or Ajax?

    He doesn’t have it.

  104. Bueleydave

    This is not a knee jerk overaction. Football is a team game. All have proved beyond doubt that they are not good enough either individually or as a team. So all should go. Start again from scratch. The only way to exorcise the acceptance of failure which permeates the whole first team squad. The only thing they are able to do is to continue to draw their unearned wages