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I don’t know about you, but it just hit me hard that the Premier League season is nearly over.

What an unbelievable race it’s been.
Imagine being Liverpool and not winning the league with a points total as high as they are likely to go.
The greatest ever second placed finish of all time? Not an accolade Klopp or the Liverpool fans will relish. You never know, but it’s not looking good for them.
… but, hand it to Pep G. He’s the greatest. So many people want him to fail, but he, along with the MIGHTY Arteta are creating a brand of football that is once in a generation type stuff.
The issue the rest of the league has is that the football they deliver, at core, is about incredible coaching. They are spectacular on the ball, they are even better off it, then factor in that they are also the richest in the league… it’s simply not fair.
The Premier League can no longer be snarked at. Not only has it been the best league on the planet for years from an entertainment perspective, now it’s climbing up to the top from a technical viewpoint. More and more of the best players are slinking over here, and we’re making the other leagues look seriously weak. All Spain had was Ronaldo vs Messi.
That makes me very happy.
As a carry over from the argument I pitted against Emery yesterday, I do want to double down on some of the things I like about the manager, because those haven’t changed.
#1 He’s a fans manager
I genuinely think that he manages for the fans. I think he’s a acutely aware of the misery that we’ve been through over the past 10 years and I think he’s trying to give us something to smile about. Hard to say that about someone like Mourinho. I think Emery struggles a little bit to deliver what we truly want, but his focus always seems to be on getting the fans onside. I like that. I also like that he’s a fan on the touchline. His resting face is all of us sitting in the stands or at home.
#2 The man will pivot
I honestly thought that we were heading into Wenger MKII when the manager dropped his two best players to the bench. I couldn’t fathom that he might change his mind. To be fair to him, he’s done that a lot this season. The start of the year was marked by halftime changes in every game, which grew to look like indecision, but it was still a breath of fresh air. The latter half of the season saw him suck up a big chunk of his own pride as he reintegrated Ozil and Ramsey to great effect. A lot of people say this was his masterplan, I can assure that this damaging approach is never anyone’s masterplan. He dropped Aaron because he didn’t fancy him. He made a decision on him too early and he wanted rid. I think part of this decision making was down to not understanding the rigour of the league, but whatever, he brought him back. The Ozil fallout was even crazier, the player was literally trolling him online… but he brought him back. Say what you will about the German, he certainly bring flair to this squad. Say what you will about Emery, results come first.
#3 We’re a bit of a mystery
He’s a good tactician. Not a great one. But he’s certainly brought back an air of mystery to proceedings. He’s doing the basics, he’s looking at the opposition, he’s testing ideas, and he’s looking at the tools he has available and mostly using them correctly.
He’s still not perfect. I think his early season use of the squad left a lot to be desired. When I went to see us play Huddersfield at Christmas, we looked utterly one paced. I’d never seen a game so slow. Part of that is just not understanding the league. Pep and Klopp made the same mistake when they arrived here, both realised you can’t play the pressing game in the league because there are too many games and no winter break to speak of.
I also think some of his selections have been baffling. It’s like he sometimes picks his sides based on league position, versus the reality of the side. If you’re at PSG, a team in 10th is shite and you’ll steam them. In the Premier League, every team in the top 14 can beat you if you give them a disrespectful starting 11. Everton was the warning shot, and we could all see that coming. Palace was simply unforgivable considering the power, pace and giant killing power those boys have.
However, you have to say that we’re a force against big teams. We didn’t allow Napoli to score against us over 180 minutes. We’ve taken scalps against top 6 sides. We’ve competed in every one of those games bar the Liverpool one at Christmas. Whatever you think about the man, he has the players believing in the big moments, not something Wenger managed in his last ten years.
We’ve also clocked a lot of points in a dreary transition season. Year two, you’d hope the improvements would really bed in and we see true Emeryball.
I’ll land where I usually land. I think Emery is a transition manager. If he can get us into the Champions League, the selection has been a huge success. I don’t care about points accrued. It’s all about where we finish.
The big challenge we have as a club is what to do with that £45m investment. There is some serious wheeler-dealing to do and I don’t trust Raul and Emery to do it. We could really do with Paul Mitchel or a Luis Campos, otherwise this is going to be the blind leading the blind. Denis Suarez and Malcolm is where the thinking will be.
Right, that’s me done. BIG love to you all, see you in the comments.
P.S. SPURS CHOKED AGAIN. Right back in our hands. I am now convinced tomorrow will be an embarrassing loss to a Vardy Pardy, but let’s enjoy a day of laughing at Spurs.

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  1. HighburyLegend

    “but, hand it to Pep G. He’s the greatest”
    Yep, especially in the champions league.
    (Sorry, couldnt resist…)

  2. Marc

    Fuck sake Pedro – nice post balanced not blowing smoke up anyone’s arse but at the same time taking a realistic view on what Emery inherited / what reasonable expectations should be.

    Then you go and add “Right back in our hands. I am now convinced tomorrow will be an embarrassing loss to a Vardy Pardy”

    Are you trying to fuck up my weekend or what? Have you ever heard of tempting fate?

  3. Just Another Customer

    fookin ‘ell m8s Spurs is such a cocktease with these defeats just as when they were seem unreachable

  4. Drey

    “He’s the greatest. So many people want him to fail, but he, along with the MIGHTY Arteta are creating a brand of football that is once in a generation type stuff.”

    Pedro goes to extreme lengths to drive traffic to the blog these days it seems

  5. Champagne Charlie

    “Sorry but you expect Arsenal to be challenging for the title this season?Any rational supporter would say that expectation doesn’t even get close to being realistic.“


    The fact you think this just serves as evidence of your inability to discern anyone’s POV, instead lumping people into convenient groups for you to criticise.

  6. azed

    Sensible post by Pedro.

    As for the transition manager part, a lot of us(Benny, Dissenter, Midwest) have been saying it from the beginning. Emery has a 2 year deal with a team option for an extension and one year is already gone.

    Getting us into the Champions League and clearing the team of dross accumulated by the old regime would be a massive success on the part of Emery.

    With the rumours of 45M to spend, you don’t want to add manager payout to that little amount.

    With the spuds loosing today, our loss to Crystal Palace is more painful..

  7. gonsterous

    early kick off tomorrow. yay, can finally watch an arsenal game. All these late kick offs are way to late for me. Hopefully it’s a positive result and not some thing frustrating. I thought we had a game in hand but it seems top 4 really isn’t in our hands like the manager claims.

  8. Kay

    Good post.

    But I will disagree with your argument that PepG is THE greatest. He has failed this season. No CL with shit load of cash? Zero excuses really.

    Klopp will be THE manager of the season for me evenif he doesnt win the CL and PL.

  9. Kay

    Also have this horrible feeling that Manu will sneak in if they beat chelsea tomo.
    Tomo and the Last day is huge for PL and Top4.

  10. Champagne Charlie


    Again, that’s your assertions because you’re incapable of a conversation without grouping someone into a convenient space.

    Should try reading what’s written instead of applying your own spin on things

  11. Dissenter

    We have to start looking at the relegated teams and plan to get the best of the worst.Liverpool have been employing this approach successfully with Wijnaldum, Robertson and Shaquiri.
    That policy’s a lot better than getting the worst of the best. That’s how we ended up with the likes of Mykhi and the 2019 version of Ozil.

    Huddersfield are totally gash
    Fulham have some good players that need another look; Sessegnon, Jean Michel Seri and maybe Mitrovich 😊😊😊
    Brighton/Cardiff – not so much

  12. Marc


    Whilst we’d need to win our remaining games our goal difference would protect us from ManU who will win their two remaining matches after tomorrow. Chelsea’s remaining fixtures are harder to predict.

  13. Marc


    I asked you a simple question and you’ve again gone round I circles.

    What is your expectation from Emery and Arsenal this season?

  14. Dissenter

    We are screwed if United win. They have the easiest fixtures left after this Chelsea game; they have Cardiff and Huddersfield left.
    If the can get 9 points from the remaining games, they get 4th spot.

    Chelsea are screwed with the EL draw. They have to play a strong side against Frankfurt in both games, even as they pay Watford and Leicester.

  15. Valentin


    I think you have succumbed to the Arsenal PR machine.
    #1 Emery is a fan manager.
    When everything was going smoothly, Emery did not care about the fans. When things started to wobble and boos to be heard in the stadium, he realised that fan support will be part of the decision to keep or sack him. More than the result, what really sway the decision to sack Wenger was the fact that a noisy part of the support wanted him out.

    #2 the man will pivot
    The man did not pivot, he did U-turn because he realised that he had messed things up. Both in term of personnel and in term of tactics. Because he was doing things differently than Wenger, most people automatically assumed that it was progress. The reality is that it was wrong but from a different angle. When you play golf, it does not matter if you undershoot or overshoot a put, you still miss.

    #3 we’re a bit of mystery
    We are not a mystery, he will play two in midfield with a slow, ponderous possession based, build from the back game. The only thing that change is that sometimes it is 3 at the back, sometimes 4.
    That plays right into the hand of teams that plays a counter-attacking game with speedy wingers. The only times, he relinquishes possession is against big teams, because he knows that we will be under the kosh anyway.

    #4 he will mismanage the squad,
    I won’t come back on point 1 and his incorrect assessment of both the intensity of the league and the personnel. That lead to giving too much time to players who are not up to it any more: Lichsteiner, Mhikitarian. He did not give youth team players a chance in the league. There was a stats on Twitter on Thursday that highlighted that we are near the bottom in term of minutes given to academy debutants in the league.

    A while ago, I made some statements regarding Emery. Unfortunately I have been proven correct on all of them. He may chance the Champion’s league place, but he has shown to be not good enough in the long term for Arsenal.

  16. Paulinho

    Marc – Oh yeah, Leicester and Watford for Chelsea. Think Watford will roll over with the final though. Leicester should be good for a point at least.

  17. Drey


    “It’s because he’s losing regular good posters like Cesc Appeal to the dickhead group of CG, CC, Pierre and Un.”

    Hard to argue against that tbf… I really missed Cesc Appeal and Keyser(even tho he was an AKB)

  18. Dissenter

    Spurs may wilt under pressure if we win a couple of games.
    They have to navigate Bournemouth and Everton, even as they try to beat Ajax.
    Their goal difference will probably save them.

  19. Marc


    We used to have some balanced posters – different opinions and different positions but they could all put forward a point worth taking on board, the blog is now being taken over by 4 idiots.

  20. Dissenter

    ‘There’s no point commenting about Pedro’s posts anymore.
    He’s like a senator in the curia of the Roman Empire forum right now.

    He’s just wind-surfing these days; wherever the wind blows-Pedro goes.

  21. Marc


    Whilst I can see the Spud’s making top 4 at the same time you wouldn’t be surprised if they cocked it up. Lose to Ajax on Tuesday and they rotate against Bournemouth, go out to Ajax and then they bottle it against Everton.

  22. Dissenter


    I’m convinced that Frankfurt will definitely beat Chelsea and will be easier for unto handle in a one off game.
    If we manage to beat Valencia over two legs then we may very well win EL and use that to recruit in the summer.

  23. Marc


    Who knows. Whilst I’d love to lift a trophy I’d much prefer to go into the final with CL football secured. Otherwise it’s an awful lot to put on 90 minutes.

  24. MidwestGun

    Hmmm Pedro- Is Poch still the 3rd best manager in the world who wouldn’t struggle with Arsenal’s squad? The answer to that is no. Was yesterday and still is today.

  25. Dissenter

    He was scrambled by the perceived perfidy of Gazidis when he picked Emery ahead of Arteta.
    This outrage pitched him against Emery in a rather bitter manner which gave the likes of CG the keys to legrove.
    Now, he’s trying to go back to the center…it’s rather too late.

  26. Dissenter

    “We should be 2-5 points ahead of Tottenham right now.”

    We should all be eating free caviar provided by Kroenke right now.
    If only…if only

  27. Bamford10


    “Care to explain why we’re 9th in the away form league behind Watford, Leicester and Palace?”

    Well, one, I was replying to your comment that City “impose their game” away from home, so my point was that we lack the quality City possess, not that we lack the quality of a Watford or Palace.

    As for Watford or Palace having better away records than us, you would have us believe that this is primarily a matter of Emery’s tactics, not a matter of squad quality or of the mental toughness, steel or character in the squad.

    The first point to make in reply to this is: have you actually made an argument in support of this claim? Or have you simply asserted it? Have you discussed Emery’s approach in this or that match versus what his approach might have been or should have been? Have you discussed what his away approach has been, in general, versus what you think it should have been? I don’t think you have. If you want to persuade people that it’s primarily a tactical problem, you should probably do this.

    Secondly, I would like to point out two things: (i) squad quality is not merely a matter of technical quality, it’s also a matter of athletic quality; (ii) whether a manager can adopt a particular tactical approach depends a little on the kinds of players he has in his squad.

    To the first point, we may have more technical quality than a Watford or Palace, e.g., Ozil, Mkhitaryan or Xhaka may have more technical quality than their counterparts in those teams, but they may have more athleticism, and it may be this athleticism that is getting them better results away. They may also have more character, be more mentally tough, more steely than we are, and this plus their greater athleticism is getting them better results.

    To the second point, in order to play a sit-deep-and-counterattack-at-rapid-fire-pace — a tactic used well by Wolves and others, a tactic Emery has not really turned to away from home — you need to have certain kinds of players, players, one, who are willing to concede 65% of possession, play a ton of defense, track, tackle, and two, who are capable of attacking quickly, who have pace and quickness and athleticism.

    Do we have a team of such players? Does such an approach fit the players we have? Maybe, maybe not. In some cases, yes, in other cases, no. I’ll leave better answers to this question to others.

    The bottom line, however, is this: you’re a million miles from having shown that our problems away from home are primarily tactical.

  28. Dissenter

    Fulham fans singing ‘down with the Fulham, you’re going down withnthe Fulham”

    That’s why we all love English football.

  29. TR7

    Poch is still among the top 3 managers in the world. Spurs have a wafer thin squad which is already too stretched playing in the league and the CL. Moreover, many players missing due to injuries.

  30. Marc


    I can’t get him to put simply what his expectations for this season are and you’re asking him to commit to something that requires an opinion above “Emery bad – everyone else good”

    I think you’re asking for to much.

  31. Bamford10

    Wow. The “great” Pochettino loses to West Ham at home. And there is no question he has a better squad available to him than Emery does. Managing in the PL is undoubtedly tricky, especially when you have to plan/prepare for PL and European competition matches at the same time.

  32. Dissenter

    “Poch is still among the top 3 managers in the world. Spurs have a wafer thin squad which is already too stretched playing in the league and the CL. Moreover, many players missing due to injuries.”

    You did know that this same excuse you’re running for Pochettino applies to Arsenal too.

    They didn’t buy in the summer but we too had not effectively recruited for 3-4 seasons. We too are playing in Europe and have key injuries -Bellerin, Holding and Wellbeck.

  33. azed

    “Poch is still among the top 3 managers in the world. Spurs have a wafer thin squad which is already too stretched playing in the league and the CL. Moreover, many players missing due to injuries.”


    How come this excuse is not valid for Emery?

  34. Marc


    I think the Poch is a good manager what I can’t understand is how people can promote him to be in the top 3 in the world when he hasn’t won anything – ever. I mean who misses out Allegri, Pep, Klopp, Conte, Zidane etc etc.

  35. Dissenter

    Someone saying Pochettino is among the top three coaches in there world?
    Only an English fan will say this or one with zero knowledge of football outside of England.

    Have a word with yourself. We know you disapprove of Emery but stop making a fool of yourself.

  36. azed

    Poch who hasn’t won anything better than Allegri or Ancelotti or Zidane who won the Champions League thrice in a row?

  37. MidwestGun

    He may chance the Champion’s league place, but he has shown to be not good enough in the long term for Arsenal.
    Except he wasn’t hired for the long term. That’s why his contract has a financial break clause in it. If he isn’t renewed after 2 years.. he receives no compensation. Additionally, Gazidis wanted Arteta but was persuaded that Emery was the better choice due to his experience. So again Emery was not hired to be the next Wenger. He was hired to stop the slide and get us into CL if he can’t do that then… cya later. Now could the Club change their mind and sign him to a long term contract.. ? sure.. but he would have to perform much better then has so far especially in his away performances. Which might just be his Achilles heel.

  38. Dissenter

    The top-3 managers in the world are in England!!!

    Poch is yet to win even a chamber pot yet people are drooling over him.
    The same guy who declined the opportunity to move up to a bigger club to test himself.
    The one who waxes philosophical about winning trophies?

  39. Marc


    So Zidane with 1 league title and 3 consecutive CL’s who Madrid have just re hired over the Poch and Allegri who has won the Italian league at two different clubs and has just won it for the 5th consecutive time with Juve aren’t as good?

    Mate if you want to support another team I won’t tell anyone honest!

  40. Paulinho

    Spurs’ squad is far from wafer thin.

    Winks, Sissoko, Lamela, Wanyama, Dier, Eriksson, Alli, Son, Kane, Llorente, Moura. All in midfield, forward areas.

    Davies/Rose as left backs.

    Trippier, Aurier, Walker-Peters as right backs.

    Only weak point is Foyth as fourth centre back.

  41. Jamie

    Poch hasn’t won shit in his whole career. He is not one of the top 3 managers in world football. Behave yourselves. Pretty sure Pete was being a touch hyperbolic.

    He’s solid, sure. But it can not be argued that he’s a winner, because he isn’t. Yet. And to be the top 3 coach in the world, you need to have won at least 1 major trophy. Even he knows that.

  42. Dissenter

    Conte came to England and won a league title and FA cup in that time.
    Same time Poch is still celebrating the also ran-trophy.

    Can you imagine Pochettino in the furnace of a big club like Madrid or Barca?
    Why is that managers are ready to quit coaching jobs even though they are still winning big stuff?
    The pressure of managing truly big teams is a lot different than anyone who is at Spuds [or even Arsenal for that matter].
    Poch should not even be mentioned until he wins something [at this point anything will do] and then moves to a big club.

  43. Marc


    There’s another way to look at it. If the Spud squad isn’t good enough why hasn’t he strengthened it? He is after all a genius at spotting talent for peanuts so money can’t be the issue. It’s his 5th season I mean Emery’s fucking useless because he hasn’t turned Arsenal around in 15 minutes but the Poch little darling well it’s not his fault.

    I really wonder about sanity of some on here. Of course their allegiance can’t be proved so that could be it.

  44. TR7


    ‘Someone saying Pochettino is among the top three coaches in there world? Only an English fan will say this or one with zero knowledge of football outside of England.’

    You are a master of thinly veiled digs at others these days if they have a different view from you. Once upon a time you used to argue a point instead of throwing barbs. Strange that you totally discount the possibility that by coincidence all the managers I rate happen to be plying their trade in English football right now. I

  45. Marc


    You’d be better off trying to explain why you think the Poch is in the top 3 rather than blame anther poster for being mean to you.

  46. Bamford10


    I’m just curious: how have you reached the conclusion that Pochettino is better than all of the various managers below?

    Ernesto Valverde
    Diego Simeone
    Zinedine Zidane
    Massimiliano Allegri
    Niko Kovač
    Lucien Favre
    Erik ten Hag
    Antonio Conte
    Carlo Ancelotti

    Is he really? Maybe. I don’t know. I can’t say I’ve seen anything that convinces me of this. I think he’s good; I just don’t get the over-the-top praise of him.

  47. Dissenter

    Your major burnishing job for Poch was duly noted.
    You’re willing to minimize his weaknesses, churn-out excuses we aren’t allowed to use for Arsenal and then elevate him to one of the top-3 managers in the world.

    I guess it’s the fault of trophies too, of only they stopped inducing allergic reactions would win one.

  48. Bob N16

    Just been considering your post Bamford. You talk of physical and technical quality, style of play etc. All fair enough to consider. What I haven’t worked out is how, with obviously the same squad, we have such a discrepancy between our home and away records? What are we doing effectively at home but not away? We can talk about injuries, both long term and during games…luck does come into it. Having to play certain weak squad members is always going to jeopardise our chances, but that applies to both home and away matches. Mental weakness in our players – does this come out more when they’re up against hostile crowds?

    Turning my thoughts to Emery and his ability to extract the maximum out of this inherited, deficient squad, I have my doubts about why he has not been able to find solutions to playing away.

    I’d give him 6.5/10….next year needs to be more convincing.

  49. TR7


    ‘Let’s all hope that the Poch gets torn a new one on Tuesday as badly as TR7 just has.’

    Yeah I have really been torn a new one, still hurting 😢

  50. MidwestGun

    My top 3 are.. Pep,Klopp and Simeone. Poch didn’t make the cut.. just my opinion of course. And yes all 3 of those would still struggle to get our current squad into the top 4 of the PL.

  51. Dissenter

    *I guess it’s the fault of trophies too, of only they stopped inducing allergic reactions then Poch would win one.

  52. prvhc

    You were once a reasonable poster,who’s been spouting utter gibberish.If your not ready to justify your non-sensical with reasonable arguments, don’t be surprised when they’re brushed away without one.

  53. Dissenter

    It’s easy to “develop talent’ when you’re not in a big club that expects trophies every time.
    My point is that a developmental manger looks better because they perform away from pressure.

  54. alexanderhenry


    ‘The issue the rest of the league has is that the football they deliver, at core, is about incredible coaching’.

    Surely having incredible players helps with incredible coaching and has a lot to do with delivering incredible football.
    It’s all just incredible.

  55. Marc


    In case you aren’t clear – all the other posters on here are laughing at you not with you.

    I stand by what I said – maybe you enjoy the abuse – each to his own.

  56. Dissenter

    It happens,. we all write strange stuff sometimes.

    ‘I too recommended Mitrovich to back-up Auba/Laca when Welbeck leaves
    I was stripped, trashed, shaved, tarred and then feathered…still recovering.

  57. alexanderhenry

    The funny thing about this season is that every week when it looks like arsenal have blown it, Chelsea, spurs or man u also blow it. Like today with spurs.

    Maybe, just maybe , CL qualification is going happen for us.
    If so, that will be an excellent first season for Emery.

  58. salparadisenyc

    Poch has no doubt done wonders with Spurs, turning City to make the semi is impressive. But to put him in ahead of proven winners is jumping the gun in my opinion.

    Impressive season for a few notably Pep, Klopp and Valverde.

    Top 5 at moment for me:

    Allegri whose about to be leapfrogged by Valverde who could quietly pull a treble having to do much more heavy lifting than Enrique did. Although i’m hoping Ajax ruin everyones dreams.

  59. MidwestGun

    Sal –
    Nice list..ohh yeah forgot about ZZ.. But Im not sure if I like him because of his manager status .. or if it’s just because I loved him as a player. 😀

  60. salparadisenyc


    Zinedine makes everyone of my top 5 lists, that goes for acting.
    He’s the peak, nobody fucks Jesus.

    Simeone tactics piss me off but dudes so effective consistently. Although this is not one of his vintage seasons.

  61. Marc


    Zidane has won 3 CL and La Liga. We can debate how good he really is as a manager but he has numbers.

    The Poch – err hang on I’m just looking behind the sofa and yes it’s the oh hang on no it’s not trophy.

    He can’t even get 4th place on here for fuck sake.

  62. TR7


    ‘You’d be better off trying to explain why you think the Poch is in the top 3 rather than blame anther poster for being mean to you.’

    Poch has everything that I rate in a manager :

    1. Ability to develop youth
    2. Well drilled aggressive playing style
    3. Consistency
    4. Extracting the best out of what’s available
    5. Good man management skills

    Simeone, Allegri, Conte, Ancellotti and Mourinho all miss at least one of the above parameters. Of course for others winning trophies matter and that’s fine. I am not too hung up on winning trophies.

  63. Marc


    ” I am not too hung up on winning trophies.”

    Are you sure you’re supporting the right club then? Yes I do get the irony.

    Can you imagine having a boss with that attitude setting your KPI’s?

  64. Marc

    “Tottenham boss Mauricio Pochettino said his side were suffering from “stress and fatigue” after they slipped to defeat at home to West Ham in the Premier League.”

    Yeah great management to give your players an excuse before the biggest match in the clubs history.

  65. Marc


    Well first we have to make it, second we have to see what business we do in the summer and then see who we draw.

    At that point I’ll give you a prediction.

  66. Samesong

    I think Emery would kill to have the spuds squad. Cant say the same the other way around.

    Come on that subjective.
    Poch is a good manager so what would stop him implementing his style with our players.

    It’s management we are talking about and whether you like it or not our players are on big big wages. There is so many factors to think about.

  67. salparadisenyc

    Safe to say footie is a results driven business, no matter how one gets there winning is the benchmark. I respect the Cruyffs of this world and the Simeone’s, lets just hope by seasons end were not forced into putting the Poch on the list.

  68. Batistuta


    You’re not too hung up on trophies certainly explains a lot…..You probably should support some other team though if those are the parameters you’re looking for because I’m sure most Arsenal fans, heck most Football fans only care about results and trophies….Even Abramovic has gotten tired of trying to get Chelsea to play a certain way because football is a constantly changing and evolving sports with one thing remaining constant which is Results and Winning…… Not sure anyone remembers the 07/08 Arsenal season bar us because no matter how beautiful the football was, we won nothing

  69. Words on a Blog

    Question: What do you need if you’re Emery and things are incredibly tight for your Arse-(nal) team in the race for top 4?

    Answer: Advice from commentators on the “Blog of Lube”.

  70. WengerEagle

    Ancelotti has also been over the hill since his 2nd year in Madrid.

    Looked clueless in Munich and Napoli have had a very poor season when compared to their runs under Sarri.

  71. MidwestGun

    Good question.. Re/ CL. With our current squad … depends on the draw. but no. If we make good moves this summer then yes. That’s another question I guess.. I’m slightly optimistic regarding transfers assuming we even make CL. My optimism stems from we are clearing a lot of payroll or we can very easily.. it depends on who we sign obviously and how much we have to spend.

  72. Nelson

    History may repeat itself. I remember there was a year Spuds lost big the last game to NewCastle, allowing us to jump ahead of them to second. This year, Spuds will play a well rested Everton 4 days after they travelled to Ajex. If we won the final 3 games, ST day is still a possibility.

  73. Kay


    I would say the squad as a whole. Just thinking what can Poch do with the likes of Mustafi, Xhaka, Kolasinac, Ozil, Iwobi et al?

  74. Samesong

    In my opinion I think Poch has taking spurs to there highest level. Spurs have had a lot of jamminess along the way and still lost what 12 games this season. They are a top 4 club but nothing else.

    Poch should of at least won a domestic cup by now also.

  75. WengerEagle

    Dortmund blow the league today in spectacular fashion at home to bitter rivals Schalke who are having their worst season in living memory.

    4-2 defeat, 2 Dortmund red cards in the space of 5 mins midway through 2nd half at 2-1 one of which was Marco Reus, Bayern fans couldn’t write that mess.

  76. WengerEagle

    Poch is clearly an excellent manager, to say otherwise is pretty silly. He’s built Spurs’ best ever squad spending little money and has them competitive in the PL in previous seasons and the CL this one.

    He’s not a top 3 gaffer in Europe though, has to win some silverware to be put at that table.

  77. Kay


    I am really serious. I don’t think Poch can extract the best or what really is their best w.r.t Mustafi, Xhaka, Kolasinac etc?

    I dont really want to feed the trolls. But sometimes I do think wenger was let down by the trash we or rather he accumulated post Cesc era.

  78. Words on a Blog


    I sure did enjoy it….now instead of getting irritated everytime A Random LeGrove Commentator makes a ridiculous assertion, I’ll just smile to myself and remember your catchphrase!

  79. Champagne Charlie

    “It’s because he’s losing regular good posters like Cesc Appeal to the dickhead group of CG, CC, Pierre and Un.”

    Meanwhile you expect cordial discourse from me? Yea ok.

    You’re utterly intolerant to opposing/differing views, that’s literally the crux. You claim you want reasoned views, but then dismiss every reasoned view that challenges your own. Do everyone a favour and bother less.

  80. Dissenter

    Wenger Eagle
    Excellence in management also comes with a drive to win stuff and move up the ladder when the chance comes calling.
    Which is why one has to wonder why Poch didn’t leave spuds when Madrid and Real were sniffing around.
    Does he have the mettle for the next level?

  81. TR7

    Ancellotti works well with teams which have experienced players who don’t required too many instructions and hand holding.

    Mourinho used to be in most people’s greatest manager list and yes for his faults he will still feature in the list of great managers for his success in CL and across leagues. New age managers have made him look relic of a manager.

    Zidane won 3 CL ,a historical achievement but how many of you will remember the Real Madrid side 10 years down the line ? I love Zidane as a player , behind only Messi for me in the last 20-25 years but top 3 as a manager ? Not really. Not a popular opinion but thought he was lucky to win 3 CLs in a row.

    Allegri – Well, most managers will walk the league with Zuventus. Very mechanical style of play too.

    I rate Antonio Conte. He is absolutely brilliant. Among the top managers for me.

  82. Words on a Blog


    I really like Comte too, but really struggle to imagine his explosive personality gelling with the soporific executive management team at Arsenal.

    Don’t think he’d think much of the self sustaining model either…..

  83. MidwestGun

    I do think Pedro was being hyperbolic when he came at me with the Poch is top 3 manager thing He might be top 3 in PL. . But the real argument is would he struggle with our squad to make top 4 and I still contend any manager would struggle with this squad to make top 4. It doesn’t excuse Emery from mistakes.. and flaws.. but he is doing pretty good with an average poker hand. If he can bluff his way to a top 4 finish or Europa League trophy then job done and well played. If not then you have to consider a change.
    I do think the long term plan is or was a younger/more exciting manager but the Club deemed it too risky to spend a few years struggling so went with experience.
    Can’t really fault that decision either to be honest The criticism would be we just wasted a few years for our development of the new manager but we did need to stabilize the ship.. and the fans would have freaked out if we brought in Arteta and finished 8th for example.

  84. Dissenter

    The ideal transition would have been to have a proper DoF in place in 2013-2015 period when we start signing better players again.
    That was we would have a proper back room in place now but we all know Wenger resisted that.
    Now we are stuck in a rut in the back room [I struggle to understand what Raul does if he’s not he DoF] at the same time we have to assess a new manager at the end off the season.

  85. Batistuta


    How does someone luck out and win 3 freaking CLs in a row? Whatever juice you’ve been on lately man you need to lay off it a bit….I mean yea sure you can luck out 1 year ala Chelsea but to then go and it consecutively twice?

  86. salparadisenyc


    Something tells me i’ll remember ZZ’s Madrid a whole lot more in 10 years time than I will Poch’s Spurs.

    Agree on Conte to a certain extend, but then I think about how Wenger bettered him on several occasions. Notably the cup final.

  87. Dissenter

    The manager I would like to replace Emery [if it came to that] would be Nuno Espírito Santo
    I do realize that he wouldn’t be that effective without the recruitment that Wolves have had.
    We bought footballers to play whatever bright ideas Wenger was having at a particular moment. It’s different for any other manager to just pick up this lot and get flying.

  88. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    It won’t come to that
    Done well in season

    Good clearout without cutting the crack hole we’ll be back next year.

  89. Charlie George

    A fence- sitting piece of certifiable clap trap by the unusually ‘pliable ‘PedRo.
    ( is it that friend again-?)

    A PR puff piece for the Emery Admirers….a.k a The Arsenal Delinquents.

    But as Valentin surgically and forensically counters – its undeniable nonsense being spouted by author PedRo..

    Do other serious football clubs- have Transition mangers by the way???

  90. MidwestGun

    Look at the abuse Emery is taking for having us at least in with a shout for winning Europa and top 4 and you think people would be patient with Arteta or Vieira if they finished 8th or whatever.. I say 8th because Vieira is currently 8th in France. And the pressure would be unreal for those guys.
    Emery has at least dealt with that kind of pressure. Of course a good percentage of the abuse is just because Emery isn’t Wenger and they want him to fail and I take that criticism with a grain of salt.
    And yes other Clubs appoint managers they consider the best choice at the time not necessarily the future.

  91. Zfree


    You’ve stated many times how great our conversion rate has been this season, calling it ruthlessly efficient in the prior post. Where are these stats being pulled from? I see our strikers missing guilt edged chances on a weekly basis it seems.

    Here’s a reddit thread that dives into big chances missed and big chance conversion rates. Auba with the most big chances missed this season, Laca near the top of the list as well. The conversion rate removing penalties is interesting. Again, our two strikers are converting around 25% of their big chances. Not good.


  92. WengerEagle

    Give ZZ his props the man won La Liga over prime Messi’s Barcelona, only Simeone and Mourinho have managed that (once each) in the last 11 seasons.

    You don’t fluke 3 CL’s either. Nobody else had ever even won 2 back to back.

  93. Charlie George

    One can only think- that it must be The Male Menapause, that’s making him believe this drivel, he is posting ….

    From memory….it subsides….

  94. Dissenter

    The summer transfer season will be one of the business ever because of the sheer amount of moving players.
    Too many big clubs have to sell or buy bi players and that will cascade throughout the window.

  95. Victorious

    Honestly have a word Tr7

    Even spuds fans won’t put Bottlechino in top 3..

    Honestly don’t rate Emery but at least he’s got a proven record and has won a trophy or 2 which to be fair is the most important facet of their job… Trophies

    I rate the Wolves coach higher and duly predicted he would best Emery last week,wish we could nab him b4 chavs get to him

  96. Un Na naai


    They claim they want cordial discourse constantly then when they get it quickly resort to type.
    Then squeal when they get a bit back
    Look at how they treat TR7, Valentin and cg who never retaliate. They’re always polite, reasoned and never sweet yet they are told to crawl back under their rock, their thick, pricks, cunts bla bla bla.

    Just a bunch of shrill harpies rounding on the next guy who sees the game as it is rather than join in with their group think.
    Most of them claim to be educated yet seem incapable of thinking for themselves or an original thought.

    None of them can compare to the footballing analysis of tr7 or Valentin.