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I don’t know about you, but it just hit me hard that the Premier League season is nearly over.

What an unbelievable race it’s been.
Imagine being Liverpool and not winning the league with a points total as high as they are likely to go.
The greatest ever second placed finish of all time? Not an accolade Klopp or the Liverpool fans will relish. You never know, but it’s not looking good for them.
… but, hand it to Pep G. He’s the greatest. So many people want him to fail, but he, along with the MIGHTY Arteta are creating a brand of football that is once in a generation type stuff.
The issue the rest of the league has is that the football they deliver, at core, is about incredible coaching. They are spectacular on the ball, they are even better off it, then factor in that they are also the richest in the league… it’s simply not fair.
The Premier League can no longer be snarked at. Not only has it been the best league on the planet for years from an entertainment perspective, now it’s climbing up to the top from a technical viewpoint. More and more of the best players are slinking over here, and we’re making the other leagues look seriously weak. All Spain had was Ronaldo vs Messi.
That makes me very happy.
As a carry over from the argument I pitted against Emery yesterday, I do want to double down on some of the things I like about the manager, because those haven’t changed.
#1 He’s a fans manager
I genuinely think that he manages for the fans. I think he’s a acutely aware of the misery that we’ve been through over the past 10 years and I think he’s trying to give us something to smile about. Hard to say that about someone like Mourinho. I think Emery struggles a little bit to deliver what we truly want, but his focus always seems to be on getting the fans onside. I like that. I also like that he’s a fan on the touchline. His resting face is all of us sitting in the stands or at home.
#2 The man will pivot
I honestly thought that we were heading into Wenger MKII when the manager dropped his two best players to the bench. I couldn’t fathom that he might change his mind. To be fair to him, he’s done that a lot this season. The start of the year was marked by halftime changes in every game, which grew to look like indecision, but it was still a breath of fresh air. The latter half of the season saw him suck up a big chunk of his own pride as he reintegrated Ozil and Ramsey to great effect. A lot of people say this was his masterplan, I can assure that this damaging approach is never anyone’s masterplan. He dropped Aaron because he didn’t fancy him. He made a decision on him too early and he wanted rid. I think part of this decision making was down to not understanding the rigour of the league, but whatever, he brought him back. The Ozil fallout was even crazier, the player was literally trolling him online… but he brought him back. Say what you will about the German, he certainly bring flair to this squad. Say what you will about Emery, results come first.
#3 We’re a bit of a mystery
He’s a good tactician. Not a great one. But he’s certainly brought back an air of mystery to proceedings. He’s doing the basics, he’s looking at the opposition, he’s testing ideas, and he’s looking at the tools he has available and mostly using them correctly.
He’s still not perfect. I think his early season use of the squad left a lot to be desired. When I went to see us play Huddersfield at Christmas, we looked utterly one paced. I’d never seen a game so slow. Part of that is just not understanding the league. Pep and Klopp made the same mistake when they arrived here, both realised you can’t play the pressing game in the league because there are too many games and no winter break to speak of.
I also think some of his selections have been baffling. It’s like he sometimes picks his sides based on league position, versus the reality of the side. If you’re at PSG, a team in 10th is shite and you’ll steam them. In the Premier League, every team in the top 14 can beat you if you give them a disrespectful starting 11. Everton was the warning shot, and we could all see that coming. Palace was simply unforgivable considering the power, pace and giant killing power those boys have.
However, you have to say that we’re a force against big teams. We didn’t allow Napoli to score against us over 180 minutes. We’ve taken scalps against top 6 sides. We’ve competed in every one of those games bar the Liverpool one at Christmas. Whatever you think about the man, he has the players believing in the big moments, not something Wenger managed in his last ten years.
We’ve also clocked a lot of points in a dreary transition season. Year two, you’d hope the improvements would really bed in and we see true Emeryball.
I’ll land where I usually land. I think Emery is a transition manager. If he can get us into the Champions League, the selection has been a huge success. I don’t care about points accrued. It’s all about where we finish.
The big challenge we have as a club is what to do with that £45m investment. There is some serious wheeler-dealing to do and I don’t trust Raul and Emery to do it. We could really do with Paul Mitchel or a Luis Campos, otherwise this is going to be the blind leading the blind. Denis Suarez and Malcolm is where the thinking will be.
Right, that’s me done. BIG love to you all, see you in the comments.
P.S. SPURS CHOKED AGAIN. Right back in our hands. I am now convinced tomorrow will be an embarrassing loss to a Vardy Pardy, but let’s enjoy a day of laughing at Spurs.

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  1. Bamford10


    “Wenger got ripped apart for similar results.”

    One, was he working with an equally inadequate squad at the time? Probably not, because the squad was not as inadequate as it is today until the very, very end. So he was ripped apart because he had players that should have been getting better results.

    (BTW, with our injuries and aging this season, there is an argument that the squad is just as bad this year as it was last.)

    Two, were there deficiencies one saw in his teams — lack of organization, lack of instruction, lack of discipline, lack of drilling, lack of proper shape, lacks of tactics — that one could point to as being down to poor management? Yes, there were, because they were Wenger-managed teams.

    I am still waiting for one of Emery’s critics to lay out the specific ways in which the team is being poorly managed. Poor organization? Poor shape? Not being drilled or given proper instruction? A lack of discipline that can be laid at the feet of a lax manager and a lax approach? Players being coddled? Please tell us about these things, critics.

  2. Paulinho

    TR7 – Yeah, it’s okay to use in relation to teams above and below. Put in context though.

    Our 98 teams looks pretty average when you think of the points total.

  3. Receding Hairline

    Nothing wrong with any manager Eagle as long as he is given time to do his work. Time and resources. Something you have never afforded Emery.

    Out of interest what has he won in.his career and what makes him a better manager than Emery? You rate him is the wrong answer.

  4. Paulinho

    West Ham also better than us over the two games.

    Wonder why they are beating us and Spurs and then screwing up away at Brighton.

  5. Dissenter

    Emery is going to be here next summer. The club does not have the wherewithal to hire another manager so quickly after the last one. Our set-up is crap.
    The real question is whether the club will support him in the summer.
    We need to dismantle this team and really start a rebuild. That’s what Leicester have been doing over the past two years.
    Their squad is better than Arsenal’s

  6. WengerEagle


    Perfectly reasonable expecting him to deliver trophies when he’s taken over a Segunda division side and a Valencia side that were a lower than midtable laughing stock for years.

    He’s got them in a Copa Final where they’ll probably lose to Barcelona as most sides do and in a EL SF, it’s his side’s league efforts that I’m more interested in though.

    Whereas Emery looks to be a Europa League gaffer, his Sevilla side were poor in the league. Anyone can win the French League with PSG and he actually failed to in his first season there.

    Time and resources? Well after a full season and 70 million spent we look no better than we did under AW, sorry I don’t have the same forgiving streak as you seem to.

  7. Joe

    So a squad that is good enough to beat Napoli.

    Beat Man U.

    Beat Chelsea.

    Beat spurs.

    But now according to some isn’t good enough to beat palace, Leicester, and wolves. Not even beat but get embarrassed by them

  8. gonsterous

    Never really got the arteta hype. Let’s get pep, may be he’ll get these bunch into the top 4.
    Or maybe get an English manager. Maybe it’s time to end the Spanish inquisition.

  9. Charlie George

    Paradoxically it’s the clubs that have a high turnover of managers who seem to be most successful….
    Leicester, Chelsea,Man city,Liverpool and Spurs love a sacking -and they seem to be doing rather well.

    Sacking people creates a much needed nervous energy around the organisation….keeping everyone on their toes .

    Arsenal need to make changes if things are going awry…. which they are…chronically with these 2 unsuitable Spaniards

    Vieira in for next season would be a good start.
    If he is no good…..we look again…

  10. salparadisenyc

    Some getting to invested in being right, rather than objectively addressing situation as it stands.

    Pretty clear Emery isn’t cutting it, lost last 4 of 5 in league making heavy lifting of getting past a 10 man Watford. 10th premier league loss today, Wenger hit double digits three times over 20 seasons. Final season being his low w/ 13. I wouldn’t put it passed this sides form to loose remaining 2 games ending in 12 losses.

    Apparently now its now all down to players lack of quality and technique, having nothing to do with the manager training, motivating, lining up and making subs. Same players who went on a winning run earlier in season and manager was then praised for his savvy in bringing Torriera, Sokratis and Guendouzi to steady the ship.

    I’d be pleased if Emery was the man to take us forward, I just don’t see progress in any form barring gearing them up to be more competitive in bigger league games which has been blighted by his shocking away record.

  11. Joe

    All being said, win the Europa and emery deserves the summer TW and until Jan at the minimum.

    He doesn’t win Europa and he has until October to show us something or the crowd will be all over him and he could be gone before Xmas

  12. Redtruth

    Of course it’s the quality of the players which determine how successful you are.

    Chelsea have been through 14 managers and have been so much more successful than Arsenal with one manager over the same period

  13. azed

    Sacking people creates a much needed nervous energy around the organisation….keeping everyone on their toes .

    Too bad Wenger wasn’t sacked earlier right!!.

  14. Dissenter

    “Paradoxically it’s the clubs that have a high turnover of managers who seem to be most successful….
    Leicester, Chelsea,Man city,Liverpool and Spurs love a sacking -and they seem to be doing rather well.”

    I wish you told Wenger this in 2010 after we lost the league cup final in Cardiff.
    That statement ought to be directed at you and your Wenger groupies that continued to back Wenger when he stinking out the place.
    It does not apply to the manager who’s been given shite players culitivated by the Monsieur

  15. Joe

    I hated wenger. And wanted him gone for over a decade

    I have nothing against emery.

    I just don’t THINK he’s the man. The last few matches have shown me that. But he has the Europa to save this season and the TW and next August to Jan to show us he’s the man

  16. prvhc

    Emery saying we started the game very well but the red changed everything.
    That’s A-grade bullshit and he knows it.I hope he’s only saying it for the cameras.

  17. Dissenter

    Chelsea got through the sacking of managers because they built a proper organization unlike Arsenal where Charlie Goerge’s idol arrogated all the power to himself.

    Where were you when Wenger was standing in the way of reforms?

  18. Ishola70

    Some are getting really confused.

    Teams down the table in the EPL are capable to beat some big teams at home.

    They can even be capable of taking out Napoli who are in the Europa League the second tier competition for a reason.

    This all means nothing if you can’t consistently show in both home and away matches. This shows how good a team you are. Not isolated results here and there.

    Arsenal have not come close to showing they have a good team such as was in Wenger’s last few years.

  19. gonsterous


    it’s more to do with the mentality. I think the players are fatigued and tired and just want to get to the vacation.
    Auba and laca have played in almost every game, There seems to be no rhythm from the team and sadly we lost Ramsey (never thought I’d miss him).
    Put ozil in the team today and we would still lose 3-0
    Put Ramsey in the team today and maybe we would have had a better performance.
    We desperately need a mid that can control the tempo of the game. We haven’t been a midfield controlling team since cesc left. Cazorla was good but was too injury prone. Maybe 2 proper wingers on the flanks so auba can do his job of being a tap in merchant.
    Get these three players in the summer and we will be formidable next season. Maybe get Zaha and toni kross and really try to dictate play.

  20. Dissenter

    That sacking comment written by CG also applies to our penchant to for holding unto failed players.
    Wenger was notorious for being too loyal to his players and would keep playing them even though it was obvious they weren’t suitable.
    He would keep renewing their contracts with major wage increases.
    How long did Yaya Sanogo spend at Arsenal?

  21. Receding Hairline

    Lol @ keeping people on their toes while investing next to nothing

    Eagle your forgiving streak line is nonsense.. Emery has done all you are sucking off Mercelino for once upon a time. Valencia aren’t even an impressive outfit right now and this league is a different kettle of fish. So I don’t think you have much of a point

    Our players are not just bad, they are shameless and lack fight. Concentrate on getting rid of them first,before creaming your pants for a man on 52 points in LA liga

  22. Bamford10


    One, those were all home matches (save the 1-0 to Napoli, a game they completely dominated).

    Two, we had Ramsey for those matches.

    Three, we weren’t forced to play with ten men in those matches.

    Those are not apples to apples comparisons.

  23. Emiratesstroller

    Down the tubes!!!

    Poor defence and inadequate midfield resources.

    Our season looks over. The last three games highlights the inadequacies of our squad particularly with our fixture schedule.

    If the owner and management believe seriously that we can improve let alone
    maintain our position with the club’s current resources an the limit budget being proposed they are utterly deluded.

    This is a major rebuild job. Frankly it is difficult to see where you start if there
    is an alleged net budget of just £40 million, because realistically very few of the players that I would choose to offload are likely to generate much transfer

  24. Dissenter

    The greatest mistake of the season, with the benefit of hindsight is the decision to let Ramsey leave.
    He’s the best player we have and I’m convinced we don’t have the money to replace with a player of his calibre.

    At the time, it made sense, now not so much.
    We don’t have a central midfield.

  25. Joe

    Forced to play with 10 men?

    Away matches? Should we just forfeit the points next season then if we are expected to perform away? Another thing emery is just as bad as wenger at. Away form

    Ramsey is the difference maker? I’m sure we’ve only got 2 results in ages away and Ramsey has played in a lot of them?! Correct me if I’m wrong.

    Sorry bam. You’re spinning. The last few weeks are on emery.

  26. Dissenter

    Now it’s United’s to lose
    Chelsea at home – win
    Huddersfield away – win
    Cardiff city at hike – win

  27. Pierre

    When we beat Burnley 5-0, West Ham 4-1 , Southampton 3-2 , Stoke 3-0 and Watford 3-0 in our last 5 home league games , many on here said we only beat them so convincingly because they had nothing to play for and they were on their holidays.

    Let’s go forward 12 months Everton 0-1, palace 2-3, Wolves 1-3 and Leicester 0-3

    Unless I’m mistaken , none of these teams have a lot to play for and we have been beaten by all of them….it sort of takes away the pathetic reasoning that whenever we had a strong end to the season it was because the other teams were on holiday.

  28. Joe


    We should not be getting embarrassed by wolves or Leicester. Home or away.

    We should not be getting embarrassed by palace at home.

  29. Paulinho

    Dissenter – Makes the next year or so harder,and it could result in Emery getting sacked. Pats on the back for Emery year round if Rambo stays (and stays fit).

  30. Dissenter

    I mean our squad is really very bad, never mi d all the nonsense that Valentin is sporting.

    When you saw the starting 11 of Leicester and the starting 11 of Arsenal, which one was better.
    …and we were playing with essentially our best 11 [except for Ozil]
    I said it before, 8-9 of the Leicester team would easily have made the first 11 of a combined team of both sides.

    We have strikers that NEVER win aerial duels with defenders. We have “wide” players that cannot cross the ball. It’s just drudge watching at this point.

  31. Receding Hairline

    We are not going to become a bottom half team by letting Ramsey go.. Come on Paulinho get a grip. We have a transfer window coming up, Ramsey isn’t some rare never seen before type player. Doesn’t even have to be like for like replacement

  32. David Bolo

    So after we beat ManU we were faced with the easiest run-in, facing none of the big six all the way to the end of the season. 6 matches into the easy run-in we have lost 4 matches and conceded 10 goals. Emery is a fraud. None of the Wenger weaknesses have been addressed.

  33. Bamford10


    “you’re spinning”

    No, I’m not, and I have no reason to. I’m not an Emery guy.

    I’m not spinning; I’m being reasonable.

    Are we better with Ramsey? Yes, much better.

    Are many if not most of the players Emery was forced to play today inadequate? Yes, they are.

    Did Leicester field a superior XI today? Yes, they probably did.

    Is it harder to defend when you go down to ten men? Yes, it is, and btw, we went down to ten men because AMN isn’t really a defender, yet Emery has to rely on him as one.

    I’m not spinning; I’m being reasonable.

  34. Rambo Ramsey

    Lol Joey is back in the house. What happened to your “We’ll win the league within 2 years of Wenger leaving”. Or was it the CL?

    Dumb cvnt

  35. Dissenter

    From all there vibes coming out of the club, we don’t have enough money
    How are we going to afford to buy a quality central midfielder when we are still paying Mykhi and Ozil and combined £570k weekly.
    Now we have to replace Ramsey and then all the other 5-6 positions that need fixing.
    Then we have an aging defense – Monreal and Kosh

  36. Charlie George

    Great point Pierre

    Wenger was peerless in finishing the season with rumbustious and energetic performances in last few games.( we currently look bereft of energy this season- cant fathom, why?…)

    The players energy levels were always timed to perfection to perform from Easter onwards…
    Hence the Cup Final Triumphs….too many to mention,now…

    In 20 + years of Afc management..
    Did Wenger suffer from thrashings like we are witnessing from mediocre teams…?

    When we got thrashed- it was always against teams that were better …..
    And who had better managers

    A major difference…

  37. Joe


    Guess the stench of wenger is a lot worse than I thought. Makes me sick to my stomach thinking how far back wenger has sent this club.

  38. Bamford10


    I don’t think our players are as good as you think they are. Beyond that, I think we’ll have to agree to disagree. Cheers.

  39. Words on a Blog

    Another dismal performance, another dismal result, another opportunity to sneak into the top 4 dismally squandered.

    Some on here will put it all on the manager, his tactics, and his man management.

    Others will put it all on squad deficiencies and a lack of character on the part of the players.

    We can argue till the cows come home on which of the two above factors, or what is the right proportion of the two factors.

    We can argue about whether the manager should stay or go, and if he goes, who is best to replace him.

    But the fact is, we are a club seriously drifting towards mediocrity. AVB was a prophet ahead of his time: Arsenal are a club in a downward spiral.

    A disinterested, clueless, and stingy owner (according to Swiss Ramble, 42%of the cash generated by PL clubs in the last 10 years has come from club owners – and that includes clubs such as Bournemouth and Leicester where over 75% of the cash has been injected b owners, as well as the usual suspects such as Man C. For Arsenal, net cash injections in the last 10 years were precisely zero).

    A senior management team on the football side with major gaps and in disarray. Major turnover in senior staff, including CEO and Head of Recruitment at precisely the wrong moment. Worse, we are yet to appoint a Technical Director or a Head of Recruitment, and have been turned by several TDs despite the attractions of London and our “history” as a major European football club. Who sets the vision or ethos of the club when there’s no one there to set it? Who sets and sources realistic transfer targets?

    All that is left is the Europa. Win it, and the best Emery can hope for is a £40m transfer budget to cover the gaps in our squad. I would assume that, whether people think we are a top4 or a top6 squad, most people on here would recognise that £45m ain’t enough, even if get rid of some of our highly paid dross.

    In the meantime, whether Emery is good enough or not, and whether he is replaced or not, there is every chance that next season clubs like Wolves and Leicester will catch up and even overtake us.

  40. Joe


    I don’t think our squad is that strong

    But it’s definitely good enough to beat palace at home. And get a result at wolves and Leicester.

    But our new manager is making the same mistakes and has same characteristics as the dumb cunt we sacked a year ago.

    But he can surpass him by winning Europa. Let’s hope he can motivate the players for it and get the tactics right

  41. Dissenter

    I was wondering why we never made as move for Tiellesmann when Monaco was trying to move him out in January.
    There are some players you break the piggy bank to get- he is one of those players.

  42. azed

    In 20 + years of Afc management..
    Did Wenger suffer from thrashings like we are witnessing from mediocre teams…?

    The beatings we received at Swansea comes to mid.

    We also lost a cup final the big club Birmingham.

  43. Paulinho

    Receding – I didn’t say bottom half, but we’ve seen without him in the few games how things can fall apart, and how the Emery lynch-mob have their daggers ready when it does.

    I don’t think we can replace what he gives us, but if we bring in some genuine wide quality his runs from central areas won’t needed as much as they are now.

  44. Champagne Charlie

    “We also lost a cup final the big club Birmingham.“

    Azed and self awareness don’t go hand in hand.

    Comparing a cup final to an end of season league game. Lol

  45. Joe

    Why is Suarez not being used?

    Emery was meant to know exactly the type of player he was. Brought him in and doesn’t play him.

    Another mistake by emery.

  46. Dissenter

    Charlie George
    “In 20 + years of Afc management..
    Did Wenger suffer from thrashings like we are witnessing from mediocre teams…?”
    I’m getting exhausted trying to correct your lying ways.
    Do you consider the Leicester starting 11 mediocre relative to ours?
    They had the better players who were better suited to premier league football.

  47. JDavey

    Has to be something psychologically wrong wi H the team when it comes to competing away from home. Across the last two seasons our away record is freakishly bad.

  48. Alex James

    Time for Wenger to go. Can’t defend and no tactics whatsoever. 2018 has been a crap year. Oh wait, it’s 2019 and we have a new coach. But we still have a crap defence and tactical naivety! Still, the Emirates stadium will propel us to the promised land. We were promised this!

    Seriously, Emery looked a broken man at times today. Leicester’s second goal would have graced a Laurel and Hardy film. It’s getting to a stage again, where I whisper quietly that I am an Arsenal supporter.

  49. Valentin

    We have strikers that NEVER win aerial duels with defenders.

    Yet, who is the genius who instructed his goal keeper to kick to them? Also he instructed them to split, so even when they won the first ball, the second striker was too far away to be able to make use of it.

    8-9 of the Leicester team would easily have made the first 11 of a combined team of both sides.
    Yet this is the same 11 who were playing wretched football under Claude Puel. Maybe the change of manager had a big influence on the quality of play.

  50. Champagne Charlie

    Wasn’t Tielemans signed on loan this past January?

    We had no money for a loan signing even I’m sure. Oh wait…

    But, but, but, it was Raul…

  51. Joe


    You’re taking rubbish.

    Our strikers are worth more than their whole team.

    We didn’t score a goal with PeA and laca playing.

    Why? Tactics. Motivation. That’s on emery.

  52. Champagne Charlie

    We’re currently 6th.

    United 1-0 up against the Chavs. Steve/Thomas to be on here within the hour I’m sure

  53. Pierre

    Ramsey has played well for a brief period after his reinstatement into the team , before that he was on the periphery of the team .

    He has only started 8 home league games and 5 league away games all season, a total of 13 games , so I’m not sure where this Ramsey has had such a good season is coming from….maybe if Emery has played him more and in his best position then we could give a better judgement on his performance.

    He was playing well when he went down with another muscle injury because ,as per usual, he pushed himself too hard because he doesn’t know how to manage his body…a continual failing of his I’m afraid .

  54. Dissenter

    Juxtaposing the Leicester starting 11 against the Arsenal; starting 11 [near full strength team]
    Is there a signal position where Arsenal had the better player?
    -I was tempted to say Leno but then Schmeichel has won a league title for them
    -Auba…he scores but then Vardy won a league title for them and scores crucial goals
    Choudhury is chaff so maybe Xhaka may be better

    Every other position, the Leicester player was a higher calibre

  55. Valentin

    From what l’Equipe the French newspapers wrote, other teams tried to highjacked Tielemens move, but he had already spoken with Claude Puel and having received assurances on his role and position preferred to work under him.

  56. Paulinho

    Pierre – He’s much, much better as a CM and I said as much on matchday 1 when we played City: Why the fuck is Ramsey playing as number nine?

    So, yes, he flourishes as a number 8, and just does a ‘job’ at 10. Still very important though; his hatchet job on Jorginho at the Emirates, and his goal against Spurs at Wembley. Who else would’ve scored that day and put the Spuds in their place for the rest of the match?

    Yes, injuries are the big failing, and him getting injured now is baffling because he usually stays fit in the spring months. You might be right about position causing it, he definitely has to force it there to be effective, and it could lead to muscular problems.

  57. bennydevito

    Champagne CharlieApril 28, 2019    14:05:01


    Yea except you’ve been Emery in, Emery out, shake it all about throughout the season so spare me.

    Don’t get my input twisted with your inability to grasp it. Retweet that you slaphead mong


    Ooooooh Betty! Calm yourself champagne sugar tits, you’re gonna piss your knickers.

    I haven’t been Emery in Emery out all season at all, I think you’ll find my standpoint has been to give him the season to see how things pan out but now we’re nearly at the end of the season and after witnessing it first hand away at Wolves it seems to me that Emery doesn’t quite cut the mustard or is going to, especially if the players don’t either respect him or understand him.

    Having an opinion that evolves with evolving variables is called intelligence, being stuck in your ways and sticking to the same narrative regardless is called ignorance.

    It’s no surprise you’re the one who spends the most time on here arguing with everyone trying to be right all the time.

    Slap head mong? Lol! That must have taken you ages to come up with that one. I happen to have a full head of hair at the moment as I haven’t shaved it since last year.

    Anyway, haven’t you got an empty room to have an argument with or something? Off you pop.

  58. Champagne Charlie


    Christ above, we’re you championing their squad under Puel when they were getting cunted most weekends?

    I don’t remember you waxing lyrical. Now they put in a shift against a woeful Arsenal their players are all suddenly leagues above our own.

    Give me a break, at least be cuter with your subversion.

  59. Dissenter

    You’re back with a thigh bone to pick on

    “Our strikers are worth more than their whole team.”

    Who cares how much we paid for them.
    They are not suited to the way we play and they are not suited to playing away games in the league. they aren’t even suited for counters when played together.
    Neither Auba nor Laca can play with the back facing goal. They cannot hold up play. They never beat defenders to headed balls.

  60. Dissenter

    :Christ above, we’re you championing their squad under Puel when they were getting cunted most weekends?”

    ‘I was saying that they have a very good squad of young players.
    Properly recruited with pace and power.

  61. Chris


    One that sticks out for me in Wengers latter years was the 4-0 mauling at St.Marys on New Years Day 2016 I think. It was utterly abject.

    Palace away 3-0 also. It did happen. Not excusing either coach or players.

    Bottom line is the club as a whole has some serious thinking to do in the near future and the owner has to start not only investing but showing some actual drive and ambition for the club.

  62. Champagne Charlie


    Oh I’m getting flustered am I because I’m dismissing your gash commentary? Tell me more about myself.

    I’m replying to you kid scratch of the nuts mate, don’t presume you, or anyone else on here, rattled my cage. This place is an immersive reality tv substitute from my actual life.

    I know it’s your special place given your laughable exploits on social media.

  63. Dissenter

    Leicester have a manager who’s unlocked;eashing the attacking potential of the team.
    When Puel was there, I aways wondered why he was handcuffing all the pace in the team.

  64. Champagne Charlie

    ‘I was saying that they have a very good squad of young players.
    Properly recruited with pace and power.“

    Oh, and what’s your view on why they were shit under Puel and seem a completely different outfit under Rodgers…?

    Same players…. different managers…. tread carefully…

  65. Joe


    Emery has proven he can’t unleash our players. The exact same problem
    Wenger had.

    Getting the most out of the players

  66. Words on a Blog


    I’m having cold sweats trying to imagine Mustafi being “unleashed”.

    El Neney “unleashed” would be like a poodle puppy yapping at opposing teams.

    Iwobi unleashed – more like an annoying fly than a wasp with a sting

  67. Charlie George

    Well flagged Chris

    Saints 4 arsenal 0

    There were not many mind…
    When Wenger got thrashed it was always against better teams….

  68. Dissenter

    There’s nothing for Emery to “unleash”
    Without the forward driving dynamism there’s no wheat in the husk
    There’s no pace
    There’s no power on the forward line
    There’s no midfielder to control games
    There’s no dominating defender in the middle of the pack

    Leicester bought players that were just young…and inexperienced.They were always going to get better once a manager that knows what he wants to do comes across. Leicester had alll the materials for Brendan Rodgers.
    The difference is that we don’t don;’t have those ingredients in place for any manager.
    We need a clear out, regardless of Emery’s status.

  69. WengerEagle


    I’m not sucking anyone of, Marcelino was just a name I gave and his credentials are impressive, it’s not based on one season he’s been overachieving for half a decade domestically now.

    Emery’s last season in La Liga was a shit show, couldn’t win a single game away from home and the fact that he was there for 3 years and they ended up far worse than his previous seasons should go some way to showing that he’s not necessarily the man for a club rebuild as we need.

    This season has also been poor, how can you sit there and defend those last 3 performances? Passing the buck onto only the players is a pussy move and reeks of agenda.

  70. Marko

    Think it’s irrelevant and pointless all this arguing I really do. It frankly doesn’t matter who’s Arsenal manager at this stage cause whoever it is until the squad is practically completely overhauled it’s a struggle an endless uphill battle.

  71. Marc

    Ref doesn’t see it and linesman’s side of the pitch and not even a free kick.

    The standard of referring in the PL is getting worse and worse. You’d hope that VAR would make a difference but the same clowns who are getting it wrong now will be getting it wrong on VAR.

  72. Charlie George

    Numpties Alert.

    Arsenal 2 Man Utd 0

    Third place …
    7 games to go

    Rambo and Ozil on fire.

    Players are good enough after game 31
    But not 35.

    Emery doubled down on Europa for personal ego gains.

    Truth hurts.

    Emery is Europa cup fanatic

    He is the footballing equivalent of the ghastly Guy Verhofstadt.


  73. Marko

    Passing the buck onto only the players is a pussy move and reeks of agenda.

    I’m sorry but this kind of thinking is again irrelevant and silly. Last 3 games you look at who we started and who was injured and then you think could a better manager do any differently? Passing the buck to the players isn’t a pussy move because it’s the same cunts who’ve been letting us down for years. I mean it’s a squad that literally falls to total abject failure once Aaron fucking Ramsey isn’t playing and that says it all really. That Iwobi is one of our more influential creators this season speaks volumes too. That Bellerin is our best full back and Monreal is our best CB again speaks volumes of the absolute shit show at Arsenal. Major investment and a almost near full squad overhaul is needed irrespective of who is Arsenal manager. They want to move on Emery after one season so be it (he’s more likely to leave if we’re honest) it changes nothing.

    De Gea is shocking this season

  74. Siddharth14

    De Gea is either mentally shot or he is doing this deliberately. There is no way a goalkeeper can be dropping clangers on such a regular basis.

  75. Dissenter

    Wenger Eaglr
    You won’t find any full throated Emery defense these days.
    However minimizing the impact of our pitiful squad on our results abounds here.
    We are paying 570k weekly for Ozil and Mykhi who are both crap so do ‘t act surprised when some are not quick to ask for Emery’s head.

  76. Marko

    Paulinho a draw is the only result that could help us. Chelsea play Watford and Leicester away while United play Huddersfield and Cardiff at home we don’t want United ahead of us because we won’t catch them. It’s all pointless though we don’t look like winning another game this season

  77. WengerEagle

    Draw would probably be best case yeah, United’s last two are gimme’s really home to all but relegated Cardiff and away to Huddersfield who are hapless.

    Draw keeps them behind us with Chavs two points ahead, hope would be that they drop points to Watford/Leicester.

    Pretty unlikely that we’ll get the job done ourselves though.

  78. Champagne Charlie


    Spurs 70
    Chelsea 68
    Arsenal 66
    United 65

    This is if they draw. 2 games to play. Yoonited win gives us the best chance of anything, not sure the remaining fixtures of others, Spurs seemingly need a point.

  79. Joe


    4-4 v spuds


    The difference is pep and Klopp have their players dying for them on the pitch

    Leicester players putting in a huge effort for their manager. Same with palace. Wolves. Everton

    Arsenal players are not playing for emery. Same as they didn’t play for wenger.

    That’s the problem. Can’t motivate. Can’t get the best out of them.

    But a semi final to go to save his season. Let’s see

  80. Leftsidesanch


    I don’t know why I’m doing this to myself but yes we do. If we get a draw in this game and we win our remainings (lool I know) then as long as Chelsea drop points against Leicester away or Watford at home, we’re in.

  81. Leftsidesanch


    A Utd win is not good for us, if they win they’re next two and win today they get CL.

    Draw is the only outcome favourable today.

  82. Champagne Charlie

    United won’t win their last two, they’re abysmal. Chelsea need pegging back as much as possible I’d have thought.

    Not that we’re primed to do fuck all about anything

  83. WengerEagle


    Monreal our best CB? He went out and spent 20 million on Sokratis, what was the point of that if he’s no better than Monreal there?

    Besides Ramsey that was the same side today that beat United and Chelsea and Napoli at the Emirates. Said it before, I don’t care how out of sorts we are there is no excuse for getting soundly beat 9-3 in 7 days against midtable sides.

    And as decent as Ramsey can be, he doesn’t make that much of a difference. If you think that he does, you’ve really changed your tune on him.

  84. Marko

    Doesn’t really matter at this stage where we finish either way the American will have to go above and beyond this summer no matter if it’s champions league or Europa League. Hard to see that happening. Club needs a massive summer. Fact is that we still haven’t broken away from “big Weng” yet. Club absolutely still reeks of the declining mess he cultivated the last few years

  85. alexanderhenry


    I think you’re being harsh on Emery.

    The team has lost form, but surely that has a lot to do with a lack of strength in depth, and – in my opinion- the fact thaty we no longer have a real game changer in the squad like Sanchez.

    Would another manager really do much better?
    Also, let’s me honest,why would a really top manager want to manage arsenal?

  86. Dissenter

    De Gea has been f*cking shite this season. We have no problems saying it.

    Ozil has also been f*cking shite this season . He has the same assists as PapSok and is 99th in the league this season on assists.. Why is hard for some to accept this?

  87. Champagne Charlie


    Not convinced, I see Chelsea as the sole threat. Which is spectacularly arrogant given I’m an Arsenal fan 😂

  88. Marc

    CG showing his true colours again. Any hope we have of top 4 he wants us to miss out on. He’ll be betting on Valencia over both legs.

    That is not the behaviour of a true supporter.

  89. Receding Hairline

    A draw is the best result today

    Chelsea will drop points against Watford and Leicester

    United can easily win their remaining fixtures

    Forget Spurs, we already blew that.

    I don’t see this spineless bunch winning at Burnley though.

    I know most of you are fixated on the manager, I am more concerned with other things. As far as i am concerned we need a clear out player wise before talking managers

  90. SpainishDave

    Looking through the comments generally Emery is not the one.
    The players are low in confidence, passing is atrocious, movement is poor, Emery doesn’t have the players belief in him.
    We are back to square one. So why waste another year in hope, we did this for ten years with Wenger.
    Why waste yet another year it’s clear that Emery isn’t taking us forward.
    We won’t win the Loosers cup why hang onto this it will just prolong the agony.
    We are stuck in a mire , Benitez looks good right now

  91. Mr Serge

    There is a lot of work to do is Emery the man to do it ? If kronke gives us £40m to spend we are fucked

  92. HillWood

    The best scenario for next year would be for UEFA to give us the Champions League cash but not force us to be in it

  93. Joe


    And you’re not
    Doing the same with the players?

    Like someone
    Said above. This is the same team bar Ramsey that beat united. Napoli and Chelsea.

    Ramsey is not world class and nor does he make that big of a difference to the side to save us from the last 3 results
    We were dreadful. No passion. No fire. No desire.

    That’s on emery.

    His lineup for palace was brutal. He cost us that match. We win that and we are still in control of our destiny

    He tried to be cute and he fucked it

  94. Valentin

    DeGea has already mentally checked out. He is making mistakes that a goalkeeper of his quality should not do. He needs a break and a move away from ManUtd.

    PSG have Areola who has been superb when called upon. Already the purchase of Buffon has been shown to be a mistake, why compound it with DeGea. He wants to go back to Spain with his girlfriend.

  95. Guns of Hackney

    If you come to Arsenal football club you are guaranteed a few things:

    1. Millions of unearned wages.
    2. Relaxed and chilled atmosphere.
    3. No one will shout at you.
    4. Zero accountability.

    A player does not come to Arsenal to win anything. We are a destination club but ultimately players come to us to make fast money before either retiring or moving on to better clubs.

    Until we start acting like a proper club/business/sports entertainment or whatever it is we are…we will continue to just do ‘alright’.

    Just imagine that 15+ odd years ago…Chelsea were our guaranteed 6 points and Man City were in the fourth division. Now both clubs are bigger and better run than us.

    There are so many billionaires out there these days that anyone of them could make spurs, palace, Everton or even wolves bigger than us. Stan is in this for the long haul. Arsenal will always pay out for him unless catastrophe strikes.

    Arsenal’s fall from grace is genuinely quite sad when you consider that we were probably one or two players away from being a proper super club. Imagine how things could have been if we had got Suarez back when??? Sliding doors and all that and a complete twat bidding £1.00. Ho hum.

  96. WengerEagle

    Aguero’s 5th consecutive 20+ goal PL season, only player to do it since Thierry Henry 2001-06.

    Such a baller, Citeh’s best ever signing and that’s saying a lot given the amount they have spent.

  97. Marko

    Monreal our best CB? He went out and spent 20 million on Sokratis, what was the point of that if he’s no better than Monreal there?

    Good point? I’m not sure what you’re saying. If it’s that Sven should have spent the 70 million from last summer better I agree.

    And as decent as Ramsey can be, he doesn’t make that much of a difference. If you think that he does, you’ve really changed your tune on him.

    What no you’re not getting what I’m saying it’s that it speaks volumes of the squad that we simply lose players like Ramsey and Bellerin and totally fall apart. Who cares that they beat whoever at home these players are so bad that for many seasons now it’s the same pattern of failure that the players literally can’t be helped they need to be totally and utterly rid of from the club. It’s frankly amazing to me how people can blame the manager when it’s literally the same pattern from the same weak ass players for years. My god it’s so totally obvious where the issue is. You think changing the manager fixs things you’re sadly mistaken. Until the defence is properly addressed nothing changes. I’m not talking about adding a 15 million pound reject from Dortmund and hoping it elevates players who’ve been letting us down for years into something resembling good enough. It won’t. Midfield still needs serious work but what do you expect from one that holds Xhaka to such importance. Granit Xhaka wouldn’t get near the bench at another top 6 side and yet for us he’s vital. Our attack is so unbalanced it’s unreal. Our main creative players (Iwobi, Mhiki and Özil) are pathetic.

  98. Dissenter

    I think you missed the part where I said “if it’s not Emery, then so be it”

    I think the resources available to start rebuilding the squad are more important than bringing in a new gaffer.
    The personnel available is dreadful for the wages we are playing.

    When is the last time Auba or Laca won an aerial challenge when pitched against a central defender? We have two attackers who are easily bullied and you lot are chanting for the manager’s head.

  99. Joe

    Also dissenter

    I said the Europa saves emery’s season and gets the goodwill with the TW and until Jan.

    If their is no significant improvement is when I start my emery out stance

    Right now I’m just emery is not much of an improvement on the wanker we sacked

  100. WengerEagle


    I’m saying that if the over the hill LB Monreal is our best CB then we done seriously fucked up bringing in Sokratis.

    You know that I don’t think that it’s all down to UE, not everything is black and white.

    But to absolve him of blame for how we are playing and the results lately and simply blaming the players is a cop out, plain and simple.

    He spent 70m which isn’t nothing I wish people would stop pretending that he had zero to spend.

    I agree that the squad isn’t good enough and needs major surgery, I just don’t trust Emery as being the guy to oversee it is all.

  101. SpainishDave

    That’s the problem, what manager wants to come to us.We have an owner who doesn’t want to invest, a board of has beens, people like Bould hanging around.
    The Premiership is hard to win and we need somebody either with Prem experience like Benitez to start the rebuild or gamble on Vieira who if surrounded with Overmars as tech director could work.
    Who knows

  102. WengerEagle


    Maybe, and yeah he hasn’t been great but besides Benzema comically enough who was awful last season [has scored 30 goals this season], nobody comes out of this season with any credit for them they’ve been shite.

  103. Un Na naai


    Yeah benzema has increased his goal output without Ronaldo taking up his usual positions.
    I did read that Zidane is looking to offload though

  104. Marc

    Monreal our best CB?

    He’s OK in a back 3 but beyond that he’s another fuck up waiting to happen. Guy was a good LB for us but time has caught up with him and it’s time to move him on.

  105. Thorough

    To become competitive again we must have a transfer Window where we blow everybody out of the water. Buy a new spine like Maguire-Partey-Zaha or something along that line. But can we funk!

  106. DaleDaGooner

    That’s it for top 4. The loss at home to Crystal Palace effectively ended the bid. Loads of players need to be out ….. too much to overhaul.