Wolves gamble on Arsenal being cowards away from home. They win.

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The Emery HOME WIN train derailed predictably yesterday.

Come on, be honest, you knew we’d tank against Palace, and you knew we’d tank against Wolves.

Am I going to sit here and lambast the coach today?

No. What’s the point. Those players should be fucking ashamed of themselves. They can get themselves up for the sexy games, then utterly melt when it matters against shite teams they should be dealing with.

Last night, there was no belief a win was coming. You can tell me Emery prepped the players on what Wolves are like, but I’m struggling to believe anyone was paying attention. Is it a boredom issue? A translation problem? Or the reality that the cancer in the squad is the ghost of Wenger?

Regardless, we don’t have the bottle. Players turning away from well-struck freekicks? Are you joking? FACE UP LADS, FACE UP. Sunday League basics. I never call out Steve Bould, but come on Steve, where are you on that one? Those players in that wall should be locked in medieval stocks and have 1966 leather balls fired at their faces until they scream maniaclly that they are enjoying the learning process.

You should not have to be teaching people like Xhaka not to turn away when they are in their mid-twenties. What a disaster. In fact, I vividly remember being told by a friends dad at 10 that bravery can’t be taught, you’re either going to put your body on the line for your team, or you’ll be a coward. Maybe this isn’t a Bouldy thing? Maybe it’s a rancid attitude to BRITISH FOOTBALLING VALUES. Fucking hell, get me HARD BREXIT on the phone, I have some additional LEAVE thoughts.

Additionally: Where are the, ‘we really missed Xhaka’ crowd today? He’s simply not good enough to be an elite footballer. The fact anyone missed him says a lot about the state of play.

I love Lacazette, he has more swag than MJ (before we knew he was a pedo), but he’s scored 6 goals away from home this year. He’s not a strong player and he gets eaten alive in those physical games.

In fact, it’s fair to say that the whole squad lacks physicality. Not an issue when you’re playing powder puff teams like Napoli. A huge problem when you’re playing a team that has been built on a brief of caps-locked ‘POWER AND PACE.’

I tell you who we did miss. Aaron Ramsey. A PROPER athlete.

I think Emery has done a tremendous job this season on the face of it, but for me, it’s tough to say he’s not a little culpable for the debacle of the last two games. He made a drunk gamble at the weekend when he played a pathetically weak side against a solid Palace that was always going to take advantage of any signs of weakness. That decision wasn’t an acceptable mistake after we paid the same price against Everton. Our biggest opportunity was to bag the home win with a big starting 11, then roll the dice on Wolves with a team that had momentum with it.

He gambled wrong. Hey, we’ve all been there at 3 in the morning, 10 beers deep, in our pants, staking the mortgage on black after we’ve broken into a friend’s Paddy Power account. Just a shame Emery had precedent for the Palace game, he should have played a smarter risk.

However, he’ll get by this season because there are so many drossy players on the outskirts of the 12-14 players that are good enough.

We are still in with a chance on top four, we’ve just multiplied the difficulty.

On a positive note, I think Emery will fancy his chances on the Europa League. Valencia will be an easy tie, and he knows he can get his players up for the big games… so Chelsea in the final will look appetising for him.

I just find it hard to compute what a disappointment this squad is, because yesterday wasn’t about ability, it was about focus, motivation and fight. We didn’t have any of that.

… let’s hope we can stretch that £45m this summer. There is a huge rebuild needed, if we don’t get it right, Arsenal will be an irrelevance for many years to come.

Welcome to what 10 years of neglect brings you… the real ‘careful what you wish for’ was always ‘careful what you stick with.’

What did YOU think? Share in the comments if you agree with me… x

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  1. Guernsey Gun

    CC – Could happen but I doubt it. I’m as frustrated as the next but am a firm believe of not going back to something that was failing badly at the end. Until Fergie is shunted to some Ambassadorial role they will continue to stagnate. I think I said at the time Emery came onboard that we would probably go backwards – the reality is we have stood still. As a realist we are going to be ropey league at best for a number of seasons, possibly lower as you say.

  2. Valentin


    You are right in that the scoring record of our midfield players is pitiful.
    I have been wondering if that may be due to our setup or the players. Apart from Ramsey, none of them seems to be adept at late surge into the box.
    However I have seen numerous times when Özil and Aubameyang do run behind the defense and the ball is instead passed laterally or backward.
    The perfect example is the fact we have not score enough goal from counter-attacking corners.
    It is like that some players simply refuse to make a splitting forward pass if there is a risk of being intercepted.

  3. Un Na naai

    Well Ramsey is off
    At the very least emery has to get to grips with our defence. if that’s not something he is personally able for then he needs to recruit a top class defensive coach. If the lower sides can then we can. On top of that he’s made our attacking play so one dimensional, he needs to add some variety to our play. Gone are the deft flicks and 1-2s around the box. We score the same type of goal every week. Cut back, tap in.

    But yes he needs to he backed by the suits financially. I’ve maintianed that stance from the off. They won’t though will they?

  4. Marc

    back to:

    scintillating football – not for a few years

    top 4 finishes – not for a couple of years and certainly wouldn’t have this season

    FA Cup wins – Wenger had a superb record in the FA Cup but as a manager was in decline

    Press conferences that are worth listening too – who gives a fuck

    young players who wanted to join us – haven’t had many of those recently

    A world wide profile – Er we just signed the biggest shirt deal in out history and one of the biggest in the PL.

    I knew CG and a few others were just waiting to bring out the bring Wenger back placards. It’s never going to happen, if the club was stupid enough to do it you’d see ST renewal go off a cliff in the summer.

  5. Sid

    The Kroenke commentary is pointless, he is going nowhere, there is absolutely nothing anybody can do about it, so what exactly is the point of bitching about it?

    Yes I would swap him for a passionate owner who loves the club and understands football but wanting it doesn’t change shit.

    Having said that, the only constraint Kroenke has set on the club is that we have to spend what we make, he hasn’t taken out money and we have spent around 290 million in the last 5 years.

    300 million if properly used could have built a pretty decent core (6-8 players) and yet here we are debating squad quality.

    The problem of the squad doesn’t come from Kroenke not throwing money at the club (though him clearing out the debt etc would be welcome but that was not a stipulation when he bought the shares). The problem comes from the fact that our recruitment over the last 5 years has been pedestrian while giving away massive salaries to average players.

    Expecting us to clear the dross away in a window is just foolish, many of these overpaid prima donnas will still be with us, simply because their last contract was handed to them without discretion.

  6. englandsbest

    Un na maii

    Somewhat hyperbolic on my part I’ll agree – but we can reduce the annual wage-bill a helluva lot more than £20 mill.

    The total wage-bill is £220 m , it’s the figure given by Pedro, and I’ll take his word on it.

    How much is players wages I don’t know, but for sure, more than half, and 99% of that will be first team squad members. Let’s say they number 28, a likely figure.

    Okay, some arithmetic. Let’s say twenty are the young and vigorous, eight are expensive left-overs. £500K pa is more than enough for an up-and-comer. That makes a total of £10 mill pa. Throw in twice as much for the left-overs. Total = £30m. My estimate is that makes a saving of around £100m.

    But the wage-save ought not to end there. If the backroom and ground staff wages are £90m, there has to be room for improvement there. The club is over-bloated with people who must spend most of the day wondering how they can make themselves look busy.

  7. Marc


    No way we’re spending almost as much on backroom staff salaries as playing staff.

    If you say the average salary of the first team squad (25 players) is £100k per week (probably erring on the high side there) then that’s £130 million a year.

  8. Globalgunner

    Without a doubt Emery is the wrong manager fore us, the wrong manager to take over an average to poor team and drill them in tactics and install a work ethic and warrior mentality. Instead I dont even know what he can be said to have accomplished. maybe steady the ship, stop the rot?. Its like Wenger never left watching this team. After 30 mins I turned over to the Manchester derby to see a much better game. City players are small and technical but with so much fight. Bernardo Silva and David Silva can scrote with the best or worst of them.

    Emery is not the right man for us Im sorry to say. Other managers in lower ranked teams would have achieved far more with this team simply with better coaching and sheer will power. I hope next season is his last. It will have been another 2 wasted years of stagnation.

  9. Charlie George


    “”My view has always been that the manager is substandard, but ”

    My view – is that is utterly insane.

    So Give a substandard manager( well said PedRo, by the way) millions of pounds to do more damage.

    Only in football.

    How about get a mustard manager – and give him millions of pounds.

    Just a thought.

  10. Champagne Charlie


    Not sure why I need to unveil anything on Rafa, I stated why he appealed at the time. That ones gone however, do you need a refresher on his style of coaching? He’s pragmatic and disciplined. The sort of antithesis I fancied would do well post-Wenger for a few.

    Back to the actual issue….Emery

    Nice of you to be able to cherry pick odd games, and half hours of games across an entire season. Personally I don’t view that as a evidence of fundamentals of someone’s philosophy given it’s so threadbare across the course of the season.

    For instance, we’ve been dreary and void of any kind of idea for more of the season than we have been a pressing beast. So why can’t I use your logic to draw a conclusion that paints Emery as dreary?

    I’d fully expect any new manager to have some staples to his approach over a season. If you’re offering up pressing and a high line then that’s paltry on the evidence of this season.

  11. Pierre

    Has reality sunk in yet ….he is not up to scratch …it’s time to admit that the few of us on Le Grove who doubted Emery from the start and continued to doubt him throughout the season, were right.

    There have been a few flip floppers like Tony and Graham who kept being fooled by the odd good result but they won’t get fooled again…..

    So Jamie , it’s time to stop embarrassing yourself in your support of a manager who is clearly not good enough.

    Hopefully kronke will do the right thing and relieve Emery of his duties asap.

    This outcome was easy to predict jamie , we need a new manager who understands the club, who is not petty, who has a vision, who is brave as will give youth a chance.

    Let’s hope the owner makes a better choice this time when employing our new .mananger.

  12. Jay

    Welcome to what 10 years of neglect brings you… the real ‘careful what you wish for’ was always ‘careful what you stick with.’

    This this and… this.

  13. Biggles


    Our problem at the moment is primarily the old mental fragility. And that I think comes primarily from players Wenger signed.

    Ozil on his good days is world class. On his bad days he’s utterly anonymous. I’d rather have a more limited player who has fewer bad days. I’d rather have Ray Parlour in the squad right now than Ozil. Same goes for Mhiki. And Xhaka (although I don’t think he’s world class on his good days).

    The defence needs major work. Obviously Bellerin, Holding and Mavropanos are all out at the moment, but Mustafi doesn’t belong in the team at all and whilst I am fond of Monreal and Koscielny, both are getting old and are not at the level they previously were. I’m not sure Holding or Mavropanos will ever be good enough to be first choice – but if they are to stand any chance of that then they need game time when fit.

    I look at Guendouzi and Iwobi and think that I’d be happy to keep them around as squad players on lowish wages, but really for us to kick on, we need to be signing better than them for the first team. I also think that Guendouzi has a higher ceiling than Iwobi because he sadly was Wengerised into the mental fragility.

  14. Pedro

    Un, you aren’t wrong there.

    Our defensive performance this year has been utterly shambolic… and if it’s not addressed by next season, the manager has to go.

  15. Un Na naai


    I like it but you’ve got to back the manager and give him all the tools available to help us and him to win.
    I’m not his biggest advocate but if he’s backed and then fails then he can have zero excuses. But you’ve got to back him

  16. Valentin


    Your estimate is completely unrealistic. Even Spurs with a meagre Levy has a bigger wage bill than what you are proposing.

    1 player at 350kpw = 18 millions a year Özil
    1 player at 200kpw = 10.2 millions a year Mhikitarian
    1 player at 190kpw = 9.9 millions a year Auba
    1 player at 170kpw = 8.9 millions a year Laca
    10 players at 100kpw = 52 millions a year

    You already have a wage bill of 100 millions just with the first team top 14 players. What do you do with the other 14? You expect them to lay for love.
    We may be able to trim the wage bill to 170 millions a year, but there is absolutely no chance of us reducing it to the level you are mentioning in one transfer window.

  17. Biggles

    Also, a further point is that whilst you can point fingers at Emery for a bad team selection, you can’t blame him when Ozil decides to be anonymous or Mustafi decides to get himself booked in the second minute. These are time served professionals who aren’t performing on the pitch.

    Swapping Emery for somebody else right now is a waste of time and money. It’s the squad that needs replaced. Even a Guardiola and Klopp double act couldn’t stop some of our squad being useless.

  18. Charlie George

    marc my words

    Arsene Wenger will be back at Arsenal in some capacity before too long.

    We need his gravitas, wit, charm , proven track record, footballing ethos and dignity desperately.

    A recharged, refreshed and hopefully improved version as DOF
    with his first ever signing Pat V as manager
    beautiful synergy and symmetry

    keep it simple
    Its only football..

  19. Alexanderhenry


    ‘Welcome to what 10 years of neglect brings you… the real ‘careful what you wish for’ was always ‘careful what you stick with.’

    A huge amount has changed at Arsenal off the pitch, but we’re still stuck with the same owner. That’s the real problem.
    It always was.

  20. Nelson

    Too bad, Manure’s game is scheduled after our game this Sunday. If Chelsea wins, we could have played a reserve team and rest up for the UEFA cup game. Note that the Brighton game won’t be easy. They are still fighting against the drop. They almost played to a 0 – 0 at the Bridge.

  21. Paulinho

    “So why can’t I use your logic to draw a conclusion that paints Emery as dreary?”

    You can paint what you like, just don’t expect to play dumb without being picked up on it.

    The general idea from this point on, being a manager in the job for one season, is that Emery is allowed to bring in more players that allow him to implement and sustain his philosophy for longer periods and more effectively. It’s really not too difficult to grasp.

  22. bennydevito

    amieApril 25, 2019    12:48:35

    CG –

    Bayern 5 – Arsenal 1

    Arsenal 1 – Bayern 5

    Man Utd 8 – Arsenal 2

    Chelsea 6 – Arsenal 0 (Wenger’s 1000th game in charge)

    Losers love a loser, right?


    Well done Jamie, you beat me to it.

    Not to mention:

    Man City 6 Arsenal 3
    Liverpool 4 Arsenal 0
    Man utd 6 Arsenal 1
    Liverpool 5 Arsenal 1
    Southampton 4 Arsenal 0
    Tottenham 5 Arsenal 1

    Then there’s

    Man utd 8 Arsenal 2
    Chelsea 6 Arsenal 0
    Arsenal 1 Bayern 5
    Bayern 5 Arsenal 1

    Then there was Arsenal 4 nil up at Newcastle and it ended 4 – 4.

    But yep, CG wants Wenger back- Losers love a loser.

  23. Un Na naai

    England is best
    We can and will reduce the wage bill drastically this summer. No doubt about that: and I do share your enthusiasm for giving youth a chance but it must be tempered with caution. We need leadership and experience as it is with our current squad let alone a team of kids so I wouldn’t go selling the entire squad just yet
    Especially not with our lack of available funds. It’s unbelievable that a side as big as arsenal has £45m to spend when mid to lower table is spending more than £72m
    It just doesn’t make sense

  24. englandsbest


    So how much do you think we can save?

    I am becoming more and more enchanted by the idea.

    A new broom, a clean sweep. After years of doleful droop, of watching older guys who are past it, a young athletic bunch with a mission. How exciting!

  25. Pedro

    Alex, you need to find a new narrative.

    The owner has had a hand in this, he kept Wenger in a job for far too long.

    However, he’s invested money, he brought in Sven, Raul and Emery… but it’ll take a while to unfuck the last manager.

    The owner invests, he’s not the biggest problem. Look at what Spurs are doing on fuck all team investment.

  26. Un Na naai


    You see no problem with kroneke giving £45m to emery this summer? As a top 6 premier league team?
    Spurs have just invested in a brand new stadium and are 3rd with a champions league semi final, massively sellable assets (players) and a coach with a vision who gets results from converting lower league players into internationals.

    All while the rest of the league spends more money than London’s biggest club
    Come on Pedro. You’ve got links at the club. You’re smart. You’re in the corporate world. You know something isn’t right

  27. Gbat

    I didn’t want Emery but he’s a good manager and has done a decent job considering the lack of funds and season ending injuries.

    But without backing in the transfer window, no manager in the world would be able to take us to the top. For example, Pep signed 9 of the 14 players involved last night for City. And they weren’t exactly bad when he took over.

  28. salpardisenyc

    The £45m is pure speculation from journos whom need content and clicks, notably John Cross whom rarely gets it right.

    Were in for a bumpy summer of in’s and out regardless of Champions league.
    My worry is Raul spearheading it.

  29. Globalgunner

    CC epitomizes why there are cults and why 1 person can convince hundreds to commit mas suicide. How feeble does your mind have to be.

    Wenger back!. Only CC sees his genius, no other team in world football wants to be taken to a new level by his magic stardust.

  30. Champagne Charlie


    There’s no playing dumb, there’s expecting X and getting Y.

    We were abject last season, there was no worse. Same group of players plus welcome additions, a better manager, better coaches, the returns have been meagre at best.

    I didn’t expect miracles, I expected improvement view a with to life down the line. That’s sorely lacked and no amount of you deflecting blame to players, recruitment, Raul, Ivan etc will distort that.

    There’s numerous segments that’ll be judged at seasons end, but you’ll do well to explain how Emery comes out with a pat on the back after season one.

  31. Jamie

    Pierre –

    Fighting talk! Embarrassing myself? Citation required, else that statement is as credible as your insistence that you’ve been an Arsenal supporter since the 60s. Try harder, kid.

    I backed Emery at the start of the season. I’m still (just barely) on his side. If he gets us CL football next season by hook or by crook, he’s hit his only major KPI and deserves backing from the board in the summer transfer market. If he doesn’t, he’s failed and a replacement needs to be found sooner rather than later. We should get rid of your lover Ozil, and the other high earners, off the wage bill as a matter of priority and rebuild the squad.

    Tell us again how 4231 is a good system for us before the game last night, and how Ozil doesn’t need to run around like Iwobi to affect the game. Or deflect, whatever works for you.

  32. englandsbest


    Saddened to read your downbeat post.

    Dangerous? Yes. Unrealistic? No

    Caution will, at best, bring mid-table mediocrity. No Arsenal fan ought to settle for that.

    I am many years adrift of youth, but I can still recall the vigour, the excitement, the enthusiasm. We will never get that with the current mob. Most of them used all that up ages ago.

  33. Alexanderhenry


    Let’s be fair here, your ‘all we need to do is get rid of wenger and everything will be wonderful’ narrative is looking a bit like fairytale at this stage.

    On the other hand, my narrative that arsenal were in excellent shape before kroenke got involved and since then have gone from excellent to average, is looking more like a tightly written true crime novel.

    Also, Kroenke hasn’t invested any of his own money.

    What’s clear is that if he actually has any interest in arsenal being successful, he’ll have to make some serious funds available this summer. How, is up to him.

    If all we get is project youth 2.0 and a new
    Homeopathy specialist, then surely you’ll admit that there’s a problem.

    Big transfer window for arsenal fc.

  34. SpainishDave

    Emery spent 65 mil during the summer and look where it has got us……nowhere.
    The defence is crap a mixture of has beens and dick head Mustafi.
    Emery hasn’t sorted that out in 50 games.
    Midfield is a mess not one regular player, no goals, no movement.
    The forwards are poor we have two tap in merchants with no service.
    Emery is not the answer, clueless.

  35. Un Na naai


    But then jorunos are all of a sudden oracles when it comes to trump brexit and the Eu


    I’ll agree with you though.
    The mainstream media are just bullshit artists. On all sides of the coin

  36. Marc


    No idea I was more shocked by the difference between the quoted £220 million and what the 1st team cost is – I know the maths were a bit of a stab in the dark there but a £90 million wage bill for youth, admin, match day and coaching staff etc seems crazy. I assume it doesn’t include policing costs?

    I was trying to see where the money is going.

  37. Marc


    “The mainstream media are just bullshit artists. On all sides of the coin”

    I think you’re being unfair on bullshit artists!

  38. Un Na naai


    A few years ago your we’re taking up FA cup wins as some sort of aspiration. I’ll agree now that it’s not enough for a club the side of arsenal but at least try to maintain a consistent narrative. People may take you for a disingenuous liar. Perish the thought.

  39. salpardisenyc

    Marble disregarding the first 10 years and focusing on the latter when league caught up.

    Its all started going Pete Tong when Dean left and board gave Wenger endless leash culminating in where we are now.

  40. Paulinho

    “We were abject last season, there was no worse. Same group of players plus welcome additions, a better manager, better coaches, the returns have been meagre at best”

    Nine points better than last season with a squad primarily made of offensive players that don’t suit his system.

    He doesn’t just get one pat, he gets two and three.

  41. Un Na naai

    Alexander Henry
    Well said

    You are flip flopping mate. Find a point and stick to it. You’re wrong today when you’ve been so right for a good while

  42. Redtruth

    Un Na naai

    You’re confusing me with AKB’s like yourself.
    The FA Cup lost it’s appeal as far back as 1991 when they started playing Semi-Finals at Wembley.

  43. Un Na naai

    CC epitomizes why there are cults and why 1 person can convince hundreds to commit mas suicide. How feeble does your mind have to be.

    Get a grip.

  44. HighburyLegend

    “you’ve got to back the manager and give him all the tools available to help us and him to win. I’m not his biggest advocate but if he’s backed and then fails then he can have zero excuses. But you’ve got to back him”


    (Un, do you realize that you’re speaking to Charlie George ??
    The one who wants to burn Emery on the public place!! lol)

  45. Un Na naai


    No. I’m just basing my evaluation on someone who posts contradictory views
    You’re lucky to even receive a response pal. You’re the (blur’s) charmless man, sitting in the corner,
    Smoking a pipe and spouting inconsistent nonsese.
    At least stay true you your own narrative man

  46. azed

    “His tactics with two light midfield players (not very pacy) were perfect for Wolves.”

    “The choice of personnel was also ridiculous as our attack had no pace and no direct runner. Nobody who could run at their defense and create havoc in 1v1 situation.”

    “. We could have played Caporal Jenko as right back and put AMN as an extra body in midfield. Replace Özil a pass master who had nobody to pass to by a willing runner in Nkethia on the right wing. Move Mhikitarian in the centre instead of keeping him on the wing.”

    The amount of bullsh*t Valentin writes, you’d think he was typing with his arse.

  47. Dissenter

    Un na,
    “You see no problem with kroneke giving £45m to emery this summer? As a top 6 premier league team?
    Spurs have just invested in a brand new stadium and are 3rd with a champions league semi final, massively sellable assets (players) and a coach with a vision who gets results from converting lower league players into internationals.”

    Kroenke isn’t giving Arsenal 45 million’
    Arsenal will spend based on what is available, we are expected to post substantial losses this year, just so that you know.

    It’s hilarious to see you getting all sanctimonious now when you were cheering Wenger as he made poor choices over and over again.

  48. Redtruth

    Un Na naai

    No mate, my memories of the FA Cup go back to when it was the premier trophy to win.
    Arsenal overcoming 3rd Division Sheffield Wednesday in the 3rd Round after 4 replays being a highlight.

  49. Dissenter

    Emery has his faults no doubt but the differences between Arsenal and Spurs organization is down to Wenger.
    He resisted anything that would dilute his power in the club for so long.

    I guess Kroenke could have staffed the club with Wharton-educated MBA executives from top-down and changed the lingua franca to only American English.

  50. Un Na naai


    And we aren’t spending our available funds. Clearly
    The trend is not only continuing but it is (factoring inflation) on a downwards trajectory. I’m flattered that you choose to engage me on arrival every single time though mate.

  51. Un Na naai


    Then why do you now talk it down when before Ramsey our the winner in vs hill you held it as the pinnacle of cup football?
    Odd switch of philosophy

  52. Dissenter

    When Wenger intentionally botched the Sanchez transfer to city in Aug 2017, this place was buzzing with excitement.
    People that cheered Wenger as he ransacked the club with dim decisions are pretty must the same ones expressing outrage now.

    There are those that expected that there would not be a rapid turn around. We have to live lean for a while. Get used to this while we cut out the fat in the club.

  53. Champagne Charlie


    There you go then, 9 points better than last years catastrophic season and you’re chuffed. Very little to say to that, the bar you have is set embarrassingly low.

    What is the reason for us being a balmy 9 points better off might I ask?

    – Lacazette having a year under his belt
    – Auba in his first full season
    – additions of Torreira, Leno, Papa, Matteo, Licht
    – modern coaching staff
    – better manager

  54. Valentin

    I am not disputing that we should go for young hungry players. I have been advocating that all season and been lambasted for it. I just don’t think that we can and should go for such drastic reduction in one transfer window.

    I am not in love with Özil, but I think that we should keep him especially as nobody would buy him at financial advantage for us.
    On the other hand, Mhikitarian, Elneny, Mustafi, Jenkinson should be sold.
    I would prefer we sell Aubameyang to fund the purchase of an exciting dribbling winger. Nkethia is ready to step in as third striker. I would also bring back Giroud on a free as second striker as we have nobody with his physicality.
    Let Osei-tutu and Bellerin battle the right back spot.
    Use AMN as a central midfield with Willock and Torreira.
    Purchase a left footed CB. Give 6 months to Chambers and Mavrapanos to show that they are ready to step in.
    Sell Ospina and promote Martinez as Cup goalkeeper.

  55. Dissenter

    Un na
    You shouldn’t be flattered.
    You have a god jaw; you take anything coming your way and hit back hard. You don’t hold a grudge
    You can be naughty too though.

  56. azed


    There’s so much sh*t it stinks out the place.

    Xhaka and Torriera are our two best midfielders(Ramsey is injured )

    Saying Emery played no attacker with pace or who could be dangerous in 1v1’s is idiotic because we have no dribbler in our squad. A lot of people (including myself) have been saying this from the start of the season and its why we say for this season, Iwobi is important because he’s the closest thing we have to a winger/taking players on.

  57. Paulinho

    Charlie – Wow, Wenger has really tumbled down in your estimation hasn’t he? How wrong were about him? Damn him and sentimentality eh? Quite funny how you’ve gone from placing him on a ridiculously high pedestal(to the point you couldn’t conceive of him being not up to it) to being a complete clown in the space of a couple of years; all in order to demonise a manager who had the misfortune to manage the absolute mess he left over. In your deranged head, Wenger has left a squad should be challenging for the title, and Emery is wasting its potential. Deary me.

    ” Lacazette having a year under his belt”

    Lol, yet the idea of Emery having a year under his belt and building on it is something not to consider. Another belter.

  58. Jamie

    If we don’t have at least £150m in cash in the bank come July 1st, someone’s been embezzling funds from the coffers.

    If we make the CL next season and we still only spend £40m net this summer, the board/owner are the problem.

    If we don’t make the CL next season, why give Emery more than the mooted £40m? I’m assuming his remit, like Wenger’s, was to qualify for the CL. Failure to do so shouldn’t be rewarded with with anything other than a derisory transfer budget, or at worst if he fails in back-to-back seasons, a sacking.

    CL participation is less about revenue, I think, and more about a vote of confidence in the manager/coaching. We could afford to spend £80m regardless of receiving the group stage cash, especially after trimming the wage bill by upwards of £25m. I think the owner/board is waiting to see whether or not Emery has made progress since Wenger. The only metric that matters is CL qualification. A large dose of pragmatism is required before we all start demanding exciting sexy football. Ugly 1 nils all the way would do it for me.

    Being in the CL will tell us how much backing the owner extends to his manager. £40m and Kroenke is an undeniable dud. £80m+ and he’s not the problem. Board/Scouts/Coaching/Management/Negotiating Team would be responsible in varying degrees.

    All that to say we are working on the assumptions that this is a binary choice of “Is Kroenke solely to blame for the mess the club is in (ie, under-investment/holding onto the purse strings), or isn’t he?”

  59. Champagne Charlie


    You can reimagine my views to deflect from what’s being asked all you like. Doesn’t change the fact questions and concerns are present now.

    I rated Lacazette in his first season, there’s a difference right away. Nobody is denying Emery could improve in his second season, but that remains to be seen whilst his current season has left anything but a sense that we’re in good hands.

    It’s one spin after another with you when you’re questioned, never capable of simply addressing what’s asked. That post for instance is littered with absolute nonsense relevant to nothing stated, just an aimless lash out at the person asking the question. Pathetic really.

  60. Cezan Patel

    Hi guys, I am desperately trying to get 2 tickets to arsenal vs valencia at the emirates, signed up for a red membership 2 days too late 🙄. Will be coming from up north but will be happy to stop over anywhere to collect and return, if anybody can help please hit me up.

  61. Paulinho

    Charlie – I’m again pointing out your inconsistent logic, which shows up shows your bias and why you can’t be taken seriously on any issue regarding Emery.

    As said many times before, Wenger was criticised plenty for the players he brought in, yet you’re ‘reimagining’ it to be purely coaching issue, and debating Emery’s merits within that distorted and inaccurate context.

  62. Nelson

    I have a feeling that Emery’s mind was turned after defeating Napoli. His decision (the lineup and tactics) has become erratic and dumb. But for a new manager, he has been doing a very good job up to now. I remember I once posted that Ramsey is the heart of this team. Losing him is a fatal blow to the team. I am disappointed at the turn of the event. However, I hope that Emery has learnt his lesson playing in the Premier League. He should be more successful next year.

  63. Champagne Charlie


    That’s your standard retort, doubling down on someone inane logic whenever they question you. Funny that.

    Any judgement of Emery isn’t dismissive of previous issues, that’s just a dumb statement. I’ve not once reasoned it being simply an Emery issue, even today for that matter. What I’ve said is that when you isolate Emery and judge him for his worth it’s spectacularly average.

    It’s here where you keep chiming in to throw caveat after caveat to emphasise this apparent “misfortune” of his. Tony nailed it earlier with his appraisal, but folk like yourself are somehow patting Emery on the back for this seasons ‘growth’.

  64. MidwestGun

    Good post today… Agree.. Everyone wants to make it a black and white issue…It isn’t . It’s the players and the manager. If I had to put a percentage on it.. 50% players, 30% manager, 20% owner. regardless of assigning blame and unless you fix all 3 aspects we won’t be competing at the highest level.

    I will say this though… If Emery keeps playing Mkhitaryan he deserves to be sacked in the morning. Also, Mustafi but don’t get me started down that road.
    And make no mistake Emery was brought in to get us back into CL not Europa. So if he can’t deliver, he will be replaced.

    Other then that… this season has been a roller coaster ride. Still a few more hills to come. The last few drops have been brutal though and sickening.

  65. Paulinho

    “What I’ve said is that when you isolate Emery and judge him for his worth it’s spectacularly average.”

    Anyone looking to judge Emery in isolation has got an agenda, and anyone who points to circumstances he inherited as ‘deflection’ has an even bigger agenda still.

  66. Champagne Charlie


    How the fuck is there an agenda when you assess the new manager after a season?

    It’s due diligence to ensure you’re on track with what was imagined prior to appointment. Same with any particular player you buy, any coach you appoint etc.

  67. Words on a Blog


    I know that you’re “bored” by Alexander Henry’s and other posters’ narrative that Arsenal’s dismal situation over the last 5-10 years should be seen to be primarily the responsibility of Kroenke, given Wenger’s poor use of resources in his final few years when he had cash available to spend and I know that quite a few of the posters on here (Bamford et al) buy into the “self-sustaining” model.

    So when AlexH or some other poster suggests that Stan should really put his hands in his pockets to fund a higher “war chest” than the £40m, they tend to get automatically dismissed.

    But on this subject, Swiss Ramble has posted a really interesting thread on Twitter showing the extent to which cash has been injected by owners in thePL, and just how anomalous our “self sustaining” model is. In the 10 years ending 2017, and in cash terms, £3.4 billion (42%) of the total cash generated by PL clubs (£8.07bn) was infected in some shape or form, by PL clubs’ owners.

    In that period, there was £0 cash injections by Stan.

    In net terms, Clubs as diverse as Bournemouth, Chelsea and Leicester have has over 75% of their funds injected by their owners.

    So when posters on here wonder how we get out-competed by “small” as well as large clubs, blame Stan

    Or if you prefer, blame the self-sustaining model.

  68. Paulinho

    Charlie – It’s quite obvious. When 90% of the squad is made up of previous manager’s choices then any judgement of the manager has to take that into consideration, yet you’ve dismissed other factors such as that as deflection.

    But no agenda of course……..

  69. Valentin

    Anyone looking to judge Emery in isolation has got an agenda.

    Every manager is judged on what they do based on the resource available to them.
    That sounds like Allardyce type of excuse. If I had a bigger budget, and better player and better staff I could be the best manager in the world.

    It is like poker, Emery may have been dealt a bad Hand, but he still have to play it. Right now he bluffed his way to the table and is being found out.

  70. Words on a Blog

    *injected not infected, although given how dodgy some of the owners are, may not be much of a typo!

  71. Ishola70


    “He should be more successful next year.”

    It will be more of the same treading water a criticism that was made of Wenger for so long until the wheels came off and he couldn’t even achieve status quo.

    Team needs a makeover in personnel in key areas of this side to see significant progress.

    Liverpool have now joined Man City on being a clear level or levels above Arsenal. Arsenal are still in with a shout of CL football nearing the end of the season because Chelsea did not make the right appointment in the loose canon called Sarri. Man United despite the mirage of becoming a serious side again under Solks have again been shown up for the average dross side they have been for many seasons now.

    The club have to show will to make moves that show that they are serious to come out of this average stupor. And this will mean risk taking. Buying the best on offer is not feasible. Preserving with certain players is also not feasible though. If the club go into next season with Mustafi, Ozil, Xhaka and a few others that are from the Wenger days still parading around the club then the club are not serious to try to change matters.

    This is all the more pressing with Spurs looking yet again to finish above Arsenal in the league and them being two matches away from a CL final.

    If changes are not afoot then we will have the unsavoury situation of Spurs shitting on Arsenal for the foreseeable future.

  72. Redtruth

    To judge Emery is isane after 10 years of utter shite under Wenger.

    Wenger fluked his FA Cups after kind home draws in all the rounds.
    The following season he drew nothing but backward clubs..
    And so on ………..

  73. jwl

    For years, I’ve wondered what kind of player would want to play for Arsenal with Wenger as manager. Arsene was semi retired for last decade and only a certain kind of player would want to play for him.

    Over paid to play half assed football, we got a lot of players with questionable work ethic, there was a reason why Wenger was always talking about mental strength, it was because our squad does not remotely have it.

    I hope our execs pay attention to player’s personality and athleticism when we purchase new players in summer, we are lacking players who really hate to lose and we need leadership as well.

  74. Paulinho

    Every manager is judged on what they do based on the resource available to them”

    In ideal world.

  75. Champagne Charlie


    Yea that’s because i don’t advocate your ridiculous idea that a manager is simply the sum of his players.

    We have a squad that 10 different managers would get 10 different outputs from depending on their skill and approach. The limits of which are up for debate, but if improvement were only linked to the squad then we’d have surely been better placed keeping Wenger and spending his severance on new players?

    The “deflection” is coined such because whilst most acknowledge the nuances of our situation, most can still isolate Emery’s input and make a judgement on that. You’ve just made your bed to suggest doing such a thing is agenda driven. Utterly daft view to take.

  76. jwl

    I think Emery has done as well as possibly could be expected. When long term bosses retire, it often goes pear shaped for org, Emery deserves much credit for doing slightly better than last season because it could easily been Moyes at manure situation. Emery has taken over from manager with eccentric ideas about how to build squad, it will take awhile to repair the damage Wenger created.

  77. Charlie George


    ””Front foot, high lines throughout the side, reluctance to cede initiative. constant pressing”””””

    And you expect us to play with this intensity over 44 weeks a season ….?

    Crikey, the naivety and gullibility of some our Emery admirers.

    Worst manager in the Prem – barring none..

    Every other one-has a plan at Least…
    What’s Emerys????

  78. Leedsgunner

    Valentin @1421

    Again, an excellent post.

    If the club is lacking transfer funds as much as it says it is, we HAVE to invest in our youth programs and make it one of the most innovative and challenging programs there is so that the world’s best youth want to come to us.

    Sometimes soon we need to start thinking clearly and find ways in which we can compete rather than moaning about how we CAN’T compete.

  79. gonsterous

    top 4 is very much on, but I’ve learnt my lesson and am not going to get too excited about our chances. Winning the EL would be a dream but I don’t think we have the players to win it. I think we will falter in the semis mostly because the lads are already booking their holidays.

    Don’t be surprised if we are looking for bargains in the summer. There is no one at the club who looks like they know what to do in term of transfers, the suarez transfer confirmed that. Sven will be missed. I’m still of the opinion that emery has no say in the transfers or negotiations. He just identifies areas on the pitch that need strengthening.

    He was the perfect choice last summer since the club were not looking for a manager who would come in and spend 100m+ on trying to create their own squad but rather someone who could come in and try to work with the players they have.
    Overall, a good season but top 4 or EL cup will make it a great season.

  80. Paulinho

    “We have a squad that 10 different managers would get 10 different outputs from depending on their skill and approach”

    Or the same, worse, better, but in a different way. But yet in way you might find more palatable and in line with your particular tastes at the time. So we could have five less points than now, yet if we threw in Rafa style defensive performance every now and then and kept a clean sheet, you would rate progress higher, and yet be totally wrong going by points acquired and league position.

  81. WengerEagle

    Way too much stock being put into Ramsey’s absence as is always done with injured players at this club, was done with Eduardo, Rosicky, Diaby and Wilshere too.

    Would Ramsey have made a difference? Possibly, would we still have been losing at HT?

    Absolutely we would have.

  82. Guns of SF

    At some point we also need to turn to the players.
    They are professionals.
    They get paid mega $$$

    Ive always thought this team lacked leaders. bar Sokratis, I cant think of any, that can rally the team in tough times, on the pitch in real time.

    We have a few fighters in the team, but that does not mean they are leaders. Does not mean that when the chips are down, they step up.

    Our team needs to have more of these. Just think PV4

    Xhaka has shown some signs, but he himself is a pussy.

    A pussy trying to be a leader doesn’t always work either

    Emery needs to find this person, and persons to have in our team!

  83. Champagne Charlie


    Again, steamrolling past the point being made because you don’t like your view questioned.

    The subject is the influence of Emery. The fact 10 different coaches would yield 10 different outcomes highlights the ridiculous assertion we are where we are because of the squad alone.

    You’re now imaging alternative scenarios that are impossible to prove or disprove, thinking that makes any salient point. It doesn’t. Keep talking up Rafa, if you think that view is something to scoff at be my guest.

  84. TheBayingMob

    I can’t get excited about Ramsay. Great player, career cruelly derailed by Shawcross (don’t forget Shawcross cried when he got the red and card and he said the next day that he loved his mum, so we should feel sorry for him for smashing Aaron’s leg to pieces), but a player suddenly proving his worth ahead of a Bosman? I’m shocked. The reality is for most of his career he’s been injured or limited in what he’s done. The fact that we bemoaning his departure shows how fucked we are, not how good he is. I expect him to ultimately fade away at Juve, the expectations will be too high.

  85. Champagne Charlie


    Yea I wasn’t even going there with that one. Imagining our fortunes being vastly different on the strength of Aaron Ramsey? Jesus Christ.

    There’s not one player on the books that exerts such a control of our destiny. Not one.

  86. Paulinho

    Charlie – You’ve made a nothing point. Ten different outcomes? Wow, continue to regale us with your insight. A team can end up with the same points acquired in a different fashions. And?

  87. alexanderhenry

    Global gunner

    ‘Other managers in lower ranked teams would have achieved far more with this team simply with better coaching and sheer will power.’

    Far more, really? Be specific. Do you mean we should be top or a close second?
    We’re in 5th place only four points off 3rd place . Not only do all the teams above us have better players but the team below us – Man utd – has much better players as well. We’re also in the EL semi final.

    Let’s be honest, we’d need a miracle worker to achieve ‘far more’ with the players we’ve got at the moment.

  88. WengerEagle

    We’re not 9 points better off than last season, it’s 3 points with 3 left to play.

    Not at all a given that we win 2 of our last 3 with 2 away from home.

  89. alexanderhenry

    Guns of SF

    We also need at least one world class player upfront. Someone as good as Henry, Bergkamp, rvp or sanchez.

  90. Champagne Charlie


    Not what I said. 10 different outcomes isn’t the same number of points 10 different ways.

    You’re missing the point entirely. Emery’s influence can be judged without this “agenda” you talk up at seasons end. Why? Because every manager, every season, has a body of work to be scrutinised.

  91. Paulinho

    “Not what I said. 10 different outcomes isn’t the same number of points 10 different ways.”

    Yes, I got it. Nothing point. Just say Arteta and Rafa would have us competing for the league and be done with it.

  92. Redtruth

    If Emery had blown £200m transfer kitty and lost 3-1 to Wolves then i would be calling for his head.
    But we all know we would be battling Liverpool and Man City for the title had we a £200m warchest

  93. HighburyLegend

    When you think that our only chance to finish 4th is to win the 3 remaining games…

    Thank God there’s the Europa League Cup!! lol

  94. Champagne charlie


    You’re an embarrassment. You’re the one desperate to bring Rafa and Arteta into the mix. Don’t get it twisted, or should I say don’t twist it..

    YOU stated that anyone judging Emery in isolation after this season is doing so with an agenda. I reject this rubbish on the basis that 10 different managers would get 10 different outputs from the same players. Hence there’s clearly a managerial influence there to judge come the seasons end.

    Really not a hard one, but you, in your usual fashion, ignore the subject of a discussion and spend numerous posts trying to bash the person daring to argue against something you’ve said. Such a fucking child.

  95. WengerEagle

    200 million and we’d be gunning for the PL? Lol my bollocks.

    After spending not far off half of that we’ve improved by a mighty 3 points with 9 left to play for.

  96. Champagne charlie

    PFA Team of the season for those that give a shit:






    Pogba (lol)

    Bernardo Silva





  97. MidwestGun

    Ive always thought this team lacked leaders. bar Sokratis, I cant think of any, that can rally the team in tough times, on the pitch in real time.
    Yep… and our highest paid player getting paid like the 10th best player in the world is our worst leader.
    We also need at least one world class player upfront.
    Id just take one world class player. Or a difference maker. Salah, Aguero, Hazard, Son/Kane. Etc….

    Let’s be honest, we’d need a miracle worker to achieve ‘far more’ with the players we’ve got at the moment.
    Pretty much… but that doesn’t Excuse Emery from being stupid.
    A better manager may have already secured us top 4.

  98. emmanuel nwaneri

    There IS something seriously wrong with Arsenal. It has been that way for over ten years since AW overstayed his welcome and transformed into a tingod. The team was built on a culture of fear/lacking-stomach-for-the-fight & copping-out. Its that culture that allowed players like Ozil,Mikhitaryan,Mustafi, etc to end up with us. Losing to Wolves isnt really a shock, cos Arsenal are not truly a big team in the true sense of the word.
    Emery now understands the gravity of the task ahead of him. For his own sake and his integrity, he needs a mighty axe to cut out the dross, the cankerworm, the vermin that are masquerading as players. He needs a serious surgical operation to cut the likes of Ozil, Mikhitaryan loose and start building a team in his own image.
    Until then, expect more nights like in the Black Country from last nite.

  99. WengerEagle

    Criminal that Hazard didn’t make it, single-handedly sustaining those shit cunts for 4th.

    Salah should feel aggrieved too even if he hasn’t quite hit the lofty highs of last season. Pogba’s inclusion over any Liverpool midfielder is a joke.

  100. terraloon

    So we know that in the current financial year the Emirates deal is going to bring in extra and we know that the monies paid to buy off AW won’t re appear but you need to take into account that fees received from player sales is going to be down by in excess of a £110million. Ok there was an accounting profit of £50 million last year so that helps but your still in excess of £60 million away from breaking the Emirates uplift will probably just about cover the growth in sums charged by way of amortised fees.
    Arsenal are going to report a trading loss in 2018/19.
    Its pretty obvious why there isn’t going to be a huge transfer kitty . Cash in the bank is secondary it’s all about what FFP will allow.
    As for wages that was up to £223 million last year is there any suggestion that has gone down I suspect it grown .Letting the likes of Ramsey and Cech leave will help going forward but in terms of overall reduction all that is likely at best is wage expenditure in the next financial year will return to 2017/18 levels
    I haven’t seen enough of the youth to comment on those coming through but those that we have seen make the odd appearance don’t suggest to me that they are going to be top PL performers add to that time after time we see youngsters bought in on what some suggest is a bargain fee only for them them they do is revert to ok levels of performance.
    Add to that there doesn’t appear to be any real improvement from the likes of Chambers who are out on loan so even if you recall them will they improve the squad?
    Top 4 may be achieved this season and that may add a quid or two to the transfer budget but I can’t see any of the current squad performing to a higher level nor can I see huge fees being generated if they are sold on so as brutal as it may seem I struggle to see how things will get better if you don’t buy big

  101. Champagne charlie

    I find Pogbas inclusion laughable, says a lot about those from 3-6 in the league though that it’s basically a mashup of City/Pool. Massive drop in quality and performance outside the top two this season.

    The top 6 mini league has itself been split in two this term.

  102. gambon


    So lets get this right…

    The best way for us to get back to competing is to start paying less that Everton and West Ham?

    Sounds a great idea.

    We shouldnt be reducing the wage bill one penny, we should be increasing it, but signing much better players.

  103. Redtruth

    “We shouldnt be reducing the wage bill one penny, we should be increasing it, but signing much better players.”

    Like Schneiderlin lol lol lol

  104. Paulinho

    Charlie – You’re just incredibly thick and need to make nothing points to try(and fail) to obfuscate it.

    “YOU stated that anyone judging Emery in isolation after this season is doing so with an agenda. I reject this rubbish on the basis that 10 different managers would get 10 different outputs from the same players. ”

    Yes, and those managers would then get judged with what they’ve inherited and what they’ve done with that in mind. Judging a manager in isolation without taking into consideration the circumstances they’ve walked into is the height of stupidity and renders judgement pointless due to omission. The ten different outcomes is totally pointless and irrelevant to anything. If someone does better, or worse they will still be judged with reference to what they inherited.

  105. Dissenter

    BBC; “Arsenal have set a date for potential new signing Gabriel Martinelli, 17, to make his debut after agreeing a deal with Ituano to sign the Brazilian forward.’

    They better not announce this on the day Spurs announce the signing of an established star. It could make this lad into the new Sanogo.

  106. WengerEagle

    Pretty unbelievable stat but Sevilla in Emery’s last season went from finishing on 76 points with a +26 GD just e=being pipped for 4th to finishing miles back in 7th on 52 points with a paltry GD of +1.

    Won just 14 matches in the league while losing 14 matches. Failed to win a single La Liga or CL match away from home all season.

    In 2016/17 Sampaoli immediately takes them back into the CL finishing 4th with 72 points and a +20 GD winning 7 away matches in the league and another one in the CL where they came out of the group.

    And Sampaoli was operating at an overall loss the summer he got the job, more than breaking even in the transfer window.

  107. MidwestGun

    Hahahaha Remember when Wenger would announce the next (insert country here) Messi every year. My favorite was the Iranian Messi.. what ever happened to that guy?

  108. WengerEagle


    With the gap being 18 points from Pool to Spurs, you could make a legit case that the XI should just be split between Liverpool and City.

    Only Hazard really has a strong case to break into it.

  109. Champagne charlie


    Jesus Christ, stating Emery can be judged in isolation is a nod to judging Emery for his input as a coach. The relevant factors are always considered, you don’t need to specify that.

    The “isolation” refers to judging Emery for HIS ability to deliver a particular influence given his subset of skills, not by continually deferring to extenuating circumstance as means of not offering an appraisal of his season as a football manager.

    More personal attacks, only shows you up further.

  110. gambon


    No doubt we have overpaid players,

    However, paying less will just mean worse players.

    englandsbest suggesting we should pay squad players £10k per week.

    That would be a disaster. 18 year old squad players at Newcastle and Watford earn that.

  111. Champagne charlie


    Oh it absolutely should be about those two clubs, but speaks volumes at how poor the rest are relative to them.

    In seasons past there’d be a mix of the top 6 with it slightly favouring the eventual champions, heck I’d venture to guess even Ligue un will have a more diverse selection of performers for their team of the year.

  112. Paulinho

    “The relevant factors are always considered, you don’t need to specify that.”

    Except they weren’t relevant before, they were deflections, apparently.

  113. Un Na naai

    Emery is on the verge of taking Wenger’s ailing team to a European Final and a top 4 finish.

    Wenger did that with a barley there defence, setting records along the way and only Henry choking cost him the highest of all.

    But well done emery
    You’ve just took arsenal to the semis of Europe’s very own league cup


  114. Champagne charlie

    “Except they weren’t relevant before, they were deflections, apparently.”

    Deflections in your case because you offer up factors like the squad as overriding influencers when in reality they’re almost a non-factor when gauging a managers influence over the side for the duration of a season.

    Emery could have great players or shit players, they fact would remain that he’d be charged with organising and influencing some course of action and be judged according to how effective he was at doing that come seasons end.

    We’ve bettered the worst season in 22 years by a ball hair and you want to shrug your shoulders and sigh about the death of quality in the squad? Saying results like we saw against Wolves are “par for the course” given the circumstances? Yea, that’s a no.

  115. Un Na naai

    We’ve bettered the worst season in 22 years by a ball hair and you want to shrug your shoulders and sigh about the death of quality in the squad? Saying results like we saw against Wolves are “par for the course” given the circumstances? Yea, that’s a no.

    Oh cc
    Le grove without you is like happy days without the fonzey

  116. Paulinho

    “Deflections in your case because you offer up factors like the squad as overriding influencers when in reality they’re almost a non-factor when gauging a managers influence over the side for the duration of a season.”

    Factors that you think have made the job easier are offered up (Lacazette bedding in) but anything that has made it harder (Ozil’swages restricting signings) is deflection.

    But no agenda. of course.

  117. Un Na naai

    Without doubt the squad is worse than it was before Sven arrived
    It’s no coincidence we binned our most prolific goal scorers immediately only to replace them with Mkhitaryan and Aubameyang
    An excercise in futility if ever there were…
    Now we have Aubameyang and ozil and Mkhitaryan doing next to fuck all for 90 mins and our defence is even more pourus. While our manger seems more concerned with possession than actually winning. He’s more wenger than wenger could ever dream of minus the scintillating one touch football and regular goal of the month candidates

  118. Words on a Blog

    LeGrove typical poster standard mode of argument:

    “I speak the truth”
    “People who agree with me are sensible and have an opinion,”
    “People who disagree with me are deluded c-nts who have an agenda.”