Wolves gamble on Arsenal being cowards away from home. They win.

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The Emery HOME WIN train derailed predictably yesterday.

Come on, be honest, you knew we’d tank against Palace, and you knew we’d tank against Wolves.

Am I going to sit here and lambast the coach today?

No. What’s the point. Those players should be fucking ashamed of themselves. They can get themselves up for the sexy games, then utterly melt when it matters against shite teams they should be dealing with.

Last night, there was no belief a win was coming. You can tell me Emery prepped the players on what Wolves are like, but I’m struggling to believe anyone was paying attention. Is it a boredom issue? A translation problem? Or the reality that the cancer in the squad is the ghost of Wenger?

Regardless, we don’t have the bottle. Players turning away from well-struck freekicks? Are you joking? FACE UP LADS, FACE UP. Sunday League basics. I never call out Steve Bould, but come on Steve, where are you on that one? Those players in that wall should be locked in medieval stocks and have 1966 leather balls fired at their faces until they scream maniaclly that they are enjoying the learning process.

You should not have to be teaching people like Xhaka not to turn away when they are in their mid-twenties. What a disaster. In fact, I vividly remember being told by a friends dad at 10 that bravery can’t be taught, you’re either going to put your body on the line for your team, or you’ll be a coward. Maybe this isn’t a Bouldy thing? Maybe it’s a rancid attitude to BRITISH FOOTBALLING VALUES. Fucking hell, get me HARD BREXIT on the phone, I have some additional LEAVE thoughts.

Additionally: Where are the, ‘we really missed Xhaka’ crowd today? He’s simply not good enough to be an elite footballer. The fact anyone missed him says a lot about the state of play.

I love Lacazette, he has more swag than MJ (before we knew he was a pedo), but he’s scored 6 goals away from home this year. He’s not a strong player and he gets eaten alive in those physical games.

In fact, it’s fair to say that the whole squad lacks physicality. Not an issue when you’re playing powder puff teams like Napoli. A huge problem when you’re playing a team that has been built on a brief of caps-locked ‘POWER AND PACE.’

I tell you who we did miss. Aaron Ramsey. A PROPER athlete.

I think Emery has done a tremendous job this season on the face of it, but for me, it’s tough to say he’s not a little culpable for the debacle of the last two games. He made a drunk gamble at the weekend when he played a pathetically weak side against a solid Palace that was always going to take advantage of any signs of weakness. That decision wasn’t an acceptable mistake after we paid the same price against Everton. Our biggest opportunity was to bag the home win with a big starting 11, then roll the dice on Wolves with a team that had momentum with it.

He gambled wrong. Hey, we’ve all been there at 3 in the morning, 10 beers deep, in our pants, staking the mortgage on black after we’ve broken into a friend’s Paddy Power account. Just a shame Emery had precedent for the Palace game, he should have played a smarter risk.

However, he’ll get by this season because there are so many drossy players on the outskirts of the 12-14 players that are good enough.

We are still in with a chance on top four, we’ve just multiplied the difficulty.

On a positive note, I think Emery will fancy his chances on the Europa League. Valencia will be an easy tie, and he knows he can get his players up for the big games… so Chelsea in the final will look appetising for him.

I just find it hard to compute what a disappointment this squad is, because yesterday wasn’t about ability, it was about focus, motivation and fight. We didn’t have any of that.

… let’s hope we can stretch that £45m this summer. There is a huge rebuild needed, if we don’t get it right, Arsenal will be an irrelevance for many years to come.

Welcome to what 10 years of neglect brings you… the real ‘careful what you wish for’ was always ‘careful what you stick with.’

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  1. Buckagh

    Arsenal could have nailed down top four in last two games, but what we have is a malaise that is prevalent in football today, no one willing to lead or put themselves on the line, laziness, greed, celebrity before achievement, with a couple of exceptions this squad are guilty of all of the above

  2. gunnershabz

    this team dont deserve to be in champions league

    it feels like they dont want to be in the champions league

    what difference would it make if we made it?

    we were in it for 16 years straight and we still didnt spend much anyways

    this team will still get smashed by the euro giants like barca, psg, bayern, like we did before

    now man u look like they will be competing with similar players we want because they in a mess too

    but they have got more money then us so they will have that advantage

  3. Paulinho

    Fine lines.

    If Ramsey had stayed fit it’s fairly likely Emery would’ve been getting cyber pats on the back from all the fans again, just like he did after Newcastle, United, Napoli.

    A manager is only as good as his players. In one-off games a manager can make a difference tactically, but long-term its impossible to turn water into wine.

    BTW, that mistake Xhaka made for their third goal just sums up his chronic flaw as a player. Just cannot handle any type of pressing threat without cowardly relieving himself of possession.

  4. gunnershabz

    the question is

    are we a champions league level club or europa league level club??

    from memory we only got through to semi’s of champions league twice in 16 years

    2 years in a row with europa league

  5. Bamford10

    As I said in the previous, last night was on the poverty of our squad, not on the manager. This current set of players simply isn’t good enough.

    Monreal – not good enough anymore
    Sokratis – good not great
    Koscielny – good but old
    Maitland-Niles – not good enough
    Xhaka – not good enough
    Torreira – not good enough
    Ozil – not good enough
    Lacazette – good but not good enough
    Iwobi – not good enough
    Mkhitaryan – not good enough
    Leno – good but poor last night

  6. Champagne Charlie

    “Welcome to what 10 years of neglect brings you… the real ‘careful what you wish for’ was always ‘careful what you stick with.’”

    Which is why I’m always surprised you’re not more vociferously against Stan.

    We’re in this state because we didn’t address a decline, there’s no party or pat on the back because we finally welcomed change any number of years too late.

    If you can establish a blog of fans with varying degrees of appreciation that Wenger is past it, do you not think the guy with access to it all should be able to come to the same conclusions? (Whether that’s himself, or through numerous highly paid advisors)

    Armchair Dave shouldn’t know better about the direction of Arsenal than the majority owner. We’re a bad joke from tip to toe.

  7. Batistuta


    You’d still get people who say Kroenke is a hands off owner and his only oversight was not sacking Wenger earlier like it’s the tea lady’s job o do that

  8. Champagne Charlie

    “A manager is only as good as his players. In one-off games a manager can make a difference tactically, but long-term its impossible to turn water into wine.“

    Guess Wenger was sacked because of his recruitment then. Guy had a worse squad and managed 5th then 6th., so same applies? Obviously not.

    Twist, twist, twist. How the season plays out is a reflection on managerial ability, you’re a staunch defender of Emery and no more.

    Seriously, a manager is only as good as his players? Good management is quite literally the antithesis of this, making good of average, great of good, is the definition of elite management.

  9. Batistuta


    The club hasn’t been Champions league level for a while now because of bad investment and an uninterested owner

  10. Bamford10


    Except that you yourself didn’t think Wenger was past it. “Last time he was held accountable,” you told Le Grove, “he was winning titles”. The real problem, you told Le Grove, was the owner.

    Turns out the problem with the owner is that he continued to place faith in a manager that you yourself still had some faith in.

  11. Champagne Charlie


    Ahh true, silly me. Idk what all the fuss was about with Wenger either frankly, I hear he was a hands off manager….

  12. Al

    WORK RATE!!!

    Where is it? I see B. Silva, Sterling, Mane , Salah etc All world class players absolutely work their arse off in a match week In week out.

    While our average players seem to think they don’t have to put in the same effort and WORK RATE as those world class players.

    I’d rather go into the game against Leicester with one or two of the impressive under 21 players who I know for sure will give it 200%.

  13. Champagne Charlie


    You continue to spout that line despite it being dragged up more than once to show it for what it is. It’s not a measure of faith in Wenger you dim twat, it’s a measure of Wenger vs Kroenke.

    One had won titles for us, the other hasn’t. I know who I’d have binned off first.

  14. Davey

    We are a Europa league level club and I fear our only interests will be the cup competitions, we are the West Ham of Europe.

  15. Nelson

    I am not so sure about the tie against Valencia. Just watched the highlight of the game, Atletico Madrid vs Valencia playing at Madrid. Valencia lost 3 – 2. If they played like that against us, we’ll be in big trouble. We may even lose at home.

    I have a feeling that Xhaka wants to leave. Not only he ducked that free kick, he played mostly back pass and sideways. The third goal was a clear example. What the fuck was that back pass to Mikki.

  16. Paulinho

    Charlie – Yep, Wenger was sacked in large part due to his shocking signings (ability/character) and inability to put together a coherant team to play his style effecitively. Again, this was expressed ad nauseum throughout his last few years yet you act like it’s some recent retrospective tool designed to absolve Emery.

    Good management is getting the most out of what he has got,which is what Emery has done, how else you explain Newcastle under genius Wafa not being in the top ten?

  17. Batistuta


    It’s late April and we still don’t even have someone in charge of the recruitment or whatever position has to be filled And considering whoever is in charge only brought in a player who’s barely played, i wouldn’t trust them to get it right.

    We can heap blames at the manager all we want whoever they are and rightly so but the club is being run very very poorly from the top and it shows on the pitch with so many many average to very poor to way past it players

  18. Al

    Also the tinkering by Unai needs to stop. These players are not good enough to constantly be playing in a number of different styles or tactics

    Also you can see iwobi confidence is shot on top of the fact he is not a good player so why are we persisting with him?

  19. Tony

    Sorry Pedro I’m not buying into it’s the weak players fault.

    We blow hot and cold trying to conform to an erratic manager’s moments of greatness and extreme poor judgement and a playing style of possession and half arsed pressing.

    Ramsey wouldn’t have won us the game last night.

    We had 71% possession and shipped 3 goals in the first half without a shot on goal in reply.

    You should stick to telling it like it is as you have been for some time now.


    “Let’s put aside the commentary about Emery for one moment, because at the start of this season expectations were exceedingly low.”

    Maybe your expectations were low but mine weren’t.

    I expected better because it couldn’t be any worse under Wenger!

    I expected a slow start with an identity drilled into the players and the defense greatly improving under Bouldy.

    I expected a consistent level of well considered and tactically thought out team managerial decisions way above Wenger’s capabilities for each game.

    I expected Emery to learn from his mistakes and the mistakes of other teams’ managers.

    I expected Emery to quickly bring in a couple of your players other than AMN to compensate for Elneny, Jenks and defensive back line.

    I expected Emery to use his highly detailed player dossier he fooled the club interview with to know exactly who he was dealing with and their agendas and certain players’ machinations in the first 2 months including pre season.

    Basically the strengths, weaknesses opportunities and threats of each player. The above is not synonymous to marketing.

    Their injury bios etc.

    That’s what I expected for a manager being paid what? £3+ million a year with 15 years experience.

    To be very clear I wasn’t really concerned whether we got top 4 or won the EL, I wanted to see improvements as aforementioned.

    I also wanted to see a management structure that included Sven and didn’t give one person (Raul) all the power unless it was a proven CEO with a solid football or sports background.

    We’ve gone from the Wenger/Gazidis dog and pony show to the Raul & Emery dog and pony show.

    Can anyone explain the difference?

    As Un says this isn’t about Wenger, it’s about the next 24 months of our club’s life without a footballing direction or money to find people who can give the team one.

    It’s no knee jerk reaction, it’s shit happening in real time almost a year down the road.

  20. Emiratesstroller


    Both of us are on the same wavelength.

    Emery has made a few mistakes this season, but realistically the problem is not the head coach but the lack of depth in our squad and also as you have pointed out its lack of physicality.

    Realistically there are features in this squad which are not fit for purpose in playing two physically demanding games in a week.

    The one critique that I do have against Emery is that by now he knows that Arsenal are defensively weak. Our strength is playing on the offensive and
    yet he plays too many games away from home with limited attacking resources.

    If our budget is limited the priority must be to invest first on sorting out defence i.e. recruiting a top draw Centre Back to replace Mustafi and a more
    defensive left back to replace Monreal.

    The midfield needs a replacement for Ramsey and that is more of a priority than spending a lot of money on a winger this summer. Arsenal are not short
    of talented wingers/forwards coming through the system even if they are not
    ready to start in first team.

    The defence and midfield comes first if we are short of money.

  21. Bamford10

    As for the it’s-the-owner’s-fault-we-don’t-have-a-good-squad line, this is simply not true. The club has spent plenty of money over the past five to six seasons, it just hasn’t spent that money well. This is largely if not entirely on Arsene Wenger.

  22. Champagne Charlie


    Exactly as i see/saw it. Banford is talking of a discussion where the merits of Wenger vs Stan going we’re being discussed.

    I said I’d bin Kroenke and replace with someone competent because one of two things would happen:

    1. Wenger would be put under scrutiny to win, and not continue simply the heavy rain of top 4. He’d sink or swim with this having previously swam.

    2. If he sank, he’d get replaced, a new guy would come in, and the remit would be the same with the same accountability.

    This gash we have now is nonsense, it doesn’t help Emery despite my feelings about him being average. We’re just not equipped at board level to move a club forward.

  23. HighburyLegend

    “Valencia will be an easy tie”
    Not so sure about that…

    “the real ‘careful what you wish for’ was always ‘careful what you stick with.’”
    Very well said.

  24. Batistuta


    You can’t bang the drum that the manager is not good enough and neglect the fact that 5 maybe 6 wolves players would walk into our starting 11…. We have a painstakingly poor set of players bar 2 or 3

  25. JDavey

    What we are seeing is a result of Wenger and Gazidis’ incompetence. Wenger lovers that also didn’t want Unai will be enjoying this. Unai has taken over a bang average squad with some ability but absolutely 0 bottle. Whilst managing a club that has an ambitious fan base. We have fallen behind so drastically, we’re only in the race for top four because Chelsea and united are wank.

  26. Batistuta

    I mean if i appointed a set of guys to run my business and provide them with the necessary tools to succeed and they kept churning out poor results every year, wouldn’t it be in my best interest to let that team go and get in more competent people

  27. Leedsgunner

    We don’t deserve Champion’s League football if we are going to fold like petunias if the pressure gets a little uncomfortable.

    The person sitting in the manager’s chair might be different but the mentality is the same if we can’t respond in the right way. Remember, on paper, our run in to the end of the season was considered one of the easiest. Ho hum, what car crash it has been.

    Instead of chasing a loan player who has been next to useless, we needed to bring in a winger and defender to replace the injured Welbeck and Holding.

    Even if we don’t bring in players, there is still steps we could be taking. Not good enough just to say this is a mentality problem as if this is a sufficient explanation. What are we going to do about it?

    We’ve lacked leadership and backbone for ages especially when our backs are against the wall. Why is this? Anyone at the club willing to tackle this issue head on or are we just going to blame it on bad luck?

  28. Bamford10


    “We had 71% possession and shipped 3 goals in the first half without a shot on goal in reply.”

    Because our attacking players and our attacking play is not good enough. To harken back to when we actually had a top four caliber squad, what would have happened if Van Persie, Nasri, Fabregas, Arshavin and Rosicky were out there last night? We would have scored goals.

    And if we had better and in some cases younger legs across the back four and in defensive midfield, we might have snuffed out some of their quick counterattacks.

    We lack quality all over the pitch, and our keeper was poor last night as well, btw.

  29. Dark Hei

    My AKB instincts are kicking in telling me to back Emery.


    I always back the incumbent.

    Let’s put this season aside. I have always contended that this season is a giveaway and I am happy for just Europa League placing.

    I am only disappointed because we could have lucked our way into the CL spots.

    But honestly, I think it would not be right to behave like the hindsight guy.

    So, I am sticking to my guns. Give Emery a “proper” transfer window in the summer and let him earn his contract extension.

  30. Batistuta


    Yea ownership has done that what over 10 years too late….You can’t keep defending the indefensible, so yea we should cheer and clap for them because they finally sacked a manager a good 10 years too late and their investment has mose divided on the most important aspect

  31. Batistuta

    Black hei

    We’re about to give him 45 quid to work again, we’ll probably have whatever team is coming up from the championship spend more than us again

  32. Danny

    We’ve lost 3 out of the last 4 and the one that we didn’t lose was against 10 man Watford for 80 minutes. This is relegation standard not fuckin’ top 4.
    Don’t worry lads, Emery will motivate the players to beat Valencia.

  33. Batistuta

    But but we have a super duper management team in place who for some reason took a full month to tie up a loan move for a player who has barely featured…Such a well run club we’ve got

  34. Gbat

    I agree that a manager and his coach’s can only do so much. Pep, Klopp have spent big on their squads because they realise certain players just aren’t good enough and never will be.

    This season has highlighted that last season wasn’t a one-off. A lot of the squad just don’t have the talent or fight.

  35. Bamford10


    “It’s late April and we still don’t even have someone in charge of the recruitment”

    Except this isn’t true. Francis Cagigao, the longtime head of international recruitment, has been functioning as head of recruitment. He is highly respected.

    For for sporting director, yes, that remains to be filled, but that is not an easy position to fill, and it should be noted that Cagigao has been sought for this role by clubs in Spain and that Arsenal are reportedly in discussions with Edu.

    So in neither case is there negligence at work at the club.

  36. gunnershabz

    lets face it guys, we have over achieved with this squad of players

    all the pundits have said arsenal wont make top 4 even when it was in our hands

    we had to chance to prove them wrong but its the same old story

    i know we have a chance but it all depends on the man u and chelsea game

    we just need man u to not lose but can we even take advantage by beating leicester, brighton and burnley

    i dont think so

  37. WrightIsGod

    Football as a sport has developed a deep rooted disease… it’s called money.

    It’s barely about competition anymore, the players aren’t cut from the same cloth of old. It’s about celebrity and this is for the majority now, the minority care about legacy.

    Overpaid, over-pampered with all the player power in the world. You can perform averagely and walk away a millionaire (every month if you’re Ozil).

    Wenger isn’t at fault for it but he definitely facilitated this behaviour in the Arsenal squad. But it’s actually the state of the game and out metropolitan and modern (cannon wrong way round) Arsenal is synonymous with this.

    Then you have the entitled opinions of the Internet brought to us through the platforms of new media. A world where players and fans alike can reside and congratulate themselves on their own self worth.

    I don’t care about football as much as before, not because we are rubbish, but because I cannot associate with it anymore.

  38. englandsbest

    Come on, be honest, we all know this squad wasn’t good enough. Even Pep would win nothing with them.

    So enough of the tactix, the ghost of Wenger, and all the other fake panaceas, and concentrate on the personnel. And while we’re at it, let’s not fool ourselves with the myth that Emery will be given a load of money to spend on transfers.

    And even if Stan ever had such a notion (and he didn’t) the dire Ozil affair would have deterred him – and who can blame him?

    So we have a sh*t squad and no money to buy proven-quality players to replace them.

    That half-baked post I put up yesterday that Emery should take a reasonable offer for any player and unreasonable offers for the rest, and replace them with the young and vigorous is starting to make sense to me.

    ‘£3m for Musty. Can you stretch ii a bit? £4m? I’ll take it. Twenty grand for Jenks? Done. Zero for Ozil? I’ll buy his plane ticket.’

    Does Emery have the b**lz?

    Some of the young and vigorous are already there, Nketiah for example. But wherever they come from they will progress faster, more confidently, without the suffocating influence of the so-called ‘big names’ (Ozil? Musty?).

    And if we need some truly exceptional proven players, the money saved on wages will pay for two a year.

  39. Paulinho

    Bamford – I remember before we signed Arshavin we had a run of four 0-0 draws (three at the Emirates) playing absolutely shocking football. This despite the supposed genius attacking manager in Wenger in the dug out.

  40. Nelson

    I think we have over extended ourselves. We don’t have a squad deep enough to fight on both fronts. I am afraid it is too late now. Some players are not 100%. The others have heavy legs. It is really worrying.

  41. Champagne Charlie

    “Except this isn’t true. Francis Cagigao, the longtime head of international recruitment, has been functioning as head of recruitment. He is highly respected.“

    Because our international recruitment has been stellar in recent years?

    If I read some of the stuff on here I’d have come to the conclusion it was Wenger that did all the scouting. This was was so highly respected we brought someone in externally, before he left and had as looking internally.

    Bati has it right, we’re so well run.

  42. Bamford10


    “ownership has done that over 10 years too late”

    Except this is isn’t accurate in the least bit. While a handful of guys here were calling for Wenger’s head in 2009, very few others were. In truth, as long as Wenger continued to finish top four — and let’s remember that he finished second in 15-16 and didn’t fall out of the top four until 2017 — Wenger had an argument that he was competing, that he should keep his job. Most of us here rejected this notion and saw his incompetence, but many did not.

    While ownership took way too long to get rid of Wenger, “ten years too late” is not exactly accurate.

  43. gunnershabz

    basically i would put the whole first team squad for sale

    see what offers we get for any of them

    i do think some of the players have been told via the agent they listening to offers


  44. salparadisenyc

    Good stuff Tony.
    Summed up Emery’s first season quite nicely there.

    Think many of us have had suspicions Emery’s strength was cup managing. The history doesn’t lie and based on this seasons evidence that holds. Once Wenger was found out in the league he evolved into a cup manager and it all feels quite familiar pivoting to another. You cannot hide in the league.

    Last night felt like the pinnacle of Wenger’s banter years, goals scored against could be carbon copied.

  45. Jay

    Valencia an easy tie – really? Won’t be easy to come back from 0:3 in the first leg, and why keep saying it will be Chelsea in the final? Ever watched frankfurt playing?

  46. Champagne Charlie

    Still think there’s much to clear up before a penny is spent.

    Joe Hart said of City following the United win that they buy players to suit their needs, to fit the systems, not always the most lavish talent but talent that did what they needed them to.

    Arsenal can forget lavish talent imo, but what do we need to realise this Emery vision of how to play? That’s why people like myself have droned on about ethos and style, it’s important.

    The two best teams in the league have a specified way of playing, they recruit with that heavily in mind. I couldn’t tell you what our needs are relative to our own vision.

  47. Un Na naai


    Eh??? You’ve been saying all season that the squad is good enough and now you’ve done a complete 180??
    You k ow full well this side can and have beaten all of the quality opposition that’s been put in front of us bar Liverpool and city. One of the Liverpool games they were lucky to get away with a point.
    Yes the squad’s quality has dipped unquestionably but that what happens when you ship off your goal scorers
    Many here might not like it but Sanchez groups and Walcott kept us in the top four with their goals. We’ve replaced them with iwobi Mkhitaryan and Aubameyang. All of who are worse and I include Aubameyang in this analysis too.
    We can put in sound defensive performances be Chelsea Napoli spurs and united but not at home to palace??
    Come on Pedro. You know what the problem is.
    I’m no emery fan but if he’s not backed financially this summer then big questions need to be asked of kroenke and his ownership of our club

    I want him gone. Passionately

  48. Bamford10


    “I clearly remember that when we beat Leicester on the last minute with a Welbeck goal, everybody thought that we were destined to win the league.”

    One, I don’t know who you were talking to in those days, but I can tell you that no one here thought we “were destined” to win the league that season. No chance.

    Two, that was in mid-February. By mid-March, we were 11 points back of Leicester City. To “contend” for a title, you need to be in contention in April and May, not out of contention in March.

  49. Jamie

    I suspect the Kroenke debate will be put to bed one way or another this summer.

    If Emery (let’s take it as a given that he’ll be here for the start of next season) has a net spend of £40m (or less) this summer, in my view that’s wholly an ownership issue. We can afford to spend twice that amount, net.

    The stumbling block is our bloated wage bill. Ozil and Mkhi need to leave on July 1st, no ifs no buts. Cech, Mustafi, Elneny, Jenko, Ramsey, Welbeck (?) should all be off the books in the summer too. Frees up £50m a year in wages.

  50. gunnershabz

    its true, we need to buy players who want to play in emerys philosphy

    agressive pressing and wide play

    i do think we should buy doucoure of watford he should fit in well

    i think he will cost £32m

  51. JDavey

    At this stage of the season we have no clear way of playing under Emery.

    However there were clear signs that he wanted to implement a real pressing style at the start of the season.

    He can’t be expected to do this when he’s forced to play ozil, iwobi, mkhi, xhaka constantly.
    Not to mention our ageing and below par defence.

  52. Guns of Hackney

    “12-14 players that are good enough”

    Peter. No. At a push and I mean the kind of push you give to grandmama at the top of the stairs when you hear you’ve been removed from the inheritance…that kind of push…we have perhaps 2 players that are alright and one is off to Italy. And he’s not great.

    Three years ago when we were in the death throws of Arsene’s reign of terror I said we needed £300-£400m to start the rebuild and I was told to fuck off as we “had good players”…make that £500m now.

    The youth team isn’t producing shit.
    The first team is shit.
    £220m wage bill. It never gets better saying that.
    A boring manager.
    A bored board.
    Apathetic fanbase. Still!

    What an unremarkable club.

  53. Jim Lahey

    @Champagne Charlie –

    I may be incorrect here, but I heard recently that the only two clubs in the English football league whose owners haven’t contributed a penny to the club are Arsenal and Middlesbrough..

    Mediocrity will always be allowed to reign when you have an absentee owner.

  54. Valentin

    The main reason we lost to Wolves is the tactics. If you are lead by a donkey, it does not matter if you have lions on the pitch (which we do not). His tactics with two light midfield players (not very pacy) were perfect for Wolves. Every time Arsenal were put under pressure and lost the ball, their midfield immediately overrun ours.

    The choice of personnel was also ridiculous as our attack had no pace and no direct runner. Nobody who could run at their defense and create havoc in 1v1 situation. That was only corrected with the forced introduction of Nkethia.

    That highlighted how poorly the squad has been managed. We could have played Caporal Jenko as right back and put AMN as an extra body in midfield. Replace Özil a pass master who had nobody to pass to by a willing runner in Nkethia on the right wing. Move Mhikitarian in the centre instead of keeping him on the wing.

    Revert back to the previous defensive system at corners. The one that was so successful until Emery made the unexplainable decision to switch to a pure man marking system with our team of midgets against giants.

  55. JDavey

    When you think of our players, there’s not many players you would be bothered about losing to another club.

    For me it’s only laca and torreira, possibly Leno who’s had a good first season imo.

  56. Jim Lahey

    @Valentin –

    “His tactics with two light midfield players (not very pacy) were perfect for Wolves. ”

    Out of interest, who would you have played instead?

  57. Leedsgunner

    By saying that this squad is not good enough, we’re giving Emery an easy way out. Regardless of transfer funds or lack of it, the role of a head coach is to make his players better under him.

    On this front, I personally think Emery comes out well. Quite a number of the present squad have progressed, the real problem is that they are nowhere consistent enough.

  58. Bamford10


    I’m not disputing your estimate re what you think we can spend this summer, but I’m going to paste in a comment from TR7 from the other day, which provides a different view and some additional context.


    You should also take a look at what TR7 has to say below, as it makes mincemeat of your claim that we have “200m in cash” on hand.


    April 24, 2019 14:33:03

    As per my own analysis of our financials which I posted here a couple of months ago, we should have a cash balance of £100m if we finish top 4 and should be able to spend close to £60M-£70M if we qualify for CL and £40M-50M if we don’t. So, rumors of transfer budget of £40M doesn’t really surprise me. Absolutely critical we qualify for the CL.

  59. Marc

    All of those who are blaming Kroenke for all of ours issues are missing one point. How do we get rid of him? The most vocal anti Kroenke posters on here don’t attend matches (Most have never and will never go to a match) so they’ll mouth off about what everybody else should do whilst sitting on the sofa doing nothing themselves.

    Unless someone comes in with a huge too big to turn down bid for Arsenal he’s going no where.

    You really think he gives a fuck what a small click of posters who hide behind monikers on a blog say?

    What we need are the new appointments (some still need to be made) to start producing and to my mind first and foremost that means getting some players with leadership qualities.

    Talk of getting ex players in as coach is bullshit, Liverpool followed that model for years after it stopped being successful, OGS at ManU is turning into a disaster. Wenger had no previous connection with Arsenal he was the right man for the job at the time, George Graham wasn’t successful because he had played for Arsenal he was successful because he was the right man at the right time for the job.

    I don’t think Emery is the coach for Arsenal in 7 years time but replacing a legacy manager is not easy – ManU 4 managers in 6 years and I’d bet a cold beer on a warm day it’ll be 5 in 7 soon – so an experienced pair of hands is the right way to go if he’s given the support.

    All we can hope for now is 3 wins in the league and Chelsea to drop points at the weekend. The Europa League is a back up, trying to plan a cup win is just not practical with 3 matches to be played when a single mistake by a player / a ref getting a decision wrong could see us out.

    Sorry for the long post / rant but I’m really not in the best of moods this morning.

  60. Valentin

    There is a reason why Liverpool, Spurs and even Man City have dropped the very aggressive constant high pressing system in the premiership. Long term it does not work in the premiership. It work for the occasional games, but overall it has a ceiling.

    With no winter break, players arrive knacked by February, March. Just when the money time starts, the team faltered. Players just run out of juice. As a system, one player not pull his weight really leaves the team exposed.

    Also tactically more and more team have devised system to counter it: pull everybody back in a very compact defensive shape and plays with two speedy wingers on the counter-attack. That is why Liverpool had so many shocking 1-0 defeat against the run of play.

    Emery may want to set this system in place, but even if we were to buy players that fit that system, it would still not bring more joy in the premiership.

  61. JDavey

    The palace game was the winnable one, should of got it won and then worried about resting players.

    We would of been sitting pretty now with 3 extra points, that’s where we’ve fucked it. Last nights game was always going to be a struggle, wolves’ record against the big six is there for everyone to see.

  62. JDavey

    But any people calling for the managers head need to stop and think. What managers are there out there that would realistically be doing a better job. It’s his first season, we need some stability otherwise we will end up like United post Ferguson.

  63. Un Na naai

    England is best

    We sell all of the players being mooted to leave this summer then we save just short of £30m per season in wages. It’s an astronomical figure we are wasting on

  64. Valentin


    Personally I would have bed the youth team much earlier and would have played them. I am going to give you two teams. My optimal team and the one that Emery could have selected based on the set of players he had.
    My team
    Osei-tutu Sokratis Koscielny Monreal
    AMN Torreira Willock
    Nkethia Lacazette Saka

    Team with players available
    Jenkinson Sokratis Koscielny Monreal
    AMN Torreira Xhaka
    Nkethia Lacazette Iwobi

    Both with instructions to shoot on sight at 75% to force corners and nick a goal from rebound. No playing from the back, long ball into channel for both wingers to chase and turn Wolves defense.

  65. Leftsidesanch

    Cech (retiring) and Lichsteiner (out of contract) are leaving and Ramsey is already out of the door. If we’re short on funds we can have Chamber’s fill Elneny’s place in the squad as he is capable on playing as a CB and a midfielder. We also have Nelson to come back in the wing position and Ospina/Martinez to slot in as the Number 2 GK.

    Before we do anything glamourous, we must rectify the defence namely CB (I’d say two but I’m being greedy) and LB, and also a midfielder for the outgoing Ramsey.

    If we are to make a purchase further forward then I hope we’re doing our due diligence in scouting, we need a player that can take players on, create and score goals from nothing and open up the play for others. As I mentioned in the previous post, since we lost this sort of player (enter Sanchez) we have been dreadful away from home. 7 away wins in the Premier League since January 2018 is diabolical and it’s not a coincidence or an unlucky sequence.

  66. Bamford10


    “until Emery made the unexplainable decision to switch to a pure man marking system with our team of midgets against giants”

    Except that I’ve just re-watched highlights of Crystal Palace and it is not true that we’ve gone to “pure man marking”. He has shifted to more man marking and less zonal, but it isn’t pure man marking. Three defenders are still playing zonally — one on the near post, one on the six, and one assigned to attacking the ball — while everyone else is marking.

    This can be seen clearly beginning at 1:29 in the highlights below. Lacazette is on the near post, Mustafi is on the six, and Koscielny is attacking the ball. Everyone else is man-marking.

  67. Gbat

    “Both with instructions to shoot on sight at 75% to force corners and nick a goal from rebound. No playing from the back, long ball into channel for both wingers to chase and turn Wolves defense”

    Sounds like the tactics from the football manager game.

  68. Leftsidesanch

    We could do worse than play Nketiah and Saka against Leicester. The side that started yesterday will just surrender meekly away from home.

  69. Valentin


    Those were the tactics that beat Wolves. You can’t always play pretty football. Sometimes you have to choose a system that the opposition can’t handle. There is a reason why Wolves has a worst record against bottom teams than against the top 6.

    They don’t like to have to play on the turn. Put them under pressure closer to their penalty box and they make mistakes that lesser teams have exploited.

    Against Wolves, would play with a big Burly striker, but we don’t have Giroud anymore and nobody in the U23 has those physical characteristics.

  70. Paulinho

    “its true, we need to buy players who want to play in emerys philosphy agressive pressing and wide play”

    Apparently some still can’t see that.

  71. Batistuta


    By simply saying it should be about hiring the right people, you miss the wider point mainly, isn’t it the same Kroenke and sons we will be pinning the appointment on. Raul seems like he’s landed a cushy London job where he’ll make just enough to retire going by the debauchery that was the loan signing of Suarez in Jaunuary

  72. Batistuta

    Again, the likes of Willock, Saka and Nketiah should have been playing more considering how wank Iwobi and co have been all season. Don’t understand how or why Emery has persisted with under performing players all season

  73. Marc


    I agree the summer business needs to see us get 1 CB we don’t have the funds for more and also have Holding coming back, a LB Monreal is finished and Kolas is a wing back, CM replacement for Ramsey after that we are screaming out for a pacey winger. We literally don’t have a single senior wide player in the squad.

  74. Batistuta

    Still not all gloom though but we need the win the Europa league, of that’s the one then let’s focus on that, just one more away game to navigate there anyway.

    Also City better not slip up between now and season’s end, can’t stand Liverpool

  75. Marc


    Well we didn’t have any money to spend in Jan so I ‘m not sure what he was supposed to do.

    Personally I think last summers business was pretty good. My comment on right personal was about replacing Sven / getting the technical guy we keep hearing about so we getting the right players at a good price.

  76. Pendrey

    The fact is a loss to Wolves is no surprise.
    They are 7th. They are actually a better side than Arsenal. Tgey run further work harder.
    I watch Citeh, expensive classy players but all have to work hard, chase press relentless. Arsenal rarely do that.

  77. Valentin


    Nobody does 10 outfields players versus 10 players in man marking at corner. Normally the opposition keeps 2~3 players back.
    Those extra players are then placed at strategic places. The first at one of the post usually the firstb(usually decided by the goalkeeper if it is a in or an out corner). The second extra player is posted at the penalty point to help out/block any rebound second ball. If there is a third man free, he either sit at the base of the D or is sometimes posted as a first man attacking the ball. That is man marking system, not a zonal system.

    Because of geo-location fencing I can’t access that YouTube video, but what you describe is what coaches call man marking system.

    At least you agree that we have inexplicably switched system on Day 34 of the season. With our team shorter than most, switching to man marking does not make any sense especially at that stage of the season.

  78. Paulinho

    Marc – Yeah we have so many areas to upgrade. Fundamentally we have to bring in midfielders and attackers that can bring on our possession game, so we go to the likes of Wolves and get them on the back foot instead of sitting deep with a cigar in their mouths.

    Seems counter-intuitive but I would focus on that and I think defensively we would improve. Defend better with the ball.

    Left sided defender a priority. Kola is infuriating at times but he is serviceable and not an urgent upgrade.

  79. Charlie George

    “”””What did YOU think? Share in the comments if you agree with me… x””””

    I think you and many others on here are talking hogwash- and I certainly don’t agree with one snippet of todays post- but hogwash or not – I thank our conflicted PedRo for it.

    the reason – I say conflicted- is I really wish PedRo would nail his colours to the mast – and state what ANYONE with an iota of footballing intelligence knows-

    UNAI Emery and Raul are/will be a continued hideous blight on our great club.
    They know nothing about English football ,nor indeed Arsenal.

    Both will depart AFC in ignominy( because of the SHAMEFUL RAMBO WITHDRAWAL). The only question is when?

    People ( and there are numerous delinquents on here- who back this regime are illustrating their footballing illiteracy and frankly- grasp of a persons character)

    Emerys press conference will soon be upon us. More broken English -gibberish spoken- lapped up by the punch drunk masses.

    this man has no plan/strategy/tactics/vision/common sense…..nothing
    the players look like they are suffering from mentally disintegration- because of his nagging and clipboard nonsense
    he is a dead man walking in footballing terms.

    there are reasons – why he keep loses his jobs at other clubs.

    and that’s because he is hopelessly out of his depth.

    Lets get Wenger and PV in.
    They know Arsenal and they know the Prem

    Don’t be surprised a rejuvenated Leicester City hit 5, Sunday!

  80. Bamford10


    I’m well aware of the various approaches to defending corners. My point is that while he has shifted to a more man-marking and less zonal system, it is not true, as you have alleged, that we have gone to a “pure man marking” system. In this new approach, three defenders have still been given zonal roles.

    You have a habit of making not-so-accurate or not-exactly-true claims. I am simply pushing back on one such claim, because it isn’t accurate.

  81. Valentin


    I know it is against the narrative that Arsenal players are lazy and don’t work hard, but the sun has published statistics that this season Arsenal is the team that covered the longest average distance in front of Spurs with Chelsea surprisingly fourth. As we have no players in the top ten, that means that the running is shared collectively rather than due to some individual. In contrast Chelsea has three players in the top 10 with Kante second.

    Our players were working hard, but not very smartly against Wolves. That is due to the setup defined by Emery.

  82. Leftsidesanch

    Chelsea are dreadful away to the top 6 and have to go to OT. If we somehow better their results we are in the CL. How is that harder than beating an underrated Valencia side or Chelsea in a one off high stakes game?

    Win our games in the league.

  83. Gbat


    Maybe the young players you keep bigging up aren’t as good as you think they are. You make out these players are clearly good enough and that the manager is a fool for not picking them. Maybe you’re right. But I’m pretty sure Emery and all the coaches at the club, who see these players every day know more than you.

  84. Valentin


    Your point is that I should not have use “pure” man marking? Again instead of concentrating on why have we switched system so late in the season, you argue on the wording.
    When a wise man points to the moon, the fools stare at the finger.

    By the way, the name “pure” man marking is how it is called if you try to get your coaching badge. By opposition to mix marking and pure zonal marking.

  85. Valentin


    I am not arguing for every youth team, just a small number who have proven at U23 that they are ready for first team action.
    Nkethia proved in 20 minutes that he deserved more minutes. Not starting every games, but whenever we need a pacy winger he should be played.
    Same with the other players, under the right circumstances they would contribute more than some first team players.

  86. Majesticgooner

    This malaise has been because of the neglect in both recruitment of players and coaching under the Wenger years, even when we were winning with the invincibles you had a feeling in some matches the players just did enough without pushing themselves, a reason e never won the champions league with the squad that was the best in Europe at the time. In his latter years of his demise, he tried doing the same with less talented players, not pushing them to do more, which unfortunately is in wengers persona. Not pushing or motivating a squad of immensely talented players might win you something but doing the same with less talented players gets you mediocrity , and we have a large reminant of them still at the club, who just try to do just enough in each game and even worse some of them think they are better than what they really are, maybe because of their wages compared to other players in othe teams. Until they are moved on we will continue to get performances like last night unfortunately.

  87. Marc


    I agree – all managers have their favourites for what ever reasons but why would Emery make life difficult for himself if there were 2,3 or 4 talented players ready to come in and take the team by storm?

    You only have to look at the resident idiot’s (Charlie George just in case you were conflicted) previous comments about Emery going after players (who were either only signed on loan or never even had bids made) to pad his CV.

    I’m still trying to understand what the fuck that type of comment is supposed to mean.

  88. Champagne Charlie


    What’s Emery’s system again? You’re full of quips but you never quite give enough substance other than to state you’re in camp Emery unequivocally.

    What types players are transforming this side exactly?

    Because he took over a team at absolute zero on the baseline, meaning there was only better to accomplish. Most high-level managers take over a previous project that’s middling, with the view that some steps back to come forward longer term is fair.

    That wasn’t the case with us, we were bottom of the barrel.

  89. Bamford10


    I’ve thought about it a bit more and I see your point. While that system includes three players still playing zonally, many people would call that set-up “pure man marking”. I guess my point is that this phrasing could be misleading to some.

    As for your criticism of this set-up, could it be that both our defensive coaches and our defenders have decided they think this approach has its advantages? If it proves to be less effective and Emery sticks with it, you would have a good point and a valid criticism. But I don’t know that we have the data to say that yet.

  90. Paulinho

    Charlie – I’ve already gone over Emery’s style/system a million times, go back and re-read numerous posts from months ago if you want it refreshed. In a literal sense, he’s changed it numerous times, but the philosophy remains constant: Front foot, high lines throughout the side, reluctance to cede initiative. constant pressing.

    What’s Rafa Benitez’s system or philosophy?

    Go into a detailed analysis of one of the supposed standard bearer coaches in this regard then we can see how Emery compares or contrasts. Should be fascinating.

  91. Marc

    It’s funny how people like CC will tell you that Emery took over a team at absolute rock bottom as if we went from amazing to last season in an instant.

    Emery gets more criticism per match than these clowns used to give Wenger per decade.

  92. Elmo

    On Monday night on 5Live,Wrighty was suggesting we should look at the Brighton centre backs, Dunk and Duffy, but particularly Dunk.

    At face value they’re being relegated and have conceded 54 goals, but seeing as we’re skint and realistically can’t compete for top European talent, a hard-working, fairly solid CB with PL experience may be the best we can do.

    I’d imagine he’d be an improvement on Mustafi, though the question would be whether he’s comfortable enough on the ball to play out from the back.

    Players from teams who stay in the PL (Lascelles, Tarkowski etc) will be out of our price range, as they’ll want £35m+.

  93. Marc


    Alderweireld is available for £26 million in the summer. As a stop gap it’s worth a thought. Beyond that we shouldn’t be looking at buying players from the PL unless exceptional circumstances – there’s too much money in it, the days of clubs selling because they need the money is long gone although the Spud’s may be about to revive that.

    Better players and better value can be found overseas.

  94. Batistuta


    I’d rather have Lascelles, young, British and very good in the air too. Trakwoski is a bit slow bit you’re right in saying that we should be looking at standout players from teams about going down, might be a bargain or two seeing as we are the poorest London based club

  95. Un Na naai

    Mark with a C

    As a stop gap?? He’s one of the best centre backs in the world. Nothing stop gap about it. He’s worth double that figure. It’s a steal. The only reason he’s available is because of a clause in his contract.

  96. Un Na naai

    Emery certainly doesn’t get more criticism on these pages than a certain French legend does. Nice try again though mark with a c

  97. Batistuta

    I’d go back in for Maguire though, maybe chirp in El Neny in there seeing as they have a boner for him and we are a very very poor club capable of spending money

  98. Un Na naai

    When a wise man points to the moon, the fools stare at the finger.

    Perfectly put. Sums Bamford up entirely.

  99. Batistuta

    Un na

    Toby is a bit further gone in age though isn’t he? We could and should do better than him plus Spurs would sooner close down that new stadium than sell to us

  100. Jamie

    Bamford –

    I remember reading TR7’s assessment of our cash availability, but I’m not sure from where he got the £100m cash reserves.

    Just because we had £180m in the bank (at least) last season and spent £70m net this summer, that doesn’t mean we’ll only have £110m cash reserves at the start of next season. The club gets paid this summer – PL revenue, sponsorship, etc all still to come in before the start of next season.

    Phil, of AngryOfIslington fame, put our cash at £230m last season in a piece he wrote a couple of months ago, so I’d like to know how TR7 arrived at £100m in the bank.


    If Phil is right, or even closer to being right than TR7, we could easily spend £80m net this summer regardless of CL participation (assuming we trim the wage bill, or we might fall foul of FFP wage increase regulations).

  101. englandsbest


    A bored board? What board? Where?

    A Board is there to protect the interests of shareholders. Kroenke doesn’t need one, In effect he owns all the shares (bar a few which the holders are legally forced to sell to him). A sole owner appoints Officers not Directors. If anybody is still sitting around te table, he is a ghost of times past.

  102. Batistuta

    Un na

    Maguire and Chiwell and we could throw in some cash and Mustafi with El Neny for good measure….How do mid-table teams have better fitter less brainless players than we do is amazing

  103. Valentin


    No problem.
    We had the set pieces defensive record this season and were second last year. I disagree with man marking, but I could understand changing at the beginning of the season. I just don’t understand the timing. Why now?

    We can already see that now corners are panic station. Moreover we do not have enough 6’3″ players to dominate opponents. If the opposition have more than 4 tall players, we have a significant mismatch in their favour.

    All that change when our main weaknesses in midfield are not being addressed. For me that look like change for the sake of change. He always wanted to implement that change. Didn’t do it at the beginning of the season and suddenly decide to do now.

  104. Marc

    Waste of time even talking about Maguire Leicester would want £60 million plus for him. We don’t have the money. If you want an English CB then we need to get the next Maguire before they are established.

  105. Elmo

    Realistically, Alderweirald will not come to us. We don’t offer the same proposition that we could to Sol: winning the big pots, and better placed clubs will be after him at that price (the Italians love 30 year old CBs).

    Maguire would be far too expensive. Leicester paid £17m for him and he’s now an England starting CB; they’d want at least £60m.

    Marc is right that the value is usually found overseas, but the scouting has to be much better than what has brought us Mustafi, Gabriel etc. Was Cagigao involved in those transfers?

  106. Charlie George


    “”””Front foot, high lines throughout the side, reluctance to cede initiative. constant pressing”””””.

    Barcelona 6 PSG 1

    who swallows this guff????

    Barcelona 6 PSG 1

    worked a treat!

    Losers love a loser!
    Always have done – always will do!

    I am buying opposition goals – like a Zimbabwean buys the American Dollar

    Buy Leicester and Valencia goals -and earn yourself a little holiday
    The Eastern Cape is glorious this time of the year.

  107. Guernsey Gun

    No way should wenger should come back in as DOF, or any role whatsoever. That would be toxic and just take us back. Emery may well not be the man, but taking wenger back would be like what we are seeing at OT. Fergies constant meddling, trying to recreate bygone eras with outdated methods etc is holding them back – they have cocked up another managerial hire. PV maybe in some role – Wenger, forget it.

  108. Un Na naai


    I hear you but he’s ready made. If emery is looking for short term success during his 3 year contract then I’d think he’d look at alderweild as less of a gamble than someone up and coming and who May take time to acclimatise to the British pace of football. Say Koulibaly or someone else
    Don’t get me wrong I’d snap your hand off for Maguire but at £26m alderweild is a snip. Especially if funds are as tight as is being reported. That would leave £20m for a left back. With holding coming through and a certain top 6 first teamer for me and with kos sok mav and chambers I’d say that’s a healthy enough backline with proper defensive coaching.

  109. Jamie

    CG –

    Bayern 5 – Arsenal 1

    Arsenal 1 – Bayern 5

    Man Utd 8 – Arsenal 2

    Chelsea 6 – Arsenal 0 (Wenger’s 1000th game in charge)

    Losers love a loser, right?

  110. Un Na naai


    They are taught to defend as a unit. It’s one of the simplest arts in football. It’s a lot harder to score a goal than to defend one successfully. Mid table teams have been out defending us for over a decade with new players and coaches coming in and out so it’s 100% a coaching and philosophy issue. I bet you Mustafi could drop in to other defences and look a lot more accomplished than he does for us.
    We really need to look to be hiring a first class defensive coach this summer. It’s proably more important than the playing staff for me.

  111. Champagne Charlie


    Yea precisely, not seen front foot pressing since about week 5 of the season, some philosophy that. He’s a fiddler, reacts to the opposition without imposing his own game on the match in question. This is why we’ve made the most half time subs, seen countless tinkering moments, and generally haven’t an identity under him.

    Your petulance is obvious, Rafa isn’t and hasn’t been named a standard bearer for anything. He was someone I rated as a safe pair of hands to transition us during a particular set of circumstances. I’m not interested much in your assertions about whether he’s trash, it’s speculative.

    Only funny if you chose to cherry pick inputs and make out something else entirely. I commented numerous times about Wenger lacking in various departments and how change was needed.

    I simply didn’t stoop to the name calling and vitriol that became common place on here. I offered a defence of him from that and mugs like yourself lapped that up as me being in the little camp you created (Akb). But anyway, as you were deflecting from the obvious issues of today.

  112. Leedsgunner


    Good post @1125

    Agree with you that we should have been using the best of our youth products a lot earlier in the season to support and supplement the first team squad.

    IMO, Willock offers as much as Elneny if not more, and Nketiah should be given more minutes to give Auba and Lacazette a break… if they stop scoring, we suffer… it’s that simple because frankly our goal threat is meagre elsewhere.

  113. Charlie George

    “””No way should wenger should come back in as DOF, or any role whatsoever. That would be toxic and just take us back”””

    back to:

    scintillating football
    top 4 finishes
    FA Cup wins
    Press conferences that are worth listening too
    young players who wanted to join us
    A world wide profile

    Emery and Raul will take us to Watford’s Level

  114. Paulinho

    ““”””Front foot, high lines throughout the side, reluctance to cede initiative. constant pressing”””””.Barcelona 6 PSG 1”

    That’s not the argument though is it Charlie George. Charlie seems bemused as to what Emery’s style or philosophy actually is. The question of execution is another matter.

    In that match, PSG played it perfectly and would’ve been out of sight if not for profligate finishing. When they didn’t take their chances Barca sniffed out a goal and all hell broke loose. Emery’s teams are not comfortable defending deep, and we saw that against Barca. They eventually retreated and were sitting too deep without the mindset to soak up the pressure needed. Napoli were horrific last week,I wouldn’t read too much into us not conceding in Italy.

    There are pros and cons to every style of management.

  115. Valentin

    As part of loans covenant, Arsenal must keep a certain amount of cash in reserve. That does not mean that it is available to spend.
    Same way, that when self build a bank may demand that a certain amount of cash is keep in reserve up to 3 months after delivery to cover any defect not immediately spotted.

    Also because of cashflow schedule, Arsenal may be cash rich at the end of the fiscal year, without necessarily being cash rich during the transfer windows.

  116. Un Na naai


    I agree
    I read recently that our current reserves as of jan/feb were around £170m
    While I understand that some must be reserved for running costs and transfer instalments I refuse to believe Brighton wolves Watford and Bournemouth can operate at a higher financial level than us with less fan base, smaller stadiums and no European football. It doesn’t stack up.

  117. Paulinho

    “Yea precisely, not seen front foot pressing since about week 5 of the season, some philosophy that. ”

    Oh, so you get it now? That’s funny. You seem bewildered and looking for answers not long back.

    No Rafa analysis then. Disappointing but not certainly surprising.

  118. Charlie George


    Fair points

    Over 20 years of top level management – every manager gets a few walloping’s
    Fergie included.

    By the time Emery turns 50 – he would have been sacked 5 times as a football coach.
    FIVE TIMES!!!!!

    no Rambo- no chance!

  119. Paulinho

    “Yea precisely, not seen front foot pressing since about week 5 of the season, some philosophy that. ”

    And that is just flat out bollocks. We pressed against United and Chelsea at the Emirates, as well as in the first half an hour against Napoli last week. Numerous other times as well.

  120. Charlie George

    “”””In that match, PSG played it perfectly””””

    Barcelona 6 PSG 1

    Perfect for Barca!

    Please go and lie down , dear boy

  121. Pedro

    Light jibes for not going hard at Emery, never change Le Grove, never change.

    My view has always been that the manager is substandard, but we’re going to have to give him a decent squad before any sort of decision on his work can be made.

    Yesterday was a tactical mess, and this last week has been a disaster of decisions… but I’m with Paulinho, if Ramsey stays fit, we’re a different beast.