Emery selection disaster opens up top 4 race again

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Ugh… the disappointing taste of, “I saw that coming”, is festering in my mouth this morning.

Let’s be real here, Unai Emery fucked up his selection. It’s hard to look beyond him for this one. He greatly underestimated one of the best teams on the road this year and he paid the price.

Almost a complete rehash of the Everton game a few weeks ago, except Emery doubled down harder on selecting players we absolutely know are thieving a living.

I understand the need for rotation. I am aware that it’s exciting to imagine a Europa League win crowning your maiden season. However, sometimes you need to be a bit realistic about how shite certain players are.

Elneny, Mustafi, Jenkinson and Guendouzi in the same starting 11 was NEVER going to deliver a result against a team that bullies like Palace. We all knew what was going to happen when that line-up was revealed and it happened.

Jenkinson is sweet and the banter thing was fun for a while… but he’s not good enough. It’s embarrassing this joke has gone on for so long. It has to stop this summer. The kids behind him cannot be any worse?

Mustafi is a fucking car crash. He has been the whole time he’s been here. Tim Stillman made an excellent point when he said that all his mistakes generally come from him shirking personal responsibility. That exit strategy approach couldn’t have been clearer yesterday when he shat his pants at the on-coming Benteke and just let a bad thing happen to him. Sunday league stuff. Coward behavior. Emery was correct after the game when he stated that he’d been very consistent this season… consistently horrendous… my question is this… why does he keep starting him?

The Matteo and Elneny midfield is just bland. A teenager should not be asked to put in a shift to help a player well out of his depth. The young Frenchman is an excellent prospect, but I can’t for the life of me understand why Emery keeps putting him through this weird hazing. He’s never going to succeed like that and it’s sad that he has to keep trying it. Mo is a nice guy… great at Twitter… but when are Arsenal going to come down hard on these types of players being part of the squad just because they are fun to be around?

We flunked that test yesterday. It was incredibly disappointing. Emery made an error. But you know what? He’s kind of fucked every way here. If he plays a full team there, we’re tired for Wednesday in a very tough game. He leans into his squad and the players aren’t there. He doesn’t have much depth to work with and that’s just the reality he’s living in.

However, no excuses people. That’s his last error of the Premier League season. Top 4 is still in our hands. Europa League CL entrance is also in our hands. Chelsea has United Sunday. United has City midweek. This can still all work out well for us, but we MUST beat Wolves.

There can be no more fuck ups.

Emery has to shape up, and he has to take some risks on fitness because we cannot afford another shitty team selection like this.

Onwards and upwards…

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  1. Marc


    Some of the posters on here seem to live very sheltered lives. Some of the ideas they come up with are at best laughable. Some idiot earlier posted something about Fiszman selling to Korenke on his death bed and therefore alienating David Dein. David Dein was sacked for gross misconduct.

    Whilst I’ll be the first to say we should’ve replaced Dein who effectively acted as a DOF and kept Wenger on a leash it was Dein who introduced both Usmanov and Kroenke to the club.

  2. Bamford10

    Xhaka is a possibility for tomorrow’s match. Ramsey is not. To add to the Denis Suarez debacle, he has apparently picked up a groin strain and is out.

  3. Champagne charlie


    really? well I love how dense you act when Kroenke is discussed.

    I’m not going to delve into specifics, because I’m done smearing the blog with banal back and forth.

    But do answer me in a basic sense why Kroenke is seemingly hamstrung in elevating Arsenal, meanwhile other owners have and continue to do so?

    One day you will have to come to terms with your surrogate dad being held accountable for his part in the malaise that is. One day chief.

  4. Un Na naai


    Tell me how there is only £45m for arsenal to spend. We are a one of the must cash rich clubs in the world. How is there only £45m to spend? I’m not even bothered about him using his own money but I want him to give all of the available cash to emery as his budget.

    West Ham, Everton, Leicester, Bournemouth, wolves fulham,Brighton and fucking hove have outspent us this year

    The reat of the lower end of the league have spending which isn’t far from what we spent.

    How is this even close to acceptable when we have been in the champions league for over 20 years, barely spent a penny and have over £200m in cash reserves?

  5. Chitom

    Charlie GeorgeApril 22, 2019 19:50:02
    “Napoli 1 Atalanta 2
    Napoli 0 Arsenal 1Truth hurts.“

    Finally someone with enough intellect has proved beyond any doubt how hopeless Arsenal under Emery are.
    I salute you sir and complement you on your brainpan size.

    Also ,
    Napoli 2:2 PSG
    Napoli 1: 0 Liverpool
    Clearly both are shit and Tuchel and Klopp are losers and both clubs should hire the Atalanta coach like yesterday, whoever he is.

  6. siddharth14

    It’s great to see a sensible discussion backed by some solid posts rather than the relentless trolling and name calling.

    Wenger and Gazidis have left the Club in such a difficult financial mess that it is going to take a few years for it to normalize. The scale on which this sham was allowed to flourish is unreal and will never ever happen at any decent European club. If this had happened at any Government institution then Wenger would be defending himself in a criminal financial fraud with his retirement and pension funds hold up.

    Many of us are really looking towards the summer window for the massive squad overhaul but it is not going to happen. Even selling our dross is going to be difficult due to the enormous wages. Dissenter has rightly pointed this out. We will be lucky if we managed to sold Ozil and Mikki.

    The only way i can see us generating funds is by selling Auba or Lacazette. If Griezmann leaves for Barca then Laca is the closest match for them. He would thrive at Atletico and be their main man. We could easily sell him for at least 50m.

    If we are really serious about squad building then Auba must be sold as well. The sale of both these players can bring in about 80m. Add this to our summer budget (40 to 70m) then we have 120m to 150m to strengthen the team. With that warchest we can get couple of decent defenders, a midfielder, a winger and 2 upcoming strikers. We cannot go for established names. Thus we have to rely on our scouting and negotiation ability of Raul to make this happen.

    The most pressing issue right now is appointing a Technical Director who can identify the required players and bring some robust structure to our Footballing side of things.

  7. Bamford10


    One, I don’t know that we only have 45 million to spend. I also don’t know that we have 200m in cash reserves at the moment. Indeed, I don’t think that figure is right at all.

    Two, what we should have to spend this summer has been explained here and elsewhere several times, although in many cases this involves a fair amount of “guesstimating”. I can’t lay that out for you myself, but someone else can or you can track these down if you’re interested.

    I can tell you one thing, though: Stan Kroenke is not preventing the men who run the club from spending what the club has available to spend. That’s one thing that is not going on.

  8. Marc

    “If this had happened at any Government institution then Wenger would be defending himself in a criminal financial fraud with his retirement and pension funds hold up.”

    Actually that sort of incompetence is common place in in state run bodies and usually leads to promotion.

  9. SpainishDave

    The club is in a right old mess.
    I don’t think the clubs set up can fix it, as Emery and co are not up to the task if the Suarez fiasco is anything to go by.
    Emery doesn’t seem to trust the younger players so there seems to be poor communication in the club.
    If Stan wants to be unrealistic over the funds needed to move on then we will just drift into mid table.

  10. Marc

    “If we are really serious about squad building then Auba must be sold as well. The sale of both these players can bring in about 80m.”

    Wow a whole £80 million to replace 32 premier league (and counting) goals this season and 2 players.

    It really beggars belief of here sometimes.

  11. Bamford10


    Exactly. Other than what he is already doing or what has already been discussed — e.g., hiring the right people, paying down the stadium debt maybe — you don’t know of any ways that Kroenke can do more than he is already doing. All you can do is hurl insults at those who point out the facts of the matter. It’s kind of hilarious.

  12. Bamford10


    “Emery doesn’t seem to trust the younger players”

    Or said younger players aren’t good enough. He plays Guendouzi plenty, so it doesn’t seem like he has any underlying opposition to playing younger players.

  13. Champagne charlie


    No, all you can do is deflect from Kroenke and avoid answering a basic argument laid at your feet.

    Why can other owners elevate their clubs to greater heights, meanwhile we languish after steady decline spanning almost a decade?

    It’s you that’s constant in attempting to illustrate ways Stan is restricted in his ability to impact Arsenal. Just odd that those restrictions are seemingly only applicable to Stan, yet other owners have bypassed them with some form of foresight, ingenuity, or quasi-underhanded means.

    But poor Stan, he’s doing all he can etc etc etc etc.

  14. Leftsidesanch

    ‘If we are really serious about squad building then Auba must be sold as well. The sale of both these players can bring in about 80m. ‘

    That’s not strengthening the side, that is weakening it. Why would we get rid of our only two sources of goals? I’m adopting the ‘If I don’t laugh, I’ll cry’ approach to this place from now on.

  15. Bamford10

    He plays AMN a lot as well, btw. So again, I don’t know that he is averse to playing good younger players.

  16. Marc


    My tolerance for some of what is allowed to be posted on here is getting less and less.

    It’s as if they can’t get their brains round actual facts. Kane and Son have not scored as many goals combined as Auba and Laca. Someone please advise me what it would cost to buy both Kane and Son?

  17. Leftsidesanch


    Tell me about it, there’s always been the odd nutter but more and more are surfacing. I’d be disappointed with £80million for Auba and Laca in this market anyway.

    This team has obvious pressing needs, we don’t need to create further work by getting rid of our goal threats especially as the third one is being allowed to leave on a free to Juventus.

  18. Marc


    There’s also one small fact these idiots overlook. It’s Emery’s first season so it’s taken time to get to know the squad, it is also widely accepted by anyone with half a brain that inexperienced players take time to get up to speed. Now there will always be exceptions to this rule – you named a couple but having been given a brief of achieve top 4 of course he’s going to rely on experience where he can.

  19. Un Na naai


    Well you’re asking for a specific point in which kroenke is not using all at his disposal to elevate his investment.
    The cash reserves is a perfect example.
    How do you know for sure that all of the money is available? How do you know that he has not put financial restrictions on the manager?
    There have been several stories about emery and other potential managers being unimpressed with the comparatively paltry amounts to spend.

    I’ve pointed out that nearly half of the lower league is outspending London’s biggest club
    Everyone else in the top 6 bar spurs are too.
    So why is the majority of the league able to outspend arsenal?
    This cannot be solely the fault of wenger, Raul, Sven or anyone else
    Why is kroenke not culpable for the what is at best poorly managed finances and at worst a man who refuses to let the club spend its money on improving the squad in the way it needs to? We have the money to outspend everyone this season. And we will do next season too when the extra sponsors kick in.
    So why are Everton and Bournemouth and Brighton out competing ya in the transfer market?

  20. Batistuta

    I’m with Charlie and Un na naii

    I stated same all last summer, i don’t get how newly promoted teams are outspending us and the whole Wenger left a mess a of squad excuse has just about worn thin….

    Massive wages? Then sell the players who are not up to the task….Football club owners always for the good of their investment have to make sure the club spends adequately to compete at all levels….Anyone making excuses for Kroenke and his management of Arsenal football club over the years shouldn’t be taken seriously…..It’s the old…..”his only fault was that he didn’t sack the manager” line that has been repeated here, i mean doesn’t that just sound outrageous if not borderline incompetent.

  21. Gbat

    Plenty on here think that because they don’t rate a player, then surely no other team will want them and we’ll basically have to give them away for peanuts.

  22. Un Na naai

    I wouldn’t sell lacazette. Not a chance. Our strikers are the most quality aspect of our side. If we sell them we are basically Everton. Why do we need to sell lacazette AND Aubameyang to bring in a highly rated youngster to succeed them? I wouldn’t be completely against selling Aubameyang while we can get something for him though as I really don’t feel he adds all that much to the team in the way it’s currently set up other than tap in against the lower clubs. Giroud is on a free this summer isn’t he? I’d snap that up

  23. Dissenter

    Un na
    Let’s wait and see what our summer spending will be
    I’m suspect we will spend at least £100 million when its all said and done.

    Stop working yourself into a mess because the tabloids are running with 40-45 million

    For one, we’ll have freed up about 10 million we were paying Wenger and his assistants.

  24. Dissenter

    If you were director of football anywhere,
    -would you buy Mustafi for 10 million
    -would you buy Elneny for anything more than 5-7.5 million
    -would you buy Jenkinson for anything more than £1 million
    -would you buy Cech for 1 penny when it’s obvious that he’s retiring

    I mean we can appoint Trump to market the players, maybe the Saudis will come calling.

  25. Emiratesstroller


    Except that Wenger was paid out the rest his unexpired contract. That did not come cheap.

  26. Moray

    We have enough shit players to sell without having to go near our strikers. If we get top 4 this year it will be because of our Attack and not our defence.

    We need a good four players in at least.

    The one big worry I have is that we need to find some leadership material. With Rambo going, whatever his failings as a player, we are going to miss his passion and energy. I really hope we manage to buy in some balls this summer.

  27. Dissenter

    I don’t think he was paid off immediately, that’s not the way businesses are managed. You of all people ought to know that.
    When people are fired, they sign confidential agreements or have restrictive convenances. The company still holds unto certain monies to enforce that but. The manager is still being paid until June.

  28. Moray

    Dissenter, it never ceases to amaze how stupid many of the senior people are in Football. There is a thread of arrogance running through people who think they can be the one to bring the brilliance out in a failure.

    We will find a buyer for Mustafi. Not at 35m maybe but we will get cash for his CV alone. Problem will most likely be his wages as he will likely be dropping down a level or two. That is our stupid fault.

  29. Dissenter

    It looks like we are going Latin this summer, probably to save money Nd find some hidden gems.
    This Gabriel Martinelli from Ituano appears to be a done deal already.
    Maybe we have Edu on a retainership to give us info in the best Brazilian talent.

  30. Un Na naai

    Mesut Ozil – £350,000-a-week.
    Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang – £180,000-a-week.
    Henrikh Mkhitaryan – £180,000-a-week.
    Alexandre Lacazette – £140,000-a-week.
    Sead Kolasinac – £119,500-a-week.
    Aaron Ramsey – £110,000-a-week.
    Hector Bellerin – £100,000-a-week.
    Petr Cech – £100,000-a-week.
    Laurent Koscielny – £100,000-a-week.
    Danny Welbeck – £100,000-a-week.
    Bernd Leno – £90,000-a-week.
    Sokratis – £90,000-a-week.
    Shkodran Mustafi – £90,000-a-week.
    Stephan Lichtsteiner – £90,000-a-week.
    Granit Xhaka – £90,000-a-week.
    Lucas Perez – £80,000-a-week (contributions from loan club West Ham United).
    Lucas Torreira – £75,000-a-week.
    Alex Iwobi – £70,000-a-week.
    Nacho Monreal – £70,000-a-week.
    Mohamed Elneny – £55,000-a-week.
    Matteo Guendouzi – £40,000-a-week.
    Rob Holding – £40,000-a-week.
    David Ospina – £40,000-a-week.
    Calum Chambers – £25,000-a-week.
    Konstantinos Mavropanos – £25,000-a-week.
    Krystian Bielik – £25,000-a-week.

  31. Un Na naai

    Welbeck Ramsey and cech going saves us
    £310k per week
    Mkhitaryan Ospina and Lichtsteiner
    Saves us £310k per week

    Elneny Mustafi monreal and Perez saves us £285k per week

    That’s nearly a million in wages every week. £50m a year right there.

  32. Dissenter

    Gary Neville used to talk about how Valencia could not believe we were willing to pay that much for Mustafi. He openly stated that the clubs officials laughed their way through the Mustafi deal.
    The player only played thrice for Everton U-23 in three years . They sold him to Sampdoria for only 75k at the age of 21 years.
    Sampdoria sold him for €7 million to Valencia and he wasn’t even that great for Valencia.

    Paulinho was a better defender than Mustafi, yet we sold him at a loss to Valencia for 11 million.

  33. Dissenter

    Funny enough, Mustafi’s transfer value is listed as €30 million on transfermkt.com

    Gawd let that be true
    We need to appoint a marketing company to dress him up quick.

  34. englandsbest

    It’s true that the annual stadium debt repayment is only £20 m now, and won’t make huge amount of difference when it comes to acquiring top-flight players.

    But that is ‘now’, and we should cast our minds back to ‘then”, to when Stan imposed bottom-line policy.

    In those days, £20m would have been enough for a top-flight striker. In 2004, and for several years following, £20m would have acquired a top quality GK and CB, which might have won us a trophy or two.

    Oh, and I almost forgot, the annual debt repayment was much more than £20m in those days.

    But, of course, the impact goes much deeper than that, it heralded the ‘brain-wash’ era. We swallowed the Wenger/Gazidis/Kroenke bait, hook, line and sinker.

    Remember the stratospheric ticket price increases? The sale of top players? It’s okay, we were told, you have to pay off the stadium debt, to keep the Club self-sustaining.

    Oh dear, what a bunch of suckers we were!

    Watch Spur this summers. With a stadium debt much, much greater than Arsenal, their manager will spend a great deal more than ours.

  35. Dissenter

    Un na

    Yes, you’re basing your outrage on some nonsense you read about our transfer budget.
    No one knows what it will be – the 45 million being bandied around is garbage

  36. Marc


    Kroenke first bought into Arsenal in April 207 with a 9.9% interest. In fact he didn’t hit 29.9% until November 2009.

    “Watch Spur this summers. With a stadium debt much, much greater than Arsenal, their manager will spend a great deal more than ours.”

    Let’s see what their net spend is shall we?

  37. Un Na naai


    I’m hardly outraged!! I’m just arguing a point. My point is that kroneke is culpable as our owner in our decline.

  38. Gbat


    I know Cech is retiring. I just threw together a list of outs. Including players retiring or out of contract. I did miss out Chambers who we should easily get £15m for.
    Fulham paid £15m for Alfie Mawson last summer. So yes I do expect someone to pay the same for Chambers or £10m for Mustafi.

  39. Dissenter

    I too understated the transfer value
    We can get 25 million for Chambers
    Honestly I don’t think we should sell Chambers. He plays CB better than Elneny and defensive mid better than Elneny.
    He’s the consummate squad player.
    I would keep Chambers. He’s done well on loan everywhere we sent him to.

  40. Moray

    Yup we were fucked over a barrel with Mustafi, that’s for sure. Somebody saw “German” and “international” and got carried away.

    In the case of our wage sheet, those are some interesting figures up there. We will lose quite a few mill a year quite organically this summer and a bigger chunk still if we take action over certain other players. A good summer will really set us up for the following summer with a bit of a warchest, particularly if we make CL. This was always a mid term project.

  41. Micheal

    Arsenal’s financial year ends in just over five weeks (May 31) and this will be the first with Stan as 100% owner.
    Until he publishes these accounts or does something truly radical like telling us fans about his ambitions and plans for the club, we are all speculating. Even those posters with the heads up Stan’s arse don’t know. They are speculating like the rest of us.
    In theory, our accounts will be published in the summer and we should get a better idea. But don’t bank on it – especially if Stan decides to move the domicile to Deleware, the home of secrecy for corporations who want to remain unaccountable to the outside world.

  42. Dissenter

    Un na
    Wenger kept us static, I guess you can call that relative decline because the likes of Spuds caught up and moved past us.
    Kroenke’s mistake was leaving the club to be run by the local people just as he promised Danny Fiszman and Lady Bracewell-Smith
    He was too trusting of Wenger which is understandable since was supposed to be this footballing genius.
    Kroenke’s mistake was not being more decisive and inserting himself into the club’s daily operations.
    He would have blocked the non-sale of Sanchez because that was an obvious error even though Wenger was adamant that he not be sold.

  43. Marc


    That’s the major concern – up to now Usmanov had a blocking share so Kroenke was limited to what he could do.

    Personally I don’t think Kroenke is looking to milk the club dry he’s always struck me as an investor who’s looking for the value of the asset to appreciate.

    We won’t see accounts quickly as company’s in the UK have 8 (I believe it’s 8 but if someone else knows please confirm) months to post them.

  44. Dissenter

    It’s in Welbeck’s best interest to resign a short extension with Arsenal at a lower wage with the stipulation that he would be allowed to leave next summer.
    Maybe a newly promoted side may take a chance on him but even they can’t match his Arsenal wages.

  45. Gbat


    Arsenal need to start selling a lot better. Liverpool have been excellent at this the last few years. How they got so much for players like Solanke I’ll never know.

    I’m not sure on Chambers. Decent squad player who is home grown and can cover cb and cm. But is he worth cashing in on if all he’s ever going to be is backup? If £25m like you said. That’s a fair chuck of money.

  46. Micheal


    Publishing accounts: As far as I am aware, UK companies are required to publish accounts no later than nine months after the end of their financial year. AFC’s year ends May 31 which makes the deadline February 2020.
    I am not sure the same requirement applies in the US if Stan moves us to Deleware, which in any event is a US state where companies go to hide their affairs from the outside world.

  47. Dissenter

    Of all the clubs going down, Fulham are the ones worthy of a raid

    We should try getting some of their players on loan, subject to making it permanent if they do well.

    I consider Jean Michael Seri, Andre Anguissa and Mitrovuch as plyers good enough to contribute in a top-6 club squad .

    Before anyone sneers, Liverpool have had considerable joy from raiding re;action bound clubs; Shaquiri [Stoke] , Robertson [Hull] and Wijnaldum [Newcastle] come to mind.

    We have to get the best from the lowest clubs not the lowest of the best clubs.

  48. Valentin

    Bielik is currently on loan at Charlton where he is currently playing rather well. When we signed him, he was expected to join the first team within a year. Obviously that did not happen, but a salary of 25kpw is not outrageous for a fringe premiership player.
    A lot of Chelsea youth team are on that salary and they have absolutely no chance to make it there. Some won’t even make it at Championship level! You can always blame Gazidis for that as he is the genius who negotiated the contract.

  49. TitsMcGee

    Yup we were fucked over a barrel with Mustafi, that’s for sure. Somebody saw “German” and “international” and got carried away.”

    Half the board got carried away. I was shouted down for saying he was an average defender(actually I gave him too much praise).

  50. Un Na naai


    Yes I agree but wenger was an employee of the club. A passionate football oriented owner like abramovic or sheik mansour would have acted sooner and did what was necessary to hire the best coaching staff possible to ensure the club they had purchased was as competitive as we possibly could be

    Take you for example. You’ve no money invested at arsenal
    You’re not a business man. A billionaire with business smarts and the best advisors money can buy. Are you dissenter?
    You’re just a regular old guy who supports arsenal right?

    Then how come you can see what needs to be done without all of the advantages kroenke has and none of the finances involved?
    How do you and bam expect anyone with a brain to accept that this man, with his investment, with his riches, his business smarts and his advisors doesn’t know that Arsene Wenger and Gazidis did not have arsenal competing as a football team?

    We know, he knows. He didn’t care as long as the champions league money was coming in.

  51. Valentin

    Kroenke has taken Arsenal private, so I am not sure that Arsenal still has to publish their accounting results. As long as they are validated by an registered accountant and were submitted in time to Company house that’s the extend of their legal obligation.

  52. Champagne charlie


    You’re talking nonsense with regards to Stan, and simply propping up some speculative rubbish to absolve him of the requisite accountability for our decline. He wasn’t simply abiding by a promise, it wasn’t understandable that he presided over a decline for so long before action, and coming out with a matter of fact statement about how Stan would’ve sold Alexis is pure speculation-turned-fact.

    1. “Kroenke’s mistake was leaving the club to be run by the local people JUST AS HE PROMISED danny fiszman and lady bracewell-smith”

    2. “He was too trusting of Wenger WHICH IS UNDERSTANDABLE since was supposed to be this footballing genius”.

    3. He would have blocked the non-sale of Sanchez because that was an obvious error even though Wenger was adamant that he not be sold.

    You’re shameless.

  53. Dissenter

    ‘Obviously that did not happen, but a salary of 25kpw is not outrageous for a fringe premiership player’

    Actually it is
    Most middle range premier league clubs [including Spuds] start players on 5-10k weekly and only elevate them to 20-25k weekly when they are regulars in the squad I.e league cup contributions.
    The Chelsea example is an aberration because they hoard the best English talent that could start for other teams. These are players that could fetch 15-20 million in transfers. They pay high wages is to shut them up.
    Beliek is no such talent. Solanke was a Chelsea academy player on a 15 k weekly wage before he went on a free transfer to Liverpool. They barely played him and sold him for 20 million to Bournemouth.

    Beilik’s wages are astronomically high for a player than can only get a loan to a league one clubside.

  54. Valentin


    I am pretty sure that none of the three players will be snapped by top 6 teams.
    Mitrovitch has the physical an technical ability, but he is nutcase. He is still young and can rebuild his reputation, but right now he is viewed as a live grenade to be thrown in your squad.

    Jean-Michael Seri’s agent messed up his career. He should have stayed one extra year at Nice and would have joined a Champion’s league club in Germany or Italy. After the fiasco of Barcelona, Seri wanted out of Nice and his agent wanted a big fat commission. Both got what they wanted in the short term, but longer term they are in a mess. His stint at Fulham has exposed the flaws in his game that were masked at Nice, because he had better players in front of him.

    I have not seen enough of Andre Anguissa to definitely judge him. However whenever I have seen Fulham play, he has not impressed me much.

    Same with Ryan Sessegnon. Good, but good enough for a top 6, I think the jury is still out on that one.

  55. Un Na naai


    Why is it also understandable for kroneke to believe in wenger when he had no personal history or memories as a fan of arsenal but it’s not understandable for actual fans who lives and breathed arsenal to want to see him win again at arsenal, wether we doubted his ability to do it or not?

    The double standards and inconsistencies in your defence of kroneke are quite striking

  56. Dissenter

    Actually I’m sure that any billionaire active in the daily dealings of the club wouldn’ have allowed £50-60 million to walk out the door
    Kroenke handed over the clubs daily running to the local people; Wenger and Gazidis.
    If he deserves blame, then blame him for that. It’s a failure of oversight.

    You seem to be trying too hard to isolate Wenger from blame. Wenger was the footballing brains behind Arsenal once David Derin left
    …and who said I was making my opinion “facts’, they are just opinion man.
    Stop getting so hot under the collar

  57. Micheal

    Valentin: “Kroenke has taken Arsenal private, so I am not sure that Arsenal still has to publish their accounting results. As long as they are validated by an registered accountant and were submitted in time to Company house that’s the extend of their legal obligation.Kroenke has taken Arsenal private, so I am not sure that Arsenal still has to publish their accounting results. ”

    No correct. All UK registered companies are legally obliged to publish annual accounts. Placing accounts in Companies House is effectively making the accounts public because anyone can read or obtain a copy.

  58. HighburyLegend

    No Charlie George,
    No Pierre,
    No gambon,
    No Guns of Hackney,
    No Victorious(of nothing)… NO PARTY!!

  59. Valentin

    Bielik could have gone to premiership club and abroad, but Arsenal insisted on Charlton so they could keep an eye on him. Also Charlton gave them assurance that others teams were not prepare to give.

    Solanke was on 35kpw at Chelsea. He joined Liverpool on 40kpw despite Chelsea offering 45kpw.

    The problem is that Chelsea and Manchester City were distorting the youth team market at the time. 17 year old Kids from abroad were offered salary of up to 35kpw by them. Arsenal had to align their offer. Things have quite down since, but you will find a lot of past deals at big clubs caused by that temporary insanity.

    Chelsea were also offering “jobs” to parent of foreign kids so they could move to England and legally join them prior to their 18 birthday. Christensen’s father was put on Chelsea books as a scout! That is part of the reason why Chelsea is now facing a transfer ban. Traoré, now at Lyon was paid more as a youth team player at Chelsea than he earned as a professional at Lyon in his first year.

  60. Un Na naai

    We have let hundreds of millions of pounds worth of talent leave for free and kroenke doesn’t bat an eyelid.

    At what point does he say “I’ve had enough, this ends now?”
    Don’t forget gazidis walked, he wasn’t sacked. Kroenke was happy to continue allowing him to run the club the way it has been for all this time.

  61. Champagne charlie


    I’m trying too hard to isolate Wenger? Could have fooled me, but I was under the impression the subject was Kroenke and HIS accountability. Might have known Wenger would be dragged in and used to further deflect matters when Stanley has a question asked of him.

    “Actually I’m sure that any billionaire active in the daily dealings of the club wouldn’ have allowed £50-60 million to walk out the door”

    In case you’re unaware, Stan/The board are consulted on every transfer or potential outgoing of significance. You think he found out about Alexis on Sky Sports News? That’s such a dim view. He didn’t require to be involved day to day, just involved beyond the bare assessment of whether his investment was appreciating in value.

  62. Dissenter

    Kroenke was smitten by Wenger from day one
    He literally loved the ground Wenger walked on, that’s why Wenger was able to circumvent everyone and report directly to Kroenke when it suited him.
    Kroenke was once shocked to see Wenger training the team in the rain [ which is standard practice even in the states]
    He had this to say “”I don’t want to say something about Arsene that is not the way he feels but, to me, I think he seems to love what he does. I had my son and a bunch of his friends at the training ground. A couple of them are NBA players.

    “We were standing out in the rain watching. It rained like hell. This was going on for several hours. I was getting worried about players getting hit by lightning and Arsene was out in the middle of it. He’s out there coaching every day. You’ve got to love that or you can’t do it. That’s a passion.”

    “I really enjoy Arsene — very smart, very intelligent,” says Kroenke. “He has an absolute view on how he runs that team and the club. He has earned that right. Don’t look for me to interfere with that. I have learnt over the years that sometimes owners try do that and it is not so good.”‘

    Kroenke thought he was being smart by letting an exceptionally gifted man dictate his club. I agree that Wenger’s philosophy tied with his approach too, so it was a convenient bromance.

    Kroenke is guilty of a failure of oversight and by extension, of leadership.

  63. Valentin


    Can you see all the accounts or just the summarised redacted version?
    I was under the impression that only bare minimum information was public. For example no details of wage bill, no details of loan rate, …
    In short, nothing that would be useful to judge Arsenal.

  64. Champagne charlie


    That was 2013. There was no revision of his view annually given the results?

    Just an oversight you say. Nonsense, it was continued ignorance and neglect. His finger was so far from the pulse and Arsenal have suffered because of it, yet you’re happy to chalk it up as a mere oversight whilst others are demonised.

  65. Dissenter

    You are aware that Wenger was still assuring everyone that Alexis will sign. He had to have reassured the board that botching his transfer to city was a power move that will force his hand.
    That’s the public posturing Wenger was taking
    Why is it so hard for you to understand that botching the Sanchez exit cost Wenger a lot of capital with the owner and the board. They all left it to him and he messed it up.
    ‘‘I didn’t want him to leave, it’s true. I didn’t want him to leave and in the end he didn’t leave,’ Wenger said. He added: ‘There is a chance of keeping him, yes. ‘He is committed and focused on Arsenal. That’s what makes me believe

    Read more: https://metro.co.uk/2017/09/07/alexis-sanchez-could-still-stay-at-arsenal-says-arsene-wenger-6911782/?ito=cbshare
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/MetroUK | Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MetroUK/

  66. Micheal

    “Can you see all the accounts or just the summarised redacted version?”


    I am not an accountant and cannot answer all questions. But there is a legal requirement to place accounts in Companies House no later than nine months after a financial year-end date.

    In my job I have inspected aqccounts at Companies House in the past and from memory they are the full set, icluding directors fees, shareholdings, loans and other debts, etc.

    The big unknown is whether Stan moves our domicile from the UK to Delaware where reporting requirements are different.

  67. Dissenter

    ‘“I really enjoy Arsene — very smart, very intelligent,” says Kroenke. “He has an absolute view on how he runs that team and the club. He has earned that right. Don’t look for me to interfere with that. I have learnt over the years that sometimes owners try do that and it is not so good.”

    That’s Kroenke discussing how much room he game Wenger

    And while we are at it, can we drop the narrative that Wenger was just another employee
    He was a legend of the club running the club
    How many employees do lending banks insist have to be present for them to do business
    He wasn’t just another employee. He was and is Arsene Wenger.
    You had to have damn good reason to get rid of him, the same way it would have taken a hurricane 5 storm to sack Ferguson from United.

  68. Valentin

    We withdrew Ramsey’s offer, so we can’t blame Wenger or Gazidis for him leaving on a free.
    In view of his current form, I would say that we dodge a huge bullet by not offering a fat contract to Sanchez.
    Wilshere has been permanently injured for the last 4 years. His body cannot handle the premiership anymore. He would be better off joining an Italian or Spanish club.
    Same thing with Cazorla, who even in Spain is not playing that regularly bat Villarreal. If his body cannot handle la Liga, there is no chance he could still be able to handle the Premiership. As a Cazorla fan, how it ended is a shame, but it was time to move on.

    Gnabry simply refused to sign an extension, so we had to sell him. We got some money as a sell-on percentage when he joined Bayern. The mistake was not selling him, it was letting him choose to go on loan at WestBrom under Pulis instead of imposing a loan at Reading or Charlton in the championship. It was also not have the administrative foresight to include financial penalties if he was not playing and the ability to recall his loan mid-season under those circumstances.

  69. Un Na naai


    You still have not answers my question
    How come you can see that the club was being mismanaged but kroenke could not?
    With all his advisors and smarts, the likes of you could see what he could not
    He was smitten with a failing manager doesn’t cut it for me I’m afraid.

  70. Dissenter

    FYI, I stated that “Kroenke is guilty of a failure of oversight and by extension, of leadership.”
    Failure of leadership is as bad as it gets.
    He didn’t make sure his minions were doing their work properly

  71. Champagne charlie

    “You are aware that Wenger was still assuring everyone that Alexis will sign. He had to have reassured the board that botching his transfer to city was a power move that will force his hand.”

    This is your summation of the unknown, nothing more. It’s one thing to assert Wenger wanted Alexis to stay (as stated in his quotes to the media), it’s another leap entirely to sit and make out he was going round Colney and giving it the ‘nah lads don’t worry, he’s staying’.

    Stan would’ve known Alexis’ situation and backed whichever outcome eventually came. That’s the convenient fact you’re continuing to ignore.

  72. Dissenter

    Unai na
    Because I saw Wenger for what he was; he was making it up as he went along. He was afraid to leave because he was dedicated to football and feared life afterwards.
    Kroenke saw progress from what you only see from afar. We were still ‘competing’ and always in the CL, so why break what’s not broken. Also he would have known that he could not rival the sheiks and Russkie billionaires spending like crazy.
    There’s a natural respect that American’s have for European institutions hence most American owners tend to leave the practices of the acquired organization in place unless it was overtly broken.
    You’re forgetting that Wenger’s reputation was stellar until the very end, and he is a very imposing erudite man who is always charming. This is in contrast with American sports that are run by very fragmented systems that depend solely on numbers.
    Wenger was a charmer, even those that carried anti-wenger placards lined up to get his autographs

  73. Un Na naai


    Gnabry had just come back from a summer tournament from Germany, I’m sure it was the olympics where he was the standout performer
    Surely we could have got more than £3m?

    Wilshere and cazorla could have commanded a fee had they been tied down to a years extension

    Then you’ve got the debacle with Suarez and hazard, higuain and draxler

    The £40m and £1
    The holding out for £2-3m when we needed quality. A football man would have put his foot down there. We had the money. We spent more on ozil, lacazette and Aubameyang who were and still are inferior players
    I’m sure wenger had his day there but do you think that kroenke and gazidis played no part?
    How do we think this reflects on arsenal and kroenke as a serious business man?
    Anyone would have gone mad about it but he kept the hiring. He can’t have cared about it at all.

  74. azed

    “Same with Ryan Sessegnon. Good, but good enough for a top 6, I think the jury is still out on that one.”

    Ryan is 18 and English, in my opinion, he’s worth the gamble.

  75. Un Na naai


    You’re essentially saying that a multi billionaire business man is a fool.
    To see the humiliations taking place are arsenal year in year out and not even contemplate changing things means you’re either a fool or you’re fine with it because you don’t care for the success of the team.

    Anyway. I’m not going to convince you and you certainly won’t convince me but I stand by my original assertion that we won’t challenge properly until kroenke is our of the club. He cares nothing for arsenal as a footballing team.

  76. Dissenter

    Yes Stan would have known about the Alexis- deal only as a brief on a piece of paper summaries.
    He’s not responsible for day to day running of the club.
    If he ‘backed it ‘, it’s because e game the folks on the ground freedom to do their work; to succeed and also to err.

    You really think Kroenke knew that Wenger was going to insist that the Alexis city contract hinge on a £95 million replacement in Lemar a few hours before the window closed?
    We told city the deal was done until Wenger changed his mind. We even gave them permission to send a team to Santiago Chile to do his medical. That’s how far it went before Wenger threw a spanner in the works

    As that quote goes, Kroek6 gave Wenger freedom to do as he wished. Wenger too has conformed that quote several times.

  77. Dissenter

    Un na
    Nope I’m not implying that Kroenke is a fool
    Don’t forget that the bottom line was growing all that while.
    The value of the club was increasing so his asset was appreciating. The premier league was declaring crazy revenues so what was he to lose.
    People that rich don’t see money they way we do. Their total worth can fluctuate as much as 500 million yearly and they wouldn’t bat an eye lid.
    He had nothing to lose at the time because the bottom line was rising.

  78. Batistuta


    This notion that Wenger wasn’t just an employee is total hogwash because he in fact was an employee of the club, one of the highest paid in the world. If we had serious owners, they’d have shown him the door after one of those countless numerous thrashings in Europe, they’d have had their guys telling them that he had run his course, they’d have told him that the renewing his contract after the last FA cup was a mistake but the Kroenke’s don’t care about Arsenal and trying to defend them for anything at all makes you look very weak.

  79. Un Na naai


    We aren’t talking about the value of the club. We are fans. We are taking about the competitiveness of the team. That’s the problem. He’s looking at arsenal through a prism of asset value and we are looking at it from the viewpoint of fans, we want trophies, we want excitement, we want to at least compete again. We haven’t since he took over apart from two seasons.

  80. tee

    does anyone in here knows one or two thinggs about this brazillian called Gabriel Martinelli? reports say he is heading to us.

  81. MidwestGun

    To see the humiliations taking place are arsenal year in year out and not even contemplate changing things means you’re either a fool or you’re fine with it because you don’t care for the success of the team.
    Sounds like the definition of an Akb to me.. And Stan was the biggest AKB in the history of akb’s.

    I agree with Dissenter. Kroenke’s biggest culpability as an owner is being an absentee landlord in effect and allowing the management team to be on very little oversight. And that is unforgivable. And also a terrible way to run a sports Club. It happens to collectors of expensive things a lot to be honest. They collect a bunch of shiny expensive things and then lose interest and assign a museum curator to take care of things. Abramovich sounds like he has reached that point as well. Difference is he was able to dump a bunch of money in the club before 2013 .. pre FFP when it was ok to do so. Another thing Kroenke was never going to do. Also Kroenke did change things as soon as Wenger let the Club slide down the table. I guess that was humiliating enough for Stan and taking the shine off his investment. I would be worried also as some have mentioned that he will not allow the Club to spend all that is available because the accountability there is becoming more and more murky. The reports of no money to spend in last jan tw and reports of next summer are scary.
    The only positive I can see is that he is letting his son Josh Kroenke be more involved and maybe he will spark renewed interest in the club as he does seem to be more hands on.. he has done some revamping with Colorado NBA team with some success. and the Rams. But he is still a Kroenke.
    I keep hearing Stan is using Arsenal as collateral to finance his other projects and therefore won’t allow Arsenal to spend its own cash. This is not a plausible theory, imo.
    Think some are over estimating the importance of Arsenal to Stan’s finances.. Dude is beyond land rich.. 5th biggest landowner in North America. I think he has plenty of collateral.
    Bottom line for me… Dude is a terrible owner and a first class azzhat.. see what he did to St Louis. But Clubs under his ownership have had success recently… so that gives me a small glimmer of hope. AFC would still be better off though with a better owner who cared at all about day to day things and football in general.

  82. Champagne charlie


    You talk as if you were present in the boardroom at various times, it’s comical really. Suggest you put less stock in the tabloid noise and leave some room for stating you don’t know all the facts, because you don’t – no fan does.

    There’s a grey area that’s constantly imagined with a heavy dose of bias, you’d do well to remember tat as you cite various assertions with the apparent validity you choose to.

    Some things are much clearer to debate, and that’s the relative decline, in general terms, we’ve seen under this American ownership. Time will tell if he’s open to achieving more than a particular monetary baseline, but his history with us doesn’t provide much hope.

  83. terraloon


    Whilst there is not any stipulation regarding holding companies all professional clubs have to be registered in the UK and as such have to file information in accordance with the Companies Act 2006

  84. Dissenter

    I said he wasn’t just another employee, I didn’t say he wasn’t an employee. There’s a major difference, just so that you know.
    If you were a foreign owner buying the club for its investment value and you were fortunate to have a manager of Wenger or Alex Ferguson’s caliber
    Wouldn’t you defer to them a lot?

    I have already said Kroenkes failure is tantamount to a failure of oversight and by extension a failure of leadership. I’m most trying to burnish his image in any way.
    Please go back and reference why I said Wenger wasn’t just another employee. The club was built on his vision, post David Dein. We’ve had to hire 6-10 people to replace him [and do a better job of course].

  85. Henry Root

    I don’t often post on here because the general level of debate can be puerile but there are also some very knowledgeable posters. Today I thought I would try to give my view on why Kroenke allowed Wenger so much freedom.
    Kroenke as an American was invited in to one of the biggest names in English football, an established brand in European football who qualified for the Champions League every year. That they rarely came close to winning has probably got less impact for an American who believes a winning season is a 9-7 playing record.
    Wenger never spent lavishly on transfers ( but increasingly followed an erratic wage policy) and kept turning in solid profits every year and increasingly the value of the club. I believe Kroenke paid between £880m – £1 billion for Arsenal and I have been told that if he sold the club- still London’s biggest – he might double his money . Not a bad investment and he probably doesn’t want to sell.
    He sees regular Champions League qualification on the cheap, three FA Cups in four years- imagine how he felt being in the Royal Box at Wembley each time- and he believes Wenger walks on water.
    In reality Arsenal observers know Wenger lost the plot increasingly, Gazidis was a bullshitter and in the last couple of years Arsenal have pissed money up the wall. The financial paralysis by overspending on wages we saw in January shamed the club.
    England’s Best accused me of sitting in the fence yesterday about Kroenke . Nothing could be further from the truth. I hate the guy and pray he will sell to someone who has a more ambitious agenda for Arsenal. If Liverpool can climb as they have so can we.
    Starting where we are we may have to be patient while we unload baggage from the staff and wage bill- Ospina, Jenko, Elneny , Asano and Mustafi must all go and I would try to sell Xhaka and Mkhitaryan. Chambers, Bielik and Iwobi are homegrown and we have a raft of excellent players coming through. Many play in similar positions so we might sell Amaechi and Nelson if we think Saka and Smith- Rowe will come through , we might sell Balogun if we believe John- Jules is better . Gnabry was a big mistake. In Wenger’s pomp we sold Anelka and bought Henry, Overmars and bought Pires and got top dollar for them.
    Careful husbandry might enable us to generate a budget of around £125 million next year but you need to qualify for the CL to sign the top players. Four top players at the level of Leno and Torreira , a couple of loanees back and judicious recruitment of the youngsters and we might have a significantly better squad next season

  86. englandsbest

    Kroenke is an enigma to us all, both here and in the States. Take the last nutty thing he did, pay Usmanov £500m for his 30% holding. That in itself takes some explaining.

    I believe Scott Fitzgerald said that the very rich cannot be viewed in the same way as the rest of us. They get to think they are superhuman, Being told by an English toff that he does not belong here does not go down well with a yankee billionaire.

    So he bought Arsenal. Revenge, yes, but mostly as an investment, a far-flung
    outpost of empire that he would rather not waste his leisure time with.

    Wenger seemed to be the answer. Danny told him he was some kind of football genius and he lived locally. So Stan gave him a rise and hired him.

    A shrewdie like Stan would have realised that, despite his degree in economics, dear old Arsene hadn’t the least idea how to run a business ((we all know that now.)

    Stan though he had the answer though: give Arsene and that flash git Ivan total control, but lay down un-crossable financial parameters. The bottom line policy.

    As it turned out Stan got it wrong, Arsene and Ivan were even dafter than he thought.

  87. Un Na naai

    It turns out that man inhabited North America 130,000 years ago!!
    There was Scientific consensus that earliest man existed only 14,000 years ago. Careers have been lost due to it being dogmatised!!

  88. Guns of SF

    So Espirito is saying his team is going to go all out.
    Stupid- they just dropped some major $$ on Jimenez. Why risk all of them? They have nothing to play for- no cups no nothing just pride.
    So lets see how much pride he has instilled in his side…. They are fighters for sure and gave us a really hard time in Nov.

    Im eager to see which coach has motivated their team more. I want to see Arsenal with no handbrake. Put them to the sword asap and all game.

    Time to dig deep

  89. Valentin

    Our defense at set pieces is one of the few things that worked well last season and this season. I still do not understand why Emery took the decision to switch our defensive system from a mix of zonal and man marking to a pure man marking system.

    Against Crystal Palace we were shambolic and lucky before finally being punished. Having Torreira marking Scott Dann is beyond ridiculous, it’s criminally insane.

    Anybody knows if it is true that there has been a fallout with Steve Bould and that one of Emery’s Spanish assistant is taking over his role?

  90. Dissenter

    Emery rolled the dice …. it didn’t pan out
    That’s what managers do sometimes, they give other players a chance to be counted or rule themselves out.
    You keep talking about ‘still do joint understand’
    It’s called rotation, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t

  91. Dissenter

    Guns of SF
    Actually having Wolves go all out is good for us because that’s not how they typically play.

  92. Guns of SF

    I think he means they are going to try and win the game with stoic determination. In other words, they are going to be focused and ready to bring it.

    So be it.

    We know teams that have nothing to play for, play us hard. Look at last Sunday with Palace

    Wolves outplayed us in Nov. We need to show up tomorrow big time.

  93. azed

    “Against Crystal Palace we were shambolic and lucky before finally being punished. Having Torreira marking Scott Dann is beyond ridiculous, it’s criminally insane.”

    You really think Emery told Torreira to mark Scott Dann on set pieces when he was about to come on?

  94. TheLegendaryDB10

    Hello my fellow Gooners! Back from my forced exile (Easter holidays) where I tried to avoid the real world.

    I did keep a (very lazy) eye on the game vs Palace. I’ll just say that when I saw that both Mustafi and Elneny were selected my first thought was: oh fuck. But I could see that Unai basically set us up more or less like vs Napoli but with the 2nd string players. I thought, fuck it let’s just hope we can at least get something out of this. I realised that Unai wanted to rotate but somehow felt, in hindsight, that Unai did rotate a little to hard on that one.

    Well…. we all know what happened next… we lost. When I read that Mustafi not only having done one but 2 howlers which led to a goal, I just went mental (understandably). I am not one to call for a lynching but in this case, it was all I could think of. I am still to this date scouring the net to see whether Mustafi has apologised for this (or commited hara-kiri like any decent groveling Japanese would do).

    What this did make me wonder is: how hard is UE analysing the opposition? He surely must have known that CP were going to be tough or did he put too much faith in the 2nd string players? Hard to say, but I genuinely hope that UE learns from this mistake as I feel he did a bit of both: underestimate CP and rotated too much.

    Finally, to change the subject and pick up on the Kroenke debate, I would like to add that there are “2” other culprits in why we are in such a shitfest of a position: Gazidis and the 2 other members of the BoD.

    Gazidis, that sleazebag, had such little footballing knowledge that he just sat back and allowed AW to call the shots. Until the end when he finally decided to make his paycheck count, he did fuck all to act and try and make some money (sponsors and players; by overriding AW absurd player valuations).

    The BoD is also culpable by just sitting back and allowing AW to call all the shots. We all remember when Sir ‘Chips Keswick said: “If he has a plan, we back him. If he doesn’t have a plan, we keep quiet.”


    This quote really shows the level of incompetence we had at BoD level. To publicly announce this, really clearly shows how everyone just took a back seat and allowed AW to have a free reign on all matters.

    To me this all clearly highlights the biggest problem that we have: we really lack people who have an understanding of footballing matters.

    Which leads to my final point (and I apologise for this monologue which I am sure put some to sleep): as much as we now do have Sanllehi, my worry is how much he will push to rectify the current shit situation we are in. My problem is that things have gotten so lax from a footballing perspective, that Sanllehi may go down the easy route: top 4 and nothing more. That is why this summer’s and next TW will tell us all we need to know about how motivated our club is to push for more than a top 4 berth.

  95. Pierre

    “You really think Emery told Torreira to mark Scott Dann on set pieces when he was about to come on?”

    Yes of course he did ….why else would he be marking him.

  96. TheLegendaryDB10


    Or this could be down to a complete lack of leadership on the pitch and no one pointing out the obvious when organising the team to defend the corner.

    You really do not know whether UE has told this to Torreira, so why act like he did?

    Ah yes, I forgot. You have an agenda to stick to.

  97. Tony

    Better late then never DB10 – good post

    Re your last point.
    I think Sanllehi is just another Gazidis with a dinosaur football knowledge and contacts’ rolodex with better snake oil to sell albeit oil past its sell by date.

    Raul will surround himself with scapegoats and last for as long as he can he’ll be throwing people below him to the wolves until it’s obvious what he’s doing.

    That said I’m happy to be proven wrong – humble pie doesn’t taste that bad because it means we are doing well.

    However, I, and many, many more, were right from the get go about Gazidis and also right about Wenger from 2007.

    Nothing I’ve seen since Raul has joined us leads me to any other conclusion.

  98. Tony

    Re above link
    “Arsenal identify possible Aaron Ramsey replacement

    “Arsenal have reportedly identified Dennis Praet as a midfield replacement for the departing Aaron Ramsey.

    The Gunners were interested in the 24-year-old Belgian last summer but cooled their interest and a transfer never materalised.”
    Arsenal agree deal for first summer transfer

    Arsenal have reportedly agreed a deal to sign Brazilian youngster Gabriel Martinelli.

    The Gunners have been keeping tabs on the Ituano forward who had a trial with Manchester United in 2017.

    Barcelona have also been linked with a swoop for the 17-year-old but it is Arsenal who have reached an agreement to sign Martinelli, according to Brazilian outlet UOL.

    Martinelli will officially make the switch to the Emirates when he turns 18 in June.

    The north Londoners also beat off competition from a clutch of Brazilian sides including Flamengo, Cruzeiro and Santos for the starlet’s signature after month of detailed reports.”