Emery selection disaster opens up top 4 race again

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Ugh… the disappointing taste of, “I saw that coming”, is festering in my mouth this morning.

Let’s be real here, Unai Emery fucked up his selection. It’s hard to look beyond him for this one. He greatly underestimated one of the best teams on the road this year and he paid the price.

Almost a complete rehash of the Everton game a few weeks ago, except Emery doubled down harder on selecting players we absolutely know are thieving a living.

I understand the need for rotation. I am aware that it’s exciting to imagine a Europa League win crowning your maiden season. However, sometimes you need to be a bit realistic about how shite certain players are.

Elneny, Mustafi, Jenkinson and Guendouzi in the same starting 11 was NEVER going to deliver a result against a team that bullies like Palace. We all knew what was going to happen when that line-up was revealed and it happened.

Jenkinson is sweet and the banter thing was fun for a while… but he’s not good enough. It’s embarrassing this joke has gone on for so long. It has to stop this summer. The kids behind him cannot be any worse?

Mustafi is a fucking car crash. He has been the whole time he’s been here. Tim Stillman made an excellent point when he said that all his mistakes generally come from him shirking personal responsibility. That exit strategy approach couldn’t have been clearer yesterday when he shat his pants at the on-coming Benteke and just let a bad thing happen to him. Sunday league stuff. Coward behavior. Emery was correct after the game when he stated that he’d been very consistent this season… consistently horrendous… my question is this… why does he keep starting him?

The Matteo and Elneny midfield is just bland. A teenager should not be asked to put in a shift to help a player well out of his depth. The young Frenchman is an excellent prospect, but I can’t for the life of me understand why Emery keeps putting him through this weird hazing. He’s never going to succeed like that and it’s sad that he has to keep trying it. Mo is a nice guy… great at Twitter… but when are Arsenal going to come down hard on these types of players being part of the squad just because they are fun to be around?

We flunked that test yesterday. It was incredibly disappointing. Emery made an error. But you know what? He’s kind of fucked every way here. If he plays a full team there, we’re tired for Wednesday in a very tough game. He leans into his squad and the players aren’t there. He doesn’t have much depth to work with and that’s just the reality he’s living in.

However, no excuses people. That’s his last error of the Premier League season. Top 4 is still in our hands. Europa League CL entrance is also in our hands. Chelsea has United Sunday. United has City midweek. This can still all work out well for us, but we MUST beat Wolves.

There can be no more fuck ups.

Emery has to shape up, and he has to take some risks on fitness because we cannot afford another shitty team selection like this.

Onwards and upwards…

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  1. englandsbest

    Poch may be listening for offers for any of a dozen players, Emery on the other hand will, I imagine, be hoping to sell off a dozen players at least. For the most part, they are Wenger’s pick, not his.

    If the backroom staff are worth their salt they have made a list of young energetic up-and-comers who they can bring in at reasonable transfer fees and low wages. And rid themselves of the overpaid dross that Wenger left behind.

  2. Marc


    Whilst I think you’ll see some turnover of players I’m not sure we’ll be selling off a dozen!

    Ramsey, Cech, Lich and Welbeck on frees. We’ve activated an extension in Monreal’s so should get a fee for him, we’ll sell Elneny and Chambers. After that it’s a fair amount of speculation although I think everyone would be amazed if we don’t sell Mustafi.

  3. Marc

    Fucking ref books the Burnley GK for time wasting after 30 minutes. The clown we had yesterday not only didn’t book the keeper but didn’t add on any time.

  4. Radio Raheem

    Good to see a young English lad getting a chance but can’t help feel Wilian and Pedro are better options.

  5. englandsbest


    There has not been a single season when Arsenal lacked the money for substantial signings. That has been the most frustrating infuriating aspect of Arsenal’s decline.

    So the additional £30m revenue you mention is a minor factor unlikely to change Stan’s bottom line police.

    What might be a major factor is the debt Stan incurred to pay off Usmanov. There is nothing to stop him loading part of the debt onto the Club, as he did with the stadium debt.

  6. Radio Raheem

    Burnley are an interesting side to follow in more ways than one. To not have a single black player must take some doing 🙂

  7. Marc


    Kroenke did not load the stadium debt onto the club. What do you expect him to do pay it off without taking the money out of the club?

    We don’t know what he’ll do now butt this summer is a fantastic opportunity to give ourselves some breathing space. ManU are in disarray, Chelsea have a ban coming up and the Spud’s have an enormous debt to finance.

  8. Marc

    “Emery is a car crash really , second tier manager simple”

    More points than last season already whilst having to sort out the shit show he inherited and only one point behind the Spud’s who are “fucking amazing” according to some on here.

  9. Marc


    I know what you mean CG and Pierre are different sides of the same coin. Neither actually support the club they support Wenger.

    Pedro’s going to find himself losing more and more regulars if he doesn’t reel them in.

  10. Leftsidesanch


    I’m literally having to scroll through so much of their nonsense to read normal inputs from some quality posters on here and it’s becoming more and more tedious to do so.

    Lots of good posters are already put off and it will only get worse because they’re becoming more ‘louder’ and brazen with their derisory posts.

  11. Marc


    I’m waiting for the Wenger for Technical Director calls which positions them to be able to call for Emery to be sacked after one bad result next season with Wenger stepping in as care taker.

  12. Hitman

    Knew this season was too good to be true. This squad is not 3/4 place quality.
    If truth be told the reason why we are ‘competing’ this season is simply because the also rans are just as bad.

  13. MGooner

    Emery doing his best with what he had Pete. Matches coming thick and fast, he had to rotate and take a risk.

    Mo is not a bad player, he needs a string of games. remember that we were singing his praise a couple of years ago when he was paired with Xhaka.

    Mustafi is a WC winner, he is not perfect but not horrible too, mistakes happen again when you are not playing regularly with defensive partner.

  14. ddkingz

    mgooner…. you must be joking.

    mustafi is not a bad player… were you laughng when you were writing that?¿

    just take 10mins of you time and watch mustafi’s horrible defending since his arrival at arsenal…. I bet, he’s going to make you laugh you ribs out.

    the fact that Wenger bought mustafi is a shame upon Wenger himself…. someone can’t tell me, mustafi started making this brain farting blunders since his arrival at arsenal.

  15. ddkingz

    there’s no way in hell, sarri’s going to be Chelsea manager if he doesn’t make it to champions league football…

    if Chelsea doesn’t win this match, its going to confirm sarri’s status as a bottler…

  16. Elmo


    It does look like the quality necessary to finish 4th will be lower than the past two seasons, and it’s not really a surprise when you see ALL of these huge budget, big name teams bottling the run-in, with none taking advantage of the failures of their competitors.

    Benchmark for 4th has been 76 points (2 points from every 3) since a big 6 emerged. This season 4th place may well be attainable on 73 or 74 points, which is pretty shabby when 3 big teams are all closely chasing it.

  17. Un Na naai

    I’m glad that AMN is now starting to receive the recognition he deserves. Not just a quality youngster but a little fighter too. Read Tony Cottee say he could be the new bale which is stretching it way too far for me especially considering he thinks his natural position is right back but sees him morphing into an attacking player but he sees the potential for ainsley to become a very very good player indeed and so do I.
    Lovely to see our youngsters getting blooded. There is such talent in this country and it should be utilised. We aren’t able to spend £200m per season anyway so it’s got to be the way forward for a club like ours
    There’s also big talk of zaha coming. Good Croydon boy and a gooner to boot. We are in his blood. What a match made in heaven that could be! Zaha and Nelson on the flanks with smith Rowe pulling the strings at no10 and torriera and AMN behind them.

  18. Marc

    Didn’t they change the rules this season re managers being shown yellow / red cards?

    Can a manager be sent to the stands now and not shown a red card? Is there a suspension to follow a red?

  19. Leftsidesanch

    It’s almost as you were, even more frustrating that we dropped points v Everton and Palace, we’d almost certainly be through if we picked up maximum.

    We got to go for the win on Wednesday, but a draw isn’t the worst result providing we win the other three Prem fixtures

  20. Marc

    City cannot afford to lose against ManU on Wednesday and I don’t think they will – if they drop any points it’ll hand the title to the Scouse vermin.

    It does make Sundays match between ManU and Chelsea a massive match in the race for CL. Very possible the loser will be out of the chase.

  21. ddkingz

    that’s the biggest odd, one could ever imagine…

    teams placed from 3rd-6th not having any single 2points if combined together, is going to give you a minimum of 700odds

  22. MGooner

    @ ddkingz

    Trying to be positive – Mustafi.

    Wenger did try to sell him but he would not leave, just like Squilacci 🙂

  23. Elmo

    Let’s hope United lose to City on Wednesday, then beat Chelsea next weekend.

    That would allow us to draw at both Wolves and Leicester and still be 4th going into the final two easier games.

  24. Marc

    As well as Chelsea dropping points being good for us this result makes Burnley safe. Hopefully they’ll have one mind on their summer holidays when we play them last match of the season. Even a small drop off in concentration / performance could work in our favour.

    Now come on Brighton.

  25. Marc

    “Wenger did try to sell him but he would not leave, just like Squilacci ”

    Don’t think so in fact I heard Wenger turned a bid down from Inter.

  26. SpainishDave

    How can more points than last year be progress when we don’t get into the CL?
    We are clutching straws with Emery.
    He has had 50 games and is blind to some players abilities.
    In January he did not address our frayalties, instead he loaned a washed out winger who has hardly featured, some management that.

  27. MGooner

    All results going our way. Except our own.

    If City win Wednesday, they win the league.

    Difficult to predict if we end in top 4. It’s like spinning a wheel at the casino. All the clubs in top 3/4 race have been inconsistent really.

  28. Marc


    I like AMN and I’m pleased he’s doing well but you cannot ever, under any circumstances take any notice or take seriously anything Tony Cottee says.

    The man is a tit of the highest order.

  29. Leftsidesanch

    He’s another idiot Marc who has appeared out of thin air with his usual tirade. Where do they come from????

  30. Elmo


    If Chelsea drew with United, and we drew at both Wolves and Leicester, we’d be equal on 68 points, but we’d have +4 GD.

    As long as Chelsea can’t beat United at OT, and United can’t beat both City and Chelsea, then we have some flexibility to draw.

  31. Gbat

    To qualify for the Champions League again, with this squad, the lack of real investment and all the changes at the club in the last year would be a good season in my book.

    In my opinion we need a big summer clear out. Ship out, if we can, Mustafi, Elneny, Ozil, Mkhitaryan, Ospina. All underperforming and overpaid. Cech and Ramsey already leaving.
    I’d give Welbeck a new contract so we can at least get a fee for him. I would spend big on a cb and winger but for the other positions there are many very good players we could pick up relatively cheaply if we are smart.

  32. DaniAltos

    The same people wetting themselves for willock are the same guys who were banging the mavropanos drum…and frankly speaking,he looks lost in the two matches I have watched him….Emery is at London Colney every day and I am sure that he is well aware if Willock needs to start a Premier league match

  33. Marc


    One thing that is interesting and has been over looked by most (including me) is the Spud’s last match of the season is against Everton. Now Everton had been pretty shit but seem to be hitting a run of form against the top 6 recently beating us, Chelsea and ManU.

    I had that down as a easy 3 points for the Spud’s. If they are under pressure and have just been badly bum fucked in Amsterdam they might just go Spursy.

  34. WengerEagle

    That result tonight will probably save our bacon in the battle for 4th.

    Just like us, Chavs blew their home gimme game tonight. Easiest 3 points on the board.

    Better GD so we’re basically a point ahead with a game in hand and only 9 left to play for after that. If we beat Wolves, we’re nearly a lock for that last CL spot and even a draw puts us in a very favourable position given Chavs still have to travel to OT and Leicester.

  35. Elmo


    What’s interesting is that assuming City win the FA Cup, then 7th qualifies for the EL.

    That means the 7th-10th group (Everton, Watford, Leicester, Wolves) will fight until the end for points, rather than downing tools for the summer.

    That makes our away games this week more difficult, but also may complicate matters for both Spurs (Everton) and Chelsea (Leicester) on the final day of the season.

  36. WengerEagle


    You never know with this club but I found the Napoli match very encouraging because no matter how it was dressed up afterwards, it was a gritty and gutsy performance away from home in a tough venue where they only lost once before in the whole season and it was to Juventus.

    Funny enough they’ve been beaten tonight there again by Atalanta, we really fucked with them beating them twice in a matter of a week given how cocky they were when they drew us.

    Wolves match is a must not lose, I’d take a draw right now if you offered it to me.

  37. Nelson

    I can see that most players of the top 6 teams have tired leg this time of the year. They have played more games than teams outside the top 6. MC has the biggest squad and the best players. Manuare also has a large squad but shit players. The league table says it all.

  38. WengerEagle

    Citeh-United on Wednesday is a big one, if either drop points then the title/4th looks remote.

    Draw does nothing for either side so I’m expecting fireworks. City should smash them but I have this strange feeling that we more be in store for a freakshow of missed chances/DDG heroics and Pool will nick the PL.

  39. Guns of SF

    if we get wolves on the back foot, we can win this one. We CANNOT let them score first… if at all.

    We need sheer will power…. I think this is our toughest game with all the ones remaining.

    I hope that Guen sits out this one. We need this one win badly.

  40. Marc


    It’s a huge match the strange thing is your average ManU supporter would prefer City to win the league over Liverpool. City don’t have a bad record at Utd either.

  41. Black Snake

    Theyve had their chance, twice, and fucked it up. They really dont deserve to finish top 4 cos theyre just not good enough.

  42. WengerEagle


    Yeah they’ll be pretty conflicted, seeing as how it could be the difference between finishing 4th and 6th they should be right up for it though. Finish outside of the CL places, DDG potentially leaving for PSG in the summer and maybe Pogba too even.

    Ole wishing now that he hadn’t dished out all that kool-aid during the honeymoon run hehe.

  43. Gbat


    We definitely need a replacement for Ramsey. Someone who will make those runs into the box. But we are crying out for pace and skill out wide. And I’d like us to prioritie a winger and a cb.
    The top teams have more than one of this type of player. We only have Iwobi. Who for all his faults is the only player we have who can carry the ball down the pitch. He will try and take on players and make something happen.
    Sterling, Mane, Zaha etc unsettle defenders. They don’t know whether to get tight or stand off. It also makes defenders think twice about pushing too far forward and leaving space in behind.
    When Sanchez left, we lost that threat out wide. A player who can create and score and cause panic for opposition defences.

  44. englandsbest


    Why is it that so many find the idea of Stan clearing the stadium debt so odd? Liverpool fans weren’t surprised that John Henry & Co cleared the debt left by the previous. owner – in fact they agitated for that to happen. It simply shows how brain-washed we Arsenal fans have become.

    John Henry & Co were prepared to do that because they paid less for the Club because of the debt. That made sense to them, it seemed fair.

    The same applies to Stan’s takeover over of Arsenal. He paid less for the Club because of the debt. So, to answer your question, yes, I do think he should have paid off the debt himself. And I believe if you give the matter a little thought, you will conclude (like me), that it would have been fair.

    Until we wise up to how we have been taken for a ride, nothing will improve.

  45. Marc


    The biggest fuck up at ManU was allowing David Gill to go at the same time as Fergie. Left 2 huge holes to fill, just look at the contract situation with OGS why not wait till the summer?

  46. Paulinho

    Apparently Kovacic hasn’t scored in over 100 games for Madrid, Croatia, Chelsea.

    Literally spends the whole match 35 yards from goal playing the same pass over and over again. Croatian Elneny after Inter.

  47. Guns of SF


    I want to see a reaction from the team. A major one. Fucking crazy
    Play like their lives depend on it.

  48. Marc


    Kroenke did not pay less than the club was worth because of the stadium debt. The debt was secured on an asset so it was a neutral situation. Liverpool’s situation was completely different the debt was accrued through poor trading practises.

    Just because a company invests a lot of money in a new production line it doesn’t mean it loses value – same thing with the stadium.

  49. WengerEagle


    Kovacic is a player that I was wrong about, genuinely thought that he looked blockbuster at Inter Milan just lacked a goalscoring edge and put his struggles to break into Real Madrid down to insane competition in midfield which there was but he has never kicked on and improved as a player, he’s far too ponderous in the final third and lacks any kind of end product.

    He’s has the tools to be a powerful vertical runner and ball carrier in CM but what good is that when you have no concept of how to thread a though ball or penetrate the final third?

    Oxlade Chamberlain brings the same skill-set with less technical polish maybe but at least he can put his foot through the ball.

  50. englandsbest


    To give you the other side of the coin, billionaire owners generally pump money into their Club. Usmanov wanted to do precisely that – yes, he may have been lying, but I had the impression that he was honest, that he wanted to be the owner of an elite club that won trophies and competitions. It is certainly unlikely that the main man at Gazprom, Russia’s biggest energy company, would have allowed Arsenal to sink to the depths it has.

    Not that Arsenal has ever needed a sugar-daddy, it has always been self-sustaining. All it required was an owner committed to success on the pitch. Instead we got Stan.

  51. Marc

    How the hell are Chelsea going to cope without Hazard? Not sure Abramovich is willing to just throw money at the club anymore even if they get the transfer ban postponed.

  52. WengerEagle


    Happens at clubs, us losing Dein was a huge blow but it never got the recognition that it merited barring guys like TH14 speaking out about it.

    I am still amazed at how poorly United have handled life post Ferguson, one terrible appointment after another and some really appalling choices in the transfer market.

    They should have a side at least comparable to City and better than Liverpool when you look at how much they have spent since 2014.

  53. Paulinho

    WE – Yep, shows just how much the game is in the mind. Someone not as smooth on the ball like Ramsey can just make runs into the box without thinking whereas Kovacic looks like he would break out in a cold sweat if you asked him to make one run.

  54. englandsbest


    A debt is a debt, man. Try selling your car with an HP debt.

    Stay sensible or there is no point in continuing.

  55. WengerEagle

    They’re going to have to pray that Pulisic blows up which he has the potential to do. Very unlikely that he replicates or even gets near to what Hazard has achieved at Chelsea though.

    Yeah they’re going to struggle, it’s why they’ve been so desperate to hold onto Hudson-Odoi because they’ve tossed youngsters by the wayside all too often over the years [Oscar, Lukaku, Salah, De Bruyne, Robben if you go back far enough let him go far too soon] and now they have an aging side going forward with their CF’s over 31 in Giroud and Higuain, Willian is 31, Pedro is 32.

    Hazard is their talisman and only real matchwinner at present and he looks a certainty for Real Madrid in the summer, near perfect age to acquire him too at 28 in his absolute prime.

  56. Guns of SF

    Going forward we really need more scoring options than Laca Auba and Rambo this season

    I would like to see the club try and get another in…. a true scorer to take the pressure off and keep teams on their heels.

    The rare goal from Xhaka Torr is fine. We do need a legit third scorer on this team

    Ive said from the start, that when Ozil gets into the box wanting to score, he usually can pull it off. We need more of that NOW. Having him run into the box does help… he can finish most of the time.

    He is a bit of a soft wimp, so if he does get contact, he goes down (legit) and can win us a PEN!

  57. WengerEagle


    It’s why I put Lampard to the front of the Lamps/Gerrard/Scholes debate, Gerrard was the best all-round player and Scholes was the best footballer out of the three but for the big contests and clutch match situations give me Lampard all day, so often produced a goal or an assist when it really mattered with those late runs into the box and used to mentally wear down defences who already had to deal with marking Drogba for 75 odd mins.

  58. Charlie George

    Amongst the gloom and doom in The Arsenal diaspora – can we all be enthused upon by the recent performances by AMN ( rightly flagged by Un).

    his athleticism, grace , power, and poise is something to behold,
    play him in centre midfield- and we will have our own Steven Gerrard,( even better, perhaps)
    BELIEVE in Our OWN….

    The talent is on our bloody doorstep….
    always has been- always will be

    we are just too blind to see it…….

  59. Marc

    “A debt is a debt, man. Try selling your car with an HP debt.

    Stay sensible or there is no point in continuing.”

    Oh dear. You can’t compare personal debt on a VW Golf with cooperate debt of a company with a £400 million plus turnover.

    You do know that between 2014 and 2018 we had the 3rd highest net spend?

  60. Henry Root

    Arsenal securitised the Stadium repayments many years ago and are paying the debt off at a constant fixed rate. That is very easily manageable given club revenues. I dislike Kroenke intensely but he has not taken money out of the club and our debt burden has not increased because of him.
    He operates a model that insists that the club operates on its own without cash injections so we will never see him dip into his pocket or as we might put it invest in the club’s future.
    The other strange idea tonight is that the Premier League is weaker this year when four PL clubs are left in Europe and might make four finalists in the two competitions. The PL is a tough League because struggling clubs like Burnley and Palace can beat or hold teams near the top. Serie A is a weak league compared to a few years ago, Spain have only three very good teams and Germany have two at most. Holland appears to have one. English club football is very strong so to get top four is a significant achievement especially when left such a flawed squad by Wenger.

  61. Henry Root

    Sorry Marc but so much bollocks is spouted by some posters without any foundation . Won’t happen again!

  62. Sid

    There’s also big talk of zaha coming. Good Croydon boy and a gooner to boot. We are in his blood. What a match made in heaven that could be!

    Pipe dream, minimum 50 million for him, some recent reports suggest CP slapping a 80 mil tag on him. Even at 50 he would be out of our price range, considering we will probably bring in 4 players.

  63. Takin the Mhik


    “Le Grove seemed to think we had turned the corner with the result and performance in Napoli but as I pointed out before yesterday’s game, Napoli were made for Arsenal and Palace would be a much harder proposition..”

    Spot on.. although this comment is very Adrian Durham

  64. Tony

    I hope this is not just click bait but wonder who is going to buy such dross?

    I’d be happy for Ozil to stay if he was paid £150k a week which is about as much he should be paid for his returns with goals and assists.
    Blundering Shkodran Mustafi among Arsenal players that will be put up for sale in summer clearout

    Shkodran Mustafi is among the Arsenal players that will be put up for sale

    Unai Emery will look to add to his £45million budget with sales in the summer

    High earners Mesut Ozil and Henrikh Mkhitaryan could also depart

    Arsenal will also listen to offers for Carl Jenkinson and Mohamed Elneny

    “Arsenal have been open to selling Mustafi, who joined from Valencia in 2016 for £35m, for the last two summers but have struggled to find a buyer. And given his poor season, that is unlikely to change.”

    Therein lies our problem!!!!


  65. Moray

    There’s going to be a number of overhauls in big Prem clubs this summer. Not least Man U, Chelsea and us. This will drive the prices up, so I hope we are ready to act firmly and act early, even if we might not always be fishing in the same pool as them.

    Chelsea is a hilarious case. They had a tremendous scouting and player purchasing policy over the last decade or so. It allowed them to stockpile great young players from around the world. They then complemented this by having managers who didn’t fancy youth and then sold most of them off, preferring to spend that money on expensive established stars at the later stage of their careers. Now they are paying in spades and have to deal win the burden of an ageing squad and a boss who is giving less and less of a fuck just as investment is required. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer bunch.

  66. Moray

    Tony, sometimes you have to cut your losses. And Mustafi is a good example. We might get 10m or so from Germany for him if we’re lucky. We could buy someone much less shit and error prone for that.

  67. Tony

    I’d give Mustafi away for free or pay for him to leave if it meant getting rid of him.

    Same Elneny & Jenks if needs must, Mikhi and Ozil because the latter no one will want to buy because of their hugely inflated weekly wages.

  68. China1

    Joke Tuesday:

    Mustafi is a World Cup winner

    I read that earlier and didn’t believe he was in the squad but he actually was. Guy has won the biggest cheese of them all

    So the next time I hear someone say shit like you can’t be world class if you haven’t won a World Cup or judging players based on trophies won rather than individual performance in just going to reply with mustafi

    I know people have a habit of scapegoating particular players especially when the team loses but seriously mustafi is an absolutely terrible CB. At least senderos and djourou for example had their share of fantastic games even if they weren’t consistent enough in the end

  69. China1

    I don’t know why mustafi plays

    I don’t care if we lack depth due to suspensions or injuries, play a youth prospect.

    The worst that could happen is the kid isn’t very good – neither is mustafi who cares? The best that could happen is that they’re not shit which would be an instant improvement

    What do we really have to lose from dropping him? When was the last time mustafi was a key reason for a good result? Even our best games are in spite of rather than than because of him

    At least old man kos still has his good games even if he’s not what he once was

    Even AMN who I’ve regularly criticized for being average on here and for having a lax attitude has had some very good games and was excellent the other day.

    What’s mustafi’s excuse?

  70. Emiratesstroller

    Henry Root

    You summarise perfectly the current situation of Arsenal and English Clubs
    status in Europe.

    Arsenal are financially stable with a long term debt position covering the stadium, which is as you say manageable and should not impact on the club’s
    ability to buy players and pay its other bills.

    Kroenke has drawn out of club very little money since he took control. There
    have been consultancy fees but this is microscopic compared with revenues.

    My main issue with Kroenke is that he is not a “football man” with a passion for the sport. He has treated the club purely as a business and has been reliant
    on the senior management [Gazidis and Wenger] to make football decisions,
    which were poor.

    Your analysis of the status of top teams in EPL is 100% correct. The only teams
    outside England which can compete are the three Spanish Clubs, Juventus, PSG and Bayern.

    From time to time you see a young and exciting team like Ajax or previously
    Monaco emerge producing good football and results, but their impact is likely
    to be short term once the “moneybags” recruit their best players.

    My main issue with Arsenal at the moment is that we have recruited and sold
    players poorly in recent years and as a consequence we are not punching our

    Arsenal can and should be investing this summer at least £100 million net in
    the team. That figure would be covered easily by the commercial sponsorship
    of Adidas, Emirates and Rwanda. Pleading poverty on account of wage bill and
    stadium repayments is pure moonshine.That is covered by ticket sales, tv revenues and other commercial activity.

    Liverpool were and frankly are in worse financial shape than Arsenal not to
    mention having minimal bank balance, but they have managed to outperform
    us on the pitch and in transfer market.

    That is down to shareholders commitment and competent management.

  71. Emiratesstroller


    Arsenal need to make a cull of our current squad as I have pointed out on many occasions this season.

    My view is that there needs to be at least 8 departures and then buy perhaps 4 new quality players [upgrade on those departing] and filling the remaining places with those out on loan and/or U23 promotions.

    We know already that Cech and Ramsey are leaving. Lichsteiner and Monreal
    are both at end of contracts and are in 30s and well past their best. Their
    contracts should not be renewed.

    The club should aim to sell at least 4 players in the current squad for whatever
    we can generate in transfer fees. My personal preference would be Mustafi,
    Jenkinson, Elneny and Mkhitaryan.

    I would keep Ozil and Welbeck, because neither will generate significant transfer fees if any and have still in short term value to our squad.

    Of the 5 players out on loan Smith-Rowe and Nelson are probably the best
    youth players currently on our books and should be properly assessed over
    next 12 months.

    Ospina wants to leave and will be in final year and should be sold. Martinez and Chambers are Home Grown and still have 3 years on their contracts. I
    would bring them back to club for 12 months, because buying replacements
    to sit on bench will cost us significantly more than their wages.

  72. Valentin


    I agree with most of the squad assessment, but I would keep Monreal for one more year before selling him to a Spanish team. We already know that we need to buy a left back, it does not make sense to get rid of one and having to then buy two.

    Despite all the hype over ESR, I am not convinced that he is physically ready. Already in some Europa League games, he was struggling with that aspect. In the premiership, unless he really hit the gym this summer and increase his upper body strength he won’t be able to dominate games as he needs to.

    We still need at least one dribbling attacking winger, as we have only Iwobi as that direct, running with the ball at opponent type of player.

  73. Kay

    At most I can see us getting a Mustafi replacement, Ramsey replacement and a Winger.

    We also need to promote a guy from within for the Rb position and sell Jenko at all cost.

  74. Emiratesstroller


    Monreal has struggled recently. He is no longer good enough as a left back and does not have the height or physicality to play centre back in EPL.

    We don’t need a new right back. I think that Maitland-Niles has demonstrated recently that he is improving in that position and I suspect will be competing next season with Bellerin.

    I think that everyone who watched Sunday’s game and indeed several other
    games where we lost that we need to invest in a centre back and possibly a
    more defensive left back if we play flat back four in defence. Kolasinac is
    okay if we play three centre backs.

    We need to find a replacement for Ramsey. I am less convinced about recruiting a winger unless the budget is significantly increased. There are
    two or three youngsters at club coming through system who will expect places
    in first team within next couple of years starting with Nelson, but also Zaka as

  75. Emiratesstroller

    Please note that Reiss Nelson has scored 7 goals in 18 games at Hoffenheim and
    has averaged one goal every 84 minutes played.

    Those stats alone merit a place in our first team squad for next season even if he
    does not play regularly in starting lineup.

  76. Un Na naai


    I agree entirely with your squad assessment. We really need to bring certain players back into the club now and try to utilise them ourselves. We can’t allow too many to leave as we don’t have the money to replace them.
    Chambers will have to stay for that reason.
    So will monreal and kolasinac who I don’t think have been as poor as some others seem to.
    I think AMN maybe be a good stand in for the right back position when necessary but I’d like to see him given a real go at filling Ramsey’s boots. I really believe in him
    I think Holding coming back will be a major boost too as he was starting to show what a commanding centre half he can be. Reminded me of Keown.

    We have plenty of young flair players to bring back into the side too. With £75m to spend (if we get CL) we have 3 priorities

    Centre half
    Left back
    Am/wing creator.
    With sales that may increase to £100m for 3 players

    That should more than suffice.

  77. Valentin

    With Holding out injured until December, Koscielny unable to play 3 games in a week, Mustafi sold, on topnof an extra CB, we need a player who can do a job as left sided CB in a back 3 and who can also play as a left back as a stand-in for the new left back.

    Monreal fits the bill. Yes his performance have not been good, but part of this is also due to Kolasinac being poor defensively. Teams are exploiting the fact that Kolasinac is nearly always 5 yards to high and too wide leaving a gap for them to slip in. Monreal then try to close the gap, creating another gap between him and Koscielny.

    If we are not going to play Willock, then we need a replacement for Ramsey, we also need a replacement for Elneny who should be sold.

  78. Mr Serge

    We need rid of Mustafi jenkinson, monreal, elneny, welbeck, ospina and Miki as a minimum I would also ship out ozil let’s bring in a cb lb 2x cm and a winger
    Time kronke put his hands in his pocket not just take money out of mine

  79. Mr Serge

    Emirates Welbeck is also on a free I totally agree with everything you said sell the dead weight and bring in some fresh young talent

  80. englandsbest

    Henry Root

    An intelligent post, yes – but how about climbing off that fence you are sitting on?

    You might start by asking yourself why you ‘intensely dislike’ Kroenke. Is it, by chance, because Arsenal’s dismal decline has coincided with his arrival?

  81. englandsbest

    It’s disheartening to see how many on here line up to respect Stan, doffing their caps in a humble fashion.

    Well, noblesse oblige.

    Owning Arsenal carries an obligation. It’s not Crewe A or Leyton O.

  82. Emiratesstroller


    I suspect that Henry Root’s criticism of Kroenke is exactly the same as mine in
    the post which followed his earlier this morning.

    Kroenke allowed Gazidis and Wenger to mismanage our transfer and player contract business, which was blindingly obvious since he took control of the

    This is in direct contrast to the owners of Liverpool a club with significantly
    less resources than us, but who have shown throughout their tenure far more
    ambition on the playing field.

    No other club of Arsenal’s status would have allowed Messrs Ozil, Sanchez and
    Ramsey to run down their contracts in the fashion they did costing the club
    something like £150 Million in lost transfer fees.

    I might also add that no other club would have extended contracts on players
    like Rosicky, Arteta, Cazorla and more importantly Diaby once they became
    serial injury problems.

  83. Tony

    The Kroenke issue is a conundrum and unpalatable paradox for the fans.

    The conundrum is where Stan’s trust has been serially abused by Wenger & Gazidis where a potential £100+ million has been willfully wasted by arrogance and pure ineptitude management.

    He’s in a stick or twist situation financially with adding his considerable financial clout because of whether he can trust Raul or not.

    The Kroenkes know nothing about football, but being in the sports industry they should understand the club’s fans – the tribal mentality and the the fan’s absolute need to be challenging for a title again after a barren 14+ years to regain bragging rights.

    The Kroenkes care nothing for a club’s history as as been proven with their other sports franchises, so we can expect nothing but Stan’s bottom line financial interest in the club.

    However, this is the paradox Kroenke is facing.

    If Stan invests in the team with say and extra £100 million where we can seriously rebuild this summer, the bottom line of the club should increase exponentially with incoming players increasing values, increased potential for sponsorships and media revenue as well as increasing the club’s global brand.

    The circle completes itself where Stan has to trust his senior management to warrant an increase his investment.

    I don’t believe Kroenke trusts anyone in the club until the trust has been earnt.

    The Wenger and Gazidis factor is still very much a black cloud hanging over the club where sadly for us fans I don’t see any future investment coming from the Kroenkes until possibly the following 2020 summer transfer window.

    Ozil ridiculous contract and the club wanting to sell him and Ramsey leaving on a free is just rubbing salt in an already infected financial loss wound for Kroenke

    That’s my take on it, which may not be entirely accurate, but the gist of it is right when looking at the past and present financial predicament facing our squad’s much needed rebuild.

  84. Gbat

    The club need to finally move on players who have constantly underperformed or offer next to nothing.

    Can raise between £80-100m there and that’s about £1m a week in wages. Ramsey is the only real loss for me. And even then I’m not too bothered. Good player but not great. I just wish we’d sold him last summer.

  85. englandsbest

    Henry Root

    Three first-rate posts.

    We all agree; Stan is now the major problem.

    In my view, he always was – but that is another matter.

  86. Dissenter

    Chambers will definitely do a better job than Elneny….from the get go
    Reiss Nelson had done enough to be in the squad
    We need someone to step up from the U-23s as CB. I’m not so sure of Mavros

  87. Un Na naai


    I agree with that assessment but had he been a passionate football fan he’d have noticed far sooner that things were amiss. And he would have cared far sooner than watching our champions league revenue disappear which I believe was the big reason for dismissing wenger.
    I blame the board for sellling out to him when it was clear all along he had no footballing interest in the club. I blame wenger for not doing what any arm chair fan could see neeeded to be done
    I blame gazidis for his spin and lies but I blame kroenke for not giving two shots about Arsenal football club as a footballing institution.

  88. Dissenter



    That list of players has a maximum of £10-20 million transfer funds in it.
    You put several players who have run out their contracts and are leaving for free or retiring.
    We have to pay off a lot of money to offset the high wages of Ozil and Myhki .
    Your just provided a meaningless list and fake revenue.

  89. Mr Serge

    Danny fiszman sold to kronke on his deathbed and alienated David Dein in doing so I firmly believe selling to Usmanov and Dein would have been better for us than Kronke, fiszman screwed the club he loved before he passed away.

  90. Un Na naai


    There’s about £20m in Mustafi and Elneny alone
    Could probably raise another £30m from ozil and Mkhitaryan unless we sell to China.
    I doubt we will sell all of those players but I’d be happy to get them off the books and start again. What a shame ozil and Mkhitaryan didn’t fulfill their massive potential. Modern footballers just aren’t driven enough for the most part.

  91. Dissenter

    I like your recent posts especially the squad assessment

    However I distinctly recall that you’re one of those who wanted us to keep Sanchez against his will even if it meant a loss.

    Wenger was reassuring the board and the fans that Ozil and Sanchez, ‘love the club’ and will resign. Many people brought into that.
    The Kroenkes didn’t ‘allow Gazidis and Wenger to mismanage the club, they just let the club run itself locally which we what was asked if them when they bought it
    I don’t think they would have handled it the same if they were sole owners; co-ownership with Usmanov was like no-mans land in someways.

  92. Dissenter

    Un na
    Who would buy Mustafi for 10 million? ….did you wrote that with a 😀 on your face.
    Elneny is a 5 -10 million player, then we have to pay part of his wages and he still has 3 years left om his contract.
    Mykhi and Ozil’s wages makes their exit a zero sum game. We have to keep paying part of the salary of pay them off which makes the sale meaningless. We might as well just keep them until they run out their contracts.

  93. Bamford10

    Reports that Sanllehi is looking at Edu for the technical director role and that we are close to signing 17-year-old Brazilian striker Gabriel Martinelli.

  94. HighburyLegend

    “Ozil and Sanchez, ‘love the club’ and will resign.”

    Just like Cesc and RVP before them.
    Good old arsène.

  95. HighburyLegend

    No new post from le Specialist in Hypocrisy ??

    Emery’s a genius when he win, but a disaster when he lose, absolutely priceless Pedro, keep on going like that!! lol

  96. Bamford10


    “If Stan invests in the team with say and extra £100 million where ..”

    Do you mean by simply adding his own money to the transfer kitty? If so, FFP prohibits this, so he can’t do this.

    As for the recommendation some are making that he pay down the stadium debt, this would only free up £20m annually. That might help, but it’s not £100m.

  97. Nelson

    Slowly, I understand more about Auba’s game. He doesn’t use his body to fight for the ball. He is not good at hold up play. Last game, he showed us something else. He can get up to speed with the ball and run pass a defender. We should use this more often for our build up. Instead of asking Auba to stand in front of the box and waiting to fight for the ball against opponent’s CB, we should ask Auba to drop back to the midfield. Then picks up the ball and runs at the defense. Laca can stay up high for support. At least, it is better those slow and tedious build up.

  98. Dissenter

    Why are we so infatuated with an exotic name for this technical director job
    United just appointed Phelan without any fanfare.
    Promote Francis Cagigao and be done with this charade.

  99. Marc

    “As for the recommendation some are making that he pay down the stadium debt, this would only free up £20m annually. That might help, but it’s not £100m.”

    Chances are there would also be penalty charges as well.

  100. Dissenter

    Thanks for that Twitter link about the clubs training facilities
    I thought Kroenke was such a bad owner and yet we have such excellent facilities.
    The thing is Kroenke back off and let the local people run the club day-to-day which is what you want from a foreign owner.

  101. Champagne charlie

    banford’s fanny fluttering at the kroenke chat.

    He’s sole-owner, and formerly majority owner, he’s not limited in his influence to make us better anymore than other owners are – who are/have made profound differences to sides.

    It’s really not a difficult one to digest, get one of the 8 year olds in class to break it down for you.

  102. Bamford10


    That’s a good point. Aubameyang should play underneath Lacazette at times and receive the ball facing goal. This would allow him to run at defenders and play into Lacazette’s or others’ feet and then make runs from there.

    He’ll never be Henry, obviously, but Henry didn’t spend all of his time playing with his back to goal. He was intelligent enough to realize that he was most dangerous when facing goal, thus he found ways to receive the ball facing goal or to turn defenders if he had received the ball with his back to goal. Aubameyang is far more effective when facing the goal, so he would be wise to study how how Henry got himself into this position so often.

  103. Dissenter

    ‘Chances are there would also be penalty charges as well’

    Even residential mortgages have penalties for early pay-off.

  104. Marc


    That story about Edu and the striker was doing the rounds a couple months ago. Sounds like a recycled story – probably a journalist too hung over to make up some fresh lies.

  105. Bamford10


    I love how vague you’re being. “He should do what other owners have done.” What do you mean, exactly? What can and should the owner do that he is not already doing? Please be specific.

  106. Bamford10


    Maybe. Or maybe there is something to it and there has been some movement in these directions. You’re right, though: it could be just paper-talk.

  107. Gbat


    You are clearly undervaluing our players. Have you seen the transfer fees being paid for average players.