Emery selection disaster opens up top 4 race again

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Ugh… the disappointing taste of, “I saw that coming”, is festering in my mouth this morning.

Let’s be real here, Unai Emery fucked up his selection. It’s hard to look beyond him for this one. He greatly underestimated one of the best teams on the road this year and he paid the price.

Almost a complete rehash of the Everton game a few weeks ago, except Emery doubled down harder on selecting players we absolutely know are thieving a living.

I understand the need for rotation. I am aware that it’s exciting to imagine a Europa League win crowning your maiden season. However, sometimes you need to be a bit realistic about how shite certain players are.

Elneny, Mustafi, Jenkinson and Guendouzi in the same starting 11 was NEVER going to deliver a result against a team that bullies like Palace. We all knew what was going to happen when that line-up was revealed and it happened.

Jenkinson is sweet and the banter thing was fun for a while… but he’s not good enough. It’s embarrassing this joke has gone on for so long. It has to stop this summer. The kids behind him cannot be any worse?

Mustafi is a fucking car crash. He has been the whole time he’s been here. Tim Stillman made an excellent point when he said that all his mistakes generally come from him shirking personal responsibility. That exit strategy approach couldn’t have been clearer yesterday when he shat his pants at the on-coming Benteke and just let a bad thing happen to him. Sunday league stuff. Coward behavior. Emery was correct after the game when he stated that he’d been very consistent this season… consistently horrendous… my question is this… why does he keep starting him?

The Matteo and Elneny midfield is just bland. A teenager should not be asked to put in a shift to help a player well out of his depth. The young Frenchman is an excellent prospect, but I can’t for the life of me understand why Emery keeps putting him through this weird hazing. He’s never going to succeed like that and it’s sad that he has to keep trying it. Mo is a nice guy… great at Twitter… but when are Arsenal going to come down hard on these types of players being part of the squad just because they are fun to be around?

We flunked that test yesterday. It was incredibly disappointing. Emery made an error. But you know what? He’s kind of fucked every way here. If he plays a full team there, we’re tired for Wednesday in a very tough game. He leans into his squad and the players aren’t there. He doesn’t have much depth to work with and that’s just the reality he’s living in.

However, no excuses people. That’s his last error of the Premier League season. Top 4 is still in our hands. Europa League CL entrance is also in our hands. Chelsea has United Sunday. United has City midweek. This can still all work out well for us, but we MUST beat Wolves.

There can be no more fuck ups.

Emery has to shape up, and he has to take some risks on fitness because we cannot afford another shitty team selection like this.

Onwards and upwards…

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  1. MrT

    To think that I thoroughly enjoyed the Manu game only for Mustafi the dead Mofasa to do this to me!!! O ye gods !!!

  2. MrT

    Bankz in a tough league like this I will settle for 2nd and sort out my internet transfer during the break and see you next season 😉

  3. Mr Serge

    I knew we would lose as soon as I saw that defence and cm duo what a joke. Think too four could be beyond us now

  4. Champagne Charlie

    Effective rotation is part of management, an integral part more and more so.

    What this season has highlighted is you can’t ‘freeze out’ or ignore players and then expect those same players to suddenly perform to the level required when your usual lot are suspended/broken.

    Elneny, Jenks, Mavrapanos, and the like, should have far more minutes this season (if they’re the ones deemed serviceable squad members) than they do. It’s not been done well at all, which could prove costly at this stage of the season.

  5. Batistuta

    Surely there has to be someone in the academy much better than El Neny and Mustafi if not what’s the point of having one? Still can’t believe we paid 35 quid for Mustafi, and then actual money for El Neny

  6. Batistuta

    Emery again has to take the blame for not involving more youth players as the season has progressed…Doesn’t have to be full 90 mins but sub appearances here and there would have been okay for them….I’m not all that convinced by Mavropanos too by the way, looks to have an error in him. Auba might be a terrific goal scorer but jeez he’s really so one dimensional.

    The club has to go out in the summer and spend some actual money though none of that silly excuses thing, sell the under performing ones and get in better players, it’s not rocket science and nothing about how the last regime messed up should be an excuse anymore

  7. Emiratesstroller


    I think that most of the sane posters agree with what you wrote. We need now
    three wins from last 4 games to secure top 4 finish.

    I have posted already quite a lot on the last thread so I don’t propose to be repetitive.

    The one issue where the owner needs now to offer is a decent transfer budget
    and for those responsible for recruitment to be selective and buy top quality
    players. It is not going to be easy but where there is a will there is a way.

    Two seasons ago Wenger was apparently in for both Mbappe and Lemar and was prepared to spend £90 million +.

    Clearly some bad transfer decisions were made not least holding onto Sanchez and more recently allowing Ramsey to run down his contract.

    However, the club needs to buy players we need rather than speculate on unproven talent. Centre Back is the starting point. If we need to pay top dollar
    then the club should go extra mile to do so even if it means spending £70 million + on the right player.

  8. LE GALL

    agree about guendouzi – i just can’t get it through my thick head why he’s been given so much playing time while joe willock was given … none (same question about iwobi-nketiah) i wonder what someone like jeorge bird (THE source of information about our “stars of tomorrow”) thinks about that. as for “He’s kind of fucked every way here”, i have to disagree; if come april 20-something-lads like lucas or ainsley are not fit to play 4 games in 14 days, something’s wrong with the so-called “performance” team.
    anyway, wolves wednesday, COYG

  9. T

    I never understood what wenger saw in musti when he broke the bank a few years back.. then again it was the same thing with gallas, vermaelen and so on.. he only got it right with sol when dain made the call in his place and with mertesacker as an absolute panic buy..

    Funnily enough you could say that in the 20+ years that arsene managed the club he only managed to sign 1 good centreback intentionally.. that being kozz the boss 😀

  10. edthered

    If Chavs beat ManUre on Sunday, we would need to win all four remaining games, and that atm looks highly improbable.

  11. englandsbest

    Back to ‘let’s blame the manager’, Pedro?

    Yes, it was a rotten team-pick. everybody agrees on that, Emery, too, no doubt, but instead of the usual banal reaction, why not take a deeper look?

    You know, better than most, the problems Emery faces What kind of choice did he have. Play the regulars – fatigued, in need of a break? Or take a gamble that the irregulars might rise to the occasion?

    No choice in reality, last throw of the dice for them.

    Ask yourself, how big a deal is CL qualification? The money? That was Wenger’s line.

    Now ask yourself how big a deal is winning Europa? Very big. I’d say enormous.

    Those of us who aren’t brainwashed don’t give a stuff about trailing in in 4th place – and then being humiliated in CL. But we care a great deal about winning a trophy. And so, god bless him, does Emery.

  12. Charlie George

    A much more realistic and cogent appraisal from our industrious PedRo- And I thank him for it.

    Yesterday-illustrated how Emery came 2nd in a One Horse race in France.

    It showed – how his Seville team did not win one away game- a while back

    It emphasised The Barca/PSG debacle once again full force.


    We could have got Champions League Football yesterday( £100 million minimum) -if the manager did one simple thing.

    Play the Thursday team against Palace – and play yesterdays team against Napoli,

    We would be now above Spurs- and well ahead of Man Utd.

    But – he didn’t do that and he wont ever do that.

    his USP-is Europa Cup football.
    that’s his priority- plain and simple.

    because that’s all he can do. That is his level. ( Where the great clubs are absent)

    If you want Europa Cup football- Emery is your man

    If you have hopes of higher potential glory- he aint.

    That is it in a nutshell.

  13. Dissenter

    Good post Pedro
    Emery had to take a gamble on the squad, unfortunately it didn’t work out.
    He would have learned from that.
    He was damned if he did and damned if he didn’t.

    Champagne Char;ie
    It’s not as if Emery just threw Mavros, Jenks and Elneny on. He had featured them in some way or the other over the last month.
    They aren’t good enough means they only play when we are in a busy schedule.. There’s no satisfying you, it seems

  14. Dissenter

    I’m going to dissent from this chorus of he picked the wrong team.

    He picked the available freshest players who are payed wages by Arsenal football club.
    If you were manager in those circumstances and you had the following sequence of games;
    Palace at home, followed by Wolves away and Leicester away
    Which one would you take a chance on.

    There’s no tactics when you have buffoons like Mustafi playing.
    We have equalized early in the second half and we on the ascendancy when. Mustafi showed up.

  15. Bamford10


    “If he plays a full team there …”

    Right, but who is in this “full team” that was allegedly available to him?

    Torreira is nursing a groin strain. Xhaka, Ramsey and Sokratis were unavailable. Monreal is 33 and played 90 minutes in Naples.

    Emery really didn’t have a lot of options.

    Arseblog says he should have deployed a back four and three CMs — adding Iwobi or Mkhitaryan to Elneny and Guendouzi. OK, maybe that’s right, but how much better really would that central midfield have been? Better, marginally, but I don’t know that that changes the result. After all, they scored two goals after the halftime changes.

    Emery was forced to rely on a few squad players and they failed. That’s really the bottom line. Who were these players who failed? First and foremost, Mustafi, a player Wenger signed for £35m. Second, Elneny, a nothing player Wenger signed for £10m and re-signed in March of last year.

    I’m not saying Emery got nothing wrong, but the real problem is the squad he is working with, and many of its worst elements were handed to him by the previous manager.

  16. Redtruth

    “We could have got Champions League Football yesterday( £100 million minimum) -if the manager did one simple thing.”

    The much maligned Europa league is a gateway to the Champions league

  17. Bamford10


    “Elneny, Jenks, Mavrapanos, and the like, should have far more minutes this season”

    Wait, the problem is that these players haven’t played ENOUGH? No, sorry; the problem is they’re not good enough. And that’s why they haven’t played. Elneny and Jenkinson wouldn’t be better players if they were given more minutes; they are what they are, and neither’s limitations are going anywhere.

    No, the problem is not that these players have not been given more time. The problem with Elneny and Jenkinson is that they’re in the squad at all.

  18. Champagne Charlie


    Might want to reel it in a touch, you’ve been nothing short of a bitch on here lately.

    Elneny has played 291 minutes in the league this entire season, Denis Suarez has played 67 minutes. Reiss Nelson has played 587 minutes in the Bundesliga, Chambers has played 2307 minutes in the premier league.

    It’s quite a basic point I’m making, either you consider someone part of the squad, or you don’t. If you do, as suggested by him being…..part of the squad, then you use him to keep him sharp, and keep your cream unspoiled.

    Instead we’ve got guys being drafted in from nowhere because we’ve got some broken players and suspensions accrued.

    It goes back to whichever juncture you care to take it.

    – introduce more youngsters to have ready and willing throughout the season
    – keep the fillers sharp and the starters better rested
    – add serviceable talent in the window ie guys that will get games

  19. Graham62


    That’s all very informative but you’re missing one key ingredient in all of this, we’re still in the EL.

    We are also still in with a shout of qualification by finishing top 4. Wolves is now a must win. A difficult game as we all know Wolves play better against the top teams.

    Our squad is not as strong as it could be, we all know this, nevertheless, at least we’re in with a chance on both fronts.

    Yesterday’s team would have probably lost in Napoli, which I know you would have loved because you don’t rate the competition anyway.

    Remember, Europe has always been our Achilles heel. Don’t need me to explain to you why. We should all be 100% behind Emery in these last few weeks of the season, not attacking him for trusting in players who should be good enough to deal with CP at home.

    I had “hopes for higher potential glory” for over a decade.

    I’m prepared to wait a wee bit longer.

  20. Siddharth14

    It seems Pedro is finally starting to warm up a bit towards Emery. A balanced post regarding our performance and the Manager.

    Irrespective of how lacking in quality we are in the defence and midfield, Emery has to take the majority of the blame. Considering the available options, our manager should have gone with a lone striker. It is clear that Elneny and Guendozi needed some help there. A pragmatic approach similar at home to United should have been adopted.

    But, we have to give credit to Emery for again going with Matteo and Mo in the middle especially after the disaster against Everton. Perhaps the injury to Ramsey has also played a part in this selection.

    But, we finally have a manager who isn’t afraid to take big decisions.

  21. Emiratesstroller

    Charlie George

    You are being illogical.

    He could not play the same team as on Thursday.

    1. Leno would be preferred to Cech.
    2.Sokratis is suspended because of a red card.
    3.Xhaka is by all accounts injured.
    4.Ramsey is injured.

    However, he should have played Maitland-Niles, Monreal, Torreira and Iwobi
    in starting lineup.

    Sadly we had no choice but to play Mustafi in view of the CB options.

  22. Nelson

    – Yesterday’s game is a good example of showing how important is the defense line. If you play someone like Jenkinson, who went two yards deep from the defensive line. it really killed the defense.
    – There is also one general problem with our players, who like to raise the hand and try to get the Refs attention instead of get up and continue.
    – There is no difference whether we play 3 CBs or 2CBs, Mustafi will make those mistakes.
    – Our split strikers formation will work better when the two strikers move back to the midfield to help out the defense and the buildup of the attack. Aguero uses to came back and helps out the passing play. When I see our two strikers standing in front of the opponent’s box waiting for a pass, our attack is usually slow and tedious.

  23. Danny

    Emery couldn’t be arsed yesterday to motivate the players, the same against Everton and also Watford plus it’ll be the same in the final 4 league matches BUT in the Europa Cup he’ll have them firing on all cylinders, he has an absolute obsession with that competition.
    Its now blatantly obvious we have a new manager who only cares about one cup, the Europa one, all the rest he either thinks we have no chance with (League Champions and the Champions League) or he doesn’t care about (League and FA Cups). Maybe he’s a realist but that’s not what we want to see, summed up by yesterdays shitfest.

  24. Micheal

    The result yesteday was not solely the fault of piss poor players like Mustafi or Elneny. With few exceptions, the team was lethargic, one-paced and tactially inept. They played into Palace’s hand retaining possession, crossfield nothing passes and a total failure to get wide. In effect, we surrendered the whole first half.

    We should also point the finger at Kolasinac, Mavaro and particularly Auba who was a passenger for 99% of the game and cannot be redeemed simply because he scored a good goal – that’s his job for FFS. He has to contribute more to the game overall !

  25. Danny

    Guendouzi was like a breathe of fresh air at the start of the season but yesterday showed he’s at least 3 to 5 years away from the final article, he can’t cross at all, he can’t shoot and he loses the ball way to often.
    I actually felt bad for Jenkinson yesterday, Ozil wouldn’t pass to him and moved over to take his position on the right wing when he was there, very unprofessional from our world cup winning has been.

  26. Dissenter

    Charlie C
    Thanks for the factual rejoinder.
    I just think he’s tried to reduce his exposure to certain players whom he doesn’t trust but has to take a gamble on them when his hands are forced. We just see this differently but he’s given them a few minutes before this game.
    His risk could still have payed off but for Mustafi’s error at the worst point of the game.

    I’m not sure what I need to reel in tbh.

  27. bennydevito

    What a terribly dishonest agenda driven post Pedro, I’m really disappointed in you.

    No mention of WHY Emery made the changes he made.

    Why did Mustafi play over Sokratis? Any clue?

    Why did Elneny and Guendouzi play over Ramsey and Xhaka? Any idea?

    You know Sokratis was suspended.

    You know both Ramsey and Xhaka are injured.

    Yet you don’t even mention it. Instead you dress up an Emery out post as a selection fuck up wilfully ignoring WHY Emery HAD to make the changes he made.

    Torreira was also widely reported to be nursing a groin strain. But you think Emery should have risked his fitness with Wolves away and Leicester away coming up? If he had and then Torreira got injured you’d be writing a post about how Emery was supposed to be an improvement on Wenger who never rotated and played the same 11 into the ground!

    We’d then be stuck with the dreadful El-douzy for the rest of the season and you would blame Emery for not rotating!

    Should Ramsey have played on crutches or in a wheelchair?

    Emery literally cannot win with you. I knew your last few posts were masking your true feelings and you were just waiting for our next defeat to let rip.

    The only unforced change was Jenkinson in for AMN and you know it.

    We’ve now played 3 games in 6 days and with Wolves coming up that will be 4 games in 9, and with Leicester 5 in 13.

    One of your biggest criticisms of Wenger was playing players in the red zone and not rotating. Emery is now trying to manage a shit squad inherited by Wenger at a really busy period and you castigate him for rotating when the rotation was FORCED, just like it was at Everton where again we had injuries and suspension forcing the change.

    But why let the facts get in the way of a good Emery out piece of spin.

    Also, if Emery had thrown Mustafi under the bus in his aftermatch comments instead of defending him, like all top managers do by defending their players in public for the good of team morale, you’d have criticised him for that.

    This is the worst post you’ve ever written and I Iove this blog. The rows I’ve had defending you and LG especially during the Wenger out years, but I can’t stomach deliberately misleading posts like this.

    You will have all the cretinous Anti Arsenal Arsenal fans out now who only ever come here to sing when we lose and take genuine glee in our defeats.

    Speaking of which:

    CG’s already here lapping it up, spouting his utter, utter bollocks.

    Oh, and Pierre,

    I noticed you ignored my reply to your lie about me in yesterday’s post

    I always criticised the ones wanting us to lose to force Wenger out and was very vocal about it

    bennydevitoApril 21, 2019    22:31:29

    PierreApril 21, 2019    22:01:52

    “Let’s be positive and remember we are Arsenal fans, noone who claims to be an Arsenal fan should be happy we lost today just because they don’t rate Emery – you are not Arsenal fans.”

    I agree , though I can’t remember you castigating the many wenger obsessives on Le grove who were willing The Arsenal to lose over the last few years , refusing to even celebrate winning 3 trophies in 4 years ….

    reeks of double standards .


    Except that I actually did, so the only thing reeking is the shit spewing out of your mouth.

    I wanted Wenger out but would always criticise anyone wanting Arsenal to lose to make Wenger leave, and I was over the moon at our FA Cup triumphs, so shove that right up your ass.


    I’m going to the Wolves game on Weds with my Son and his Granddad who’s a Wolves fan, but I’ll be in the Wolves end.

    It’s going to be weird and I’m going to have to stifle my reactions, but if Wolves do score maybe I’ll dedicate a cheer just for you Pedro and CG who I’m sure will be revelling in the defeat the next day if we lose.

    Anyway, I’m out. This place is really not good for my mental health. It’s been emotional.

    See you all in the summer.

  28. Batistuta


    What manager left us in this Europa league you claim Emery is “obsessed about”….Very flawed argument there dude

  29. Bamford10


    “I think that Nkethia [sic] is ready for first team football.”

    Good to know. He has been in the first team throughout the season. He was on the bench yesterday.

    “I also believe that [Nketiah] would be a better fit than Aubameyang. Aubameyang is a pure penalty box finisher … his contribution to Arsenal play outside the box is non-existent. ”

    Nketiah over Aubameyang? Interesting. Because of what Nketiah would supposedly give us in build-up play? Very interesting. What is this assessment based on, exactly? How much build-up play at this level have you seen the 5’9″ Nketiah involved in? Everything I’ve seen from Nketiah tells me he’s largely a player who is useful in and around the box — something like how you’ve described Aubameyang, except without the latter’s length, experience or goals — so I fail to see how he is a player that would be better box to box than Aubameyang. What is this assessment of yours — Nketiah over Aubameyang — based on, exactly? Please explain.

  30. Guns of Hackney

    Emery couldn’t pick a whore out of a Manchester nightclub…and everyone knows that Manchester clubs are basically cat houses.

    That said, the league is so shite and the teams around Arsenal are just as capable of bollocking up…so we will make top four.

    Even when we lose, we win.

    Arsene’s ghost is alive in Emery. Mr Fourth.

  31. Dissenter

    I will be more confident about the EL if Frankfurt somehow knocks out Chelsea.

    Until that happened it’s foolhardy to have our entire season hinge on one game in Bake

  32. Batistuta


    Your jokes stopped being funny a while back now and also how can you proclaim Emery “Mr fourth” when he’s not even had a full season here yet?

  33. Dissenter

    I think Pedro’s post was balanced enough.
    He acknowledged the conflicted state of Emery decision making and the reluctance to wholly blame him.

  34. Batistuta


    A one off game against Chelsea I’d be more confident about, it’s Chelsea and they’re not exactly very good or consistent at the moment.

    The Europa league remains our best route back but after that it’ll be all for nothing if the manager is not backed properly in the summer, we need to invest wisely and massively in the summer if we are going to do anything of note next season

  35. Marc

    Very frustrated after yesterday and I’m 100% in the Emery was doomed if he did doomed if he didn’t camp. It should also be noted that I’m not aware of any other team in the PL who have lost 3 players who are either 1st choice starters or senior backup to season ending injuries before the halfway point of the season.

    The chance of CL football is still in our own hands we’ve just got to find a way to make it happen. Emery has done this season pretty much what both Pep and Klopp did in their first seasons which is get a hands on feel for the squad. I think we’re going to see a pretty extensive overhaul of the squad during the summer.

  36. Guns of Hackney


    He’ll get fourth. And I don’t care that people find me obnoxious. I do not need validation from a bunch of faceless internet wankers.

  37. Dissenter

    I don’t disagree about Sarri’s Chelsea
    It’s just that they played city very well in the league cup final and they have a certain Eden Hazard.
    I just don’t want our season [and the summer budget] to depend on a one off game.

  38. Champagne Charlie


    Disagreeing is fine, but argue in favour of a manager not “trusting” a sect of his squad for the majority of the season only to have to rely on them come crunch time? It’s senseless as I see it.

    Elneny – 291 minutes
    Jenkinson – 167 minutes
    Suarez – 67 minutes
    Mavropanos – 104 minutes

    Spurs: Kyle Walker-Peters has 284 mins in the prem this season, Oliver Skipp has 203 mins. I couldn’t point them out in a lineup.

    Chelsea: Hudson-Odoi has 350 mins, Loftus-Cheek 711 mins.

    Also, how much of those minutes have come in the last 3 weeks? (I can’t be arsed looking that up, but I imagine a large percentage). That’s poor said management for me.

  39. Bamford10


    “Willock has been tearing the U23 and reserve apart. If Emery is not aware of his talent, then he just needs to attend a game for the reserve to get the right idea.”

    This comment is so silly. Emery is well aware of what Willock is at the moment. He has started him in the first team this season, and he has watched him and has been given reports on him constantly. If he thought Willock could help him in central midfield, Willock would have been in the team yesterday. That he wasn’t tells you Willock still has developing to do.

  40. Danny

    That he wasn’t tells you Willock still has developing to do.
    and Guendouzi has no developing to do? I get your point but……

  41. Dissenter

    El neny played in the last two league games, enough to strip him of that excuse.
    Jenks was the unforced error that seemed strange because he hasn’t played much replay recently
    Dennis Suarez has a grin injury, it appears it’s chronic.

  42. Valentin


    Nkethia has also played as a winger at U23 level. His link-up play is much better than Aubameyang. Despite his diminutive stature, Nkethia is also a much header of the ball than Aubameyang. When we play with Aubameyang on the left, he does nothing for the team. Only when Arsenal switched to a 4-4-2 did he start to make things happening.

    I am not saying that Nkethia is better than Aubameyang, just that he is a better fit in the systems that Emery tends to deploy.

  43. Versus

    One thing i haven’t seen critiqued alot since the game is the way Emery and the bench even the players on the field celebrated after Ozils goal. Truly embarrassing stuff. I mean its now 1-1 and we haven’t played well. We should be picking the ball out the net and getting on with the flipping game angry and determined to win. What was all this rejoicing at an EQUALIZING goal?

    Was it because it was Ozil and we all desperately want him to do well and so any success is overly congratulated?

    Well..well done Ozil but for the rest of them, those high fucking fives just because we finally got to 1-1 at HOME against Palace was a joke.

  44. Marc

    Whilst we desperately need to add some width in the summer talk of dropping Auba is daft. The guy is joint top scorer in the PL with 5 assists as well. His goals to minutes ratio is also better than Salah, Mane and Kane.

  45. Bamford10


    Right, Guendouzi has a lot of developing to do as well, and yet Emery has leaned on him regularly. This tells you just how poor the squad is. If Emery had better central midfield options, Guendouzi wouldn’t have been playing yesterday either.

  46. Marc


    Agree if everyone was 100% fit we would have had the selection headache of picking from Ramsey, Xhaka and Torreira in midfield. At the back Holding would be a much better option than Mustafi, Bellerin would be in at RB / RWB which would also give us the option of moving AMN in to CM if desperate.

    The squad isn’t strong enough but Emery was always going to need a season to get a real feel of the capabilities of the players.

  47. Bamford10


    Huh? Aren’t we mostly playing Aubameyang through the center these days? When did we last deploy him wide left? But just so I understand you: you are arguing for Nketiah to start wide left and to start over Aubameyang? Is that right?

    Sorry, but nothing I’ve seen from Nketiah tells me he should be starting. Not wide, not through the center. And definitely not over Aubameyang, who has 19 PL goals.

  48. Valentin


    Regarding Willock I was answering a post that stated Emery was new to the club and so couldn’t know Willock.

    Willock may not be ready, but surely he could not be worse than Elneny. Elneny first instinct is to play a lateral or backward pass.

    Like CC said before, we can’t ignore players all season long and then expect them to put good performance when you’re desperate for bodies. That does not work like that.

  49. Valentin


    On Sunday, Lacazette was playing centrally and Aubameyang was initially on the left. He was then moved to the right for Iwobi before we switched to a 4-4-2.

  50. Champagne Charlie


    No that doesn’t strip of any excuses. You can’t be on the bench for 30 games and then play two and pretend he should be up to speed. That’s ignoring the complexities of elite sport, which of course you’re doing because you’re in defiance as per.

    10 minutes of football per week for 9 weeks is better than 90 minutes after 8 weeks of no participation. It’s called consistency, not an unheard of concept in sports.

    Let’s not overlook the context either, Spurs and United just lost. Torreira, AMN, Iwobi all took part in the end, they should have started. Period.

  51. Dissenter

    From Arseblog>……….
    Emery; ‘“We changed because we are going to play a lot of matches. We have had some injuries, like with Aaron Ramsey, and we need to protect the players.

    “For example, Xhaka asked to change in the second half against Napoli and today could’ve played, but with some risk. We need to protect our players and to us other players.

    “We are playing with a lot of players and they give us the performance, we lost today but we could also have lost with other players on the pitch.”

    I agree with the manager
    Any team with Mustafi in it can still easily lose regardless

  52. Pierre

    “Sadly we had no choice but to play Mustafi in view of the CB options.”

    I disagree…we could have easily played 4-2-3-1…we had the players available and fit.

    Amn ….Mavropanos….kosielny…..kolasinac/Monreal ,……………………………………………………….

    Emery took the game too lightly , taking Mavropanos off was a mistake as we were severely lacking in height in defence without him and looked vulnerable from set pieces .
    as I said yesterday , having Torriera picking up scott Dann is asking for trouble .

    The 2nd goal may also have been avoided as Benteke had the beating of Kosielny in the air whereas Mavropanos is far more aggressive and physical in ariel duels.

    The posters on here who are defending Emery’s selection policy are defending the indefensible I’m afraid.

  53. Marc

    Before yesterday we’d conceded 1 goal from a corner so no issue with our ability to deal with balls in the air. Secondly Torreira is carrying a knock if Emery had started him and he’d aggravated it missing out on the rest of the season Pierre would have been one of the first to blame the manager for not rotating players.

  54. Mark

    @Emirates str.
    There are some serious questions to be asked about the referee and his
    assistants. The assistant on my side of field made some serious errors.

    I’ve been catching up on the posts, was pissed off yesterday. Mustafi , nothing more to be said that hasn’t been said already.

    However only two posters mentioned the refereeing. Not making it an excuse but it had a major impact throughout the game. CP 2nd goal was the result of a free kick given to CP , after their player jumped onto lacazette’s back !! That wanker ref straight away gave it to them, a shameless decision. Plus the obvious handball ! It’s all in the body language, why did wan- bissaka go down like he was pole-axed after the ball hit him?? It didn’t strike him in the face, so why? Cos he was trying to con the officials, no need mate the ref was a cheating cunt.

    I’m not gonna try to say why they do it or that there’s a conspiracy, but some refs do not like AFC, and continually give fouls against and not for us. These affect the game when your flow is continuously interrupted by fouls which go unpunished or do not get the warranted yellow. Which would make the perpetrators think twice about fouling again.

    It does seem like players in other teams seem to be able to commit numerous foals before getting booked, yet our players commit one foul and are booked straight away.
    I just hope VAR makes some of these ref’s think twice, that their decisions are going to be reviewed more closely in future.

    I still feel even with some of the mistakes Emery has made (in trusting/playing certain players) he has been hamstringed somewhat by how poor the depth in our squad is. We’ve still overachieved this season. Let’s hope with a decent window and sales we can start to really reverse the slide the club was in.

  55. HighburyLegend

    You’re an hypocrite of the highest order, Pedro.
    A few days ago, Emery was a genius teaching his lesson to the great Carlo.
    But every time we lose, you turn your jacket, disgusting to say the least….

    1) the team was tired after a very busy week;
    2) it was, mostly, Mustafi’s terrible game which cost us the 3 points, and you perfectly know it.

  56. Pierre

    You can defend Emery’s team selections until the cows come home but the fact is he cocked it up badly yesterday and it was quite easy to predict.

    Le Grove seemed to think we had turned the corner with the result and performance in Napoli but as I pointed out before yesterday’s game, Napoli were made for Arsenal and Palace would be a much harder proposition..

    Our manager was naive to think he could make wholesale changes without it having an effect on the way we play .

    My belief is that Ramsey should have stayed in central midfield where he was having a good influence on the team , instead he moved him to the CAM position and an injury resulted from this poor decision..

  57. Guns of sf

    Yes emery made some selection mistakes
    Amn and Lucas should have started

    Mustafi mistakes were his individual defending not selection errors. He switched off Zaha completely. Mustafi is bad defender

    However I think this loss can fire us up
    Something to get us going again

    Sok is back so that helps

    We need to win at wolves
    I think we will

  58. Pierre

    If Torriera was/is carrying an injury then he should not be playing …I believe he was wrongly resting him .

    The thing is , it all started going tits up for Torreira when Emery made the mistake of employing Torreira as a box to box midfielder which did not suit his style of play and he obviously hasn’t got the engine to play that role and started to suffer from fatigue.

    Recently Emery has rectified his mistake and is now playing Torriera in his best position as a holding midfielde r.

    However, for some reason Emery still feels inclined to wrap Torriera in cotton wool.
    Someone should let Emery know that playing rebuilding role is far less taxing than box to box so there is no reason to keep leaving him out of team.

  59. Marc


    What’s even worse is if Auba had scored that pen and we’d have gotten results against Everton (abject performance by us rather than a good one from them and we have a good record there) and Palace (again us poor rather than them good) we’d currently be on 74 points 8 clear of the Spud’s.

  60. Marc


    You are full of shit. I suggested giving Torreira a week off after the New Year’s day fixture and telling him to put his arse on a beach somewhere warm and you mocked me.

    The guy has come from a much slower league where he used to get a winter break as well as playing for Uruguay up to the Qtr finals of the World Cup.

    It’s really not a major surprise that he’s suffering from fatigue and is picking up knocks. The very fact that he has best part of a month off recently is telling.

    For you to play this Zen like I knew it all along is utter fucking bollocks. If you knew you were full of shit it’d be a major start to you rehabilitation of 2nd biggest cunt on here. The biggest CG actually wanted Arsenal to lose yesterday.

  61. Alexanderhenry


    Reading your recent posts, you certainly did not, ‘see that coming’.
    You’ve been a bouncing ball of optimism lately.

    Anyway, you seem angry and yet:

    ‘He (Emery) doesn’t have much depth to work with and that’s just the reality he’s living in.’

    Which I agree with and provides a valid excuse for yesterday. It also contradicts your position.

    The club need to step up this summer and invest significantly in new players.
    No amount of new backroom staff can disguise that.
    For example, we need to buy a new top quality CB just for starters. . I think we can all see that so that’s what we should expect.

    If instead, we get a promising 17 year old from a mid table Belgian club and appoint a new specialist in vitamins, all arsenal fans have a right to be pissed off.

  62. Dissenter

    Why do you try so hard to be a di*k?
    ‘The thing is , it all started going tits up for Torreira when Emery made the mistake of employing Torreira as a box to box midfielder which did not suit his style of play and he obviously hasn’t got the engine to play that role and started to suffer from fatigue.’

    Do you realize that Torriera played central midfield as much as he played defensive mid at Sampdoria?

    Do you think the more plausible reasons for his fatigue is adapting to the intensity of the premier league and it’s lack of a Christmas break?

    You’re trying too hard to smear the manager.

  63. Pierre

    Torreira was fatigued because he was being asked to play a more demanding position by the manager.

    He is now back to playing in his best position which is far less physically demanding.

    I’m sorry if you cannot accept this….

    Strange how you think Torriera should be given a nice mid season vacation but if Ozil misses a game he gets crucified..

  64. Dissenter

    Besides that simplistic view of the defensive midfielder role is antiquated.
    That was one of the limitations. of Coquelin. He was good at breaking up play but couldn’t tell the tres]es from the forest when it came to using space or moving the ball effectively.
    Torriera has that forward mode as well. He will be wasted by just siting him in front of the back four.

  65. Charlie George

    Was it just me – or did the players actually look physically and mentally shattered at the end of the game yesterday..( Koscielny, especially)

    I was right on the money( literally) yesterday with my predicted Palace goals..

    I reckon by the end of the week – we might have shipped in another 4-6 goals

    Say- what you like about Wenger – he always had the players performing well and looking FRESH at the business end of the season. ( hence the FA Cup semi final and finals wins). But with Emerys scattergun approach to everything – I predict we will finish 5th …. .And Valencia will beat us….

    No Rambo – No chance…..

  66. Marc

    The morons twins are in town so I’m out of here for a while.

    Pedro – as banning them would be unsporting can I suggest a shallow grave as a solution. I’ll even buy you the shovel.

  67. Pierre

    I am in agreement with you regarding arsenal being treated differently by the officials.

    Then again ,I have been stating this point for years but for some reason (wenger) Le Grove were never in agreement with me.

  68. Charlie George

    Face reality folks
    We have the worst coach currently working in the Prem.
    Truth hurts.
    Get Vieira in for gawds sake…

  69. DivineSherlock

    I usually read this blog because it has some out there opinions . Today’s blog is plain wrong . After years of deriding Wenger for Top4 trophy , now you are castigating a new Manager in the league for not making it. ( He is still in the mix ) . A chance for European Glory unlike FA Cups , A competition Emery feels comfortable in and now it also offers path to CL . Why so much hate ? The only real selection error he made was not starting Torreira . But not knowing when Ramsey will be back it did force his hand. He wants to go for the a real trophy and not the imaginary Top4 trophy . whats wrong with that.

  70. Dissenter

    You think Emery is the worst manager in the premier league?
    ….and you call that reality?….or the truth?

  71. Charlie George

    Has There has been any stage this season when the words fatigue and Torriera not been mentioned in the same sentence..?

    He is lovely little footballer – neat and tidy but he must have the endurance levels of
    a retired sumo wrestler….

    We need a team of players
    who have pace/power/penetration and technical ability in their armoury- to keep up with the powerhouses of the Prem.

    Persisting with Elnenys/Tor/Monreal/Miki/Mustafi/Jenks/Lich etc is a complete dereliction of Emery job and makes everyone miserable.

    Vieira knows all the above.
    He has played in it for 9 years…with us…

  72. DivineSherlock

    Rambo Ramsey

    GoT. The show is a still missing Martin’s writing some of the most snarky lines are gone. Wish he’d written all before the show.

  73. Upstate Gooner

    “Those of us who aren’t brainwashed don’t give a stuff about trailing in in 4th place – and then being humiliated in CL. But we care a great deal about winning a trophy. And so, god bless him, does Emery.”

    I’d rather watch us get beaten 5-1 by Bayern than 1-0 by BATE fucking Borisov. CL not only comes with more money but also prestige. You get a better chance of signing a good player(s) because they want to play the likes of Barca and PSG, not Qarabag and Vorskla. Also, there’s no guarantee we’ll win EL trophy. Still gotta beat Valencia, and then most likely Chelsea in the final (if we get there).

  74. Upstate Gooner

    “Right, but who is in this “full team” that was allegedly available to him?
    Torreira is nursing a groin strain. Xhaka, Ramsey and Sokratis were unavailable. Monreal is 33 and played 90 minutes in Naples.
    Emery really didn’t have a lot of options. ”

    He had plenty of options. First of, if Torreira was carrying a knock or whatever, he shouldn’t have been on the bench. But he was, and he actually played the last 20 minutes or so. Which tells me that he was given a green light by the physios. And if he was available, why didn’t he start? It was pretty clear after the Everton game that Elneny/Guendo combo just doesn’t work. Also, Jenks and Mavrapanos? Really?! AMN is a young lad, and should be fully capable of playing 2 games in 3-4 days. Mavro needs experience. It should be a loan, and not in the game when we are chasing CL football (that turn by Benteke and a subsequent yellow card was all you needed to see). Kola/Monreal/Kosc/AMN should have been the back 4, with Guendo/Torreira in front of them. That team would’ve won the game. Instead, we’re back to square one.

  75. MidwestGun

    Vieira knows all the above.
    What Vieira currently knows is how to be in 8th place in France with only scoring 23 goals while giving up 30. He isn’t ready to be the Arsenal manager yet.

    Not only that your boy Wenger pissed him off by not helping him with getting his managerial career started at Arsenal. So it’s not even clear he would come here.

  76. Charlie George

    Neil warnock is a brilliant motivator of men
    His achievement in getting Cardiff to the prem -was genius management.
    7 promotions. …. ??

    70 years still at.

    Rest assured – if he was at Arsenal – Rambo would not be leaving us…. and Elneny would not be playing…

  77. Chris

    An anagram of Neil Warnock is Colin Wanker.

    That is surely an automatic no no for such a classy and prestigious role as Arsenal manager don’t you think CG?

  78. G8

    Emrey had no choice, but to play mustafuck..and he cost us the game
    end of discussion
    rotation, tactics ,weather ,brexit have nothing to do with it!

  79. Charlie George

    Warnock would not be a good fit for Arsenal,obviously.
    But he is a Brilliant manager

    Give it 3 weeks.
    Emerys approval ratings will be 0%

    No Rambo- No Chance.

  80. Chris

    Well you are wrong again CG

    Even through his mistakes I back Emery for the rest of the season and in all likelihood the next season unless we plummet dramatically down the table.

    So maybe more like 0.000001%

  81. Charlie George

    With Emery in charge – plummet is our destination.

    Stop the rot :

    Vieria in
    Promote Fred
    Promote Per
    Re hire Wenger as Tech Dec
    Re sign Rambo.

    Back on track
    Champions by 2021

  82. Guns of SF


    None of those things will help us. None
    We cannot keep dreaming of yesteryear fixing us now.

    Vieira is the only one I can see at some point helping us.

    Not now..

    I expect our team to come out of the gates against Wolves like gangbusters.
    I think this loss has shaken us up… the players know they should have done better

  83. TitsMcGee

    Mustafi is a fucking car crash. He has been the whole time he’s been here.“

    He was a mediocre signing and we got fleeced by spending £35 million for him.

    Everyone tried to rationalise it by saying he’s a WC winner and blah blah blah but he has always been mediocre.

    He’s at the heart of all of our defensive breakdowns (or at least the vast majority of them).

  84. Un Na naai

    I’d like to apologise to Jamie
    I went to far and shouldn’t have been so insulting
    If you’re reading this Jamie it’s a sincere apology from me. Truly

  85. TitsMcGee

    Got is the best.”

    Was great up until about season 5. Has slowly declined ever since. Luckily it is the last season so we won’t get to see it completely fall off the cliff.

  86. London gunner

    Emery really fucked up yesterday.

    Hasn’t got the balance right between europa league and pl in later stages.

    Also he either has too much faith in dross players coming in and doing a job in the league or is underestimating pl teams or maybe a combination of both.

    However, I will maintain the main issue is our squad the gaping inadequacies both in the first 11 and in the cover.

  87. London gunner


    You clueless fool.


    “With Emery in charge – plummet is our destination.”

    That’s why we have more points than under wenger? Real clever guy aren’t you.

    “Stop the rot”

    Started with Wenger after he dragged our club through the dirt and used as his ego crutch. Held us back for a decade.

  88. DaleDaGooner

    Effective rotation is part of management, an integral part more and more so. What this season has highlighted is you can’t ‘freeze out’ or ignore players and then expect those same players to suddenly perform to the level required when your usual lot are suspended/broken. Elneny, Jenks, Mavrapanos, and the like, should have far more minutes this season (if they’re the ones deemed serviceable squad members) than they do. It’s not been done well at all, which could prove costly at this stage of the season.

    Well said there…

    I don’t get what some of you are on…there is no way he won’t rotate with the way our fixture has been (Must win away to Napoli last Thursday, Home game vs Crystal Palace and soon after away at Wolvs who are good vs top 6)

    Where the blame should lay is with freezing out Elneny, Mavropanos and expecting or you lot expecting them to be awesome with little to no team time on the pitch….then his biggest mistake is with the piss take of thinking Mustafi is anything good, this donkey is supposed to be a starting center half for Arsenal Football Club, and his obsession with Guendouzi over the likes of W.illock etc

    I agree that Emery is at fault but not in the way a lot of you are suggesting.

  89. Guns of SF

    Torr had a 3 game suspension- got some rest bar the Uruguay games
    AMN did not play much at the start of the season due to Bell getting hurt. Even then, its was Licht filling in some.AMN has also injured so his actual game time is less than what we may think.

    Both these players are under 25, and can keep going… they can recover fast.

    Its spilled milk at this point… but Emery needs to play these 2. They bring energy, tenacity and defense/attack mindedness

    AMN has right back locked down.
    Pair Torr with anyone in CM… that is the way to go. No other option now

  90. Charlie George

    Just read BD’s post.
    Dont take everything to heart, dear boy.

    Enjoy the Wolves game with the boy..

    We need your passion at the club .
    (But dont be sworn by blind loyalty either .)

    It’s only football, after all
    Keep it simple.

  91. Emiratesstroller

    The reality despite some of the contrary comments is that we have limited resources in CB position.

    Bluntly would you select Koscielny to play in three games in 4 games if we had
    match fit options?

    Would you select Mavropanos following a poor earlier game?

    Would you want to pick Mustafi at all with his track record over last two seasons?

    The only other option is Monreal and he was not playing particularly well in
    recent games.

    The only question to be asked was would you have played three centre backs
    or a flat back four? The answer is that Emery changed the system in second half with introduction of Maitland-Niles and the formation looked better
    than in first half but for the howler of Mustafi.

    Let’s be honest Emery was forced to play Mustafi in absence of Sokratis, because he is the only other experienced CB on our books. Even now I expect
    the Head Coach to pick him against Wolves, because we have no other options.

  92. Valentin


    I am afraid that we are in the minority here who think that squad management does not start at the tail end of the season.
    It’s like cooking, you can’t just chuck all the bit you did not like before in a pot at the end and think you will have a nice meal.

    Like I have said before, if you don’t try some fringe players against Huddersfield, Cardiff, Fulham and Brighton when you are on a positive run, you can’t expect them to be ready against Watford, Everton, Crystal Palace, Wolves and Burnley whenbyoubare desperate for points.

  93. Valentin

    Against Wolves, we need to have a hoof the ball and chase them up mentality as that what has been Wolves downfall. However Guendouzi and Elneny cannot be that midfield.
    With Ramsey out until the end of the season, Torreira is nursing a groin injury and Xhaka also in the red zone, we have to make use of the U23 players.
    Change the system to 4-3-2-1.
    Osei-tutu Mavrapanos Koscielny Monreal
    AMN Guendouzi Iwobi
    Özil Lacazette

    AMN to protect our right-back. I suspect that Emery will play Jenkinson instead.
    The way Wolves play we cannot have just two central midfielders, we need three.
    Lacazette to do a shift as an attacking midfield as I trust him to work harder than Aubameyang and to hold play better.
    Aubameyang up top to chase any long ball.

    No Mustafi and No Mhikitarian.

  94. Elmo

    Looks like Bielsa has tanked at the end of the season like every Bielsa team does.

    Same story as usual: fast start and all kinds of fawning media features, then his methods have his team out of gas by the final third of the season and they slip out of the picture.

    Leeds can stay where they belong!

  95. Upstate Gooner


    I didn’t realize it was frowned upon to celebrate a teammate’s goal. Amazing what some people find to complain about. And in retrospect, wouldn’t you take a 1-1 draw now as opposed to a 3-2 loss? I know I would. We’d be sitting level on points with Spurs, and 1 pt ahead of Chelsea.

  96. alexanderhenry


    Very reasonable posts.

    I’m not saying Emery is the man, but he deserves another season even if we don’t make top four or win the EL.

    What I think is wishful thinking is the ‘manager with the magic wand scenario’- pun intended- envisaged by some.

  97. Upstate Gooner

    “Anyway, I’m out. This place is really not good for my mental health. It’s been emotional. See you all in the summer.”

    Nooooooo!!! Whyyyyyyyy??!!!! 🙂
    It’s a football blog, don’t take it too personal.

    As for your Emery’s backing… sorry, man, but he really did F’d it up with his team selection. You can’t tell me with a straight face that he couldn’t play:

    AMN / Koscielny / Monreal / Kolasinac
    Torreira / Guendouzi

    over yesterday’s dross in the back and midfield.

    Forget Mustafi (I know it’s hard)… but Jenks? Mavrapanos? Guendo/Elneny combo after Everton’s game? Come on, man. And I already talked about Torreira. If a player is injured, he shouldn’t be even on the bench. But he was, and he played in the 2nd half. He might have started just as well.

  98. englandsbest

    In football apologies rarely seem to do much good. So hearing OGS say sorry for the dismal performance against Everton makes me think he is for the chop this summer.

  99. ddkingz

    what are the chances of arsenal making it to the cl next season?¿

    how would anyone and everyone feel if our hopes of getting into the champions league, come down to the final of the Europa league vs Chelsea?¿

    would anyone be happy if our only objective of this season comes down to a 90mins standoff against Chelsea?

    we’ve had the better chance of stealing 3rd place after Chelsea f*ucked it up with the outstanding match as we did with ours…

    this season is almost fucked up, but no one will see it until it’s already gone…

    if we had collected 3-4points between Everton and c.palace… we would have been 3rd place above spurds with minimum 2points… then first for a draw against wolves…. a team I don’t see arsenal beating in their own yard even in my dreams…

  100. englandsbest

    Having just given OGS a contract (so we’re told), how will the Man U hierarchy go about breaking it? Easy, he’s a fan. It’s best for the club, they will tell him.

    Interestingly Man U (who were maybe the best-run club around) have descended to the Wenger/Gazidis level of ineptitude. Jeeze, the money they’ve spent, and all to no avail.

    On the best-run issue. most would put Liverpool top of the heap I think. Oddly enough, helped by Wenger’s egotistic offer of £40m plus £1 for Suarez. Anyone with half a mind would know that John Henry & Co would turn it down. Whereas they would have sold for a coupla mill more. With Suarez Wenger would have won PL. Without him, he went out and bought Ozil (god help us)

    Another contender for best-run must be (swallow hard!) Tottenham Hotspur. Huge, huge debt – but they won’t follow Stan’s crass bottom-line policy.

  101. Marc


    Can ManU afford to sack him? I don’t mean in a financial sense but that would be the 4th manager in 6 years. It goes to show the complete folly of giving OGS the contract when they didn’t have to, wait till the end of the season and then decide. At least that way it looks like part of a plan rather than blundering from one fuck up to another.

  102. Marc

    “Another contender for best-run must be (swallow hard!) Tottenham Hotspur. Huge, huge debt – but they won’t follow Stan’s crass bottom-line policy.”

    Sorry but

    a) none of us know at the moment just how badly the dent will affect them although the fact they’ve announced that they will listen to offers for a dozen first team players doesn’t make you think that they’ve got it under control.

    b) They’ve never been big spenders and one of the reasons they are struggling to get players to sign new contracts is they don’t pay the wages.

  103. Valentin

    Spurs may be ready to listen to offers for a dozen of their first team players, but with Levy at the helm rather than Gazidis they are likely to extract a lot more money than they are actually worth.
    I also trust Pochettino to reinvest any windfall better than Raul and Emery.

  104. Catalyst

    If mustafi has any bit of shame or sanity, he should quit.
    Emery was to blame for yesterday’s result but not entirely.
    This was a home game with presumably more stakes for Arsenal than palace. The players ought to be ashamed of themselves irregardless of their playing time.

  105. englandsbest


    Yup, they will sell to buy – but in a productive way, not like our people. From what we hear, Poch will have £60m transfer pot plus £100m from sales. And this for a squad that is stronger and better-blanced than Emery’s.

    They may well carry on in the same old way: buying cheap, selling dear. They have done pretty well at it thus far.

    Emery’s needs are far greater – but he will get far less. A £40m transfer pot at most, and virtually no big–money players to sell.

  106. Marc


    A chunk of the players are down to a year left on their contracts so that will reduce their value. It’s also one thing to play hardball when someone wants one of your players and you don’t want / need to sell. By effectively announcing they need to sell it puts the other party in a stronger position.

    The other question is how much of the proceeds with the Poch get? If they raise £200 million and the Poch “only” gets £100 million but needs to replace Eriksen, Alderweireld, Vertonghen and Rose with players ready to step straight into the first team it won’t be easy.

  107. Marc


    “A £40m transfer pot at most”

    Where do you get that figure from? We’ve just signed a huge new shirt deal that will give us an extra £30 million a year kicking in for next season. If you were Adidas and did that deal would you be happy not seeing a few shiny new players in those shirts?

  108. James.wood

    Good to see Emile Smith Rowe getting back slowly to fitness.
    I really feel this boy may be the Jack Wiltshire of the future for us.
    I have watched him for a long time and bar injuries like Jack had and has
    he certainly looks the future for us.