Spurs slip. Can Arsenal refocus and attack the top 3?

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Yes, we have to play Crystal Palace at home in a HUUUUGE game that is going to go a long way to deciding where in the top 3 we finish.

Spurs shat the bed when they played City for the 3rd time in 10 days. That’s great news for us because it gives the opportunity to move into third by two points. It’ll also be super funny to laugh at how their greatest ever season saw them potless and a place behind us in the league (dream big).

Chelsea are level points with us now, so things really are getting tight…

Palace has lost 3 of their last 6. They sit 14th in the league. This shouldn’t be an ordeal.

However, you have to be real. We just went away to Napoli and Watford this week, we’re going to be drained and Palace is about as exciting as a trip to B&Q with your da when you’re young. Amirite? Wasn’t that shit?

‘Be a real man Pete and pick up that brick for me’

‘Bitch, back the fuck up… I just want to play computer games. One day, people will sit on the internet and watch the best gamers and it’ll be a thing. They’ll literally make millions from the ad revenue’

‘Pete, no one is ever going to make money from gaming, now show your dad how manly you are by loading up 10 bags of sand onto this trolley you absolute pussy’

Anyway, my point is that Palace is a banana skin because they aren’t interesting. They also have a good away record at the minute, sitting 4th in the table over the last 6 games.

The manager isn’t worried, which is grand.

I didn’t use this excuse in my career. I worked a lot in similar situations in France and Spain. Here, we came back last night at three o’clock and we came in this morning at 10am. But really, today I am coming here with a small smile because the players worked very well and gave me confidence for Sunday.

The players who didn’t play yesterday, today after this travel, they were working good and with the focus for Sunday and knowing that today in training, some players are going to play Sunday. After the last match, some players need to rest or to do a rotation with them, or with one player like Aaron Ramsey, he is injured. Also, Sokratis continues to be suspended. But this is the spirit I want. Like this morning, after the travelling yesterday. How we trained this morning and how we can have confidence to use players against Crystal Palace.

That said, we have a terrific home record, if we win today it’s our 11th on the bounce which is a record for us. We are defending better as a team, since March 10th, the only person to breach our back line is Phil Jagielka (6 clean sheets in 7 games). We are a much better team than them and the players can literally taste top 3 blood in the water (that taste isn’t blood, it’s bonus money fam).

We need to see a strong start tomorrow. The fans are going to be a massive help to the players, and hopefully, we channel some of that fight we’ve been showing of late. The only real worry is the lack of a Ramsey, and the auto-inclusion of Mustafi because of the Sokratis suspension. Still, Mustafi was pretty safe against Watford. Also, you saw that clip of him being fancy? Do I like him now? No. But that was cool.

Finally, some Wenger cucks were giving me grief about my post yesterday about Wenger cucks, a few mentioned that my traffic must be down. WRONG. Post Wenger traffic has been fucking amazing, more people are coming to the site than ever before… and to make things even rosier, the comments section is having a record year on a comments per day basis. You know why? People like football more when things are going well, which is all this site ever wanted.

Thank you for not abandoning me, I love you all very much, even the Wenger cucks that are desperate for us to fail. #MerciIvan

P.S. The Sun reckon we’re in for Joan Jordan to replace Rambo. Daily Mail reckon Edu is back on the radar… just wish we’d bite the bullet and nab Luis Campos or Paul Mitchell. Paul looks like a proper facking geezer. Not that that matters of course.

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  1. London gunner

    Let’s be honest we have the 6th best team in the league.(Man united players however are much less in form)

    We can debate tactics and managers but really what actually matters is wc to elite level footballers.

    We have glaring weaknesses in every element from defence to midfield to attack.

    We need to somehow emulate klopps liverpool build job. We need a team full of technical pace merchants. If you look at saleh, maine, firminho, fuck even shaqiri we could have and should have bought these players as we certainly coukd have afforded them.

    Also players like trent and robertson ehy cant we poach these type of players.

    The biggest issue with this club is talent acquisition. We NEED pacey goal scoring dribblers.

  2. Leftsidesanch

    Lool all the usual cunts, excuse me…suspects are back from under their holes to celebrate a negative result.

  3. Bunga Party

    uspects are back from under their holes to celebrate a negative result.

    I will be positive. Thank you Mr Unai, may I have another?

  4. MGooner

    We played to the best of our ability. the team is average and punched above its weight for a decade.

    It was a bad result, luckily results elsewhere went our way too. So not all is doom and gloom. 🙂

  5. Charlie George

    “”CG are you being deliberately thick?

    Ramsey was fucking injured you thick
    idiot.Xhaka was fucking injured you thick idiot.Torreira is nursing a fucking groin strain you thick idiot.””

    They indeed were all injured Bd..

    All wounded in that needless non event Thursday…. but NOT FIT for purpose when it mattered

    The Premier League is a billion pound block busting global show.

    The Europa Cup is for losers,lightweights and the likes of Unai Emery.

    Emery will let YOU down
    (Ask PSG fans….)

    We could have gone third..
    We could have gone above The Potatoes
    But Emerys ego kicked in…

    CG is wealthier today.
    But not happier.

  6. Bunga Party

    We could have gone third..
    We could have gone above The Potatoes
    But Emerys ego kicked in…

    I forgot to count how many times Unai’s team failed to deliver when it mattered the most?

    Bate borisov don’t count.

  7. Bunga Party

    If you listened some thick cunts here, you would get the impression that Denis Suarez was Wenger’s signing not Unai’s.

  8. Champagne Charlie

    “Let’s be honest we have the 6th best team in the league.(Man united players however are much less in form)“

    That’s your take convenient take. We’re every bit as capable of top 4 as Chelsea, United, and Spurs, otherwise Wenger wasn’t underachieving finishing 5th and 6th.

    Can’t have it both ways.

  9. Bunga Party

    Can’t have it both ways.

    Oh they will want to.
    Just not long ago they were telling us that Unai will undoubtedly ‘improve’ these players.

  10. Charlie George

    One hopes this car crash of a performance today puts an abrupt halt to the ‘ maestro ‘ rhetoric from our wonderful author PedRo.

    And then – To laud Gazidas for the appointment of Emery- I am afraid makes him look rather trite.

    I hope once – when he settles into his new abode – he becomes more circumspect with his OTT headlines …

    With the greatest respect

  11. HighburyLegend

    This place is becoming really ugly, as Pedro don’t wan’t to do ANYTHING to get rid of all those trolls cunts.

  12. bennydevito

    Simple fact is this:

    If Sokratis wasn’t suspended today Mustafi probably wouldn’t have been on the pitch.

    If Ramsey and Xhaka weren’t injured today then the nightmare that is El-douzy would have been on the bench where they belong.

    Can’t we have some perspective?

    I’m pissed right off because instead of watching us live and willing us on I was at the in laws having what was a lovely Easter dinner but I would much rather have been home willing the Arsenal on.

    As soon as I could find a Twitter stream we equalised. Then it went down and by the time I got it back we were 3 – 1 down but then got the 2nd. It then went down again and game over.

    I’m pissed off because we’ve now dropped 6 very winnable points against Everton and Palace but let’s get some perspective.

    Man utd lost to the same Everton 4 nil.

    Spuds lost.

    Apart from Chelsea tomorrow who we will have a game in hand on, it’s as we were; nothing has changed and we’re still in it.

    This same Palace team beat City at the Etihad, is Pep shit too??

    We all knew this season would be tough, we all knew it would be up and down but none of us expected top 4 to be a realistic proposition and we all admitted that the squad needs major surgery.

    With Ramsey, Xhaka injured, Sokratis suspended – what do the likes of CG expected Emery to do today? Who should he have played instead?

    Also, CG has been using Emery not playing Mavropos as a stick to beat Emery with, but now Emery plays Mavropos (sp) CG uses Mavropos as a stick to beat Emery with – what the actual fuck is he supposed to do? Seriously?

    What today proves is that Mustafi and Elneny need to be sold, Guendouzi is a squad player only and not yet ready and the same goes for Mavropos.

    Ramsey needs replacing.

    Mustafi, Elneny, Jenkinson all need replacing and Guendouzi, Mavropos, Kolasinac all need upgrading.

    Anybody disputing this and just blaming Emery for his inherited woes are just being dishonest and agenda driven.

    Wolves have been poor against Southampton and now drew at home 0 – 0 with Brighton so we really should beat them, although all season they raise their game against the top 6 sides and have the best record against them and have been equally poor against the shit teams so Wednesday will be hard going but we have to win.

    I will be there with my Son and his uncle and Granddad who are Wolves fans, in the Wolves end!

    Let’s be positive and remember we are Arsenal fans, noone who claims to be an Arsenal fan should be happy we lost today just because they don’t rate Emery – you are not Arsenal fans.

  13. ddkingz

    is mbappe really trying to rape his former club (Monaco) on his own?¿

    4goals and it ain’t even up to 65mins

  14. Valentin

    I understand the need to rotate players in a period of heavy load added with the suspension. However that line-up was a recipe for disaster. The Elneny- Guendouzi axis was an horror show at Everton. Why feature them together again? To compound that with Mustafi and Jenkinson is just asking for defeat.

    More than bad luck due to injuries and suspension today’s result is due to the poor squad management done earlier. Had we introduced U23 players to the first team during our positive run, we would not be relaying on Mustafi, Elneny and Jenkinson. Those three will only disappoint and should never be near the first team.

    What Willock has to do to displace a poor Elneny? Same question for Jordan Osei-tutu to be considered as right back/right wingback instead of Mustafi and Jenkinson.

  15. Charlie George

    “” but let’s get some perspective.””

    Hopefully …The same perspective the imperious Arsene Wenger got …

    3 league titles
    7 fa cups
    20 Champions League qualifications
    Zero Europa Leagues..

    The only trophy Emery can win for Arsenal is this one.( Europa)

    Truth hurts Bd…
    Sorry to say….

  16. Gbat

    All this moaning about the manager or the tactics. The players are the ones who have to perform. The squad is full of good players capable of excellent performances. But we have seen over the years that they are inconsistent. And that’s because they aren’t top class. Even the greatest manager who ever lived can only do so much.
    How many players do we have that are top 10 in the world in their position?

  17. bennydevito

    Here’s some perspective:

    3 league titles – in 22 years and never once won back to back, unlike Fergie in the same period won 3 league titles, in a row, twice.

    Very poor.

    20 CL qualifications.

    Never won even once and only one final appearance.

    Absolutely abysmal. Utd won it twice, Liverpool and Chelsea once in this same period.

    Embarrassingly shocking.

    7 FA Cups, not bad, but seeing as our rivals were throwing it to win the league and CL, the achievement isn’t as grand as it looks.

    Mourinho won 3 league titles in a shorter space of time 2 back to back in 3 years and 1 in a 2 year period 2nd time around so 3 in 5 years the same as it took Wenger to win 3 in 22 years.

    How embarrassing.

    How’s that for “Perspective”.

  18. azed

    “That’s your take convenient take. We’re every bit as capable of top 4 as Chelsea, United, and Spurs, otherwise Wenger wasn’t underachieving finishing 5th and 6th.”

    Wenger signed Elneny
    Wenger signed Mustafi
    Wenger signed Jenkinson.
    Wenger signed Xhaka
    Wenger signed Kolasinac.
    We have no winger because Wenger didn’t buy one.

    We have the 6th best squad because Wenger bought rubbish.

  19. bennydevito


    “What Willock has to do to displace a poor Elneny? Same question for Jordan Osei-tutu to be considered as right back/right wingback instead of Mustafi and Jenkinson.”

    Good question, I don’t recall you asking this question of Wenger the last 2 seasons…. how odd….

  20. Gbat

    “The only trophy Emery can win for Arsenal is this one.( Europa)”

    And who helped put us in the Europa? And couldn’t win it last season. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t Emery.

  21. ddkingz

    CG… @ chuckle Charlie.. you Muppet

    I’d take 3 successive Europa league over 20 successive appearances in the champions leagues….

    who bloody cares about appearance, you miserable wench. arsenal are not better than Salzburg or malmoe ff when it comes to cl football, we (arsenal) are just there to mark register and say present sir, when they call them (arsenal) out on Tuesday/Wednesday night and then get smashed back to their hole 10-2. what a pity.

    Even inter who many kids given birth to in the last 15yrs wouldn’t recognise as a great club except they come out from the slump they are right now, has a greater cl heritage than arsenal and arsene Wenger put together.

  22. Valentin


    Why keep bringing Wenger whenever somebody makes a critic of Emery? He is gone and is not going back.
    I have said before Wenger used to flog the same players despite them being in the red zone until they broke down and then act surprised. That does not excuse this season bad squad management by Emery.

  23. ddkingz

    the name Wenger is an embarrassment to humanity…. I can’t even remember the last time the name arse Wenger crossed my mind and I had a big small on my face.

    3 league titles in 22yrs… I could bet my balls if sarri has..

    tony Adams
    Freddie l.
    henry 014
    g. silver
    Ashley Cole
    Dennis b.

    sarri would have a minimum of 7league trophies in 20yrs… + a cl medal.

    for christ sake, even di Matteo won a champions league under a year.

  24. ddkingz

    on a serious note….

    what are the chances of mustafi still been in arsenal come next season …

    mine is 50:50

  25. Dissenter

    “I have said before Wenger used to flog the same players despite them being in the red zone until they broke down and then act surprised. That does not excuse this season bad squad management by Emery.”

    You’re attacking Emery for rotating and trying to keep players away from the red zone.
    That is commendable squad management, nothing bad about it.
    I admit that emery took a risk today and it fell flat.

    I do agree that he should have given more youth/academy players opportunities to challenge the likes of Mustafi.

  26. Charlie George

    Wenger had albeit a very flawed way of playing that was 90% very ease on the eye.
    Sometimes it was intoxicating. .

    Statistically he was incredibly successful- playing his risky way
    Please, please tell me what is Emerys modus operandi.????

    What is his gameplan?

  27. Valentin

    Am I the only one to think that we changed how we defended corner against Crystal Palace?
    We used to play a mix of Zonal and man marking, zonal mostly with best header on the first post to head away and CB to man mark most dangerous opponents.
    But today we defended corners with man marking and it was shambolic all day before finally conceding.
    Was there a comment during Emery press conference or interview explaining the decision to switch from system that has been very good since last season?
    Was Steve Bould at the game?

  28. ddkingz

    I just downloaded a clip from YouTube about mustafi’s comical defending @ arsenal… it’s was so f*****g funny,…

    I couldn’t stop laughing…. when after watching the video, I saw play next” part 2″..

    I won’t ever watch an arsenal match were I see mustafi and elneny in the startXI… NEVER EVER.

  29. Pierre

    3 elementary mistakes cost Arsenal the game.

    Goal 1 …Jenkinson was 2 years behind the defensive line , hence Benteke was played onside .

    Goal 2 ..Mustafi….say no more.

    Goal 3….we had 5f2f 5 in Torreira marking 6f2f 2in Scott Dann at the corner , a complete mismatch as Dann won the first header which led to the goal .I

    It’s difficult to win any football match with such schoolboy errors.

  30. Charlie George

    Roy Hodgson is in his 70s..
    His team has scored 6 goals against us this season…

    What is the point of Emery if he is being outfoxed by Roy H?

    I think by the end of the week.
    Fans will be in shell shock…

    The hungry Wolves
    The furtive Foxes await…

  31. ddkingz


    the same risky way barca are playing and they’ve won 4 champions league I’m 13yrs…. 7 LA liga in 10yrs… I won’t even talk about the copa dela rey, because the Spanish fa should either cancel that cup or just change it barca dela rey…

    CG… be wise, or just use your brains.

    I’ll prefer you change your moniker to arse Wenger… that way we understand the angle/perspective you are talking from… until then, all your comments are trash.

  32. bennydevito

    What’s important now is how we line up at Wolves.

    Will Xhaka and Torreira be fit to start?

    Will Sokratis’ suspension be over?

    Will ANM be back in the starting lineup?

    As long as the answer is yes to all of those questions we should stand a much better chance of getting a positive result.

  33. London gunner

    The wenger losers come flocking tonthe blog.

    Funny how no one is interested in giving wenger a new job 😉

  34. Redtruth

    No leaders in the team to knock heads.
    Emery will need to draw on all his wealth of experience and football knowledge to guide Wenger’s weirdo’s to the finishing line.

  35. Pierre

    “Let’s be positive and remember we are Arsenal fans, noone who claims to be an Arsenal fan should be happy we lost today just because they don’t rate Emery – you are not Arsenal fans.”

    I agree , though I can’t remember you castigating the many wenger obsessives on Le grove who were willing The Arsenal to lose over the last few years , refusing to even celebrate winning 3 trophies in 4 years ….

    reeks of double standards .

  36. Valentin


    I am not attacking Emery for rotating today. I have stated that I understand the need to rotate and I agree. The mistake was not bed the necessary youth players earlier.

    We are now throwing Mavrapanos in the deep end because we are desperate for a body and that is not the right time to do so. He is so eager to impress he keep making mistakes and conceding free-kicks. Had he been introduced earlier, he would be much calmer and less suspect.

    Emery is new to the league and obviously may not have realised the intensity of the league and its relentlessness. However and that has been one of first criticism of him is that he never adapted to that difference in the league.
    He has the same issue in his first season at PSG. In fact he got lucky during his second season, because bar Neymar (who is always injured strangely enough for the Rio Carnival) none of his major players got injured at crucial time.

    Looking at the U23 games it was clear that 3~4 players were ready to step up as substitute obviously not as starter. That cautious attitude and meticulous attention to opposition is what gave him success in Cup competition, but that bad squad management is also why until PSG he never looked competitive in the league.

    He compound that bad squad management by continuing using players he must know are not good enough. Surely those will be jettisoned in Summer: Mustafi, Elneny, Jenkinson.

  37. rollen

    How individual mistakes Emery’s fault gambon? Whole world can clearly see what is the problem here.

    BTW Ozil clear MOTM lol

  38. Valentin

    If we were to let Wellbeck, I would not min getting Olivier Giroud back at Arsenal on a free. Against team such as Crystal Palace, Watford, Wolves, Burnley he would act as a focal point an bring some physicality.

  39. Dissenter

    Kudosnto your man Oil
    He played his hearty out.
    Win or lose, he was excellent today. I just wish we could rest him well for such performances.

  40. azed

    “What Willock has to do to displace a poor Elneny? Same question for Jordan Osei-tutu to be considered as right back/right wingback instead of Mustafi and Jenkinson.”

    Maybe because they are not ready.
    Elneny hasn’t played all season so Emery playing him now means he has no choice.

    You complained about Mavopranos not playing but now he has played and was not great.

  41. Dissenter

    Yesterday I was talking about getting Mitrovich from Fulham since they are going down
    He will give us that option you’re discussing. We don’t offer any aerial threat and have to play a certain way as a result.
    I know it won’t happen since he will probably choose to go down to the championship with Fulham.

  42. LeMassiveCoq

    What was the clown Mustafi doing for that Zaha goal? Seriously? He cannot defend shit. Get him out of this fucking team now.

  43. bennydevito

    PierreApril 21, 2019    22:01:52

    “Let’s be positive and remember we are Arsenal fans, noone who claims to be an Arsenal fan should be happy we lost today just because they don’t rate Emery – you are not Arsenal fans.”

    I agree , though I can’t remember you castigating the many wenger obsessives on Le grove who were willing The Arsenal to lose over the last few years , refusing to even celebrate winning 3 trophies in 4 years ….

    reeks of double standards .


    Except that I actually did, so the only thing reeking is the shit spewing out of your mouth.

    I wanted Wenger out but would always criticise anyone wanting Arsenal to lose to make Wenger leave, so shove that right up your ass.

  44. Chitom

    Champagne CharlieApril 21, 2019 19:31:32
    “Let’s be honest we have the 6th best team in the league.(Man united players however are much less in form)“That’s your take convenient take. We’re every bit as capable of top 4 as Chelsea, United, and Spurs, otherwise Wenger wasn’t underachieving finishing 5th and 6th.Can’t have it both ways.

    According to transfermarkt Arsenal do have the sixth best roster in the PL .

    It’s not having it both ways.
    Wenger built this squad over the years and that’s why he lost his job.

    Emery on the other hand, inherited the likes of Jenko, Elneny and Mustafi, none of which are the level required.
    It’s not complicated, Im sure you could understand it if you tried a little harder.

    Mustafi at £35 m must be the worst Arsenal signing ever but let’s talk some more about the 2m Suarez loan instead shall we.

  45. Kronkees wallet

    I see the Wenger loving LUNATICS are at it again..doing their comparison…..
    Unfortunately for them arsenal haven’t had an 8-2, 6-0, 5-1 trouncing yet.
    The team today was set up well unfortunately Emery felt he had to rotate players aware of the lack of rest the players will get..
    In comes Jenkins on, a great arsenal fan but way short of quality. In comes mustafi, a defender that’s never reliable.
    It was a poor defensive display by us…..highlighting our Wenger built squad that lacks strength in depth.
    Emery took a risk playing these squad players and it backfired. He isn’t perfect, however he is on another planet compared with tacticless clueless and ¡Predictable Wenger.

  46. Words on a Blog

    We have played worse than today (under Emery) at the Emirates, with sometimes puzzling team selections, and won or drawn.

    Not much more that I can add about the underwhelming performances of El Neney (nice guy, poor footballer) and Jenkinson (lovely guy, even worse footballer).

    Understand about the need to rotate, especially when Xhaka and Ramsey are out of circulation, but Guendouzi, who played well in parts of the game, does often look ponderous on the ball and needs to release it quicker. He needs to start fewer games and/or be brought on in games where we are comfortably winning.

    Mustafi has to go. I don’t care if we only receive £1 in transfer fees, but I’m struggling to remember an Arsenal central defender more prone to blunders and brain farts. Everything he does, in fact, his very existence, makes my blood boil.

    Ozil was brilliant today. In the past, in matches where we’ve been losing, he would go missing, or look pissed off or look like he didn’t give a damn, but not today. Today, he was several cuts above his teammates, in terms of ability and effort.

    When I go to sleep tonight, I’m pretty sure I’ll have nightmares about Mustafi.


  47. Champagne Charlie


    You quote transfermarkt when talking squad quality, not value. Then slide in remarks about understanding?

    I’d skip it.

  48. Sid

    Though the majority of the blame for today’s loss lies at the feet of the squad emery should be held accountable for today’s performance as well.

    I understand the need for rotating and I perfectly understand using Jenkinson as emery was prolly keeping AMN for 2 Europa and the away match. But using elneny doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. I mean surely smith-roe can’t be worse. Whatever we have seen of the lad (albeit against inferior opposition) says that he is atleast decent for a shot. Elneny neither gives us a forward impetus nor defensive solidity. Expecting elneny to play the Ramsey role is beyond ridiculous.

    Less said about mustafi the better, the guy is a train wreck and the worst part is no one will be taking him off our hands servings his moronic defending and his over inflated wages. Can’t believe the joker earns 89-90k a week or the fact that we payed 35 million for this shit show.

  49. Valentin


    ESR is on loan at RB Leipzig, so he could not be playing for us.
    With ESR going on loan injured and coming back from injury only last week, that was a pointless loan.
    Like you said, he could have been helping us right now instead of having to play Elneny. However I think that a combination of ESR and Guendouzi would not have fare much better. Both are light weight and better going forward than defending especially set pieces.

  50. MidwestGun

    Manager was in a damned if you do .. damned if you don’t situation. Have to compete in two contests.. and do well. … and don’t have a deep enough squad to rotate. I know who I blame for weak squad but that’s neither here nor there. Catch 22- need to rotate … can’t rotate.

    The criticism of not bedding in youth..earlier in the season I don’t buy.. Its Emery’s first season with the club… let me repeat because some don’t get it.. It’s the managers FIRST season with Arsenal. He barely had a preseason and I doubt he had time to fully evaluate every U-23 player. Want to blame somebody blame Per Mertesecker. I 100% believe that Emery would have asked for evaluations from the youth team managers and admins as to whether players were ready or not for the senior team, Clearly they felt those players were not ready yet. Now suddenly at the sharp end of the season those players would save our season… nah… not buying it. We don’t have a Fabregas or Wilshere type in the academy or they would be playing. If you want to blame Emery for this next season after he has time then by all means go for it.

    I’m mad we lost and of course it’s the managers job to navigate through all the issues but some of you lot have lost all perspective of reality wanting to assign blame.. Again for me as I’ve said about a million times. We don’t have enough top quality players and some of our starters should be squad players. 1 injury at any position and we are fucked. And that’s what happened at multiple positions over the course of this season. ELneny and Jenks should be nowhere near making a top 6 PL squad. I would add Mustafi , Mkhitarian, and Liechtensteiner to that.. can’t be counted on to fill in despite being supposed veterans..and taking up too much of the payroll. That’s 5 spots on the roster that are useless not even including players who are injured.
    Despite all that we still have a chance to achieve a position in the league to get more transfer revenue and stop the slide down the table. And that about all I can ask for at this point. Vieira and Arteta or whomever the special sauce crowd keep mentioning are not ready yet, so we need Emery to be successful until then… that some of you think we need another 20 year manager right after the last one says a lot about your perspective. Just be honest with yourself you were going to hate anyone who wasn’t Wenger.

  51. Valentin

    Jenkinson was at fault for the first goal. Two yards behind the Arsenal line covering Benteke whom Koscielny and Mustafi had left going ahead thinking he was offside.

  52. Valentin

    Emery got the job because he allegedly had a dossier on every players including our youth team player. Can’t use the excuse now that it is his first year and he doesn’t know the youth team player.

    Willock has been tearing the U23 and reserve apart. If Emery is not aware of his talent, then he just needs to attend a game for the reserve to get the right idea.

  53. Sid


    Oh damn I completely forgot. Well that kinda puts another perspective to things.

    Who else we got for MF? can’t think of anyone else, maybe this is our lot, paid 10-15 million for elneny and he looks like a ligue 2 player.

    It’s quite amazing how we have managed to assemble such a paper thin team over the last 5 odd years, you have the starting 11 and then …nothing. Our recruitment has been horrendous. I hope the last batch was not all Sven as of the 4 we bought 3 have been quite good. We need that performance again this window.

    How many here believe someone will take mustafi off our hands this summer, keeping in mind he is at 80-90k a week?

  54. MidwestGun

    Emery got the job because he allegedly had a dossier on every players including our youth team player. Can’t use the excuse now that it is his first year and he doesn’t know the youth team player
    Not an excuse its the truth.. You have to rely on people in place when you take over a job, Emery got the job because he was deemed the most stable option. I realize you hate him for PSG. although not sure why .. could care less about PSG.
    Maybe you should be the youth team evaluator.. I remember lots of players who tore up the U-23’s. means little.

  55. Sid

    Our transfer team would have to play a blinder just to ship some of the players off, the wages these guys are on would make it very difficult. Forget about a chunk of change for selling we should thank our stars if guys like elneny and mustafi find a suitor in the 1st place, willing to meet their wage demands.

  56. MidwestGun

    Sid –
    Yep.. It’s going to be tough.. Might be why nobody wants the job of DOF. Put in a situation that will be hard to be successful. Kroenke owns an MLS team.. perhaps they could use a CB and a Midfielder.

  57. Dissenter

    “Emery got the job because he allegedly had a dossier on every players including our youth team player. Can’t use the excuse now that it is his first year and he doesn’t know the youth team player.”

    Why did you keep writing this crappola with such gusto?

    Anyone applying for a £6.5 million per annum salary without a dossier is a numbskull. Anyone that does not demonstrably show to the interviewers that he has deep knowledge about the club’s playing staff shouldn’t even show up for the interview.

    Why do people keep basic established interview prep as a dig against Emery. Anyone that does not tell the club that he has such knowledge isn’t worth an interview.
    It’s knowledge that can be gleaned from proprietary football software. You don’t even need to leave a laptop to have knowledge pf the squad.

  58. MidwestGun

    Having knowledge of a player is not the same as evaluating him.. either.Arsenal have youth team evaluators who work with these players everyday and make recommendations if they didn’t they shouldn’t be there. I’m hoping things aren’t the same as before where Wenger was making all the decision including promotions.. Anyhow.. Regarding Willock I still contend If Willock was this amazing talent at this point in his career he would be playing, probably getting starts for England as well similar to Rashford or Sterling early in their career. Maybe next season he will..

  59. Dissenter

    Arsenal interview May 2018
    Ivan Gazidis/Mislintat/Raul Sanllehí interviewing Unai Emery, Arteta and the other candidates
    Question; What do you know about our playing personnel
    Interviewee answering; actually I don’t know that much

    That’s the end the interview
    I mean who shows up for a highly well compensated job interview without preparation?

    I bet Arteta and everyone else interviewed had a dossier too. That will be what is expected.

  60. Guns of sf

    Despite 3.5 cocktails I’m still feeling quite upset at the loss and Mustafi

    Emery got the cm all wrong

    Other problems today were glaring

    We need 2 new cb
    One new lb

    Left winger
    Right winger
    Attacking mid

    Back up striker as we sorely miss a third striker to rotate

    Ugh it seems so uphill and I feel for emery but he has shit to chose from can’t blame him too much trying to rotate

  61. Guns of sf

    Ok sok will be back against wolves
    We need a win badly now

    Emery needs to play the best now
    No jenk elneny licht etc

    Rest Mustafi until further notice

  62. Dissenter

    Guns of sf
    The night is still young on your end
    You’ll feel better when you get another dozen cocktails

  63. Guns of SF

    Sunday night blues here in Cali

    We need to get this loss out of our minds and focus on Wolves. Im hoping this was a wake up call of some sort. Trying to find a silver lining

  64. Leedsgunner

    Middy great post @2322.

    Clear as day isn’t? Elneny, Jenkinson and Mustafi are not good enough and Emery if he has any sense will never play them again. Hopefully this loss has a silver lining in that these three will go straight on to the transfer list.

    I know I’m stretching here for positives but honestly how many times must we see Mustafi catastrophically car crash our season?

  65. gonsterous

    what a terrible, terrible result. When I saw the line up, it looked shit. After palace got the first goal, I knew we were in trouble.

    I will be very disappointed if we end up 5th because we had the chance to finish 3rd in the league.

  66. gonsterous

    elneny won’t get into that CP team, if he’s Better than every one else at the academy, you know we have a very shit academy. How is suarez not starting ahead of el neny ? El neny is decent when we are dominating, when we are not, he is not the guy to look to. Classic flat track bully trait.

  67. Tony


    “The club needs to acquire those players if it wants to finish top four on a regular basis, let alone actually win thePL.”

    Agreed but Emery’s tinkering with the team was Raneriesque and just down right stupid with the midfield that has been proven before to be dire.

    This ‘new to the PL’ BS has to stop.

    You rightly said the Guen/Elneny axis can’t work in the PL and Emery has had enough games, such as playing each PL team at least once to learn their strengths and weaknesses as well as his supposed extensive VDO research.

    Emery is not inexperienced compared to OGS yet he has made some bizarre team selections this season and not learnt from them.

    Maybe if he had started with AMN instead of Elneny in MF and Monreal instead of Mustafi moving Kos to RCB to monitor Jenks things would have been tighter.

    Guendouzi or Willock? Both young whose to say Willock would’ve played worse?

    AMN and LT in MF to begin with then rotate through the game.

    Emery had other options other than play 2 players he knows are going to fail and with the useless Mustafi behind them who will end up with extra needless pressure to deal with when Mustafi can’t deal with normal pressures of a game.

    Add to that the inexperienced Mavs at CB and you’d want to protect the CBs even more than usual.

    If LT is carrying an injury why did Emery use him at all?

    If he was deemed fit, then use him to start.

    Whatever way you look at the team selection Emery got it very WRONG!!!!!!!!!!

    This was the nucleus that cost us the game.

  68. Dark Hei

    Mustafi has joined the likes of Squillaci, Silvestre, Pascal Cygan, Seanderos and Stephanos on the paragon of illustrious Arsenal CBs.

    He tops it all by having a transfer fee higher than the combined total of his predecessors.

  69. Dark Hei

    I like Jenks really.

    He has 4 qualities. Tackling, Crossing, lots of Running and Fan Loyalty.

    Everything else is however dire.

  70. Guns of SF

    El Neny and Jenks were wenger era gems

    Its laughable

    Just sums up how much wenger fell as a talent scouter

    I remember the hype around El Neny, and he scored some long shots in his first season but did not do a lot else. Still to this day. Loves to keep possesion and not much else.

    A game like this could have used another dribble in Suarez. We needed creativity and attack mindedness.

    Mustafi was utter shit. Today was the icing on the shit cake he makes

    I wonder what life would be like if he still had Holding and Bellerin and Wellbeck… I can say we might have more points as a result.

    Mustafi Jenks El Neny Licht Kos Monreal all need to be sold or just let go.

    I also feel Bellerin might not get his RB spot back as AMN has really done well there

  71. Tony

    Dark Hei
    “He (Jenks) has 4 qualities. Tackling, Crossing, lots of Running and Fan Loyalty.”

    That made me laugh!

    He has no positional sense or understanding of the offside rule.

    He does do lots of mindless running.

    He’s greedy sitting out his bloated contract instead of going to another team to better himself with playing time.

    He’s only playing now because we have no one else for RB.

    Lict was a Wengeresque signing and not playable at all, which at least Emery recognizes.

    But…….. Ozil had a good game, a great goal and would be great if he could play the remaining games with that passion and scoring more goals.

  72. Emiratesstroller

    The loss to Crystal Palace yesterday is a serious and costly blow whichever way you assess it. The cost could be failure to finish in top 4 this season and not qualifying for Champions League.

    The two games against Crystal Palace and Brighton should have been our bankers and it would have meant that it eased the onus on our winning more
    than one away game from the three against Wolves,Leicester and Burnley.

    Reviewing calmly yesterday’s team selections our starting X1 was not fit for
    purpose and highlights the inadequacies of the current Arsenal squad.

    The reality is that we have currently an acute shortage of personnel in our defence and midfield. That is down to poor recruitment and proper investment in the squad.

    You cannot blame Emery for that fact, but the idea that we are selecting yesterday players of the calibre of Jenkinson, Mavropanos, Guendouzi and Elneny in our starting lineup tells you everything you need to know about the
    inadequacies of our squad.

    You can also factor in Arsenal’s neglect under Wenger of proper investment in our defence going back a decade. As others have posted Mustafi has been
    a disastrous signing. He makes far too many mistakes.

    The announcement earlier this season that we will have very limited transfer
    budget this summer needs to be reversed. The lesson from yesterday is that
    the club needs in my view to replace at least 8 players in the squad as an absolute minimum.

    Those players are:
    CECH [retirement]
    LICHSTEINER [end of contract]
    MONREAL [end of contract]
    SUAREZ [should not exercise option]
    RAMSEY [end of contract]

    There are others in the squad I would also prefer to replace as well but we need to be realistic. “Rome is not built in a day”.

    Some of the positions can be filled at least in short term by bringing back 3 players out on loan namely Martinez [GK], Chambers [Utility] and Nelson [RW]. None of these players are in my view starting X1 material.

    So the absolute minimum number of players we need to recruit this summer
    is FOUR. These are:
    CB to replace MUSTAFI
    LB to replace MONREAL
    CMF to replace RAMSEY
    RW/AMF to replace MKHITARYAN

    Frankly even allowing that we make an “optimistic” £30-35 million from sales
    that will cost us at least another £100 million in investment.

    For once the club needs to go an extra mile and find that money whether or
    not we qualify for Champions League. It should not be insurmountable considering that we have a new contract with Adidas and a Bank Balance considerably larger than the COMBINED TOTAL of half the EPL including Liverpool, Spurs and Chelsea.

  73. Emiratesstroller

    This would be my squad lineup for next season:

    GK Leno
    GK Martinez
    CB New Player
    CB Sokratis
    CB Holding
    CB Koscielny
    RB Bellerin
    RB Maitland-Niles
    LB New Player
    LB Kolasinac
    DMF Torreira
    DMF Xhaka
    DMF Chambers [utility]
    CMF New Player
    CMF Guendouzi
    CMF Willock
    AMF Ozil
    AMF/RW New Player
    RW Nelson
    LW Iwobi
    ST Aubameyang
    ST Lacazette
    ST Welbeck

  74. Guns of SF

    I say its time to let Kos go as well. He cannot last another season without another serious injury
    Keep him in some aspect to help the club but not as a player
    We need to let Danny go as well… dude just cannot stay fit not worth taking another risk with him
    So add to that… we need a third striker, and another CB
    We need someone with size and speed as well…. Our back line is no taller than 6 ft bar Mavro. Holding is just over 6

    I think we need to be ambitious with our targets. if needed, some of these other can be sold too. Xhaka,

    3 games to win the Europa….

    I actually think we will win at Wolves for some reason. I think this loss can be a cataluyst

  75. Guns of SF

    if monreal leaves, we will need maybe 2 players in that position if Kola is not trusted as a pure full back

  76. Emiratesstroller

    Guns of SF

    Assuming that we buy a top class CB I would keep Koscielny as a fourth string

    I would keep Welbeck on my books as a squad utility forward who can play
    in any position along front line if required.

    I think that you need to be realistic. Arsenal are not going to spend £200 million+ in transfer window and more to the point we are not going to make
    wholesale changes to the squad.

    4 new additions plus 4 players who are currently out on loan or in U23 squad
    is already a material change.

  77. Tony

    “You cannot blame Emery for that fact,”

    Actually you can totally blame Emery for the extremely poor team selection as I have said in my earlier post.

    Emery had options albeit not great options but much better than Emery offered.

    It’s not rocket science ES if you have the rookie and untested Mavs and the calamitous and continually error prone Mustafi as CBs, you should play the strongest midfield possible to help avert any extra needless pressure from a quick, strong offensive team.

    Kola, Ozil should be sold as well other than that I can accept your player list as we don’t have the funds to replace Xhaka, Chambers and Kos.

    You suggested list is a cup and top 4 squad assuming we bring in new quality players who can hit the ground running or are from the PL.

    We won’t be challenging for the PL title any time soon nor offer a decent challenge in the CL if by some miracle we quality.

  78. Leedsgunner

    Hindsight is a wonderful thing and I could say Emery lost the game yesterday when he picked the team he did but I won’t. I liked his intention. To be honest when I saw the team news I was quite surprised on how positive, that is, attack minded, Emery chose to go. He effectively chose to go the same route that he went on Thursday that won the game for us but just chose his fringe players to fill the positions.

    The problem was, the fringe players like Elneny, Jenkinson and Mustafi weren’t good enough…although this isn’t from a lack of experience though. Whichever way you cut it, all three players Elneny, Mustafi and Jenkinson are all old enough to know better and should have been able to keep things defensively tight. They didn’t. At one point all three players committed errors which Palace exploited to the full.

    It’s clear that Jenkinson’s great performance for the U-23s in the middle of the week must have influenced Emery’s decision to play him. Shame, as I said before that W.illock wasn’t played at some point because although W.illock wasn’t played when they beat Chelsea U23s this week, generally he has been immense at this level. The boy is definitely ready to step up and offers more energy and flair then Elneny for sure. He should be given Elneny’s minutes.

    I see Mavropanos is getting a load of criticism this morning. This is unfair. He was left exposed by Mustafi and Jenkinson on a number of occasions. The boy is a decent player. In light of the impressive improvements that Holding, Maitland-Niles and Kolasinac have all made this season under Emery, the signs are good that Mavropanos can do the same especially with Sokratis alongside him as well next season… cut the boy some slack.

  79. Dark Hei


    I would think of Jenks as “prudent” rather greedy.

    If someone signs me up to clean the toilet for lots of money, I ain’t letting him bail. Especially if I know he is rich.

  80. Tony

    You are also correct ES that that game was a very big loss and dent in our CL qualification quest.

    It’s not so much about us playing Barca, RM and Bayern; we will likely be embarrassed by them as we are a long way off replicating Ajax, but it’s the loss of CL revenue that is much needed when we have an owner not interested in investing in his UK asset.

    Let’s be clear player acquisition is investing in a clubs assets that should accrue in value in the future.

    The problem for the Kroenkes is that Wenger and Gazidis continually lost money on players unlike most other PL clubs.

    LT, Leno and Guendouzi should now represent players whose values will increase, but I can understand Kroenke waiting to see more evidence of any investments on players paying dividends before opening is cheque book.

    If I were the Kroenkes I’d be pissed about the appalling Ozil, Ramsey and Sanchez/Mikhi business and the potential to lose money on Auba next season or the season after.

    So qualifying for the CL was crucial for our summer TW budget.

    Emery has potentially shot himself and the club in the foot yesterday.

    Still an outside chance on 2 fronts for CL football, but not if Emery commits selection kamikaze again like yesterday.

  81. Dark Hei


    I am with you.

    I wouldn’t blame the fringe players nor Emery.

    At anytime during a season, you have 1 or 2 games where all the fringe players come together to make hay and you get a massive headache.

    That is ok to me because that will eventually happen. You just minimize the amount of time it happens and credit to Emery, it has only happen once this season, which is now.

    I still remember the days when our roster management was rubbish and the fringe players were forced to play game after game because the first and second choice were both out for weeks.

  82. Leedsgunner

    Jenkinson had good loan spells and at one point, West Ham wanted him and offered £12m for him. Guess who said no. It wasn’t Jenkinson… I will give a clue. His name began with a “W” I think…?

  83. Tony

    Black Hei
    You do have a point regarding Jenks cheating the club out of money pretending to be a PL quality RB.

    Classic con job or let’s say he lacks principles where his moral compass it a bit skewed where he says he’s a life long Gooner but ………… his actions say differently by not acting in the club’s best financial interests.

    Jenks is championship level at best.

  84. Leedsgunner


    I don’t blame Emery particularly although I do blame three players mentioned for their mistakes.

    Like I said, they really should have known better to make the mistakes they did.

    Our mistakes defeated us as much as the opposition.

  85. Leedsgunner


    I believe Jenkinson wanted to go… but Wenger said no because West Ham dIdn’t meet his valuation.

  86. useroz

    Emery is supposedly an addict of video analysis so why on earth would he ( and his coaches ) tolerate the stupid mistakes from the defenders that continue to conceding cheap FKs and sometimes yellow cards.

    Mustafi, Papa, Kolac (even Monreal at times) have all been culprits.

    Most of the time, pushing /shoving someone at the back when the opposition was facing the wrong way. What for??

    Mav’s foul led straight to the first goal yesterday but that more about poor/ inexperienced defending..

    Papa’s yellow on his last PL game was a foul near the half way line ffs. So cheap and turns out hurting 2 of 3 games, and 6 points, during his suspension. Thing is, Papa bloody knew he just needed to stay clean for 90 mins. Well, that’s unprofessional.

    Regardless of how shit Spurs, Manure and chelsea may do next, Emery must fix the constant choking when we seem to have an upperhand. Not to mention the away form of course.

    It’d depend on available fund but i also feel Emery’s appetite, or lack thereof, of specific types of players may affect the outcome. Not dissimilar to his apparent adversity to use the 2 to 3 arguably tested young players throughout the PL season.

    At this stage of the fight, 3 pts in hand would always be better… and resting *so many* in one go seems bizarre decision of a tactician??

  87. Emiratesstroller


    If you look at my earlier posts I criticised Emery in team selections yesterday.

    The point I am making is that our current “squad” is substandard. That is clearly not his fault..

    Let’s be clear he has got three players out injured since November in Welbeck
    Holding and Bellerin. Suarez was recruited who has barely played a game since his arrival plus Jenkinson, Lichsteiner,Mavropanos and Elneny who have
    played virtually no football this season, because they are not good enough.

    That is 25% of the squad out injured or not fit for purpose before you start talking about injuries to Xhaka and Ramsey which are occupational hazard.

    That does not allow you much room for manoeuvre when you are playing 4 games in 10 days.

    Elneny’s mistake is that he should have played his best team in the home games which would probably have guaranteed 6 points.

  88. Bob N16

    Emery screwed up his selection yesterday. I’m a great believer in putting your best players out to start and taking off ‘red zone’ players when you have control of the game.

    There is no way he should have started Guendouzi and Elneny. This was clear after the Everton game. Emery himself acknowledged how poorly they had complimented each other.

    Mustafi and Jenkinson should not start for Arsenal again.

    I must admit being surprised when Mavrapanos was subbed at half time, I though been okay. It doesn’t say much but of our starting back 5, only Kos had been better.

    Kolasinac is a one trick pony. Due to his free transfer he’s on a really high salary. We could sell him for admittedly a reduced transfer fee, and invest the money in a proper defender, not a ‘wing back’. He cannot defend.

    Ozil had a good game but due to the lack of decent movement and passing in midfield, he was working with scraps.

    Emery gambled and lost.

  89. Emiratesstroller


    Arsenal are not going to change half their squad in the summer transfer window. That is completely unrealistic and also bluntly unproductive.

    Some of the changes suggested by others such as offloading Welbeck and Koscielny are pointless, because they are not going to generate transfer fees if
    they leave. Koscielny as fourth or fifth option centre back is fine and Welbeck
    providing that he recovers from his injury is a useful bench player.

    I don’t agree with you about Ozil or Kolasinac. My opinion about Ozil has always been different from that of most other posters. He was the one player
    yesterday who had an excellent game and in the right team/squad he is an excellent option. You cannot afford to lose both Ramsey and Ozil in same transfer window.

    Kolasinac is defensively not the best left back on planet, but when we play three centre backs as we have done recently he is fine. Personally I quite
    like him as a player.

  90. Valentin

    I would still like an explanation why we switched to a pure man marking system to defend corners. Our combination of zonal marking and man marking worked fine all last season and this season, despite Sunday two goals we still have the best record at set pieces.

    Arsenal just does not have the height in personnel to go full man marking against the majority of the PL team. Because Mavrapanos was substituted, we ended up with Torreira (smallest player on our side) marking Scott Dann.

    Personally I think that man marking at set pieces is a relic from another era that in the future will just disappear. Especially with the introduction of VAR, the days of wrestle to the ground your opponent and hope the referee has not seen you or does not have the bottle to signal penalty are over. Man marking incite people to grapple and wrestle their target more. Next season with VAR, that will lead to more penalty or a switch in mass to zonal marking.

  91. Emiratesstroller


    Your observation about our positioning on set pieces and corners is absolutely spot on particularly if you compare our recent performances against both Napoli and Watford where we defended well.

    Personally I put our poor performance yesterday to making six changes [3 in
    defence and 3 in midfield] which obviously impacted on our solidity.

  92. Valentin

    Unless I am mistaken, I thought that Wellbeck has already been told that he is not going to be offered a new contract.

    Kolasinac is a one trick pony, but he can be very good in a limited set of systems. He should work on his final ball. Also in game like Sunday, we miss Olivier Giroud who gave us a threat at crosses rather than cut-back. I remember reading a while ago the stat that this season we were second from bottom for headed goals from open play.

  93. Emiratesstroller


    I have not heard anything about Welbeck’s position. So far as I am aware the only player who was officially told that his contract would not be renewed is Ramsey.

  94. Valentin


    Still the club must have made a decision by now. Entering negotiation or releasing him. I hope that the club has communicated its decision to Wellbeck who deserves to be treated with respect.

    Surely by now the club has already its target for next season and be in a position to determine whether Wellbeck is in its plan. If the club is unsure whether he will fully recover, then a pay as you play deal for a year could still be proposed.

  95. Charlie George

    “””””So far as I am aware the only player who was officially told that his contract would not be renewed is Ramsey”””””

    And people still have faith in this New Regime?

    he prefers Elneny.

    Next season if he is charge – will be The Worst Arsenal Watch since the Rapheal Meade/Gus Caeasr days since the early 1980s.

    This man – ( emery) will lead us into a Europa Cup cul-de- sac season after season- unless we give him the boot.

    Patrick Vieira is waiting for us,

    Get a warrior in- and Get this wally out!

  96. Emiratesstroller


    I understood that Welbeck was actually making good progress fitness wise.

    Personally I would extend his contract for a couple of years provided that he did not seek an increase in wages.

    Arsenal appear to have a number of strikers coming through the system such as Nkietah and Balogun who are probably not ready to join first team squad in
    that time frame, but might well be long term prospects.

    Balogun appears to be lethal at Academy level if you look at his goal scoring stats.

  97. Lamia1

    Canny manager Hodgson told Bentake “don’t worry Christian, Arsenal are coming up, you won’t have a better opportunity to break your scoring drought than against this shit defence” and boy was he proved right.

    All football supporters are deluded to some extent expecting our teams will achieve things when logic suggest this is extremely unlikely. . eg we should beat Leicster and Wolves away, and of course we could, this is football after all, but given that we have the worse away record in the all the divisions is this really likely. The fact is we are a club in decline. We have a manager that reflects our current predicament.

    The realists on here recognise that in the foreseeable future we will be competing for the Everton trophy. Our main rivals will be Wolves (an ambitious club with aims for the top six, Leicester (a team full of exciting young players and the afore mentioned Everton.

    The football landscape is changing folks. Spurs are now ahead of us and if they keep Pochettino
    , add to that their new toilet bowl, the gap will only increase. Man U will not always be shit, nor Chelsea We cannot attract an elite manager, they have been and gone whilst our great leader was in charge. Our one hope is if we can find a good young manager with ideas, enthusiasm who can improve players. Unai Emery is not this manager. Look what Spurs have done with half our budget, Liverpool with intelligent signings. Its not impossible folks.

  98. Emiratesstroller

    Balogun has scored 24 goals in 18 games in the Premier U18 League. Whilst that
    does not guarantee success at EPL level those are goalscoring stats not to be ignored for a 17 year old.

  99. Charlie George

    Great Post Lamai

    off course – Emery is not this manager.

    Anyone with one iota of footballing nous- knew that from day one.

    The day we announce – Patrick Vieria – the whole dynamic- changes around our football club.

    We will no longer be non descript.

    Big Pat is a winner, a warrior- he will lead by example

    Every AFC fan will be behind him,
    WE would have moved on from post Wenger- The right way.

    Vieria has played under: Wenger/Ancelotti/Mancini/Mourinhio.

    He Captained our Invincibles.
    Let him try and manage The New Invincibles,

  100. englandsbest

    Everybody agrees Arsenal have a sub-standard squad, everybody is aware of long- and short-term injuries, everybody knows that regular players need a break – all of which are outside the manager’s control. And yet people blame him.

    Let’s admit that he has done better that any of us reasonably expected, and let us hope that this summer he will be given the tools to do the job properly.

    The squad needs strengthening in all areas – defence, midfield, attack.

  101. Tippitappi

    If Emery learned anything yesterday his back up is not up to the job especially if their going to be used wholesale . Clear the likes of Jenks ,el nenn& the likes ..inc mastafi on the cheap free up their wages and get in at least one half decent replacement leaving the summer transfer money such as it free for the bigger signings

  102. Alexanderhenry


    You may feel empowered by yesterday’s loss, but much of your criticism of Emery is plain silly.

    Of course he can attract top players to arsenal. He needs money to do that though, and lots of it.
    Whether he’ll get it or not is the issue.

    Overall, I think this summer transfer window is particularly important for arse nal fc.

  103. Valentin


    Balogun is the same type of striker than Lacazette, he may even have better technics but I don’t think that he is physically ready to play senior football.

    Nkethia had the same problem, with marvellous movement but a slight frame. However he has now developed his upper body strength. His link-up and hold-up play is quite good even against big defenders.

  104. Champagne Charlie

    Effective rotation is part of management, an integral part more and more so.

    What this season has highlighted is you can’t ‘freeze out’ or ignore players and then expect those same players to suddenly perform to the level required when your usual lot are suspended/broken.

    Elneny, Jenks, Mavrapanos, and the like, should have far more minutes this season (if they’re the ones deemed serviceable squad members) than they do. It’s not been done well at all, which could prove costly at this stage of the season.

  105. Charlie George

    What top young pro soccer player would want to play for Emery- if other coaches also want the same player?

    what does he offer young players? A Clipboard?

    he has just loaned out an injured ESR? Who has now returned – INJURED still( by all accounts)

    If we had Vieria- everyone young KID would want to play for this Iconic Superstar.

    Frankly- anyone who is backing Emery- must be delusional.

  106. Emiratesstroller

    I made it clear in my post that neither academy striker is ready for first team
    football at this stage of their career, which is why I would keep Welbeck on the

    However, at some stage Arsenal need to gamble that some of their youngsters are good enough to progress into first team.

    If they are not then there is little point in investing millions in our Academy

    Arsenal need now to create both short and long term strategies of investment
    to build a first team squad fit for purpose.

    The short term is to get us into top 4 in league on regular basis so that we qualify for Champions League.

    The long term is to start winning again League Titles.

  107. Emiratesstroller

    Charlie George

    I do not disagree that Patrick Vieira may well be the one ex Arsenal player who
    turns out to be a good Manager/Head Coach. Whether he would choose to manage at Arsenal in preference to Man City or a Continental team is debatable.

    However, I would not write off Emery just yet, simply because he has made a
    couple of team miscalculations in recent games.

    What yesterday proved beyond all reasonable doubt is that there is an awful lot of dross in our squad which he has inherited.

    The squad is not fit for purpose and that is why the owner and board need to
    provide adequate investment plus a clear brief on how money is to be spent.

    Short term we need to replace at least eight players this summer either by buying players or promoting from academy and those loaned out this season.

    Long term I would like to see Arsenal become more selective in transfer policy and buy ‘top quality PROVEN talent’ whilst bringing through one or two
    proven youngsters in every cycle.

  108. englandsbest

    To be blunt, Arsenal have few players that measure up to Man C/Liverpool standards – and one of them is off to Juventus. To acquire, overnight, a team of that calibre (on paper) would require the far side of half a billion pounds in the transfer market.

    The common view is that the most Emery will get is circa £40m net – IMO it will be less. So no quick fix.

    We all have possible solutions – mine would be to get rid of Stan. But the key decision is Emery’s.

    By now he must know the size of the task – years and years of plodding endeavour.

    Wait a minute, optimists will say…it only took Klopp three/four years.

    Yes but the German inherited a full tank and an ownership committed to success on the pitch. Whereas, Emery has little of value to sell and an owner whose only concern is the bottom line.

    So what would I do if I were Emery? Probably resign.

    Or else I’d get rid of ALL the dross (Mesut first on the list) and replace them with young eager athletic players, and I’d drill them till they drop.

  109. Valentin

    I think that Nkethia is ready for first team football. I also believe that he would be a better fit than Aubameyang, Especially now that we have abandoned that high pressing tactic. Aubameyang is a pure penalty box finisher. His movement there is lethal, however his contribution to Arsenal play outside the box is non-existent. When played in combination with Lacazette, He is wasted on the left side.

  110. Dark Hei


    Jenks was seen as a cheap backup to Sagna who was out standing.

    The difficulty was bringing in someone in who is willing to play that backup role.

    Down the line, he won an England Cap due to his performances. His wage package was a reflection of that, and plus he is HG.

    We have seen a lot of this in the market and given players limited money-making years, they got to take it while it lasts.

    You see the likes of Drinkwater and who was that Aston Villa guy who went off to City, pull the same thing.

    To put things in context, even a professional boxer has a longer career. So I wouldn’t put the “greedy” label on them.

  111. Emiratesstroller


    I agree with a lot of what you wrote apart from your comment about Ozil.

    Ozil is a symptom of the problem, but not its cause and at 30 with a wage packet of £350K pw is unsaleable. You cannot afford to shit out both Ramsey and Ozil on freebies in one transfer window and hope to replace them with equivalent players .

    Personally I would keep Ozil one more year and focus on recruiting in defence
    and a replacement for Ramsey.

  112. Charlie George

    E S
    The day we move Emery out
    Is the day we can move forward

    With Vieria
    With youth
    With pace and power

    and with a United AFC fan base.
    If you want stodge- Emery is your man.

  113. useroz

    Let’s go video analysis. I watched all of the Palace goals again and it’s actually not hard to identify the issues.

    1st goal. Instead of moving up with Kos et al, Jenk moved back towards goal and made Benteke onside. Unlike first impression (real time), it wasn’t Mustafi per se. Jenk’s lack of playing time or just not good enough?

    2nd goal. Clearly a ‘Mustafi case’. Beneteke flicked the route 1 ball and it landed near the goal side of Mustafi around 25+ yard out. Bread and butter stuff for most PL defenders except Mustafi stopped like having a heart attack. Btw Leno was not to blame.

    3rd goal. Valentin pretty much covered it. Curious why Torreira was marking Scott Dann (and wrestled on the ground afterwards), though, the CBs didn’t pick up whoever scored. Just not v good defending.

    In the past, I remarked on how ordinary our MF / forwards shoot. Seriously this has to change, despite our apparent top shots to goals ratio. Perhaps

    Laca started a sharp shooter however slips and dithers a lot these days. Must do better with those half/ good chances, like the poor contact from 6 yards out.

    Don’t mention Iwobi. Emery should make him watch Sterling videos all day. Seriously his shot in 80+ min was shocking, though, not unexpected. Almost a back pass to the goalie! The goal was very open to his right, if he placed it, or could put his foot through it. He did neither.

    It’s been a problem for us, lacking a consistent 3rd and 4th goal scorers, say, 8 to 10 goals a season. Where’s our Son, Lampard, Pires??

    Guendouzi holding onto the ball and gets dispossessed when he’s trying to look for forward passes, vs just moving it along in which case he’s ok. I rather he learns than becoming the next Elneny or Denilson.