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Late post today because I am MOVING to a quieter place, so I’ve been packing like an absolute hero.

Today marks the 1-year anniversary of Arsene Wenger being told he wouldn’t be taking charge of the next season.

It was a fucking beautiful moment in Arsenal’s history.

It marked the end of the slowest car crash in Premier League history. Ivan Gazidis finally plucked up the courage to move the manager on and it was utterly glorious.

Do I miss the man? In a weird way, of course I do. He was a great character, always had something interesting to say, he was and always will be an absolute legend. Even the last ten years can’t take away from the epic imprint he left on Arsenal football club.

However, I’m not playing into this weird twitter driven anniversary like so many of the pathetic cucks out there. Honestly, it’s so vom inducing how many Arsenal fans want to get behind the wrong sort of footballing traditions. This is an anniversary for Arsenal, the day we broke free from the grip of a manager who was out of control on power, it’s not a day we should be celebrating. If you are about to send out the invite for a #MerciArsene party, stop yourself. Don’t be an embarrassment. Celebrating the day a manager was fired like a death of a princess is beyond pathetic and it’s patronising. You think Wenger is out there popping corks?

If I were to celebrate, it’d be the win over all those awful people who backed Wenger because they felt like doing so meant they somehow radiated some of his intellectualism. ‘Careful what you wish for’… imagine being the sort that said that over and over for ten years when all the evidence pointed to the opposite.

If there were something worth celebrating today, it’d be the fact that Unai, Raul and Sven addressed the issues of Arsenal inside 2 transfer windows.

Hiring a coach that is tactically astute, one that is brave enough to pivot when he’s wrong, a man who has us competing again.

Sure, it’s not perfect, but no one asked for that, did they? We just wanted someone who could move us onto the next level. We are winning big games now, we’re playing exciting football, and the players are working for the fans.

When was the last time you were excited for anything Arsenal at this stage of the season?

Now we can look forward to the summer because it’ll be productive… we can look forward to next season because we’ll get even better… we are fans of a normal run football club.

This day should be celebrated as Arsenal day because it’s the day we got our Arsenal back. Hard to argue that now, right?

That’s me done, I am off out for ONE beer.

Huge game in the morning… COME ON YOU GOONERS! x

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  1. Leftsidesanch

    Ryan coming in well off pace with a 1st, okay lol

    well that was easy. Time to read the blog and watch the boxing fights.

  2. Leftsidesanch

    Cannot remember the last time this late in the season where there was such unpredictability about where things could go mixed with optimism too.

  3. Guns of SF

    Im buzzing

    My little 8 year olds team got hammered twice today, but he played like a fucking champ – right back and right wing and striker, his coach played him all over. he- scored a goal in each game which was pretty damn hard to do against the opposition.

    So proud..all the dads on the board, know that feeling….

    His dream is to play for Arsenal and he is a Gooner throughout this little skinny kid..

    just wanted to share that…. 🙂

  4. Jamie

    Wenger, the poor sod, really took some licks before he was jettisoned from the club.

    The one I felt the most for him was his 1000th game in charge (vs Mourinho). 6 nil or something. How he managed to get up the next morning is beyond me.

    If he had just left after the 1st of the recent FA Cup wins..

    Not feeling confident about tomorrow. Papa is suspended, so Mustafi will have to play. He’ll be mince against Zaha. No Ramsey, Xhaka unlikely. Leaves Torr and Guendouzi in midfield. Hopefully our strikers have their shooting boots on and we outscore them.

  5. David Smith

    Suspect Josh Kroenke ultimately had more say in Wengers removal than Ivan Gazidis, but take the point

  6. Pedro

    We should sign the guy from Lille…

    Cannot believe Sven went to Stuttgart. Thought he’d find somewhere fancier than that.

  7. Leedsgunner

    We are competing on two fronts late on this season rather than giving excuses on why we failed again on four.


  8. Marko

    If I were to celebrate, it’d be the win over all those awful people who backed Wenger because they felt like doing so meant they somehow radiated some of his intellectualism. ‘Careful what you wish for’… imagine being the sort that said that over and over for ten years when all the evidence pointed to the opposite.

    *Slow clap (with one tear on cheek)

  9. Marko

    I also would prefer Luis Campos or Paul Mitchell but in saying that I’d absolutely take Edu over Zubizurretta or that Fernandez fella. Nothing to do with them being Spanish or any shite like that just more about their track record isn’t that impressive. Edu isn’t either but he’s young and he’ll probably have some interesting fresh ideas on how to improve the squad. Problem is when is he taking over? After the Copa America in Brazil in June/July? How does that work? Would we be going off targets he recommends? Cagigao? Raul? Perhaps something Sven left behind? Be interesting either way

  10. Pedro

    Marko, do you live in Ireland? Are you up late or early?

    Chitom. Absolutely not. But he’s saucy enough for me at the moment.

  11. Dissenter

    “Cannot believe Sven went to Stuttgart. Thought he’d find somewhere fancier than that.

    You’re too impressionable my friend
    I always asserted that it was Michael Zorc who had the magic touch at BVB
    Sven was found out at Arsenal – his life is not the same since then

  12. China1

    I’m too knackered to post on here regularly these days but good article

    I’m slightly concerned about our injuries and suspensions ahead of this game but I do think we have momentum on our side so I believe we’ll find a win even if it’s not without it’s difficulties

    I’m calling this 3:2 arsenal. I’ll take wins any which way they come tho

  13. Tony

    Looks like my gut feeling was right regarding City losing to Spuds in the CL but beating them in the PL yesterday.

    Essential we get 3 points today.

    Everton winning would be perfect but can’t see Chelsea losing to Burnley.

  14. Guns of sf

    Would like to see a whipping on palace but might not happen

    Goal difference might come into play so was upset city didn’t add more goals to spurs

    Hopefully emery is keeping everyone’s head clear and focused for palace

  15. Tony

    Whilst I appreciate Edu’s knowledge regarding the South American market I still feel Overmars was the better choice for us.

    Although Overmars recently signed a new contract with Ajax my experience in business is a very high % of people have a price that they can be bought for.

    For a experienced elite footballer that is outside of our budget, but for proven management is a different story.

    We just wasted what? £2million? on a loan for Suarez, which could have been put towards buying Overmar’s out of his contract and incentivizing him to join us.

    I’m not against Edu and liked him as a player, I just think Overmars was the right fit for us when you look at the Ajax team right now.

    Even if we don’t know exactly how much player acquisition/playing identity input Overmars had for Ajax, he no doubt was a significant part of their growth or why would Ajax tie him down to a long term contract?

  16. Tony

    Got to love Cesc’s “I know who you are”

    Another guy who has The Arsenal close to his heart.

    Would love him to coach for us.

    ‘You won’t win anything again this season’: Cesc Fabregas takes aim at Tottenham after ex-player Graham Roberts taunts him on Twitter
    Cesc Fabregas has become embroiled in a Twitter spat with a Tottenham legend
    Fabregas appeared to dismiss Spurs’ chances of winning the Champions League
    Graham Roberts suggested the Spaniard had too much spare time on his hands

  17. Upstate Gooner

    Congrats on your son’s achievements, Guns. Know exactly how that feels. My 12-year old plays tennis, and he’s actually pretty darn good at it (already on a varsity team while still in middle school) but my proudest moment so far of him was him winning the Pi (3.14) contest this past March. He memorized… 122 digits of the number after the decimal point. Math major myself so was feeling super proud. Anyway, I’m out. Super tired as we just got back from our Cancun vacation and it’s a bit late here in Upstate New York. Poured myself a drink before going to bed and read a bit of Le Grove comments. Wanted to share my story as well. Cheers!

  18. Guns of sf

    Congrats upstate
    Love Cancun too- playa del Carmen and Cozumel

    How we sometimes live vicariously through our kids. Here I am seeing him on the field as now 20 year old playing for arsenal

    Who knows maybe someday

  19. Leftsidesanch

    Hopefully we can come through today unscathed as we have a tough away game on Wednesday. The schedule is tense right now.

  20. GuNZ

    In the UK for a wedding. My son-in-law to be is a Palace season ticket holder. He told me that if I put £20 on a 5-1 Arsenal win it would return over £800. So I did. Then he started laughing at me.

  21. Edd

    Tony, I believe the final 2 champions league place will be contested between spurs, Arsenal, and Chelsea. I wrote off Man-u a couple of weeks ago and expect to the proven right in their next 3 fixtures.

  22. Tony

    That was my thinking, too

    Will be hell of a match and we’re due a win against them, especially at a neutral ground.

  23. Tony

    I went on record a while ago and said I didn’t think we would qualify for CL football by either route.

    I’m currently not so convinced of that opinion and will give it a 50/50 possibility rather than the 60/40 against of my post weeks ago.

    However that could well change if we lose against Palace today where I feel confident of the win.

  24. Alexanderhenry


    ‘When was the last time you were excited for anything Arsenal at this stage of the season?’

    Bit of an awkward truth, but the three FA cup finals spring to mind.

    Also, let’s be honest, where we are in the league now is where we were at this stage throughout most of Wenger’s second half:

    Surely it’s more positive and ambitious to look at where the club were during Wenger’s first ten years instead of dwelling on the chaotic end of his tenure.

    We are currently very far from that point and I still can’t think of a single current arsenal player who’d make the invincibles first XI.
    Maybe Lacazette would make the bench.

    I’m very impressed with Emery so far but let’s not get carried away.

  25. David Smith

    Interesting how Graham Roberts is so regularly referred to as a Spurs legend.
    Possibly scraping the barrel a bit for legends. As far as I know he hasn’t been convicted of anything, but enough rumours and accusations of his time at various clubs, including managing Clyde and Carshalton to seriously at least ask questions whether the words “legend” and Graham Roberts should ever appear in the same sentence. If half of these things are true, the guy is a complete tool.
    As for his career, he won a couple FA Cups, but so did Theo Walcott. UEFA Cup as well, but the Spurs fans and their friends in the media are now saying such pots are meaningless, we shall see about that come the end of the season if Cesc is right.

  26. bennydevito

    Morning and Happy Easter Grovers!

    Good post Pedro, although I’m not quite sure if you’re being genuine or sarcastic… 🤔🤣

    PedroApril 21, 2019    02:03:16

    Chitom. Absolutely not. But he’s saucy enough for me at the moment


    Saucy enough absolutely, for a couple of seasons at least until one of ex players is ready, hopefully anyway, and I’m pretty sure that’s how all of us feel who have been defending Emery from the hordes of trolls led by CG.

  27. bennydevito

    ThomasApril 21, 2019    09:09:53

    “we’re playing exciting football”


    Emerys brand of football is anything but exciting.


    Thomas’s brand of commenting is anything but accurate.

  28. bennydevito

    Got to say I’m as hugely underwhelmed by the potential appointment of Edu as our technical director as I was at the news of Emery taking over from Wenger.


    I found Edu a very meh player along with Gberto Silva and I for one would much rather Overmars.

    What does Edu know of the European market? What’s the point of hiring someone who’s expertise is going to be the south American market, a market which will have even more Visas and work permit issues because of the Brexit situation?


    How uninspiring.

    But then again I felt that way about Emery and so far he’s proving me wrong so what do I know?