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What an unbelievable night for Arsenal.

We went away to one of the most devastating attacking teams in world football and nullified them.

We made them look average.

Arsenal used their physical advantage and made a Carlo team look like a group of school kids.

Emery out thought one of the greatest managers to have graced the game.

Our players held their focus and kept a clean sheet over 180 minutes.

We landed our SECOND clean sheet away from home in a week.

We took on a high-pressure game and DID NOT bow.

The players everyone said were Wengerfied stuck a big middle finger up to world and showed the way forward.

Arsenal demonstrated that they can rise to the occasion. We showed that we want to be in the mixer come what May. We delivered a stunning result.

I don’t want to overegg this, but fuck it, I am going to. This is what we bought into. This is why we changed manager. This is what we wanted.

The most important part of this week for me is that it is clear we have a manager that doesn’t have an ego when it comes to his methods.

How many seasons have we watched the same mistakes made over and over again? About 10. I almost couldn’t fathom the notion of a manager that would pivot. Someone who’d assess what’s going wrong and make a better choice. Someone who’d suck up their pride for the greater good of the club.

Last night was all about Emery for me. That’s his imprint on the team. It was fucking majestic.

Now we have to go on and make it happen again in semifinals against Valencia. Our season can still go to shit. The players need to retain focus. Nothing is won in Aprill.

However… I will savour this moment. That was a big night in Europe and we shone by playing the game, not the team. A tactical masterclass. ARSENAL DOING A TACTICAL MASTERCLASS.


See you in the comments.

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  1. Marc

    We should start looking to play some mind games on the Wolves and Leicester players. Pick out one or two players and start leaking (false) rumours that we’re going to spend big on them in the summer. See if we can turn their heads.

  2. Dream10

    Thought we were okay yesterday. Quality strike by Lacazette which did the job. Koscielny and AMN good again. We did look stretched at times. Very happy that Napoli were below average for a large portion of the 180 minutes. If we play like this against Valencia, we’ll be knocked out.

  3. Dream10

    Ramsey struggling for fitness at the wrong time for us. Xhaka and Torreira carrying knocks too. We’re likely to see a Elneny/Guendouzi pairing in a match over the next couple of weeks.

  4. Words on a Blog


    Yeah, get John Cross to write about how we’ve upped our “war chest” to £100m and we’re looking to buy James Maddison and Ruben Neves

  5. Words on a Blog


    I’m disappointed that you’re not taking in all the relevant lessons from our resident tactical experts, headed by Pierre.

    His line is that we were average last night, for the following reasons:

    1) ?
    2) ??
    3) ???

  6. Marko

    Ramsey is more disciplined but run more. He also run more as a CM than a CAM

    Yep. Especially recently in CM because he was getting forward and helping in attack and then getting back. Whereas when we play him or people like Mhiki and particularly Ozil they’re given more of a free role. This is all pretty obvious by the way.

    But nothing new there, when the facts don’t support your argument, the facts must be we wrong.

    That’s rich coming from you. Again yet to prove double training sessions. Yet to prove that Steve Rowley is back at the club. And Eboue doesn’t have AIDS. And yet you said all these things.

    yes when Ramsey who is already nursing a tight hamstring is asked to play CAM, there is a greater risk of injury.

    Here he goes again tight hamstring? From the Newcastle game “Aaron Ramsey’s groin injury sustained against Newcastle will be assessed in the coming days but is not thought to be serious”. And since then he came on against Everton played 90 mins against Napoli and 68 minutes against Watford. No sign of nursing a tight hamstring. Seems to be one of those times where you make things up to try to blame the manager for something or infer some negligence.

  7. Marc


    Even if we only have the £40 million that has been quoted (which I think is wrong) then with the sales of some Elneny and Chambers you’d not be far short.

  8. Words on a Blog


    Charlie George: “A skittish and misguided post by Pedro today. After a valiant period of resistance, he has finally been tempted by the bribes and the coercive tactics of the Spanish/Catalan/ Basque mafia who have taken over our beloved club.”

    Vive l’Alsace! Vive la resistance!

  9. jwl

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  15. Charlie George

    A totally indulgent hyperbolic post by the clearly over excitable PedRo- but netherless I thanks him for it.

    To describe this Napolese team as one of the most dangerous attacking forces in Europe – is balderdash of the highest order.

    We did make them average
    Because they are average

    Their scores all seasons are testimony to their averageness.

    Liverpool 5 Napoli 0

    But – to be fair it was a controlled , energetic and very successful Italian Job.

    Emery is clearly more George Graham than Arsene Wenger in his managerial philosophy.

    But. As Gambo (??) rightly stated weeks ago.
    Is it not this very Europa Cup obsession of Emery going to ultimately stop us being a CL side ?

    The Europa Cup does not pay The Bills!
    The CL does.

  16. Guns of SF

    The key now, is to maintain focus for every game and not get over excited.
    Im sure Emery has had spies at Valencia matches for about a few games already with his meticulous prep.

    He knows the team and style, etc. Im sure he will be working to nullify them and strategize

  17. Pierre

    The problem is , Ramsey has never been able to manage his own body , he is in his late twenties now and he still pushes his body to the limit in games when he doesn’t have to .

    How many times over the years have we seen Ramsey making lung bursting runs to get into the box even if we were 2/3 goals up just to get on the score sheet…
    Funny thing is , you never see him making the same lung bursting runs to get back into defensive positions.

    He needed a manager to restrain him and I thought Emery was the man for this a few week when he slotted him into centre mid but alas , it wasn’t to be , he decided to let him off the leash and the inevitable happened ……injured.

  18. theLowCrows

    LOL, how salty was Mertens after the game? I’m quite okay with being the underdogs against Valencia because that can actually help us.

    Methinks we should also start a rumor that Arsenal are interested in signing Mertens. Would be hilarious to see if he gets flattered and gets his agent to look at making this happen.

  19. Charlie George

    I hope I was not too harsh on our author PedRo.
    But -when the day arrives and when we finally win the Champions League- I do hope he has a good nurse on standby.

    He seems a very excitable and easily pleased chap!

  20. ddkingz

    the team whose going have a tough match getting to the Europa league final is going to be Chelsea… Frankfurt are a goal scoring side… and I expect them to give Chelsea all sort of problems in the semi’s…

    I’m expecting sarri to start all his big boys in the first leg… since it the best chance of getting cl football.

  21. London gunner


    Get over yourself you wenger loving fool. Be happy for the team even though the incompetent doesn’t manage us anymore.

    God is this even an arsenal blog. Salty posters after we win against a top italian team.

  22. Graham62


    No rush to win the CL.

    Wenger didn’t do it in 22 years.

    Actually, he never won a European trophy of any sorts.

    Not a bad track record for an elite manager.


    Great post. Very positive and upbeat.

    Just what the doctor ordered.

  23. Charlie George

    London Gunner

    I am guessing it comes down to a binary choice.

    Pragmatic Soccer ( emery)
    Artistic /Excting Soccer( Wenger)

    I prefer caviar you can have your Macdonalds.

  24. Marko

    Artistic /Excting Soccer( Wenger)

    Huh? Wenger didn’t do exciting football since the summer he sold Cesc Fabregas.

  25. Graham62

    London Gunner

    I’ve come to the conclusion that CG is an imposter.

    He is not who he says he is.

    How can he be? Who in their right mind would continue to spout out to much nonsensical garbage on a daily basis and claim to be an Arsenal supporter.

    50 years an Arsenal fan. I don’t think so.

  26. Charlie George

    I accept that
    And Wenger should have gone a few seasons ago.

    But all the good stuff Wenger incorporated is now being erased. And we are SLOWLY reverting to Mourinho/Graham tactics- and most are lauding this change of tact.

    I think we should aim to play attacking, artistic, winning football with youngsters from our youth team every game and not all of a sudden revert back to circa 1980s football

    Because thats where we are heading….under Emery…

  27. Versus

    How good will it feel to win the Europa league in the 15th Anniversary since we last won the Premier League. These are milestone years.

    The next 5 years are huge for the board. Emery won’t be here to see out all 5 years. So the next few players bought/renewed on 3 or 4 year contracts are going to be the ones to either win us a league before 20 years (smdh) or they will be the ones to bear the burden.

    Players like Koz ozil mikhi mustaphi cech Monreal probably won’t be here in 5 years. This is why many fans say we need to cash in now or free up wage funds now. In order to build a title winning team within the next 5 years.

  28. Pierre

    Is Charlie George another of your Alias’s , his comments on Emery are very similar to your condemnation of the former Arsenal manager.

    You do seem to be making a meal out of his comments

    You say “He is not who he says he is., He is an imposter” ..Maybe you know something we dont.

  29. Marc


    Firstly Wenger didn’t have loads of kids that came through the youth system in any of his successful seasons. As for attractive football firstly Emery is having to rebuild a team from almost scratch let’s judge him on the style of football when he’s had another summer, secondly it’s subjective and ultimately about goals scored.

    Arsenal goals scored at end of season:

    18 – 74
    17 – 77
    16 – 65
    15 – 71
    14 – 68
    13 – 72
    12 – 74
    11 – 72
    10 – 83

    Arsenal currently have scored 66 if you pro rata that over 38 matches that would be 76 even if you knock a few off it’d put Emery on track to be hitting a similar number to Arsenal teams over the last decade or so.

    Just fucking say it – You want Wenger back.

  30. Marc


    He said in the comments section of the previous post he’s from Alsace. Once you know that it all falls into place. He’d never heard of Arsenal until Wenger joined us, he supported Arsenal because we had a manager from where he was from. The Charlie George moniker is his desperate attempt to cover up the truth of what he is.

    Guy’s full of shit and needs to fuck off to either Untold or preferably another team when Wenger get’s a new job.

  31. Charlie George

    One imposter here.
    You ‘imposing ‘yourself as an Arsenal fan.
    You do not love The Arsenal.
    Because if you did – you would appreciate and marvel at the brilliance and (weakness )of our Greatest Manger.

    Your contempt for a man of such integrity and decency ( Wenger) is shameful.
    Totally shameful.

  32. Marko

    But all the good stuff Wenger incorporated is now being erased

    You’re not getting it dummy they were erased years ago by him. We’ve been playing shit football by and large for a few years now.

  33. Jamie

    Charlie George is French? Quelle surprise.. No wonder he’s infatuated with Arsene Wenger. Another one of these “I’ve supported Arsenal for 50 years” assholes attempting to give themselves some credibility when really they’ve only known the Wenger years. Embarrassing carry-on.

  34. Charlie George

    I am not French
    Saying I was born in the same city as the previous manager was my failed attempt at irony..

    Words …. have a word…..

  35. Marc

    “I am not French
    Saying I was born in the same city as the previous manager was my failed attempt at irony..”

    Talk about all over the place. I suppose if you tell enough lies eventually no one knows if anything you say is the truth.

  36. Graham62


    Thanks for the compliment.

    Just for your information, I respected Wenger once. However, I came to realise long ago he was leading us down the garden path. You, and a few others on this planet, didn’t.

    He may, in your eyes, be this super duper human being that deserves our utmost respect for what he did for the club but, as far as I’m concerned, he was guilty of so many misdemeanours and embarrassments over the past decade of his tenureship, that any respect I once had for him completely evaporated because of this.

    The problem is my falling out of love with Wenger lasted over a decade and was based on years of familiar and predictable failings. You, on the other hand, are showing total disrespect towards Emery, without giving him a chance.

    That my friend is far more shameful and shows that you are still in a state of denial and don’t have the good (genuine love ) of the club at heart.

    All the best.

  37. Charlie George

    Fair rebuttal and a very conciliatory tone.

    Charlie George 1 Graham 1.

    Charlie George win on pens.

  38. SpainishDave

    We are very disjointed going forward , crosses are a waste as our players do not jump, Mikki never jumps. Kos doesn’t look up he just hits and hopes.
    Emery has no plan in the last third

  39. Marc

    “Emery has no plan in the last third”

    Err third highest scorer’s in the league ahead of the amazing Spud’s. I don’t know whether we have commenter’s who don’t think, don’t know or don’t read the comments they make.

    I really fucking wonder some days.

  40. Pierre

    Marc and Marko

    The self professed paragons of virtue.

    It must be such hard work being so perfect and honest.

    Pity you haven’t a sense of humour .

  41. Marko

    Pity you haven’t a sense of humour .

    What are you talking about every single day I’m laughing my ass off at the diatribe you constantly write

  42. Marc


    I’ve never said I’m perfect, I never claim my opinions as fact unless I can back them up with numbers etc.

    The only posters I go after are the clowns who are clearly looking to undermine the club to promote Wenger.

    If SpanishDave had said we need to improve our attacking and get it more balanced I’d agree in an instant. We desperately need some width who can dribble etc – that’s my opinion anyway.

    You should try and grow a pair and be honest before accusing anyone else of anything.

  43. Marc

    Strange thing is me and Marko don’t agree on much – it’s just a few of the fucking idiots on here that bring us into line.

  44. Victorious

    PedroIs this le-grove or Untold?

    Funny u didn’t ask this under the previous manager

    Oh no you were busy hating on the club and literally wishing for us to lose games

  45. Pierre

    Spanish Dave has a point actually.

    We do look disjointed going forward ….maybe after years of watching the Arsenal play with such style , imagination and quality , the football isn’t quite so easy on the eye these days.

  46. Victorious

    A bit hypocritical the usual suspects are in haste to reach for the pitchforks in lambasting CG

    He’s literally doing what the likes of J. oe was going to the previous manager except same lot were calling him a hero

    Normally you would laugh over it if it wasn’t so painful

  47. Marc


    It was a piss poorly made point – hence my previous comment.

    Saying it’s fucking shit when clearly it’s not it bollocks. As I said pick up a point about where we need to be stronger or could improve and I’ll agree or disagree.

    What do you think of the Spud’s attack?

  48. mysticleaves

    ”He’s literally doing what the likes of J. oe was going to the previous manager except same lot were calling him a hero”

    It’s not even the same and you know it. Emery just came. considering conditions he met, has hardly put a foot wrong. But Wenger, even excusing the austerity years, still fuck up 3/4 years.

  49. Pierre

    He didn’t say it was shit , he said it was disjointed , and it is.

    Yes we have scored a number of goals because we have very good offensive players that have by and large remained fit all season.
    The problem is the chopping and changing of formations and personnel makes it very dIfficult for offensive players .
    Hence we look disjointed , or course one may say that the chopping and changing may be one of the reasons why our strikers have stayed fit. .swings and roundabouts I suppose.

  50. Marc

    “Yes we have scored a number of goals because we have very good offensive players that have by and large remained fit all season.
    The problem is the chopping and changing of formations and personnel makes it very dIfficult for offensive players .
    Hence we look disjointed , or course one may say that the chopping and changing may be one of the reasons why our strikers have stayed fit. .swings and roundabouts I suppose.”

    Emery is doing well with a severely unbalanced squad something he inherited from your “dear leader”. Not a single genuine wide player with pace in the senior squad.

    Maybe you should give him some support and see what he can manage with a season under his belt followed by a transfer window to put things right.

  51. BacaryisGod

    Around 75 minutes into the match, I turned to my 12 year old son and said ‘this is such a boring game. Isn’t that great?’.

    We made a nasty looking fixture look like a stroll. AMN continues to improve and I just wish the Kozzer/ Sokratis partnership had started 7 years ago.

  52. Pierre

    I’ve paid Emery many compliments….earlier I congratulated him on his tactical masterclass in playing 2 holding midfielders, wing backs not so advanced , a CAM and our 2 strikers together ….

    Even your friend Marko couldn’t dispute that I have been advocating playing that way since the beginning of the season ( especially away from home)😉

  53. TheLegendaryDB10


    The problem is the chopping and changing of formations and personnel makes it very dIfficult for offensive players .

    The problem is also down to the fact that the majority of the team (who played under AW) never learnt tactics until now. It is all very new to them.

    So yes they are confused as they have had so much to learn, but they are slowly grasping all the subtleties of changing tactics mid game.

    Cf last nights game where the team did what was asked of them.

    These two away wins, particularly last nights, I hope, will have boosted their confidence.

  54. Graham62


    Who is Pedrols?

    Never hated the club. Never hated Wenger. Yes, to end his tenureship and destruction of the club, considered losing games to end the nightmare.

    Shoot me!!

    As for CG:

    Remember, Emery 11 months on the job. Wenger 22 years. Slight difference don’t you think?
    Joe based his perceptions on years of failings, whereas Charlie is just annoyed that Emery is not Wenger reincarnated.

  55. Marc

    “The problem is the chopping and changing of formations and personnel makes it very dIfficult for offensive players .”

    Wasn’t Pep praised on here for his fluid approach to tactics, how he’d get his teams to change formations several times a match to keep the opposition on their toes?

    Guy’s spent a fortune, had 3 summer transfer windows and gets all the praise in the world, Emery gets 8 months give or take and isn’t good enough.

  56. HighburyLegend

    lol I think Pedro is a little too “expansive” in this post…

    Good performance from the lads, but Napoli are now the ghost of the team they were during the first part of the seaon.
    So let’s enjoy this result, while keeping our feet on the ground.

  57. TheLegendaryDB10


    Telling the truth as always (I’ll avoid the CG sucking up as much as it sounds like it 😁)! Auba, particularly, but Laca as well are indeed really wasteful.

    The problem, as has been mentioned before, is that other players in the team are also guilty of not helping out enough.

    These stats show the drop between Auba (top scorer this season so far) and Laca, who have 23 and 16 respectively, and the following two who are Mhki (!) and Rambo who are both on 6 goals so far this season.

    We need the other players in the team to contribute a little bit more to help out with the goal scoring.

  58. Marc


    Give us a wide player who gets into double figures and a CM / CAM who can stay fight and contribute throughout the season and we’re on City / Liverpool levels of goals scored.

    The summer is going to be interesting. First and foremost though is to focus on Sunday, dropped points against Palace will not only be a knock to confidence but undo all the work of the last week or so.

  59. TheLegendaryDB10


    This summer TW is so crucial on so many levels.

    As you say, and I can only agree, that having a winger and new CAM/CM who can contribute goals will be more than welcome.

    But this TW will also reveal the clubs/ Paul’s ambition this summer. I think ES assessment this morning more or less points to the minimum that must be done for the team to get stronger in terms if defence.

    As much as you are right, I do hope that we keep our focus on our defence this summer so that we can have a solid base to build on.

  60. Jamie

    Describing someone who said they were from France as ‘French’ is not xenophobic. Go back and finish school, leave the big words to others.

  61. Luteo Guenreira

    Charlie George 1 Graham 1.

    Charlie George win on pens.

    LOL this was fucking hilarious. Hahaha I laughed for a good minute.

  62. Luteo Guenreira

    Oh no you were busy hating on the club and literally wishing for us to lose games

    Victorious is just painfully dumb. How can he aim a statement like this at somebody else without the least bit of self awareness? The entire thing applies to himself.

  63. TheLegendaryDB10


    I know. The level of imbecility has reached new lows here.

    It reminds me of a time when Pierre came up with “game, set and match” in one of his posts as if he new that he had made a good argument.

    For me self congratulating yourself in gaining an argument means zilch. It’s up to other posters to concede/ appreciate the argument that has been put forth to then know that you have “won” the debate.

    Reminds me of Bamford and his “Sorry’s” to make it as if he has the best argument.

  64. Luteo Guenreira

    Joke Friday

    Charlie George visits a Native American tribe full of men and he asks “How do you guys relieve your sexual tension?”

    “Simple,” one replies. “Just come down to the river tomorrow and we’ll show you.”

    The next day Charlie George shows up and sees a group of men near a donkey. The man says “Since you’re our guest you get to go first.” Charlie George, not wanting to go against custom, starts to kiss, then proceeds to have sex with the donkey.

    Then a man in the group asks “Hey Charlie, are you almost done? We need the donkey to cross the river in order to get to the tribe of women.”

  65. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    I’m confused .

    You hav3va massive 9 inch hard over dick … superb

    But you been coating since August …

    I’m confused Blud, ?

  66. rollen

    I like when they try to pretend being wise well traveled and sophisticated,
    aka golf pros, successful business owners, gentlemen clubs members and then
    during inevitable meltdown showing their true ugly interiors.

  67. Bamford10


    ” ‘Impostor’ has the edge, and it is the form recommended by most English reference sources, but ‘imposter’ is not wrong.” – The Grammarist

    I guess you can spell it that way, but I personally have never seen a single published text that uses the ‘imposter’ spelling, nor do any of the reference books I use refer to this as an acceptable spelling. The Grammarist is the first source I’ve seen that even suggests that it’s “correct” in some sense.

    Whatever. It’s not the preferred or recommended.

  68. Freddie Ljungberg

    “I am very disappointed with you Fred.”

    How will I be able to live with myself, the king of fuckwitistan is disappointed in me, the horror…

  69. Bamford10


    “Reminds me of Bamford and his “Sorry’s” to make it as if he has the best argument.”

    I generally do. Thanks for the shout out, though.

  70. TheLegendaryDB10


    This is not a compliment.

    Just state your argument without your high horse approach.

    Look, I have always appreciated the way you argue and counter argue with posters.

    Just stop the attitude that you are always right.

    As you should know, their is always 2 sides to an argument.

    I learnt this through my history lessons. There is always, and always will be, 2 sides to an argument, regardless of how right or wrong this maybe.

    One must accept another’s point of view. This will always make you stronger when taking this approach.

  71. TheLegendaryDB10


    You had me in stitches there.

    Can’t wait for the game vs Palace. We are playing at home. I hope Unai keeps the setup we’ve been playing at home.

    We need to keep piling pressure on Chelski, Manure and the Spuds.

  72. Bamford10


    I knew that that wasn’t a compliment. I was being snarky, ironic.

    As for what you’ve said about my “attitude,” I don’t have any more “attitude” than anyone else here does. This is a complete myth. This place is loaded with guys who think they are right about this or that. I am no more so this way than anyone else. And I have never claimed that I am “always right”. This is complete nonsense.

    As for your little lecture on there always being “two sides to an argument” — you really fucked up the grammar there, btw (“their is two”??) — this is an empty and meaningless platitude. Sure, there are often two sides to an argument, but that doesn’t mean they’re both valid or correct, and no one here or anywhere else is obligated to “accept” another person’s POV simply because he holds it. Are you obligated to “accept” Pierre’s POV on Ozil or Wenger? No. Victorious’s? No. Don’s on Trump? No.

    I have an idea, mate: stop coming at me in your posts, and we won’t even have to have these conversations. Cheers.

  73. Charlie George

    Leg db10

    “”””I am dissapointed in you for not being more loyal to the club instead of one manager”””

    I am loyal to neither. I support the club passionately but also like to see the previous manager get the respect he deserves. He is a Class Act, ( I put Valentin/Pierre in that category too)

    I think appointing Emery was huge mistake, I do not dislike him- I just do not rate him. I think he was an appalling choice, Still do.!
    Compounded by the fact – that no fan wanted him. Not one. And we have a lot of fans,

    Arsene Wenger:
    “”you can change you political party, your wife , but not your football team””

    Looks like I am stuck with him for a while yet!


  74. TheLegendaryDB10

    Ah Bamford.

    I immediately corrected my spelling afterwards. So you are not really showing where I fucked up as I noticed it after re-reading my post, like we all do.

    The reason I get at you is that I do not tolerate your know it all approach on some subjects.

    I still have not digested our spat when we discussed ticket prices where you tried to belittle the fact that we are being ripped off in terms of ticket prices. You had to make it as if you were right when you don’t even go to matches yourself.

    I also can’t stand your constant attempts at speaking for everyone with your “we” want know more jibes at other posters. You do not represent anyone here. As much as you have toned down now, there was a time when you were constantly on this blog policing everything that was being said. But we all know that you can’t help yourself.

    We all have our POV which is what makes Le Grove a rich place to be and discuss all things Arsenal and more.

    Just state your POV and try not make it as it is the ultimate truth as it is not always the case.

  75. Dissenter

    I don’t regret writing mean stuff about Wenger at the end of his tenure
    I’m glad that a large swath of the fanbase turned against Wenger.
    Had the fans stayed quiet out respect, Wenger would still be strutting about the place talking about the “next level; is the next level”
    Such was his lack of awareness and grandiose sense off being owed an unpayable debt by the club…he would never have walked away on his own.
    The dissenting fans did him a favor because his lack of self awareness meant he would have stayed in that job until he literally died on the bench while berating a fourth official.

    So when Pierre and Victorius keep reminding us about how bad Wenger was treated, I say … no regrets.

  76. TheLegendaryDB10

    Then CG you are not a true Gooner. It is always club first before anything else. And you should know this.

    There is a saying amongst us: Gooner till I die. I abide to this.

    I’ll repeat what has been said millions of times here. We all respect AW for his first 10 years.

    When he started off the youth project during the stadium change, we had nothing to complain about until it was becoming apparent that no one was being individually coached to improve. Everyone just plateau’d…. It was horrendous to see the likes of the Ox, Theo and to some extent Jack not improve and become better players. It was too apparent that they were not progressing. Why? because AW at that stage was starting to be to power drunk in his belief that his system was the be all and end of football. He completely forgot to help the kids by surrounding them with ex-Arsenal players who could share their and The Arsensl experience.

  77. Charlie George

    Fans who are lauding Emery for achieving top 4 status- I reckon were the Same folk castigating Wenger for 2 decades ( 2 DECADES!) in doing the same thing..

    Plus Wenger entertained us.
    Emery is boring the pants of us.

    The Hypocrisy is outstanding.

  78. Dissenter

    Do you think Wenger should still be managers of Arsenal?

    He lost his way in the last 5-8 years and repeatedly delayed the clubs attempts to create a modern structure. once he was the agent of revel;utyiomnary change and af the end the became the road block to modernization.
    Wenger wanted to keep doing what he was doing in 1998 in 2018, even when he didn’t have the physical capacity to do so.
    We laud him for the first 10-22 years, after that Wenger’s grandiosity and power-drunkeness took over.

  79. Guns of sf

    Db 10

    Youth project was the first rot

    Abandoning the blue print for success was his massive failure

    Should have stayed with invincibles type players

    Smart athletic mature and a team spirit take no shit

    He failed all over

    I hate his ego

  80. Marko

    Wenger didn’t entertain shit unless you’re one of those sycophants of his who got off on watching him struggle with a zipper. For everyone else watching him slowly destroy the club and his legacy it was boring as hell

  81. Charlie George

    “”:Do you think Wenger should still be manager of Arsenal?””

    Definitely not. He has had his time.
    I would like him to still be involved in the club – in some capacity.

    But it should not be Emery .
    A totally botched recruitment process.
    No one wanted him( Emery)
    Only Gazidas . He then scarpered.
    We are now numbered with a man nobody wanted in the first place.!!
    How insane is that????

    On that reason alone. We should restart the whole process of replacing Wenger.

    Vieria should be our manager.

  82. Sid


    Emery is actually showing up Wenger for the fun of it. I suppose you haven’t seen the 1st 50 match stat?

    Emery is ahead by 6 more wins in 50. If you really were a arsenal fan and not a Arsene fan you would be chuffed to bits.

    For a transition year Emery is absolutely killing it. He wasn’t served a title winning team on a platter, he is achieving these results by the virtue of coaching, planning and tactics.

    Does anyone who doesn’t rate emery argue with the simple fact that after 50 games based on results he has been a revelation. United would have killed for a transition like this.

    As things stand today emery is doing a stellar job, if after 100 games or 200, the results drop off, you go back and re-evaluate if he is the right man to continue or not. But right now, based on the stats in front of us emery is Da man!!

  83. Catalyst

    Wierd how some keep on trying to reason with someone who has and will never approve Emery as Arsenal manager. This is someone who’s been recommending the likes of Tony Adams as a manager.

  84. Dissenter

    Arsenal needs to be ready to appeal the premier league’s possible decision to move the Spurs vs Bournemouth game from Monday May 6th to Saturday May 4th. They are doing it presumably to help Spurs match the Eredivisie decision to rest Ajax on Wed May 8th.

    They will be giving them an advantage in the race for top-4

    We have our first leg game against Valencia on Thursday May2nd and are set to play Brighton at home in the league 36 hours later on 3pm on Saturday May 4th.

    We have to mount a formal appeal should the FA give Spurs any favors. We should seek an emergency injuction from the court of sports arbitration, if need be.

    I don’t understand this maddening rush to treat Spuds like a favorite child.

  85. Leedsgunner

    Player of the season? A nuanced question this year…

    For consistency during the whole year – Lacazette
    Newcomer of the year – Torreira or Sokratis
    For sheer professionalism – Ramsey
    Youngster of the year – Guendouzi or Ainsley Maitland-Niles
    For utter size of heart and leadership – Koscielny

  86. Leedsgunner

    Spurs have had a good run in the UEFA CL that’s it. They haven’t won anything yet, and if anything punched above expectations.

    Why the irresponsible irrational star struck love in? I just don’t get it?!!!

  87. MidwestGun

    No one wanted him( Emery)
    Only Gazidas . He then scarpered.
    Incorrect , it was widely reported Gazidis wanted Arteta.

    How insane is that????
    On that reason alone.
    Except your reason is wrong as is 99.9 % of everything you have typed today. All 3 people in the end who had the decision making ability wanted Emery in the end as their choice so it was not Gazidis’s decision alone.

    CG … Asking for the Club to review their decision now is entering.. guy with the white coats to come and take you away territory. It would be like if the new captain of the Titanic patched the hole and kept the ship from sinking then you asked him to turn around and go back through the iceberg field. It isn’t happening.. and all your doing is howling at the moon like a nutter.

  88. MidwestGun

    Leeds –
    Player of the season … Lacazette for me.
    Leadership -Papa should be our captain.
    Newcomer – Leno
    Youngster- AMN
    Professionalism- Monreal.. plays wherever you ask him always gives his all.. Too bad his abilities are fading but I respect what he brings.

    Anyhow my 2 pennies worth.

  89. Bamford10


    Fair enough. I’ll drop my use of “we” and “us,” although I think you’ve misinterpreted why I adopt this phrasing at times.

  90. Leedsgunner


    Noted. 😉

    Good to see you back on these pages. Good picks too. Signs of a good team when you have alternatives.

  91. Graham62

    Good morning to you all, yep, even CG.

    The Seagulls are out in force this morning here on the south coast. Anyone got a Kestral I can hire out?


    Special award should go to Sokratis for his lovely 1:1 chat with Koulibaly the other night.

    I wonder what he said.

    Any guesses?

    Whatever he said it made for great TV.

  92. Pierre

    “Does anyone who doesn’t rate emery argue with the simple fact that after 50 games based on results he has been a revelation. United would have killed for a transition like this.”

    a revelation is a bit of an exaggeration…he is doing ok .

    As you mentioned Moyes here is a link that shows that his first 50 games were not as bad as people think and it was being reported in fact how well he was doing compared to other legendary managers….of course we know what happened to Moyes..

    Moyes record is not quite as good as Emery but to put things into perspective of you have to remember that United played in the champions league and didn’t have to face the like of quarabag twice, volskia twice , bate, Rennes , Blackpool twice and Brentford..

    So before getting a little carried away and thinking Emery has been a revelation ( which he hasnt) let’s just say that he is improving over the last couple of months to get the team back on track .

  93. Prodigy

    Hadn’t read Le-Grove comments for a long while, but what a shambles. 80% of the comments are people talking about themselves and attaching each other, and not really about the football.


    The Napoli game on the other hand was italian job well done. We really need City to do Spuds today, but even more, need Ajax to turn them over. UCL is turning out to be a scary proposition this year. I’m only half okay because Barca is still in it, and they know what to do from this stage on.