Mega Monday Awaits

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No gross story to start the day today my friends. Just straight into the good stuff.

OGS made a meal of another lucky win at home to West Ham. The wheels really are starting to come off. The babyfaced assassin looks like he’s having a rough time with stress, it’s taking a toll on his face and body by the looks of things. It seems that when that Mourinho hangover wore off, the players just weren’t that interested in being a team.

That said, I couldn’t be happier that he’s landed a new deal. Poch at Old Trafford would be a very different story imo. I don’t want to witness how fiery the sauce could be. Just keep topping up that problem with more ’92 thinking.

Spurs are back to their best, they downed Huddersfield with ease, no doubt there really. Only thing we can hope for moving forward is more tiring games. They have to deal with City twice away this week… that should do the trick.

There’s a HUGE game today as Sarri heads on up to Liverpool to hopefully take a thrashing at the hands of Klopp… but as we’ve seen before, Liverpool are more than capable of a choke against Chelsea when chasing a title. So who knows what’s going to happen there. I thought this was a good read on the Chelsea manager.

Sarriball, an ironical term coined by someone in another country, has been used to beat him, a sign of – heaven forfend! – intellectual pretension. Here he comes now, papers flapping, textbook under one arm. English anti-intellectualism, the English insularity that still sees it as a form of national disgrace to take lessons or ask favours abroad: Sarri is an embodiment of so many things that have traditionally enraged English football’s deep sensibilities.

Remember that brief period where a shared hatred of Jorginho seemed to unite the nation? What outrage there was at the sight of a small, possession-based midfielder trying to integrate his style into English football.

Fast forward a couple of months and Jorginho and N’Golo Kanté have both been key players in the current run. Jorginho starts for Italy. He has played in six wins in a row for club and country, his team dominating possession in every one. Maybe just give it a while next time.

Let’s see how it looks after today.

As for Arsenal… well, we’re not playing today. I must have been delirious or just my normal error-prone self when posturing that the fixture was today. That means one more day to mentally prepare for an absolute hell fest away at a reasonably good team our players should be dealing with.

Once again, the big challenge that’ll be asked of Emery is this… where does he see his top 4 fortune?

The Premier League?

The Europa DREAM?

Or will he just shoot for glory in both?

This is where rotation is tough. He knows we’re shite away from him, and likely understands that this isn’t helped by starting Mustafi and Big Mo. However, if he goes for glory (against Watford, big LOL) and then has tired players for Thursday’s test, he could end of shooting himself in both of his size 14 feet (true). No one needs that.

I’d imagine he’s looking at a 2-0 lead and fancying himself for the Europa. A 2 goal lead against Napoli shouldn’t be causing concern. Valencia are a 6th placed team we should have little problem with. Then it’s Benfica or Chelsea in the final. Both teams that offer up tough test, but in a 90minute battle, I’d fancy Emery’s experience to do the job.

… but, lose against Watford and the fans will be pissed off. Doubt might creep into players heading out on Thursday. Legs become a little heavier. No one wants to be tired heading into a nasty atmosphere in Italy.

Basically, it’s a tough one. I am very worried that Mustafi has to play on Monday. That puts us on the back foot right away. It’s hard not to see reckless behavior on the pitch as anything outside nightmarish. However, we have some very good players who should be able to do a job on them. It’s all about focus and motivation. Interesting to read that the 7 games where Ozil, Auba, Laca and Ramsey have started… we’ve won. Our best player delivering results is hardly a revelation, but you have to know when to deploy them.

A very big Monday ahead… let’s see how Emery gambles.

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  1. Un Battle Angel

    Think I’m gonna order myself a nice ruby Murray.
    Wife and kids away
    House to myself
    Gonna be a wankfest……

  2. Bamford10


    Bad argument. RVP was young and was a signing for the future. Auba and Laca were both established first-choice CFs. So that’s a false analogy.

  3. Marc


    “Marc – Well no, because I’m still unclear what your actual point is in regards to my point that Henry didn’t need a full season to settle in. ”

    You didn’t say that you said he was excellent from the moment he scored his first goal against Southampton.

    My point is solely overseas players often take a period to settle in which is why I don’t judge players on their first season or so.

  4. Paulinho

    Marc – I remember thinking Henry was donkey, albeit a quick one, up until Sept/Oct, and then quickly realising he was going to be one hell of a player. True enough, maybe excellent should’ve been reserved just for Bergkamp.

  5. Un Battle Angel


    He was electric at times at the 98 World Cup so there was no way he was going to be a donkey and he and David Trezeguet were awesome at Monaco too.

    It was always a case of settling in.
    I won’t lie, I was underwhelmed by the signing of Lacazette but for me now he is our best striker and our most likely match winner in big games
    Aubameyang just doesn’t turn up when it’s crunch time

  6. Paulinho

    Battle – Yep, donkey is too strong but he looked awkward on the left when we played United in that match at Highbury where Keane scored twice. Highbury was such a small pitch and he looked so leggy and raw.

    Remember him playing for Monaco at Old Trafford in 99. Again, raw but exciting, even at Juve he actually started playing well for them near the end of his spell there.

  7. Paulinho

    Battle – Yep, it was one of those titanic tussles against them that felt sickening to lose. Especially after taking the lead with a great goal from Ljungberg.

  8. Un Battle Angel

    He loved a goal against United though. Wasn’t that the lob? He also lobbed Schmeichel on his debut. 3-0 at Highbury.

  9. Paulinho

    Battle – Yep, he scored a quite a few against them early on. The lob was 98 I think. The goal in this game was when he ran onto a pass from Kanu and slotted it home.

  10. Un Battle Angel

    His finish against juve in the 3-1 was great too
    Pre injury Freddie was great
    The perfect foil for Dennis and bobby’s slick passes

  11. Marc


    Bearing in mind that from what TV showed there didn’t look there was much contact for the initial injury I thought he’d tweaked a ligament. Surely if that’s the case you get the guy straight off for treatment?

  12. Un Battle Angel


    You’ve made a few comments about him which hinted at the possibility of you knowing him. Plus your moniker being nelson, thought maybe you might have been the older brother he speaks about

  13. Batistuta

    City just look like they can turn up a notch every single game, they are going to be hard to knock off that top spot

  14. MidwestGun

    Molinari just let everyone back in the masters .. ball in the water. Game on.

    On anther note y’all don’t half argue some silly stuff on here.. Who cares why we bought Auba or Laca.. they have been the 2 players keeping us in the race time after time. And they truly seem to enjoy playing with each other. I have read all the arguments … and to be honest can’t be bothered to care whether one was better then the other. And we need both. imo regardless.

    Oh and Chelscum losing now too.. nice.

  15. ddkingz

    after the HT break, is Liverpool now trying to rape Chelsea just like man city did or what????

    can’t believe they bought higuain and ac Milan got piatek as replacement.

  16. Marko

    A result tomorrow is important in the sense that we have to address the away form sooner rather than later. There’ll still be more slip ups by Chelsea Spurs and United Liverpool and City will see to that

  17. Dissenter

    The result tomorrow doesn’t have to be a win, a draw will do just fine.
    A win will be fantastic.

    Chelsea have to play at United and Leicester
    United have to play bEverton away with Chelsea and City to come. They finish with two easy games though; Cardiff and Huddersfield.
    Spurs appear to have an easy schedule list.

  18. Dissenter

    Wenger Eagle
    “Looking like it’s finally Pool’s year isn’t it.Fuck sake. As if Scouse supporters aren’t insufferable enough.

    I think City will win it all this season; the quadruple is on.

  19. WengerEagle


    They aren’t winning the CL, if they manage to eke past Spuds on Wednesday they’ll be taught a lesson by Juventus.

    Ronaldo will rise to the occasion and make Otamendi’s night miserable.

  20. Radio Raheem

    Higuain has looked alright since he has come I thought. Though I agree his best days are behind him.

  21. Dissenter

    Wenger Eagle
    Raheem Sterling’s form is devastating currently and Kompany’s return is just at the right moment.

    They will get past Spuds, a Kane-less spuds is easier to plan for.

    I have the feeling that it will be a Liverpool vs City semi final

  22. MidwestGun

    Yep.. crazy PL race this year… If I wasn’t emotionally invested.. I would have to say one of the most entertaining races for every top 6 spot I can remember. Usually the relegation is more interesting. Good for the PL brand. Now if they get could just get referees that were up to the level of the league play.

  23. Dissenter

    The physicality of this league is often understated.
    Higuain is past his better days but right now, he’s struggling with the physicality of the league.
    Players typically have to bulk up in certain areas to deal with the way defenders put themselves about in England.

  24. Dissenter

    Un na
    Wilshere does all his ball playing now on the physio bed.
    It’s been that way for the past 4-5 seasons

  25. Marko

    Jack Wilshere is barely a footballer these days. Can’t believe he hasn’t converted to a Fortnite streamer. He’s that irrelevant

  26. ddkingz

    if only emery and his boys could have enough hunger to win their 2outstanding matches, by then Chelsea must have been out of the race for top4….

    tomorrow, most definitely would define how emery wants our season to pan out… tomorrow’s selections would allow everyone to know if emery prioritises the Europa league over the epl, or if he wants to try and succeed in both

  27. Un Battle Angel


    All his ball olaying didn’t help much when Germany put 7 past his Brazilian side on home soil

  28. Radio Raheem

    Manure are average but lucky, super Ole would have to lick a lot more cats for them to get anything from that City game.

  29. Dissenter

    Thanks for the correction
    Not the last time I will be thanking you since I made the same error for the EL.

  30. MidwestGun

    Salah balled out today… that’s for sure.. He was everywhere. Alright off to watch the end of Masters .. setting up to be epic finish.

    Every game now is must win..imo. Lets be honest.
    A loss and the pressure to win the Europa just gets ratcheted up.

  31. Marko

    He actually didn’t do bad when he came on. I get the criticism though he is a few years too late to the premier league. I still feel though had we signed him up years ago Wenger would have had far more than 3 league titles in 22 years

  32. Marko

    Piatek though 10 in 14 for Milan is red hot. Could be forced to sell in the near future though they’re financially fucked

  33. Batistuta


    No one here was really convinced even when he was scoring so his drop didn’t surprise lots of folks…The only reason he kept being played was because Crutone was having a bad patch himself at the time

  34. Batistuta


    You’d have to offer something insane to get him especially if they get champions league football but you get the feeling he’s bound for bigger things

  35. WengerEagle


    He is about the only smart investment that they’ve made in recent times. I like the look of the Brazilian kid Paqueta too, he’s going to be very good.

    Pissed a lot of money up the wall on Andre Silva, Carlos Bacca, Calhanoglu, Rodriguez, Biglia, Bonucci, Conti, Musacchio.

    They not taken over by rich Chinese owners? Or maybe that was Inter.

  36. Marc


    “One things for sure Chelsea are proper fucked if Hazard ever leaves”

    They are seriously fucked already. Hazard is down to one year on his contact in the summer and is refusing to sign a new one. He’s already out the door.

    On top of that they have a 2 window transfer ban coming up and an owner who is no longer throwing money at the club.

  37. Marc

    I thought AC Milan were owned by a hedge fund who took control when whoever borrowed to buy them defaulted.

    This is why Gazidis went there they’ve offered him a huge bonus for getting the club back on the rails.

  38. Charlie George

    Surely by now -I cannot be in the continued minority- (when we are witnessing Liverpools sensational assault on the biggest prizes of the club game )- that the importance in aspects of charisma ,motivation and personality of THE MANAGER can no longer be overlooked.

    Jurgen Klopp like he did at Dortmund is defying the footballing laws of gravity by propelling Liverpools to heights of success their footballing talents surely dont deserve.

    He is following the likes of Shankly,Clough,Fergie, Ramsey ( Alf not Aaron) ,Stein, Chapman

    In that it’s his PERSONALITY alone that is the main driving force for Liverpool unprecedented success.

    Arsenal fans have to wake up – rebel- stop being happy with their lot – and demand more.

    We deserve better and are better than Emery.
    We deserve our own messianic Klopp like figure, too.

    I am thinking

  39. Marko

    They not taken over by rich Chinese owners? Or maybe that was Inter.

    Yeah Milan are American hedge fund owned. They’ve been fined and risk European expulsion if they don’t break even financially. And let’s be honest Piatek and one or two others are the only sellable assets there

  40. Un Battle Angel

    Charlie G

    We won’t be going after anyone like that whole kroenke is in charge
    Why are so many top charismatic coaches turning us down.
    Emery is the best that would be willing to work under kroenke

  41. WengerEagle

    Yeah Chelsea’s future is looking bleak, they’re going to have to pray that Pulisic somehow magically replicates Hazard’s impact because he’s already got one foot out the door en route to Madrid.

  42. Redtruth

    “In that it’s his PERSONALITY alone that is the main driving force for Liverpool unprecedented success.Arsenal fans have to wake up – ”

    £140m worth of PERSONALITY on the combined purchase of Van Dijk and Alisson….lol

  43. Marko

    that the importance in aspects of charisma ,motivation and personality of THE MANAGER can no longer be overlooked.

    So you agree we should have binned Wenger years before.

    In that it’s his PERSONALITY alone that is the main driving force for Liverpool unprecedented success.


    We deserve our own messianic Klopp like figure, too.I am thinking

    You are the dumbest motherfucker on here I swear to God

  44. TR7

    If Pool win all their remaining games, they will be win the league. Cardiff, Huddersfield, Newcastle and Wolves are all relatively easy fixtures. City have to face Tottenham, United and Leicester in 3 of their remaining 5 games. They need to overcome Tottenham in CL too to get through. Title race has been amazing. Both the Champion and the runner-up will finish with more than 90 points, that’s incredible.

  45. Marko

    Yeah wouldn’t mind Paqueta for us, not many Brazilan forwards head to the PL over Spain/Italy though.

    Castillejo is good. But yeah Paqueta looks like he’s going to be a huge find

  46. Tony

    My bad Charlie sorry I should have read posts further back for context.

    Forget Bamford futile petulance enjoy the Masters.

  47. WengerEagle

    I’d be very surprised if Liverpool fail to win all four of those matches TR7, really do think that it comes down to OT match against Utd for Citeh.

    They should handle Spurs at home without Kane and they’ll have too much for Leicester.

    Would be poetic if it was Utd to drive the dagger considering Liverpool are the only side on the planet that they hate even more than their city rivals.

  48. Rambo Ramsey


    Liverpool will be ‘in the race’ all until the final game where they’ll predictably slip. Kilpperty Klopp style- Champion bottler.

  49. Un Battle Angel


    Not a fan then? I like Klopp, I like hat he has done with Liverpool. Comes across like a top bloke too. Hasn’t bought the title like Guardiola
    I’d not resent him a title at all

  50. Rambo Ramsey


    Nah, its just predicting the future based on the past.

    Liverpool haven’t won the league in how many years and they are managed by someone who has lost 8 finals in a row.

    What’re the odds of this combination holding their nerve until the end?

  51. HillWood

    What a great day of sport
    Lewis Hamilton wins in China
    Chelsea lose at Anfield
    Tiger Woods comes through at Augusta
    Over to you Mr Emery

  52. PhD2020

    Champagne charlieApril 14, 2019 15:24:35
    Will someone explain to Banford that Arsenal lost Alexis, and sold both Theo and Giroud the January we bought Auba….He’s not acknowledge that rather clear contextual element and insists we binned the idea Lacazette was good enough after 4 months of a season. Lad can’t comprehend anything that doesn’t involve someone getting binned.

    Pointless, explaining to a thicko like him.No way-a Harvard Grad,at best a Harvard dropout,or signed up for a summer class.

    Absolutely painful and cringe-worthy reading some of his bullshit arguments
    like the current Laca vs Auba debate.
    Certainly up there with his ‘Gazidis was towing the company line,but Arsene was lying everyday’ bullshit arguments, or narrative he continually peddles-because he is right on account of him saying so?

    His horse manure arguments are so painful to read,that I generally feel like jumping out of the window, or popping some cyanide pills to knock me out.

    A five-year-old can make better, rational and coherent arguments than him and display a great deal of logic and reasoning.

    Why you continue to post on here, irritating the hell out of posters-calling them c**ts, calling for bans, citing their comments as dumb,in the sure belief that your view is the correct view, for almost half a decade is truly astonishing.

    What do you personally stand to gain from wanting to always be proved right on an anonymous football blog?


  53. Charlie George


    Re: Kroenkes

    Well ,I am retired and live in Joburg
    I would like to think- I would be more rebellious than the current fanbase are.

    I am sure if the board foistered David Pleat upon us – the majority of fans – would say ‘ give him a chance’

    Frankly, your good self, Guns of H ,Pierre, author PedRo- excepted
    Most of the fanbase – seem a spineless, sycophantic bunch( although I do have soft spot for Bd and HL)

    I can t continue to rant.
    They need to be proactive
    We are The Arsenal.
    Bloody start act liking it!

  54. Bamford10

    Charlie George

    A few questions: one, what is it that ownership isn’t doing that they should be doing? You know that the owner can’t simply add his own money to the club’s transfer kitty, right?

    Or is your issue with them that they haven’t adopted your nativist approach to things, i.e., hire British or hire people with longstanding PL or Arsenal ties? Who says a different owner would adopt this approach? Who says that even a British owner would adopt this approach? Seems to me a matter of philosophy; some owners would agree with you, some wouldn’t. Did Guardiola or Klopp have PL experience prior to being hired? No. Were they good hires? Yes.

    Two, what is it that you would have Arsenal supporters do at the moment? What is it that you think supporters should be doing? Protesting? If so, protesting what, exactly?

    Genuinely curious.

  55. Un Battle Angel

    Sack gazidis
    Sacking wenger sooner
    Ensuring the likes of rvp and cesc honoured their contacts
    Surrounded the existing class players with new world class leaders
    Hire top level recruitment team
    Make better sponsorship deals
    Spend the money they had rather than hoard it
    Not take £3m out of the club
    Not take the club private
    Hire top top level manager when they are available (klopp, pep, allegri, Ancelotti)
    All names that could have taken us to titles.
    Handle player contracts before it’s too late.

    Is that enough for you?

  56. Un Battle Angel

    Oh and do more to recruit the most talented youngsters in the country and ingrain and arsenal style winning mentality in them.

  57. Bamford10


    All of that is in the distant past. What is it that they aren’t doing now? What is it that they haven’t done since replacing Wenger with a new manager and a modern management-executive structure?

    By the way, when exactly did you begin calling for Wenger’s dismissal? I don’t remember you here, but perhaps you were loudly calling for him to go elsewhere. When did you become “Wenger out,” exactly?

  58. Un Battle Angel


    So your argument is that it doesn’t count any more because it’s already happened?
    Funny. You weren’t so forgiving for wenger’s mistakes.

    I never typed the words wenger out and I wouldn’t type them about emery either. It’s not my style.

  59. Un Battle Angel

    Since Wengers dismissal they could have hired Ancelotti or Allegri. They didn’t. Big mistake
    They could have sold ozil
    They could have kept Ramsey
    They waited for gazidis to walk rather than sack him
    They fucked up with sven

  60. London gunner

    Always liked Tiger woods and never really got the big deal with him banging pornstars he isn’t the first man to cheat ffs.
    Glad he won the masters that’s a nice big middle finger up to those who tried to ruin him.

  61. Bamford10

    No, Don, my point is that to still be saying ownership is a problem, you need to be able to point to current ways in which they are a problem, not mistakes they made two years ago or prior.

    What are the current mistakes they are making? How are they currently holding us back? Do tell.

    As for “Wenger out,” one didn’t need to type these words to believe that Wenger was a problem and needed to go. So again, when did you personally determine that Wenger needed to go? When did you begin saying this out loud? Or are you telling us that you believed this at some point but that you were too “respectful” to ever say so out loud?

  62. Un Battle Angel

    No. I made it clear I thought he should go and that his time was clealrynup but I refused to abide the spite and vitriol from nobodies like you!!! Johnny come lately rent-a- personality types

    I’ve told you the CURRENT problems
    We could now have klopp, pep, Ancelotti or allegri and a couple of actual world class players in our side now l. Is that not currently affecting us? Having a lesser calibre of manager than we could and should have right now?

    You think you’re being clever by roping off the failures of your compatriot but I’ve got you on toast Bamford

  63. Bamford10


    Well, he was also “banging” IHOP waitresses, and making crude and uncomfortable penis jokes to women on the set of this or that TV ad. It was all a bit unseemly. I agree that he isn’t the first man to cheat, and I agree that this Masters win is an enormous accomplishment, but to pretend that there wasn’t anything shameful about his behavior back when he was married is a little much.

  64. Un Battle Angel

    We haven’t been higher than third in the table while teams like Liverpool and spurs have overtaken us

    Is that not a current problem?

  65. Bamford10


    You don’t have anything on toast, guy. Missing out on Klopp or Guardiola isn’t a current mistake; if you’re going to blame ownership for not replacing Wenger with one of those two, that is a mistake ownership made in the past, like two to three years ago.

    As for hiring Ancelotti or Allegri — instead of Emery — we’d have to look at the particulars of both of those managers’ situations. Was Allegri really ever even a real possibility? If so, what were his terms? Same goes for Ancelotti. Just saying these names doesn’t mean you’ve proven that ownership was wrong to go with Sanllehi and Emery. Sorry.

  66. Bamford10


    He wasn’t in a locker room, mate. He was hanging out on the set of a TV ad with advertising professionals, actresses, etc. You may think that kind of thing is in good taste; many people don’t. This is why it grossed various people (read: women) out. That has nothing to do with being “PC”; it has to do with what is in good taste and what is not.