Snapchatting racist abuse: A new low. A new level of dimness.

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Man, things took a turn for the worse yesterday. I have never thrown up in public (sober at least). That shame befell me on the mean streets of Soho… made worse because I was wearing my finest drug-addict athleisure (sick comfort clothes), the fancy shoppers did not view my involuntary actions with much sympathy. Worst trip to the dry cleaners ever. It happened FOUR times in the space of 50 meters. Totally soiled my new shoes as well.

But, but, but… I can see the v’s in the mirror for the first time since I was 19. Peak Freddie over here if you can handle the fragrance.

ANYWAY, enough about my problems.

Let’s talk about Arsenal’s.

How about a Snapchatter calling Koubilaly an n-word in the ground… and broadcasting it to his fans (lol, his two mates)? What in the actual fuck? In North London? At Arsenal? Are you fucking kidding me?

It’s despicable behavior. Arsenal are on it.

“We utterly condemn use of this type of racist language and have launched an investigation to identify the culprit,”

“We operate a zero tolerance approach, and anyone behaving like this is not welcome at Arsenal and will be banned from matches.

“We have an extremely diverse community of fans who are all part of the Arsenal family and such incidents are rare at Emirates Stadium. We encourage supporters to report any incidents as they happen to stewards or via our matchday alert service.”

Amen. If you watch the video, the person in question whispers the bad word, because if you shouted that in the stands you’d likely find yourself getting whacked. It wasn’t so long ago that shouting #WengerOut before the game started was a punchable offence.

Still, disappointing an Arsenal fan would stoop to that sort of shit. It brings us all down. Ban that person.

In Sporting Director news, Sky Sports are making noises that Paul Mitchell of RB Leipzig talent spotting notoriety, is interesting Arsenal. He’d be a great signing for us, he’s proved himself at Spurs and with the Germans. The only thing that worries me there is that he might have an allegiance to his old employees.

Still, we can hope until we put a deal on the table and he goes somewhere smaller.

BIG rumours that Xhaka might move to Inter Milan this summer if they don’t get Kroos or Rakitic.

I mean, I’m a bit whatever about this… he’s a good player, but ultimately, I don’t think he’s ideal for the Premier League. He’s been far better of late, but that’s because he’s improved on making a major mistake every game. We’ll see though, sounds like he’s angling for a move or a bigger contract… maybe both.

We’re being linked with Ander Herrera for £200k a week. Tidy player, but surely there are better ways to spend that sort of money?

A bit frightening to think that the team who brought you Denis Suarez are currently overseeing the summer transfer plan without a proven talent scout at the wheel. Let’s see how that pans out.

Huge game for Arsenal on Monday. Watford are going to be a handful. We need to really up our away game mentality and deliver a really top performance. They’ll come flying out the traps and we know Troy Deeney will come to bully.

Let’s see what we have for them.

P.S. Check out the new Ian Wright collab Fokohaela have pulled together.

Ian Wright just being Ian Wright on that one on the bottom. A lovely piece of clobber! (one on the top is part of the range as well)


See you in the comments… x

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  1. MrT

    Well the racists are getting bolder. Why are we surprised? I tell folks that the way our politicians and the media talk about “the other” black, Asian, Muslim Europe…(Mexicans in the US) add any other I will not be surprised if the days of lynching came back. They have opened the box and the roaches are out. How do you get them back in. Thanks Murdoch, thanks Farage, thanks Trump and thanks to those who never challenge them.

  2. Graham62


    Agree, ban him……….for life.

    This upsurge in racist abuse is worrying. The only way to eradicate it is to not just to ban these people, but to also send them back to school and re-educate them.

    Sick individuals.

  3. Micheal

    “Thanks Murdoch, thanks Farage, thanks Trump and thanks to those who never challenge them.”

    Totally correct. Racists have been emboldened by the fundamental xenophobia at the heart of Brexit and climate of fear generated by Trump’s anti-Muslim, anti-Mexican and blatant lies.

    Remember that Farage claimed the Brexit vote was achieved “without a single bullet being fired” . A week later MP Jo Cox was shot dead by a far-right extremist.

    Stand up to these people now. Don’t complain afterwards.

  4. David Smith

    Disgusting behaviour, the racism, not your stomach bug.
    Unfortunately these racist things exist, but cannot help but thinking this is on the rise exacerbated by self serving politicians and UKIP becoming the new National Front.
    Suspect we will sell Xhaka if we get the right price, that may well be a mistake, he is an important player in Emerys system, and as mentioned, can we trust Raul and co to source a replacement. Losing Xhaka and Ramsey in a summer would not help this team.
    Still, might help emery get his beloved Benega or Nzonzi to the Emirates.

  5. gambon

    There is no upsurge in racist abuse what so ever.

    There is an upsurge in connectivity which means these things are both captured and reported more often.

    You think people weren’t calling black players the N word back before Snapchat existed? Don’t be silly.

  6. gambon

    Considering the events of the last week, we have to seriously look at whether we focus solely on the EL.

    Top 4 finish doesn’t look possible with our away form.

    EL may come down to one big game against Chelsea.

    Still think we will finish 6th and no EL.

    Absolute waste of a season.

  7. Leftsidesanch

    We need to get something from Watford and target Leicester and Burnley as games to get something from.

    Not optimistic about our EL chances, and Sundays pitiful uninspired performance doesn’t fill me with confidence.

  8. Pierre

    have a look..Nzonzi away to Manchester United , champions league ,bosses the game from the 1st -90th minute….

    Exactly what we have needed to protect our defence for the last ten years ..put him next to Torreira\Guendouzi for a couple of years and that’s the midfield sorted and he will immediately make the defence look better …composed on the ball as well.

  9. Bamford10

    “Arsenal will be without Sokratis against Watford on Monday as the defender serves the first of his two-match ban for accumulating ten Premier League yellow cards this season.” – @afcfootballco

    That doesn’t help.

  10. Nelson

    Emery finally finds a system that can fit all our best players together. This split striker system opens up the middle for either Ramsey or Torr to run into. With Ozil linking up play between the midfield, wing backs and attackers, all we need is to have our two strikers getting back into form. There is no reason why we couldn’t beat any team home and away. Too bad the schedule is now so tight that rotation is necessary. With this blue print, the club knows what type of players we need to acquire in the summer for this two strikers system.
    This system requires the two strikers to help the midfield and do the pressing in our own half when we don’t have the ball. Napoli was totally outplayed in the first half of the game. We have dominated the game with and without the ball.

  11. Graham62

    We comfortably beat Newcastle at home.

    Newcastle go and win at in form Leicester.

    What will we do at the King Power?

  12. Batistuta


    Absolute waste of a season……Jeez you don’t half overeact do you fella…..You’re not wrong though to say that the EL is our best option…has been for quite a while now

  13. Guns of Hackney

    As I said yesterday, full blown AIDS for Peter. Do you have lesions, a persistent cough and are partial to sounds of the 80’s? Two out of three and…

    As for racism at Arsenal…we’re not immune and should never take the high ground. How many times have Arsenal fans chanted “yids” or referred to spurs as such? Exactly.

    Watford will comfortably beat us. Troy Deeney is the type of pub player we struggle against.

  14. Victorious

    Really hate spuds,literally vormitting in my mouth watching their smuggy fans celebrating stuffing already relegated hudesfield in their new shit hole,

    now they’d just about hold on to 3rd,thought we had the easier run in and a chance to knick it

    Except no away fixture can be termed easy for us,Emery suck dick in any stadium not named Emirate

    Got to win at Watford to retain any hope of finishing top4 but deep down you just know its more likely we leave there with zero point

  15. Graham62

    Talk about “doom and gloom merchants ”

    Bloody hell, anyone would think we were fifteen points off 4th place and with nothing to fight for.

    I know it’s only Huddersfield, but Spuds look more relaxed without Kane.

  16. Nelson

    Knowing Ramsey’s history of muscle problem, I would rest him on Monday and play him om Thursday. I wouldn’t play Torr for 90 mins. These two are very important for us to get a result vs Napoli. Iwobi, Mikki and Auba will be the front three. Xhaka and Guen in the midfield.

  17. Jamie

    Don terrified of losing more plumbing work to skilled immigrants. Should’ve gone to university, educated himself. Instead, he has to come here and pretend that being a school dropout doesn’t bother him because of how successful he is. Funny how he admits he needs to save up coupons for a year to score a flight somewhere though.

    The best is when he posts links to “articles” from a tabloid as evidence of anything. Read a proper newspaper, philistine. It’s never too late to get an education.

  18. Un Battle Angel

    Jamie are you saying that because it’s reported in the sun that this didn’t happen? What a fool.

    I don’t NEED to save anything. But it’s somethng for nothing. Why would I pay for a holiday when I can get one for free just by co tinting to spend what I am currently spending any way. Love how you try to move the goal posts rather than refute the points being made
    Still smarting after having your arse handed to you over your love of an archaic shit hole? Still haven’t had a comeback over that. You got served and tried to focus on my own personal business rather than the point
    Why? Because you can’t. You lost.

  19. Un Battle Angel

    And what good is a degree? My mum, Mrs and sister in law have 5 degrees between them yet I earn more than all 3 combined
    Fat lot of good
    Any and every moron is getting degrees now

  20. Un Battle Angel

    Saddled with £50k debt and 5 years of your life wasted, with no life experience and a sense of entitlement.
    More and more big businesses are starting to hire directly from school now because of the negative attitude university leavers bring with them.

  21. Marko

    The Koulibaly incident is made all the more shameful when you realize that we’d be lucky to have a player of his quality at Arsenal. Also we play Watford Monday. Also Paul Mitchell would be a great hire. I’m not sure that would mean he’d have a secret allegiance to Spurs or Southampton though I think this is one of those moments where you infer something that isn’t actually there Pedro. As for Xhaka yes I would think about selling him to Inter for decent money. He’s very replaceable

  22. Marko

    Huddersfield absolutely deserved to go down, such a shitty team

    Ah Vic you were supporting them earlier in the season what’s changed

  23. Jamie

    Triggered Don is triggered.

    Only poor people like you get saddled with 50k debt getting a degree. You also forgot about the 200k per kid for a private school education, but for sure the local school in your ghetto didn’t do your job prospects any harm. Everyone who went to private school dreams of unblocking toilets to make a buck. You’re living the dream, Don.

    Keep shouting about how you don’t need to collect coupons to provide nice things for your family even though you stated it on several occasions. We believe you, really we do. Pity you can’t collect vouchers for a shiny new white van for all your executive business meetings. That congestion charge on your old banger must be crippling you.

    I got my arse handed to me by a dropout in the same way that you haven’t been banned from this website before for your ill-conceived political insight. You’re an intellectual midget. If “every moron is getting a degree” these days, and you don’t have one, you’ve reasoned your way into a corner. Slick.

  24. Marko

    Don is frothing at the mouth. I mean there’s certainly a connection to be made in the growing emergence of right wing governments in Europe and throughout the world and the rise in anti semitism and emboldened racism for example. But it’s always existed. It’s just now because of people like Trump and co you’ve got it more out in the public because being a horrible bastard is becoming mainstream now

  25. Marko

    The funny thing is with Don being a horrible bastard towards minorities and foreigners in general is that he’s basically alluded to not being born in Britain and I’m pretty sure that he himself is one of those “brown people” that he loves to condemn so much which makes it all the more ridiculous to take seriously. He’s a self loathing immigrant

  26. Marko

    When I’m on a beach with my feet up I’ll be on here updating you by the hour of my exploits.

    That’s just sad. You’re on holiday with the wife and kids and all you can think about is some lad on a blog? What’s wrong the wife not all that interesting? Your kids boring? Lemme guess you can’t stand to look at them anymore. It’s alright if it helps just imagine the face of “Jaime”

  27. Leftsidesanch

    ‘Except no away fixture can be termed easy for us,Emery suck dick in any stadium not named Emirate’

    —- We’ve been inadequate away from home the last few years. It can’t be a personnel problem though, it has to be Emery.

  28. Marko

    If Emery sucks dick away from home but already has a better away record than Arsene last season then what does Wenger suck? Now it has to be worse than a dick and or at least more than one dick. So let’s say either Arsene Wenger sucks 10 dicks or he sucks one dick and I dunno eats out of assholes let’s say two assholes.

  29. Leftsidesanch

    Even if we lose every single remaining away game Vic, Emery would still have lost less away games than Arsene did last season.

    Last season you didn’t utter a word in discontent, so you doing so now reeks of agenda…but carry on – just wanted to point that out.

  30. HighburyLegend

    I am more and more convinced that winning the ELC is the best way for us to qualify for the CL.
    For the 3rd spot, it’s done, the Spuds are on a roll in their new fucking beautiful stadium.
    If the chavs finish the season strongly, we won’t finish 4th.

    Anyway, if we don’t get the 3 points on monday, it will already be game over for us.

  31. Dissenter

    Un na
    “I live in white middle class suburbia”

    Do those still exist?
    …middle class suburbia , YES
    Do they have to be white?
    I think you mistyped something there

  32. Dissenter

    “If the chavs finish the season strongly, we won’t finish 4th.”
    Chelsea still have to play away at Liverpool, United and Leicester. They have to host Burnley and Watford. They too have too many banana skins

    Third place is more difficult now, no dough but fourth place is still open regardless of what happens on Monday.

  33. Marko

    Ah Don you’re a walking breathing contradiction. You’re actually one of those lowest of the low people who exist in this world. The kind of person who hates minorities and immigrants even though he was/is one himself. It’s priceless really. Try as you might Don you’ll never be the same as them in their eyes anyway

  34. Bamford10

    Exactly. Emery has done better away from home than Wenger did last season, and those who want to pin our away form on Emery need to detail how he has gotten his formations and selections wrong away from home. Just saying he has is an empty assertion.

  35. Bamford10

    I think I’d leave Ozil out in future PL away matches. Play 3-4-1-2, with Sokratis, Monreal and Koscielny the CBs, AMN and Kola the wingbacks, Xhaka and Torreira the CMs, Ramsey or Mkhi ahead of them, and both Auba and Laca up top.

    Sit and counter.

  36. Bamford10

    Can we not feed the troll, please? The more this guy talks about his life and ideas, the more painful it is for all.

  37. Un Battle Angel


    Ok. I’ll stop
    But I’d like to point out I was responded to a specific list I disagreed with and suddenly was verbally assaulted by the usual suspects
    Last words on the topic
    I promise

  38. Bamford10

    Given that we can’t play Sokratis on Monday, I guess Mustafi will have to play. It’s a shame we don’t have any other options.

  39. Leftsidesanch

    By my calculations we could draw one of these away games, and afford another lose providing we win the rest of our games. Leaves us with 76 which should be enough.

  40. Leftsidesanch

    Is our away form solely down to Emery? No it’s not as he was met with this problem when he arrived at the club. Does he have a part to play in the woes? Of course…but carry on chaps.

  41. Marc


    “Wonder if Werner will get a move to a big club… very fast.”

    So you don’t think the Spud’s will be an option when the Poch leaves?

  42. Marko

    Not really one to do this sort of thing (more a Bamford thing to do) but feel like it’s a good indicator of the type Victorious is

    VictoriousDecember 8, 2018 16:41:07

    This is the problem with unbeaten runs. It gives a ‘Drawing is okay’ feel.”Exactly Draw ain’t good enough and the unbeaten run is a myth in making things a bit rosy Wish Huddersfield will nick the win if for anything but to jolt us out of this,’unbeaten’ nonsense

  43. Pedro

    I always thought he was pretty good against us.. feel he’s gearing up for a bigger contract there. Not sure he’s Arsenal quality (bigger picture Arsenal quality)

  44. Marko

    Talk about Emery’s away record… and how it’s not his fault. Seems to be a hot topic these days.

    Not necessarily about attaching the blame to him persay but more about certain types blaming him when you can see it’s a players fault type of situation. Two different managers same sets of players (mostly) and basically the same struggles away from home. Hardly surprising to see where the problem is. The squad has always needed a purge and it still does especially the defence. None of the CB’s are frankly good enough or consistent enough and we’ve a severe lack of quality at fullback

  45. Bamford10


    You keep misinterpreting why some of us are “defending” Emery. It isn’t because anyone believes in Emery all that much. It’s because the arguments being made against him aren’t very good, and it’s because many of the people who are most “anti-Emery” are former AKBs with agendas.

    If someone is going to claim that our away form is Emery’s fault — an argument most of us here are more than willing to consider — he needs to support this claim with some EVIDENCE. Just saying that it’s so will convince no one. As such, it is nothing more than an empty and bare assertion.

    Further, this someone should also acknowledge that Emery has at least done better away from home than Wenger did — something the former AKBs will find it difficult to do.

  46. Leftsidesanch

    Pedro knows this, funny the amount of idiocy I see on this page (which has ran away good posters) which goes ignored but he picks up on this, where logical arguments are being made.

  47. jwl

    Nice t-shirt, the first one. Haven’t thought about Ian wright wright wright chant in long time. Will check out their website, I know a couple of gooners with birthdays approaching.

    Get well soon Pedro, sustained vomiting over day or two is not pleasant at all, especially in public.

  48. Marc

    If the Spud’s were to miss out on top 4 the world and his dog – plus several on here would point out the “terrible” injuries they’ve had to put up with this season.

    No one will give Emery any room when we’ve lost 3 important players to season ending injuries all with half a season to play.

    No one is saying Emery is perfect or the second coming but under difficult circumstances he deserves a second summer transfer window.

  49. Graham62


    I think nearly all the “anti-Emery” brigade are former AKBs.

    That was obvious from day one of Emery’s hiring.

  50. Marc


    Cesc was one of the good guy’s on here – even if you didn’t agree with him at least he managed a valid point or an interesting perspective.

  51. Leftsidesanch

    We can thank Pierre and his shamelessness for Cesc doing a runner, add in Union Jack CG, and Vic and anyone might want to take an extended leave of absence.

  52. Bamford10


    Nah, he’s decidedly anti-Emery. He gives him pro-forma praise after this or that win, but he long ago showed his cards re Emery. He thinks he was a bad hire; he thinks he will fail. He’s been pretty clear about this.

  53. Pedro

    Bamford, finding it hard to root out a logical argument as to why Emery isn’t at fault for our away form?

    Just because?

    He’s somehow managed to turn the tide in the big games (Emery’s genius)

    Yet it is beyond him to address playing in a different ground? (Wenger’s fault)

  54. Pedro

    Graham, I don’t swing both ways on Emery. I think he’ll prove to be a bland hire.

    That said, if he makes top 4, I’ll shut the fuck up for the summer.

  55. MGooner

    Nice post but I do not understand the outrage about racism.

    It’s as if everybody thinks society should act in a civilized way because we’ve had a few decades of relative calm.

    Today we are celebrating the centenary anniversary of the Jallianwala Bagh massacre and outrage over a simple instagram incident by an English team looks more like an exercise to protect and preserve a financial interest.

  56. gonsterous

    everyone so pessimistic on here. I personally feel we will finish 3rd and if we get past napoli, I don’t see how we won’t be playing the EL final (if we are lucky, we may win it).
    Get 3 points against Watford, can’t see spuds win against city next weekend, so we cam climb back to 3rd.

  57. Marc


    We just need the players to get into the right frame of mind. Do they want to play CL football next season? It’s in their own hands.

  58. MGooner

    Emery took some bold decisions, especially the Ozil one. The chap costs us so many points under Wenger and I doubt whether Sanchez would have been allowed to throw this toys like he did under Emery.

    We actually dropped out of the top 4 after these hires.

  59. Marko

    Define binned though. I was put in moderation for a couple days for nothing. I’d imagine if the same happened to CA he’d rather just stay away than come back. Be pointless

  60. Rambo Ramsey

    “I’d imagine if the same happened to CA he’d rather just stay away than come back”

    I guess not everyone is happy sitting unemployed, picking at cvnt hairs like you Marko.

  61. MGooner

    @ Marc,

    What part actually? I am saying

    1. Emery would have dealt with Sanchez and Ozil better than Wenger. He actually got Ozil to start pulling his weight.
    2. We fell out of top 4 imo after these 2 were hired.

    Makes sense to me.

  62. Bamford10


    “Bamford, finding it hard to root out a logical argument as to why Emery isn’t at fault for our away form?”

    Ummm, I’m not arguing that he isn’t at fault; he might very well be. I’m arguing that you lot haven’t demonstrated that he is at fault, and that if you want people to believe this assertion of yours, you’re going to need to support it with some evidence.

    You are the ones making the assertion — e.g., “Emery is at fault for our away form.” — therefore you are the ones responsible for supporting this assertion with evidence. Otherwise it is nothing more than a bare and empty assertion.

    Emery is not the only possible explanation for our poor away form. Said poor form could be due instead to the players and a lack of character, spine, steel. This is what Andrew Mangan of Arsecast thinks, as I mentioned earlier.

    If you think that it’s due to Emery and his decisions, make the case. How about devoting one of your next pieces to how and why Emery’s decisions are to blame for our poor away form? That would be a good read.

  63. Dissenter

    Thuis Qatar ASPIRE academy is generating excellent players. They’ve probably equalling La masia already.
    I’m just watching this excellent 20 year old senegalese left back, Moussa Wague play for Barca.
    He only cost them 3 million euros in the summer.
    Culled from AS; “Wague, who holds the proud record of being the youngest African to score a goal at the World Cup, signed for Barcelona B from Belgian club KAS Eupen in the summer for 3 million euros. The 20-year-old is capable of playing at both left and right back and offers much-welcome cover for the injured Nélson Semedo and Sergi Roberto, and will provide relief for Jordi Alba.”
    “The Senegalese defender had to wait a few months to get his documentation in order, but now has signed a contract at Barça until 2023, with his buyout clause set at 100 million euros”

  64. Marko

    Oh hey it’s horrible cunt Rambo. Back early from the lynching are we? Any thoughts on Muslims today? Or I suppose you only voice those opinions when Pedro’s not about. Clever little coward you

  65. Marc


    OK it didn’t read that way. I’m not sure you can put falling out of the top 4 solely down to the pair of them though. Sanchez was a little bitch in his last season, Ozil is Ozil but they weren’t the only problems.

  66. MGooner

    @ MArc

    Sure, but they were a contributing factor. You could also say that Wenger’s ability to add value had run its course.

    I quite like our season, no fuss, no false promises, a team playing with pride and no downing tools in the big games like under Wenger. After that in what position we end does not matter that much for me.

  67. Marc

    Who were the idiots on here talking about Benitez still being relevant a couple of weeks ago? Not only was he still a great manager he was a master tactician as well. Just for info Newcastle are now a point behind Burnley who were next to screwed whilst these comments were being made.

  68. Graham62


    Yep my local team starting to feel the pressure.

    Brighton or Cardiff to join Fulham and Huddersfield.

    Knockaert showing once again what a liability he has become.

  69. Rambo Ramsey

    ‘Clever little coward you’

    Says the hero who sits behind a laptop and accuses random strangers of lynching.

    Get your life in order.

  70. Bamford10

    Cesc Appeal was super annoyed with Pedro back when Pedro was, among other things, blaming Emery for our injuries and promoting the notion that Emery continued to do double days after pre-season. Cesc Appeal made his irritation with all of that very clear. He hasn’t been here since.

  71. Marc


    You can’t even look at their remaining fixtures and say one’s got a clear advantage. Could do us an enormous favour re Burnley away.

  72. Marc


    Why am I not surprised. It’s almost as if he thinks saying someone else is good makes Emery bad – any actual evidence or proof notwithstanding.

  73. Bamford10

    MGooner, Marc

    I remember someone pointing out Arsenal began finishing outside the top four when Xhaka and Mustafi became regulars in the XI. I think that might be a better point than any point about Ozil and Sanchez.

  74. Graham62

    Remember, Arsenal’s best runs in recent years came towards the end of the season when a fair few teams had switched off and weren’t competing for anything.

    Just saying.

  75. Marc


    Personally I was looking forward to summer!

    It’s bloody typical – new season of GOT kicks off and we’ve got a match at the same time.

  76. Dissenter

    Very well
    My question is how can you tell the racial origin of the voice without viewing the individual.?

  77. Dissenter

    Again, yes for the accent
    What is the individual is a UK born and raised Briton of Asian origin?
    Can’t tell from the voice, that stuff can be from cheap stereotypes.

  78. jwl

    Emery out brigade were expecting far too much this season, listening to them you would think Arsenal squad are capable of winning league and champs league and Emery is underperforming.

    In reality, Emery is doing quite a good job getting squad to perform better than last couple of seasons under Wenger and the Emery out fellas are left to cavil about his teeth or his English speaking ability to justify their wrong opinion.

    Emery should get a lot of credit for doing better than Wenger last season, there are numerous examples of organizations that experience lots of trouble when long term, influential boss retires or moves to new company. Emery deserves lots of love for stopping the rot that was occuring under Wenger.

  79. Charlie George

    Great to see High Leg contribute much more constructively today..

    Two punchy paragraphs today.
    (Excellent effort)
    I disagree though. Arsenal should always focus on the Prem League….

    Europa Cup is for losers and The Desperate.

    We should have a strategy the seasons when we are in the darned thing- and that we play our youngsters l

    If our youngsters- cant get a run out in this tournament. They really are wasting their time at AfC.

  80. Graham62



    Some on here though we’re expecting more. As if we had been performing to high level these past few years.

  81. Graham62


    “The Europa Cup is for losers”

    Just to point out there is a reason why have been in the Europa Cup these past two seasons.

    Remember, we were in the CL but we didn’t do too well in that either.

    Are you blaming Emery for this as well?

  82. Pedro

    JWL, average point as usual.

    1. No one thought we’d compete for the league
    2. You said the squad weren’t good enough for top 4
    3. We are competing for top 3

    You were wrong on the squad. We’ll find out of you were right on Emery.

  83. Un Battle Angel


    He still has them playing far better than Jose did. Also why do t you apply the same rules you use for emery and allow him to build his own team?? This is after all Mourinho’s team as arsenal are wenger’s team as you claim