Snapchatting racist abuse: A new low. A new level of dimness.

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Man, things took a turn for the worse yesterday. I have never thrown up in public (sober at least). That shame befell me on the mean streets of Soho… made worse because I was wearing my finest drug-addict athleisure (sick comfort clothes), the fancy shoppers did not view my involuntary actions with much sympathy. Worst trip to the dry cleaners ever. It happened FOUR times in the space of 50 meters. Totally soiled my new shoes as well.

But, but, but… I can see the v’s in the mirror for the first time since I was 19. Peak Freddie over here if you can handle the fragrance.

ANYWAY, enough about my problems.

Let’s talk about Arsenal’s.

How about a Snapchatter calling Koubilaly an n-word in the ground… and broadcasting it to his fans (lol, his two mates)? What in the actual fuck? In North London? At Arsenal? Are you fucking kidding me?

It’s despicable behavior. Arsenal are on it.

“We utterly condemn use of this type of racist language and have launched an investigation to identify the culprit,”

“We operate a zero tolerance approach, and anyone behaving like this is not welcome at Arsenal and will be banned from matches.

“We have an extremely diverse community of fans who are all part of the Arsenal family and such incidents are rare at Emirates Stadium. We encourage supporters to report any incidents as they happen to stewards or via our matchday alert service.”

Amen. If you watch the video, the person in question whispers the bad word, because if you shouted that in the stands you’d likely find yourself getting whacked. It wasn’t so long ago that shouting #WengerOut before the game started was a punchable offence.

Still, disappointing an Arsenal fan would stoop to that sort of shit. It brings us all down. Ban that person.

In Sporting Director news, Sky Sports are making noises that Paul Mitchell of RB Leipzig talent spotting notoriety, is interesting Arsenal. He’d be a great signing for us, he’s proved himself at Spurs and with the Germans. The only thing that worries me there is that he might have an allegiance to his old employees.

Still, we can hope until we put a deal on the table and he goes somewhere smaller.

BIG rumours that Xhaka might move to Inter Milan this summer if they don’t get Kroos or Rakitic.

I mean, I’m a bit whatever about this… he’s a good player, but ultimately, I don’t think he’s ideal for the Premier League. He’s been far better of late, but that’s because he’s improved on making a major mistake every game. We’ll see though, sounds like he’s angling for a move or a bigger contract… maybe both.

We’re being linked with Ander Herrera for £200k a week. Tidy player, but surely there are better ways to spend that sort of money?

A bit frightening to think that the team who brought you Denis Suarez are currently overseeing the summer transfer plan without a proven talent scout at the wheel. Let’s see how that pans out.

Huge game for Arsenal on Monday. Watford are going to be a handful. We need to really up our away game mentality and deliver a really top performance. They’ll come flying out the traps and we know Troy Deeney will come to bully.

Let’s see what we have for them.

P.S. Check out the new Ian Wright collab Fokohaela have pulled together.

Ian Wright just being Ian Wright on that one on the bottom. A lovely piece of clobber! (one on the top is part of the range as well)


See you in the comments… x

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  1. ddkingz

    arsenal fans are fools… because, it’s only arsenal fans that think they have a better team/squad than Chelsea…

    Chelsea… a team who have won two of the last 5 EPL title… a team who won the champions league about 8yrs ago… a team who might have won 3 out of the last 8 EPL title…

    like I said, arsenal fans are deluded.

  2. Bamford10


    “You think it’s ludicrous that people think we should challenge for top four …”

    You’ve done it again. You are again conflating the question of whether we can or should challenge for top four with the question of whether our squad is one of the four best squads in the league. Marko said it’s ludicrous to believe we have the third or fourth best squad in the league; he didn’t say it’s ludicrous to believe that we can finish top four. Those are two very different things.

  3. Marc


    “arsenal fans are morons… I have met a few of them in real life..”

    Err what does that make you – You are purporting to being one by being on here.

    If you weren’t so full of shit I’d point out that the average real Gooner has met thousands of other Arsenal fans in real life.

  4. Jamie

    Honestly, CG’s “the manager’s aura is arguably more important than even the results” is one of the best lines to come out of this comments section in so long.

    Just think about it for a second. If you can do that without being stunned at the complete ignorance of it when considering top level sport, you’re a better man than me.

    Aura more important than results! I’m dying here.

  5. Charlie George


    Q.) Why did Bruce Rioch get sacked?
    A.) Because ,although he improved results- he lacked charisma for AFC.

    If you aspire to be a renowned, elite global club garnering mega commercial deals- you need an elite ,successful and charismatic coach-I would have thought.

  6. MidwestGun

    The biggest improvement from this season to last is the new manager has a clue the old one did not in his last season, especially. How do I know this.

    Because give Wenger Matty G and Torrierra he doesn’t play either one. Give him Papa and he would have him playing as a RB. and Leno starting over Cech wouldn’t happen.. Lichtensteiner would probably be our starting cb ala Monreal of 2017.

    Facts people facts. hahahaha

    It’s a pointless debate really.. the margins between 3rd to 6th place as far as talent are razor thin… but the gap to get from there to 1st or second is huge. Pretty much like the gap to get from 7th to 6th and above. There are 3 distinct tiers.. in the PL. So it’s people arguing semantics really.. Is Emery good enough to get us to the Top tier of 1 or 2? probably not.. Is he better then what we had .. most definitely.. Is he the long term solution .. probably not if we want to be in top tier. But there is no question he has stopped the spiral we were on in 1 season headed for 7th place and maybe lower something the akb’s are mad about apparently.
    And there is also no question had we brought in Arteta or Vieira and they didn’t have us fighting for top 4.. they would be getting raked over the coals as well by the same group. The manager is in a no win situation due to the fans love affair of something that hasn’t existed for a decade.. aura of invincibility. Hence why we suck on the road in my opinion. So I tend to give Emery a break until he screws up. Which we will find out by end of season if he does or not.

  7. Bamford10


    The table doesn’t lie in the long run about your overall quality in a given season. That’s true. But that’s very different from it reflecting the quality of your squad. Where you finish or stand in the table is down to several factors — incl. how well the manager managed and how motivated and focused the players were — not just the quality of your squad.

    You lot are trying to reduce a football season to one factor alone: squad quality. That is only one factor. It’s an important one, but there are other important factors as well.

  8. Charlie George

    Marc and Red T

    Correct answers.

    That’s because Bruce never had the charisma or aura to deal with high profile players.( like Wright)

    Remind you of anyone…??

    Charlie George 1 Red Truth/Marc /Jamie 0

  9. Jamie

    CG –

    Results > Aura.

    You miss Wenger’s aura. Tell Jamie the truth.

    For Rioch’s sacking, see how transfers were conducted after the GG scandal. His position was untenable.

  10. Marc


    Fuck me you keep score adding points when you’re wrong.

    Getting Ozil to put in a shift is a major score under you’re own criteria?

  11. Un Battle Angel

    Of course there are various competing factors, luck, injuries, tactics and spirit but why are you being unusually vague on this. Go in a bit deeper. Who from those two squads walk into our starting 11?
    I’ve got 3 maybe 4 players.

  12. Bamford10


    That’s also the season after they won the title — with more or less the same squad. According to some here, that Chelsea squad was the best squad in the PL in 14-15 and the tenth best squad in the PL in 15-16.

  13. Un Battle Angel


    No no no no no.
    What we are saying is that our squad over the last 2-3 years was being misused and mismanaged. It was always a top four squad. It’s just that now we have a manger who’s using it properly

  14. Charlie George

    I don’t want Ozil putting in a shift….
    I want him creating .. assisting goals.
    The yeomanry do the dirty work.

    Not everyone has be a clone…
    Real Madrid players when they are winning multi Cls are not putting in shifts

    They are footballers not coal miners.

    Charlie George 2 Marc 0

  15. Bamford10


    I don’t have to. They are better. Every football observer who isn’t laden with some silly bias or agenda thinks this and knows this. Not to mention your “who would walk into our squad?” is a bogus way of approaching the question anyways.

  16. ddkingz

    @ Marc…. I know you are an arsenal fan, and that makes you a fool and also liar… so I won’t bother direct any comment toward you…

    but just to clarify something, so you won’t get confused why you are been a fool and also liar… I was never for once, binned on here…

    you deluded arsenal fool. lol

  17. Un Battle Angel

    Bamford how is it bogus
    It’s the simplest and most legitimate way of comparing player quality.
    Compare each player position by position.
    You’re clearly avoiding the comparison for a reason

  18. Marc


    “@ Marc…. I know you are an arsenal fan, and that makes you a fool and also liar… so I won’t bother direct any comment toward you…”

    Couple minutes later

    “Marc…. is a freaking liar… always trying to act like he knows everything…”

    Bad news dd – I also have a big cock and both your sisters and mum love it!

  19. Champagne Charlie

    “Aside from 3-4 guys on Le Grove — all with agendas — no one in all of world football thinks Arsenal’s squad is as good as that of United, Chelsea or Spurs”

    Always comical reading these sort of comments. Don’t argue the point and provide metrics to discuss, just chuck in a phoney truism, hope it lands, and play it cool.

    Interesting how the voices that disagree with a certain view are apparently with an “agenda”, meanwhile this lad has data comprising the input of everyone in world football – oh and it backs his POV up. Brilliant.

  20. Un Battle Angel


    Man U have been shit since 2012
    Liverpool have only just got into the top 4 last season

    So before then we were top 4 shoe ins for the last 21 years
    In short. We were. It’s only since wenger’s abilities took their final nose dive that arsenal stopped qualify for top 4
    So if we weren’t of sufficient quality then wenger over achieved. Either that or our squad was top 4 all along

  21. Marko

    You think it’s ludicrous that people think we should challenge for top four… even though we are?

    No I think it’s ludicrous that people think we have the 3rd or 4th best squad in the league

  22. Marko

    Q.) Why did Bruce Rioch get sacked?
    A.) Because ,although he improved results- he lacked charisma for AFC.

    I think you’ll find it was more of a question of lack of transfer funds and disagreement in that area

  23. Marko

    If we finish top 4 this season it will be the manager you love to hate who will be solely responsible for it and not because it’s expected of the squad. Because it’s not. And that’s because… it’s not a 3rd or 4th type squad

  24. MidwestGun

    Just read the column… Sorry your feeling like sheeeee it. as we say in the Midwest.
    Hope you are at least using the time to write the Le Grove Vomit Diet book.

    Hollywood types love fad diets….that give you shredded abs.. .could be a best seller might want to work on the title though.

  25. Words on a Blog

    This whole discussion about whether we do or do not constitute a “top 4 squad” is more than just a little bit silly and wholly artificial.

    There is no such thing as a “top 4 squad” – the moniker is there because there very much is a premium place on a club getting into the top 4 and into the ECL.

    The fact is, in terms of quality, at the moment there is such a thing as a top 6 squad, clearly much better in terms of first 11 than the rest of the Premier League, and also possessing much more squad depth beyond the first 11.

    Arsenal, Chelsea, Spurs and Man U have top 6 squads, and as MidWest pointed out the differences between them in terms of depth and quality are marginal, so it’s pretty pointless to argue whether we have a top4 or top 6 squad.

    So, we have a top 6 squad,and if Emery gets us past our away hoodoo and into the ECL, he will have used the squad well and we can call him a decent manager.

    Presumably at that point Pedro will go easy on the guy and call off the attack dogs.

    If he doesn’t , all bets are off. We can expect to read a series of posts on special sauce managers from around Europe.

  26. grooveydaddy

    Preseason , the bookies had us 6th by some distance (25/1)

    Spurs 5th (16/1)

    Chelsea 4th (12/1) and

    United 3rd (15/2)

    Would this be a fair assessment of relative squad strengths at the time?

    I would have thought odds makers’ analyses to be detailed and comprehensive….

  27. Marko

    In 41 bundesliga games Jadon Sancho has contributed 11 goals and 20 assists. That’s some big dick shit right there

  28. Sid

    JWL, average point as usual.1. No one thought we’d compete for the league
    2. You said the squad weren’t good enough for top 4
    3. We are competing for top 3You were wrong on the squad. We’ll find out of you were right on Emery.

    Weak argument as usual.

    By this measure No team Ever would over achieve as the table Never lies.

    So Leicester had The best squad in the league when they won the league.

    See how stupid that is? Unless ofcourse you believe that Leicester really did have the best squad.

    If you don’t then, what makes you so sure that arsenal has a top 4 squad simply because we are 4th and it cannot be emery punching above his weight?

  29. China1

    Spurs Chelsea and Utd all have clearly better squads than us

    ‘Marginal’ is a big understatement

    People saying only 3 or 4 players from those teams would walk into ours, I’d say it’s the other way round

  30. Sid


    Always comical reading these sort of comments. Don’t argue the point and provide metrics to discuss, just chuck in a phoney truism, hope it lands, and play it cool.

    Kinda like Benitez better than Emery point, no? Especially since that data is shitting all over Benitez.

  31. Pedro

    Sid, you’re struggling here.

    My initial statement:

    > Arsenal has a squad good enough for the top 4

    What is happening:

    >> Arsenal are competing for top 4

    It’s kind of a cut and shut case. Really don’t want to have to start banning people for being dim.

  32. bennydevito

    Exactly. Did Leicester have the best squad when they won the league?

    All the Sky, Motd and BT sport pundits also think we have the 6th best squad in the league and they all agree Emery is doing a great job.

    Chelsea’s whole defence, Hazard, Kante, Willian Hudson and Loftus Cheek are better than what we’ve got, Spurs and Utd also all with better defence and GK, as well as Martial, Pogba, Lingard, Matic and the Spurs midfield is better than ours. Out of a combination of all the top 6 squads probably only Aubameyang and Lacazette get in.

    Who’s conceded the most goals?

    It’s painfully obvious and has been all season that those who are trying to delude themselves and everyone on here that we have the 4th or even 3rd best squads are doing so only to justify their ever so obvious Emery out agenda that they’re dying for Arsenal to actually fail so they can put into action their full blown Emery out rants that they can’t quite say now while we’re still in the hunt.

    Charlie George

    When Wenger first arrived and everyone was saying Wenger who, were you calling for him to go and comparing him to GG like you are now with Emery?

    Emery at the start of his Arsenal career has won far more and at a wider variety of clubs than Wenger had when he started and Emery had won more European titles than Wenger and Arsenal put together.

    So were you calling for Wenger out 6 months into his first season? A manager who at the time was vastly inferior to Emery?

    Of course you weren’t. I’ve put this to you over a dozen times this season and as of yet you duck the question because as usual I show you up to be a contradictory hypocrite.

    Let’s look at Emery’s first season so far:

    The same points as last season with 6 games to go.

    More points away from home already than last season.

    More victories away from home than last season.

    A better first 47 games win ratio than Wenger, Guardiola, Mourinho, Klopp and Pottechino.

    This all proves that your demented agenda driven BWB ramblings are utter, utter bollocks.

  33. Words on a Blog


    Forget CharlieG – trying to find any hint of logic or reason in his rambling stream-of-consciousness is pretty pointless and well nigh impossible. He decided Emery was shit after we lost our first match of the season to Man C. ChuckyG will be ChuckyG, no matter what anyone says or does.

    The concerning thing is that Pedro’s arguments about Emer, if not in the actual main posts but at least in the comments sections, are starting to bear uncomfortable similarities to those of the great CG. for different reasons, both decided long ago that they can’t bear the man and they just want him out….

  34. Pedro

    Benny, ‘all the pundits’ isn’t very convincing.

    Words, CG blusters and plays to the crowd, but the man is right on Emery.

  35. gonsterous

    The comment section needs to make up their mind on what a successful season is. I said before the season started, if we won no trophies but got into the top 4 the club would review it as a successful season as would I.
    It seemed an impossible task but suddenly we are in the top 4 race and people are coming out with the we have the 3rd best squad bs.
    Ozil was pulling in sick (allegedly) for most parts of the season and we all know he plays like an amateur when away from home. People overestimate the contribution of ozil, it’s kind of like the Chaka long passes. Looks pleasing on the eye but achieves fk all. Look at how cesc used to rip open the defence with his long passes for a reference.
    Ramsey on the other hand, wasn’t playing with any discipline and was dropped (wrongly, it turns out but hindsight is always 20/20).
    I still have my doubts about Ramsey. Would he be playing like this if he had signed an extension ? Judging by the past 10 years, I would say no, but I could be wrong. Hard to judge him under wenger because he was so undisciplined.

  36. Tony

    “Kinda like Benitez better than Emery point, no? Especially since that data is shitting all over Benitez.”

    Anal is as anal does CC can’t help himself, but at least he keeps the blog lively when he’s snapping at everyone for facts, metrics and to keep to the narrative.

    Welcome back Charlie boy.

    Hopefully we’ll see Cesc Appeal and a few others back, such as N5.

  37. Leedsgunner

    Successful season for me is either an Europa League trophy and a top 4 finish. One might ask why both? One guarantees that we have Champions League football and both ensures that at least one of our rivals miss out on the same, personally I would love that other team to be Spurs after all their boasting about their new stadium but Chelsea or Utd missing out would be satisfactory.

    For next season, for me, it starts when the final ball is kicked. What are we doing to make sure our summer transfer window is a success? We simply cannot have a transfer window like we had in the winter.

    We need to get rid of Mustafi, Elneny, Jenkinson, Asano, and Martinez at the very least and then use the sale funds plus our planned transfer funds to replace Ramsey, Monreal, Welbeck and Koscielny… that’s before even looking for a scoring winger.

    If we do, our next season will at least have a good chance.

  38. gonsterous

    is ospina back for next season or should we sell him and get another GK to replace cech ?

    We need a new CB and some wingers. Maybe a new LB too. Toughest job may be getting a replacement for ramsey.

  39. Graham62

    Although Ramsey has been playing well, it is only because of the circumstances.

    Emery has got him playing a far more disciplined and structured role which, added to the fact he is leaving, has allowed him to display his massive benefits to the team.

    Of course he is leaving because Emery cocked things up. Yeh, right!! Actually, he is leaving because our previous regime were totally clueless.

    We need him for both Watford and Naples. My head though says wrap him in cotton wool before the Napoli game.

  40. Un Battle Angel

    Amazing how so many here were arguing the exact opposite position some 8-10 weeks ago when we were 6th

    The table doesn’t lie
    We are there because we deserve to be there
    Bla bla bla

    It’s indicative of the mind set of so many of Le Grove’s posters. Neither Man U it Chelsea have squad’s which are better than ours
    We have beaten both as well as Tottenham Napoli and very very close to beating Liverpool
    Third highest scoring team in the league with a creative dearth and pathetic away form. If emery adds a defender and some creativity whilst addressing our away form then I feel we will be actually challenging for the title. We are breathing down the neck of spurs with a supposedly inferior team so surely it wouldn’t take too much to over take them. The away form for arsenal will be addressed on the training ground and less so I’m the transfer market. This team is beating very very good sides at home so it is capable of replicating that away from home. It’s down to mind set and tactics. That is down to emery to fix

  41. Charlie George


    “”” Yeh, right!! Actually, he is leaving because our previous regime were totally clueless”””

    Yes , Graham and that Clueless regime also chose Emery…… when no Arsenal fan wanted him.

    ….but you think they got THAT decision correct?. Being very selective, here. ( as usual)
    Old regime- certainly should have got Ramseys contract sorted. Accepted.

    But it was Emery who withdrew it.
    (See Ramseys reaction after Fulham goal)

    That decision is looking more flabbergasting as the weeks go by.

    It will ultimately be the decision that will get him the sack..

  42. Charlie George

    But I want to see:

    Highbury Legend 1 Charlie George 0.

    Where is High Leg?

    (Is a search party required…)

  43. Pierre

    Charlie George
    “Not everyone has be a clone…
    Real Madrid players when they are winning multi Cls are not putting in shifts

    They are footballers not coal miners.”

    Great comment.

    I it appears that many on here( and our manager) do not appreciate/understand artistry on a football pitch.

    Aubamayang, Ozil and AMN will never be fully appreciated on Le Grove due to their laid back style and for making the game look too easy.

    Give them a busy looking player with inferior technique and they will be happy …


    Because they” put in a shift “

  44. Un Battle Angel


    Aubameyang great technique? Come on now…..
    And I personally don’t care if ozil doesn’t run about if he’s changing games and making things happen. A flick, a pass, a trick to get the crowd going.
    He looked good on Thursday because he was up for it. Anyone with eyes can see the difference. He obviously had a point to prove to Ancelotti who binned him and it showed. If only he could summon that attitude more regularly
    Nobody wants to see ozil diving into tackles on the edge of our area. We want what it says on the tin. No10, assist machine, creative genius. That’s not what we’ve got

  45. Pierre

    You don’t score the amount of goals that Aubamayang scores without good technique…
    Of course he relies on other players to provide the opportunities but his awareness in the box is 2nd to none……very intelligent footballer and he rarely is injured.

    Ozil is Ozil , he will never change , maybe he is working a little harder ( maybe not),

    I judge him as a footballer not on how much he earns ( as many do on here) ..I know the negatives in his game but the positives outweigh them as far as I’m concerned but I’m not sure our manger thinks the same.

    It never bothers me if people ( not you) slag me off for defending Ozil as I feel a little sorry for those who purport to be Arsenal supporters but will continually criticise our most productive player over the years.

    I love watching players with great technique , they make the game look ridiculously easy at times , it’s the same when I am watching the golf . I am in awe of their ability to play on courses like Augusta , their short games are fantastic , to do what they do under such pressure with so little margin for error is unbelievable.