Is two enough?

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I am SORRY for not being about for 2 days, it’s not because I’ve lost interest in talking about the pretty features of Dennis Suarez, NO, it’s because my brother-in-law gave me a HORRENDOUS case of BAD TIMES. I’m sorry to be so vague here… but I picked it up two days ago, but just the fever stage… I managed to fly to Chicago and back, and as I walked in the door it was the worst thing that ever happened to me. Truly tragic… but, but, but… that winter gut has gone… so who is really winning?


I tell you who else won last night… Unai Emery. The Europa League machine from Spain only went and done it again with a pretty damn convincing win over Napoli.

He brought in the big guns, he shipped the not so big guns to the bench, and we witnessed the destruction of a very limp Napoli who just weren’t up for the test. They kind of reminded me of the period when we stocked up on tiny players… everyone was a LOTR extra, which made for pretty moments, but brute force usually wins out unless you’re Barca.

Aaron Ramsey stepped up for the first goal after some great four-way play between AMN, Ozil, and Lacazette. The final part of the move saw Lacazette thread a pass through a set of legs to AMN, he touched the ball, 180’d and swept it to Ramsey who was ready to poke it past Meret at the far post. Props to Ozil in the move, just couldn’t be arsed to write that many words.

The second goal was a little more fortuitous. LT hounded the ball off Napoli in a pressing move when they were fannying around in their own half, he drove at goal, cut the ball back into space with a neat turn, and struck his shot. Koubililaly, who’d initially looked in control in the Napoli defence dropped an unfortunate knee on the strike, the deflection was pretty beastly and beat Meret (who was very good).

The shame of the game was that we didn’t really capitalize on a very weak performance from Carlo. We dominated possession, we had them beaten for most of the game, but we didn’t make our 16 attempts on their goal count. The shooting boots were a bit dusty and the pessimist in most of us is likely concerned whether a two-goal lead will be enough for next week. Ramsey missed a very simpled chance with a lovely Mikhi cut back, and Auba fluffed his lines.

I did worry that Napoli started to find their way into the game late on, they were getting in behind us and using their pace to better effect. If they start like that next week, it’ll be tough to keep a clean sheet.

The only other groan that you could have is that Aaron Ramsey is in the absolute form of his life and making the decision to bomb him off look a poor one. I mean, even worse was keeping him on the bench when he was fit. But there we go, he’ll be a tough one to replace, and I totally get why the club didn’t want to spend that money on him… I just hope the makeshift recruitment team we have at the moment has a plan to replace his talent.

Once again, it’s odd that we can put in such an incredible showing against Napoli, then tank away from home against teams like Rennes and BATE. It does help when you leave players like Mustafi and Elneny out of the starting 11, but those two names don’t really compute why we lose our spirit and motivation.

At least we’re in the mixer. All we need is one goal. Napoli has to come at us and we should have the tools available to bully them and their flimsy brand of EURO MELT football.

I didn’t realise the semi was already drawn… looking like there’s a low chance of reuniting with Santi Cazorla as his Villareal took a 3-1 beating from Valencia… however, Emery has been at Valencia, so that’ll be a big one for him.

A fun game in Portugal, Joao dropping a hattrick for Benfica as they took down Frankfurt. He looks a very special player. Chelsea took a 0-1 win against Slavia Praha, so things looking good for them as well.

Right, good times, let’s be having you in the comments. x


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  1. MidwestGun

    Pretty much… Any manager we brought in would get eviscerated by the AKb’s even though they said they support the team not the manager. So I take it all with a grain of salt. Ancelotti was a popular choice for a name.. now would he be?

    I haven’t seen anyone who thinks Emery is faultless and without flaws … He definitely screws stuff up so objectivity is going to take some time for some more then others, is my point.
    CG lost his objectivity in the late 70’s apparently.

  2. Marc


    That was sort of my point. No one was happy with the choice before kick-off but in the circumstances I don’t know what would’ve been the solution.

  3. Charlie George


    Sensational post.
    I agree with every word.

    And yet. The doom merchants(,ESG)on here-salute the appointment.

    He will always fall short.He will always let you down.
    We have gone from The Invincibles to The Invisibles- under him.

  4. MidwestGun

    Look man..its all good.. I don’t hate you or anything like that .. I never take this Le Grove stuff personally .. I learned that a long time ago. When you actually comment on the team you generally make a coherent point and clearly your not stupid. I just don’t like the spamming of old comments especially when it’s not relative to what was being said…
    Neither Bamford or Dissenter where even here at that time. .Its basically trolling.. I mean it worked because they both showed up but was it worth nuking the comment section? And even you have to admit you tend to take things waaaaay over the top.

  5. Marko

    Exactly Mid. I can see no such thing as an Emery fanboy or obsessive or fanatic existing in the fanbase. Instead I see reasonable people who understand that we’re in a transition phase and are calling for time and investment and then you have people who have unrealistic expectations of the current state of the club and you have the careful what you wish for types. Hard to imagine outside of a handful of manager’s over the years that you would have actual supporters of individual managers. Take Klopp for example I like him and if he was Arsenal manager I’d be a supporter but it he ceased being our manager and became say Barcelona manager it’s not like I’d start supporting them cause I WAS a supporter of his. Managers are very much expendable and replaceable so it’s pointless getting attached you know. Try telling that to the cultists of Arsene. Thankfully it’s unlikely to happen again at any club

  6. Marc

    “We have gone from The Invincibles to The Invisibles- under him.”

    Oh my god – It’s as if we won the PL and CL last season, Wenger was forced out of the club and Emery has since got us relegated.

    CG I remind you that we currently sit on the same points as last season but with 6 matches left. On every level Emery has been better than Wenger last season.

  7. Marko

    We have gone from The Invincibles to The Invisibles- under him.

    Just had to check…yep that was 2003-04 season…yep just had to check there was enough time between then and 2018 when Emery was hired so that he can’t really be blamed for any decline in fortunes.

  8. PhD2020

    I’m always on my island Sir Marko..But will take it down a few notches.Got rid of my angst for the month..I have a quota system you see. Judge me in May??!! LOL

    See you in the summer…Or maybe sooner

  9. MidwestGun

    If Emery is still here in 2 years up for a contract renewal and we still are finishing 4th to 6th the team looks insipid and our transfers have been cack. Then I will be on the #Emery out train..

    But it’s his first season .. he has battling for 3rd to 5th after finishing 6th last season. and possibly we win a European trophy that Diego Simeone won last it has some relevance to decent managing so I’m more then willing to give him the benefit of the doubt at this point. We will find out what he is all about very quickly. And to me that is being objective.

  10. Charlie George

    Marc and Marko

    So your only measuring stick – is improving on last seasons debacle of last season- when a washed up Wenger was on his farewell tour..

    Crikey, you are easily pleased gentleman
    You dont want to see the bigger picture- in where we are going?
    Or the possibilities?

    Crikey- if the pair of you worked for me.
    I would sack you on the spot .
    Citing chronic lack of ambition and gumption!

    And Graham can pick you up and drive the pair of you home.
    Disgraceful lack of foresight- all 3 of you have…
    Arsenal fans- my arse!

  11. Marc


    What makes you think you could get me to work for such a complete fucking moron who’s relationship with truth and reality are tenuous at best.

    I’ll make a judgement on Emery at the end of the season, he’ll start next season but I will expect improvements. If we’re still seeing the poor away form etc he’ll be on thin ice.

    You actually want Arsenal to fail so you can gloat on what Wenger would’ve done.

  12. Marc

    “Arsenal fans- my arse!”

    I spent more time at Arsenal last night than you’ll spend in your entire lifespan. You don’t get to judge people who actually go to matches.

  13. Charlie George

    I am coming over to London for the Brighton game.

    I will buy you a drink.
    And install some sense in you, yet..

  14. Graham62

    The shoes on the other foot.

    The “Doom merchants” are those folk that have suddenly turned full circle in their beliefs and perceptions of AFC.

    From tolerating and accepting abject failure under a failing Manager and regime, they now take every opportunity tocriticise someone who is trying to clear up all his shit.

    One day it’ll make a best seller.

  15. Marko

    What are you talking about you idiot he’s here months and the only thing you can judge him on that period and the same period prior to him coming onboard. And you talk about bigger picture and ambition well first off how can a person judge someone’s ambition inside months and one summer window. And secondly and most importantly how can YOU do it when you’ve shown so much evidence of a biased opinion and frankly a mental deficiency. Citing bigger picture and ambition from a AKB my fucking god that is the funniest

  16. Marko

    If we’re still seeing the poor away form etc he’ll be on thin ice.

    He’ll be neck deep in icy water with me if certain decisions aren’t made with regards to the squad this summer window. For example if he doesn’t address the defence if he has Mustafi and a few others still at the club next season and if he doesn’t target legitimate wingers then I will be livid. Now I know he doesn’t actually make the signings but he has to insist this summer that certain players are moved on (finally) and that certain areas are strengthened. Recent comments on Arsenal needing their own VVD and links to LB’s suggest that he is going down that path

  17. Marc


    It would funny if it wasn’t so bizarre no matter what Wenger did there was an excuse. Emery performs better and all of a sudden anyone who say’s let’s give him a season isn’t ambitious enough.

  18. Marko

    Midwest day one on my lunch break I shit in his desk. By the end of the day I bitch slap him and quit the job telling him I refused to make bigotry pamphlets

  19. MidwestGun

    Oh man… I was actually laughing out loud.. mental image was too funny.. Alright I’m off to watch a little Of Tiger Woods.

    Game isn’t til Monday…. sheesh… I’ll be with a GOT hangover.

  20. Luteo Guenreira

    There’s so much going on this weekend. GoT, NBA playoffs starting, Masters.

    I dislike Monday matches as the potential to start the week off in a shit mood is quite high.

  21. London gunner

    Victorius and cg

    You silly tossers, funny how you can criticise emery and claim he has too many weak points yet absolute fookish hypocrites made a million and one excuses for the disaster that was Wenger.

  22. Graham62


    As I highlighted yesterday, my “eureka moment” occurred eight years prior to yours.

    In this respect, we’ll never see eye to eye on things.

    You were fed up even before Emery walked through the door.

    I was fed up as soon as Gallas acted like a petulant school kid after we drew 2-2 at St Andrew’s.

    A monumental difference wouldn’t you say?

  23. Charlie George


    “”””I was fed up as soon as Gallas acted like a petulant school kid after we drew 2-2 at St Andrew’s.””””

    Sums you up – I am afraid and your anti -Wengerism.

    Although not enamoured with Gallas’ behaviour and him being captain

    I was more “”fed up “”with the disgraceful assault on Eduardo ( which I am sure had something to do with Gallas petulance) –

    I really think – you need to see someone in a professional capacity- if your hatred to Arsene Wenger continues and festers.

    Otherwise – you will end up a very embittered old man – in that garden of yours…

    Let it go Graham!

    Wenger has departed the Arsenal scene.( for now,anyway)

  24. Marko

    Wenger has departed the Arsenal scene.( for now,anyway)

    He’s coming back is he? In what capacity? My money’s on loon who walks in circles muttering tp to himself outside the Emirates

  25. HillWood

    Great few days of sport coming up
    The Masters at beautiful Augusta
    F1 at the fabulous Shanghai International Circuit
    And Arsenal at Watford

  26. Pierre

    Charlie George
    “I was more “”fed up “”with the disgraceful assault on Eduardo ( which I am sure had something to do with Gallas petulance) –”

    couldn’t have put it better myself , plus the cliche tackle wasn’t even a penalty…

  27. Charlie George


    Mike Dean killed us.And not for the first time.

    And yet they blame Wenger for everything and anything

    They are an eternally ungrateful spolit bunch…

    In life – you have to take the rough with the smooth. The Good with The Bad.

    They forget that.

    They dont really love The Beautiful Game and deep down they dont love The Arsenal. Because if they did- they would never support Emerys appointment.

  28. bennydevito

    “They dont really love The Beautiful Game and deep down they dont love The Arsenal. Because if they did- they would never support Emerys appointment.”



    Deep down it is YOU who doesn’t love The Arsenal because if you did you would support whoever the current manager is, get behind the team and wait at least until the end of the season before passing judgement.

    This is Emery’s first season in charge, his first in English football, his grasp of the language isn’t the best and he inherited the worst Arsenal squad in 22 years. He’s had a meagre budget to work with that Liverpool spent twice over on Van Dyke and Alison, there’s huge upheaval going on behind the scenes, the guy who hired him has left and he’s had to take over from our greatest manager of all time with half the fanbase refusing to even give him a chance.

    We’ve got the same points as last season with 6 games to go, have more points and victories away from home than last season and Emery has a better first 47 game win ratio than Wenger, Pottechino, Mourinho, Klopp and Guardiola, and has won more European titles than Arsenal have in their whole history, yet you carry on like he’s the worst manager ever.

    You are an absolute disgrace and an embarrassment to The Arsenal family.

    Give the man a break and like your Lord Wenger;

    Judge him in May.

  29. bennydevito

    Anyway, who can sort me out 2 tickets next to each for the Brighton match for me and my son? Anyone? I want to take him to his first Arsenal match and need to try and work on our relationship and try to make him.see there’s more to life than fucking Fortnite.

    Pedro, any regular match going Grovers who can help me out I’d be very grateful.


  30. Marc


    100% spot on but it seems no matter how many times the simple basic facts are pointed out to the likes of CG and Pierre they either ignore them, put up some false logic or re write history.

    When you bear in mind that the site has been losing some of the more balanced posters that you could engage with whether you agreed with them or not – Cesc Appeal, N5 etc then you get to a point of thinking that Pedro needs to impose a few new rules about the sanity of posters on here.

  31. Marko

    need to try and work on our relationship and try to make him.see there’s more to life than fucking Fortnite.

    Good luck with that mate

  32. bennydevito


    Yes, as an original Grover I have witnessed huge swathes of regular posters disappear. I myself stopped commenting regularly in the last few years of Wenger, even though I still read daily and shared on Twitter, and even though I have really enjoyed being more active again I fear CG is going to drive everyone else away. I honestly believe he is from Untold Arsenal and has come here to infiltrate and destroy this blight because over there they hated us and LG for calling out Wenger, absolutely dispised us and labelled us WOBS and AAA – Wenger out brigade, anti Arsenal Arsenal fans.

    I seriously believe CG is one of their writers on commenters, not Tony Atwood but possibly Walter Broeke.

  33. Marc


    It’s been a while but from memory it’s £30 odd a season for an adult – so not expensive for a season but bloody expensive for one match, don’t know the cost for a youngster. Problem is for any ST holders to transfer a ticket to you / your son you’d need to be red members, otherwise they’ve got to physically hand you the cards that would need to be returned.

    If it isn’t a sell out tickets will go to general sale so anyone can buy but not many league matches go to that. Outside of that you need someone who knows someone who can do you a favour.

    If you can get tickets make sure you hang around for the players lap of honour / thank you to the fans after the match. It’s always a nice way to round off the last home match of the season.

  34. bennydevito


    Yeh, we’re having a serious problem with him. He’s 12 and has lost all interest in anything other than fortnite – he literally will spend all day every day on it when not at school unless we shout at him and have to resort to turning the WiFi off. He’s moody, depressed and acts like it’s the end of the world if he loses or we don’t let him on, it’s a nightmare.

  35. bennydevito


    Regarding tickets, there’s always quite a lot of empty seats so are these sold but people not turning up?

    I’ll look into membership, thanks.

    If anyone here is a member and can but 2 additional tickets, or knows someone who knows someone please let me know.

    @BennydevitoBen on Twitter or email


  36. bennydevito


    Lol! Not a bad choice! He’s a really good footballer too but isn’t interested; doesn’t want to join a local team or go training, not interested in joining his school team and I keep telling him he needs to be in a team if he wants to get spotted. Bristol City, Bristol Rovers, Swindon Town and even Southampton regularly scout the local teams around here. I was with Bristol City myself from 14 – 16, but all he wants to do is play Fortnite or be a “You Tuber”. There’s no such fucking thing. Kids nowadays want it all without doing a thing for it.

  37. Marc


    It wouldn’t be worth getting a red membership for this season but maybe next?

    The basic set up is 40,000 ST holders (Gold members) with the remaining 20,000 tickets going on sale to firstly Silver members (only a few thousand of those) 2 months before the match and then to Red members 1 month before the match. If the match sells out then ST holders / Gold members who can’t make the match can put their ticket on ticket exchange where the ticket is resold less 10%. If the match is not a sell out then tickets go to general sale.

    For next season the easiest bet are League Cup matches – they’re not included in the ST and are sold at a reduced price but are of course all midweek which can be difficult if you have a youngster.

  38. bennydevito

    Thanks Marc, yes, will still try for Brighton but next season will probably be more realistic and he’s 13 in September so would make a good present.

    I’d take just the 1 ticket for Brighton if anyone could sort that? But preferably 2.

  39. Marc


    It might be worth contacting the club re club level tickets – the rules might be a little more flexible for those but of course you are looking at serious money per ticket.

    One of the benefits of being a season ticket holder is you pay out a lump sum in June and then forget about it – so when I cost last night I look at £13 travel and then a few beers etc. When it’s a one off it’s £30 – £whatever per ticket, plus travel, with kids he’ll want a programme so that’s a fiver and then it’ll set you back a tenner for a hotdog / burger and a coke.

    Suddenly makes it a very expensive day out especially when you have to double it.

    I should mention that you have the family enclosure where kids tickets are reduced – I don’t know much about he set up but I’m pretty sure you need to be red members and of course there is always high demand for those tickets – you need to be on your PC as they go on sale.

  40. Marc


    I should have thought of this earlier – are they having an Emirates Cup this year?

    If yes then that’s a good day out. In previous years a ticket gets you both matches on the day, I took my nephew a couple of years ago and got club level tickets for £40 odd each – the food at club level is stupid expensive (about 12 quid for a hotdog) but a day out in the sunshine and a couple matches makes it reasonable value – tickets in the lower or upper stands would be a good chunk cheaper.

  41. Pedro

    Guns SF, I thought that article was shit.

    ‘Through no evidence, I am going to suggest that racism is a problem at Arsenal, but people don’t report it’

    Guy who wrote it isn’t even based in the UK.

  42. Marc


    I don’t’ know about your personal experience but for me – 3-4 seasons towards the clock end and then the 6 odd seasons I’ve sat upper tier North Bank the only racism I’ve ever heard was a guy who used to shout “get that French tart off the pitch” every time Giroud went near the ball.

    Every club will always have the odd idiot who see’s another idiot do something and then copies it but I firmly believe that Arsenal do not have any sort of issue with racism in the stands.

  43. Guns of sf

    Pedro why is it bad? Just coz the guy doesn’t live in the uk? He is advocating for action when confronted with racism and we should work towards zero racism

    Take action and do not sit quietly

    I’m disappointed this happened at our stadium and I’m not from the uk

    Yet I still feel this is our team and feel that we need to have the best and be the best always.

  44. Mick Kartun

    Two might or might not be enough.

    But frankly, before the game, we were not sure if we could beat Napoli 2-0. So let’s support the lads that they would get through the second leg at Naples.

  45. Tony

    We are all hoping we have done enough but, in the scheme of things, does it really matter?

    For the past 2 decades we’ve fallen behind in the TW market either in our Highbury days when United would buy players for £30million and us £10 million to Wenger squandering money wholesale on useless/talentless/crocked players with the exception of the David Dein days when Dein controlled every aspect of player acquisition and Wenger toed the Dein line.

    Once Dein was unceremoniously dumped out of the club Wenger’s poor myopic transfer dealings went into further free fall with the odd rare exception, such as Fabregas, Sanchez, possibly Ozil (when he could be bothered) and the inconsistent Ramsey.

    Without bothering to go into the exact names I have poste/listed before I’d say that about only 20% of Wenger’s signings were worthy to wear the shirt or quality we needed if indeed the right position required, and then Wenger would Wengerise those players and reduce them to well below their potential: players did not grow under Wenger!

    Wenger always seemed to think a player’s natural position could be shoehorned into another position: Arshavin no10 to the wing as an example. A players ability to low tow to Wenger was probably Wenger’s first priority with any signing.

    Why the rhetoric? History is about to repeat itself yet again and even if we make into the CL we’ll be lucky to make it into the last 16. Humiliations will be always lurking close the the surface.

    For the AKBs record I respect Wenger for his days linked with Dein and the Invincibles and league trophies. Wenger’s first 10 years were excellent to witness and savior.

    HIS final 12 years apart from cups were pathetic and a downward financial spiral for the club to where we are now.

    Greatest manager?

    Not in my book because I believe GG would have won far more had he stayed 22 years, especially Euro trophies. You only have to do the time GG served % of trophies vs Wenger in the same time frame to understand this.

    That brings us up to the present with overwhelming problematic questions that require 3 key answers from the Kroenkes & Raul.

    Why are we so unprepared for the summer TW window with key management not in place?

    Apart from the potential CL money, why don’t we know what funds are available?

    Why are we going to be left behind in the transfer stakes once again by the likes of United and Liverpool?

    Chelsea & City will only likely miss out if they receive their FA transfer bans. If not, all 4 will improve their squads to level far above our highest acquired player ceilings.

    Emery is not the guy to blame.

    Regardless of what he achieves for the remainder of this season he will not control the TW or the amount we have to spend, which means Emery will have to have us punching even higher above our weight against the top 6 next season just to get EL football for the following season.

    It’s just summer TW ‘Groundhog Day’ dressed differently to the one Wenger gave us for about 12 years.

    I don’t believe we have to spend £50 to100+million on everyone of the (at least 6) required positions that need immediately filing, but equally we are not Ajax with their obvious formidable scouts and TDs/DoFs, which means we will not be recruiting the next unearthed gems.

    At first I get all the usual excitement of the upcoming week
    s games and get immersed in the emotions of the games and results like most here, but after when the euphoria or pain of the result and sanity sets in, I look at the scouting and senior football management of the club and reality check realisation kicks in that gives a very unwanted foreboding feeling for the next season even before this season is over.

    There just never seems to be a clear picture of the future of the club and the football to be produced next!

    There are just the small margins of improvements this season by Emery on Wenger where there should be far greater increases, but as Emery will always have one arm tied behind his back going into the ring agains the top 6 managers, which more can one hope for?

    12 captains?

  46. Graham62


    Some on here assume I hated Wenger, which was not the case. I Just lost respect for him.

    When certain posters take joy in blaming and ridiculing Emery for everything, after such a short period in charge, my anti-Wenger mode though rises naturally to the service.

    Let’s look at the Ramsey scenario, which, according to some, is all down to Emery. Of course, we all know that it was Emery who ran down players contracts and inexplicably allowed players to consider leaving on a free, losing vast sums of money in the process and consequently jeopardising the clubs future business dealings.

    It was Emery we have to blame for handing out an unbelievably stupid contract to Ozil, which ultimately meant that the Ramsey negotiations were always going to fall through, no matter what some on here may think.

    It was Emery’s fault for the Sanchez debacle. Again costing the club millions in the process. Why not blame him for all these things, because who else is there to blame?

    Blame him for not installing tactical systems into the team and getting the players to follow structures and methods that would benefit us in competitive high intensity situations.

    Blame him for putting the club in a reasonably competitive state, on limited resources, that has put us in with a chance of competing at the top table again. That’s right, just keep blaming him for all these things.

    Oh yes and before I forget, blame him for being Spanish and not being able to speak English fluently and of course, blame him for not looking right.

    It all makes perfect sense.

  47. Tony

    AKBs and similar a constant source of hilarity if not taken seriously as they would like us to.

    CG is just the new breed of nutter to swell Le-Grove’s ranks.

    Mind you I actually miss CC tearing it up on here. Him, Marko and Bamford were good value for money!

    Have a good weekend

    It’s Song Kran: Thai New Year celebrations here, which sadly I’m not allowed to take part in as still in recovery from my coronary heart ballon and tent work.

    2 more weeks of rehab to go, then normal service will be resumed in the gym etc.

  48. shaun

    In short Wenger did an incredible amount of damage in the final 10 years but most noticeable and most damaging was the attitude and the know knowledge of the prem league at all infrastructure he surrounded himself with .the guys on hear who still keep talking about wenger as some sort of messiah are totally brain dead. wenger new the Kronke team were hands off just like he wanted it and if it was not for the fans wenger would still be here after all that was his plan he wanted to control everything .not a great manager at all just a luckier version of Gerad houllier

  49. Pierre

    “Anyway, who can sort me out 2 tickets next to each for the Brighton match for me and my son”

    Graham should be able to sort you out there, him being a Brighton supporter , will probably with the away fans though .

    On a more serious note , my son often gets tickets on facebook( I think) normally cost price , I will get you the link if possible.

  50. gonsterous

    So if we win the EL, will everyone say they were wrong about Emery or will they wait till next season to start their bashing of every thing and every one at the club ??

  51. Charlie George


    “”””Anyway, who can sort me out 2 tickets next to each for the Brighton match for me and my son””””””

    I am heading over for this game.
    Mark my words- I’ll get your little lads attention – and off Fortnight- computer games..

    It’s called discipline.

    How about – take their computers away and throw them into the rubbish.?
    And dont allow tantrums either.

  52. Graham62


    Ah yes, just think, if Monsieur Wenger had still been at the helm, I would have been sitting with the Brighton lot eating my fish and chips, whilst you would have been sitting at the opposite end of the ground still gloating in the knowledge that we were falling further behind the rest of the pack.

    The really funny thing is that the latter part of this story would be true.

  53. Charlie George


    “”””I fear CG is going to drive everyone else away. I honestly believe he is from Untold Arsenal and has come here to infiltrate …”””

    I sincerely hope- this is not the case.

    But If it is – and other posters are disappearing like the Grove veteran BD is saying…because of me…

    I suggest a Charlie George Referendum.
    And we stick by the results.

    Charlie George To Remain
    Charlie George To Leave.

    If the consensus from regulars are I leave ( or stay)
    PEdRo will invoke article 5 of The Grove constitution.

    And I go for good.
    Or ,obviously I stay

    Cant be fairer than this..

    Ps. Who Is this Belgium fella?

  54. Emiratesstroller


    Let’s be frank Arsenal are never going to spend mega bucks in the transfer market. This has been our philosophy long before Wenger arrived at the club.

    Even Spurs in the 1960s onwards were more likely to spend mega bucks on a high profile player.

    Arsenal’s transfer dealings have always been more speculative either bringing
    in players who have failed at other clubs e.g. Bergkamp, Henry or Sanchez or
    going for young unproven talent e.g. Vieira or Fabregas.

    Personally I am in favour of our policy so long as we have a competent scouting system in place and the manager makes the correct decisions.

    There is an old proverb “you need to speculate to accumulate”.

    Arsenal’s problem in recent years under Wenger is that our scouting system
    was not particularly good and Wenger picked too many “technically gifted”
    and “similar type” players, but lacking in the basics which win titles.

    Our current defence is the mirror image of Wenger’s “disinterest” in building and investing properly in this sector of team. Until and unless the club rebuilds the defence the club is going to continue to struggle to finish in top
    4 let alone win titles.

    Realistically the rebuild of the first team/squad will take priority in the next
    two or three years and therefore spending modestly on individual players.

    I have written previously that spending £100 million+ on an individual player
    can only arise once we have done the basics. Somehow I don’t see it happening
    at Arsenal. I don’t think that the Kroenke regime will be willing to risk that amount of money on a single player.

  55. Tony

    Don’t Fat Cats fly first & upper class and stay in 5* hotels free?

    You know the types of perks you’re getting!

    Maybe you’re going to do a Cat Stevens or Peter Green and share your wealth with the poor of your adopted country and definitely reserve your seat next to God!

    What a genuine, 24 carat BS merchant you are 🙂

    Love your Worlfie Smith characterization when in full Che Guevara argumentative mode.

    So you’re a fat cat revolutionary Un – got it. Took some time to work out bro.

  56. bennydevito

    CG, a CG referendum lol!

    People come people go. There will be others, you carry on good sir unless Pedro says otherwise.

    There’s something about you CG that disarms me every time and makes me genuinely laugh in endearment.

    You carry on and ignore me.

    “Charlie GeorgeApril 13, 2019    08:38:29


    “”””Anyway, who can sort me out 2 tickets next to each for the Brighton match for me and my son””””””

    I am heading over for this game.
    Mark my words- I’ll get your little lads attention – and off Fortnight- computer games..

    It’s called discipline.

    How about – take their computers away and throw them into the rubbish.?
    And dont allow tantrums either.”


    Believe me CG if it were up to me I’d be doing exactly as you suggest but unfortunately I am hamstrung by his mother and the grand parent’s no liberal style of parenting otherwise known as namby pambying and rewarding bad behaviour. I am seen and accused of being too strict and dare I say even a bully to my son who hasn’t got the first idea of what a hard childhood is like my own was.

    Buckle end belts and horse whips if I stepped over the line and various other beatings. Obviously I’m not suggesting that is the answer but kids nowadays have no clue.

  57. bennydevito

    TonyApril 13, 2019    05:14:49

    Absolutely brilliantly put. 100% nailed it.

    Graham62April 13, 2019    06:34:30

    Another brilliant post. 100% nailed also.

  58. Tony

    “Personally I am in favour of our policy so long as we have a competent scouting system in place and the manager makes the correct decisions.”

    That is the main gist of my post; not spending huge sums on players, although there is another proverb:

    ‘Pay peanuts get monkeys”

    Right now we have a peanuts & monkey’s budget with no authoritative TD/DoF and worldwide scouting team in place.

    We need to spend decent money on our first XI key spine positions at least because of the aforementioned. These player do not come cheap and Begkamp wasn’t cheap when Rioch bought him.

  59. Un Battle Angel


    Getting a free holiday is a far cry from being a corporate elite. How exactly is that bs? Never claimed to be a revolutionary either but while we are on the subject this country is in dire need of a political and cultural revolution.

  60. Tony

    Brenny D
    Seems like you’re doing the right thing with your son.

    Kids even today need boundaries set with white lines not to cross.

    I had a really tough hormonal, adolescent 5 years with my daughter where she jokes with me now that I had her iPad and iPhone more than she did in her teens.

    She tells me now my doing that hurt her more than any other form of punishment would have.

    We use it as a template for our 10 year old son.

    My daughter currently has a 3.3 GPA in her Aerospace Engineering BA degree in Bangkok’s top University and will do her second degree in Melbourne in management starting late next year.

    We never have to worry about her grades or the work she needs to do to keep up her grades.She challenges herself and set her own targets as we taught her to do.

    Equally, our son speaks 2 languages (same as our daughter) is now learning a 3rd and recently got 93.8% on his finals at his school being in a tough gifted class.

    He has ADHA but also has been confirmed with a 135 IQ classed as Very Superior.

    A hypa-active and very smart kid is not easy to keep in check especially focussed.

    Luckily with me being all but retired I have plenty of time to guide hi day to day.

    Like you I had a tough childhood with my first 5 years spent in foster homes and orphanages in the 1950s.

    That made me all the more determined to do well in life where my family and I want for nothing now.

    Keep going Benny you’re doing it all the right things and it will pay dividends in the end.

  61. Tony

    The more I read about the U.K. the more I know I made the right decision to leave for good in 1999.

    You said before you’ve got your sights on Canada or Australia.

    Personally I’d head for western Canada either in or close to Vancouver.

    Easy access to Seattle, Portland and Nevada as well as California with all that PCH1 offers down to Mexico and not forgetting Hawai etc.

    At least you have many choices Un when you have enough money to make the move with a reasonable financial security blanket.

    BTW does your mum call you Foxy? 🙂