Test failed, what next?

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Well, we dreamed for a few weeks, didn’t we?

Our hopeful bid for top three came crashing down like the career of an MJ wedding singer… deep down, just like with the man in the mirror, we all knew something wasn’t right.

We’ve picked up 2 away wins in 12 games. Huddersfield and Blackpool. We haven’t kept an away clean sheet all season, and we’re the only team carrying that record. This is a giant hangover from the Wenger era and it’s very difficult to work out what to do about it.

Emery certainly didn’t help himself with his team selection. When you’re struggling on the road, starting Mo Elneny and Matteo G at the base of midfield isn’t inspiring or confidence building. He also opted to play Mikhi and Ozil together, something that’s rarely a sure thing. Hard to critique rotation when we’ve seen the impact of doing it badly, but that starting 11 was saw dust on toast levels of tasty.

Nothing really clicked. There was no intensity to our play, we looked very short on ideas and we really struggled with their aggressive pressing which held up all game. One of my pals mentioned that we lacked athleticism, hard to disagree. We simply didn’t look like a force out there, and more worrying, Everton knew we’d be like that.

The only goal of the game was a hodgepodge of calamities. Mustafi let Jagielka take a run on him from a long throw, the exSheffield United defender nodded the ball into the box, it bounced off Sokratis, Mustafi forgot Jagielka was behind him and the loose tap-in was never in doubt.

Emery changed things up in the second half immediately, bringing on Rambo and Auba… losing Kola and Elneny. At kickoff the Welshman mouthed, ‘play it forward, play it forward’, clearly noting the lack of a shot on target in the opening 45.

The second half did see an improvement moving forward, but we fell to pieces in midfield and at the back, allowing Everton to box us in, with no real answers. Thankfully it was just Everton, on another day, they’d have made more out of their 23 attempts on goal.

As for us… it’s hard to know where to look. We go from some truly encouraging performances, and big game wins… to abject, listless poverty football.

Is it the preparation?

Is it a motivation issue?

Is the away form like a festering fungal infection that can only truly be addressed when we have a massive clear out? Those players shouldn’t be struggling with the intensity of Everton. This problem is not technical, it’s all in the mind. It’s obviously disappointing that Emery has managed to make such huge strides for the big games, but can’t suss out a plan for middling teams away from home. Both are essentially problems borne of the same factors, seems odd that as we solve one, we drop off somewhere else.

Part of that might come down to pure experience. Matteo is a talented young player, but to expect him to boss a game next to Elneny is ambitious. Next year though… well, it could be different.

I think we saw again what we’ll miss with Aaron. He might be ill-disciplined at times, but he is an engine of football zest. He’s always pushing the game forward and he seemed to be the only player with any spark yesterday. Replacing him goes far beyond his running stats, we need to find a heartbeat and a big footballing personality.

The manager gambled on resting big players,  clearly in the name of preservation. I’m not sure I buy that it was about prioritizing the Europa League (though we might have to now). Laurent, Ramsey and Xhaka were all concerns and the manager rightly erred on the side of caution. However, I do think everyone looked at the lineup and knew we were in trouble.

Now we have a real uphill battle. Everton are the easiest of our away games, we have a rejuvenated Leicester, plus giant killers Wolves and Watford to deal with.

We also have to play a tough quarter-final against Napoli this week. No doubt the game with be high intensity and we’ll need to keep a clean sheet. That won’t happen with Mustafi in the side. The walking mistake seems to have ramped up his desire to give Arsenal fans heart palpitations at least 4 times a gameg. Sokratis also didn’t help himself picking up a two-gamet ban right at the wrong time.

It’s quite incredible how rollercoaster this season has been. It could still be absolutely epic… but it could also end up looking just as miserable as the year before.

… but at least it’ll be interesting.

Onwards and upwards!

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  1. China1

    There was a lot wrong with that Everton match from Arsenal’s performance side of things most of which has been well covered

    But I must admit again I was unimpressed with AMN. I don’t get to see about half the games now because of the time difference but I’m quite suspicious that all of his apparently good performances seem to be in the games I don’t watch

    Dare I say it I think he’s being well over rated based on the fact he’s young and one of our own (and English)

    He was by no means the worst player on the pitch against Everton (mustafi that stage permanently belongs to you, sir) but he was again a bit crap

    AMN’s passing is not great, he loses possession regularly trying to beat peopl, his decision making is not very good and most worryingly his attitude is awful

    On a couple of occasions against Everton he was calmly jogging back when they were in behind him. Another time he lost the ball and calmly jogged back as they broke away. You could literally see him drop his head during the jog where he wasn’t even looking at the ball/player or busting a gut to get back

    This kid has the complacency of ozil. Christ even ozil isn’t good enough to be so complacent but whatever shit you rightly say about mesut, he’s played for Madrid, is a huge name and has won a World Cup.

    AMN is either a legend in his own mind with nothing to prove or he’s dangerously calm/unfocused in situations that call for urgency.

    Neither is good.

    If he had the genius or technique of ozil then at least you’d see where that mindset could originate, but he’s technically a very average footballer who wouldn’t stand out or be assured first team football in any of the top 12 or more teams in the PL.

    Average technique, poor decision making and bad passing might all be forgivable if he’s improving, but with his attitude I don’t think he has any business near the top half of the PL. guendouzi as well has his own weaknesses but the guy looks like his head is firmly screwed on.

    If you’re a teenager playing for your boyhood club and you lose the ball with an error when the team is losing and playing poorly at key points in the season and you still look totally unconcerned like your mind is on what you’re gonna eat for dinner you’re not gonna make it at this level. Sorry AMN

  2. China1

    For young players it’s great to be fearless but it’s terrible to be complacent and there’s a very important distinction

    Fearless players are willing to try stuff they think will work. Sometimes it won’t come off but these players tend to learn and develop fastest

    Complacent players are also fearless but the problem is they lack any sense of urgency to make amends when the mistakes of their play cost them or the team

    Look at cesc. He wasn’t afraid to try anything when he was a teenager with us, but when his back was to the wall or he made a mistake he would react heavily, battling with players twice his size to try and win it back, sometimes committing a foul and be generally pissed off with himself

    I’m afraid I have no patience for young players like AMN who are not self aware about what needs to be done to make it at the top level.

    I don’t know if the problem is unique to him or if it’s widespread in our youth setup as a result of a terminally pampered set of wenger babies being brought through the system. I dearly hope it’s the former

  3. Graham62


    As I highlighted yesterday, this is a trait of many Arsenal players over the past few years. A complete lack of desire and, as you emphasis, self awareness.

    Attitude is key at any level of sport, but when you are performing at the highest level you don’t expect to see such characteristics in a player.

    AMN attitude stunk the place out the other day against Everton. It was if he didn’t care.
    Imagine, a young player, with obvious talent, showing us such an appalling attitude……..but he did!

    Did he get away with it? Well on the pitch he did. No senior player showed a willingness to get at him. The captain( lol!) too consumed in his own world. I mean, can you imagine what Ferguson/ Mourinho would have done.

    “Spoilt” is the only word that comes to mind. Those that say we should lay off the youngsters are totally wrong. Give them a kick up the backside. Tell them to buck their ideas up or else. Make them go home and watch a recording of what we all saw.

    Sorry, I forgot, this is 2019 and not 1979.

  4. Graham62

    I hope Emery, assuming he saw what we saw, took him to one side after the game to tell him what an awful game he had and explain to him that if he shows that attitude again he will be binned.

    For gods sake his twenty one, not eleven.

  5. Samesong

    You too Graham.

    Going back to WE question last night

    I really think Leno is growing into a top keeper. I liked the way he had a go a Monreal for passing a shit ball back to him,shows he’s got a little character.

    I like to see that now and again, we don’t often see that from our players.

  6. Charlie George

    We should remember AMN is and will never be a right back.

    I echo-posters verdicts on his shambolic performance Sunday.

    But playing him continually out of his natural position is potentially ruining a very promising young players career.

    Whether it was Emery or Raul – not signing a proper right in the two windows -they have had the opportunity is frankly ridiculous and raises more questions about their footballing acumen.

    Just play AMN in his favoured position.
    (Maybe instead of Elneny.)

  7. Pierre

    Anyone who thinks that a young player that makes it into the Arsenal first team is lacking desire needs to think again.

    One can say that they lack the necessary quality but the desire has to be there to make it through the many different levels to reach the position that AMN has reached at this present time .

    Just because he is not a member of the headless chicken brigade does not mean he doesn’t want it as much .
    I see a player who is committed , hard working with a good technique who is willing to play in what is probably not his best position to make it so he is learning the position in front of millions..maybe if he dived in like Mustafi his critics would be happy.

  8. Jim Lahey

    AMN is a by-product of the Arsene generation at Arsenal. Kids who knew they didn’t have to perform to be guaranteed a place at the club on a huge wage. How many times have we seen it in the past with players coming in, not performing and remaining at the club for 7-8 years while contributing zero? AMN in no different, you can see it in his play, doesn’t care, he’ll get paid regardless and thats all that really matters.

    Take Guendouzi, comes into the club and busts his nuts to do everything he can’t to get into the first team and within a month or two of being at the club he was already in contention of being in the first team, how long has AMN been floating around the team? Not able to hold down a position, not caring? If we weren’t in the midst of yet another injury crisis the guy would be nowhere near the first team.

    Is that just the culture at Arsenal? I mean the guy is 21!! Torreira has just turned 23…

  9. Jim Lahey

    “maybe if he dived in like Mustafi his critics would be happy.”

    Yeah because as we all know Mustafi is lauded as being an excellent player…

  10. Charlie George

    Jim. L

    “””Take Guendouzi, comes into the club and busts his nuts to do everything”””

    Being very selective there Jim.

    Did u see him busting a gut -when the mighty Rennes scored their 3rd goal.

    I did see the departing Ramsey out run Genduzi and attempt to retrieve the situation, though.

    A genuine coach- in the mould of Terry Venables or Pep would turn AMN into a terrific centre midfielder.

    Our coach is destroying our young talent.
    ESR and AMN..
    Does He have something about Arsenal players with Double barrelled names?

    Emery has no track record of improving young players.
    Its not his forte.

    His forte is Europa.

  11. Valentin


    The Arsenal coach who won the U21 premiership 2 last season was suspended and then quietly sacked for bullying and harassment. As far as I know his main crime was to scream at players when they disobeyed his orders.
    He was a sergeant major working at Club 18-30. Arsenal has one of the highest rate of dropping out of football of all English academies. Not because of a lack of ability, but for two things.

    We only teach them for one type of football: pretty passing, easy on the eyes. They are completely unprepared for the battle style of football of lower leagues or lower premiership clubs.

    They are so well looked after, they lost the notion of fight. A few years ago, one player refuse to go on loan to a League one club, because of their facilities. Another refused because he only wanted a club where he would not have to move.

    Per, The BFG is trying to change that, but that will take time to remove that sense of entitlement and complacency that you can see in some of the younger players.

  12. Jim Lahey

    @CG –

    “Being very selective there Jim.”

    How was I being selective?… and then you go and select a specific moment to make your point, thus being selective.. you can see that right??

    “A genuine coach- in the mould of Terry Venables or Pep would turn AMN into a terrific centre midfielder.”

    Oh, one like Wenger maybe? Who has had this player for the last 2/3 seasons? Would he have turned him into a “terrific midfielder”?

  13. siddharth14

    Conversely, any player who makes it to the Arsenal first team must have the necessary quality. However, your attitude towards your work will determine how farther you go. And if we were to measure our academy players on the attitude part, most will agree that we are lacking in that department. I’m not just talking about AMN.

    Like China1 said, AMN was jogging back a couple of times when the opposition had gone behind him. That is something which should not be tolerated by the manager and academy coaches. We have seen many Arsenal Players (established ones too) display this painful attitude.

    People here need to understand that fans are not upset about losing to Everton. But the manner in which we lost continues to raise really ugly questions about the Team’s overall attitude and desire when it comes to the crunch moments.

  14. Charlie George


    As the season has gone.
    Genduzi has started to become a tad lazy.
    That was the gist of my observation.

    I never mentioned-Wenger.
    But as you have – there is no doubt in my mind.
    AMN would not be playing at right back if Wenger was still in charge. And his career would be further advanced than under Emery.

    Emery has no track record of improving young players.
    He is a terrible communicator.

    You have to accept Wenger has gone.
    And the club -fuck ed up and chose the wrong guy as his replacement.

    That’s all.

  15. Jim Lahey

    @CG –

    “I never mentioned-Wenger.”

    And I never mentioned Emery, but you couldn’t wait to bring him up!!

    ” there is no doubt in my mind.
    AMN would not be playing at right back if Wenger was still in charge. And his career would be further advanced than under Emery.”

    Wenger played him at RB numerous times!! And what would he have done in the last year to progress him that he didn’t do in the previous 3 years with him???!

  16. HighburyLegend

    Considering that the Chavs will finish the season strongly, the Everton defeat will cost us big time.
    Congrats to Dracula, and to the players of course, includind the Great Captain Fortnite!!

  17. Charlie George

    Please find me the games when Wenger played AMN at right back?

    Bellerin never got injured or dropped under Wenger- so what games,please?

    You are telling golden fibs

    I’ll await a fulsome apology.
    And a small donation to a charity of your choice. for recompense.

    Jim is telling fibs ,again!

  18. Jim Lahey

    @CG –

    “Bellerin never got injured or dropped under Wenger- so what games,please?”

    Accuse me of lying.. straight after lying yourself you demented knob.

  19. SpainishDave

    ANM has Walcottitis .
    Looks pretty sometimes but mainly ball watches and has no concentration.
    Look at Arnold at Liverpool, he’s hungry on the ball, decisive and does his job.
    We always seem to have these gormless , overpaid types in our squad.
    Emery is a one trick pony Mr Europa.

  20. Guns of Hackney

    He he he.

    AMN was great a game ago.
    Guedenzi was the new, new Vieria and our attrack was the envy of the world.

    These players suck. Guedenzi might be young but I don’t buy this “he’s tired” BS. He’s 19 for fuck sake! At 19 I could go a week without sleep while enjoying a party every night. Also, Vieria was bossing our midfield at 19.

    AMN is another player WE HOPE will actually turn out okay but he’s looking more Wilshere than Ashley Cole. As for Iwobi? Sheesh.

    This is a poor club set up that is allowing players who could potentially be good wallow around believing their own hype. Where’s the hunger to be the best?

    Nothing has changed at Arsenal. Wenger cuddled his lads and they fucked him and it appears emery is doing the same. Dropped Ozil to make a point and has now had to make the idiot captain??? You just don’t do that!

    We are a farce. This isn’t the club I supported.

  21. Batistuta

    When people say AMN isn’t been played in his best position, where might that be? Because if he’s getting over run at RB by players like Bernard then what would happen when he plays in this midfield position we all assume is his best position

  22. Batistuta


    Care to mention who this players who run like headless chickens are? You mention that quite a lot


    I’ve said numerously, his over confidence and relaxed demeanour irritates me most times, AMN is just a shit squad player and that’s all he’s going to be

  23. Batistuta

    One of my biggest criticisms and anger at Emery is his blatant refusal to try out some of the under 23 kids…..Willock, Amaechi, Saka even Medley could have done with so much playing time that’s been given to Mustafi and El Neny of late

  24. Pierre

    Guendouzi, iwobi, mustafi and Ramsey who was in my opinion the archetypal headless chicken though he has been more assured of late in centre mid , in fact I am impressed with the discipline he has shown of late.

  25. Dissenter

    Pierre just included Ramsey in the group of ‘archetypal headless chickens’
    Another attention seeking post from the man in perpetual Wenger mourning.

  26. Dissenter

    It’s impossible to get tired of watching YouTube highlights of Cesc’s best moments at Arsenal.
    Shame we got spineless orgle-eyed one to try to replace Fabregas.
    Fabregas played for 65 minutes with a broken fibula against Barca at home because he knew his yellow card had disqualified maim from the second leaf.
    Fabregas never shirked from physical confrontations, like the time he took on Ashley Cole.

  27. Valentin


    A very bad consequence of that safety first approach with regard to U23 players is that at a time where teams start to value them, that may push ours into leaving Arsenal.
    Already we had to battle with Reiss Nelson to sign an extension. We refused to let him go loan unless he signed an extension. He did it with a view to his career. Emery has not really shown any sign that had he stayed he would have played.

    At the last moment Emery blocked Nkethia and Willock loan move and decided to keep them as backup. However since the end of the winter transfer window they have not been used except once at the end of game to waste time.
    What are the chances of Nkethia, Willock signing extensions unless we guarantee them a path to the first team. That could be minimum playing time or a loan away from Arsenal to improve their career prospect.
    Next season, we may well have a Callum Hudson situation with some of our own youth players. Refusing to sign extension and wanted away. We will have nobody to blame except ourselves.

  28. Nelson

    All I can say is that if a team gives up 23 shots on goal, there is something serious wrong. Of the starting 11, they all played bad except Leno. The tactic was the worst. When we lost the ball, we were so open in our own half. When we had the ball, we were passing slowly inside our own half. What a shit tactic is that?
    As for AMN, he played a bad game like the rest of his team mate. His relax character got on the nerve of the fans. He is still better than Licht and Jenkinson. He has good recovering speed. He is strong one on one. He can also cross the ball when he was high up the field.

  29. Chris

    Maitland-Niles had a poor game on Sunday, and it is a shame some people jump on his back straight away forgetting the good performances he has also turned in recently.

    His body language is different to a lot of other players, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t care.

    Once again it is way over the top Arsenal Fan Tv like reactions on here.

  30. Nelson


    You should watch the second half of the game against Manure when they were chasing the game. Manure’s attack mainly going through Pogba, Luke Shaw and Martial that day. AMN stopped them all.

  31. Charlie George

    “””We are a farce. This isn’t the club I supported.””””

    I am afraid Guns of H is right.

    Our anger ,fury and ire should be towards The Kroenkes.

    Bickering over Emery or bemoaning Wengers latter day malaise is futile.

    We need to pressure the Kroenkes to up their game or get them replaced by interested owners- who have competitive edge and a passion and feel for the club.

    We are heading for the doldrums sharpish- with the status quo.

    Next season- if it’s more Emery and more Europa could see crowds plummet to sub 30 000(despite what the club might announce)

    A major ambitious club cant have mediocrity like Emery in charge and a interchangeable roster of assorted club captains going from game to game.

    Ozil,Cech,Ramsey,Kos, etc etc.

    Its time for us – to put pressure on The Kroenkes regime.

  32. Pierre

    Anyone who has watched Ramsey for the last few years will tell you that he lacked discipline.
    He played in a 2 man midfield and his only thought was to get into the box without giving a 2nd thought to the gaps he was leaving behind him ….he was all over the place positionally.

    He is now playing like a centre midfielder should be playing , solid ,disciplined, intelligent and pushing up to support the attack when the time is right.

    I enjoy watching him play now .

    Dissenter , why not say it as it is instead of persisting in being dishonest as well as a hypocrite .

  33. bennydevito


    ANM did play right back quite a lot under Wenger who was notorious for playing players out of position!

    Bendtner right wing, Elneny CB , Ruined Arshavin by not letting him play his favoured position in the no 10 by putting him on the wings and if I could be bothered to review my Arsenal season DVDs I’d find you many, many more examples.

    Ferguson and Guardiola did it and the Dutch Ajax team of yesteryear trained their youngsters in every position to allow for total football and injuries to the squad arc as testified by many players including Bergkamp.

    It’s so typically dinosaur of you CG to think a player plays in just one position his whole career as gospel.

  34. bennydevito

    PierreApril 9, 2019    11:52:55

    Anyone who has watched Ramsey for the last few years will tell you that he lacked discipline.
    He played in a 2 man midfield and his only thought was to get into the box without giving a 2nd thought to the gaps he was leaving behind him ….he was all over the place positionally.

    He is now playing like a centre midfielder should be playing , solid ,disciplined, intelligent and pushing up to support the attack when the time is right.

    I enjoy watching him play now .


    Well said Pierre, I’m in total agreement with you for a change.

    Which means it’s down to Emery for improving him as he’s now playing better than under Wenger aparr from that one breakout season before his injury.

    Or maybe it’s just Ramsey being more bothered because he was looking for a move and is determined to end his Arsenal career on a high.

  35. MidwestGun

    LOL At people waxing nostalgic for the 1 nil to the Arsenal days. Also, FYI.. no top coach is going to start playing a bunch of youth players at the sharp end of the season. For that matter no top coach is going to start 4 or 5 youth players at the start of the season either. People who want the coach to bed in multiple youth players are not usually being realistic. We can’t start suddenly acting like a mid to bottom table Club and achieve Top Table goals. What would happen if Emery played all those youth players during the season is they would maybe have a few good games individually but collectively we would lose a lot.. In the PL.. realistically you yo might be able to get them some game time in an early round Caribou Cup match or Fa Cup or early round Europa.. but that’s about it. From what I have seen he is playing any youth players that are even remotely good.

    So now suddenly Emery is getting bashed for ruining youth careers? He has been here less then 1 season… and didn’t have much of a preseason.. FFS some of you live in a weird reality.

  36. Charlie George

    If Gazidas foistered any coach upon us in the world.
    Sycophants like you – I am afraid would back him..

    There has been no improvement.

    Our away form is still pathetic.

    There is no plan or vision- going forward
    Emery is a Europa Cup- one trick pony.

    That is why he is prioritising it- over the prem league
    He is get more animated against the likes of Bate than he does against the likes or Spurs or Everton.

    He is the best in the World in the Losers and Rejects Cup!
    Probably why – the losers and rejects on here-admire him so highly.

  37. Paulinho

    Anyone who has watched Ramsey for the last few years will tell you that he lacked discipline.”

    Ramsey is no different now to what he always was. Difference is you’ve seen what life will be like without a marauding centre mid, and sub-par, alternatives, and are starting to appreciate him more than before. It’s not so easy to do what he does is it? He always made it look very simple so people mistakenly thought just replacing him with another centre mid with a bit more ‘discipline’ would be easy. As we’ve seen, far from easy.

  38. MidwestGun

    I haven’t seen anyone at all Idolizing Emery .. sorry CG you are spouting nonsense as per usual.

    I have seen people say he doesn’t deserve to get bashed as much as he does based on many factors. You are setting up a false narrative to start a rant basically.

  39. MidwestGun

    Emery Ultra was a sarcastic name .. Pedro made up as part of his banter argument with a few people on here because he was getting abused for supporting Arteta and some of the weaker minded people latched on to that… thinking that was a thing. It isn’t a thing. Are they chanting One Unai Emery at the stadium? no… so its not a thing.

  40. HighburyLegend

    “I haven’t seen anyone at all Idolizing Emery”

    At the opposite, there’s many Emery haters.

  41. Pierre

    Midwest gun
    I don’t think anyone was talking about starting g 4 or 5 players….one would be a start.

    I will return to the Saurez loan and I will return to the fact that the limited game time afforded to Saurez could easily have been given to Saka to make him feel part of the team .

    Even though smith-rowe has been injured it always seemed nonsensical to bring in Saurez when we have Smith-rowe and Saka who would benefit from the playing experience.

    Willock must must be frustrated at not getting a run out after playing well in the fa cup and Europa cups…

  42. Nelson

    I can see why Kola is so effective when playing behind Iwobi. Iwobi likes to drive the ball forward and occupies the defenders. Kola can then overlap Iwobi’s run. This is a winning formula that we should continue to use.

  43. Words on a Blog


    Re Ramsey’s positional discipline.

    He lacked it under Wenger, who gave him free rein in a two-man midfield. So when he played alongside a positionally aware and disciplined partner, e.g. Arteta, he was (mostly) effective, as his partner would work to fill in the gaps he vacated when roaming upfield; at other times, and with other partners, our opponents would exploit the gaps he’d leave behind. So he became a bit of a marmite player, when he was upfield and assisting and scoring, he was loved; when he wasn’t scoring/assisting and teams exploited his meanderings, we were frustrated.

    Under Emery, it’s not so much that he is more disciplined, but that he is played in a two man midfield only with the security of an extra man at the back; the initial experiment of playing him as a CAM failed.

  44. MidwestGun

    Well… I think the Suarez loan deal was pointless. agreed. We needed a defender but I’m not 100% convinced that’s on Emery. He might have been able to squeeze some time in for one more youth player here and there but that’s not really going to get them bedded in. He is playing Matty G. That’s about the extent of what most managers would do.. is play their top prospect.

  45. Charlie George

    Concur Pierre

    There is enough ammunition out there.- to see Emery is clearly mediocre.

    Ample of evidence now.
    8 months into his reign.
    That his reign should not be extended at the end of the season.

    Unless fans – want this mediocrity…?

  46. bennydevito


    Sychophant? Do me a favour!

    I didn’t want Emery – how many times do I need to say it?

    I’m just not a self entitled prick who thinks Arsenal have a God given right to win the league with the Shithouse squad left behind after years of Wenger neglect first time round with a coach in his first season with no experience of English football, a coach who has a much better CV than Wenger had at the start of his career, a coach who has won more European trophies than Wenger and Arsenal put together, a coach with a better first 47 game win ratio than Wenger, Klopp, Poch, Mourinho and Guardiola!

    I’m happy to give Emery what the likes of you and the rest of the sychophantic butthurt Wengerites gave your lord Wenger:

    Judge him in May!

    You’re the sychophant CG and you’re a massive hypocrite too – it was cunts like you who enabled the years of Wenger neglect and dereliction of duty that has left us in the state we’re in now.

    You are a fucking embarrassment.

  47. Charlie George


    Good to see that Bristolian Arsenal passion still burning bright.

    We needed you in the dressing room- Sunday before The Everton game

    They would not have been so lackadaisical with you frothing like that ..

    Just to put on record.

    I wanted Wenger Out for 2 seasons.
    I just didn’t want Unai Emery .

    That hardly makes me unique.
    98% of The Arsenal fanbase would agree with those views.

    People defending Emery and his haphazard methods -will be the ones with eggs on their faces….

  48. Pierre

    “Difference is you’ve seen what life will be like without a marauding centre mid, and sub-par, alternatives,”

    Sorry Paulinho but against United, Rennes , Newcastle and blackpool.away in the FA cup , Ramsey was positionally sound unlike the last 3 years of so and yes, Emery has installed discipline in his game and made him more aware of his positional sense.
    An would just like to point out that he had Xhaka along side him in those games .

  49. MidwestGun

    We may well be calling for Emery’s dismissal at the end of the season.. But it will be mostly because the players we have aren’t talented enough to succeed and Emery failed to figure out a balance between attacking and defending that worked.

    The next manager is going to have the same problems until we spend some money to fix it. Pep.. Klopp.. Simeone… name any manager isn’t going to win the League or be competitive in the CL with the players we currently have on the roster, imo. Especially our defensive players.

  50. Paulinho

    “An would just like to point out that he had Xhaka along side him in those games”

    Apart from Newcastle of course. Ramsey does what he does without or without Xhaka alongside him.

    Ramsey made 12 tackles against United, more than anyone on the pitch. He also made 8 tackles against Atletico Madrid away from home last season, more than anyone. He puts in a defensive shift – when fit – regardless of system or manager.

  51. bennydevito


    CG isn’t rational at all – he is completely agenda driven because of his dislike of foreigners. He thinks the club should have an English manager with English players and even if we did manage to get top 4 and win the EL he would still say Emery is a bad coach despite improving on last season.

    The improvement has been small but that’s to be expected with what he was left with and a transfer budget Liverpool spent twice over on VVD and Alison.

    But the likes of the sychophantic butthurt Wengerites will ignore this because they are agenda driven and don’t actually have Arsenal’s best interests at heart.

    I didn’t want Emery and have said all along that I see him as a 2 – 3 season transitional manager brought in to clear out the Wenger shit players and attitude, sort out the squad and get us back in top 4 ready for an ex legend or young buck special sauce manager.

    I wouldn’t give one fuck if Emery was sacked this summer, not one.

    Charlie George is just full of shit because I keep exposing his lies and destroying his pathetic arguments tome and time again.

    And again

    And again.

  52. Mick Kartun

    Oh dear charlie georgina, do you understand the reversed psychological then, dude?

    The more your rambling on Emery is shit emery is crap, the more neutral people got symphatized to Emery because of your nonstop 24 hours bollocks. Or are you just an emery’s paid PR worker on internet that intentionally use that reverse phychology to emery’s benefit? Who knows?

    I don’t even like Emery, especially his weird dracula face compared to baldy good looking Pep. But he is done so far OK in terms of points result than last season as for a transitional period. Sure he made mistakes like giving too many captains, play Mustafa the clown all the time, and so on.

    FFS give it up dude.

  53. Pierre

    I agree that Wenger takes a major share of the blame for allowing /asking Ramsey to play so selfishly.
    But I do think that he is playing more for the team now whatever system we play.

    talking of systems, I’m hoping that Emery will revert back to the successful early season 4-2-3-1 for the remaining away games .

  54. MidwestGun

    hahaaha I know Benny.., you are letting him get you worked up though. It’s going to take 3 or 4 years to get over the Wenger hangover and perhaps for fans to get behind whomever is standing in the coaches box. It most likely will not be Emery and I think most people know and accept this.

    You never want to be the guy after the legendary guy. Something rarely taken into account. It’s why I think the Club made the decision they did.

  55. MidwestGun

    4-2-3-1 works much better from an attacking standpoint…. but defensively we were getting ripped apart in the second half. Maybe we start with that then switch.. but it’s risky either way. And now Papa is suspended.. so that would mean Mustafi paired with somebody in the middle.

  56. Pierre

    “Ramsey made 12 tackles against United, more than anyone on the pitch. He also made 8 tackles against Atletico Madrid away from home last season, more than anyone. He puts in a defensive shift – when fit – regardless of system or manager.”

    No one is doubting that Ramsey can put in a disciplined midfield performance as he did so in the cup final v Chelsea and a few other games but also no one should doubt that for the majority of the games Ramsey was a liability in a 2 man midfield.

    He has shown recently that he is more than capable though I do feel that he doesn’t know how to manage his body as he always pushes himself that bit too far when playing well and picks up a muscle injury …
    That to me shows a lack of awareness as he should recognise that he needs to hold back at times instead of going flat out for 90 minutes ….it is a common fault of his that he hasn’t rectified despite being an experienced player.

  57. bennydevito


    What can I say? You push my buttons big time!

    Emery has without doubt made some odd team selections it’s true, but he’s also pulled off some great performances against Utd, Spurs and Chelsea.

    The defence is still making the same kind of mistakes without doubt but until we replace Mustafi, Kos, Monreal and Kollasinac, as well as upgrading Xhaka and Elneny it will continue to do so and not even Pep or Klopp imo would improve these players.

    Rest assured Emery won’t be here at the start of the 20/21 season and I hope by then we’ll have Vieira or Bergkamp in place, maybe even Arteta if he hasn’t taken over from Pep.

    Why can’t we just forget about Emery and actually get behind the team and think positively about finishing top 4 and winning the EL?

    Success breeds success and winning a trophy and getting into top 4 will be much better for us going into next season than just bitching about Emery no?

  58. Paulinho

    “I agree that Wenger takes a major share of the blame for allowing /asking Ramsey to play so selfishly”

    Our win rate with him was 65% last season compared to 35% without him, so it suggests we were better with the ‘selfish glory hunter,” than without him. In fact our win percentage with him has always been higher with him than without him.

    You’ve learned a valuable lesson that simply lumping two holding midfielders together – N’Zonzi and Xhaka for example – doesn’t simply equate to better for the overall team.

  59. Pierre

    Ramsey has played a few decent games in the past few weeks , don’t worry.I haven’t forgotten his last 5 years of selfish glory hunting ,totally disregarding what the team required to win a football match .

    The number of times I have sat their watching Ramsey and think wtf is he doing in the opposition box when we are trying to hold on to a lead …..afraid to say ,he doesn’t possess a football brain

    Yep , give me a couple of central midfielders who play for the good of the team any day of the week …it has taken Ramsey ten years to understand what being a team player is ….better late than never I suppose.

  60. Pierre

    Emery’s biggest selection dilemma involves Kolasinac and Ozil.

    Kolasinac is only effective as a wing back but the way Emery plays the wing back system , especially away from home , doesn’t get the best out of Ozil.(or Mhkitaryan)…I am not a fan of the wing back system used this way , Wenger also regularly played it this way when he used it.

    Against Everton we played the wing back system but also played Mhkitaryan and Ozil fairly wide and Lacazette up top with 2 holding midfielders .
    This leaves us with no CAM, and leaves the striker isolated.

    An alternate way of playing the wing back system is playing 2 up top with a CAM sitting behind , 2 holding midfielders and the width comes from the wing backs with 3 central defenders…
    Playing the wing back system this way means Ozil ( or Mhkitaryan)and Kolasinac would fit in with ease instead of struggling to make an impact , plus you have our 2 strikers up top( in their best position) which is always a bonus.
    The 2 strikers can also pull out wide when needed defensively as the first line of defence .

    Kolasinac is not defensively aware to play in a back 4 so the 4-2-3-1 system is unsuitable for him but is a good system for a CAM to play in and gives us more offensive options .