Huge away test looms

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Hitting you with some super short contenting today, because I’m flying out, and Arsenal are dropping a 2pm kickoff.

Injury news is mixed. Ramsey, Xhaka and Laurent are all in contention.

We’re going to need all the experience and help we can leverage today. This really is the start of a hugely important group of games. If we lose to 10th placed Everton, suddenly that Europa League game on Thursday against Napoli doesn’t look as winnable.

We have momentum on our side though, so let’s not panic too much. The problem we have is that away form hasn’t been our best friend this season. Losing games away at Rennes, West Ham and BATE weigh heavy on the mind. However, worth noting that Emery has changed things up lately, he’s brought his better players in from the cold, he’s taken them somewhere warm to rest their minds and the team is playing with far more swagger than they have done in 6 months.

Defence is crucial, we need player of the month Bernd Leno to continue bossing things from the base, we need to try desperately to avoid putting Mustafi under any sort of pressure and we need to cross out fingers.

The most notable change for me has been the early goals. Not really something you can attribute to a specific idea, because I’m sure early goals is always on the agenda… but, it’s better than conceding early, which was certainly something that worked against us in the front half of last season.

BIG GAME. The start of a tough run of matches where the coach is going to have to make some tough decisions. Rotation is going to important, player fitness is crucial, and focus will be essential. Tired minds are just as dangerous as tired legs. The manager needs to balance carrot and stick if we’re delivering an epic 3rd place this season.

Right, that’s me done, enjoy that game and PLEASE do not lavish too much praise on me for this HUGE post… xxx

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  1. Jamie


    You detailed your ‘travel experiences’ here like you detailed your ownership of an Amex with frequent flyer perks. At the first sign of scrutiny, a quick back track from ‘I get these perks every year’ to ‘I just got an Amex and I’ll get perks this year if I spend x amount of money’.

    You’re full of it, mate. Get back in your white van and berate Eastern Europeans for being more able tradesmen than you, nicking all your work from under your nose. Don’t worry, son. It’ll all be better after Brexit, am I right?

  2. Un battle angel

    And Jamie, hate to break it to you but I come from a family of immigrants…

    Is that the sound of your balloon deflating…

  3. Un battle angel


    I read that it’s a prank on the freshies
    Go in search of the golden rivet. Like telling a new apprentice to go and find the tartan paint.

  4. Jamie

    Don really scraping the barrel here with his “I can’t be racist, I have black friends” routine. Embarrassingly transparent.

  5. Un battle angel

    On the American Express
    I’ve only just signed up with it so I’m new to it but that’s what I’m told. Why al the hate? Build bridges not walls eh? That pink hair dye is messing with your brain sweet heart. Making you angry.
    None of this changes the fact that Dubai implements draconian laws, fit for the medieval era, not 2019.


  6. Jamie

    That’s what I thought, no first class holidays anywhere, just memories of tearing it up on bar street in Magaluf. No one here would’ve guessed..

  7. Rambo Ramsey


    Why bother. Just grab some popcorn and see the so called Liberals drown in their hypocrisies.

    I see that Tiny D is back to narrating his life story. Wife and children left your bedside in your sickness, old man? That why you’re desperately trying to drum up convos with random strangers in this time?

  8. Un battle angel


    Went to New York first class actually. Most people never fly first class in their lives. It won’t be my last time I can assure you.

  9. Tony

    My main go to guy for body building is Will Brinks who is a science based trainer and whose e-book Body Building Revealed is very good.

    His no frill video blog The Brinkzone can also be interesting.

    The below link is from the book on creatine.

    I never used creatine and I believe too much can be harmful to kidneys. It should be used in cycles. Also, it has to be dissolved in warm water for full absorption or your body just passes it through without absorbing it.

    Most people just waste it.

    Have a read of this and see what you think.

    Charles Poloquim is also a great source of training information who trained over 400 olympians before his premature death at age 57. One of the first guys to use his masters in kinetics for training methods as far as I know.

    His books make a lot of sense.

    No idea what’s in store against Napoli but being a home game we should do well if we haven’t got a hangover from Everton. Maybe the players will realise it’s their best chance of CL qualification.

  10. Un battle angel


    I hear you but I can’t let Janie get away with such rubbish. Dubai implements draconian laws and arrests people over expressing basic freedoms that are allowed anywhere else in the world but that region.

    I mean, a rape victim needs 4 Male witnesses and he’s talking this place up like Shangri La

  11. Jamie

    Of course you did, Don. Of course you did. You used your frequent flyer points, we read that already. Except you didn’t because you don’t have any points. We read that part too.

    Keep it up.

  12. gonsterous

    I’m still baffled, no one at the club spoke to emery about the repercussions if sok gets a yellow. He should have started Mustafi and kos or MaV or even monreal at CB with kola at LB.
    I refuse to believe the manager played Sok knowing full well that he could miss the next 2 crucial games.

  13. HighburyLegend

    I often defends Emery, but his starting line up for yesterday’s game….
    It’s simply unforgivable, an unbelievable mistake from you, Mr Unai.

  14. Charlie George

    Highbury Leg

    Its good- you are not being sycophantic today.

    The selection of Elneny over other options in yesterday’s vital fixture was unforgivable and 100% verifies my criticism of Emery- that he is not simply good enough for Arsenal

    Mark my words..

    Emery will always let you down- when it really matters.

    He is a sub standard coach.
    As he proved yesterday

    And If Ozil did toss his jacket at Emery- it also illustrates top players do not respect him.

  15. Charlie George

    Did Emery also not notice- that the 35 year Jagielka came into the Everton team at the last moment as replacement for the much younger Keane..?

    Surely Everton were vulnerable early on
    So why have 2 pondering holding midfielders instead of the the forward running power of Ramsey and PeA goal scoring ability.

    Emerys Europa Cup fixation- could be very costly towards Arsenal future wellbeing.

    If you choose a Europa Cup specialist don’t be surprised- he favours that…

    But is at a huge risk.

  16. Jamie

    Un battle angel April 7, 2019 21:06:10

    Oh and Jamie With my American Express points I qualify for 4 weeks holidays with first class flights every single year. I don’t need to afford Dubai. I’d get it for free. Perks….

    Un battle angel April 8, 2019 07:54:57

    On the American Express
    I’ve only just signed up with it so I’m new to it but that’s what I’m told.

    Un battle angel April 8, 2019 08:03:16

    Jamie Went to New York first class actually. Most people never fly first class in their lives. It won’t be my last time I can assure you.

    Un battle angel April 8, 2019 09:09:06

    Jamie No dumb dumb. I didn’t use frequent flyer. I was given a free upgrade.


    We get it, Don. You’re too poor to pay for expensive holidays with your meager salary, so you have rely on fake free upgrades and pretend frequent flyer points to cover the costs of all your international travels. I bet you’re the envy of all your school-leaver, EDL sympathising mates down the pub when you spin these yarns unchallenged.

    Google more Daily Mail ‘articles’ about degenerates being arrested in Dubai. “Respectable Solicitor arrested in Dubai.” A week later, a video emerges of a drunken English lout slapping an immigration officer at the airport. Only assholes who have never been anywhere believe that rubbish.

    When that fails, change your name on this blog for the 5th time so you can try to reinvent yourself as someone with an ounce of credibility. Carry on.

  17. Valentin

    The reason why Elneny, Mhikitarian were playing and Lichsteiner was on the bench is clearly because of the Napoli game. However that is not the mistake, the mistake is not having properly bed young players earlier who could have taken their place.

    With Koscielny injured or reduced workload, and Mavrapanos ineligible for Europa League, today would have been the perfect time to keep Sokratis out of the yellow card danger zone. Now as Emery does not intend to play Mavrapanos in the premiership, we will have to play two games with Mustafi and Monreal as CB and/or hope that Koscielny can cope with three games in a short amount of time.

    The same with Elneny, if Willock had been introduced slowly, he would have made a much better Ramsey’s replacement than Elneny.
    If Jordan Osei-tutu has been tried beforehand, we could have played him a specialist U21 right-back/right wingback on Sunday and move AMN into central midfield.

    Emery stopped Nkethia going on loan, but never gave him even a sniff of a chance/opportunities.

    To me that is bad squad management. I know that some coaches like to have a small squad. This is a great idea in principle with a very focus team. But that also means that when injuries bite, you have no fallback solution. The squad is stretched and overworked. The youngsters are not ready or at best unproven. You then have to rely on players who have already shown to be not up to the task.

  18. Graham62

    Un battle

    Lived and worked in the Middle East from 1984-2001.

    Respect the laws, rules and beliefs. That’s what it’s all about.

    We need draconian laws in this country to counter the disrespectful wankers that we all see walking the streets.

    We have no law and order, hence the growing levels of crime.

    Bring back CP.