MIND THE GAP – Feels good, but can it last?

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The race for #Top3 is no longer a dream, it’s a fat slab of steak on an unguarded BBQ in a neighbors garden, can you taste it? I can…

I don’t care what anyone says about the quality of that Newcastle team, they set up solidly, they can beat big teams and before last night, they had conceded the same amount as us.

That was a banana skin and we absolutely passed it by without a slip.

We dropped a whopping 600 passes across the night, the manager elected to play MG and Ramsey at the base of midfield and the two of them controlled the game. I thought Mesut was menacing, dropping in and out of the game, adding that touch of class we missed earlier in the year.

The Welshman opened the scoring after capitalising on some lost control from Lacazette, his swept shot easing past the Newcastle keeper.

The last goal was a thing of beauty, a very messy one-two with Auba saw Lacazette slipped in on the 18-yard box, lobbing the keeper with a lovely half volley. He really has come on leaps and bounds. He does SO much dirty work for the team, he never stops, and he’s becoming more and more decisive as the season goes on. I love him so much. He’s also well cool… like, oozing in something I don’t have. I want to be him.

I thought AMN had a very solid game, he genuinely looks like competition for the injured Bellerin. What he lacks in final product, he more than makes up for in work rate and defensive work. He was savaged by some of the fanbase earlier in the year, I hope they are all scrubbing their DIRTY DAMN MOUTH HOLES… he’s a player.

Ramsey was a total beast. He’s wearing the captain’s armband and he’s performing like an absolute model professional. He’s the guy in the HR videos touching below the elbow. He covered the ground, he bombed forward, he looked out for MG and he produced the goods. What a good player we’re losing, but fuck it, I have to get over it and move on.

The only moan I’d have for the evening would be the empty seats on TV. Are people really not showing for Arsenal when we’re playing well? Seems very odd. But it might just have been my TV. If it’s not, is it a deeper issue with the oversaturation of football in an increasingly connected sports world? A question for another day my friends.

ONE MORE MOAN. Anthony Taylor was f*cking awful. He’s going to be shite, even with VAR. Terrible decisions all game.

The race for top 4 is well and truly on. Spurs have 5 games at home, 2 away, we are the reverse. United are prowling, and don’t write off Chelsea.

We have not been great away from home this season, our next batch of games are exactly the sort we could switch off in, so we’re by no means guaranteed to drive this home.

Now it’s all about the manager. How well can he motivate? How can he manage training to preserve energy? Can he bring maximum insights to all his game plans? Can he continue to defy the laws of hairstyling by using weapons-grade hair gel?

If he does, we’re looking good.

The great thing for us is we have two chances at CL. Europa and Top 4. I’d say top 4 is looking more likely, but let’s see.

A really great night for Emery, and super exciting that we’re in the mixer for this after such a drab post-unbeaten run.


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  1. Marko

    He also didn’t sign a contract and ran down his contract. I mean it’s not like we offered one contract.

  2. Charlie George


    I disagree

    The player clearly wants to stay- his performances show this.
    Look at his reaction- when PEA missed the last minute penalty….?!!!

    Granted he has a pre – contract.**
    But This is not a fully fledged bone fide contract.

    If Ramsey suffers serious injury next week.
    You think Juve are liable for his wages.

    ** I accept there might be a penalty clause in this.( maybe £1-3 million)
    We should pay it, if needed

  3. Samesong

    Anyone think Wolves can get anything vs ManU tonight?

    Maybe. But Rashford is on a little form at the moment so we will see.

  4. G8

    CG you twisting facts to suit your agenda..
    Ramsey has been average last few seasons..

    Very average and injury prone..

    His contract saga went too long for a player who is allegedly wanted to stay..I think he was considering his options, and nobody can blame him on that..
    The club decided to withdraw the contract, whether it’s the right decision or the wrong one, time would tell..

    As for Emery wanted him out and replace him with Bannega is obviously far fetched trolling!

    Emery played him from the start of the season and only dropped when he got injured and also when his performance dropped.
    He reinstated him back and kept giving him play time until he got to the level he is at now..
    credit to both Ramsey and Emery for the rejuvenation..
    As for Ozil the lesser said the better!

  5. Marc

    It should also be pointed out that Ramsey has upped his game recently, he’s cut out some of the constant flicks and tricks that used to drive fans mental.

    I wish him the all the best at Juve as long as they aren’t playing us but we can and will replace him.

  6. Marc


    I can see it now – he’ll make a half decent debut for Juve and CG will be saying we should offer Juve £75 million and £500k per week for him.

  7. Luteo Guenreira

    Trying to talk sense with Charlie George is futile. It’s like asking a dwarf to make you a sandwich when you know the bread in on the top shelf where he can’t reach it. Your own faults.

  8. Charlie George


    If Rambo is average and Injury prone- why on earth do the mighty Juventus want him.?
    They can buy anyone in the world.
    – eg Ronaldo.

    Emery made a huge blunder- I think he should rectify it and get him resigned.

    (Deep down – he knows this now – hence his reinstatement in the team)

    We can’t afford to lose players of this ilk.

    Ramsey wants to stay.
    He is an impeccable professional and a wonderful footballer.

    Do you remember Clive Allen /Kenny Sansom saga 1980…?

  9. Dissenter

    “It should also be pointed out that Ramsey has upped his game recently, he’s cut out some of the constant flicks and tricks that used to drive fans mental.”

    That was Wenger giving players too much latitude “to express themselves’
    Emery has figured him out in months and is using him better.

  10. Marko

    It’s like asking a dwarf to make you a sandwich when you know the bread in on the top shelf where he can’t reach it. Your own faults.


  11. Marko

    Hey idiot you keep saying that he wants to stay and yet not only did he not sign any contract extensions with us but he actually signed for another club already. But he wants to stay…

  12. G8

    CG ,
    Its different league in Italy..
    That’s wha
    I like Rambo , he is true professional, and wish him best in Italy
    That dosnt mean arsenal can’t replace him..he is not even close to what fabregas was for arsenal..
    I think Guendouzi will eventually be a better player than him..
    We move on..
    Come on wolves!

  13. Graham62


    Are you for real?

    How can he be “resigned”? He has already signed a contract with Juventus.

    Secondly, , what don’t you get with the fact that Emery had nothing to do with Ramsey leaving? That decision was made for him when we gave Ozil the world and missed out on making a few pence on the Sanchez debacle.

    The fact that Ramsey may want to stay is irrelevant.

    Maybe we should have gone to Ozil and say we’re cutting your salary to 250k a week and will be giving Ramsey the same. What do you think?

    Yes, I also remember the Allen/Sansom saga.

  14. Charlie George

    We don’t need to replace him
    We just need to resign him..

    Arsenal have been going for 125 years
    No Arsenal player had scored more goals for the club from central midfield
    No Arsenal player has scored 2 winners in FA Cup finals..
    He scored again last night…

    Good luck – with finding his replacement.

  15. Charlie George

    Graham 62
    He has signed a pre contract.
    It’s not a binding contract.

    It’s a pre cursor to a bona fide contract

    PedRo has stated – I am agreement
    Emery pulled it.

    It can be revoked.
    Some compensation- granted..

  16. Charlie George

    Graham 62

    My banishment is over.
    Don’t tell PedRo- results have improved whilst i have been in solitary.

    Hope you are well.

  17. Words on a Blog

    Pedro must be loving this.

    CG getting on people’s nerves isa one man traffic/comment generator.

    Better than Trump

  18. Dissenter

    Charlie George
    You need a crash course in contract law

    Juventus will sue Ramsey and FIFA will put an international transfer ban on him until the case is resolved.

    The club did what the club had to do. It was a painful and embarrassing thing to do but still necessary

  19. G8

    I suppose trolling would generate more traffic!

    Ryan Babel is a better option than welbz or iowbe..
    Just saying!
    Come on wolves!

  20. Pedro

    Wolves game is good fun.

    We’re going to have to go big when we go there.

    What do we think of their coach? Could he make a step up?

  21. Alex James

    Watching Santi Carzola against Barca on ITV4. What a loss he was to us for all those years. Truly a class player. Mind you, Barca have just scored. Pity we couldn’t have got Malcolm instead of Saurez.

  22. Marc


    He ‘s doing a great job at Wolves but I’m not sure I’d take the risk based quite yet. Let’s give him a couple of seasons in the PL before anointing him.

  23. Charlie George


    If Rambo – was to call Juventus-and say he has made a genuine mistake and would like to stay at Arsenal – I am sure Juventus ( although unhappy – would accept it

    It would not go to court.

    We burst the Louis Suaraz £40 million release Liverpool clause ..
    We never took them to court…

    Ashley Cole was tapped up by Chelsea- it never went to court..

    It’s a pre contract…
    Its malleable

  24. Samir

    This 19 year old winger ; Vinagre for Wolves seems very good! I’d take him at Arsenal along with Neves.

  25. Words on a Blog


    I love Nuno and would take him in a heartbeat – provided Emery fails.

    Trouble is, Emery hasn’t failed yet, and despite all the rumblings and grumbling over here at Le Grove Comments Central, he’s actually doing quite well.

    So my yearnings will have to be deferred for the foreseeable

  26. Mr B

    I’d rather spend around 50-60 mil on replacing the goals and assists Aaron brings rather than shipping Mustafi out.

  27. Marc

    Who wanted a red?

    It’s fucking Ashley Young who is a cunt of epic proportions.

    In his case I would have genuinely preferred Ebola.

  28. Marko

    Red for United. Come on Wolves.

    Pedro I like Nuno I think he’s more likely to get the Chelsea job the timing isn’t right for us if that’s what you were alluding to. I think it’s set up nicely for Vieira or Nagelsmann after Emery

  29. Pedro

    Words, wasn’t thinking about him for Arsenal tbh… just more whether he could move up a level.

    He’s doing so well at Wolves. Next season huge for his rep

  30. Marc

    “Trouble is, Emery hasn’t failed yet, and despite all the rumblings and grumbling over here at Le Grove Comments Central, he’s actually doing quite well.”

    I haven’t seen it on here today but we actually matched the points tally for the whole of last season last night with 7 matches left. Theoretically he could achieve 84 points, 6 off of the Invincible’s.

  31. Danny

    April 2, 2019 19:19:13
    Man Ure not lookin very destructive
    Wolves have a very decent team
    Yeah I got that one wrong but based on that first 15 minutes, it was really looking like that.
    Hopefully now they’re down to 10 players this could go our way.

  32. Receding Hairline

    Viera to do what? Win us the league?

    Naggles darling is heading to Leipzig… Let’s wait and see how he handles that step up..what’s success to be measured on for him there exactly?

  33. Marko

    Receding the idea is after 3/4 years if we need to replace Emery that Nagelsmann continues to improve as a manager at Leipzig and assuming Vieira continues to do well at Nice that he would be in with a shout too. That’s what I’m thinking anyway outside of them there’s no obvious candidates for our next manager. I don’t see Emery being a 5-10 year type hire

  34. Danny

    Man U’s next league match is not till 13th April at home to West Ham which is between the 2 Barca matches.

  35. Words on a Blog


    Yeah definitely think Nuno could move up a level.

    Can’t see where he’d go in the Premier League league though for next season, other than Chelsea.

    Would be gutted if he ended up there.

  36. Receding Hairline

    Don’t see Emery staying past four years either nor do I see Viera amounting to much as a manager.

    Nagglesman I will keep a close eye on at Leipzig…although don’t really know by what metric to judge him and declare him ready hence my question

  37. Alex James

    Alex what about that Chukwueze kid… Only 19. Absolutely. Apparently, we were linked with him. But as usual! Wouldn’t want to face him in the EL,

  38. Just Another Customer

    Wolves again performing well against the top six. Jones almost manage to do that sliding header again.

  39. Marko

    Receding I’m not overly convinced by Vieira yet I’m just predicting that if he continues with his managerial progression that he’ll be in with a shot. Done alright at New York and is doing well at Nice up to 7th 5 points off 5th. Same with Nagelsmann good couple years at Hoffenheim assuming that he maintains that at Leipzig he’ll have a shot too. Both are for me doing everything right to be considered for a future position at Arsenal. By actually managing and getting experience and showing progress

  40. Marko

    Fulham’s relegation to be confirmed tonight if I’m not mistaken

    They started with Chambers in defence so it’s to be expected

  41. ddkingz

    those still thinking we ain’t making top 2 should have a rethink….

    hahahaha just kidding about that position

  42. ddkingz

    lie I did earlier, if manure don’t leave with a maximum of 1point tonight…. they are screwed…. 3points behind arsenal with a game in hand..

    happy times at the emery(rates).

    for super sunday… Everton s gonna be whooped

  43. Upstate Gooner

    Pedro April 2, 2019 20:25:13
    Did OGS sign a deal?

    3 year contract… but it could be the shortest 3 years in history of EPL. He might actually lose his job in 6 weeks or so.

  44. Danny

    So lets get this right, if Chelsea win tomorrow, then Man U fall to 6th, which is the same position they were in when they sacked Mourinho……..

  45. Marc

    Fantastic result for Wolves, really well played and I was worried they’d have an eye on the Cup Semi at the weekend.

    Would love to see them go on and win the Cup now.

  46. Upstate Gooner

    “Fulham’s relegation to be confirmed tonight if I’m not mistaken
    They started with Chambers in defence so it’s to be expected.”

    Why the hate? He can play as CB, RB, or DM. Chambers > Koscielny > Mavrapanos > Xhaka > Mustafi. Not that it says a lot but he’s still a good squad player to have.

  47. Words on a Blog

    More proof, as if it were needed, that Jesus was born in Jerusalem, and not in Kristiansund, Norway.

    Solskjaer’s special sauce?

    Christ on a Bike – no way

  48. Marc

    ManU still have City at home a match that City are going to have to win plus Chelsea at home who could still be in the chase for top 4. ManU’s record over the last six league matches won 3, lost 2, drawn 1.

  49. Luteo Guenreira

    Wolves really done a number on the top 6 this season, wow. Lovely result for the Arsenal and simultaneously put the fear of god in me for our away match against them in a few weeks.

  50. Receding Hairline

    Chambers can as well play in goal and it doesn’t change much. Sell him now we can and invest the money.

    Enough of all this not bad for a squad player stuff, We have enough of them as it is

  51. Charlie George

    Arsenals biggest game in recent years await on Sunday.
    Victory at Everton – Gives us a huge chance to get back at the Top Table oF European Football..

    Surely – after tonight’s result – we should jettison that Europa Cup – and focus on the remaining league fixtures…
    After all – they achieve the same thing.

  52. Nelson

    Just check the schedule. After the game vs Crystal Palace, we have only 2 days to recover for the Wolves encounter. The FA is really not kind to us.

  53. Goonah

    Chambers will be a good squadplayer for Fulham in the Championship…thats his level. Get rid for any money offered asap

  54. Marc


    It’s Sunday – Wednesday and then we don’t play again till the Monday night. The Sunday is because we have Napoli on the Thursday before. April is a shit storm for us.

  55. Danny

    April 2, 2019 20:49:00
    That’s the price we pay for being in the Europa League.

  56. Leedsgunner

    If given the choice I’d take Chambers and bring him on rather than keep persevering with Mustafi.

    I’m sorry despite his occasional thundering headers, he is too full of mistakes. He is apparently still rated in Germany and Italy. Perhaps we can do a deal with Bayern for Alaba, since they have brought in Hernandez.

  57. MidwestGun

    Another sweeeeeeeeeettt result. Been a good week. Not even the hater trolls can get me down. So much for that Man. U referee bias.. They called a red card on the wrong team. Maybe Mike Dean didn’t get the memo.

    LOLing at CG’s comeback to Le Grove attempt. He should have done it on April 1st though would have been more appropriate.

  58. Dissenter

    We beat Wolves and Everton and win our two home games … along with one draw from the remaining two —–CL

  59. G8

    The so called pundits are really shocking ..manure were better than wolves!!? and ozil was man of the match!!!?
    Embarrassing stuff!

  60. Leedsgunner

    Chambers is a good smart adaptable player, who has done everything that the club has asked of him by going on loans and doing well in both of them… with professionalism. Plus he’s still under 24 and a homegrown player, let’s see what he can do under Emery for a season before we cut him loose. If Emery can bring on Holding I cannot see why he can do the same for Chambers.

  61. Leedsgunner


    Depending on what the price was I guess… with buy back or first option clauses if he does well…?

  62. Valentin

    When we play Wolves, we need to cut any idea of playing from the back. That is exactly how they have mugged top 6 teams.
    Just lump it to the midfield or an attacker. That’s how lower teams have caused them troubles.

    And please no Mustafi, because he will have at least one brain fart and they will pounce on it to score.

  63. Upstate Gooner

    Agree on Chambers. It’s like saying that Pickford got Sunderland relegated. I don’t rate him very highly myself but he’s England’s number 1 keeper, and probably for a good reason.

  64. Valentin

    I don’t understand the love for Pickford. Yes he has good reaction save and is great on 1v1, but when he has to anything technical rather than in instinct he is found wanting.
    He flaps a lot on crosses. His distribution and foot game is just atrocious. Yes he can kick long, but it lacks any precision.
    He is always over-pumped and that led to over-confidence and mistakes.

  65. Redtruth

    Charlie George
    “Surely – after tonight’s result – we should jettison that Europa Cup – and focus on the remaining league fixtures…
    After all – they achieve the same thing.”

    That’s Wenger losers mentality…

  66. Leedsgunner

    *can’t do the same for Chambers.

    It’s common knowledge now that Wenger did next to no specialised defence training, Emery has slowly started to change this reflected in the fact that we look much more solid defensively in our recent results.

  67. Words on a Blog


    Agreed. Against Wolves we should play like Burnley.

    Route 1 all the way, otherwise we’re likely to be Nuno’d

  68. ddkingz

    where are the ogs on the wheel fans on le-fccking-grove…

    wolves are wolves, crazy animals always giving the top6 problems… but if emery manages to loose two matches on a bounce against wolves, I’d be calling for His head… totally unacceptable.

    from what I’ve seen, ogs is an average coach at best… no more, but he may be something less.

    he just sends his boys out to express themselves on the field, and that doesn’t work every time.

  69. Dissenter

    We have games every 3-4 days starting from Sunday when we face Everton.
    This schedule does not account for the semi finals of the Eruopa league, if we qualify.

    That’s probably why Emery played Elneny on Monday. We need the entire squad including the youngsters to get through this frenetic schedule.

  70. ddkingz

    @ valentin, that post at 09:07:14…

    is the greatest post of your time on le-grove, shortest and very on-point than those long rubbish post you have been posting…. good one man, expecting more from you and others on here.

    just like Valentin said, please Pedro if you have an insider inside the emery(rates), who knows someone that also knows someone that know emery, you should kindly just screenshot or mail that comments to him to pass on to emery…

  71. ddkingz

    the best way and the only way to get past wolves is to mix our pattern of play against them…. just play them like we are also an average team like burnley and co. and we would get results against them…

  72. Emiratesstroller

    Earlier today I forecast that 75 points would be sufficient to finish in top four
    and between 78-80 points enough to finish third.

    We saw tonight why those points totals are fairly accurate. Man Utd have six
    games remaining and a maximum of 79 points potential following tonight’s result.

    I made also the case that Arsenal have also a considerable goal advantage over
    both Man Utd and Chelsea. The goal difference is now 8 goals advantage over
    both these teams.

  73. Leedsgunner

    Wolves will be a very tough gig but if we go there with a clear plan and play to our strengths we can win there. We need to cut out our turnovers and completely neutralise their midfield general in Reuben Neves…all their creativity goes through him.