Secret agent Jenks? | Raul S taps contacts again? | WELBZ banters Dubai

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Hudson Odoi… he’s the boy!

Oh and we sung…

5-1 against Montenegro. What a night. ENGLAND are gonna win the next World Cup, aren’t they?

… back to Arsenal news. Big Kike Marin has BACKED Le Grove and the stance on hiring in your mates to do a highly specialised job that could impact the club for years to come.

“With all due respect to them, but that Andoni Zubizarreta and Robert Fernandez are sounding for the yes I find disrespect. Raül Sanllehí should consider where he is and have someone who knows the Arsenal and the Premier. It’s The logical thing, I say.”

Amen, let’s not get in there and raid Barca for the people they didn’t want. We don’t need a Barca-light model at Arsenal, Wenger tried that and failed miserably. Let’s try a modern Arsenal and hire the best man or woman for the job… not the only person out of a job in Raul’s Rolodex.

Amy L has a great piece on integrating girls into the boys training sessions at Arsenal.

‘This initiative is based on the simple principle of putting young prospects in the best environment for them to flourish. Per Mertesacker, head of Arsenal’s academy, is keen to point out it is not a token gesture. He feels there are benefits in both directions. It is not just the girls who are being challenged. “It started off by thinking of our club and what we stand for,” he explains. “How can we integrate everyone a bit better? We love the variety and we love the different challenges that you sometimes face – that a girl can take you on and sometimes win a duel against you. All these things struck me. It is lovely to see this thriving environment.’

“I remember back in my days it was normal to play with girls in opposition teams. I got on with it and it helped me to understand from the very beginning how important it is to be first of all capable but also to be humble and respectful and disciplined. That’s what we are trying to achieve with these youngsters, to prepare them not only for a football career but also for reality. Women and men are both highly capable.

Sounds like a mighty fine idea to me. If it’s fair, why not? It raises the bar for everyone if the best talent is playing together, and it also ensures the girls land the same opportunities to receive great coaching as the boys.

This is WELBZ dropping some banter… little bit stale now mate, but look, you’ve had a rough time, so we’ll let it slide. Just don’t bring me the Fortnite dance tomorrow or we’ll have to have words.

There’s a delightful story doing the rounds that Liverpool are going to ditch Naby K for very little this summer. Sure, he’s been average, but he’s an explosive player. If we’re thinking about replacing Aaron and he’s around, I’d be all over that sort of a move. Surely a nonsense though? Just an agent trying to force the club to commit? Probably…

We’re tracking Charlton player, Joe Aribo, who plays in left midfield… Jenks is at it again, right?

I haven’t seen him play, but the last time I got excited about a lower league talent it was Bramall and that didn’t really work out, did it?

Right, that’s me done. I am so over you and your attitude. Let’s thrash it out in the comments once and for all.


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  1. Un battle angel


    That’s just utter new age bollocks. There is ZERO BENEFIT to young arsenal lads playing with girls. Zero. It’s just utter new age hipster bollocks. There may be benefit to the girls but it is just a token gesture from the club. Look at us. We are arsenal
    We put rainbow shoe laces on and aloe Pakistani and Algerian flags in our stadium but not England flags even though the ban was meant to be on ALL NATIONAL FLAGS.

    Arsenal have turned into a club for wankers. No substance. Modern arsenal makes me sick🤮🤮🤮

  2. Dissenter

    I really hope we have gone far in trying to secure Ismaila Sarr’s transfer.
    He’s not going to be playing for Rennes next season and he looked very good paying against us.

  3. Un battle angel

    Marko you joker. As opposed to what? Coming out with gems like “coaching is fanciful” and you dare to mock others. You haven’t get a leg to stand on

  4. Un battle angel


    Sarr is a push and run merchant
    Theo was far better at the same age. He needs space to run into or he’s useless. No brains. No left foot. Just a push and run merchant. Another one
    What happened to the proper players? Football brains
    Del piero
    Patrick Berger

    Now all you have is the next flavour of the month African push and run merchant.

  5. Dissenter

    It’s amazing what a good loan can do for a player
    Reiss Nelson transfer value is now in the range of 15 million

  6. ddkingz

    can we just gather all the 30yr old on free transfer around the globe in every position and sign them….. at least, it would show everyone the direction of the club, we would no longer be known as arsenal the gunners, we would now be referred to as arsenal the old lady of London….

  7. Dissenter

    Un na
    I said the same to Pedro about the boys playing with girls thingy,
    Chelsea’s academy is producing players that the biggest clubs in the world are ready to pay 40 million for before they even start a league game for Chlesea
    City’s academy is producing players like Sancho that are worth 75-90 million after one season at Dortmund
    What is Arsenal’s answer to copeting with those academies?

    ….lets find the effeminate side to our male players???
    There’s a natural instinct for males to drop their tenor when playing with females. It will help the female academy players no doubt, just not the other way around.

    It could work if it’s male academy players playing with the senior Arsenal ladies team.

  8. Leedsgunner

    The only benefit that I can see with our young boys playing alongside girls is if the girls concerned are better technically. If so, hopefully the boys will be motivated to become better. If the focus is on improving techniques and speed of play, gender becomes irrelevant.

    The focus has to be on making them better football players.

    I hope this isn’t just some PR exercise to show how “progressive” we are.

  9. Victorious

    Buying Sarr instead of N.Pepe would be akin to that time we turned up our nose on Hazard and instead brought in Fore head.

    Having said that I completely expect us to do exactly just that, we never seem to be ambitious enough to sign players who’re obviously WC talent and a cut above, Wenger or no Wenger

    We’re told there’s only 40M available this summer,so best not get your hopes up and prepare yourselves for below the barrel players.

    We have a owner who doesn’t give a rat ass whether we compete or not as long there’s enough money coming in to ensure we remain money making machine to him.smh

  10. Luteo Guenreira

    I see some are having preteen flashbacks to when they likely got skinned by girl in a footrace or something. Relax boys, your bollocks are probably still where they’re supposed to be.

    I don’t think the occasional presence of girls is a bad thing. In fact it can stoke some inspiration even, boys like to impress girls after all. Otherwise with how short the attention span of some of these young children are these days, introducing new factors and interesting wrinkles probably helps reset the mind. Fresh approaches are always welcome.

  11. Un battle angel


    No. The opposite
    We had to take it easy when girls played. Because they are physically inferior.

  12. Luteo Guenreira

    Playing sport isn’t always only about the physical aspect though. Positional awareness, tactical awareness, ability to read the flow can all be practiced without necessarily busting your lungs.

    Some also learn by teaching, maybe a young boy gets on with a girl and better understands something by explaining it. Maybe there are some basic aspects the kids forgot so it’s helpful to have refresher. Maybe one child is falling behind but is too embarrassed and shy to ask a question, picks up on it while it’s being reviewed with a new group. I’m just saying, I don’t see any reason to have such a rigid view on it. Maybe taking a different approach can yield different, other types of valuable results.

  13. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Seriously is it worth buying eve. Sarrbor Pepe !
    Are they. Proven are they better than nelson niketh Smith rose.
    We don’t know ..

    But we fucked up on gnaby by not giving him a run

    We can’t afford to do that agaim.

    I like a new signing like everyone but … Wenger spubked the cash let’s get the reserves up.

  14. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal’s budget in the summer is I am sure not set in stone as some suggest.

    The starting point is whether Arsenal qualify for the Champions League by
    finishing in top 4. If we do I am confident that the club will increase the budget.

    Second I think that another factor is the scale of our departures and the write
    down of our wage bill. We know already that Cech and Ramsey are already leaving with a saving of £220K pw.

    My guess is that there are several other players on our books or at the end of their contracts who will be offloaded including Monreal.

    Another factor is what happens with Ozil. If he were to go then the club could
    probably recruit two to three very good players for the wage we are paying him.

    Frankly I do not think that Arsenal will recruit more than 4 new players, because I doubt that Arsenal will spend more than £100 million in transfer
    market. There will be also some other players promoted from U23 squad.

    Yesterday I made case that Arsenal would probably offload this summer Cech,
    Ospina, Jenkinson, Lichsteiner, Monreal, Elneny and Ramsey. Excluding Ospina that would free up six places in squad. If we assume that Chambers and
    Nelson return from loan that leaves 4 gaps to fill.

    One additional hole might be if Mustafi is sold that , but I still don’t believe that
    Arsenal will bring in more than 4 new players, because I still think that Arsenal will promote at least more player from U23 squad.

    Frankly I don’t think that Ozil and Mkhitaryan will be leaving this summer for
    the reasons I expressed earlier today. Arsenal are already writing off Ramsey
    and I don’t see them incurring another massive financial loss in the same accounting period.

  15. Bamford10


    One, I don’t think Ozil has been as “influential” in the matches he has played in as you think. Yeah, we’re better with a more more technical player playing underneath the forwards, but has Ozil demonstrated that said player needs to be Mesut Ozil? Hasn’t Mkhitaryan played well there (when he has played) as well? Yes, we need a CAM type player in the XI, but I don’t think Ozil has convinced anyone that said CAM needs to be Ozil.

    Two, Ramsey has been far more important to our better performances than Ozil has. Far more. Not that Ramsey is perfect, but in retrospect we would have been better off selling Ozil and keeping Ramsey.

  16. Luteo Guenreira


    Why so obsessed with the work cuck, is it trending on your porn feed or something? You’ll be calling everyone Thaiboys pretty soon then.

  17. Marc


    I agree our transfer budget is fluid at the moment and will depend on certain things happening. I also believe those running the club are not stupid , if we make top 4 investing that money now could have an increased effect. The Spud’s are going to have a period of austerity and Chelsea have a transfer ban coming up. Rumours are currently doing the rounds that they will not allow any players to leave this summer if they can’t get the ban over turned. Now my view on that is they have no chance – other clubs have already been punished for the same thing if they fight too hard they could see it increased.

    Using all of our available resources correctly this summer could give us some breathing room over 2 other clubs who are main contenders for CL football.

  18. Dissenter

    Wenger never found a way tio use Ramsey effectively. Emery has done that this season, albeit it too late because the player is on his way out.

    Aaron Ramsey has my 100% respect. It’s uncommon to see players play out of their skins on the way out.

  19. Dissenter

    Kudos to Paulinho, Bamford and all other people who defended Ramsey to the hilt here.
    They saw something most of us didn’t see.
    There was an elite player who wasn’t deployed properly.
    Better still, there was a consummate professional.

  20. Dissenter

    We are going to have to plan with the notion that Ozil will still be here.
    It’s not the end of the world to have him hanging around earning 350k weekly.

  21. Marc


    I don’t think many ever thought Ramsey wasn’t a committed hard working player, he had a bit of a bad habit of trying to be too clever on occasions and was of course far to injury prone.

    We’ll never know how he would have progressed had CM position become a lock down with some better guidance.

  22. salparadisenyc

    Ramsay had me at hello, from the leg break to the resurgence. Frustrated with injury but he’s always been quality sad were loosing him at peak.

    Clusterfuck that.

  23. Marko

    We put rainbow shoe laces on and aloe Pakistani and Algerian flags in our stadium but not England flags even though the ban was meant to be on ALL NATIONAL FLAGS…Now all you have is the next flavour of the month African push and run merchant.

    Can’t believe anyone would think you’re a racist imbecile Don. How could they

  24. Un battle angel


    What’s racist about that? They do allow Pakistani and Algerian flags but not England flags.
    And sarr is African is he not?
    Aaaaaw, are facts too wacist for you??

  25. Un battle angel


    No. Women cannot compete with men in the large majority of competitive sports. It’s not even a debate.
    Maybe gymnastics, figure skating and diving.

  26. Luteo Guenreira

    I really wish people would try to understand the nuance of things before commenting.

    I don’t think I anywhere once came close to saying men and women should compete together and/or against one another. Seriously moving the goal posts there. I was describing one or two practice sessions.

    Practice. We’re talking about practice.

  27. Pierre

    All the know nothing’s only bull shit (KNOBS) out in force tonight ..

    Suarez is a player I like , very good technically, tidy on the ball and is without doubt a better footballer than iwobi……. Suarez should be ahead of iwobi in the pecking order at this present time as it would give us some idea if he is good enough.

    Obviously our manager thinks different to me, which is his right…the surprising thing is that it was Emery who brought him to the club and it is Emery who is refusing to play him.

    So if the know nothing’s ( KNOBS) want to criticise anyone on the Suarez deal then I suggest you should look no further than our manager as it is his job to decide whether or not to play him.

  28. Pierre

    “Wenger never found a way tio use Ramsey effectively. Emery has done that this season, albeit it too late because the player is on his way out.”

    The last 2 games you mean , hardly “this season” as he has only been a bit part player all season .

  29. Words on a Blog


    From the (very little) I’ve seen of Suarez, I’ve quite liked him.

    And I disagree with others on here that he is automatically “poor”, “weak” or “useless” because he hasn’t been played enough.

    I suspect that he he hasn’t played many minutes due to a combination of 1) lack of match fitness (he wasn’t being played much by Barca either) and 2) the faster pace of the Premier League.

    He will get a chance, given the amount/frequency of matches coming up in a short space of time.

    That’s when we’ll know whether he should be kept on, or if he should start ahead of Iwobi

  30. Terri Maaki

    Funny ain’t it, they have problem with people bringing other countries flags in… but will be first ones gorging on these foreigners foods after the footie!

  31. Un battle angel


    No practice is something you do for a piano recital or a drama class.

    What our youth team are doing is training to be elite sports men. They won’t get there by going easy on teenage girls. Not to mention the fact that it’s a distraction that teenage boys don’t need. Terrible idea. Typical bullshit affirmative arsenal. They’d rather present the politically correct image than fucking win.
    Wankers. This is why the club gets no money from me any more. Just a bunch of wankers running the club. On what planet is this forward thinking?

  32. Luteo Guenreira

    The only thing I garner from all you said is an inferiority complex. Practice is practice and it’s the foundation of improvement regardless of the subject matter.

    If you think someone destined to be a professional footballer or anything – top of the line elite in any profession – if you think that person is being slowed down by a practice session with a girl then you’re an idiot. The kind of drive required for that level of success compared to the things you’re talking about is incomparable.

    It’s just not seeing things realistically. Keep your political opinions, whatever, but you’re really not seeing things for what they are if you think someone like Messi wouldn’t be Messi because he trained with girls maybe once or twice a year when he was child. Life is far more complex than that.

  33. Luteo Guenreira

    I’m actually not advocating for either way, it’s immaterial to me. But that’s precisely why I don’t see a problem with it. And for anyone getting their balls in a bunch because they’re afraid of females impeding on their territory…you really, really, really need to grow a pair. Cause that’s all it is, really.

  34. Dissenter

    I bet you that the Chelsea and City academies that are churning out quality material don’t do this boys-trains-with-girls BS.
    It will help the girls no doubt…but the boys?

    I’m with Un na on this issue.

  35. Pierre

    Iwobi has enough time to time to convince the .manager and fans that he is good enough , Suarez doesn’t , he has a couple of months to prove that he is of sufficient quality.
    If Saurez doesn’t get a start in the next couple of games then the only conclusion we can come to is that the manager doesn’t rate him because he hasn’t even given him a chance .
    Maybe Emery feels under a lot of pressure to get champions league football so he has reverted back to experience in the hope that he can achieve that goal and consequently will not risk suarez.

  36. Luteo Guenreira


    You guys are treating it like it’s some poison pill that’s going to halt the progress of all the youngsters. I’m just saying, it’s a training session with some girls. Relax. The ones who are meant to succeed will succeed regardless.

    I can say with confidence this will impact the end result of Arsenal Football Club’s first team in no way, ever, whether they do or don’t.

  37. Luteo Guenreira

    I suppose with the absence of common sense I need to reiterate I never once said men and women should be competing on equal footing professionally. Once the physical differences become markedly obvious then I would imagine the people in charge would naturally separate groups as necessary to maximize training efficiency.

    The stuff we’re talking about, the news about the club integrating girls to training is like under-12s stuff. I mean. Come on. Really?

  38. Words on a Blog


    You’re right, as far as the fans are concerned.

    Regardless,of how much he’ll play, Emery and his team will have had enough time by the end of the season to come to a judgement as to whether Suarez is good enough, or should I say, Premier League compatible enough, to be with us next season, because unlike you and me, they see him every day in training.

    I happen to think that he’ll get more game time given how many matches we have to play in a short space of time. I also think (unlike a lot of others on here who have rushed to judgement that he is “not good enough”) that the likelihood is, he’ll be with us next season.

    But if I’m wrong then that’s much more likely to be my misjudgement, not Emery’s.

  39. Words on a Blog


    Sometimes it’s hard to escape the feeling that being in the Le Grove comments section is like being in a coffee house in downtown Riyadh….

  40. Bamford10

    Le Grove becoming a platform for far right and alt-right thought. Homophobia, misogyny, chauvinism, talk of “cucks”.

    Not a good look, Pedro.

  41. Luteo Guenreira

    Le Grove becoming a platform for far right and alt-right thought. Homophobia, misogyny, chauvinism, talk of “cucks”.

    Not really? Not even close actually. Those things come up as a topic once in awhile because they are real life issue and the posters are real life people. And we discuss them, move on, and get back to football hopefully.

    But calling it a platform is a bit excessive. Lay off the hyperbole, cuck.

  42. Dissenter

    It’s harmless, at best but I really cannot think of any transformation benefits to our academy.
    It will make good press and look “progressive” but please don’t tell me it improves the quality of academy products at the end of the line.

  43. Luteo Guenreira

    I agree it will not “benefit” the training program, meaning no I don’t think suddenly our boys are going to start pulling up trees at 13-14 years of age because they trained with girls a bit. But I don’t think anyone is arguing that at all?

    It’s obviously for marketing and press. I don’t think there’s an issue with that, because that’s all it will impact. Someone else decided to the make this discussion into something about female vs male sporting ability.

  44. Dissenter

    “Someone else decided to the make this discussion into something about female vs male sporting ability.”
    I was approaching it from the view point of how do we close the gap with the city and Chelsea academies. They are the ones on top currently.
    Mixed gender practice seemed like bringing a feather to tickle one’s way out of a knife fight. It’s something I would recommend to help testosterone-driven
    teenage boys do to be more respectful of females. I just don’t think it has any hidden sporting benefit for the boys.

  45. Un battle angel


    Your pathetic attempts to plead with Pedro have only served to highlight your lack of anything resembling honour, masculinity or a vertebrate. You’re a fucking jelly fish. A melt. The personification of cuck

  46. Un battle angel


    Point is that it’s of no benefit whatsoever for our teenagers to play with girls. Any more than it is for a 16 year old to participate in sport with a 10 year old
    They are levels apart.

  47. Dissenter

    We are in the market for several players that spuds are also chasing…at least if you believe the tabloids.
    I will be an interesting watch seeing which of the two clubs will get these players.
    Spurs will have more disposable income- me thinks because they didn’t spend last summer and could easily get 100-125 million for selling Ericksen & Wanyama.

  48. Victorious

    Bayern going nuts by splurging 63M on Athletico’s 23 yo, L.Hernandez,thats a record fee for them too,madness considering it shatters their transfer record which was 30M for Pavard, I think

    Going out of the CL in round 16 must have really jolted them badly

    Fully expect us to take away geriatric Boatang from them now,i mean we’ve been linked to him for like ever

  49. Words on a Blog

    Umtiti being linked with us for a move this summer……

    Haven’t seen enough of him, but have liked what I’ve seen.

    ….any thoughts from all the cucks and soya milk drinkers out there?

  50. Dissenter

    Bayern must be chaffed that they don’t have domestic rivals willing to be robbed of their best players.

  51. Marko

    Spurs will have more disposable income- me thinks because they didn’t spend last summer and could easily get 100-125 million for selling Ericksen & Wanyama

    You do realize that they have a stadium that went from 400 million to nearly a billion to build. And it’s very questionable that they’ll get that much for those two. Erikson has a year left on his contract and Wanyama is a benchwarmer.

  52. Marko

    I honestly couldn’t be happier that Bayern have spent about 120 million euros on two full backs. Basically debatable they’ll go for Pepe or Havertz or Brandt this summer with that kind of spending already taking place.

  53. Words on a Blog

    Five months months ago Spurs announced that their “stadium development facility” the bank loan raised from 3 banks, increased from an initial £400m by an amount “up to” £237m.

    I’m not sure if there’s been any further amounts raised and announced, but certainly finances at Spurs will be tight, and if they slip outside the Champions League places, money will be tighter still.

    So, even with higher season ticket sales and greater stadium revenues, I can see them being net sellers of players, probably over and beyond Eriksen and Wanyama, for them to have any “disposable” revenues of significance.

  54. Words on a Blog

    Also, regardless of Spurs’ precise financial position and their cash available for player purchases, the loan covenants in the bank debt they raised will almost certainly impose restrictions on the net spend of the club on player acquisitions, and given the importance of Champions League qualification to the level of revenues, these coventanrs are likely to be more restrictive in the event that Spurs do not qualify for the CL

  55. gonsterous

    If ramsey was given a raise, would he be playing as well as he is ? I don’t think so, he’s terrible for Wales and he has been terrible for arsenal. He had one great season, but right now, he has a job, to convince juve that he was the right buy. Massive respect for helping the team but he’s really just helping himself. Ramsey, theo and ox, play out of their skin when there’s a contract on the line.

  56. Dark Hei


    Ramsey got a pay rise already if you haven’t noticed.

    It is just Juventus who is doing the paying while his performances has gotten better for Arsenal.

  57. Leedsgunner

    Apparently DB10 is working for free for a small Dutch club whilst he awaits his legal wrangle with Ajax to resolve itself. The article suggests that he was forced out by Overmars too.

    Any Dutch Grovers out there? Can they confirm?

    Worth an approach to our staff? He was an assistant manager to Ajax recently, and did well. The teens being feted now for millions were all developed under his watch.

    I would love him back at club. Bar none the most intelligent footballer I think we ever had playing for us.

  58. Leedsgunner

    If we can get this Aribo boy on the cheap, fine. He would be a direct replacement for Elneny… although to be honest, if we are letting Elneny go I personally think we should be bringing in W.illock as a squad player…

  59. keef66

    The spark has left the building on this blog, it’s not a go to for me anymore. Sorry but you love the feedback right?

  60. Graham62

    I’m in agreement with many posters on here, the spark is missing.

    For example, if I was to state that Spuds new stadium is frigging awesome and is head and shoulders a better structure than ours, I would be hounded by those who say I’m only saying that because I’m anti-Wenger.

    Why not compare the two stadiums and make it interesting.

  61. gonsterous

    The spark is missing ? It’s cause of the international break. Definitely not the moaning, cause groovers will find something to moan about.
    Only graham is enjoying the break, everyone else is praying for the next game.

  62. Dissenter

    Of course the Spurs stadium is more awesome than ours.
    It cost 150% more than ours. The design is 10 years ahead o the Emirates, not surprising since it was built 13 years later.
    It will prove to be one of the biggest boondoggle white elephant project of our time.
    I really don’t envy them.

  63. Leedsgunner

    Spurs stadium better than ours? Cost more, looks worse and to top it off, it will have legions of unthinking spuds all over it week after week.

    They can try to imitate us, they’ll never surpass us.

  64. Tony

    OGS pens a 3 year deal and is reported to want Declan Rice, Jadon Sancho and Aaron Wan-Bissaka.

    No coincidence as it’s widely reported Fergie has been guiding Ole through his brief tenure thus far.

    Still we have Raul…………

    Maybe someone else can fill in the dots. I have no faith in the Spanish fat controller with the aging rolodex, which is well known here from my previous posts.

  65. Tony

    Guess we’ll have to sit back and watch power hungry Raul suck out the little remaining life of our club that Gazidis and Wenger left and financially obliterated under the Kroenkes’ blinkered eyes.

    Arsenal bolstered by Pierre’s stats would make an excellent case study for ineffectual mismanagement at all levels for a management graduate degree syllabus.

  66. Dissenter

    There’s a possibility that United won’t make the CL next season
    Solskjaer may be managing a Europa league club next season

  67. Dissenter

    Just read that the overseas TV money will now be shared based on the foreign reach every club has.
    Only United, Liverpool and Arsenal are real global clubs. Admittedly, Chelsea now have a global reach.
    Spurs and city are not proper global brands; City maybe with Pep and all their artifical spin-off clubs….maybe one could argue
    Spurs definitely aren’t a global brand.

  68. Dissenter

    Greizmann is looking likely to leave Atletico for Barcelona this summer.

    Could this be the season that Laca leaves to join Simeone for 95 million?

    I know this will turn the Lakalocos mad as hattters.