Backroom changes afoot

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Ok, so I indulged myself with a little Oranje and it was good.

Serge Gnabry scored an absolute peach of a goal, making VVD look like Stepanovs in the process. He’s so fast and powerful when he runs… I love how direct he is… and that shot, wow, he’s clearly the heir to Podolski.

Hollandhase some very sexy talent in their team, but Germany still took them down in the end. I thought Memphis looked very good out wide, I wonder if there’s a big move back to one of the big leagues this summer?

In Arsenal news, it appears Steve Morrow and Francis Cagigao are set for promotions as Arsenal shake up their backroom team. We’re still looking for a technical director, but there’s no real news on where that’s coming from, so I guess we’ll see what happens.

I don’t know enough about Morrow and Cagigao to make an assessment on what they’ll bring to the club, one would hope the deep knowledge of Arsenal will work in their favour, and maybe now Wenger has gone they’ll have an opp to shine if they’re given a bit more power.

I would love us to do something fancy with the top football job. The person who sets the tone at Arsenal should have a track record of doing it before. We’re not in a position to take risks. Even less so when you consider we’ve never really had a structure to start with. It’d be great to find someone who is doing exciting things, with the ability to reset the club and put us on course for the next ten years.

My worry from the start was that the search and select process was going to be amateur and a little bit old boys club. Nothing has indicated otherwise so far, but happy to be proved wrong… in fact, I am literally begging on my hands and knees and praying that I am wrong. I don’t like the notion that the club could be taken advantage of by a group of guys who know the owner isn’t really paying attention. Everyone gets a fat wage, an easy life and very little pressure because our fans aren’t really that demanding. Again, I hope I’m wrong.

Arsenal are in Dubai.

I don’t really have much to say on this… bar… did anyone ask if the Royalty had a spare £3 billion to buy the club?

Right, that’s me done… see you in the comments. x

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  1. Nelson

    I didn’t know that Hudson-Odoi moved from right wing to left wing. He looked like our LB, Rose to me. HaHa!

  2. TheLegendaryDB10

    Re Bielik. I wonder if Bamford realises that League one is Level 3 in our divisions. I mean, “tearing” it up at this level is not that difficult if one has a modicum of skill.

  3. TheLegendaryDB10

    Great comeback from England. Need to keep it at it and stat focused.

    For some reason we looked a bit weak on the right side. They were able to overlap us with ease and put themselves into a position to cross or score (like the first goal). We need to tighten up that side as they are going to try and exploit it in the 2nd half.

  4. NW9gooner

    Marco have you watched Chambers – I have watched a few Fulaham match’s just to see him and was probably their best players. His covering and raking passes just showed how he hasn’t slotted into the midfield. My view is he will be a good understudy to or even replace Torreira in some matches . I remember your arguements with CC about 40 -50mil players and agree with CC. So many players you were advocating are with Crystal Palace, Fulaham etc.. If he replaces Elneny it’s a very good step and obviates any expenditure in that area.

  5. Words on a Blog

    The whole talk about Chambers and Bielik started off as a discussion between me and Dissenter about which one of the two, given that both are free, would be “good enough” to be back-up DM to Torreira, as well as potentially providing cover as Centre Back (most probably as part of a 3).

    Dissenter prefers Chambers, given his PL experience, and recent form in Fulham.

    I saw the Bielik clip the other day and liked what I saw: if they’re about the same level, and if we need the cash for “special sauce players” in central defence and elsewhere, then sell Chambers, keep Bielik.

    Also both players are home-grown.No one is arguing that they should be starters or that they’re gonna do anything more than fill gaps in the squad.

    Also Bamford’s point is well made: just because a young player is playing for Fulham or in League 1 doesn’t mean they’re shit. You’ve got to start somewhere.

  6. NW9gooner

    Bielik was a player we got with a lot of potential. This loan move has helped in his development. Had a lot of injuries and now seems to be settling. Get him back , see how he he is. If he is good enough he stays or else he can be sold for decent money with a small profit. Win win situation.

  7. NW9gooner

    Bielik was a player we got with a lot of potential. This loan move has helped in his development. Had a lot of injuries and now seems to be settling. Get him back , see how he he is. If he is good enough he stays or else he can be sold for decent money with a small profit. Win win situation. There is nothing to be perturbed about.

  8. Nelson

    For two games in a roll, Hudson-Odoi shows that he has a good shot cutting in from the left. The bad thing is that he can’t replace Hazard on the left wing.

  9. Bamford10


    I acknowledged that it was a lower level, that it was only one game, and that it was six minutes of video in my original comment. Indeed, I think I acknowledged all of that twice.

    What the fuck is the point of your bringing all of that up in a subsequent reply? I acknowledged all of that in my original fucking comment.

    Jesus, there are some real pains in the asses around here.

  10. TheLegendaryDB10


    I understand what you’re saying and concede that he is only 21. But this also means that he has got to start stepping up now if he really is something.

    I have to say that back when we had bought him he was being touted as a potential talent. I hope that he finds it in him to push himself upto another level. Could help us in these days of “limited” money.

  11. Luteo Guenreira

    Because some people here are fucking annoying.

    Don’t mind Bumford, his dunce cap must be strapped in too tight.

  12. Bamford10


    Guy, what do you expect when you make annoying, condescending remarks like the one you made above?

    How about asking ME that question? “Hey, Bamford, are you aware … ?” Why did you snarkily ask the comments section the question instead?

    I’ll tell you why: because you’re a petty little twat who was trying to score stupid little points here. Now you’re outraged that I replied to your little jibe in kind. You’re a real piece of work, guy. If you want someone to treat you courteously, treat him courteously. Pretty simple.

  13. TheLegendaryDB10


    The reason for my condescending comment is that it is quite a step down to be playing in League one compared to a player who at least is plying his trade one level above.

    Bielik playing well in League maybe a good thing. It doesn’t translate to him hitting higher levels in the EPL.

  14. London gunner

    People are ganging up on bamford its a bit pathetic.

    Jesus dude is allowed to hold a different opinion. He seems to think a 21 year old league 1 player has the potential to make PL grade… its really that controversial its happened before. Players do develop/come into their own at different points.

  15. Bamford10


    Right, but I acknowledged that it was a lower level in my original remark. The real question is why were you being condescending in the first place, why did you make assumptions about what I know or do not know, and why did you direct your question to all and sundry rather than simply asking me in a reasonable, friendly manner? Bottom line is that I replied as I did because rather than just asking me a simple question you used it as an opportunity to try to score points. That’s lame.

    It’s not a big deal. My apologies for how I replied. Maybe I’m in a bit of a mood. Cheers.

  16. London gunner

    Has henderson improved. Seemed like such basic but dependable player.. yet now he is playing with some class… those long passes.

  17. Nelson

    Ronaldo injured his thigh while playing for Portugal. He’ll have 14 days to recover before the next CL game.

  18. TheLegendaryDB10

    We’ll done England. We did well to stay in control. Scoring 10 goals over 2 games is in heard of. Yes we aren’t playing overly difficukt opponents but we are winning by comfortable margins which really shows the very good level we have.

    I was worried that Sancho not playing could leave us out with some creativity but in the end we did really well.

  19. Valentin

    Chambers may have been one of Fulham better players, but I am not convinced that he could make it as central defensive midfielder at Arsenal even as an understudy to Torreira.
    Whenever I have seen him play there, when put under pressure he miscontrolled, misplaced passes. Part of it is due to the lack of movement from Fulham players, but still some looks like going forward he does not have the required speed of thought.

    Bielik came to Arsenal as a precocious defensive midfielder. Arsenal converted him into a central defender. However at Charlton he plays as a defensive midfielder.
    I am not sure which position Arsenal see him establishing himself.

  20. gonsterous

    drawing close to the end of the international games. I don’t mind the highlights but I find it tedious to watch the games. Actually I don’t like watching any games, other than arsenals. I always prefer the highlights, unless it’s a big tournament like the euros or WC. Or the CL finals.

  21. TitsMcGee

    Memphis is a total douche off the pitch though.

    Good to see the Netherlands show some glimpses of former days. Always thought the Euros/WC was more interesting when they participated.

  22. Graham62


    A football blog and someone doesn’t like watching football, other than Arsenal..

    Shock and horror!

    Must be in the minority, as I like all football.

  23. gonsterous


    what’s there to get ? Some people like watching the championship, others don’t. I don’t like watching other games than arsenals, you like watching them. Have I explained it well enough for you ? or do you need Gareth Southgate to draw you a chart ?

  24. Emiratesstroller

    What is impressive about Bayern Munich is how they plan well ahead their transfer business.

    They have agreed two transfers in March. That is how they have been operating more or less in last decade. They secure the deals they want more or less well in advance.

    Also they seldom buy or bring in on Bosman more than a couple of new players so that their squad maintains stability and consistency.

    Had Arsenal adopted a similar transfer programme with recruitment of a better calibre of players we would not be discussing our current shortcomings.

    Personally I have never been a great fan wholesale recruitment, although that
    seems the reality of our current situation looking at our current squad.