Luis Campos: Our new god?

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Sooooo, Denis Suarez is set to be returned from whence he came.

The pretty Spaniard has not made much of an impact. Not really surprising, is it? If you’re 25-years-old and a Spanish analyst says you’ve had one good 6 months in your career, the chances of you landing in the Premier League and bossing it like peak-Ronaldo are slim. It was an odd signing. Some might say Unai Emery’s very own Kimmy K moment. SOME I SAID. Calm yourself.

The real banter train that’s hurtling towards us this summer is the transfer market that’s being driven by a Raul and Emery combo team. The hope is that Sven Mislinatat left his password protected hard drive open and we’re raiding that beauty for all the tasty morsels.

If not, expect a smattering of rejects that are struggling at top clubs, exbestpals of Emery, combined with a touch of bizarre.

I cannot wait.

There’s an Italian journo linking us with Luis Campos, not sure if there’s any truth to that or it’s just that I’ve screaming his name like a 14-year-old fan boy at his first Boyzone concert… what a time that was… what a time. Miss you, Stephen.

The other item I was musing is this: Does Raul really want a technical director? He had Sven at the club and ignored him despite a pretty good track record. Part of me thinks he just wants someone in as a cover story so he can live out his Championship Manager dreams.

Ok… I’m not getting upset

*squeally tearful voice*

I just really miss Sven. What did he do that was so wrong? He was just here minding his own business, bringing in cool players and then he’s let go… LIKE A PIECE OF SAUSAGE DOWN THE DRAIN.

The AS Roma boss went to TOWN on Monchi.

“I appreciate that Monchi never set out to fail at Roma but I want to make something very clear; right from the start, I was very clear about the direction I wanted us to go in and that’s why we spent a lot of money bringing Monchi in.

“From the start, I said I wanted first class coaches, first-class performance staff, first-class medical staff, first-class scouting and recruitment and a first-class football organisation. I gave Monchi the keys to deliver that. I gave him 100% control to appoint the coach he wanted, to employ the assistant coaches and the performance staff, to manage the scouting and to bring in the players he wanted. If you look at our results and our performances, it’s clear that this hasn’t worked.

“In November, when our season was going from bad to worse and everyone could see that the coach was struggling to get a reaction out of the players, I asked Monchi for his Plan B should things continue to get worse. He had sole responsibility for football operations at Roma but he didn’t have a Plan B. That was November. He said his Plan B was just to keep doing the same as Plan A.”

Woooooahhhhh… we spent 10 years bitching about Wenger’s lack of a PLAN B.

That is quite the assassination from the Roma boss.

My big fear with Monchi was that we were buying a man adept at punching above his weight for a small team. I’d imagine, like in business, there are specialists that can operate well as specific sizes of business. He was very smart in cutting a market for himself with a small club that could act as a second life for broken players that were undervalued.

‘Come play in the sun, eat good food and drink wine. No pressure.’

I think he struggled when an instant impact was asked of him. Say what you will about Emery, he’ll only make it into the third year of his deal if he’s made substantial gains at Arsenal. Football is too quick to allow people to build empires without significant year on year improvements.

Monchi couldn’t crack it at Roma. He sold too many elite bodies too soon and he filled the pipeline with average.

That. Could. Have. Been. Us.

Now Raul has run out of contacts, perhaps it’s time to go back to the job spec and reassess what we really want from a Technical Director.

For me, the following:

  1. Someone who can work comfortably in the youth range, and in the 17-23 bracket
  2. Someone with a reputation for installing exciting coaches
  3. A person with a deep understanding of technology and data
  4. A true believer in playing the game the beautiful way

This is Luis Campos on the English.

“I think most English clubs don’t know how to recruit for an issue that I almost think is cultural as almost everyone makes the same mistake. English clubs really like top attacking players, yet to a large extent make them play alongside medium-quality defences”


Get him in.

Right, that’s me done. Off to a style guide meeting. Fun times. x

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  1. Oz

    Leeds true, but remember we’re at a stage where it’s either you sink or swim..Suarez is a low risk to enable willock etc grow without throwing them in the deep

  2. Graham62

    Won’t Willock be twenty later this year?

    He should be thrown “in the deep” now.

    As for Suarez, he looks so disinterested.

  3. Champagne Charlie

    Dark Hei @ 3.13

    Completely pierced the rhetoric, good post. It’s mind numbing watching the selective praise and blame being dished up. Really lays bare some attitudes on here.

    Can only echo others in cringing at Banford “loving” that a former manager features ‘low’ on a list of all time managers. What a weird thing to be elated by. Shows the total disconnect he has as an apparent fan of the club.

  4. Aubamazette


    ‘Shows the total disconnect he has as an apparent fan of the club.’

    We’re not a club to these muppets. We’re just another franchise they jumped on when we were hot shit and it was cool to follow the Premier League.

    The FAD fans who just dip their toe in when they please with no love or affection for the club.

  5. Emiratesstroller

    We are reaching the point in season when the club needs to make its plans for
    next season’s transfer market albeit that we do not have a technical director/head coach.

    Much will obviously depend on Arsenal’s formation as much as availability of

    My view is that Emery’s preference is to play three defenders at back plus two
    wing backs. For that reason I do not think that the club will go for the more expensive option of buying a winger.

    Looking at our current squad there are in my view eight or nine players who
    should be shifted out in the Summer. These are:

    CECH announced retirement
    RAMSEY[already signed contract with Juventus]
    OZIL [if club can sell him]

    What Arsenal need to buy as PRIORITY and provided that we have the funds
    FIRST STRING CENTRE BACK to replace Mustafi.
    LEFT WING BACK to replace Monreal

    This leaves 4-5 other positions to replace in squad. CHAMBERS could be brought back as a utility player.

    NELSON, WILLOCK or SMITH-ROWE can be promoted to first team squad
    with perhaps an experienced player being secured on Bosman or Loan.

    The reality is that we don’t have an unlimited net spend or for that matter players on our books who will generate significant transfer fees.

    So buying 4 new players seems to be the maximum number that our budget
    will secure.

  6. Words on a Blog


    Agree with your statements that Emery has a preference to play with three at the back and wing-backs and that we may well not bring in a winger, and also agree with your FOR SALE list, except for Monreal, who is very likely to stay and play as part of the three at the back rather than as a wing back – so we would still need a left wing-back to compete with Kola as AMN and eventually Bellerin when he returns from injury can take care of the right wingback slot

  7. Nelson


    It is always good to have a plan B (4 2 3 1). Also if we sign a good CB and a LB, we can play a back 4 and one striker.

  8. Champagne Charlie


    There does seem to be a good number of those sorts floating about. All a bit cringeworthy seeing associations rather than fandom.

    Matter of perspective perhaps, but fair weather comes to mind immediately reading some of the comments.

  9. Bamford10

    Complete nonsense. Arsene Wenger ≠ Arsenal Football Club, and plenty of London-based supporters here and elsewhere have nothing but contempt for the man. Not surprising that you would use this as an opportunity to attack non-UK-based fans, though. Very Charlie.

  10. Bamford10

    “Unai Emery has decided that Denis Suarez is not good enough to play in the Arsenal first-team and the club will not turn his loan deal into a permanent move this summer.

    According to French football journalist Julien Laurens, Emery has been underwhelmed by the Spaniard’s performances in training.

    ‘Yeah I think so [the money can be spent elsewhere],’ Laurens said on Premier League Today .

    ‘It hasn’t really worked out for Suarez. It is nothing Emery could have guessed before, anyone else at the club, not even Suarez.’ ”


  11. Pierre

    Though I like the 4-2-3-1 system as it gives us 4 offensive players I think the telling factor in going for the wing back system is the from of Kolasinac as an attacking threat.

    He is a liability in a flat back 4 but his defensive duties are not as important as a wing back. Playing Monreal on the left side of a back 3 immediately gives Kolasinac the protection he needs when going forward.

    I do believe Kolasinac is the key as to which system Emery will use…

  12. Pierre

    “‘It hasn’t really worked out for Suarez. It is nothing Emery could have guessed before, anyone else at the club, not even Suarez.’ ..mirror”somehow

    Strange that , because quite a few of the more knowledgeable posters on le grove guessed that would happen.

  13. Receding Hairline

    “, and plenty of London-based supporters here and elsewhere have nothing but contempt for the man. ”


    The only person with contempt for him is you Bamford. Arsenal football club became a bigger and better club under Arsene Wenger, you may choose to bury your head in the sand as far as that fact is concerned but it is a fact.

  14. Champagne Charlie


    I’m not interested in your fetishes, or attempts to justify them. You get giddy at what you consider a slight against Wenger printed in a football magazine, that speaks volumes about your character and the hang ups you have.

    Carry on with your “very charlie” remarks. They’re erroneous nonsense. As is your drivel about “non-UK based fans”, who made any comment about that demographic? Oh…you and only you.

  15. Champagne Charlie

    Julian Lauren’s covering himself in no glory at all with that Suarez chat. Desperate to crack an unknown code blatantly.

    Emery has worked with Suarez before, knows the player in and out – was literally touted as reason for us bringing him in. But now we’re supposed to swallow the notion Emery has come to realise he doesn’t have what it takes? Uhh no. That’s the worst offering I’ve heard to date.

  16. Un battle angel


    Says you, playing our third choice reject striker and a fat Napoli cast off.
    Never mind the fact that your billion pound, crass, oil money squad is capitulating.

    How would any striker join you next season. The strikers grave years
    How many promising striking careers has chelsea destroyed now?

    As you were
    Bell end

  17. Receding Hairline

    Well obviously Emery knew it was possible Suarez might fail to adapt hence the determination to avoid the obligation to buy clause

    “‘It hasn’t really worked out for Suarez. It is nothing Emery could have guessed before, anyone else at the club, not even Suarez.’ ””

    The above is just journalist rubbish …even players brought in on a full transfer tend to flop, flopping is nothing new in football, not every transfer works

  18. Bamford10


    “The only person with contempt for him is you Bamford.”

    Complete nonsense. Try gambon and Graham, just for starters, not to mention thousands of other astute observers.

    Anyone who was paying attention while dipshit was not only making bad decision after bad decision but was (i) being blatantly dishonest, (ii) contemptuous of supporters and (iii) blaming the supporters for his own failures has and should have contempt for the man.

    Sorry, Receding, but you’re wrong. It is one thing to respect the man’s historical achievements; I do. It is quote another thing, however, to overlook or ignore what he was in his second decade at Arsenal, namely, a buffoon, a fraud, an arrogant, dishonest, contemptuous twat.

    That’s the truth. Sorry.

  19. Un battle angel


    Well said mate. A little bit of perspective wouldn’t go amiss. What Arsene Wenger achieved in his early arsenal days should never be dismissed. Least of all by someone as misguided as Bamford.

  20. Bamford10


    “We’re just another franchise they jumped on when we were hot shit and it was cool to follow the Premier League.”

    This isn’t a dig at non-UK fans? Please explain. Are you claiming that this dig includes UK-based fans? Maybe it does, but that’s not how I read it. As I say, please explain.

  21. Dissenter

    I see that some have decided to use Denis Suarez 4 month loan deal as a another cudgel to use to bash the manager.
    There’s a reason the club fought tooth and nail to remove the obligatory purchase from the loan; THERE WAS NO CERTAINTY OF SUCCESS.
    How hard was that?
    This was really an extended audition or job interview…and it’s not going well for the young lad.

    His Arsenal stay is limited to just 4 months is we reach the EL final in Baku. He was unveiled as an Arsenal loanee on Jan 30th and the EL is on May 29th.

  22. Un battle angel


    Explain what you Tosser? Why should anyone explain anything to you? The gall….
    Having you got marking to do or something?

    Get back in your hole Bamford. It means what he says it means. Tossers jumping on to premier league teams because it’s cool.

    Like you
    Fucking rent-a-personality.

  23. Receding Hairline

    “That’s the truth. Sorry.”

    No need for apologies, it’s the truth you choose to see and you are entitled to it.

    Most of us remember Wenger differently and with less ill will and anger, and the list you are celebrating was a list by one magazine, that is their opinion.

  24. Un battle angel


    Oh cos you’re never insulting are you? You were banned recently for your waspish little attitude so I’d reign it in if I were you. Nobody wants to have to go through your twitter attack again. Wailing over the injustice of your bin time.

  25. Bamford10


    “The above is just journalist rubbish …”

    No, it’s not. He’s saying that no one would have anticipated Suarez flopping. And they wouldn’t have, otherwise they wouldn’t have brought him in.

    Did they think it was possible that it wouldn’t work out? Sure, of course. This happens all of the time in football, and this is why they didn’t want the obligation to buy.

    However, they didn’t bring in Suarez expecting him to fail, and this is all the journalist is really saying. They thought he would succeed; they are surprised by how much he has underwhelmed. There is nothing unreasonable about this.

    However, as Dissenter said, some people are being unreasonable and are just trying to use Suarez as a cudgel against Emery.

  26. Bamford10

    “Rent a personality” from a guy who has named himself after a character from an animated film. That’s good.

  27. Aubamazette


    ‘“We’re just another franchise they jumped on when we were hot shit and it was cool to follow the Premier League.”’

    I actually said that. And it’s true.

    For a fat mess of an English teacher you struggle to read and like to misrepresent what people post.

    Stick to trying to outwit kids you loser.

  28. Bamford10


    My bad. I did misread that. I thought that was Charlie’s post. So were you insulting non-UK-based fans?

  29. Dissenter

    The first 10-11 years of Wenger should never be forgotten. He was innovative, bold, relentless and beyond reproach.
    The last 8-10 years of Wenger should never be forgotten either for all the right and wrong reasons.

  30. Emiratesstroller

    Let me make the point that Arsenal need to find a formula, which improves our defence, but also we have an outlet on the flanks.

    Clearly both Bellerin and Kolasinac are more attack focussed than defensive
    minded. However, I do think that the trend in modern football is moving in the
    direction of wing backs. I think also that Maitland-Niles has the potential to
    compete with Bellerin in the right wing back position.

    Monreal will be 33 next season and he is playing recently as a CB rather than WB. His contract ends in the summer. Personally I would not extend it, because we need a second left wing back and there are currently a number
    of talented players potentially in the market, which is not always the case.
    A top quality player might cost between £25-35 Million as opposed to a winger
    such as Pepe or Under who would probably cost north of £50 million.

    Arsenal have on their books 5 Centre Backs plus Chambers who is now playing DMF at Fulham and can also play RB if required. The question there is
    do you add him to our squad as a replacement for Elneny? He has value as a
    Home Grown Player which needs to be also addressed in Summer.

    My personal view of our CBs is that Sokratis and Holding should be first string
    players next season. Koscielny has probably one more season under current
    contract at club, but is no longer a starting eleven player and Mavropanos may
    have potential but is not considered good enough for the team at the moment.

    Mustafi does have ability, but he is “high risk”, because of his mental frailty and
    ill discipline. We need to recruit an experienced player at top of his game to
    replace him. Finding such a player will not come cheap, because there is a shortage of good CBs in market and a lot of other clubs also looking for
    such players.

    For me this position should be our top priority this summer and the club need
    to be prepared to spend money on that position whatever it takes to acquire the right player.

  31. Bamford10

    And for the record, I have never once misrepresented what anyone has posted.

    My apologies to Charlie, though, for mis-attributing the comment above. That comment was made by this Aubamazette character.

  32. Receding Hairline

    “No, it’s not. He’s saying that no one would have anticipated Suarez flopping. And they wouldn’t have, otherwise they wouldn’t have brought him in.”

    They did anticipate him not flopping hence the transfer dragging on over a clause, Obligation and option to buy. they may not have expected the extent to which he has had very little impact on the team but he was no sure thing

    “However, as Dissenter said, some people are being unreasonable and are just trying to use Suarez as a cudgel against Emery.”

    I know the posters in question and they are best ignored, to them a manger in his first season should be besting a manager who was here for 22 years in every aspect or else they ask “why sack Wenger”

  33. Bamford10


    Right, but there is a difference between thinking a player might not work out or might not be worth buying and thinking he might flop and massively underwhelm. They thought the former; they didn’t think the latter.

  34. Dissenter

    That was very Trumpian of you to say something or agree with something publicly, then turn around and deny it.
    I became an Arsenal fan the summer that George Graham was appointed i.e just before the Mexico ‘86 World Cup started.
    Stop generalizing large swathes of people, will ya?

  35. China1

    I don’t expect we will shift all the players on that list Emirates even tho we might manage most of them

    Ozil and Monreal for example are unlikely to be going anywhere. The first because no one is willing to buy him and the latter because he’s still very useful as a third CB on a back 3. If Monreal stays we can put off signing a LB or a RB for one more season (or 6 months at least)

  36. Un battle angel


    Wooooah. Did you just call me guy?? Assuming my gender?? I’m appalled. Don’t be a hater bam, I identify as a female cyborg.

  37. Receding Hairline

    I also think Suarez had an impact when he came on against United, he may still prove useful yet as the season draws to a close. We still have a lot to do and need all the help we can get

  38. Receding Hairline

    Battle Angel, i can only assume you walk around London or wherever it is you are looking for a fight or someone to abuse to show how tough a guy you are, if the answer to that is no, then drop the tough guy act you put on here.

    You can just drop your opinions like an adult

  39. HighburyLegend

    According to the huge rumor from France, we are considering ze mighty Zubizarreta as our next technical director.


  40. Emiratesstroller

    Receding Hairline

    Suarez is not worth the investment on the evidence we have seen sofar in his cameo performances. Also I suspect the coaching staff have had plenty of time
    to evaluate him in training.

    The only basis that I would keep him at club is on a season long loan, but that is not going to happen because his contract with Barcelona expires in June 2020.

  41. Dissenter

    I wish we had taken Mustafi in a 6 months loan before we committed to the transfer.
    That Suarez transfer helped us dodge a bullet.£20 million is a lot of money to waste.
    There must have been some dissension on the team about Suarez hence the stand-off with Barca. A player who was barely playing would have raised doubts.
    It’s also to Emery’s credit that he’s not playing him to prove himself right. There are many managers who would have thrown him into games regardless.
    Wenger did that with Sanogo, repeatedly putting a sub-par player on for big games just to prove he had unearthed a £50 million caliber player.

  42. Aubamazette


    Did Bamford have a twitter meltdown? Please please point me in that direction so I can piss myself at his expense….again.

  43. Un battle angel

    Battle Angel, i can only assume you walk around London or wherever it is you are looking for a fight or someone to abuse to show how tough a guy you are, if the answer to that is no, then drop the tough guy act you put on here. You can just drop your opinions like an adult


    You think thats tough guy talk?
    You’ve clearly led a sheltered life
    All i know is I’ve got a lovely head of hair and a wonderously low hair line

  44. Champagne Charlie


    No the “non-UK” thing was your own doing, and it’s something you tend to ‘lean on’ when discussions ever off into this sort of direction.

    I was talking about “fair weather” types, which isn’t specific to any region, and how they’re more fixated on particular pieces as they see fit vs the actual football club.

    That’s apparent with you, as I see it, with your “contempt” (your word) towards Wenger to the point of ‘loving it’ that he was ranked at 32nd place in a list of all-time managers by one publication.

    As I think Receding pointed out, Wenger is a closed chapter and irrespective of your “truth” the undeniable reality is that Arsenal are bigger/better for his involvement. So getting turned on by apparent slights against him is a tad embarrassing for a grown man (allegedly).

  45. Nelson

    “However, I do think that the trend in modern football is moving in the
    direction of wing backs”
    Two of the best coaches in EPL, Pep and Klopp play with two wingers. The reason why wingers cost more than wing back is because we expect good wingers can cut in and scores (look at MC and Pool). Currently, we rely on our two strikers to score. If for some reasons, one of the striker is not available, wingers will be required to support the lone striker.

  46. Emiratesstroller


    Liverpool’s situation is entirely different to Arsenal. They are reliant on their
    wingers Salah and Mane scoring most of their goals and they don’t employ a
    conventional striker in starting lineup.

    Arsenal by contrast have two quality strikers on their books who cost us a lot of money and need to be playing.

    If money was no object then I would of course recruit a goalscoring winger
    like Pepe, but I don’t see Arsenal tying up £50 million+ on such a player when
    clearly our funds are limited.

    China 1 has suggested that we should keep Monreal. I disagree. He is no longer good enough to play wing/full back. If he plays CB then our squad has
    six players in that position, which is too many. It becomes for me then a choice
    between Koscielny or Monreal to stay at club. Koscielny is clearly the better
    and more experienced CB if he plays.

    The bottom line is that Arsenal should replace Mustafi in starting X1 and find
    a left wing back to replace Monreal.

  47. Champagne Charlie

    “That was very Trumpian of you to say something or agree with something publicly, then turn around and deny it………..Stop generalizing large swathes of people, will ya?”


  48. China1

    Having low scoring wing backs isn’t a problem if you have a high scoring midfield (assuming your strikers score regularly ofc)

    It doesn’t matter where your goals come from, it matters that they come

    City and Liverpool predominantly share goals between one CF and two wing forwards. We predominantly score from two CFs. If we had a high scoring AM then we too would be deriving most of our goals from 3 offensive players

  49. Thomas

    @un batty boy

    “Well said mate. A little bit of perspective wouldn’t go amiss. What Arsene Wenger achieved in his early arsenal days should never be dismissed. Least of all by someone as misguided as Bamford”


    Lol even then Wenger massively underachieved. Never defended a league title in a two horse race. Never won anything out in Europe. Get Wengers dick out of your mouth already.

  50. Nelson

    Just listen to a podcast on top 4 prediction. They come up with
    Arsenal 77 pts
    Spuds 75 pts
    Chelsea 75 pts
    Manure 73 pts

    That would be nice.

  51. salpardisenyc

    Personally thought that list of footie managers with rank from France Football was seriously flawed, pure click bait banter.

  52. China1

    EMs in terms of players who are realistically up to CB in a 3 man defense, we have sok, kos, holding, monreal

    Those 4 players include one established pro (sok)

    Two experienced old hands (kos and monreal)

    One very promising kid

    I don’t count mav because emery appears to think he’s pish and doesn’t appear to be a serious option right now.

    I’d be all for us throwing the kitchen sink in terms of money at an elite CB, and if that happened, monreal could be pushed to second choice wing back for one more season

    I just think it’s not realistic that we’re going to ship out literally half a squad of players in a single transfer window

  53. China1

    Kos is on better form than monreal right now but monreal’s performances over the last two years have been far better than kos’ until the last month or so

    Monreal has an ok season even last year when kos and the rest of the squad were total embarrassments

  54. Bamford10


    I had both us and United finishing with 77 points a week or two back, but given additional injury setbacks at United, I think that podcast might be right about United “limping” a bit to the finish (no pun intended). What podcast was that?

  55. Un battle angel


    As opposed to Jose who literally bought the league and bored us all to tears for two decades?? Bought up all the players the opposition was after to just to sit them at home watching on tv to destroy competition.
    No wonder the rest of Europe hates the chavs. You’re all top drawer cunts

  56. Emiratesstroller

    China 1

    The rumours have been circulating for a long time that Arsenal are after a
    left wing back and I think that Monreal could leave because of it.

    Both Koscielny and Monreal are now well into their 30s and are injury prone.
    I see Arsenal keeping one but not both on books. Neither will be a first string
    CB next season.

    Both Sokratis and Holding are likely to be starters next season and for me the
    only issue is whether Arsenal try to replace Mustafi. I don’t see Arsenal increasing the number of options from 5-6.

    On a different matter I have just seen a photograph of the Arsenal squad which has gone to the Gulf. Standing at the back is a player who looks to be
    dwarfing even Cech who is reputed to measure 1.96 height. I assume that this
    is Arthur Okonkwo who is 17 years old goalkeeper and when last measured at start of season was listed then as being 1.95 tall.

  57. Bamford10


    “your ‘truth’ ”

    Sorry, are you suggesting that Wenger was not contemptuous of supporters during his final years at Arsenal? That he did not blame fans for his own failures? That he was not something of a buffoon? Please explain.

  58. Dissenter

    “Both Koscielny and Monreal are now well into their 30’s and are injury prone.
    I see Arsenal keeping one but not both on books. Neither will be a first string
    CB next season.”

    I agree with this sentiment but we all know our spending is restricted. The powers that be will take the easy way of extending both to save money.
    We may get by with two veteran CBs in Monreal and Kosh, provided Mavros comes into his own and Holding full recovers. We ought to try and sell Mustafi to whomever is interested in signing him.

  59. Dissenter

    Very few of our lads were called to international duty so the we really shouldn’t
    have the typical post-break slump in performance.

  60. Mark

    @ Bamford
    ” Sorry, Receding, but you’re wrong. It is one thing to respect the man’s historical achievements; I do. It is quote another thing, however, to overlook or ignore what he was in his second decade at Arsenal, namely, a buffoon, a fraud, an arrogant, dishonest, contemptuous twat.”

    Spot on !! Totally agree with this. There’s loads of posters who cannot stand the man now.
    It’s funny how some posters will day absolutely anything , cos they feel they have the support of their like- minded crew.
    Especially when they think it’s fine to attack other posters.
    The mcdonut who called you a cunt was out of order , and displayed real cuntish behaviour.
    I can’t stand bullies, never have, never will.
    Fuck Wenger!! He lost the respect of most real fans ( not those who still idolised him), cos of all the things you mentioned and more. Tarnished any legacy he had so fuck him.

  61. Mark

    Oh, and there are lots of posters in London and elsewhere that do feel the same as you do Bamford about Wenger.

  62. Dissenter

    It was classy and smart for the club to have taken the injured trio Hector Bellerin, Rob Holding and Danny Welbeck with them to the mid season break in Dubai

  63. Nelson

    The 10 Arsenal youngsters called up by Unai Emery for trip to Dubai:
    Arthur Okonkwo
    Zech Medley
    Jordi Osei-Tutu
    Julio Pleguezuelo
    Ben Sheaf
    Dominic Thompson
    James Olayinka
    Charlie Gilmour
    Xavier Amaechi
    Tyreece John-Jules

    There are some others who are playing for England youth national teams.

  64. Champagne Charlie


    I’ve already told you I’m not interested in your fetishes, or attempts to justify them. You can miss me with trying to recalibrate your embarrassingly childish POV through a series of questions that bit by bit change the tone of your initial message.

    Go get your France football magazine out and crack some cold ones with your imaginary friends over who hates Wenger the most and how cool it is to you all that he’s down the rankings of a magazine poll. Go on wild thing.

  65. Luteo Guenreira

    Bamford don’t invoke the opinions of others without their permission, you don’t speak for anyone. It’s unbecoming and rude. I am pretty sure no one wants to be associated with you.

  66. Luteo Guenreira

    Un’s wont so eloquently stated by Bamford. Bamford’s wont is to hang donuts on his willie. Except he can never get past the one.

  67. Bamford10


    Sorry, but I am free to refer to anyone else’s views here. You don’t make the rules, and people do this all of the time. If I get something wrong, that person can correct me or correct what I got wrong.

    Plus, I was absolutely correct; as Mark just said above: many, many longtime and London-based supporters feel the same as I do re Wenger.


  68. Bamford10


    Are you Nasri’s Mouth? Have I asked you this before? You remind me a little of him, and I’ve always wondered where he went.

  69. Luteo Guenreira


    Opinions are complicated. For all the trolling and petulance around here I honestly do think it’s wrong to misrepresent others. The notion that you feel you know how gambon, graham, or anybody else felt about Wenger 20 years ago or how they feel about him now encompassing all that, it speaks volumes to how clueless you are and how much you overvalue the little bit of information you have between your ears compared to the exponentially larger amount of information not at your disposal.

    The fact that some guy came and agreed with you has no bearing on what I said before in regards to speaking for others. Of course some people might feel like you do, even in London. I can’t believe you think that proves your point.

  70. MidwestGun

    Well Ironically Wenger was probably In the top 10 managers of all times in the first half of his career and probably in the bottom 10 managers of all time in the last half of his career.. This is what happens when managers become too powerful and can’t see the forest for the trees .. It happens quite often to mangers who overstay their abilities and have nobody to answer too… Bobby Knight and Joe Paterno come to mind immediately..
    Not sure what all the debate is over really.. I have no contempt for Wenger , more sadness then anything..
    And yes that Aubamazette a-hole was taking a shot at Americans with his “franchise” .. comment.. clearly.. but no surprise there he is a poster who has been binned off many times for such stupid comments before.. Anytime you pidgeon hole all commenters based on where they are from and set them up as lesser fans it just makes you look like a twat. Basically anytime you stereotype anything it makes you look like a dumbazz.. including professions.. which for some reason Le grovers like to use as a weapon.. to me teaching is a noble profession.. as well as carpenters .. doctors etc.. But the stereotype abuse crew on here likes to get on a roll I guess..

    Bottom line .. I think you all need to take it down a notch… Its a new era.. and we all want the same thing… in theory.. except for a few obvious trolls from other clubs.. aka Thomas…

  71. Bamford10


    Again, people cite one another’s views here all of the time, and Graham and gambon’s views on Wenger are well-established. Why should I not be able to cite them as examples of long-time and UK-based supporters who feel as I do re Wenger? Of course I should be able to. They are a matter of public record here.

    And Mark’s comment that he and many others feel similarly supports my point. I’m not sure how you can suggest it doesn’t. My point isn’t that we’re right about Wenger — although we are — my point is simply that it is not only recent or non-UK supporters who feel this way about Wenger.

  72. Bamford10

    New subject. If you could only fill three positions in the starting XI this summer, which three would they be and why?

  73. MidwestGun

    That’s a pretty easy one….
    1.) Center back to replace Mustafi.. don’t really need to explain he is slow and error prone.
    2.)Left back to start ahead of Monreal.. he is slow and error prone. Although I do respect his ability to battle and decision making
    3.) Attacking midfielder to replace Ozil … his salary doesn’t match his production and it’s hindering us from signing players due to taking up a large chunk of our payroll which is too big for our revenue stream.

    And I would add 4.. we need an attacking winger better then Iwobi or Miki.

  74. salpardisenyc

    Good stuff Middy,

    The slagging off of Wenger well after the fact is so tedious, we survived and lived to fight another day after finding a Valhalla.

    To keep burying the knife illustrates a few with serious issues on here.
    Besides we’ve got a whole new crew to focus on.

  75. MidwestGun

    Yep Sal.. we don’t need to rehash those.. battles.. I’m guilty of it myself at times. I blame the alcohol.. I think it is beneficial to look at both sides of any issue.. But there is a real problem with many to be right all the time.. which I don’t really care to be honest.. but I do have a problem with people trying to prove they are the biggest fan all the time based on their views or geographic location.

    Dick measuring contests aren’t interesting to me..

  76. Champagne Charlie

    “Right. So you concede that Wenger said, did and was all of those things. Excellent.“

    Actually I refused to be drawn into your predictable nonsense.

    You’re obviously not getting much traction with your imaginary friends today so you’re on here having convos with yourself instead.

  77. Luteo Guenreira

    Mid. Yeah. I came out yesterday as well.

    Bunford. I really don’t get how you think what you said is a revelation? Of course large populations of people will have various and disparate opinions. My point is, these are people’s fluid opinions, not court cases to be recorded and cited for precedence when it suits your argument or when you’re lonely and want to feel like you have friends.

    New signings: CB, LB, AM/winger. I think the list would be the same for just about anyone.

    Call me a pessimist but I’d count our odds of signing three new members of the starting XI pretty low.

  78. MidwestGun

    Cool Luteo.. I still got it.. one of my many useless talents.. I didn’t see where you had said.. before. Rarely does a completely new commenter show up that hasn’t been here before.. I wish there was more though… but I think they get intimidated.. No idea why.. hahahaha

  79. Luteo Guenreira


    With the previous handle it gets too confusing during CL already, like during the Spuds-BVB matches.

    It’s my reverse jinx in hopes that Jadon Sancho lands at the Emirates. Gladly sacrifice one for the other.

  80. MidwestGun

    Ohh Ok …. yeah that makes sense Luteo.. I agree I doubt we fill every positional need this summer.. But there are too many variables to say for sure.. CL or not, Ozil staying or not, New Dir. of Fooball or not.

    If I had to look into my crystal ball… I would say we make the CL, Ozil stays and we get a new DOF but it wont be a big name.

  81. Marko

    3 positions? Only? Christ it’s funny but while we absolutely 100% need a LB I feel like the RB position is of similar importance this summer. Bellerin is out long term Lichtsteiner is leaving (thank fuck) and AMN is at best a bandaid over a glaring issue. We probably needed a starting RB anyway like we did last summer and now we have to decide if it’s a starting or back up one needed. I think they realize that hence the links with Wan Bissaka. If money’s no option this team needs starters in both full back positions, two CB’s , CM, and two wingers/AM’s. If it’s just the hypothetical 3 then LB, CB and a winger. I personally think it’ll be more coming in because I see quite a few leaving this coming summer. It may be a struggle if we miss out on champions league but if we get it we’ll be dicks out this summer. Imo

  82. Nelson

    Just read that MC is working on signing of Chilwell, the Pools on Dybala and Manure on Griezmann. Arsenal is still looking for a TD. Looks like those 3 teams will run away from us next session.

  83. Marko

    Nelson there’s literally dozen of rumours surrounding us and players. Relax lad. City can have Chilwell for 40 or 50 million Tagliafico for around 20 million is a fantastic buy.

  84. Emiratesstroller


    No its 4 positions, because we need also a second string goalkeeper to replace Cech unless the club choose to keep Martinez in that role.

    However, I don’t see Arsenal buying both a left wing back and winger. It will be
    one or other and most probably the former.

    There is something else to consider and that is Arsenal have some very talented youngsters coming through the system primarily in forward positions. Not all will make the grade at the club but one or two should do so.

    The obvious candidates are Nkietah, Zaka, Nelson, Smith-Rowe and Amaechi.

    So I think that Arsenal will be more cautious in buying players in a department where the club are not short of fire power.

    I note that there are still posters who advocate that Iwobi should be offloaded.
    Forget it that is not going to happen in the short term. He is a decent “squad”
    player to have not least because he is home grown.

  85. Marko

    So I think that Arsenal will be more cautious in buying players in a department where the club are not short of fire power

    We’re absolutely short in that area. Take Auba and Lacazette’s goals out of the team and we’re in a relegation battle. Our supposed other forwards do not nearly score enough or create enough. We have zero wingers in the squad and that must be addressed. And no none of the names mentioned are ready.

  86. Dissenter

    That Spurs stadium looks like a good ole white elephant.
    They will pay a big price for spending that much money on a stadium.

  87. MidwestGun

    The bigger question… all stupid personal attacks aside.. I know some pretty smart home schooled people..

    Is do we have a player on the roster we can build the team around for the next 3-5 years? and I would venture to say no…. and that to me is the biggest problem.. we have all our eggs in the Ozil basket. And that is not good.

  88. Aces

    ‘Take Auba and Lacazette’s goals out of the team and we’re in a relegation battle.’

    Take away Leno’s saves and we are relegated already ☺

  89. Upstate Gooner

    “Goddamn there’s still ten days left of this break.”

    What?! You’re not enjoying Cyprus vs San Marino? Shame on you!

  90. MidwestGun

    Hahaha nope Aces.. just have some free time before the end of this season.. same gf.. and she still doesn’t care one bit about football.. I tried explaining it.. but I know when to surrender.

  91. Upstate Gooner

    You watch MLS? I tried once but it was literally torture. I do root for US in competitions though but the level of footy is pretty subpar. As for international breaks and qualifiers, I don’t find it interesting at all. Having said that, I might tune into Netherlands vs Germany game on Sunday but that’s about it.

  92. MidwestGun

    Nah man I don’t watch much MLS.. I have been to a few of the Seattle games.. incredible atmosphere. and I was a big Clint Dempsey fan.. but overall it’s not worth watching until they drop the retirement league mentality .. its where old footballers go to die and get paid..
    I love the World Cup and the Europa and occasionally watch some Brazil or Argentina.. my favorite international team over they years has always been Germany.. but I do try and watch the USA when I can… patriotism and all that..

  93. MidwestGun

    Back in the day .. I had a friend who got some international Caps for the US so had some insider info… but those days are past.. I am interested in seeing Pulisic. play but … very disappointed he signed with Chelsea… basically he’s dead to me now.. hahaha

  94. Marc


    Didn’t Levy come out the other day and say it will impinge on their summer spending?

    The overspend is almost what the Emirates cost I just can’t see how anyone can look at what they’ve done and not think it’s going to at best hurt them probably cripple them for a period.

  95. salpardisenyc

    Hoping post stadium Spurs this summer do a madness on players after loosing Erikson and Kane pulling a Chamakh, Denilson, and Squillaci spine ahead of Lloris with Santos offering cover.

  96. Upstate Gooner

    My sentiments exactly about MLS. You call it Retirement league, I call it the Graveyard league. As for international footy, I’m a Dutch fan. Always liked their style and players. Still pissed about that loss to Spain in the 2010 final. Fucking Robben.

  97. MidwestGun

    Wow… there is some names. I would sooner forget. Although to be fair wasn’t Chamakh pretty good for at least 4 matches?.. haha banter years.. indeed.

  98. MidwestGun

    Santos was always the worst to me… It’s like he totally forgot he was supposed to defend or he was just so bad at it he didn’t bother.. not sure which.

  99. azed

    “Santos was always the worst to me”

    Are you sure about this Mid?

    I’d say the Utd spy known as Silvestre was the worst especially as Wenger had earlier announced he had a surprise for us.

  100. MidwestGun

    Hmm well varying degrees of worst …I guess. Maybe most disappointing.. was a better word. I don’t know.. Wonder how long Poch lasts if he is dealt a Silvestre/ Santos/ Squid hand..?

  101. salpardisenyc

    Bentley technically not banter era but fuck him.


  102. azed


  103. PhD2020

    salpardisenycMarch 21, 2019 19:35:37
    Worst starting XI of the banter era?

    For me the worst XI signings under the Arsene era,as opposed to the worst starting XI would be composed of the following:-


    Park Chu Young


  104. Nelson

    Just watch Thibaut Courtois made a stupid error. He stumbled with the ball and gave it to an Russian player for an empty net

  105. Dissenter

    Spurs have a major advantage this summer window
    They can pretty much fund their entire transfers by selling Eriksen for 100-140 million. Barca, PSG and Real are all desperate to bid for him.
    They can supplement the budget with players like Victory Wanyama for 20-25 million.
    That can bring in 3-4 quality players who will be enticed by the bling of the new stadium.

  106. salpardisenyc

    Bendtner… god damn that is strong and how players mechanophiliacs?
    Epics bantz.

    Frimpong is solid Azed.

    PHD gone with Wenger’s entire run as banter era!

  107. jwl

    Ray Parlour on Stepanovs signing –

    “In the summer of 2000 a player turned up on trial at our pre-season tour. He was a tall centre-half. Now, Martin Keown was always worried about people coming in to steal his position. If we had a centre-half on trial, Martin would say he was useless. This big guy from Latvia, Igors Stepanovs, turned up. He was a unit, but seriously, he was not up to standard.

    A few of us were on the bench watching as he played in this trial game. Stepanovs is out there and every single pass he made, the boys started applauding, just because we knew Martin would be getting a bit steamed up by it.

    Dennis Bergkamp was sitting behind Arsène and kept doling out these compliments about this defender. “Great header! Unbelievable tackle!” Igors kicked this one ball 20 yards away from where it was meant to go but it still went to one of our players so we all stood up clapping. Martin’s muttering: “He’s not that good.” He started to point out where he missed a tackle or a header.

    That night we went for dinner and laughed about it as we were only trying to wind Martin up.

    Incredible. Arsène didn’t know we were just trying to tease Martin. He just kept listening to us heaping praise on this player. And if Dennis Bergkamp stands up and says: “What a player,” Arsène would be entitled to take a bit of notice. I suppose it looked like a bargain at around £1m. No disrespect to anyone from the lower leagues but Igors was a yard behind us on the pitch, it was like taking my brother to training.

    The next thing we know we’ve got the biggest injury crisis we’ve ever had at centre-half. And the only fit centre-half we’ve got is Igors and who are we playing at the weekend? Man United at Old Trafford.

    Dwight Yorke ran us ragged. Seriously, it was humiliating. They scored the first goal and we managed to equalise. We thought: “OK, we’ll take that.” And then all of a sudden the goals started pouring in and we were 5-1 down by half-time.

    There is a massive walk to the tunnel at Old Trafford and you could see Arsène was fuming. He hardly every swore or shouted but he did that day. I remember doing the long walk to the tunnel alongside Dwight Yorke and he asked: “Where the hell did you get that centre-half from?” “Look, it’s a long story …”

  108. Luteo Guenreira

    L. Perez________OZIL_______Every Japanese player____Park

  109. TheLegendaryDB10


    Great to have the story in full. Knew about how AW was bantered by the team about how “great” Stepanovs was, but I did not know that it was originally at the expense of Martin that this had happened.

    This story is a Massive lol for so many reasons!

  110. Dissenter

    Isn’t it odd that the UK that was desperate to leave the EU is now seeking temporary extensions to remain?

    Please help me out with this. Enrich my geopolitical awareness.
    Why can’t Ms. May just throw the grenade that was dropped on her laps back to the British electorate?
    At least everyone knows what the stakes are now.

  111. Marc


    Not sure what you’re asking. Are you suggesting May follows through with a no deal or that we have a second referendum?

  112. Dissenter

    Marc and Hillwood
    I read that the EU leaders met to give an extension tonally the UK to stay further, 3 months.
    Does this “no deal” exit means that you’re still abiding boy all the EU rules but have no say in how it’s being governed?
    It seems you need a Churchill like leader to inspire and rally people towards a goal.
    Looking from outside, it looks somewhat chaotic.

  113. HillWood

    The dickheads running this country never expected the public to vote to leave and have done their upmost to fuck up the process ever since

  114. China1

    Dissenter no deal brexit means we exit the EU without a trade deal already in place with Europe

    Not having a trade deal already in place will really hurt the british economy at least for an indiscernible short term

    Now that America has offered to do a deal with us sharpish maybe a no deal brexit can have some of the heat lessened with American trade

  115. China1

    Dissenter imagine wenger era banter but from British politicians.

    That’s brexit

    As a country we’re being run by Park chu young and amauri bischoff

    Again, this is why I say anyone who talks badly of labour or the conservative parties thinking their own party choice is so much better right now is having an absolutely laugh

    Both parties are collapsing in front of our eyes, are failing the british public and are staggering through scandals and mishaps

    It’s like stephanovs and mustafi brawling about who is the best CB…

  116. China1

    Btw that stephanovs story is fabulous lol

    I didn’t remember him being on the pitch when Utd mauled us but that makes so much more sense now

    This story actually makes thinking of that game less painful and slightly more amusing now lol

  117. China1

    Also the mention of DB10 trolling so hard is hilarious partly because it’s kinda hard to imagine

    If always expected him to be a little more straight and serious than that. The guy was cold as hell on the pitch

    I love the story too Ferdinand told where the first time he played against us he was standing next to bergkamp in the tunnel.

    I forget the details but it was along the lines of rio tried to talk with him and Dennis just looked straight through him like he didn’t exist and ignored him. Then during the game Dennis tore him to shreds.

    What a fucking legend. I’d eat my own left testicle to have a 29 year old Dennis swap places with Ozil right now

  118. gonsterous

    Britain can survive outside the EU. Just look at Switzerland, they do almost everything by the EU rule book, but they won’t let their economy take a hit in case someone else’s economy fails. The swiss are crafty, they sort of took a risk by not taking cover under the EU shield of “we look after each other” when the going got tough. Now they reap those rewards. They are protected by the alps, but have a stand by army in case of a war, because all men must join the military, women optional for a period of time. They don’t waste money on an army, because they are ordinary folks going about their business but know how to use a fire arm.

  119. Un battle angel


    The uk is not seeking to stay. The traitorous elected representatives are.
    Dozens of politicians who’s constituents chose them to enact their wishes have totally abandoned the people who voted for them.
    The only thing that’s been taken off the table is the one thing the country voted for.
    It’s a betrayal beyond words and validated why the people voted to leave in the first place. The problem is that it’s not just the eu who are the problem. It runs deep within our own system.

  120. Graham62

    Ah Brexit, what a great way to start the morning.

    The political landscape has been changed forever.

    Good may come out of all of this.

  121. HighburyLegend

    “Wayne Rooney says Liverpool winning the Premier League would be a ‘nightmare'”

    I would like to see Liverpool winning the PL, just for this…