Luis Campos: Our new god?

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Sooooo, Denis Suarez is set to be returned from whence he came.

The pretty Spaniard has not made much of an impact. Not really surprising, is it? If you’re 25-years-old and a Spanish analyst says you’ve had one good 6 months in your career, the chances of you landing in the Premier League and bossing it like peak-Ronaldo are slim. It was an odd signing. Some might say Unai Emery’s very own Kimmy K moment. SOME I SAID. Calm yourself.

The real banter train that’s hurtling towards us this summer is the transfer market that’s being driven by a Raul and Emery combo team. The hope is that Sven Mislinatat left his password protected hard drive open and we’re raiding that beauty for all the tasty morsels.

If not, expect a smattering of rejects that are struggling at top clubs, exbestpals of Emery, combined with a touch of bizarre.

I cannot wait.

There’s an Italian journo linking us with Luis Campos, not sure if there’s any truth to that or it’s just that I’ve screaming his name like a 14-year-old fan boy at his first Boyzone concert… what a time that was… what a time. Miss you, Stephen.

The other item I was musing is this: Does Raul really want a technical director? He had Sven at the club and ignored him despite a pretty good track record. Part of me thinks he just wants someone in as a cover story so he can live out his Championship Manager dreams.

Ok… I’m not getting upset

*squeally tearful voice*

I just really miss Sven. What did he do that was so wrong? He was just here minding his own business, bringing in cool players and then he’s let go… LIKE A PIECE OF SAUSAGE DOWN THE DRAIN.

The AS Roma boss went to TOWN on Monchi.

“I appreciate that Monchi never set out to fail at Roma but I want to make something very clear; right from the start, I was very clear about the direction I wanted us to go in and that’s why we spent a lot of money bringing Monchi in.

“From the start, I said I wanted first class coaches, first-class performance staff, first-class medical staff, first-class scouting and recruitment and a first-class football organisation. I gave Monchi the keys to deliver that. I gave him 100% control to appoint the coach he wanted, to employ the assistant coaches and the performance staff, to manage the scouting and to bring in the players he wanted. If you look at our results and our performances, it’s clear that this hasn’t worked.

“In November, when our season was going from bad to worse and everyone could see that the coach was struggling to get a reaction out of the players, I asked Monchi for his Plan B should things continue to get worse. He had sole responsibility for football operations at Roma but he didn’t have a Plan B. That was November. He said his Plan B was just to keep doing the same as Plan A.”

Woooooahhhhh… we spent 10 years bitching about Wenger’s lack of a PLAN B.

That is quite the assassination from the Roma boss.

My big fear with Monchi was that we were buying a man adept at punching above his weight for a small team. I’d imagine, like in business, there are specialists that can operate well as specific sizes of business. He was very smart in cutting a market for himself with a small club that could act as a second life for broken players that were undervalued.

‘Come play in the sun, eat good food and drink wine. No pressure.’

I think he struggled when an instant impact was asked of him. Say what you will about Emery, he’ll only make it into the third year of his deal if he’s made substantial gains at Arsenal. Football is too quick to allow people to build empires without significant year on year improvements.

Monchi couldn’t crack it at Roma. He sold too many elite bodies too soon and he filled the pipeline with average.

That. Could. Have. Been. Us.

Now Raul has run out of contacts, perhaps it’s time to go back to the job spec and reassess what we really want from a Technical Director.

For me, the following:

  1. Someone who can work comfortably in the youth range, and in the 17-23 bracket
  2. Someone with a reputation for installing exciting coaches
  3. A person with a deep understanding of technology and data
  4. A true believer in playing the game the beautiful way

This is Luis Campos on the English.

“I think most English clubs don’t know how to recruit for an issue that I almost think is cultural as almost everyone makes the same mistake. English clubs really like top attacking players, yet to a large extent make them play alongside medium-quality defences”


Get him in.

Right, that’s me done. Off to a style guide meeting. Fun times. x

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  1. Graham62

    I believe that within five years there will be substantially more British players playing in the EPL.

    The talent at youth level is quite frightening.

  2. Moray

    Graham, it will also be a good sign if more British players are to be found in overseas leagues. Both because it doesn’t make sense to have too much money sloshing around in the Premiership and spiralling up salaries for mediocre talent and because it would enrich the skills and capabilities of our national team.

  3. Graham62

    Teams and Associations on the continent have started to sit up and take notice of our younger generation of players.

    Gareth Southgate deserves our utmost respect for what he has done over the past few years to help develop our younger players.

  4. gonsterous


    southgate was just at the right place at the right time. Credit should actually be given to the clubs for developing the youngsters, namely, spuds, city and Leicester.

  5. gonsterous

    If city hadn’t sold hart, England would still be playing that buffoon in goal. If Leicester didn’t win the title, the likes of vardy and Macquarie could get no where near the English squad. England have never taken advantage about young, good players in the smaller teams, they always wanted the big names.

  6. Graham62

    Let’s make it perfectly clear, just to avoid any confusion.

    Sanchez wanted to leave Arsenal because he was pissed off. He wanted to go to MC but because of our shambolic regime at the time, that fell through. This cost us a wee bit of money and although we got HM in return, can we honestly say we got a good deal.

    MU would never sell us a player they wanted to keep. We, on the other hand, have always done the complete opposite. There are many reasons why it hasn’t worked out for Sanchez at OT, but I’d take him back in a heartbeat in return for Miki, that’s right, a heartbeat.

    Not only was the club “incompetent”, it was also made to look an absolute joke. To say otherwise is ludicrous.

  7. Guns of Hackney

    Anyone that thought that chump, Sanchez was any good should be immediately sacked. What did emery see in him except a warm body that said “I’ll sign this guy on loan to improve the team”. Emery couldn’t find a street walker in Amsterdam.

    Sack him now.

  8. Graham62


    You are obviously unaware of the amount of time and effort GS has put into the youth set up over the past six years. He has been the catalyst for change.

  9. Sid

    This whole noise around Suarez is a bit silly, why do people forget that he is here on a loan with no obligation to buy. We are spending at most about 900k on the chap on salaries if we keep him for 6 months.

    Also, emery is on record saying that he wanted a defender and someone to play the wings during the window, as it so happens we didn’t have 2 pennies to rub together and could only manage a backup AM, that’s not on emery, that’s on the club being unable to pay loan or transfer fees.

    Infact I think it is very refreshing to hear the manager being candid about the positions he would like to see reinforcements for and wether or not the club has any money, instead of the moronic Wenger ramblings of the next level is the next level is the next level

  10. Sid


    If the notion is that ridiculous that an Ozil would have cost upwards of £60-70m why are subpar players going for around that mark? Sigurdsson or even CMs going for just under that like Keita and Fabinho but no we could easily get a replacement for £30m. Who?

    To be fair I’ll take Sigurdsson over Ozil in a heartbeat!! Check his stats and you’ll see he is offering far more than Ozil does us at a fee of 45 mil.

    I think the issue of contention here is that some still think it would take a world beater of 70-80 mil range to replace Ozil, who some still think is world class. Reality is Ozil, atleast on the form of last 2 seasons is an average player and a lot of players from the 30-50 range will give is far more that what he does.

    Ozil of 15/16? Yeah sure was very good not so much of 18/19 so when there is talk about replacing Ozil and the cost of such replacement, we should not talk about replacing Ozil output from 15/16 but his output of the last 2 seasons which is rather mediocre.

  11. Aubamazette


    ‘MU would never sell us a player they wanted to keep. We, on the other hand, have always done the complete opposite. There are many reasons why it hasn’t worked out for Sanchez at OT, but I’d take him back in a heartbeat in return for Miki, that’s right, a heartbeat.’

    The manager (Maureen) that was in total control of the team, who’d just signed a new 3 year contract extension, didn’t want the player that’s fact not speculation. Sanchez plays in the same position and martial wasn’t going to extend his contract, can you figure out where this was going?

    The fact you’d take Sanchez back into the club show how bad your judgement is considering what a poisonous cunt he was but that’s ok graham would bring him back in a heartbeat and destroy the team spirit and togetherness that’s being forged over the season.

    Hope you’re retired and don’t have to make any important decisions. Coffee or tea should be the only thing you get to decide Big G.

  12. Pierre

    “China I just said he (Emery)doesn’t make the signings which he doesn’t. ”

    Personally,I think it is ridiculous to assume that the manager of a football club doesn’t have the final say as to who comes into the club .

    Emery doesn’t seem the type of person to select a player that doesn’t suit his style of play ( Ozil the exception as he realised his mistake in freezing him out) so if Marko ( and a few others) are correct and all new signings ( including loan) are not made by Emery then that is a policy that is doomed to fail.

    Personally I think he does have a major input.

  13. Pierre

    “France Football’s writers and editors have placed Wenger 32nd on their list of all-time best managers. He is behind, among others, Simeone, Klopp, Hiddink, Chapman, Van Gaal, Mourinho and Ancelotti. Putting Zidane ahead of him is a bit silly, but the rest is probably right. I love it. I really hope Wenger is well aware of this.”

    It depends how you look at it …32nd all time best is probably in the top 5% or so in history .
    When you say”I love it ” does that mean you are proud of the fact that we have had a manager in the top 5% of all time.

  14. Pierre

    I am in agreement with you regarding the English players coming through and the fine job that Southgate is doing.

    I like the fact that he is willing to trust the young players ..
    Not many managers would put Jordan sancho straight in the side plus adding Hudson odi to the squad despite him not starting a premier league game shows that Southgate is willing to back his judgement.

    Your opinion on Alexis Sanchez though is frankly a load of waffle.

  15. Pierre

    “Anyone that thought that chump, Sanchez was any good should be immediately sacked. What did emery see in him except a warm body that said “I’ll sign this guy on loan to improve the team”. Emery couldn’t find a street walker in Amsterdam, sack him.”

    Many on Le Grove are of the opinion that Emery has nothing to do with the signing of Sanchez…

  16. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal have now got a very problematic run in for the rest of the season with
    scheduling which could well sabotage our season the direct result of UEFA favouring Chelsea in Europa Cup and Television also handing us unfavourable schedule with too many games close together.

    My concern is that the three injuries to Welbeck, Holding and Bellerin plus
    the fact that Mavropanos is not registered for Europa Cup means that our
    squad is waifer thin.

    The situation is also not helped by having another four players who are unlikely to be selected to start in any game this season i.e. Suarez, Lichsteiner,
    Jenkinson and Elneny.

    So the club is down to about 16 players from which to choose our starting eleven assuming they are all fit.

    When you are playing three games in a week or four games in ten days it is
    inevitable that there is going to be a drop in performance, which explains perhaps why so few pundits believe that we will finish in top 4.

    Looking at our remaining fixtures in EPL I would suggest in normal circumstances rate our chances of finishing in top four fairly good, but with
    the scheduling I think that the prospect of doing so is severely diminished.

    It will be interesting to hear from Pedro and others on this subject now that
    the schedule has been published.

  17. Batistuta


    Any organization no matter who they are who has Klopp ahead of Wenger in a poll shouldn’t be taken seriously, Klopp would do well to have half the impact Wenger had in his prime. The fact that we all wanted him gone for a long time doesn’t take away the man’s achievements in the game

  18. Batistuta


    It’s not like we have to play every 48 hours and this wouldn’t be the first time these players have had to play games that close to each other, not going to be an excuse I’m afraid

  19. Leftsidesanch


    Looking at our fixture list next month doesn’t make for pleasurable reading. I know it’s been mooted on here to stay in both competitions but with the squad depth/injuries we may have to prioritise one. I would favour the Premier League.

    We have to win our home fixtures as that is where we are strongest, and pick up at least two victories on the the road as I initially projected that 76 points would be enough for CL football but I’ve come around to the thinking that 75 will do. That means that we can lose I think 3 games and get there.

  20. Leftsidesanch

    The plus is that the sides around us will all drop points as well.

    Emery is the new tinkerman and has chopped and changed the side frequently, this may be beneficial in our run in.

  21. Emiratesstroller


    We have six games in 17 days between April 7th and 24th. Leaving aside the
    two difficult games against Napoli none of the others are exactly a doddle.

    If you have such a small squad of players available assuming that we have
    no further injuries or suspensions it will be difficult to maintain momentum.

  22. Aubamazette


    ‘Nah that “I love it” quip is because Bamford is a massive cunt…’

    Hahaha. True story and best post of the year.

  23. Emiratesstroller


    I made the case two weeks ago that 75 points would probably qualify for a top
    4 place in EPL. That means dropping a maximum of 9 points from remaining
    8 games.

    Our problem is that we have five quite difficult away games including against
    Wolves, Everton and Leicester who are not exactly a walkover. Arsenal have
    got a decent record against Leicester, but I think that the other two fixtures are
    problematic in their backyard.

  24. China1

    Oh to clarify I have no major issue with Suarez per say because he’s practically free. It’s more that the sum of an entire January was him – a player who is roughly 4th choice CM the hen we have zero wingers and had no defense was baffling

    Suarez plus a defender or something would’ve carried some logic at least but Suarez by himself was kinda pointless imo

  25. Graham62


    Why do you think Alexis Sanchez wanted to leave the club?

    Do you put it all down to money/greed?

    Did if occur to you at the time, that he was the only player with the balls to question the shambolic regime?

    Irrespective of AS failings at OT( never going to work under JM) he was a major asset for us. Some of the players went against him because he rocked the boat which, based on what was happening at the time, proved to be a good thing. Your ignorant take on the matter convinces me that you would have preferred the old regine to have continued.

    Alexis has my respect for highlighting what we all knew. So, in my opinion, we should applaud him for what he did.

    Emery would love to have a Sanchez in his set up. Those fans who call him a c##t, seem to be those same fans who ignored or, should I say, tolerated the old regime for so many years.

    What a frigging surprise.

  26. China1

    Signing only Suarez would be like walking into H&M and buying a scarf when you’re already wearing a t shirt, jumper and coat but aren’t wearing any trousers hahah

  27. Leftsidesanch

    I would be looking at the games against Burnley and Leicester away. The Wolves, Watford, and Everton game (depending on they’re mood) are ones I’m not so confident about.

    If we can get at least a point in the tougher away games then we’ll really help our cause.

  28. HighburyLegend

    I suppose, Graham, that RVP was having your respect, him too, when he betrayed us by signing to Manure ?

  29. Aubamazette


    You’re making a lot of assumptions there Big G about fans you have no idea about or what their opinion on various matters. These opinions are not mutually exclusive, you can’t just pigeon hole people into two boxes. Mr black and white is at it again with his basic assessments or more complex and nuanced isssues.

    It all comes down to money. He was a South American player looking to sign his last big contract. He’s a greedy cunt who thought he was too good for my club but the truth is he’d peaked and we’d got the best of him.

    If it was about sporting ambition he’d be at city on less money and your naivety astounds me.

  30. Versus

    PierreMarch 19, 2019    21:40:55

    “I’m waiting for pierres reply to dissenter. Wenger clearly said the opposite to what pierre stated. Will pierre apologise. Can we have a little accountability on this blog for a change.”

    Oops…spoke a little too soon there didn’t you .

    Sorry missed your reply as i was too busy having a life. You still didn’t and haven’t replied or answered dissenters post where he has actual quotes from Wenger. You decided (quite ridiculously) to throw up some article from a unreliable two bit newspaper journo.
    The fact you scoff at Marko choosing to believe Wengers words even though (as you say) he never usually believes wengers comments and is only believing him now because it “suits him”, Is not a rebuttal of truth containing facts. Thats just your opinion of Marko. The reality of what Wenger said from his own mouth is still there. Your answer is simply you avoiding the fact you really have no answer, because Arsenes own comments put you in the shits.

  31. HighburyLegend

    Graham, in a way, you’re right… but still, it was very hard to swallow.
    + at the time, if he questioned the regime, that has changed absolutely nothing.

  32. Dissenter

    There’s nothing baffling about the Suarez deal
    We wanted a winger and a defender
    We didn’t have money and were restricted to loan signings with no obligation to buy. That’s a very difficult proposition to make to any player we were interested in; move to London for 5 months but we cannot guarantee that we will keep you!
    We kicked every tire that was attached to a just didn’t happen. I don’t recall any defender signed by any club in the January transfer window..
    Emery was candid about the lack of funds

  33. Dissenter

    Pierre was a Wenger devotee
    Everything he writes here is borne out of vindictiveness. He is still mourning the exit of Lord Wenger.
    Be gentle on him

  34. Graham62

    So so naive.

    It was because he was “South American”

    Lol!! Do you have any idea how ignorant that sounds?

    Wenger made the same assumptions.

    You are amazing. Just come out and say it. It’s really not that difficult.

    Alexis wanted to leave the club because he was fed up and wasn’t prepared to sit back and accept the status quo.

    Oh yeh, why didn’t he go to MC? What stopped this move going ahead?

    It’s so simple on Le-grove. You either wanted change or you didn’t. So, in respect to your perception that I can’t “pigeonhole people into two boxes”, I actually can.

    Sanchez was a catalyst for change.

    Thank god.

  35. Graham62

    All those players that were worth their weight in gold and left the club over the years, left for the same reasons as Sanchez.

    They were also fed up with the “regime”.

    Don’t deny it.

  36. Emiratesstroller

    The issue with Sanchez and also for that matter Ozil as well is that Arsenal allowed both contracts to run down to the final six months.

    It was blindingly obvious that Sanchez had absolutely no intention to stay at
    Arsenal and would not sign a new contract whatever the terms.

    Ozil was a slightly different situation, because no other clubs had made any
    bids for his services.

    Arsenal were faced with the prospect of losing their two star players at same time.

    When you factor in that Szczesny was sold for just £10 million to Juventus and
    both Ramsey and Wilshere were also allowed to run down their contracts as
    well it was blindingly obvious that Arsenal under stewardship of both Gazidis and Wenger was in a mess.

    Hopefully Arsenal will not allow any player under the age of 30 to run down his contract in similar fashion in the future, because the club has probably
    lost at least £100 million in potential transfer revenue in last two to three years.

  37. Aubamazette

    Graham you’re right the world is flat. Everyone else doesn’t know what they’re taking about with The Arsenal apart from you.

    Crack on you old fool. Everyone wanted change but no one could agree on how the change was going to happen or come about.

    Sanchez could have ended up at MC but him and his agent priced themselves out of the move and ended up at United instead. Again fact not speculation. The very definition of a greedy cunt.

  38. Chitom

    DissenterMarch 20, 2019 10:20:53
    There’s nothing baffling about the Suarez deal
    We wanted a winger and a defender
    We didn’t have money and were restricted to loan signings with no obligation to buy. That’s a very difficult proposition to make to any player we were interested in; move to London for 5 months but we cannot guarantee that we will keep you!
    We kicked every tire that was attached to a just didn’t happen. I don’t recall any defender signed by any club in the January transfer window..
    Emery was candid about the lack of funds

    Exactly right.
    Also, who cares whether Suares plays another game or not so long as he gives Arsenal another option in case of an injury to anyone of note in the upcoming month and a half.
    The hand wringing over a £2m loan is just another example of how insane football fans in general, and Arsenal fans in particular are.

  39. Graham62


    Young man, it is only those who fail to see or acknowledge what is wrong in life that see the world as being flat.

    I don’t give a Castlemaine XXXX what you feel about me but maybe one day, when you’re at a stage in life when the music you found cringeworthy in your youth,becomes meaningful and valid, will you maybe see things slightly differently.

    This specific argument boils down to one thing. You see Alexis as a “greedy c##t”, whereas I see him as a hero.

    End of………….young man.

  40. Bamford10

    Apologies if I’m repeating what someone else has already stated, but the fact that Wenger made the re-signing-Ozil-at-big-wages-was-less-expensive-than-the-alternative argument proves two things: one, he was totally on board with re-signing Ozil at a massive salary; two, he wrongly believed that Ozil was still a 60-70m caliber player. He wasn’t.

  41. S Asoa

    News is that Arsenal playing safe and mediocre and signing good old SteveMorrow from Youth Academy to be new Technical Director.
    What attributes he has…. Valentin ?

  42. Graham62

    Everyone wanted change, some far more than others.

    The problem was that those fans who wanted change in the last two years of Wenger’s tenureship, we’re just a few years behind those of us that saw the writing on the wall many years earlier.

    The irony of it all, is they saw too.

    Never mind.

  43. Bamford10

    Emery was hired “off the field,” and given we’re doing reasonably well on the field and given he had a very good CV, it would seem that some of our “off the field” management has been quite good.

    Sanllehi was hired “off the field” as well, and given the role he had in bringing Emery in and given the quality of his CV, it would seem that some of our “off the field” management has been quite good.

    And I’m not sure you noticed this, but the younger Kroenke was in London for our last match and took questions (from the AST?) alongside Sanllehi after said match.

    Seems ownership is taking more interest in the club’s affairs, no?

    Your narrative is as bunk as ever.

  44. Bamford10


    How do you know that Steve Morrow is “mediocre” at what he does or at what he will be asked to do? Please explain.

  45. Alexanderhenry

    To quote the article in the independent, arsenal fc may well seem ‘rudderless’, but that’s a bit harsh.

    There is a guiding principle at Arsenal:
    Get top four and do it on the cheap.

    Emery so far is on course to achieve this.

  46. Bamford10


    Who told you that that was “the guiding principle” at Arsenal? Have you had private conversations with the men who run the club in which they’ve disclosed this to you?

    Oh right, you’ve just made that up.

  47. Marko

    I would say short term goal get back into the Champions League and improve the revenue streams what happens after that will be key to our future and our ambitions. For example back in the Champions League with an improved budget do the new guys fuck up that advantage like the previous manager or do they better plan for the future of the club and squad and maintain their position or even improve it. I don’t believe it’ll be just a case of getting to the Champions League and resting on our laurels or I’m not one of them who thinks we’ll get back and then see the Kroenke syphon money from the club. My guess is or my hope is that we’ll be making smarter purchases going forward that maintains our level of a Champions League team but also gradually improves us to the point where we suddenly have a special group of players and are capable of challenging for the league.

  48. Nelson

    Just read that Ramsey has a thigh problem and PapaSok has an ankle problem. It is good that we have some time off. Hopefully, the whole team will be healthy by April and put up a good show for the fans. I can see that this blog will explode with so many games packed together. Hopefully, we don’t overextend ourselves as our squad is not deep enough to act like a top team.

  49. Marc


    Hopefully those injuries are similar to the ones ManU players used to suddenly get before meaningless international fixtures and then it’s a miracle they’re cured.

  50. Mike Evans


    You state in relation to Sanllehi, that: given the role he had in bringing Emery in and given the quality of his CV, it would seem that some of our “off the field” management has been quite good.

    I don’t understand how you adduce Sanllehi’s previous employment recorded on his CV as proof that the club’s “off the field” management has been “quite good”. It’s irrelevant when Sanllehi’s performance as an employee of Arsenal is evaluated.
    Can you please explain this assertion?

    Likewise, the success of Emery’s appointment is premature. Additionally, Sanllehi’s supposed key role in employing Emery is conjecture and supposition rather than fact. Have you had private conversations with the men who run the club in which they’ve disclosed this to you?

  51. Pierre

    Dissenter and versus

    Excuse me for questioning your intelligence but this link you posted confirms nothing.
    It says absolutely sweet fa about wenger sanctioning Ozil’s contract, it is Wenger just giving his opinion of how things work when a contract ( Ozil’s in this case) is up and what the best options are.

    ” The reality of what Wenger said from his own mouth is still there. Your answer is simply you avoiding the fact you really have no answer, because Arsenes own comments put you in the shits. ”

    Oops’ve done it again …it’s a habit of yours , making yourself look stupid isn’t it?

    Wenger said
    ““When you let a player go you have to buy somebody of the same calibre and if you add the wages needed it will be similar,” he said. “On top of that we have to pay a transfer. So overall I think Mesut for us was the cheapest option.”

    no mention of him sanctioning the contract is there, just wenger’s opinion when asked a question,, in fact someone else’s opinion could quite easily say that it wasn’t the cheapest option .

    It’s just his opinion , no more no less.

  52. Dissenter

    Wenger was arguing that the Mesut Ozil extension at those wages was still value for money. He is quoted as saying that
    It boggles my mind that a grown up like you will argue that Wenger was not in favor of extending Ozil at his 350k weekly wages when he’s publicly arguing that the said excessive wages makes economic sense.
    I don’t only question your intelligence but your honesty.

  53. Marko

    Excuse me for questioning your intelligence but this link you posted confirms nothing.

    I would say that the link to the independent article confirms even less and makes your argument and yourself look even more stupid if that’s even possible. His comments may not prove he sanctioned it but it proves he was okay with it and not as you tried to put it against the Ozil deal. We’ll just add it to the never ending list of fuck ups bad decisions and brain farts of Arsene Wenger as Arsenal manager. Or as I like to put it his autobiography

  54. Dissenter

    Essentially Pierre is implying that Wenger is a liar.
    The implication is that he advised against the said extension in private with the BoD, even when he was assuring everyone alive that Ozil will stay… at the same time he was publicly defending the deal as good value for money.

    Pierre reminds me of one of those poor saps that decided to drink cyanide with Jim Jones in 1978. He shared the dame bling faith and unquestioning allegiance to Wenger.
    Dry your tears and proceed to the next hole of your golf.

  55. Alexanderhenry

    To quote again:

    ‘But there is a bigger question here than simply which well-paid football executive they are going to appoint. And that is what direction the club is meant to be going in.’

    We lost our CEO, our new head scout and now we’ re being turned down in favour of Sevilla.
    However, we should be jumping for joy because the owner’s son popped in for a chat the other week.
    Apart from somehow persuading pops to part with some cash, josh kroenke offers absolutely nothing to arsenal football club.

  56. Marko

    Very interesting input there Alex. The direction and drive it seems certainly on the playing side is likely to come from the technical director. Very unfortunate that Monchi decided to go back home. And the club can hardly be blamed for the greedy and incompetent Ivan leaving us. I will say this about you Alex pretty much 95% of what you write is in reference to the ownership and that’s it. It’s an uncomely obsession at this point

  57. Pierre

    Give it up dissenter

    There is no evidence that he sanctioned Ozil’s contract , you along with versus are sounding desperate just to prove a point.

    Maybe the next time I see wenger I will ask him if he sanctioned the contract to put you out of your misery.
    If he says he didn’t then I’m sure Marko will believe him .

  58. Dissenter

    “Apart from somehow persuading pops to part with some cash, josh kroenke offers absolutely nothing to arsenal football club.

    C’mon man, that’s just balderdash..and I’m one of the folks that likes to read what you post
    Stan Kroenke turns 72 years old in July, Josh Kroenke is the future of Arsenal. It’s a good thing that he’s getting familiar with the ins and outs of the club. It seems that he will take a more active role than his father did.
    At some pint, one would expect that the old man will retire or at least semi-retire and hand over the reins to Josh.

  59. Alexanderhenry


    I know I repeat myself but my position regarding arsenal remains unchanged.

    The club will always fall short as long as Kroenke owns it.

    We might be able to scrape into top four and win the odd cup in spite of Stan’s negligence, but that will be as good as it gets.
    And that’s what wenger did for years anyway, isn’t it?

  60. Dissenter

    I’ve provided a link to prove that Wenger thought signing Ozil at those wages made good economic sense.
    Care to provide any reference or link to what you’re alleging, that he didn’t want him signed on those wages?

    I won’t hold my breath while waiting for an answer.

  61. Graham62

    Whether we like to admit it or not, so many negative aspects of our clubs operation leads back to our previous manager/regime.

    Those if us that will never forgive( yep, me!) will bite on anything where fans blindly defend his actions and motives over the past decade or so.

    My pov in respect to Wenger is therefore set in stone and for that reason I will never accept or agree with those posters who continually defend his corner. This is not being disrespectful, it is being honest.

    Sorry for that.

  62. Alexanderhenry


    Christ, is that what we’re left with?

    The hope that Kroenke snr pops his clogs or retires and Kroenke Jr isn’t like his dad.

    It’s possible I suppose.

  63. Marko

    Maybe the next time I see wenger I will ask him if he sanctioned the contract to put you out of your misery.
    If he says he didn’t then I’m sure Marko will believe him .

    You’re coming across as an idiot now and unsurprisingly you’re moving the goal posts. Whether he sanctioned it or not he was on board with the decision. His reasoning for it proves that you posting an article from the independent saying that he was against it isn’t proof compared to quotes from the horse’s mouth.

    Also who are you kidding if you met Arsene Wenger you’d be on your knees unzipping (because you know he struggles with zippers) faster than you can say please sir can I have some more

  64. Marko

    I know how you feel Alex but you come off as unhinged when you randomly spout Kroenke nonsense especially when no one is discussing the Kroenke’s. I don’t think they have anything to do with Monchi turning us down for Sevilla and us not hiring a technical director yet. I’m not sure they even know what one is. It’s Raul and Vinai who have the reins

  65. Marko

    Christ, is that what we’re left with?

    We’re not getting rid of our current owner unless they decide to up and sell so yeah the best we can hope for is the son giving a toss and the recent hires being up to scratch. That fact that we’ve gone from everything going through one man to actual people taking on different responsibilities is a good thing. I personally think the fact that Raul is admitting to needing a technical director because he can’t do the specific job is an indication that we are finally on our way to being well run. You don’t see him trying to take over all encompassing areas of the club he wants a technical director brought in to help

  66. Pierre

    So basically, there is no proof anywhere that wenger sanctioned Ozil’s contract .

    I’m sure Marko and Dissenter have been frantically looking on line for a link as proof , instead they have settled for wenger’s comment of ” making economic sense” and Marko’s comment of “Whether he sanctioned it or not he was on board with the decision” ..

    Whichever way you look at it , it wasn’t the greatest piece of business in the world was it especially as we then hired a manager who has used every trick in the book to get Ozil to leave but now has to use him to dig Emery out of the massive hole he dug for himself .

  67. Alexanderhenry


    My post was prompted by the article in the independent, which was partially informed by the Monchi rejection.
    It rightly points out that there is a lack of leadership, direction and financial commitment at Arsenal.

    Kroenke is therefore ultimately to blame. There’s no getting away from that and pointing that out is hardly ‘unhinged’.

    What is unhinged however, is believing that arsenal fc can significantly improve-by this I mean actually win the PL orCL- through unearthing a coach with a magic wand or by employing a new director of fruit juice.

    I’m not saying you believe this, but a lot on here do.

  68. Dissenter

    Where’s your link to even suggest that Wenger didn’t want Ozil’s contract extended at those wages?

  69. Bamford10


    More nonsense from you. The Denver Nuggets have the second best record in the Western Conference and are only a game behind the Golden State Warriors, one of the best teams in the history of professional basketball.

    Care to tell us how Kroenke is holding them back? I thought you said that Kroenke-owned teams can never be anything other than mediocre?

    Also, as you know, the LA Rams made the Super Bowl. Care to tell us how Kroenke is holding them back? Again, I thought you said that Kroenke-owned teams can never be anything other than mediocre?

    I guess you were wrong about that. I guess it’s down to the quality of the men running the organization — the coach, the general manager (in football, the manager, the DoF) — and not the owner, yes? Yes, that’s exactly right.

    Further, you allege again that the owner is being “negligent” with respect to Arsenal at present. Could you please explain how the owner is being negligent at the moment? I would love to hear a bit more detail on this.

    Yes, he was a bit negligent when he left all things in the hands of the manager you idolized, but things have changed since Wenger;’s dismissal, no? Yes, they have.

  70. Bamford10


    The burden of proof is on you, mate. Every public comment of Wenger’s suggests that he was on board with re-signing Ozil at his desired wages, and given Wenger’s historical role at the club — power over nearly everything — the onus is on you to provide evidence that this wasn’t the case in January of 2018 or with respect to Ozil’s contract.

    Further, given that Ozil hasn’t been all that great when he has played this season, your claim that Emery has something to account for because he hasn’t used Ozil at times is nonsense.

  71. Pedro

    Wenger always insisted on being the highest paid at the club.

    Very much doubt he had much to do with that deal. He was on the way out and he knew it.

  72. Bob N16

    Bamford defending Kroenke, Graham stating his anti Wenger stance, Marko arguing with anyone… good old Legrove….

  73. Alexanderhenry

    … And there are still some people out there who think the Kroenkes have done a good job at Arsenal, rather like there are some people who think the moon landings were filmed I suppose.

    Thankfully they are in a tiny minority.

  74. Luteo Guenreira

    I’ve said for over a year now that Pierre is a wind up merchant. And yet people still engage him and take his bait. Please stop feeding the troll.

    The man in an unapologetic liar, there’s no two ways about it.

    To him, Wenger exists as a deity exists to the religious. You can’t prove there’s no god to a theist, it’s literally impossible. Pierrot the clown here believes in Wenger the same vein.

  75. Luteo Guenreira

    Although I dislike agreeing with a super patriotic pro-America “Kroenke-can-do-no-wrong” sun worshiping drama queen like Bamford, he makes good points occasionally.

  76. Marko

    Ivan the terrible was responsible for the Ozil deal but Wenger put us in that situation in the first place he was okay with the deal his quotes suggest just that. The idea that he was against the deal however is tosh and something Pierre cannot prove

  77. Pierre

    Luteo Guenereira
    “The man in an unapologetic liar, there’s no two ways about it.”

    Are you calling Pedro and Valentin a liar also as they appear to think I am correct.

    I would say they are 2 very intelligent, perceptive Arsenal supporters whose knowledge of the game far exceeds anything you have produced .

    If fact , I find it difficult to remember anything you have posted ,good or bad .

    I would put you on the level of Redtruth and Highbury Legend when it comes to meaningful contribution on Le Grove.

  78. Luteo Guenreira

    Pierrot the clown

    It’s a classic weasel move to try and throw other people under the bus with you. Not surprising but still disappointing somehow. I never mentioned Pedro and I don’t really have an opinion on Valentin as his posts are too long and I don’t read them.

    Thanks for not denying that you are a liar though.

    Also I changed my handle recently, figure it out or not.

  79. Luteo Guenreira

    Also Redtruth is a legend, you will not convince me otherwise. Besides the Messi troll period he went through he has been virtually correct about everything, terse as his contributions are.

  80. Dissenter

    Agreed about Redtruth
    Once despised by many ere, now growing to be a sage.
    He was right about Petr Cech too

  81. Victorious

    Also Redtruth is a legend, you will not convince me otherwise. Besides the Messi troll period he went through he has been virtually correct about everything, terse as his contributions are.”

    Lmao,is this guy for real,I mean not like it’s joke Friday or anything.

  82. Luteo Guenreira


    It’s like you heard my thoughts like a dog whistle and showed up, I was really considering invoking you in my last post, no joke. I was gonna say how Pierre is worse than Victorious because Pierre actually knows what he is doing. Vic you are just a thick dumb welching bin dippers supporting cunt that will never realize what a waste of skin he is. So you are forgiven for your transgressions due to stupidity.

  83. Graham62


    Why fall back on others to justify your opinions?

    Pedro – “I very much doubt he had much to do with the deal” is not an intelligent perception.

    Wenger was a part of it, in which case he was 100% responsible.

    In my opinion.

    You know my take on the subject

  84. Samesong

    Bamford defending Kroenke, Graham stating his anti Wenger stance, Marko arguing with anyone… good old Legrove….

    And Bob doing what he always does, moaning about other posters. Good Old le Grove..

  85. Victorious

    Oooopsy…tough guy Luteo is triggered! Hilarious

    I don’t suppose you’re new here right?

    My guess is that you are a weird little angry mug and was binned for exactly that but has swiftly come back under another vomit inducing moniker to continue your shit throwing because that is all you live for

    I honestly think you’re going back to the bin in no distant time, that’s exactly where little angry fellas like yourself are meant to be, yea the trash bin

    You could prove me wrong BTW by behaving like a normal human being except I wouldn’t hold my breath,

    you’re inherently wired to be a weird little moron who acts the internet tough guy when in reality is lily-livered and wetter than soaked u where tough guy..Hahahaha

  86. Marc


    Raul didn’t join us till after Ozil had signed his contract. Looking at the time line of Gazidas leaving and then Ramsey’s contract being yanked I wouldn’t bet of him being involved in the Ozil deal.

  87. Luteo Guenreira

    Umm no you plonk I was not binned. This is just another example of your intellect misfiring, you really are quite dumb. I changed my handle to avoid confusion because it coincided with the name of a player on the rise and sure to be a regular part of conversation should he come to England or during CL matches.

  88. TheLegendaryDB10

    To me the Ozil deal was in the end a pure act of desperation, having already lost the only other big name that we had: Sanchez.

    As much as AW would have squirmed at the idea if having a player being paid more than he was, I suspect that he was dragged into agreeing due to the fact that we absolutely could not lose him because, otherwise, we would be losing face big time as a supposed big club.

    When you think of it, it is hilarious (well not really, but you catch my drift) that on the one side we were penny pinching to buy players (in negotiations we would always start off by lowballing the selling club) and on the other side we would be wasting money with huge paychecks on weak minded players. Atrocious way of running a football club.

  89. Sancho Monzorla

    Don’t you remember? I’m the guy that shamed you into fucking off for six months because you welched on a bet. Still couldn’t keep to it. You’re a fucking joke around here. I take back what I said earlier. You’re below Pierre again.

  90. Luteo Guenreira

    Seriously mate. You wanted Arsenal to lose vs Liverpool to spite Emery, bet that you would fuck off for 6 months if we lost, and did not honor the bet after we drew. You sided with the bin dippers in the name of Wenger, and in your puny little mind that is justified. I would say I don’t know how you show your face around here, but I know exactly how, it’s quite simple. You’re too fucking dumb to realize how shameful you actually are.

  91. Nelson

    Watching the Deutsche National Mannshaft. The team is very average. There is no midfield gereral. The striker, Timo Werner is average. Sane has also a bad game.

  92. Dissenter

    I have always wondered why Theresa May doesn’t just take the Brexit question back to the people.
    Why doesn’t she just call for a second referendum?

    Just musing out loudly. I know next to nothing about all the intricacies of the Brexit palaver

  93. Dissenter

    “Got no idea how a person can assert any blame towards Raul for the Ozil contract.”

    In the past Pedro had asserted that Raul would have been in the know even though he hadn’t come on board.
    I find that ludicrous because that’s not how businesses are run. He wouldn’t have gone through HR procedures and had the initial orientation new employees get.

  94. Marc


    “Why doesn’t she just call for a second referendum?”

    Well firstly we’ve effectively had 2 votes. the original referendum and then a general election where 80% of the votes cast went to parties who were committed to BREXIT.

    The second major issue is if we were to have a second referendum what happens if the vote is 52% stay? Best of three, best of five? It would go on forever.

    We had a vote with the largest turnout we’ve ever seen in the UK. The EU are playing games we should tell them to fuck off, leave with no deal and then start negotiations from a position of what interaction do we want with the EU.

  95. Marko

    Nelson I’m talking in general he’s a top player can play on the left and has been deployed as an attacking CM this season and is flourishing for Leverkusen and perhaps more importantly he’s available and on the cheap this summer

  96. Pedro

    Marc, Raul was definitely involved. He was annoucned late November, would have been talking to the club for months prior… then officially joined in Feb.

    No way he wasn’t asked about the most expensive decision the club had ever made.

  97. Marko

    Marc I don’t think the EU is doing anything unexpected. I think the complete and utter fuck up is on the Brits end. They sold the British public on a fair amount of lies and scaremongering and convinced them it was easy and in their best interests to leave and it’s two and a half years later and they haven’t got a clue how to leave now it’s just one blunder after another. They should do another referendum considering how close the last one was and considering so many idiots didn’t know what it was that they were voting for. But they won’t do that self preservation has kicked in and even the threat of a recession doesn’t scare them.

  98. Nelson


    It is always difficult to establish chemistry in the national team. If I can pick someone from this team, I’ll choose Reus and then Sane.

  99. Marko

    Pedro we’ve had this conversation before and it just isn’t plausible that he was involved in the contract or could have convinced them not to give it to Ozil. He wasn’t even in the job and the idea that he could have stopped his boss or someone who’s been there for 20+ years not to give the contract is fanciful. Blame Ivan Pedro he made quite a few mistakes he fucked over the club then he left and now he won’t give you back your letterman jacket

  100. Mark

    ” Yeah I dunno which one I’d believe the one where the independent says “Arsene Wenger is understood to have hugely resented sanctioning such a contract. It has left his successor with a problem.” Or actual quotes by Wenger justifying the Ozil contract. It’s a tough one cotton that’s for sure but I’m going to have to go with the actual quotes by the former manager as opposed to the independent understanding something. ”

    😂😂🤣 Brilliant !!

  101. Pierre

    luteo guenriara …next time you change your handle I would suggest calling yourself …… “a barrel of laughs” .

    You make Marko seem like a pleasant person ( not easy).

  102. Luteo Guenreira


    I’m plenty pleasant, I just call it like I see it. I called you a liar not based on this bit about Wenger and Ozil’s contract but based on your overarching presence and existence.

    Have you got any golf tips? Depending on what you say I may choose to do the opposite, you fib-filled bore.

  103. Bamford10


    “Very much doubt [Wenger] had much to do with that [Ozil] deal. He was on the way out and he knew it.”

    Yeah, I don’t agree with this at all. One, Wenger’s shock announcement that he wasn’t returning to the club was on April 20th of that year, and when asked about the timing of his shock announcement, he said it wasn’t up to him — see the article below — so there is little to no chance he knew he was on the way out three months earlier, in January.

    Two, just two days after Ozil’s contract was finalized, Wenger was publicly justifying it to reporters, saying it was the “cheapest option” available to the club. See article below. He was clearly a part of the decision over Ozil’s contract.

    Three, who brought Mesut Ozil to Arsenal in the first place? Who was Ozil’s biggest supporter at the club? Arsene Wenger. We didn’t even need a CAM at the time of Ozil’s signing — we needed a CF, even Wenger knew this — but Wenger went out and spent £42m on Ozil because he thought he was such a “special” player. Ozil was one of Wenger’s darlings, and there is little to no reason to believe that Wenger did not play a role in Ozil’s getting a new contract.

    “Arsene Wenger: Arsenal boss says timing of exit announcement ‘not my decision’ ”

    “Ozil’s new contract was Arsenal’s cheapest option, says Wenger”

  104. Pedro

    Bamford, Wenger might not have known he was getting fired, but he knew the club were taking player purchases and contract decisions out of his hands.

    He always tows the party line, regardless of his feelings.

  105. NW 9 gooner

    Graham you are being I bit disingenuous as regards to Sanchez- refused MC and joined MU and became the highest paid player in the PL , earning upwards of £450 k per week. I am happy he is gone- purely on form. Even Mhiki has better return than Sanchez and that’s saying a lot.

  106. NW 9 gooner

    It’s laughable how some people are lauding the “younger Kroenke “ presence one day a year and answering questions. The owner passing by for a tete-a-tete.

  107. Words on a Blog

    Have to say this whole “who was responsible for the Ozil mega-contract fuck-up” discussion feels like a third-rate police procedural / murder mystery TV series.

    Or maybe even a boring game of Cluedo?

    So, whodunnit?

    Was it Wenger? The man who was in complete control for over a decade and a half, but who knows he was on his way out….

    Was it Sanllehi? The Catalan wheeler-dealer from Barcelona, the man who was not yet employed by Arsenal, but who was talking to key Arsenal insiders, and was almost certainly on his way in (just like Monchi was…..)

    Or maybe (surprise, surprise) it was Gazidis, the silver-tongued Chief Exec, simultaneously admired and mistrusted by bloggers and fans, but curcially the man who had the power to make the decision, in the absence of the clueless owners…..?

    Your guess is as good as mine……

  108. NW 9 gooner

    I agree with Pedro- Arsene was too much of a narcissist to allow anyone to earn more than him. I think ( my conclusion only) it was mainly Gazidis decision. A face saving decision in view of the utter shit the club had engendered in the Sanchez, Ozil fiasco

  109. TheLegendaryDB10

    NW9 Gooner

    When you think of it, Gazidis was the only one who could overrule anyone as he was indeed CEO. He had to be the one who pulled the trigger, or in this case his Mont Blanc fountain pen to sign the contract.

    He had to save his, and The Arsenal’s, face in this situation.

    What is so telling is that he knew that Ozil’s contract was a total fiasco in footballing terms when he overruled the idea of Ozil being an AC Milan player.

  110. MidwestGun

    Man are you all bored or what..? My vote is Gazidis fucked us over with Ozil’s contract then .. said.. I’m Out of here enjoy…

    Y’all are missing the point though.. The point is Pierre is basically agreeing That Ozil isn’t worth the money and has set us back for… years.. Otherwise why not just argue he was worth it? Not only that because we signed Ozil to an outrageous contract… we couldn’t sign Ramsey who as it turned out would have fit in Emery’s setup perfectly..
    And now… my bet is any DOF we want to potentially hire is looking at that going .. w.t.f is going on? and how in hell am I gonna move Ozil out? no Thanks.. hmmm Sevilla looks interesting..

    Dominoes falling.. Still a lot of work to do to fix the chaos left behind. Winning covers up a lot of ugly so that’s what I’m hoping for.. win enough to get top 4 or win the Europa and my outlook on next season will improve dramatically.

  111. Nelson

    Just watch the highlight of the 17-year old, Bukayo Saka scored two and assisted one for England Under-19 today. Saka is fast and runs like Sterling. His technique on the ball still needs some refinements. He has already an accurate shot ( much better than Iwobi). Hopefully, his future is with us.

  112. jasongms

    Wenger is 100% responsible for the contract situation re Ozil, suggesting that he “He always tows the party line, regardless of his feelings”, is extremely disingenuous when it was well known that he had full control of the club, right up until he was unceremoniously sacked. He pushed the Ozil deal through, it was on his advice, just like 100% of the other egregious decisions over the years.

    But you keep trying to re-write history Peter, the sheep will lap it up, I’m sure!

    Just to get the facts straight, it was Wenger’s decision to let Alexis run down his contract, it was Wenger’s decision to let Ozil run down his contract and just as it was with RVP, Ramsey, Chamberlain, Cazorla, Wilshere etc etc etc.

    It was Wenger’s decision to green-light the massive contract extension for Ozil, he had already begun making plans for the summer with Ozil being central to them.

    Running down contracts will be the norm suggests Arsene!

  113. Dark Hei



    Why not give Wenger credit for Aubmeyang, Mavropanos, Guendozi, Sokratis and Torreira etc?

    Since he is the all-powerful Wenger surely he had a hand in their signings? Surely scouting wasn’t just done after he left?

    Or are we just playing a game of blame apportion.

    In that case, since you are the game master, your decision is arbitrary.

  114. Dark Hei

    Ivan hired Sven.

    It was him and Sven who went and got Aubmeyang signing done.

    They sold Giroud and Walcott to finance it.

    But of course, they left everything to Wenger for Ozil so that you fans can shoot Wenger with it.

    Man some of you guys are really determined.

  115. China1

    I know his club record is good but every time I’ve watched timo Werner in a national shirt he has been absolutely awful

  116. China1

    But we wanted a winger and a defender in January and got a CM who can play on the wings. As far as I’ve seen he’s not a real winger (not focusing on quality, I mean play style). He’s also pretty slow on the ball.

    What’s the difference between having Suarez on the wing or using ozil/Ramsey/mikki there?

    I’m not expecting miracles, but I don’t see the Suarez signing solving any problems (even slightly)

    He was cheap as chips, which was nice, but beyond that his value added to our squad is really close to zero. He’s just padding out squad numbers without much to offer for it

  117. Leedsgunner

    Previously I have mentioned Luis Campos, Paul Mitchell, Sergio Garcia (head of scouting at At. Madrid) as potential technical director candidates.

    Here’s a couple more:

    Bergkamp (unemployed at the moment)
    Guus Hiddink
    Daniele Pradé (technical director at Udinese)

  118. China1

    The Suarez signing strikes me as very wenger banter era

    Loading our squad with diminutive AMs regardless of need or value

    He might actually be a good player, he just seems like he brings nothing to the table to our club outside of squad numbers – in our most densely packed position