Luis Campos: Our new god?

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Sooooo, Denis Suarez is set to be returned from whence he came.

The pretty Spaniard has not made much of an impact. Not really surprising, is it? If you’re 25-years-old and a Spanish analyst says you’ve had one good 6 months in your career, the chances of you landing in the Premier League and bossing it like peak-Ronaldo are slim. It was an odd signing. Some might say Unai Emery’s very own Kimmy K moment. SOME I SAID. Calm yourself.

The real banter train that’s hurtling towards us this summer is the transfer market that’s being driven by a Raul and Emery combo team. The hope is that Sven Mislinatat left his password protected hard drive open and we’re raiding that beauty for all the tasty morsels.

If not, expect a smattering of rejects that are struggling at top clubs, exbestpals of Emery, combined with a touch of bizarre.

I cannot wait.

There’s an Italian journo linking us with Luis Campos, not sure if there’s any truth to that or it’s just that I’ve screaming his name like a 14-year-old fan boy at his first Boyzone concert… what a time that was… what a time. Miss you, Stephen.

The other item I was musing is this: Does Raul really want a technical director? He had Sven at the club and ignored him despite a pretty good track record. Part of me thinks he just wants someone in as a cover story so he can live out his Championship Manager dreams.

Ok… I’m not getting upset

*squeally tearful voice*

I just really miss Sven. What did he do that was so wrong? He was just here minding his own business, bringing in cool players and then he’s let go… LIKE A PIECE OF SAUSAGE DOWN THE DRAIN.

The AS Roma boss went to TOWN on Monchi.

“I appreciate that Monchi never set out to fail at Roma but I want to make something very clear; right from the start, I was very clear about the direction I wanted us to go in and that’s why we spent a lot of money bringing Monchi in.

“From the start, I said I wanted first class coaches, first-class performance staff, first-class medical staff, first-class scouting and recruitment and a first-class football organisation. I gave Monchi the keys to deliver that. I gave him 100% control to appoint the coach he wanted, to employ the assistant coaches and the performance staff, to manage the scouting and to bring in the players he wanted. If you look at our results and our performances, it’s clear that this hasn’t worked.

“In November, when our season was going from bad to worse and everyone could see that the coach was struggling to get a reaction out of the players, I asked Monchi for his Plan B should things continue to get worse. He had sole responsibility for football operations at Roma but he didn’t have a Plan B. That was November. He said his Plan B was just to keep doing the same as Plan A.”

Woooooahhhhh… we spent 10 years bitching about Wenger’s lack of a PLAN B.

That is quite the assassination from the Roma boss.

My big fear with Monchi was that we were buying a man adept at punching above his weight for a small team. I’d imagine, like in business, there are specialists that can operate well as specific sizes of business. He was very smart in cutting a market for himself with a small club that could act as a second life for broken players that were undervalued.

‘Come play in the sun, eat good food and drink wine. No pressure.’

I think he struggled when an instant impact was asked of him. Say what you will about Emery, he’ll only make it into the third year of his deal if he’s made substantial gains at Arsenal. Football is too quick to allow people to build empires without significant year on year improvements.

Monchi couldn’t crack it at Roma. He sold too many elite bodies too soon and he filled the pipeline with average.

That. Could. Have. Been. Us.

Now Raul has run out of contacts, perhaps it’s time to go back to the job spec and reassess what we really want from a Technical Director.

For me, the following:

  1. Someone who can work comfortably in the youth range, and in the 17-23 bracket
  2. Someone with a reputation for installing exciting coaches
  3. A person with a deep understanding of technology and data
  4. A true believer in playing the game the beautiful way

This is Luis Campos on the English.

“I think most English clubs don’t know how to recruit for an issue that I almost think is cultural as almost everyone makes the same mistake. English clubs really like top attacking players, yet to a large extent make them play alongside medium-quality defences”


Get him in.

Right, that’s me done. Off to a style guide meeting. Fun times. x

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  1. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    The young lad we nicked from Barca called lotsa ,,, a centreback.

    When will he be ready for first team averagely .?

  2. TitsMcGee

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Liverpool win. Pretty hard spot for UTD fans because it’s either City or Liverpool lol

  3. Valentin


    Do you mean Joel Lopez?
    He is a left back, not a centre back. He is not ready for first team. At least two years away from any meaningful appearance.

    If he was ready for next year, Arsenal would not be looking to buy a left back.

    I am surprised that Cohen Bramall has not been taken to Dubai with the rest of the team. He may still be suspect defensively, but going forward he is useful. I would have love to see him at least given a chance in the wingback position.

  4. Leedsgunner

    Liverpool winning the title?

    It would be like Tottenham winnng the title but you wouldn’t understand a word they were saying. ;). Plus we would not hear the end of it.

    At least with Man City you can shrug your shoulders and blame the endless petrodollars for it all.

  5. HighburyLegend

    @Aubamazette : yeah you right, I prefer to see Manure winning it again 10 times in a row… good old days lol

  6. Leedsgunner

    Brahmall was a vanity project on Wenger’s part to prove he too still had the Midas touch with respect to judging and choosing unheard of talent. Wasn’t he bought when the media buzz was all about how there were still players in the non leagues who were good enough a la Jamie Vardy?

    Except ironically all Wenger did was prove that he couldn’t choose talent because Bramhall has done nothing of note since Wenger was fired.

  7. Leedsgunner

    Birmingham City FC to be given 9 points deduction for breaking FFP by the English Football League.

    What a shame that the EPL won’t bring in something similar, it would definitely make the whole competition more about the football rather than who has the deepest pockets.

  8. Valentin

    It was not a vanity project as they genuinely believed that he was going to make it. Arsenal wanted to keep that transfer under wrap, but things escaped them.
    When he signed, in order to avoid media hysteria, Cohen Bramall was under instruction to not give any interview unless agreed by Arsenal management. (Most of our youth team players have similar restrictions.) However the club that got gazumped told a journalist and the cat was out of the bag.
    However once the media tour was completed, he was under strict instructions to not make any further interview.

    Regarding the social media and the youth players. A few years ago a certain number of premiership clubs wanted to ban social media from youth players. The FA and the player union put paid to the attempt.

    It seems that they were afraid of the followings:
    1) Scouts were using that as a tool to track youngsters from behind closed doors game

    2) the race to increase the number of following were having negative impact on some youngsters. Creating a sense an underserved sense of stardom, making some more difficult to manage.

    3) young and immature players would end up later in trouble for what they wrote when in academy. For example Sergio Guardiola has had his Barcelona contract offer rescinded when some historical tweets in favour of Real Madrid were unearthed. Same thing the Gray player who got banned after some homophobic comment retrieved years later.

    4) some deluded stalkers would be attracted to the small star. Tracking some of thoalse players in real time can be quite easy. They published a lot of picture and advertise where they are. Even when they don’t advertise where they live, by not removing the geotag of some private pictures, you can find where they live. I know one player who had one uninvited groupie turning up at his house, after he had put picture of him celebrating his mom birthday.

  9. Nelson

    Who says Germany is not racist?
    As reported: “During the match at the Volkswagen Arena, national team players Leroy Sane and Ilkay Gundogan were constantly insulted with racist abuse by a small group of spectators.”

  10. Bamford10

    In thinking about what three positions in the XI you would fill this summer — I’d fill CB, LB and RW — you can’t help but conclude we need to fill 4-5 positions in the XI. In filling the three I would fill, that would still leave Aubameyang playing wide left (not ideal) and Mkhitaryan or Ozil playing as a CAM. So it really needs to be 4-5 positions, i.e., CB, LB, RW, CAM and LW. Big, big summer for the men running the club.

  11. Bamford10


    “Who says Germany is not racist?”

    OK, but a small group of spectators shouting racist things doesn’t mean “Germany” (as a whole) is racist. Unfortunately, though, far-right, fascist, anti-immigrant and racist thought is on the rise in Germany, Europe and all over the world, something people of good-will the world over need to work to counter.

  12. China1

    Complete, utter boredom during the international break has literally killed Pedro. And who could be blamed for that?

  13. China1

    Send 55m, mustafi chambers and licht in exchange for koulibali. Throw in a packet of quavers and a £5 boots voucher if that’s not enough

  14. Dream10


    It’s more to do with the fact they’re three players short. They need a midfielder who can do something in the final third, a wide upgrade on Pedro and a #9.

  15. Leedsgunner

    Guns SF

    I would think it’s just hopeful agent talk. We don’t need him. Right back and right wingback is one of the very few areas we’re well served in terms of age skill and experience.

  16. China1

    Un the politicians are hapless, traitorous and the rest, agreed – however how confident are you that if there was another referendum tomorrow that we would vote out again?

    *if* the prevailing sentiment now is that this whole situation was a bad idea, then following through on it because of what people said years ago wouldn’t make it the smart or right thing to do

    The question is what is the prevailing sentiment? Only another referendum would tell us that and unfortunately that would further add to the embarrassment of it all

  17. Dream10

    Would rather we sign Hudson Odoi over Sarr. Wait a yr if necessary. If we can’t sign a quality wide forward, don’t sign a project like Sarr. Don’t be enamored with the idea of a winger just for the sake of it.

  18. Nelson

    Hazard looked much sharper yesterday compared to the recent games. He may want to show case his talent to RM while playing in those international competitions.

  19. China1

    What I don’t understand is why we’ve spent the last 2 years only negotiating with Europe and put all our eggs in one basket as if they are the be all and end all of trade

    I wouldn’t have voted out myself but if I was in may’s position from the start I’d have spent the last two years sounding out as many deals as possible with major world economies/economies who have/need what we want/need to be trading

    China and America are the two biggest economies in the world and have both been at each other’s throats and harmed each other’s economies in the last year. That was the best time for us to step in with a moment of slight leverage for a better deal with either/both of those

    We should have had a cut off to make a deal with Europe 6 months ago and said if we don’t get it it will be hard brexit but at least the markets would’ve had 6 months of certainty and we could’ve not wasted more time and energy on Europe like this

    I’m a remainer but seriously brexit didn’t have to be this absolute shambles. We put all our eggs in one basket, shat on it, out it through a blender than sat there slurping it from a bowl feeling sorry for ourselves

    This is some of the worst political maneuvering of a developed country of the last 100 years, no fucking joke

  20. G8

    How might brexit affect the premier league..good or bad?
    not talking about the benefits for the English national team, I mean how it would affect the quality and global appeal of the PL and the sponsors and money it generates.
    surely there would be hundreds of EU players would need visas and work permits..
    I guess that would also affect scouting and recruiting young prospects from around Europe..
    Clubs might find it difficult to bring in young talents, like we did with fabregass & Bellerin, and also under the radar gems like kante and many others who never featured in their respective national side before.

    Sounds like a topic Wenger would relish to lecture about!

  21. China1

    The irony of it all is that rightly or wrongly (I’d say wrongly) people voted out – but the process of leaving has been run by a parliament that primarily never really believed in brexit anyway

    So even though brexit was supposed to be a break from Europe, our parliament of remainers have treated the process of leaving as a damage limitation exercise with Europe rather than an opportunity to make something positive of it all

    The mindset of parliament during this process has been the absolute inverse of what brexit was supposed to represent – a positive step away from focusing on Europe and instead has been years and years of only focusing on the EU.

  22. China1

    The impact of brexit on the PL is entirely up to the government now

    As one of our country’s biggest success stories they will presumably ring fence it with visa related protections, but it might be harder to get European kids who are under a certain age (under 16s for example)

    The government will be free to determine their visa criteria as they see fit and can protect industries however they like. A better question would be will the government be smart enough to do that considering the lot of them in power don’t know their arse from their elbow…?

  23. G8

    Nigel Farage seemed to have all the answers when he was leading the leave campaign 2 years ago!
    He is back..fear not fellow Brexiteers!

  24. Luteo Guenreira

    Joke Friday. This one is for Un Na.

    A Syrian kid and his refugee family move to France. On his first day of school his teacher asks him “what is your name?”. To which he politely responds, “My name is Abdul and I am from Syria (Middle-East accent)..She abruptly stops him and corrects him.

    “No! From now on you are French and your name is Jacque.”. He ponders it over and agrees, you’re right I am French now and my name is Jacque.

    Upon arriving home his mother asks him how his first day at school was? He abruptly stops her and tells his mother he is French now and that she needs to call him Jacque. She proceeds to beat the shit out of him and reminds him that he is Syrian and his name is Abdul. She also tells him to wait and see what his father thinks when he arrives. Upon arrival, and finding out, his father beats the shit out of him and reminds him that he is Syrian and his name is Abdul.

    The next day at school, the teacher in shock asks him, “OMG! What happened to your face?!”

    He responds: “You would not believe it! Less than 2 hours after becoming French, I was brutally attacked by 2 Islamic terrorists!”