Who landed an invite to Mesut’s wedding?

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The race for Top 4 feels like it’s really leaning in our direction. I don’t want to jinx anything, but it looks like Sarri is a busted flush, it seems like OGS is hitting the skids at absolutely the right time, and Arsenal has somehow found a magic formula with a mere 8 games to go.

I appreciate every game is going to be very tough on the ride home, but outside Wolves, I think we should have more than enough for most teams if Emery can keep the players excited about their CL bonuses.

Exciting times, right?

Monchi spoke to the press and told them why he bottled the move to Arsenal.

“I appreciate the interest of Arsenal, perhaps the one that has shown the most interest, and of other clubs who have made contact. I have evaluated the proposals I had and I have chosen Sevilla. It was the one that brought things together and had the conditions for me.”

What a wimp.

We move on. I think the consistent drone of people whining on about him not joining is super fucking bland. Honestly, Monchi turning us down for Sevilla is a comfort thing. He likes being a big fish in a small pond. He doesn’t want the pressure of extreme accountability. As Gambon penned somewhere, he just wants to buy 50 £500k players every summer and hope 1 or 2 come good. Arm him with big money and he shits the bed and buys dilapidated 29-year-olds.

We need someone with fresher thinking. Someone who is the next big thing. Someone who can be a little cleaner in the way they bring in players (i.e. not 50 each summer). A person with the focus on the future, because remember, Monchi and Emery on their last run out were signing players of an average age of 27 years old. Give me someone who is looking at 17-23 years old. That requires more skill. You need to have better data, sharper contacts and you need to have a little more belief to make that approach work.

Marc Overmars, despite what the flat earthers say, has a pretty excellent resume. He’s overseen the rebirth of Ajax with some of the legendary Champions League vanguard. Ajax has just churned out the best generation of players in years… they signed Frenkie De Jong for 1 euro! ONE EURO. Whatever they’re doing, it’s exciting. I think it’s hard to look at Marc Overmars job title and not think he’s been pivotal… unless you think these things happen by accident.

Luis Campo seems like the real gem in the market. I know that Lille is a super ambitious project, but I’m struggling to see why no one mega has come in for his services after what he achieved at Monaco. An absolute star who has the utmost belief in his abilities.

Where are the weird C.V.s though? Who are the guys and girls behind the scenes that are growing elite players off the back of mice? That’s what I need to know…

Mesut Ozil is bantering the whole of Germany hard… he’s invited Erdogan to his wedding. What more can you say here? We’ve been over it a thousand times, but seriously, you can’t knock him… that is trolling of the highest order.

Right, short one today, see you in the comments fam. xx

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  1. Valentin


    I wholeheartedly agree with your point. Abramovitch has been very shabbily treated.
    He was used as an example of the new frosty UK-Russian relationship for all the other oligarches.

    However I don’t think that will have the expected affect. If anything that will even send them to apply for bogus passport such as Cyprus, Malta and Monaco residency.

    Once they have those papers, it would be quite difficult to withdraw entry to them. If UK did, they would then just move to Monaco or Paris.

  2. Victorious

    Monchi rejecting us really serve for a rude awakening of where we’re right now as a club,i mean it looks a drastic punch to the scrotum and a complete reality check of how low we’ve fallen, still he’s gone about it in a totally disrespectful manner

    He has no right coming out in public with stuffs like that,very arrogant and razz

    Looks to me a bullet dodged given how he’s gone public in his dismissal of our proposal, I mean that was totally unprofessional and unacceptable, not only as he succeeded in painting our club in bad light,but might just about deter potential candidates in making them having second thoughts about the position in offer

    Guy is too arrogant and egotistical which might explain why he always has issues with his employers.

    Giving Minslitat the promotion was the most logical thing to do except Arsenal FC don’t do logics.

  3. Micheal

    “I wholeheartedly agree with your point. Abramovitch has been very shabbily treated.”

    No one who has ever looked into the affairs of Abramovich could possibly say anything positive about this man.

  4. Valentin


    I am not saying that Abramovitch is an honorable man. I think that he is a just a shyster. However that does not change the fact that he had been shabbily treated by the UK government.

    When he first came into England, Everybody knew that his fortune had been obtained by less than legitimate ways. That did not stop politicians to fan over him. Labour and Cinservatives were very happy to take his money and accept his invitations and funding money.

    Now suddenly he is persona non-grata for no other reason that they need to send a signal to Poutine. Normally the Home Office does not comment on individual case, but they made an exception for him. They briefed the press on his VISA refusal BEFORE they notified him.
    To me that is wrong.

  5. Micheal

    “When he first came into England, Everybody knew that his fortune had been obtained by less than legitimate ways.”

    He who rides a tiger must never dismount.

  6. MGooner

    Why think Abramovich has a tainted fortune to get the moral high ground

    Why not look at your own past as a country?

  7. MGooner

    Signing young players instead of readymade 27 year ols now?

    Looks like we made a U turn back to Wenger methods?